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Camp Crystal Lake

Friday the 13th is an American horror franchise that comprises twelve slasher films, a television show, novels, comic books, and tie‑in merchandise.

Jason Voorhees Jason Vorhees Michael Myers Freddy Krueger

Tom Brady got enough time in the pocket to tell ghost stories at Camp Crystal Lake
the new Camp Crystal Lake; I smell crossover hit: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Walkers vs. Ole one eye Bri, showdown @ the dock!
did the Gov just turn that lake into Camp Crystal Lake!!
When The Governor was on the pier it looked like he was at Camp Crystal Lake. OMG The Governor is Jason!!
Is the Governor the modern day Jason Voorhees? Eyepatch in place of hockey mask. He's got his own Camp Crystal Lake.
Looks like the governor is making his own camp crystal lake
I understand The Governor is trying to set up a new community but I'm not sure Camp Crystal Lake is the best of places to do that.
The lake the governor is dropping off the bodies is camp crystal lake.
That lake looks oddly familiar... Camp crystal lake. I'm expecting Jason to make an appearance soon
Safest place during a zombie apocalypse? I'm going with Camp Crystal Lake. Make friends with Jason and you're all set! ~Gorehog~
I need to stop buying horror tees. I didn't go to Springwood or Haddonfield High, nor did I attend Camp Crystal Lake.
are y'all at camp crystal lake... That looks "suspect" to the max
And we're here. Beautiful place but kinda reminiscent of Camp Crystal Lake. I will NOT be going outside alone.
are you going to camp crystal lake ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?
You say that to all the Camp Crystal Lake counselors!
I'm Half baked half camp crystal lake ready to go Jason on jake. (Sheek louch)
FK: I'm going on holiday, first a killing spree at camp crystal lake then volley ball with your mom's head
Without watching the clip, I'm just going to guess it's Leisure Suit Larry: Camp Crystal Lake. 😉
Camp counselors at the reopened Camp Crystal Lake!
Found a place to hike on Friday the 13th I wonder if it leads to Camp Crystal Lake?
we're having a counselor's clinic at Camp Crystal Lake. Can't wait.
I hear there's a nice underground place to hide em at camp crystal lake
It looks like how i envision camp crystal lake. Jason Voorhees is real ***
took me two days to watch the Camp Crystal Lake memories. awesome highly recommend if you guys haven't watched it
on the bright side, I'm not at camp crystal lake or manhattan.
I'm not saying my parents hated me, but they insisted on finding out if Camp Crystal Lake was a real place.
Do you dare to enter Camp Crystal Lake. . Find this and more @
To be fair, at this point the Grammy Awards are to music what Jason is to Camp Crystal Lake.
-Bio- Jason Voorhees was a physically deformed Child. His handicaps alienated him from other children, who tormented him both psychologically and physically. This alienation lead to him forming a special bond with his mother Pamela Voorhees, as when Jason was a child his father left in fear of his mother. After his father left his mother was his only true friend and caretaker. Pamela wanted young Jason to have all of the fun and experiences the other children had, and wanted nothing more than for him to be happy. So one year she allowed little Jason to join a summer camp, at Camp Crystal Lake, Where she worked as the cook. However one fateful day, the two counselors on duty who were meant to be supervising the young campers, left their duties to have sex. While the counselors were having indulging their carnal desires, little Jason was chased down to the Lake by the other kids who threw him. However, Jason didn't know how to swim, and without any adult supervision he drowned. This was something whom his m ...
Welcome to the land of terror, camp crystal lake.. - JaySwizzy
Rite Aid has a water called Crystal Lake. something tells me you don't want to camp near their facility...
1.been told I have a thick southern draw 2. Love horror movies. Gorier the better 3. My favorite action movie BAYTOWN OUTLAWS 4.named my boxer after Sookie off of true blood 4. Love hand sanitizer and eos lip balm my family 6. Love muddin 7. I have a potty mouth 8. I have anger issues 9.have all the camp crystal lake movies 10. Love camo my fav color 11. Love nightmare before Christmas 12. I was born on Christmas 13. I'm a hatfield 14. I have hoarding tendencies 15. Love to shoot guns,crossbow 16. My pets r awesome 17. I love to decorate 18.bonfires ,I love 19. Ask me a question I shall not lie 20. Been told I'm too honest 21. I love night time . 22. Love to fish and hunt 23. My husband is the greatest 24. Love loud suv's and truck's 25. Love my loud excursion 26.all mine ain't in order just random 1-25 ... 27. Madea is my sister laugh but she is .just sayin
I'm a camp crystal lake survivor, that place was a joke... Pft!
Just a friendly reminder that, if you must take a detour through Camp Crystal Lake tonight, do not: Smoke weed, have sex, be funny, be black, be an *** be stupid, run in the woods, go off alone, or be anything other then the androgynous yet attractive leading female role with masculine tendencies and your virginity still in tact. You will be on the business end of Jason Vorhees' machete.
1980. The counselors of Camp Crystal Lake. I wanna go to Camp Rikki Lake.
There isn't Camp Crystal Lake here... but there's Lake Bodom...
All Austin dbags hating on your show have brought on the upon UT. Like teenagers diddlin at Camp Crystal Lake.
Regina, we have a situation everyone is danger, Jason Voorhees the maniac from Camp Crystal Lake, he is here!
Jeff's bday celebrations at the lake! (@ Camp Crystal Lake)
*looks at the picture* Jason Vorhees: The terror of the lakeside camp. What was the name of it? Camp Crystal Lake maybe?
Next Friday, Camp Crystal Lake will open for business once again. FRIDAY THE 13TH is coming for you.
We don't think we would send our kids to Camp Crystal Lake at all!
pretty good still recovering from Camp Crystal Lake. The honey bees are all over our yard, clover. On nothing else but clover.
Horror Movie Question: If you are looking for a job at Camp Crystal Lake, what position should you stay away from?
yeah for sure theres this camp crystal lake a little bit west of OU
On a side note, there does exist a Camp Crystal Lake in Florida. A. Another reason to hate Florida. B. Would never go to that camp. Ever!
I mean, it's just not feasible that they drive Jason back to Camp Crystal Lake. I'll even be nice and say 5 hour drive.
We are so excited about our first annual Camp Crystal Lake: Horror Film Fest!. We'll be posting the film line...
I just got a job as a counselor at Camp Crystal Lake.
Someone should check to make sure that Aaron Hernandez was never a counselor or attendee at Camp Crystal Lake..
Someone take me to camp crystal lake lmao
I be watchin Jason like, "shid, I ain't never been to Camp Crystal Lake, so I know Jason won't kill my *** "
Resident Evil movie marathon out at Camp Crystal Lake... Perfect way to spend a Sunday.
My boy asked me to go camping, I said no. Because of Deliverance and Camp Crystal Lake. And Im still here.
Why in the *** would you go to Camp Crystal Lake? You don't simply forget that a murderous psychopath just faffs about there.
So Emma leaves for camp tomorrow. She'll be gone 2 whole nights. I haven't processed this. I'm glad it's not camp Crystal Lake.
An Uncensored Interview with Eric Morse - author of the Camp Crystal Lake novels. …
Lol isn't it great omg. Here's the link (:
Well, yes (a specific camp called Camp Crystal Lake). But he's the only slasher villain I know whose even near the woods.
They keep reopening Camp Crystal Lake but Sandy Hook Elementary, they have to tear it down?
Maya's sick in the head send her to camp crystal lake
I would really love to buy space in the woods to re-create Camp Crystal Lake and have cabins that people can stay in over night and (cont.)
Pretty sure I'm going through camp crystal lake.
Do you have your tickets for Camp Crystal Lake: Horror Film Fest yet?! Get them early and be guaranteed a spot in...
Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, this will definitely be used as a banner for the review...
Robbi Morgan plays Annie, who meets a new friend, "How far is is to Camp Crystal Lake."
We head back to where it all began, back to Camp Crystal Lake.
But you survived & your team building was not at Camp Crystal Lake!
I used to have a 'welcome to camp crystal lake' t-shirt where did it go
Like the old guy said at Camp Crystal Lake... YOU'RE DOOMED!
Me and Freddy took a vacation to camp crystal lake to hang out with Jason Voorhees it was deadly .
Jason was a lil ugly azz kid that was bullied & drowned at camp crystal lake..then..well u know what he did next..
Drink, smoke and have premarital sex at Camp Crystal Lake. . Grrr.
Who wants to go to camp crystal lake for a senior trip. I promise jason wont be there ;)
-he picks p a machet and a hockey mask and mocks jason- Me big you dead. Me kill on camp crystal Lake. Me mommas boy.
First time camping. Hope this is not like Camp Crystal Lake.
Last time I did that, all I found was a map of Camp Crystal Lake!
My hand got this pistol shaking, cause I sense danger Like Camp Crystal Lake
Would Jason Voorhees be a successful killing machine if Camp Crystal Lake was occupied by Ninjas? I argue no.
Starring Jennifer Banko, John Otrin, Susan Blu, Lar Park-Lincoln. Years after Tommy Jarvis chained him underwater at Camp Crystal Lake, the hulking killer Jason Voorhees returns to the camp grounds when he is released accidentally by a teenager with psychic powers.
Jason Voorhees was born on Friday, June 13, 1948 to Pamela and Elias Voorhees in the small town of Crystal Lake. Jason suffered from severe physical deformities and possibly mental disabilities, and experienced a sheltered childhood; he did not attend school and the only contact he had was with his mother.[2] However, during the summer of 1957, Jason attended Camp Crystal Lake, where his mother worked as a cook. Unfortunately, his disturbing appearance earned him ridicule and persecution from the other children, who, on one occasion, teased him by trying to cover his face and calling him a "freak show". In an effort to escape their taunts, a terrified Jason ran down the pier and fell into the Crystal Lake. Unable to swim, he began to struggle and disappeared under the water.As a result of the camp counsellors' negligence, Jason drowns in Crystal Lake as a child.Jason's body was never recovered and he was believed to have drowned in the lake. His mother blamed the camp counselors, Barry and Claudette, who ...
By the way, what I drew was a cartoony Camp Crystal Lake scene. No blood or gore. Just Jason Vorhees relaxing by a tree in the moonlight.
Friday the 13th: The Complete Collection Blu-ray (1980-2009): Friday The 13th focuses primarily on the character of Jason Voorhees, who drowned as a young child at Camp Crystal Lake due to the inattentiveness of camp...
Universal Studios played a major part in making horror movies mainstream. While they had been around for a long time before the 30's, Universal made them popular with the release of Todd Browning's "Dracula", which remains a bonafide classic. Joining it would soon be "Frankenstein", "The Wolf Man", "The Mummy", "Creature From the Black Lagoon" and many more. These films would be sequelized to death over the next few years, paving the way for modern horror franchises of today.Here is a rundown of ALL major franchises and where they stand at this point...     "FRIDAY THE 13th" After the underwhelming performance of Platinum Dunes' 2009 remake of the slasher classic, word broke that they were developing a sequel. The 3D film would have seen the return of Derek Mears as slasher Jason Vorhess, and would have had him slashing his way through counselors at Camp Crystal Lake during a blizzard. Not long after it was announced, the project got stuck in development *** and eventually fell apart.In June 2013, Warn ...
10-Disc Friday the 13th Blu-ray Set is Coming This September! NEWS by Ryan Turek June 11, 2013 SHARE THIS STORY Rumblings of a Friday the 13th Blu-ray collection have been occurring for the last few weeks and, today, we have confirmation that a set is indeed on the way that includes Friday the 13th all the way through the 2009 remake, and it even includes Freddy vs. Jason. The 10-disc collection ($129.95 SRP) includes the twelve films on nine Blu-ray discs, as well as a killer DVD bonus disc full of special features on the making of the famous franchise. The must-own set will be presented in a collectible tin case with 11 hours of previously released special features and a 40-page soft cover book. The book is excerpted from Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday The 13th, a fan-favorite volume that's viewed as the ultimate memoir of the series, and highlights some of the 200 interviews, 600 photos, storyboards, concept art and more. Also included is a brand new, official Camp Crystal Lake e ...
Photoset: liondew: THIS DAY IN HORROR: May 9th 1980 We’re taken to Camp Crystal Lake when ‘Friday the 13th’...
KC is like Camp Crystal Lake for the
Gary Roberts Training Camp is always held at Camp Crystal Lake.
Is going to be a expert witness is the case of Jason Voorhees vs. Camp Crystal Lake.
is the name of the movie franchise featuring "Jason Voorhees" who, as a boy, drowned at Camp Crystal Lake?
Welcome to camp Crystal lake never gets old!!
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I wish we could go to Camp Crystal Lake, you guys. Seems like a pretty chill hang.
at Camp Crystal Lake was so busy having sex that they failed to notice something was a little bit "off"?
At that point in my day where I want this
I was thinking Camp Crystal Lake. That is where I went to Eager Beaver Day Camp. Also only 200ft from the bridge pic you made.
"My presentation you're tastin I'm bassin in your face and this is Camp Crystal Lake and I'm Jason" — OC
wow were u running at, Camp Crystal Lake?
I think it about time for Vincent to make the Camp Crystal Lake Campfire Songs CD. I love all of the songs in the shows
*** I survived Sandy and the blackout for 7 days. Made me think of Camp Crystal Lake those nites
These ladies need to becareful, they aren't at camp crystal lake, oh watch.out for piranhas ;-)
Which camp would you rather take a holiday to? Camp Crystal Lake or Auschwitz?
If you send your kids to summer camp, nothing beats camp crystal lake
He only killed everyone at camp Crystal Lake but he's innocent!!
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Don't you wish it would have been camp Crystal lake??
At least it wasn't Camp Crystal Lake lmao
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Im going to camp crystal lake in the summer 
that's what they al say!! "Let's go to camp crystal lake, there's no murderers there" lol
Trying to decide movies for tonight: Middle Earth? Camp Crystal Lake? LV426?? Hmm.
Lets go to Camp Crystal Lake for Spring Break guys!
I had a dream I was at camp crystal lake.
Idk man. The camp we stayed at for the retreat looked like a concentration camp. Or like Camp Crystal Lake.
Camp Crystal Lake vs. Camp Eaglewalk -- can't we all just get along?
Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake tattoo. Almost finished with my sleeve.
If I'd known that there was a real Camp Crystal Lake, my kids would have been there every summer.
Friday the 13th part 6 why would people still want to vacation at camp crystal lake after people were butchered on 5 other occasions
I had a very surreal dream; chasing a girl from at a camp floating in the sky with zip-lines, jupiter jumps, & a crystal lake.
Is it me or is going to a summer camp on Crystal Lake a bad idea?
False media sure do love to butcher their victims like Jason at Camp Crystal Lake. Now they switched from to
Camp Crystal Lake? Sounds like a great vacay spot! Let's just ignore the talk about the machete wielding maniac that faffs about there.
Made it to Camp Crystal Lake! Told Cande to lock the door don't want Jason Voorhees to break in. Kill,kill,kill,kill.
Oh no, that little boy drowned. Jason Voorhees is just a myth. It's perfectly safe at Camp Crystal Lake.
Last night, I had a dream about Jason and Azazel. Jason looked like a mix between Devon Sawa (when he was younger) and Robert Pattinson (which is SOOO not how I usually picture him, so that was weird.) He had gone completely evil and he was going to blow up an entire city and Azazel was afraid of him. I really wish I was Stephenie Meyer right now. Because I can't use that plot in a book about the two of them. I promised they'd never break up again, and they were very broken up. Ah well. This is the first time I've ever dreamed about them, unless you count the time when I had the Camp Crystal Lake dream and Jason was, um, Jason. But he had a hockey mask, and... I have a twisted brain.
- 8 days, 8 days with boredom, sadness, disappointment - I don't wanna waste another day thinking 'bout that - But that's just what my brain thinks, not my heart does - Still get something from her that makes my heart feel at ease - And also does it make me feel I'm nothing but replacement - She needs me when she needs, not when I do - Far from her without anything left, the only way I can do to set me free - Free from daydreaming, illusions and back to reality - For many times that I wanted to be Jason Voorhees - not knowing 'bout the rest of the world, just him alone in Camp Crystal Lake. Perhaps if it does come true I 'll become a serial killer, souless, barbarian but nothing can interfere my thoughts - So ridiculous. I've been mad recently. Mad at nothing, mad for nothing
Was that taken the day before other counselors began to disappear from Camp Crystal Lake?
Signing Tiffany up for Camp Crystal Lake this morning was almost as painful as childbirth & definitely as stressful. I think the registration gets worse every year instead of better. Glad that is over as I was ready for HAPPY HOUR at 10 am this morning.
Am I the only person who can't get the Camp Crystal Lake sign on to work? Oops there is a problem is getting old
Playing Jason in Farcry 3 has, over time, turned into playing Jason Voorhees in Farcry 3. Camp Crystal Lake mod anyone?
If you had were given a free weekend at "Camp Crystal Lake" would you go? ~mp~
what really happened at camp crystal lake? You caught your mom like Forrest Gump did huh, she do it 4 school?
Omg there's an actual Camp Crystal Lake. You can spend a school year there or a summer. O.o
Ok, July 20(i know seems like a long time from now) LL cool J will be preforming a the festival on the lakes. So my question is whos going?
Attention all senior footballers. This years pre-season training camp info is below. All players will be contacted about this again shortly to confirm our numbers. Please make a big effort to attend as it will form a key part of our 2013 campaign. Training Camp Information: Date: Saturday 9th February - Sunday 10th February Venue: Crystal Lake Cabins - Snake Valley Cost: $25 covers food and accom. BYO grog. Time: Arrive 12pm for a 12:30pm start. Should be done by 10am Sunday morning. What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow and work ethic. Go Hawks!
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Two men camping in the mountains had spent four days together, and they were getting a little testy. One morning, the first friend says,"You know, we're starting to get on each other's nerves. Why don't we split up today. I'll hike north and spend the day looking around, you hike south and spend the day. Then tonight, we'll have dinner and share our experiences over the campfire." The second friend agrees and hikes south. That night over dinner, the first man tells his story. "Today I hikedinto a beautiful valley. I followed a stream up into a canyon and ate lunch. Then I swam in a crystal clear mountain lake. As I sat out and dried, I watched deer come and drink from the stream. The wildflowers were filled with butterflies and hawks floated all day overhead. How was your day?" The second friend says, "I went south and ran across a set of railroad tracks. I followed them until I came across a beautiful young woman tied to the tracks. I cut the ropes off, gently lifted her off the tracks, and we had sex i ...
All I'm saying is...if a 400 lb jar of cool-aid busted through my wall I would *** my pants...
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why not visit camp crystal lake have sex there in an abandon shack on friday the 13th. You know the lovey dovey couple die 1st
Camp crystal lake, if there was a mass murder there what makes you want to go there?!
Oh yeah. Friday the 13th part VII The New Blood on Tv!! Psychic white girl vs Jason realness
Camp crystal lake has jason and now ppl are gunna find out about jayboogz
Watching Friday the 13th part VI! This summer I think I'll spend a weekend at camp crystal lake. Followed by a trip to springwood, finished off with a trip to Illinois, to visit the infamous home of Michael Myers! Who knows, maybe I'll have company. If you know what I mean! Lol
From Jason Vorhees attacking young college kids at Camp Crystal Lake, to staying awake just so Freddy Krueger doesn’t get you.
Note to self: don't accept any invitations to have a "fun weekend with friends" within a fifty mile radius of Camp Crystal Lake.
2012 I was a pirate, a zombie, a flapper, a clown, a camp crystal lake survivor, an 80's fan, and a sailor I'm sure there was more... :) Hoping 2013 will bring me many more costumes! So far a pirate and a dragon fly!
It was that kind of foggy driving this morning that I was just waiting for a "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign to appear.
Well, my baby is off to 6th grade camp. The Kids were so excited. It was funny to watch the kids and the parents...having mixed Now, I can't wait till he get's home on Friday!
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Living right by Beardsley w/ this fog makin it look like Camp Crystal Lake. 😳😱😨
Fog so thick that Yonkers looks like Camp Crystal Lake!
Good morning campers! I've been thinking about my favourite camping memories and was wondering what yours are?
Got to love the moment you reflect on the past and there is nothing but smiles on your face... If you have a moment you reflect on that makes you smile and I'm apart i would really like to hear about it. Comment please love to see the responses. Maybe that will give the memory that is stored in this brain a Jump start..
Eating dinner with Andy at the Thai Village, and a man walks by in a black trench coat and bloody Jason Mask. Pretty sure I hate Lansing... Yep.
Okay so Jason died at camp crystal lake when he was a boy right? So how did he get so big?
I am not a fan of this foggy, drippy...horror movie weather. I feel like I'm at camp crystal lake at dusk.
A Tornado Watch in January?!? Tis a privelige to live in the Ozarks...
Camping plans for this summer! New York Swingers Head Upstate to a Swinger Camp - The Swinger Blog
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sheesh. I'd rather go to Camp Crystal Lake then be out here lol.
Intoduced to new swimming spot by friends tonight, Motatupu river canyon. Lots of climbing over rocks and jumping into crystal clear pools - lovely! Water so much warmer than the lake
Wow, I feel ... strange. I've just unsubscribed from most of the St. Louis & Illinois YahooGroups I've been subscribed to. Religious & Political. Spiraling, SIPA, MetroEast Libertarians. Almost a decade we were together. It's almost like getting divorced again. Old friends so far away, new friends still to be found. Our choices have taken me far from the campfires of Lake Murphysboro State Park, far from the crystal stream of Camp Zoe, far from the rituals at the mounds. Long discussions of politics and philosophy. Age may steal memories, but our threads will always be a part of each other's tapestries.
Boy Scouts of America-Crystal Lake Scout Reservation :: Nestled in the pristine Northwoods of..
Straight baby making going on at camp crystal lake, according to the Friday the 13th movies atleast
I'd probably sleep better if Kevin Bacon was watching over me, as long as we weren't at Camp Crystal Lake.
Anyone from alotau plz keep safe theres an Aussie guy from Sydney flying to alotau to meet with a jorden to bash n possibly hospitalise women for moni this Aussie guy name is Christopher jeffries
so friday the 13th part 2 CURRENT STATUS Development *** unfortantly producer brad fuller had said in 2010 that "There's just no movement on it right now. Paramount and New Line are simply evaluating if they're going to make it and that's what's happening." (4/26/10)
Which game room at the lake was this?   10% Off
Just got approved for Crystal Lake Apartments! Will be moving in next week! Extremely excited!
I would not swim in that dark,gloomy, murky water. That would be like going for a swim at Camp Crystal Lake with Jason.
An 80's style slasher feature made by slasher fans for slashers fans with gruesome horror movie homages.
Looking to rent a cottage North for a week this summer, anyone have any suggestions???
how much snow Camp Crystal Lake gets.
Looking into being a camp counselor this summer. Anybody have suggestions or tips?
Call me insane as I wear a Michael Myers mask and I chill with Frederick Charles aka "Freddy" Krueger and Jack Torrance, yelling out "Heeere's Johnny" AND REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM! But I hope you get catfished by Norman Bates and get kidnapped by Chucky and his bride. And they take you to Camp Crystal lake and puts you in a hole in your pretty prom dress covered in pig's blood like Carrie, as they tell you "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again".
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This is for Jenn! Imagine: Its July 1st and your family decided to go camping. So you just got to Lake Crystal and you guys are currently setting up camp. "this is soo boring." Your 14 year old sister Rylie complained She'd rather be in town at the mall at this very moment but not you. You love nature and you love camping. It took you about three months of subtle and not so subtle hints on your parents to finally agree to go camping. "Alright. Rylie and Jenn go change in your tent and then head down to the lake." Your dad said getting tired of Rylie complaining every two seconds You two make it to your tents and change. Rylie into a green bikini and you into old dance shorts and an old grey shirt that you had gotten from the gym that your a member at. As soon as you two were ready the two of you grabbed towels and headed down to the lake. "I don't know why we have to be camping. It's so boring I'd rather be at home with Chelsea and going to the mall." Rylie yet again complained You rolled your eyes and sa ...
I'm at Crystal Lake... what a beautiful place :)
F13-6 certainly puts the camp back in camp crystal lake (see what I did there?)
"I will turn it round like camp crystal lake around this ***
Just got in from being out for about 3 hours - Crystal lake was AMAZING - I love walking where the water used to be. Then a walk in our woods. Too cold now to find to find the owl - Good luck for whoever is looking for it..
Valentines presents ordered. Raglan Tee from Camp Crystal Lake & pedicure supplies. Next I will be purchasing some new eye makeup & call a (Valentine's) day.
Chillin' at Camp Crystal Lake... me n Jason finna chop some folk for fun ((: toodles.
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Sunday Funday at camp crystal lake. Firenze 25 with Morning Would!
“I don't hate you, I just wish you would get stuck on camp crystal lake and Jason comes to kill your *** ” 😂😂please?
"Let's start our meth lab at that abandoned summer camp where all those kids got killed." -The birth of Camp Crystal Lake's Crystal Meth Lab
Refinement of the argument that violent visceral entertainment causes violence; it merely gives a rise to greater expectations for violence. Gun control is not an answer; the greater education of your children and stopping their dismal disinformation at the hands of the popular media.
I think studying gets me into a very angry state of mind. Could explain the fact that I always watch slasher movies when I'm studying. Oh well, Halloween: Resurrection and Freddy VS Jason will help me prepare for Cell Bio on Monday.
Gotta pull for the guy fighting out of Crystal Lake ... Wonder if he ever went to the camp?
Tonight is the Moonlight Ski Tour at Crystal Lake touring center. Register 6-7 pm ski 7-8:30 hot dogs, hot chocolate, camp fire donations are $10.00 This is a fund raiser for the Ski Patrol bring a headlamp and dress warm it's cold outside
Okay so Stephanie May and I are discussing moving to Camp Crystal Lake. What could possibly go wrong?
Pray for our Middle School Youth Group kids at Camp Harvest this weekend! May it be powerful for each one.
&New Tomorrow by A friend in London amazon:
Crystal Lake Camp staff pictures from Summer of 1975. I was 11 and in "Weape." My Mom's in the front in the first one and my Dad's in the back holding my sister in the second one. This is for Ginger Nelles.
Saturday morning started at 430am (Thank you Jamie Hunt - JK) when Chris got called into work. Then 2 of the girls were getting ready to leave at 630 & the dumba$$ dogs couldn't leave them alone. Tried to keep Matthew upstairs as long as possible so he wouldn't wake up the rest of the girls but gave it up...GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! :)
Just joined!! For all you near Crystal Lake, great deal...only 12.99 a month and in March they will be starting unlimited cardio classes like Piloxing and boot camp for only $10 a month with your membership. Very nice staff...Summer here I come!
Taking Smokey for a test drive (before I embarrass myself in front of guests). @ Camp Crystal Lake
This camp reminds me of Camp Crystal Lake. Jason please stay where you at.
Serious question friends. At what age would you teach your son how to fire a rifle/pistol? Obviously within the law
I am in the process of planning two events per month for our troop aside from our meetings. These are not mandatory and please don't feel obligated to attend all (or any!) of the events. Girl Scouts is supposed to be fun and give the girls all sorts of experiences and that is my goal. I have activities planned tentatively through June. We will meet through the summer, although most likely cutting down to one meeting rather than two. Tentatively, here is my plan: February 16 - Daisy Tea (Daisy only event) February 24 - Ice Skating Party March 2- Horse Camp March ? - Roller Skating Party April ? - Troop Day Out at the Movies! April ? - Bowling Party May ? - Mommy & Me Tea (This is going to be a special celebration for Mother's Day - lots of special plans for this one! Not open ONLY to Mommy, can be any special adult) May? - Nature hike at Lake Le-Aqua-Na June ? - Summer Party June ? - Backyard Campout/Camping Party at Christy's house in Lena Again, this is a tentative plan. More information about each ...
Got my letter that I'm working in paradise again this summer! Best summer job ever!!! I love Camp Crystal Lake!
One day I'm gonna have a little camp in the woods down by the lake. W/no phones, no Internet, no satellite tv. Any guesses what I'm going to name it??
Thanks chaz2sexy for another great b @ Camp Crystal Lake
So cool that Camp Crystal Lake from the original Friday The 13th is still used as a summer camp to this day.
Love this picture, would love to have a home like this as well!
Principalmente se for no Camp Crystal Lake k
It's just to cold to be working outside
Hang on, isn't Camp Crystal Lake where that nutter killed those kids? EFF THAT, we're going to Kavos instead
“Good to be back in crystal lake to see family for a few days” There's not a camp nearby, is there??
I just hope its not a Camp Crystal Lake thing
Charlie Brown was last spotted by Camp Crystal Lake.
These quilters tie for camp dollars 1/16/2013 HART, Michigan (WMC) – Once a camper, always a camper. Leolah Boundy, now 85-years-young, went to Lake Louise when she was a teen. That’s when she learned the value of Christian camping. Today Leolah (in photo at right) is the camp cheerleader and fund-raising coordinator at Crystal Valley UMC, a 46-member congregation in a farming community on the Grand Traverse District. “This is a huge ministry for such a small community church and I commend the ladies for it,” says their pastor, Ron Worley. While Leolah doesn’t physically go to camp herself these days, she goes in spirit every week when she and 5-8 others gather to tie quilts. When they first got started, the women simply came together to tie their neighbor’s quilt tops for their own personal use. Then one day someone said, “I’d like to buy that!” and Leolah reports, “It took off from there!” Weekly homecoming Now, 15 years later, the quilts are pieced and tied and sold to raise money ...
Wish I was at Camp Crystal lake right now.
Fill in the blank: The first tshirt design I purchased from was _.
check out my friend Suzi- scream queen actress model and writer. in this pic she is at THE camp crystal lake!
QUESTION!!! IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE BTWN fighting Jason with only a hand gun with 9 bullets, with a torch and a gasoline truck (yes you can drive it) but you cant leave camp crystal lake and yes you can find other tools to use as weapons on the camp. OR you could face Freddy in a competition of fear whoever can scare the most people in the most awesome way wins. the judges for the competition will be Simon, Paula and Randy. if you win youll go on leading your life as before. if you lose youre the next freddy and you cant leave the dreamworld.
Great workout tonight at Superior Healthclub-Crystal Lake IL!!! Boot camp with legs and abs...going to be feeling it tomorrow! Thanks to Johnny Callahan!!!
so I was walking back to mine on the walk with stewart and john, and as we walk we have a very indept conversation about horror movies, scary urban legends and our own ghost stories. as we split to go our seperate ways for the night, I am very cautiously making my way back to my house (and it doesn't help that elgin looks like the setting for a mass murder at night) and I see a man in the distance limping across the road, obviously my mind goes wild at this point, and as I turn the corner to take the path through the park, some old wifey pops out of no-where and I literally shat bricks. as it turns out she wasn't going to murder/haunt/torture me, she was just walking her dog, so thank god I don't live in camp crystal lake
Anyone else ever wanted to go to camp crystal lake from Friday the 13th?
Comment an X and Whoever likes it you Have to ADD THEM
Will is not even though his first day at Camp Crystal Lake and I am EXTREMELY bored and missing him terribly already.
I will never fully comprehend the desire of others to have friends over the desire to uphold the Truth.
Any good festivals coming up this year? Where to play... where to play.
Silly girl... You NEVER take your clothes off at Camp Crystal Lake!
Does anyone know of any small, semi local campgrounds that are not flooded with crystal meth, blow and heroin? Just looking to plan some camping this year.
The Crystal Caves are emerging dimensions at this time in history, so we can access to the electromagnetic frequencies that will allow for the merging of the higher dimensions. This activation will allow for the emergence of more & more light energy on Planet Earth. Light energy is merely "Angstrom units per second," that an element or cell vibrates at if measured. Like the blades moving in a fan, the measure of these units depict how much light or transparency is available. The energy within various crystals, is high on the vibrational scale of Angstrom units, and each with a specific vibration. It has the ability to compell the human aura, not neccesarily incline the human will though!... The Crystal Cave of Giants located inside the Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico was accidentally discovered in 2001 by two working miners. The heat prevents them from studying this site further. The vibrations are so intense, one worker talked of the deeply mystical and immense dreams he had. He had no words to describe. ...
Freddy and Jason universe timeline The two originally-separate film series were joined in the long-awaited crossover film Freddy vs. Jason, in which Freddy Krueger, the main killer of the Nightmare films, faced off with Jason Voorhees, the main killer of the Friday films. 1900s *1907 ** Amanda Krueger is born. 1930s *1930 ** Pamela Voorhees is born. *1935 ** Camp Crystal Lake established. 1940s *Circa 1940-1942 **Amanda Krueger, who became a nun (her name in Christ: “Sister Mary Helena”), works at Our Lady of Sorrows (Westin Hills), an institution for the mentally disturbed. The worst of the criminally insane patients are kept in a wing called “The Tower”. During a Christmas holiday, Amanda Krueger is accidentally locked in with the one hundred patients confined there. For days she is raped numerous times. Afterward, she is found alive, badly beaten and “with child”. **Months later, after a breech birth, Fredrick Charles Krueger is born and given up for adoption. *1945 **The then-around-15-yea ...
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Calling any Mac gurus. I have Office for Mac but nothing seems to work right. My fonts are all screwed up and no graphics appear in xls or ppt files that were created elsewhere. There must be a simple fix. Anyone able to help?
I wonder where one would apply at to become a camp attendant. I think I need a change from warehousing.
great idea! I have a similar canvas but it's a "welcome to camp crystal lake" sign, show me once you have it up?
"Friday the 13th": Unlucky night at Camp Crystal Lake
😒This nicca said he wanna go to Camp Crystal Lake
GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY --- The 4th Annual CRYSTAL LAKE DERBY --- scheduled for 1/26/13! This is a FOR CHARITY family event, supporting the USO, Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and the GNG Patriot Parents PTO. Tickets cost: Any Age - $10; Kids - $5 Tickets are on sale at the following locations: Kittery Trading Post, LL Bean (Freeport), Dag's Bait and Tackle (Auburn), Gray True Value, Pat's Pizza (Windham), Top Kick (Augusta) PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $5 parking fee for onsite parking this year (all proceeds will go to the charities). Free parking is also available at the GNG Middle School for you folks with trucks, trailers and snowmobiles! It's just a short snowmobile ride away from the lake!
Going to camp crystal lake next month on friday the 13th
I always thought it would be awesome to go to a camp like Camp Crystal Lake, minus the getting killed by Jason Voorhees part...
still drinking, smoking and having premarital sex at Camp Crystal Lake?
I hope you go to Camp Crystal Lake this summer.
Looking for some cool campground ideas for camping vacations this year... please help!
Totally looks like Camp Crystal Lake off my deck right now
I'm crazy like freemasons meeting at Camp Crystal lake with Jason.
I like fog it looks like we live in camp crystal lake
goes camping at Camp Crystal Lake with Nareesha . Jason kills everyone expect Nareesha.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
hey neato! I just found us a majorly discounted groupon deal for a cabin retreat at Camp Crystal Lake!
Looks like a great weekend to head for Camp Crystal Lake. Icon 013 in the is a scary one.
It looks like camp crystal lake out here
he obviously wants to take you to Camp Crystal Lake. 👍💋
Camp Crystal Lake party room and its Jason's Birthday. "Voorhees a jolly good fellow...and so slay all of us!"
I spent a week at camp crystal lake but nothing happened... -Disappointed-
The Bright Sun. Make see the most beautiful landscape over ♦Camp ♦Crystal ♦Lake ♦:-O (Gulp)
Did anyone else watch the trailer for Safe Haven and initially think it was about PTSD incurred after the events of Camp Crystal Lake?
I attribute living 38 yrs to the fact that I took the red pill, survived camp Crystal Lake and rosined up my bow and played my fiddle hard.
What I couldn't understand was y people kept coming back to Camp Crystal Lake after all those *** murders year after year
Why do carries parents own camp crystal lake in
cuz I sense danger like camp crystal lake nd
If *** died at camp crystal lake every year why they ain't never close it?
the weather at Camp Crystal Lake is lovely year-round
I will never camp out on Camp Crystal Lake..!!
you cant pay me to go to Camp Crystal Lake
Terry, I just bought a book called, Camp Crystal lake Memories". About every Friday the 13th production. Really good
It sounds like ur at camp crystal lake
Jason has pus, leaves, & camp crystal lake water for brains but still knows how to swing a machete?
JP: just kick it with him man Stephen: no I don have money to go to camp crystal lake anyways..
Fri the 13th is basically a lot of Scooby Doo cartoons meshed together but with nudity.Wanna go to Camp Crystal Lake. Old classic horrors ^^
Check out my newest tshirt design, perfect for all you little campers it's the Camp Crystal Lake Daycare!
An all expenses paid trip to Camp Crystal Lake!
They should go to crystal lake for summer camp to meet with jason .
Friday the 13th hotties: The sexy Celluloid Sinners of Camp Crystal Lake:
*eyes widen* Okay maybe I should take some shelter... *hides in the Camp Crystal Lake underground caverns*
Friday the 13th: The Series is an American-Canadian horror television series that ran for three seasons, from October 3, 1987 to May 26, 1990 in first-run syndication.
Disappointed at not being notified if Crystal Lake M.S. has been scheduled for Jr. Training Camp. I responded IMMEDIATELY!
Come on down to Camp Crystal Lake. Mom will love you.
in the u.s its friday the 13th, the night Jason Voorhees takes his revenge on teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake
Camp crystal lake “This pic gives me an eerie feeling but I love it
How's the snow at your location? Anyone receiving any white fluffies at your mountain?
Our backpacker lodges in Lilongwe and Monkey bay give you a great time in the warm heart of Africa. Quality budget and high-end accommodation with privacy for a good time in Malawi
Who did you guys open for out at Crystal Lake Bible Camp?
My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger like Camp Crystal Lake
A Virginia man who brought a machete into a traffic argument has been ordered to serve 12 months in a detention and diversion center.
IAmA teenager skinny dipping in Camp Crystal Lake. AMA
this is badass. Xmas party at camp crystal lake!
Yes and why oh why did they have to take Jason out of Camp Crystal lake? Camp Crystal Lake was perfect. NYC? Come on...
How she make it to the beach, and she live all the way at Camp Crystal Lake?!
This chick on live in Camp Crystal Lake though.
I will spend a night out at camp crystal lake for
Essential advice for any Camp Crystal Lake counselor. ;)
It looks like a horror movie outside. aka camp crystal lake
GREAT VIDEO by Friend of FIRST JASON!!! Many Thanks from CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE to Ben B Twist!!! Check Out His F13...
There's always that one horny *** couple that goes off into the woods to have sex at Camp Crystal Lake.. jason is going to kill you..
Clearly the Fake Show is drowning in that *** lake. They need to close up shop like Camp Crystal Lake
I'm glad the retards at Camp Crystal Lake were killed, there's no way they'd have the camp ready for kids to arrive anyway.
Being a delivery Guy *** at times lol feel like I'm going to camp crystal lake @ crystal lake
I kinda want to go to Camp Crystal Lake...
What if Jason Vorhees were to attack camp crystal lake during the christmas holidays? (
We were at this Christian camp in OH today. I think it was Crystal Lake.
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