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Camp Arifjan

Camp Arifjan is a United States Army installation located in the State of Kuwait [ (map)] which accommodates elements of the US Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard.

Robin Williams Staff Sgt Camp Buehring Middle East Christmas Eve Roll Tide Veterans Day Kuwait City Operation Enduring Freedom

Roll Tide to MSG Dan Curtis and everyone at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait! 🇺🇸
Thanks Camp Arifjan for your hospitality & for letting us bring a piece of home to you.
Looks like Camp Arifjan has some moves! 💃💃
Tammy White provides onsite support at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Nov. 3, 2017. Tammy White (left) with Devon Williams...
hubs saw you in Camp Arifjan Feb 2008. We’re gonna see you in Denver for our 15th anniversary. Can’t wait!
& - PLEASE get w/ to get both here regularly at Camp Arifjan???
& - PLEASE get w/ to get both Dr.'s here at Camp Arifjan??? Out for AWHILE!!
I met her when I was at Camp Arifjan.
I have a friend from college who is like a manager or whatever for the USO out in the Middle East. At camp arifjan
I was deployed to Camp Arifjan from 2004 to 2005 keep up the good work and be safe.
3:09 A.M. at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. They're ready for some baseball!
The Royals fans at Camp Arifjan Kuwait are watching the Royals game live.
Thanks for all the support to the military. Great to feel the support from Camp Arifjan Kuwait.
Great to have Camp Arifjan in Kuwait staying up late to cheer on the tonight.
Proud to be broadcasting tonight's game to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.
Glad to be sharing tonight's feed for the 35th Infantry Division Troops at Camp Arifjan…
Tonight's game will be broadcast to soldiers from KC/MO National Guards’ 35th Infantry Division at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.
We are looking forward to our live broadcast from the Camp Arifjan USO tomorrow morning! Pregame will air 1 hour be…
Now renamed the 369 Sustainment Brigade and currently back in old Camp Arifjan.
I remember he came out to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait and did a set for us (3rd Army…
Please tune in SAT., Aug 5 @ 1100 Central US time for FB Live with SF6 and SF7 (CG & CSM) from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait…
Shortly after arriving at a makeshift military jail, at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in May 2010, I was placed into the...
Looking for an opportunity to work in Kuwait: ✔️ Here!
Task Force Spartan staff currently serving at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Proud to be "Santa Fe!"
For any of my friends looking to work overseas. feel free to share
The 35ID assumed mission command of Operation Spartan Shield on July 13 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Great day in 'Sant…
how are the living quarters for senior NCOs?
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if you're ever in Kuwait you should stop by Camp Arifjan and treat yourself to a good meal.
Trudeau Gov. decided that the 15 troops at Camp Arifjan who spoke out about loosing their danger pay, would not get…
Patton's Own: U.S. Servicemembers and civilians at Camp Arifjan came together for a shadowing of National Police...
I added a video to a playlist Harlem Globetrotters at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait December 2015
I'm sure that have friends in Kuwait with contacts at Camp Arifjan or any American Army camp in Kuwait... please help.
The 1106th TASMG transfered their authority to the 1107th TASMG at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait April 4, 2017.
Cyberbowl III Camp Arifjan Zone 1 Gym, April 26-28. Come out and learn more about cyber hygiene.
. Hello. I am the Army guy you met at Camp Arifjan.taking photos. I was wondering can I send u some photos and you tell me
Look what my team made. They think it's funny. @ Camp ARIFJAN KUWAIT
On this date: 2009. performs at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, the 1st show on a tour of U.S. military base…
Yesterday the garrison flag formerly of Camp Arifjan, Kuwait was flown over the Star Fort. It is one of two flags...
Trump causing 2get fat? Illegals &Pipeline Protestors can camp on her beach &she can lose weight chasing the…
Just saw on Jack Link's Major League Fishing here in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.
Soldiers at Camp Arifjan train in hand-to-hand combat
That sure looks a lot like the library at Camp Arifjan...
Patton's Own: Gen. Daniel Allyn, Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, visits Soldiers deployed to Camp Arifjan,...
Another soldier from my old battalion has killed himself. If know someone struggling, reach out to them and help.
A soldier had committed suicide in 'Camp Arifjan' in not long ago.
The Interior Ministry of Kuwait announced on Thursday that an American soldier has committed suicide by shooting...
So sad, another victim of the horrors of war.
U.S. soldier committed suicide at Camp Arifjan
I was at Camp Arifjan as a Contractor.. Temp 130F 236 days of Sandstorms (think Blizzard the non DQ type) Thanks fo…
US soldier commits suicide at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait
An soldier stationed in shot and killed himself on Thursday (Jan 12) at a military Camp Arifjan base says Int. Min.
US soldier commits suicide at camp Arifjan in Kuwait – Al-Arabiya
soldier commits suicide at camp Arifjan in
Reports circulating among Kuwaiti media that a member of the US military shot himself at Camp Arifjan in
Bob, it's pronounced Camp Air-riff-john, no pause. Camp Arifjan. I've been there. Just lookin out for ya brother
Sgt Newhart is deployed with the U.S. Army at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Motivated running 5K Turkey trot at Camp Arifjan with deployed on
wondering how you did on the Camp Arifjan 5K Turkey trot with Soldiers? Patton's Own!
Have turkey with the troops, tomorrow. will be FB live'ing Thanksgiving from Kuwait's Camp Arifjan:
At a Camp Arifjan, Kuwait dining facility, folks are ready for both Thanksgiving and the Army Navy game
Getting a closer look of how the 401st AFSB operates, MG Daly visits Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Patton's Own: The Honorable Katherine Hammack visited Camp Arifjan, Kuwait earlier this month to meet with senior...
Assistant Secretary of the Army for IE&E visited Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to discuss energy policy, strategy, future…
We were at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait and soldiers were on R&R. Someone ran over a H2O bottle. They all jumped to the ground thinking shots fired
Patton's Own, Soldiers around Camp Arifjan rallied to test their skills during the Master of the Mat combatives...
No 😢 I was the last 2yrs in 🇩🇪 for this year I'm trapped on Camp Arifjan & can't make it to & U there
when you attempt a muscle up but you really skin the cat 😬 help me. @ Camp ARIFJAN…
I'm still getting to know the place but the west side is the nice side right? Lol my dad went there he was at camp arifjan
❤️ recently at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait as part of the 75th Anniversary Concert Series 🇺🇸 thank u
Urgently Require a Supervisor to work. For a Contracting Company at Camp Arifjan. . Competencies. • Able to Speak...
And, boys and girls, THIS is how Chris Hawkey lost his Camp Arifjan Gym endorsement...
Graduated 11 Soldiers and Civilians on Windows Server 2012R2 In Camp Arifjan, Kuwait this past Friday. These...
USARCENT commander mentors officers at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait: "For me, this has been an incredibly personal ch...
So I'm from Willmar, Mn. But I was active duty with 10th mtn. I've been to Camp Arifjan.
Watching morning show live at Camp Arifjan Kuwait. 122 degrees so it's pretty comfy 😳
At the DFAC (dining center) in Camp Arifjan Kuwait and found some fans. Power of the Pack!
Rockin' at Camp Arifjan. These troops are simply the best. Thank You for all you do!
Preparing to grill at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. Already 102 at 9:30am on its way to 116. Gonna be hot today!
Soldiers with 4th Battalion, 3rd ADA speak with delegation at Camp Arifjan, March 9.
Patton’s Own, Regional directors of the American Red Cross visited the hospital at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to get...
“We came here to learn the operations of the sergeant’s corps as it pertains to military police and air defense,”...
Patton's own, USO is celebrating their 75th Anniversary tour at Camp Arifjan. Army Sgt. Rick Bush takes us to the...
Patton’s Own, check out Servicemembers at Camp Arifjan getting a break during their workday to enjoy a meet and...
is excited to announce our second ministry in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Starts Mar. 29
cornerback Charles Tilliman at 75th Anniversary Tour at Camp Arifjan, March 15
yeah camp Arifjan is a US base. Idk why tf they're still there lmao
Grandma doesn't forget what day it is!! @ Camp ARIFJAN KUWAIT
CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait — The U.S. ambassador to Kuwait and his father-in-law who served as the 46th Combat Support...
During a visit to Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, sang for the troops & thanked them for service. htt…
One of our soldiers at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait got his HeroBox!
Let go panthers!!! Watching the Super Bowl from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Check out this gaming wall at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait! I want something like this at my place.
from Camp Arifjan Kuwait! Hate when the dfac runs out, I could drink a case a day.
This is outstanding. I ate half of my meals in 2015 in this very room - the Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, DFAC. But I...
During his week at Camp Arifjan, Stuart made time for every troop who crossed his path. Class act from head to toe.
Woah!!! Adam Driver, aka Kylo Ren, recently visited Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, where my step mom is stationed.
Back from a FANTASTIC visit to Iraq and our men and women serving there. Sitting at Camp Arifjan waiting to go to...
Service Members stationed at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait bring in the new year during a New Years Eve Bash hosted by...
I bought this card at camp arifjan Kuwait, I would like this to be credited to my account if is possible
Social-Media Guidelines for Photographs. Learn more in my book.
Can't wait that u Guys coming to Camp Arifjan👍🏻
Soldiers from Camp Arifjan in Kuwait shown live on video board at Garden in honor of Veterans Day.
Robin Williams as troops "Retreat" at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait I know i'm late, but I love this man
Mr. Daniels. . . never forget you and your bands great performance @ Camp Arifjan, Kuwait Jul'06. THANK YOU, SIR!!!
U.S. Army Central is taking advantage of the desert sun at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait by installing solar powered...
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Thinking about my next overseas tour like... 📷: . armedforcesent @ Camp Arifjan Kuwait
My boy at Camp Arifjan right now chilling 😂
*** brotha, im sorry, buerhing is bad lol I'm at camp arifjan
Take a look at these photos from The Card Shark Jason Michaels' show at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait!
"The Oreos are great! Thank you so much for sending them!" a note from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.
It's never too late to make things right. @ U.S. Military Base , Camp Arifjan , Kuwait
Soldiers, deploying to Kuwait? Learn how can enhance skills on Camp Arifjan Info.ajarticulators
I was at CDDOC, Camp Arifjan Jan - Jul 13, told of JMUA for hat time period, where can I confirm? I departed b4 award issued
& entertaining the troops at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait
Music has taken us around the world! 😎The soldiers at Camp Arifjan were LIVE tonight! It was a…
Love The New FIGHT! Shirt Bro 👊🏼. Just got mine shipped today from 👍🏻. Now it's on the Way to. CAMP ARIFJAN / KUWAIT 😊
Immediate requirement. Immediate requirement for 20 electricians . site: camp arifjan . contact no -23910265, 23915042
Uncle Sugar strikes again! Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. April, 2003. On our way to buy supplies from local...
How can Mexican & US gov't allow ISIS to having terror camp here? Why haven't they been blown to smithereens!
for Champions 💪🏻. Good Morning Camp Arifjan !. Good Morning or Good Night rest of the World !
Soldiers train to be equal opportunity leaders at Camp Arifjan
CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - As one chapter comes to a close, so must another begin. For Soldiers with the 49th...
Life could be worse. — watching Pawn Stars on History at U.S. Army Base, Camp Arifjan Kuwait
I should've been tasked to camp arifjan 😩😩😩
Go to camp arifjan they said.. It'll be fun they said 🌚
It's Living Army Values Week at Camp Arifjan and will be coming soon to Fort Bragg. Watch Chaplain Hokana discuss...
Some old photos from Kuwait Exchange..Star Trek premiere at Camp Arifjan Movie Theater...
A short report from the desert: . ALCON, I'm happy to have arrived here at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to relieve MAJ...
The oldest artillery unit in the Army. @ U.S. Army Base, Camp Arifjan…
Howard Schultz meets with Camp Arifjan enlisted personnel at one of the Kuwaiti base's two Starbucks stores.
The Champ representing and USA meeting soldiers at Camp Arifjan Kuwait
An absolute pleasure to meet with these amazing guys today at Camp Arifjan Kuwait. This is what being…
whats up champ. Rumour has it you're gonna be here at camp arifjan tomorrow afternoon. Is that for real?
I am a regular reader of the Arab Times and am working in a US military camp (Arifjan) for a manpower supply...
It's been real Camp Arifjan but it's time to go back stateside.
Lol at Camp Arifjan stationed soldiers are "risking their lives." I've been there folks. It was a goddamned resort.
Going to watch John Wick at the movie theatre here on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait with some of the guys at 10pm tonight.
With the assistance of the 528th Engineer Battalion and the 234th Engineer Company, US Army Central Signal University is establishing a new footprint on Camp Arifjan. The new location will have the capacity to accommodate a larger number of students and offer more classes that help Soldiers gain valuable, force-multiplying technical skills. The two engineering units doing the construction are National Guard Soldiers from Louisiana and Oregon.
. Hey bro, u kno not 2 bad. Miss training everyday but enjoying the pool here at camp arifjan
Count Dracula came by Camp Arifjan, Kuwait to promote the numerous MWR Halloween events for tomorrow night.
Yup Camp Arifjan. Kuwaitis are very nice and smart. The govt pays for all their education.
Where have you gone with your DRIS swag? Corey Bump took his DRIS Shirt to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait where he is...
Did you know that there will be 9 Shadow Runs for this years ATM? Locations include: JTF-GTMO, Cuba; Kandahar Airfield, AFG; MFO North and South Camp, Sinai, Egypt; FOB Fenty, AFG; Operation Active Fence; Botswana, Africa; Camp Arifjan, Kuwait; and Bagram Airfield, AFG.
your quote made it onto the weekly-rotating quote wall at Camp Arifjan Kwt - if you're not confused, you're not paying attention
Beheadings, stonings, crucifixion: This is an camp for children in Syria: via…
So sad to hear of Robin Williams death today. It is ironic that it comes when I am in uniform with the military right now. It was during a USO tour stop at Camp Arifjan, in Kuwait where I met him as a public affairs escort. He was a very funny man and a big supporter of the troops. He will be missed. These were taken in Dec 2007
My morning view in my prison @ U.S. Military Base , Camp Arifjan , Kuwait
“Just listening to live at Camp Arifjan.
Just listening to live at Camp Arifjan.
🎣YEAH🎣. Have Fun Homie, I wanna see the Pics !. In Spirt I'm with you fishing, in reality I'm at Camp Arifjan working 😞
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Baby !!!. Wish You all the Best, from over here Camp Arifjan/Kuwait
Kuwait-based bands rock the stage at Camp Arifjan - DVIDS
Soldiers experience something new on Camp Arifjan - Cricket
Correction, this picture is for the military equipment in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. (via
SG has been diverted to TDY and will not be back to Camp Arifjan until o/a 27 June. Contacting a possible sub. More to follow.
Great time in Kuwait. It was an honour to be back at Camp Arifjan. Thanks for the amazing hospitality. And can't...
Thousands of vehicles returned from wait to be retrograded at Camp Arifjan, April 2, 2012
Today in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait we celebrate the United States Army's 239th birthday and the Flag of the U. S.! Over 1,000 Soldiers ran race.
Soldiers experience something new on Camp Arifjan Via
Congratulations to Pfc. Malik Stewart and Spc. Brooks Haynie on their promotions 2 June at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.
SATURDAY, MAY 10TH  AND SUNDAY, MAY 11TH – PERFORMANCE IN KUWAIT AND FLIGHT HOME:   Got in bed at 5:30 am and was up at 9:30 am.  Planned to have breakfast, work out in the gym, shower, pack and take a nap before going to Camp Arifjan for the final performance.   All worked well except for the “nap” part.  Somehow that didn’t work out for me this entire tour!   Last show is at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait.  That’s always a big crowd.  We depart immediately after the autograph session for our flight back to Nashville.  So strange not to have a cell phone and any “link” with home once I get away from my laptop and internet service.  L   We left the hotel at 3 pm and arrived at Camp Arifjan at 4 pm for a quick sound check.  There were already people in line and had been since 1 pm!  It’s a small theatre, so I’m sure it will be packed.  We met the person who is taking Tina’s position at MWR and also got to say hello to Tina.  Really like the new lady!  We opted to walk over to C ...
Service members and civilians were treated to an unexpected show during lunch when a group of Soldiers suddenly began dancing in a dining facility on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait during a flash mob designed to highlight Sexual Assault Awareness Month, April 21.
Finally did some digging and found this write up.. Army Reserve Troops Bridge Tigris River for Marines By Sgt. Frank N. Pellegrini U.S. Army Reserve Public Affairs BAGHDAD, IRAQ -- It had been almost three weeks since we gave up on the Army Reserve's 459th Multi-Role Bridging Company ever building a bridge. We were a four-man team of Army Reserve journalists after the stories of fellow reservists supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom in all the ways reservists do, from fuel to mail to psychological operations to civil affairs and beyond. The Bridgeport, West. Va.-based 459th Army reservists included teachers, students, construction workers, pharmaceutical salesmen and many other type workers. From Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, their job in Iraq was to build a bridge for war fighters to cross on their march north. We’d been with them when they “crossed the berm” from Kuwait into Iraq March 21st and began hauling their 89-vehicle convoy up north into the war. We were with them as they followed Ma ...
The Camp Arifjan community kicked Sexual Assault Awarness Month with a 5k race and cake cutting ceremony to mark the beginning the month-long efforts to raise awareness and increase prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment.
well... this is awkward. Camp Arifjan shout out
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Happy Army Reserve Birthday to all USAR Soldiers on Camp Arifjan! Cake tonight at 1830!
.96th Military Engagement Team joins in flying the at half-mast in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Sexual Assault Awareness Month flash mob adds flavor to lunch on Camp Arifjan: Service members and civilians w...
A new flattop champion is born at Camp Arifjan: The Godfather has a round head that narrows toward the top. Wh...
Cultural event in collaboration with asnantower @ camp Arifjan
More than 250 Servicemembers participated the Camp Arifjan Bataan Death March held March 29 at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Among the hundreds of servicemember Staff Sgt. Aaron West, 108th Special Troops Battalion completed the 26.2-mile course in roughly five hours and two minutes. Of the top 10 finishers, seven were of the 108th Sustainment Brigade, Illinois National Guard. The actual Bataan Death March, which began on April 9, 1942, was the forcible transfer of 60,000 to 80,000 Filipino and American prisoners of war by the Imperial Japanese Army after the three-month Battle of Bataan in the Philippines during World War II. Approximately 2,500 to 10,000 Filipino and 100 to 650 American prisoners of war died during the 80-mile route before they could reach their destination at Camp O'Donnell. Every year servicemembers and veterans march in memorial events in honor of the servicemembers who defended the Philippine Islands during World War II. Photos by Staff Sgt. Michael Camacho, 108th Sustainment Brigade
A new tool in the fight against sexual assault and harassment was unveiled on Camp Arifjan with the ribbon cutting of a 24-hour sexual...
Here are a couple of nice photos from our 3-16th Field Artillery Regiment at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait:
P2E overhauls main communications facility in Kuwait. Great story,
1BSTB in camp Arifjan Kuwait is leading the war on dandelion terror.
Children 'were ripped to pieces by dogs at North Korean prison camp'
Yo Baby, are You gone be in Abu Dhabi for the UFC Fight Night ???. Greetings from Camp Arifjan/Kuwait
62 hrs ago I started @ the Gateway @ Camp Arifjan, Kuwait to begin back to Atlanta. I am finally here!
I spoke today at Camp Arifjan's Black History Month observance. The topic was how America missed a grand...
I feel you. Hopefully you come to camp arifjan in Kuwait. The marines barracks is literally right beside mine
I will watch Live from Camp Arifjan / Kuwait, and I will watch You hyping up the Crowd !. "IT'S TIME".
This is how we do on Camp Arifjan ... no tanks? No problem!
On Christmas Eve, more than 120 soldiers and other military personnel held a Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait. They raised more than $2,500 toward the Arthritis Foundation’s mission to find a cure! Thank you to our troops for helping spread our mission worldwide!
Thank you in advance for Kuwait concert tmo, my son & soldiers n Camp Arifjan looking forward to seeing & bless you
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait hosted a Christmas Day Service at Zone 6 Chapel. Visiting Chaplain, CH (BG) Charles R. Bailey, Deputy Chief of Chaplains USA, shared with the troops and civilians "a little bit about his [Jesus'] birthday and a little bit about the so what about his birth". The service concluded with communion and a group photo of Chaplains, Chaplain assistants and musicians with CH (BG) Bailey.
Here are a few photos from the Holiday feast at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait and our 3-16 FAR.
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Camp Arifjan to You my Friend & Your Boys !!! Love & Miss You Guys !!!
Army Master Sgt. Johnny F. Allen, deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, with the 143d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary), gives a holiday video shout-out to his friends and loved ones in Angier and Charlotte, N.C. If your network plans to air this video, please send an email to Master Sgt. Allen at Joh...
CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - The soldiers turn and face each other, their knees sinking into the soft sand beneath them as they raise their arms up to shield their sweat streaked faces. They eye each other, breathing heavily. The soldiers are clearly exhausted, but the slight smiles on their faces betray...
all I want for Christmas is to tell jokes on stage with you at Camp Arifjan this week!
Hey I'm deployed at Camp Arifjan - can I open up for you Friday before your show ? Thx for supporting us!
SPC Joshua Pixler 452nd CSH (FWD) Camp Arifjan APO AE 09366 That's my address for the next 9 months. Feel free to send mail/packages.
It's finally here Camp Arifjan. The Zumba Jingle Jam happens tonight at Zone 1 gym from 1900-2100. Don't forget to wear your most festive gear for a chance to win a special Jingle Jam gift from the Camp Arifjan Zumba team. It will be a great time so tell a friend and we'll see you all there tonight - - ZUMBA!
Camp Arifjan is a factory of sadness. I feel bad for all that have to serve here.
Robin Williams As Troops Retreat At Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. In the middle of my, just when I was finishing up, all of a sudden there was the retreat... Complete Comedy Transcript.
The Camp Arifjan Resilience Expo is scheduled for Jan. 11, 2014. Check out this promotional video to learn more about what the Resilience Expo has to offer.
CAMP ARIFJAN, the USO will be hosting a Comedy Show performed by Wounded Warrior Staff Sgt. (Ret) Bobby Henline at the Camp Arifjan Zone 6 USO stage Dec. 18. from 1900-2000. Come out and support a fellow warrior.
Went to Camp Arifjan to get the Christmas turkey and other US essentials unavailable elsewhere in Kuwait. Christmas dinner went from single digits to 15 very quickly last night but it's going to be fun. Happy holidays!
To my friend stationed in Camp Arifjan , Kuwait and all the men and women there We appreciate your sacrifice your commitment and your dedication.
PHYSICAL FITNESS...SFC Xavier Everett, ARA Human Resources NCO, excels in the Physical Fitness dimension of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness. His team, DA SHOW, won the Labor Day Basketball Tournament on Camp Arifjan by defeating the six other competing teams. Thanks for leading by example SFC Everett. NCOs Lead the Way. Army Strong!
On Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, troops have plenty of activities to occupy their free time. Army Sergeant Andre Clark tells us about a group of five Soldiers who spend their time helping others. Includes sound bites from Sgt. 1st Class Travis Donmoyer, Sgt. Christian Fuentes, Maj. Susan Galich, Capt. David...
Unit Ministry Teams from Camp Arifjan and Camp Buehring, Kuwait spent the day learning about the vast history of The National Evangelical Church-Kuwait and also visited the museum of the American Mission Hospital (Amricani) all located in Kuwait City, Kuwait. (Photos by Staff Sgt. Antwaun J. Parrish, U.S. Army Central)
Group meeting for dealing with stress: We are proud to add to our Team at BOTGNY Tim Harten, a Navy Veteran who was deployed during OIF as a corpsman (pysch tech). He set up and ran a psych clinic at Camp Buehering in Kuwait. He was also a stationed at Camp Arifjan. Tim has over 18 years as a first responder serving as a EMT with the FDNY and as a Volunteer firefighter on Long island. Tim will be our group coordinator at the VAC. Come down and meet Tim on December 10th & December 17th Tuesday night at 1900 -2100 hrs. for open house style chat. Coffee, refreshments and snacks will be and are always available. Our services are for Veterans of all era, all ages, all branches. The equipment might have been different but the experiences and nightmares are all the same. The doors at the VAC will also be open on Christmas Eve from 1900. The group meeting will formalize the first Tuesday in January with other days and times added. This is for Veterans only, and the first round of groups are aimed for Veterans sti ...
Kevin McGee The boxes arrived at Camp Arifjan with wonderful goodies. Thank you all so much. 12 of the boxes were put into the 371st Sustainment Brigade chaplain's Chirstmas stocking program, the other two were immediately torn open and divided among the Soldiers here. Thanks so much. Special appreciation for the rubber band art from Kennedy, the cards from Imagine Academy School and all the Aux members that siged the card - Sherryl, Laura, Cali, Peggy, Kelly, Daneau, Michelle, Molly, Debbie (USMC - we won't hold it against you) and Martha. 7 hours ago · Like
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, is a little more merry after the official holiday tree lighting ceremony and a fun-filled carnival with food, activities, games and prizes.
CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT - Soldiers of the 1021st Engineer Company, 2nd Plt., received a certificate of appreciation from Col. Robert Arrington, OIC for MCE-Kuwait. These Guardsmen were recognized for their direct support of the Marine Corps and Operation Enduring Freedom. Their exemplary support and extraordinary subject matter expertise facilitated the repair of an otherwise destroyed Marine Corps Mobile Armory. These Soldiers played a crucial role in the repair of this strategic asset. The requirements were over 814 cumulative man hours of labor which provided a direct cost savings to the Marine Corps of over $35,000. (US Army Photo by: Spc. Christopher Foster )
Xmas tree lighting on camp arifjan, with little TCN Indian elvs running around in *** little tight. Someone please, kill me now.
Oh my! SSG. Tray Hawkins was stationed at Camp Arifjan!
Some Photos of Camp Arifjan Stormaggedon. The last time it rained this hard in Kuwait was in the 1950s
So when is really rains in Kuwait, it flippin pours. Base was closed on Tues and mission essential ppl only today. Parts of 40 has 2 inches of sand / mud and 30 is a wreck as well. PPl driving crazy, major accidents and fools behind the wheel. Part of the road coming into Camp Arifjan is washed out, most roads are covered in sand and mud and flooded. A flippen mess. Headin back to Chas in 2 days. *** yea!!
was arrested on 29th may 2010 & Held at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait while he awaited trial was spent 3yr waiting trial
Meanwhile, on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait it kinda rained.
Camp Arifjan in Kuwait... what happen there ? OMG!
This is camp Arifjan where I work before.
After 2 and half hours of journey just now we reached here in U.S. Army Base, Camp Arifjan Kuwait ,road is blocked everywhere in kuwait. Its actually half an hour traveling distance.
It rained last night on Camp Arifjan , looks like we have work to do. I have not made it to zone 1
Click [here] to watch the interesting video on what it's really like to be deployed on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. You can see some of the camps restaurants, living quarters and sports facilities. Passing the time at Camp Arifjan, KuwaitRe-posted from Local 21…
Deployment on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait: What it's really like on Arifjail...
Thunder Families - as I'm sure some of you have heard by now, the last 24 hours in Kuwait has brought some of the most significant rain fall Kuwait has seen in a long time. Much of the flooding occured at Camp Arifjan but please know that all Task Force Thunder Soldiers are safe (though maybe a bit wet!) and working through the challenging weather conditions. Soldiers' connectivity and ability to get in touch with you might be limited over the next couple of days so please be patient if you don't hear from them as you normally would. Thanks - Rolling Thunder! Thunder Command Team
Happy Monday. A big thank you to the soldiers of the 95th Chemical Company for volunteering with the USO in Camp Arifjan. Keep up the good work.
just left the gym getting the old stroke back .. had a lil fun Bagram, Afghanistan gym still doesn't have nothing on Camp ARIFJAN KUWAIT gym hands down
Wel I did my good deed for the day. There has been a litter of stray puppies under the deck at the place I'm working in. They cry for their momma every day while she is out foraging for enough food so she can nurse her four little pups. Today was the first really hard day of rain we have had. They had been howling all day because they had been getting drenched with nowhere to go for a break from the water. They were literally surrounded on all sides. I finally had enough, and tried to find the proper contact info for the animal control on Camp Arifjan. Well after getting the run around for about an hour, I finally told my leadership I was about to crawl under the deck to retrieve the pups, so they ended up prying up some of the boards so that i could reach under and grab all of them. As I'm doing this some of the other guys are having to shoo off the momma. No one really wants a dog bite. Especially not knowing what diseases the dog might have. So to cut this long story short; I got the puppies out safely ...
Camp Arifjan is flooded. Never thought I'd see this.
Heavy rain started at Camp Arifjan Also, think we trapped here today!!!
Thanks for following my new Account Buddy !!! Greetings from Camp Arifjan / Kuwait
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Service members at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, gathered at the USO to celebrate the 238th Marine Corps Birthday on Nov. 16.
Watching battle at the USO at Camp Arifjan Kuwait. Not worried yet. Lets go Sack that qb!
Most Austere location I've ever been to @ Camp Arifjan
Michael A Service Member wants to thank you for sending them a Cup of Joe! Cup of Joe message and gift of a CUP OF JOE was delivered to a Service Member serving at Camp Arifjan Zone 2 in Kuwait. They wanted to say thanks and make sure you knew your gift was received. Please see below for their note to you: Thank you Sir for your support. I'd like to say thank YOU for your service more imprtantly. It's really great that there's still so much support despite this length of this deploment. Thanks again!!
"Camp Arifjan tomorrow with the team! Little re-do of 2008 Games on post
Finally came upon orders to LEAVE Camp Arifjan today!!! WOO HOAH!!!
I am so wired up today I shouldn't of drank that coffee this morning.I been twerking all over Camp Arifjan today LOL! I am threw with myself lol
Thinking of you all and missing you dearly. Starting to teach over here after the new year. I can only hope to be as blessed as I was there with all of you great students and instructors. Thinking of you often, Camp Arifjan Indoor Cycling. - Chief Johnson
VACANCY FOR CAMP ARIFJAN, US ARMY PROJECT GREETINGS FROM ASMACS! Please be informed that we have vacancy in Camp Arifjan for position of Supply Clerks. Vacancies are in large numbers. Basic salary will be KD 115 along with free food, accommodation, transportation, laundry, medical facilities and yearly leave. If interested kindly visit our office. ASMACS GENERAL TRADING CO WLL GREEN TOWER, 6TH FLOOR, AL DABOOS STREET, INFRONT OF GULF MART, FAHAHEEL PHONE: 25456786
CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait - With U.S. forces slowly drawing down in the Middle East, the USO is re-allocating its resources to the remaining places it can best serve the most troops. On Nov. 3, the USO ...
"Officials say 4 Marines killed in accident at Camp Pendleton"
Day two at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Things are so different here. No one wants to kill me here, and its almost like a stateside post. Starbucks, Hardee's, Pizza Hut etc. Can't leave till Saturday so might as well enjoy the decompression time before getting home. 5 days! But these 5 days will drag along because I have absolutely nothing to do for another 72 hrs.
Camp Arifjan Zumba is looking for Zumba fanatics to join the ZUMBA flashmob. If you are interested, please see one of the Zumba instructors after class.
Me To f_shinn Today at 5:35 PM I sent this e-mail; to tali's teacher after some pretty stupid remarks she made to tali about her mother's military service. enjoy !!! tali was pretty upset when she came home today about your doubt of her mother's sacrifice and commitment to this country. can't say I am too pleased about it myself but not going to jump the gun. tali said she told you her mother was in the army , to which she said you replied where did she fight? of course tali does not know, she was NOT BORN YET. she said you replied that you doubt she was in the army. do you call into question a child's truthfulness because she does not know the whole story? either or ,I need to know what was said and how it was relayed to my daughter. for your information in 1992 kari attended basic training at fort Jackson in south Carolina, from there she was mobilized for desert storm and was transferred to fort dix,she then returned to national guard duty in Columbus ohio and graduated from the ohio state university . ...
Happy Veteran's Day to all my military comrades but especially the US ARMY CHAPLAINS! Thank you for embracing me, accepting my spiritual gifts and allowing me to us them to minister to the men and women of the Armed Forces Europe. First official Female Civilian DFGL. Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. To God be the GLORY!
Little Giant Ladders
To All the Soilders I had the opportunity to work with on Camp Arifjan Military Base in Kuwait, HAPPY VETERENS DAY!
I want to extend a happy Veterans Day to all I know. .there are so many of you it would be easier to identify where I know you here we go..123rd Signal, fort Stewart, fort gordon, Camp Arifjan Kuwait, Dubai, Art Institute of Atlanta, the Atlanta VA Medical Center, if I missed one let me know..thank you for all your support in and out of uniform.
United States Navy, Chief Petty Officer DATES OF SERVICE: July 1987 - August 2008 RTC Orlando FL NTTC Meridian MS USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) Mayport FL Naval Station Newport RI USS GUNSTON HALL (LSD-44) Little Creek VA NRC Forest Park IL NRC Lincoln NE NOSC Cedar Rapids IA NAS Whidbey Island WA NOSC Dubuque IA Cheatham Annex Williamsburg VA Camp Arifjan Kuwait NOSC Des Moines IA .There are thousands like me, Thousands more who are gone, But their legacy lives as time marches on. White crosses in rows, And names carved in queue, Remind us of what these brave souls had to do. I’m part of a fellowship, A strong mighty band, Of each man and each woman, Who has served this great land. And when old glory waves, I stand proud, I stand tall, I helped keep her flying over you, over all, I am a veteran. Thanks to all who have served before me, beside me and after me.
My last and final re-enlistment camp arifjan 2010... to all the great soldiers that have served with me thanks for having my back and to all the ones to follow keep ur head down... Have a good Veterans Day!!
I'm 100% sure that anyone who has been to Kuwait as a service member, let alone, Camp Arifjan, would totally agree.ahem.. Angela Fannin...Brittany Heaney
Am I at Camp Arifjan or Avenues Mall? Geez I've seen everybody and their daddy's momma and I've only been here a minute. Let me hurry up eat, and get the heck out of here. I can enjoy my off day in the comfort of my apartment home.
Where are u babe Fely Simangan.i been looking for u.i cant reach u in viber i have something to tell u.ur probably assigned in CAMP ARIFJAN.
Houstonians deployed/stationed overseas: video record your shoutouts to friends and family here at home to be aired during the Houston Rockets military appreciation game on Veteran's Day! Email the videos to us at usohoustonNLT 1500 CST this Friday, Nov. 8th. [cc USO Kandahar, USO Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. USO FOB Fenty, USO FOB Leatherneck, USO FOB Shindand, USO Camp Marmal, USO Camp Buehring, USO Camp Arifjan, USO Japan, USO Korea]
***CHANGE TO OFFICER PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY - ROCKS, INC. *** The new location of the class will be at the Zone I PX, Classroom 44, Camp Arifjan. It will still be 10 Nov. at 1700.
Here is another good article by Michelle Tan in this weeks Army Times that provides a good look at what our mission entails: Army quick-response forces stood up around the world Each regional Army command has created a contingency response force which can secure a U.S. Embassy or evacuate Americans. They can supply humanitarian aid or fight, all within 18 to 24 hours. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno last year directed the Army Service Component Commands to designate Army emergency quick-response forces that are “rapidly deployable to a permissive or semi-permissive environment,” said Lt. Col. Don Peters, an Army spokesman. That means these soldiers could be deployed to a place where the host country’s military and law enforcement are in control and able to help, or they could be called upon to respond to an attack like the one last September in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans. They must be able to perform a variety of tasks, as needed, including site security, non-combatant evacuati ...
got my orders and I'm sick inside! most would be thrilled but camp arifjan Kuwait someone else can have... financially it's great but money ain't everything
Check out the shirts for our soldiers at Camp Arifjan participating in our Kuwait Shadow Run. They'll be running...
Ran 9.11 miles for all those who lost their lives on 9/11 @ Camp Arifjan
Captain Lindberg playing the fight song at Camp Arifjan today as he gets ready for Mean Green Gameday. Wins the award for Fan of the day.
Got word from Kuwait that Army installatiom base Camp Arifjan today at 6:02 am played the North Texas Fight Song for the entire base to hear
This is going straight into my classes at Camp Arifjan
Just owned the gym--owned it! @ Camp Arifjan Fitness Center, Kuwait
It's Been a Quiet Week in Camp Arifjan, My Hometown, Out on the Edge of the Desert: "Five G--... Enjoy!
MEMORANDUM FOR Record SUBJECT: 54th Signal Battalion Welcome Letter Dear Incoming Soldier, 1. We would like to welcome you the 54th Signal Battalion! Like many before you, soon you will experience the challenges and rewards of the 54th Signal Battalion. We are a Battalion rich in history with numerous operations and assignments during World War II, The Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. The 54th Signal Battalion headquarters is located on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, but our Area of Operations covers many of the countries within the USCENTCOM Area of Responsibility. Upon your arrival to Kuwait, you will briefly in-process at 160th Signal Brigade where you will receive diversion orders to the 54th Signal Battalion. Upon arrival to the Battalion you will be assigned to one of four companies; Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD), 228th Signal Company, 56th Signal Company, or the 519th Signal Company. 2. In bound Soldiers must be prepared to enter ...
The State Command Sergeant Major of the Great State of Alabama gave me one of his coins while I was serving in the Kuwaiti desert. He was only at Camp Arifjan and Kuwait for that one day and he is a Roll Tide fan too!
Logistics Analyst I - CGI CGI Federal is searching for a Logistics Analyst I for our location at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: - Must be Drug-Free. - Ability to successfully complete a drug screening test. - Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Good interpersonal skills. - Ability to plan and prioritize work. - Ability to work independently in an autonomous environment. - Knowledge of supply, warehouse and logistics operations. - LMP Certified - Secret Clearance Required. Education & Experience High School diploma and a minimum of 2 years of related supply experience required. Some college education can be used in lieu of experience. Principal Duties - Performs data entry using a PC, Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) and Army War Reserve Deployment (AWRDS). - Adjusts equipment configurations in AWRDS and LMP. - Perform AWRDS and LMP reconciliation. - Accomplishes receipt processing (maintenance work orders, inventory adjustments, equi ...
Finally this move is over, Camp Arifjan *** I am not looking forward to the next 6 months.
Things I have been interrogated for while here at Camp Arifjan Kuwait: 1- Why do you have weapons and ammo, Answer- because POG our unit actually does something other then push papers retard. Such as the SECFOR for the country. 2- why don't you have a working cell phone. Answer- 1: see previous, and 2: why would they give issue an E5 a office cell phone when I don't work in an office, and todays question of the day, why didn't I have the laundry workers inventory my junk. Answer- I generally trust them to get me all my junk back and on occasion someone else's, and truthfully I don't feel like wasting my time doing it anyway when it would just be easier to replace. I've HAD bought ALL my ACU's since I was a boot camp private so why should I care if I have to buy 1 more set because they got lost.
GFEBS Systems Accountant - CGI CGI Federal is searching for a qualified GFEBS System Accountant to work on a customer site at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. - Plans and executes implementation of the General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS). - Responsible for sustainment of GFEBS once implemented and legacy related suites of financial management systems to include STANFINS, ODS, and RMT until phased out. - Create and analyze reports relating to GFEBS. - Performs in-depth analysis of data and provides explanations of results to higher commands. - Analyze financial processes to determine those that can be improved. - Provide GFEBS Help Desk support to users in the AOR. - Analyze financial data and trends to recommend better uses for available resources. - 5-10 years accounting experience. - GFEBS and Accounting experience at MACOM highly desired. - Expert level skills in Microsoft Office. Strong functional working knowledge of GFEBS iDOC error resolution and GFEBs Business intelligence data extraction. Strong ...
So I got my first pair of glasses today... thanks to the awesome opto team of Camp Arifjan got a baby prescription to help with my night driving.lawd knows a lot of pets have fallen to my driving. lol. Michelle McCants Williams
USO Camp LSA has been a place for deployed troops to kick back since it opened in March 2006. But just like most USO centers in conflict areas, the good times at Camp LSA were always on the clock. That clock is scheduled to run out June 30, when the USO closes its doors at Camp LSA as the camp itsel...
Alabama National Guardsmen complete Sexual Harrassment/Assualt Response and Prevention training at Camp Arifjan,...
Another road trip to Ali, but this one shouldn't require me to be up for another 27 hours to complete.
Anyone want to go see Aaron Lewis tonight at the Cotillion?! Got two tickets first $25 gets them.
CAMP ARIFJAN, Kuwait -- Staff Sgt. (retired) Earl Granville and Capt. Casey R. Wolfe ate the last meal of their trip during Operation Proper Exit at the Zone 2 Dining Facility at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait before heading back to the U.S. Brigadier General Christopher R. Kemp, the commander of the 335th Theater Signal Command (Provisional), joined them to give them words of encouragement and to hear their stories. (U.S. Army Photos by Sgt. James Hale)
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
RIP James Gandolfini. Way too young. Decided not to skip my run today.
With LTC Haddox, ER Doc and MAJ Lusane, Radiologist in frnt of 48th Combat Support Hospital at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait http:…
Sure, trust our government. This on how a Nation of Laws and a transparent democracy chooses to deal with a citizen?? Is this not a conscious effort to torture this young hero? In June 2010, several weeks before any charges were actually filed against him and about 2 weeks into his detention at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Bradley Manning, the 22-year-old Army private ACCUSED of leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, was taken from the air-conditioned tent where he'd been living, barracks-style with a handful of other inmates, AND PLACED IN A CAGE. NO explanation was given then or now; the reasons for this caging, which occurred several weeks BEFORE any charges were filed against him, still remain unclear. He would spend more than a MONTH in this contraption; an 8-by-8-foot cube made of steel grid panels and equipped with a bunk, stainless-steel sink and an attached toilet. ALL Human contact, other than with base psychiatrists and guards who would shake down his cell several times a day, was almost ZERO. On ...
I preferred Camp Arifjan to Camp Doha, because Arifjan had a pool.
Members of an Army National Guard financial management unit, based in Queens, try to make sure that the military spends money wisely and appropriately.
I didn't think it was possible. There was one thing on this Earth that made me appreciate and actually miss Camp Arifjan.That thing was 2 weeks at Camp Buehring!!!
Guess who got orders yesterday. Kuwait here I come for one year... Got to report in october.should b interesting
What is up Invicta Fans? Roll call- where in the world are you this fine June day?
It's Baghdad hot outside and it's only 9:46 in the morning smh
Tomorrow CBS 21’s Brandie Meng and Photojournalist David Oliver will leave for Kuwait. The two will be visiting PA National Guard Soldiers who are staying at Camp Arifjan just south of Kuwait City. Several area residents have family or friends there and Brandie and David will be working on stories about what life is like deployed. You can follow their journey on our website at! Do you have any questions about modern day deployments?
Completed a rewarding year as the Sams planner for the 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command. During my tenure we expanded the operational reach of US Patriot Units, deploying Patriot to Turkey, the first ever operational deployment of THAAD to Guam, and Patriot to Jordan. Through cross service coordination and numerous joint and coalition exercises we developed innovative tactics in support of defense missions. We also developed and codified a 5 year campaign plan that paves the road for continued success. I will be headed for ARCENT HQs at Camp Arifjan this week as my new role as the TAAMDCORD for the 32d AAMDC. I would like to thank my family, friends, and fellow soldiers - and planners; the long hours and sacrifices don't go unnoticed as you work complex problems and missions behind the scenes to make units successful in any endeavor.
they say hiphop artist dont lik doin shows for soldiers . . you should hold it down for the game nd *** out to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
My oil painting from from Al Dera art shop. Camp Arifjan. Kuwait
Breakfast for Champions, from our DFAC over here in Camp Arifjan / Kuwait !!!
At my sons softball game on Fathers Day, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait
Great first official class at Camp Arifjan Shark Tank JJ, we literally train in a tent in the middle of the desert, complete with a pic of Helio on the wall. World Championships, here I come, 11.5 more months of training.
Things to do at camp arifjan at 1 in the morning..not a freaking thing. 󾮠
I would like to thank everyone for coming out and joining the party last night. Please be sure to check the Camp Arifjan Zumba site for updates.
Hello Zumba people, We will no longer post any updates on this FB page. Our FB page has changed to "Camp Arifjan Zumba" Please like us and follow us for updated Zumba schedules.
Check point down Slauson west of Santa Fe. Be careful out there!!
Finally settled can't wait to see the battles tomorrow then the whole crew will be here!!! Jessica Davis Tenia T-Smilez Russell
9:20PM, local time and it's 104 degrees. Brace yourselves, summer is coming...
Happy 238th Birthday to the members of the US Army from the US Navy. As a Sailor serving under Pattons 3rd Army at Camp Arifjan special kudos to my friends from 3rd Army. It is only fitting that we celebrate Flag Day today and that "John Paul Jones was assigned the newly constructed USS Ranger, on June 14, 1777 (the same day the new Stars and Stripes flag was adopted). An even better reason for Sailors to fly the First Navy Jack today!
Today we celebrated the U.S Army's 238th Birthday at Camp Arifjan, KU. This year my battle SPC Guevara was the Units Youngest soldier for the THIRD TIME!! For more photos click on the link below! my son and I are out today hunting and picking in the local thrift and antique shops and what does my son find in a pile of old books??...the senior high school yearbook of pro football hall of famer Franco Harris!!.Franco Harris graduated from one of the local high schools here in South Jersey, Rancocas Valley, in 1968...The yearbook has Franco's senior portrait and all the action photos of him in the sports he, of course, along with basketball and baseball..and the picture of him being voted Most Athletic...really cool...
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