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Cameron Payne

Cameron Payne (born Augusut 8, 1994) is an American basketball player. He played college basketball at Murray State.

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I'd rather have Cameron Payne than melo tbh
Takeaways from Cameron Payne injury - they remain just as bad as they'll perform because Payne is
I'm voting to send Cameron Payne to the 2017 NBA All-Star Game!
no, Jeff green played good man... SP missed 2x with Perry jones & Cameron Payne
Cameron Payne is making more money than Derrick Rose
Going to have so much fun sending Cameron Payne to the G-League forever in
With the 13th pick in the 2013 nba draft the Phoenix Suns select Devin Booker. With the 14th pick the OKC Thunder select Ca…
I'm coming from an unbiased place but Cameron Payne is the best bull ever
Cameron was the worst PM we've had in decades. A PR man V diplomats. No wonder he got mugged off. He's useless
.survey finds 75% of tradies may have difficulty in identifying asbestos, said Doug…
Dang they got like 20 people. I ain’t sitting on the bench. Y’all tryna Cameron Payne m…
Replace kyrie with Cameron Payne and this is still valid
did Cameron Artis Payne make the panthers this year
The Bulls having a private meeting about how Cameron Payne can't play in the NBA>>>
Nicest dance moves: John Wall or the duo of Cameron Payne & Russell Westbrook?
Make Tarik Cohen starting point guard for the Bulls. He's gotta be better than Cameron Payne at the very least.
Bulls' Cameron Payne has surgery on broken foot, likely to miss 3-4 ... -
Chicago Bulls guard Cameron Payne has foot surgery, out 3-4 months - Sporting News
Cameron Payne's (foot surgery) timetable has officially been set at 3-4 months. #
Cameron Payne (foot) out at least three to four months via
Bulls guard Cameron Payne out 3-4 months after undergoing foot surgery Wednesday via…
Not a good day for Chicago sports. Bears and Cubs lose. Bulls lose as well by continuing to give a roster spot to Cameron Payne
Kevin White is always in Payne like Cameron
Injury Update: Cameron Payne underwent successful surgery on his right foot on Wed. Payne is expected to make a full retu…
Point guards such as Michael Carter-Williams, Cameron Payne, Shabazz Napier and Shelvin Mack will earn more than Derric…
Cameron Payne, still the best thing that ever happened to Russell Westbrook.
Cameron Payne trade could be the best trade Gar Forman ever did. Why? Not because we got good value back because it's goin…
Still point guard of the future? Fred Hoiberg confident in Cameron Payne
Bulls still have so many point guards... Rondo ,MCW ,Cameron Payne, Kris…
Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, Cameron Payne, Jerian Grant and Denzel Valentine are all older than Giannis Antetokounmpo.
I mean his competition is Cameron Payne and Jerian Grant
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Bulls really have Jerian Grant, Kris Dunn and Cameron Payne as their PGs lol
OKC started with Cameron Payne and somehow sti…
Anthony Morrow wanted desperately to dance with Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne: an invest…
make MCW Inactive.Start Canaan let Cameron Payne be The back up PG and have Grant DNP-CD.
Isiah Canaan is literally the worst PG in the league. You know other than Cameron Payne and Jerian Grant.
Man Chicago might as well see what Cameron Payne can make shake out there for them. MCW and Grant just not cutting it right now.
Do not forget the Chicago Bulls traded Derrick Rose for Jerian Grant. Then traded Taj Gibson & Doug McDermott for Cameron Payne 😫
The trio of Cameron Payne, MCW and Jerian Grant is a disgrace to the PG position in the NBA.
Cameron Payne surprisingly > grant and mcw off this sub performance lmao can acc run an offence
Michael Carter-Williams is SOFT and he's trash!! Why are him and grant playing over Cameron Payne!!
Williams and grant combined 3 assist 7 turnovers. Put in Cameron Payne
So far Grant & MCW have 2 points combined...Will we see Cameron Payne?
Grant is trash, MCW is trash, Felicio is trash. We traded for Cameron Payne. WHERE IS HE?
The bulls still got Michael Carter Williams and Cameron Payne sittin on the bench. *** must not be ready
Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Michael Carter Williams, Paul Zipser and Cameron Payne all ready to contribute to a home…
Chicago Bulls announce that Cameron Payne has been activated. Just when you thought things couldn't get worse. Our nig…
I don't even think Cameron Payne has made a single shot in a Bulls un…
We'll see how the Bulls do tonight without Rondo. Who will step up? Cameron Payne? Michael Carter-Williams?...🤔😕
Rondo out so that means we have Jerian Grant starting, with MCW (yuck!) and Cameron Payne.
Cameron Payne *** I can shoot better than MCW. Grant should be on the nets cause he worse than both of them. Valentine the best option
Cameron Payne is active..should he start over Grant or MCW?
MCW is going to be the backup Pg for bulls now. Him and Cameron Payne both struggle shooting the ball. Jerian Grant needs to step up
time for some Cameron Payne and Michael Carter-Williams. May God Have Mercy on Our Souls
Jimmy Butler could play PG and still be better than Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, Michael Carter-Williams, Isaiah Canaan at the position...
... or Jerian Grant... or Isaiah Canaan... or Cameron Payne. They have more than enough PGs left on the roster.
no arguing with you there. But we got valentine and Michael Carter Williams and Cameron Payne
They hope that Cameron Payne can be a player...all of his highlights are him doing goofball dances with Russell Westbrook
"I'm pleased to announce our acquisition of Russell Westbrook...'s dancing partner Cameron Payne. Welcome to Chicago, Ca…
The Bulls traded Gary Harris and Jusuf Nurkic for Doug McDermott and wound up with Cameron Payne.
Ah, they finally took Cameron Payne out of the Westbrook Mountain Dew ads. Ode to Cam, we hardly knew ye.
Cameron Payne knocks down a three-pointer for his first bucket as a Chicago Bull.
Russell Westbrook has danced with Royal Ivey, Reggie Jackson and Cameron Payne. He will find another to pregame dance with
I'll be in The Windy city next week have send up the CAMERON PAYNE song. It'll be great.
Cameron Payne was traded from the Thunder... Who is Westbrook going to dance with now??
right when I sort of started liking Cameron Payne lolol
So the Bulls could trade Gibson & McDermott for Cameron Payne, but pass on 3 1st rounders for Jimmy Butler? Lmao…
These people traded Taj Gibson and Doug McBuckets for Anthony Morrow and cameron Payne smh worst trade ever for the Bulls
(FA next yr) (eh) + 2018 2nd for 3 back-ups. Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne and Anthony Morrow.
Hopefully Cameron Payne becomes a good player and our future starting point guard. Keep working hard!!
Presti: “We know Cameron Payne is going to be a very, very good player” with increased opportunity.
i look at Cameron Payne's numbers and think "wow he *** " then i get angrier because i remember he broke his foot twice in 7 months.
Pretty upset that Westbrook will no longer be dancing every game with Cameron Payne. They were always too hype.
Cameron Payne just got traded which means no more Westbrook/Payne pregame dances
Cameron Payne is in the D League 3-4 years from now, you heard it here first.
R.I.P. to the Russell Westbrook/Cameron Payne dances. You'll be missed! 😭😭😭
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bulls, with the addition of Cameron Payne, now have 4 PGs who can't shoot. Gotta believe they're going to draft one this time come the draft
The end of an era. RIP the Russell Westbrook Cameron Payne pregame dances
"I think he's got a real feel for the game" Gar Forman on Cameron Payne
Cameron Payne, Joffrey Lauvergne, and Anthony Morrow to the Bulls for Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott, and a second round pick for OKC. Hm 🤔
Cameron Payne was traded today😪no more dance battles between him and Westbrook💔
Cameron Payne got traded.. the end of an era. Let's look back
My new favorite player is Cameron Payne
My friends are dumb af trying to say Cameron Payne is like Josh Richardson... Bruh Josh would dawg Payne
Cameron Payne is now a Chicago Bull..but his pre-dances with Russell Westbrook lives forever🙌
Cameron Payne to the Bulls... We will miss the dancing.
The Thunder has acquired Doug McDermott and Taj Gibson from the Bulls for Cameron Payne (Via Woj).
I wasted two years of fantasy football draft picks on Cameron Payne and he couldn't even take over for Jonathan Stewart. Keep it.
Bulls sending Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and 2018 2nd rounder to OKC for Joffrey Lauvergne and Cameron Payne, sources sa…
Sources: OKC and Chicago are nearing agreement on a trade to send package centered on Cameron Payne for Doug McDermott a…
Mike Miller and Wilson Chandler to the . Austin Rivers and Cameron Payne to the . Kyle Singler a…
Cameron Payne on what needs to be done without Enes Kanter: "Everybody needs to step up."
Golden State Warrior the most classless team in the league. Curry clapped in Cameron Payne's face smiling & there was no Te…
Tyler Ulis, Tyus Jones, Stanley Johnson, Jahlil Okafor, Nerlens Noel (max deal), Cameron Payne are the 6 guys I'd trade for at deadline.
Thunder: Cameron Payne completes road back to Thunder
Thunder: Cameron Payne completes road back to Thunder.
Billy Donovan on Cameron Payne's recovery and the "lonely existence" that is injury recovery:
Billy Donovan says Cameron Payne will indeed play tonight. The Thunder are looking to keep him around 20 or so minutes.
No minutes for Cameron Payne tonight against Miami. Thunder in Memphis Thursday in what could be a Payne's season debut.
Oklahoma City Thunder guard Cameron Payne (fractured foot) is on the verge of making his season debut. (Via Chris Haynes - ESPN)
Thunder: Cameron Payne is close to making his season debut after recovering from a fractured right foot - Chris Hay…
Here are some young players I wouldn't mind the Kings acquiring:. Cameron Payne. Doug McDermott
He should've had Cameron Payne in this 💯💯💯
should've had Cameron Payne in this
Russy Commercial goes crazy, but he definitely shouldve had Cameron Payne in there!
I'd like to hear from somebody who won week 5 because they started Cameron Artis-Payne.
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Him and Cameron Payne need to get lit again this season 😈
Should've thrown Cameron Payne in that jawn
When this hashtag is not about cameron anymore... Whoops... 🤘🏼
Apparently some French fans of Cameron didn't buy Made In The A.M. that's why he hates France. Buy it on iTunes
If he would've had Cameron Payne in that bihh it would've be iconic 😂
Just imagine how more lit that Westbrook commercial would be if Cameron Payne was in it
Must lit player in the NBA him and Cameron Payne
Aye Cameron Payne went dumb his last year in college.
They should of put Cameron Payne in that Russy commercial.
Bruh they Should've had Cameron Payne in this somewhere
If Cameron Payne was playing we win by 40
Bro this commercial would be so much more heat if Cameron Payne would've just walked out and gassed him up
They should've put Cameron Payne in it
Westbrook shoulda had Cameron Payne in that commercial with him
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne are teammate goals
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The only way to dance is to dance like Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne
Guys Cameron Payne is hurt out for a couple weeks he is the only other pt gd on roster until then he gets his chance
where is Cameron Payne when you need him. Smh
Cameron Payne still not getting any burn?
Cameron Payne must stink. He can't seem to get any minutes
I'm grandfathered in as a Celtic, but a Thunder fan also... mainly because of Cameron Payne, tbh...
also somewhat disappointed Cameron Payne isn't also in this video
On the same day Stonewall released a paper on LGBT asylum seekers in detention centres, David Cameron is made LGBT Ally of…
I hope Cameron flew his Rainbow Flag at half-mast upon the death of Saudi LGBT Ally of the Year King Abdullah
2013 supported homophobe Putin's bid for Russia to host winter Olympics.
2012 suggested link between *** people and child abusers on live TV interview.
2010 chose to team up with Poland's homophobic Law and Justice party (PiS) in European Parliament .
Austerity has seen LGBT+ services slashed under Cameron. If that's an 'ally of the year', then I'm Britney…
Really excited for another season of Russ and Cameron Payne's elaborate pregame dance routines.
Just hit me Westbrook's dance partner Cameron Payne not available to start the season off right. Get well soon Payne.
lmao. They should trade for that water rat Cameron Payne and maybe they'd be better
The Sacramento Kings were 'seriously engaged' on a deal sending Rudy *** to the Thunder for Cameron Payne before his foot in…
bet Cameron Payne in the back seat lol
I need a live camera on Westbrook right now. He’s somewhere dancing with Cameron Payne.
If Auburn had played in 2014 SEC Champ Game, 209 yards would have given Cameron Artis-Payne the single-season AU record over Tre Mason.
Steven Adams on Cameron Payne's latest foot injury *** but has a good support group around him.
Top 3 Point Guards in the league:. 1. Mario Chalmers. 2. The PG for the heat during their Big 3. 3. Cameron Payne
Cameron Payne is the best thing that has happened to Russell Westbrook
Dakari Johnson with a nice backdoor bounce pass to Cameron Payne for the jam.
would you take this trade?. Boban Marjanovic, Delly, Cameron Payne, Kent Blazemore, John Jenkins, and Cole Aldrich for Paul George?
Cameron Payne is the field mouse love child of Mark Jackson and George Karl
I'll sit next to my *** with the beats on dancing we can hit the dances all bus ride like Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook
I wanna like OKC but you can tell that entire stadium voted for Trump. Plus there's no one more annoying then Cameron Payne
My pops is def not a Cameron Payne fan lol he said Charles he act like all he wanna do is dance these days 😂😂
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne have me so weak 😂
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Cameron Payne stayed after to get some shots up after the win tonight
Westbrook and Cameron Payne are the best dancing combo ever 😂
Russell Westbrook and Cameron on em!.
Cameron Payne and Kevin Durant have a spectacular handshake
Mann Draymond Green is not even covering OKC Robinson!!! How did I miss this??? I would put Cameron Payne in!!!
I need friends that cheer me on like Cameron Payne does Russell Westbrook.
Cameron Payne doesn't workout, does he? No running, no weight lifting, no planks. Basically the Ray Felton workout plan.
Can someone take a bat to Cameron Payne's knees. Where's Tanya Harding when you need her?
WATCH: Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne have danced their way into the Western Conference Semifinals.
Who is the front runner for biggest *** in the league: Cameron Payne or nick young?
I'm a combination of Cameron Payne and Michael Cera
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne back at it again! 🔥.
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne broke out some more dance moves before Game 5 tonight.
Cameron Payne & Russell Westbrook doing the Pulp Fiction dance-off! 💃 (Vine by
two guys that move the ball really well: Nick Collison and Cameron Payne.
Charlie Villanueva gets in the way of Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne's pregame routine
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne getting lit before the game! 🔥.
Cameron Payne is a flopping piece of grass!
Darren Collison puts Cameron Payne on skates. Welcome to the league, rook!
Cameron Payne and dumps it off to Steven Adams for the flush.
Lol if I here I look like Cameron Payne from OKC one more time...
Cameron Payne has shown too much promise to be benched. It’s time to
Nazr Muhammad, Mitch McGary, Cole Aldrich, Cameron Payne, and Alex Stephenson all shared the court in a game between two top 5 teams
Billy Donavan had to interrupt Cameron Payne's dancing to tell him to go into the game. That's funny.
Cameron Payne & Josh Huestis read to students at Cleveland Bailey about Black History month.
Back from the All-Star break, Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook are still dancing
The bulls need to try and grab Enes Kanter, Faried, Thad Young, Cameron Payne, Affalo, and Boogie Cousins. Not all just a couple
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne, dabbing away in Phoenix
Cameron Payne's box plus/minus is the second best amoung all rookies. . Karl-Anthony Towns has the best.
I'm telling y'all... Cameron Payne gonna be James Harden good for the Thunder in a year or two.
Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook (and Kevin Durant) have the best pregame dances.
Thunder groomed & prepared Reggie Jackson well. Next up, Cameron Payne. If you don't know bout him.. You will soon
By comparison, Cameron Payne has played 276 mins for OKC. Delon Wright: 23 mins.
well Cameron is a hypocrite. I used to teach English to refugees. Now I don't, 'cos the Tories stopped subsidin…
nope I'm having Anthony Morrow, DJ Augustin, & Cameron Payne do it. Haven't figured out how we'll score yet tho.
In a quick ESPN Q&A, Iowa St. Head Coach, Steve Prohm, was asked who the best player he's ever coached was. His answer? "Cameron Payne".
Bilas - "Best player you've ever coached." . Prohm - "Cameron Payne.". Enter parody song in the head for the rest of the night.
Iowa State head coach Steve Prohm said Cameron Payne is the best player he's ever coached.
me either. my new favorite is Cameron Payne.
I'm voting to send Cameron Payne to the All-Star Game!
Even as a rookie, Cameron Payne celebrates from the bench with the best of them
I don't think so. Cameron Payne has really come on strong and gives them some nice bench play.
Charlotte is getting deported by David Cameron.
Cameron Payne is great and all, but it's hard to ignore what Ish Smith has done since leaving OKC. 14.5 PPG and 6.7 AST in a 76er uniform.
Send the rookie Cameron Payne to the All-Star Game!
📺 Rookie Cameron Payne explodes. In 15 minutes he scored 16 points and handed out assists like this to Enes Kanter. https:/…
In memory of in OKC Cameron Payne feat. Sauced
Luke Kuechly up, Cameron Artis-Payne down in Panthers' playoff win - via App
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne make the NBA a better place.
This isnt about testimony though - these things can be objectively tested. Cameron wants to turn this into an issue of trust
22% of David Camerons are useless wastemen. Fact
ICYMI Luke Kuechly up, Cameron Artis-Payne down in playoff win
Does speak Welsh? Obviously he's an English extremist then.
Cameron's crew. The scene at today's runway show in Milan.
Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook pre-game handshake/dance
the same Drs who treated your son Cameron & this is the disdain you threat them with. vile
Cameron Payne in NBA midseason rookie power rankings: Reviewing first rounders' numbers
Former Auburn players who will play for trip to Super Bowl 50:. Cam Newton, Cameron Artis-Payne, Tyronne Green, Jerraud Pow…
Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook doing their pregame dancing again 😂. . (h/t
Cameron Payne can't contain the excitement.
Cameron Payne first off. We will trade for other bench players. Enes Kanter btw... Ohhh and our starting 5 is solid .
Plus, see notes on Jimmer Fredette, Cameron Payne and Larry Nance Jr.:
Props to Cameron Payne for taking that charge and still staying in game. Sheesh.
any chance for Cameron Payne highlights?
You mentioned Cameron Payne the other day. Also Delon Wright and Terry Rozier. All 3 should be available with the right trade.
look at DAL Justin Anderson and OKC and get Cameron Payne. Bulls need to find the Bobby Portis's of other teams.
Cameron Payne and Russell Westbrook have the craziest handshake of the NBA. BEAUTIFUL
Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne have a solid pregame handshake:
Cameron Payne, in his hometown, about to play his first significant minutes. Billy Donovan sends him to the scorer's ta…
Cameron Payne checking in for his first rotation minutes in the NBA. Playing alongside D.J. Augustin.
Listen to Matt McMahon's thoughts on lottery pick Cameron Payne adjusting to the
Cameron Payne checks in for his NBA debut. Mitch McGary making his season debut.
Halfway through the fourth and still no Cameron Payne. Billy Donovan, don't fail me now.
Billy Donovan says Josh Huestis and Steve Novak will be inactive tonight. Cameron Payne could see first NBA minutes.
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Thunder rookie Cameron Payne on his teammates, coach and shoe ...
you're Niall Horan or Shawn Mendes or Dylan O'Brien or Aaron Carpenter or Cameron Dallas or Nash Grier or Liam Payne :)
Ron Rivera: Cameron Artis-Payne had a good camp for us, we want to get him quality reps to give a blow here and there.
Like Grant, nice two-way guard and should get heavy minutes with Afflalo banged up. Cameron Payne deep sleeper, love Mudiay too.
Here's our bar keep Cameron (in the middle) with two of the greatest gin distillers in existence! Desmond Payne...
Murray State standout guard Cameron Payne announces he will enter the 2015 NBA ...
I can't wait to until Billy Donovan plays "Cameron Payne" with Russell Westbrook tho.
healthiest team will probably win lol. How has Cameron Payne looked?
I really just do this for fun & because I love it, love critical criticism, love the support, love my fans thank you htt…
Cameron Payne is at OU Med as we speak visiting the Bethany player that was paralyzed and the OSU fans. Wow.
And Cameron Payne but behind Westbrook it's gonna be tough
I had no idea Cameron Artis-payne was with the Panthers. Way cool!
Really Cameron artist-payne on 3 and 2 and he hasn't played one snap the whole game. Not to mention u run with him with 8 ppl n the box
Cameron Artis Payne hadn't ran the ball in idk when. And they decide to hand it off too him now?! Smh
Curious why Cameron Artis Payne gets the carry there???
I love Cameron Artis-Payne but an interesting spot to give him his first carry of the game. Oh well.
Cameron Artis-Payne on 3rd & 2??? That's like Chip calling a WR screen to Huff on a 3rd & 9 after calling a TO
Why in Sam Hill did CAMERON ARTIS PAYNE get that carry??? Now we gotta punt it away. :(((
Why would you do that to poor Cameron Artis Payne?
Panthers have Cam, Johnathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert -- and give it to Cameron Artis-Payne. Weird call.
why did they give Cameron artis Payne the ball on 3rd down instead of Stewart?
Yikes... Not a good choice to use Cameron Artis-Payne there. Not even the best Auburn option to use.
Cameron Artis-Payne who played football at college
Cameron Artis-Payne with an...interesting carry, to say the least.
3rd and 2 with 3 minutes when you are trying to put the game away and you give rookie Cameron Artis-Payne his 1st carry of the game?
Cameron artis Payne is your choice ?!?!?!?
montavius wouldn't start over Cameron Payne if he was the second coming. He gets no love
Yo is Cameron Artis-Payne still on the roster. Just checking
Cameron Payne wins sixth man and rookie of the year
Cameron Payne checking into the game for the first time. . Let's see what the young rookie can do
I'm 6-6 with Utah on MyGM, trade Trey + 2nd round pick for Cameron Payne and Kyle Singler.
Kevin Durant said Cameron Payne -- nicknamed Smooth by Russell Westbrook-- is "better than I imagined."
should I pick up Cameron Payne from Carolina and knowing Stewart's history and drop Andre Williams non ppr 5th rb
Presti on Cameron Payne: "I think he was really well coached." His coach, Steve Prohm, was recently hired at Iowa State.
Can't fight tho and most of them overrated but quin cook and Cameron Payne
Why OKC just introduce Cameron Payne why not Dakari Johnson or Luke Ridnour?
how will Dakari Johnson and Cameron Payne factor into already solid OKC rotation
Cameron Payne was the steal of the 2015 draft
Cameron Payne will wear No. 22 for the Thunder.
what do you think of OKC pick? Don't know much about Cameron Payne from Murray State???
"I'm definitely going to put my name on the map, 'Cam-Payne.'". -Cameron Payne on joining the
Cameron Payne, Terry Rozier, Jerian Grant and Delon Wright (to Raptors) all go ahead of Tyus Jones. I support that.
Well I said today the Bulls would pick Jerian Grant, Cameron Payne, Terry Rozier, or Justin Anderson at All picked. That ends that.
Cameron Payne after being drafted by the Thunder: "I'm excited, excited to get on the court."
you got a new teammate>Cameron Payne. Little guard. You can take him under your wing/giant arms.
One time to my yung *** Cameron Payne he been told me he was going to league
New Thunder guard Cameron Payne's rise from little-known recruit to lottery pick.
The select Murray State guard Cameron Payne with the No. 14 pick in the
Cameron Payne was one of three Division I players to average at least 20 points and 5 assists per game last season.
Clifford Franklin only one catching it, Clifford Franklin only one coming down with it. Cameron Payne
The lottery portion of the draft is over as Devin Booker goes to the and Cameron Payne from Murray State goes to the
Cameron Payne just gave a Clifford Franklin interview from the replacements with that third person
Cameron Payne need to get his teeth fixed with his first paycheck
With the final lottery pick, the take Murray St. guard Cameron Payne.
Murray State's Cameron Payne is picked 14th by Oklahoma City. That's 6 of the top 14 picks that are either from or played…
With the 14th pick in the 2015 the Oklahoma City Thunder select Cameron Payne.
Cameron Payne is only the 3rd sophomore in last 25 years to average 20 PPG & 6 APG. The others are & An…
Cameron Payne got game; and he has that Chris bosh velociraptor head
With the 14th pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, the Oklahoma City Thunder selects Murray State point guard Cameron Payne
The Oklahoma City Thunder have selected Cameron Payne out of Murray State (PG) with the 14th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft
Looks like the Thunder are taking Acie Law IV, I mean Cameron Payne with their pick.
I'm still waiting on Justin Anderson, Terry Rozier, Cameron Payne,Kelly Oubre, Montrez Harrell and Kenneth "Speedy" Smith to get drafted
Going to Dilworth Park to start the Cameron Payne chants
The whole memphis pulling for Cameron Payne tonight .
I hope the Rockets get Cameron Payne or Tyus Jones🚀
Would love if Willie Cauley-Stein fell to us. Need a big to replace David West. Wouldn't mind if we snagged Cameron Payne too
5) Who will be this year's Patty Mills...Matthew Dellavadova? All signs point to Murray's Cameron Payne!
You know who Cameron Payne is? Acie Law IV. Law had that weird draft helium too.
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