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Cameron MacKintosh

Sir Cameron Anthony Mackintosh (born 17 October 1946) is a British theatrical producer notable for his association with many commercially successful musicals.

Miss Saigon Les Mis Mary Poppins Andrew Lloyd Webber Les Miserables West End Les Miz Susan Boyle

.spoke to Sir Cameron Mackintosh about & his 50 years of producing in today's
Susan Boyle might as well have written it.The producer of Les Miz, Cameron Mackintosh,…
Cameron Mackintosh is coming today & I'm terrified & I'm not even in the show
Binaboy ang Les Mis! Cameron Mackintosh should sue them!
It's nothing compared to the real meaning of Les Miserables. Having seen the play 3X at West End, don't ma…
Watched a docu on Cameron Mackintosh and tbh it's made me a bit worried about Hamilton - he seems an inveterate meddler who's kinda racist?
How did become one of the most successful musical theatre businessmen? WATCH!
Some people download recent box office hits to watch on the plane. I’m downloading a new documentary about Cameron Mackintosh
Cameron Mackintosh’s acclaimed new production of Boublil & Schönberg’s lands 2 weeks today!…
Really wonderful episode of on at the moment. Thoroughly recommend for all you MT fans
Cannae wait until this show starts in London. Good old sir Cameron Mackintosh :)
It was called "Imagine... Cameron Mackintosh" on BBC1. Look for it on catch up. It was brilliant.
Did you see that documentary about Cameron Mackintosh?
Omg this is the PERFECT theatre for The Great Comet. Someone tell Cameron Mackintosh
Reminds me how much I loved working on Cats tour in the 90s. Worth a watch.
The North East is saying goodbye to this legend today. Thanks for the guidance . "Cameron Mackintosh Jr" Xx
Fantastic Imagine doc about Cameron Mackintosh on iPlayer. Look what he has in his back garden. I WANT ONE.
This (Cameron-Mackintosh) agreement was concluded about 360 years after the commencement of the quarrel. c. 1665
I'm not a huge fan of musical theatre, but this was a fascinating insight into the life and creativity of Cameron M…
Watch BBC imagine program about Cameron will love it ..on I player
Creativity, risk and commercial innovation. The natural genius of via
Wonderful documentary about Cameron Mackintosh on What a remarkable man.
I'm watching the Cameron mackintosh documentary for the 4th time and I'm not at all ashamed !
Watching,Cameron Mackintosh...The Musical Man. Musical theatre, an amazing form of theatre, Love it
Imagine -Cameron MacKintosh The Musical Man is really interesting. The man behind some great musicals-Cats,Les Mis, Phantom and Miss Saigon.
What did Cameron Mackintosh say about Theatre Collection?. It's "a fine source of creative invention"…
Sir Cameron Mackintosh was once a theatre stagehand on Drury Lane and is now a musical theatre impresario...
Watching a documentary about Cameron Mackintosh - every single piece of music they've played has given me tingles. Total theatre nerd ♥️
Just caught up with Imagine...Cameron Mackintosh: The Musical Man - a fascinating insight into the man
Throwback to that time that Cameron Mackintosh held my hands
Late 80s Cameron Mackintosh was cute though.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Watching the Imagine show about Cameron Mackintosh. Keep thinking Gillian Lynne is Eileen Atkins.
watched the programme on BBC about Cameron Mackintosh last night !! Was really interesting xx
Missed the programme when it went out, caught up with it on BBC i player. Cameron Mackintosh The Musical Man. Highly recommended.
no mention they were going to fiilm the muscial in the Cameron…
What a FABULOUS evening at the of in Marble Arch. Even got to interview Cameron Mack…
Thanks for all the comments and messages - as I'm still abroad for a few days I'll have to wait to catch it, but...
Y'all need to get on BBC iplayer and watch Cameron Mackintosh on the series. Brilliant programme about a phenomenal man
The Cameron Mackintosh documentary is so so interesting! 🎭
Great to see featured in the Cameron Mackintosh documentary on bbc1
Wonderful doco about He really is one of a kind and a boon to industry.
"Cameron Mackintosh is really impressed by you" are words I never thought I'd ever hear during my career in theatre
This weeks Imagine on BBC1 a wonderful feature on Cameron Mackintosh proving that some do and some think about it.
I think these Martin Guerre tour EPK clips are new to me? From 1hr16mins in:
You're right I'm loving the Cameron Mackintosh documentary. So many great musicals!
TV catch up - documentary on the career of Cameron Mackintosh. Clever man!!
Just catching up with the programme from Monday night about Cameron MacKintosh. Very interesting
Just catching up with the Cameron Mackintosh Imagine and, er, that Hamilton start date still looks optimistic...
If you didn't manage to watch it last night, 'Cameron Mackintosh: The Musical Man' is now available on https…
2 hrs in the garden reading in the sun 1 book on Cameron Mackintosh & 1 on Shakespeare = 😃😍time well spent!
Sneak peak of 'Cameron Mackintosh: The Musical Man' from including Victoria Palace Theatre Refurb -
Pretty *** happy to be judging entries for the Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer placement 🎶
I enjoyed watching the Imagine Cameron Mackintosh documentary on as well
Tonight on at 10:45pm - 'Cameron Mackintosh: The Musical Man' presented by Alan Yentob.
Enjoying on Cameron Mackintosh. Passion, eye for detail, reckless ambition and liberating sense of nothing to los…
Just watched the BBC one doc on Cameron Mackintosh, was very interesting, what a career.
The Cameron Mackintosh, Imagine "The Musical Man" which you can watch on is SO good. What a bonkers life 🎭 theatre is amazing 💜
Found an absolutely fantastic documentary on Cameron mackintosh yesss lads
If you haven't seen this, do - the remarkable story of Cameron. An inspirational & moving watch. Bravo.
Loved this programme. More of this please, BBC:
Just stood next to Sir Cameron Mackintosh and didn't pluck up the courage to say hi, WHY!?! 😩😭
Just saw the Cameron Mackintosh documentary - what a fascinating life, his passion is boundless. He has the Les Mis
Great to see photos and footage of Cameron Mackintosh at Prior Park College in 1959 on BBC TV tonight.
“You impersonate a person better than a zombie should. Everybody shaves, so there should be plenty of flavours.” —Cameron Mackintosh
Despite Cameron Mackintosh’s attempt to combat reselling, tickets for Hamilton, opening in the U.K. in Nov, are res…
“So it is to be war between us. But this time, my clever friend, the disaster will be yours.” —Cameron Mackintosh
Next talk Thursday evening with Christian malford The musical world of Cameron mackintosh. Chance to sing-along.
huge fan of Sir Cameron Mackintosh but more to the point love your top tonight where can I buy it, Donn…
"Hi Danny. Cameron Mackintosh here. Why u no call? Nutshell= BRILLI fukking-ANT!! me+ wee Lord Andy want this! NOW!…
I am surprised Andrew Lloyd Webber or Cameron Mackintosh have n't taken up the idea yet
Getting a text from Sir Cameron Mackintosh is life goals tbh. Wish Jeremy all the lu…
Cameron Mackintosh: this is only the beginning of your journey 😉
HE IS HERE!!. Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera...
Casually sat next to Cameron Mackintosh. As you do.
When the assistant director of Miss Saigon tells you Cameron mackintosh is in watching it tonight 😵😵😵😵
Cameron Mackintosh has announced the 32nd year of Les Misérables cast change, view it now!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
We're looking forward to hearing Claude-Michel Schönberg deliver his Cameron Mackintosh lecture this eve. The hashtag is
“There is no Phantom of the Opera! You'd be lucky to exchange her for a sack of beans!” —Cameron Mackintosh
ok totally blown away that Mary Poppins the musical was on my radio wow I herd Cameron Mackintosh's then Mary
Mary Poppins Coming to Atchison. Theatre Atchison starts its 33nd Season with Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary...
“The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure!” —Cameron Mackintosh
I know I'm in the exceptional position of having money but I didn't have it for many d
I survived because I never took on big responsibilities in my private life. In the ear
Every time I see CM I hear "I'm Cameron Mackintosh, Napoleon of Broadway" etc from Forbidden Broadway. I don't know how to stop.
I used to have to beg and borrow £25 to hire some French windows. I started producing in
Sometimes, thinking on your feet can be the most creative. Constrained circumstances
Eva Noblezada played Kim, the title character, when Cameron Mackintosh revived Miss Saigon, the musical set against the backdrop of the
you know big things are likely happening when you're hanging out with Cameron Mackintosh...
Two of my theatres are 1930s and the other five are by Sprague, the greatest Edwardian a
CAMERON MACKINTOSH: It's your father's fault that the curse got placed and the place got cursed in the first place.
Cameron Mackintosh should just go by cam mac because cam mac backwards is cam mac
Also I so desperately want to see the tour of Cameron Mackintosh's It looks gorgeous!
Join us on 9/22 for a special screening: we’re showing Cameron Mackintosh’s acclaimed production of Boublil and...
Miss Saigon Casting: Cameron Mackintosh are holding auditions for East and South East Asian performers in London.
I had set a goal of being a producer by 25.
Darling, when you're as old as I am, you cherish the very few musicals that have come
I think the worst thing that could have happened to me would have been having a hit at 2
Cameron Mackintosh to hold auditions for international tour 2017!.
On Sept. 22nd, Miss Saigon: 25th Anniversary Performance is coming to cinemas across the US! http…
Cameron Mackintosh is holding open auditions for new international tour of Miss Saigon.
Audiences aren't going to get rid of me. One thing I can say, with absolute certainty, i
ON THE SCENE with Randy Rainbow: At the End of the Day, How Well Do You Know Les Miserables?: Cameron Mackintosh's…
Cameron Mackintosh's critically acclaimed musical now on sale: https:…
What's happened to Cameron Mackintosh? Is he no longer producing West End shows? What have I missed?
outstanding service on the Manchester to Atlanta flight today from the charming James Cameron-mackintosh ✈️👍
I'm proud of the fact that I've taken a lot of big directors, such as Trevor Nunn and Ni
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
and previously Prime Minister, David Cameron had sex with a pig... 😉😂
Michael Le Poer Trench and Cameron Mackintosh's amazing garden on an English earthly paradise
It horrifies me how much it costs to put on shows now, mainly due to EU regulations. ...
Erm Sir Cameron Mackintosh please can I come spend a day in your Wow! 😍😍.
I thought Luisa and Dappy was the low budget Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh
Just caught up with Gardeners' World visit to Sir Cameron Mackintosh's garden. Absolutely stunning💚
the ethereal beauty of Cameron mackintosh garden has lifted my spirits - so good for the soul
This is amusing .. Matt Lucas .. Alfie Bow and Cameron Mackintosh. .. Lucas signing contract for Les Mis ..funny
Cameron Mackintosh has a stunning garden. Nice little feature on
The commercial and subsidised theatre are intrinsically linked. I wouldn't have had t...
I saw Martin Guerre in 1997 and thought it was wonderful. Just found out there's a new version coming!
- Sir Cameron Mackintosh and Michael, your garden shown on BBC was amazing! If you ever consider an open day, I'd love to visit
Loved Cameron Mackintosh garden and isn't Longmeadow looking wonderful too.Magic.
not really. Nice look at Cameron Mackintosh garden in Somerset.
Feeling very jealous of Cameron Mackintosh's garden. Beautiful!
Never mind. Cameron Mackintosh is on Gardeners' World. He has an elephant in his garden.
Cameron Mackintosh's garden about to turn me green with envy.
20:30 Gardeners' World: Rachel de Thame pays a visit to the garden of theatre impresario Sir Cameron Mackintosh.
in half an hour!! One of my favourite shoots in the stunning garden of Sir Cameron Mackintosh and Michael Le Poer Trench
Sir Cameron Mackintosh is on Gardeners World tonight. Britain is up and running again.
If there's too much of you around, people can get tired of you.
The musical is the one area of the theater that can give you the biggest buzz of all.
Find out about the creative team behind including Sir Cameron Mackintosh, known for
An old building is like a show. You smell the soul of a building. And the building te...
Half a Sixpence was one of Britain's big home-grown musicals of the 1960s, and now Sir Cameron Mackintosh has…
By the time I was ten, everyone knew I wanted to be a producer. I was ...
I never know what is going to have that 'X' factor and what isn't.
Miss Saigon very good, another Cameron Mackintosh great staging x
I am in that glorious position where I can redesign and re-package my ...
I've taken considerable gambles on shows, but they're very considered ...
Review | Disney & Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins: The Musical at Norwich... on
My own tastes happen to be in tune with what the public wants. I think...
musical version of what I thought the story was about. Maybe a few weeks later Cameron Mackintosh jumped out of a Toyota Tercel on 99 Street
Rumours he brutally betrayed Cameron Mackintosh are LIES - we're still backing for PM.
I've spent more money on my theatres since I bought them than I did bu...
My dream is to be on my boat. Or on an island. Or in my house in the c...
Apply now for the Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer placement. Deadline Sunday 10 July https…
Having a think about whether you can afford 'this' or 'that' is a good...
Cameron Mackintosh was in charge of casting. Think he thought NJ would draw a younger crowd.
.call out for the next "Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer" deadline 3rd July!
And then Les Mis comes to singapore and i can't go!! :)) . And it doesnt help that its bloody cameron mackintosh's (!!) Les Mis :))
Sir Cameron Mackintosh on his labour of love to bring Mary Poppins to the stage: Bringing the tale o...
Cameron Mackintosh is doing a brand new North American tour next year. Hope that helps!
Cameron Mackintosh has unleashed yet another immense spectacle on West End audiences in the form of Disney’s...
West Yorkshire Playhouse will be home to next Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer
"Steven Spielberg. He's like the Cameron Mackintosh of movies!"-
Hey Cameron Mackintosh, I found your Chris for the Miss Saigon movie.
Cameron Mackintosh's entire fortune is based on the fact that critics make no difference to blockbusters.
Filipinos love singing and are actually good ones. Cameron Mackintosh discovered that himself…
the very best show I have ever seen! Well done Cameron Mackintosh, another winner.
I love architecture almost as much as I love my musicals.
When you think of ways to get a $1 Billion, musical theater isn't top of the list. But of course it's been done! |
possibly 2017 I think Cameron Mackintosh was talking about brining it over but I'm not 100% sure on the date I wanT IT NOW
UPDATE: Cameron Mackintosh looking for new 'Miss Saigon' cast...
Hearing the news of Cameron Mackintosh potentially teaming up with to bring to London for 2017. YES. Just YES.
Cats, Les Miserables producer now world's first theater billionaire.
"Sooner rather than later, the movie won't just be in my mind" - Cameron Mackintosh.
Standard day. Did some trot poles, sang a song for Cameron Mackintosh then sold a truck gearbox. Now for wine... 🍷🍷🍷🍷
Forbes says he's theater's first billionaire...
He took some risks and did pretty well. I hope he has charitable interests too.
Meet world's first musical theater billionaire (hint: owns rights to Les Miz, bringing to London)
Cameron Mackintosh is named theatre's first billionaire.
Meet the first billionaire to make a fortune from theater:
Meet first musical theater billionaire:
Theatre impresario Cameron Mackintosh becomes the world's first musical billionaire.
"You need a bit of risk. You need the knots in your tummy" - the world's theater billionaire Cameron Mickintosh
Les Miserables producer Cameron Mackintosh debuts on the Forbes billionaire rich list
"“You never know when money is going to come, when it’s going to go:"
The musical "Miss Saigon" generates excitement everywhere it goes. Many of Cameron Mackintosh's shows have been...
Cameron Mackintosh, Claude-Michel Schonberg, Alain Boublil. I present your new musical adaptation. You are welcome.
Oakeshott goes for Cameron over weak EU deal; Amber Rudd instantly goes on the defensive
So delighted that 5 theatres will receive grants frm the Small Grants Scheme set up following my Centre Stage report
London's small theatres should meet the needs of the industry and audiences - our will help
Huge London thanks again to Round 1 donor Sir Cameron Mackintosh & the
£25k awarded to 5 small London theatres in first round of London Theatres Small Grants Scheme htt…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
In response to the first round of London Cameron Mackintosh said
I need Cameron Mackintosh to stop reproducing musical because he is ruining them
I'd love it but I'm guessing Mackintosh is holding on tight to screen rights
I don't know that it's entirely nonsense: what do you think of colorblind casting for acting roles? (I.e.
I've never had a very great public life.
Jerzy Jeszke has been described by Sir Cameron Mackintosh as the "huge talent with soul who make a unique...
Cameron Mackintosh is delighted to announce exciting cast changes in 2016:
I don't like being in debt, and I wouldn't borrow money for anything.
Great fun performing with these guys at the fabulous L'Escargot for Cameron Mackintosh tonight!
I want to meet Cameron Mackintosh before I die
When I went to the 30th anniversary in my Javert gear and suddenly found myself face to face with Cameron Mackintosh 😆
Clan Mackintosh are the chiefs of the Chattan Confederation who fought Clan Cameron for over 300 years
The best sentence of the day, by Sir Cameron Mackintosh: “You’re Welsh. We all KNOW you can sing”!
ICYMI The Secret Life of Mary Poppins from BBC2 on Sunday with Cameron Mackintosh and Emma Thompson
If these were happening in Witney or Tatton, Osborne and Cameron would be pledging billions in aid and better flood defences
01/05/2016 00:00:00 The Phantom of the Opera Downtown: Cameron Mackintosh's spectacular new production of Andrew…
Still can't believe Cameron mackintosh came to watch our Les Mis 😎
Working on a really fun necklace. I haven't had this much fun since I was commissioned to create an Oliver piece for Cameron mackintosh 🙂
Also, what is the betting that when Cameron Mackintosh says 'refurbishment' he actually means 'ruin the Victoria Palace'.
Very sad news but hopefully Billy will return after the refurbishment of the theatre. Cameron Mackintosh did say...
"Sir Cameron Mackintosh has revealed he plans to bring rap and hip-hop show Hamilton to the capital [London] in 2017." YES LID
Disney & Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins opens TOMORROW night! Great seats still available for Saturday at 2PM...
Mary Poppins was so much fun! Lovely to meet Sir Cameron Mackintosh 🌂🎩😀
"Sir Cameron Mackintosh is transferring Hamilton to the West End in 2017" ! 😍🙌
So, I just found myself at a party chatting & getting advice for my new show from Cameron Mackintosh! Pretty nice man! 😊
On the 10th day of Christmas Cameron Mackintosh gave to me, A punch in the face, 2 shows as Fantine & A Hey Mr Producer DVD! 💋
Cameron Mackintosh’s acclaimed new production of the legendary Boubil and Schönberg’s, Les…
it is a Cameron Mackintosh should be good as a whole.
In I look at female team on & HS2 impact on Cameron Mackintosh. https…
THE HEAT IS COMING BACK ON! As previously announced, the legendary Miss Saigon - Musical is returning to Broadway...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Spent the evening watching Les Mis with Cameron Mackintosh sitting in the same auditorium. Awesome!
What's on in TO: Stompin' Tom tribute and lots of Christmas fun: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Cameron Mackintosh...
Alison has landed work experience with Cameron Mackintosh omg😭😭😭
Launching today - Cameron Mackintosh presents the unmissable Christmas present:
Be among the first to get tickets to Cameron Mackintosh's acclaimed new production of Les Miserables!
You know you have a dark theatrical past when certain friends mention "Cameron" and you immediately think "Mackintosh" not "David".
Cameron Mackintosh announces final extension for at the Prince Edward Theatre:
it was about 10 years ago I did mine but I think I did it via Cameron Mackintosh's website :) x
It’s the world’s most popular musical and now, Cameron Mackintosh’s powerful new production of Les Miserables is...
We admire Cameron Mackintosh who changed the way shows were presented & marketed around the world.
I got 11/15. Know everything about Les Miserables? Take the SMH quiz to find out!
Me and Cameron Mackintosh enjoying a glass of wine together 💁🏼🍷😂
Great musicals are written by great writers not producers. . CAMERON MACKINTOSH
Cameron Mackintosh '15 shares how his English major has helped him as a digital produce and…
At this point, why not just call it Sommersby?
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Revised version of MARTIN GUERRE is complete; could a West End run be next?.
Look! It's a new Martin Guerre - the show will come back one day, after ten years and they'll say, look! Look!
I'm still surprised that Cameron Mackintosh has licensed 'I Dreamed A Dream' for that weird tv ad.
Jill and Shaun with Sir Cameron Mackintosh and the original Valjean: Colm Wilkinson at Miz 30th anniversary party.
What's new in today? Martin Guerre reboot awaits Cameron Mackintosh green light
.Cameron Mackintosh, Patti LuPone and more stars celebrate
Loving our free champagne from Cameron Mackintosh at the 30th Anniversary Les Mis Gala last night…
The Mackintosh Foundation to donate £25K to launch new London Theatres Small Grants Scheme, set up by
How did you and the cast feel performing in front of and Cameron Mackintosh on Wednesday night?😺
Hopefully others wealthy theatre professionals will follow suit
Cameron Mackintosh is someone that really does spend money to keep theatres going: got to admire that.
Bravo ResidentComposer scheme & Check out account of his experience
Check out this insightful blog by on his time as Cameron Mackintosh Resident Composer at
Here’s why Sir Cameron Mackintosh is contributing to London
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh go to see Jane McDonald in Cats the Musical, Blackpool …
Update your maps at Navteq
Brilliant that London’s small theatres have new capital funding thanks to Mackintosh Fdn
So, kind of met and performed in front of THE Cameron Mackintosh today😅
I know, and I found out later that Cameron mackintosh was also there 😫😫
brilliant news that Cameron Mackintosh is supporting Fringe venues with new fund - its where every producers starts! …
Last night was so unbelievably special! Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Cameron Mackintosh came to…
Our young Les Mis cast got the shock of their lives today as Sir Cameron Mackintosh paid them a surprise visit!!
& Cameron Mackintosh joined audience members in Blackpool to watch a sensational performance of Cats. http:/…
Lots of excitement about the surprise visitors see
Cameron Mackintosh has said that there is "every intention" for the hit Broadway musical Hamilton to transfer to London as soon as 2017.
Gallery: Andrew Lloyd Webber and Cameron Mackintosh visit Cats in Blackpool -
did the billionaire Cameron Mackintosh (Sunday Times Rich List 2014) find that £25k down the back of the sofa?
The cast & crew of with & Cameron Mackintosh. An incredible evening
"Oh I found some change in my couch lets revive Miss Saigon." -non sequitur Cameron Mackintosh impression
Susan Boyle "OWNS" IDAD, as Cameron Mackintosh, the producer of Les Miz says. Anne Hathaway is a very good actress.
Check out this job I saw on The Stage: Touring Technical Roles, Cameron Mackintosh Ltd
Did you know in 1994 was appointed Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre
At the for the new Cameron Mackintosh production of Phantom.
A Patey hat in the 25th Anniversary Gala. Image c/o Cameron Mackintosh
Im going to reinvent the role of FAGIN in OLIVER! For Sir Cameron Mackintosh dir Luke Sheppard. Newbury from aug.x
oh I know I was there! My favourite is Miss Saigon thought they were amazing Cameron mackintosh is the best isn't he?
Cameron Mackintosh really need to update the Les Mis trailer
Why no pictures of Sunny Afternoon? And so many of the Cameron Mackintosh ones? Sunny won 4 Oliviers this year y'know!
"I know and will be practically perfect in every way." - Cameron Mackintosh.
Cats. I am Cats composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Produced by Cameron Mackintosh.
The Spring Musical for the 2015-16 school year will be Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins.
Cameron Mackintosh: "I know & will be practically perfect in every way"
Sir Cameron Mackintosh: 'Modern youth don't have to work as hard as before' -
KINKY BOOTS is coming to the land of OZ! Cameron Mackintosh and Michael Cassel plan to open the production in...
BRB, just had the best idea for casting for Grantaire in Les Mis, need to email Cameron Mackintosh.
"Drink with me to days gone by:"Cameron Mackintosh stages Victor Hugo's revolution! - “Drink with me to...
So at Gypsy I was sat next to Barbara Windsor and Christopher Biggins, and then I noticed I was sat behind Cameron Mackintosh!
Whenever I read the name 'Cameron' in the paper I always think 'Mackintosh' before 'David' 😝
Cameron Mackintosh’s production of Phantom of the Opera is coming to LA at Hollywood Theater this weekend.
Cameron Mackintosh on Sending “Les Miz”‘s Ramin Karimloo to the Gym and Saigon’s New Helicopter
Curve announce Mary Poppins this Oct - Julian Fellowes writes and Cameron Mackintosh produces.. practically perfect in every way!
Meet Ricky Vermeulen who will play the role of Bert in the upcoming production of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s...
Alison review’s Cameron Mackintosh’s revival of Barnum at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Read here:...
A big thank you to Cameron Mackintosh for assisting me with writing Catwalk in my early years as a writer. You...
When I grow up I want to be Cameron Mackintosh. Is that so much to ask?
I never imagined that nearly 30 years after ‘Les Miz’ and ‘Phantom’ opened, they would still appeal to people. Cameron Mackintosh.
Did you even see the Phantom production you wrote about? Or did you just write what Cameron Mackintosh asked you to?
The Fox to present "Phantom of the Opera". Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group are d...
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