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Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena located on the West Campus of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

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Such a Cameron Indoor Stadium thing to do. This has been going on in Durham for years, oddly never this much uproar. Interesting.
They must have picked him up from Cameron indoor stadium
Well i guess they play volleyball in here too.. (@ Cameron Indoor Stadium - in Durham, NC)
Calling the action for with at Cameron Indoor Stadium for Senior Day on ACC Network Extra!
I just walked on Cameron Indoor Stadium's court. Can die happy now
A week from now I'll be at Cameron Indoor Stadium watching my boys play 😝💙
Crazy towel guy for a lift to your day @ Cameron Indoor Stadium…
J.J. Redick shooting like he back in Cameron Indoor Stadium. 😈
.getting that quality practice in at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
they wouldn't have in Cameron INDOOR Stadium
This game is at Madison Square Garden not Cameron Indoor Stadium...cmon stripes.
Ready to see Duke play against another good team. Plus, MSG is Cameron Indoor Stadium of the North so it's like another home game.
I'll be in Cameron indoor stadium November 23rd front row!
Tune in now to to watch take on the Blue Devils from Cameron Indoor Stadium
I wanna go to Cameron Indoor Stadium some kind of bad.
Feb. 9, 2017 at Cameron Indoor stadium 🌀🔵😈 save the date and get ya money ready 😁😁💯
Duke hosts FSU this Friday at 6:30 pm at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Admission is FREE!
.readies for Tuesday clash at historic Cameron Indoor Stadium.
SLIDESHOW—Our best photos from a busy weekend of action at Cameron Indoor Stadium:.
When the baddie turns to a Blue Devil😍😈 @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
The moment your child was unbothered on Coach K Court at Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Third quarter is underway here at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke with a 35-23 lead over the visitors to start the frame.
s/o to for scheduling a game at Duke so I can check Cameron Indoor Stadium off the journalism bucket…
First Aid/EMS in Cameron Indoor Stadium is located on court level between Section 17 & 18, upper level behind Section 13.
Tune in now to now for Duke's home opener vs. from Indoor Stadium
Game Day! hosts at 2 pm in the 2016-17 home opener in Indoor Stadium. Aired on
The real Mecca of college basketball @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
The addition to Cameron Indoor Stadium will be called Rubenstein Pavilion, White said: .
Jim Phillips said Northwestern looked at Pauley Pavilion, Cameron Indoor Stadium for inspiration.
Little brother hanging out with Shane Battier at brothers game🏀💪🏼 @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
Great morning session of games in historic Cameron Indoor Stadium! One- of-a-kind experience here at
Nothing like watching the NBA Finals in Cameron Indoor Stadium and Uncle Drew gettin buckets
My youngest sent me this from Cameron Indoor Stadium tonight 🔵😈💙
Loved watching brother play a game this morning at camp!🏀 @ Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University
When you're at Duke for a dance internship but your main goal is to see the Cameron Indoor Stadium
We are headed to Cameron Indoor Stadium this Thursday for Chandler's…
Great weekend topped off with a visit to Cameron indoor stadium
"Virginia is one controversial non-travel call at Cameron Indoor Stadium from a nine-game streak"-ESPN. 1st of 2 statement games 2night
Tip-off time for the Duke-UNC game at Cameron Indoor Stadium has been announced as 6:30 p.m. on March 5.
Love watching G-State, and their arena is the NBA's version of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Heads go crazy when their squad dukes!
First trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium and beats Duke there for the first time in 23 years.
PUE Panther chorus ready to sing at the famous Cameron Indoor Stadium. excited opportunity
Live now from Cameron Indoor Stadium as visits Duke! Tune to 91.1 FM in Metro Atlanta or listen via
.set to host Georgia Tech Sunday on Senior Day at Cameron Indoor Stadium:
I got two things for Coach K quit coloring your hair and get air conditioning in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Well I'll see you guys Thursday night as our Blue Devils play against the Florida State Seminoles at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
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breakfast at Elmo's diner in Durham, then cameron indoor stadium
AND Allen Field-house, Cameron indoor stadium are much better than Assembly hall.
Cameron Indoor has baskets that hang from the stadium's ceiling. Most unique part of the place relative to other venues?
Started the morning in the center of Cameron Indoor Stadium ✔️
y'all got itt, we'll see y'all again at Cameron Indoor Stadium on March 5 😎
Don't miss your chance to come watch play at Cameron Indoor Stadium!
yeah being at cameron indoor stadium would be the best. But tickets are ridiculous
Duke returns home to Cameron Indoor Stadium to hero's welcome
Since it is and my wife found this. Go & @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
And now all I'm hearing is that you're going to win at Cameron Indoor Stadium
Free t-shirts made by at Cameron Indoor Stadium tonight! vs. Florida State at 7pm!
Duke beefs up security at Cameron Indoor Stadium: Duke is taking new security measures at its sporting events,...
GALLERY: Check out best photos from Cameron Indoor Stadium last night:
good seats. bad officials. tough loss. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
WBB Game Day: Everything You Need to Know - Duke Hosts Liberty at 7 p.m. in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Among the notables here at Cameron Indoor Stadium - Grant Hill and Jim Harbaugh. Yes he's wearing khakis .
All I want for Christmas is a ticket to the Duke vs UNC game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Way to capitalize Assembly Hall but no Cameron Indoor Stadium not indoor stadium 😝
Only 2 more days until the 2015-16 season begins in Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Don't miss our site tour of the new athletic facilities under construction at Duke University Friday afternoon!
Inside the the most historic building in college basketball. Cameron Indoor Stadium
. coach Jimmy Patsos talked today about his experiences at Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. Traveled there as Maryland assistant.
We’ve done:. ✅ ✅ Wrigley Field. ✅ Pauley Pavillion. And after this weekend, . ✅ Cameron Indoor Stadium for
Cameron Indoor Stadium comes alive at night. Together,
Got my tickets in the mail today to go see the Eagles at Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Can't wait to go to Cameron indoor stadium in January 😈🏀
I wanna go to Cameron Indoor Stadium so bad..😩💙
I was just there in Cameron indoor stadium it was so awesome
2015 acc basketball season goals: take 0 undeserving s***birds to scowl at Duke players at Cameron indoor Stadium with bill's tickets
If this keeps up, North Carolina might take a can of paint to Cameron Indoor Stadium.
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I checked in at Cameron Indoor Stadium on
Sorry, Duke! Cameron Indoor Stadium is not walking through that door.
I'm back on the grid and w/ some fun news. and I will be broadcasting IU-Duke from Cameron Indoor Stadium for
Cant wait til my Syracuse Orange go into Cameron Indoor Stadium on Jan 18 and upset Duke.
Two months till I get witness my first game at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Let the countdown begin!
Currently sitting outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Hey Coach K, let us in.
Rose Bowl as the best venue in all college sports? NOT SO FAST. Cameron Indoor Stadium and Duke Basketball
Cool visit to the Mecca of college basketball, even cooler visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium
It's the Best lunch break because I'm at THE best place in the world! Cameron Indoor Stadium!
When ball is life but there's a hurricane outside. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
We're back. First practice of the season for in Cameron Indoor Stadium, the mecca of college b'ball.
Cameron Indoor Stadium, I am on my way to kick off this season!
Duke's men's basketball practice today is open to the public at 1:45 p.m. at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
to the time last week when we did a photo shoot in Cameron Indoor Stadium
I'll be reunited with Cameron Indoor Stadium in less than 48 hours...Makes me want to cry! 😍😂
Ok how many of us out there can do this? @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
Outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium this past weekend.. Gotta make it back…
Sierra Nevada Brewery, the Biltmore, Cameron Indoor Stadium, my brother's house, the OBX.
View of the stage from the cheap seats in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Christian Laetner dominated Shaq in college when Shaq visited Cameron Indoor Stadium 😎
This is Cameron Indoor Stadium, home of the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS
center court, Cameron Indoor Stadium's floor 1940-77. It was donated to the Inn & is displayed near Golf Shop.
Enjoyed my time in NC visiting a couple of great sports venues @ Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University
Setup for welcome home celebration underway at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Welcome Home NCAA Champs banner up
what was your favorite feature of Cameron Indoor Stadium??
Pretty sure I'm the only one of us still stuck in NC ✈️ (ps pick Duke) @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
My hair so long smh I'll be starting at Cameron Indoor Stadium before yall know it
Quinn wants me to go to Duke @ Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University
i am SO will wear blue & cheer from cameron indoor stadium. and will sport badger red!
Jammin to Grateful Dead live a Cameron Indoor Stadium 1973-12-08 in preparation for tonihgt championship game
Cameron Indoor Stadium getting ready to show game tonight.
Going to see Cameron indoor stadium today
Q for Dukies: What's the deal with Cameron 'Indoor' Stadium? Is there confusion among the students that the arena is inside?
VIDEO: throws down a windmill at Cameron Indoor Stadium
One night in late 2003, during my freshman year at Duke University, I remember we were all packed into Cameron Indoor Stadium, cheering
When not shooting stills, I'm shooting video like I was doing at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday for
Quinn Cook: one game away from hanging Duke’s fifth national championship banner into the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium.
there's only one big blue nation . and it's at Cameron indoor stadium .
Go head & hang that banner in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
חג שמח from two very full and very proud Duke fans! Next year in Cameron Indoor Stadium 💙🏀
In honor of duke winning and going to the finals here's a throwback pic of me at cameron indoor stadium
come on Shane they play the first two rounds in Cameron Indoor Stadium every year!
Love my Blue Devils, but love more! Ladies, you will enjoy winning in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
If I'm not mistaken, this means the MSU women get to play in Cameron Indoor Stadium. That's pretty cool.
Cameron Indoor Stadium is 500x the venue The Carrier Dome will ever be.
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Cameron Indoor Stadium. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.
Our 2010 "at-large" bid to the NCAA Tournament sent us to Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Cameron Indoor Stadium Duraham,NC 4/12/78 get that Peggy-0 sound down
Bucket list event for today: Cameron Indoor Stadium for a Duke vs. UNC game.
Cameron indoor stadium is still a great place but has lost its spontaneity.
Did you know? The same architectural firm that designed The Palestra (1927) designed Cameron Indoor Stadium (1940).
I used to tell my dad when I was little that my jersey would hang in Cameron Indoor Stadium some day. Funny how everything changes.
- Chris Howerton ' s view from Cameron Indoor Stadium. You can win too, text Blueblood to…
History Monday night at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mike Kzyschevski now stands one win away...
I was on tonight. See me? First time at Cameron Indoor Stadium, literally in the student section. Intense.
Rupp Arena, the Smith Center, and Cameron Indoor Stadium are on my bucket list.
Have you been to Cameron Indoor Stadium yet? If so, what did you think?
At my first Duke basketball game. Let's Go Duke! Make it 999 for Coach K. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
The Blue Devils will play four of their next five games away from Cameron Indoor Stadium »
Pitt falls to Duke, 79-65: DURHAM, N.C. – Pitt made its first trip to Cameron Indoor Stadium as a member of the ACC…
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Halftime at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke has been in control all night, and heads to the locker room with a 41-25 lead.
The camera angle they use at Cameron Indoor Stadium totally is a commentary on Duke students looking down on athletes, right?
Cameron Indoor Stadium is the loudest in college basketball. Allen Fieldhouse has to be second loudest.
Heard a hurricane took over Cameron Indoor Stadium last night
Happy 75th birthday to my heaven and Our House, Cameron Indoor Stadium.
This is how we know what to play next. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
About to announce the Blue Devils starting lineup. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
Our band director with a list of upcoming songs next to him. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
Great atmosphere at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Army fighting hard. Kyle Wilson with 17 pts at half.
Never really a good day to wear purple. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
Cameron Indoor Stadium, and I visited today, one accomplished.
Cameron Indoor Stadium is an indoor arena located on the West Campus of Duke University in Durham,…
Quinn can't hit his third straight 3, but Matt Jones can. It's a blowout here at Cameron Indoor Stadium
Got a private tour of Cameron Indoor Stadium - didn't know they named their court after me...
Oklahoma City looks like Cameron Indoor Stadium right now. The Thunder have one of the best crowds in the NBA.
Have Jabari Parker and Rodney Hood played their final games at Cameron Indoor Stadium? Vote now at
Duke’s Jabari Parker scored 30 points and the defense clamped down on North Carolina for most of the game for an 93-81 Blue Devil win over the Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham.
And we've gone final here at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke wins it 93-81 on Senior Day.
Ok I hate Florida, but aside from Cameron Indoor Stadium, the O'Connell Center is the most electric place is basketball!
Tony Romo, Jason Garrett hoop it up at Cameron Indoor Stadium
Thanks, Joe. Insightful. You really earned your paycheck there, buddy. I guess if NC State doesn't play... Joe doesn't play. "Joe Ovies North Carolina is one of the hottest teams in the country. The Tar Heels proved in Chapel Hill the matchup against Duke is more even than the pundits initially thought. And it's not like Cameron Indoor Stadium is a daunting place for North Carolina. They've won in Durham plenty of times. So why am I picking the Blue Devils to win? Just an inkling. That's better than any breakdown or tale of the tape between North Carolina and Duke. They've proven time and again it's pointless."
Special Olympics College - Duke and UNC Special Olympics College are partnering with ESPN to bring Unified Sports to Durham! The Unified Game is an event that will bring together Duke and UNC students to participate in a basketball game with Special Olympics athletes from the Durham and Chapel Hill areas. The game will be held on Saturday, March 8th in Brodie Gym on East Campus. Tip off is at 9 AM, hours before the Duke-Carolina game tips off in Cameron Indoor Stadium, and it will be televised as part of ESPN’s College GameDay!! The announcer will be Bob Harris, also known as “the Voice of the Blue Devils,” and Durham Mayor Bill Bell will be in attendance as well! This game promises to be a memorable one, come out to cheer on your favorite team in this famous rivalry of basketball!!
First of all there is nothing like freshly squeezed ORANGE juice!!! I am proud of our boys and thought Plumlee gave us a preview of things to come :) Second. In the first meeting between Duke and Syracuse, Rodney Hood drove in overtime with Duke down by one. Seemingly hit *** the arm, Hood did not receive the foul call and the Blue Devils lost. So it was only fitting that this time, when C.J. Fair attacked the basket with 10 seconds remaining, down 60-58, Hood received the call. Hood absorbed the contact and the official whistled a charge, sending Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim into a fury. Boeheim was ejected and the subsequent foul shots secured Duke's 66-60 victory at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Sport: College Basketball Market: Syracuse @ Duke Pick: Total UNDER 135 ½ points Odds: $1.91 Agency: Centrebet Wager: 4 Units Game Time: 11:00am AEDT Analysis: This was supposed to be the encore of college basketball's game of the year, matching two top-five teams in No. 1 Syracuse and No. 5 Duke and the winningest men's coaches in Division I history. It's also a meeting of two teams trying to avoid a losing streak. Both the Orange and Blue Devils stumbled ahead of their rematch Saturday night in the first visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium for Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim's team. Virginia may be ranked number 1 in CBB for points allowed, but we believe Syracuse have the best defence of any team in college basketball. They play the tightest zone, but are also very versatile and can switch to a very effective man to man or full court press when needed. If you saw Dukes loss to UNC a few days ago, you would have seen how poorly Duke were on offense in the final 10 minutes of the game – the exact same time ...
Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils will roll out the red carpet as Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange visit Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first time ever tonight at seven. This encore has lost some of its luster, as both teams are coming off losses. Syracuse went down in overtime to ACC cellar dweller Boston College on Wednesday, while Duke dropped a rescheduled Tobacco Road away game against arch rival UNC on Thursday. Duke is tough, Duke is tougher after they have lost and Duke is toughest at home in front of the Cameron Crazies. Syracuse will have to be firing on all cylinders to have a chance tonight. The Orange have not shot the ball well since they beat Duke at the Loud House on February 1st. Over the last three games Syracuse has shot just 36% from the field. It doesn't matter who you are playing, you can not win basketball games if you can't score baskets. Duke, meanwhile, owns the best field goal percentage (.468) and three point field goal percentage (.409) in the ACC. This team i ...
Welcome to Durham, Florida State University. I hope you enjoy your visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium today.
… Preview of Georgia Tech's road matchup at Cameron Indoor Stadium against the No.16 Duke Blue Devils!
Big game for Cliff: KU signee Cliff Alexander scored 35 points with 15 rebounds, six blocks and four steals in Chicago Curie High’s 82-56 victory over Chicago King on Tuesday. KU assistant Jerrance Howard was in the stands for the game. The 6-foot-9 center, who is ranked No. 4 nationally by, refused to talk to reporters after the game, according to the Chicago Sun Times. He reportedly is upset about media reports detailing his two technical fouls against St. Rita. Alexander had 19 points for Curie (5-0) in the first half. Loud arena: on Tuesday deemed KU’s Allen Fieldhouse the “loudest, most intimidating arena in the country.” Duke’s Cameron Indoor Stadium was ranked second, followed by the Carrier Dome at Syracuse, Gallagher-Iba Arena at Oklahoma State and The Pit at New Mexico. To see the video, click here. KU has won 66-straight games against nonconference competition in Allen.
MT logos are on the Cameron Indoor Stadium floor & ready to host UConn at 7pm on ESPN2. http:…
Duke won't play North Carolina in Durham until March. But that didn't stop a couple of Tar Heels fans from showing up at Cameron Indoor Stadium as Duke faced Ga
Andre Dawkins came in midway through the second half and hit two straight 3-pointers to finally start Duke's clinching run, helping the Blue Devils to improve to 13-2 all-time in the Challenge — by far the best record for a team in either conference — including 6-0 at famously hostile Cameron Indoor Stadium. Caris LeVert matched his career-high with 24 points for Michigan, while Mitch McGary finished with 15 points and 14 rebounds. The Wolverines shot 57 percent in the second half, but dug themselves a big hole early with a miserable start that included missing 17 of their first 21 shots. They never fully recovered, though they twice cut a 32-22 halftime deficit to six, the last time at 46-40 on LeVert's three-point play with 9:01 left. But Dawkins entered the game and quickly hit two 3s for his first baskets that started an 11-2 run, which ended with his driving layup over Zak Irvin to push Duke's lead to 57-42 with 6:43 left.
Crimson Guard: A Call to Arms - Basketball attendance this season has been rather underwhelming. This is my challenge to the students to turn things around.Year in and year out basketball analysts and sportswriters around the country create lists of college basketball’s toughest places to play or most historic venues. Each time these are published there are always some familiar faces near the top: Cameron Indoor Stadium, Phog Allen Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldho...
“They even wore the same shirts courtside at Cameron Indoor Stadium.”
Greg Alexander on playing at Cameron Indoor Stadium next week: I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm all of it.
Still haven't been to Cameron Indoor Stadium, but I would also list the Palestra and Allen Fieldhouse as my top favorites.
He's just 3 wins behind Eddie Cameron of Cameron Indoor Stadium fame.
Ticket sales and will call are open in the south entrance of Cameron Indoor Stadium. Reserved tickets are $35 and General Admission are $15.
drive over to Cameron Indoor Stadium & find a student to take Lion Up pic! Dean Dome too!
Cameron Indoor Stadium is my favorite. Loudest place i have ever been to.
I'm going to a Duke Basketball game this year; I am going to travel to Cameron Indoor Stadium, and I'm going to wear my colors.
has sold more student season tickets (15,500) for the upcoming season than the entire capacity of Cameron Indoor Stadium (9,314).
I can't wait to be back in Cameron indoor stadium
"I guess it's now official... @ Cameron Indoor Stadium where's my sticker? lol
February 13, 2013...Roy starts PJ and opens up a 10 point lead at Cameron Indoor Stadium...UNC wins 8 of its next 10 games...
If I could live in Cameron indoor stadium I absolutely would
Oh you know hanging next to cameron indoor stadium 😏
Just laid eyes on the scum of the earth.. Cameron Indoor Stadium.
literally heading over to Duke now, for the sole purpose of me peeing on the walls of Cameron Indoor Stadium.
I really need to visit Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Nothing special about cameron indoor stadium (no capitals out of disrespect)
I think that and being in Cameron Indoor Stadium are the loudest
I have it on my bucket list Cameron Indoor stadium
One of the greatest to ever wear a Duke jersey. @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
Throwback Thursday Trivia: Who did San Antonio Spurs and former North Carolina Tar Heels guard Danny Green famously dunk on in a game at Duke University's Cameron Indoor Stadium? What season was this? What was the outcome of the game? - First person to answer correctly wins 2 tix to a Baltimore Orioles game (4 if this Saturday's game vs. Boston Red Sox), a DISH bookbag from All Around Wiring, Inc. & a State Farm Nation golf towel from State Farm agent Mark Stegall
Blue Devils Host UConn in Jimmy V Classic on Dec. 17 - 7 PM in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Inner Fire & How They Use Adversity as Fuel - Don Yeager I know this newsletter is about developing Greatness in our hearts and minds, but this month it is about the Greatest birthday gift I've ever received. As you read this today, I am inDurham, North Carolina on the campus of Duke where Coach Mike Krzyzewski is running me and a group of 79 other business people through drills on the floor at famed Cameron Indoor Stadium. The trip—a dream for me—was a birthday gift from my wife! Coach K and a slew of his former players are here teaching us fundamentals of a game I love...then coaching us old guys as we play against one another through the week. The fundamental I'm most enjoying, though, has nothing to do with dribbling or passing. It is Coach K's love of the phrase "Next play." And trust me, Coach believes that developing this mindset IS a fundamental. No matter what we do—hitting an amazing shot or throwing the ball out of bounds (I'll let you guess which one is happening most often!)—Coach K . ...
I'm just ready to see what Jabari Parker & Rodney Hood can do in Cameron Indoor Stadium lol.
Heart of the evil empire for sister in law's graduation from Fuqua. (@ Cameron Indoor Stadium -
I haven't been to either, but Phog Allen Fieldhouse would be ahead of Cameron Indoor Stadium on my list of arenas to see.
Duke University Marching Band playing at the Blue Devil Days closing ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Made a layup in Cameron Indoor Stadium today, I think Coach K could use another frail white boy on his bench. I expect a call soon.
Duke’s dominant ACC 69-53 victory against North Carolina on Saturday night might been expected in the middle of February, when the Blue Devils and Tar Heels played for the first time in Durham in Cameron Indoor Stadium. But it wasn’t expected now. Not at the Smith Center.
Mason Plumlee, Seth Curry spark Duke to 2nd-half rally, 85-57 win over Va. Tech DURHAM Senior night festivities for Mason Plumlee, Ryan Kelly and Seth Curry started Monday night when Mike and Mickie Krzyzewski and their daughters took them out to dinner. Before the game Tuesday, Plumlee paid attention to every song the pep band played, trying to soak in the sights and sounds of his last game in Cameron Indoor Stadium. So when the ball was tipped, it wasn
This is Senior Night & Duke's final home game this season   Note: This game will be on ESPNU, & WatchESPN app   With Ryan Kelly back, Duke appears to be a much more formidable contender for the national title.   The Blue Devils hope Kelly's return will help spark the team heading into a matchup with their archrival North Carolina and then tournament play, but first they must take care of the squad sitting at the bottom of the ACC.   Third-ranked Duke will try to build on a stirring victory as it faces Virginia Tech tonight in the final home game for Kelly and fellow seniors Seth Curry and Mason Plumlee. Duke has won eight of nine in the series and is 20-2 all-time against the Hokies at Cameron Indoor Stadium.   The Blue Devils (25-4, 12-4 ACC) already found out last season how important Kelly is when they lost him for postseason play to a sprained foot. They went 1-2, losing in the ACC tournament semifinals before being knocked off by 15th-seeded Lehigh in the NCAA tournament.   T ...
Good list, but some notable stadiums missing, like Wrigley, Cameron Indoor, Yankee Stadium and even Augusta or Pebble
I haven't been to Cameron Indoor Stadium in awhile. The excitement, the Crazies, the loudness. I love it all.
of course! And I know Cameron Indoor Stadium. And on top of that, revenge is being sought. It's a rap bro! Lol.
Today is the 15th Anniversary of one of my favorite Duke/Carolina games of all time from Cameron Indoor Stadium. Enjoy the Brent Musburger call at the end of the game.
In prep for UVa vs. Duke bball in Cville tonight, Thomas J. Gnome snuck into Cameron Indoor:
Know a corny joke? Comment w/ it below and we may use it on the air for "Me So Corny"
I LOVE march madness as much as anyone, but the NBA is so much better than college basketball and I don't think it's close.
I am trying to become a CUSE fan. but my heart & soul remains a Crazy Dukie... Memories of Cameron Indoor Stadium
I've haven't seen fans so close to the team benches since the last time i was in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Lol
Its funny 2 me how everybody jumping on MIAMI AKA DA U bandwaggin since dey winning! I be glad when dis tournment start. So dey can lose n da first r second round so yall wanna be fans can go back n hide n da closet where yall been at da past years r so!
I think this Saturday at Cameron indoor it might be the loudest a college stadium will get all year . Duke lookin for some revenge !!
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It sounds like cameron indoor stadium in this mug
WPL training is on tonight at Ladrigan oval Wauchope, It's on Cameron st behind the indoor Stadium near 5 star fitness, This is the only ground open in the Port Macquarie Council LGA
Hurricane warning for Cameron indoor stadium Saturday at 5 centralGeoffrey Cobb,Kenny rocheKenny
Canes win! Bring on the DUKIES! Where's the spot to watch the game this Saturday?
Miami will be taking the L home leaving from Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Stupid names in college sports - "Cameron Indoor Stadium". Really? Indoor? You mean your college basketball team plays INDOORS?
Good win for to set up the showdown in Cameron Indoor Stadium against Duke on Saturday. Biggest game in program history.
SKETCH™ SPORTS ALERT: Sketch will be at a huge ACC game between Duke vs Miami in Cameron Indoor Stadium this Saturday.
Before i die i need to see a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke while Coach K is still coaching
I would be at Cameron Indoor Stadium to watch Duke take on Miami this Saturday.
Miami coming to Cameron Indoor Stadium Saturday...must see TV kids
already people camping outside of the cameron indoor stadium for saturdays game against Miami.
Cameron Indoor Stadium during a basketball game is as close to heaven as I've been
besides Cameron Indoor...the Barn at Minnesota is the coolest college basketball stadium
Before I die I want to go to a Duke game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
One off my bucket list! ACC basketball at Cameron Indoor Stadium
Going back to Cameron indoor stadium
Duke back in 3rd after last weeks polls! Not gonna lie im worried about Saturdays rematch with Miami but its in Cameron indoor stadium where the CRAZIES are gonna have there way with MIAMI playas! GO DUKE
Boston College vs. Duke recap from game played on February 24, 2013
Hoping goes to Cameron Indoor Stadium and plays for a legendary coach
Like I said,Miami plays Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium at 6pm EST.
Saw college basketball in a high school gym named Cameron Indoor Stadium yesterday. Solid atmosphere to say the least
Though Indiana has clung tight to its perch atop the AP Poll, other top-ranked teams continue to falter. With the regular season drawing closer and closer to its finish, here’s a look at the latest AP Poll.
It *** that more students don't come to Tufts sporting events. I understand that we are D3 and that a basketball game will never be like Cameron Indoor Stadium and a football game will never be like The Big House, but it's pretty embarrassing that NESCAC schools that are 1/6 our size get students to come out and be rowdy and we don't. More people should be like the fraternity that comes to basketball and soccer games (Zeta Psi?) because it is actually fun when we have a big student section at games.
I want some free tickets! Never been to cameron indoor stadium or even seen duke in person and I've been a duke fan since birth!
My top things on my are seeing a game at Wrigley field, Lambueu Field, Fenway, Cameron Indoor Stadium, go to a final four
I don't think you know trinity vs Benedictine playing at Benedictine is like playing at Cameron indoor stadium.
To put things in perspective after humbling loss at Cameron Indoor Stadium today, look at the post game notes.
Check out our updated look at Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Cameron Crazies!...
Just imagine how it would feel to hoop for UNC and play against Duke in Cameron Indoor Stadium.. My lord 😍 the grind is definitely worth it
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BC goes down BIG! Cameron Indoor Stadium is an experience! We had a fabulous visit with Connor and his Duke friends!
Sulaimon leads No. 6 Duke to romp over Boston College Durham, NC (Sports Network) - Rasheed Sulaimon racked up 27 points on 10-of-15 shooting and sixth-ranked Duke dismantled Boston College, 89-68, on Sunday at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Mason Plumlee converted 11-of-15 from the free throw line, scoring 19 points to go with 15 rebounds for the Blue Devils (24-3,... ~SportsMan
Rough day for Boston College's young lineup in 89-68 loss at No. 6 Duke DURHAM, N.C. - At least Boston College didn't have to endure the agony of losing another close conference game. One of the Atlantic Coast Conference's youngest lineups struggled through a tough first visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium, with No. 6 Duke routing the Eagles 89-68 on Sunday. Sophomore Ryan Anderson scored 23 points to lead the Eagles (12-15, 4-10), who entered 1-6 in ACC games decided by five or fewer points
26-1 and 16-0 in the ACC after today's win over Maryland. Are you as proud of this team as we are??!! Go Duke!
I once played a pick up game with stephen perpiglia at St Annies Indoor stadium. And he once played against Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Just took in a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium, pretty sweet
With 3:22 left on the clock here at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the "We Want Todd" chants have begun for walk-on Todd Zafirovski
If you can shoot the ball. No better place then durham,nc and cameron indoor stadium
are u pretending that Duke's stadium is called Cameron Village Indoor Stadium?
Garbage time at Cameron indoor stadium! Gettin the W
The 3s are falling in Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Definitely on my bucket list to go see Duke play at Cameron Indoor Stadium...
Cameron indoor stadium with Kent and Dre for Boston College v. Duke
Boston College can't handle playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium. They look SO nervous!!! lol
Best way to end birthday weekend. Armadillo Grill and game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
Hamilton Collection
My friend (who doesnt watch basketball) said "that announcer sounds like he's dying". That is *** Vitale and that's just his voice.
Bucket list - watching a game in person at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
After a sloppy first half, Duke found its rhythm and dominated the second period to take down Florida State 61-50 at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
In Durham, NC with Crystal Donner. Going to cross off a bucket list item for me tomorrow- Watch a game at Cameron Indoor Stadium!!
I know most people couldn't care less what I cooked for dinner tonight but I'm posting anyway. For the first time ever I cooked "Chicken & Waffles". I had heard about that concoction for years, that it wa supposed to be SO GREAT. I never was a believer. It sounds SO GROSS to me. But I decided to try it tonight so I cooked it for dinner and I must say it was OUTSTANDING. What a unique mixture of flavors. If u want the recipe please feel free to message me I will share with u
Saturday night, WV Class A Region 1, Section 1 Quarterfinal game @ Dragon Indoor Stadium, Cameron vs. Weirton Madonna...tipoff @ 7pm...we need a crowd colored in blue & gold that is ready to make some noise & get rowdy!!!
Never thought I'd ever like Tyler Hansbrough. But I admit I really do. Why you ask? Because in my world, club before college. Go
Game day! Duke Women's Basketball hosts Florida State tonight at 6:30PM in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Can't wait to see all the Iron Dukes in the building!! GO DUKE!
Just went for a drive to survey the rain in Wauchope. The rain is torrential and not letting up. Between bago rd and old king creek rd the road is cut near the train line. Cameron st wauchope near the indoor stadium the houses between 2 worlds and bridge have a lot of water in their yards. River at rocks ferry park is soon to flood lower turning circle under bridge. 86mm since 9am
Headed to Cameron Indoor Stadium this weekend fellas. Cuz got me hooked up with some season ticket holder seats. Jarvis B. Aaron McNair Junior
My son and I are going to the Duke vs Boston College game Sunday at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Cameron Crazies here we come.
What a game between Michigan State and Indiana! Great win for the Hoosiers on the road. As has been mentioned many times throughout the past few days, Maryland's regular season match-ups with Duke will be missed. One thing that will be missed are the games at crazy Cameron Indoor Stadium. But I will say that MSU's Breslin Center is pretty darn close when it comes to energy, loudness, rabid fans, and an intimidating atmosphere. By the way, what a great example of two very intense, competitive coaches who are good friends!
At the end of 44 years of covering ACC basketball, Caulton Tudor says some of the most memorable moments were not in the ACC or NCAA Tournaments.
What a wonderful evening with a friend at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Wake Forest women had a great game against Duke..
OK, To all those who say, "where is Bill's post of Duke losing in Basketball." Here it is... Yes, Duke stunk up the joint in College Park, MD yesterday afternoon against Maryland. At least Duke has a return visit to Cameron Indoor Stadium to return the favor. Go Blue, Go DUKE!!!
In all the feeling good about the district championships it just now dawned on me that DUKE LOST DUKE LOST. lol
Those were some classy comments Coach K! I am now looking forward to sell outs versus Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, etc. in an arena that holds almost twice as many as Cameron Indoor Stadium!
Over the past 12 years I have had the privilege of watching some of the best and most intense college basketball I have ever seen as Maryland plays Duke. I've seen court rushes, and ACC championships and even the last MD victory at Cameron Indoor stadium (all live). As much as I loathe Duke basketball, I respect them and we'll all miss this rivalry. One last time. Let's Go Terps!
Photo of Cameron Indoor Stadium section 9 row A seat 9 - Duke Blue Devils vs Wake Forest Demon Deacons shared by dbear.January 2012 - zooming in from the same seat. Check out the Star Wars dude.
Terps hope to stun No. 1 Duke The Maryland Terrapins have little to no chance at reaching the NCAA tournament, but they could possibly revive hopes and also make their season by upsetting top-ranked Duke at the Comcast Center. The Terps appear to be catching Duke at a good time considering Ryan Kelly remains sidelined with an injury and Josh Hairston had been out with an infection in his arm. Maryland was able to hang tough at Cameron Indoor Stadium until midway through the second half in a meeting between the two teams earlier this season. Maryland didn't play this week while Duke is coming off an emotional win over rival North Carolina, which might give the Terps some type of edge. Comcast Center should be as rowdy as... ~SportsMan
Well, the technical foul sweepstakes claimed a WOMAN! Maryland women's basketball head coach Brenda Frese was ejected by a female referee as she was tagged with two technical fouls in the Terrapins loss to Duke! She enraged out of control and was slapped with two T's and shown the door out of Cameron Indoor Stadium! Technical fouls make the world go round...that includes women coaches too!
The stolen head of Duke's Blue Devil mascot was discovered on a pole above the University of North Carolina campus before Wednesday night's game in Durham. Mark Armstrong of WTVD in …
Ahh yesterday was a good day, and today is going pretty well. One thing still puzzles me though. Why was Bo at Cameron Indoor Stadium?
Congrats to yall duke fans! But ya'll need to take 400,000 more dollars to upgrade that chicken house Cameron indoor stadium!
Watching Duke defeat my beloved Tar Heels at Cameron Indoor Stadium last night makes me long for the good old Carmichael Auditorium days at Chapel Hill. Coach Smith used to turn on the heat the day of the game and have his players in shape to endure it. It felt like an oven in there! Usually, neither the opposing players, nor most fans had the stamina to stay on their feet throughout the game! It just hasn't ever been the same since we moved into the Dean Dome.
Cameron indoor Stadium, my first time, great game!
I sure hope our Basketball team returns most players next year and we get our recruits in and put State & Duke back where they belong, looking at the color of UNC Blue from our backside! Ohh don't you love Cameron Indoor Stadium a 1st class High School Gym, AKA popcorn gym, 8900 seats
Bummed the Heels lost. Dang. Did you all watch the game? That Cameron stadium was SO LOUD. I hate Duke.
Great Job by the "Heels" at Cameron Indoor Stadium! Only coming up 5 pts short to the team in the country. Free throws were the difference...
There is no better home crowd environment in all of sports than Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium when the men's basketball team is playing. I've heard it's pretty legit at the University of Kansas, too.
Duke-North Carolina Series History • Duke and North Carolina have met 234 times with North Carolina holding a 132-102 lead in the series. Duke is 37-37 against North Carolina under head Coach Mike Krzyzewski. • The series began on Jan. 24, 1920 and is the third most played series in Duke basketball history. North Carolina won the first meeting 36-25. • Duke is 50-46 at home against the Tar Heels and 40-35 in Cameron Indoor Stadium. • Duke is 19-11 against North Carolina since the 1999-2000 season. • The Blue Devils have won five of the last seven meetings against the Tar Heels. • Neither team has won both regular season meetings in the same season since the 2008-09 season. • The home team is 5-9 in the series since the 2006-07 season.
Well the Blue Devil faithful have spent many a day in the tents outside Cameron Indoor Stadium in hopes of seeing a Duke win tonight against my beloved TarHeels tonight. I can only hope that around 11:15pm when they are on there way back to there dorm rooms they each turn to the other and say "I can't believe I spent all those nights in that small tent to watch UNC win". And yes as a TarHeel we know our backs are to the wall this year but we know that this game is like no other game in the country, ESPN can talk about the other match ups like Indiana and Michigan or Syracuse and UConn but none ever compare to when the Light Blue hooks up with the Royal Blue. Go Heels. And let's hope ole Roy has the boys ready tonight
10pts at the Dean Smith Center & *** near 30 in the Edmund McCullough Cameron Indoor Stadium...(for the uneducated Duke fans)...
Cameron Indoor Stadium was louder in a game against Miami in 2009 than the Breslin Center was against Michigan this evening.
Hello Duke! We are planning to join you for festivities. See you Saturday at Cameron Indoor Stadium 7pm ->
BREAKING NEWS: Excessive number of State fans leaving Cameron Indoor stadium 7 min into the game. 😂
Another check off my bucket list.Cameron indoor stadium is ridiculous!!! Go Duke! Although, it feels kinda weird cheering for another ACC school...(**'Nole Girl at heart**)
99% of the people in Cameron indoor stadium do not know a thing about basketball
NCSU just needs to whether the storm at Cameron Indoor Stadium...
in this rematch vs NC State at Cameron Indoor Stadium.
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