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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Michelle Diaz (born August 30, 1972) is an American actress and former model.

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I've never really been a Cameron Diaz fan, but *** I'm absolutely having a *** over this picture right now! 💦💦 http…
No offense but Cameron Diaz aged like milk
In the past month 5 clients have told me I look like Cameron Diaz and last week 2 said Sheryl Crow... and now...
I heard through the grapevine that Cameron Diaz was in our shop last week claiming how much she 'loves' our Playa...
Knight and Day disc Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz like new MINT
In-flight movie on Air Force One is Shrek. Shrek marries Cameron Diaz after she stays green. Very unrealistic. 0 stars!
See Movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting" for its proper name with Cameron Diaz & J Lopez with bit parts in…
Couple years ago you search on google Cameron and the first suggestion was Cameron Diaz. Nowadays Cameron Dallas is at th…
The movie was released in 1994 and I still cant stop thinking about how hot Cameron Diaz is in 'The Mask'
And I'm sorry, there's no way Cameron Diaz's character would not finish her last year in college just cause of her hubby's job btw.
2/2 you'd like. It's titled "The Box" starring Frank Langella and Cameron Diaz. Superb mystery.
Cameron Diaz and Ewan McGregor in the October issue of The Face, 1997. Photos by David LaChapelle
also periodic reminder that Benji Madden is married to Cameron Diaz.
Richard Mango was eager to see white picket Cameron Diaz gringa fences and found a piece of white stale piece of wood board ! or bored !
After a long struggle with IVF, there’s exciting news for Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden! 😭 👏…
Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden's baby news is melting our hearts today via
We have, it was called Very Bad Things with Matt Dillon and Cameron Diaz... I think those 2...
Vanilla Sky kuda bavuntadi.. Cameron Diaz appatiki Knight & Day ki changes kanipisthay.. but Tom still has the boyish charm
Level of petty: Britney Spears being sure to be photographed with Cameron Diaz' ex Jared Leto after Cameron started dati…
From the trainer that works with Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, and Kim Kardashian.
Cooking in Gwyneth Paltrow's kitchen, brushing your teeth in Cameron Diaz's bathroom... daydream fodder here.…
Lies! As though white latinos like Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or exist!
Betsy Devos admitted that she didn't know IDEA was a federal law...just make Cameron Diaz secretary, she at least played a t…
I wish they could make another Charlie's Angels movie. Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu killed it in these movies 😍❤
My favorite actresses are Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Julie An...
Did your mummy know that Julia Roberts is a tranny? Or Demi Moore? Or Cameron Diaz? etc?
Any time I see that reporter Marty Smith on ESPN and his stupid haircut, I think of the Cameron Diaz hair scene in Something About Mary.
Are you bring back that hair-do Cameron Diaz used in her movie Something About Mary?
I'm watching Annie (2014) and I love Cameron Diaz and rose Byrne a lot they're icons tbh
He's in 3 scenes in the trailer and is already a better actor than Vince Vaughn, Cameron Diaz, and Jennifer Lawrence
*** this friendship...😊. Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in The Sweetest Thing, friendship goals!!! .
Drew Barrymore shares selfie with Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie
The father of which celebrity was the former mayor of Santiago, Cuba?. Q. Cameron Diaz. R. Pitbull. S. Gloria Estefan. T. Desi Arnaz
I think by the end of the 90s Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan were tired of that position, so Jennifer and Cameron Diaz were like "I'll take it!"
'Cameron Diaz, possibly my favorite actress of all time ' see more
Cameron Diaz, possibly my favorite actress of all time
Nicki Minaj is a terrible actress. . At least she's a bit better than the rubbish she did in the other woman with Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton
Tony azevedo look like Cameron Diaz forreal
Where is my man to be sweet to me like Jude Law is sweet to Cameron Diaz in the holiday at?
Watching The Holiday and wondering why Jude Law kisses Cameron Diaz's eyelids, weird.
TRUMP: As you know, Paul, I don't jerk it. A winner like me? No chance. RYAN: ohgod. TRUMP: That said, Cameron Diaz? OOF. Check o…
Me: "Who do you like better, Cameron Diaz or Kate Winslett?. Nicole: "Jude Law.". -The DuRosses on "The Holiday"
Costume parties. Kate Hudson vs Cameron Diaz. And being forced on a date you don't wanna go on...
'This is Cameron Diaz in 2016. Feel weird yet? ' see more
This is Cameron Diaz in 2016. Feel weird yet?
Kim Basinger, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas, and Cameron Diaz come to mind right away.
Wait... Madonna in *** Tracy, Cameron Diaz in the Mask, Kim Basinger in Cool World... . Maybe I DO have a type of white woman I'm into...
Snoop Dogg attended high school with Cameron Diaz
hwuljCAEivizTI - Have you got any experience? cost of nexium 20 mg in ireland Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann got up...
the other woman with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann + Nicki Minaj is like bad/good. Peak How to Lose a Guy in 10 days
Ross being Cameron Diaz drastically alters some great memories for me
You must not have watched Bad Teacher (JT, Cameron Diaz)
Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz in charlies angels
I like to imagine Matt Dillon still stalks Cameron Diaz from time to time. You know, for old times' sake.
Celeb Clip for Christine Smith shows what a good spice is to Cameron Diaz in 'Bad Teacher'
Who do you think would rather go back to 1994, Cameron Diaz or Mickey Rourke?
A-Z of 💫. C - Cara Delevinge and Cameron Diaz are both dedicated fans! 💁🏼🙌🏻
thanks! I'll have to check it out. I was thinking that one with Cameron Diaz & James Marsden "The box"
Colin معجب Art: Cameron Diaz and actor Colin Firth attend the World Premiere of Gambit at Empire ...
The world premiere of Gambit Alan Rickman, Cameron Diaz, Tom Courtenay, Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci London 2012
Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, and stunt doubles on the set of The Mask
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm not the new Cameron Diaz. I'm not the new Keira Knightley, either.
Cameron Diaz says her tube top days are over via Love u Diaz!
Cameron Diaz reveals she can't 'slack off' anymore HOW BOUT HER UGLY FACE+N00O TALENT
Just after the break up I saw a trailer for What Happens in Vegas (v bad romcom with Cameron Diaz) & arbitrarily decided *that* was the film
Happy 15 years Shrek! Here's Cameron Diaz being blown away by how realistic the animation was!
Cameron Diaz never imagined getting married after 40...
I want 90's Cameron Diaz to ruin my life
Cameron Diaz reveals her feelings on getting married...
on the One Thing She Won't Wear in Her 40s -
That's me.. gone nowhere... done nothing...except she's drop dead gorgeous.Cameron Diaz 😉😉😉
"Your regrets aren't what you did, . But what you didn't do. . So take every opportunity.". ~Cameron Diaz.
Never imaged of getting married after 40s: Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz banishes tube tops from post-40 wardrobe...
Cameron Diaz never thought of marrying after 40 via
Cameron Diaz never imagined getting married after 40: Washington, D.C May 18 : Actress Cameron Diaz, who tied...
Little Giant Ladders
Life in your 40s.according to CAMERON DIAZ!
Cameron Diaz says she never thought she would marry after 40:
I was so happy when I heard THE SUN IS RISING in the other woman starring Cameron Diaz and Taylor Kinney.
Cameron Diaz reveals she has to stay consistent with her workouts or her bikini body will suffer
Andy Cohen thought Cameron Diaz pooped her pants...but that's not *quite* what happened:
This week in you'll find Pamela Flood, Cameron Diaz & Michelle Smith de Bruin
Cameron Diaz played Cupid for Robbie Williams & Ayda Field and saved their relationship when it was close to ending. https:…
Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie join Joel and Benji Madden for dinner
So Sweet! Cameron Diaz Gushes About her Husband on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”: Cameron Diaz is busy promoting...
there was lassies behind me during good charlotte shouting daddy at Joel n Cameron Diaz was just sittin side stage
Cameron Diaz gushing about husband Benji Madden is too much...
Cameron Diaz opens up about her intimate and married life with Benji Madden
Ayda Field reveals how Cameron Diaz saved her relationship...
[VIDEO] Ayda Field reveals how Cameron Diaz helped save her...
Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovitch is my spirit animal.
Roberts in Pretty Woman, next "calls it" & says Cameron Diaz in My BF Wedding & Tom Cruise in Knight and Day and wins
So the instructor I had today works with Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Anniston etc oh my gahhh😭
Gawd. Cameron Diaz is just the best isnt she?
Cameron Diaz used to look like somebody's cousin and now she looks like somebody else's divorced aunt
your pro pic reminds me of Cameron Diaz ☺️😘
Cameron Diaz wasn't in Meet the Parents. Also, why is she a RINO?
Cameron Diaz part in the movie "The Counselor" is by far the best female villain I've ever seen in a movie. BY FAR THE BE…
Dana PeRINO looks like Cameron Diaz in "Meet the Parents". *** was she and she male doing backstage?
The Counselor. Cameron Diaz -via Mom used to do Gourguos Male models on golf course jus…
Is it wrong that I want to emulate Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher as my business casual attire?
I'm like an odd combination of Cameron Diaz character in Bad Teacher and her character in Vanilla Sky.
.spotted in necklaces in UK: Love her delicates!
Cameron Diaz is Bae in the movie Bad Teacher
ooh the shade "Even Heather sounded pretty on that song, and next to my dad and Cameron Diaz, she was probably...
Cameron Diaz is bad asf in Bad Teacher !!!
Bad Teacher will always be one of my favorite movies 😂😂 love Cameron Diaz 😍
I like that movie. Cameron Diaz is a hot mess. 😂
I'm tryna dry hump a babe like Justin Timberlake did Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher
Divine secrets of Cameron, Jennifer, Gwyneth, and Kate's almond sisterhood:
Divine Secrets of the Handful-of-Almonds Sisterhood - ​​What do Cam, Jen, Gwyn, and Kate all have in
Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher got me feeling some type of way
it was okay, even with my hatred of Cameron Diaz
Sexy Cameron Diaz expose her lickable soles 😜
Bad Teacher is on tv rn and Cameron Diaz is honestly what gives me motivation in life
Elizabeth Halsey played by Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher is one of my favorite characters ever. Love that she cranks Dio :-)
cameron diaz has been the love of my life since I could remember 🙄😫❤️
If I was a teacher I would be Cameron Diaz from Bad Teacher
I feel like I am totally Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher...
This is what happens when GP and Cameron Diaz get together in the kitchen:
Wait did Justin timberlake and Cameron Diaz date? If so was it before or after the filming of Bad Teacher?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Can I just be friends with Cameron Diaz, please. Bad Teacher, Charlie's Angels, and Top Gear make me love her more and more.
Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher is so bad 😍
Although Bad Teacher is an awful movie, I really want to work at a school with coworkers JTimberlake, Cameron Diaz & Phyllis from the Office
Watching Bad Teacher and honestly Cameron Diaz is by far one of the hottest women. but
Are Cameron, Jennifer, Gwyneth, and Kate secretly the same person?
The mom in this new show, “Animal Kingdom” looks like a 60 year old Cameron Diaz
The Charismatic Cameron Diaz: It’s Cinco de Mayo, so Ellen invited the life of the party,…
Ty Burrell or Jim Carrey for Jack, Cameron Diaz for Chrissy and Anne Hathaway for Janet. But who can play RF?
Cameron Diaz is a legend and my favourite actress alongside Meryl Streep do NOT come for her in my presence
of all the odd, strange, fascinating things about the genius BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, Cameron Diaz being amazing is still the most surprising
Dr. Mehmet Oz and Cameron Diaz are back on TV sharing healthy tips. Who's a big fan of the Dr. Oz The Good Life...
New mini battle started: Cameron Diaz vs Bridget Fonda. Lets see who is the best!
Pictures, directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, featuring the voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, and John
Cameron Diaz - Photocall for Annie at Corinthia Hotel London in London - December 2015
Today in Bay Ridge: John Kasich, Montel Williams and Cameron Diaz all made stops in the neighborhood.
Just a reminder that:. Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz are sisters-in-law. . Diana Ross is Ashlee Simpson's mother-in-law.
Cameron Diaz and Drew Berrymore sex and nude scenes
Cameron Diaz opens up about her marriage to Benji Madden on .
Cameron Diaz says the memory of her famous exes faded away when she met hubby Benji Madden - don't miss today's GP.
Totally forgot Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden ***
Cameron Diaz talks about her blissful marriage to Benji Madden.
Cameron Diaz opens up about married life
Cameron Diaz finally opens up about how she knew Benji Madden was the one:
Cameron Diaz had a crush on now hubby Benji Madden when her friend Joel invited his bro to a bbq. And Cam was surprised it was the crush guy
I feel like I missed the part in life where Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden.
Cameron Diaz admits none of her exes compare to Benji Madden (even Justin!)
Cameron Diaz reveals how she met 'hot' husband Benji Madden for the first time ​(so cute)
Cameron Diaz reveals how she knew Benji Madden was The One:
Can't see Suarez leaving Barca for City even if Pep manager. It's like leaving Scarlet Johanson for Cameron Diaz because she got a *** job
Cameron Diaz covers up on hot LA day as she steps out with...
We're so on board with Cameron Diaz's campaign to change the definition of "ageing well" https…
National Enquirer list of Settlements for Lies: Cameron Diaz, Tom Selleck,Cape Cod women for story abt love child" with Senator Ted Kennedy.
Cameron Diaz was considered for the role of Bridget Jones
really wish I was as hot as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, or Lucy Liu
*goes for the late 80's Chris Isaak's hairstyle. . *ends up with the 90's Cameron Diaz style from Something about Mary
(...this movie was my introduction to Elizabeth Bishop and the poem Cameron Diaz reads to the professor is possibly my absolute favorite...)
Wow - in 2005, had Cameron Diaz play Nancy Pelosi and Drew Barrymore play Ann Coulter. Both were guests on the Barry Gibb Talk Show
Baalke attempted trade with GM Pagniacci for QB Willie Beamen for Kap. Told everyone in the bldg she looked like Cameron Diaz.
I am wondering how much will count in my academic records a co-citation with Gloria Estefan, Beyonce y Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz photographed by Albert Watson for DETAILS magazine 1998.
Cameron Diaz circa 94' from the picture 'The Mask'
Convinced I just saw Cameron Diaz on great western road
LOL PRECISELY. Time Mag now written by Sophia Coppola's Cameron Diaz diss character.
'Younger actresses she admires include Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Kristen Stewart' ;) via
Reminds me of Cameron Diaz in "What about Mary". You should ask what they are using in your hair.
When these are the only pics to worry about. Fresh faced Cameron Diaz lands in LA w Nicole Richie
Home sweet home: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden landed at LAX on Wednesday after a trip to Europe
Make-up free Cameron Diaz lands in LA with Nicole Richie and husbands
Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie and Joel and Benji Madden land at LAX - Daily Mail
Make-up free Cameron Diaz looks fresh-faced as she lands at LAX with Nicole Richie and their husbands Joel and...
Forever forgetting that Cameron Diaz is with Benji Madden
Reading reviews, I feel I am the only one who really liked Cameron Diaz's take on Miss Hannigan.
*** Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden? Learn something new everyday.
Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden planning 'beautiful babies' after whirlwind wedding
Cameron Diaz was at the show yesterday... Cameron. Diaz. I mean she's married to Benji Madden but still 😱
Bit mad that Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are married
Really can't get my head round Cameron Diaz being married to Benji Madden
Benji Madden is married to Cameron Diaz and that's the weirdest thing I've heard in so long...
Got a cheeky wave from Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz tonight
Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden?? what the *** is happening?? Help??
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Also, didn't know Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz are married. Is this a thing everyone knows? Do I live under a rock? Because how did he even.
How Benji Madden from Good Charlotte scored Cameron Diaz is beyond me
why didn't I knew Cameron Diaz is married to Benji Madden ? where have I been this whole time ?
Watching this is my favourite Jim Carey movie. I loved Cameron Diaz for years cos of this.
Where does Ellen Barkin end, and Cameron Diaz begin?
I just LOVE me some Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts!
Tagged by . Post 4 actresses you love. Jessica Capshaw. Kate Beckinsale. Cameron Diaz. Angelina Jolie
Jason Segel forgot about Sarah Marshall and made a sex tape with Cameron Diaz
Allison Williams appearance on Meh. On scale of Blake Lively to Kate Winslet she's just below Cameron Diaz.
its got Leonardo DiCaprio and Daniel Day Lewis plus Cameron Diaz and a minor role by John C. Riley. It's a good movie
I love Cameron Diaz 😍😍 great actress great looking she got it all lol
Bar none: Cameron Diaz is/was the most overrated actress in Hollywood. Followed closely by SJP.
Next match in our hottest 90s film actress tourney - First up, Cameron Diaz who beat Michelle Pfeiffer in round 1
I love Cameron Diaz she's my favorite actress she's so amazing and funny and very beautiful
Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg were in high school together and the actress once even bought weed from him. -
Cameron Diaz releases minimal makeup photo for book on ageing: Actress Cameron Diaz has shared a photo of hers...
Oh, Cameron Diaz 😂 "17. name one actress you'd like to meet"
DTN India: Cameron Diaz turns author again with 'The Longevity Book': The 43-year-old actress is all set to re...
Following the release of her book, "The Body Book" in 2013, Actress Cameron Diaz is set to release another...
Any interest in wellness tips from Cameron Diaz? Yeah, us too. The 43-year-old actress and truly timeless beauty got up clos…
Cameron Diaz's husband Benji Madden, 36, praises the actress, 43, as she releases new book Longevity. {daily…
BI GOSSIP: Cameron Diaz takes to social media to share the cover of her lifestyle book | Daily Mail Online
To that time I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal and I talked her out of buying this truly…
Sounds like a great movie plot. Harbaugh played by Al Pacino, Jed played by Cameron Diaz, Ann Margaret=Denise. Jamie Fox as Kap?
lololol the movie is Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann - it's called The Other Woman. It was an abomination.
I feel like Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher . "Yeah I'm not doing that" "but it's mandatory" "yeah still not doing that"
Y now it's time for the Cameron Diaz show starring Matt Damon. Oh, drink the Kool Aid.
If I could bottle the chemistry between Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal in Sex Tape, I would have a putrid, undrinkable liquid.
Just tuned in. How is Shane Ward still a thing? Why is Cameron Diaz singing with him?
Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz are jokes in knight and day
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Selling a life size standee of Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale from the hit movie Annie. Looking for best offer.
Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden strategy their first wedding ceremony anniversary: When it comes to fashion, Cam... …
Casual couple Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden jet home to Los Angeles as they approach their ...: Cam…
Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker are always gonna be my favorite actresses 💖
If you combined Kristen Wiig and Cameron Diaz personality into one it would be my aunt Heather.
Actual White Latinos are like Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Alexis Bledel (Rory in Gilmore Girls) or this lady:
Cameron Diaz. She has played a character with my exact personality like 10 times lol especially in "The Holid…
Tres looks like Darrel Young. Vanessa looks like Cameron Diaz. You're welcome ;-)
Jamie Lannister is in a movie with Cameron Diaz!
Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Jude Law it's more I just can't think right now!
I'm going to marry Cameron Diaz and Jim Carrey
Charlie is the leader. Dylan is Drew Barrymore. Natalie is Cameron Diaz. And Alex is Lucy Lou.
So far today I've spotted Nicole Richie, Cameron Diaz (lunching together) and Scott Speedman on the same corner. I'm in a hot spot!
It's normal sized: Cameron Diaz cancelled a re-enactment of the Boer War due to Glastonbury festival.
Someone looked at my mom and said "hey!" then said "sorry I thought you were my cousin is Cameron Diaz."
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Focus is ahyt, i wouldnt watch it again (willingly) and if only that girl was Cameron Diaz
'Fullfilment comes from within you' Cameron Diaz speaking the truth about fame.
Today we'd like to throw it back to this post from
(That's me at the end, wearing the sunglasses next to Cameron Diaz)
Having a movie marathon of cameron diaz's movies was the greatest idea i've come up with this week.
ooh why you're so cute? You're a delightful little creature 😘 ... come skinny dipping with cameron
Saw a baby a church that was Cameron Diaz
'Virginia Woolf started it, but it was Bridget Jones who took it the next level'
90's Cameron Diaz is so underrated 😍❤️
a good married couple husband Jeffery Lee Womble and your wife Cameron Diaz Womble always will love you for life time
Cameron Diaz just listed her Kelly Wearstler designed apartment and it's to die for.
Cameron Diaz has sold her Manhattan apartment - for almost £1m more than she paid for it: https:…
The Best here : The Body Book by Cameron Diaz: The Law of Hunger, the Sc…
.designed the interiors of Cameron Diaz's $4.25 million West Village jewel.
Modi gave some "diyas" to the prime minister of UK on account of Diwali. Now their PM is called Cameron Diaz.
. I agree my Princess looks much better than Cameron Diaz 😍💕
The world would be a lot more creative and free with Bachelorette pads!
I just want to be sexy like Cameron Diaz 😫😂 (Vine by
Who thinks my Owner looks like Cameron Diaz? I do.
Cameron Diaz had no previous acting experience when she got the part in The Mask.
yea look up the original cast. Danny glover was supposed to be in it, Cameron Diaz, Brandon lee was supposed to be liu kang
You Can be on the Cover of Cameron Diaz's Next Book! Here's How: Cameron Diaz is writing another book titled "...
I just watched a video with Cameron Diaz for the HUMAN series and she said every time someone comes…
Cameron Diaz is putting 50 real women on the cover of her next book:
Has Cameron Diaz ever been good in a film? She's a massive name but I can't name a single film I was impressed by her performance.
She looks so much better without makeup .
The 25 minutes after Matt Dillon meets Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary are some of the best ever
Cameron Diaz wants fans on her new book’s cover
You, yes, you can be on the cover of Cameron Diaz's new book!
Momentum947 mtb challenge bike wash...not as sexy as Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher, but more efficient & less corrupt!
Cameron Diaz is writing another book and wants YOU to be on the cover:
and this is why Cameron Diaz is so amazing -
"Fulfilment comes from within you, not by chasing fame." - *** Cameron Diaz is cool.
CAMERON DIAZ is 41!? I hope I'm as rad as her when I'm 41.. 💃
Jenifer aniston and cameron diaz in a 90's movie? Yes please 😍
There's something about you, Cameron Diaz – here's how to recapture it
Anyone looking for a new apt in Diaz lists bachelorette apartment in New York City
Charlie's Angels is a perfect movie?
Newlywed Cameron Diaz is selling her cover-worthy New York City apartment for ...
yup...believe it or not Christina Aguilera and Cameron Diaz ate hispanic.
Little known fact. Cameron Diaz' nickname is Poo-poo.
Send candid selfie to Diaz, be on her new book’s cover: Hollywood Actress Cameron Diaz wants common people to ...
It's gotten to the point that it's weird how many people tell me I look like Cameron Diaz. I don't see it, but thank you.
Cameron Diaz wants to put you on the cover of her next book
Cameron Diaz wants you on the cover of her next book
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Movies-Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz was fun-yet Bad Lieutenant with Nic Gage is ''Exquisite''- both on tube right now- watch b4 taken down
In the market for a new house? How about Cameron Diaz's Manhattan apartment, now on sale:
Wud you Pull out?"She's just Beyond lamntana just Beyond ☺"Lawey bruh yhuu "Cameron Diaz kodwa ♥
the woman on the left looks like a cross between Cameron Diaz and Elijah Wood
I'm still waiting for my Cameron Diaz- Charlie's Angels- Soul Train- Baby Got Back moment.
That's one of my favourites. Love Toni Colette. Have you seen "In Her Shoes" with her & Cameron Diaz?
the guy who gave me my ferry ticket said i looked like Cameron Diaz & i thought it was cool bc ive never met a blind person b4
Kind of reminds me of Cameron Diaz. With green hair.
What do you Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Cameron Diaz all have in common?
Cameron Diaz just got caught fishing illegally off the coast of Guam
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