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Cameron Crazies

The Cameron Crazies are Duke University's basketball student section, which can hold approximately 1,200 occupants.

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The grown folks with floor seats in Cleveland are worse than the Cameron crazies.
Raider Nation, Habs and Cubs make top 10 craziest sports fans list
🏈 🏀 Cameron Crazies, 🏒 ⚾ make top 10 craziest fans list https:/…
If you're a basketball fan who doesn't watch hockey, imagine the Cameron Crazies filling a hockey arena and that's what is like
Sorry Professor know it all, I am a thinking person who has a different opinio…
Of course not linked. But yesterday's comment unhelpful, would be great if you retracted it. Did C…
Well done Tony Blair & David Cameron you've turned the world's greatest city in to a punchbag for crazies
Nothing, Marty...just need to keep the crazies in Cameron Indoor and away from Iowa baseball!
Because of all the crazies saying this is the end of the world as we know it.
Cameron Johnson reminds the "Crazies" of a guy named JJ. It's gonna be a great day to be a Panther.
he sure doesn't have to worry about the pretty girls part thats for sure. Cameron crazies rabid? Nah.
Cannot wait to here the Cameron Crazies game 1 in Durham
Cameron amazing, but crazies now living on rep from 25 years ago
I would kill to go to Duke and be apart of the Cameron Crazies 😍😭💙🏀
Oh there's crazies both sides. But *** on Earth, it's what ISIS wants - that's a special crazy
Pose like These Crazies on Your ID and You're Sure to be Called to the Principal's Office!
The Cameron Crazies are going nuts out here.
What it's like standing with the Cameron Crazies!
Graduation cheering makes me so uncomfortable. It's like the Cameron Crazies showed up to the Masters and just started going nuts.
phew good thing I dont go south of the Napa border all those crazies will be in one spot
OKC fans looking like Cameron Crazies right now...
Can we get the Cameron Crazies from Duke to join forces?
I love the Liacouras Center and Student section, but the Cameron Crazies take it to a whole nother level
Brandon Ingram! I saw this live and this got the Cameron Crazies rocking like never before!
Prospect Gary Trent Jr. and verbal Jayson Tatum jammed with the Cameron Crazies h…
The Cameron Crazies should wear Triversibles next year - pass on to contact triversible
Nanu better develop a thicker skin because he'll need it shooting granny shots all season. The Cameron Crazies will destroy him.
We're with And shout-out to the Cameron Crazies, who show us how to rock blue & white every bball season!
Vazquez was a pleasure to watch in Cameron. Always gave us Crazies a great show. I respected that.
Just got off the phone with the man who helped charter a Cameron Crazies chapter in McMinnville. Working on a story.
I'm feeling the Cameron Crazies, they have this winning feel to them! 🔥😂😂
If those Duke fans with painted faces are the"Cameron Crazies", could those in the Bulls crowd be DBAP Doofuses.
Good grief! I suppose that carbon footprint is ok though with the crazies. LOL
The Cameron Crazies are the real savages.
I can't be the only one that gets hyped when the Cameron crazies start Everytime We Touch 🏀
“we gain access to rules of the Cameron Crazies. orange, purple, and "ugly," or white...Dooks color, too😂
I remember when Jay Williams and Shane Battier used to slap floor. Cameron Crazies was so turnt up!
Quinn Cook is as good as boat right, Okafor dominates Brimah... Cameron Crazies will roll tonight
If c-crew was as good as the Cameron Crazies... that would be the best 👌👌
like with Cameron Crazies at Duke it looks great on tv, is unique and elevates atmosphere throughout.
Still not as bad as SportsCenter telling me a Duke player made the Cameron Crazies go crazy over a breakaway dunk.
People keep telling me kentucky best team in college basketball but we all know the cameron crazies and duke is the best team
And the beat goes on ... Not to mention the crazy crazies such as Sandy Hook, James Eagan, etc. it's overwhelming.
IW32lraW // Trip report the Cameron Crazies aren't classy OR witty, as they would like you to believe
Gotta be the first time opposing team's staff has infiltrated the Cameron Crazies. Great moment for freedom/America.
I'll be in the Cameron Crazies on the 29th
Dukes place in NC ... Cameron indoor, ya know the Cameron crazies
giving the Cameron Crazies handshake after the win over Elon.
Has anything ever sounded sadder than the Cameron Crazies singing "Nananana, hey hey hey, goodbye" to...Elon? What's next, storm the court?
Cameron isn't the same without the real Crazies.
Why are all the Cameron Crazies doing the "Don't Shoot" every time someone shoots a free throw?
Gotta love that Cameron Crazies are still out even during winter break. That type of dedication is rare for a student section
Happy Birthday song from Cameron Crazies to during the break..
Winslow slam wakes up the Cameron Crazies!
First FG of the contest goes to who is celebrating a birthday tonight in Cameron. Crazies donning party hats for the occasion.
Love the Cameron Crazie line monitor sign. Telling Crazies to pack in tight.
Lots of Cameron Crazies are on break.. But the ones in house tonight are giving Elon the welcome.
Lots of birthday hats in the Cameron Crazies section to celebrate birthday.
No Duke hoops for me tonight. For Elon game, follow who is manning my chair at Cameron. Be nice, Crazies. I'll be back soon.
The Cameron Crazies at the University of New Jersey in Durham. I mean Dook.
It's GAME DAY!! Looking forward to seeing our crazies pack Cameron tonight! Last chance to see us at home before the break.
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"As Vitale gives his infinite blessings to the Cameron Crazies, so it must be with this"
Fight on Hoos. I can't stand Duke. Never mind the Cameron Crazies, they gave NIXON a law degree!
nah Cameron Crazies are better...barely
looks like is struggling to stay relative. part of the Kirk Cameron school of pandering to crazies. .
Couldn't agree more. Now what's the solution to that? Hard to keep guns away from crazies, but easier when they are illegal
Cameron Crazies getting pumped up I want to see our crowd and student section doing this
They fit the name so do the Rowdy Reptiles...half of Cameron Crazies are covered in body paint...
yeah one of the best student sections in the country...Cameron Crazies tho...
If the purge ever really happened someone please send Cameron somewhere safe where the crazies can't access him and take him.
Great season fellas. We'll get em next year
have u ever been to Cameron indoor ? Such a great experience I go to a game every yr. 2 yrs ago I was in with the crazies!!!
Wow! The freshmen spirit was impressive. The War Zone reminds me of the Cameron Crazies! Bring that energy to the basket…
Cameron is a coward, giving in to pressure from LibDem crazies. Saving his own skin at the expense of Israel.
The Cameron Crazies may be loud, but the Allen Fieldhouse crowd is louder!
This' ll be my last soccer rant...for a few days. Our fans call themseleves the American Outlaws. Really? Lame. The Oakland Raiders have the Black Hole. The Cleveland Browns have the Dog Pound. Duke basketball has the Cameron Crazies. And Notre Dame football has the Leprachaun Legion. If were going to stick with American Outlaws, consider me to be Wyatt Erp.
As Jabari Parker says goodbye to Duke, remember his high-flying introduction to the Cameron Crazies. »
Jabari Parker bakes his signature dessert for the Cameron Crazies in K-Ville
"Cameron Crazies " had to fix that greatest rivalry in sports true talk kinda glad I'm home tonight now
Lets go Orange! Time for Tyler Ennis and C.J. Fair to silence the Cameron Crazies!
Coach Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils will roll out the red carpet as Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse Orange visit Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first time ever tonight at seven. This encore has lost some of its luster, as both teams are coming off losses. Syracuse went down in overtime to ACC cellar dweller Boston College on Wednesday, while Duke dropped a rescheduled Tobacco Road away game against arch rival UNC on Thursday. Duke is tough, Duke is tougher after they have lost and Duke is toughest at home in front of the Cameron Crazies. Syracuse will have to be firing on all cylinders to have a chance tonight. The Orange have not shot the ball well since they beat Duke at the Loud House on February 1st. Over the last three games Syracuse has shot just 36% from the field. It doesn't matter who you are playing, you can not win basketball games if you can't score baskets. Duke, meanwhile, owns the best field goal percentage (.468) and three point field goal percentage (.409) in the ACC. This team i ...
Key NCAA Basketball Weekend Match-ups Duke at Syracuse After the thrilling OT game in January between these two, the Syracuse-Duke matchup is the primetime game and will be played in Durham which will give the Blue Devils the home-court advantage with the “Cameron Crazies.” With both teams coming off of losses this week, there is no doubt they’ll both be ready to play. While it is on the road for the Orange, they are just too overpowering for Duke. It should come down the wire, but Syracuse should prevail. Because both teams’ stocks dropped this week, the winner’s stock is expected to bounce, whereas a second straight loss for Syracuse could really hit their rank and stock value. Louisville at Cincinnati The last time Louisville and Cincinnati met up, the Bearcats took care of business on the road and beat the Cardinals. Rick Pitino and his team know that they have to rebound and play better offensively to have a shot to win this game. There are many analysts who see Cincy winning at home, but w ...
“Cameron Crazies (Duke University) sports fans to ever exist on the earth
Jabari Parker drives the Cameron Crazies insane with this slam »
There are some moments in life that take your breath away and today I experienced several of them! From the church service to the Duke Basketball Museum to the UNBELIEVABLE game...for starters, 5th row of the Cameron Crazies' section, being featured on the video board, a close game with a Duke win, and being allowed on the floor after the game for pictures...AAANNNDD watching Aggie vball in the state finals on Saturday AND heading to Ford Field on Friday to watch Aggie fball in the state finals...a sports' lover's dream come true! UNFORGETTABLE!!
ICYMI: Jabari Parker made the Cameron Crazies happy with 22 points in his debut, including this alley-oop » http…
Ultimately I credit the Cameron Crazies for me getting into college hoops
I can't wait to see Pitt play Duke next year. The crazies will eat the Panthers alive when they go to Cameron.
He led the NCAA in PPG he's a mini Dirk! But he is gonna lose tomorrow for sure them Cameron Crazies gone wild
lmao opps lol he still a Cameron crazies boy lol no one will change that
One of our two little Cameron Crazies!
Little Giant Ladders
I know 😡 I was so mad, but I be chillin with the Cameron crazies here at fort lewis.
Brackets already shot so rooting hard for and the Cameron Crazies
ha you're gonna have to be loud if you want me to hear you over the sound of the Cameron Crazies
Now that's what I'm talking about. All about those Cameron Crazies. I think I found me a new favorite best friend. Lol
Why doesn't Duke do more to get its students up for NCAA Tournament games, asks columnist
I like these Temple fans are trying to copy the Cameron Crazies when someone fouls out
a guy I used t play ball with goes there I saw him in the Cameron crazies!
S/o to the Cameron crazies at the game ... We hear you !
Duke can't lose to a fifteen seed two years in a row or the Cameron Crazies would kill themselves.
Last NC State game I saw was at Cameron Indoor. All the Crazies had copies of poem CJ Leslie wrote for class:
oh no you're one of those Cameron Crazies?! This will be tough.
just snap chatted me a sign saying "Fear Albany" after I snapped him my Fear the Cameron Crazies shirt
the Cameron Crazies are contaminating the Wells Fargo Ctr. however, Duke better flippin win and not pull the stunt they did last year
Cameron crazies we ready. Time to roll the dice and 4,5,6 it all the way to the chip.
lets just say I'm hoping the Cameron crazies make the trip to Atlanta
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
just tell them the Cameron Crazies are there to cheer on the Tigers!
I wore it yesterday for civvies day. Have the Cameron Crazies shirt on today ;)
Its only right to be wearing my cameron crazies shirt today
Gonna feel bad for the cameron crazies when ualbany wins
The fans are what makes college ball. Look at the Cameron crazies. They as live as all but 4 NBA arenas
Thought my Cameron crazies shirt was clean but it's not 😩
Go Duke! The Cameron Crazies will be rockin babbby!!
Oh Please! Duke deserves to lose quickly and miserably before the Cameron Crazies get that insufferable smug attitude again
aww mister Plumlee you are sensational baby! Theres nothin better than Cameron indoors!! The crazies are Rockin baby
thats just Dukie though, he can be watching a Rays game and suddenly scream "Duke!!! Cameron Crazies, Coach K hall of famer!!!"
"March Madness" "Cameron Crazies" "Hoya Paranoia" I'm replacing my bracketologist with a psychiatrist.
FREE TKTS for students who attend NCCA 1st rd tourney game Sun @ 12pm in CAMERON! We need our Crazies of...
3. The Cameron Crazies. People often criticize the Cameron Crazies for using cheer sheet to coordinate their (cont)
Yes, Cameron Crazies its time to be seen and heard. We need you this weekend. Go Duke!
our student section, the nut house, is the equivalent of the Cameron crazies at a high school level.
Smart thinking Lol I should send it to so we can get this chip you know Cameron crazies in NY
Zoubek just pumped up the Crazies. Mason got a huge block. Kelly nailed another three. Cameron is going wild.
Today I lose to See you in a few weeks! C'mon the Cameron Crazies!
the fans won that game. It was insanity there. Cameron crazies were nothing compared to those fans
Brian Zoubek, recently out of the cream puffz industry, across form the Cameron Crazies.
Everyone come and shut up the katy crazies tonight at 7!!
My teacher just told us shes moving to Duke i wanted to start doin that 2 clap fist pump the cameron crazies do. Lets, Go, DUKE!
Kelly, Hairston and the Cameron crazies. Nothing beats it
Duke's cameron Crazies will go crazy over my FREE Sports Comic eBook. Download it here at
dook fans can't stand Cameron Crazies.
I belive DUKE has a great shot to bring the title home to Cameron were it belongs .
I hate Duke. I hate Duke and I'm not ashamed to say it. I hate their flopping, floor-slapping, gangsta-wanna-be scruntched up faces. I hate the player's parents dancing in the stands because their boy done good. I hate everytime Duke scores, the cameras cut to a group shot of the Cameron Crazies. I hate their rat-faced, cussing coach who believes his players are entitled to walk, push-off, hack, grab and shove yet pisses and moans because the students of the university that justed handed his team their collected *** rush the court and he feels threatened. I hate the *** Clowns who spend weeks on end camping out in Schyt-Chefskiville (not going to bother trying to spell it nor do I give a Schyt) for tickets then paint themselves up just so they can mug for the cameras. I hate their "Cheer Sheet" if for no other reason for the fact that they need a "Cheer Sheet" (I will give kudos for creativity but that zeros out for the chants re: an illness / death of a relative of one of the opposing players). I hate .. ...
I like scanning the Cameron Crazies looking for the next Rand Paul or Elizabeth Dole
Miami v. Duke...been hearing a lot of hype about Shane Larkin...wanna see how he handles the Cameron Crazies
Never been a Duke (or "Coach K") hater, but Krzyzewski is clearly making an *** of himself here. C'mon, Mike? The "Cameron Crazies" have never stormed a court before? Did you call a press conference to vent your righteous indignation the last time it did happen?
Coach Mike Krzyzewski, how many times have the Cameron Crazies stormed the court after a Duke win? Now, after your Blue Devils get their *** stomped at Virginia, all of a sudden, now it's a problem? Why is a problem now? Two words... SOUR! GRAPES!!!
Duke Basketball: Blueprint to Earning a No. 1 Seed in NCAA Tournament By Tyler Donohue (Featured Columnist B/R) on February 26, 2013 The Blue Devils basketball program doesn't play for anything short of a national championship banner. Duke always dares to dream big under the leadership of legendary Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who owns four NCAA titles and four Olympic gold medals (two as head coach). America's premier high school players sign on to compete for Coach K knowing they'll likely have multiple opportunities to travel deep into postseason tournaments. Duke remains in contention for an ACC regular season title and has its sights set on a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Take Care of Business at Cameron Indoor Stadium: No team thrives on its home court like Duke does when setting up shop at Cameron Indoor Stadium. The arena is a death trap for upset-minded visitors and perennially provides one of the greatest backdrops in college sports. Duke is 14-0 in front of the Cameron Crazies, slaying several . ...
Check out our updated look at Cameron Indoor Stadium and the Cameron Crazies!...
Never seen a pretty girl in the Cameron Crazies but still wanna join that mosh pit! I could find one 8 miles down Tobacco road and convert her to be a Blue Devil!
And here come the Dukies... Lets go Cameron Crazies keep them pumped up.
Duke hosts North Carolina tonight—right now, in fact—and the Cameron Crazies had a bit of a scare this morning. Some Tobacco Road charlatans stole the Duke mascot's head (maybe more?) and stuck it on a stake above the Chapel Hill bookstore.
Carolina needs a group like the Cameron Crazies. Smith Psychos?
Cameron Crazies cheat sheet for tonight’s game (via
The thought of the Cameron Crazies chanting "How's your Grandma?" still *** me off. So on that note I hope Carolina can find a way to take out the Ratface.
The Duke Blue Devil Prayer: Yea as I walk through the valley of shadow and death, I will fear no *** from Chapel Hill.Amen. Cameron Crazies for life
Duke basketball fans are coming under fire after a group of cold-hearted Cameron Crazies reportedly chanted "How's your grandma?" at a North Carolina State player whose grandmother died last week.
I've never gotten as wrapped up into the ACC Hoops thing as the 99.9% of all people I grew up around, and I don't hate any of those teams either.. But what those Cameron Crazies chanted to that NC State player during the game, is about as classless as anything I've EVER heard of... Or seen... And that takes work...
Disappointed in those Cameron Crazies during the Duke-State game who disrespected the State guard.
SMH @ the people and articles saying that the Cameron Crazies were chanting " How's your Grandma" bc a player from State just lost his grandmother. I watched the entire game and I heard a few chants about past your bedtime bc dude looks like he is 10. Im not saying there wasn't a few *** who might have said it..but there's always a few *** in every crowd. Some people just hate the BEST!
V and F today. Terry is sick as a dog. Snow day theatre, Urban Meyer, Cameron Crazies dont bother Mike and more.
Cameron Crazies have been known to cross the line, but this was going way to far.
Sorry to ruin the party Carolina fans, but I find it hard to believe that even people as reprehensible as the Cameron Crazies would have a white board directing each other to chant about someone's dead grandma.
Way to go Cameron Crazies. Chanting at Tyler Lewis "How's your Grandma?" His grandma passed away Friday by the way. You guys are disgusting and should be ashamed. This story if true just strengthens my dislike of Duke.
I'll start by saying.I'm not a Duke fan. I think Duke has the best college basketball program in the country measured by year in/year out, consistent success. I don't think Coach K is a "class act".but he is a great coach. That said, last night, with Tyler Lewis (NC State Freshman) at the free throw line, the typical chant directed at Freshmen by the (purportedly intelligent) *** of "Past your bedtime", switched to "How's your Grandma?" Tyler Lewis' grandmother passed away last Friday at the age of 84. The "Cameron Crazies" have, in fact, stooped this low frequently in the this isn't a "new low", but if Coach K really had any class, he would have stopped the game and asked the students to leave the building. Sorry, had to say something about the consistently deplorable behavior of the Duke fans.
Despite the refs' best efforts to foul every single player on both teams out of the game, the Duke/State game ended just as predicted. Decent effort by the Wolfsnack. On another note, three ways our student fans disappointed tonight. 1) They chant "how's your grandma" to some player from the Wolfsnack whose grandmother passed away recently? Not cool. 2) Yelling random words out during the National Anthem? Don't do that. 3) Two State fans show up in the middle of the Duke student section and don't get even a little bit harassed? Cameron Crazies your priorities are way out of whack!
DUKE VS STATE tonight at Cameron Indoor Stadium (OUR HOUSE!!)... Can the Pack handle the Cameron Crazies?? Nah.
Mason Plumlee provided the Cameron Crazies with a jaw-dropping highlight reel.
MEN'S BASKETBALL HALFTIME UPDATE: Duke 43, Maryland 35. The Blue Devils shooting 70% from behind the arc, but the Terps are not backing down. Trailing by 8 at the half Maryland looks to come out the locker room and quiet the Cameron Crazies! Wells leading with 9 points followed by Mitchell with 8.
These white girls that's part of the Cameron Crazies are cracking me up .. Dancing they *** off in here lol
Seth Greenberg is the most bitter person alive. I'm sorry you falsely accused the Cameron Crazies for attacking you one time.
Cameron Crazies still hoping for another Marshall Plumlee appearance in this one. @ @ Cameron Indoor Stadium
duke. No contest. Cameron Crazies and the small indoor stadium make it so loud.
Cameron Crazies helped get Quinn Cook that buzzer beater 3 pointer yesterday lol
Congrats to Coach K and the Cameron Crazies! Parker will remind many of Grant Hill and should make an immediate impact as a freshman.
Aaron Craft fouls out and the Cameron Crazies are letting him know about it. Duke is in control—66-60 with 49.2 seconds left.
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“If you're watchin the duke game take notes... This is how we want the the Cameron Crazies idolize the Blue Crew
Day 10: I am thankful to have gone to Cameron Indoor Stadium to see Duke play and witness those Cameron Crazies!! A dream come true.
It's now basketball season and my Bulls is off to an 3-1 start without D. Rose. Come friday its time to start focusing on my Duke Blue Devils. Where my Cameron Crazies at.
Did Amile Jefferson begin a love affair with the Cameron Crazies last night? With that energy, it sure felt like it
Duke fans welcomed Jabari Parker on his official visit this weekend with a sign that read, “Jabari Welcome Home” and chants of “Jabari Parker” from the Cameron Crazies. (The...
Check out the photo (via as the Cameron Crazies welcome Jabari Parker 'home' to
Coach K and his Cameron Crazies trying to win Jabari Parker's heart this weekend. I'm sure they're showing all their cards.
"Jabari Parker" chants from the Cameron Crazies. Parker, one of the top recruits in the class of 2013, sitting right behind the Duke bench.
Spoke to Tyus Jones tonight. Sounds like the Cameron Crazies really made an impact with him.
Can't wait for Duke basketball to start. Nothing beats a combination of the Cameron Crazies and
Utah State has the hurd. University of Utah has the Muss. Gonzaga University has the kennel club. Duke has the Cameron Crazies. What does ISU have? I'm interested in starting a student club at ISU dedicated to providing positive support for ALL Idaho State University Athletics. Basically, I'm tired of going to ISU sporting events and seeing such a poor turnout and unorganized student section. I look at other schools and I see them with great student sections, and I wonder why doesn't ISU have that? I think we have the opportunity to start a legacy here at ISU with a group that is focused on school unity, pride, and most importantly, having fun at ISU sporting events! Eventually, I want this group to be a focal point of ISU that brings an electric atmosphere to our campus and sporting events. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of then just like this post, or even leave a comment, and we will figure out a way to make this happen. We have the opportunity to start a tradition here at IS ...
Awesome poster! :) I love how in the postgame interview, Lebron said they we're playing for the letters on the front of the jersey! :) Great job by Coach K, Jerry Colangelo, and the whole team! :) Gold medalists! We all have our favorite Olympic sport, and mine is basketball! :) K and the guys are classy guys, and won a Gold Medal for all of us! We were the nationwide version of the Cameron Crazies at Duke. We were the U.S. Crazies, cheering our guys on! We were the sixth man! We're all gold medalists :)
The OKC fans are the NBA version of the Cameron Crazies of Duke University!! Passionate fans!
I've no doubt the, como se dice, "Cameron Crazies" will greet Aaron Craft as a liberator.
already pumped for Duke v. Tarholes, March 3rd in Durham. Love the Blue Devils & love the Cameron Crazies!
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This year's Cameron Crazies are the Andre Dawkins of Duke fans.
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