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Camera Phone

A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture still photographs (and usually video). Since early in the 21st century the majority of mobile phones in use are camera phones.

the camera lens on my phone was smudged I'll take some more on holiday
Update of phone situation; not allowing me to open any apps, deleted all messages and contacts, and won't let any apps have camera access
lol someone can not take a joke but that's OK it wasn't a phone camera lol
I have so many photos on my phone and camera of this castle but it just looks so amazing sad to…
The phone that 'sent millions to their deaths'
Nokia’s Ozo VR Camera Marks a Rebirth for the Phone Giant
Last night Bella tear up my phone, sd card for my camera that I use for vlogs, and the DirecTv remote
Today I took a minute-long video of my baby admiring himself with the front-facing camera on my phone. Just in case you needed a pick-me-up.
I think the worst part about the camera on my phone being broken is I can't take pics of Aubs 24/7
New scheme to steal your cell phone caught on camera!.
In a samsung phone, is one camera better than another? selfie/forward facing?
Jealous! I love the camera in that thing!. I can’t deal with such a huge phone, but I’m tempted by that *** camera!
He's a walking piece of garbage! Why hesitate just charge and arrest him. T…
A5: A good WiFi connection is key. Don't want choppy, LQ videos. And a newer phone with a better camera.
I liked a video from How to make a DIY action camera (use an old phone)
A lovely selfie with people from the media present at the Camera Phone photography workshop with
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The Camera Phone photography workshop ended on the note of wisdom for all finalists. . Thank you
I go back through my phone and camera and find some beauties... "I'm going to post that when I get signal"
I liked a video from Hello Kitty Candy Camera | Candy Phone | Surprise Ball
I was trying to VLOG today and my phone camera doesn't work 👌🏿great
Me: Wow, the Moon and the stars look so amazing in this cool night sky. I should take a picture of this!. Phone Camera: C…
A2) If I have to shoot a video for my blog, phone camera is ideal as it is handy & easy to use.
plz Olivia sorry for disturbing butt i want to start an youtube channel and i don't have a good phone niether good camera
Getting my Peter Parker photo on for my people in Charlotte...I'm Nice w/the Cricket Phone camera...
I live in the middle of nowhere but the views are super pretty!!! I wish I had better camera in my phone :/
if you ever get the opportunity to be close to tyler during HOTY do NOT use snapchat use your phone camera. U will regret it
i still cannot process that i TOOK these with ... MY phone??? i pressed the camera button?? I TOOK THESE? i was thi…
I hate the camera on this phone SO much
Your recycle envelope with did not protect the camera on my phone.
Meet the inventors who helped put a camera phone in everyone's pocket |
A2:Know when to use your phone & when to get out the fancy camera equipment. Both types of shooting are better for certain stuff
I'm glad that taking a screenshot on my phone sounds like a loud camera snap while I'm in a bathroom stall
and I'm home alone right? So I check my phone and the camera is FACING THE WALL!! Not in the spot it was this morning
Check out these amazing moments from Camera Phone photography workshop.
Omg now I remember, that photo was from when I had my camera out and accidentally dropped the phone on my face and it to…
Borrow a smart phone which can download a voice recording app if you can, or a digital camera which can take videos
I want to take more pictures but I can't because I don't have a camera or I phone storage ugh
Sungjae & Peniel fully covered now 😂. They are otw another island... Kim Byoungman still teasing them with phone camera ㅎㅎㅎ ht…
I cracked my back camera on my phone & im really sad about it rn
Apparently they got into their 'role' too much when using their phone inside the car (out of camera) they use their…
Answered: Which smartphone is the best with respect to the selfie (front) camera?: The I phone 6+ still remains the…
SELFLY Camera: The smart, flying, phone case camera is popular on
I need a new phone mainly for a good camera
you have more concern for your phone and camera, yet your wallet has your license, you and your wife's address? Probably money?
If you've not seen what I do with a camera that DOESN'T make phone calls, visit
I put my phone camera against the window and took the picture, then edited it so it just s…
However I'm just so glad it wasn't my phone, camera or passport. I've recorded great content here in LA + so excited to share the vids! 😊💙
Can everyone please help my ugly *** friend. Broke the camera looking into it. Give him a like to pay for a new pho…
I too do not know how to properly aim my phone camera
Just think of how perfect this picture would have been if my stupid phone camera would focus. 😍💕
I only have a phone camera but it is better than not sharing. It is always nice to share a morning.
New phone's camera means better pictures omg. It actually looks as it does irl xD. MORE JUGGLING BEAR-BIT PROGRESS https:/…
I need to stay off my coaches phone , I'm just too in love with the 7 plus camera 😍😭
if i give you my phone to look at a pic or vid in my camera roll DO NOT scroll left, right, up, down bc i didnt give you per…
"Why is your camera roll all pictures of Fredo?". *frantically locks phone*
In 2017, your phone's camera will have superpowers
I love my Nokia Lumia phone. One OS to rule them all and a superior camera to boot. Was very worried this weekend when it stopped charging.
Nest Cam Security Camera: View room on your cell phone day or night
I like longer exposure..Nice I can't do it on my cell phone I have can't wait till I buy good camera
Ever since I dropped my (new) phone in the pool, it's been reduced to an overpriced fgo device...because the camera no longer works. TT
I swear I have the funniest video of me and Eric on my phone but my camera quality is so awful I can't even post it anywhere
Testing new phone, taken by Mi5. The price is 1/3 from iPhone yet the quality of the camera is…
In spirit of birthday I shall listen to Camera Phone 💁🏾
When I show you ONE picture, just look at that ONE picture. It's not your phone. If you start scrolling through my camera roll I'll punch u
Actually, most professional photographers will cite their most used camera as the one on their phone..
This is what my camera roll looks like after they take my phone to "check" themselfs on my camera . 😂
This awful phone camera must make the real photographers I know cringe.
What type of camera do you use to take photos? Or do you rely solely on your phone?
For those wondering how I took my own's a before/after! Peep my phone controlling the camera😉 http…
We switched from a camera to a phone & lost the bangs & ugly dresses but shes still taller and we're still cute ig https…
I honestly want a new phone so I have a higher quality camera to take pictures of my cat with
Get $20 off your first MTailor custom shirt. Your phone's camera measures you for the perfect fit.
So want this phone. What's not to like with a 16mp front camera!!
I'll break out the phone camera and take a video for you if you wanna try! 😅😅
I had that same phone and the back camera is 100% better than an iphone camera
my phone froze and so did my camera and in bad ways. Had to restart the phone both times
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
When you have to explain how a phone camera works to your mom whilst also trying to pose as a stripper
I really hate the process of having to transfer all of my photos from my camera onto my laptop and then to my phone
Does Harry smell the scent of a phone with the camera app or snapchat app open or something because it's amazing how he alw…
My phone camera only consists of pictures of Kanga and Jared 😂
i wanted that phone for the 360 camera. Would i use it? Probably not lol
I took this photo with my phone and not my actual camera so that's why it looks a little w…
Did i just hear a phone camera shutter noise right outside the window im sitting at? Someone taking pictures of me? 😂
Love it!!! (note to self, when I get my millions from Fonseca, I'll buy you a camera/phone that takes clearer pics hah:-)
Ugh I swear my phone camera used to be so clear and now it's not 😟
are we allowed to take pictures on an actual digital camera at M&G's? Because my phone camera is crappy!
I need to get a new phone with a better camera so when I take pictures of my artwork, they don't look like blurry photographic evidence
Oral-B’s Genius toothbrush uses your phone camera to help you brush better -
You can not see the beauty of moon in camera of your phone. It peeped through my window to wish me goodnight. Goodnight fellas 😊
Same Tablet same phone say ur price good for Almanac created Yen-Tan-Tablet for Viber Camera Action Qwadrant'
Broke my phone camera on both sides just so I can't take pics for yall.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Reminder that Niall doesn't know how to use his phone's camera -E
Looks like I'm gonna need to upgrade to a real camera before the next tapings since I won't be in a good spot to use my phone lol
looks like Colby discovered the camera phone today.
I want a phone with an amazing camera (back and front lol)
My camera roll on my phone is 95% Star Wars memes and political memes
I wish I still had my old phone, missed looking at my camera roll to see all the memories. Whoever stole it 🖕🏼
You should ditch all that expensive DV camera nonsense and switch to a smart phone, pal.
My mom doesn't know how to link a url from her phone so she recorded the GoT teaser with her phone camera and sent it to me manually. :')
The camera on my phone is so bad I can't even use Photo math😂😒
why doesn't it work? Because with the CAT I can be hidden? I could also hide a camera in a room and ctrl from my phone ?#
When you open your phone and it's on the front facing camera
When you try your Mac camera out without taking a picture on it but using your phone lmao
Just got my new phone! Everyone made fun of my old iphone4! My new one has slow-mo camera!! Its sick!!!
Apparently, my phone has s nasty bug that hasn't been reported yet. Invokes the camera and Wi-Fi
my glass phone case cracked over half the camera. I am livid
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The next phone may end camera shake, and fully charge in 15 minutes.
If I like YOU, make sure ur camera is covered on pc/phone and ur audio not on. They pretend to be a friend send an APP for u to use. trustme
Well yeah anything is better than a phone camera which is what I'm using.
When your phone camera's memory runs out at just the right time...
Camera samples of a phone. Who's video will be coming out tom morning. Take all your guesses. HINT:It's an budjet phone https:…
When you open your phone and the camera is front facing
Can't really do One Kemble Street justice with a phone camera.
All I do is take pictures on snapchat then save them to my phone I bearly use my camera
Turning off the flash on your cell phone camera can extend your battery life even if the camera app is off.
I remember when I didn't have a front camera on my phone and I had to take selfies in front of a mirror because I couldn't get it otherwise
I can't take selfies because there's a crack in my phone and it's right in the corner of the front facing camera it's so distracting
Yeah so I switched to my camera and then my uncle's phone b
Why do people take pics of selves holdin a huge phone infront of their face? Technology is clever Theres the reverse camera & timer options!
Neat interactive posters in Toronto schools encourage inclusiveness
& THAT'S why you always have to have your camera, or phone on-hand ready to take a picture !
Update your maps at Navteq
Why is snapchat camera better then my phone camera 😒
It's always when I don't have my camera and a pretty sunset takes place. My phone barely does justice.
I think I left my old phone at home and genuinely wanna commit suicide rn... That camera roll tho?? 😷 feel so nauseous man
Love these posters from The words show when you take a photo on your phone :)
Huh? I originally picked 3 different photos from the "Camera" album on my phone, but when I was going to insert them into
I use my snapchat camera more than I use my actual camera on my phone
Here is my $650 cellular phone stand. Isn't it kewl? 😈👍
The Pylon Cam has a better camera than my phone
Michael said his phone screen cracked cuz he opened the front camera 💀
My front camera is fuzzy now I'm about to go get my phone looked at sometime this week or next week 😭😭
like rn, the light from my window would go PERFECT but my phone or camera cant capture it :(
Me: why do I keep running out of space on my phone. Meanwhile, my camera roll:
First review of ASCII Vision, a real-time view of your phone's camera in ASCII characters.
I apologize for the background music and awkwardness and editing. it's weird transitioning from a phone to laptop/camera
Random selfie while listening to Disturbed. Sorry if this picture is bad, phone camera *** XP
'All the white guys' win in 'SNL' Oscars parody: Among the nominated roles: "White Man With Camera" and "Unseen Voice On Phone."
This sunrise is gorgeous. Unfortunately, my camera phone *** hindi majujustify kung pipicturan ko to. 😖🌞⛅
everytime I'm about to take a picture, I go straight to snapchat like my phone doesn't already have a camera 😂
Son gave me new phone checking out the camera.
When you open the camera on your phone and its facing the wrong way 👽
My crappy phone camera doesn't do this place justice @ Brant Point, Nantucket Ma
Is it just me or was that camera photoshopped in? Bc there should be a picture of a beach, not a phone, right?
Fabulous sky tonight and no camera aaagghh had to use phone does not do it justice
I get so nervous when someone asks me if they can use my phone cus I have waaay too many photos of Michael Cera and Pepe on my camera role
Going to be posting more pictures of the great Yorkshire show tomorrow as all my picture are on my camera not my phone 😊😊
Who buys a PMP for 19k? At this price u can buy a good Android phone with better camera, music player n off course more space.
it's 2015 .. why are CCTV images so terrible? the camera on my phone takes clearer images than these
My normal phone camera won't work now either. So I guess I'm just supposed to send out old *** pics ?
They shoulda never gave these ugly girls a phone with a camera... Please stop
also if you have Dropbox turn on the camera sync. That’s how I get all the images from phone to LR
"I once go so stoned I stared at myself on my phone's front camera for 5 minutes laughing thinking I was watching a vi…
Needs to dial 911unlock phoneopen phone appdial 911press sendWant to take a selfieswipe left on camera buttontake picture
ive alrdy transferred all the stuff on my camera roll to my laptop and deleted it from my phone so plS
Put that camera phone away and keep it real with me
Currently have not seen myself in a mirror bc I did my makeup with a phone camera
Amazing! Pull out your camera phone and start today. Time is passing by!
Eid clothes sorted . Haircut done . Phone camera fixed . Ready for eid, let the eid wars begin lol. . Friday or Saturday.
Side note... *** good camera phone he got in there.
Like the Pope? Into Photos? Want a chance to Win a Trip for TWO to Vatican City? For Only $25??? Check here for details: can be picked up in person at Pickers Paradise, in Yankton, SD on Thursday, July 10th from 3-4 pm. Bring a photo from home, or have yours taken there with the Camera Phone... You may also Email in a Photo! Christian Mosaics Will See You There!
Surprised my mom doesn't get more mad then she does when I take her phone cause the camera is so much better then mine! & not even w/her
My camera on my phone won't launch. I can't take noo flicks
I videoed literally every song tonight on my phone or camera 😃
I would've threw her camera or phone in the middle of the street :3 lmao jk people record instead of helping nowadays ! 😠
thanks - it has been fantastic! These are just a few from my phone. Lots more pics on my proper camera when I'm home!
Review of the Nokia phone that tops the camera world: Nokia 1020
if there's any chance we could interview you on-camera (or via phone/Skype) today/tomorrow regarding this, please let me know.
BTW...the vlogs aren't really for money or anything...and they'll be from my phone camera XD
Playing with phone camera settings.
Life would be infinitely better if you could project videos onto walls out of the camera of your phone.
This is possibly the best picture I will ever take myself of (took the pic from my camera on my phone)
look at it through the camera phone xD
As much as I adore my new phone. The working front camera has made me realise just how many chins I actually have 🐷
Can I get a new phone already so my front camera can work again 😩
Clearly my phone was used as the show camera 700 odd photos mainly of 😂😂
My phone camera is broken, or almost broken..
Watch my parents get me a booty *** ugly *** bronze aged lookin, no camera havin *** cell phone...
I FINALLY got a new camera for my phone! Screw the old one (shown above) for randomly dying on me.…
Phone off I've got my hq camera for videos
Bird on a step from the camera phone.
Try Text Camera! The best camera app for your phone
He made me drop the phone and the camera don't work no more 😑😑😑
My snapchat and camera arent working and my phone keeps freezing and yeah.. I need to get this looked at
I feel like my iphone camera is the quality of a flip phone
Mom: how do u get that mirror on your phone. Me: ?. Mom: like I always see you fixing your makeup. Me: R u talking about the front camera 😐
Life would just be so much easier if my phone had a front camera😐
everytime I think I look nice my phone camera says I think not which is why I dont take selfies
Thots' mirrors are they front camera on their phone
My frindz plz read a real story what i faced from delhi police i don't want to like. and comment on the same but if you really want to fight gainst the same so plz share it plz... Dear sir/madam This an information about one of you sub inspector of police station (hari nagar) west zone name surrender singh ahlawat, On 10th of august 2013 I I have reached at hari nagar depot in front of muthoot fincorp limited via tilak nagar somewhere around 6.20pm might be a group of police man was on routine inspection of the area when they were passing me a traffic police man asked me about my bike so I said yes this is my bike and he said I have punish you because your rear number plate is defected when I saw that I found that some sticker was peeled off and I don’t know how I requested him that I’ll make it done right now so he said I have to give you a Chelan some of rupees 100/- I said ok if you don’t trust on me so I am ready to get punished during that conversation one police man name rajender singh said no ...
The camera on this phone is amazing!
Ya knoe ya skillful when yuh putting on makeup with your camera phone as the mirror!
When I don't have my glasses on and I wanna see something up close I use my phone camera. lol
iOS 8 can scan your credit card using the camera,
Why does my face look so different in the mirror to how it does on a phone camera? It's very annoying. I'd like the better ve…
Ik it's a simple materialistic item but I miss my 5c. This phone is so sloOOoOoOoow and the camera quality suks butt
Only if y'all saw my DSLR pictures and not only my phone camera spectacle...then you may be enamored.
My cell phone is my watch, camera, iPod, flashlight, calculator, mailbox, and so much more.
Man I really wish my camera on my phone wasn’t broken. :\ I have some new sketches but no way of getting...
You can tell something's wrong with my phone's camera because I look somewhat half decent in that picture lmao
Deleting all my sister selfies outta my phone I don't know what made her think she could takeover my camera roll
Open my camera to see that my coworker has taken like 76 pictures of my *** while I'm answering the phone at work😂😳
I was so excited to see a camera on a phone for the first time & this generation doesn't even know phones didn't used to have cameras...
That moment when a Deer runs across your property and you dont have enough time to get your camera working on your phone...
Swear to god I ain't getting my daughter a camera phone until she is 18.. She ain't gonna know what the *** pictures …
A fan gave Harry her phone to take a selfie on. instead he turned the camera & took a pic of the crowd. That little- http…
A picture, taken with my phone camera. On manual, 16 second exposure, iso 800, f 3.3 it shows…
My phone camera hasn't worked so I don't have many progress shots of Ash. I'll share some tomorrow.
I just want the back camera on my phone to work
Too lazy to get up to get my glasses so I just zoom in with my phone camera to watch tv
I only have my phone and I haven't found out how to disable the camera sounds yet. I prefer to be an incognito mode viewer.
Ahh.. didn't realize that. I either need to get that camera that has the front screen on it or hope smart phone cameras improve.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
To the dude that stole my phone: I got another one thanks. Hope you enjoy unlocking my phone. Saw you on camera too. Ridiculous people.
LG could be my next phone. Removable battery, microSD slot, great camera, high spec processor n memory. G3 review
I only have a video and it blurry bc it's on my friends phone and on my friends camera
Congrats to Marshall Reeves for winning Master Craftsman in Hardcore. My phone camera doesn't do this justice at all
My camera on my phone is so shiiitt
Messing about with camera on new phone x
Now you can get extendable metal wands (called selfie sticks) for your phone or camera for the perfect So mad, it's hilarious.
Discover how you can make a fortune online using nothing but a digital camera or smart phone -spon
I wanna get a new phone my camera doesn't even focus ughhh
When you accidentally open the front camera of your phone and you're just there like
I've been tagged in two already but a phone for camera :(
Saul took a picture of me flipping off the camera on our moms phone and now I'm in trouble😂
Looking to trade. I want: any and all Gamecube games, ( but particularly Mario Party 5, Luigis Mansion, Windwaker, Mario Baseball and Double Dash), and two gamecube controllers. Offering: Green N64 (works fine), green controller (bit of wear on joystick, otherwise fine), all hookups, Ocarina of Time, Goldeneye, Pokemon Snap, Duke Nuke 64, Mario Kart 64 and Snowboard Kids 2. (all games work fine, Mario Kart has sticker stuck to the cartridge). Xbox games: Halo, Halo 2, Lego Star Wars, Fable, Soul Caliber 2, Burger King's Big Bumping and Sneak King, Knights of the Old Republic (in BK pocketbike racer case), NHL 2k6, Burnout Revenge, MLB slugfest and Lego Lord of the Rings for the 360. (all games work, Big Bumping case is cracked and Halo 2 case has some water damage -- KOTOR has no case and the Soul Caliber case is not its original but all games work fine. If you want anything that I'm offering and have something I may be looking for send me a message and hopefully we can work something out. Ps. sorry for t ...
Had an awesome day on the moors today, I went to fish my favorite loch, a beautiful corner of the Hebrides. While I was there I saw some deer on the hillside so decided to see if I could still stalk OK. I got to within 30 yards of the lead stag and hung out watching them for a while until they got wise to me. The camera phone does not do it justice. Finally I hiked a few miles further down the Loch to a Dun/Broch. These are small fortified islands, some are Iron age, some older and some even date back to the Stone age (Neolithic). The prehistoric inhabitants of the Hebrides presumably built these for protection from each other. To say a day like this is good for the soul is an understatement, this is how I meditate.
Thank you to all of our fun friends who came to cheer with us at The Sprinkler Sprint! I think we were all so loud that the camera phone was too scared to post. . . .at least that this the most scientific reason I can come up with to explain why our photos won't post! :)
Found: gray/white cat, 1st & Terry Ave. There are several strays in this area, but I believe this cat to be someone's pet as it (possibly neutered male) is very well mannered and taken care of. Unable to take a pic as I dont have camera phone or camera at this time.
A photographer friend was playing around with his camera phone and shot and put this together in less than 10 minutes of my T-Bird. Now that's talent!
I only wish my camera phone would work when I encounter amazing things - but NO my eyes are the only camera available. So today on my ride in Frenchtown I come upon an 1800 colony of people all dressed in traditional garb - amazing. I go a bit further only to be able to SEE a bald eagle and baby eagle nesting maybe 20 ft up on a telephone structure - absolutely a great day. !!!
Challenge! I dare you to post here (comment with) the most recent picture you took with your camera phone. Go ahead, I double-dog dare you!
Choose at least two of the following four actions. Your choice: 1. Do I really look like that in underwear? Take digital photos of yourself from the front, back, and side. Wear either underwear or a bathing suit. Not eager to ask a neighbor for a favor? Use a camera with a timer or a computer webcam like the Mac iSight. Put the least flattering “before” photo somewhere you will see it often: the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, dog’s forehead, etc. 2. Do I really eat that? Use a digital camera or camera phone to take photographs of everything you eat for 3–5 days, preferably including at least one weekend day. For sizing, put your hand next to each item or plate in the photographs. For maximum effect, put these photos online for others to see. 3. Who can I get to do this with me? Find at least one person to engage in a friendly competition using either total inches (TI) or bodyfat percentage. Weight is a poor substitute but another option. Use competitive drive, guilt, and fear of humiliation to you ...
Zeva at 2.5 knows what's up! Body Beast! Me: Who is that? Z: Uncle Monkey? (she always thinks it my brother if its on camera phone) Me: Who is that? (pointed to T.V.) Z: The Body Beast
Heron on the cart just now. .taken on camera phone
This is why I enjoy with my camera phone
Wrexham 'ghost' goal not given Caught on someones camera phone The guys commentary is quality .. MUST WATCH LIKE and SHARE
Ahsan Khan and Noureen Roarr's Wedding Sorry for the shaky camera phone video. My handycam died.
NGD used StormBird, sound is not the best, camera phone is too close to the amp, will post a better one later
DAILY DOSE SO GO ON ,GET CHEATED, IT'S EASY This was sent to me but as a former poster child for credit cards I would fully believe a lot of you are in hock and running on empty. Inflated billing, odd charges and hey, something is not right but no one listens. Here are three scenarios you should take on board.Don't think you are too smart to be outsmarted, the samrt crooks are heap smarter than you. SCENE 1. A friend went to the local gym and placed His belongings In the locker. After the workout and a shower, he came out, Saw the locker open, and thought to himself, 'Funny, I thought I locked the locker... Hmm, 'He dressed and just flipped the wallet To make sure all was in order. Everything looked okay - all cards were in place... A few weeks later his credit card bill came - A whooping bill of $14,000! He called the credit card company and started yelling at them, Saying that he did not make the transactions. Customer care personnel verified that there was no mistake In the system and asked if his card ...
panoramic taken with camera phone. to the left is road up to Hardknott pass then Wrynose in the middle...duddon valley and on down to seathwaite to the right
Some zombie sleeves I painted today for my pals over at Immortal Masks sculpted by the amazing Bill Basso ...get yourself a pair here please excuse the crappy camera phone pics =)
URGENT! Is there a way to make my iPhone5 a non camera phone?
In hospital recently with my son on a children's ward .. The ward was empty apart from bed which me n son occupied at other end of room to which I'm photographing..The ward grew cold during the night and I had my camera phone on and snapped some interesting photos of the curtains.. No windows were opens... Anyone sense or see anything? These photos scare me Approved by Amanda rules signed n read
I just narrowly missed having a distinctively un-pheasant experience, and instead had a hilarious one. On the way home, I screeched to a halt as some kind of game bird that I haven't been able to identify virtually leapt in front of my car with her young. She was very long, especially her tail; brown, dust-colored all over, with little black checks along her sides, and moving pretty quickly. There must have been about a dozen little chicks with their short legs scurrying along to keep up with her; they looked like very tiny goslings, but grayish. And there were another half-dozen at the end of the line who sped up even more to catch up with her, their legs a black blur beneath them. But I waited, and thank God--outliers and dawdlers know their own type, lol: another couple of extreme slow-pokes finally came barreling across the road at breakneck speed to join the troupe, completing a tableau that resembled nothing so much as a Warner Brothers cartoon. There was no one behind me at first, but the swipe on ...
More from last nights show. Camera phone action.
I have this awesome bead shop in town, and every time I walk in it's like I'm overpowered by it all. Sure there's the regular beads, but they have the real stuff too. i took a few pics to it show off, though my camera phone isnt great. Ocean Jasper cabs, Labradorite cabs, the rows of beads, an aquamarine piece, the really good stuff, some jaspers, etc...
Hello there. Are you dark-skinned in real life? Do you know other dark-skinned people who look light skinned on social networks? Do you wanna look like them but you don't know how they do it? Well today is your LUCKY DAY! :D When you're taking a pic (selfie recommended), make sure you're closer to the camera phone & the phone has flashlight activated... Then click!! I tell you :v Try it! :v :v
Walking back from meeting, can you see the eagle? And me with only my camera phone
Oooh my ears!! And literally off into the sunset (thanks to a not particularly good camera phone).
Custom holographic flake over aquarius blue with diamond white bolts rubish camera phone cant pickbthe flake pop as it shimmers from pink green bluevpurpke red silver
Who needs a go pro when you have a camera phone and a roll of duct tape! First ride on the demzz.
ITS A PHOTO SHOOT GONE GET YO CAMERA PHONE.with my Daughter my Baby Girl my Heart Ms. Tey'Ariana Mo'Naye Marshall
FILIPINOS IN MALAYSIA TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY WITH PARADE, BAYANIHAN DANCE PERFORMANCE 6 June 2014 – For the third straight year, Filipinos in Malaysia will again splash Kuala Lumpur’s streets with vibrant colors and the rich Filipino cultural tapestry as the Philippine Embassy there commemorate the 116th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence with a Filipino-Malaysian community parade and program dubbed “Fiesta sa Embahada 2014” on June 8. “This is a much-awaited time for the Filipino-Malaysian community to gather and celebrate our Freedom Day. It is also an opportunity for us to share our culture with Malaysian and for them to see why ‘it’s more fun in the Philippines’,” Ambassador J. Eduardo Malaya said. The parade, which is organized by the Federation of Filipino Associations in Malaysia (FFAM), is expected to draw in some 1,500 participants and will traverse Kuala Lumpur’s premiere commercial centers along Jalan Bukit Bintang, the city’s major shopping ...
very proud of my niece her solo in 7th grade choir!!! yes that me clapping at the end i was very proud! yeah i know you can't really see her... it was made with my crappy camera phone :P
The Beto Nunes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team was broken into four groups of four for a little tournament practice tonight. If someone were to tap out, then that winner would be able to assist a teammate and to double-team an opponent. So there was a lot of pressure on John, age 13, to stay alive against his adult opponents. Well, he managed to hold his own and was only submitted once all night. During this first round, he was able to go the entire five minutes -- as did the other three pairs -- and so it ended in a draw. Unfortunately, my camera phone was only able to catch the first three minutes. Too bad, really, because it was a really terrific several rounds of tourney action tonight by Beto Nunes' team members.
camera phone quality video of the course BOOM
Fed up now of having to watch a gig through numerous iPhone 5 screens. Put ya phone down and watch the gig, your eyes are the best camera!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Insanely clever ways to use your phone's camera! Love these!.
Well, still better than the camera of my phone.
so I bought some camera lenses for my phone so be expecting a lot more pictures like this
Other than the lack of front camera, I love this phone. Also wow my mirror is dirty.
Everyone with a camera on their phone thinks their a photographer and they're so artsy. What?
Don't try to reach me while I'm in Padre. My phone's only use will be as a camera. 😎
okay so Ben is teaching Casper how to hold a camera and Casper is teaching Ben how to use a phone!?
Am I the only one who looks in their phone camera to do their makeup
Not that a camera phone can capture God's sunsets properly, but this is my attempt.
My camera broke again lol y does my phone hate ne
record on my phone camera, open it on my iPad, screenshot from video on phone
If Dujun use my phone or camera to take a selca or video like last night what he did to J-B2UTYs on B2ST Japan tour, I'll fai…
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Camera Phone by The Game Ft. Ne-Yo
Verizon flip camera phone... Home and car charger, several memory cards, case and user manual...good condition.. $35
So my camera is broke on my phone so I'm about to go get a new one. Smh.
Just found a spy camera on my phone.. *** ..
I already have 50 pictures in my camera roll and i got this phone yesterday.😩😂
The camera on this phone is amazinggg
Niall’s phone camera is. 30% pictures of his TV,. 50% selfies,. 17% pictures of him with the boys or other celebrities.
This is a screencap of my phone as the camera put a yellow box around a face that wa...
Being around water shouldn't mean you have to leave your phone or camera behind.
This old man is videoing me and briony sat on the bus and he thinks he can't see us putting his phone down and it being on cam…
My phone's camera quality is so good you can actually see my massive pores in selfies now
.in NK the phone is a very important tool for when real camera can't be discreet or when it's not really for AP wire.
You can go around filming Anne Hathaway's life with a camera phone and call it "Annie"; I'm gon' watch it!
The only reason I wish this phone had a better front camera is for when I snapchat on the toilet.
Good thing you brought that fancy camera to little league so you're not limited to the 8 megapixel camera with filters in…
So.. I made my own camera stand for my phone out of the mood for recording something... Now WTH should I record?!
I wish my phone camera wasnt so bad because this view is incredible
This is the best picture I got thanks to keep moving and the bad camera on my phone! You were amazing!
The camera on my phone cracked I don't know how to feel
I can't wait to get all my photos from my nice camera onto my phone! be prepared everybody
There's like 50 pictures of Rudy on my phone... This is why I hate that anyone can use my camera without putting in my password😒😂
My camera on my phone points out my flaws...
It could be sumbody lookin at u right now on the front camera of yo phone and u don't even know
When your back camera breaks on phone...gah help pliz anybody?
When you accidentally switch to the phone’s front camera and you’re just there like
Misplacing your glasses after taking out your contacts and having to use your phone's camera as your source of vision
Im in love with taking pictures with my back camera now that i have a new phone
they're not even and I done them looking in my phone camera and not a mirror😂😨
The camera on my phone doesn't work anymore 😭😭
I wish but all I had was my phone camera sigh I want to go back
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