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The University of Cambridge (informally known as Cambridge University or Cambridge) is a public research university located in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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🐶 Follow your heart 🐶 This is Trinity College where my Mum and Dad met twenty five years ago as students at Cambridge Un…
Politics of the poor: Negotiating democracy in contemporary India. by Indrajit Roy. Cambridge University Press.
"I experienced first-hand what happens when a university chooses the path of openness and diversification." The Vice-Cha…
NEW IR JOB: University Lecturer in International Relations at Cambridge. (This is a permanent/tenured position).
Chinese oracle bone, 14th-12th C BC, one of the earliest known examples of Chinese writing, University Library, Cambridge…
According to a research by the University of Cambridge, there are 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using a cryptocurrency w…
Pretty sure it was the students, not the EU, who called for this change (and the comment box is entertaining): EU set to ban…
A fantastic day at Cambridge University! Thanks to Fergus Th…
. is an Advisory Board member of Cambridge University's hosted Digital Cities for Change pro…
Homeless man wins "dream" place at Britain's Cambridge University
THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH... "Stephen Hawking, the Cambridge University-based genius, claims we have got less than 60…
This is truly wonderful and heartening! Former Big Issue seller accepted to Cambridge University
Peter is a PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge, also the Founder and Director of the Centre for Strategic Analyses an…
Cambridge University recently opened a centre dedicated to postdocs. A good idea for Melbourne?…
These sheep know who Barack Obama is 🐑.
Looking for a new Check out the new "Service Desk Analyst" role at the University of Cambridge - http…
Black authors are to become a compulsory part of the University of Cambridge curriculum
“Cambridge University released the results of a global study of virtual currencies as of 2017” by Happy
A copy of the email I'm sending to both Cambridge University hospitals and Ki…
Sheep are able to distinguish Barack Obama from another random face. . I wonder if they repeatedly tried to...
Homeless man takes ‘dream’ place at Cambridge University , brother! ✊🏾
A beautiful afternoon at the second oldest English speaking university in the world, Cambridge 🇬🇧 ht…
Join the in collaboration with the Cambridge University Law Society for a panel discussion on violations of internation…
A homeless man who sold the Big Issue now has a place at Cambridge University
I’m not sure, but that sounds familiar. I do remember reading last spring that CA started off by st…
Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding | University of Cambridge
A study at Cambridge University has shown that sheep can recognise human faces and are able to identify pictures of Emma Wat…
Sheep tested to recognise celebrities in Cambridge University study
One of Cambridge University’s oldest private member’s clubs has broken with more than 180 years of tradition by vot…
I was at Cambridge University Christian Union today and spoke on “Resurrection: hoax or history?” - Big Questions
Paradise Papers: Cambridge University 'invested tens of millions offshore'
The University of Chicago. Harvard. . But I'll agree that Bloomington has an unusually…
HMP Grampian on “knife’s edge” and running on goodwill according to Cambridge University report
Does Cambridge University need to widen a 'whitewashed' reading list? Where are &
This Cambridge SJW tried to get me fired just for reading a book about Nazi Germany
52-year-old homeless man gets admission in Cambridge University
"Casting futures writings as predictions suggests that it is up to technologists to realise them”
Research studentship: coastal wetland restoration at University of Cambridge via (Royal Meteorological Society h…
The website for my forthcoming book written with “Re-Engineering Humanity” (Cambridge University Press,…
Such a great end of my then formal dinner with these
Students outraged over 'absolutely scandalous' . fossil fuel investments
I would put im at university in Cambridge 😔
The amount of people trying to see Stephen Hawking's thesis crashed Cambridge University's website
Centre of Latin American Studies, Cambridge University. We had a chat about Mapuches in Argentina after he…
Is there, though, "the Cambridge University college, Trinity Hall"?
Stephen Hawking’s PhD thesis is so popular it has crashed the Cambridge University website
Demand for Stephen Hawking's PhD thesis crashes part of Cambridge University's website as physics fans go to read it https:…
‘This is my country’: Cambridge University bans Arabic students travelling to Palestine over deportation fears – E…
: "Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings'" via musmanuttra
University students given trigger warnings for plays
Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings' - Fox News
Wonderful visit to University of Cambridge Primary school - a research school - discussing leadership with Dr James Biddulph.
Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture guardianvia
I may have just done myself out of a job, but here's every news story you'll read about Cambridge Uni this year
guardian "Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture
Instead of dishing out the snippy quote marks, maybe we should be happy about this?
Cambridge Uyiversitn issues trigger rawnings for Shakespeare lecture
Last week I made my forecast for the yr ahead. I think we can already tick off 'tedious row about Trigger Warnings'
Get yourself wise and read university studies You can even check now in The Silk Ro…
Trigger warnings for Shakespeare plays... That's it! I want off this rock.
Shakespeare plays contain gore and violence that might "upset you", Cambridge University students are warned
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings'.”
THR: Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings' (FOX)
"Not university policy, but we'll moan about it regardless".
Cambridge students to get trigger warnings before Shakespeare plays in case they feel distressed - poor snowflakes! https:…
Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture
This is a non-story. Not a fan of trigger warnings in academia but nothing to see here.
theguardian: 'Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture'
Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings', if you know what i mean
I think you might have warned any Cambridge University students that it con…
Cambridge university now gives ‘Trigger Warnings’ to students on the works of Shakespeare. What chance have they got in the…
i'd love to get your thoughts on Cambridge university putting trigger warnings on shakespeare plays
Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings' brandnaware
“If a student of Eng lit doesn’t know Titus Andronicus contains scenes of violence they shouldn't be on the course”
Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings'
Cambridge University slammed over Shakespeare 'trigger warnings' via
Children have studied Shakespeare for years without trigger warnings, unlike the 'adults' of Cambridge University
Cambridge University students given ‘trigger warnings’ in case Shakespeare upsets them
Seriously? God give me strength! - Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture
oh FFS, why bother going to university? Cambridge University issues trigger warnings for Shakespeare lecture
Breaking the Silence, new programme to deal with sexual harassment, launches today
Christ's is delighted to welcome Prof Stephen Toope who has been appointed Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University:…
A Cambridge University school puts image of Auschwitz on program for students' welcome sermon - New York Daily News
Will speak out about her friend Linda Bellos being no-platformed by Cambridge University?
Meet Onoriode Aziza, Nigerian genius who has 3 First Class degrees from OAU, Nigerian Law School and Cambridge University -…
- phashew - this Tory turd does not actually apologise to homeless man.
Brad Smith is a biblical commentary set published in parts by Cambridge University Press from 1882 onwards.
Excited for football! Tonight John Glenn plays Cambridge at home 7pm! Tomorrow you can catch Muskingum University vs Way…
dropped a date so I could catch a Squirtle at Cambridge University
and then the deluded paranoid *** of ARU, Cambridge University and the councils and many others expect
That's just the paranoid completely deluded *** of ARU, Cambridge University, the councils and other self deluded *** of this city
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen become the focus of Cambridge University course
Hard to be optimistic about this after Cambridge debacle: Princeton University Press opens office in China
BBC News - Cambridge University student 'sorry' for burning £20 in front of homeless man
Have I imagined a law that states something like destroying currency is a crime - and burning it equates to...
Cambridge University student who burned £20 note in front of homeless person says he 'abused his privilege'
A University student filmed burning a £20 note in front of a homeless man has written a letter of apology. 🔥🔥…
This is only the beginning. . . Pre Sale in 21 days.
Drop in fun today at Cambridge University Library. Find out how books are made. For age 5-12, free 11am-12pm
. Can I ask why Cambridge University is disseminating propaganda, and rank dishonesty, like this -
Coming up next on the Truth Speaker, about how anti-Russian propaganda has infiltrated even Cambridge University - . https…
Absolutely loved our visit to Cambridge University last year as par…
Emma Thompson was partying with Cambridge University students earlier this month
Cambridge University warns against 'sexist' terms like 'genius' and 'brilliance'
>> Historic debate between James Baldwin v. William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge University on the question: "Is...
I just won a Fulbright Scholarship to study at Newnham College, Cambridge University wooho
Paintings of Cambridge University porters up for sale
The crazy cost of housing here is more of a threat to Cambridge University attracting talent than Brexit
4. Stephen Hawking, physicist and lecturer at Cambridge University, has motor neurone disease.
Karen Leigh Anderson (| Starting a Join us at Cambridge University for Social Venture…
The Maidstone Hackspace award winning Pi Wars robotic challenge team at Cambridge University with from BBC TV…
“It’s more like a religion than a sport” – Annie Vernon on rowing at Cambridge University
Y9 and have had a GREAT time at Cambridge University! Let's hope we will see some of them studying here in…
Fellow for Immigration and Migration Studies - Harvard University - basic - Cambridge, MA
"The webcam was developed so staff at Cambridge University Computer Science Department to know if there was coffee in the coffee pot."
Oxbridge Interviews: what they’re really looking for (Interview with the Admissions Tutor of Homerton College, ... - http…
This man has done his Phd from Cambridge university and detained by matric fail Rangers.
“There’s never a day too cold or too wet to be on the water." Claire Lambe for Cambridge University
Cambridge University Ziplining Club's founder gives his first interview, one year on.
A study by FR Allchin, University of Cambridge suggests India might be the ancient home of alcohol distillation
: University Boat Race could be OFF after bomb is found in London . THE University Bo…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Wondering why this Cambridge academic is not 'working' in a brothel?
Learn Arabic or Urdu, so when Muslim Mafia attack you, you can pretend to be in their gang.
Day 71 includes Tina Fey, Cambridge University, Federal pains and veils of secrecy!
Cambridge University European societies defend academic freedom in face of Hungary bill
Flynn signed correspondence to Russian prof, "General Misha".
When SCL Elections formed Cambridge Analytica in 2013 it hired researchers…
Today I went to Cambridge University to see my sister receive her MA... as a treat they let us stand on the grass..…
Unexploded bomb spotted in Thames on eve of Oxford-Cambridge University Boat Race
Well there's an oxymoron - Cambridge University intelligence group
Cambridge University dragged into row over Donald Trump's ex-spy chief's links to Russia
I'm speaking on Saturday April 1st at Ridley Hall, Cambridge University at "Making a Difference: Faith in Business"…
European Youth Parliament team 2017 at Cambridge University. Ready to debate!
Well done to Aisha Y11 who won a spot on She Talks Science, hosted by Murray Edwards College, Cambridge University
Delhi Govt School Principles attending Leadership training at Cambridge University in United Kingdom. Thanx…
Dr. Crichton was a postdoctoral fellow at the Salk Institute and professor at Cambridge University..
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The times they are a changin'- Cambridge University is running a new course on Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen:
The research from University College London, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and Cambridge University found that the… ht…
Find out how we helped transform Cambridge University's David Attenborough Building in this month's Journal:…
A disappointing ranking for Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin, but it's not the fault of the superb sustainability staff
Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies, Cambridge University and Center for Ecology, Development and Research...
Sunrise over Clare College at Cambridge University. Isn't it beautiful? . Credit:…
We are looking forward to meeting Cambridge University trainee teachers tomorrow at the Faculty of Education...
30 Principals of Delhi govt schools at Cambridge University. This is truly an investment into our society's future! http…
has received a DHC from Cambridge University
Brittany Piehl, Adam Miller: He received a master's in physics from Cambridge University and a master's and P...
Humiliated when Cambridge University refused toilet access after bag leaked
Know somebody who got into Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin? Let them know we love students at St Barnabas
It's said that he didn’t excel at school but he ended up studying law at Trinity College Cambridge, part of the Cambridge University 😮
Master of Churchil College,Cambridge University, Professor Dr. David Wallace was former Chairman of Mathematical Physics at EdinburghVarsity
Tom Hiddleston kick-started his career by performing in fluent (ancient) GREEK via
blasts Cambridge for silence on via
Anti-ageing chocolate which reduces wrinkles developed by Cambridge University spin-off | via
Renzi blasts Cambridge University for failing to co-o... via
FAMIN or feast? Newly discovered mechanism influences how immune cells 'eat' invaders University of Cambridge - Eu…
Renzi blasts Cambridge University for failing to co-operate with investigation into murdered Italian student:
Swedish Police Commisioner Dan Eliasson awarded the Sir Robert Peel Medal by Cambridge University. Eliasson is mainly known for saying...
Tom Hiddleston - Eton College, Cambridge University, RADA.. Did it all have to end like this?
Cambridge University to fund new city route, to boost North West traffic plans:
I have now witnessed The King's Men, official Men's chorus of Cambridge University, sing "Stacy's Mom". Strike that one off the bucket list.
it's the American greed that offends me. And btw, I am considered a native English speaker by Cambridge University's CPE exam😉
Homeless student gets straight A*s and an offer from Cambridge University
Government needs to tackle the decline in languages, warns Cambridge University report
Charles Darwin was baptised a Christian whilst young and studied Theology at Cambridge University.
How do you go from foreign & political correspondent to Director of Comms @ Cambridge University? explains
Rowan Williams calls on Cambridge University to divest from fossil fuels - Former archbishop ... - -
Study English at Cambridge University on our Fitzwilliam College summer course!
Beautiful weather for another day of filming down at Christ College, Cambridge University for Nicholas & Abigail...
Cambridge University faces growing pressure to from fossil fuel companies
Cambridge University newspaper urges union to save publication amid a threat of closure:
Cambridge University open days, 30th June and 1st July, now open for booking
The end of an era - Dear Jack, my late father's best friend at Cambridge University - may he rest in peace
= 'at Cambridge University from Nov. '15. I am loving the book!
The Queens’ College library at Cambridge University will be the focus of a digitizing project.
and Cambridge Englisch Gramma in use from Cambridge University Press
Cambridge University agrees to permanently remove Nigerian bronze cockerel
Like, wow man, Cambridge University has dorms in, like, another city in England, man? It's clearly Franklin's doing!
And we have our winner! Congratulations Team Simprints from Cambridge University - winner of the London Regional
Cambridge University v University of Worcester - now 2pm @ St Neots Town 3G.
'Exceptional' Cambridge University student dies in fall at Girton College
Video + my transcript of James Baldwin debate vs. William F. Buckley at Cambridge University (1965) | Blog
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Boat Race 2016: Four Blues back for Cambridge University men's crew to face Oxford on the Tideway
Cambridge University college should return bronze sculpture taken from Benin empire in 1897:
Cambridge University student union passes motion that sculpture taken from Benin empire in 1897 be repatriated https:/…
Cambridge University student from Newfoundland making a name playing polo in the UK
Cambridge University student from Chiswick makes theatre debut
Cambridge University student found dead 'with signs of torture' in Egypt
'Look out for your fellow humans': Ban Ki-Moon addresses Cambridge University | Cambridge News via
"Look out for your fellow humans". Ban Ki-Moon speaks at Cambridge University:
Oldest person to get MA is 102 year old who finally decided to 'complete CV'
A Library Sales Executive is needed over take a look here in
Most amazing three days at Cambridge University 💗✏️📚
Among these, who should apply for the post of English Professor in Cambridge/Oxford University ?.
Let’s normalise gender diversity and get on with making a difference in science ht…
Departmental Administrator - Anglia Ruskin University - Cambridge: Working in the Facult...
More photo's from our carbon bubble's action today at Cambridge University
This is neat. Google Street View comes to Cambridge University.
Field-based structural, metamorphic or tectonic geologist? University Lecturer in Earth Sciences
Science and Ethics - Compare Prices and Reviews on Reference at eShopsWay
she isn’t sure her research will show mindfulness improving exam performance. “People here are perfectionist,” she…”
Professor Owen Chadwick was a long-serving Master of Selwyn College, & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge.
"Best phrase to hear as a student: I haven't started it either." — University of Cambridge
This should be taught at every college.
Glad to see Cambridge catching up to what I've been doing for the past 4 years. works!.
Cambridge University first came under fire for its insanely abusive animal testing policies in 2002 and they STILL DO IT!
The Christian Schism in Jewish History and Jewish Memory. by Joshua Ezra Burns - Cambridge University Press.
Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain | University of Cambridge
Industrial Agriculture and Ape Conservation (State of the Apes). Arcus Foundation - Cambridge University Press.
Young carer who has won a place at Cambridge asks how do young carers deal with guilt at going away to university
Useless information, courtesy of Siri and University of Cambridge.
Awesome! Cambridge is offering mindfulness sessions to combat an increase in student stress:
Mindfulness: the craze sweeping through schools is now at a university near you
The History of the University of Cambridge: From the Conquest to the Year 1634 (
‘Rail Week’ running from June 27 to July 3 2016 will neatly miss Cambridge University students who might be attracted
Royal Engineers Boxing Club good preparation for boxing against Cambridge University on Saturday 👊👊.
Weird News - Spiderman would need 43-inch hands to stick to a wall, Cambridge University finds: Spiderman coul...
Cambridge University will pay £204k for five new city council planning officers- interesting stuff from
Cambridge University paying for five new Council planning officers to speed up approvals process for new development
Animals suffering at Cambridge University and Vice Chancellor says, “We are proud of our work."
Professor Nigel Slater of Cambridge University presents alternatives to DMSO for cell freezing
Well done to Holly Davis who has gained a place at Cambridge University for a residential experience exploring the field of medicine.
historians - A day of history learning at Cambridge University? Who could say no to that! Come and see me if you’re interested.
Look at These Bacteria Moving Like Electrons Around an Atom: A team of researchers from MIT and Cambridge University has discovered t...
Boustany Institute of Astronomy offers PhD Scholarship at Cambridge University in UK, 2016. Boustany institute is...
Cambridge University created the virtual fossil' by plotting a total of 797 'landmarks' on fossilised skulls stretching over almost two
Cambridge University opens a £10 million centre to study the impact of AI on humanity
Steve Palmer? Degree in software engineering from Cambridge University & played in the for
Final touches today on my commission for Newnham College, Cambridge University. Hand blown glass…
Cambridge University launches new centre to study AI and the future of intelligence: submitted by…
Demand Cambridge Uni Chancellor ends this program immediately: stop condoning torture of animals
Sheep allegedly left in awful state for several days, lying in own faeces, before being euthanized
Cambridge university is a wealthy institution with massive investments in Cambridge
In Cambridge University, animals have sections of their brains removed so that researchers can induce strokes.
Honoured to be selected to represent Cambridge University at this years Varsity match vs Oxford. Roll on Dec 10th! 😊 h…
Jamie Roberts makes debut for Cambridge University as Wales and Lions star begins journey towards Varsity dream
Wales star Jamie Roberts will also study a Masters degree in Medical Science (surgery) at Cambridge University while pla…
Cambridge University drops 'racist' David Starkey from video | via
Cambridge University partners to fund research on play for &
New Cambridge University project to explore the Bible's role in the First World War: New Cambridge University ...
And btw friends, Cambridge University has extended a permanent invite of sorts to Dr . Manmohan Singh for joining the economic…
Cambridge University protest against invite to Modi: India's PM should boycott the bigots
Earliest-known draft of the King James Bible discovered in a Cambridge University library.
9NewsAUS: Cambridge University study reveals those born in Summer or Autumn are likely to be…
Images of James Stirling's Library for the Faculty of History at Cambridge University. now heritage listed.
A study by Cambridge University scientists and published in the influential Cochrane Library is the most conclusive…
Story behind world's oldest color printed book: The expectant staff at Cambridge University's Library had an i...
Homeless student gets straight A's and earns place at Cambridge University...
A homeless student has got a place at Cambridge University via
Imagine my boy flopped his GCSE's, then ghosted for 3 whole years and Today he got a place at Cambridge University..
Doorway into the Divinity Building of Cambridge University | Divine Entrance; by Paul Manning
Love this story! A homeless student got a place at Cambridge University after getting 4 A*s
In the news: A-level results day 2015: Homeless student gets place to study law at Cambridge University
Nice one. is essential. Cambridge University is Building a LEGO Research Center
Punting at the University of Cambridge!! I loved it :)
The trip to Cambridge was nice! I love the university atmosphere, but Sussex has my heart. ❤️
A rare "corpse flower" that attracted 11,000 people for a sniff of its rotting odour has started to wilt, Cambridge University says.
. Cambridge VC Professor Alison Richard recently confirmed in a letter that Rahul was awarded an M Phil
Find out about the new University of Cambridge Masters in Clinical Medicine (Intensive Care)
What lies behind the closed doors in Cambridge University labs? until they ban vivisection
The university itself has clarified that Rahul has cleared his degree from the said university .
The irony of my sister being at a Cambridge university summer school all next week while I probably won't gett into any uni is hilarious 👍
A person's taste in music may offer insight into the way in which they think, researchers at Cambridge University say.
Anglia Ruskin University researchers find music therapy can benefit people living with dementia
Cambridge University is older than the Aztec and Inca empires.
This kid I was working with today said that he didn't want to go to the university of Oxford or Cambridge because...
A computer-based brain training game could improve the daily lives of people with schizophrenia, say University of Cambridge …
Complex reproductive strategy found in sea-floor life form. of
Obducat receives order from University of Cambridge - Evertiq:
let me tell you I worked also at downing college Cambridge university and columbia
UKPanorama: Yet another before its too late harishrawatcmuk narend…
I Spent Three Years at Cambridge University and It Made Me an Arrogant, Entitled Brat via
Cambridge College. (A non-profit college [Read: one step below community college], not to be confused with Cambridge University.
No one asked Dr MMS because University of Cambridge runs scholarship programmer in his name
Michael Kitson University Lecturer in Global Macroeconomics at University of Cambridge. Agrees with
Israel's Technion in top 10 sources of Nobel Prize Laureates beating Oxford & Cambridge
Everything is good when it's sunny @ University of Cambridge
Historic document: James Baldwin debates William F. Buckley at Cambridge University in 1965: via
You wouldn't think this working class hero went to Cambridge University would you?
Tom Adeyemi interview - "Cambridge University was a bit of a myth but I would have turned it down for football".
the new account for the student-led Palestine Society at Cambridge University.
New evidence published by Cambridge University shows that the only way to reduce the risk of small babies being stillborn may be to induce
Cambridge University could be getting a Professor of Lego. No, really:.
Cambridge University researchers have shown that progesterone slows the growth of tumours
Roger Penrose was a professor of theoretical physics at Cambridge University a tutor and then colleague of Stephen Hawking.
The head of Cambridge University says it is "ludicrous" to include overseas students in UK migration targets.
According to a major new study by housing experts at Cambridge University the true number of young people who are...
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
A Cambridge University study has revealed that the true number of young homeless people in the UK far exceeds the government figures 3 Times
Quite Easily Done - Cambridge University | | Statistics department of education
Note7.txt - the second book is called Cataclysm these are the top and I mean D Thompson to send Oxford and Cambridge University of (1/16)
- Forget little green men - aliens will look like humans, says Cambridge University evolution expert
if I get to go to the University of Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard or Yale, would you attend my graduation? :)
Sonia Gandhi completed her English course from prestigious university of Cambridge? ROFL ROFL .
I think I want this job. Nikki Valenzuelai. "They will head a new research center that focuses on children’s...
Rahul Gandhi and his M Phil: A story of many 'typos', 'clarifications' via
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