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Camber Sands

For historical information on the area, see Camber article

East Sussex George Clooney

Sorry Paul missed your birthday 21 again. We was at camber sands and getting radio Kent of a night…
Rhythm Riot, Pontins, Camber Sands 2009. I really enjoyed shooting on the dance-floors for my…
Had a fantastic time at Half moon. Very clean, tidy and all needs catered for with some tasty goodies to welcome us…
I've not even been detecting since I met up with earlier in the year at Camber Sands.
Camber sands to see the remastered version of Dunkirk being screened? What an excellent idea
“We loved the living/kitchen space in particular as we could be all together as a family while we relaxed”…
“Excellent service - easy to book and good information on the website. Cottage was lovely”
Wearing mangocherrybou hand made belly chain great for Beach vibes - Sandy beach in England
1990. I came back to the sea at Broomhill Sands, and a couple of miles later I was in Camber.
on Camber sands last week...pondering the enormity and beauty of God's creation in which he lets us dwell
“We had a really good time! The house is lovely and everything we needed was there.”
Fabulous day at Camber Sands for Knole house winners and Y6!😎
think it's about time the top management had a look at camber sands and think about investing some money. It's in a bit of a state.
Sea Holly Cottage in East is a 3 bed property in the heart of Sands
Uploading a video of a Reggie n Bollie performance last night and will upload vlogs of my week in camber sands (mon - fri)
15 miles over Camber Sands East Sussex sloping dunes, stopping for the sunsets. God, I love England in Ma…
Little Giant Ladders
Can one of you loverly followers record the moment it clicks over 5mill as I'm not able to be at computer when it most lik…
“The sound of the surf soothes the soul”
holiday parking it up with the cutest child in the world 💜 @ Camber Sands Holiday Park - Park…
so Greece no go. Italy no go. Turkey no go. Camber sands it us then
A beautiful day for a shoot in the dunes at Camber Sands
A gorgeous beachy wedding at in Camber Sands, East Sussex 👉🏼.
Going to see the original "Dunkirk" film at Camber Sands. Tin Hats On - Lads & Lasses!.
Hi if I'm booked with camber sands can i change it to a different park plz
mine is Camber Sands beautiful beaches and beautiful sand dunes and scenery doesn't get. Wetter than that
Looking for sand, sea and sunshine, and sunsets to die for?
As always a great weekend at Camber 🚐 @ Camber Sands Holiday Park - Park Resorts
This summer, forget your passport and book yourself a spectacular
You think you had it hard. We took the kids to Camber Sands.
Is this the UK's prettiest town? A photo tour of Rye and Camber Sands
Booked tenterden to camber sands for 10.30 tonight, im already at tenterden for tiffs comp and a1 taxis cancel but takes a week to refund.
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off to camber sands tomorrow what's on Saturday night
Nothing like staying on top of fire prevention in the current climate camber sands. 👎🏻
Camber Sands beach is usually overcrowded during the holiday season.
drownings. Families waiting for answers to vital questions says our Patrick Roche who represented them…
One of them run me over when I was sunbathing on Camber Sands. Ruined my sandwiches and…
The Salty Dog is a beautiful 3 bedroom holiday cottage at camber sands.
🔥 Kitesurfing 3 Day Course Camber Sands. Kitesurfing has to be the most thrilling water and wind sport ther...⬇
Thank you Duncan for booking me to headline your fesitval in Camber Sands :D Going to blow the dust off my electric gui…
Not sure if we went to Camber Sands. My favourites were Blackpool and Pre…
Do I know any steadicam operators who are available for shoot in Camber Sands on 16th and/or 17th? Steadicam not...
Camber Sands deaths blamed on victims' 'culture' by council ^Guardian
Community First Responder Sam Carter was first on scene for the Camber Sands major drowning incident https…
Rye / Camber sands is great. We went there last summer
Next Weekend Fri is night & Sat we have some & classics from the fabulous Charly Gray.
Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands, Rye, East Sussex has taken several new bookings this week, our busiest time of...
Camber sands, Camber East Sussex, UK. and a short walk from our holiday cottage www.marshviewcottage
Camber Sands Sunset - a short walk from our holiday cottage
Camber Sands |10 Beautiful places to visit in East Sussex - a short walk from holiday cottage
Camber Sands, East Sussex,UK Stretching along four miles of East Sussex & a short walk from the hol
I tried booking him but he was a bit cold, we couldn't break the seal
Tonights in here we are hosting Manchester's Mike Nield and his 60's party night
Now where would The Guardian recommend for holidays? Camber Sands?
Bull terrier attacks horses exercising on Camber Sands on New Year's Eve injuring one of them
I'll let you off this once, however any confusion over the lighthouse family and you and I are gonna tangle!
Winter is a time for cosy weekends away beside the sea & afternoons spent beside a roaring fire in a oak beamed pub…
*A* seal, not Seal. Sorry for any disappointment.
“our small portfolio of exquisitely maintained Camber Sands cottages offer something for everyone”…
Brand new beach house in Sussex big enough for groups or two families sharing, see more here
Did you know your dog can come too when you stay in Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands, Rye East Sussex. There are...
I'm coming to Warmwell in Feb & Camber Sands in April I can't wait x
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
As near as I've ever gotten to China was a week in Camber Sands
Top 10 reasons to holiday in in Camber Sands,
“This cottage has been interior designed and exquisitely finished”
Back at Camber Sands on Friday let's pray we have good weather again!🙏🏼
That depends on whether you like having your teeth sandblasted. Camber Sands can be quite brutal in February. :-)
*Amazing* hot chocolate place and 10 minutes from Camber Sands. Win.
Blaming the Camber Sands drownings on the victims highlights the default position in this country: when things go wrong…
That looks so lovely. Dolly & me love the seaside - at Camber Sands and Exmouth are our favourite. Doll…
camber sands. 13yrs of NYE stays im really disappointed by the entertainment. On top no brochures to plans stay coz cut backs
Thanks Andy, you little diamond! Cracking sandwiches and coffee by the way, thanks 😊
Thank you Andy as always for displaying the January mags and great event calendars!!
We are hosting our first session of the year on saturday afternoon her in
Latest edition now available in the shop, thanks to
What the means at in East with Point Farm B&B -
Authentic beachfront experience when you rent this Camber Sands beach house in Sussex...
Our cottage, The Salty Dog is just a few minutes walk from this glorious sandy beach at Camber Sands in East...
There was wet. And there was wind. @ Camber Sands
We are starting a lifeguard club for Camber Sands - please spread the word
I'm starting a Lifeguard club at Camber Sands. I have nothing, apart from enthusiasm, so could do with y…
Support us in forming a Lifeguard club at Camber Sands, we're in the Rescue business together, just st…
Camber Sands was looking particularly fine yesterday.
Less fancy houses at Camber Sands. But actually *on* the beach and with one's own private strip of beach
Beach houses at Camber Sands. Utterly gorgeous, though you might want a basic shepherd's hut in a remote field for…
“They’re loyal, always there when you need them and obedient – most of the time”
It's a dogs holiday weather pictures at Camber Sands. Pics by
Another lovely winters day in Camber Sands and Rye. A very frosty marsh this morning, but blue sky. . Not only is...
Son playing keepy-uppy on Camber Sands beach today. Photo by my daughter
At 4 with Barry - Police are trying to identify 5 people who died in the water at Camber Sands in East Sussex.
Two more bodies found on beach at Camber Sands, East Sussex. Search under way for further missing person, RNLI says
Two more bodies pulled from sea at Camber Sands hours after three swimmers confirmed dead
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Camber Sands: Five die after being pulled from sea at East Sussex beach
Hi. I'm a reporter from the evening Standard. Wonder if I could chat to you about what happened at Camber Sands today?
The bodies of two people have washed up on the beach in Camber Sands, East Sussex - 3 men died earlier after being pulled…
LOL . Commented on: Camber Sands drowning - three people pulled from sea in East Sussex | UK | News | Daily Express:
2 more bodies recovered from sea off Camber Sands beach in East Sussex, England, bringing death toll to 5; au...
RNLI confirms two more bodies have been pulled from the sea at Camber Sands in East Sussex, taking total to five
UPDATE: Two more bodies pulled from the sea at .
Here is the Camber Sands lifeguard petition. Very busy beach. Lifeguard necessary at peak times at least.
Two more bodies found on the beach at Camber Sands where three men died earlier today
People seriously. Unless you know what you're doing, unless the water is lapping at your feet... Stay out of it.
Camber Sands story is a strange one
uh, what is going on at Camber Sands!?
Search and rescue helicopters are still out at Camber Sands tonight. Horrific what happened there today.
Two more bodies found at Camber Sands after three men die after being pulled from sea
(Mail Online):Fice dead after being pulled from the sea at : Three people..
Two more bodies recovered from sea at Camber Sands & authorities looking for another as number of dead reaches five https:…
Camber Sands sea death toll rises to five
Five people have drowned at Camber Sands and without any foundation The Sun questions whether they were migrants.
Camber Sands sea death toll rises to five - This is just awful! RIP
The news gets worse, if that's possible. A sixth person is still missing at Camber Sands.
That's 5 in the same place on the same day what the *** is going on 󾍀
Both the bodies found at Camber Sands tonight just after 8pm were men, police confirm
We can confirm 3 people have been pronounced dead after an incident at Camber Sands earlier. Thoughts are with the famili…
Please spare a thought for the 5 souls and there family's who lost there lives at camber sands ,
Horrible to hear about the people at Camber Sands. RIP 😔
Three people pulled from the water at Camber Sands beach in East Sussex have died, police say
Here's how tomorrow's Sun is reporting the Camber Sands tragedy.
yeesh is Juliette okay? Just hearing about this Camber Sands stuff today...
images I took at Camber sands today, feel free to use them.
Jeez: I very nearly went to Camber today.
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We have beach down the road but camber sands was where I'd take my kids for a day out. It's worrying.
2 more confirmed fatalities at Camber Sands today, with another person missing. This makes at least 5 deaths there tod…
Sadly, two more people have been recovered from the sea at Camber Sands. More here:
Two more bodies sadly recovered from the water at Camber Sands tonight. Three men died there earlier today.
In light of the tragic news coming out of Camber Sands, Sussex, today it is a stark reminder to all of us to...
RNLI: A search is under way for a further missing person at Camber Sands, East Sussex. 5 bodies have been pulled from the…
Tragic day at Camber Sands-thoughts with family and friends of those who died - our officers working tirelessly and compas…
Five dead at Camber Sands on hottest day of the year
Death toll rises to five in Sussex beach tragedy as RNLI search for sixth
What the bloody *** is going on at Camber Sands!? 5 people dead in one day, and another missing. Absolutely tragic :(
Camber Sands: five confirmed dead after two more bodies wash up on beach -
Two more bodies have been found at Camber Sands, taking the number to five in total, the RNLI has confirmed
Camber sands.Sad news of 5 lives lost.Taken by the sea. I consider a 4th emergency service. Should be government funded. Worthy heroes
There are some quite tricky words in this article. Camber Sands – East Sussex County Council
This is true, they filmed a lot of it on Camber sands
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The difference in reactions is priceless
Now this is just stunning. Do you think it would work at Camber Sands?
One of the UK's finest beaches is in
Surrounded by the famous Romney Marshes, one of the largest bird & wildlife sanctuaries
A fast moving tide over the at Sands in East with
It's hard running against the shifting sands at Camber @ Camber Sands Beach
What's that thing in the middle of the road?
One of my favourite UK beach hotels, The Gallivant in Camber Sands, in the news for its profit-sharing policy
Camber Sands holiday cottages at Whitesand are designed as a traditional fishermans’ village
"where the infamous Hawkhurst Gang planned smuggling and daring dos in days gone by"
Saw him performing at Camber Sands in August he was fabulous made our holiday
your camber sands holiday park is disgusting. We are trying to claim back money from our stay. You should be ashamed to offer
What desert is this? Hmm? It's not, it's Camber Sands in Sussex! .
Nothing quite like watching the sun go down from the beach a short walk from Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands,...
the Camber Sands one is a bit rough around the edges.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Anita Harris in Cork Tip mode on location at Camber Sands in 1967
After brushing, I like to make little toupees.
I've been to Camber Sands. Lots of dunes there.
Never walked across the only sand dunes in East Sussex and strolled along the vast beach of Camber Sands beyond?...
Had such a great time in Camber Sands with my girls! Just what I needed.
of course I am duck, throw bread, quack or whatever ok
Another very busy weekend with lots more bookings. Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands, Rye, East Sussex now has very...
Spot's owner is deaf. This is what Spot does to get his owners attention instead of barking. Meet Spot!
They do it down on Camber Sands, they do it at Waikiki..
Camber Sands looking very moody in winter mode.
sight and smell. silence along the coast. lost in Camber Sands.
No January blues here. Just blue skies for miles at Camber Sands.
Top 10 reasons to holiday in Camber Sands - Marsh View Cottage - self catering cottage in Camber Sands, Rye
Badness has a show on 2015-11-07 at 20:00 @ CAMBER SANDS HOLIDAY PARK in Camber, EAY
I saw this man attending a bowlie weekender at Pontins, Camber Sands around 2000.
First day of maternity leave in the sunshine at Camber Sands ☀️
. Hi paul its sam, the video is on youtube now and it is called:. Paul and Jay at Camber Sands Halloween 2015
FREE dancing for those going to Ceroc Escape Camber Sands.
is still as fit as a fiddle & I'm excited that I may have trod in the footsteps of Carry On at Camber Sands
"The sound of the surf soothes the soul"
I do apologise Eamonn. I will pass your comments over to the management team at Camber Sands ^Sian
"Rye’s maritime adventures have now given way to a vibrant fishing fleet"
Sunset at Camber Sands beach, South of England. DJI Inspire 1 test flight. MotionCine
Don't believe the hype - waited 15 minutes at this shop in Camber Sands, Sussex - nothing to report:
At the foot of Camber Sands' dunes, The Warrens couldn't enjoy a better location:
Hung up my blues after an awesome season at Pontins Camber Sands!
lol i did want to do the 1 next oct but its in Camber Sands & ive checked it takes over 5 hours driving & my friends wont
Camber Sands beach has got to be one of the best locations for dog walking anywhere
"Its vast stretch of unspoilt sands is perfect for an energetic game of fetch"
stars in the new James Bond film this year. Title theme sung by
Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands only has 2 breaks left in November -. Monday 9th for 3 or 4 nights. Monday 23rd for...
Local Camber Sands residents in indigenous garb
Is this girl for real? Either way I'm amazed, but for very different reasons! You've got to watch this...
"We need more Bilko in the world." especially inCoventry and Camber Sands.
2020 Liberal Democrat BattleBus getting a test drive on Camber Sands this morning !
Showtime at Camber Sands tonight... and it's so foggy on the roads !!!
Rugby World Cup run out of beer .. Camber Sands
Camber Sands form a long, beautiful beach stretching along the coast of Sussex at Camber near Rye.
camber sands .. This place is absolutely disgusting ... Needs to be shut down ... Think it's pack bags and leave time .. 😡😤 !!
Camber Sands can't believe the state of this place, disgusting is an understatement, just plain dirty & staff are shocking!! 😤👊🏽
"The unspoilt beauty of Camber Sands has made it a popular location for fashion photo shoots and films"
Yes, even on Camber Sands, where there isn't a lot of cover.
Getting it from them would be a lot quicker for you, since they ship locally and we ship from the US.
Sorry, matey, no stores in your area, but we do have a UK distributor:
Also George Cloony stayed in your hotel for the entire time of a war film being shot at nearby Camber Sands
Hey Cap'n! Are there any shops between Hastings and Brighton (UK) who stock your products? Need a black kit ASAFP. Cheers!
"With its ancient citadel, set on a rocky promontory, the beautiful town of Rye"
I liked a video Camber Sands with Hopgarden Zebedee 25.10.15
Excited to visit my Tracy baby tommorow ☺️ Camber Sands, I have missed you.
Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands in East Sussex still has a 3 night mid week break available for October half term...
On Friday I'm going to Camber Sands for a few days - I'm so excited! ☀😎
I did at Camber Sands on Sunday night. Are you the new mystic meg?
.Fabulous..and don't forget SANDS near ..MARVELLOUS..
My Bob surveying his domain at Camber Sands Easter. A great weekend for the dogs of Rye
Cute hut at the end of Camber Sands.
Lovely doggy walk on Camber Sands today 🐶🐶
JW Anderson and JW LOEWE in the "While I Wait (Camber Sands)" Menswear Collection Story in Ala Champ…
Have you ever done a gig at Warners Camber Sands ?
just arrived at camber sands, awful first impression, all leisure facilities closed! Either improves or we leave with a refund! :-(
bit further east than in Kent my nearest decent beach is broad stairs , Camber sands or Joss bay
Incredible Camber Sands with its fragile dunes.
With only 2 short breaks left in June in Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands,East Sussex, and autumn booking up very...
brilliant night at Camber Sands on Saturday look forward to the next one!!!
"how wonderful, wow! Thank you so much!!!" // Look forward to painting Camber Sands - enjoy your day :)
Jesy is in Phoenix, USA., Perrie is in London, Leigh is in Camber Sands and Jade in South Shields
I went to with my today...we got very very dirty..but had fun and are still
Moody sky at Camber Sands beach today.
My mom laughed at me when I said I was going to build a car out of spaghetti. . You should have seen her face as I drove…
Read about this family's Easter tradition here: What's yours?
Shush. I was imagining azure seas and sun-licked white sand, but the reality is probably Camber Sands or Eastbourne isn’t it? ;)
June and September are great times to visit Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands - the beach is often deserted,...
Dated rubbish too. Remember watching that type of act at Pontins, Camber Sands in the early 1970's.
has all the high-quality showbiz glamour of the dressing room at Camber Sands Pontins on a Tuesday afternoon.
Mums dragging me out to camber sands to see my nan when im hungover, noo
FS is king! I'm assuming its a Sun 9.99 special as no1 goes Camber Sands otherwise!
Hamilton Collection
your next kitchen recuse attempt should be the so called restaurant sands Whole experience, shocking !
Kite surfing on Camber Sands beach only a short drive from Romney Point , Rye . Only a few...
That's not a holiday snap on the beach at Camber Sands
we've all been there moo. I once booked a fortnight at camber sands and ended in Iraq. Easily done.
What is included in your stay when you book a break in Marsh View Cottage,Camber Sands
- it's not JUST for summer - autumn/winter are very popular for stays too!
Check out Harry Enfield getting ready for on our very own Camber Sands beach:
Love Wells-next-the-Sea, love the sandy beach and the dunes like our own Camber Sands in East Sussex.
The East Sussex coastline has a diverse range of beautiful beaches, stretching from the glorious dunes at Camber Sands, right across to fashionable Brighton. One of our favourite spots is Birling Gap, situated within the world famous Seven Sister's Country Park; one of the longest stretches of undeveloped coastline on the south coast. It's owned by the NT and has a wonderful cliff top cafe with glorious sea views. We didn't want to leave!
A Beautiful Beach Hut inspired Detached Chalet only a stones throw from the Beach in Camber Sands, Rye.
Ha!! I was nearly mowed down by Chas & Dave in their green Mondeo at Camber Sands - yes they played BANGFACE!!
It's the premier tonight for the long awaited movie The Monuments Men. For those who don't already know [I might have forgotten to mention it ;op] the beach scenes were filmed in Camber Sands last summer. Some of the other scenes [notably one with a dentist!] were filmed in Rye, parts of which was converted into a town somewhere in Europe. I might have mentioned once or twice that Tony & I watched some of the shooting of the film in Rye and George Clooney and Bill Murray came over and shook hands with us and the small crowd watching. Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett also among the star studded cast and they all stayed in The George in Rye for the few days they were there filming. Once it is out on dvd this will be in Marsh View Cottage for guests to see
A good article in today's Sunday Express by Visit England where they recommend their 2014 UK holiday hotspots. Camber Sands has one of the 3 shown in this article. Wait? Who is that a photo of? Why, it's George Clooney! Did I ever mention I shook his hand back in June during a break in filming The Monuments Men which was partly filmed on the beach and in Rye ? Our seaside holiday cottage near Rye is in Camber Sands and only a short stroll from the wonderful sandy beach. We are already full for August but have other summer and spring dates available
Twenty eight minutes before sunset, Camber Sands, East Sussex.
performing with tomorrow at the last ever ATP UK Festival in Camber Sands and at on Tuesday in London. x
Postcard from Camber Sands... Had the best time here, we all loved the gorgeous sandy beach and dunes... Rides on...
I have had several phone calls this morning from people asking about availability at our cottages at Camber Sands...
Great day at Camber Sands yesterday. Its got Sunbeatz get together written all over it. I think I need to speak...
Going to Camber Sands today, dressed like I'm on some exotic Greek island. Keep forgetting this is England
Camber Sands was too peng ☀🏊🍻 do NOT wanna be back in an office today 😢
morning! I spent the afternoon at Rye Harbour beach as the police shut Camber Sands because it was full! Amazing afternoon!
As near as he got to China, was a week in Camber Sands
Off on first holiday with just Sam, to the exotic camber sands 😎 ☀
Seem to have bought back half of camber sands with me in my car 😒
Had a good weekend with my sister and brother inlew with the kids at camber sand caravan thanx sis x
Camber Sands Gallivant Hotel. Funky, and appeals to foodies. Nice to dip in the ocean from the otherside. Near London.
Such a good day at Camber Sands, but sat through over 4 hours of traffic jams because of a pile up on the M20 and a side swiped car !
Camber sands with my whole family was nice to day
went to a beach XD it was called camber sands :s xxx
*** next door in hotel is snoring like a pig... I feel I might commit a crime in a minute...
Update your maps at Navteq
Day well spent at Camber Sands on the hottest day of the year so far!
do you know what this is? Hundreds on Camber Sands today on beach and in the water.
trafic, what a trafic but, camber sand your so worth it ! took my hubby down memory lane and it was great wish you were here David and jane
Last night I got put to bed and today I was hungover on camber sands then topped off the weekend with a harvester meal
I need advice... Should I go to broadstairs or camber sands to celebrate my birthday tomorrow? Suggestions?
Along the coast from Camber Sands. Not a soul. : )
it's called 'Camber Sands'. It's near to Hastings. A gorgeous beach.
Well up for camber sands on Wednesday
Camber Sands tomorrow for a bit more sun 3 day weekend 👍
Illusions show tomorrow, Camber Sands Tuesday, then back to London for Wireless fest. . Loving this week.
no, think we are going to go to camber sands. (Sandy beach) thought she's love playing with the sand and water! Xx
7hrs of excruciating traffic on a very hot weather but worth it...had so much fun at camber sands...swim, sand dunes, sand castles, burying in sand and clam digging ( CLark is the ultimate clam digging king).
Loads of traffic to Camber Sands. Seriously traffic for 3whole hours!😐 Crap. That was tiring.☀🍎
wish I could go to Camber Sands on a holiday
"In the dusk light he studied the contours of the embankment. The concrete caissons sank through the discoloured sand, forming lines of intersection whose focus was the young woman stepping from the parked car. Headlamps sped towards him. Without thinking, he drove across the road into the oncoming lane. The perspectives of the landscape shifted with the changing camber."
Had a lovely day at Camber Sands today!! Soo hot, Chinese and snugs now and day off tomorrow too!!
Lovely day down camber sands with Claudia Faro Daniella Necchi-ghiri Angela Georgiou Shame about them sand dunes which were meant to be the highlight lol! Absolutely shattered could sleep for a year :) x
Omw back from Camber Sands. It's been a nice dayyy
Had such a good day at camber sands !
Used some tips from our friend, Charles Henk and drove through Manistee Forest from Newaygo to Baldwin on Saturday. Nothing difficult, but a nice mix of sand, mud, hills, off-camber and tight winding trails. The forest was beautiful with lots of birds and wildflowers. Thanks, Chuck.
Looking forward to camber sands tomorrow!
Lovely chicken dinner Alvin chipmunks yankie candle chilling out with my babies missing daddy xxx
Had a lovely day at camber, even enjoyed the sand.
Covered in sand from top to bottom. Just love camber sands :-) feeling burnt too!!
Our competition winner from last night couldn't claim their prize so luckily for you lot this is your second chance to win a holiday to IBIZA. All you have to do is tell us your most embarrassing holiday moment and we will pick a winner this evening.
Just got back from ‘Camber Sands’. Queues going all the way back to the other side of Rye.
Deffo gotta head over to camber sands some time this week before the weather changes! ☀
Great weekend at our caravan in Camber Sands, now back cold cider and a BBQ Perfick !
Overcrowding at Camber Sands, sun seekers blocked by police to beach parking. Chaotic traffic jam. No information given.
Off to pontins camber sands tomorrow, does anyone know what entertainment is on this week? Xx
domain names
Ph text me to say she was at camber sands I wanna go :(
I miss camber sands. The beach is jus beautiful nd da entertainment bar is so liivveee.
In other news I've had a splendid wkend in London, inc a trip to Camber Sands. Here's an amusingly named train stop.
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