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Cam Newton

Cameron Jerrell Cam Newton (born May 11, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Can't wait for the same people who raced to condemn Ray Rice, R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Cam Newton, to turn a blind eye to H…
I want to see a reality tv show with Cam Newton. People will wonder, is this just a younger, black version of Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Why isn't all the people who had to listen to this Cam Newton 'outrage' an option?
Do you want to know who the real hero in the Cam Newton sorry is (hint: it isn’t the journalist.), learn about the…
Cam Newton gets flogged for a stupid comment. Donald Trump boasts of groping women—and becomes president. Odd world. http…
Anybody that is protesting AND defending Cam Newton, is not protesting equal rights.
Cam Newton issues an apology for his remarks towards a female reporter during his press conference yesterday.
Cam Newton apologizes for Wednesday's sexist comment. (📹:
Dannon breaks ties with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton after comments made to female news reporter
Why is Cam Newton being held to a higher moral standard than the President of the United States?
I wonder if Jemele Hill will Cam Newton a sexist now!
All these people who were fake outraged over Cam Newton's comments yesterday are completely silent about Jourdan Rodrigue…
One thing we can learn from the Harvey Weinstein/Casey Affleck/and even Cam Newton scandals is that women deal with A LOT of BS at work.
This *** Mike Adams, is trying to defend Cam Newton saying it's out of context. Smh
There are some people who believe Cam Newton comments yesterday were a big joke. Seriously.
At this point Cam Newton is just an easy story. Always saying something dumb. He has a "break glass in case of slow news day" sign on him
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Cam Newton responded to that reporter like he was hitting on her at a bar
Cam Newton would have been better off lying about being racially profiled by Las Vegas police like Michael Bennett. No medi…
I'm loving take on Cam Newton comment-
Cam Newton doesn't need to be teaching children anything on your network! He is childish himself and not a good role model!
That woman asking Cam Newton a football question should be as funny as fat *** Brian Windhorst asking a basketball question.
If I’m Cam Newton. I don’t answer a single question from Jourdan ever again. If she asks just say next question.
Kaep is getting rejected for kneeling. Cam Newton is getting dragged for words. There are quarterbacks with rape charges.
I knew y'all was soft when y'all got mad and wrote Cam Newton a letter for dancing after a touchdown 💀💀
Most of the NFL owners donated MILLIONS 2 a president who BRAGS about grabbing women by the p**sy. But the sexism outrage…
During birthing class, I got dagger stares from women bc I asked if there were any stretches my wife could do. We’re they sexist?. Cam Newton
The problem with Cam Newton. is he's a Coward. 'cuz Serve In America's Military. h…
Cam Newton wasn’t being sexist smh. These days you can’t speak freely because everyone is over-sensitized about the small…
Every female sports reporter has encountered a neanderthal like Cam Newton over the course of her career. They go low. We…
If a man asked a female about her makeup and she replied with what Cam Newton said, would you care?
This Cam Newton situation reminds me of the time my ex girlfriend was fussing at me for not texting her back during Mon…
Notice all these media pundits who are pretending to be "outraged" over Cam Newton , ignored the racist blackballing of K…
Only Complete Saint can end terrorism forever. But Who is Complete Saint? 👇. Dala…
So social media is about about to try and Drag Cam Newton for being Cam Newton?
Ladies - do not feel forced into defending our sports knowledge. This is on Cam Newton - NOT ON US. Unacceptable in 2017 to…
Cam Newton made a sexist comment to a reporter — and it wasn’t one bit funny squib
Followed since she was covering PSU football, great writer and reporter, she doesn't need your validatio…
Women don't talk about sports with men, not because we aren't knowledgeable, but because we don't want to be Cam Newton'd…
Cam Newton's body language was just as bad as what he said. Be better, man.
RIP Cam Newton. Gotta be smarter than that.
The NFL calling out Cam Newton for sexism.
When a reporter asked about his receivers' routes, Cam Newton said the question was “funny" coming from a “female.". htt…
You know what was really funny? Watching Cam Newton lose the Super Bowl.
There are more important things to worry about than what Cam Newton said in an interview about routes
NFL Quarterback Cam Newton tells reporter, "It's funny to hear a female talk about routes" via /r/news
Y’all forcing the cam newton situation 😂 it’s not that serious
Yikes. I’m a huge cam newton fan but that was a terrible thing to say in an interview
Wow, the men out there supportive of Cam Newton's stance toward Jourdan Rodrigue is another bad sign for social progres…
folk's now im calling him Cam Mutin becuz he needs 2 shut up. Should have2 go by Ma'am Newton till he learn some manners
Dear 53% of white women, you can't be Trump supporters and bash what Cam Newton said. That's not how it works.
Cam Newton ain’t even say nothing crazy, this age is so sensitive and fake mad about everything
To be clear, I'm a female sports reporter and the only sports jersey I've ever owned is Cam Newton's. So this is deeply dis…
Of course Cam Newton thinks its unusual for someone who has never run a route in a football game to ask about a route.
Women coming for Cam Newton on the T/L:
Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton sparks sexism row.OVERPAID THUGS No respect for America or the Flag.
I thought you knew better Cam... Laughs at female reporter question ‘It’s Funny to Hear a Female Talk About Routes’
Same people defending Cam Newton are the same people going after Trump for doing the same thing LOL.
None of the females on the TL know what a fade route is but mad at what Cam Newton said
. . . Bully Cam Newton gives sexist answer to female reporter.
What Cam Newton said to wasn't funny. My column on what happened -- & what didn't but should have: https…
Cam Newton is about to be in social media prison.
How Cam Newton was when that girl started talking about routes lol.
Cam Newton, the Russian bot are coming. If you don't watch the news:
You people voted for a man that said he just grabs em by the p***y but are outraged at Cam Newton lol
Out of 32 starting NFL quarterbacks, Cam Newton’s total QBR is 25th. That “female” knows routes better than he does. h…
SOME ppl who aren't offended by Cam Newton's comments were the same ppl calling Todd McShay a racist b/c of his comments on D…
This fake Cam Newton outrage is basically the white supremacists ( and their token minions) getting on code to shift the…
Who let that woman out of the kitchen to even bother Cam Newton with that question in the first place?
My wife: “I will cheer for Tom Brady before Cam Newton now!” 😱 You messed up BIG Cam!
Bet this would have even made the beat had Tom Brady said that... People are looking to make something out of nothing "Cam Newton"
Cam Newton just beat Tom Brady last week...he on his high horse...let him live 😂
if Tom Brady would have said what Cam Newton did the mainstream press would lose their minds.
He's no Brady that's for sure what *** "Cam Newton"
Deion Sanders I LOVE YOU!💞Always tells it like it is. . Tom Brady is GOAT🐐 Cam Newton suck…
If Tom Brady made Cam Newton's comments it would've been a bloodbath.. But pretty much a free pass here I'm guessing
Cam Newton beats a woman named Tom Brady in her home on Sunday, no criticism. Cam makes a joke about a woman today, mass…
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It's funny to hear Cam Newton, who ranks 25th in the NFL in total QBR (43.3), talk about routes.
Cam Newton and Russell Wilson could’ve done it and would always be signed because they’re actually good. Kaepernick... not so much.
I liked a video Howie Long- Time to admit Cam Newton is not an NFL caliber QB?
Deshaun Watson is the 3rd rookie QB with 3 pass TD & 1 rush TD in a game in the last 15 seasons (Cam Newton, Marcus Mari…
A win over the Patriots and a record for Cam Newton.
Cam Newton had a direct message to the media 👇
I sat Cam Newton and Lamar Miller what do I do
We got 2015 Cam Newton out here. Jameis Winston, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger and Trevor Siemian bout to light this Pats D up.
Do you think Dave Gettleman got fired for suggesting the (then) unthinkable, trading Cam Newton for a pile of draft picks?
Strange day indeed. Cam Newton talked for 18 minute and did not answer one football question. All talk about the meeting with Richardson.
Tony Gonzalez explains his problem with Cam Newton and Odell Beckham Jr. (SPEEDonFOX)
Cam is at the podium. . Listen Live:
The Panthers needs you come back and help them catch some of Cam Newton's passes! Please!
Highlight of my morning was dropping Cam Newton.
Cam Newton will not finish the season due to his shoulder injury that is being downplayed.
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The dab is back for Cam Newton after this big run on 3rd down
.Cam Newton is done being a great quarterback in the NFL.
Blake Bortle will have better QB stats than Cam Newton at the end of the year!
Jacoby Brissett will have more total touchdowns than Cam Newton
As I predicted, Cam Newton isn't ready to adult. These costumes and blonde goatee crap has slipped into the field of play. Grow up!
BEST DRESSED: Cam Newton and Carson Palmer sure know how to dress for an occasion... but we think has…
The Scratching Post: Cam Newton 'continues to fight frustra..
The only difference between Ron Rivera and Jeff Fisher is Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly
The Guru calls out Cam Newton on TrashTalk Radio Episode ... stay tuned
Saints defender slams Cam Newton after game
In this do-over, Cam Newton is no longer the pick...
Cam Newton been trash ever since he refused to dive for that fumble in the Super Bowl. On and off the field.
Cam newton with blonde chin hair . Record 8-11 21 tds 18 ints 2 injs 1 riot 1 GM fired . . We know what the issue is guys 😂
Want an example of a injured/washed: look at Cam Newton. Seahawks just need to do a bet…
Immediately after the game yesterday, Cam Newton turned to a different pursuit: Attempting to send the Soggy Bottom Boys…
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Cam Newton: "Moving forward there's no need to panic. Should you as a fan be frustrated? Yes. I'm frustrated."
Christan Ponder had more ints than Cam Newton and Christian Ponder has a worse passer rating! Look it up!!
Cam Newton hasn't been the same since he didn't try to get that loose ball.
Cam Newton's WRs are absolute garbage. Benjamin is hurt, Olsen is on IR...who else is there?
Looking forward to facing a slumping cam newton this weekend.
The protests have been hijacked by folks with an agenda. I tried to set the record straight this morning. I think this i…
You ain't put me through shii. Now white privilege your *** out my mentions and get back to work so you aren't living paych…
.puts Republican politicians on blast for trying to take away healthcare from millions. We need
Next up for the Patriots a matchup with Cam Newton & the Panthers aka the Under Armour Bowl
Cam Newton is at the podium, visibly disappointed.
Cam Newton excitedly greeting the defense as they take the field
I have not watched the NFL for years because I am a Lions fan. I was as upset about…
And agree. Sherman is thug for saying Yeah I’m really good and shut that play down. Cam Ne…
Cam Newton is not right this season and things are getting worse (Yahoo Sports)
Jerry Richardson built a statue of himself and told Cam Newton he couldn't get piercings or tattoos.
After McCaffrey's long catch and run was challenged and brought back to the 35, the next play listed is a 3-yard Cam Newton TD run.
cam newton says there are a lot of quarterbacks in worse than Colin kapernick. Yeah he's one of them
🙄 I guess Cam Newton forget when they called him a thug for dancing in the end zone and a negative influence
Colin: Cam Newton has only been a great quarterback in about 10 games. (SPEEDonFOX)
I want Romo to do a Cam Newton game
Its time for Ron Rivera, Mike Shula, Jerry Richardson, Matt Kalil, Daryl Worley, Devin Funchess, Captain Munnerlyn, and Cam Newton to go.
Cam Newton was in high style on the way to Sunday\'s game against the Saints. (SPEEDonFOX)
I can't believe people actually think Cam Newton and Russell Wilson are better than Derek Carr lmao
Derek Carr is 100x better than Cam Newton right now. It's not even close really
Did you really just say Cam Newton and Russell Wilson were better QB's than Derek Carr? Cam Newton isn't…
would you go Cam Newton, Derek Carr, or Winston this week??
Hey Dave quick question..Cam Newton or Matt Ryan this week?
Cam Newton vs the saints or Derek Carr vs redskins?? Leaning towards carr
Thoughts on this trade? I give up Cam Newton, Michael Crabtree and Todd Gurley and get Derek Carr, Julio Jones and Dalvin Cook
Cam Newton has never played an NFL game without Greg Olsen at TE.
I'm glad I started Cam Newton and left Derek Carr on my bench. 🙃
Cam Newton addressing media after today's win. Says he has faith in Ed Dickson to fill in for Greg Olsen.
Some guy kept offering me Cam Newton for Derek Carr this week, 3rd time he tried to throw Rob Kell…
After that Cam Newton scare today I wouldn't mind seeing him in Carolina. Derek Anderson is NOT the answer.
Cam was more juiced in this game, but still missed some critical passes. I still say a 50% Cam Newton is better than a 100% Derek Anderson.
Derek Anderson still has his baseball cap on. Cam Newton will be coming back in.
Derek Anderson is putting his earpiece back in, so that's a good sign that Cam Newton is returning
So hypothetically what would happen if both Cam Newton and Derek Anderson get injured??
INJURY: Cam Newton walked gingerly off the field after getting sacked. Derek Anderson warming up for .
Cam Newton gingerly walking off the field on his own power. Being taken to the medical tent while Derek Anderson taking snaps with Larsen.
The Bills D has injured Cam Newton and Derek Anderson is coming in. The Bills are now ruining football for people other than their fans.
Cam Newton is down after a sack. The play didn't look that punishing, but he's still down. Derek Anderson is warming up.
I liked a video Mark Schlereth on if Cam Newton can bounce back, Josh Rosen and Colin Kaepernick |
Cam Newton is a swiss army knife type QB. He has to be our main focus. I would run a…
I nominate Cam Newton to play the Joker, or pretty Tony in the next MACK movie, those clothes you and 2chainz wear in that commercial
Electronic Device Insurance
“VIDEO: Cam Newton tries his hand at AFL in new ad
Greg Olsen overall thoughts on Cam Newton's performance in San Francisco
Works so much better with Cam Newton.
Cam Newton takes question about his brother Caylin's big win for Howard & works in dig at "they missed out on yet anoth…
Panthers list Cam Newton officially on first injury report. Full participation with right shoulder injury.
"It's scary to even think about." Cam Newton on all the offensive weapons he has at his disposal. Cam Q and A:
Lastly, Cam Newton said yesterday that Colin Kaepernick belongs in NFL. Who agrees, and who doesn't? My guide:
"Do I think Colin Kaepernick is better than some starting QBs in the NFL? Absolutely.". - Cam Newton
Cam Newton: "In my opinion is Colin Kaepernick better than some of the starting quarterbacks in this league? Absolutel…
Cam Newton says Colin Kaepernick should "absolutely" be starting in the NFL (via
Cam Newton predicts huge year for "Benji;" says Ga Bulldogs made mistake in not recruiting brother :
Genuinely surprised Cam Newton stood up for Kaepernick after tapdancing around CPD's murder of Keith Lamont Scott.
Cam Newton talks Colin Kaepernick, Christian McCaffrey, Kelvin Benjamin - and his little brother Caylin at Howard.
Cam Newton riffs on Kaepernick, McCaffrey and his little brother in wide-ranging interview
*record scratch*. *freeze frame*. "Yep, that's me, Cam Newton. You're probably wondering how I got myself into this situation…
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton talks about how Colin Kaepernick "absolutely" should be... https:/…
QB Cam Newton would like to keep the focus on Sunday. But his comments on Colin Kaepernick were strong, nonetheless…
Here's what Cam Newton has to say about the fact that Colin Kaepernick is not on an NFL roster:
"Is he good enough to be a starting quarterback? Absolutely." Cam Newton on Colin Kaepernick, adding it was "unfair" Kaep not on a roster.
Cam Newton says Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster and what is being done to him is "unfair."
Cam Newton says he has been teasing Thomas Davis that Georgia missed out by not recruiting his younger brother Caylin.
Lot of talk about how Christian McCaffrey fits into Panthers' tweaked offense. But how well does it fit Cam Newton?. https…
Cam Newton's younger brother, Caylin Newton, just pulled the largest upset in CFB history for Howard University (+45 poi…
ICYMI: 45-point 'dog Howard, with Cam Newton's brother Caylin, pulled off the biggest Vegas upset in CFB history.
Cam Newton's brother Caylin is on a mission.
We are going to need folks to stop saying "Cam Newton's Brother" this Bison has a name CAYLIN Salute https…
Cam Newton on Caylin Newton's game last night: "I wasn't surprised. I just want people to stop calling him Cam Newton's l…
Cam Newton's brother Caylin leads Howard to biggest upset in college football history:
Cam Newton's little brother just led the biggest Vegas upset in college football history - SB Nation
Release of Joe Webb shows Panthers confident in Cam Newton\'s shoulder(ESPN)
Cam Newton will throw for 5k yds .easily. Will make Drew Brees look like a choir boy.
Cam Newton can go to the Superbowl with Ted Ginn as his WR. Can Drew Brees?
Reaction to Cam Newton's successful start - Official Site
Kirk Cousins squeezed between Cam Newton and Dak Prescott in NFL insider QB rankings
Heath Evans said Cam Newton was phenomenal and outstanding tonight. . He threw two passes for 21 yards.
Panthers' plan in motion to get Cam Newton – who's 'trending up' – rea..
Panthers plan to increase Cam Newton's workload with an eye on next week's game at Jacksonville.
Blake Bortles threw 35 TD's in '15. Cam Newton, Carson Palmer & Eli Manning did too. 2015 was not a representation of any of these guys.
Two former national champs, Deshaun Watson and Cam Newton meet on the field after Watson's first NFL game
North Carolina carrying Under Armour, lmao Cam Newton, Steph and now Dennis
And Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers and Joe Flacco all threw more than Cutler last 3 seasons. Your point?
Never forget when Cam Newton had to beat the greatness into Josh Norman 😭💪🏾
[Charlotte Observer] Panthers QB Cam Newton on The Wave: Feally fast, then really slow
Two random things to say: The Rickey Smiley morning show is the best morning show on the radio, and Cam Newton is overrated.
So Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, and Cam Newton never had off ni…
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NFL hates black QBs they let Cam Newton get his head taken off in 16. If u look at Brady the…
PODCAST Hr 1: Does think it's time to hit the panic button regarding Cam Newton's shoulder?.
Moreno: In regards to Cam Newton, we don't need to push the panic button just yet.
The faint drumbeat of trouble with Cam Newton? Panthers shouldn't let ..
Cam Newton sitting out today with throwing shoulder soreness begs the question: Should he play in 1st exhibition?
To get swag back, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made changes – but not to everything - Charlotte Observer (blog)
Do you ever just stop & wonder if Cam Newton looks at all these suburban white kids named Todd hitting the dab & thinks: "Wh…
"Cam Newton would be fighting for a starting job without his run game." -
Cam Newton just made 11-year-old Parker's day, giving the Charlotte kid a 40-yard TD ball Cam threw to Greg Olsen in prac…
Cam Newton should take a life lesson from these North Carolina kids and Coach Williams in the after game press confere…
NEW RELEASE:. Cam Newton x Under Armour C1N 'HOMETOWN' now available in MENS and GS sizing! (
The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum just released these new Cam Newton bobbleheads
Was all about Evans>AJ>Hopkins last year for sure and Matt Ryan>Cam Newton. Now Mariota>Tyrod Taylor>Matt Ryan. Cooper>Evans
You even pointed out that he inherited Cam Newton, Luke Kuechley, Thomas Davis, Jonathon…
Coincidentally, best people to play 1. Heath Ledger. 2. Jack Nicholson. 3. Cam Newton. 4. Jared Leto. 5. Ce…
All purpose parts banner
Who are your bounce back players? Mine are ... Allen Robinson. Deandre Hopkins . Cam Newton. Gronk. Todd Gurley. John Brown . Lockett. L Miller
So we're gonna act like Cam Newton didn't copy Sasuke with the Romper???
Based off who has been playing since I've been watching . 1. Cam Newton. 2. Reggie Bush. 3. Tim Tebow. 4. Michael Vick…
Coaches Corner. Brandon McCoy's up and down play for team USA. . Armani Rogers is Cam Newton?.
Kevin Lee out here trying to swag jack Cam Newton
says: Top 5 athletes that have NOT played on any of your teams. Dak Prescott. Paul George. Carlos Gomez. Jameis Winston. Cam Newton
In 2017, JJ Redick will make more money than Aaron Rodgers, Von Miller, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, JJ Watt, Tom Brady and ANY NHL player.
We still curious to see if Cam Newton can return to form but seriously Tampa Bay is stacked in the south.
Picture from the Cam Newton 7 on 7 - From Left to Right - Coach Gary Hamby, Cam Newton, Coach Morgan, and Coach Arn…
When people tell me Cam Newton should've dove for the football in the Super Bowl
From a strictly passing perspective, Cam Newton is a lot like John Elway and Andrew Luck is a lot like Jim Kelly.
I tell ya that Cam Newton is one great running back in the NFL
Archie Griffin is way too high for my liking, as is Anthony Munoz. . Both Reggie Bush and Cam Newton feel low.
Cam Newton clowning 5-star DB Tyreke Johnson for giving up a TD. "That couldn't have been on him! He got enough stars to…
Cam Newton is a great athlete. He has to control emotions and start using his teammates more, less running around.
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Fmr star reportedly only made 200k in endorsements. More $$ than Cam Newton, Dustin Johnson, Serena Will…
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton liked center Ryan Kalil's parody on his music birthday...
Cam Newton says he loved Ryan Kalil's video but joked he wish he would've scored the invite...
Doug Whaley explains how Andrew Luck cost Buffalo Bills a shot at Cam Newton
Cam Newton, Steph Curry team up to push fruits and veggies.
You, the fans have voted off Cam Newton, Philip Rivers and now Matthew Stafford!. Who's next? Who is the worst...
I'm in a draft right now where Dak Prescott got picked ahead of Cam Newton. The hate has gone too far on Superman.
Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, or Russell Wilson. All more talented than Tom Brady.
Travis Scott is a TAURUS . Chris Brown is a TAURUS . Adele is a TAURUS . Cam Newton is a TAURUS . Malcolm X is a TAURUS. Cher is…
Patriots' most important RB, why Panthers' new look might not fit Cam Newton, Peterson & Marshawn in for big years.
Ironically, PIT's Kordell Stewart helped pave the way for CAR's Cam Newton!
So does this mean that Cam Newton was fashion forward at Coachella ?
give Cam Newton an offense and he'll do good tbh.
Today is Cam Newton's 28th birthday. Read this interesting story about him from ESPN's David Newton.
I'm thankful that Cam Newton is NOT the QB of the Seattle Seahawks.
Cam Newton\'s spectacular foxtail cleats are now available for your feet. (SPEEDonFOX)
Where is the 300 yards Button or 500 yards thrown by Matt Ryan. Or the Cam Newton concussion Button?
Panthers offensive coordinator: New weapons on offense can help Cam Newton be more like Tom Brady
You notice how Cam Newton could not run up the middle on Deion Jones but he tried? That's called drafting!
.told us Cam Newton called him last night, it was an honor to meet Mr. Richardson, & his fav book is H…
Back when I wanted to climb Cam Newton like a tree. Before he became Cameron "All Lives" Newton.
Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey being on the same team are going to lead to so many incredible twee…
Cam Newton running to the airport to pick up Christian McCaffrey
Cam Newton's play, Marshawn Lynch as businessman and Chris Petersen's acumen
A quarterback that's half Tom Brady and half Cam Newton? Any school would say yes to DeShone Kizer.
Would be fascinating to sit in on Cam Newton's PR sessions with Frank Luntz. Luntz would coach him to agree with Richard Spencer on football
I hate the new Cam Newton . The zesty *** Cam Newton . Flowers that bloom Cam Newton . Racially out of tune Cam Newton http…
Cam Newton looks so carefree in that pic. I kind of love it. And honestly. Jumpers on men make way more sense. I just have to pee - mad
I miss the old Cam Newton. . Dab on them folk Cam Newton. Laptop deboed Cam Newton. "Ink it in gold" Cam Newton.
Cam Newton really out here in a romper, man
you rank Andrew Luck ahead of Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton as the best QB drafted overall in the last 10 years. WHAT ?
ESPN's Mel Kiper compares Cam Newton to all-time bust Akili Smith
Here's a list of QB's that have more playoff wins than Tony Romo(2):. Mark Sanchez. Colin Kaepernick. Cam Newton. Mark…
Cam Newton named his daughter Sovereign Dior Cambella? They doin too much smh
"and it's 3rd n 10 n we have a Jordan Taco meeting at Cam Newton bringing up 4th down 4 the Panthers"
Panthers GM not second guessing playing injured Cam Newton
Cam Newton coud learn alot from Donald Trump about how to act when u drop the ball
Matt Ryan is no doubt better than Cam Newton
BREAKING: Derek Anderson is NOT Cam Newton. Phew, glad we got that out of the way!
.Cam Newton surgery clarifies what Dave Gettleman must do in
Panther fans putting Matt Ryan ahead of Cam Newton??
Drew Brees. Matt Ryan. Cam Newton. Jameis Winston. Easily the best QB division in the NFL.
[NFL Nation: Carolina Panthers] - Derek Anderson is capable, but the Panthers need Cam Newton to reach goal
3 QBs in the top 7 of AY/A changed teams this offseson. Matt Stafford, Cam Newton, and Tyrod Taylor. All 3 teams ge…
Breaking: Cam Newton to have surgery on partially torn rotator cuff
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After the signing of Matt Kalil at left tackle, Cam Newton undergoes preemptive shoulder surgery.
Cam Newton to undergo surgery on his throwing shoulder:
Cam Newton suffered a partially torn rotator cuff this season and is having surgery.
Panthers announce Cam Newton will undergo surgery on March 30 for a partially torn rotator cuff.
Tip of the hat to Northern Iowa’s seniors for going through that press conference. Cam Newton would’ve left about three…
Julius Peppers and Cam Newton are teammates now 😂
Only Pro Bowl QB drafted past decade with under 20 Div 1 starts is Cam Newton. Major red flag for Mitch Trubisky - only 13…
Auburn has a pretty good trio in Barkley, Frank Thomas, and Bo Jackson (or perhaps someday Cam Newton)
Urban Meyer asked whether he’s had this much talent at QB in his career quickly cited Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Jeff Driskel and John Brantley.
This kid just told me he would take Tim Tebow and James Harrison over Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly 😐
Don't forget that Patrick Mahomes can go Cam Newton and lower his shoulder on ya if need be
King Mez said "they only *** the top, creme brulee" then dissed Cam Newton for being in the same verse
White ppl jumping all over Jameis Winston for bad word choice. Where were y'all when Bill Romanowski called Cam Newton "boy"?
If you don't like Cam Newton, you probably also don't like Forrest Gump, Freedom, or Chicken minis. quite frankly, you're a…
Cam Newton and Westbrook blood brothers, dress the same too
I have never doubted our inability to do anything unless it involves (opposition to) the federal gov't, Saban, or Cam Newton
Update: a Falcons fan walked in with a cam newton jersey on. Said he's done with the Falcons.
Good, I also like that Cam Newton ad, funny
look it up. It's a good recovery drink. I think Cam Newton drinks it or something
the Buick Cam Newton commercial was absolutely hilarious. Got people talking about it.
I saw the Cam Newton one on social media! Great overall response to that ad
I liked the one commercial where the elderly man was playing Lady Gaga on his violin! I also enjoyed the Cam Newton one!
Check out this INCREDIBLE video of the this morning as viewed from a Lisle, IL police car dash cam! Thanks to Lisle…
That cam Newton commercial was funny AF during the SB.. 😂😂
& 1-0 in & 0-2 in Moral of story:. F Cam Newton & F the Falcons.
Cam newton last year could've got a free ball on the ground but instead let the opposite team grab it
Congrats to Panthers QB Cam Newton and his girlfriend Kia on the birth of their baby girl! 👶🏽💕.
Like the commercial cam newton was in. During Super Bowl
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