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Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson, Jr. (born September 29, 1985), nicknamed Megatron, is an American football wide receiver for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL).

Detroit Lions Barry Sanders Julio Jones Randy Moss Patrick Willis Marvin Jones Jamarcus Russell Mike Williams Peyton Manning Larry Fitzgerald Charles Woodson Roy Williams Antonio Brown Anquan Boldin Terrell Owens Marshawn Lynch

Report: Two teams have approached Lions about trading for WR Calvin Johnson's rights before NFL trade deadline. (via
Lions have been approached by teams about trading for retired WR Calvin Johnson's rights, per
People hate Millen, what I NEVER hear is that he drafted Calvin Johnson over Joe Thomas & Adrian Peterson. Possibly his worst offense
It always intrigues me how Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas went to Georgia Tech, and they are an option team too.
I think I'd put Calvin Johnson and Adrian Peterson there too, don't have the hardware but known as best runner/best…
Calvin johnson with the interception ices it for hudson. Final. Hudson 22. Quabbin. 14
is there another code like the Calvin johnson?
*whispers*. Antonio Brown's last five seasons are better than any five-season stretch in Calvin Johnson's career.
Calvin Johnson should have retired after that touchdown was overturned by replay.
Maddest I’ve prob been is when g tech beat us at home when we was ranked 2-3 in country. H…
I know the Doritos Calvin Johnson codes aren't much but I have an extra one I can trade ya for a Jerry Rice code if u want
Fred B even worth upgrading? My WRs are 87 Diggs, 86 Wallace and 84 Calvin Johnson lol
I think ABs style and track record make that kind of longevity more likely than say Rand…
Really hope MF is 🔥 .. Calvin Johnson , Patrick Willis, or Ed Reed making an appearance in the game would be wild
46 years ago today, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. was born. Happy birthday
A. Rodgers. David Johnson. J Edelman. Greg Olsen. Jj Watt. Calvin Pryor III. S. Janikowski. *** you can make a whole team with the injured
D.K. Metcalf's spectacular catches earned him Calvin Johnson's nicknames. But there's much more to the Ole Miss WR…
*** i wish calvin Johnson was still in the league 😒
I know he’s good, but it looked like I was playing Madden with Calvin Johnson lol
Of course the week I play in Fantasy Football, Cooper becomes Calvin Johnson
LMAO nice defense Mitchell and Sorensen ya bums turn scrub cook into Calvin Johnson
good question! probably Chancey Billups to the Nugs or Calvin Johnson
have to tell you if you havent been already you should be fired for the calvin johnson is not a HOF steaming pile you wrote
The NFL creates SO much unnecessary drama for itself with the Calvin Johnson catch rule and the tuck…
Looked similar to the Calvin Johnson catch when he used the ball to get off ground
RIP Calvin Johnson Rule. It lived a wretched life of confusing football.
If that was a catch, there are a whole lot of Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson fans with this look going on 🤔
Calvin Johnson rolling over in his grave
Somewhere Calvin Johnson is asking why that’s a catch
That’s ridiculous! How is that any different than Calvin Johnson. Did not hold onto ball throughout
After that confirmed catch somewhere you know Calvin Johnson is saying *** ?
Calvin Johnson might have something today about that catch.
The Calvin Johnson rule should be changed tbh
Romo doesn't know the Calvin Johnson rule.
Has Calvin ever used a urinal? Or has he just been peeing on things the whole time? Also, is Big Johnson still alive?
I’m starting to think Harrison Butker is replacing Calvin Johnson as the most successful former GT player in the NFL.
Oh I forgot! Julio, AB, and Calvin Johnson got their teams all t…
And I’ll be upgrading. I’ll have to buy some packs this weekend. I have a feeling Legend will b…
I remember I lost 200 to 199 cause of Charles and Calvin Johnson having like 5 drops in that Monday night game
If Rex says it’s gonna be dope it will be. I think they gotta keep a few shockers up thei…
Calvin Johnson due an upgrade here. 70 speed not cutting it...
Enough! Forget Kelly, look instead to Sheila and Calvin Murphy. Remember Sgt Johnson’s widow and children.
Why is Tony Gonzalez the most feared legend we already have him in the game... Calvin Johnson, Walter Payton, Clintin Portis, Brain Finneran
Was really hoping for a Calvin Johnson
Got a bunch of krecords_ LP’s and other goodies in courtesy of Calvin Johnson! Come and grab em…
Yeah and someone took don mosebar over dan Marino, Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson, marinovich ove…
What about Calvin Johnson you think we could get him ???
Watching once in a lifetime receivers like Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald has been so much fun.
Born on this date: John Lynch, Matt Hasselbeck, Calvin Johnson, Harry Schuh... see more:
Refs always handing the lions those L's... from the Calvin Johnson rule, to the playoff game against Dallas and now this. There's no winning
Tough call against Lions, who've seen these before like with Calvin Johnson
Todd Gurley scored 3 TD's last night becoming the 2nd player in history to have 6 TD's in just 3 games. Calvin Johnson was…
Rams’ RB Todd Gurley is the first player since Calvin Johnson in 2011 to score 6 touchdowns in the first 3 games of the s…
Calvin Johnson put his all on the line for the Lions he put 300 on Dallas with a hurt ankle
passed on peterson and Calvin Johnson for Jamarcus Russell
Detroit Lions better without Calvin Johnson tbh he was holding them back
Calvin Johnson was never as good as Ricky Jeune
COL: Jerry Rice, Randy Moss & Calvin Johnson never did it. But Odell Beckham Jr. may have tools to be the 1st WR MVP http…
high pass Marino to Calvin Johnson. Tf? Marino has 80s in all passing categories.
I'd give anything to see TO, Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, Hines Ward, Marvin Harrison, and Calvin Johnson play at the same time in their primes
Calvin Johnson is here at practice. Knows WR coach Shawn Jefferson from Det. CJ will hang with WRs here. Assure…
Not sure if this my final list but.. . Kobe Bryant, Steve McNair, Ken Griffey Jr., Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush/Se…
Nina just met Calvin Johnson at work . I just ate my lunch at work and forgot to bring my little Debbie brownie. Today's a bad day
If your great your great. No one is knocking Barry Sanders because he only played 9 years. Or Jim Brown. Or Calvin Johnson.
Lions hope to “ultimately” work out rift with Calvin Johnson: With the Lions and Barry Sanders renewing their……
Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson way too early. MJ too early the first, just right and then too late.
Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders retired too early
Calvin Johnson had a very interesting response to a Raiders player who asked him to unretire:.
Calvin Johnson says he wants to play with Derek Carr - claims he would still be playing football if the Lions released his…
Lions invite Calvin Johnson to training camp after retired WR’s critical comments about team ht…
Calvin Johnson implies Julio Jones is the best receiver in the NFL
Calvin Johnson on being stuck with Detroit Lions: "It's the definition of insanity" .
Man if we had Calvin Johnson instead of Brandon Marshall, him and Decker coulda did DAMAGE that season
What's the deal with Calvin Johnson? joins the latest Radio to talk that & preview the Lions.
What's the deal with Calvin Johnson? answers this and more. New Radio:
Joe Montana is the feds and Calvin Johnson can say whatever he wants about the god awful Detroit Lions.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jeffrey Loria should buy the Lions and sue Calvin Johnson to make him play
Calvin Johnson admitted playing for the Detroit Lions was a factor in his decision to walk away from the NFL. More: http…
Justin Blackmon wasn't better than Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech , or Randy Moss in college
So if I just did WR. Randy Moss. Percy Harvin . Larry Fitzgerald . Calvin Johnson. Peter Warrick. This is to difficult
Bum *** Mathew Stanford had Calvin Johnson. Don't compare him to Big Ben or Rodgers
Calvin Johnson, Matt Stinchcomb on ballot for 2018 College Football Hall of Fame
Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson debut on College Hall of Fame ballot.
Why is Calvin Johnson up for the CFB Hall of Fame? | Davone Bess might take umbrage | does, too:
This is one of the greatest college half of fame classes and Calvin Johnson is a part of it. Amazing watching his whole career.
Calvin Johnson has been added to the College Football Hall of Fame ballot
Tech’s Calvin Johnson on College Football Hall of Fame ballot
Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson and Frank Beamer make their debut on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot.
The first-time candidates for the College Football Hall of Fame also include Charles Woodson and Calvin Johnson.
Also three former Lions -- Calvin Johnson, Jason Hanson and Lomas Brown.
Former Lions WR Calvin Johnson, OL Lomas Brown and K Jason Hanson are among the players on the 2018 College...
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Wasn't a hit. Horrid throw by Reynoso. Calvin Johnson couldn't have caught that.
Calvin Johnson at Raiders OTAs as a special guest. He's been working with Amari Cooper. 📸
Calvin Johnson has been working with the Raiders in an advisory role this week. It got us thinking…
Calvin Johnson should have been the pick over Jawalrus Russell. He would still be here.
I will go to my grave hating Al Davis for drafting Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson. Would love him in Silver n…
How does it feel knowing you could have drafted Calvin Johnson instead you drafted Jamarcus Russell?
The Raiders were the team that passed on Calvin Johnson in the draft for Jamarcus Russell, right? Now Calvin is hanging with Raiders? What..
WR Calvin Johnson will join the as a special guest for the first week of OTAs, a guest of offensive coordinat…
I will never forgive the Raiders for taking Jamarcus Russell over Calvin Johnson never ever
Calvin Johnson woulda been destroyed in Oakland had we picked him instead of future hall of famer Jamarcus Russell.
Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe debate whether Calvin Johnson was wronged by the Detroit Lions. (SPEEDonFOX)
Calvin Johnson admits to hiding concussions from Lions team doctors
Calvin Johnson says Lions didn’t treat him right toward end of his career
Calvin Johnson has no comeback plans after rocky relationship with Lions
Former NFL WR Calvin Johnson has no plans of comeback due to rocky relationship with
Calvin Johnson has no comeback plans after his rocky relationship with the —
*** Marshawn Lynch is back , Daryl Washington is back now we just need Patrick Willis , Calvin Johnson to come back and all is well
Fans love Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, et al,but I'll argue forever that Joe Schmidt is by far the best draft pick in their history
Congratulations to Pat and and Calvin Johnson on their new 2017 Escape! Welcome to the family from Eric and all of us at Family Ford!
Calvin Johnson was a monster at Georgia Tech. Was it enough to be our top college WR of all time?
Thursday's Thought... The Oakland Raiders could have drafted Calvin Johnson instead of JaMarcus . Russell in the 20…
Jamarcus Russell that guy was terrible. I can't believe he was taken over Calvin Johnson. 😅😅😂😂
First met Jerry watching Calvin Johnson play baseball at Sandy Creek HS and got to know him better working with him…
Baldwins Qb was Matt Cassel. Young got drafted to a team with Calvin Johnson. Smith had Joe Flacco.
Charles Rogers, Roy Williams, Mike Williams, Calvin Johnson. Multiple top 10 picks on WRs in a short period of time. Wanna be Matt Millen?
My co-host Calvin Johnson and I are so honored to have Dr. A.L. Smith, writer and producer of the film, "Dana's...
Help us help the Orange County Rape Crisis Center on March 25th with Calvin Johnson from Beat Happening.…
2016 was a year Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, & Kevin Garnett left us in the sports🌎
They thought they could get away with putting Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne on Calvin Johnson lmfao
Calvin Johnson retired early so did Patrick Willis. Maybe Ben retiring is good for pittsburgh
Patrick Willis hints at retirement: yeah right. Chris Borland: too young. Calvin Johnson: ain't leaving that $ on the table. Big Ben: no way
NFL going to lose another superstar to early retirement this offseason? Last year it was Calvin Johnson, now Big B…
Best wide receivers of this generation:. 1. Calvin Johnson . 2. Julio Jones
Julio Jones is so much like Calvin Johnson. Just monsters amongst men.
We drafted that guy ahead of Calvin Johnson & AP
I like the numbers game with the Lions Lem Barney HOF, Billy Sims, Barry Sanders HOF. Night Train Lane, Calvin Johnson
you can't just forget Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin, TO
Calvin Johnson was reincarnated in this *** Mike Williams
My dog, Calvin Johnson was 6'5, Mike is only 6'1. Ain't no way !!
Mike Williams aka Calvin Johnson is gonna have a huge game tonight imo
Mike Williams, Clemson's WR, being compared to Calvin Johnson...Alabama's defense has six potential first round picks in this draft.
Mike Williams or Corey Davis in an Eagles jersey is basically Calvin Johnson or Terrell Owens with Wentz.
most likely😂 but that's who I want so I'm busting out my Calvin Johnson jersey today!
While Matthew Stafford has been successful spreading ball around more, this is where the miss Calvin Johnson
I would love to see the lions win the super bowl this year just to see the look on Calvin Johnson jr's face...
Calvin Johnson, Jr. may be done with the Detroit Lions and NFL, but he's not done making a big impact in the...
Calvin Johnson breaks Jerry Rice's record for receiving yards in a season. Next: Barry Sanders' record for best career wa…
Calvin Johnson, Jr. just told the Detroit Lions and NFL the news.
Calvin Johnson on if he'd return to the this season.
Fantasy Football has evolved! I remember a few years ago ppl would ask "Calvin Johnson or Jacoby Jones?". Now, Q's are actually legit.
I'm Julio Jones, Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson all in one😂😂😂
Fitzgerald had a 3-4 year run as best WR 07-11 then Calvin Johnson had 3 years from 11-14, AB been the best since 2014
.had 126 yards to tie Calvin Johnson (34) for second-most 100-yard receiving games since 2011. Julio Jones leads, with 36.
Nine wins without Calvin Johnson, and the focus is on the fact that it was a close game against a rival. Of course
Would take a slow washed up Calvin Johnson over this inconsistent bum Jones
we want a Peyton Manning, ray Lewis, Patrick Willis,dion sanders,Calvin Johnson, and Michael Vick
Want to understand depth charts, when it's ok to cry about Calvin Johnson's early retirement, & who Todd Davis is?
[Blog] Jason Garrett says NFL should have changed Calvin Johnson rule. Read Blog:
Brandin Cooks and Antonio Gates had the same number of targets as Calvin Johnson and Tony Gonzalez today.
he did draft Calvin Johnson.(and Charles Rogers and Mike Williams)
Olympian Laurie Hernandez wins ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ beating out James Hinchcliffe and Calvin Johnson
Spot on with Calvin Johnson call. That rule should have been blown up the next week.
AWWW! . Lions wish Calvin Johnson good luck in DWTS finals via
'Dancing with the Stars 23' results: Was Terra Jole, Jana Kramer, or Calvin Johnson eliminated?
In loss vs the Eagles, Julio Jones got his 34th 100-yd receiving game, passing Calvin Johnson for most since he entered NFL (2011)
Julio Jones reminds me of Calvin Johnson so much. Very similar games
Calvin Johnson should end up in the Hall of Fame. Roy Williams was decent, too. The others were bad, bad picks.
Hillary my favorite athlete is Calvin Johnson get me his Jersey autographed and I'll vote for you.wink wink!
Utter garbage chive by Laurie Hernandez. I'm sorry Calvin Johnson deserved to win.
Amber rose went home now it's time for Calvin Johnson to get all the votes.
My man blocked me after HE tried to compare Stafford to Brees & Jimmy Graham to Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson offers heartfelt letter responding to Peanut Tillman video: Former Chicago Bears and Carolina ...
That Peanut Tillman letter to Calvin Johnson piece NFL network did was dope
(con't) and wait til you see who joins Calvin Johnson and Lindsey Arnold on the floor hint it's another football great
Marvin Jones just surpassed 500 yards in Week 5. Herman Moore, Calvin Johnson are the only other guys to do that for the Lions.
The Lions had Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson retire with gas left in the tank and let Suh walk when they were a playoff team for nothing
nawww man if Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders had it right -- act like you've been there before
Calvin Johnson fought a CB...nothing said. Steve Smith Sr be hemming people up on his own team and other teams but he just "tough" got it
Wow man, can't believe Calvin Johnson was the reason the Lions missed the playoffs all these years.
Calvin Johnson, 'showman with superpowers,' impresses again on DWTS
I would add. Barry Sanders to that list too. Calvin Johnson, Barry Sanders, Flipper Anderson & Marshall Faulk. All time favorite players.
Julio Jones has the 1st 300-yard receiving game since Calvin Johnson in 2013.
Calvin Johnson said it best in his post retirement interview with Michael Smith: "If the Lions could just get out of their own way."
Marvin Jones becomes the first Lions receiver NOT named Calvin Johnson to go over 200 yards receiver since Roy Williams in…
Julio Jones. This pic says it all. Better than Calvin Johnson was don't @ me
should've never hired Paul Johnson! A team that once had Joe Hamilton & Calvin Johnson is forever stuck with triple option?!
Source: Calvin Johnson is expected to come back to the NFL, and will sign with the
Calvin Johnson elite football cleats for 13 bucks at Burlington Coat Factory. God bless this place
I did not realize that Calvin Johnson retired!
Finally watching last night's DWTS. Calvin Johnson has the most infectious smile ever. I love it
Now that Calvin Johnson retired we gotta understand Antonio Brown is the best receiver in the national football league.
Not sure if politician's wife or Calvin Johnson has gone tranny
I love dry heat here — feeling tired at Westin Kierland Resort & Spa
"Calvin Johnson Jr.'s Cheerful Cha Cha Video | Dancing with the Stars" via App:
Lions with Calvin Johnson = overrated and predictable. They won nothing with him either
what has hope won them? Nothing. And they lost Calvin Johnson. The curse is still in effect
'Cha Cha-tron' has rhythm, lacks control in his Dancing wit..
Calvin Johnson's former teammates react to his Dancing with the Stars performance
Calvin Johnson is an NFL football player on Dancing with the Stars and he literally brightens up the room with his sweetness
Lions punter talked to about signing his new contract, holding the winning kick, & Megatron.
Those are solid :P when we hopefully switch to Nike or UA in 2017 I want to get a Calvin Johnson jersey
We watched Calvin Johnson on "Dancing with the Stars" so you didn't have to. Here's our recap:
Calvin Johnson and Billy Sims must have had huge games at Indy. Don't think Colts lose it if wasn't for those two studs.
how about talking to Calvin Johnson about unretiring?
How long does Calvin Johnson have to stay retired before he can come back on a different team?
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Players with 12+ targets and 13 or fewer yards in a game since targets have been counted: Tavon, Calvin Johnson (2009), Carl Pickens (1993).
Calvin Johnson would fit there nicely
I knew Calvin Johnson was the reason I won my first fantasy league, but I didn't know he was such a class act!!
No1 priority now is getting Calvin Johnson back, that's gotta be first then we can turn to Cj Spiller and Josh Gordpn
Calvin Johnson wore a Honolulu blue shirt with the No. 81 on his back, with a Lions logo on the dance floor.
Kickin' It with the Lions punter explains why everyone notices ownership is different this season.
‘Cha Cha-tron’ has rhythm, lacks control in his debut
Ashley Probets swings in a corner from right, Theo Fairweather-Johnson heads down and sub Calvin Poku heads in from clos…
I blame it on needing to watch Calvin Johnson!
me too I was surprised by him! I was hoping Calvin Johnson would last too but Idk after that first dance
The black uni's were the only thing worth keeping from that era not-named Calvin Johnson.
it is a great dancer she definitely can win the show with Calvin Johnson if they do their dances correctly each week I'll vote for em
he caught that pass... He's the original Calvin Johnson rule
I was boutta say you trippin but I forgot Calvin Johnson retired lmao
You sleep. Look it up. Pat Pete covered Calvin Johnson every single snap last year. This is a common practice fam
Calvin Johnson is apparently doing the cha cha on tonight. An idea of what he can expect in the competition:.
Calvin Johnson on 'Dancing with the Stars' to prove his sister, Erica, wrong
Calvin Johnson is not better than Terrell Owens or Randy Moss
With Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson gone, and Tom Brady sidelined: Who will provide NFL star power? 🔓
Cam is gonna have to retire Calvin Johnson style after these hits
Ryan Lochte, Calvin Johnson weigh in on Colin Kaepernick at 'DWTS' kickoff - Fox News
Look out Les Miles I think Rick Plumlee is the new Mad Hatter. . Fantasy Picks:. Rd1 Gronk. Rd3 Calvin Johnson. Rd4 Kicker
mlive​.com >> Calvin Johnson might want to hit up Reggie Bush before strapping on dancing shoes
tells stories about Calvin Johnson, MJ, Dean Smith, & Coach K. Check it out on the pod
Nvm maybe Calvin Johnson coming back these *** be lying 😂😂
Lol Calvin Johnson tall *** really gon do some ballroom dancing 😂😂😂
Calvin Johnson, Ryan Lochte Among Athletes of 2016 Dancing with the Stars Cast: The cast for Season 23 of Dan...
I would take one Calvin Johnson over two Terrell Owens any day
*** you got excited saying Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement only to find out its dancing with the stars 😐
Megatron a Hall of Famer? National writer says no, Boldin not sure | Calvin Johnson
Lions' Calvin Johnson simply couldn't take it: Duff
Calvin Johnson is trading in his cleats for dancing shoes Full cast:
Isn't it the same in the rest of professional sports disciplines?.
did you hear what florio said about Calvin Johnson on dan patrick
Still can't believe Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson retired
They will never ever get a coach like Calvin Johnson who was naturing well that youth
Calvin Johnson is joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, according to
for Lindsay Arnold's sake i hope its not Calvin Johnson, he cant dance 😰 according to him and his siblings.
Top 10 players that should be in the hall of fame: . 1. Ed Reed . 2. Ray Lewis . 3. Peyton Manning . 4. Calvin Johnson . 5. Marshawn Lynch
Clinton Larsson is (Down!!), Now for Gavin Hunt, Calvin Johnson,Serame Letsoaka, Pitso & Steve Khompela to follow!! They must be beaten.
Former NFL star who was a great Wide Receiver was Calvin Johnson formerly of the Detroit Lions back then.
2013 Dez had more targets than josh Gordon, Calvin Johnson, demaryius Thomas, and only 5 less than Antonio Brown.
Yeah ask the likes of Calvin Johnson, demaryius Thomas, Stephen hill, d smelter...
Congrats Alex on getting signed by the same team that drafted Calvin Johnson the Detroit Lions! Best of luck to you in the NFL!
Deep exhale on Ebron. He's been working--and thriving--in the old Calvin Johnson role in the red zone and spread packages.
lol the Lions are literally my least favorite team to be in madden. & no Calvin Johnson? Reggie Bush? Fug that
Did they put Calvin Johnson out there this time?
The NFL HOF is a joke. I don't think Calvin Johnson should get in on his first ballot and Reggie Wayne who got better gone get screwed.
October 27th, 2013: Calvin Johnson goes off for 329 yards against the Dallas Cowboys.
Reggie Wayne tough call for HofF. So many WRs with great Owens, Bruce, Holt, Moss, Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson...
I'm just saying there's this misconception of Jones being "Calvin Johnson big" in the FF community
On air now: Would you rather have... 2016 Calvin Johnson. or . 2016 Anquan Boldin and 2016 Marvin Jones
What would you rather have for the 2016 Detroit Lions...Calvin Johnson or Marvin Jones & Anquan Boldin?
went from Calvin Johnson to Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin...god bless
I just can't see opposing defensive coordinators scheming Marvin Jones like he's Calvin Johnson
Best wide receivers ever: . Randy Moss. Jerry West. Calvin Johnson. Michael Irvin. Antonio Brown (when his career is over)
Calvin Johnson: If Matthew Stafford can get receivers the ball, Lions could be good
[NFL: Videos] Matthew Stafford on Calvin Johnson's absence: 'When you lose somebody like that it's gonna chan
Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch & Calvin Johnson all retired..sports will never be…
I'm more shocked when players retire when they're still in their prime like Marshawn and Calvin Johnson, Kobe & TD pushing 40 it's time bro
Megatron's comments a blessing and curse for NFL - Calvin Johnson gave some eye-opening comments about his reas...
⚡️ “Calvin Johnson opens up about how NFL handles concussions”.
Calvin Johnson on painkillers in the NFL: "Team doctors and trainers they were giving them out like candy."
Calvin Johnson keeps it real about painkillers in the NFL
Calvin Johnson tells ESPN it's easy to see when you get a concussion, yet he was never listed w/ one in his career. https…
Calvin Johnson says that he plans to move back to Atlanta and hopes to complete his business management degree from
I got Roy Williams. Lions WRs not named Calvin Johnson are not a good look
Calvin Johnson says he will remain retired:
true, your football knowledge is always on point. I did mention if Calvin Johnson played his career out, he's in the discussion
If someone made a GT FS Calvin Johnson, and was selling for 8M+, would you buy one?
Like an old pair of nikes, On my Calvin Cambridge Johnson Killing it often
And TD catch v SD is why it shouldn't be Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant Rule, but rather Louis Murphy Rule.
Sorry I didn't clarify. Besides, very few players should be validated or invalidated by what Calvin Johnson did.
Calvin Johnson promoted minimalism to an entire generation.
there are exceptions... As Calvin Johnson (4.35 forty) is both taller and heavier than Fournette
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Johnson comes through with the FC up the middle.Cory Koranda out at second but a rum crosses putting runners on the corners for Calvin Kyker
Jose Fernandez is filthy. He needs to leave Miami or he will end up like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson
I think Calvin Johnson would return to football.
Stafford, on the other hand, lost Calvin Johnson, but his receiving setup isn't as bad as we think. I have him at QB22, but he's rising.
Calvin Johnson exploited his defenders weakness' he was always open. Not hard to decide if he's open to toss it over
Calvin Johnson was a superstar for GT and the lions and played on a team using the triple option.
if you have the talent and drive it doesn't matter what school you go to. Example? Calvin Johnson/Georgia Tech
Calvin Johnson got married. So I'm officially having the worst day.
Calvin Johnson he literally couldn't be stop
I only saw Calvin Johnson when he retired so
Why the Detroit Lions will be fine without Calvin Johnson
I wonder how long it will take before Calvin Johnson becomes a ESPN Analyst 🤔
LOL! I'm at my breaking point! He's dining w/ Calvin Harris to talk about breaking up w/ Taylor Swift!
I liked a video Top 100 Players of 2015: Calvin Johnson
After missing 4 games, Calvin Johnson has been cleared to play next week vs Seahawks!
when Calvin Johnson waves to me when I drive by>>>
Why was my mom trying to crash Calvin Johnson's wedding?
Calvin Johnson is officially retiring. Congrats to the Lions for ruining another legendary player's career.
bruh we clearly saw you use the Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant rule to overturn an interception
Follow the top Calvin Johnson stories for Jun 05 on our topical page:
That baby gonna grow up to be the next Calvin Johnson.
It wasn't really until the 10th or 11th grade when I started to play w...
how was Calvin Johnson's wedding? Now we know the real reason he retired!
DOE Argonne National Laboratory selected Calvin Johnson to receive a 2016 ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) award for his work on.
Former Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is tying the knot with Brittney McNorton on Saturday in metro Detroit.
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