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Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson, Jr. (born September 29, 1985), nicknamed Megatron, is an American football wide receiver for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL).

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how about talking to Calvin Johnson about unretiring?
How long does Calvin Johnson have to stay retired before he can come back on a different team?
Players with 12+ targets and 13 or fewer yards in a game since targets have been counted: Tavon, Calvin Johnson (2009), Carl Pickens (1993).
Calvin Johnson would fit there nicely
I knew Calvin Johnson was the reason I won my first fantasy league, but I didn't know he was such a class act!!
No1 priority now is getting Calvin Johnson back, that's gotta be first then we can turn to Cj Spiller and Josh Gordpn
Calvin Johnson wore a Honolulu blue shirt with the No. 81 on his back, with a Lions logo on the dance floor.
Kickin' It with the Lions punter explains why everyone notices ownership is different this season.
‘Cha Cha-tron’ has rhythm, lacks control in his debut
Ashley Probets swings in a corner from right, Theo Fairweather-Johnson heads down and sub Calvin Poku heads in from clos…
I blame it on needing to watch Calvin Johnson!
me too I was surprised by him! I was hoping Calvin Johnson would last too but Idk after that first dance
The black uni's were the only thing worth keeping from that era not-named Calvin Johnson.
it is a great dancer she definitely can win the show with Calvin Johnson if they do their dances correctly each week I'll vote for em
he caught that pass... He's the original Calvin Johnson rule
I was boutta say you trippin but I forgot Calvin Johnson retired lmao
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Calvin Johnson is not better than Terrell Owens or Randy Moss
With Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson gone, and Tom Brady sidelined: Who will provide NFL star power? 🔓
Cam is gonna have to retire Calvin Johnson style after these hits
Ryan Lochte, Calvin Johnson weigh in on Colin Kaepernick at 'DWTS' kickoff - Fox News
Look out Les Miles I think Rick Plumlee is the new Mad Hatter. . Fantasy Picks:. Rd1 Gronk. Rd3 Calvin Johnson. Rd4 Kicker
mlive​.com >> Calvin Johnson might want to hit up Reggie Bush before strapping on dancing shoes
tells stories about Calvin Johnson, MJ, Dean Smith, & Coach K. Check it out on the pod
Nvm maybe Calvin Johnson coming back these *** be lying 😂😂
Lol Calvin Johnson tall *** really gon do some ballroom dancing 😂😂😂
Calvin Johnson, Ryan Lochte Among Athletes of 2016 Dancing with the Stars Cast: The cast for Season 23 of Dan...
I would take one Calvin Johnson over two Terrell Owens any day
*** you got excited saying Calvin Johnson coming out of retirement only to find out its dancing with the stars 😐
Megatron a Hall of Famer? National writer says no, Boldin not sure | Calvin Johnson
Lions' Calvin Johnson simply couldn't take it: Duff
Calvin Johnson is trading in his cleats for dancing shoes Full cast:
Isn't it the same in the rest of professional sports disciplines?.
did you hear what florio said about Calvin Johnson on dan patrick
Still can't believe Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson retired
They will never ever get a coach like Calvin Johnson who was naturing well that youth
Calvin Johnson is joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, according to
for Lindsay Arnold's sake i hope its not Calvin Johnson, he cant dance 😰 according to him and his siblings.
Top 10 players that should be in the hall of fame: . 1. Ed Reed . 2. Ray Lewis . 3. Peyton Manning . 4. Calvin Johnson . 5. Marshawn Lynch
Clinton Larsson is (Down!!), Now for Gavin Hunt, Calvin Johnson,Serame Letsoaka, Pitso & Steve Khompela to follow!! They must be beaten.
Former NFL star who was a great Wide Receiver was Calvin Johnson formerly of the Detroit Lions back then.
2013 Dez had more targets than josh Gordon, Calvin Johnson, demaryius Thomas, and only 5 less than Antonio Brown.
Yeah ask the likes of Calvin Johnson, demaryius Thomas, Stephen hill, d smelter...
Congrats Alex on getting signed by the same team that drafted Calvin Johnson the Detroit Lions! Best of luck to you in the NFL!
Deep exhale on Ebron. He's been working--and thriving--in the old Calvin Johnson role in the red zone and spread packages.
lol the Lions are literally my least favorite team to be in madden. & no Calvin Johnson? Reggie bush? Fug that
Did they put Calvin Johnson out there this time?
The NFL HOF is a joke. I don't think Calvin Johnson should get in on his first ballot and Reggie Wayne who got better gone get screwed.
October 27th, 2013: Calvin Johnson goes off for 329 yards against the Dallas Cowboys.
Reggie Wayne tough call for HofF. So many WRs with great Owens, Bruce, Holt, Moss, Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson...
I'm just saying there's this misconception of Jones being "Calvin Johnson big" in the FF community
On air now: Would you rather have... 2016 Calvin Johnson. or . 2016 Anquan Boldin and 2016 Marvin Jones
What would you rather have for the 2016 Detroit Lions...Calvin Johnson or Marvin Jones & Anquan Boldin?
went from Calvin Johnson to Marvin Jones and Anquan Boldin...god bless
I just can't see opposing defensive coordinators scheming Marvin Jones like he's Calvin Johnson
Best wide receivers ever: . Randy Moss. Jerry West. Calvin Johnson. Michael Irvin. Antonio Brown (when his career is over)
Calvin Johnson: If Matthew Stafford can get receivers the ball, Lions could be good
[NFL: Videos] Matthew Stafford on Calvin Johnson's absence: 'When you lose somebody like that it's gonna chan
Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch & Calvin Johnson all retired..sports will never be…
I'm more shocked when players retire when they're still in their prime like Marshawn and Calvin Johnson, Kobe & TD pushing 40 it's time bro
Megatron's comments a blessing and curse for NFL - Calvin Johnson gave some eye-opening comments about his reas...
⚡️ “Calvin Johnson opens up about how NFL handles concussions”.
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Calvin Johnson on painkillers in the NFL: "Team doctors and trainers they were giving them out like candy."
Calvin Johnson keeps it real about painkillers in the NFL
Calvin Johnson tells ESPN it's easy to see when you get a concussion, yet he was never listed w/ one in his career. https…
Calvin Johnson says that he plans to move back to Atlanta and hopes to complete his business management degree from
I got Roy Williams. Lions WRs not named Calvin Johnson are not a good look
Calvin Johnson says he will remain retired:
true, your football knowledge is always on point. I did mention if Calvin Johnson played his career out, he's in the discussion
If someone made a GT FS Calvin Johnson, and was selling for 8M+, would you buy one?
Like an old pair of nikes, On my Calvin Cambridge Johnson Killing it often
And TD catch v SD is why it shouldn't be Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant Rule, but rather Louis Murphy Rule.
Sorry I didn't clarify. Besides, very few players should be validated or invalidated by what Calvin Johnson did.
Calvin Johnson promoted minimalism to an entire generation.
there are exceptions... As Calvin Johnson (4.35 forty) is both taller and heavier than Fournette
Johnson comes through with the FC up the middle.Cory Koranda out at second but a rum crosses putting runners on the corners for Calvin Kyker
Jose Fernandez is filthy. He needs to leave Miami or he will end up like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson
I think Calvin Johnson would return to football.
Stafford, on the other hand, lost Calvin Johnson, but his receiving setup isn't as bad as we think. I have him at QB22, but he's rising.
Calvin Johnson exploited his defenders weakness' he was always open. Not hard to decide if he's open to toss it over
Calvin Johnson was a superstar for GT and the lions and played on a team using the triple option.
if you have the talent and drive it doesn't matter what school you go to. Example? Calvin Johnson/Georgia tech
Calvin Johnson got married. So I'm officially having the worst day.
Calvin Johnson he literally couldn't be stop
I only saw Calvin Johnson when he retired so
Why the Detroit Lions will be fine without Calvin Johnson
I wonder how long it will take before Calvin Johnson becomes a ESPN Analyst 🤔
LOL! I'm at my breaking point! He's dining w/ Calvin Harris to talk about breaking up w/ Taylor Swift!
I liked a video Top 100 Players of 2015: Calvin Johnson
After missing 4 games, Calvin Johnson has been cleared to play next week vs Seahawks!
when Calvin Johnson waves to me when I drive by>>>
Why was my mom trying to crash Calvin Johnson's wedding?
Calvin Johnson is officially retiring. Congrats to the Lions for ruining another legendary player's career.
bruh we clearly saw you use the Calvin Johnson/Dez Bryant rule to overturn an interception
Follow the top Calvin Johnson stories for Jun 05 on our topical page:
That baby gonna grow up to be the next Calvin Johnson.
It wasn't really until the 10th or 11th grade when I started to play w...
how was Calvin Johnson's wedding? Now we know the real reason he retired!
DOE Argonne National Laboratory selected Calvin Johnson to receive a 2016 ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) award for his work on.
Former Lions receiver Calvin Johnson is tying the knot with Brittney McNorton on Saturday in metro Detroit.
Former Lions WR believes Matt Stafford will come out better with Calvin Johnson retiring. .
reigns played with Calvin Johnson in college. glad one of their careers worked out lolol
Adrian Peterson, Cam, Calvin Johnson, etc. in the NFL. LeBron, Kobe, KD, etc. in the NBA. I'm less team-oriented now and I'm cool w/ that.
Nate Burleson to Calvin Johnson: Find a way to land with -
Matt Stafford talks about possibility of a Calvin Johnson return
Matthew Stafford didn't push Calvin Johnson to keep playing, expects WR to stay retired: Stafford is content ...
Man, OAK once debated JaMarcus Russell/Brady Quinn overall over Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson. They're really bad.
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A brain like Jerry Rice, vertical like Calvin Johnson, strength of Brandon Marshall, speed of Bob hayes
[Michigan Live] You can stop holding your breath on a Calvin Johnson comback
skipped over Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson/Joe Thomas/Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, darelle Revis and the list goes on
and Calvin Johnson until the next play Phillip wheeler blew a coverage
more or less yes, allows you to objectively view differences between Wes Welker & Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson retires and the Lions are still yet to draft a WR. Hopefully Marvin Jones Golden Tate Jeremy Kerley and TJ Jones are solid.
Cardale Jones would need a Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson to even b mediocre in the league. just throws the ball up for grabs, no accuracy,etc
For a guy replacing Calvin Johnson, Marvin Jones is one cool ...
Marvin Jones: Lions can be 'prolific' on offense in 2016: Even without Calvin Johnson on the roster, new...
Still Mut for rich players. They still manage to squeeze in Night Train Lane, Ed Reed, Calvin Johnson, RG3 etc.
Derek Jeter,Kobe Bryant,Marshal Lynch, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson are all retired and David Ortiz is in his final year.
Sports will be weird the next season that they are in because no Charles Woodson, no Peyton Manning, no Marshawn Lynch, no Calvin Johnson.
Calvin Johnson and Manny Pacquiao also retired this year
No more kobe , No more Charles Woodson , no more Marshawn Lynch , No more peyton , No more calvin johnson . 😭😭
Calvin Johnson retired also. Multiple hall of famers this year retired
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Calvin Johnson and Floyd Mayweather all went out.
Calvin Johnson also retired this year with Kobe and others.
Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, and Charles Woodson all retired this year... Just let that…
don't forget about Calvin Johnson retiring this year
Calvin Johnson retired this year too.
Calvin Johnson retired this year too
dude that's what I'm saying ?! Charles Woodson , Peyton , Tom Watson , and Calvin Johnson all in one year like ***
you coulda put Charles Woodson or Calvin Johnson but you said "hm Elton Brand retired.."
2015/16 was the year of sports;GSW breaking the record of 72 wins, retirements of:Marshawyn Lynch, Peyton Manning,Calvin Johns…
Kobe gone, Obama gone, Marshawn Lynch gone. Even my *** Calvin Johnson Finna get up outta there
And I just got over Calvin Johnson retiring too😔
All the legends are retiring. Peyton, Kobe, Calvin Johnson, Woodson... Great careers all around
So many great athlete retired this year. Peyton Manning, Charlie Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Kobe Bryant all in one year
Payton manning, Calvin johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Charles Woodson all retired this year.
Corey Fuller couldn't believe Calvin Johnson was retiring
Not only has Kobe retired this year but also Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Arian Foster etc.. it's bee…
When we look back to 2016 we will remember losing Calvin Johnson, Peyton, Marshawn, Kobe and our prez Barack Obama all…
Yo Ima miss the legends retiring this year 😭 Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, and Charles Woodson these guys will be missed😭
Seriously, Charles Woodson, Peyton Manning, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch retiring this summer is proper sad.
Calvin Johnson got 3 catches for 32 yards and a concussion from a horribly thrown pass to show for his last game
Saying goodbye to Kobe, Derek Jeter, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning so fast is really depressing. That's my childhood.
Kobe Bryant , Marshawn Lynch , Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning , Barrack Obama all gone this year.
I’ve always had a love for Detroit, man, even as a kid. Barry Sanders, Grant Hill, Calvin Johnson, Eminem, Dilla were people I STAN’D over.
Gronk, Ray Lewis, Sherman and Calvin Johnson on the same team? Lmao why tf would you not pick them
10.) Lions will not miss Calvin Johnson. Golden Tate and Marvin Jones step up and make an excellent wr duo
When you see that your team went from Calvin Johnson to Marvin Jones.
People say you're only a great if you have a ring. I don't believe that. Look at Barry Sanders,Allen Iverson, Calvin Johnson and KD.
passed on Calvin Johnson and other guys who turned out big. Marshawn Lynch, Ted Ginn Jr, AP. to name a few
ICYMI, HC Jim Caldwell explains the final conversation with Calvin Johnson before Johnson retired:
Jim Caldwell on returning as HC, Calvin Johnson via   10% Off
Jim Caldwell says Calvin Johnson made the right decision to retire
Jim Caldwell says Calvin Johnson made right decision
[SB Nation: Pride Of Detroit] No one's ready to accept that Calvin Johnson retired
The thought of Calvin Johnson as a Patriot has shades of 07' Randy Moss written all over it...How would you stop that offense?!
Oakland coulda had Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Patrick Willis. *** even Joe Thomas in that draft
one of the best if not the best WR in this years draft! I have him going to Detroit to replace Calvin Johnson.
still gotta get a WR. Need a big target with hands. Marques Colston.or Calvin Johnson (assuming the lions go for it)
It's been over a week since Calvin Johnson, Jr. hung up the cleats for the Detroit Lions. SHARE if you LOVE this...
I want my lions to win it all this year! Sad to see my favorite player retire! Thank you Calvin Johnson jr! We all love you thank you!
Idk what Detroit got going on but the greats don't last long there.. Barry Sanders now Calvin Johnson..smh
The Lions won't have to go after Calvin Johnson for part of his bonus like they did Barry. CJ already repaid some
OL Cornelius Lucas gives a teammate's perspective on the great Calvin Johnson.
guy give up just like Barry sander and Calvin Johnson
Detroit Lions had 2 of the Best Players that NFL had ever seen in Barry Sanders & Calvin Johnson but they have nothing to show for it
His last battle? I sure hope is lion...if he retires n his prime that's like Barry or Calvin Johnson...guess he got his pride
while I was reading the article on Kawhi Leonard it reminded me of Calvin Johnson. Lots of respect for that type of player
How come Calvin Johnson and Robert Smith retired early but Joel Osteen (and LeBron) haven't?
Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Heath Miller, Jared Allen, Jerod Mayo and now BJ Raji are all retiring
Calvin Johnson already bored of retirement, hopefully he goes full Brett Favre
Sorry Detroit I had to go in on this Calvin Johnson situation and the organization. 2 stars at their positions retire ear…
I wonder how this is answered in baseball vs. football (Calvin Johnson - no "no-title tarnishment" vs. SB-winning long snapper)
"Calvin Johnson, Jr. on Instagram: “Thanks to my delivery guy and for the retirement ..." via
Upgrades? None really. Jones was a good get, but he's no Calvin Johnson. IAQ > Bush.
People have mentioned Barry Sanders in their talk about Lions WR Calvin Johnson retiring last week. Sanders said his was a "tough decision."
Calvin Johnson, like Barry Sanders, r Class Acts! Beloved by Lions fans eternally! Thanks 4 the memories!!!
The Detroit Lions have now sent Barry Sanders AND Calvin Johnson into early retirement. . Perhaps they could sign Donald Trump …
Calvin Johnson quit the Lions in his prime so did Barry Sanders,detroit isn't a good place to play but Chicago's awesome
First Barry Sanders, then the auto industry, now Calvin Johnson. Detroit loves ruining things Americans love.
Calvin Johnson might have the best College highlight tape ever .
Tony Dungy told he thinks Calvin Johnson will eventually make the HOF.
As Calvin retires, this is still hard to fathom... 2007 Draft. . 1) JaMarcus Russell. 2) Calvin Johnson . 3) Joe Th…
Detroit Lions’ Calvin Johnson is retiring and is ‘at peace with it’ – Detroit Free Press
Marvin Jones says he's not coming to Detroit to replace Calvin Johnson. "I'm here to be me."
Before he dominated the league for almost a decade, Calvin Johnson dominated the brass section at Flatrock Middle
So Gronk is giving the Calvin Johnson production for the cost of a Coby Fleener
Nate Burleson nobody can replace Calvin Johnson she's a Virgo right it said that about Michael Jordan Aquarius dr.J
The Lions replacing Calvin Johnson with Marvin Jones is sadder than if they just left one player off the field on every down a…
The question was do you think Calvin Johnson, Revis, or Von Miller are mistakes because they cripple there teams salary cap?
Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Heath Miller, Charles Woodson, and Jared Allen all retire in one offseaso…
This idea that Calvin Johnson isn't a Hall of Famer seems totally ridiculous to me.
I feel as though it's somehow my fault both Tracy McGrady's and Calvin Johnson's careers ended early
Calvin Johnson ranks 43rd on the all-time Rec list, between Santana Moss and Marques Colston. I have that as NOT a 1st-ball…
"The Lions signing Marvin Jones will definitely alleviate the loss of Calvin Johnson." - 2002 Bill Schroeder
As usual, no fanfare. He is beyond amazing. -Calvin Johnson of Detroit Lions retiring from NFL after nine seasons
.WR Calvin Johnson retires with class and dignity, writes
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In 2016 we are losing Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch now Steve Ellis... things will never be the same 😭
Derek Carr, Calvin Johnson, Chris Ivory, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree. that would be deadly
Calvin Johnson joins a list of greats who retired this offseason.
Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Jerod Mayo, Justin Tuck, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson are all retiring. I don't deserve this
Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Jared Allen, Jerod Mayo, and Heath Miller are just some of the names that have retired
(1/X) Oft asked the craziest thing I did in the NFL. W/o a doubt it was covering Calvin Johnson my rookie yr in the Blue Zone. 81 motioned
NFL is taking all kinds of losses this year, Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Heath Miller...
I don't care what the numbers say Calvin Johnson passes the eye test as a hall of famer.
I think Calvin Johnson is going to start a movement in the NFL... make your bread early... get out while you're still relatively healthy.
Also on discussed Calvin Johnson's decision to retire:
Chicago News: Lions say star WR Calvin Johnson is retiring at 30
Former star Calvin Johnson makes it official, retires from NFL .
Deion Sanders sounds like an *** discussing Calvin Johnson. Another person guessing (no facts) that he retired because of the Lions.
Calvin Johnson retires as the Lions' all-time leading receiver FOX
Lions star WR Calvin Johnson retires after 9 seasons -
Lions announce that Calvin Johnson has officially retired.
Gonna miss Calvin Johnson .. All my best FF years were when he was on my receiving squad. Thanks for your amazing play…
First Barry and now Calvin. Calvin Johnson officially retires from the Lions today...
This picture sums up Calvin Johnson perfectly. . Megatron beat double and triple teams like nobody else.
The end of an era with Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Jared Allen, & Heath Miller all retiring 😔
Calvin Johnson holds 15 NFL records, including the most receiving yards in a season with 1,964 in 2012.
Calvin Johnson only one I know besides, Deion Sanders, to rock 21 at receiver
Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Heath Miller, and Marshawn Lynch all retiring this year. great group of players.
Calvin Johnson never won a single playoff game??? He's like the Tracy McGrady of the NFL
Calvin Johnson's 11,619 receiving yards and 83 rec TD are most in NFL history by someone who never won a playoff game (v…
Calvin Johnson accounts for 31% of Matthew Stafford's career passing yards and 34% of his career passing TD
UFM Sports likes Fox Sports So long, Megatron. Lions' all-time leading receiver, Calvin Johnson, has officially re…
Did anyone see on NFL network, where they was talking about Calvin Johnson, retirement.. Then Deion Sanders .
Calvin Johnson has officially retired from the
Lost a lot of good players to retirement this year Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Charles Woodson, and Heath Miller.🏈😔
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Calvin Johnson walks away with 4 years and potentially 67 million dollars left on his deal.
I'll join in the Bill Brasky-ing of Calvin Johnson by recalling GaTech games when he was open literally EVERY passing play. But Reggie Ball
Shocked to hear about Calvin Johnson retiring. Privilege to watch him on Sunday's. One of the GOAT's
All the good players that I like are retiring Heath Miller, Peyton, Calvin Johnson. 😔😔😔
I'm booking travel now to see Charles Woodson,Peyton Manning & Calvin Johnson be inducted in 5 years. 3 of the…
Well it's official; Calvin Johnson finally realized what everyone else does; The Detroit Lions are pathetic and...
Calvin Johnson retiring is certainly good news for the Gets an elite WR out of the division.
Calvin Johnson filed retirement papers with NFL. Retires at age 30, one year younger than Barry Sanders was when he retir…
Calvin Johnson's last catch for is a 6-yd reception from M. Stafford for a 1st down, tackled by CB Tracy Porter.
BREAKING: The announced that WR Calvin Johnson has officially retired from the NFL.
Calvin Johnson didn't make a firm decision til today but he did call each of the Ford daughters to thank them for everything …
Lions make it official: Calvin Johnson is retiring. Megatron walks away as Detroit's all-time leading receiver.
Peyton retired yesterday, Calvin Johnson retired today ... ***
The announce that Calvin Johnson has retired.
Ask Kyle: On Calvin Johnson and whether he should make a decision before free agency: ALLEN PARK -- When Calvi...
Move the browns, oh and kidnap Calvin Johnson, Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin. Cause drafting receivers is too hard.
Charles Woodson, Marshall Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Heath Miller and, now, Peyton Manning. This is a sad year to NFL 😭
I hope Tom sent Andre and Calvin Johnson a text "let's go win you a super bowl"
Tf?! Do you know who Calvin Johnson or Andre Johnson are?
For Detroit & himself, perfect time for Calvin Johnson to retire My column https:…
So far I'm liking what Bob Quinn is doing he is doing a good job so far for the lions now I just hopefully Calvin Johnson will stay
Calvin Johnson , Beast mode , Jared Allen , Charles Woodson and now Heath Miller are all retiring is Peyton next?
More Rod Wood on Calvin Johnson: "Bob Quinn (Lions GM) talked to him. Calvin has not made a decision.". more
Joique Bell, Stephen Tulloch, Reshean Mathis, and with Calvin Johnson's retirement on standby? Our team is already looking different.
Charles Woodson, Jared Allen, Calvin Johnson, and possibly Peyton Manning? The 2020 Hall Of Fame Class is going to be ridiculously good.
Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Jared Allen, Justin Tuck and possibly Peyton Manning have said good-by…
In all honesty I don't think Bob Quinn wants Calvin Johnson back. Wants cap space.
Over the course of a month the Lions have lost Calvin Johnson, Joique Bell, Rashean Mathis, and now Stephen Tulloch.. Lord help us next year
Falcons could have traded the picks that wound up being Chris Houston, Jamaal Anderson and Laurent Robinson for Calvin Johnson in 2007...
Calvin Johnson, Stephen Tulloch, Joique Bell, and Rashean Mathis are all gone.
All-time greats leaving the NFL this year:. Charles Woodson. Marshawn Lynch. Jared Allen. Peyton Manning*. Calvin Johnson*
oh yes I am. Hines Ward, Calvin Johnson, and Andre Reed right now but someone will move over for Thomas when I can afford him
Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson came into the NFL together. Now, Peterson doesn't want to see Johnson retire
Dez Bryant stats at 27 are better stats than what Calvin Johnson had at age 27 im not saying Dez Bryant is better but I am stating facts.
Calvin Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson. All players I grew up watching. It is making me feel old watching em retire.
I drafted Jamaal Charles, Alfred Morris, and Calvin Johnson with my first 3 picks and still won my fantasy league
Adrian Peterson does not want Calvin Johnson to retire
Steve Largent is a great comparison to Calvin Johnson
Lynn Swann doesn't think Calvin Johnson is Hall of Fame worthy like he. Ahem.. . Swann: 336 catches for 5,462...
But Omar Kelly said he was on Calvin Johnson's level. Guess it was foreshadowing the 2016 season where CJ has no stats😂
Calvin Johnson retiring pick up von Miller!!!
Calvin Johnson. Peyton Manning. Marshawn Lynch. Daniel Bryan... I think my whole childhood just retired.
Calvin Johnson retiring too and Derrick fisher got fired by his old head coach
wow the NFL is losing Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch, and Peyton Manning😢
If you told me at the beginning of the year that this was Calvin Johnson and beast modes last season I would've never believed you
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ICYMI: what says about Ian Svenonius, Calvin Johnson, Bruce Pavitt, youthlust & boobs.
Still can't believe Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Kobe Bryant, and David Ortiz are retirin…
Derrick brooks he's a 93 I got cooper too and 89 Calvin Johnson
Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Kobe Bryant, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, Marshawn Lynch and now Daneil Bryan as well, unreal all these stars
In 2016 we are losing: Kobe, Big Papi, Marshawn Lynch, Peyton and Calvin Johnson. *** son
The hall of fave class of 2021: Peyton Manning, Calvin Johnson, Charles Woodson, and Marshawn Lynch?
Big names likely not returning to the NFL include Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, and Marshawn Lynch - three hall of famers.
David Ortiz, Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson all retiring in the same year
No more Kobe Bryant, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning, Clarles Woodson, And David Ortiz after this season... Sports suck now 🤔
Lots of greats retiring after this season: Peyton, Charles Woodson, Calvin Johnson, Marshawn Lynch. ***
Miller was always considered elite, but similar to Calvin Johnson the national media never quite gravitated to him.
Jerry Jones gotta get Lynch or Calvin Johnson can't let both retire
That moment you realize Jerry Rice spent his entire career catching balls from hall of famers and you weep for Calvin Johnson
Lions to give Calvin Johnson time, but the clock is still ticking
Barry Sanders wants to see Calvin Johnson return.
not if Calvin Johnson hits a grand slam in the third period like I predict
No player in history has averaged more receiving YPG than Calvin Johnson - 86 rec YPG (min 100 games)
Marshawn Lynch and Calvin Johnson both might retire, ***
I wonder if the deceptacons call Megatron "Calvin Johnson".
Barry Sanders says Calvin Johnson retiring 'would be devastating'.
since when do you care about football, you thought Odell beckam was Calvin Johnson.
Thanks for all the memories Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson has decided not to play in Super Bowl 50! And you cannot talk him out of this decision!
I just heard some new information from a source. I'm now 100% convinced that Calvin Johnson is retiring. His mind is made…
Are the Detroit Lions better off without Calvin Johnson?
Maybe Calvin Johnson will pull a Brett Favre and just come in and out of retirement until he's about 100 too.
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