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Calvin Coolidge

John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. (July 4, 1872January 5, 1933) was the 30th President of the United States (1923–1929).

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The appropriation of public money always is perfectly lovely until someone is asked to pay the bill. - Calvin Cooli…
if F is for Family ever wins an award, please go on a rant about Calvin Coolidge on stage Streep style.
"Nothing in the world can take theplace of persistence...Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent."- Calvin Coolidge
What are Calvin Coolidge's people complaining about with respect to the F.B.I. Based on the information they had she should never.
I don't understand it at all. Wall Street seems to think Calvin Coolidge got elected, completely ignoring his current behavior.
I mean! He makes Kennedy look like Calvin Coolidge.
“I have never been hurt by what I have not said.” Calvin Coolidge
Today's media would have loved Calvin Coolidge - he averaged almost EIGHT press conferences a month. Nixon, under o…
'No person has ever been honored for what they received. Honor is our reward when we give.' - Calvin Coolidge
The slogan "Press on" has solved and will always solve the problems of human race. Its called PERSISTENCE and DETERMINATION . Calvin Coolidge
I thought you were more of a Calvin Coolidge fan.
Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance Talent will not, genius will not, education will not ~ Calvin Coolidge
"Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong." Calvin Coolidge .
In the discharge of the duties of this office, there is one rule ...
There is no substitute for a militant freedom. The only alternative is submission and slavery. - Calvin Coolidge
Like Dorothy Parker's lethal retort on being told of Calvin Coolidge's death: "How can they tell?"
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Oh I forgot to tell you Calvin Coolidge was a good friend of mine
"Collecting more taxes than absolutely necessary is legalized robbery." - Calvin Coolidge
There is no justification for public interference with purely private concerns. - Calvin Coolidge
We cannot do everything at once, but we can do Something at once." Calvin Coolidge, 30th U.S. President
"Heroism is not only in the man but in the occasion" . President Calvin Coolidge
I think you mean Calvin Coolidge. Harding had more scandals than Obama
Yeah, Jefferson Davis and Calvin Coolidge are his muses. MorningJoe & MSNBC to edit in "Apprentice" promos in final draft.
Christmas is not a time or a season but a state of mind. ― Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge. Strong in crime, laissez-faire on the economy, promoted racial political equality, & SHIR…
How about when you wear your Calvin Coolidge mask and she dresses up like Dolly Madison?
Good article connects Trump's thinking to Charles Lindbergh , Calvin Coolidge, and Ross Perot.
Trump's Republican Party looks an awful lot like Calvin Coolidge's-which is just what Stephen Moore & other 1% want. https:…
Calvin Coolidge was hands down the coolest (heh) president. He told his future wife "I am going to be married to you." Can't get more alpha
A mash up of Ronald Reagon, Calvin Coolidge, Ann Colter and a Godzilla like creature that eats mental pygmy liberals.
Barack Obama is officially my favorite president. Sorry, Calvin Coolidge, but I'm living in these science-hostile times and he is needed
Calvin Coolidge is the only US President born on the Fourth of July. 3 presidents have died on the Fourth.
Calvin Coolidge born in 1872=Monkey year, elected Vice President in 1920=Monkey year
“The words of a President have an enormous weight, and ought not to be used indiscriminately.” – Calvin Coolidge
If it helps reduce mass suicides, Harry Truman and Calvin Coolidge were businessmen and non politicians elected president as well.
Former U.S. president, Calvin Coolidge got his nickname "Silent Cal" for his unwillingness to talk in public
Think About This:. “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” So said Calvin Coolidge, President 1923-1929. . If...
Obama has now commuted more sentences than any president since Calvin Coolidge.
the best president the nation ever had, Calvin Coolidge, did nothing.
Who was the U.S. President when the stock market crash of 1929 occurred? (from blkstang). G. Calvin Coolidge. H.
Albert Einstein claimed to need 10 hours and Calvin Coolidge, while president, demanded 11!
I just saw a Hibbert post-up like it was 1924 and Calvin Coolidge was president
Calvin Coolidge, America's least talkative president, is 1of 48 VPs in the Veeptopus Only 11 days left…
o My grandson is named after Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the
"I don't recall any candidate for president that ever injured himself very much by not talking." - Calvin Coolidge, 1924. Hmmm...
My favorite President is Calvin Coolidge if anyone was wondering
Hamilton Collection
Calvin Coolidge was probably our best president
I wrote in the greatest GOP President of the twentieth century Calvin Coolidge
As president Calvin Coolidge once said, “nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.”
why has nobody said the greatest president ever yet? Calvin Coolidge!
I wrote in Calvin Coolidge sir since the 22nd amendment made you ineligible for president
I proudly wrote in Calvin Coolidge for President in the state of TX.
Calvin Coolidge (30th US President) was the only president to be sworn in by his father.
Mutant Aliens (Bill Plympton, 2001). Calvin Coolidge (30th President of the USA): "The business of America is business." htt…
"I think the American public wants a solemn *** as a President, and I think I'll go along with them." Calvin Coolidge
Chris Coolidge Jeter, great-grandson of Calvin Coolidge, and former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, discuss "Why... https:/…
Pt6: thanks to the actual 1st part black President Warren Harding & his V.P. Calvin Coolidge..who shrank fed gov...
Ex. of the wild passage of time: In 1923, Calvin Coolidge, the new president of the United States after Harding died, was robbed. Robbed.
Trump so rude he makes Andrew Jackson and US Grant seem like Calvin Coolidge or Rutherford Hayes but Cruz must be gracious to him?
Gift of an Ethiopian ceremonial shield to Calvin Coolidge from the future emperor Haile Selassie.
Ironically, one of America’s greatest presidents, Calvin Coolidge, offers what is one of the most articulate...
Breast Cancer Awareness
The nation which forgets it defenders will be itself forgotten. - Calvin Coolidge.
"What book are you reading?". Me: a book about Calvin Coolidge. "Did he run the FBI? Oh wait, that was Hoover.".
Work: "More people out of work leads to higher unemployment." Calvin Coolidge
There is no escaping the fact that when the taxation of large incomes is excessive, they tend to disappear. - Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge (my fav) on the other hand was extremely conservative and had Republicans and Democrats trying to claw him out of office.
I named my dog Calvin Coolidge because why wouldn't I?
... a beautiful tribute to the memory of Calvin Coolidge ...
Calvin Coolidge's words to fathers in 1924—still valid today.
Industry, thrift and self-control are not sought because they create w...
Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store ...
The slogan "press on" has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. - Calvin Coolidge
I Dmed u fam, slid in cool like Calvin Coolidge, let's talk politics and Supreme Court draft picks.
If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you. By Calvin Coolidge
Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery. By Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge refused to use the telephone in the Oval Office.
Aug 2 1923- As Vice President, Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30th President of the United States after the death of Warren G. Harding
Two presidents from VT - Calvin Coolidge, Chester A. Arthur. Bern would fit right in.
but he lives in Vermont, which makes him just as comparable to Chester A Arthur & Calvin Coolidge.
Obama is correct. George Washington, Calvin Coolidge or Woodrow Wilson didn't even kill one radical Islamic terrorist.
Thomas Frank likens Bill to Calvin Coolidge:both deregulated creating a bubble which burst in the next administration
In 1928, Calvin Coolidge would be the last U.S. President to visit Cuba for 88 years.
Calvin Coolidge at the College of William and Mary 1926
At least we don't have to deal with Calvin Coolidge or Warren G Harding as president. Could be worse.
When he was bored Calvin Coolidge used to watch Louis XIV of France getting dressed every morning.
OH on FB: "I wouldn't vote for Trump if he named Calvin Coolidge as running mate & Ron Paul chairman of the Federal Reserve.".
On this date in 1929, Calvin Coolidge established Grand Teton National Park
On This Day: 1929: Calvin Coolidge, in one of his final acts, dedicated land for what became Grand Teton Natl Park http…
We've removed anyone controversial from the Hall of Presidents and are now down to Chester A. Arthur and Calvin Coolidge!
.this is an unconscionable snub of Calvin Coolidge, our only Vermont president.
Today in 1924: Calvin Coolidge becomes the first President of the United States to deliver a political speech on radio.
Little Giant Ladders
On Feb. 22, 1924 Calvin Coolidge became the first president to make a public radio address to the American people.
please take the time to reflect on an ignored president. Calvin Coolidge comes to mind.
“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” ~ Calvin Coolidge, American President
Cruz I might compare to Calvin Coolidge -- a very underrated president, a strong conservative, who wanted to get things done.
Calvin Coolidge had no craps to give and lived the thug life as president.
Calvin Coolidge was a great president
Have we ever figured out if any President since Calvin Coolidge actually knows what they are doing?
Trump wants to get things done but a conservative president like Calvin Coolidge spend almost all of their time blocking bad policy.
Happy birthday to the greatest president since Calvin Coolidge. Your message of freedom still resonates today
Calvin Coolidge was an amazing president. Yes, there were good presidents before Reagan.
Calvin Coolidge makes a pretty strong argument for never ignoring the quiet ones
Calvin Coolidge was known to buzz the Secret Service from his office and hide so they'd think he'd been kidnapped:
Chester Arthur - Born in Fairview, Vermont. Calvin Coolidge - Born in Plymouth, Vermont. Bernie Sanders - Born in Brooklyn
1924: Calvin Coolidge is president, first female becomes governor, citizenship granted to…
Calvin Coolidge was an odd president. Loved animals though. Also, there's Grace.
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Clarence Thomas, meet Calvin Coolidge, who might have hated public speech even more than you
If Bernie Sanders is elected president in 2016, he'd be the first president to serve as a mayor since Calvin Coolidge.
Ask every candidate who their favourite President was, whoever answers "Calvin Coolidge" wins.
Ted Cruz could be the most conservative Republican president since Calvin Coolidge
Republican president Calvin Coolidge' contributed greatly to political prosperity due to his help in Americas booming businesses
"I'm jimmy carter, and I wanna be your president!" - Calvin Coolidge
Did you know, Calvin Coolidge a former US President used to prank his own bodyguards.
With just around the corner, we dug up a fun fact. Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the...
Did you know former president Calvin Coolidge graduated from Calvin College and they liked him so much they renamed the place after him?
I wish, when one of these candidates were asked who their favourite president was, they'd blurt out Millard Fillmore or Calvin Coolidge.
“It takes a great man to be a good listener.”. ― Calvin Coolidge
There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time -- Calvin Coolidge
There is no force so democratic as the force of an ideal. By Calvin Coolidge
" Nothing in the world takes the place of persistence"._ Calvin Coolidge
"I stood up. Threw up on the floor. Threw up on his sister. Tripped over the couch and threw up in his kitchen." Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge, how are you Cal, baby, want a taste? Man From U.N.C.L.E 1964 William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.
You can't know too much, but you can say too much. CALVIN COOLIDGE
"Babe, we have the most vanilla sex ever." Calvin Coolidge
Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. By Calvin Coolidge
Mom: "you know Calvin Coolidge?". Me: *jokingly* "yeah, he's in politics or something right?". Mom: "it's a good think you're pretty"
No man ever listened himself out of a job. -Calvin Coolidge.
Nov. 18, 1927--President Calvin Coolidge commutes Marcus Garvey's prison sentence agreeing that he would be deported & not allowed re-entry.
Did you see Calvin Coolidge's 70 yard touchdown catch yesterday?
Did you miss this great article from December? "Look to Calvin Coolidge Concerning Trade Policy".
last GOP POTUS from New England state: Vt,RI,NY,Mass,Conn, Maine: 1923 Calvin Coolidge. Candidate must win home state too.
I know, dorks! 🤓. Birthplace of our nation's 30th president ... Calvin Coolidge
The 30th President of the U.S., Calvin Coolidge, enjoyed calling for his bodyguards and hiding while the frantically looked for him.
Calvin Coolidge was the only U.S. president to be sworn in by his own father?
A little fact about is he was secretly the 30th President of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. Amazing! ht…
The worst president would be Calvin Coolidge or Richard Nixon, No...wait GW Bush...
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it’s time to honor a debater President, Calvin Coolidge, by creating a merit scholarship in his name
PREVIEW: HS & college students debate which president is better model, Calvin Coolidge or Ronald Reagan?
No one ever listened himself out of a job.' - diplomatic wisdom from former president Calvin Coolidge.
American president, Calvin Coolidge, once said,. “A nation that forgets its heroes will itself…
is the strongest candidate since sliced bread was invented, basically since Calvin Coolidge was president
On This Day. 1933: Calvin Coolidge died. 30th POTUS, 1923-29. Sworn in by his Dad after Warren Harding's death
official White House ornament honors Calvin Coolidge and the first national christmas tree
Amity Shlaes has created a full-ride college scholarship for young fans of Calvin Coolidge:
Carson taking the "Silent Cal" (Calvin Coolidge) approach. Unfortunately, I don't know how that plays in the generation
yep. There are many "progressives" in the Republican Party. isn't the party of frederick Douglas and Calvin Coolidge ne more
2 the time I sent a guy various pictures of former United States president Calvin Coolidge ✨
I'm all for minimizing Woodrow Wilson, in favor of elevating the likes of Calvin Coolidge or Grover Cleveland
Calvin Coolidge literally did nothing in office besides have pet raccoons. We need another Silent Cal
One of my favorite presidents is Calvin Coolidge & we were happy to get this new ornament today!
but as a President he ranks with Buchanan and Calvin Coolidge" - Harry Truman, 1952.
Calvin Coolidge signed speech on 10th anniversary of WW1 Armistice Day in 1928
like Calvin Coolidge for passing the Immigration Act of 1924.
is right where he should be. Just like Calvin Coolidge. Commonsense Republican Conservative. Appeals to all
Who was Calvin Coolidge, do you know? . 'Forget Reagan — Could Scott Walker Be the Next Calvin Coolidge?'. "If so,...
Calvin Coolidge was the definition of sass.
In honor of here is and President Calvin Coolidge with dogs!
“Any man who does not like dogs and want them about does not deserve to be in the White House.” Calvin Coolidge
It is good news for W Virginia to have the SOS involved to update and modernize the office. There and...
"The Constitution is the sole source and guaranty of national freedom." - Calvin Coolidge
The chief business of the American people is business. - Calvin Coolidge -
It is only when men begin to worship that they begin to grow. Calvin Coolidge.
you give a lot of praise to Calvin Coolidge but he was the president that made the federal reserve a permanent institution.
I liked a video President Harding and Calvin Coolidge [1]
1923 Calvin Coolidge was sworn in after the death of President Harding. Coolidge wore a black armband to mourn. h…
Calvin Coolidge- Probably the most underrated President of all time!
Nats to introduce Calvin Coolidge as latest Racing President via
A great President, Calvin Coolidge, was elected off of strengthening controls on immigration in the face of Progressive Outrage.
Calvin Coolidge was a very good president, but no one remembers him, anymore. Check out his history.
One of my favorite President's in history is Calvin Coolidge but the reality is that type of President can not be elected today.
I'd love a little Calvin Coolidge in my next president
Calvin Coolidge, perhaps the greatest president of the 20th Century.
Calvin Coolidge the best President you've never heard of via
Oh, Calvin Coolidge - silly president. Poisoning people won't stop them from drinking.
A friend gave me two audio bios: Calvin Coolidge: great! James Madison: boring! (But again, maybe it was me, not them).
Happy Presidents Day!. Best slides from my daughter's PowerPoint on Calvin Coolidge
Shoutout to Calvin Coolidge for being a boss president.
Calvin Coolidge. He was the only president who ever actually shrunk the government, not just shrunk the rate of growth.
For real though Calvin Coolidge as latest Racing President.
Obama might be the first president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge in 1928: via
Calvin Coolidge was the first Vice President to attend Cabinet meetings on a regular basis,
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Calvin Coolidge was the only president born on that day, in 1872, but he shares…: Page 2 of 3 – Three presiden...
Calvin Coolidge was by far the coolest president
President Warren G Harding and Calvin Coolidge in 1920 film: via
Substitute the midnight oil for the limelight - Calvin Coolidge 30th US estate west
Calvin Coolidge 30th president planted this tree
Calvin Coolidge was the last Republican from the North East elected President. His record is safe.
- Calvin Coolidge is the only US President to be born on 4th July
MT Ever wondered why you know about FDR & not Calvin Coolidge?
Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow. CALVIN COOLIDGE
We cannot 📜 everything at once but we can 📜 something at once calvin coolidge - -
There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no independence quite so important, as living within your means. ~ Calvin Coo…
Calvin Coolidge The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten. Ha
I forgot to tell you I was good friends with Calvin Coolidge
I favor the policy of economy, not because I wish to save money, but because I wish to save people. - Calvin Coolidge
June 2, 1924 Calvin Coolidge signs Indian Citizenship Act into law, granting citizenship to all Native Americans born w…
The new Nats' mascot Calvin Coolidge doesn't look like Silent Cal. I second the Mitt Romney comparison:
Since they don't talk anyway, has there ever been a more fitting racing president than "Silent Cal'" Calvin Coolidge
Born on this day in 1872 was Calvin Coolidge, [Silent Cal], Plymouth Notch Vermont, (R) 30th US President (1923-29), (d. 1933).
To welcome Calvin Coolidge, my brother and I are wearing our Rutherford B Hayes and James K Polk shirts
Calvin Coolidge?! Really?! Why not a better president like James K. Polk? Or Ulysses S. Grant?
As I've asked many times. Why is the United States in w/ the UN? Calvin Coolidge was Right! (League of Nations)
On this day in 1927, The Sioux County Pioneer newspaper reports that Calvin Coolidge will be “adopted” into a Sioux tribe at Fort Yates.
In 1926, Calvin Coolidge became the first President to appear on a coin while he was alive.
Calvin Coolidge was mayor of Northampton MA 12 years before he was president.
"If that were true, Abraham Lincoln would have been our worst president and Calvin Coolidge our best” Nice
"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), the 30th U.S. President
The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Calvin Coolidge
Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.- Calvin Coolidge
If you don't say anything, you won't be called on to repeat it. -- Calvin Coolidge
When large numbers of men are unable to find work, unemployment results. -- Calvin Coolidge 🙆🎅
Calvin Coolidge was the first President to have his portrait appear on a coin struck during his lifetime.
Obama is one of FOUR American presidents to visit a Native American reservation. FOUR! Others being Bill Clinton, Calvin …
San Antonio, TX, Calvin Coolidge, and I'm still single, despite practically secreting awesomeness
"Those who trust to chance must abide by the results of chance.". ~ Calvin Coolidge
From the Historic Site's "Grace Coolidge: A Glass of Fashion Exhibit," Calvin shifting the blame for Grace's...
Business will be either better or worse. -- Calvin Coolidge 📓
If I had permitted my failures…to discourage me, I cannot see any way in which I would ever have made progress. - Calvin Coolidge
My first act as president is to undertake huge, government-funded projects and name them after Calvin Coolidge, just to *** off his ghost.
When more and more people are thrown out of work, unemployment. results. -- Calvin Coolidge
A new coin from United States of America, Dollar, Presidential Series (2007-present) was added: 1 Dollar 2014 D -...
"You don't have to explain something you never said". - Calvin Coolidge
1678President Calvin Coolidge liked to eat breakfast while having his head rubbed with Vaseline.
. If the next president doesn't take a wood chipper to the federal budget a la Calvin Coolidge, we are pretty much done.
Usually, living people don't appear on US coins but Calvin Coolidge was the 1st President on a coin while he was still alive.
Currently reading... I just finished Rand Paul's book "Government Bullies" and a biography on Calvin Coolidge
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Remember that Andrew Jackson did not make the Louisiana Purchase and Calvin Coolidge swore in his New Hampshire cabin.
Rainn Wilson and Calvin Coolidge just bought a fruit. Melissa Rauch and James Clavell are proofreading a beehive.
Bernie Sanders looks to join Chester Alan Arthur and Calvin Coolidge as folks who made it to the White House from Vermont.
My son Timothy reminds me of Calvin Coolidge. He's a modest young man of few words. Nobody would know it if it...
If you want a decent education don't go to My professor tried to say Calvin Coolidge was president during the Great Depression.😒
. dropping knowledge: "No Republican since Calvin Coolidge has won the White House without Florida."
Turns out this date's high temp record of 69 was set in 1927 (Calvin Coolidge), not 1827 (John Quincy Adams).
Sens Lee and Rubio “have come up with the most pro-growth tax reform since Calvin Coolidge's presidency.”
Calvin Coolidge was Lieutenant Governor of MA when he spoke to a Mansfield Republican club in August 1916.
Traditionally, Calvin Coolidge – the report of whose death was greeted by Dorothy Parker with "How can they tell?"
When someone told Dorothy Parker that President Calvin Coolidge was dead she replied, 'How do they know?'
When told that Calvin Coolidge had died, Dorothy Parker asked “how could they tell?”
Dream what you dare to dream. Go where you want to go. Be what you want to be. -Calvin Coolidge Pls RT
Grace and Calvin Coolidge on the Farm via
"Calvin Coolidge sounds like an old timey person." -
Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. - Calvin Coolidge (3/3)
Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish. BBRef says his nickname is Buster.
US President Calvin Coolidge enjoyed ringing for his bodyguards and hiding while they frantically searched for him. htt…
We don't need more from the things that are located. We need much more of the stuff that are invisible. -Calvin Coolidge
White House Ghosts The White House has seen much history and tragedy. Construction began in October of 1792 when George Washington was president. It was completed in 1800 and John Adams was the first president to reside there. Many presidents have lived there and some never left .The ghost of Abraham Lincoln , our sixteenth president is seen in the halls of the White House. His presidency was known for the civil war and his assassination in 1865 , by John Wilkes Booth. After his death, his footsteps were heard by White House staff, pacing on the second floor. He was first seen during the administration of Calvin Coolidge . The First Lady saw him standing in the Oval Office looking out the window overlooking the Potomac River. He has been seen in the same spot by many others since that time. He knocks on bedroom doors in the White House at night and has been seen by those who open the door to their rooms . He is seen in times of national crisis and seances have been done to contact Lincoln. He was asked .. ...
sooo, you still think you ELECT our president? in 1992 you had skull and bonesman George Bush Sr. vs, Freemason Bill Clinton. in 1996 you had Bill Clinton vs Free mason Bob Dole. Next you had skull & Bones GW Bush vs Free mason Al Gore . Then you had Skull and bones Bush vs skull & bones Kerry. Do you all get it now? In Albert Pike's book he admits the top Freemasons worship Lucifer. The Illuminati has infiltrated the freemason elite. A List of past presidents and people I have found who belong to these secret societies: George Washington, John Adams, James Monroe, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, William Harrison, Benjamin Harrison, Andrew Jackson, Franklin pierce, John Quincy adams, Aaron Burr, Martin Van Buren, Calvin Coolidge, Tyler, Truman, LBJ, Chester Arthur, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Warren Harding, Taft, Francis Scott Key, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, joseph Kennedy, George Clinton, Woodrow Wilson, H.Hoover,Nelson Rockefella, Dwight Eisenhower,Thomas E Dewey, Nixon, ol ...
ummm.just because I said I would be willing to vote for either Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush if either one of them turns out to be the Republican nominee for President, does not mean that I think that either of those individuals constitutes our ideal Presidential candidate. If it were up to me, I could think of several people whom i would rather see in the White House, such as Allen West, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rick Perry, Rudy Giuliani, the adorable Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Abraham, Abraham Lincoln, Ann Regan, Arthur Balfour, Barry Goldwater, Benjamin Netanyahu, Bobby Kennedy, Brynnan Twilley, Calvin Coolidge, Charlton Heston, Chuck Norris, Clarence Thomas, George Washington, Gilligan, the Skipper too, John Adams, George Eliot, Jackie Robinson, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, John Milton, Jon Voight, Kate Middleton, Karen Carpenter, Kelly Horowitz, King David, Leanne Suttles, Leo Tolstoy, Lucy Straw, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Menachem Begin, Moses, Pat Boone, Pat Robertson, Pope John ...
By the President of the United States of America A Proclamation The season approaches when, in accordance with a long established and respected custom, a day is set apart to give thanks to Almighty God for the manifold blessings which His gracious and benevolent providence has bestowed upon us as a nation and as individuals. We have been brought with safety and honor through another year, and, through the generosity of nature, He has blessed us with resources whose potentiality in wealth is almost incalculable; we are at peace at home and abroad; the public health is good; we have been undisturbed by pestilences or great catastrophes; our harvests and our industries have been rich in productivity; our commerce spreads over the whole world, and Labor has been well rewarded for its remunerative service. As we have grown and prospered in material things, so also should we progress in moral and spiritual things. We are a God-fearing people who should set ourselves against evil and strive for righteousness in ...
"To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas." -Calvin Coolidge
lol,Look @ you up to date with the newest facsimile telegraph technology.Why even Calvin Coolidge doesn't have one!
I will NOT vote for - like his brother, he is a big spending, common core promoting, neo-statist RINO . I vote for Calvin Coolidge
Grover Norquist compared to Calvin Coolidge, now this writer compares him to Churchill. Not sure I follow.
As Gov. of Mass. Calvin Coolidge fired all the Boston cops just because they wanted a Union. It can be done.
"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing on one's own sunshine."Calvin Coolidge
Somewhere I read the story of several people who were invited to take tea at the White House when Calvin Coolidge was president. They were simple people who were not used to formality. They wanted to be sure they didn't make any mistakes, so they decided to watch the president and do whatever he did. When President Coolidge came in, he sat down and took a cup of tea. They did likewise. He put in two tablespoons of sugar. They followed suit. He stirred the mixture. They did the same. Then he took his saucer and poured cream in it. They felt uneasy, but did as he did, but they couldn't figure out what to do with their saucers of cream when he gave his to the cat! Someone might say, "Serves them right for trying to be what they weren't!" They might go on to say, "Isn't that what you're doing when you try to be heterosexual?" To ask that shows that this person has bought into the lie which traps so many in a false identity. Suppose we look at it from another angle. Have you ever been feeling and a ...
Little progress can be made by merely attempting to repress what is evil. Our great hope lies in developing what is good.” Calvin Coolidge
Calvin Coolidge's faith was the secret to his success
Someone tell me who Calvin Coolidge is
Quote of The Day:. "Prosperity cannot be divorced from humanity." - Calvin Coolidge
With the exception of Calvin Coolidge, every U.S. president since Teddy Roosevelt has visited Brown Palace Hotel.
Prosperity is only an instrument to be used, not a deity to be worshipped. -Calvin Coolidge
We do not need more of the things that are seen. We need more of the things that are unseen. - Calvin Coolidge
"Men do not make laws. They do but discover them." Law must rest "on the eternal foundation of righteousness." -Calvin Coolidge
"It is not the enactment, but the observance of laws, that creates the character of a nation." —Calvin Coolidge
"It is our theory that the people own the government, not that the government should own the people." - Calvin Coolidge
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