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Calvert County

Calvert County is a county located in the U.S. state of Maryland. It occupies the Calvert Peninsula which is bordered on the east by the Chesapeake Bay and on the west by the Patuxent River.

Prince Frederick Chesapeake Bay

running in the CA42 against GOP incumbant Ken Calver…
running in the CA42 against GOP incumbant…
Thank you League of Women Voters for hosting Legislative Evening tonight! Thomas and I were so happy to attend! Tha…
Calvert county not meant to be a lit *** area its where u go to settle down with ur boo and start a *** family
Really don’t feel like driving to Calvert county
The Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth’s (3CY) first Creative Resources Expo drew youth from around the c…
This week's spotlight is on Dowell in Calvert County!
director Dr. Polsky reports Calvert County. overdose deaths decreased from 12 to 7 from first…
The clubs hosted the annual Outstanding Youth of Calvert County banquet last night where 40 of the…
There are many of the same officers still there. You…
For you Calvert County folks. Dunkirk is getting a Taco Bell.
LOST DOG, still missing as of Sunday 11/12/2017, Calvert County; lost over 2 months ago near Brownie's Beach, Chesa…
Closure on KY 1523/Industrial Pkwy in Calvert City/Marshall County for Rail Crossing Repairs on TUE, NOV 14. P&L...
Fishing spotlight: Calvert County in this week's Maryland Angler's Log. .
I will be the next U.S. Congressman for Riverside County. Calvert's days in office are numbered!
A wonderful day at the regional bowling tournament! Congratulations to Alexea and Hanna for both winn…
From Calvert County MD only saw it briefly until it disappeared into the clouds.but beautiful!
What is it about Calvert County you love & want to keep?
Hey, Your Calvert County branch is really really slow. Like, there is ONE restaurant in this area and th…
What do you love abt Calvert County and want to Keep?.
you’re not actually from Calvert County if you don’t know what this is
E33 is en route to Calvert County Co.6 on a transfer, while they operate at a working house fire. is ma…
OMG I'm with u there! Bmore girl here who also cherished my couple yrs living in Calvert county...…
Veterans Day Ceremonies at the Calvert County courthouse and at Chesapeake Beach Veterans Park.
Attend our FREE workshop "ASD: Puberty and Sexuality" on Feb 7th, 2018 in Calvert County. Register online at…
Leon Campbell discusses his experiences as a summer intern at in Calvert County, Maryland.…
I hate working in Calvert county because of the cops. 😒
This week's spotlight is on Lusby in Calvert County!
I miss Calvert county backroads so much. Could go for a drive right now
At Kinder Park this afternoon for a matinee between and Northern of Calvert County in boys soccer.
Whoever i just raced in calvert county yall wild💀😂
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Calvert County Sheriff's Office Advisory. Actively working an investigation on Ropeknot Rd Lusby. Looking for 2...
How Calvert county do you have to be to throw beer at someone's windshield while driving down the highway
So & Alan Calvert-Brown of Horsforth Heating & Bathrooms, defamation case against me, filed in coun…
Here's an early story on Chad Calvert winning the County Match Play ...
Calvert, Twig halve first hole in County Match Play
Twig advances to County Match Play final 1 up, playing Chad Calvert
Get up, get up, get up!. Welcome to services already in session from Calvert County Baptist Church!
Check out our VP Lauren and junior member Abby! I'm so proud of both of you for taking the initiative to represent…
Do you know what to do to inorder to prepare for a hurricane?...
Calvert County Deputy JD Denton getting his groove on! If this Officer thing dont work out,hello Dancing With The S…
Calvert County's finest JD Denton puttin it down!! Atkins told me to do it!!
Moe these white people wild in Calvert county lmao
Easy - I can find out for you. I know there are some. You may have to look in Calvert County.
Must be the Moco Calvert County starter pack...
Good ole Calvert County boys on the water. Love it. Catching 🦀 s.
Jax got mail 2day! Thnks so much Calvert County Sheriff Dept!
Check out this news article for Calvert County, MD
"When you dial 911, you will not get an answer." Monroe County Administrator warns people to leave as moves towards Florida…
Can't wait to leave calvert county after high school and start a new life somewhere
inner equinox in Calvert county Maryland
Heading off the storm: Calvert County 's Emergency Management team prepares for Irma
you should have went to the Calvert drive in when you were in Marshall county
2. Bring back "DUI capital of the USA," Calvert County. 3. We liked Mission, Tx and Walton County FL.
How fast are Calvert County, Maryland homes selling?
Calvert County is beautiful idc what anyone says
Happy Monday!!! This post is for my Calvert County followers...but if you want to be nosey and…
He was sent this one from Calvert County
Calvert County Sheriff's deputy involved in Lothian crash
Calvert County Sheriff's officer involved in Lothian crash
For those of you who never heard of Calvert County do me a favor and watch this. Also my high school is on Chaneyvi…
Tim I live east of Calvert county and I wanna know if there is a day l could do a ride a long. I'm pu…
Lmfao yeah that's for real Calvert county native tongue
Here's a cool thing from the future: 171295 CALVERT malnourished Clayton County AC /
Flash Flood Watch for Charles, St. Marys, and Calvert County in MD until 10:00pm Monday.
What's up with Calvert County?!? The tiki bar opened this weekend.. why no coverage of our county last nite or tonit…
I can't help but feel like summer in Calvert county would be a little better if lake lariat wasn't disgusting
Only in Calvert county will you see a goat in the backseat of a truck
Is the fox still on the run in Calvert County?
Time for service already in session at Calvert County Baptist Church! Welcome.
Oh Calvert never fail to produce hilarious content 😂😂😂
Looks as if all of Calvert County was at that FGL concert.
What a crazy diabetic supply test kit found in Calvert County, MD 😮💉
What grounds are the pd using to search the personal belongings inside the car in Calvert County _MD
I have to admit the fact that the reflection of Calvert County Deputy Denton's pack looks like a fa…
What ever happened in Calvert County with the bag needles?# Ridin' Dirty
Why is trending, do that many peeps watch it? Calvert County is close to me
I'm talking about the chase @ end of show last night in Calvert county
What happened with the kids in Calvert County??
The Calvert County paraphernalia - gold case w/mirror: its a lipstick case. Cop doesn't know that, bu…
hello Calvert County heroin stop!! WHY are we watching earlier in Spokane?? C'mon!!!
That is spot on Calvert County stopped Cornhollio
Friday night show ended with a chase from Calvert County into St. Mary's and then the show ended. Follow up please.
I live in Carroll county I've seen a lot of drug crime I would like to know does Calvert have a lot of the same problems?
The Lighthouse Restaurant in Calvert County Maryland will be hiring soon.
They had the All You Can Shoot Buffet at Need a job in Calvert County, MD? I know where two just opened.
What happened at the end of the show last tonight with the last call in Calvert County?
Live PD...creating jobs! 2 openings at the Lighthouse in Calvert County!
Calvert dude trying to hide his face. That's funny. Everyone knows everyone here in Calvert County duh.
has me like 😍 at all these fine police officers. Calvert County, Richland County... how you doin? 🙋🏻
Read today's blog on the terrible incident on the death of an 8 month old due to a dog bit. Our hearts are heavy.
I pray to God everyday to get me out of this behind the times, nothing worth seeing or doing county. And the people, don't even get me started! Everyone's either a druggie or a Trump lovin' simp. God help me. I just want to go back home. :(
Centrally located in Calvert County, 140 Double Oak Rd is in a quiet community close to...
Calvert county ain't the place to get anywhere being a nice guy
I hope that we get that LA Fitness in Calvert County 😭😭😭😭
Calvert County has always enjoyed a great partnership with College of Southern Maryland.
We will be back in action, TOMORROW, against county rivals, Calvert (3-0). The game will be at Calvert at 4:30. Sure to be a great game! 💚⚾️
Replay of last ep w/ & now avail! Learn about his role as commissioner & cyber business plans.…
Why are people in Calvert county so concerned about being smarter than everyone else?
“President / CEO Calvert County Chamber of Commerce”. This established Chamber of Commerce is seeking a new...
Dr Jack R Smith cut a swath of corruption through Calvert County in 2010-2014 before he destroyed
Smith has 2 petitions for removal from office First for swindling Calvert Cou…
I don't know how people are able to stand living in Calvert County. I would be so miserable if I was still there.
Incredible shot captured by Zeke Mudez early this morning as storms moved through Calvert (Robertson County).
There's one thing I'll never forget about growing up in Calvert County & that's the WKIK radio station jingle.
Is anyone else annoyed that Calvert County has been appearing on Live PD?
Update to Highway 6 crash in Robertson County: Traffic is flowing but will be slow between Calvert and Bremond.
This Saturday at Noon!. Plan to be there and bring a friend!. April 1st, Daviess County Public Library.
live PD is one of my favorite shows but you need to do Baltimore Maryland Calvert county is ok but do Brooklyn Cur…
Tomorrow the Starz meet with the Calvert County Commissioners to be recognized for their 2nd national Championship win!
At age 28 I had a mental breakthrough; I will never find a decent woman at a Calvert County bar. Maybe a grocery store or subway.
I'm still trying to figure how the crooked Jack Smith ever became MCPS superintendent when his tenure as…
The trespass warning in Calvert county_md the guy should sue he said he didn't want to be recorded and that's the end
Ugh 😑🙄 "y'all don't know nothing bout life.. y'all haven't been outside of Calvert county.." stfu 🤣😂
follow up please -9mins into show Sat, live pd, Calvert county, slow driver--you never went back to it-what happened?-please
NMS Dog Food Drive a success! Over 1,000 lbs donated to the Humane Society of Calvert County. Thanks to NMS' NJHS f…
producer in Calvert County last🔥🔥🔥
the officer in Calvert county MD are really nice
Tell me Calvert County Don't know how pass time 😂
People of Calvert County, learn how to drive in parking lots!!'ll see me on LivePD. Came all the way up here from Calvert County to arrest me for principal impersonization!
This morning I was brutally reminded that I live in Calvert County when I was awoken to the sound of my neighbor yelling at her horses
Dr. Jack Smith, recently retired Calvert County Superintendent, has been tapped as MSDE's Chief Academic Officer. http…
Calvert county today 😊 All I want is some good food and see my Family 😌
Boy, 8 months old, is killed by family dog in Maryland . By Justin Wm. Moyer March 24 An 8-month-old boy was...
Pit bull in fatal attack of 8-month-old had no record of aggressive behavior | via
"Why do you have a condom in your door pocket?" DFC. JD Denton, Calvert County
I wish the sheriff in Calvert County MD would of searched the guys red shirt. Think he missed something...
The cop on Calvert County looks so much like Haley Joel Osment.
Who's the hall with the camera man in Calvert County? Yowzer!
Another search strike-out in Calvert County! They're still trying, a little too hard. Stop consenting to their bs searches!
These Calvert County cops are awful! "This is called a medical assessment." Really? I hope this guy gets a good lawyer!
So Calvert County MD when ur questions don't get the answer u want then u start making threatening questions 2 arrest
Roger B. Taney was born 240 years ago today in Calvert County, MD. 5th Chief Justice of Supreme Court. Andrew Jackso…
The Milky Way has made its debut for the season! taken this AM on the shores of Calvert County. Repost
Why can't there be a Buffalo Wild Wings in Calvert County
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Bayside Auto Group Partners with End Hunger in Calvert County for End Hunger in Calvert County Month
I'm still salty that I moved from Hawaii to Calvert County
Congrats to the Smiths. Calvert County & I will miss you! Thank you for being such loyal clients throughout the years!
I woke up wanting to do something fun then realized i live in calvert county
Equipment Delivery Man ‘Stunned’ by Weighty Lottery Win: Calvert County man claims $50,000 top prize…
Join me every Thursday at 8:20am on FOX 29 for an update on the work the County is doing to move Bexar County...
on way to fatal crash scene in Calvert County.
Why does cal Calvert county follow me wherever I go. 🙄
Calvert county is nothing to brag ab💀
"I like it that they have good old fashioned entertainment here." - my 11 year-old cousin from Hong Kong talking about Calvert County
The Dunkirk fire hall is filling up with Calvert residents interested In Learning about the county's upcoming...
Updated: Coastal Flood Advisory in effect from 1 AM for Calvert County
right on the border of Calvert county & Charles Co
Lyft is here & giving you $50 ride credit Coupon Code is: PIX *** Calvert County
I've been in calvert county since 2. I've already been to the library, peebles, wawa, and kmart, and I still have 3 hours to kill.
Sign up to volunteer at one of the 26 service projects happening around Calvert County for the 2016 Day of Caring...
You know it's a lovely morning in Calvert County when you see two crackheads fighting in the Giant parking lot
Check out these NEW listings for today August 3rd in Calvert County.
And on this episode of "Calvert County goes to the Logic concert"
Calvert County Commission for Women will host its first of a series of Forum on Financial Literacy on Aug. 20, 2016
7:11 PM: LATEST RADAR: New storms developing just over the Bay and Patuxent River from Calvert County around...
Can't wait till I move out of Calvert county
if you remember on instagram like 3 years ago Calvert county hot or not, calvert county rivals, and dunkcam they were me…
It is a Calvert County need as well.
I just made and submitted a Geofilter for Calvert County.
I wanted to 😩😩 & Calvert County girl lol. Solomons island. I thought to myself, well I'm definitely back in SoMd. 😒
Determined to make the most of potentially my last summer in Calvert County😁😁
Calvert county , GP played em before so don't sice it 😂😂
BREAKING: Calvert County election results: More to come in Fri paper
At 10 on - off to Calvert Stadium as Keokuk hosts a track meet, plus a visit with the deep and talented Clark County girls track team.
All the votes in Calvert and Caroline county have been counted, by the looks of it.
Lmao *** bags need to watch out Bc when I get back , I'm walkin around Calvert county w/ a axe finna smash heads off.
so maybe I should stay in Baltimore county forever bc Calvert is full of mess
CALVERT COUNTY MARYLAND. . . 19 of 27 PRECINCTS. Chaffee (r) leads by almost 3,000. Van Hollen (d) leads by about 1,300
all of eastern shore, Charles county, Baltimore county, Calvert, Fredrick. Maryland is white af except PG
Attention Calvert County residents: if you are ages 16 to 24, not working and not in school, please take this...
Maryland's best kept secret? . We definiltey enjoy a trip down to Solomons, Maryland in Calvert County Maryland.
Calvert County Public Schools PE staff development... Learning how to play broomball using the…
Apparently all the stickers are in boxes at my polling place in Calvert County. I had choice of 3 and kids could take as many as they want.
Calvert county literally had marylands worst drivers I hate driving in this county
.Sprout truck is visiting Northern MS & HS in Calvert County today until 3:30... stop by!
Calvert County Art Teachers getting their learn on!
Recruiting today in Calvert County Schools. Looking for the best to Light the Future.
I'm so done with Calvert county. get me out
Life outside Calvert county is nice
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Buying a corvette soon so I can move back to Calvert county.
For everyone voting out in Calvert County tomorrow please vote for my mom for School Board! Monica Lee because she gave birth to me! 🤘🏼
Ok fr why does every library in Calvert County close at 9:00
Summer Arts Academy: Calvert County Public Schools will once again offer our very popular Summer Arts Academy ...
I can happily say I look forward to serving the students of Calvert County next year as SMOB alongside this wonderful group.☺️
This week's spotlight it on Prince Frederick in Calvert County!
This week's spotlight is on Prince Frederick in Calvert County!
Be sure to visit our Owls of Calvert County display at the Prince Frederick Library.
Warm congratulations to Calvert County's Republican Central Committee for a TERRIFIC event last night at the...
thanks for sharing Calvert County MBA, have a great Friday :) (insight by
Calvert County BD of ED meets tonight at 7. See agenda at
Activists were assaulted and put in danger by Calvert County Sheriff’s Office during…
Calvert County Friends!! Anyone handy enough to help build a set this Saturday? We are in desperate need of a...
a chicfila in Calvert county would be a sice since there's also chipotle coming
Calvert County fares well with storm, flooding
An old story with a new twist. While at our Republican Women Leaders of Calvert County (please join us :)...
Well said Mary: “It doesn’t make sense to me to say that a drunken driver mowing down your friends means roads...
A week from today, Calvert County will be filled with my favorite people again and I couldn't be happier
Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies respond to Home Invasion on Calvert Drive via
Is this great winter dread sneaking into your home?
protest to & stop gas export in Calvert county md
deputies respond to on Calvert Drive
Raise ya hand if you go or are going to Towson . (All of Calvert county raises hands)😂
50.195 acres located between Draffenville and Calvert City, Kentucky. This tract backs up to Stice Creek, which...
My name is Ben Camilletti and I'm from Calvert County Maryland
Spent the afternoon in Calvert County with Patuxent-Appeal ES! Such a fun audience
Santa Clause is coming to .Calvert County! Check out the lastest list of Santa Sightings. . This weekend there...
It's crazy to think 4 years ago today was when I moved to bum *** Calvert county
forever thankful that I got another opportunity to move out of Calvert County.
Only in Calvert County would it make the news that a 15 year old ran away with a rapper to Baltimore.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Watch out ISIS is in Calvert county
Megalodon Teeth Photograph. Fossil shark teeth found in Calvert County, Maryland by the Chesapeake B
Calvert county is wealthy with swag
Sad news. Drunk driver kills two cyclists on a tandem in MoCo Maryland
I remember lemmy had me wrecking some cats from Calvert county lls
hiphop Radio News Local girl flees with rapper: Dunkirk, MD - Authorities in Calvert County are invest...
College of Southern Maryland Corporate Center Training Classes for Calvert County Chamber Members. Only one class...
Please be on the lookout for Breana Burke, 17 year old female that is missing from Dunkirk, Calvert County,...
we desperately need an LA Fitness in Calvert county
I'm really in Calvert *** even
Calvert County Sheriff's Office in Maryland has escalated their intimidation tactics.
YES AND TAYLOR?!? Or the entire calvert county on the low?!?
not lit, but the LBGT community has worked hard for there rights to be undermined by some Calvert county girls
I wish I could just up and leave Calvert county.
plus that makes no sense. you'll see that in every day life everywhere. Not just Calvert County. Look around
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Here's a 22 inch chain pickerel I caught this morning just off of Rt. 4 in Calvert County.
Morning road trip to Calvert County with my boy.
absolutely no stores in Lusby or Calvert County sells a plain light grey dress like wft.. I need it by Saturday. Anyone got one ? 👀👀
Our offices are closed for United Way Day of Caring! We'll be at the Humane Society of Calvert County-this is...
Last weekend in Calvert County this weekend then off to Williamsport PA
My talents are staying in Calvert county 😂
Pretty cool to see two SMAC / Calvert County kids competing on the NFL level.
Radar on 4 coming into Calvert county from Anne arundel
car shmar just take the Calvert county bus errywhere
Patuxent Habitat for Humanity and Christmas in April Calvert County Partner Again to Help a Veteran! | Southern...
was hoping it was Calvert county, where I'm from, but PG county is right next door!
The next "Questions" video on YouTube should be in Calvert County lls
all of st.marys has theirs. I don't think Calvert county does tho.
you can mail it or go to Calvert county district court in Prince Frederick
Calvert: SCAM ALERT!!!: The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn citizens about recent incidents...
You know you're in Calvert county when there's a pig running down the road next to your car 😂😂
Fran is a Pet Sitter in Calvert County MD. I have used her services and highly recommend her! Please follow & RT!
We wanna know... What are some of your favorite things to do in Calvert County?
Hey what's up hello Calvert county. 👋🏼👋🏼
ACCIDENT ALERT: On Sark Court in Calvert County, for a reported Pedestrian Struck. Possible Hit and Run. Units...
The Calvert County Sheriff's Office is aware that citizens in Calvert County are being solicited via an automated phone message
.Calvert County residents deserve a QRA (safety study) for Dominion Cove Point so we know the truth about the risks.
Calvert County is pretty & all but I could not see myself living here the rest of my life
Meet the Human Society of Calvert County's Pet of the Week -- Cleo. Cleo is a five year old hound who is on the...
If you follow the Calvert County Sheriffs Office, youre a fed.
First day for teachers in Calvert County will be 8/19 and first day for students will be 8/25. You ready? We are!
The decision of whether or not to live in Calvert county next summer was hard until my parents came home from vacation
Can we all just agree that the carnival is the most ratchet tradition in the entire history of Calvert County
Heavy storm over parts of Calvert County and Chesapeake Bay. Seeing anything
Welcome to Calvert County where 3/4 of your friends work for Dynalectric ⚡️
The Calvert County Board of Education will meet on Thursday, August 13 at 10:00.
Adult Day Care of Calvert County announces new adult day services for the care of elderly and disabled adults
I don't get how you been on every black *** *** in Calvert County and now all of a sudden your posting confederate flags.
come to Calvert county we do it in the woods behind my house😂😂
The coolest thing about Calvert County is that we have Drury Lane, home of the Muffin Man
Rich Leftists with waterfront property in Calvert County, MD...
I don't act how I look ppl will think I'm from Calvert county like I don't be with the wildest *** in the city lol
ready to leave Calvert county and everyone here except for like four people
I really hope this will be the last summer I spend in Calvert county. It's home but it's such a small piece of the earth.
i just wanna get out of Calvert county
13 injured in boat explosion in Calvert County - Albany Democrat Herald
What's w/that vintage fire truck parked on a Calvert County road with a “For Sale” sign on it?
Game on Calvert County! 25 birds or bust! First bird of the county: Turkey Vulture!!
I still don't get how people have time to make this elaborate plan to egg all of calvert county basically all at the same time..
Calvert says county has choice, he wants to save this higher requirements for builders
David Calvert, advocate for the disabled in Sedgwick County, says the resolution being considered would be a step backward.
Calvert says its because of the ADA that he is able to use the lower podium the county commission has in its meeting room.
Calvert County is an amazing place to live! With everything from large farms to magnificent waterfront estates..
When it's Calvert county's spring break and you run into Rossi in the Harrisonburg Walmart.small world
Calvert county is actually pretty sometimes 🌈
Bout to try to cash out on the calvert county online yard sale lmao
Calvert county is taking over Salisbury next year 😳😳😳
Not sure if today is national throw your sofa away day but while driving from Brandywine to Calvert County I...
Me and Michelle are basically the Kendall and Kylie Jenner's of Calvert County
Can't wait to graduate and get out of Calvert County
PSA: Is Calvert County Ready for Electric Cars?: Hi, . . Some of you might know that two electric car charging ...
I feel like going for a drive somewhere, I wish this was Calvert County with plenty of back roads for me to waste gas on.
Cheering for the girls from Calvert County MD! We got this!
you can take the boy out of Calvert County, but you can't take the desire to gawk at a trash *** news site out of the boy 👍
you couldn't have just said Calvert County?¿
We will be presenting at this conference. Please contact the Calvert County Office on Aging for more information.
MD Update: Maryland tax sales start at the end of April with Calvert and Allegany County! Each county runs their...
Flannel Shirt, cargo shorts and timberlands on, feeling like my own little piece of Calvert County today.
I would but I'm sure you wouldn't want to drive all the way to calvert county to get paid $8 to make smoothies
Free Rabies Vaccinations for Pets Available at Upcoming Clinics. Calvert County Health Department is sponsoring...
Who was the kid from Calvert county that came up to me at the c-level rooftop party? Lol idk why I just remembered that
right now we are not in Calvert County but we do hope to be everywhere eventually!
While it's freezing in calvert county😊
Is a thing in Calvert County? Or nah. Will I be hungry late at night?
Chesapeake Bay, from the town of North Beach, Calvert County, Maryland
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