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Caller Tune

A ringback tone (or ringing tone) is an audible indication that is heard on the telephone line by the caller while the phone they are calling is being rung.

Neeraj Shridhar Neeti Mohan Sajid Khan

This is actually where d fun begins by having as your caller tune by and
Why are people still doing that caller tune thing
Sending birthday love to the director who gave us some memorable films, like, Rangeela. Set his songs as…
Good morning fam? Era mwasuze mutya?! Get for your caller back tune today by simply sending code...
Who doesn't want "Caller ID" for their front door? . Tune in to QVC all day to see how this will make you feel safe…
Here is one more surprise for all. Send the code MSGLH at 57575 and set Dhol Baaje as your caller tune.
I added a video to a playlist How to Activate Caller Tune in Jio Number For Free of Cost || Telugu
Only 2 days left to win an epic Ed Sheeran Experience in Van City! Tune in @ 7:10a, 8:10a, 11:10a & 4:10p & be call…
Meet the Original owner of the popular mtn caller tune "Ilekun ayo mi ti si" Apostle Johnson…
Supporters of loony tune BS policies will be gone in 2018.
bathong i just tried calling someone. . It's ringing. . Caller Tune : Hello ya Adele. . smh so I'm there on some ***
please call magwaza (AD) to get the lion Judah as ur caller tune dial *111*2479# ...lolz o tlo jewa
Hey guys,are you in Nigeria? spice up your caller ring back tune with
I liked a video How to set jio caller tune for free
Caller tune is incredible, I love it.
I lowkey turn up to that MTN caller tune 😊
i think the advert of Massape should officially be released as a club banger and caller tune. Indeed Massape.
On this day last year, we shot the music for THANG FOR YA. You can make it your caller tune now...
Enjoy with Jio free Caller Tune , know how to activate
Your caller tune now costs UGX35 per for 30days that would mean UGX1050. Old rate was UGX500 per month. Agayaye
How to set free caller tune for Jio mobile number | venkatbta: via
This song must be caller tune by now
Yes O!!! Yaweh Na My God. Roseline ohiammah Nkosi. Get this tune as your Caller Ring Back Tune by Sending "1767194"…
Get "One Million" by as your Caller Ring back tune. Send "1767186" to 4100 (MTN Subscribers only)
How to set free caller tune in your jio number :Reliance jio official: via
Finally deactivated caller tune almost after 4 years.
caller tune ni.. Thought you wanted to do midnight call 😂
Caller tune and Income tax have a similarity. . It is always paid by us and enjoyed by others.
I'm unable to set jio caller tune, plz check, u have my no in DM
how to set free caller tune in jio || in five seconds || Easy Method || Pitki Fun Videos !!: via
CRBT codes ; make your favorite song as your caller tune now!.
pls can You stop calling me, na by force to do caller's tune?
Bebe Cool – Nananana. MTN Caller Tune 5134151 is 2 on To get this tune at...
Set OR Change the Free Jio caller tune in 3 easy steps without sending any message to company: via
even if Quran/Gita/Bible etc. actually said so. There has to be rationalism and decency. Thos…
Tune in as Kraig tells how he built his by claiming the moniker, 'The World’s Greatest Cold Caller':…
I hate I love u song set as airmen caller tune
Does anybody know how to download that MTN caller tune song "beautiful things are happening"?
Set The Romance of as your caller tune now!. Sung by and . Penn…
Hey guys, the Kaabil theme song composed by Salim-Sulaiman can be your your caller tune now :) SMS KAABIL13 to 54646. Enjoy
Share a blessing with your callers... make your caller tune by texting 190 to 4100…
To make "No One" Coldman ft as your caller tune, text 88510 to 251. Please help me RT, an Etisalat use…
Want to see and at Listen for the Chase tune this hour and be caller 6!
Taco Johns Tune of the Day Friday is "Hella Good" from When you hear it played on 93.9 The Mix, be caller…
Make your callers go by setting this song as your caller tune now. in cinemas from 31st April.
from (film releasing on 31st Mar) peaking charts. You can now set this song as your caller tune.
Give your callers a good feel of from now available to be set as caller tune. .
Amazing crooned by & can be set as caller tune now. https…
Set 'The Romance of as your caller tune . . 🔥🔥
OWECKMUZIC new caller tune Alert!! for Duro & Eze. Pls text & share... . Airtel Text Preferred Code to...
Everything don increase for Naija. Dollar. Cost of Pure water . Even MTN caller tune has gone from "press 1" to "press 11 to…
on loop? Now make your callers listen to it too! SMS 'AWARAGI' to 57827 to make it your Caller Tune!
soch Na sake is one of the best caller tune I have AIRLIFT Most Loved Movie
Make Do My Dance your caller tune. Text 0732718 to 4100 for Mtn users, Text 8201654 to 251 for…
Seventh jama is not picking up and his caller tune is a Tamale Mirundi rant. Jamas are cracking up on set.
Your request for Caller Tune to be deactivated is being processed. Thank you. TT
Pressing the number indicated your subscription interest for the caller tune service. The network will not make a refund. TT
Kindly send DEREG to 7728 to deactivate Caller Tune service. TT
I didn't subscribe for any caller tune and yet you guys rob me of hundred naira monthly. Enough is enough o!
Our current caller has questions about receiving a summons from a credit card company. Tune in now to 97.1 The...
Get as your caller tune on Airtel, dial *455*69
Get 6 Free VitaTops
hi team.can you pls let me know the caller tune code for naanun azhaginiley for vodafone?Would be of great help
Do watch . Download mp3 . Make your caller tune 󾠔
LOL sis that caller tune of yours, what a vision indeed, the greatest nation in
Also what is this very awful caller tune you guys gave me? People have been complaining
Housin' and Looking for caller 4 at > Tune in tonight at 8pm 617.238.7111
So finally I can call a Glo suscriber again,maybe I will get to listen to one track of as a caller tune
Can i get my caller tune and etisalat line working in Egypt automatically?
👆 Get as your caller tune today.. For MTN, Airtel and Etisalat Subscribers. . You can…
Today - win Gun N' Roses tickets when we play a GNR tune (caller 50)
Attention: Get as you caller back tune by dailing *160*64#
The problem with dating a man who has a Caller Tune is that you know he doesn't have a backbone
Mama always has a caller tune. I think she changes the song every three months 😂😂.
Make your Friday even better with a win! Tune in now for your chance at trivia impossible and caller 10
On that note. The caller tune has to change. It's a moment
If you are an MTN user get for your caller back tune using code -5132655 at *160. If you are on...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Get Njogereza for your caller back tune by simply dialing *160# (follow instructions) using code 5132655 for mtn... https:/…
Download for your caller back tune by dailing *160# and following instructions using code 5132534 for...
by is the biggest afro-folk song in town right now. Good news is that you can have it as a caller tun…
that caller deserves the Looney tune song
My moms caller tune is Gangster Love. . She is not letting go anytime soon 😟
people! Download Olawale's 'Jupa'. Text 022109 to 4100 to download it as your caller ring back tune..
[Replug] Remembering the Jewish refugee who composed the All India Radio caller tune
Hello play me mooted used caller tune in Uganda thx
. The guy is a big fraud. Caller Tune is Welcome to SBI. Kindly take appropriate action. 2/2
my recent addiction!! this song forced me to remove Malare as my Caller Tune =D. Vishu Vishal Waseem Akram...
I just used to sing along to Caller Tune by Neeraj Shridhar feat. Neeti Mohan
Parents hate my new caller tune and they said they wouldn't call me until I change it, I couldn't have asked for more. 😂
please how do I opt out of the caller tune service. Thanks
I like people who claim that EDM is their favorite genre but have “Tu Pyar Hai Kisi Aur Ka Tujhe Chahta Koi Aur Hai” as caller-tune.
It's very appalling to see MTN deducting money for services I didnt subscribe to e.g VAL, CALLER TUNE. Open fraud
Get ready to qualify for the ULTIMATE backstage experience! Minutes away! 4:40pm! Tune in - and be caller 25!
5M 👏👏. My favourite song of 2014 . It was my caller tune for quite a long time if you remember 😁😁. Congos😍
you would know if a person has watched Tanu Weds Manu is either his caller tune or his DP Status msg reads - banno tera swagger lagge sexy
your balance is 2/=. You can get a monthly caller tune at 600/=.. you can easily think that you have 600/= but...
And I have been instructed by friends to change caller tune asap. Need suggestions.
I regret giving my brother my old number... That ghetto caller tune... 😩
Zaib Studio humshakal new ' caller tune song' full HD...
Even customercare calls to me are like . Dard bhare gane caller tune me lagaye 😕😕.
my caller tune n ring tone both r tum hi *** mad about your voice. my hubby n kids r fed up wid me .lolzzz . B…
Hello please note the requested Caller Tune service has been successfully deactivated. Thank you.
Hight court orders LG to be in silent mode. Don't dance on caller tune of Modi Govt.
Who did award the caller tune tender to? Kindly eradicate that annoyance this is a matter of national importance.
Good morning every one. To get the caller tune CHANGE,send 289 to 4100. God bless Nigeria.
Christian & Gospel - Share a with your family and friends. Subscribe to a prayer caller tune now!
. Mujhe apni bana le caller tune, soniye. Everytime I see you, I am over the moon, soniy.
Imagine a Nokia caller tune amidst a pure Urdu shayari or the cranky child extending vocal support to an intense...
I will be impressed when they get her on a caller tune. Also got new 45 rpm records.
my own is how to stop all dese messages about investing or listening to Oyedepo as my caller tune
"Text Zik527229 To 8706 to get Mado as your caller tune
If you enjoyed the video, make the song your caller tune. Send 022206 to 4100
MTN USERS PLS TEXT ds9943063 to 1355 use Adaka vs. as Ur caller Tune .watch de video here: http:/…
To all Airtel Subcribers , You can now get OSHINE'S EJA OSAN as your caller back ring back Tune. Simply text BUY...
Thanks god they are playing national anthem of India & not the Reliance caller tune at
caller tune set PitaJi. Thank U so much. .
Good Morning subscribers !!! kindly use "TEAR RUBBER" by as your caller tune by sending 718380 to 4100
Dad (circa 23 Mar 1923 till 04 Jan 2010) This day ago, this time you lay on ventilator and Doctor said your parameters looked good and they'll shift you to the room soon. By 4:00 pm the Doctor said "he's sinking" - I placed my caller tune "Gayatri Mantra in your ear and you moved dad. You responded." You were a fighter, you said you'll live a 100. You wanted to settle me first. As I put your palm across my cheek, you were warm. You were telling me, "Ro kyun rahi hai. Dekh main Tere paas hun" I came back home to fetch a CD player with mahamrityunjay to play. While listening I went to sleep...and you again came into My dreams repeating the same words "Ghabra mut Kavita, mein yahi hun Tere paas". At 10:15 pm Harsh said, "bua I'll drop you". I was praying. At 10:45 Mom adjusted the akhand jyot and it extinguished. My heart sank. Reciting I relit hoping god will be kind. At 10:55 pm Dr KKs call had me running frantically towards Moolchand ICCU. I reached you were in your usual smiling sleep. The Doctor on duty ...
I like people who claims that eminem is their favorite rapper. But have "tu pyar hai kisi aur ka tujhe chahta koi aur hai" as their caller tune." ;) ;)
Christmas no long.e short like caller tune
Caller Tune Humshakals Ringtone Free Download Welcome To "www.MOBILERINGTONE.IN" For Latest and free Download Free Mobile ringtone of For Any Mobile and Enjoy the ringtone So don’t wait and Download Now Click on download or 'Right click' and click on:…
hehe my reaction was same as I also want to keep my caller tune along with Noti tone ☺
Ohh my myyy.. Did he tell u to tell ths?? How come none of us got to capture u both!. Caller tune song. Its 👆 ka sng!
I bet that angry caller would be singing a different tune if he had a government pension.
just called umntu one caller tune. I was so confused.
Hello pls how can I stop my caller tune
I dnt think I'll ever understand dis trend yama-"caller tune"✗lame!
In the spirit of Christmas; send 022098 to 4100 to make 'Christmas Song' your caller tune
MTN just sent me a 'Congratulations you've won 1 free caller tune' sms. Sathane ubhonasile
“did he mean caller tune btw?”. We have Ur number we are going to call u when we need U 😼😼
Do you enjoy Nicole Scherzinger`s song “Your Love”? Set it as your caller tune by sending “SET 7665” to 8138.
Mtn has come again with their annoying caller tune
if u think crim is the shot caller u need to tune in to more optic streams lol anything optic or Nv your a little bias
MTN users kindly text the code ds9943082 to 1355 to use LET ME GO by Nana Akua as a…
Tune in on Sunday to see this weeks outfits. Are you going to be my 1st caller? Are you going to ring? I do hope so!.
Share some love this season by making MYLOVER your caller tune available on the MTN AIRTEL &ETISALAT network now!!!
pls how can I stop caller tune...I have send cancel to 4100.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi guys, to make my new single your caller tune, text ds9943196 and send to 1355 MTN users…
we can help u plug ur song on caller tune. 4 more info RT
"First time, long time, love the show , tune in every day, I'll take it off the air, thanks" - every radio caller
To Download By EMPEROR EPHIZEE as ur caller tune for MTN text 018989 to 4100 thanks ({})
Amazing how much you can enjoy a win when you tune out any sports TV/Radio. Random caller or Talking head shouldn't effect you.
Download this caller tune by steviewilliz and I! this guy is going places!
Tune in to be the 97th caller to win those Christmas in Brooklyn tickets going down Dec 19th.
Nigeria Mandela by ajimz:             To get ajimz caller tune text 018814 to 4100 for MTN subscriber
1055FM, Preach love with ur caller tune by using ONE North One Love send 901142 to 251 @ N50 /Month all networks
Preach love with your caller tune by using ONE NORTH ONE LOVE. Send 901142 to 251 @ N50/month.
It's Hummer Time! Win tix for the Snowed In Comedy Tour 01/31-we'll hum a tune-guess it & win! Be listening after 8! Caller 9 327 0981
Bojom Man Am ur big fan, I even use as my caller tune bt I think the Production can be better. Write Verse2 pls.
G Surya has just fired his secretary because he found his caller tune offensive. The caller tune is "Nachho saare G faa…
Use as your caller tune on MTN by sending 9 in a text to 4100. That's all.
Tamil Caller Tune Codes from . What's your caller tune? :) .
MTN doesn't respect me actually... a free caller tune?! What msunery?!
Send “SET 7611” to 8138 to set it as your caller tune and make your folks dance to its hip-shaking rhythm!
"Oya lyrical masterChristmas no far, e short like caller tune"
Christmas no far, e short like caller tune
get your Glo caller back tune megebele by , text 500 to 7728
Happy new month people,to make chicks n drinks ft your caller tune text 703737 to 4100 cc
I have 'Calling Elvis' as my caller tune for years. Just realised that most callers only get to hear 'Ee haaDannu copy maaDalu...'
Pls guys support me by making chicks n drinks your caller tune by sending 703737 to 4100
xmas no far,E short like caller tune
HNM my pple'make my Hit Single your caller Tune'Txt d Code:703410 to 4100 for MTN subscribers & Etisalat: 05334
Where can one get a personalised "namaskar main Arvind kejriwal Bol raha hoon etc etc " caller tune? That would be fun.
Now set the song by as your caller tune using these codes!.
You can now make your favorite Song your caller tune.
The Mumbai City FC anthem is now available as a Vodafone caller tune. To activate: Type CT 5715057 and send an SMS to 56789. Now you can let people know which club your heart beats for! One City. One Heartbeat.
When a caller on am radio says, "But how come no one is talking about the fact that..." it's time to tune out.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I didn't subscribe for a caller tune how come I got a confirmation and my money deducted?
I subscribed 2 my usual caller tune, 50 naira was deducted but was given a Shina Peters song as my caller tune again, …
Please dont call it caller tune.Reminds me of mobiles!The correct expression is "signature tune…
All India Radio’s signature tune has been heard by hundreds of millions of people since it was composed in 1936.
did not know that All India Radio's haunting title tune was composed by a jewish refugee:
Monday nor far, e short like caller tune... Anticipate from like the 2nd coming of Oghene…
Text DL6661121 to 1355 to use [Protect It] by as your caller tune for all users.
Text s993649 to Vodafone short code 585 to download [Protect It] as your caller tune. .
To set the anthem as your Vodafone Caller Tune, type CT 5715057 and send an SMS to 56789.
Hello people, to make 'I LOVE NAIJA' by Shollyfresh your MTN caller Ring Back Tune simply Text "022050 to 4100. Please help spread. Thanks
and / a Czech refugee composed the All India Radio caller tune on
Lovely piece on the Jewish refugee who composed AIR's caller tune back in the 1930s...a tribute to India..
Jewish refugee in India actually composed this beautiful AIR tune composed in Shivaranjani
You could find a caller tune quick by using the search feature at the top
Win yourself instant Mobile Money worthy 15k with MTN caller tunes. Just tune in to Fm countdown show every week. SMS – Tune(leave Space) Code to 170 Download or activate any countdown song as your Caller Tune. Text your phone number now with the title of the song that you have activated (on our sms line 6) and wait for our call. If your number is called during the show and you’re CallerTune is on the countdown, be sure to win yourself instant Mobile Money. Below are the songs and their codes. Neera Radio 5024539 Gyobera Iryn Ntale 5024558 Wiggle Jason Derulo 5072035 Wale Wale Jose Chameleon 513558 Go Down Low Sheebah Ft Pallaso 5024637 Johnny Yemi Alade 5071976 Deep In Love Rema 513501 Mulirwana King Saha 513389 Loyal Chris Brown 5071807.
Dear MTN subscribers pls send 019901 to 4100 to make fiesta by ur caller tune.
Watch&download @ & to make it your caller tune, text, 018846 to 4…
Dear I would like to unsubscribe from the caller tune yaff successfully imposed on me. Thanks, bros.
These MTN people yaff used agidi to subscribe me for caller tune sha. But why?
~~~ 4:47pm, ANOTHER UNSOLICITED caller tune subscription text comes in!! When will this stealing stop? Its getting out of control.
Sandra just got her first skype caller Alyssa on the stream. TUNE IN
Support by using as your caller tune.
To get By Mavins as your Caller Tune just text 91 to 4100 on cc
make una deactivate una caller tune wea una put 4 my line I take God beg una, I no want abi e don turn by force 2 get tune?
. top on track sy ley kr famous Caller tune bn chuka hy . .
. I do not like MTN deducting my credit for caller's tune that I never subscribed for. My MTN number is 08-39510725
C.R.E.A.M. I still remember when I had this song as my caller tune. Yes, if you called me back in high school, this song u would listen to.
To make any of these Mzbel songs your caller tune text the code attached to the song of your choice…
Hello , the deductions are for the weekly subscription payment for the caller tune service on your number.
The dance on the song Caller Tune is so not in tune.
I just got a msg nw dat congratulatin me 4 subscribin 4 caller tune, pls unsub me cuz I don't remember subscribin
Caller tune 4: LETS LIVE TOGETHER by KUSH successfully downloaded as callertune
Caller tune 3: GREENLAND by successfully downloaded as callertune
No I don't want your caller tune service. Don't tell me that I have successfully subscribed when I haven't.
Caller tune 1: ARISE by successfully downloaded as caller tune
Be cool, be patriotic. Show that you believe in Nigeria by downloading the 'Arise' caller tune.
Last wk, gave me a Greek gift: an unsolicited, nauseating caller tune. Dis week, they charged me 4 it
Set Mannat - Reprise as your caller tune by clicking here -
Use Cinema as your caller tune today, and thrill ur callers. Send 901141 to 251 @ N50/month for ETISALAT users.
Tune in to 96.9 Radyo Natin FM-Marawi City to hear this bunch of caller have different crazy opinion about BF/GF relationship. Lol.
its been My Caller Tune since back in da day
Please what's customer care number for MTN. They just gave me some caller tune i never requested for
Mtn b givin people Shina Peters Caller tune..777 is a numba,mtn.. Lool!
shenkardada zindabad-O baapu nuvve ravali: my fav & today my caller tune. Perfect Gandhi song thanks all
"Why is Mtn forcing this shina peters caller tune on ibadan people, very razz something."u too?
Order Miche Bag Online!
Caller 97 this hour will winnon My Radio Show tune in and win on
To make "WELU" currently lighting up the dance floor and the beautiful tune 'IJE LOVE' your Caller Ring Back...
If you want the National Anthem as your caller tune. Send Naija to 5021 -MTN. ***
So like someone sits and listens to your phone ring 11 times, better if you had a caller tune, I'd say they enjoying that -__-
Watch 'Humshakals' Movie first track 'Caller Tune' Song Promo Video Humshakals - the year's biggest comedy, film directed by Sajid Khan. Its whackier, its crazier and we are promising 9 times the fun ! Starring Saif Ali Khan, Ritiesh Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor with a bevvy of beauties - Bipasha Basu, Tama…
Why is the suave nawab Saif Ali Khan hopping in a crassy song like Caller Tune? I don't get it.
Listen to Sounds Champ / Caller Tune - Neeraj Shridhar & Neeti Mohan (Humshakals) | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters...
Caller Tune out on itunes - Single by Himesh Sir, Neeraj Shridhar &
First Song from Sajid Khan's 'Humshakals - Caller Tune'... Catch this peppy number sung by Neeraj Shridhar and...
The makers of d upcoming comedy film have released their first song Caller Tune. Watch the song video at
Caller Tune promo is out sung by Neeraj Shridhar n Neeti Mohan composed by Himesh Reshammiya..
Catch the first track of Humshakals 'Caller Tune'. Song Title - Caller Tune. Composer - Himesh Reshammiya. Singers...
Download "Meri Kahani" as your Caller Tune now (India Only) Click here :Atif Aslam is a super e...
I don't need you to worry for me cause I'm alright I don't want you to tell me it's time to come home I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life Go ahead with your own life, leave me new caller tune
It's almost time for that lucky caller to win some SWEET prizes Tune into now!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Yesterday as i tune in to Asempa Fm some 'sports caller' say Ghana go score Libya 4-1...
Slow and steady it going! Ever real dis year, 2014 zagas If u are interested in using my song as ur caller tune just SEND 046267 to 4100 on MTN only 4 New audio single Don't stop by G fresh !! Download and share this link
Song of the year..LOVE IN YELLOWmake it my caller tune..wonder how tiwa kills every song of hers..GOD has really blessed hustle.RT
few hours back...interacted with a young man whose "caller tune" is "bharat humko jaan se payara hain". and he greets by saying "Jay Hind" . a true Indian. above all religion.cast and everything. what exactly my Gurudev dreamed of. a nation where the citizens would greet each other on the name of the dear motherland. obviously the supreme commander of INA is happy today that the young generation of his motherland has some people like this. :)
Congrats 2 4 being ChiCity`s first caller ever. U won the grand prize! Tune into ChiCity on 4 chances 2 win
To subscribe AIRTEL caller tune for by Ice-B (Text 0222461 to 791
To subscribe MTN caller tune for by Ice-B (Text 040473 to 4100
Valetine no far e just short like caller tune.
: I request u to please make caller tune available on all mobile networks
on plus I have some to give away to my 7th caller with that movement phrase. Tune in 💋
AIRCEL FREE CALLER TUNE / HELLO TUNE / DIALER TUNE HACK- Aircel Hackers have released Great New Hack! If You’re an Aircel Subscriber, First off, All mobiles from all regions will support this trick. Free Dialer tune: SMS - UL to 580(tollfree) Change Dialer Tone: SMS - DT FIND to 5303(tollfree). Change Tone option does not seem to be working for all users.. Anyway, It’s worth giving a try. Don’t be afraid to call. They are Fully Toll Free. Most probably, this trick will get activated within 24 hours.
Do you like any song on the Album? You can get any of your best song as your caller tune..
pls register yourself for VIJAY SANKALP RALLY& also download music album,caller tune from
To use ft as your caller ring tune on send 664291 to 1355
Oh so val is near. No wonder all these ladies keeps showing affection to me in quick succession lately. Time to use phyno's ghost mode as caller tune I no fit shout abeg.
Killer P.J. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal's caller tune "Dharna all night , Dharna all night, We do Dharna all night". :P
Today I got a message from that I got FREE Caller Tune for 30 days & to get this offer call 123. (cont)
How can I get my song on your caller tune service?
My grandmother is 83, her caller tune is about Maserati and Bugatti. MTN imela
It's just annoying when you don't subscribe for any caller-tune and MTN automatically deducts your airtime -_-
If her caller-tune is CARO, it is not a coincidence bruh :|
The awkward moment.. . . . . . . . . . when you hear some bhajan as the caller-tune and next moment the...
be activated. Call charges are Rs.6/-min & Rs.15 for Caller tune. Further, downloading charges are not applicable at (4/6)
Text BUY 0222451 to 791 to subscribe 'Morenike' by psychobarz ft chuddy K as a caller tune , airtel users ...
.has those tix coming up at 9:20! Wanna go to the concert? Whelp, tune in, hear the cue to call, & be caller 102 to go!
"If I don't pick your calls , I may be dancing to my Ringtone. Don't blame me." He/she must b dancing to ur caller tune
Make "KARRY BELLE" by featuring your caller tune. GLO subscribers, Send 120887 to 7728
Make "KARRY BELLE" by featuring your caller tune. AIRTEL subscribers, Send 0176908 to 791
Make "KARRY BELLE" by featuring your caller tune. MTN subscribers, send 031781 to 4100.
VODAFONE USERS: Txt 'S993520' to 134 to DOWNLOAD da finest azonto tunes as your caller ring tune
which song do you thing the PRESIDENTis using as a caller tune?. me: kibaluma BY jULINA
To get a caller tune of uhambo Lwami get in this link and search "casiolars and king bayaa ft sbu - uhambo lwami . You can also get a caller tune of tribalchapter-thinth'amadlozi ep , just search tribalchapter only for Vodacom users
Airtel users hear is free caller tune for 1 month ! . . JUST DIAL *678*559your free caller tune activated for 1 month !!
Plz set caller tune of our anthem of aam aadmi party...thanks On Vodafone Very soon will update other operater like airtel and idea Plz share as much as u can Team Aap Sms CT then space then Code-4092433 Send it to56789
..And the GRAMMY for the best CALLER TUNE goes to ! : ''Dhananjay kalra'' :D for : ''dil vich goriye tere khot'' :p
The release of apps and video games for mobile users, which originally started with caller tunes and wallpapers, is now an integral part of film’s pre-release marketing strategy.
get abj party as your caller tune text 046199 to 4100 s.o.p say so... Enjoy it
Tamil story title Caller Tune. Read online all the tamil stories from the pages of tamil weekly magazine. This issue from Kumudam dated 01-01-2014 contains short and sweet one page tamil stories. Checkout these pages for other tamil thriller mythological stories as well
Happy New Year! Download a Caller Tune and you could win a smartphone or loads of airtime! Send 17(Adult Music-Samini) or 14(Nhyira-Joe Mettle) to 1355 KWASIASEM
How can Harrysong win MTN most downloaded caller tune song for RIP Mandela? when didMandela die and how do u want to compare that dead song with the other songs in that category? Simple, it is because Harrysong is a label mate to your MTN ambassadors (KCee). In my opinion Jawon, Waje, 2 Face, Clarence Peters, Blackmagic and Davido deserved their awards.How can Wizkid not win any award? Some1 who has been the most consistent and sought after this year.I am sure Wizkid declined an interview from you that’s why he didn’t win, in fact Wizzy should be the artiste of the year.Why did D’Banj,D MASK MAN,Burnaboy, Wande coal, PSquare, Flavour,DMM not win anything? oh I know why,it is because they are Glo ambassadors. Now explain to me why Sean Tizzle won the next rated award and he was in the same category as Burna Boy who is obviously more relevant and talented. We all know Sean Tizzle has the same old boring style and we can always predict his next song. Phyno too deserved the next rated award and how on . ...
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Not your money. Not your clothes. Not your time or attention. We want something that you do not even use.Your caller tune can help spread awareness about some of the health issues we face today.
Be the first among your friends to get it! To make TONGA by Joey B featuring sarkodie your caller tune, text S997458 to 134 on your mobile! For more information visit
Its been 48 hrs n my Caller tune is not activated ! Which era r we living in ? Ape's era ??
LOVE is dedicating ur caller tune to someone with a song that fully speaks ur heart 󾌧
Anjana Rangan : Few lines from the middle of Kandaangi song is my caller tune now !!
stop deduction of my money 4 caller tune dat I didn't use dis is fraud o! Beta return my money
is doing something I find cool. Making his song "Oshe" your caller tune on MTN donates money to some charity fund. I'm …
The most annoying radio ad has to be that mandela caller tune man. Gtfoh
Waiting for sms alert and am seeing pls call me and subscribe to caller tune
AIRTEL USERS: Txt ''0153583'' to 6060 to DOWNLOAD the finest azonto tunes as your caller ring tune
Is there a tribute to Mandela caller tune for Airtel users? if yes.what is the code?
Namo should give free caller tune to all
pls get this caller tune to vodafone subscribers also. Thanks. Jay NaMO!!
To get Quest ft Kayswitch - OLUWA LONi DiSCO as ur caller Ringback tune" for MTN Text: 702304 to 4100
Am currently rocking my caller tune Odun-Yi (This Year). For MTN, just SMS 032066 to 4100.
"If I call you &your caller tune is a song by 9ice, my respect for you will most probably reduce considerably..."..but why?
Caller tune code for Idea customers.
This has Raghupathi raghav song of krish 3 as her caller tune. Have to unfollow her :p
Caller tune of Lt Haider Nazir Shaheed who embraced shahdat in operation rah-e-rast on 30 may 2009
Hello Taimurian's, how many of you are Zongs & Telenors user and are interested in having Taimir shahid's songs as your Caller tunes?
Y'ello if u like de caller tune u re about to hear press star to copy now be continue.
This Mandela caller tune we are all now obligated to listen to all sorts of tune by force. How I'd love to hear birds chirp as caller tune rather some man made hero tune with crooked voice every time I call some networks.
Season greeting Nigeria if you like caller tune press 1
get ABJ PARTY caller tune text 046199 to 4100 enjoy it s.o.p say so
Good Morning To make song BUTTERFLY as your caller tune SMS NBCU2 to 54646 Love..
Fans just now i changed my caller tune."who r u who r u thera dil se zara pucho sala who r u" .
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