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California Republican Party

The California Republican Party (CRP) is the California affiliate of the United States Republican Party.

Jerry Brown Tim Donnelly San Diego John Sullivan Neel Kashkari Kevin Faulconer San Francisco Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan is the star attraction at the new California Republican Party headquarters
At the California Republican Party headquarters, a reminder for party activists of better times in CA
April 2017. Republican party states... no amendments to
chair revels in Brulte is State Party Chairman, not National Committeeman.
Popular vote difference was entirely in California which has no republican party to speak of, do the math
Use this. California, despite having a fair amount of Conservatives doesn't have a Republican Party because of the…
Been saying this for a while now. Racism in the 90s effectively ended the Republican Party in California. Hoping it…
think u need a West Coast party. for Republican voters in California!
Currently, I'd consider Texas going away to be better than California going away, since the Republican party allows treason.
is a billionaire Republican Party mega-donor whose work in public ed consists mainly of efforts to priv…
Already have. Since I started voting, I've helped eradicate the Republican Party of California.
The Ghost of the California Republican Party returns to its slumber
Rand Paul thinking big tent, says Paulocracy in the Republican party could put states like California & New York in play
Just in: will speak at the California Republican Party's convention next month in Sac.
Sir in America Arnold Shwarztennegar was a Republican Party governor of California but he was
Good to check back 4 years ago: How to Rebuild the California Republican Party After the 2012 Presidential Election.
your supporters the Republican Party and the rich elite are the same time for California to opt out
Even California is majority red - without L.A./S.F. areas, it goes Republican. Two cities control the state and the…
Donald Trump’s populist themes working well to energized the Republican Party, seeing GOP governorships in California and New York ahead
Republican party in California has collapsed so thoroughly they can't even field a Senator in the general election
If Peter Theil runs for Governor Of California and wins it will change the way of the Republican party for the good!
You have to love California! Quite frankly surprised Republican party would sponsor these blatant racists. They see…
Dems must dominate state & vote party line. Similar to the morons in California. If Republican vs. Manson-they'd vote for Charles.
The American Independent Party told the California Republican Party they'll likely nominate by EC 13105(c)。
When Carly Fiorina spoke at the California Republican Party convention at a hotel outside San Francis...
A once-mighty California Republican Party has not won a statewide office since 2006
Ted Cruz to speak at California Republican Party convention
agreed. I just my political party choice from Democrat to Republican, we are ready for in California.
CALIFORNIA VOTERS, be careful there is NO Republican Party options on this.
no option for Republican Party ballot in California?? What??
Looks like the Peoples Republic of California has purposely ignored the Party.
California Republicans voted to place on 2016 ballot a measure repealing the “English for the Children” initiative
pretty darn interesting point, I have forgotten how financially disrupted The California republican party is.
The primary in California isn't open. Must be a registered Republican. No Party Preference or voters of others no vote
alternatively, they might fade away like the California Republican Party.
Pretty sure we are going to find out. Unless they change course soon, the Republican party will be reduced to California %
Even if I wanted to vote Republican, it's as useless as voting third party in California. (At least a third party vote would keep my pride.)
California Republican Party has Multiple Positions. Find out more at
BREAKING: entire Republican Party establishment writes petition to Governor of California begging for the release of Sirhan Sirhan.
as a republican my party is embarrassing themselves by choosing trump and Cruz over Get to California
Springfield, IL to extend polls until 8:30 due to turnout, Illinois Republican Party confirms to ABC News.
Did they just outlaw the Republican Party in California and you haven't seen it for the last 15 years or something?
Question of the day: do I register as a republican so I can vote in the primary in California? I'm currently listed as "no party."
former Republican Party candidate for governor of California and CEO of HP can't stand Donald Trump. I doubt if...
They have removed the option to declare the Republican party as a choice for voters, in California.
I wish he would come to California and hijack the so called "Republican" party of trough-feeders and Sacto cronies.
I grew up in a republican family in southern California the dixieification of this party is revolting
Unless we control immigration, Republican Party will become party in decline - just as it is in California. Will not win White House again.
House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California will represent the Republican Party at the AIPAC Conference
Before Ross Perot in 1992, Maine and California had been reliably Republican.
always liked John Kasich. Might come back to Republican Party to vote for him in California
These are the folks that want my vote for the 2016 California primary. Republican Party not an option? Why?
TRUMP SUPPORTER Duncan Duane Hunter is an American politician and member of the Republican Party from California
Republican voter registration tanks in California more voters than ever dont affiliate with party - Los Angeles Times
California Congressman Darrell Issa was in state in Manchester at a Watch Party for the Republican Candidates...
"California is where the Republican Party virtually destroyed itself by scaring Latinos while bashing illegal immigration." cc
California long has been considered a trendsetter. And right now, that should be worrying the Republican Party.
Governor Jerry Brown did everything that the Republican Party says will wreck an economy and bloat a deficit… and...
The California Republican Party reps just called me for my opinions. It was a short call cause everything was "unfavorable" lol
CONSERVATIVE was COINED by the TEA PARTY, there is no such animal, REAGAN was a California DEMOCRAT turned REPUBLICAN, got it !!
I wonder how Trump is leading in republican party...yet everyone i know says they hate him. But then I remember I live in California...
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One is old, the other is feeble. But Jerry Brown and the California Republican Party still have some fight in them.
How Trump is killing what's left of California's Republican Party. .
The death of the California Republican Party has been greatly exaggerated, as the party wins more elections.
CA GOP Should Not Give Up on Winnable Senate Seat: Apparently, the California Republican Party is hesitant to…
If we don't get control of immigration the GOP will be as ineffectual as the California Republican party. Demographics decide.
Has the Republican Party in CA given up running candidates in all winnable states?
no problem, we'll fight the good fight and bring a blossoming Republican Party back to California!
Shamefully, the gutless California Republican Party just deleted "illegal alien" from its platform. .
Endorsed by the Republican party with California senator Jeff Stone and Republican member. Vote Gunasti 4 change!!
Hoping to attract more Latinos to the Republican party, the California GOP’s platform committee voted Saturday to recommend softening the...
Donald Trump, I'm calling you out!. You joined the Republican Party and went one step further by signing that...
Largest State Republican Party in US Endorses Amnesty, Self-Destruction . California is deader than dead.
Hey look what the California GOP did without you
you think the republican party is in disarray. California is burning up you ding bat. Wake up and see the judgement.
Boehner's resignation delights conservatives, but it's bad news for the Republican Party -
Kevin McCarthy should be the next Speaker. A strong, California Republican would benefit the party & the House.
Kevin McCarthy, by nature of California's primary system, might actually be more vulnerable to a challenge from a Tea Party Republican.
California Republican candidates for U.S. Senate tout unity at party convention
"You might think California would wake up even the utter mediocrities in the Republican Party."
Delegates to the California Republican Party (CRP) convention approved a new platform for the next four years.
FINAL UPDATE: New platform has been adopted.. the tent is officially big enough to include Democrats.
BCR at the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim this past weekend!
The California Republican Party has removed any reference to "illegal aliens" from its platform, the
Seeking distance from Trump, California GOP loosens immigrat
Report from the California Republican Convention: I saw that the claim that the GOP is the party of ...
Report from the California Republican Convention: I joined the Tea Party Ca...
Of Course. Munger won. Now cagop will live with the consequences. :)
CA GOP wants to distance itself from the Trump wagon
The California Republican Party erases opposition to homosexual behavior from its platform:
I have seen a lot of criticism of the immigration plank of the Platform of the California Republican Party from...
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A speaker at last weekend's California Republican Party convention told the crowd they had a branding problem.
California Republican Party voted Sunday to soften its stance on immigration. Time for
California’s Latino population is growing and the Republican Party continues to shrink.
California GOP won't say "allowing illegal immigrants to remain in California undermines respect for the law."
*** THIS IS "CHANGE"!? Check out this interview with Marcelino Valdez, vice chair of the California Republican...
Seeking distance from Trump, California GOP loosens immigration stance.
Pro-LGBT platform passed by California Republican Party oh no, now the GOP is pro
My proposed platform for the California Republican Party:
Members of California State Republican Party told me months ago they like Ed Lee and will not run against him why? Working together.
Some are against the California Republican Party trying to be less conservative. What is their plan to win...
bill gates inquisitioner copy Donald trump to save republican party and arrest California miss usa in danger
The Republican Party is desperate for California -- I suggest you begin to understand what men did post Roe v Wade. If you are savvy.
Coming from Reagan Country -- listen up! That would be CALIFORNIA, Republican Party.
Via very interesting article on how anti-immigration rhetoric killed the Republican party in California..
Why would Rick Perry never win in California? That is the question the Republican Party should be asking this morning. TRUMP 2016
Is Trump to the national Republican Party as Pete Wilson was to the California Republican Party?
Even Republican pundits thought nominating the former California governor would doom the party.
California vaccine bill drives Democrats into Republican party
What is this strange creature that invaded our cabin? Is it the Ghost of the Republican Party in California?
Nehring is a Norquist crony who got into hot water for hiring an illegal immigrant. reported in 08
From life long Democrat I may be following this mamas footsteps as a REPUBLICAN http:/…
Congrats to ABC NorCal member, Deborah Wilder, on her election to Secretary of the CA Republican Party
Checking out "California Republican Party votes to Divorce from Traditional Co" on Tea Party Command Center:
California Republican Party seeks a Deputy Finance Director. Find out more at
Some political activists and the California Republican Party are campaigning against Democratic Rep. Ami...
Gov. Jerry Brown easily advanced to the November general election to seek an unprecedented fourth term, where he will face moderate first-time candidate Neel Kashkari, a former U.S. Treasury official who pitched himself as the best candidate to rebrand the struggling California Republican Party.
Kashkari and Donnelly offer 2 paths for California Republican Party - Los Angeles Times
Hey there California! Have you decided who you want to replace Jerry Brown as Governor of our great state? Well here's your chance to check out both of the GOP candidates running for that office. Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly will face off in a live debate this Thursday on the The Official John and Ken Show California Assembly Republican Caucus California Young Republican Federation (CYRF) California Republican Party (CRP)California Republicans San Francisco Republican Party Marin Republican Party Republican Party of Orange County Orange County Young Republicans (OCYR) San Diego Young Republicans Sacramento County Republican Party East Bay Young Republicans Cal Poly College Republicans
Who will win the 435 House seats, 36 Senate seats and 36 governor slots this midterm election season? Get your political forecast from former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, former chairman to the California Republican Party, and political reporter Josh Richman on Monday, May 12.
We understand there is confusion over the sample ballot voters have received. This may be due to the California Republican Party not listing any endorsed candidates, and other parties endorsing Republicans. The deadline to submit endorsements for the sample ballot was before the filing deadline for…
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And that concludes day 3 of the cmc (@ California Republican Party)
Candidate for California LT Governor and former Chairman of both the California Republican Party and the San...
RNC Statement on Kevin Faulconer Victory in San Diego Mayoral Race WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the San Diego Mayoral Race. "Congratulations to Kevin Faulconer on winning the San Diego mayor's race, and congratulations to the people of San Diego for choosing a proven Republican leader," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "I'm confident Kevin will be a mayor for all of San Diego. He will restore people's trust in the city government, and he will uphold the principles of fiscal responsibility and ethical leadership. "The RNC was proud to work with the California Republican Party to help them implement our new national strategy of precinct-based organizing and targeting low propensity voters. We were able to provide them with a data-driven playbook to guide their turnout strategy, and Hispanic engagement staff talked with voters in precincts where the county party and local candidates hadn't been in a long time. "Nationwide, Rep ...
Thank you California Republican Party board members and volunteers for helping on the Kevin Faulconer campaign!
Had the wonderful opportunity to attend CFRW's (California Federation of Republican Women) Winter Conference in Rancho Cordova yesterday! Had the pleasure to listen to Honorable Tom McClintock! Shook hands and met Jim Brulte - Chairman of the California Republican Party and introduced myself to Tim Donnelly (running for Govenor) - Mr. Donnelly will be DCRWF's guest speaker in April!!! What an exciting conference :) Over 155 people participated!!! Lots of optimism in the air!!
California Republican Party seeks an Accounting Director. Find out more at
O P Chairman of the California Republican Party comes to Torrance
Jim Brulte, Chairman of the California Republican Party expressing support for
will be at the LA county Republican Party Townhall January 25 click for more info.
Check this video out -- California Republican Party H1B Visa Scam via
I am glad he concluded. This is not the state for the republican talibans-the tea party puppets.
Colonel John Fremont served as Governor & Senator of California & in 1856 was the first presidential candidate of the Republican Party...
I actually feel bad for the California Republican Party?
Guess he couldn't handle this: MT Republican drops out of CA governor’s race
How near death is the California Republican Party? It's this bad. Democrats hold every statewide office.
Why is the repeal effort against AB 1266 being funded mostly by out of state religious groups? The California Republican Party has been listed as a supporter of the repeal. Shouldn't they be putting their money where their mouth is? It is said that everyone in California opposes 1266. This begs the question then why is most of the money from out of state? Where is the local money that is supposed to overturn this law? If there is so much state wide disdain for AB 1266, there should be no need at all for outside donations. How much money are the organizers at Privacy for All Students making off this effort? Seems to me supporters of repeal would be best off using only local funding sources because some of those out of staters have some pretty ignorant and hatefilled positions on transgenders in general. There have been reports, of one group completely demonizing transgender children. Another group falsely reported an incident in which a transgender student went into the female restroom and proceeded to rap ...
The drama of rebuilding the California Republican Party cast many players: studio heads such as Louis B. Mayer, Darryl Zanuck, Cecil B. DeMille, the Warner brothers, and Walt Disney; Southern California businessmen such as Justin Dart, Leonard Firestone (heir to Firestone Tires), Walter Knott (founder of Knott’s Berry Farm), oil man Henry Salvatori, and Patrick Frawley (owner of Schick razor and Technicolor). Actors such as Gary Cooper and Bob Hope also played leading roles in this campaign to resurrect the Republican Party. Beginning in the 1970s, Charlton Heston, a former Democrat, assumed the conservative banner by becoming a Reagan Republican who supported strong national defense and gun rights. Western stars had particular appeal because of their movie and television roles. Randolph Scott, star of over a hundred films, remained a conservative who gave money and time to the party when he could. He was joined by other western television stars, Ward Bond (Wagon Train), Walter Brennan (The Real McCoys) ...
A close friend shared this idea for my slogan today, "Karina Onofre the 21st century candidate for the 21st century California Republican Party." How do you guys like it??
So the California Republican Party is having its Spring convention 5 miles from where I live, and I still don't care to go. :/
Just watch out for Arne. Schneider Responds to Honig on California and the Common Core dianeravitch January 8, 2014 // 35 Mercedes Schneider has been an outspoken critic of the Common Core standards. After she read Bill Honig’s explanation about why California educators support the standards without the testing or market reforms, she wrote the following: Should California Embrace Common Core? My Response to Bill Honig Yesterday, California Instructional Quality Chair Bill Honig published a letter on Diane Ravitch’s blog in which he carefully details his reasons for supporting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in California. In his letter, Honig encourages California districts wary of CCSS to reconsider their positions. He notes, “In California, there is widespread, deep, and enthusiastic support for the common core standards among teachers, administrators, educational and teacher organizations, advocacy groups, and political leaders.” When I read Honig’s letter, I wo ...
The California Republican Party provides a great opportunity to gain experience, work side-by-side with political operatives, and build your resume by working on influential campaigns. The internship offers flexible hours. Responsibilities ..
The anti-Hillary Clinton buttons that were reportedly spotted at a California Republican Party convention are quite simply offensive and disgusting.
The strategists who orchestrated recalls of two Democratic state senators in Colorado are bringing their campaign to California, where legislators passed a series of gun-control measures earlier this year. Jennifer Kerns, a former California Republican Party spokeswoman and the consultant behind the Colorado recalls, said Thursday that her group would begin collecting the signatures necessary to oust several state legislators. This month, Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed several bills that will restrict sales of high-capacity magazines and access to firearms for the mentally ill. But Brown vetoed two bills the National Rifle Association had threatened to take to court. One bill would have defined some rifles and shotguns as assault weapons; another would have banned semi-automatic rifles. Both measures, introduced by Democrats, passed on party-line votes. “The Second Amendment, I think, is the new third rail in politics,” Kerns said in an interview. “Because it’s not just a budget vote or a procedural ...
THE HAPPINESS OF BEING WHO YOU ARE > California Republican Party to go after transgender kids’ rights
Paid for by the California Republican Party, 1903 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank. CA 91506 FPPCThe First Amendment is fundamental to ou
An email received just now from the new Chairman of the California Republican Party, Jim Brulte. Dear Fellow Republican, What a great convention! It’s clear that our Party is excited and energized for the future. I’m honored to have gained the confidence and support of our delegates, and to all of our Republican Party members and activists, I want to say “thank you” for giving me this opportunity to lead our Party. I’m also pleased to report that in our first board meeting that followed the convention, we took immediate steps to reorganize Party staff and operations. That includes the hiring of longtime professional Cynthia Bryant as our Party’s new Executive Director. I was also pleased to bring to the meeting a contribution from a local supporter for $50,000 to begin the process of erasing our party’s debt. I will keep you informed as YOUR CRP Board of Directors makes decisions in the coming weeks and months. Again, thank you for your confidence and support. Building for the 2014 election ...
As delegates to the California Republican Party convention prepared to vote Sunday for their future leaders, the party's outgoing leadership denounced recent
Rodney Stanhope, Grassroot Political Activist, Runs for Vice Chair of the California Republican Party, Rodney Stanhope for CRP Vice Chair, Stanhope 4 Vice Chair
Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro will give a keynote address at the California Republican Party convention this March, taking the spot previously scheduled for Karl Rove.
along with that the California Republican party needs to study Newt Gingriches leadership of the Republican congress
Jim Brulte targets California GOP's red ink: To rebuild the California Republican Party, Jim Brulte will first h...
Who knew? California Republican Party isn't so fiscally conservative after all...State GOP is running in the red by almost $800K.
Whoa. . . the fiscally conservative California Republican Party is $800,000 in debt:
CA Republican Party is up to 800k in debt. So much for fiscal responsibility.
Brulte: California GOP debt could be as high as $800,000: To rebuild the California Republican Party, Jim Brulte...
Presumptive California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte addressing the CFRW board of directors.
Just added a new discussion on Tea Party Nation: California goes for a massive gun ban
Another two great endorsements this evening -- a northern California County Chair and the Sacramento Lincoln Club, joining the Northern California Lincoln Club. Said the club: “Harmeet Dhillon is a smart, articulate advocate for Republican values who brings to the California Republican Party a powerful voice for achieving the American Dream. Her leadership as vice chair will help the CRP build its ranks across the state.” Thanks to both for their votes of confidence!
Which Direction will the CRP Go? You decide... CRP at a Crossroads over the Vice Chairman Race via
California Republican Party at a Crossroads over the Vice Chairman Race | In El Dorado County
[...] that Dhillon is running to be vice chair of the California Republican Party - she would be the first female of color in the job - one of the state's top conservative groups is ripping her for being a little too San Francisco, warning that Dhillon is a Bay Area liberal who "simply doesn't…
For far too long, the California Republican Party (CRP) has been trying to keep the illusion that they are the “Great & Powerful Oz.” They want voters and v
Rodney Stanhope, Republican Grassroots Activist Extraordinaire, is stepping up to run for the Vice Chairmanship of the California Republican Party.
Bill Leonard this morning posted sad news. Barbara Alby passed away this morning. An extraordinary woman -- from a welfare mom and domestic violence victim to successful businesswoman, legislator and leader, Barbara has made in incredible impact on grassroots politics in Sacramento County and later in California Republican Assembly, the California Republican Party, and in the California legislature. She is a former, three-time CRA vice president and former, 3-time elected, California GOP National Committeewoman at the RNC. She was the Principal Founder for the Sacramento Republican Assembly. May the Lord comfort her family during this difficult time -- God be with her husband Dennis, and daughters Karen, Renea, Jody, Darcy, and her son Dennis.
Everyone has an explanation for why the California Republican Party was dominated in the last election. Immigration, demographics, social issues, taxes, etc. But all the blathering has ignored the elephant in the room: money.
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Rohit Joy has announced his candidacy for the position of CRP Bay Area Vice Chair. Rohit is a member of the Executive Committees of the Contra Costa Republican Party and California Republican Party and the National Committeeman of the California Young Republican Federation. Rohit looks forward to wo...
Regional VP for the California Republican Party is in to discuss the future of the California republican party.
Editor, Maybe it is time for the California Republican Party to secede from the national Republican Party and present more moderate and progressive positions on the state’s welfare. The national party did more to lose the election because of candidates who shot their mouth off like Akin and Mourdock, people who have no clue about women and rape and so much more. I believe there are moderate, progressive Republicans in the state, and they should be heard without the distraction from the national venue. Jack Kirkpatrick
Can conservatives prevent the U.S. from becoming California? November 17, 2012 As bad as last Tuesday night was for the national Republican Party, it was far, far worse for the California Republican Party. Not only did Golden State Democrats maintain control of every statewide elected office; not only did Gov. Jerry Brown's $6 billion Proposition 30 tax hike pass by solid margins; but Democrats also secured supermajorities in both state legislative chambers. Now, Brown and the Democrats can raise taxes by as much as they want. The California Republican Party is functionally dead. And how is California doing, now that liberals have successfully terminated the state's remaining conservatives? For starters, it's still in debt. Despite Brown's historic tax hike, the California Legislative Analyst's Office announced this week that the state still faces a $2 billion budget deficit just for the next fiscal year. California's liberal electorate has already racked up an additional $370 billion in state and local d ...
Calbuzz to GOP: How to Make Yourselves Relevant: Two years ago, after watching the California Republican Party i...
It wasn't just [Alleged] President Obama's 21-point margin of victory. California Democrats gained four seats in Congress and will have two-thirds majorities in both houses of the state Legislature. But the struggles of the California Republican Party began long before last week.
Wall St. Journal is reporting that there are two camps of thought in the Republican Party on how to address the 2012 election disaster. One camp is saying that fundamental policy shifts need to happen to address a rapidyly diversifying population. The other camp is saying that isn't necessary and blame Romney. Interstingly its the latter thought that is gaining momentum. My opinion is that as long as the Republican party blame their nominee (I'm not saying he's entirely blameless in the matter), they will not be serious in fixing the real problem which is thier brand has become toxic and if they don't fix it they could end up like the California Republican Party which has become irrelevant.
There are many ways to illustrate the descent of the California Republican Party into oblivion. A starting point is the demographic breakdown of the members of Congress elected last week in the state.
U.S. Judges Restore Suit Accusing State GOP of Poll Guard Conspiracy : Appeal: Ruling revives charge that Republican Party tried to intimidate Latinos by posting uniformed monitors in Santa Ana in 1988. More info to Share about why we all need to vote!! July 27, 1991|CATHERINE GEWERTZ | TIMES STAFF WRITER A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit accusing the California Republican Party of conspiring to intimidate Latino voters by posting uniformed security guards at Santa Ana polling places in 1988. In a unanimous decision released Thursday, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled that a trial must be held to determine whether the state GOP conspired with Orange County Republican officials to scare minority voters away from the polls.
Consider the most recent statistics from the over half million Californian's who registered to vote online this year, and the California Republican Party should be downright worried.
Elizabeth Emken is the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate running against Dianne Feinstein. Elizabeth prevailed over 22 other candidates in California`s new open primary, becoming the first statewide candidate ever to win an official primary endorsement from the California Republican Party.
The California Republican party has come out against state proposition the anti GMO food law. They claim that forcing companies to ad a line of print to a label saying whether or not that item contains Genetically modified ingredients will cause, "higher taxpayer costs, and higher grocery bills". They claim that it is a," shakedown against farmers". No where do they say that it involves GMOs. This is absolute proof that this party is totally corrupt and works for Monsanto and the Satanic corporations that want to poison you for profit. As a former Reagan Republican, I am disgusted with this cheating, immoral, scum of a political party. Shame on anybody so stupid as to vote the party line.
California GOP sends out hit piece on Bob Dutton -Press-Enterprise (blog)
New article in Forbes by Tom Del Beccaro, Chairman of the California Republican Party. Excerpt" "Does...
California has so many financial problems, being a Democratic Party State & Texas does well financially being a Republican.
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By Pam Martens: October 19, 2012 A Sacramento law firm that touts its sophistication in campaign finance matters has been linked to companies secretly o
Any lawyer with some experience in Sacramento politics can draft language for a statewide initiative. But crafting deceptive ballot measures that can trick people into voting against their core beliefs is nothing less than an art form.
I just saw a tv ad for yes on prop 32, funded by Charles Munger Jr. I hate that man, the cancer of the California Republican Party.
California, please Vote Democratic this election. The Republican Tea Party is actively trying to taking over our govt. Vote out Republicans.
Irks me that corrupt people such as these - - call themselves "Conservative" & "Right"
Share via e-mail: But the movement's appeal is being severely tested from New England to California as Democrats...
Tonight on the Lou Desmond Show, Founder and President of the I.E. Taxpayers Association- Chris Mann, Chairman of the California Republican Party- Tom Del Beccaro and John Sullivan, who directed the film "2016-Obama's America" with Dinesh D’Souza. MUST TUNE IT!! We have a packed show.
I am pictured here with Tom Del Beccaro - the Chairman of the California Republican Party. He writes some awesome articles for Forbes.
Tom Del Beccaro, chairman of the California Republican Party, didn't see a game-changer f
Here we go again, another email from Tom Del Beccaro, California Republican Party. Because when Bush ran for re-election in 2004 he campaigned on a tricycle going uphill both ways through snow to save the American tax money. Oh wait, or was that because he spent all our taxpayer money to pay for two wars with foreign debt while irresponsibly slashing taxes? "Over the holiday weekend, Obama jetted up and down the state in Air Force One, raising millions of dollars for his campaign at pricey fundraisers featuring Katy Perry, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, George Clooney, John Legend, and Peter Franti." Yeah, Obama, you should ride Jet Blue on economy class all by yourself and make the President of the United States an easy target for any assassin. Shame on you for keeping the Head of our Nation safe. That's enough sarcasm for today. I'd rather be wrong than have my intelligence insulted.
When I received a 'Brian Bilbray for Congress.' flyer a while ago, I looked it over several times until I was certain--there is no indication that Bilbray is running as the Republican candidate for the Congressional seat. Last night I saw an ad put out by the California Republican Party and it featured Scott Peters, the Democratic Party candidate, and all of his alleged previous 'evil deeds' EXCLUSIVELY from which San Diego nearly suffered complete insolvency. And I looked for and NEVER saw Brian Bilbray's face, name, or any other indication that it was Brian Bilbray specifically for whom the ad was created and shown. For all of you interested in the current political scene, it would see as though REPUBLICANS ARE RUNNING ON THE PRESUMPTION THAT 'REPUBLICAN = LOSING'. Considering my observation of the two instances of Bilbray-ad omissions, what do you think? Are you seeing the same sort of advertising tactics being done where you are?
The California Democratic Party opposes Proposition 31 , a measure on the Nov. 6 ballot to change the way budgeting is done at the state level while reframing the relationship between Sacramento and local governments. The California Republican Party supports it.
Political commentator John Fund (Wall Street Journal, National Review) explains how California can be transformed if Jerry Brown's tax increases are defeated...
Written by Ron Nehring, former Chair of the California Republican Party.
The state of California needs to rid itself of Jerry Brown. What is the Republican party doing about it? This states a mess.
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Please check out my friend -- the very CHAIRMAN of the Republican Party of California Tom Del Beccaro's new piece. http: ...
Even the California Republican Party had to wash their hands of good for nothing *** Ladd Ehlinger.
Is there even a Republican party in California anymore? It's like they're a low-rent Green Party. Did they close down there?
Last month, the California Republican Party (CRP), with its fresh motto, “Party of Yes,” held their annual convention in Burbank to discuss numerous party issues. On the agenda was voting on state propositions, including Proposition 37, GMO Food Labeling.
California Republican Party has canned Assemblyman Brian Nestande as caucus chair
The California Republican Party reiterated its opposition Sunday to two measures on the November ballot that would increase taxes.
The California Republican Party (cagop) envisions a vibrant, prosperous, and secure California defined by a robust and growing world-class economy, strong and healthy families, and reformed and responsive state and local governments serving the people while protecting individual liberty.
The California Republican Party doesn't fail because conservatism is poisonous. It fails because it doesn't really believe in anything.
The California Republican Party — once a symbol of Republican hope and geographical reach — is in a cycle of decline, and seems in danger of losing both face and political stature.
Occidental Dissent- The Decline of the California Republican Party: California Here’s the bitter fruit of the Im...
“The institution of the California Republican Party, I would argue, has effectively collapsed,” said Steve Schmidt, a Republican consultant who was a senior adviser to Mr. Schwarzenegger. “It doesn’t do any of the things that a political party should do. It doesn’t register voters. It doesn’t recruit candidates. It doesn’t raise money. The Republican Party in the state institutionally has become a small ideological club that is basically in the business of hunting out heretics.”
Elias: Schwarzenegger's apt warning to state GOP: Leaders of the California Republican Party ought to be doing s...
My friend Tom Del Beccaro is the Chairman of the California Republican Party and he's written a great commentary...
Blog on a conservative website about the press release: Another CAGOP Ethics Fallout: Jim Reed 2, Doug LaMalfa 0. California Republican Party, Doug LaMalfaAdd comments Doug LaMalfa was the choice of the GOP establishment for California’s First Congressional District. What happens when you have a candidate campaigning as “One of Us” who gets exposed for ethical issues and for taking $5million in Farm Welfare? All of his primary opponents decide to support his general election opponent. Ouch. (Hat tip to Greg Cheadle as well for mentioning how LaMalfa games the water system as well…) YubaNet has the coverage: June 25, 2012 – In a stunning turn of events, every former candidate from the June 5 primary in California’s Congressional District 1 (CD 1) have either endorsed Jim Reed, have said they will remain neutral, or may not choose to endorse at all. Gregory Cheadle-­‐a Republican and Gary Oxley-­‐ an independent, have endorsed Jim Reed outright. In a formal statement, Gregory Cheadle said, ...
CALIFORNIA GOP MURDERED BY FORMER CHAIRMAN RON NEHRING (WHO HIRED CLOSE INTIMATE ILLEGAL ALIEN MEN) AND BURIED BY CURRENT CHAIRMAN TOM DEL BECCARO is so dead Party moneymen are bailing on the Party; Thanks boys, from Politico: Super PAC works around California GOP By ALEXANDER BURNS | 6/26/12 12:38 PM EDT The California Republican Party is such a basket case that it's become something of a code word among national GOP elites of what a political party shouldn't look like. There's concern that state GOP dysfunction could cost Republicans congressional seats, as well as more local angst about the difficulty (near-impossibility?) of electing Republicans to statewide office. So this San Francisco Chronicle report, on some heavy-duty Republican fundraisers seeking a way around the institutional state party, is significant: The aggressive new independent expenditure effort, called California Now, is organized by Jeff Miller, who raised $60 million as the former finance chairman of the state GOP, and Sacramento p ...
Warren Olney's* "To The Point" this evening featured a number of pundits, mostly Republican, discussing the declining membership, power and money-draw of the California Republican Party. (I should note that, as an Illegal Alien**, my views are largely orthogonal to either party: my fiscal views tend conservative, my social views tend libertarian/liberal. But as I'm currently stranded at -117.6941°/35.5865°/751M (ie: Ridgecrest, CA, USA) -- awaiting a friendly spacecraft off this rock -- I interact with many, many Republicans and general conservatives and conservative-libertarians. So this show was of much interest to me.) A fair amount of the discussion was about money going to SuperPACs instead of the CRP, which was interesting, if frightening. But I have three other points that I thought were sort-of deeper 'take home' messages. 1. The California Republican Party (CRP) is shrinking, and in fact is now down to only about 30% of registered voters; this makes it only barely ahead of the Decline ...
With the California Republican Party's registration declining, its prospects dim and major donors panicked, two powerhouse GOP fundraisers have boldly sidestepped the party and launched an independent state super PAC to raise millions in unlimited contributions aimed at electing business-friendly ca...
Commentary by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist Elizabeth Emken, the woman the California Republican Party has endorsed to unseat incumbent Sen. Dianne Feinstein grew up in Seal Beach, attending Los...
A voter guide by the California Republican Party
LOS ANGELES – Minutes ago in front of the California Republican Party convention delegation at the JW Marriott at L.A. Live, CRP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro announced Congressman Ron Paul as the winner of the 2011 California Straw Poll.
.on the defection of An ominous sign for the California Republican Party
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