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Calbert Cheaney

Calbert Nathaniel Cheaney (born July 17, 1971 in Evansville, Indiana) is a retired basketball player and currently director of basketball operations for Indiana University.

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Tell the listener's about Sid's encounter with Jack McCloskey the night he drafted JR Rider instead of Calbert Cheaney.
RIP Jack McCloskey, former Wolves GM, who almost got into a fistfight with Sid Hartman for drafting JR Rider instead of Calbert Cheaney.
The J.R. Rider (tardy) presser. Sid: "Calbert Cheaney wouldn't have been late." Jack, from podium: "I should come d…
If I see anybody rocking a Speedy Claxton jersey, they're getting a free shot on the spot. Calbert Cheaney may get you two lol.
where is your Calbert Cheaney jersey LIL BUDDY
Thanks Ray. and that's coming from the young Calbert Cheaney
Adonal Foyle,Calbert Cheaney,Mikeal Pietrus,Cliff Robinson, & Speedy Claxton (I think)..that's from being a lifelon…
From left to right: Adonal Foyle, Calbert Cheaney, Mikael Pietrus, Uncle Cliff Robinson, an…
I LOATHE them, and I can name them all, Adonal Foyle, Calbert Cheaney, Mickael Pietrus, Old man Cliff Robinson and…
Hersey Hawkins, Lionel Simmons, Calbert Cheaney, Jameer Nelson, Tyler Hansbrough, they were all great and Nelson is still balling.
I'd say Calbert Cheaney and Walt Bellamy are at the "big boy table" despite their lack of a national title.
It was previously shared by Christian Watford and Calbert Cheaney. 130 each.
The FANS voted. Here is your Indiana all time starting five. Thoughts? 🏀. Steve Alford. Isiah Thomas. Calbert Cheaney. Scott May. Quinn Buckner
so what ? I still know DC basketball. Rod Strickland calbert cheaney Chris Webber. Sorry my mom is from Boston.
I am. You know, this was the first time IUBB was 7-0 in the Big Ten since Calbert Cheaney.
IU on a 22-0 run.. Calbert cheaney and Isaiah is back wow
He shared a backcourt with Calbert Cheaney
is Barnes destined to be a better version of Calbert Cheaney?
nothing beats "run pass shoot slam, that's the reason I'm a Bullets Fan, Chris Webber you da man you da man, Calbert Cheaney...
Susan Jordan's picture needs to be in Harrison's Hall of Fame among Calbert Cheaney, Walter McCarty, and the rest.
This is 2 real good games in a row for Rodney Hood. Reminds me a lot of Calbert Cheaney.
best part is the Calbert Cheaney Washington Bullets jersey hanging on the wall 👍🏻
I asked him who George Muresan and Calbert Cheaney are and he didn't respond lmao
bruh he tried calling me out on Warriors trivia lmao yet he don't know who Calbert Cheaney or George Muresan is 😂😂😂😂
Yup you a Wizards fan that don't know Calbert Cheaney gtfoh 😂😂😂
I definitely attended these back when they were the Bullets. Got to meet Hoops, Calbert Cheaney, Googs, etc.
Word. Right next to the Speedy Claxton and Calbert Cheaney ones.
I know, I know I'm super spoiled. But I remember the days of Calbert Cheaney and Speedy Claxton so I refuse to apologize :P
love NYM, but time for real talk: Kendall Gill looks bad in Butch Beard's system + he couldnt stop Calbert Cheaney 2nite. ***
Funny when I mention names like Clifford Robinson or Calbert Cheaney, Warriors "fans" get confused 😂
If anyone needs me I’ll be weeping into my Calbert Cheaney jersey.
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Does any other Hoosiers see for the & wish it was still Calbert Cheaney?
you wasn't with us when Calbert Cheaney was shooting in that gym.
Where's Mike Sports Cards to rip you off when you need him by selling you a $.50 valued Calbert Cheaney Card for $10.
I just announced to our camp that Calbert Cheaney is joining our staff as Director of Basketball Operations. The press is getting the
Calbert Cheaney, Kyle Hornsby, Dane Fife, Jason Collier and I could keep going.
What sort of impact did Bob Knight have on Calbert Cheaney? The SLU assistant coach joined
Former IU great Calbert Cheaney back in the Hoosier state tonight as an assistant at St Louis facing ISU
will Calbert Cheaney or Damon Bailey? We need serious help!
I object to Christian Laettner on the grounds that he stomped on Calbert Cheaney's face on the way to the Championship game.
IUPUI's top 3 coaching candidates are Calbert Cheaney, Jason Gardner, and Michael Lewis...all IN natives and all 3 solid choices.
12th ranked St.Louis U welcomes Shaka Smart and Virginia Commonwealth to a sold out Chaifetz Arena tomorrow afternoon.(1:00 ESPN).Bob Knight comes to town for the telecast,and will watch his protege,SLU coach Jim Crews,who played on the last undefeated team in college basketball,Knight's 1976 National Champion Indiana Hoosiers.Another Knight star,Calbert Cheaney,the All time leading scorer in Big Ten history,is a Crews assistant.The Billikens smothering defense and superior guard play are gaining national attention and many pundits are predicting a deep run for the Bills in the NCAA tournament.
This is just personal observation from having to watch a lot of ACC basketball thanks to following Georgia Tech Basketball for I have seen four players that have actually impressed me in the Conference so far out of the ACC teams I have seen: Duke's Rodney Hood (reminds me of a new school Calbert Cheaney) Pittsburgh's 6-foot-9 Forward Talib Zanna (he has a nice game and finishes well around the cup.) Pittsburgh's 6-foot-5 Lamar Patterson (he will make someone's pro roster and contribute) And believe it or not Georgia Tech's 6-foot-11 Center Daniel Miller (Brian Gregory does not get him the ball enough, Miller would be solid on someone's frontline rotation. He will be a second round steal for someone in the NBA.) James "Slimm Jimm" FitzGerald IV
I have watched a few Duke games this season. I can understand why everyone likes Jabari Parker because he has upside and a lot of physical gifts. But Rodney Hood has impressed me every time. He is like a faster, better shooting version of Calbert Cheaney. Hood can flat out play. For sure lottery pick !! James "Slimm Jimm" FitzGerald IV
My Son spending a lil time with Calbert Cheaney at Hall Of Fame Classic.
Good man. Been on the bandwagon since the days of Calbert Cheaney
Yes two seats down from me sits the great Calbert Cheaney
Sitting 5 rows in front of the Big Ten all-time leading scorer Calbert Cheaney!
Steve Alford,Calbert Cheaney, AJ Guyton all 3 great moving without the ball. All 3 in top 5 in career scoring makes sense.
Calbert Cheaney was one of the best at moving w out the ball. You couldn't double him. The entire D had to focus on him
Better coach, chance to star in front of his hometown, great facilities, learn under Calbert Cheaney,
There is an ad on sports radio here talking about Indiana basketball "legends" Damon Bailey, Steve Alford, and Larry Bird. I haven't lived here that long, but I can think of several names that could be added to this list to make it not quite so...shall we say one-dimensional. How about Oscar Robertson? Landon Turner? Calbert Cheaney? Shawn Kemp? Eric Gordon? Greg Oden? Michael Conley? I know how proud Indiana people are of their basketball, but let's please keep it real and represent everyone.
The BULLS just added Washington Small Forward Calbert Cheaney to their team. Want the greatest basketball players in the world taking the court for you? Play Franchise Basketball and build your own team today.
Selling my autographed indiana basketball still in the box.signed by Tom Crean and calbert cheaney after a game last season...will send pics...make offer
My All-time pick-up hoops team: MJ, Dallas Comegys, Calbert Cheaney, Arvydas Sabonis, and my friend Andy "Max" Slovis
Calbert Cheaney, Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Dane Fife, Greg Graham on the floor with Bob Knight coaching last night
Chris Webber shot a better career NBA 3P% than Calbert Cheaney.
Calbert Cheaney, Cody Zeller wore/wear for IU...looks the best on Luke Walter though!
Indiana honoring Calbert Cheaney on the court. Tom Crean stands with him at center court while Iowa players stand at their bench.
U of L's Smith, IU's Zeller, Oladipo finalists for Naismith Player of Year award Posted: Feb 26, 2013 2:27 PM EST Updated: Feb 26, 2013 2:31 PM EST By Eric Crawford - email LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Russ Smith's improbable rise through the ranks of college basketball's top players continues. The University of Louisville junior today was named one of 30 finalists for the Naismith men's college player of the year award. The award is presented by the Atlanta Tipoff Club and sponsored by AT&T. Four finalists will be chosen in late March with a winner announced on March 7. Sophomore Cody Zeller and junior Victor Oladipo of Indiana also are on the list of candidates. Smith went from nearly leaving U of L during the offseason two years ago to being a key piece of the Cardinals' Final Four run last season. He's averaging 18.4 points per game this season. Smith ranks second to Zeller in Ken Pomeroy's statistical player of the year index. U of L has never had a player win the award. Scott May and Calbert Cheaney wo ...
go ahead and keep We'll keep Calbert Cheaney.
Does anyone besides me and Donna think IU is an awesome team? I believe this is the best team since 1976.
“No matter what game U play, he’s always going to go out there & be the best player he can possibly be,” -Calbert Cheaney on Victor Oladipo
may have just passed Calbert Cheaney as my all time favorite IU Player!
I keep hearing references to 1991 and think to myself no big deal that was just what? 5 years ago or so??? Then I hear it proclaimed that it was 22 years ago. Seriously? Am I the only one who is living in long ago land?
My game’s in the post & a little soft, so it fits. Plus if anything happens w Cody it can revert to a Calbert Cheaney jersey.
IU's first win at MSU since Calbert Cheaney days! Two hours after game originally ended & I can go to bed happy. Nice job, Hoosiers.
I'm not an iu fan, no reason to be, even though my 2nd favorite college basketball of all time is Calbert Cheaney.but *** Oladipo is really good...I hope he's a Pacer in his future
I'm thinking about dusting off this old "Hoosiers" movie.
Agree. Keith Smart/Calbert Cheaney might have a thing to say about that.But Indiana just solidified a seed. Props to Tom Crean
If Cody Zeller stays for four years, he would break Calbert Cheaney's Indiana and Big Ten scoring records.
yup. It's official. I'm old. Was there when Calbert Cheaney, Damon Bailey, Alan Henderson & co were there. Age is just a # right?!
Calbert Cheaney broke down crying on the sideline like,Ray Lewis during the national anthem, when IU won!
40. Kind of a cop out, but I figure when Cody leaves it can revert to a Calbert Cheaney jersey.
Wow. First IU win at MSU in a generation! Not since Evansville's Calbert Cheaney was joined by Eric Anderson, Damon Bailey, Pat/Greg Graham, Lynden Jones, Jamal Meeks, Chris Reynolds, Matt Nover has IU beaten the Spartans in East Lansing ... Wow. That 1990-91 team was terrific! If only JAY EDWARDS had been able to stay on the team ... There might be another banner or two hanging in Assembly Hall right now.
Heather Butler Heckler the last 10 minutes of officiating was atrocious.
I don't know if there will ever be another player that can come close to Calbert Cheaney, my favorite player of all time, but Oladipo is making a case.
Indiana hadn't won at Michigan State since 1991? Calbert Cheaney was tough. (But Jim Jackson was better)
I was like in 3rd grade last time iu won in East Lansing
That would be the "Blue Chips" alums Calbert Cheaney and Matt Nover in the last IU win at MSU.
About 1/2 way through the Calbert Cheaney administration
After checking monitor, a Tech has been called on Calbert Cheaney
Last time won at Breslin Center, Calbert Cheaney & Damon Bailey were IU's best players..
Does for Indiana resemble Calbert Cheaney to anyone else?
Love seeing alum on the coaching staff of some of these colleges. Calbert Cheaney with Indiana.
where's Calbert Cheaney to call the game
What the heck is going on? Dane Fife setting on the Michigan State bench? And Kent Benson setting behind the Purdue bench? Good to see Calbert Cheaney is loyal on the Indiana Bench. That's where you need to be,
Just trying to get an IU guy.. Calbert Cheaney? Damon Bailey? Dane Fife?
bringing back childhood memories mentioning Calbert Cheaney and Damon Bailey!
They keep showing Calbert Cheaney, that guy was silky smooth in his day.
The last time IU's basketball team won at Michigan St., Calbert Cheaney was a sophomore and Damon Bailey was a freshman. Time to change that
What did we do wrong as a society to get stuck with Magic Johnson on the broadcast crew for the biggest game of the regular season tonight?
Can't wait to get out of work and get home to watch the IU v. MSU basketball game on ESPN. IU hasn't won in East Lansing for 17 years. Maybe my Calbert Cheaney Jersey will turn the clock back to the last time they won.
Will IU upset MSU? Probably, but they have a great deal to overcome. IU has lost 17 straight games at Breslin Center, their last win coming February 28, 1991. Calbert Cheaney was a soph and Damon Bailey was a Frosh and Belinda Watford was seven months pregnant with son Christian. I hope CDub is ready along with Victor. Going out on a limb here but I predict an IU victory 79-74, Indiana we're all for you!
Hosting "The Whip" tonight 6:30 ESPNU. We get you set for all of tonight's big CBB games - including Indiana at Michigan State. The last time the Hoosiers won in East Lansing, Calbert Cheaney was a sophomore (1991). Show guest list: Andy Katz, Tim Welsh, Len Elmore, Dino Gaudio, and Jimmy *** .. and more.
So u have calling it. Big deal we have Calbert cheaney on the bench.
last beat in East Lansing in 1991. That IU team featured future "Blue Chips" alums Calbert Cheaney and Matt Nover.
Here's a stat for you IU fans. Indiana has not won at Michigan State's Breslin Center since February 28, 1991! Current IU assistant coach Calbert Cheaney was just a sophomore! Bob Knight still sporting that signature sweater and Jud Heathcoate his dark green blazer for MSU. That's 17 consecutive losses at East Lansing...
IU has lost SEVENTEEN straight at East Lansing...
has not beaten Michigan State in East Lansing since 1991. That's 17 losses in a row. Calbert Cheaney was a sophomore.
Hey, give me your 5 best Hoosier players and Michigan State players of all time. K
UGH! The last time IU won at Michigan State Calbert Cheaney and Damon Bailey were on the team... C'mon Hoosiers, YOU CAN DO THIS!
Jordan tortured Calbert Cheaney... Absolutely nothing he could do on defense to stop MJ!
Calbert Cheaney did have 'some'/a few good defensive possessions against Jordan.
I forgot how good this '97 Bullets team was. C Webb, Rod Strickland, Juwan Howard and Calbert Cheaney. Wow.
Best player to play at IU UK AND UOFL and i dont mean who had the best pro career but when they were in college
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Tune in to 'This is Indiana' at 10:30 on WTTV-4. 's Shae Fournier & Calbert Cheaney are guests.
Don't forget about the Washington Bullets with Chris Webber Calbert Cheaney & Scott Skiles.
Crean gets all the credit but IU has Calbert cheaney NCAA all American & retired pro player as director of player development...just saying
Seeing and Calbert Cheaney joke around during the timeout does the heart good.
Indiana up 80-48. Oladipo not playing but feeling good enough to give Calbert Cheaney a celebratory shove. CC smiled.
just seen the *** Calbert Cheaney I ain't seen him since the wizards was the bullets!
Dan dakich talking about evansville Harrison HS and calbert cheaney during the game on Reppin the ville on natl tv!
Evansville Harrison High School just got a shout out on ESPN. Thanks to Calbert Cheaney!
Love the shout out to my high school, Evansville Harrison, where Calbert Cheaney also attended. cc
All I know about Calbert Cheaney is that Brian Dennehy really loved to yell at him.
Calbert Cheaney looks like he could still play.
They just talked about Calbert Cheaney going to Harrison on TV!!
Just spent halftime watching Landon Turner and Eric Gordon chat...and then shake Calbert Cheaney's hand. I love it.
Only if IU's starting 5 consists of 4 team managers and Calbert Cheaney, then we would see a competitive game
One of my earlier memories is going to Bloomington with my Dad, probably around 1990 or 1991, and walking into Assembly Hall. We were at the edge of the darkened court when Dad nudged me out right into the center, inside the shape of our state with the classic serif-font "I" in the middle. A maintenance man was walking past and saw us. Dad said "Sorry," and the maintenance man replied "Hold on a sec, I'll turn the lights on for ya." The lights came on and there I was, wide-eyed and standing right in the middle of this sacred ground of basketball, spinning around and looking at the bleachers going all the way up to the ceiling. I can remember sitting in the nosebleeds and feeling like I was going to fall forward from the steepness. But from this angle, I was right in the middle. I could see Bob Knight yelling from the bench. I could see Steve Alford making shots from beyond the arc. I could see Pat Knight, Damon Bailey, Calbert Cheaney, all of my basketball heroes running the floor. And people wonder why I ...
All right hoosiers, I believe the most lopsided beat down of that school northwest of you in Assembly Hall was 41 points when one Mr. Calbert Cheaney was playing, not coaching. What do you say to a 50 point victory today? Nothing would make me happier. HOO HOO HOO HOOSIERS!!!
Why yall keep disrespecting Kobe? lls .. LeBron having a great year and yall talk about Kobe like he Calbert Cheaney now
Apparently you never saw Calbert Cheaney play!“ there was no one more fun to watch than Michael Jordan, no one.”
hard to believe Calbert Cheaney isn't on that list.
Ten years ago I wondered how Calbert Cheaney was able to be VP of the US while playing for the Nuggets.
My mom got a new kitty & trying to decide on a name. It's a boy. My suggestions are Perry, Pedro, & Calbert Cheaney.
Tuesday Night Lineup! 6:25-Big Ten Blitz 6:40-Former Indiana great and Assistant Coach Calbert Cheaney 7-8pm-Nebraska Director of Athletics Shawn Eichorst Busy, busy show tonight. Darin Erstad has set his rotation for the opening weekend in California. Wrestling eliminated from the Olympics?? More on recruiting and the Big Ten coaches meetings and Husker Hoops at Indiana. See you tonight!!!
5 more days until Mr.Jordan turns 50. What's your favorite MJ moment? Mine would have to be the game where he had the flu. He was unbelievable. Thinking back on all the great MJ moments and having discussions on past and current players. I've said it before and I'll say it again, there are only a few players I have ever seen that have that assassin trait. MJ was by far the fiercest competitor. Kobe developed it later in his game and I think Lebron is starting to change but MJ would elbow his mama in the face if the game were on the line. He didn't want to beat you, he wanted to murder you and watch you die slowly. He just couldn't be stopped and that's a fact. That's the difference between MJ and the other greats. He was an assassin!
Indiana up six over Michigan.My all time team at IU: Kent Benson,Calbert Cheaney,Scott May,Steve Alford,and Isaiah Thomas.Hoosiers lead by nine.
Can't wait for this Indiana-Michigan game tonight. Alan Henderson and Calbert Cheaney vs. Chris Webber and Jalen Rose!
Glen Rice with the buzzer beater over Calbert Cheaney for the win!
Love Jalen Rose rockin the crimson and cream jacket on College Game Day. also gave props to Calbert Cheaney and Coach Knight. Tonight at 9pm. Michigan at Indiana Duke at FSU. Great day of college basketball
So when we bought season tix to NWU basketball, so we could see the IU game…I thought it would be more like the Harlem Globe Trotters show than a grind it out battle. Either way, we all had a GREAT time…saw our Hoosiers win, and got a chance to shake hands with Hoosier greats Calbert Cheaney and Chris Reynolds. John & Bella also got high 5s from the team, and most of the coaching staff as they headed out onto the court. Go IU!
Y'all remember when Calbert Cheaney and Bobby Hurley was in the same backcourt in Blue Chips? Sheesh
they all cant be Danny Manning, Calbert Cheaney, Jimmy Jackson, Glenn Robinson, and Mateen Cleaves!
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Happy Friday night to the Maszak Maniacs. Tonight, the ranked Indiana Hoosiers tip off their season. Before anyone says I am jumping on the bandwagon, I have been an IU Hoops fan since Steve Alford and the 1987 team. The 1992-1993 team with Calbert Cheaney was one of my all-time favorite sports teams ever and this team with Cody Zeller has a chance to be a Final Four/National Title contender!
if a jersey has no name on back like Indiana, how do u know Cody Zeller is not Calbert Cheaney?
Tuesday's section loaded with IU news: Kaila Hulls to miss year, Nick Stoner feature, Calbert Cheaney/DJ White camp, new recruit
Yes...that is me and the Calbert Cheaney...
Huge S/O to Calbert Cheaney and the team for an amazing wknd!
Secret to mbb success? Calbert Cheaney will tell you. Story @
Check out some awesome coverage from the inaugural Basketball ProCamp with and Calbert Cheaney!
What has been up to lately? was at the Tom Crean camp and talked to DJ White and more!
In case you missed it, video interviews with Calbert Cheaney, D.J. White:
Maybe mention Isiah Thomas and Calbert Cheaney if you have space.
Big thanks to Calbert Cheaney and for making year one of the Tom Crean such a success!
Great turnout for the Pro Camp w/ Calbert Cheaney & ... Should've worn my old school Bullets
Herald Times Blog Cheaney, White lead camp at Assembly Hall - Calbert Cheaney and D.J. White’s careers at Indiana we...
Video: comes back to Bloomington along with Calbert Cheaney to give back to and community
Check out my newest story about Tom Crean's ProCamp with DJ White and Calbert Cheaney!
Breast Cancer Awareness
At pro camp, DJ White (Coach Crean & Calbert Cheaney stop for a pic with some of the kids
Calbert Cheaney talks about how Indiana's players have looked in summer workouts:
Calbert Cheaney said it just wasn't the right time for him to seize the open assistant coach position that was open a couple months ago.
Just finished talking with DJ White, Calbert Cheaney. Story and video interview coming in a little bit.
My baby is all set & ready to go to the IU, Tom Crean, Calbert Cheaney, DJ White basketball camp and Assembly Hall tomorrow with Paige!
Another weekend out of town. Bloomington for Tom Crean, dj white and calbert cheaney IU camp. Should be fun
Wow! I just won this for free, Barry Larkin Reds & Calbert Cheaney Washington Bullets
Grammy and I have seen half the basketball team and coaching staff today. She's on cloud 9 over meeting Calbert Cheaney.
Tom Crean Basketball ProCamp with DJ White & Calbert Cheaney: We were just notified here at CrimsonCast th...
Im calbert cheaney and im a hoosier?
New post: Limited Spots Open for Tom Crean ProCamp with D.J. White and Calbert Cheaney
Limited spots are still open for this weekend's ProCamp w/and Calbert Cheaney. Info:
A couple of spots remain for ProCamp with & Calbert Cheaney. Visit for details.
News for Hoosiers: IU Insider: All-time Indiana basketball player No. 3 - Calbert Cheaney by Hoosier Herald
According to the bulls are interested in Calbert Cheaney
my son's IU jersey signed by both Calbert Cheaney (my favorite player) and Cody (his favorite player)
He does it. " Calbert Cheaney talking about Cody Zeller.
If Oladip had a 18' jumper he'd be Calbert Cheaney. I'm not joking. q
Ha don't think Calbert Cheaney would be commenting on IU football. But if they get good it is ok to call us fair weather fans then
Calbert Cheaney is pumped about IU's upcoming basketball season. Why? See Reggie Hayes' story at
Calbert Cheaney still influencing mbb in major way. Column @
come on u two. calbert cheaney. Big Tens all time leading scorer.
Harrison Barnes reminds me of Calbert Cheaney. You agree?
Can't we just go back to a time where Calbert Cheaney ruled
Happy Bday to the greatest Hoosier to wear Sorry Cody, but Calbert Cheaney was the man!
Holy crap! shares a birthday with Calbert Cheaney!
Today's Calbert Cheaney's birthday - celebrate with his starring role in Blue Chips -
lmao why do you know when Calbert Cheaney's bday is?
Dude I'm wearing a Calbert Cheaney Jersey and it turns out its his bday
Calbert Cheaney was a home-town hero in Evansville, where I'm from! Total blast from the past.
Dang, Calbert Cheaney turns 41 today? This can't be true
Happy birthday to the B1G & all-time leading scorer, Calbert Cheaney.
Michael Jordan was sitting on a ferrari with scottie pippen and both were smoking cigars and jordan says to Chris Webber,Jawan Howard and Calbert Cheaney before game 1 of their best of 5game playoff series with the then Washington Bullets who is going to check me(and the cigar was lit} and Webber and his boys just laughed!!!
“Man, Harrison Barnes reminds me of Calbert Cheaney...” not what you want to hear, but I can see it
"Man, Harrison Barnes reminds me of Calbert Cheaney..." Dion Waiters reminds me of Ed Gray from Cal.. :-)
Harrison Barnes could be like Jamal Mashburn or Calbert Cheaney. Festus Ezeli could be like Marcus Camby or Adonal Foyle Part II.
is really impressed with Harrison Barnes as a person... Polished, well-mannered, and likable... However, his NBA prospects are very scary... This kid could be Jordanesque/Kobe-like... or he could be Calbert Cheaney... The dropoff could be YIKES!!!
. with the reference of the day: He reminds me of Calbert Cheaney in college, not in the NBA. Super smooth.
Calbert Cheaney 2.0. No thank you. “Talking NBA draft: What are your thoughts on Harrison Barnes as a Wizard? Hit me.”
Not sure WHY but Harrison Barnes reminds me of Calbert Cheaney
Barnes doesn't have the dribble ability yet to play SG they tried this same thing years ago with Calbert Cheaney didn't work
Sorry. We found it. Two higher scoring performances than Shaq's in U18 game. Austin Rivers and Calbert Cheaney.
.Found it. Austin Rivers had 35 against Canada in 2010 and Calbert Cheaney had 34 against Brazil in '90.
I always compared him to Calbert Cheaney
Confirmation for Saturday that the Big Ten's all-time scoring leader Calbert Cheaney will be in attendance.
this is why MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time. "I saw Michael Jordan come into our locker room with a cigar, while it was lit, and said, ‘Who’s going to check me tonight?’ And we looked at Calbert Cheaney and we were laughing like little school kids knowing that Calbert Cheaney was going to get him, we knew it wasn’t a game for Mike.” -Chris Webber
Seein Coach Crean, Cody Zeller, and Calbert Cheaney ...just another day at work
Calbert Cheaney was the first left handed player that Bobby Knight coached.
I will say.. Glenn Robinson was straight *** ing dudes in college on the court, but them accolades Calbert Cheaney won tho.. Mannn..
Calbert Cheaney a high school/college legend on that ball court..
I do remember that, sort of. I mainly remember that my dad loved Calbert Cheaney. I remember a Scrappy White Guard later.
Remember those Calbert Cheaney Indiana teams at the same time? Not as good as when they added Bobby Hurley in Blue Chips, tho
That's a bad comparison pal. You more like Calbert Cheaney when he played for the Bullets
If Calbert Cheaney teaches Vic how to shoot this offseason, he would be a first-round pick in the '13 Draft.
Thanks for the banter on Big 10 hoops. Most popular omissions from my list were Glen Rice & Calbert Cheaney. Both great players for sure.
haven't seen all the other responses but Calbert Cheaney was awesome in college
yes; he, Calbert Cheaney, and Dane Fife are doing Dwane Casey proud
Congrats to Bennie Seltzer on getting the Samford head coaching job. IU's going to miss him. He's a nice guy who knows his hoops. Here's hoping that Calbert Cheaney gets a promotion and replaces Seltzer as an IU assistant coach.
is excited Calbert Cheaney could be one of our assistant coaches next season :)
I'm from Maryland, I haven't liked the Wiz since Rod Strickland and Calbert Cheaney.
Harrison Barnes will be a poor man's Calbert Cheaney
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