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Cairo University

Cairo University (previously Egyptian University and later Fuad University) is a large prestigious public university in Giza, Egypt.

United Nations Secretary General President Obama

I still love Cairo University regardless of anything ...
Instagram post by American University in Cairo • Nov 1, 2017 at 9:35am UTC
More details on our screening next week at Goldsmiths University of London on November 6th
Omar Sharif completed his degree in physics and mathematics from Cairo University in Lawrence of Arabia…
Ayman Moussa a student in the British university in Cairo and a champion in competitive diving sentenced for 15year…
Your real problem is that the preachings of ISIS are exactly what the…
Mummified baby gazelle from Yale Peabody being xrayed by students, studied by Dr. Salima Ikram of Amer…
Happening now at faculty of economics and political science in cairo university . .
Yes, I was the Chief Epigrapher for Cairo University & Brown University for 7 seasons at the Great Pyramid…
r this "References available at the Al-Azhar University Library in Cairo also suggest that Arab traders in the sout…
about Students why they have been killed in Cairo University and why they have been prevented from Education Right
At Cairo University 2 professors are talking "which of your students shows the most intelligence". "That'd be Abdul. He's the Bahraini one."
Make Cairo University accessible for people with disabilities with a click of your mouse!
Well. I'm an engineer. Cairo University. Communications and electronics 😃
"INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!" says student in with See 1000s of reviews here!…
Looking to study at the American University in Cairo? Their Refugee Fellowship app. deadline is this Wednesday:…
Cairo University President and Minister of Antiquities Open Monuments and Heritage in a Changing World Conference
Egyptian-Russian cooperation in the nuclear field at Cairo University -
end of the time (@ El Sayed Galal University Hospital in Bab El Shaareya, Cairo)
Well don't go the University of Cairo, you can't wear it there either.
Student's duty before entering the University, Cairo, Egypt Student's duty before entering the Unive...
my pictures ... 🖐️😍😌. In the University of Cairo and in my house and Mansoura University . the most beautiful day…
Great crowd at the French University of Cairo for annual summit
Fun is a serious thing. @ AUC The American University in Cairo
attending a seminar at Department of English Language and Literature at Cairo University
Hey Everyone,. Here is a promo of my weekly radio show at AUC (American University in Cairo) link:…
Instagram post by American University in Cairo • Oct 28, 2017 at 2:39pm UTC
Cairo University President believes religious reform is needed for progress, by for .
And our 2017 Best Podcast winner is “More Than Just A Game,” American University in Cairo! Congrats!
Bachelors All subjects offered by AUC Open to all nationalities The American University in Cairo 31 Oct 2017...
Good book to read: Mark A. Gabriel grew up a Devout Muslim in Egypt, taught at Al-Azhar University, Ca…
Update your maps at Navteq
We are HERE... you can visit our booth tomorrow at Cairo University, from 9:00 AM. and don't miss the chance to be part of our…
Instagram post by American University in Cairo • Oct 26, 2017 at 4:48pm UTC
MBA students visiting the American University in Cairo, deepening their understanding of MENA and…
USB MBA students visiting the American University in Cairo, getting a deep understanding of Doing Business in MENA.…
I was honored to meet Dr. Ihab " Dean of Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University", after conducting the seminar
Favorite snap shots from the university fair today at Cairo American College
How r u doing Hazem , it is Eng HOSAM , Your Classmate in F.O.E . Cairo University, I Wis…
Going to speak at Cairo University about US-Egypt relations.
A place near Cairo University where students work i... — it might be her
I have to realize that I don't become affiliated to Cairo University anymore internally but I can't resist my belonging to her
Banque Misr present in 50 youth centres, mobile units in Cairo University
speeches in Cairo must be taught at schools.
I fly today to Cairo:Grand Imam of Al-Azhar invited me to peace conference w/& Orthodox ldrs.Need prayers!. htt…
Al-Azhar University is a university in Cairo, Egypt. Associated with…
Pope Francis with Shaikh Ahmed Al Tayeb, head of Al Azhar University in Cairo. The Pope called for unity between...
The year I went to Egypt, one of our stops was the Nursing Sc…
The one and only giving a talk at the German university in Cairo!
Historical moment at international peace-conference in Cairo. My address:
Pope embraces Sheikh Ahmad el-Tayeb, grand imam of al-Azhar University, calling to build a new civilisation of peace
اسمها graduate from the faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
Pope, at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University, calls for teaching “rights and basic freedoms, particularly religious freedom”
receives applause when entering Al-Azhar University of Cairo, at an international conference on peace
Al-Azhar University of Cairo prepares to host at an international conference on peace
The contained around 200,000 documents and was housed in the 11th-century Ben Ezra synagogue.
Hate idolatrous caricatures of God -pope - Francis speaks at Cairo's Al-Azhar University
Informative background reading for the Pope's trip to Egypt. He's in-flight to Cairo now!
Pope, at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University: “violence is the negation of every authentic religious expression” (applause)
Level 3 😊👌. School of Continuing Education of the American university in Cairo. English ❤. of the
Gee why would a girl raised in oz *** to American university of Cairo and study??? Colonialism…
I'm at Faculty of Computer and Information Cairo University in Giza
Prof. Darwish Selah from University of Cairo, a new member of Network visits the Secretariat to covey his…
President of Cairo University : Sharm El-Sheikh is safe for world tourism
I would like to contact you privately as I would like to invite you to an event at the German University in Cairo. Thank you.
Study at the University of Southampton with IDP Cairo. Join the free Seminar here: .
Cairo University Wikipedia article edited anonymously from [GB] Elsevier
Thanks Great video conference between students from the American University of Cairo and
Female Professor at al-Azhar University Cairo, teaches it's ok for Muslims to rape non-Muslims
Sada el balad Interview at the 23rd Annual Research Conference at The American University in Cairo: via
Cairo University case: 38 male with severe tachycardia. . Solve here:
Here at the American University in Cairo for the annual AUC Research Week 2017.
Thoroughly enjoying my course; distance learning with The American University in Cairo, MIT,…
AUC The American University in Cairo is hosting a panel on Egyptian Entrepreneurship in the United States on...
Mohamed my Guitar Student from The American University in Cairo. Inshalla he will be the first Guitar Major in Egy…
This is a fake TW - these were Egyptian students outside a university in Cairo protesting the body count of Palestinians.
attending Building Peace in Yemen at AUC The American University in Cairo
Will tuition ruling impede American University of
Faculty of Science at Cairo University Organizes Seminar on Future Earth on Sunday
University of New England : UNE’s Ali Ahmida presents at conference in Cairo, Egypt
Book launch of the Arabic edition of Men in Charge? . Thursday April 6th, 2017, at 7 PM. The Oriental Hall - The American Univer…
Will tuition ruling impede American University of Cairo? via
Bs 5las na nfsi atsdt — attending an event at AUC The American University in Cairo
Will tuition ruling impede American University of Cairo?
Cairo University students grill me on improving & building - no shortage of ideas…
1/3 These are the same words as in Cairo University June 2005
is Cairo university lecture and workshop cancelled?
is Cairo university lecture tomorrow cancelled?
Meet Randa ElBehery, student from University, will be a hacker at the building apps for social go…
Tokyo governor,Koike is a multilingual speaker. Especially she is good at Arabic lang. Because she graduated from Cairo University in Egypt.
"My own ancestors in ancient Cairo 1000 years ago, when they founded the Azhar University & the Dar-ul-Ilm" htt…
UN head stresses importance of multilateral relations & organisations in today's multipolar reality
.at It’s important to build strong multilateral institutions, including
Join University of Guelph’s Free Seminar at IDP on Monday, 6 March, 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
I am Egyptian legal expert, graduated from Cairo university _ law college in 1990, how to be enrolled as a lawyer in Paraguay?
Now in University's photo
Prof Bernard O'Kane, American University in Cairo will speak on Fatimid Architecture at on 21 Feb.
also if you look him up on line he has education from University of CAIRO.may be of importance too
●● Look up his name on the can see he was educated at the University of CAIRO. This could be some i…
From new UNSG remarks at Cairo U today.
New article: . The Secretary-General''s Remarks at Cairo University. read more:
The 3rd of April I will be playing "Tremolo Obsession" program at The American University in Cairo. Stay tuned! —...
Full text of address to students at
At Cairo University,salutes as a pillar of multilateralism. RT
Maybe it's time for OPEN FORUM dialogues like the BBC had at the University of many many locations
Secretary General of the United Nations speech on youth empowerment in Cairo University.
UN SG Antonio Guterres warned on Wednesday at Cairo University against abandoning the idea of a two-state solution
And he's been presented with the "dome of Cairo University". Actually a small replica that resembles a mini Ottoman helmet
Secretary General giving his speech at Cairo University.
At Cairo University, salutes Egypt as a pillar of multilateralism.
Minister Shoukry's welcoming remarks on the occasion of the speech of Secretary General at Cai…
arrival at the Cairo University Hall for a historic speach. Happening now
In first regional tour, UNSG Guterres now delivers lecture on “Facing Global Challenges: Finding Hope in Youth" at…
Support Your University! . Cairo university is participating in the .
Excellent book of designer from German University of Cairo: 'Something special about Egypt!'
Support Your University! . German university in Cairo participating in the h…
Media advisory: Lecture of the UN Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres at the Cairo University
Maya Angelou visited Addis Ababa, lived for years in Cairo and Accra, and actually taught at the University of Ghana h…
Economic, Energy, Agricultural and Trade Issues: Remarks at the Road to GES: MENA event at the American University in Cairo …
King Tuts Space Dagger: Scientists from Milan Polytechnic, Pisa University and the Egyptian Museum in Cairo h...
President Obama - Remarks by the President at Cairo University, 6-04-09: For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has...
'Archaeology & Heritage in a Changing World' - conference to be held at Cairo University in October
Breast Cancer Awareness
Cairo University? Midan Giza? Safest place I can think of closest to Tahrir
Enjoy your spring break :) @ AUC The American University in Cairo
Virginia STEVENS & Maurice SALIB . A Pocket Dictionary of the Spoken Arabic of Cairo. English-Arabic. The American University in Cairo Press
Best of luck to the ASME HPV team from Cairo University . they just started their journey today at ASME HPVC held...
For those interested in literature of the Middle East, a new imprint from the American University in Cairo Press |
Al Maktoum, the foundation signed its first agreements Wednesday with The American University in Cairo, The American University of Beirut,
My seminar with Cairo University , project management simplified. The success story of
Al-Azhar University in Cairo,Egypt is over 1,000 years old. It was founded in 975 CE.
HPV Cairo university team did the technical test for the bike yesterday and today they will be having the drag...
This was in the second van that I boarded in New Cairo headed towards the University.
Egyptian security forces arrested and abducted 12 students of the Faculty of engineering, Cairo University, the...
12 Cairo university students were taken from Madi metro station today all at once
I'll perform tomorrow in TEDx Cairo University's event (Decipher) .
Translating revolution with Samia Mehrez ❤️ @ Singapore University of Technology and Design
The one where we were attending. @ Faculty of Commerce Cairo University
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Communication seniors rocking the concert 💃🏻💃🏻 @ German University in Cairo
*-* — feeling crazy at German University in Cairo
"Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance". Barack Obama Cairo University 2009.
happening now a lecture held by MIU students about " The impact of social media" held by Dr. Ibrahim Yassine professor at Cairo university
We are pleased to announce that GBI Team is supporting the HPV Cairo university team who was enthusiastic about...
And we're fone here from activation booth at the British University in Cairo, stay tuned for more...
That last semester fofi-love 😍😘 @ AUC The American University in Cairo
The lovely audience at The American University in Cairo, Egypt. .
You went to Cairo University but I've been protecting myself from all the gbagauns you've been hurling at me. Brother pulease 🙄😒😊
Proskills helps develop employability skills at Al Azhar University, Cairo – read more here
" Jobless Boat " , 50 x 35 cm ( 20 x 14 inches ) , Acrylic on Canson. Sold - to the American University in Cairo...
First of the photo shooting fotos lazem tkoon Robillians @ German University in Cairo
Teach-in on academic freedom at the American University in Cairo today
An invented tradition?: "You could hardly find a single veiled woman at Cairo University during that time"
To the Nigerian men on the American University in Cairo, as opposed to posting videos of "We Are the World," while not even speaking to your
Little Giant Ladders
. from Cairo University Obama ignited the Arab Spring and from Cairo University King Salman extinguished it
I think so The Fatimids tribe, were Shiites that captured all North Africa, built Cairo and established Al-Azhar University
Guess and win with at the British University in Egypt. Activation by Cairo Fashion Festival...
Today, SU Real-Life hosted a session by CIL for the future actuaries not only from AUC but from Cairo University...
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques receives honorary doctorate from Cairo University.
I rly wanna go to Cairo University and see the Mass Communication department.
Avoid Sudan Street near Cairo University in direction of El KitKat
Egyptian justice confirm, the veil is now forbidden for professors in the university of Cairo.
court upholds niqab ban for University staff
And a Cairo dateline here, despite three reporters in Pakistan:
University of Leeds will be coming to Cairo to meet the Great Egyptian Students 💻htt…
A sick female "scholar" encourages the men of a sick religion to rape women.
Court approves university's ban on niqab. -
Why does Islam need to "humiliate" non-Moslem women? What is wrong with this dreadful cult?
Egypt Independent: Court approves Cairo University's ban on Niqab: Egypt's administrative court has upheld a d...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Ministry of Higher Education denies banning non-Cairo students from studying at Cairo University.
I still remember that moment during Obama's speech in Cairo University when a fly landed on his forehead, before he whisked it away.
I had not known that Omar Sharif had degrees in mathematics and physics from Cairo University.
Only one day left, Enactus Cairo University will rock on !
Does anyone know a Sudanese studying at the American University in Cairo? .
no, I studied Arabic: Fusha & classical, Egyptian & Maroccon colloquial at the University of Amsterdam, incl studying in Cairo
Al-Azhar University in Cairo is considered to be the world´s most renowned Islamic university by all Sunni Muslims.
Breaking: More than 50 students have been arrested after violent protests at Al-Azhar University in
AIESEC Wits University and South Africa warmly welcomes interns from Cairo, Egypt, Ali and Noura! They have come...
Learn more about Astronomy Club at American University in Cairo, from New Cairo, Egypt here
I'm grateful for the unbelievably high level of apathy that Cairo University taught me.
"ISLAM does NOT PROHIBIT but retains it." ~Dr. Abdul-Latif Mushtahari [Azhar University, Cairo, EGYPT] ""o_o""
: Cairo University student team participates in US rocket competition
Anas Elmahdy was beaten up on head by thugs in Cairo university, he was in coma for 27 days, he died today
Student Team from Cairo University Participates for the First Time in an International Competition at the US for…
Head of Cairo University shuts down Uni's small mosques (zawyas), to prevent "spreading of radical thoughts"
Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria is the 2nd largest in after Cairo University,
Hijabi students at Cairo University over time 1959: 0%. 1978: 0%. 1995: 35%. 2004: 90%.
Consult Faculty of Economics at Cairo University or AUC to know terms and conditions. A diploma in economics is essential
Second Term Exams Results Are to be Announced in All Faculties Not Later than July 15
Despite Greek sounding name. This guy is a Prof at Nile University in Cairo
The American university in Cairo is looking for a Talent Management Director, If intersted send an updated &...
Cairo University renews contract with Falcon: Cairo University Council agreed during its meeting on Monday to ...
German University in Cairo is jailing students who protested peacefully:
German University in Cairo is sending it's students to jail - friends in Egypt asked to help spread this case:
Signe his petition to ask all German education officials to cut all ties with the German University in Cairo
Those students are the leaders of the student union in the German university in Cairo, they were protesting & striking demanding 1/2
Police detains 3 German University in Cairo students accused of assaulting president
At the German University in Cairo three students detained for protesting the killing of their colleague
. Teaching the (German University in students and other University students a lesson by
Dr. Lisa Anderson, President of the American University in Cairo will open our Workshop on Tuesday next week.
The American University in Cairo Press lanza "Death and burial in Ancient Egypt", de Salima Ikram...
Cairo University from ten years ago The goddess of Knowledge
Cairo University from ten years ago
Flipping the conference presentation by
it all started with Azhar University in Cairo.. The real AUC
Islam Salah's funeral. Islam was killed by police after being kidnapped from Ain Shams University in
Alternative keynote: Should we have done the session like this?
6 Mansoura University students sentenced to 3-7…
Presenting in Arabic – (in) dignity and connecting at Cairo University
Cairo University investigates lost cancer patients' records: Cairo University has said it will investig...
Sheik Balarabe Dawud was aged 86, was a. graduate of Al Azhar University,. Cairo.and chief imam Jo's central mosque
HAPPENING NOW: Final project presentations of joint course collaboration between and Cairo University
I'm a professor of Internal Medicine, Cairo University & I found your CV on young endocrinologists and I'm interested to invite
Photoset: blackabaya: In the picture below, Anas Al-Mahdy, 21, a student at Cairo University, is being hit...
Are you trying to tell me that Cairo based Al Ahzar University has no authority in Sunni islam? Have you gone mad?
| | The death of Anas El Mahdy, student at Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, after a...
Join me at Seattle University. I will be one of the panelists coming to you via Cairo :). Why Volunteer Africa...
and I know that was to save the last shred of ur dignitity .U are from the best drs in cairo university and all the universties in Egypt 2)
Finally submitted my graduation project thesis! @ German University in Cairo
The Results of New Student Examination System Implemented on A Faculty of Commerce Subject Are Announced by Cairo…
Almost 6 years since Pres. Obama motivational speech in Cairo where he inadvertently confused Muslims with Islamists.
Call for Africa to Unite from Cape to Cairo. @ Mamelodi Vista University.
And made hijra recently. Nadir Abu Khalid studied in Cairo, then in Medina University. Finished the faculty of Sharia.
just launched their first event! Find out what the inagural topic was!
Egypt connects Africa with Europe continent. Al Azhar University is in Cairo. Shah Faisal Mosque is in Islamabad. By:Ali.M
Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State is the second largest in Africa after Cairo University, Egypt.
Cairo University awards honourary PhD degree in social sciences to Sharjah Ruler...
A massive snake killed at students accommodation of university .
TEDx, a nonprofit dedicated to "ideas worth spreading", has come to Egypt this week through Cairo University.
I graduated from Cairo university. English culture
here in Egypt two famous universities. Cairo university and ain shams university.
One people great nation International students cultural day faculty of nursing Cairo University. . هههه...
Admitted to the American University in Cairo yesterday.
At -- A moment of silence in Cairo University... Priceless. 🙏. . .
Obama on "religion of peace"> “Islam... is an important part of promoting peace.”
. Cairo university. Left: 1978 Right: 2005. Similar is happening in Europe. One sign of fundamentalism
have you read it? Public university bachelor degree is for Euro 188!!! Less or equal to Cairo university :-))
Egypt to build $262-million integrated medical city in Giza - Project proposed by Cairo University to be implement...
Welcome to the hotel California — feeling crazy at Al-azhar university,darrasah husain,cairo
- Cairo University - Faculty of Computers and Information: Cairo Cloud Computer . - Cairo University - Faculty of
Pro-Morsy students battle police outside top Cairo university: . .
Center for Arabic Study Abroad back to American University in Cairo...
Cairo University launches first TEDx event - Daily News Egypt
American University of Beirut, Cairo University, Ain Shams and King Saud University are top Arab medical schools.
Cairo University launches first TEDx event -
Ericsson in Egypt, celebrated on May 5th, Girls in ICT in Ain Shams University, Cairo. .
.Sorry, I have no link. Shantayanan Devarajan of the World Bank said it in a lecture at Cairo University today.
Born today in 1968 = Graham Harman, prof at the American University in Cairo, about object-oriented ontology. Cheers
university conf so happy it's all around social justice theme of our next human Dev report
INTECH 2015 in Partnership with American University in Cairo (AUC). Training Certificates, Professional and Certification Programs will...
Are you a student looking for ways to best utilize and leverage LinkedIn? Here's a great tutorial!
we are the WINNERS 👯👯 . @ Faculty Of Pharmacy Cairo University fopcu
Visual of the student life @ AUC The American University in Cairo
So I go into my oral exam and a prof from Cairo university is testing me, I thought I went to Ain Shams, but I did good on exam thank God.
Assessment of New Strategies in the Management of Guillain Barre Syndrome: Cairo University by Hanaa
Instructor (f/m) - Foundation courses in Moving Image: German University in Cairo - GUC
Clashes at Cairo University led by Brotherhood, participants to be detained soon says MoI
Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) is the largest university in Nigeria and second largest in Africa, after Cairo University, E…
Security services arrested a student in front of the main gate of Cairo University for carrying George Orwell's novel 1984, which tackles corruption and dictatorial military regimes. According to investigations supervised by Major General Mahmoud Farouk, head of Giza investigators, student Mohamed T…
Incredulous that Cairo University professor was detained earlier - but has now been released.
Cool Facts Ahmadu Bello University *NG* is the 2nd largest in Africa after Cairo University *EG*
Day in pics : A view of Cairo University - October 8, 2014 - The Economic Times
Real Estate Evaluation and Appraisal Training Course Scientific knowledge and practical experience Topics: · The scientific basis for the property evaluation methods · Methods of assessment of commercial real estate and investment · Hands-on training on the valuation of real estate in Qatar and GCC Trainees will get accredited Certificates from the Real Estate Evaluators Syndicate. Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anis: The founder of the Egyptian Society of Evaluation Experts, a member of the Global Forum for Evaluation; New York, and Professor of Civil Engineering - Cairo University. Date: Oct 25 -28; 2014 (from 5:30 to 8:30 pm daily) Location: Crown plaza Hotel; Doha For registration and more Information: 33853298 – 44.175.240 (from 10am to 7pm)
stands for Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation. It is the model that simulates the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations. The Organization is the collective voice of the Muslim world, as it protects the interests of the Muslim world in the spirit of promoting international peace and harmony among various people of the world. It aims to enhance participants’ intercultural skills and critical thinking, promoting belonging and loyalty to the Islamic civilization, and raising awareness about Muslim history and contemporary problems through providing a platform for youth, thinkers, and intellectuals to meet together and discuss the problems of the Islamic world. - When did it start? MOIC started in September 2006 in Cairo University. MOIC GUC started in 2012. - How many members does it have? It has about 200 members. - What is its main aim? Its main aim is to enhance Muslim youth Skills and capabilities, for the s ...
YASSER ARAFAT ( 1929-2004), president of the Palestine National Authority (PNA) from 1996 to 2004 and chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) from 1996 to 2004. Arafat led the Palestinian people in their efforts for statehood. For his work in pursuing peace between Palestinians and Israel, he was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace prize along with Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. Arafat was born in either Egypt or Jerusalem, historical accounts vary and raised in Jerusalem, Egypt, and the Gaza area. When Israael occupied the Gaza Strip in the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-49, Arafat fled to Egypt. In 1956 he earned an engineering degree from Cairo University, where he become involved in politics, chairing the Palestinian Students Union. In the early 1960s he helped found Fatah, a Palestinian guerrilla group committed to opposing Israel militarily. In 1968 Arafat took Fatah into the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), which coordinated several groups opposed to Israel. During the l ...
Okay, to much relief and delight ... Zahi Hawass has NOT been appointed as either Minister of Antiquities or Minister of Culture in the new Egyptian cabinet. Sanity prevails at last! Minister of Antiquities – Mamdouh El-Damaty: Head of the antiquities department at Ain Shams University since 2006, El-Damaty received his BA and MA in ancient Egyptian antiquities from Cairo University, and a PhD in ancient Egyptian antiquities from a German University. He was deputy secretary of the Egyptian Museum from 1981 to 1987, and secretary of the Museum of the Faculty of Antiquities, Cairo University from 1988 to 1996. He has been on the board of directors of several cultural, scientific and archaeological institutions in Egypt. El-Damaty received the Order of Knight from Italy's president in 2004. Minister of Culture – Gaber Asfour: Asfour served briefly as minister of culture following the 25 January 2011 uprising, from 31 January to 8 February 2011. A literary critic and author, Asfour held the post of the Ge ...
Testimony of Abdelrahman Foad known as Boshkash, student at Cairo University, a prisoner since the events of 16 January, when the police broke into the University campus after clashes with students before the main gate of the University and the Faculty of Law. Boshkash was held in Wadi el Natroun prison At 10 in the morning, we looked out the door of the prison, and there were three police cars and four Special Forces officers. We heard a loud sound of shooting; these were the balls of sound. After we heard the cry of the other prisoners in the cells nearby and the sound of people getting beaten. Suddenly, the police opened the cell and started beating us with sticks. One of us, called Al Sayed Khitani, pushed the officer to defend himself; took four scar on his face, his hand was broken and was put in solitary confinement for a week, and has not been sent with us to the Attorney General.After being beaten and humiliated, they stripped us and remove all left us only with our boxers, made us go outside in ...
A tank at the campus gates: The study abroad experience you hope your university doesn't offer.
The following is a text of President Obama's prepared remarks to the Muslim world, delivered on June 4, 2009, as released by the White House. Obama Calls for Alliances With Muslims (June 5, 2009) (This is a partial text but note what he says about his father and he speaks Arabic) More Politics News I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt's advancement. Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress. I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. I am also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum. We meet at a time of tension between the United States and Muslims around the world – tension rooted in historical forces that go beyond any current policy d ...
on a 46% gives debate over the Share 185 Email Patrick Kingsley Patrick Kingsley in Cairo The Guardian, Thursday 29 May 2014 15.02 BST Jump to comments (69) An supporter of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi's supporters can argue that he has the largest mandate from the Egyptian electorate since the 2011 uprising. Photograph: Marwan Naamani/AFP/Getty Images Everyone knew Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, Egypt's former army chief, would win the country's presidential election this week. The question was how many Egyptians would turn out to validate his coronation. Supporters wanted an overwhelming majority of voters to throng to polling stations, proving the strongman had universal support. Critics hoped he might win with a low turnout, suggesting that most Egyptians are at best indifferent to his leadership. Preliminary results suggest over 46% of the electorate took part, the vast majority of them voting for the former field marshal. Predictably, the ensuing debate has revolved around two questions. Is the turnout figure believab ...
The Merry Millionaire; Weekend Snippet. Chapter 2; 'Houseboat on the Nile' In order Ali received my request to join our trip up the Nile, I felt it best to deliver the message myself. Consequently, the following morning, after seeing Mervyn off to Abbassia, on a similar errand to find his brother, Danny, to inform him of our change of plans, I continued on, to Imbaba. Once there, my Caleche deposited me at Kit Kat Square, at the place where Ali usually got out. I crossed the busy, Shari El Bahr Ama, and headed towards a row of hedges, and trees, separating the busy street from the Nile. Wooden gates were inserted, at intervals, into the greenery, Arabic numbers indicating to whom the gates belonged. However, for the life of me, I failed to recall if I ever saw Ali enter any of them. In addition, having never seen the houseboat, I quickly realised my difficult position. Ali was probably the most popular of all Arab names. If I asked someone at the first houseboat, I came to, would the person be able ...
We are glad to announce that we started recruiting for the summer project team in collaboration with AIESEC Cairo University which will be the hosting team for the incoming interns. If you think you have what it takes to join us, Don't hesitate to fill the application!
Faculty of Engineering Cairo University - the 9th all over the world in the space rover prototype's category -...
HEY AIESEC! Greetings from AIESEC Cairo University, the LC# 1 GLOBALLY !! Are you ready for the best life-changing experience ?! ;) Here's AIESEC CU from EGYPT, the land of PHARAOHS,,, Here's CAIRO, the city that never sleeps!! AIESEC CAIRO University is gladly offering you the opportunity, to impact the EGYPTIAN society through "Poverty Reduction" project and here's a sample of TNs you can check TN-In-EG-CU-2014-3436 TN-In-EG-CU-2014-3070 TN-In-EG-CU-2014-3713 Also you can be part of our other projects in many issues: - Entrepreneurship (Marketing, PR, Finances, Sales, IT, Web development, event management, HR and administration) - Human rights (children and women rights, helping people with disabilities) - Health awareness - Education (language and literacy) - Culture exposure - Tourism Check our Portfolio Also here's our search tool where you can find the 900+ TNs we provide in different issues like to miss the opportunity of being part of AIESEC Cairo University, bringing impact on the Egyptian Societ ...
Today is Wednesday, June 4, the 155th day of 2014. There are 210 days left in the year. Today's Highlights in History: June 4, 1944 during World War II, U-505, a German submarine, was captured by a U.S. Navy task group in the south Atlantic; it was the first such capture of an enemy vessel at sea by the U.S. Navy since the War of 1812. The U.S. Fifth Army began liberating Rome. 1783 the Montgolfier brothers first publicly demonstrated their hot-air balloon, which did not carry any passengers, over Annonay, France. 1784 opera singer Elisabeth Thible became the first woman to make a nontethered flight aboard a Montgolfier hot-air balloon, over Lyon, France. 1892 the Sierra Club was incorporated in San Francisco. 1919 Congress approved the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing citizens the right to vote regardless of their gender and sent it to the states for ratification. 1939 the German ocean liner MS St. Louis, carrying more than 900 Jewish refugees from Germany, was turned away from the F ...
For Immediate Release:   Monday, Sept. 11, 2006   PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PUBLISH, DISSEMINATE, AND FORWARD TO OTHERS. Open Letter to President Bush re: democracy promotion   Dear Mr. President:  As Arab and Muslim intellectuals and activists concerned about the promotion of democracy in our region, we urge you to reaffirm—in words and actions— America 's commitment to sustained democratic reform in the Arab world.  It is our belief that the main problem with U.S. policies in the Middle East (in particular in Iraq , Palestine , and elsewhere) is precisely their failure to live up to America ’s democratic ideals of liberty and justice for all. We have been heartened by the strong commitment to liberty you had expressed in your November 2003 speech at the National Endowment for Democracy and then your second inaugural address, when you said that "All who live in tyranny and hopelessness can know: the United States will not ignore your oppression, or excuse your oppressors. When you stand for your li ...
Cairo: All people yearn to speak mind, have say in how governed, rule of law & justice. = Human rights not US ideas.
We dont turn our backs to problems in Enactus Cairo University :)
Still true: So long as US-Muslim relations defined by differences, empowers those who sow hatred rather than peace
Disheartening to reread Obama's Cairo speech 5 years later -- & stunning that Afghanistan may be where most progress.
That was President Obama giving a speech at the Cairo University in Cairo, Egypt. From Mohamed Koroma. Warm Durban
Books only useful for feeding fires: Community medicine of Cairo university
AAST CCIT Agreement With Cairo University Faculty of Computers and Information :. Within the Arab Academy for...
Also to try the new instagram @ Faculty Of Pharmacy Cairo University fopcu
You know what it is?! This is Cairo university.. Hopefully I can be a candidates of this university! Insha Allah
Male Zupervisors are Requested – KidZanai Cairo – Earn Money with your talent. Fresh graduates & university...
this is the older one and she study media at Cairo university
this is the younger one she study law at Cairo university
Mbu Cairo university is the best university in Africa. shaaa have you seen makerere??
My dads convincing me to do a year of college In the American university in Cairo 😁
Wael Ghonim :. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering in 2004 from Cairo University and his MBA...
A team of researchers at the University of Twente (Netherlands) and German University in Cairo (Egypt) has...
Dear friends ,I need a contact in the French university in Sherouq , Cairo . appreciate your help
She went on to become a calypso dancer and singer, a magazine editor in Cairo, a administrative assistant at the University of Ghana
Coup forces used bullets and tear gas against student demonstrators In the city of AlAzhar University
Now coup forces stormed the city of AlAzhar University To suppress the student demonstrators against the coup.
1st day of conference. @ Conference Hall, Cairo University.
How I won the son of the dept of religion chair of Cairo University. to the Lord.
Where was the outcry 4rm Fems on this WATCH: What Happens When A Blonde Girl Walks Through Cairo University Campus?
Cairo University is now ranked the 9th of 31 of the best space engineering teams all over the world in the Space...
Rasha El Ibiary is a professor at a University from via Skype.
Two dead, 7 hurt in Cairo University blasts
Cairo University contracts armed forces to provide food for dormitories
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