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Cain Velasquez

Caín Ramírez Velásquez (born July 28, 1982) is an Mexican American mixed martial artist fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship where he is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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So put Jon Jones against John Cena and see what happens.. or even John Cena vs Cain Velasquez
I don't think anybody believes that, UFC is more popular in America for several rea…
LOL, it featured Cain Velasquez who has never been linked to domestic violence, sor…
Only good win was against Frank Mir. But after that fight he went against Cain Velasquez and got completely destroyed. Wasn't even close.
He is a freak of science 😂with all the steroids he took. Didn't help him with Cain Velasquez
My Favorite fight of all time is Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar.
In re-watching his fights, don't know if Junior Dos Santos was ever the same after his first L 2 Cain Velasquez. Looked weathered afterward.
He was getting worked. Williams gassed out like a Cain Velasquez above sea level.
My brother reminds of Cain Velasquez lol
you really think Jon Jones could beat Cain Velasquez?
Exclusive with He talks about his campaign, and much more. Read: https:…
Cain Velasquez is a nightmare to any opponent who takes him lately he has so much guts power and grind
Cain Velasquez 1:04 first round, got tune up match against Antônio Silva and annihilated JDS in the next…
Dana White doesn't think Cain Velasquez wanted to fight at 207
Stipe Miocic talks his latest campaign, Cain Velasquez, meeting LeBron James and more. .
Cain Velasquez defeated Junior Dos Santos in a epic trilogy battle to retain the UFC heavyweight championship.
As with the Women's Bantamweights and the Men's Light Heavyweights, we're waiting on the true Heavyweight champion: Cain Velasquez.
Former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez wins by first-round TKO against Travis Browne
I thought Jim Miller, Joe Lauzon, Kelvin Gastelum and Cain Velasquez were great fights!!
I think Cain velasquez is wanted for murder in the state of Nevada
Former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez returned to the Octagon on Saturday on the UFC 200 main card against...
UFC 200 has featured classic versions of both Cain Velasquez & Jose Aldo
was GREAT!!! came out Victorious . Cain Velasquez Tko Victory . Beer Food and Ufc Great Night
impressed with Cain Velasquez and Jose Aldo. As well as Numez...
Cain Velasquez is as dominant as he used to be, the best heavyweight ever. Gonna be fun to see him fight for a belt again
Congrats to Brock Lesnar on his Victory at UFC 200 and to Cain Velasquez.too bad for Tate losing her belt.
Seeing is believing: Cain Velasquez is 'king' in Mexico (
Cain Velasquez should get performance of the night
Very impressive performance by Cain Velasquez at I hope he can stay healthy and fight again soon.
There were a lot of fans waiting to see that version of Cain Velasquez
results: Cain Velasquez def. Travis Browne via TKO (strikes) at 4:57 of R1
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Velasquez looked tremendous. That was an epic beating. Cain is landing spinning back kicks to the head now? Jeez.
Very odd seeing Cain Velasquez this early on the card.
Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne kicks off the main card at That’s next.
If this is the sign of things to come from Cain Velasquez,the heavyweight division is about to be burried...
We haven't seen that Cain Velasquez in a very long time. That was a flawless performance . Applied constant pressure w…
Congratulations to former champion Cain Velasquez (from on his victory at
Cain Velasquez makes his return to the cage for the first time since losing the belt. only hours away. .
TKO! Cain Velasquez earns his 10th UFC win by knockout, defeating Travis Browne in the 1st round.
Knockout! Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne full fight video highlights from UFC 200 last night: . UFC 200 final...
Cain is back! WATCH 200 full video highlights vs
Other than the Cain Velasquez vs Travis Brown fight, the pay-per-view wasn't worth it
Rumour has it that this is what Cain Velasquez's bedroom looks like at home
Cain Velasquez is a 240 lb man throwing a perfect wheel kick
When Cain Velasquez threw that wheel kick, I went nuts! He came to EAT! .
Still admiring that Stephen Thompson-esque spinning head kick by Cain Velasquez.
Cain Velasquez Is a damned boss that dances thugs
Vintage Cain Velasquez...but...Cain can also throw a picture perfect wheel kick now!
with repostapp. ・・・. Cain Velasquez is dominant in his return as he gets the…
Lesnar says he'd "absolutely" like to fight Cain Velasquez again if he chooses to fight again.
Lesnar on a Velasquez rematch: Sure, absolutely. Cain looked really looked good tonight. He always looks good.
UFC 200: Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne video highlights: Cain Velasquez wanted to come back strong after l...
Lesnar would welcome a fight with Cain Velasquez if he fights again.
3 title fights. Cain Velasquez. Brock Lesnar! All on the same card!!!Jon Jones really screwed up. It'll still b
Stipe Miocic vs Cain Velasquez is probably one of the fights I want most out of any division. Hoping Cain & Stipe can get it done it.
So, I watched Cain Velasquez vs Brad Morris in Cain's UFC debut, Mike Goldberg was constantly calling him Cayanne. Not Cain, but Cayanne.
Cain Velasquez training at Joe Grasso Elite Training - I now know why Cain is always injured.
Meathead *** I hope they bring back Bully Beatdown and introduce this guy to Cain Velasquez or Frank Mir
How about that "prospect Cain Velasquez"? Guess it was a good thing he didn't get cut next back then :P
how is he the first? Frank Shamrock, Cain Velasquez, Tito Ortiz, Dominick Cruz?
Report: Cain Velasquez vs Travis Browne possible for UFC 200 in July
Top 10 Heavy Weights, Cain Velasquez (11-2 in the UFC) & Travis Browne (9-3-1 in the UFC) will lock horns @ UFC 200 in Las Vegas on July 9th
I just know the Diaz brothers,Cain Velasquez,Diego Sanchez,Carlos condit,a few more
Cain Velasquez is now allergic to Ariel Helwani.
Heavyweight champ Fabricio Werdum withdraws from UFC 196, one day after Cain Velasquez withdrew (both to injury). https:/…
It was once thought Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos would rule the Heavyweight division! If Jon Jones has...
All those memories of fighting Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem came flooding back to Lesnar. Hence his being stiff.
BREAKING: Cain Velasquez out; Stipe Miocic now faces Fabricio Werdum at UFC 196
Cain Velasquez is out with a back injury. Stipe vs Werdum for the heavyweight championship February 6th.
DC blocked me for saying Cain Velasquez is not Jon Jones p4p King lol Truth hurts
hey Paul where is your conquerer undefending looser of ufc against Cain Velasquez by the ko..wwe is only for wrestler not you
can't wait for UFC196 it's going to be great can't wait to watch Cain Velasquez vs werdum
what were the payouts from sponsors before Reebok, those Cain Velasquez shirts always had me pumped.
I can only think of one: a furious Cain Velasquez with the powers of a necromancer."
Few things are scarier than a furious Cain Velasquez. .
I like Cain Velasquez but i don't think he can get the belt back.
Stipe 'It doesn't matter' whether I fight or for the UFC title via
All I need is that superfight . Jon Jones Vs Cain Velasquez
Congratulations to Stipe Miocic~ He deserves this chance and I see Stipe bringing home the Heavy weight title to...
Stipe Miocic: 'It doesn't matter' whether I fight Werdum or Velasquez for the UFC title
Stylz MMA is expecting more Cain Velasquez tees this week!!!
Ppl are more worried about what their body looks like opposed to what it can actually do and how long it can go. Not cool. Be Cain Velasquez
Cain Velasquez fights Feb. 6th in Vegas & I REALLY want to go! I seriously need a travel buddy.
Good news is is getting his shot at the UFC title!
"Nothing is given to you in this world, so you have to work hard.". - Cain Velasquez
I don't think about being undefeated...what people say ...about me...I just don't think of it. - Cain Velasquez
"... practice hard, get better, and go out there and win impressively-that's all it comes down to.". -Cain Velasquez
Stipe Miocic earns title shot, will face the winner of Werdum vs. Velasquez
Dana White: Stipe Miocic is next in line. He will face the winner of Fabricio Werdum and Cain Velasquez.
Can't help it every time I read Cain Velasquez name now is like JDS voice ... 🙄
Cain Velasquez has only fought three different guys in the last five years. That's a bit boring.
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Cain Velasquez on possible Miocic fight : "Makes no sense cause I've never even fought him before, not even once."
Cain Velasquez: One of the most overrated fighters ever
Stipe Miocic will get his title shot after knocking out Andrei Arlovski at .
"Sea level Cain Velasquez" ~ Joe Rogan . Please make that a character
Fabricio Werdum vows to beat Cain Velasquez in their rematch
Ariel Helwani gives updates on John Dodson, Cain Velasquez, Julianna Pena, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and more.
Fabricio Werdum-Cain Velasquez rematch could be moved to Super Bowl weekend
Way to fight Chelsea?. Sign McGregor,Cain Velasquez & JoseAldo,. Give them pair of MMA gloves. Blows the whistle.
he wasn't even scheduled. Him, Cain Velasquez, Johny Hendrix, Ricardo Lamas, and Matt Hughes came on Harley's...
Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum seperated by Jean Claude Van Dam in Thailand. Yeah it's about as…
‘Minotauro’ Nogueira: Fabricio Werdum has the edge over Cain Velasquez standing and on the ground via
Werdum has submitted three of the greatest heavweights of all time in Fedor Emelianenko, Cain Velasquez and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
"Viva Werdum!" Fabrício Werdum forces Cain Velasquez to tap out to become UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.
Fabricio Werdum has submission wins over Cain Velasquez, Fedor Emelianenko & Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Might just be best …
main event for the Undisputed heavyweight championship: Cain Velasquez vs. Fabricio Werdum.
Now time for Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum for the Undisputed UFC Heavyweight Championship!
Cain Velasquez or Fabricio Werdum - who you got?. I'm picking Cain by 1st round doggy style ground and pound.
I got Cain Velasquez in the 2 round by tko by ground and pound.
ITS FIGHT DAY!!! Cain Velasquez vs Fabricio Werdum for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world on the line tonight!!!
Mark Hunt should definitely coach a season of TUF along with Cain Velasquez
Mike Swick vlog from 6 years ago featuring Cain Velasquez the week of the Cheick Kongo UFC 99 fight. He has really…
Daniel Cormier says Cain Velasquez would win if the two of them ever fought
Great article on Cain Velasquez ahead of his title fight with Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188
Cain Velasquez beat a decade off Junior Dos Santos' life but I'm supposed to believe Fabricio Werdum is going to beat him?
The scary thing is, Cain Velasquez or Junior Dos Santos would destroy these guys and their top 10 guy
Cain Velasquez can get this tang in .2 seconds.
Who you got? Cain Velasquez or Fabricio Werdum? The ultimate grinder or top notch BJJ?
cain Velasquez and fabrico gonna fight on my birthday dope
Cain Velásquez is the GOAT can't wait to see him fight in 2 weeks
Let the know that deserves to be on the Melbourne card. . .
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Just watched UFC Presents on Cain Velasquez. Didn't know much about him, I can say I'm a fan now. Stand up guy!
I hope Cain Velasquez wins this fight next Saturday
what do you think of Cain Velasquez mentality?
I love Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier relationship!
I made an amazing dinner and Grant is still making me watch a documentary about Cain Velasquez that is narrated by Danny Trejo.
helped to legalise the UFC/Cage Ban in Melbourne he deserves to be on that card please Vote YES below. TY .
Cain Velasquez dominating Brock Lesnar to win the heavyweight belt at UFC 121
I can't call it man…. But I think it will go 7! You gonna watch Cain Velasquez fight next week?
Extended Look At UFC 188: Velasquez Vs. Werdum: Finally, we will get to see Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum...
Hey Let's vote YES and share this to help my buddy get in the in his hometown Melbourne
I think we're forgetting how much of a savage Cain Velasquez is, 188 will remind us why he's the baddest. Mark my words
Read about local UFC Heavyweight Champion and his upcoming bout:
If that's Cain Velasquez in greatest fighting shape of his life ... Werdum looking like a live dog with a bigger bite
“Cain Velasquez is a fighter to emulate. Killer inside the cage and gentleman outside it.
I look up to Cain Velasquez a lot he's a true champion
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In the main event UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez fights for the first time since October 2013, as he...
you going to watch Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez?
Check out the latest video myself and worked on for featuring Cain Velasquez
188: Extended Preview everybody seems to have forgotten that Cain Velasquez is a destroyer of worlds.
UFC's Ultimate Fighting Column: Cain Velasquez warns don't write off Mark Hunt
I liked a video from UFC 188 Free Fight: Cain Velasquez vs. Brock Lesnar
As much as I like Fabrício unfortunately I cant see him winning over Cain Velasquez, I mean I dont see ANYBODY.
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: UFC 188, Champion Cain Velasquez is Back
Should Vik Grujic open UFC 193 in Melbourne? Would love some votes to see where I stand with fight fans!
UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez warns it is too early to write off Mark Hunt
In this week's Ultimate Fighting Column warns don't write off Read:.
Fabricio Werdum says his UFC heavyweight belt is real since he's fought "a lot of guys for it" & "Cain Velasquez hasn't fought in 2 years."
UFC 188 Lineup All Set For Mexico City: UFC 188 will go down June 13 from Mexico City with a Cain Velasquez an...
Cain is my boy but, he's got a point Interim Champ Werdum Rips Cain Velasquez 4 Not Fighting in Nearly 2Yrs — 'My belt is the real one'
UFC 188 Picks: Velasquez vs. Werdum, Who’s Got the Advantage?: Nobody has cardio like Cain Velasquez. The...
The one person I'd hate to fight is Cain Velasquez, he's relentless and his cardio is insane. Tough, tough fighter 👊🏻
Now that's what I call a sport. Not a lunatic gilli danda cricket
Werdum Questions Velasquez’s Injury Claims - Fabricio Werdum isn’t so sure that Cain Velasquez was as injured...
dumb question but u guys gonna have the Cain Velasquez UFC 188 walkout shirt?
Does Brock play the new Turtle or did he just do that against Cain Velasquez. 😝
2 years ago today,. Cain Velasquez dominated Antonio Bigfoot Silva in their rematch at UFC 160. htt…
Do people really think Fabricio Werdum has a chance against Cain Velasquez? He's going to get beaten up violently.
Cain Velasquez: AKA fighters rarely have bad performances, admits he was 'worried' for Daniel Cormier
Trevor Ariza has landed more significant strikes this year than Dominick Cruz, Khabib and Cain Velasquez combined
Cain Velasquez is one of the baddest dudes on earth too me
Cain Velasquez wearing the Borat swimsuit draped over the leg press machine... tastefully of course.
Champions come in pairs! Former Kofa wrestler Cain Velasquez and team mate Daniel Cormier. htt…
Cain says that AKA fighters always come ready to fight, & that recent criticism is off base:
Cain Velasquez vs Werdum is a great fight.
Thanks to UFC Champion for the interview.
Anybody else picking Fabricio Werdum to beat Cain Velasquez?
"Who is Cain Velasquez? He's the Loch Ness Monster of MMA. Some swear he exists. Most have never seen him.
Fighters who attended Junior College on wrestling scholarships are fairing pretty well in UFC.. Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, Covington, Rumble
Cain Velasquez is good, but is he lifting 5 atlas stones in record time good? I'm not so sure.
I added a video to a playlist UFC Best Friends Forever.. Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier relays Cain Velasquez's advice post-Jon Jones loss: "This isn't the last they're going to see of us"
Cain Velasquez willing to fight Jon Jones Chris Weidman calls Vitor Belfort test results a "great discovery" and more
In the meantime, watch Cain Velasquez do a Leg Extension workout.
Cain Velasquez thought he was only 'a couple of fights away' from superfight with Jon Jones via
Daniel Cormier reveals Cain Velasquez’s advice following first career defeat to Jon Jones
exudes confidence & self belief in his quest for Gold ! " I'll beat Cain & Fabricio !
" Dude, Daniel Cormier is going to suplex Johnson on his head, then spend the next 25 minutes or less introducing him to Cain Velasquez's "
Cain Velasquez looks to reclaim his status of the most dangerous unarmed man in the world at UFC188. To wet your...
Cain Velasquez said he "Can't wait to get back in the Octagon." He injured himself while making this statement.
Who has Cain Velasquez beaten that has earned him this silly amount of praise aside from JDS?
I like Cain VelasQuez. Injured self during training, can't defend title this weekend.
Cain Velasquez still believes he and Jon Jones could 'cross paths'  -via ESPN
Cain Velasquez: Jon Jones super fight still a possibility
Remember how Cain Velasquez was selling that house? Literally full of Metro PCS phones. Literally. Full.
Daniel Cormier on if Cain Velasquez wants a fight with Jon Jones & advice after loss
I liked a video from Daniel Cormier on what Cain Velasquez told him after Jon Jones loss
Stipe Miocic on UFC 188's Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum: "I know I have what it takes to be beat them"
Morning Report: Velasquez says beating Jones in superfight wouldn't make or break his legacy (
*** What else does Cain Velasquez have to do???
Daniel Cormier on training with Cain Velasquez: “Yesterday we didn’t spar, we fought”
Daniel Cormier: ‘Cain Velasquez and I didn’t spar yesterday, we fought’: In just over two weeks, Daniel Cormie...
Daniel Cormier: 'Cain Velasquez and I didn't spar yesterday, we fought'
Morning Report: Daniel Cormier says he doesn't just spar with Cain Velasquez, they 'fight five rounds'
The last time Cain Velasquez fought someone that wasn't Big foot or Jds was.. via /r/MMA
This pay scale really shuts itself down. Do you think Jon Jones, Anderson Silva or Cain Velasquez will accept $40,000 instead of $200,000?
I liked a video from Cain Velasquez: Jon Jones Needs to 'Fix' What's Wrong
ICYMI AUDIO: tells if he would ever try LISTEN --:>
[Video] Watch Cain Velasquez become the UFC HW champion, dominating Brock Lesnar at UFC 121.
don't come crying back to old man Vince McMahon when Cain Velasquez kicks your *** like did
See what has to say about in this interview from
Dana White looking for injury solutions: 'The NFL isn't hitting every day like ... - Bloody Elbow: MMAFrenzy.c...
if you really want to laugh, remember that Rashad Evans and Cain Velasquez are both black belts...
Vitor tested positive for uranium and Cain Velasquez broke his pelvis while eating cereal. The rest of the year is cancelled.
Exactly! But there is 1 fighter I wouldn't fight for any cash and that's Cain Velasquez lol
.predicting title fight against Velasquez in Melbourne with a win this weekend:
I really don't duck with the ufc unless it's Cain Velasquez. I'm more into boxing
werdum is interim champion and Cain hasent won everyone knows Velasquez is the true champion I do think if DC wins they'll be
☇ Cain Velasquez: Jon Jones needs to fix what s wrong in his life Cain Velasquez: Jon Jones needs to fix w…
Happy Cinco De Mayo to our heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez. Who may or may not be fighting soon.
Chael Sonnen didn t agree with UFC s punishment of Jon Jones ☰ 16
Please, Allow me the opportunity to become the first brave soul about your tattoo away from my keyboard.
Morning Report: Dana White looking to the NFL to solve UFC's injury woes - MMA Fighting
Conor McGregor. Cain Velasquez if he can stay healthy.
Cain Velasquez, I never rated Jones over him.
really do not like that Chris Weidman is ahead of Cain Velasquez
I can't wait to be fighting in the UFC and be trained under the wing of Daniel Cormier and Cain Velasquez and get that UFC world title belt
cagepotatomma: Cain Velasquez, Ryan Bader, Aaron Simpson, and CB Dolloway in their ASU days.
Demetrious Johnson, Cain Velasquez, Ronda Rousey, and Jon Jones have all held their respective titles for quite some time.
Win an Affliction tee signed by Cain Velasquez!  Check your email to see if you've won before June 13th!
Cain Velasquez: Heart of a Warrior is NOW on
UFC champ Cain Velasquez on training: Most prepared 'when I actually fight for a fight'
UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez spoke about his upcoming fight with Fabricio Werdum, Ronda Rousey and pro...
Fabricio Werdum says he'll say "thank you" if Cain Velasquez takes him down, confident he'll win the fight at UFC 188
Fabricio Werdum responds to a angry cain . "The UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez told me to tell you to...
Fabricio Werdum: If Cain Velasquez takes me down, 'I say thank you'
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Fedor Emelianenko was a machine but Cain Velasquez would destroy him!
naw, he looks like Cain Velasquez lol.
Cain velasquez vs Brock Lesnar full hd: for your education being DOMINATED is Not Controversial
The confidence of Conor McGregor, quickness of Demetrious Johnson and the relentlessness of Cain Velasquez
Reminder that 32 year-old, injury-prone Cain Velasquez has to fight Fabricio Werdum after being benched for 20 months w/ multiple injuries.
We're gonna get that Cain Velasquez ground and pound today 😊
This may be crazy to say, but biggest Mexican star is Henry Cejudo, not Cain Velasquez. He's fluent in spanish, has tons of charisma.
and yes even though cain Velasquez has Mexican roots he's an American. Born and raised.
My AVI, from the Cain Velasquez fight in Houston. October 3rd, I'm there.
Cain Velasquez is going to headline Houston card!
Overeem wins fight but in moment of post fight elation asks for death at the hands of Cain Velasquez.Silly boy,what was he thinking
agreed. You only fight Cain Velasquez when you absolutely have to if you're smart. You don't volunteer for that
Overeem look really good tonight but no way he's being Cain Velasquez or JDS with that glass jaw of his
Overeem calling out Cain Velasquez, because he apparently really dislikes his own brain and wants to damage it.
Honestly even a fight between Cain Velasquez and Roy Nelson would be great but I think Overeem would be a bigger challenge for Cain
Not an Alistair Overeem fan but I'd like him to fight Cain Velasquez soon for an epic heavyweight show down!
Both of these guys are 30? Christ. Cain Velasquez is older than both of these guy
MMA's so weird that I honestly never questioned that Cain Velasquez would be a spokesperson for a grocery store. Like he's into produce cool
Imagine either of these guys against Cain Velasquez. . Seriously, imagine it :)
UFC Heavyweight Division: Why a Healthy Cain Velasquez is Crucial to 2015 and Beyond
you need Cain Velasquez back in your life
2015 the reign of the Latinos. Current:. Cain Velasquez. Anthony Pettis. Carla Esparza. Returning:. Dominick Cruz
Would you rather see Cain Velasquez vs. Jon Jones at heavyweight or Jon Jones vs. Chris Weidman at light heavyweight?
UFC is only fun to watch when Ronda Rousey or cain velasquez is fighting.
Silva should fight Jones next to propel Jones as a bigger star in MMA if he's victorious in that fight. Then prep Jones for Cain Velasquez!
Boring fight, would rather watch the Cain Velasquez and Ronda Rousey metro pcs commercial for an hour
Only thing that tops this for me is Jon Jones vs Cain Velasquez.
Cain Velasquez is my guy. Frank Mir was if he could still bang but the heavy weight division got monsters
Right now, Kelvin Gastelum and Cain Velasquez look ... virtually identical.
If he can only stay healthy ... turning into the Cain Velasquez of the MW division
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That card I went less than .500 was the first ever UFC on Fox card when Dos Santos KO'd Cain Velasquez.
Imo Tyron Woodley just might be the Cain Velasquez of welterweights. Crazy strength and speed for his weight class
The rock vs cain velasquez for the heavyweight belt who wins?
Cain Velasquez.might not look like much, but he's one of the toughest mofos in the world!? lol
Cain Velasquez . Anderson Silva . Chuck Liddell . All time MMA Favourites... And one is fighting tonight!! Huge spider fan.. 👑
in all honesty this main event will be the best you'll see until Cain Velasquez fights Ronda Rousey lol
not to mention Cain Velasquez in his back pocket... then Rory Macdonald
the Cain Velasquez of the middle weight division. Such ***
my Dream Fight would be 30 year old Bas Rutten vs. Jon Jones or Bas vs. Cain Velasquez
Weidman type of guy to stub his toe on a piece of oxygen gas right after Cain Velasquez had done likewise
plz remind me to watch sat night! ':-() goin crazy for this 1 2015 1st big event then Cain velasquez
I added a video to a playlist Cain Velasquez - The Wrath of Cain
With Donald Cerrone's mentality, probably so. I'm still waiting to see a Demetrious Johnson vs. Cain Velasquez super-fight
he is the middleweight Cain Velasquez...
:: Jon Jones interested in Cain Velasquez super fight -
So is Cain Velasquez going to be stripped of the title or nah? Didn't White say he would lose his title if he couldn't fight by March?
he's like Cain Velasquez ... Maybe he trains to hard...
sure!! On Xbox playin on rookie with Cain Velasquez
is Carlos Condit going to fight vs Cain Velasquez?
You're bringing up Cain Velasquez for no reason.
Cain Velasquez can't say that.wait...maybe he can...
Who would you pick? Jones or Cain? At this point with Cain Velasquez injured and Jon Jones failing a drug test?...
About to go get my Cain Velasquez on.. Wish me luck
Time to go all Cain Velasquez on this guy.
I'm still waiting for the heavyweight fight! Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne pleaseee ! .
Tearing: One of Cain Velasquez's ligaments to further delay the fight.
ICYMI-Breaking: Velasquez will fight Werdum! Probably at 188, probably in North America
Could Cain Velasquez make light heavyweight? via /r/MMA
he's a slight exception, I'm talking about people like Cain Velasquez and Brock Lesnar, they are there own security
"Cain Velasquez" u brought up that match. Biggest upset fight I seen outside "best ko's"
Breaking: Cain Velasquez will fight Fabricio Werdum! Probably at UFC 188, probably in North America -
CAIN "BROWN PRIDE" VELASQUEZ you are the CHAMP never forget to text back your lady you will pay for it !!!
hey paul do u think Brock Lesnar deserve a UFC heavyweight title match against Cain Velasquez ?
settle an argument with me and my pal would Cain Velasquez beat John Jones? At heavyweight
Question of the day: Can John jones beat Cain Velasquez???
Jon Jones just said he would fight Cain Velasquez in a heartbeat and beat him. There's no way. Cain would destroy him.
Denial Cormier (DC), who is my favorite fighter in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Today, regrettably,he didn't get UFC light-heavy champion for beating Jon Jones, but he did surely great performance in this event. Two years ago, I began watching UFC and start loving the sport, especially this guy DC. He was wrestler of Olympic Game of USA in 2004-2008, and then he was signed in UFC for his debut facing former heavy-weight champion, Frank Mir. After that, he raked to NO.1 contender in heavy-weight division and will compete for champion with his friend, Cain Velasquez. But he would not rather face his best friend and choose to cut his weight into different division for remaining their friendly relationship. When watching this fight UFC 182 on TV, I feeling very impressed with tear because I saw that Cain appeared and give DC big hug to support him. At that moment, I knew friendship is priceless. Finally, I know someone think the sport is violence, but I love it because of their story rather than the ...
Cormier is understandably scared af of Cain Velasquez. Cormiers gonna keep dropping weight till he fights Demetrius Johnson
you know what he's thinking. He's John cena. But it was Cain Velasquez. Totally different face lol
UFC on Fox 13 Predictions By: Tyler Bourne After the crowning of the first women’s strawweight champion in the final title match of 2014, the UFC will head over to Phoenix, Arizona for the first time in the promotion’s history where the main event on the fight card will feature the long awaited return of a former heavyweight champion who’ll be facing a man who could become the next big heavyweight while in the co-main event a top three ranked lightweight battles a returning former contender. Also on the card a Demolition Man looks to bring down a skyscraper and a former heavyweight contender will try to take a bite out of a meathead. Main Event: Junior “Cigano” dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic (Heavyweight Fight) When Junior Dos Santos handed Cain Velasquez his only career loss to win the heavyweight championship, he seemed to be on his way to being one of the most dominant heavyweights in the sport, only to have Cain Velasquez regain the title in their rematch and retain the belt in their third figh ...
Cyber Monday Deal * NCAA Purdue Boilermakers Cufflinks Black Friday Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Review: 2 reviews List Price: $59.95 Price: Click to Get Sale Price Monday Sales @ NCAA Purdue Boilermakers Cufflinks Save NOW! Why Brock Lesnar Will Beat Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 Enjoy him or hate him, Brock Lesnar is the UFC heavyweight champion and he will be for some time. There is not just one in the heavyweight that can appear near to his speed, electric power and sizing. Cain Velasquez is nearly the exact same fighter as Carwin is but he has much less power, power and like all fighters the moment he will get taken down by Lesnar he will have no respond to. NCAA Purdue Boilermakers Cufflinks. Getting a Look at the Basic safety of Trampolines Trampolines can convey several hours of enjoyable and leisure to persons of all ages. Lots of people obtain a trampoline in get to give their youngsters hours of enjoyable in the fantastic outdoors, although also offering some considerably desired physical exercise. How ...
MEXICO CITY -- Hobbled heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez became somewhat of a omnipresent figure as the days...
Cain Velasquez says he will fight the Werdum-Hunt winner back in Mexico
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