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Cadet Kelly

Cadet Kelly is a 2002 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Hilary Duff.

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Anyone else watching cadet Kelly rn
idk why i am just now thinking this but you are like Cadet Kelly 2.0 . PROUD OF YOU MY LITTLE LIEU…
"Nothing in military protocol about stealing your man" during Cadet Kelly
we're watching cadet kelly I'm living my days
Cadet Kelly is on Netflix btw guys 😈
Im sittin in my room watching the gayest movie ever: Cadet Kelly.
literally only my white friends have been threatened with boot camp/boarding school ☠️ Cadet Kelly ***
If Shania Twain saying "let's go girls" doesn't flip some internal switch in you, you're lying.
Kadette as a ship name for Odette and Katie reminds me of cadet Kelly 😹😹😹
watching Cadet Kelly by , literally can relate to her so much πŸ˜‚
Excuse me? Twitches, cadet Kelly, cow belles, SMART HOUSE, the color of friendship? THE THIRTEENTH…
Ladies and Gentlemen this is what we call a Cadet who misses LLA (can relate)
Try to contain yourself. Cadet Kelly is on Netflix.
Watching Cadet Kelly. Made me wonder what favorite movie has been?!
should have a girl power movie night where they play all the old girl power movies like Cheetah Girls, Zenon, Rip girls, Cadet Kelly.
Why am I crying over Cadet Kelly right now?
Cadet Kelly was also just fantastic
Dunkirk does a great job at paying homage to Cadet Kelly: the greatest war drama of all time
come into ruby Tuesday on McKinley please. I love your work in cadet Kelly loves your song…
Change of plans, next episode we'll be covering the film that brought feminism to the military, Cadet Kelly! The bu…
Cadet Kelly is the worst Disney movie... don't @ me
Were getting the band back together
Im about to watch Cadet Kelly and none of you can stop me
Meegan got a buzz cut. Sort of respect it, but also got a Cadet Kelly vibe going. Not sure how to react. Stay tuned.
Cadet Fuccboi was a wasp you uncultured swine
I tried watching cadet Kelly the other day and couldn't watch more than 15 minutes πŸ˜‚ and to think that was top 5 of my fav disney movies
So I'm hype and I'm like "I used to love this movie when I was ya'lls age" we keep scrolling and we see the cheetah girl and Cadet Kelly...
yess I loved them! think my number ones were Cinderella Story, Lizzie McGuire movie (1000%) and Cade…
Cadet Kelly ? The Lizzie McGuire movie when it was two of her . Y'all 3 late 🀀😍
Smart house, cadet Kelly, life size.. ugh, the bestt
I never thought that I would be photoshopping a cat onto Cadet Kelly's face but here I am
said that all Disney Channel Original Movies are stupid, including Cadet Kelly ‼️‼️
Christy Carlson Romano from the seminal classic "Cadet Kelly"
Cadet Kelly (2002) . when her mother remarries, a girl named Kelly is enrolled into a military school and has trouble foll…
All caught up on so am watching Cadet Kelly with
Man cadet Kelly and the Lizzy McGuire movie, ya sure this isn't just a Hillary Duff marathon? No complaints if it is btw!
I'm in the mood to marathon classic Disney original films, like.. Cadet Kelly. πŸ˜‚
If you're curious- this is from my viewings of Johnny Tsunami/sequel, Cadet Kelly, Brink, & Motocrossed.
Me realizing that Cadet Kelly is essentially just a remake of Private Benjamin but for kids
Looking back on it, the level of sexual tension between Hilary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano in Cadet Kelly is insurmountable.
Cadet Kelly . You can never go wrong with a Hillary Duff movie tbh
Cadet Kelly bc every Hillary Duff movie was bomb
Get a Clue was tight, but Hillary Duff is bae, so Cadet Kelly.
You were great in Lizzie McGuire, Cadet Kelly, Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, and A Cinderella Story.
*watching Cadet Kelly*. Emma: "you know what maggot rhymes with?". Me:. Emma: "Bob Saget". Emma: "that's not what you were expecting was it"
Cadet Kelly ended and now I don't know what to do with life
And she look like a cracked out Cadet Captain Stone from Cadet Kelly. Murderer !
Same . I remember calling myself cadet kelly and getting stoned for it, but i didn't care .
Cheetah Girls is over, now onto cadet Kelly
Seriously debating dying my hair blonde so I can be Cadet Kelly for Halloween
Make sure to grab your Cadet Kelly Joggers tonight to match all the Butter coming this week! LAST RESTOCK EVER!!!
no! Cadet Kelly, Zenon and Motocross, with characters and "twin" sibblings, Andy and Andrea!? The
SURPRISE! Cadet Kelly Camo Joggers RESTOCK will be LIVE today at NOON CST. You need to set your alarm now, it's gonna get CRAZY!
why do anything when you could be at home watching Cadet Kelly starring Hilary Duff in her Lizzie McGuire glory days?
Is it really a Sunday if you don't spend the whole day doing nothing and hating yourself for it
When you don't feel like sleeping so you watch Cadet Kelly
Finally eating dinner, watching Cadet Kelly, and finishing some homework. No shame
happy birthday friend I love you cadet kelly❀️😘
and are my parents and I'm annoying the *** out of them 😊 they want to "cadet Kelly" my ***
Come to the cadet car wash at the Somerville Rescue Squad from 10:30 until 1:30
we're watching cadet Kelly and the parents came home and we're all into it LOL
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I just got teary eyed watchin cadet Kelly so yeah I guess you could say it's a pretty lit Saturday night
Cadet Kelly..made me wanted to join ROTC πŸ˜‚
The flashbacks Jane is having from her training (it looks like) reminds me of Cadet Kelly. πŸ˜†
Kelly. Cadet if looking for every-week floor as a receiver. Not a Thompson fan and Cadet could fizzle out soon.
cool steal my Cadet Kelly reference. Be original for once in your life.
"One girl revolution" was such a pivotal song in my youth. Cadet Kelly. Legally Blonde. ***
I found Cadet Kelly on Friday night made.
Update from megan @ bootcamp "this place is insane, Cadet Kelly was way off"
How I felt watching cadet kelly with Steph
I felt like I was in a real life scene of Cadet Kelly today watching my brothers boot camp graduation
Watching Cheetah Girls and the cadet Kelly nostalgic af
Cadet Varsity win 4-3 over Brunswick in double OT. Goals: Urbina, Ofori, Fitzgerald and Kelly. Assists: Urbina, Kelly and Ofori
I wish Disney Channel still played movies like Smart House, Cadet Kelly, Double teamed and "Motorcrossed" 😩
I just wish I had the same determination that Cadet Kelly had when she was forced to join the drill team and ended up winning regionals.
probably several. I had a big crush on Christy Carlson Romano in cadet kelly
"oh my god i've seen Cadet Kelly before it *** You know it's not a real military movie?" -Levi
College is literally about deciding which L to take
just thought Saving Private Ryan was the movie Hilary Duff movie Cadet Kelly
I currently have Zenon( girl of the 21st century), Johnny Tsunami, Smart House, Cadet Kelly, and Cheetah Girls on my DVR. I am LIVING
I'm in bed before midnight watching Cadet Kelly on Disney. It's like I'm 10 years old all over again.
20. Cadet Kelly . is a Disney legend. This is one of her best projects. Definitely one of my favorites https…
Cadet Kelly was dope. I was a Hillary Duff Stan growing up, when I was still a herb
Cadet Kelly, a guest from the College for Officer Training in Chicago, sharing the word on this
Just watched Cow Belles & Twitches, now I'm watching Cadet Kelly, and I got my egg rolls, life is good
Watching Cadet Kelly is just as good as it was when I was younger!
Trying to explain to Diego's uncultured *** that Cadet Kelly and The Lizzie McGuire Movie are completely different films.
I need a tv in my bedroom. I'm just tryina lay in bed and watch Cadet Kelly.
Cadet Kelly was a badass movie back in the day
I just watched Cadet Kelly and the Emperor's New Groove. Life is goodπŸ™‚
My brother has not seen Cadet Kelly?
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Me and my brothers are literally crying from laughter at the scene in Cadet Kelly where he rubs her head for good luck 😭
Pixel Perfect, Cadet Kelly, Stuck in the Suburbs, my favorite disney movies
When I pictured my social life by the end of 2015 I didn't imagine myself watching Cadet Kelly at 1am
that happens every time I cry .. Not kidding
"I'm surprised you don't tell me every time you go to the bathroom" ... I swear she loves me 😘
cadet Kelly is already on Netflix. I watch it everyday.
Stephenville you obviously have no taste in movies cadet kelly is fantastic πŸ‘πŸΌ
you should watch Cadet Kelly where Hilary Duff goes to a military school. It's basically like watching the corps
Cadet Kelly is on the list of 30 Disney Channel Original Movies:
The movie Cadet Kelly always makes me want to go to Military School but then again I think I'm good.
Planning on spending Labor Day watching Disney throwbacks. Brink, Cadet Kelly, Motocrossed, that movie with the black superhero family...
I think the movie Cadet Kelly is what started my love for color guard
"Cadet Kelly inspired me to go into the military"
Did Yianni steal ice cream? Take a bus ride with Team USA and Canada to weigh ins!
Another reason why I joined JROTC was because I watched "Cadet Kelly" πŸ˜‚
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Out of all of these cadet kelly was my fav πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Watching Cadet Kelly on Netflix and I feel like Michelle could pop up on my screen at any moment
Watching Cadet Kelly tonight has made me realize that I am Cadet Kelly.
Photo: cadet-r-kelly: someone waited their entire life to publish that
Did you know Rihanna was a military cadet in High School?
Cadet Kelly was the best movie to ever air on the family channel
Just noticed that Pitch Perfect is the same movie as Cadet Kelly
Omg cadet kelly and smart house were the best movies on Disney Channel. And the one where the Barbie came to life
Currently watching cadet kelly. I'm honestly shocked the cast didn't win oscars
Okay but why isn't there a Cadet Kelly two where Kelly is a platoon leader just like Cpt. Stone wished???
Cadet Kelly again! My neck, my back, please don't try crack(:
My younger cousin thought all boarding schools were like cadet Kelly.
Cadet Kelly was trash but everything else was nice
Cadet Kelly is on Netflix. Do you know what this means?
This girl I babysit for hasn't seen any of the classics. Today I'm showing her Wendy wu, cow belles, cadet kelly, jump in
Cadet Kelly was a live Disney Channel movie 😭
Cadet Kelly was that bs take it off and put Luck of the Irish
Zeyon smart house cadet kelly and 13 years or 13 and counting something like that
Cadet Kelly died in Afghanistan after being shot in a shootout with ISIS. Share if you Care. Ignore if ur a terrorist …
Zenon, Smart House, Cadet Kelly, The Thirteenth Year. Hehe . β€œif you remember them all. . you have lived.
Really wanting to watch old original disney movies like Cadet Kelly, You Wish, Get a Clue, Smart House, The Luck of the Irish, The 13th year
I accidentally woke up at 1 pm today but it's ok because I'm watching Cadet Kelly
It's the Summer of Stanley! Some of the boys took the Cup to Dierks Bentley last night.
I would do anything to be back in Israel.
Repost but this is how South Carolina does it πŸ™Œ
Charleston Southern University baseball team surrounds player in prayer after his mom died in
Now that Cadet Kelly is over I will now watch Princess Protection Program
Spending my Friday night watching Cadet Kelly on Netflix
Are they ever going to update Netflix?like I'm tired of picking between Ella Enchanted and Cadet Kelly.πŸ˜‘
Watching cadet Kelly cause I'm still a kid at heart πŸ’ž
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I agree-- Cheetah Girls deserve better. Also Cadet Kelly is a *classic*
when u and ur BFF at 22 are spending ur last night of vacation watching Cadet Kelly bc well bc .
The ending of Cadet Kelly is so live. Like dayum Hilary Duff. Werk.
it's 10:28 pm and I'm watching Cadet Kelly
Just hanging out with my cat, drinking some barefoot, watching cadet kelly. Thats normal for a 24 year old guy to do on a Friday night...
have a strange urge to watch Cadet Kelly at this exact moment
has never seen Cadet Kelly I'm ashamed
Still confused why some people want to grow up so have your whole life to be lame. Enjoy doing stupid thing…
I remember in 2nd grade, I had a Hilary Duff rolling backpack. I loved Cadet Kelly.πŸ˜… if you remember that movie. I ❀ U.
Wait, guys, why in Cadet Kelly did they think that hamboning was going to help them win a military competition?
Plot twist: cadet Kelly is actually ISIS
When you are lost in Hawaii when its darks and there are no road signs πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
"You can't think about art. It's something you do and feel." - the wise words of in Cadet Kelly.
Up Up and Away, Cadet Kelly, and Twitches were good movies.
Cadet Kelly has got to be one of Disney Channels greatest accomplishments
Cadet Kelly is still one of my faves
it is not but cadet Kelly, the Cheetah Girls, high school musical, and cowbelles all are
Cadet Kelly will never beat Lizzie McGuire but it's a close 2nd
I just had this strong urge to watch cadet kellyπŸ’€πŸ˜‚
so I lied and started OITNB instead and not even 5 minutes in there are so many boobs *** maybe I'll go back to watching Cadet Kelly
Netflix has Cadet Kelly.. guess whose staying up late tonight
Jaymin had also voted for Cadet Kelly
Cadet Kelly is on demand I know what I'm doing tonight
Cadet Kelly is such a quality movie
The guy on CNN said people need to be aware that these things happen and to be aware of ur church? h…
In retrospect, staying up till two watching Cadet Kelly may have been a bad decision.😴πŸ˜₯
One of the greatest tragedies of the last decade was that they never made a Cadet Kelly 2
Cadet Kelly starts. "I know this song. What do I know it from? What do I---A MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIE. ISLAND IN THE …
I got invited out tonight, but I lied about having to get up early so I could stay in and watch Cadet Kelly.
Everyone stop what they are doing immediately! Cadet kelly is on Netflix!
Old Disney movies are insane. Like Pixel Perfect, Cadet Kelly and Even Stevens all go hard. I miss TV from when I was 5 πŸ˜”.
Cadet Kelly is actually such a good movie
I added a video to a playlist Cadet Kelly (A Disney Channel Original Movie)
Instead if crying away the pain I'll watch cadet kelly and be nostalgic
Cadet kelly haven't seen this in forever πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
I'm trying to watch Cadet Kelly tonight
So I'm going to watch Cadet Kelly til I fall asleep. Thankful for the great Disney Channel movies on Netflix
in Cadet Kelly Hilary Duff is supposed to play a Middle Schooler yet she looks so perfect like what
She's the voice of Kim Possible and the sister in Even Stevens and also in Cadet Kelly!
My fire fighter uniform that I'm wearing marching in the Memorial Day parade makes me look like cadet Kelly
YES or stardust or beauty and the briefcase or holes or cadet kelly
If I learned anything from Cadet Kelly its that I have to do everything myself.
There's nothing like not having any responsibilities for the day and just watching Cadet Kelly
Cadet Kelly goin' wild at this assembly
Cadet Kelly is in Netflix LOL, I loved this movie.
When you realize the dress "Lizzie" wore in the episode Gordo's bar mitzvah is the same dress Hilary wore to the premiere of cadet Kelly?
Why does Levi know what Cadet Kelly is LOL
At least the team is excited about cadet kelly 2.0 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Text. Me: hey. Girl hey. Me: wanna come over and watch Cadet Kelly?. Girl: blu ray?. Me: no VHS. me: ?. Me: hello?. Me: PLS respond . Me: ...HELLO
I'm going to stop pretending I'm going to get in shape
Do you guys remember the Lizzie McGuire movie ?? Classic! EVEN BETTER DO YOU REMEMBER CADET KELLY?! πŸ˜‚
used to watch cadet Kelly on a loop
Ship still isn't fixed. Cadet Kelly is on a side mission. K-dub has been taken by the international space police. I slept with an alien.
Congrats to Cadet COL O'Kelly for winning the General Bean Sword for Best IPS BN CO. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
what about cadet kelly or camp rock or high school musical or how to build a better boy those are PHENOMENAL
Yesterday, a middle schooler told me that our step performance reminded her of the disney movie Cadet Kelly.
they don't know about that fam... They was watching cadet Kelly and Ned's declassified πŸ˜’
OMG I haven't watched Cadet Kelly since I was in middle schol
I'm watching Cadet Kelly so *** for whoever doesn't wanna come over! . such a good movie
Cannot believe Cadet Kelly is on Netflix 😍 Also is a lucky girl, still looks as young as Kelly!
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Jonny Tsunami was one of my favorites. Halloween Town, Luck of The Irish, Zenon, Cadet Kelly, don't try me
Hillary Duff in Cadet Kelly is the original definition of white girl problems.
rumor has it James Cameron watches Cadet Kelly before he starts filming any of his movies for inspiration
It was a little complex for some, I think. So many viewers didn't GET Cadet Kelly.
I feel like I should be upset but Cadet Kelly is the most important movie of our generation
it was originally on one of those flash drives but I took it off to make room for cadet kelly
They've got some sick Disney Channel movie classics on Netflix, the Cheetah Girls, cadet kelly, hsm, camp rock 😎😍
Why she look like that girl from cadet kelly
When I was 10, I also had the biggest crush on Carla from Cadet Kelly.
I'm watching Cadet Kelly and I'm confused as to why nobody talks about how looks like Christy Carlson Romano
"And tell her about the crocodile i wrestled" lmao bish bye. Aint nobody scared of you "Captain Stone". Cadet Kelly is still hilarious
Missing those old Disney movies like Cadet Kelly and Johnny Kapahala... Those were the days 😭😭😭😭
"Cadet Kelly is basically the female version of Saving Private Ryan" -
Just saw that "Cadet Kelly" is coming on the Disney Channel tonight!
Thanks for reminding me, don't hear announcements anymore,I'll be there no worries! Sign me up, put me in coach
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someone watched Sharpay's Adventures, Cadet Kelly, & Annie on my netflix today. it was without a doubt. 😊
.can't be in the military because diabetes. So he's living vicariously through Cadet Kelly.
I'm watching Cadet Kelly at 11:00 on a school night because yolo
WOW what a great idea!! wanna watch cadet kelly too❔❔ i dont think i have the movie but we can still watch it!!
Also bought Smart House, seventeen again,life size, all the cheetah girl movies, jump in, cadet kelly,luck of the Irish...
Cadet Kelly, Ben and Jerry's and Thunder. My kinda night
do u remember that one Hilary Duff did, cadet kelly
β€œCadet Kelly and her soldiers coming at you
Cadet Kelly and her soldiers coming at you
Just wanted to let everyone know Cadet Kelly is on Netflix
Just put on Cadet Kelly for my little sister
I can't wait until they make a Cadet Kelly sequel!
Cadet Kelly: the movie that thinks Shawn Ashmore is cuter than NSYNC.
"Why does she look like she's from Cadet Kelly today.!?" Lol
Watching Cadet Kelly makes me miss all the old Disney movies 😁
Ant and I put Cadet Kelly on to fall asleep and we're both up watching it lol
I have homework to do, but Netflix wants me to watch Cadet Kelly so I don't know.
So glad I watched Cadet Kelly instead of studying for fluids tomorrow.
Watching Cadet Kelly and im half sad my sister isnt here to do the routine..but half excited for this laugh imma get in before bed!.
Cadet kelly would be a completely different movie if there were bullets in the rifles
Having watched Cadet kelly it is probably the best old film there is
you wanna get slept captain obvious who didn't know this was a joke and idc? I'm tired of you cadet Kelly. ByeπŸ˜’
The two movie options Madison just gave me are cowbells and cadet kelly. K mad
I finished my hw early so I'm sitting on my bed watching cadet kelly
β€œI really want to go to the army and my dad is just like no πŸ˜©β€you trynna be cadet kelly? πŸ’€
When you discover Cadet Kelly is in Netflix and no one told you anything
"did you at least finish your hw" "no" "WHAT WERE YOU DOING UP ALL NIGHT THEN" "...watching cadet kelly and spy kids 2.." "oh okay"
Let's all just huddle up together for warmth, watch Cadet Kelly, and avoid responsibilities πŸ‘
Yes I just watched Cadet Kelly. No I'm not ashamed of it
If I wanted to go through a rainy obstacle course to get to class, I would've auditioned for that role in Cadet Kelly
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I just finished cadet kelly. Here comes the Cheetah Girls!
I was gunna do my homework but cadet Kelly just popped up on netflix
happy birthday cadet kelly!! ilyπŸ’žπŸ’ž hope u have the best day🎊🎊 CAN I GET AN AMEN oh and I got u CAT CHOW as a gift;))
You guys remember Kelly from the hit movie "Cadet Kelly"? This is her now. Feel old yet?
Had such weird dreams last night, from email invites to a date of cow milking to me trying out for the swim team. I was cadet Kelly at 1 pnt
"Coll, have you ever seen Saving Private Ryan?". "That's the one with Hilary Duff right...just kidding I'm thinking of Cadet Kelly" sos πŸ˜’
Deadass only gonna refer to Chris as Cadet Kelly when he gets back lmaoo.
Aand still awake. I guess will continue w/Hillary Duff's greatest hits and watch A Cinderella Story. Will I sleep or get to Cadet Kelly?
I strongly feel that 'Cadet Kelly' and 'Full Metal Jacket' are accentually the same movie.
Cadet Kelly is one of the reasons why I joined JROTC!! EXECUTION DRILL IS AWESOME! !
I'm so freaked out like I always thought that Aaron played Jimmy Olsen, the cute guy from Cadet Kelly & one of the mutants in Xmen
Cadet Kelly made me dream about going to a Army Academy and being apart of the drill team.
It's Friday night and I'm watching Cadet Kelly on Netflix...
Cadet Kelly is prob the most underrated Disney Channel movie
They should put some of the classic Disney Channel Original Movies on Netflix: Tru Confessions, Even Stevens, Johnny Tsunami, Cadet Kelly.
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Claud wanted to join the army after watching Cadet Kelly...can we all just take a second to picture her in the army πŸ˜‚
I have a QA test tomorrow and yet I've already watched Cheetah Girls now I'm watching Cadet Kelly?
Finally found something taller than the giraffe
3 PM- Cadet Kelly playing in the design lab.
Nothing like watching some walk of shamers at 2 in the afternoon
Cadet Kelly (2001): Lizzie McGuire gets drafted into the army, saves her dad from 127 hrs, & rifle dances her way out of serving our country
I just found cadet Kelly on netflix. I'm in trouble.
Alec recorded Cadet Kelly..he knows me so well!
β€œβ€œguess who's watching cadet Kelly todayyy? 😍
Oh my gosh, Cadet Kelly is on Netflix!
I'm watching cadet kelly, the memories
laughed out of nowhere when I thought she was sleeping. Turns out she's watching Cadet Kelly. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This night is about to get better because Cadet Kelly is on
β€œβ€œfor us 90s kids”. I used to play Cadet Kelly obstacle course on the computer everyday
Cadet Kelly was lowkey the greatest movie ever
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Everytime I'm in ROTC it reminds me of cadet Kelly lol
Can I just watch Cadet Kelly w Hillary Duff instead of studying
Just finished Cheetah Girls 1 and 2... Starting Cadet Kelly. Leave me be. Let me rot here.
Y'all Cadet Kelly is on Netflix. . My night is made.
Watched Cadet Kelly for the first time, now I def understand all the references! πŸ˜‚
The Cheetah Girls and cadet Kelly is on netflix need I say more?
hehe but really like Cadet Kelly is atleast better than "Rubber" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Good looks to kuba for that insta like
The guy in Cadet Kelly isn't even cute
Cadet Kelly is such a good throwback movie
I can't believe hasn't seen cadet Kelly
Cheetah girl trilogy and Cadet Kelly = successful night
Staying in makes me want to chop all my fingers off
I've watched I'll be home for Christmas and cadet Kelly tonight. That's a successful night
The fact that Cadet Kelly is on Netflix 😊
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Cadet Kelly, Dawson's Creek, and Hannah Montana are 3 of the top 10 picks that Netflix chose for me? Seriously? Why? WHY???
guess what I'm watching. Cadet Kelly. I forgot what a beautiful cinematic piece this was. Thanks for making my childhood great
Who needs a boyfriend when you can splint a pint with your best friend while watching Cadet Kelly?
cadet kelly is such a good movie, Hilary Duff 😍😍😍😍
"So advancing to the rear is a good thing?" - Cadet Kelly
Judge me...but I'm watching Cadet Kelly right now and I couldn't be happier 😊
Watching Cadet Kelly. It doesn't get more throwback then that.
I would probably cry out of happiness if Cadet Kelly was ever played on Disney Channel again.
Thanks to Cadet Kelly I learned how to army crawl.
Cadet Kelly & Model Behavior will always be two of my favorite movies
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