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Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is a Serbian rock band. Formed in 1998, Cactus Jack released four hard rock-oriented albums, before turning to pop rock in early 2010s.

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Why is your profile pic a Freddy Mercury doll carrying Cactus Jack's gimmick?
Come watch Baylor take on Boise State with Alexis, Jake, and Todd!. $2.50 Ziegenbock. $4.00 Jack Daniel's. Try our...
HHH as a main event star was *** Horrible run. Except for his feud with cactus jack and HBK return at summer slam
Triple H vs Cactus Jack from Royal Rumble 2000 may actually be my favorite match ever. It really grabbed me as a kid
Cactus Jack-HHH HIAC at No Way Out and then the match at Royal Rumble>>>>> The 2000 Royal Rumble event is one of my favorites.
Cactus Jack in the first couple of months, too. So good.
2016 Motel 6 Cactus Bowl Winner. Who is Jack Jones betting on tonight?.
FINALLY got a hold of Cactus Jack E48, went to eBay and found it, so excited!
*** and his account being on private. The good ol' ginger cactus masterpiece
🏈🌵 It's GAMEDAY!. Two high powered offenses clash as takes on Baylor at 8:15 pm MT in the Motel 6 Cactus Bowl…
is Cactus Jack really appropriate for a kids movie? I'd have gone with Dude Love myself.
Hey Jack you should play this game on steam called Assault Android Cactus. You will not regret it I promise
Stop banning people who don't suck the liberal teat. Shove a cactus up backside sideways.
will be in our classic combo tomorrow vs. Baylor in the Cactus Bowl! 📺:ESPN | Kickoff 8:15 MST. 🔷🐴🔶 https…
On wwe 2k17 I unlocked big boss man, British bulldog, cactus jack, dude love, dusty Rhodes, mankind, and Vader
Didn't realize how many closet wrestling fans there are. Well, until I wore my Cactus Jack shirt to work, that is.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
hey guys, what's the deal with the new Cactus Jack elite? It's not able to be ordered on website except by buying the full series
Why are there lots of missing figures on your website? No new Kevin Owens, Cactus Jack, Cesaro etc
1L cactus jack, 70cl archers, couple glasses of Bells and there were loads of vodka and sourz shots in between to break it up 😂
Jack the Cactus is being guarded by Randy the Savage.
got a Cactus Jack shirt for Christmas!! BANG BANG
Got 5 liters of frosty jack bottle jaggerbomb 20 bottles stella and 2 cactus jack hun hope you got lots of absinth x x
I love your Xmas cactus/euphorb. Jack and I started to tie some fir branches together but then got tired and have no tree.
I found the Cactus Jack article to be quite insightful
I'm going down the hardcore route now, me and cactus jack going one on one
Cream cleaner and cactus jack is great if you cant afford baileys guys x x
I liked a video from Cactus Jack's WWE Debut
Aka when the 3 Faces of Foley came together backstage (still amazing how it was put together) with WWF debut of Cactus Jack. Best part that.
Stay up to see what santa has in his sack for me hope cactus jack x x
Hope they not run out hun my corner shop run out of cactus jack and aftershake told them bad manimingement x x
*** yeah Nation of Domination vs Chainsaw Charlie, Cactus Jack, Steve Austin and Undertaker dark match on this dvd
For a short while the legend Terry Funk wrestled as Chainsaw Charlie winning the tag titles with Cactus Jack at Wre…
Couldn't decide if I wanted to wear my Roman Reigns or KO shirt today. So after some deliberation, I'm now wearing Cactus Jack. BANG! BANG!
How is Triple H vs Cactus Jack or Lesnar vs Undertaker not there but Ambrose vs Rollins is.
Harley Race,Cactus Jack, Yoshi Kwan (white guy playing an Asian, classic 1993 WCW)& Nick Patrick all manage to botc…
Cactus Jack's WWF debut in 1997 still brings a smile to my face. It was a big moment for me as a fan back then.
They said I couldn't drink two bottles of Buckfast and a ten glass of Cactus Jack's. Who's laughing now.
Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Xpac and HHH vs Cactus Jack, The Rock and Too Cool is one of the best tv matches I've ever seen
When the glass breaks in Stone Colds theme gives me chills. But I like Cactus Jack, DX, The Rock, Too Cool & Shane o Mac too
Missed a turn, Pulled up for refreshments at Cactus Jack's in Stewart. Marty making Root Beer floats inside his mouth.
I'm sure you w watched that Taker/Mankind cell match. Peep HHH/Cactus Jack from Royal Rumble 2000 if you haven't.
Hanging and getting Dirty with Brian Collins and the band at Cactus Jack's.
Playing an event in Evergreen, CO at 9:00 PM today at Cactus Jack's
bro they had Vader, Flair, Cactus Jack, Psycho Sid, a young Stone Cold
I'm days behind...but Stone Cold, Cactus Jack and Shaun Michaels at Wrestlemania 😀 my childhood just came rushing back. HBK is still 😍
😀 HBK, Texas Rattlesnake and Cactus Jack, legends of the Attitude Era
Cactus jack fruit salad is so nice 😍
Watching the Austin Podcast , Brings back old memories of Cactus Jack & the Sportatorium.I was blessed as a fan my intro to wrestling
It feels as if your mind is running a repeating loop of movie ... More for Scorpio
not a lot of Cactus Jack fans which makes me sad also I want to know who voted for Dude Love
pretty sure that was Sophie's cactus jack in your hand and you told her jack drunk it😂😂😂
“Noboby prepares us for our most difficult test.”
“It has been more wittily than charitably said that *** is paved with good intentions; they have their place in heaven also.”
“If nothing saves us from death, may love at least save us from life.”
“The feeling of being "offended” is a warning indicator that is showing you where to look within yourself for unresolved issues.“
📷 king-of-pop: “We were in Dallas, Texas for our concert. Michael said, ‘I want you to take some...
“Sometimes doing a movie for a short period of time is better than committing eight months to a television show.”
*** Foley, who wrestled here as Cactus Jack was on Steve Austin's podcast last night. Yeah, like that'll put headphones on ears."
One of the greatest and Mankind, are hitting
looking forward to that Cactus Jack piece.
Got a fair number of articles in the pipleline for publish in the next week or two. 3,000 words on Bret/Shawn, 2,200 on Cactus Jack in ECW
FDR also had a conservative Vice President his first few years, John "Cactus Jack" Garner.
When my mom asks for favors via group text 😭
📹 lchupanibre: determination-over-trust: hankvondouche: Memba when TI had beef with Luda? “Stomp” was...
I know people feel this way towards me
“Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back.”
“I’d rather be happy and odd than miserable and ordinary.”
“Oh, for the years I have not lived, but only dreamed of living.”
“I am torn in two, but I will conquer myself.”
“The problem to me is violence. It’s not cool to kill somebody or hurt people.”
“I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart. I am, I am, I am.”
Don't try to force anyone to love you, care for you , make time for you , or to be good to you. . Simply remove yourself
“There’s nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.”
“But in the night he woke and held her tight as though she were all of life and it was being taken from him.”
“A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying.”
“The purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.”
“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.”
“Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.”
“I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.”
📷 dadd: Buttercup representing my 4 moods 
Jack - 20zoll Chuckwagon von Route BBQ mal an!
People cry not because they're weak, it's because they've been strong for too long.
I am strong because I know my weaknesses. I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws.
I am fearless because I learned to recognize illusion from real. I am wise because I learned from my mistakes.
You don't have to like me but you will RESPECT me. 👌💯
Those that stand for nothing, fall for anything
A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart 💯
miss you on tv. Hope to see Cactus Jack again soon bang bang!
Cactus Jack knocks out Sandman with a frying pan.
Good morning tville, happy birthday Tom "Tag" Grieve and Knute Rockne. Rip John Candy. Shout out to Cactus Jack!
Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie beat the N.A.O at 14 for the Tag Team Titles in a Dumpster Match!
led his team of Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie & Owen Hart into WWE IYH: No Way Out
*** channeling hunter Cactus Jack & just drop Gail Kim on our head like it was nothing. ***
Buddy Case Music has a show on 02/24/2016 at 06:00 PM @ Cactus Jack's Mexican... in Conway, AR
It was Frank Gershwin who reminded me - The Villain. Kirk Douglas is Cactus Jack, a washed up drunk bad guy hired to kidnap Ann-Margaret.
My new sounds: Clare Dunn talks with Cactus Jack on
“I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I’m done, I’m done.”
When you're always licking his hairy balls and he trip over a little patch of hair
Down Low by R.Kelly is a mf classic 🙌🏽
Me: So when the album dropping Frank?. Frank Ocean: As soon as I get to the studio
I added a video to a playlist Cactus Jack's WWE Debut
Agreed, not many can say they dominated Flair, Sting, Hogan, Cactus Jack and Undertaker. Flair Sting Hogan R HOFers
HHH juiced during his street fight with Cactus Jack, but they switched out the barbed wire 2X4 to hit HHH in the face with.
droppin tax in the ring like cactus Jack.. 🔥🔥🔥 smh, imo, tbh.
that was my first too. It was the first ppv we got in free TV over here. Triple H and Cactus Jack will always be a favourite
loved him. Tried to get a school assembly to be written around him but no one got the one we did as Cactus Jack and Y2J
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Check out the Cactus Jack Buck taken by Jeremy Cook. Congrats J!!! What a...
I added a video to a playlist WWF 1998: Cactus Jack turns Heel
always felt Bradley Johnson had a Cactus Jack feel about him.
Much to your chagrin, your individual values are dragged out i... More for Scorpio
had a dream we were getting matching tattoos but there were two of you and one was you as Cactus Jack
Was it Jim Lampley or Cactus Jack calling the fight?
I didn't know Funk & Foley were there. I thought it was Chainsaw Charlie & Cactus Jack in the dumpster?
"Long Island Hardcore" Cactus Jack youth crew tee, available now! . Link in bio, DOODS!.
Ambrose/HHH in a street fight al la the old Cactus Jack/HHH matches.
Ryan believes Cactus Jack, Mankind, Dude Love and *** Foley are different people. . R:They look similar! Why haven't they been a tag team?"
My mom want me to go view a house with her but these cramps😪
I give Beach Blast 1992 a 7.5 out of 10 rating. Good PPV with lots of good matches. Sting vs Cactus Jack was awesome.
HHH and Cactus Jack are using every weapon possible! Even a mop! Raw really was War in the late 90's! Great stuff.
anything with Vader and Cactus Jack. So brutal.
I have my Brock shirt but I'm wanting to cop that Cactus Jack T that looks like a way Ted poster
Little Giant Ladders
It's tricky to find a place where you are secure enough to ope... More for Scorpio
Watch Bray Wyatt take on Cactus Jack in a Last Man Standing Match
Guy from that cell match..? Favorite moment has to be the ECW appreciation for Cactus Jack in his final match at the arena
Hey playing wwe2k16 yesterday. Chose 'random' when selecting characters and got Cactus Jack vs. Stardust. Intriguing combo.
The Tag Team of the day is the former tag champs Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie
maybe is channeling his inner Cactus Jack?
"Loving someone who doesn't love you back is like hugging a cactus, the tighter you hold on to it, the more it hurts. Goodby…
One more weekend of NDP hockey. Come watch the D3 team play against Cactus Shadows in the championship next Sat. @ 6:20
D3 NDP Hockey beats Chapparl in the semi-finals 8-4. They will play Cactus Shadows in the D3 State Championship this weekend…
Here is a picture of cactus jack bang
hey, that was a real punch just like Cactus Jack vs Vader
Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay for them the rest of their life.
I wonder if would introduce to Capt Jack Sparrow at Disney?Cactus Jack, meet Capt Jack!
Triple H vs Cactus Jack! RR 200 with the WWF Championship on the line!
HHH hit Cactus Jack so hard in the head with that chair shot that Kevin Nash tore his quad
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Cactus Jack vs Ron Simmons! Jesse seems genuinely disturbed by the ol' Cactus Jack 'head caught in the ropes' trick.
.oh man... those Joel Goodhart cards in '91, had a whole run of awesome Cactus Jack vs. Eddie Gilbert matches!.
cactus jack is really the OG when it comes to bang bang.
Remember when Chief Keef and Shy Glizzy beefed over the phrase "Bang Bang" like Cactus Jack ain't start that wave.
The fact that you own a Cactus Jack shirt.
And he will always be. A rock 'n' roll nerd
Terry Funk looks like hes wondering if he can smash it over Cactus Jack's head instead!
u gotta sign a new legends deal *** we need a Mattel DUDE LOVE and also I liked you better with the name Cactus Jack Manson
I think I'll make a new Faction in Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love would make a great team. lol
Mankind must have watched transformers during his warm up. He came out as mankind, then he was cactus jack & lost as *** Foley.
"More cats Jack? . You should get yourself a cactus."
k now I am DEFINITELY finding a way to visit if there's a place called Cactus Jack's, is there thumbtacks scatter…
Yes, I remember Undertaker's arm was wounded in that fight. . His fight with Cactus Jack was great.
Up to 40% off All Burgers at Cactus Jack-for 06 Nov from 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM
I got a Cactus. I've named it Jack.. BANG BANG! realmickfoley
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
and I didn't see any shirts. The Cactus Jack shirt is probably one of the best shirts ever made..Bang Bang.
Watched a whole episode of Monday Night Raw from 1999 and a couple Cactus Jack matches on WWE Network. Best time ever for wrestling
IMO this is one of the GOAT RAW matches
I didn't realize that Cactus Jack was so young when he wrestled his HIAC retirement match against HHH in 2000. He was only 34 at the time.
Ya cappo'll get kidnapped and clapped with a pistoly, They'll find his body behind a Cactus Jack, With a sock in his mouth, He *** Foley
Cactus Jack before match with At Backlash 2004 vs Randy ortan
This will be the last of Paul Cactus-Jack La Marr's "See" concerts in Utah. With invited Kathy Truman,...
Too many. But, Cactus Jack in WCW for today.
At summerslam in Universe he's my champs and stuff. Hardcore Cactus Jack . Tag DX nxt Cesaro and kidd. Nxt world Vince McMahon . Cont.
Cactus Jack (classic promo on RAW is WAR, addressing the fans and Steve Austin
Steve Blackman, the Holly's, Mankind/Cactus Jack, any match in ECW. LOL
Spend a solid week in the company of Jack Lafferty or have a cactus shoved up yer ***
A bottle of Cactus Jack giving me the eye 😏
Cactus Jack may have the potential to be one of the all-time great tag teams.
First time playing Like Harper, my wife is Cactus Jack and Owen is…well, me!
domain names
On 3rd November 1995 Cactus Jack def by DQ in a no punches allowed match https:…
Hey hey you ain't Cactus Jack calm down over there!!
Females got more personalities than "Mankind, Cactus Jack, & *** Foley 😳
Would you like to get into your favorite shows at Cactus Jack's for free?? Please join our street team! Contact...
Cactus Jack just kicked out of three HBK super kicks I don't think he's THAT tough
Just watched a Steiner suplex Abdullah the Butcher into an electric chair and Cactus Jack throw a switch to electrocute him. Happy Halloween
Vader Abdullah the Butcher and Cactus Jack teamed with the diamond studd. Just read about why that is on wiki. takes me back
I liked a video from WWE 2K16 Cactus Jack vs Sting (New Gameplay)
Anyways... Kicking the Action off with Bam Bam Bigelow/Kevin Sullivan/Cactus Jack vs. Road Warriors/Norman the Lunatic :)
I thought Hawaii v Wisconsin was going to be like watching Cactus Jack v Brad Armstrong. This is more like Cactus Jack v Rick Fargo.
Cactus Jack (Michael Foley) filed suit this past week against WCW over the incident where he lost his ear in Germany. [3/96]
I prefer Gary Cahill as Cactus Jack, but the Mankind gimmick works as well.
Remember when Cactus Jack jumped off the Cage onto Don Muraco while a young *** Foley sat in the crowd.
Cactus Jack said that Missy Hyatt had bad breath and fans chanted "Brush your teeth" as Missy for the entire match.
Not underrated, but Sting vs Cactus Jack at Beach Blast is aces. Also Sting vs Muta at (I think) Starrcade 89?
we did Johnny Tapia value Cactus Jack earlier
I added a video to a playlist Cactus Jack vs. Terry Gordy - IWA King of the Death Match - 9/20/1995
vs Frankie Pickard next. Love watching Donst wrestle. Reminds me of a cross between Tommy Dreamer and Cactus Jack
The food is great! Love the burritos (@ Cactus Jack's in Virginia Beach, VA)
What's it like for you to be compared to Stone Cold and Cactus Jack?
Cactus Jack is cutting the town's valuable resource. Tommy James shows that this small tyke has what it takes to stop him.
The first match I remember paying attention to was Triple H vs Cactus Jack at the 2000 Royal Rumble
Tasty jungle chips & Cactus Jack wrap at Java Jungle in Dansville, NY.
Cactus Jack, Barbarian and Tony Atlas (for some reason) against Ron Simmons and a debuting 2 Cold Scorpio.
Ron Simmons vs. The Barbarian for the WCW title. Cactus Jack is Barbarian's manager. Cause, ya know. . .
Some Mankind-era squeals from Cactus Jack attacking Van Hammer before the bell.
I'm rocking the Daniel Bryan tonight. Or is it the Cactus Jack? hairstyles
still hard to believe Dude Love had more World Title opportunities than Cactus Jack
Amped up the menu a tad. Still tasty. (@ Cactus Jack's in Indio, CA)
Check it out! Cactus Jack is going to be featured on the University of Young Entrepreneurs podcast at 7/6c...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I agree. And hope I don't offend, but 2 me ur always Cactus Jack. BANG BANG!
On this day in April 9, 1995~ T. Rantula defeats Cactus Jack for the Steel City Wrestling Heavyweight Title in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
*** Foley is famous for his various WWE Personas. Dude Love, Cactus Jack and Mankind make up the Three Faces of Foley.
Here's a peek of what's going on in the DJ Booth tonight! Cactus Jack is here doing 93Q's LIVE…
Xtra Ticket this Saturday night at Cactus Jack's Ahwatukee Tavern... You don't want to miss this!
Holding down the 8th spot in my favorite wrestler countdown... Cactus Jack
I kind of got excited today when I saw a guy the looked exactly like you as Cactus Jack. Maybe I can get a shoutout?
Framed and autographed t-shirts from Evel Knievel and Cactus Jack, hung up. 98/365
How is not about your three way promo with Mankind, Dude Love and Cactus Jack?
met cactus Jack in 1964 at Conn Dragway when he ran with thunderbolts,and Wayne Gap at thw controls!
if I send someone the cactus emoji they better be intimidated bc Jack said so
When I saw Mankind Divided I immediately pictured Dude Love facing off with Cactus Jack. . The actual game can't compare now.
Jack Eifert (aka Cactus Jack) stopped by the Alumni office today to purchase his Jesuit Sports Hall of Fame tickets. http:…
seen are trying to bring plaid back. Fully on board with going Cactus Jack x John Bender x Luke off Gilmore Gilmore Girls for SS15
a very good chance that Nasty Boys/Cactus Jack matches actually influenced the ECW Tag Team style. Pre-dated it, certainly.
I'd go Rumble 2000 for Cactus Jack / HHH. As a nice bonus it also features other good matches... as well you know.
I wanna see him go against Cactus Jack as his first opponent
Did he break up from Cactus Jack and Dude Love?
My fav HIAC match was Triple H vs. Cactus Jack.
the fact that Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind and *** Foley are all distinctive characters says it all
The promo where he becomes Cactus Jack is a work or art in tapping into a character. H deserves credit for selling it as strongly as he did
Stone Cold Stone Cold Stone Cold Cactus Jack is broken in half
The Brazilian food joint, pints, bevvy then home? Sorted
I solemnly swear I will not twig it before a proper night out in Ggow
one resident alcoholic down; what about the rest? Don't let me down boys, it's only pints
Sullivan took part in many hardcore brawls. Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan vs the Nasty Boys will be key evidence at trial.
Just softlocked on Cactus Jack... Never happend before... But whatever.. I was doing bad anyway...
Some WCW Worldwide action to get your Sunday started - The Steiner Brothers vs Cactus Jack & Abdullah the Butcher
Watched a pro wrestling match between Mr Pogo and Cactus, I miss those days
Daz Mathewson and cactus Jack Tomlinson you brothers are legends thanks for your help today guys its much appreciated
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Bret did you ever take on Cactus Jack? I would like to see it.
Norman hits the tea bag on Cactus Jack for the win!
You treated a young kid outside my flat in Golborne earlier. Collapsed after drinking "Cactus Jack." She's only 16
You're as cuddly as a cactus,. You're as charming as an eel. Mr. Grinch.
Kerr redeemed himself with the cactus jack
Awww Lyndsay I miss you 😂 are you home anytime over xmas? Just to watch Epic Movie and drink cactus jack obviously!! Xxx
Cactus Jack at the 2014 Gathering of the Juggalos!!!
this sounds a lot like a national anthem and not a lot like Cactus Jack
when you come back to western NY, you can bet Santa's sleigh I'll be there in my Cactus Jack shirt
It looks like "The Cactus Jack of MMA" retired, quit or whatever the *** you want to call it. Tayler is sad. :-(
Cactus Jack, two months old, enjoys some time with our Josh.
Meet the three little fluffballs Cactus Jack, Almond Joy, and Mia. They are our frequent guests here at Jet Pet...
greatest rumble of all time. Cactus Jack HHH stole the show
wrong guy, this *** foley could only dream of matching the cactus Jack look.
great idea! Heres Mankind walking in on Mankind then unveiling Cactus Jack
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Cactus Jack started his new guise as Pirate Jean Pierre Lafeite with an eye patch from New Orleans.
Me and mum are running out of sherry tho. Should probably whip out the Cactus Jack's
if you're not watching the Cactus Jack v HHH Street Fight from Royal Rumble 2000 with a pizza, you're doing your mid-20s wrong.
You guys forgot that crazy, brutal Cactus Jack spot outside the ring w/ Animal, freaking out the security guys!
Is that Cactus Jack threatening to bomb the crowd?? Jeez
. vs (Cactus Jack) *** in a cell No Way out 2000 Title vs Career > Build up & match were excellent
*** Foley (Cactus Jack, Mankind) will be in Michigan doing stand up comedy in January, the 20th in Grand Rapids and the 21st in Royal Oak...
Best all-time themes in no order:. Metalingus. Slow Chemical. Burn in my Light. Cactus Jack. THAT RADICALZ THEME!
Hello, Fans! This is Brad, the GM here at Cactus Jack's. As many of you know, we share a special bond with all of...
Bob Lucas has a show on 12/19/2014 at 05:00 PM @ Cactus Jack in North Fort Myers, FL...
All I can taste is apple cactus jack😷
2000 Triple H vs. Cactus Jack was wicked! A pedigree on hundreds of thumbtacks made me cringe!...
I have the sudden urge to watch Triple H vs Cactus Jack from 2000. Will be watching it on the
“Please be more careful! I want you to be in the for years to come! That flip onto the steel ramp.
there was NOD, DX, LOD, DOA, headbangers, Too Much, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie probably a couple others.
Rick Steiner just tried to crush Cactus Jack with the cage the chair is in. WTH?
Was this where Cactus Jack got his head stuck in barbed wire and ear torn off?!
Terry Funk, Cactus jack and Sabu hardcore three pack!!!
dude love, cactus jack and mankind. Out of all, who was your favorite?
At this rate I almost expect Jack Thompson to make a statement about games journalism.
Triple H vs Cactus Jack, that was intense and a great way for Foley to retire from full time competition
I wonder if we can find Man Kind or Cactus Jack?
haven't had it but there's a Mexican restaurant in Dublin city centre called Cactus Jack's. Goes down better than the stand up!
Two days until we host Rat Dog guitarist Mark Karan at Cactus Jack's! Won't you join us for this special event?
there's a killer Mexican restaurant called Cactus Jack you should go to there!
I ordered the Cactus Jack shirt without the flannel design. It'll go perfect with my flannel. Only real (wo)men wear flannel
Being (Cactus Jack) 4 Halloween. Going 2 in my costume. I cut the flannel sleeves.
Just seen a guy in Glasgow Street with a half drunk bottle of cactus jack... Ardrossan, why you so classy?
I'm more dude love than cactus Jack ya feel me
One was "Mason Queerstreet." Well alright! Doesn't beat out Cactus Jack for my first choice, but still very nice.
This Saturday night we can't wait to jam at Cactus Jack's Ahwatukee Tavern. The Sail Inn takes over that night. A...
“Video of the interview with Cactus Jack !!
Cactus Jack did an interview saying that he really didn't have amnesia and come back as a babyface Reverend?
chatting with Cactus jack before Full interview will be on FB
VIDEO of interview with Cactus Jack Thanks to for posting
Video of the interview with Cactus Jack
Pritty sure cactus jack and i are due a wee date soon
I'm assuming so, but not 100% sure. Cactus Jack did the interview.
.WCW: World Championship Wrestling Cover [1992]. cover as the villainous Cactus Jack.
Choices, choices, tequila, sourz, cactus jack and more all from 15p! Where? The Shot Market on Saturday of course!
ecw wasn't given a chance from the industries the fans loved it there was ecw chants when Foley came out as cactus jack
You won't want to miss Big Wreck performing tonight at Cactus Jack's! 8PM > - SM
New show announced in Phoenix, AZ at Cactus Jack's on October 3, 2014
I have ONE day off in a 20 day tour and my TV doesn't get Inam cutting an Cactus Jack promo right now in my …
Come see Xtra Ticket with Mark Karan and Top Dead Center at Cactus Jack's Ahwatukee Tavern on Friday.
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Wake up, replies, then get pretty for tonight when I meet *** Foley/Mankind/Dude love/Cactus Jack..
Can you assure me that i didn't miss/break it to me that i missed the Cactus Jack shirt online sale? Been checking FB & TRT.
“We never thought we would see Cactus Jack at MSG. EVER.
Hardest BBB is Mart Fitz or Katie Foster. . Think Rob v Latic Lynch would be better (more violent) than Triple HHH vs Cactus Jack.
If you think about it ... *** Foley looked a lot like Cactus Jack .. Life so crazy
This is Karen White & I'm interviewing Cactus Jack who has lost his memory and is telling homeless people stories about ships.
Dean Ambrose is a special kind of crazy. Brian Pillman, Bob Backlund & Cactus Jack type of crazy.
There are so many good ones for a guy named Jack - Black Jack, Gentleman Jack, etc - but Cactus Jack is great.
Sting v. Cactus Jack at Beach Blast, one of my all-time favorites, strongly teasing Foley's main event potential.
Best Nasty Boys match is them vs Cactus Jack/Maxx Payne falls count anywhere at Spring Stampede '94
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