Cable Guy & Big Lots

The Cable Guy is a 1996 American black comedy film, directed by Ben Stiller, and starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. Big Lots, Inc. is a Fortune 500 retail corporation. 0.3/5

Cable Guy Big Lots Beer Bread

Just hangin' at the Big Lots, chattin' with old ladies about Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread. U jelly bro?
Ok, one more post concerning Big Lots. Did you know that Larry the Cable Guy has a food line. I do not lie!!! And who would decorate for Christmas with a huge lighted pig dressed like Santa? Things that make you go hm!
No Nascar yesterday, BUTT still a great time visiting with Martha McGill. Well there was a rerun on ESPN. I made a stew using stuff that I raised and canned and used some grass fed hamburger from that freezer. After it got all cooked up I dumped some brown rice in. I carried some over to her house. She put it in the slow cooker to warm while we watched TV and conversed about stuff. My left leg is wounded on the end of my stump and I been having to sit around with my pegleg off. My big red letric chair is a bear to use in the house. She had a couple of manual chairs in her shed. We loaded both up in my truck, Now it will be easier to get around here. Thanks Sweetie. My Cousin Randy Jones had given me a box of Larry the Cable Guy brand Beer Bread mix and a can of beer to fix it with. I baked that and took over with the stew. It is a buck a box at Big Lots, all you do is stir in a 12 oz beer and bake. It is surprisingly good. I had a bunch of hogie rolls in the freezer. I took out 4 of them and made a bread ...
Went to Big Lots over the weekend. Spotted it and couldn't pass it up: Larry the Cable Guy's Beer Bread! Only a buck so I thought why not! It takes a can of beer. Anybody try this yet???
Larry the Cable Guy has a Line of Food Mixes? ( Voice of Mater in Cars) spotted at Big Lots
Cable guy is here. Is gonna leave me what I need to hook my stuff up when the other TV gets here. Went to WalMart. It's not a Super WalMart but did get some basic things. Still need a broom, lol.(alternate means of transportation). They have a Big Lots here that I may check out and Kroger's isn't too far away either, just by Walmart.
The new Big Lots store has opened near where I live. There are some items that will be there while supplies last so you better hurry to get them. If you are intersted in making healthy meals for your family they have the entire selection of "Larry the Cable Guy" meals. This includes Larry's Mac and Cheese, cornbread, skillet meals and beef jerky.
Hey I'm eating your Larry the Cable Guy Macaroni and Cheese I bought at Big Lots for 35 cents marked down from $1 lmao lol
Now i have seen it all..Larry the Cable Guy has a line of food out.. $1 each at Big Lots! Mac & Cheese, Burger Helper, Beer Bread, Spicy Corn Muffins and more!
last night's supper was sponsered by the "Git r Done" foundation. Larry the cable guy fried chicken, and smokey bacon flavored mac 'n cheese. It was actually really good. It is amazing what you can find for $1 at the Big Lots. I have visions of a redneck gift basket in a camo 31 thermal. :)
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