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Cable Guy

The Cable Guy is a 1996 American black comedy film, directed by Ben Stiller, and starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

Jeff Foxworthy

Cars 2 - fantastic set-up with horrible execution. Larry the Cable Guy is simply annoying.
Cable, monster, hair, the robot guy, the trio 😍
u guy are tief, Ole NLA niyin. How on earth will u remove some stations on my cable after paying dere is God ooo
She was proposed to by a guy she didn't love. It was the single most suspenseful part of my hallmark movie and...the cable box went out. Eff
What in the Larry the cable guy is going on .
The Costa/Hendricks size difference is ridiculous. It looks like they sent Larry The Cable Guy to kill a terminator
Wife just told me that Cable Guy is a brilliant movie w a straight face & the trial separation begins immediately
The Owen Wilson scene in ‘Cable Guy’ basically explains everything you need to know about 2017.
Jim Carrey doing karaoke to Somebody to Love in The Cable Guy is so iconic
When you actually listen to it, Jim Carrey’s cover of Somebody to Love in The Cable Guy is way decent.
Overheard at "hey that's my cable guy. You can hit MTS but not Shaw"
BREAKING NEWS! Linkin Park is collaborating with Larry the Cable Guy to perform their new single "Reppin the Northwest"
The last time I got my windows to open was when the cable guy came to install my internet and I had him do it
Garfield had trained his doughy body for the past six years into becoming a toned killing machine with Larry the Cable…
Speaking as the guy who drafted the first cable proposing this initiative back in my days in Clinton this is…
I loved Farley. To me, a clown is someone from the Benny Hill school of pure stupidity.Tracey Morgan, Larry/cable guy, etc
Larry the Cable guy is also in Jingle All the Way 2
Shoutout to guy doing cable tricep pull downs with a powerlifting belt on.
Finishing Radioland Murders. Cable Guy would make a great double feature.
fight for the honor of the lady!. wait, didn't this happen in THE CABLE GUY?
Kinda like playing Password.the Cable Guy version.
This is for people that think truck nuts and Larry the cable guy are funny.
The next Republican nominee will be Larry the Cable Guy and it'll be an improvement
suppose white guy is pro-life and African American woman is pro-choice. exchange would get played on cable news loop
Tonight on the Cable Guy took that friend that shoots and have to Brockway, Ogdenville, and get caught
Larry the Cable Guy could not be more generous. A true Nebraskan.
when that classmate who looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns into Larry the Cable Guy in 3 years flat
Entertainers like Larry the Cable Guy, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs, and Jeff Foxworthy built whole careers off pretending to be members of the..
Costume ideas: hillbilly Harry Potter or British Larry the Cable Guy?
A combination of Mike Wallace, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry the Cable Guy.
Larry the Cable Guy will forgive you.
Donnie Darko, starring Larry the Cable Guy and Helena Bonham Carter. Directed by Ang Lee, music by The Weeknd. Budget: $2m
i just found out that Larry the Cable Guy was born in a city named Pawnee and i don't know what to do with this information
Owen Wilson has done multiple movies with Wes Anderson AND Larry the Cable Guy
I didn't know Larry the Cable Guy long hair?! He doing an autograph signing Trip?
All these people wanting Morgan Freeman to narrate their life. With my luck I'd get Larry the Cable Guy.
Watching ft Kirsten Dunst, Larry the Cable Guy & Nikki Glaser on
Just pledged to the Kickstarter for Game The Gamer because I miss Nick Arcade and Noah drops a sweet Cable Guy ref…
comedy central used to play Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector 24/7 which was crazy cuz the film is a single fart looped over 90 min
But comics like Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, and even Lewis Black can be funny and make intelligent observations.
It's funny that the Cars franchise outlasted Larry the Cable Guy's career
I mixed up Larry David and Larry the Cable Guy. In related news, I know how to fix the CARS movies.
Larry the Cable Guy never said he would not take money from Wall Street but the first bla…
Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy are coming to the Allegan County Fair! Tickets go on sale Saturday at...
Costumes of Halloween past! (Pris, Janeane Garofalo in Cable Guy, Angus Young, Milhouse as Fallout Boy, Courtney Love, Gro…
Does Larry the Cable Guy not count? Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Not that I think they're funny, but I would still cons…
Currently wishing we would have given Jeff Dunham or Larry the Cable Guy a National Endowment Grant. They'd care then!
She's the female Larry the Cable Guy. So awful.
Garth Brooks' look is going into Larry the Cable Guy territory.
Had no idea you're real. I Remember that funny scene in Cable Guy. I'm from UK my quest in life is to feast at Medieval Times
I always thought Ron White was pretty funny. And Larry the Cable Guy.
Larry the Cable Guy learned the secret of the Patriotic Drive from Abe Lincoln himself and later taught it to his Marxi…
Listen for a chance to Win to see Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy at & 1 night stay…
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