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The Cable Guy is a 1996 American black comedy film, directed by Ben Stiller, and starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick.

Jeff Foxworthy Dan Whitney

Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy have a joint comedy show...what a time to be alive
ROCK TRIVIA 101: A guitarist for the Everly Brothers was the father of none other than Dan Whitney (aka "Larry, the Cable Guy")!
A college football game on a NASCAR racetrack sounds like an idea from a Larry the Cable Guy stand up routine.
I think Larry the Cable Guy is a Norman/Norma Bates-type case. Larry has taken over completely; there's nothing resembling Dan Whitney left.
People criticizing Larry the Cable Guy are the same folks who get their news from Jon Stewart.
Larry the Cable Guy is what Stewart & Colbert would be if they were funny.
Will Smith advocates a cleansing of Trump supporters, but libtards get butthurt because of what Larry the Cable Guy said?
You really didn't know politicians lie Larry the cable guy? 😂
Didn't expect Larry the Cable Guy to like Trump, but, of course he does.
Larry the Cable Guy: ‘Hillary Will Be the End of the Country’.
Is he "in character" here? (you don't have to watch it, it's Larry the Cable Guy acting like Larry t…
Larry The Cable Guy: Hillary. Clinton will be the of the country .
Now that Larry the Cable Guy has weighed in on the news, I want to hear from Borat, Jiminy Glick, Fernando Lamas, and Sw…
I wish people would read the article not just the headline.Larry the Cable Guy also endorsed Johnson and said Trump says "ou…
Pretending to be politically relevant is, hands down, the funniest thing Larry the Cable Guy has ever done.
Larry the Cable Guy on news this morn: Who r u voting 4? "Idk, it's like do I poop my pants or do I want someone to make m…
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Larry the Cable Guy; Cold and Harsh as a Minnesota winter via
wait, are we supposed to be surprised Larry the Cable Guy supports Trump?
Larry cable guy: is a criminal and that's a fact.
When you find yourself agreeing with Larry the Cable Guy, maybe it is time to revisit some of your life choices.
Larry the cable guy knows Hillary is unworthy!! Wreckless liar.
and how if u do you miss out on his comedy but uh. Larry the cable guy is not funny??
So women are Pinatas, but Larry the Cable Guy is the bad guy? Okay, dude.
Larry the Cable Guy: is a criminal, that’s a fact.
Always, always, always listen to Larry the Cable Guy.
If you're weighing in larry the cable guy's political opinion into your vote, you've got much bigger issues
Larry the Cable Guy: You Get Called a Racist Just for Liking Some of the Things Trump Says - Breitbart
Larry the Cable Guy, discusses the 2016 election and who he is supporting….
Saw someone say something about Larry the cable guy like u shouldn't shun him bc u disagree with his political views.
Asking Larry the Cable Guy for his opinion on politics is about as informative as asking Mickey Mouse for directions to Fun…
why is CNN literally reporting on the opinions of a fictional character. larry the cable guy literally isn't real http…
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REAL QUOTE from Larry the Cable Guy on why he's voting for Donald Trump over Clinton.
in other news, Larry the cable guy is a confirmed racist.
Oh look the dummies are going nuts because Larry the Cable guy spoke the truth about their Queen Hillary.
Larry the Cable Guy Says Clinton 'Will Be the End of the Country' via HE IS RIGHT! Hillary is death!
- sees Larry the Cable Guy trending. - sighs. - assumes fictitious character weighed in on election. - clicks. - yup. -…
I'm proud to be endorsed by Larry the Cable Guy! I'm hoping Billy Bob the Landline Guy will do the same!
Going to Larry the Cable Guy for political opinions is about as wise as going to Bill Cosby for a breast exam.
Chris Brown, Larry The Cable Guy, Tim Tebow, and Vladimir Putin are all trending.
via Maybe it will come down to refusing to accept her fraudulent election, & take t…
Larry the Cable Guy is telling people how to vote and Swaggy P is telling people how to live. 2016 is a dumpster fire.
Larry the Cable Guy: When you say you like Trump, you get death threats and called racist.
This is a friendly reminder that "Larry The Cable Guy" is a persona originally invented by comedian Daniel Whitney to moc…
Larry the Cable Guy: 'Hillary Will Be the End of the Country' - Breitbart
Larry the Cable Guy is Dan Whitney, a dude from Nebraska who makes his living mocking the South and Southerners.
To the producers & studios who ridiculed my idea for a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington remake starring Larry the Cable Guy - WHOS LAUGHING NOW?
All they have is Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Larry the Cable Guy, Michael Richards. Crowder is an F-list hack.
I swear Larry the Cable Guy and my Dad are twins 😂😂
I saw Larry the Cable Guy trending and instantly thought of the I thought he might be speaking, but he's too big for them to get
If you quote Larry the Cable Guy in a speech at the Republican National Convention. ...You might be a redneck.
LOOOL! see that poor white folk? these tractor-less big citee power people speak the same language as you! (Larry the Cable Guy)
Meanwhile at stage left:. REP MARSHA BLACKBURN's ASSISTANT: Dont do the Larry the Cable Guy big finish!!!.
Tonight on a very special episode of Ghost Hunters, Larry the Cable Guy slips on a hotwheel and poops himself.
3. Mater from "Cars" franchise: Larry the Cable Guy as a tow truck... and also the focus of Pixar's worst film:
Harry and Larry the Cable Guy at the Rice Lake Turtle Back CC Charity Golf Outing!!
Yes that is Larry the Cable Guy up here for the Rice Lake Celebrity Classic
His name is Ben Hoffman and he's the Larry the Cable Guy of country music. You know he's a fraud too, right?
If you think about it, Tim Gunn and Larry the Cable Guy essentially have the same catch phrase.
If Kid Rock and Larry the Cable Guy somehow procreated, the result would be this guy right here.
Larry the Cable Guy's sister is so fat... he has to hire rodeo clowns to distract her when he brings home the...
In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, Git-R-Done.
Update your maps at Navteq
boo ha ha you're just a riot Landon Anderson!!! Just like my favorite comedian, Larry the Cable Guy!
When the picture first caught my eye I thought the picture of the guy within it was Larry the Cable Guy! Never mind
Maybe it's just me, but I think that Larry the Cable Guy just needs to quit.
Is Larry the Cable Guy still relevant? Now that I think about it, was he ever?
Larry the Cable Guy on TV today for Prilosec "zero heartburn" & another ad from law firm seeking pts with kidney injury on Prilosec/PPI.
"Came out here to party, came out here to see the girls get naughty" ~ somebody that looks like Larry the Cable Guy
Amy Schumer is the Liberal version of Larry the Cable Guy. It all makes sense now.
Anytime I hear country music, I think of Larry the Cable Guy's "AL MY EXES HAVE INFECTIONS!"
can only do that with flannels Larry the Cable Guy style
For the people who I don't have on snapchat, I just found a bag of Larry the Cable Guy's "Cheeseburger Tater Chips". South Georgia is weird
Larry the Cable Guy made a special appearance at our Stand Up Event in Nebraska!
I'm officially pumped for next though every week is on point I feel Larry the Cable Guy deserves every joke thrown his way
Boy, nothing gets me to my local pharmacy faster than seeing a drug Larry the Cable Guy is endorsing on the television!
S/O to Larry the Cable Guy who has to answer "wait are you doing a character or is this who you are?" 57x a day
Let's blame miss spelled words on our pencils too then - Larry the Cable Guy
Larry the Cable Guy might benefit from reading this post! by
She also got paid less than what she was worth Larry the Cable Guy gets the same rate & he isn't the most anything
Our chat with the one ... the only ... Larry the Cable Guy (
Ah, stand and revere the intellect. She makes Lewis Black look like Larry the Cable Guy
representing that small segment of America that wants Larry the Cable Guy on the twenty
Superstar comedians Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy will reunite for the ‘WE'VE BEEN THINKING TOUR’ on May 6 at 7P and 9:30P.
BEHIND THE FLANNEL: Comedian Dan Whitney describes the origins of Larry the Cable Guy -
Gov won't be happy until all the live entertainment North Carolina has is Larry the Cable Guy concerts
By the way, we took our leftovers to Larry the Cable Guy. He LOVED them. He was all about the brisket and sauce
I read the first part in Larry the Cable Guy's voice I have to go
Guy Fieri is the Larry the Cable Guy of food.
I liked a video Larry the Cable Guy - A Sue Named Boy
I liked a video Larry the Cable Guy - I Like Steak
Thinks Dane Cook and Larry the Cable Guy are the funniest comedians
"If guns kill people, I could blame all my misspelled words on my pencil." ~ Larry the Cable Guy
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with all of this fan outrage, I hope the movie version of Lord Zedd is just Larry the Cable Guy wearing his normal everyday outfit
I broke my arm and I had to go immediately from getting a cast on it to seeing Larry the Cable Guy: HI in theaters right after.
my vote Larry the Cable Guy, he relates to regular America
Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy to perform in Brevard...
Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy to perform in
Speaking of Arnie sequels, there is also a Jingle all the Way 2 with Larry the Cable Guy, it's awful, some things shouldn't be done
So, how have the good men at been waiting for Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector to turn 10? I'm guessing 5 years.
I take Prilosec OTC precisely because Larry the Cable Guy does.
YES! Larry the Cable Guy next week! Iris Bahr who I think is cute, Tom Wilson who is great and JOEY PANTS!!.
I liked a video Larry the Cable Guy - Just Hitched
No more Joe the Plumber or Larry the Cable Guy trash talking. I have decided it's better to just take money from rich people and sick my own
Folks I got dissed by Larry the Cable Guy but it was all worth it to get the scoop that Cars 3 is on the way
I miss Larry the Cable Guy cause at least comedy had an enemy we could all agree on. Now we just pretend we're fine with Hardwick and Fallon
There's a special place in *** .. For whoever decided we can only PURCHASE a *** Larry the Cable Guy movie on Amazon & not rent it.
Dude, let's write a skit called Gary the Label Guy. It's like Larry the Cable Guy only funny.
I really dug David Cross' skewering of Larry the Cable Guy, on a related note.
His roast of Larry the Cable Guy will stand the test of time.
If you feed a Nebraskan after midnight we’ll slip into a Larry the Cable Guy accent.
Raise your hand if your gala included Jeff Foxworthy & Larry the Cable Guy tales, bow hunting league & a trophy.
[spelling bee]. Your word is 'bassackwards'. Can you use it in a sentence?. Larry the Cable Guy is a bassackwards hillbilly h…
Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy with Big Joe Bastardi - sporting 2016 NCAA Wrestling Championship hats.
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