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Byker Grove

Byker Grove is a British television series which aired between 1989 and 2006 and was created by Adele Rose.

Grange Hill Ant McPartlin Michael Gove Press Gang Andrew Hayden Smith Only Fools Charlie Hunnam Jill Halfpenny Roger Lloyd Pack Donna Air

Just saw this article from where Ant cast mates are behind him all the way.
I adore Katy Perry but her current styling is just too confusing - Byker Grove drag queen 👑
What was your favorite childhood TV show? — I loved Grange Hill and Byker Grove.
Ant McPartlin's Byker Grove pals offer support to "lovely lad" after he reveals crippling…
Ant McPartlin's Byker Grove pals offer support after drink and drug revelations
Byker Grove: the under-appreciated cornerstone of public service!
Someone started a rumour last night that I was in Byker Grove and I ended up getting loads of drinks what a belter
Poor spoogy from Byker Grove is knocked out.
Ahh man Byker Grove too. I swear all the kids 'drama' that was on at 5pm was THE BEST
The Byker Grove board in editing suite at Granada, back in the early CITV days (circa 2006):
Planning needs a bit more civilised than Zingzilla island though : : : Brostep is to do it in Byker Grove. They're Air apps are holding back
Nice work and I was saddened by this news. I worked with Ant a few time as a kid on By…
Yes. Yes it will. Have also said no to paintball! I explained about what happened to PJ and Duncan in Byker Grove 😂😂
Isn't Byker Grove's Charlie Hunnam in that film as well?! Absolutely dire, and I've seen Football Factory.
Fill me with helium and fly me above Bristol until we all come together and unite in a chorus of the Byker Grove theme.
For some reason this made me think of Byker Grove...
I remember you way back in byker grove! ;) hehe Xx
TFW when you learn that the Byker Grove building is in the Benwell area of Newcastle...the other side of the city to Byker. Bugger
He's one that got made blind in byker grove. possibly why he has that massive forehead now
HOME AND AWAY! So much better than Neighbours. Though Byker Grove got me into All Saints...
I have followed your career since byker grove.u have worked so hard to be successful as u are.dont throw it away.u can beat this🙂
Best of luck Ant grown up with u from byker grove and now Saturday night takeaway. Speedy recovery
also, FWIW, I think that's a decent joke - I can only assume nobody remembers Byker Grove.
Hope ant gets better, shame he'll never be able to see again. Byker grove will never be the same mate x
I couldn't believe it when I heard. I've followed you both since Byker Grove when I was at school myself…
There's a small mistake in this article. It was Byker Grove not Hollyoaks.
the pressure of Byker Grove finally took it's toll on Dec
from Byker Grove to Deuce & anything since feel I've grown up with y'all really rooting for you Ant 💜💜💜
From Byker Grove boys to royal favourites - Theirs is one of the longest — and certainly ... via
I know. Even back in his Byker Grove days there was clearly trouble at mill. How on earth did she no…
hey DEC I have watched both of you since byker grove and a live and kicking this has really touched me please give ant
Best wishes to Ant for a speedy recovery. Watched these guys since the Byker Grove days, wish him all the best ♥
Plenty of money no reason to be on drink and drugs still living in byker grove eh
He did, he turned to drink to deal with byker grove, and being friends with Dec
Only posh people had them back then and they were big like bricks. Did you watch Byker Grove when they left?
I've loved them since they were in Byker Grove. My babysitter used to stalk Ant at there school 😂.x
Ant pulled through being blinded in Byker Grove, this should be easy with help of the nation. He's one of our own.
Ant hasn't let anyone down, you 2 have been on tv since you were kids in Byker Grove (loved that show) l…
Love the pair of you since Byker Grove. Xxx
I loved uz both since byker grove and always will as uz are just showing uz are human. Xx big hugs x
£79000 a day on drugs ! Wow what an *** ! Just shows how far he has come from byker grove ! Nowhere
Wishing you a speedy recovery Ant.Your fans are behind you every step of the way.Been a fan since Byker…
All the best Ant, absolutely love you guys have grown up with you since your Byker Grove days. Love watching your shows x
Wish you all the best Ant, glad your getting help, loved you since the byker grove days! XX
These 2 have been in my life since byker grove ...hope u get better soon ant needs u both ❤❤❤
From Byker Grove to OBEs: Ant and Dec and the friendship which has spanned nearly three… UK New Entertainment
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Well he was from Byker Grove...Ant McPartlin checks into rehab for alcohol and drug problem
Did you ever see the episode of Byker Grove where the lassie fell in love with The Angel of the North? Top three ep, like
Grange Hill and Byker Grove was my favourite! They touched on real topics from teen pregnancy to mental health. https:/…
There's a yoof on the tube dressed like Ant McPartlin in his Byker Grove years
they're nearly as tough as the kids in Byker Grove.
Nee probs. 😉. Do you have many Ant and Dec/P.J. and Duncan or BYKER GROVE articles ?
Took the boy to a paintball party today. During safety brief he put his hand up and told of the incident in byker grove. He's 8!!
And yet again Byker Grove misses a credit
You know all my North East language lessons cone from Auf Weidershen Pet and Byker Grove 😀😀😀
they weren't bad in Byker Grove but then again I never watched it
true that - they weren't so bad on Byker Grove!
Ant and Dec robbing a living since Byker Grove!
At least they own their own houses and don't all live at Byker Grove
Last of the Summer Wine versus Byker Grove today. Should be a good game
Mum of Brooke Blair hits back at sicko haters of daughter's viral message to Prime Minister. Well said Holly
I was sceptical to begin with but this 1994 day on has been superb especially the bit when they played the Byker Grove theme tune
When theirs paintballs flying around so you lift up your visor. Did byker Grove teach you nothing!
Is realising Geoff from Byker Grove was only about forty and would now be your peer a recognised part of the psychology of ageing?
Why can't you get Byker Grove on DVD? Probably because I would loose a weekend to it. no, a week
Byker Grove you say ? the Small Town Creed one by ? Not heard that for a long time, really must get some KG on MP3
one of my teachers went on a tv quiz and said his favourite show was Byker Grove. Instant hero. Not him…
just made me do a double take. Grove. Random! Fond memories of 10 years on the programme.
Listening to absolute bangers from 1994 on inc the Live&Kicking & Byker Grove theme tunes. It's kisstory for the indie crowd! 😎👌
Never in all my years did I think I'd hear the Byker Grove theme tune on
Good, if slightly surreal, to hear the Byker Grove theme on 6.
Anyone listening to under the age of 23 today must be completely lost (it's 1994 day and they just played the Byker Grove theme).
Can't emphasise how deep I am in nostalgia now has played the Live&Kicking, Byker Grove and original Zelda themes. GOOD WORK 👌
6 Music playing the theme to Byker Grove. 1994 Day has peaked.
It's a little known fact that Byker Grove was first written to counter Geordie extremism.
We don't have any children so can't post any pics of them dressed up for . Instead, here's a photo of…
eastenders is killing the show. It has turned into byker Grove. Or it is losing all the popular cast members and they wonder why
Who had the better facial hair? Ted from Postman Pat or Geoff from Byker Grove?
Why is Donna Air putting that fake accent on? You were on Byker Grove love!
Geoff from Byker Grove to play next James Bond .
i'm 15 and even i want to go to the grove!!! Byker Grove was just amazing!
I worked in shop with a guy who was on Byker Grove when he was younger, ended up kissing him at the staff xmas party
‘Now I get my hair cut at The Owl people have stopped actively trying to hit me with their cars and vans’ – Noddy from Byker Grove
Yes please! have talked about staging reunions for Byker Grove *and* SM:TV Live! https…
if that doesn't work, nothing will. I WAS IN BYKER GROVE. Pick me. Pick me. I'm cool
Most of those players would struggle to get into a Byker Grove XI…get in the bin
Anyone one else used to have to watch Byker Grove with the subtitles on?
Also pretty close, and not going the way I expected, Byker Grove triumps over Gummi Bears!
We look like some of the excellent cast of Byker Grove...
I was the auditionee directly before Dec on Byker Grove. Could easily have been Ant and Daz ;)
Michael Gove, walking out to the Byker Grove theme re-recorded with his own name.
Byker Grove was long running Geordie teen drama, which launched careers of Ant & Dec (amongst others!) :)
Have to admit that I have no idea what Byker Grove is/was. But I still remember the words to Gummi Bears...
Michael Gove complaining we're treating him & others like kids so now I've the Byker Grove music replaced with his name stuck in my head!
Round 1, match 7 of is Gummi Bears vs Byker Grove!
MASSIVE THROWBACK! Ant & Dec's first scene together on Byker Grove. (Vine by
I could go & on 😊. Loved Bananaman too. Oh. Why don't You. Byker Grove. Hartbeat. Fun House. Art Attack. Morph. Pugwall.
I'm on the train and travelling through Byker!!! As in Byker grove!
*** are you taking the *** Not been this gutted about tv since pj got blinded on byker grove!
When you go to the other side of the world and feel the need to recreate the Byker Grove opening titles
My claim to fame is that I was on Byker Grove when I was 12!!! Proper geordie or what
I'll never see a public information film more powerful than the paintball episode of Byker Grove.
Introducing Charlie P to the Byker Grove theme song. My God, it's awful!
Dec, Jack looks like you did when you were in Byker Grove!!
Class acts both of you. Watched since the days of Byker Grove! All the best!
OK so nobody has mentioned about how the Record Store Day logo is evocative of Byker Grove?
Definitely just walked past Andrew Hayden Smith off Byker Grove and then Michael Gambon.
oh they're all coming back now.. Earthfasts, The Biz, Byker Grove... obvs Round the Twist was best, Eerie Indiana!
Benwell Towers/The Mitre the home of Byker Grove on my site here
have never been to Newcastle but would love to! Still a big Byker Grove fan!! Xx
Loving feed today! Hope she manages to squeeze in an episode of Byker Grove
Ha! Come crashing back into the reality of Byker Grove . :)
Spuggy from Byker Grove has let herself go
Stop what you're doing. Byker wall from Byker Grove just got solar panels! :O
I remember watching Worzel Gummidge, they also showed Children's Ward and Byker Grove.
Where are the cast of Byker Grove now? Ant & Dec, Charlie Hunnam, Jill Halfpenny and more via
Ex - Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg rumoured to be starring in a remake of Byker Grove
How did Victoria Coren keep her usual accent when saying Byker Grove? Surely that's impossible.
Throwback: Gabby Agbonlahor making a cameo appearance in Byker Grove in 2005.
Oh no Blue Peter -much better: Grange Hill and Byker Grove!
Are there no grown up kids shows that teach kids about real things? When I was a kid we had Byker Grove, Grange Hill, Press Gang etc
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Anna Friel in Brookside wasn't UK TVs first *** kiss. It was on Byker Grove.
Jill Halfpenny from Byker Grove/Eastenders is on my bus. SO Geordie, I can imagine saying Why Aye Pet as we speak.
Who remembers first seeing on Byker Grove?.
An ant can carry 50 times its own body weight. Except Ant McPartlin. He's been busy carrying Declan Donnelly since leaving Byker Grove in 93
Remember that time a dodgy guy pushed dodgy copies of Half Man Half Biscuit albums on Byker Grove?
Bit like Byker Grove, where a house has a front door in Byker and the back door's by the MetroCentre.
“Bullseye this belter never watched byker grove
Today's 9 @ 9 is from the year we were watching Byker Grove but can you remember when this was? Ged
Answer was The Mitre in Benwell. The home of Byker Grove.
Just realised what an amazing year 1989 was for kids, . Press Gang, Byker Grove, Children's Ward and Round the Twist all started in that year
"Sandy looks like the sort of woman who was left temporarily in charge of Byker Grove" Ha ha marvelous introduction to Sandy!
I first saw charlie on byker grove.
Clutching at straws here but Byker Grove was Northern, right?
Byker Grove missed me, I was 9 when it was cancelled...
a national horror to me. The geordie accent and years of Byker Grove!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And that must be Byker grove on the left
it's my mums 40th birthday in September is Saturday night takeaway on then to surprise her she's been a fan since byker grove
I considered Byker Grove, but went for this pic of Press Gang instead :)
Definitely just walked past someone off Byker Grove..
I got nothing... it's a factory, probably northern. Byker Grove?
Like I never really saw the MASSIVE deal with the Luke being *** storyline because I'd seen that done 10+ years ago on Byker Grove
Remember when CBBC actually made dramas that impacted kids lives? Byker Grove and Grange Hill (before it got terrible) were amazing dramas
You like Geordies? If not you can troll me for a bit. Just dont ask me to say "Byker Grove" or "Day 3 in the Big Brother house" 😂
I think you have to have been in Byker Grove and then one episode of "Cucumber".
Listening to a song that always reminds me of BYKER GROVE. The Beatles "In My Life".
the grove makes me think of byker grove 🙈😂 random I know sorry 😂
I plan to and can't wait to see it. Love Ant and Dec followed them ever since byker grove. Sally
I'll say this repeatedly, but adrian neville needs the byker grove theme playing when he comes out
meeting anyone from south of York and them insisting you say "Byker Grove" while they fall about laughing. It gets old.
Check out Byker Grove: No Laughing Matter By Robert Rigby can someone give this to me for my birthday? :D
I first started loving them when they came on to Byker Grove :)
Trailer for this is England 90-whats with all the Millenium beards? No one had beards like that in 1990 apart from Geoff from Byker Grove!
I know do you like Ant&Dec? Who couldn't like them.I've followed them since byker grove loved seeing the wedding x
Congrats again to Dec! Celebrate with our look back at career in music
Just finishing Season 2 myself! So good! Just found out Jax is actually from Newcastle & was once in Byker Grove.
I was genuinely happy & really pleased for you, Dec. I used to watch you & Ant on Byker Grove, & I've been a fan ever since!
congratulations. I've been a fan since byker grove
Great idea! Used to be awesome programes like Grange Hill, Byker Grove, Round the Twist, even Neigbours.
Got a plan to play the Twin Peaks soundtrack over old episodes of Byker Grove and sell it to HBO as a long-lost 90s Lynch cult classic.
Having a morning of retro TV: The Littlest Hobo, Children of the Dog Star, Brendon Chase, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Earthfasts, Byker Grove
My favourite thing about Daredevil is that its central plot point is based on PJ from Byker Grove.
Byker Grove,Grange Hill, demon headmaster,pig heart boy lol oi kids tv was decent when I was in school
I feel uncomfortable watching Andrew Hayden Smith getting jerked off because I remember him from Byker Grove on CBBC
Since when did Ben Ainslie marry Georgie Thompson? I thought she went out with the one who wasn't blinded during paintball in Byker Grove.
Byker Grove star Andrew Hayden Smith to return to TV in Russell T. Davies drama
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For 'Byker Grove's 25th anniversary, meets the star from the show's infamous *** kiss scene:
was at to mark 25 years since Byker Grove first broadcast
Byker Grove: A celebration worthy of a quarter of a century at
Ant & Dec shot to fame on this programme, but can you guess the year when Byker Grove first hit our screens? G&H
Byker Grove had a lot of life lessons.
it's like they do the Byker Grove jump
look at this hottie, I had the biggest crush on Dec during the Byker Grove days
just had a look at that.. Wonder what kind of content they will show? Byker grove marathon?
what a throwback when my mam used to work on byker grove with you guys! This was after a panto you did 😮
Remember wanking to her in Byker Grove!
or byker grove. I assume all East London is eastenders
I can shout Byker Grove quotes at them! 'My eyes man!!!' etc. etc.
Tut Tut News: Newcastle tourism suffers yet another blow as Council forced to admit, again, that Byker Grove is not a real place.
Do you remember when I used to be 'Spuggie' off Byker Grove?
you mean Byker Grove? That wasn't made & in Byker here but Benwell & I don't think the US could handle a geordie accent :)
I've just banged a fiver on Jeff Keegan from Byker Grove to get the Newcastle job @ 50,000-1
Showing my age a bit their, remembering Press Gang & still remember byker grove from beginning, but not Grange Hill, about 1983/4
Wait, I thought Byker Grove was the S8 bad guy?
what! I thought this was rants about Byker Grove
my friend used to be a writer on Byker Grove :-) I shall pass on your love!
lol ps Byker Grove wasnt filmed in Byker xx
On train to Newcastle, reflecting how good Byker Grove was.
Don't forget, we're your friends, and we're always here for you, no matter what. Would you like to talk about it now?. Well Ted…Byker Grove…
Great afternoon at so much fun trying to recreate the Byker Grove theme tune!
Alfie from Byker Grove is a clerk in my bank and he's a bell end
Funny that there is a lad from my school on last night's ep too! Nick Figgis from - was in Grove back in t'day
They probably think all Geordies look alike. The last time I really watched them was Byker Grove & I can tell who's who
I'd love to pet! First thing if do would be bring back Byker Grove!! xx
Walked to Morrisons in Byker today and all I could think about was Byker Grove
Aww loved Wonky Donkey Dec was hilarious 😂 Yeah Byker Grove was when I first started & driving my mum,dad crazy😝
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Grange Hill, Byker Grove deffo apply. I did watch Pugwall while I was a teenager. But yeah, I was about 26 when SMTV ended! x
Miss programmes like Kenan & Kel, Grange Hill, byker grove. They just don't make them the same these days 👵
...This morning at my language exchange class...teaching my Korean language partner all about Byker Grove and Geordie slang!!!
Yeah me same loved them since Byker grove all throw there journey up till now 😃 Feels like I've grown up with them
how and where do you meet them?? I'm struggling lol! I've grown up with them in Byker Grove, SMTV etc ❤️ the boys xxx
Nig babysits Paedos? Sounds like a plot from Byker Grove.
was there tonight loved it do u remember this guy Byker Grove cheesy pop video: great friend of mine x
Remember Byker Grove!? Well here's what one of the actors is up to now
Honestly I used to love Bodger & Badger. Class kids tv programme, that & Byker Grove was bosh
Replace the words 'Byker Grove' with Michael Gove in the Byker Grove theme tune. You're welcome!
Referenced in first 15mins of episode... Byker Grove, Neighbours, KFC, Fact Hunt, Jeremy Paxman, Andrew Marr, Crabbing all
i can see that. In the inevitable film version of Byker Grove he would definitely be cast.
Yeah. Agreed. Did you know Ross was in Byker Grove when he was a kid?
Watching - for the 100th million time this summer!. Wesselton's henchman looks like Jeff from Byker Grove! Judge for yourself...
Did you know Geoff from Byker Grove was / is head of education for prisons in No... — Do you work in a prison mate?
What do Ant and Dec even do? My experience of them is. 1. Byker Grove. 2. An episode of SMTV
I did enjoy one posh girl now a friend of mine telling me how much she loved byker grove and wanted to go. lol lol no no no
surely thats an episode of Byker Grove!
please I have lived them since byker grove they are my TV heroes xx
Byker Grove was incredible. My favourite character was Terry, who did a superb heel-to-face turn after leaving Denton Burn.
and how mental Byker Grove could be. Can't paintball without shouting "PJ, AH CANNAT SEE" either.
Fairly sure Donna Air tried to launch her initial pop career on Byker Grove, really stretching the limits of my memory here
Been thinking a lot about Crush, the spin-off band from Byker Grove, and their single Jellyhead recently -
How did you feel when Geoff Keegan, the doyen of Byker Grove, was killed in ... — I was almost moved to tears mate.
For all the southerners reading this, Byker Grove is a very misleading show, in real life Byker is a project.
Can't wait to see tonight at the odyssey have been a fan since the pj and Duncan byker Grove days
–Daniel Radcliffe was born, the Nintendo Gameboy was on sale, Byker Grove aired on TV & Tina’s The Best was massive! What year?x
you'll always be Donna's Mam on Byker Grove to me ;)
Just had to explain Byker Grove and PJ & Duncan to He had no clue about either. The youth of today...
It wouldn't look out of place in the closing credits of Byker Grove. (I think that's a compliment).
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Did I ever thank you for the letter you sent me when you were on Byker Grove..?
if the cast of 'Byker Grove' wore snapbacks it would look a lot like this, I reckon.
'Byker Grove' and 'Grange Hill' marathons should have been twice-weekly after-school activities.
Why Saved By The Bell lacked the gritty 90s realism of our own Byker Grove
Just remembered about something else I saw at the hospital charity shop today - a Byker Grove novel featuring young Ant & Dec on the cover.
Given my Geordie heritage I have to put a vote in for byker grove, plus I was recurring extra for 2 series
Byker Grove was a British television series which aired between 1989 and 2006. The show was broadcast at 5.10pm after Newsround on CBBC on BBC One. It featured some gormless twGove is a British Conservative Party politician, the Secretary of State for Education and MP for Surrey Heath. He is also an author and a former journalist for The Times newspaper, and a gormless twjust what they WANT you to think!
Byker Grove was ace TV after Grange Hill finished.
After my previous comments, I had no choice but to watch the new series of "Inspector George Gently", and - knock me down with a feather - turns out that the underlying story is about an old aquaintance: T. Dan Smith. Bristol west Young Tories used to regularly hold debates with Leyhill Open Prison... and one of Leyhill's star debaters was Mr Smith himself! Tonight's story seems to be about the demolition of the Newcastle area of Byker (yes, as in "Byker Grove"!) arranged by Council leader Smith, who (as it turned out) was being paid by the Architect (Poulson) who had the contract to develop the site.
Online before I looked at all the old programs many of us used to watch after school; playhouse, round the twist, byker grove, magnum, knightrider, and the sSaturday morning cartoons.
...better than when Noddy kissed Gary on Byker Grove!
2. Realise with utter HORROR that your colleagues are CHILDREN who don't get your puns about Byker Grove.
yep ha can't be any worse than the Byker Grove opening credits
I don't care..some Children's programmes were amazing..I remember Ant & Dec from Byker Grove too & yes, I was way old then too
We bought a new telly the other day, it makes everything look too real. Like I'm watching Byker Grove.
If you watched Grange Hill, Byker Grove, had 4 TV channels, played in the woods, made a den, fell out of trees, a game was War or Bulldog with not a computer in sight, rode your bike, had to be in before dark, got grounded if you were late, not even the home phone was mobile, vandalism was scratching the school desk with a compass, you recorded the top 40 off the radio, got 10 sweets in a 10p mix and you turned out ok, then re-post, THIS IS WHEN ENGLAND WAS GREAT
Come on you irons!!! You can stick ya byker grove up your *** !
- Big Byker Grove fan though, so he might weigh in
A farewell to Roger Lloyd-Pack:- You’ve lost you battle with the dread disease, The last thing we want to hear, it’s cancer I’m afraid, a platitude trotted by Doctors In a pathetic attempt to ease the tragic news, For you the worst scenario, the horror that is pancreatic cancer, for which there is no cure, A sad end for a man so loved by all his peers and fans, You’ve played your last scene in life, as you played your many characters, to the limit of your skills, Gone you are, but not forgotten, the man who walked the boards, An adept of the thespian muse, to play so many parts, Alan Bennet, Chekov, Koki Mitani, Shakespeare, Caroline Bird as well as panto too, Plays to give much thought, not to amuse as such, All were grist to your mill as you blossomed, television was another portion of your craft, Taking to it like a natural, thou I’m sure it wasn’t easy, Roles for you were many, the Bill, Doc Martin, Byker Grove, that must have been a laugh, Oliver, Even helping Noel, with his house party, ...
I Can't help it but Bowker Vale in Manchester just reminds me of Byker Grove. Happy days :-)
Roger Lloyd-Pack, star of Byker Grove and The Vicar of Dibley, has died
aww like that is it you've changed since you moved to Byker grove 😌
Were I on, I would go into a lengthy ramble in which it gradually becomes apparent I've got it mixed up with Byker Grove.
I can't believe Trigger is dead. What a fine actor he was from Inside Victor Lewis-Smith, Byker Grove to Only Fools. RIP Roger Lloyd-Pack
When you die people will only ever remember your good points, and not mention that you once played the paedo on Byker Grove who was grooming Spuggy.
was in five episodes of Byker Grove according to IMDB! Owen Newitt in TVOD was by far his best comedy performance I'd say.
Remembered one of Roger Lloyd-Pack's quieter roles - playing a criminal on the run in Byker Grove and was hidden in the cellar by Spuggie!
How sad! The best time in my life or rather best times in my life I associate with a place that no longer exists. Port Talbot Employment Rehabilitation Centre. (The good old ERC) Great idea, shame the pillocks in life had to close it down and knock it down, why not rebuild it elsewhere in Port Talbot? Another case of if it works, don't fix it. I was there in 1982, 1985 and 1987. Loved every minute inside and outside of the building. I can picture it all now. Made some friends, but life moves on and you move in different directions. It was like being in school again, only I hated school. An Adult Byker Grove would describe it too, probably more accurate, than a school. Now aged 51, looking back on life as I have said, only there for a couple of months at a time, but those months were the best in a life where otherwise I would describe life and people I have met as abysmal and really not worth the effort. Maybe I am lucky. Maybe I have the memories of a few months whereas people think they dream they hav .. ...
It's an acoustic set, and I'm sending you right back to Byker Grove, Geordie...
Awww god no, just learnt that Roger Lloyd Pack has died, he was a brilliant actor, I shall forever remember his best characters. Trigger of course in Only Fools & Horses, Owen Newitt in The Vicar Of Dibley, Barty Crouch Snr in Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire and John Lumic in Doctor Who amongst others. I vaguely remember him as a character in Byker Grove too back in 1990. he will be missed, who could forget all the laughs he gave us all. featured in NBC s Science of Love
["On Saturday, shall we go bowling? Or maybe we should play pool?"] "I don't know. It's all a bit 'Byker Grove' isn't it?"
Shame to hear of Roger Lloyd-Pack. Remember his Byker Grove episodes with Spuggie & opposite Billie Piper in Doctor Who.
Sad news about Roger Lloyd Pack. His CV is amazing. From Byker Grove to Fools and Horses. Brilliant comic actor. RIP
He also did a couple of episodes of Byker Grove, he played a wanted criminal who befriended Supggie.
Also overlooking his work as Beckett in Byker Grove.
Roger Lloyd Pack did a superb turn on Byker Grove as a criminal on the run .
“Breaking news: Roger Lloyd-Pack, who played Trigger in Only Fools and Horses has died at 69.” Remember him in Byker Grove?
I've waited long enough to use it, my friend. Long enough. You're like if Mark Fowler was on Byker Grove.
Lyndyann who was in Byker Grove with me? xxx
I can't remember you being in Byker Grove! Are you not confusing that with the very dubious "Oranges.." film thing?!!! 🙈
Jax from Sons of Anarchy was in Byker Grove. Jesus.
I must of missed that episode of Byker Grove...
loved byker grove. Gilly and Julie were my favs
honestly though I remember when byker grove seemed hardcore. TV censorship is changing... We haven't aged a day! :)
Get yourself a Byker Grove box set and a Jimmy Nail CD and you'll be good to go mate :)
thanks for the follow :) and Byker Grove I loved that show :)
did you enjoy doing byker grove with ant and Dec?
Oops. The new Lily Allen song is well and truly stuck in my head. The ending reminds me of the Byker Grove theme tune.
The Queens Nose, Grange Hill & Byker Grove were my faves!! & Ghost Hunters! TV was so good when we were little!
"But so does the geezer from Kaiser Chiefs, so that’s put a downer on things." Kasabian in fine form in 2006:
It's worth reading this amazing Kasabian interview: They are SUCH DWADS.
Mr. Geordie pals are up to visit for a few days now, and I'm gonna get so much nostalgia for Byker Grove.
Don't think I've ever enjoyed an interview as much as the one the where remembered their love of Mr Whippy:
Great radio interview this morning with lots of fun reminiscing about my old Byker Grove days x
you've been on Byker Grove though. That's pretty sweet
ok I take it back, the fact that her songs all end in a Byker Grove style laugh is just to much
Since there isn't many episodes of Byker Grove on youtube. I have got 6 episodes from this series that I managed to upload last time on my previous channel w...
if Timmy Mallett is arrested, my whole childhood will go up in smoke. Ditto Geoff from Byker Grove.
Youre probably not old enough to remember him in Byker Grove with PJ and Duncan aka Ant n Dec.
I was also once in Byker Grove, sadly not repeated on tv as often!!
Prison?! Dammit! He told me it was a youth club for adults. Like Byker Grove but with more bars on the windows.
It's almost as if they'd never watched Byker Grove.
Just watched an 8 minute video of Ant and Dec's best bits from Byker Grove. Seminal stuff.
Byker Grove has returned, you pop down to the offi and get another £5 top up.
Just spotted Damian Lewis from Band of Brothers at central station. New series of Byker Grove?
yeah first few grab you like. What bugs me is Jax blag American accent, he's a Geordie I think, was in Byker Grove!
Really wanna play a gig at Byker Grove.
It's a 1970s childrens drama series filmed in the Gateshead and Bensham area by Tyne Tees Television. It was I suppose the Byker Grove of its day. I'm getting old. I remember watching them when they first aired.
for Byker Grove, Going Live on a Saturday morning, the pop man coming round in his van and the 'Midnight' Mars chocolate bars.
Newcastle fans havnt been this unhappy since they cancelled byker grove
Newcastle here we come its going to get messyxxx byker GROVE xxx
Why is holyoaks still on TV years ago it was ok but now it's worst thing on the box it's a cross between the sopranos n byker grove
Sometimes I wish I could just go down to byker grove, it looked like fun
Hi Everyone, Previously as a Camera Operator I have 24 yrs of single camera TV drama experience. CREDITS include Casualty, The Bill, Byker Grove, Hollyoaks, Brookside etc... I am now looking to develop my Directing career. If you would like to contact me I can provide d...
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