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Buzz Bissinger

Harry Gerard Bissinger III, also known as H. G. Bissinger and Buzz Bissinger (born November 1, 1954), is an American journalist and author, best known for his non-fiction book Friday Night Lights.

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Somewhere, wrapped in expensive leather, Buzz Bissinger is worried...
Wow, among the 13,000 beat to become 52 Places Traveler was Buzz Bissinger, author of…
Good list, but I would add Buzz Bissinger, and episodes
She's a good writer so I wouldn't want to besmirch her ability to do well, but it was obviously a farce…
Buzz Bissinger was among the over 13,000 people who applied to be the 52 Places Traveler:
Nevertheless, I got a message and left One dead messenger, yep. My pen is Henry Kissinger, Buzz Bissinger
This is THE greatest article ever written, supplanting Buzz Bissinger's one admitted he was addicted to Gucci
Buzz Bissinger has applied to be a travel writer for the NYT. His competition includes a father-daughter team and s…
Buzz Bissinger? Well, why not?! My travel writer friends and I can’t wait to learn the actual pick.
Ugh I meant to say "including and some scrub named Buzz Bissinger"
NYT is announcing who got the amazing travel job later this week. In the meantime, here’s a lovely video showing of…
I wrote about the face funkmaster flex made when black thought rhymed Henry Kissinger with buzz bissinger.
This man can spend money. Half a million dollars on clothes in three years.
we're all joking about Glenn Beck's look but it's only because we know what comes next:
John Feinstein comes across as such an *** A little like Buzz Bissinger, but without being interesting, funny or a spark of humanity.
yeah I wasn't implying it was copied. Using comparison to illustrate creepiness. Stars buzz bissinger I'm sure.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
No Buzz around Bissinger but he scores at 21-1 in R1; pays $45.20 to win
My collage for "Riding with Buzz," in the new Popular Mechanics issue. Written by Buzz Bissinger.
Unrelated: I always get Henry Kissinger and Buzz Bissinger mixed up
Post reps-The Test - compete against yourself, team. Also points for home workouts and reading books, Buzz Bissinger, A Prayer for the City.
Buzz Bissinger told us last year he made a ton of money from the book and movie but not a cent from the TV show.
Check out Shooting Stars by LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger (2009, Hardcover) via
Thrilled to reunite with my friend Buzz Bissinger. Honored that he's telling my full story. htt…
for the last half hour I was referring to Buzz Aldrin as Buzz Bissinger. one is an astronaut. one is a writer.
Thanks. Also, this podcast interview with him is fascinating.
Caitlyn Jenner to speak at Philly event with Buzz Bissinger...
Check out our previous interviews on writing with Buzz Bissinger, Ricky Gervais, Susan Orlean, Anthony Bourdain
Remember this Buzz Bissinger classic on the die-hard Pete Rose fan who went to jail for his idol?
... before making it to the big leagues! Listen here:
Buzz Bissinger, best known for his book Friday Night Lights and most recently his cover story on talks to inclusion zone...
...although Jenner was actually one of the great actors of our time." -Buzz Bissinger on
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Did this guy from Friday Night Lights ever see Buzz Bissinger in Gucci drag? Asking for a friend
Best Father's Day book is, of course, "Father's Day" by Buzz Bissinger, the brilliant, crazy, cross-dressing author of Friday Night Lights
Father's Day listening: Our chat with Buzz Bissinger on the struggles, joys of parenting a mentally challenged child:
Finally read Buzz Bissinger's cover story on -- incredibly poignant and entirely honest, well worth the read
not even lipstick on this pig could make him Buzz Bissinger
Brilliant piece in Vanity Fair on Caitlyn Jenner by Buzz Bissinger who also says he has been a cross-dresser..
"Jenner was nominated for worst actor but lost out to Neil Diamond, for 'The Jazz Singer'." --Buzz Bissinger on Jenner and the '80 Razzies
I finally got a chance to read the Vanity Fair article about written by Buzz Bissinger. Great piece!
Tomorrow they'll have Buzz Bissinger on signing copies of "Three Nights In August".
Anyone out there see the hilarity in buzz bissinger writing the *** s guide to beekeeping?
Buzz Bissinger, author of an upcoming piece on opens up to Don Imus
Finally read the Buzz Bissinger piece on in and cried
Buzz Bissinger said: "Caitlyn has found her soul that really Bruce never had." My thoughts:
The last section of the Caitlyn Jenner interview in Vanity Fair is beautiful. Buzz Bissinger is stellar & is an inspiration
All this Buzz Bissinger talk just makes me want to meet up?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Read Buzz Bissinger's 11,000 feature to go with the shoot in Compelling, fascinating, inspiring.
Pretty impressed that Buzz Bissinger followed up "BRADLEY COOPER HAS BALLS!" with the Caitlyn Jenner cover story.
Meet the writer with exclusive access to Caitlyn Jenner: Buzz Bissinger
Just realized that Buzz Bissinger wrote story in One of my favorite journalists!
Here's a really great Q&A with Buzz Bissinger by all about the big exclusive
If you get Showtime, don't miss Jim Rome's interview of Buzz Bissinger on Caitlyn Jenner.
Just finished reading the incredible story on by Buzz Bissinger. So, so well done.
I was finally able to read the article by journalist Buzz Bissinger "who chronicles the fears and…
Peninsula resident Buzz Bissinger is getting a boat-load of compliments for this forthcoming Vanity Fair cover...
Buzz Bissinger, who authored the recent Vanity Fair cover story on Caitlyn Jenner, joined Angelo Cataldi and The...
Buzz Bissinger's Friday Night Lights makes list of books for every day of the week:
I wonder how Buzz Bissinger's leather addiction is going?
understood, I just thought it came off more "Buzz Bissinger yelling at Will Leitch" than you intended.
/their manager, Buzz Bissinger, glowers offstage, resplendent in leather and a peacock ruff.
I hate Nick Foles and I still think that Buzz Bissinger article is the dumbest thing I've ever read.
literally the "longform podcast", great interviews with *** Talese, and Buzz Bissinger among many more.
David Simon pitched a Martin O’Malley book, like Buzz Bissinger did with Rendell & 'A Prayer for the City'.
Amne Helen Petersen, Wesley Morris, Laurence Wright,Buzz Bissinger. All in the mix. Coates still might be no. 1.
A Prayer for the City prepare a 4-6 page reflection paper based on the “Prayer for the City” book by Buzz Bissing...
Rumor has it, the week following weeks' guest stars are The Geto Boys & Buzz Bissinger.
I'll see you in the greenroom! I'm doing a gamergate hit on MSNBC'S The Buzz with Buzz Bissinger and MTV's Kennedy.
In honor of here's my Storify from 2012 when Buzz Bissinger went off on the whole Wing Bowl scene...
"Cut me some slack, I used to be a writer.". "Harry Bissinger? Never heard of ya.". "They call me Buzz."
.all coming together - Jeb Bush, Bill Belichick and Buzz Bissinger were schoolmates at Phillips Andover Academy.
Issac Guzman of Time...Peter Travers of Rolling Stone... Buzz Bissinger of Vanity Fair...all praise 'Sniper'...must hurt
Getting your swag up can spiral out of control:
Whoa I just made the connection between Friday Night Lights H.G. Bissinger and alum Buzz Bissinger. How did I not know this...
Buzz Bissinger on the consequences of coddling elite athletes -- it starts early. The Boys in the Clubhouse
in 3 nights in August by buzz bissinger, TLR told stadium crew to amp up radar gun so Woody 1/2
The weirdest thing about that Penelope Cruz profile is how they quoted the entire Buzz Bissinger leather coat article halfway through.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
"The Stradivarius Affair" - A great story told well by Buzz Bissinger in latest
I'm guessing the cross dressing Buzz bissinger will not be checking in today
Hey Buzz Bissinger, how the *** did Eagles win tonight? i didn't see Nick Foles go ra ra and get In Riley Coopers face once!
Hey Buzz Bissinger you dope the Eagles are 5-1 and Nick Foles finds ways to get it done
The whole *** city owes Buzz Bissinger an apology
Is Buzz Bissinger still asking for his apology?
Yeah, let's all apologize to Buzz Bissinger again.
Foles with a great TD throw, or as Buzz Bissinger would say, great in a weak-willed poor leadershipy kind of way
My biggest problem with Nick Foles' play so far is he still hasn't done an interview with Buzz Bissinger.
Buzz Bissinger and Mike Missanelli on the air at the same time makes me almost want to listen to Howard Eskin.
This Buzz Bissinger guy created a name for himself by completely embarrassing himself. What a bitter old man
Everyone is ticked off about Buzz Bissinger article on Nick Foles but except me. Can't focus on 27/2 stats. foles got 2nd yr 2 prove himself
Buzz Bissinger's article on Foles implied that you have to be poor, African-American, or both to be interesting in NFL. Poorly worded piece.
Having heard parts of his interviews about Nick Foles, more than anything, buzz bissinger comes off like a woman scorned
That Buzz Bissinger piece on was horrible!! Really? we Love our QB! thoughts?
Hamilton Collection
isn't Buzz Bissinger that kid from the comic in the back of Sports Illustrated For Kids?
The Daily News' had a different take on Nick Foles than Buzz Bissinger & he talks w/ &
Not sure who Buzz Bissinger is but just guessing by his first name hes a real jerkoff
lack of evidence? Writer's agenda? You're gonna LOVE this piece Buzz Bissinger wrote, Les...
At 7 - & taking your reaction to Buzz Bissinger's take on Nick Foles. 7:45,
Big show tonight taking your reaction to Buzz Bissinger story 7-11 on w/7:44, 8:15
amen Jeff. Buzz Bissinger comes off as a scorned school girl. I hope 6'5" St Nick beats him over the head with a bag of $$$
Buzz Bissinger is a egotistical moron. His article on Foles makes groundless assumptions & is irresponsible journalism, way to go
Why does Buzz Bissinger hate white people?
Lost a lot of respect for buzz bissinger after his piece on foles. What was suposed to be a feature piece was written as opinionated slop.
Listening to Buzz Bissinger on Man does he seem butt-hurt that he didn't get to talk to Foles.
This whole Buzz Bissinger/Nick Foles thing is INFURIATING. Buzz sounds like an absolute FOOL.
7/22 SportsCenter On-Demand; hear:. -Buzz Bissinger on Nick Foles. -Sal Paolantonio on Foles' training camp to-do list.
The article might bother me a little bit if I knew who the *** Buzz Bissinger was
Weirdly enough there was more outrage over the Maclin piece than there was about the Buzz Bissinger Foles “column“
I just read that Buzz Bissinger piece on Nick Foles. Reads like a jealous, pissy, “He didn’t talk to me, so I’ll trash him” snark job. Ugh.
.is 1,000 percent right about Buzz Bissinger's lazy Nick Foles piece in Not sure you can call that journalism.
"Do you agree with Buzz Bissinger's assessment of Nick Foles or is it sour grapes over being shunned by Nick?"
Buzz Bissinger was obviously once a great reporter, but my problem with his Nick Foles piece was that it was lazy. He had every chance ...
Last I checked a public persona never won a game in the cc: Buzz Bissinger.
I'm not the biggest Nick Foles fan and even I think this is wrong
Buzz Bissinger's JOKE of a story on Nick Foles makes me root for Foles even more and hate this "writer" even more.
Lebron is better than Jordan, hunger doesn't count, Buzz Bissinger is a hack
Pulitzer Prize author Buzz Bissinger coming up on 97.5 The Fanatic” I thinking I just threw up in my mouth
At least Zach Mettenberger wasn't home with milk and cookies, right, Buzz Bissinger?
I think the main reason Buzz Bissinger doesn't like Nick Foles is because of Foles' lack of leather pants in his wardrobe.
The author of Friday Night Lights is not so humble:
Hey Buzz Bissinger - your piece on Nick just makes look like a rejected bitter jerk.
“Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye & know that you didn't let them down" -Buzz Bissinger Friday Night Lights
Buzz Bissinger capitalized on the sports dead zone with his trolling. It's all it is. Classic, lightly-sourced trolling
Really what was everyone’s thoughts on that Buzz Bissinger article?
Also, he dresses like a skinny buzz bissinger
Now it only the Reparations article resulted in another debate with Buzz Bissinger, then life would be complete.
only sad thing: will miss getting to see you! Good luck at USC - sounds so cool! The Buzz Bissinger of our gen?
The show is so good, though, and Buzz Bissinger is so off the deep end it's hilarious.
fans should read "3 Nights in August" by Buzz Bissinger to learn how much of a baseball genius Tony La Russa.
May i recommend reading the book 3 Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger? It gives a lot of insight into La Russa's mind.
And I also read about Buzz Bissinger's shopping addiction and now I'm even more confused than I was yesterday
"It's not every day that I'm blown away by a book about a sports figure. But MICHAEL JORDAN: THE LIFE, by Roland Lazenby, ranks up there with the very best: The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn, Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger, and Joe DiMaggio by Richard Ben Cramer. The depth of reporting, his...…
Just got the 60th anniversary double issue of Playboy. This thing features original work from Žižek, Buzz Bissinger, Alex Hall, David Mamet, Naomi Wolf, Mark Leyner, interviews with Ben Affleck and Patton Oswalt, articles by Aisha Tyler and Gilbert Gottfried, fiction by Don Winslow and BJ Novak, and that's only the names I recognized. The quality of Playboy keeps getting better.
Just a reminder that Buzz Bissinger is a real weirdo //
Buzz Bissinger, your weird obsession with leather. Woof.
Glad to see this note at ticket booth for Buzz Bissinger lecture says Penn State has deep commitment to free speech!! http…
Actually I'm in philly tomorrow to say hello to Buzz Bissinger at PSU Berks.
Bugey and workflows except for buzz bissinger" "Please consider yourself It's sad that are making?
Here's full recap of our "Evening with Buzz Bissinger" last week, including some interesting thoughts from supporters
Buzz Bissinger, ironically reinforces beliefs at appearance.
Buzz Bissinger on Costas Now, from 2008. Look at these 2 liberals and how much better they think they are:
"Buzz Bissinger’s talk yesterday at Berks let me down. As a former student athlete, I was disappointed...
here is an interesting take on Buzz Bissinger at PSU Berks. You're in it John. via
Buzz Bissinger at PSU Berks was more like a major "Buzz Kill" via
can we talk about why Buzz Bissinger is obsessed with our home state.
As I fly across the country just to endure a speech by Buzz Bissinger the least you can do is watch/share this video: http…
Of course I missed the Buzz Bissinger Lecture lastnight. Hate being sick. *** it man. Heard he got booed off the stage. 😂😂😂
Celebrity Buzz Bissinger revealed his earlier this year:
That time a wrote a column about how Buzz Bissinger and others were wrong about JoePa and Lance Armstrong.
Buzz Bissinger event at Penn State Berks ends with him using police shield to avoid John Ziegler
I guess if you were short, fat, bald, dumpy and ugly like Buzz Bissinger you would resent D1 athletes too. Or not!
Buzz Bissinger's "presentation" was nothing more than an incoherent, twisted, hateful diatribe directed at D1 Athletes,…
I have never listened to an angrier, hateful speaker that I disagreed w/ on more levels than I did Buzz Bissinger tonig…
Buzz Bissinger is a sick, angry, disgusting form if life who preys on college+H S audiences worse than Jerry Sandusky p…
"Buzz Bissinger has no business being paid to speak at especially when the other side is not being...
Ziegler heckling Bissinger: "Happy to talk to you anytime you want, Buzz." B's response: "Life is too short to have to talk to…
Noted Gucci aficionado Buzz Bissinger spoke about the NCAA last night It went as you might expect.
"I think Mark Emmert is one of the best presidents the NCAA has ever had." - Buzz Bissinger
Watching Buzz Bissinger show his true colors last night was classic. What a moron.
No collegiate coach more closely resembles what Buzz Bissinger says is the correct model than Joe Paterno.Stressed academics …
Huge shout out 2 for traveling 6000 miles 2 lead "Buzz Bissinger Brigade" in effort to expose a fraud+deli…
Buzz Bissinger calls Penn State 'national symbol of dignity'; PSU students' fandom questioned, and more
“Buzz Bissinger Berks event. Paper too small to be dreadful?
Pretty fair newspaper coverage of last night's Buzz Bissinger Penn State Berks event. Paper too small to be dreadful?
Buzz Bissinger: The only person in America to say Mark is a good president.
Based on the reports I read, got the best of Buzz Bissinger! Makes my day!
Thank you 4 traveling across the country to "Tango" with Buzz Bissinger! Thanks for the find http:…
people say the only thing better than watching football is playing football, and if you can't play football, then the only thing better is reading about football somewhere, somehow, some way. (Why am I humming West Side Story here? Hmmm? Football love?) SRT has you totally covered (pun intended!) here today courtesy of Book Riot's list of 10 great football reads: 1) The Blind Side by Michael Lewis; 2) Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer: A Bad Trip into the Heart of Fan Mania by Warren St. John; 3) Bleachers by John Grisham; 4) Twelve Mighty Orphans: The Inspiring True Story of the Mighty Mites Who Ruled Texas Football by John Dent; 5)The Courting of Marcus Dupree by Willie Morris (and the book on this list that SRT definitely plans on reading); 6) Paper Lion: Confessions of a Last String Quarterback by George Plimpton; 7) End Zone by Don DeLillo; 8) Friday Night Lights: A Town, A Team, and a Dream by Buzz Bissinger; 9) Football Outsider's Almanac 2013: The Essential Guide to the 2013 NFL and College Football Sea ...
Things we learned this weekend. Peter Berg, Buzz Bissinger's cousin, went to Taft. Other boarding school celebs :
That was great show, Intelligence Squared Debate, Malcom Gladwell & Buzz Bissinger wiped floor with Jason Whitlock!
It's 0243 in the morning and I just finished reading the best Baseball book I have ever read...3 Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger. A must read for Duane Pierson, Bill Neumueller, Joe Simmons, and Colter Bahlau
Friday Night Lights” author Buzz Bissinger learned about liberal hate the hard way after he wrote an article at the Daily Beast explaining why he was voting fo
Mark Simpson: Buzz Bissinger's Metrosexy Addiction: There's nothing quite so deafening as the sound of liberal...
"If all I buy is Gucci, I will be fine." blowing my mind this afternoon.
That buzz bissinger gucci piece was _incredible_
Gucci rehab. Is it wrong I can relate to this?
And here's that Gucci Addiction story I was talking about last night. Crazy.
Buzz Bissinger on spring leather fashions RT: Who should we ask to speak at Off The Record sessions this Spring?
3 of 5 stars to Three Nights in August by Buzz Bissinger
Buzz Bissinger's GQ story on his Gucci addiction is pretty awesome. Thought it was only gonna be about clothes. Nah. Sexuality & loneliness.
Do Cub fans remember "in Dusty, we trusty"? How stupid was that? Thank u Buzz Bissinger for reminding me what a terrible manager he is
.true enough. Although I mocked him in my commentary about it I did see traces of myself in Buzz Bissinger's story
I had been warned but still shocked by how bad S2 is. That said I really want to work for this guy
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
What does Buzz Bissinger call his dog?
Always such great long form journalism in Buzz Bissinger's Gucci addiction story is the most bizarre/fascinating confessional.
Impulsivity is the meal ticket of addiction. The more you do it, the more you do it. Buzz Bissinger
If you didn't see that guy's story of his $60 Gucci leather addiction well, frankly it's amazing
Whoa. I *think* free-range genius hints here that Mickey Rourke + Chris Berman = Buzz Bissinger.
how about Buzz Bissinger? How about a Bissinger / Loria sculpture on a mountain ala Mt Rushmore?
Gabby Douglas captivated the world when she won the gold for the U.S. gymnastics team, and with her confidence and...
Buzz Bissinger has a shameful addiction to do you? via
I'll admit it, I'm a borderline shopaholic. Here's to hoping it never gets this bad! via
Not sure if story from is autobiographical, or by Either way, it's good.
Men who shop 'till they drop': But the tale of Buzz Bissinger, a US author who has revealed an addiction to Gucci clothing, has shed ...
Between Buzz Bissinger and Elizabeth Wurtzel are more desperate publishers turning to famous but unhinged writers?
Bissinger doesn't disappoint, may have to reread FNL this summer... And probably Three Nights in August. -
“Buzz Bissinger isn’t navel-gazing; he's talking about himself, but looking right at us.”
Friday Night Lights author Buzz Bissinger writes a shocking tale of his self-indulgent addiction to Gucci leather.
read in on Buzz Bissinger, exhibitionism, & the essay form. it's a good one:
I wrote a piece about Buzz Bissinger and the difference btwn an essay and a and dancing with writers
Fascinating article on a man's addiction to shopping via
He's no Buzz Bissinger, that's for sure.
That Buzz Bissinger story says the same thing as this research, just much much more provocatively.
Read April article about Buzz Bissinger. Sidd Finch story from 80's turned me into skeptic. Feels like April fools joke.
You guys all know that Buzz Bissinger is just Candice Bergen playing a weird inside joke on Annette Bening, right?
Junichi's last off day in the Fort Myers Hot Tub: FGCUs coach's wife, Buzz Bissinger, Ryan Sweeney & Mike Carp
Do you think horses whinny in terror when they hear Buzz Bissinger's name, like in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN?
If this Buzz Bissinger thing does not end with a biopic starring an aged, dyspeptic Taylor Kitsch, I will eat my cardigan (Target, $11.99).
Buzz Bissinger looks just like Phil Hartman's unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.
Buzz Bissinger's ringtone is Ricardo Montalban saying "reech Co-reeen-the-an leather," and he gets wood every time he hears it.
Thanks to Al Roker, Buzz Bissinger's "I'm addicted to Gucci" is merely the SECOND most embarrassing disclosure by a journalist this year.
It occurs to me that Buzz Bissinger would have been only slightly more miscast as Stacee Jaxx than Tom Cruise was.
Following defeat, Buzz Bissinger has been consoling hinself by buying $20k shoes a la Imelda Marcos
Uh, yes. Very much. MT You're going to want to read account of his shopping addiction:
Hi I'm buzz Bissinger buy my new book shopaholic, so I can afford to go shopping again.
We all hurt a little more today as we come to grips w/ Buzz Bissinger's shopping addiction, especially 58-yr-old man buying leather pants.
Aw, Buzz Bissinger didn't make a Today show appearance. But he wrote in GQ he's spent $587,000 on Gucci and other labels since 2010.
This Buzz Bissinger story. Wow. Didn't see that coming.
This Buzz Bissinger shopaholic segment on Today is hilarious for ALL the wrong reasons.
What is going on with the Today show? "Buzz Bissinger is a shopaholic"?? ***
Buzz Bissinger is going to be on the Today show in a bit to talk about being a "shopaholic." What?
You're going to want to read self-laceratingly honest account of his shopping addiction:
My Gucci Addiction: In the past few years, I've bought eighty-one leather jackets. Dozens of boots and leather...
So Buzz Bissinger's piece about his Gucci addiction in GQ is next level. put it online?
Buzz Bissinger's essay in GQ is about a fashion addiction but reads like a confused confession from the middle of a downward spiral.
Photoset: newsweek: You should probably read Buzz Bissinger’s cover story on Dennis Rodman’s trip to North...
Have yall read Buzz Bissinger's Gucci addiction in April GQ? Or just waiting for it to go online? What about NBA Style Wars w/ Bron & Wade?
"America's Latest Renaissance Man" by Who'd have thought Dennis Rodman could change world diplomacy?
Electronic Device Insurance
Buzz Bissinger wrote something in the latest GQ that is one of the most surprising pieces of confessional writing I've ever seen.
I don't know any non-astronaut Buzz's who don't seem like *** - Buzz Bissinger, Buzz McCallister and Buzz Williams.
It's not online, but this GQ artcle about author Buzz Bissinger's addiction to Gucci is nuts. He spent 500k on clothes in a 3 year span.
It's hard to choose the best detail in Buzz Bissinger's GQ piece on his Gucci addiction. He owns 41 pairs of leather pants.
This Buzz Bissinger Gucci story in GQ is making me question everything I think I know about everyone.
H.G.. "Buzz" Bissinger wrote the Vanity Fair magazine article about Glass that the movie was based on. He also wrote the FNL book.
v Who wins? "Artist whose olympian temper threatens to undo him? Or Buzz Bissinger?"
Buzz Bissinger's shopping addiction story in has really inspired me to pursue writing, because, you know, the money.
Shooting Stars by Buzz Bissinger and LeBron James. Story of LeBron and his best friends going from a young age to hs champs
Apparently Buzz Bissinger spoke at my high school when I was a senior. I have no memory of this.
"Being White in Philly" -- Didn't Buzz Bissinger Touch This in 'A Prayer for the City': Philadelphia...
Like Friday Night Lights both the movie and TV show. Would love to read the book but I can't stand Buzz Bissinger
SILVER LINING: At least Buzz Bissinger doesn't have to issue another mea culpa on this Te'o issue.
Neal Rubin is headed to Traverse City. Check out his out of office message: I'll be out of the office until...
Reading Friday Night Lights by Buzz Bissinger — I miss football already, so it’s apt, I think. :)
What do David Foster Wallace, John D'Agata and Buzz Bissinger have in common? They're all in the paper I'm delivering at
Submit a question for Buzz Bissinger to The Ticker and you could win a signed copy of "Father's Day."
Bigfoot writers who have shamed themselves in last few years: Woodward, Mamet, Buzz Bissinger, Niall Ferguson. Who am I missing?
Also forgot that I threaded Buzz Bissinger spit-talking at Will Leitch into a piece about "Ballad of a Thin Man". Were we ever so young?
I want a GIF of Buzz Bissinger's face while he reads that.
Twins in any shape + form are dear to my heart. I will be attending this amazing opportunity to hear...
Andrew Sullivan is having his Buzz Bissinger moment right now. However it's classier because he's British.
Columnist for the Daily Beast, Buzz Bissinger on Piers Morgan Tonight: “I don’t care what the justification is that you’re allowed in this country to own a semi-automatic weapon – much less a handgun. But what do you need a semi-automatic weapon for? The only reason I think you’d need it is, Piers, ...
Buzz Bissinger is a great guy and gifted writer.
On Thursday evening, as the Lance Armstrong / Oprah Winfrey interview aired, Piers Morgan Tonight welcomed guests Christine Brennan and Buzz Bissinger to the program to weigh in on Armstrong's confessions. "You almost wonder if he has a heart or a soul to be able to completely do a 180 so quickly on something that he has stood by forever," said Brennan. Do you think Armstrong is truly sorry about his actions?
Buzz Bissinger is the author of "Friday Night Lights" and is a reporter for Newsweek and the Daily Beast. Last August he wrote the cover story titled "I Still Believe in Lance Armstrong," but now he says it makes him cringe. He is Outfront.
On Wednesday, a petition was posted at the White House web site demanding the FBI investigate CNN propagandist Piers Morgan, Buzz Bissinger, Abby Huntsman and C
Buzz Bissinger wrote a piece yesterday bemoaning his falling for the hype.
Buzz Bissinger ... mea culpa for his August Newsweek cover story on Lance Armstrong /
From my perspective, Buzz Bissinger has always been an obviously crummy writer and an obviously crummy human being.
My cover story about Armstrong, my affirmation of faith, was the worst piece of opinion I have ever written.
Buzz Bissinger on his mea culpa: I Was Deluded to Believe Lance Armstrong via
Don't believe a word he says, because not a word he says can be believed... He is an immoral, manipulative liar -
Excellent writing on the Lance Armstrong furore via Your thoughts?
Oof. Armstrong is "an immoral manipulative liar who doesn't deserve a second more of anyones time"
Discount everything says during the interview by the power of many.
The whole affair is sad, but this article sums up a few things nicely from the point of a former believer.
This mea culpa by on Lance Armstrong is worth a click.
"Don't continue to feed [Lance Armstrong's] insufferable ego. Don't give him the satisfaction."
It's hard not to think he's an even bigger *** for the mea culpa.
Why you shouldn't watch Lance Armstrong's Oprah interview. Powerful stuff from BB.
The least Lance Armstrong could have done was to give the interview to Buzz Bissinger.
Here is the hero to Buzz Bissinger, Sally Jenkins and Rick Reilly...Lance Armstrong On Doping - Supercut: via
Buzz Bissinger says to shoot Alex Jones on live tv.
Buzz Bissinger says he relied on a manipulative liar who insisted he didn’t win his cycling championships through doping. A Pulitzer Prize winner’s mea culpa.
Buzz Bissinger on Lance Armstrong: I was played for a fool. Well, yeah, but that was obvious at the time, pal.
CNN's Piers Morgan to be taken off air? Immigration group targets cable-network WASHINGTON – Officials with the conservative group Americans for Legal Immigration are challenging CNN to take Piers Morgan off the air after a controversial debate on gun control with’s Alex Jones. Jones has been just one of those Morgan has brought on the air over gun control in recent days. Following the debate with Jones, which sparked a media firestorm, Morgan featured a panel on his program including Daily Beast sports columnist Buzz Bissinger, and commentator Abby Huntsman, daughter of presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, in which Buzz joked about how someone should “pop” Jones with an “assault rifle.” To which Abby Huntsman laughingly responded, “I’d love to see that, in uniform!” William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, called Morgan’s segment one of the worst he’s seen in his career. “Monitoring the media is something I have done professionally for two decades now, and in that entire t ...
Just when you thought the Piers Morgan/Alex Jones melee couldn’t get any weirder, Buzz Bissinger appears on CNN the next night to tell Morgan he should challenge Jones to a boxing match, show up with a gun, and “pop him.” Presumably to make a point about the gratuitous nature of assault weapons, all...
While discussing gun control with CNN propagandist Piers Morgan, Daily Beast sports writer Buzz Bissinger suggested that the only reason one would need a semi-a
Andrew Johnson writes on NRO: On his first show after his contentious interview with Alex Jones, the radio host advocating for his deportation, Piers Morgan laughed along with his panelists as they joked about shooting Jones. The Daily Beast’s Buzz Bissinger got things rolling: “I don’t care what th...
Buzz Bissinger on why Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s lawsuit is disgraceful political grandstanding.
Daily Beast sports columnist Buzz Bissinger appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight in response Alex Jones' appearance. Bissinger claims the only purpose for ...
Buzz Bissinger re Corbett suit. Why not wait until Kathleen Kane takes office? How many tax dollars will this take?
Get your tickets from Willard Straight Hall student services desk (for FREE) for this Thursday's guest lecture sponsored by Sigma Phi featuring Buzz Bissinger, author of the acclaimed Friday Night Lights. The theme of the speech will be "Future of Collegiate Sports"
Buzz Bissinger is coming to Cornell?! How did I not know about this?
Today Wahoo's on First email thread went from Buzz Bissinger to crying about our favorite players getting traded.
If you missed any of the Show visit the podcasts at
I find it hard to believe youah know what blawgs are. Go hang out with Buzz Bissinger some more please.
I wanna come. We can throw popcorn at Buzz Bissinger.
The Prez must read "A Prayer for the City." How a big city mayor joined up with labor, and prevented massive job losses
Buzz Bissinger and Rick Reilly top of my list of sports journos who used to be my heroes, but who I know have zero respect for over Lance
Depends what age he's at. If middle, he's Spencer Hall. If elderly, he's Buzz Bissinger.
I have already profiled Buzz Bissinger and Ralph Natale. You are obviously the missing link.
Hey, Buzz Bissinger, how did switching your vote to Romney work out for you?
Interviewees want quote approval because "they don’t want the real person revealed” - author Buzz Bissinger.
Wahoo, I won the Buzz Bissinger "Nut of the Week" prize... I want to give thanks to John Sununu for being a total nut and helping me win $25 in free nuts :)
Nicholas Kristof, Buzz Bissinger, Kristen Solis and Charles M. Blow weighed in on the 3rd and last presidential debate. How do you think Barack Obama and Mitt Romney did in Monday’s third and final presidential debate?
"Friday Night Lights" author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Buzz Bissinger kicked up a firestorm after becoming the most recent public figure to endorse Mitt Romney last week. Describing himself as a lifelong Democrat from New York's Upper West Side, or "the country's nexus of liberalogy," h...
Buzz Bissinger, the author of the Friday Night Lights book that formed the basis for the movie and television show, is slamming the creator of the TV show's letter asking Mitt Romney not to use a key phrase from the show in campaign appearances. PHOTOS: 20 Biggest Political Players in Hollywood
There won't be smirking, but we'll analyze the coverage of the VP debate and other campaign news with David Frum, Steve Roberts and Keli Goff. Candy Crowley will talk about getting ready to moderate Tuesday's presidential debate, and Buzz Bissinger will stop by to talk about the furor he created in announcing he'll vote for Mitt Romney.
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