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Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin, Sc.D. (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr., January 20, 1930) is an American mechanical engineer, retired United States Air Force pilot and astronaut who was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history.

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I wanna see Buzz Aldrin & Ashley Parker have an incredulity duel on an Old West…
Not Buzz Lightyear, but Buzz Aldrin. What a true spaceman he is. Love his facial
Buzz Aldrin has zero ability to control his face and I love him a little bit for it. I feel his pain.
This is hilarious & I'm now in love with Buzz Aldrin. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's 1 minute of facial…
i have a newfound love for Buzz Aldrin
I am so happy we have a Buzz Aldrin there. . (side note, I love how El Trumpo comments on speeches written by other…
I love Buzz Aldrin's many faces during Donald Trump's speech about "space".
Look, I'm all for exploration of space. It's an amazing thing, but this Buzz Aldrin thing has me dead.
Who was more bewildered, Winona Ryder at the SAG Awards or Buzz Aldrin at Trump's bizarre speech about space explor…
Changing my aesthetic to confused Buzz Aldrin listening to Donald Trump's ramble about the importance of space exploration.
Buzz Aldrin is 'all of us' listening to Trump talk about space exploration. He's my new hero!
Buzz Aldrin: The next giant leap for space exploration
Buzz Aldrin's reaction to Trump's space speech.
This is a bit of Trump's remarks about space today during his E.O. signing. Just listen (and watch Buzz Aldrin's face). h…
A rather deep exchange between Trump and Buzz Aldrin at the signing of the Executive Order on the National Space Counci…
Buzz Aldrin does not appear to be impressed by Trump's remarks about space.
Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon and has ZERO respect for this illiterate conman. 🇺🇸 A true American patriot. 🇺🇸
Buzz Aldrin's reaction to Trump's space speech
Buzz Aldrin/veteran genre character actor W. Morgan Shepherd as two brothers on opposite ends of the law.
The clearest photo of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon...enhanced from the reflection in Buzz Aldrin's helmet... htt…
Great visit at FuseFX today. Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars VR experience amazing!
Buzz Aldrin says this is the problem with Elon Musk’s plans for Mars
Aliens, Structures & UFOs on the Moon Discussed by Astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN... via
There will be lots of free events throughout the month
I just found out Buzz Aldrin released a rap album on Snoop Dogg's label and nothing else matters right now.
One of the few astronauts to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, will be in Cork this month
Nothing to see here. Just Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Buzz Aldrin +++ coming in 2 week…
That's worth a punch from Buzz Aldrin!
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to open the 2017 Space Studies Program here in Cork on 26th June 2017.
"The timing is as subtle as a fart in a spacesuit." 🤣🤣🤣. Wait a minute...Look what happened to poor Bu…
For every winner, there's a loser. And that person didn't really need to lose. They just didn't understand the game plan. Buzz Aldrin
Hamilton Collection
BREAKING NEWS! Carrie Underwood is collaborating with Buzz Aldrin to perform their breakthrough song "Reppin the Northwest"
If the moon landings were really faked Buzz Aldrin would have died in an unrelated accident by now.
The first man to urinate on the moon was Buzz Aldrin,shortly after stepping ontothe lunar surface.
planned in their countdown, and proceeded to have a physical examination in which they were declared flight-ready. That was Buzz Aldrin from
From the Moon to the my close encounter with for
Thanks Jan! If you'd like a 2 for 1 deal, I'll be at for & you can meet
DYK? Buzz Aldrin called Tom Hanks the greatest artist in Argentina.
The countdown is on for the in this month! Special guest is Buzz Aldrin.
A coat over. All I find is that he for first time in 1000 years met with Kirill a week bef…
Buzz Aldrin lecture tops stellar list of events for Summer of Space
When buzz aldrin and Neal Armstrong landed on the moon the live feed in America cut because the camera w…
�If we can conquer space, we can conquer childhood hunger.� - Buzz Aldrin. Help today! 来自
See what the Buzz is all about in this summer!
is jam-packed full of fun space things happening this summer! Have a look!
I showed Buzz Aldrin how to send email.
In what year did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon?
Michael Collins looking out of the Columbia's window at Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.
You can't convince me Neil Armstrong didn't give Buzz Aldrin at least a BJ for the honor of being the f…
Really disappointed in you, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong
Page-Readeo : Buzz Aldrin’s hologram will be taking you on a daz...
In a six day span I met Jack Schmitt and Buzz Aldrin. It's been a been a *** of a week. And with Lovell earlier I…
Not unlike how NASA poached the blackstronauts Buzz Aldrin and Gordon Cooper, who had made names of themselves in NASSA.
Why did Buzz Aldrin let Neil Armstrong get off the lunar module first and take all the credit for be… by Rauf Ashraf
.Buzz Aldrin to touch down in Cork this summer for space conference
Fun to host a true American explorer, Buzz Aldrin, at the as we work to shape the space policy of our administration. h…
Buzz Aldrin takes you to Mars in VR - BBC News
Where did all these go? - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, Charles "Pete" Conrad, Alan Bean
Love This From - We really hope Buzz Aldrin wore his "Get Your *** to Mars" t-shirt to meet the VP. 😁…
Photos to make you think and smile on a Sunday inc an ant on a treadmill & Buzz Aldrin on a catwalk. Thanks
That and the weird random people going to visit all in the last few not have. Russian Pope. Buzz Aldrin. John Kerry.
I do this with "There were three men on the first moon landing mission. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and...?"
Here is Buzz Aldrin, UAE Space Program director Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, and me.
*** aggiunto un video a una playlist di ‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South
Ji talks with Buzz Aldrin at WE Day event in Rosemont!
A group photo with space speakers at Aspen Ideas Fourm in NYUAD- with Buzz Aldrin second man walked on the moon.
The astronauts of the Apollo 11 space mission: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins
Buzz Aldrin: UAE can be vital part of space coalition - in (
Buzz Aldrin dropped by Blue Origin HQ to say hi to the team yesterday. Thanks
Let Buzz Aldrin address accusation of fake moon landing by punching him in the kisser!
The Moon "landing" hoax is so obvious it's laughable. Worth a punch in the face - Bart Sibrel and Buz…
ohh a know this.." oot ae time" . Buzz Aldrin! Aye but ye were oot ae time.. nae points.PRRICKKK!
Listening to a living legend. Dr. Buzz Aldrin on the feasibility of occupying So ***
having an emotional breakdown on show because he is not a former astronaut with Buzz Aldrin.
Tony Blair and Buzz Aldrin are on campus
"The next day Trump denied the entire exchange happened and then punched me in the face."
BREAKING NEWS! The Weeknd is collaborating with Buzz Aldrin to perform the one and only "No Gazpacho on My Nacho, Brochacho"
I think Buzz Aldrin is pretty awesome. Neil just looked too goofy. Collins had a cool mo though.
"They can't step wit us I feel like buzz Aldrin"
Buzz Aldrin’s Professional Life as a Hologram is Thriving by via
Astronauts Gone Wild - Buzz Aldrin Knocked out Moderator "Swear to God t... via
They recognize this when Buzz Aldrin does the punching on behalf of ideas they like. Makes one wonder...
NASA: We're reading that you have touched down on the surface of the moon. Please confirm. Buzz Aldrin: New atmosphere.…
I mean, we got some great guests coming (Andy Weir, Buzz Aldrin, etc) but no real comic writers. At this comic convention.
What is the REAL significance of dignitaries like Senator John Kerry & astronaut Buzz Aldrin traveling to Antarctica?
.just added Buzz Aldrin, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Kesha and Cory Booker to its list of speakers: http…
"For the future, primarily, we must educate people in and math"- Buzz Aldrin
Bill Nye and Buzz Aldrin just made their runway debut at
Be still my nerdy heart: Science rockstars Buzz Aldrin & walk the runway at
You sure it's not because NZ is closest to Antarctica where Patriarch Kirill, Obama, Kerry & Buzz Aldrin traveled in 2016?
Buzz Aldrin, Secr. John Kerry, Sen. John McCain all share this in common:. vilified by crackpots outside the "mainstream" of American "media"
Of the 12 humans who walked on the moon, only six remain: Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, David Scott, John Young, Charlie Duke…
Notice how toward the end Buzz Aldrin and Ginger Baker were almost identical.
new fave Tumblr: famous stationery, from the desks of Whitney Houston, Vivien Leigh, Hugh Hefner, Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin: John Glenn was a hero. We owe it to him to keep exploring space. - :
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin to stay in New Zealand until lungs clear
Buzz Aldrin had to be evacuated from the South Pole due to illness. Buzz - stay away from extremes in 2016! 2016 is out f…
adalberto Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been released from a hospital in New Zealand and is on a flight back to the United States, accor…
Buzz Aldrin recovers in New Zealand after polar evacuation.. Related Articles:
A week after Antarctica evacuation, Buzz Aldrin released from hospital
Buzz Aldrin was recently medivac'd out of Antartica. The doctor who cared for him in New Zealand? Dr. David Bowie.
A doctor named David Bowie is treating Buzz Aldrin in New Zealand:
Space oddity as Dr David Bowie treats 'star man' Buzz Aldrin in hospital
It's all okay, guys! Buzz Aldrin is going to be fine! Related, think this guy's in the Medica network?
Now here's a space oddity: sick starman Buzz Aldrin is being cared for by Dr. David Bowie
"Buzz Aldrin recovering after polar evacuation - Pocono Record"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I love me some Buzz Aldrin, but he kinda looks like the guy who played Freddie Krueger here.
Buzz Aldrin recovering after polar evacuation - Pocono Record
Former US astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, posted photos on Saturday of his recovery in...
Buzz Aldrin 2nd man to walk on the Moon, at 86 yrs becomes oldest person to reach the South Pole
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin makes it to South Pole before being evacuated to New Zealand (News)
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from Antarctica to hospital in NZ. In good spirits. via
My dear friend and astronaut Buzz Aldrin was evacuated from the South Pole yesterday for medical…
Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin has been evacuated from Antarctica.
▶️ Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin will spend tonight in Chch Hospital, due to fluid in his lungs.…
Buzz Aldrin's manager says the 86 year old astronaut DID make it to the South Pole - before his evacuation to Christchurch Hospital
Buzz Aldrin rescued from South Pole Don't you do it, 2016. Don't you DARE.
Buzz Aldrin, second man on Moon, in stable condition after South Pole evacuation The 86-year-old former astronaut is said to b…
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin was medically evacuated from the South Pole—the coldest and driest place on Earth
. American astronaut Buzz Aldrin admitted to New Zealand hospital. & he will get world class care. For Free:)
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin smiles for a photo after being evacuated from South Pole due to illness http…
Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole via via
Our prayers are with you Buzz. Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from South Pole via
If you're worried about people denying facts for their own opinion, just remember that time Buzz Aldrin punched a d…
Love Buzz Aldrin's spirit from the moon to the South Pole. May he bounce right back for the next giant leap!
2016 you keep your *** hands away from Buzz Aldrin, do you HEAR ME?
*** is Buzz Aldrin doing in Antarctica?. Silly old ***
Dammit, 2016, keep your dirty paws off of Buzz Aldrin.
Read about Buzz Aldrin. Realized South Pole is in all time zones at the same time. Mind blown.
Buzz Aldrin, Second Man to Walk on Moon, Evacuated from South Pole Follow me on…
I wonder why Buzz Aldrin would be in Antarctica? Obama& Kerry were just there recently.
I never know who the trending people are: "Nope, complete mystery, Buzz Kickass Aldrin is the exception, is that some football person?"
Buzz Aldrin in New Zealand after medical airlift from Antarctica. Condition of 86-yr-old ex-astronaut not given. BG: https:/…
Buzz Aldrin medically evacuated from the South Pole via
2016, you better leave Buzz Aldrin alone!
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin arrives in New Zealand after being medically evacuated from South Pole:
Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of the first men on the moon rescued from South Pole
Obviously an explorer at heart... ‘Ailing’ Buzz Aldrin in Emergency Evacuation from South Pole
:( 'Ailing' Buzz Aldrin in emergency evacuation from South Pole
Is Buzz Aldrin seriously wearing a TOTAL RECALL "Get Your *** To Mars" shirt on CNN? Bless that man.
Buzz Aldrin receiving care at the US Antarctic Program Rather impressive that he's out there at all…
Hey you'd better get well soon. We've got a sci-fi epic to make and climate change arguments to have. https…
Obviously, when you saw the was trending, you immediately thought "Oh, this must have something to do with Buzz Aldrin.". Right?
The plane carrying Buzz Aldrin from Antarctica has landed in Christchurch, New Zealand, according to the National Scienc…
National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing, based in area, assisted in the medical rescue effort of Aldrin.
Buzz Aldrin flown out of South Pole after falling ill on trip
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole after falling ill
YEWWinfo Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole - see more
2016, keep yer filthy hands off Buzz Aldrin.
Buzz Aldrin's going to punch 2016 in the face.
Can't we give him a better nickname than "Ailing" Buzz Aldrin? SMH, man's a hero!
Buzz Aldrin, second man on moon, evacuated from South Pole
BBC News - Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole Buzz is wonderful, hope he's ok
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole -- best wishes and get well soon!! You're a real hero
Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole for medical reasons - CBS News
Buzz Aldrin is being evacuated from the South Pole after his medical condition... by via
Buzz Aldrin was evacuated today from the South Pole due to illness
Top story: Buzz Aldrin evacuated from South Pole - BBC News see more
NSF provides medical flight from its South Pole station to Buzz Aldrin, 1 of the 1st men to walk on the moon
Buzz Aldrin is being evacuated from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, according to the National Science Foun…
Gemini 12 astronauts Jim Lovell and Buzz Aldrin get ready for a rocket ride to November 1…
BREAKING NEWS! Jennifer Lopez is collaborating with Buzz Aldrin to perform their new single "She on my Top 8"
Here is Buzz Aldrin walking in space during Gemini 12 mission, launched today 1966:
I've contemplated becoming an Astronaut, however, I don't know if I'm prepared to ask Buzz Aldrin as my Lord and Savior yet.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were having the times of their lives bro 😂😂
A nice photo of two of our favorite people - Buzz Aldrin & Andy Weir.
Maloney,you are just as stupid as that guy who got hit by Buzz Aldrin!
Buzz Aldrin finally coming clean on how they faked the moon landing.
This guy is as stupid as the guy who got hit by Buzz Aldrin a few years ago.
my manager and his buds are fighting over whos going to take Buzz Aldrin (the famous astronaut) this makes me laugh
It was founded by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.
DYK? Buzz Aldrin is the only living mathematician from Kansas.
that's really cool. My 3 1/2 year old loves looking at the moon. Took her to meet Buzz Aldrin earlier this year
.I'm really excited about meeting you next month, but I just met Buzz Aldrin! 😁🚀
Just seen Buzz Aldrin advertising porridge and with every else that has happened this year I now think the walls of reality are collapsing
Buzz Aldrin- proud photographer of first selfie in space
Buzz Aldrin. Hero. 2nd man on the Moon. Happy Veteran's Day!
Buzz Aldrin is advertising porridge. 2016 is mental.
If you need a reminder that America's still full of awesome people, here's Buzz Aldrin:
"If we can conquer the moon, we can conquer childhood hunger" - Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin received communion on the moon.
The other day at Buzz Aldrin Middle School we gifted a Giant Map from my Foundation. https…
Just saw Buzz Aldrin on an advert for Quaker's Porridge Oats. That's it. America's given up.
Buzz Aldrin saluting a military fly over at a football game... God bless America
Well it's not every day you meet someone who walked on the moon! Today I had the honour of meeting Buzz Aldrin 🚀🌛 http…
I think humans will reach Mars, and I would like to see it happen in my lifetime. Buzz Aldrin
Buzz Aldrin. The second man on the moon. Neil before me.
...or buzz even. Just realised its buzz aldrin, not Neil Armstrong. But my point still stands. He only done it once- thats not a job
BREAKING NEWS! Justin Timberlake is collaborating with Buzz Aldrin to perform their newest project, "RIP Harambe"
"He met one of his heroes, Buzz Aldrin.". Submitted By: Bill C. Location: New York, United States. (cc:
How to solve the lunar dust problem - “PICKING up some dust.” So said Buzz Aldrin on July 20th 1969, as he and ...
You've heard of Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, but Happy Bday to the 3rd Apollo 11 astronaut, Michael Collins. :-)
Prof Brian Cox and Buzz Aldrin criticise conspiracy theorists
in 1969, Queen Elizabeth II received Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins as part of the Apollo 11 Goodwi…
related: I am not as good an astronaut as Buzz Aldrin.
There are always door openings. And gradually, it accumulates. The oppor...
I'm a compromise conspiracy theorist. I believe Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and Buzz Aldrin didn't.
Buzz Aldrin's footprint on the Moon will last ~80,000 years before erased by rain of micrometeorites (new estimate) https:…
Mars astronauts could use VR to remind them of home . Early recordings include Buzz Aldrin…
On October 13, 1966, Gemini 12 astronaut Buzz Aldrin trains to walk in aboard an Air Force KC…
TIL Buzz Aldrin came up with the idea of a "cycler vehicle" called the Aldrin Mars Cycler that would make regular trips to Mars in 4-year l…
Reminds me of Buzz Aldrin's encounter with a moon-landing conspiracy theorist.
Did a quick demo of this. Features a holographic Buzz Aldrin on Mars. It's spellbinding in its early form.
Buzz Aldrin was the first man ever peed on the moon.
8i and Time team up on taking holographic Buzz Aldrin to Mars in VR by
NASA’s next big Mars mission: A Reggie Watts and Buzz Aldrin to entertain lonely astronauts
NASA's use of puts you on Mars with Buzz Aldrin. Via
I like that Buzz Aldrin is slowly turning into Willie Nelson.
Space enthusiasts have their eyes set on Mars and Buzz Aldrin and a UH program are hoping to help them get there.
Another super cool VR project did recently.
Buzz Aldrin and Elon Musk both sound like people from other planets
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
TIME & partner to bring holographic recordings of Buzz Aldrin & Reggie Watts to LIFE VR via
and Buzz Aldrin team up to combat future space isolation.
Buzz Aldrin is brilliant! We met when we spoke at the West Point Leadership Workshop. Mixed-reality Trip to Mars
The visor for Buzz Aldrin's Apollo 11 suit is coated with a thin layer of gold as protection from harmful radiation
8i and Time Inc. Partner to Bring “Message to Mars” Holographic Recordings of Buzz Aldrin and ...: CULVER CIT...
NASA's use of HoloLens puts you on Mars with Buzz Aldrin. Via
"Hi, I'm Buzz Aldrin. I was on the Moon. But man, the Moon isn't Mars. This is cool, astronaut buddy."
Buzz Aldrin stars in VR messages that will keep Mars astronauts from being lonely via
- TIME Partners to Bring Holographic Recordings of Buzz Aldrin and Reggie Watts to L...
Buzz Aldrin doesn't think we need to go back to the Moon - that we should go straight on to
One gets the feeling John Inverdale would open an interview with Buzz Aldrin with "You only made it as far as the ONE moon,…
Apollo 11 crew Neil Armstrong Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin chat over drinks in Houston March 1969
Buzz Aldrin punching Moon hoax conspiracy nutter Bart Sibrel is still one of my favourite things ever.
This date, 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, become the first humans to walk on the moon. Check these out:.
Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin with the Saturn V that would take them to the moon in the background http…
All purpose parts banner
To celebrate the first moon walk 47 years ago today, here is Buzz Aldrin punching a conspiracy theorist in the face. https:/…
Buzz Aldrin, John Adams, Francis Drake, Mary Pickford, Elisha Grey, Chris Froome.Theresa May is in good company!
Buzz Aldrin is on the mornings anymore is the bomb *** breakfast pizza.
well we know for a fact Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins went in the rocket that went up so how were they in vid
Buzz Aldrin: On the Moon we were ordered by aliens to move away - Alien UFO Sightings via
Yesterday we talked with a guy named Buzz Aldrin. Today we're talking to a guy named Armstrong. (But no, not Neil.)
From Earth to the Moon. A great HBO mini-series. I was Neil Armstrong & Brian Cranston was Buzz Aldrin.
Garfunkel was the Buzz Aldrin of Simon and Garfunkel LMAO
He'd also have likely been an Apollo astronaut, and could've ended up in Buzz Aldrin's spot.
finished looking forward to wearing it to hear Buzz Aldrin talk
Soo I just saw Buzz Aldrin , the second astronaut who walked on the Moon.
Buzz Aldrin at a lunch event in DC. Not every day you see an astronaut!
.is live w/ Buzz Aldrin. On wanting to be an astronaut: "Make sure you're really interested in doing this."
Buzz Aldrin signs his latest book, "No Dream Is Too High", at a natgeo book event today.…
Getting Buzzed with astronaut Buzz Aldrin-one of the first humans to step foot on the moon in July 1969
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Come see us for lunch tomorrow where they're hosting a celebration for astronaut Buzz Aldrin. 17th & M from 12-1
Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Exposed.Hear what Buzz Aldrin & Edgar Mitchell have SEEN in this riveting documentary!
Stopped by the New York Stock Exchange today and got to meet a legend... Buzz Aldrin.
It's apparently National Astronaut Day, so please enjoy Buzz Aldrin punching a moon landing truther in the face
Everyone who's been in space would, I'm sure, welcome the opportunity for a...
Buzz Aldrin lays out his case for back to the moon and then on to Mars. . Nasa needs to go back to the moon BEFORE…
Absolutely the United States should lead in space, for the survival of the ...
ST,Jr.: Who'd you rather be,Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin?. ST: Neil Armstrong!1st on the Moon. ST,Jr.: I'd rather be Buzz Aldrin.He's alive.
the answer is 2 hours 32 minutes. Buzz aldrin was on 17 min less.
I don't watch 'American Idol,' but I wouldn't call it 'undignified.'...
BUZZ ALDRIN:They say in space no one can hear you scream, but it's not true and the other astronauts get mad at you for th…
Pretty interesting: The speech Nixon would have read if Armstrong and Aldrin became stranded on the moon
Buzz Aldrin Hates Being Called the Second Man on the Moon via
There's no doubt who was a leader in space after the Apollo Program. Nobody...
"Apollo 11 was the first spaceflight which booped the Snoot. Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin booped it on July 20, 1969..."
Check out Buzz Aldrin REAL hand SIGNED No Dream is too High 1st Edition Book w COA + PROOF
I can't believe I met Buzz Aldrin today! .
The first selfie taken in space by astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The Sixties on Netflix. Great show.
Buzz Aldrin's plan for a permanent base on Mars
1/6 In '10 Buzz Aldrin said: aim for permanent presence on Mars by 2035 -
2/6 Buzz Aldrin touts the practical, spiritual reasons for exploration -
Wouldn't it be neat to walk on the surface of Mars with Buzz Aldrin? Here's your chance! https:/…
You can be cool, but you'll never be Buzz Aldrin wearing this tshirt cool.
There are bird-like creatures that fly through space. During the first moon landing, Buzz Aldrin fed them bread.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin just claimed in a press conference that the moon landing was "just a prank bro."
Personal item the both Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong carried to the moon: slide rule.
If Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin became stranded on the moon - Nixon had this speech to make.
.talks with astronaut Buzz Aldrin about his new book, 'No Dream is Too High.'
Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin lays out his hopes for colonizing Mars
In 1969 astronaut Buzz Aldrin celebrated the first, and so far only, communion service on the moon. Read more at
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin has faced challenges and tragedy—but at age 86, he's still dreaming big today.
This is what Buzz Aldrin was thinking when he left the moon
Were you there too at Yuri's Night... Under the foot of Space Shuttle Endeavor?. Wasn't Buzz Aldrin somethin' or...
Speech written for President Nixon if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were stranded on the moon...
If you missed my interview with Buzz Aldrin listen to it here!
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