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Butch Reed

Butch Reed (born Bruce Reed on July 11, 1954) is an American professional wrestler best known for his stints in the World Wrestling Federation and the National Wrestling Alliance/World Championship Wrestling.

Ron Simmons Junkyard Dog Ric Flair Jake Roberts Ricky Steamboat Barry Windham Bill Watts Hacksaw Jim Duggan Rick Rude Lex Luger Tito Santana Gary Hart Greg Valentine Royal Rumble Hulk Hogan Don Muraco King Kong Bundy Kevin Sullivan

Rufus was busy wrestling Butch Reed and Bob Geigel unfortunately was still in retirement and hadn't made his comeback yet
Butch Jones couldn't even lead the White Walkers to victory.
Butch Jones will be Lord Commander of the Nights Watch; lose the wall to the White Walkers…
Jezreel Corrales told his barber to give him the Butch Reed.
As points out, Corrales rocking the Butch Reed bleach job.
Yeah, I'd say that Butch is very accurately rated at this time. He is what he is.
much better case for SC at number 3 than there was for Butch being underrated
My man wrote about how good Butch Jones was and then picked him 4th the east behind South Carolina!
Give ole butch a break, it's a young team. Give us 2 years we'll be back! 😂😂😂
Amen. Butch jones and nick Sabah are basically the same
Butch Reed celebrates punching out favorite wrestler
Butch gets the Vols made fun of enough without trying to trash talk, it would be 100x worse if he did.
desperately need Peyton. Not to call plays or coach QBs. But to coach Butch on working a crowd.
John Adams is going to get Butch's purple face with these type of articles.
Paul Finebaum joined Talk Sports to talk about eliminating the Alabama game, expectations @ Tennessee & Butch Jones. htt…
Does he dislike butch as much as you?
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Say what you want about Butch, but this job is MUCH more attractive than it was 4 years ago.…
If Butch and Tennessee has an "Abysmal" year but finishes top 5 in the country and number 1 in SEC for r…
If Butch Jones was a wrestler, what would his ring name be?
to one-time WCW Tag Team Champion Butch Reed who turns 63 today.
I've seen Butch Reed in a few AWA matches now, he talks major trash throughout his matches. Previous…
GAB90: For the 1st time ever, there are more WCW wrestlers on the board than WWF wrestlers, as Butch Reed gets on t…
Didn't get that. Watts was racist ? That can't be right. He pushed guys like JYD and Butch Reed.
I read this in the voice that does when he impersonates mad butch
So who was supposed to win? If it was Million Dollar Man you wouldn't have to change the brackets.…
are you unwell because Butch Reed was so over in Florida back in '88…
Just some random dude talking to Butch Jones to me
?? Why is butch jones in the topic another negative so called vol fan and Williams used to b good Idk what happened to him
Butch Jones moved up the list of coaches with most conference championships
Butch Reed debuted on 2/27 in Ft. Worth and looks pretty good. He’ll be an effective heel with his “arrogant black” attitude. 4/84
Reading up/getting excited about I'm just waiting for Griff to tell me I should be excited about Butch more LOL 😝
9/13/85 A group of legends right here with Butch Reed, Cowboy Bill Watts, and…
"Butch Jones has never satisfied a woman because he doesn't know how to finish"'was one of my favs
Because Butch Reed was just over in Florida. Best segment of this weeks episode.
Thanks for taking me back to a low point in my life: yelling in my car calling Butch supporters cucks after the Vandy game
We discussed CBS calling Butch Jones underrated last week, this week we remind you of the pain post Vandy
IF we lose to GT, I want Butch left in Atlanta, cause that's the only time he's gonna play a game there.
I swear Bill Watts loved saying the word ghetto. He used it repeatedly when talking about JYD or Butch Reed's "fighting" style.
Not butch spectrum, but seriously Bonobos
population of Hamilton back in '87/88 was around 300k... and 18k people came to see Hogan vs. Butch Reed. 😮
"Because Butch Reed was over in Florida". Was driving on a bridge. Almost hit the guardrail.😂
was Butch Reed's hair color "natural"? also its a 2 man podcast help out once in a while
Butch is coming to my part of the state July 20th & I badly need a t shirt that says Fire Butch Jones wi…
Congrats Daniel. So do you side with Butch being underrated now?
This was maybe my favorite podcast so far. Conrad crushed the Butch Reed debate but…
Today's Poll Question:. Which of these coaches would you take over Butch Jones?
Listen to Reed's Ranch: Is Butch Underrated? by Jon__reed on
Man, the Butch Reed discussion on between and was great. "OKAY, THAN ANSWER THIS SMARTY!"
Dis you know that Butch Reed was over in Florida? 😂
Because Butch Reed was over in Florida just made me laugh out loud. People are looking at me
Joined next by to talk about his two favorite topics. NBA and Butch Jones. .
New episode: is Butch Jones underrated? There's also an important offer in the first 5 mins of pod
I bought a bottle of Doom. Then I quickly realized it had nothing to do with Ron Simmons or Butch Reed.
Bob Orton Jr and Butch Reed with some beautiful teamwork.
Butch Reed (butchr57 on tackled the Farmhouse Top X-Accent console table and…
Next is Macho Man Randy Savage vs. The Natural Butch Reed. The winner will face Greg Valentine. Savage is a face now as well.
please ask Teddy Long how he felt about managing Doom, Ron Simmons & Butch Reed as Tag team champions in NWA/WCW
WWE Hall of Famers Teddy Long and Butch Reed and Ron Simmons...look at Teddy Du Rag tho!…
4-8 means Butch is gone too. Honestly, it's best case scenario.
"Hacksaw" Butch Reed & the late great The Junkyard Dog. And this match was the first match ever that I saw JYD busted open, bleeding.
if Butch is still the coach, I will have new hobbies
If butch is still the coach 2 years from now, we're still making the trip to Athens correct?
Anyway, Butch Huskey and Darren Reed are the eternal KoSTs in my heart.
even right down to Butch being in attendance tonight.
people forget Rick Barnes has the same record against UK as Butch Jones has against Vandy
He managed Doom, right? Maybe Butch Reed or Ron Simmons can do it.
Sumlin should be IMO. We live in a bubble here thinking they'd run Butch if he wins 8.
Give her 5 ❤️'s today and you'll be Champion of Love- Butch Jones
Lance Storm is a great technical wrestler. Ron Simmons & Butch Reed should also be in the WWE 2017 HOF & so should Lance Storm.
oh so you didnt see when he managed Doom (Ron Simmons & Butch Reed) he was quite awesome then
would be awesome if it was him and Butch Reed and we get a DOOM reunion!
So Butch Reed is in the class-action concussion lawsuit against WWE, so I can't imagine him and Simmons inducting Teddy.
I'd be willing to bet Ron Simmons does it. Whether Butch Reed joins him is a different story.
I'm 100% on board with the idea of Butch Reed and Ron Simmons inducting Teddy Long.
All for this, especially of they drag out Butch Reed for a cameo.
Doom was a great team, and I've always been a Butch Reed mark.
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nah it has to be Butch Reed and Ron Simmons... you too young to remember those days tho
Butch Reed was one of my favorite heels as a kid.
I wonder if Butch Reed can into the
Reed College is looking for a 2 year Visiting Professor in Genetics/Genomics starting Fall 2017. Nice gig for the r…
from ref to hall of fame I remember his time as the Manger of Ron Simmons and butch reed thank you teddy
OMG I'd love that! Only thing holding that back is Butch Reed being part of the concussion lawsuit.
I still remember being legitimately scared by Doom (including KC native Butch Reed) when I was like 6 years old.…
If they don't get Butch Reed and Ron Simmons to reunite Doom for Teddy Long's induction we should write sternly worded letters
hope Ron Simmons and Butch Reed do the speech
Ron Simmons and Butch Reed better be inducting him
Probably no chance Butch Reed & Rin Simmons induct my main man Teddy into the HOF, but I'm still like
pffft former WWF wrestler Butch Reed did it in the late 80s
S: Butch Reed looks like somebody who was on I Love New York. Man, 3 bad guy wins in a row.
Butch Jones can. Especially when he's talking to Drae Bowles
Today's Wrestler of the Day is Hacksaw Butch Reed. One of the most underrated wrestlers from the 80s.
Don't u drop a The Natural Butch Reed on me and expect me not to mention The Doctor of Style Slick
yeah he was the manager of the tag team Doom with Ron Simmons and Butch Reed
no sir, JK rushes for 220 and butch gets out coached and we lose by a field goal.
essentially a bowl game against a slow academic school- pretty much the only situation where Butch Jones can be prepared
if Butch can't beat GT he's not beating anyone.
If you go to you can watch Reflections with Butch Reed, Ricky Steamboat and our newest Roundtable with Hornswoggle,
How about a "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs. "Hacksaw" Butch Reed and the winner is the real Hacksaw!!
"Tito Santana to appear 1/13 Houston against Butch Reed. Fans there will be shocked at the sight of good wrestling. It's been a while"-1983
Here comes Jake Roberts! He immediately tosses out Butch Reed. First man ever eliminated from a Rumble.
those were great times. Butch Reed 2
Butch Walker’s Stay Gold is a great time. Huge hooks and pretty earnest, so skip if you typically take a pass on Springsteen.
Hacksaw Butch Reed did that to Junkyard Dog in Mid South early 80s. Greatest wrestling ever.
especially considering we played them with our M.A.S.H unit. Butch may get another extension.
---Ever see come out on the short end of a contest? It happens here with . . . at least...
I heard a rumor a month ago that butch Davis had the job Ken Dorsey was getting OC job Sapp and Ed Reed was helping the defense
Wrestling promotions had a black guy, one only, the only changes was like JYD, he was the star in Mid South and the…
Wait... You're telling me that has nothing to do with Jim Duggan OR Butch Reed?
See The Junkyard Dog vs. Butch Reed in a only on Only $8.99/month! .
JYD/Butch Reed was hot...too bad it did not have a conclusion.
WCCW had a hot period under Gary Hart but Mid South with JYD, Butch Reed and the Rat Pack was amazing.
Titus should bring in Butch Reed to be his coach
him and Butch Reed were molded for four star classics
great show on Florida. My favorite Florida Angie was when butch Reed pinned Flair on tv. Reed was super over in Florida 1982
this team went to world series a few months ago. 98 mets led by butch huskey, Brian mcrae, rick reed
remembered tonight that I had a crush on the butch rabbit girl from Arthur
Pour out a little liquor for our boy That's what Butch Reed use to do! We love u Bix!
The Tag Team of the day is the former tag team champs, Ron Simmons & Butch Reed, Doom with htt…
y'all making way too much of this garbage. He's right and Butch is exaggerating.
Every last one of y'all done forgot about Butch Reed til now don't lie
Teddy Long SHOOTS on Butch Reed trying to beat him up!: via
Wrestlemania 4 macho dropping the elbow on the Natural Butch Reed. . Felix
It's Monsoon. Let's pay some respect to the man who paved the way for guys like Slick & "The Natural" Butch Reed.
Butch Jones said there will be a special announcement during the spring game Saturday. Hoping it will be the end of road co…
I just can't imagine sitting through 2 hours of Butch on a microphone. I'll take my chances of dying in a fire ball
Okay, I'm skipping Butch Reed & Koko B. Ware to get to Savage/Steamboat. I know people support my choice.
He tagged with Butch Reed as the Team of Doom.
lol, Butch Reed was his tag partner in Doom
our next second round match takes us back to Atlanta, where Sting (d. Butch Reed) takes on Ted Dibiase...
Now we have Jack Victory vs. Hacksaw Butch Reed. Victory's mullet is TREMENDOUS.
(3 of 5)the best heel wrestler/managers EVER), 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed, Buzz Sawyer, *** Murdoch and of course, The Rock & Roll Express
Happy On May 19, 1990, Ron Simmons and Butch Reed (Doom), defeated the Steiners to win the NWA World Tag Team Titles.
They have Ron Simmons advertised on the cover... But isn't that Butch Reed in the pic?
I need to put Denzel on Butch... Or that might be overkill
Butch is sure gonna be tired after a night of delivering presents
It's now very obvious that Butch is not a Christian. Needs to be fired today.
Hacksaw Butch Reed is cooler than your favorite wrestler. And it's not even close, tbh.
My favorite wrestler this week is Butch Reed. I live in the WWE Network Vault now.
Butch was mentioned on 3 quarters of the ballots
Did Butch finish second for SEC coach of the year?
Inspired by Hacksaw Butch Reed, I will now only be referring to my fists as “soup bones."
The team of Butch Reed and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart should have won all of the titles.
Lots of targets in the 250. We're not in great position. Will Butch do that thing where he shocks ppl on the trail?
Butch will use this stat at some point, of course.
Mariota's development is top notch, Butch needs to get Whisenhunt on staff
i know the struggle of Butch and autocorect
Donnie the bball coach did it. Butch had something about not being his wife's first choice
We're getting the band back together! I'm joining Chris Farr, Tony Miceli, Butch Reed and John…
"The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes vs. Butch Reed for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship is JUST what...
Btw, Butch Reed was awesome. If you haven't seen his work, you now watch it on the in Mid-South Wrestling
Too cold Scorpio, Iceman King Parsons and Butch Reed my favs
Mid South on the butch Reed vs JYD. Dusty the Ref. I'm loving this!
Fun Fact: Nigel Sherrod claims he is haunted by the ghost of Butch Reed
This is wrestling to me,Butch Reed,and on Mid-South,Taylor vs Kamala up later
what you think? Think Butch Davis would have been better, would have loved to see either Michael Irvin or Ed Reed
+ Kamala, Landell, Butch Reed. You're all so young! I miss this era. Oh my goodness!
Butch Reed's disco strings workout montage on Mid-South Wrestling is a sight to be seen. Makes me miss random montages with dodgy music
Butch Reed on Mid-South Wrestling working out with breakdancers. This is amazing.
Classic match with and Butch Reed, Matt thanks for linking this.
Butch Reed vs. Ronnie Garvin in a Secret Stipulations Match at the Calgary Stampedome - Meltzer Rating ***
You all don't want any of Doom. I'm 100% certain Ron Simmons & Butch Reed could still wreck all of these tag-teams.
Top analysis from Butch again: "everyone forgets that patrick reed is only 25 or 26 years old". He's 24 ffs.
see my man. If you had the Butch pic, you would open yourself to comebacks when you attack ppl
I was more of a Butch Reed fan than a Ron Simmons fan, but Doom was pretty cool
Apparently Ron Simmons & Butch Reed made an appearance at E3 today?
Time for some DOOM! Where Ron Simmons and Butch Reed at?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
lol that's better than Butch's picture
From now on will refer to our coach as BCB (bro country butch)
When I met "Hacksaw" Butch Reed about 10 years ago, he did a pretty good Dusty Rhodes impression.
The underrated Butch Reed. You can match up Savage opponents and get amazing matches.
I agree. Old avi is classic. There are probably a 100 lame *** with that Butch pic as their avi
I thought more people would like badass Butch, TBH.
Ron Simmons and Butch Reed would be so proud
Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs. Barbarian and Butch Reed. Cactus Jack on commentary. Should be fun.
Y'all look like the New Word to Ron Simmons & Butch Reed!
This is where I got my name from Butch Reed & Ron Simons
we're afraid of 2nd yr petrino with 3rd yr butch? hmmm, wonder why? I thought butch was good enough to win in the SEC
Really brutal that Butch Jones ruined the Grizzlies season
Butch went from Kenny Chesney'ing it up with his "friend" Spoelstra at Heat games to going to the Grindhouse. Improving as a coach
On this day in May 10, 1989~ The Midnight Express defeating Butch Reed and The Raider for the vacant NWA World Tag Team Championship.
After watching JYD Butch Reed Ghetto Street Fight confirms d fact never fully utilized JYD or Butch too bad
23 years ago, pitcher Butch Henry recorded his first hit ... an inside-the-park homer:
Starting the rumors now: Butch Davis hires former Cane,Ed Reed, to coach the secondary for the University of Miami
Butch think you can stop by Walter Reed physical therapy when you come to the DC area. Gr8 young men/women going thru there
Hacksaw Jim Duggan from the top of Octagon down on Cormier's head. Kamala just sat on Johnny Bones Jones here comes Butch Reed at
The Tag Team of the day is Doom, Butch Reed & Ron Simmons with Teddy Long.
It was very creative of Butch Reed to pour yellow paint all over Junk Yard Dog in Mid South Wrestling
I was always a fan of Butch Reed and Ron Simmons. Just real top notch bad ***
Doom Should've been a much bigger tag team in the 80s. Ron Simmons and Butch Reed were scary!
Ron Simmons and Butch Reed say DOOM was so 80's this is the 90's we be rocking sweet hair an white suits
Doctor Doom, or the former WCW tag team of Ron Simmons and Butch Reed?
Lex Luger, Sting, Goldberg, Ricky Steamboat, Butch Reed, Ron Simmons - can we get a WCW remastered PLEASE
I don't know who Butch Reed is but Barry Windham looks totally sweet
Back when wrestling was good Halloween havoc 90 sorry butch reed
I dont care what anyone says 'Hacksaw' Butch Reed was the man back in the day Also who the *** Is Ranger Ross!
This Day In Wrestling History- May 19th Trivia 1981 – It was officially announced by the American Wrestling Association that, due to Verne Gagne retiring and vacating the AWA World Heavyweight Title, Nick Bockwinkel, the former champion, & current number one contender, was being awarded the belt 1989 – The Patrick Swayze film “Roadhouse”, which featured Terry Funk, was released theatrically. In its 7 week theatrical run, the film made $30,050,028. While not well received critically, the film would go on to become extremely popular via cable television and is considered a cult classic, even spawning a musical theater version 1992 – Nailz made his WWF in-ring debut during a WWF Superstars taping in Lexington, Kentucky 2006 – WWE Studios releases it’s 1st feature film, ‘See No Evil’, starring Kane. It eventually grossed around $18.5 million worldwide 2010 – Randy Savage announced on his official website that he had gotten married Events In 1990, NWA Capital Combat: Return of the Roboco .. ...
27 years ago today, it was Intercontinental Champion Ricky Steamboat taking on The Natural Butch Reed on Challenge.
Man, Butch Reed just powered Casey up for a press slam from a flying body press catch.
RawJoxxx - Tyler Reed & Butch Bloom It's worth the watch to see the *** and pretend your tasting i…
Butch Reed vs Ron Simmons in a Steel Cage match with Theodore Long suspended in miniature cage above the ring.
TBT...with Tony Hughes sitting next to Butch Reed
ah that's alright with you out of Knox, Butch will have a NC in line ha hope you come through with some tickets connects in Cincy
We have to get Butch Reed in the WWE Hall of Fame
Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed in street fight in Mid South.. Wow im so old school love this stuff.
I used my extra Hulk Hogan doll as Butch Reed.
Butch Reed needs to be in the WWE Hall of Fame.
Your cousin is Butch Reed! We need to get that man in the WWE Hall of Fame!
The guy who owned it was inside fully clad in Bama gear... I felt bad for him!
Macho Man with the lovely Elizabeth up against Butch Reed with the doctor of stiz-yle, Slick, now! Macho's road begins.
It was a shock to some but not to us. The Dogg/Pimp semi-main was the match of the night. Being called Butch Reed is not a bad thing.
"The Natural" Butch Reed's long lost brother. Or is it Willis?
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I'm sorry...first duck call was a Butch Richenback single reed call, but the Haydel Double reed Cajun Squealer best call. IMHO.
I'm watching Hacksaw Butch Reed tar and feather Junkyard Dog on Disc 2 of Legends of Mid-South Wrestling, and it's awesome!
ON THIS DAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY (thanks to Graeme Cameron and Brian Hoops) 1976 - The Beauty Pair, Jackie Sato & Makie Ueda, beat Mariko Akagi & Mach Fumiake in Tokyo to win the WWWA tag titles. The Beauty Pair were really the first women wrestlers who were mainstream superstars in Japan, and drew huge prime time TV ratings. 1983 - Fit Finlay beat Ringo Rigby in Oldham, England to win the British light heavyweight title. Yes, Ringo Rigby, the Wrestling Beatle from the 70s. 1987 - Sir Oliver Humperdink beat Badnews Allen in Tampa to win the Florida title 1991 - WrestleWar in Phoenix (awesome show including very underrated Luger vs. Spivey match) saw Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin beat Ron Simmons & Butch Reed to win the world tag team tiles and Ric Flair & Barry Windham & Sid Vicious & Larry Zbyszko beat Sting & Brian Pillman & Steiner Brothers in a rare heel War Games win, 1992 - Koko B.Ware beat Kamala in Memphis to win the USWA title 1995 - Dan Severn beat Chris Candido in Erlanger, KY to win the ...
The UIC Pavilion in Chicago, Illinois was the second WCW pay-per-view after the inception of the company as a Turner Broadcasting subsidiary in late 1988. It was the first under the new booking committee and saw the Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat challenging Ric Flair for the NWA Title in the main event and is considered their best match in their series of matches since Steamboat's tenure in the WWF. The undercard saw Michael Hayes beating the Russian Assassin (with Paul Jones) and Sting beating Butch Reed (with Hiro Matsuda) prior to 4 title matches, 3 of which saw new champions crowned.
Master G beats up Butch Reed. Part of Bill Watts never ending quest to remake JYD. Reed juices big time 2 get this geek over.
I'll be honest, Ron Simmons, Tony Atlas, Rocky Johnson, JYD, and Butch Reed all deserve to be inb4
This Day In Wrestling History- February 15th Trivia 2010 – WWE officially announced Antonio Inoki for the WWE Hall of Fame 2010 – WWE released developmental diva Jenny Quinn, who worked in Florida Championship Wrestling as Penny Cash 2010 – TNA announced they would be moving Impact to Mondays opposite Monday Night Raw, a move that would only last several months before returning to its traditional Thursday timeslot Events In 1989, Clash of the Champions V was held in Cleveland, OH at the CSU Convocation Center and was nicknamed “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”. Which was aired live on TBS: - The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) defeated The Russian Assassins - Butch Reed defeated Steven Casey - Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat had an in-ring confrontation, with Flair making fun of Steamboat’s family & home life, while bragging about his wild party life & women. Steamboat ended up ripping off Flair’s clothes & running him out of the ring. - Lex Luger defeated The Blackmailer (Jack Victory ...
Who liked seeing Hiro Matsuda replace JJ Dillon as the manager of Ric Flair,Barry Windham and Butch Reed in 1989? I thought Hiro Matsuda was a major step backward.
Ron Simmons comments on Mae Young, Ole Anderson, Butch Reed, and more
Home after a bittersweet evening. Seeing all my red neck buddies was awesome, but we all made a pact to do it again before we found one of us at Milwards or Kerr brothers. Butch Reed was the man that all of us should aspire to be as humans. He was well loved, as attested by the numbers of people at his visitation. He would give you the shirt off of his back, if he had one on that is, and if he thought you needed it. And he wouldn't take no for an answer once he made his mind up. He was a man of his word, and a handshake was a binding contract to him. He gave all, loved unconditionally, and was full of heart and forgiveness. The world of drag racing lost a *** of a racer and mechanic.and I lost a great friend. And God gained a great soul this week. Tell those close to you what they mean, Butch would advise that, for we never know when the Lord will call us home.
What if instead of turning Butch Reed heel, dying his hair blonde and redubbing him "The Natural", had he stayed babyface, kept the "Hacksaw" nickname and teamed with fellow "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan? The two had a short lived but very popular and believable tag team together. Both came to the nickname independent of each other, but imagine the Hacksaws in the WWF. Demolition, Sheik and Volkoff, The Hart Foundation and others would have some serious competion. Thoughts?
Friday, april 16, 1993 in Munich, Germany was not only the beginning of a 2 weeks tour with the most well known wrestlers at that time, like Ultimate Warrior, Butch Reed and the Warlord – it was also the beginning of a trip that changed my life forever and is still on for 20 years !! My first „thank you“ goes to my mentor, partner in crime and long-distance brother „The Hustler“ aka Carmine DeSpirito who suggested me instead of RTL – commentator Horst Brack „Der Bestrafer“ for the job as ring announcer. Thank you for letting me learn the business from you. Also thank you for some great memories to Greg Valentine, Medusa Micelli, Jake „the Snake“ Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page, as well as Lelahni Kai, Bambi and Peggy Lee Leather… „Khab-khun kap“ to Mr. Stefan Haupt, who along with his late mother Elke ran Independent Wrestling World in Hannover for 2 years. I was proud to be a part of it! My 1st german „Danke schön“ goes to everybody at the Vienna Wrestling Club, especially ...
Jarran Reed should be announcing here in the next month. I hope Butch can pull this one.
happy thanksgiving, Carter! I know you are just attacking me because butch disappointed you
Butch Reed was SO AHEAD OF HIS TIME! He'd have been HUGE in the 2000's.
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Family collectively harassed a man named Butch who looked like Lou Reed. Now walking home sliding on ice singing "Satellite Of Love".
“Butch Jones on Team 116: "Our football team, last year, didn't lift for over three months."”That's just *** crazy!
"Hey we need to build Sting up." "How can we do that?" "Let's have him wrestle Butch Reed for 45 mins. I mean he was on Wrestlemania III."
FLASHBACK OF THE WORLD WRESTLING FEDERATION NOVEMBER 7TH 14TH 21ST SURVIVOR SERIES TV TAPING: I was a Junior at CNS when the time that the WWF did the taping took 6hrs that night to promote the SURVIVOR SERIES on Thanksgiving Night in 1987. Man the four top Matches I loved was Strike Force VS The Hart Foundation,, Superstar Billy Graham VS Natural Butch Reed, Ricky "THE DRAGON" Steamboat VS Honkytonk Man for the Intercontinental Championship and finally, Hulk Hogan VS Killer Khan for the WWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. It was a real fun night and when that Monday came and was in school my Buddy Ray Burton said he had a ball and Mike Newman said well I AM GOING TO BUCKY'S HOUSE TO WATCH THIS AND HE LOVED TO GET A LITTLE WILD AND I TOLD HIM TO CHILL BEFORE HE GETS THE SHOE LOL!!! As always he can be a pain in the butt at times but I love the guy he is one of my great brothers since 6th Grade. Seriously, today it is not the same like it was 25-30 years ago so i am asked all the time you watching it and i s ...
The very first elimination in a Royal Rumble. Butch Reed by Jake Roberts. A couple more tosses ready and waiting.
On this day in Pro Wrestling history (courtesy of -November 26, 1987: The WWF and NWA go head-to-head on pay per view on the same night for the first and only time in history. The WWF presents the first annual Survivor Series from Richfield, OH while the NWA counters with the 5th annual Starrcade from Chicago, IL. Survivor Series is headlined by a 5-on-5 Elimination match in which Andre the Giant, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, Butch Reed and One Man Gang defeat Hulk Hogan, Bam Bam Bigelow, Paul Orndorff, Ken Patera and Don Muraco. Starrcade features Ric Flair defeating Ronnie Garvin to win the NWA Heavyweight Title. Question of the day: If you had the choice back in 1987, would you have ordered Survivor Series or Starrcade? -Dave
Corey Agin I'm calling it, Big E Langston and Mark Henry, the new Ron Simmons and Butch Reed.
yeah it's on Butch for letting the Alabama game derail the rest of the year.
very true, in fact Dooley did better in his year one than full butch please has done
I don't think it's a saving grace. I think it's a fact that having top 5 classes puts you in a better position. at least butch
why do you keep on bringing up the 90's like it's just Butch that has kept us from getting there? been a long line of coaches
I worked with both butch and Tim reed in kc they are concrete finishers
Watching a butch reed video package on his feud w/ jyd. Reed was awesome in 84. Im friends with his daughter, who is expecting her 1st child
LOL! Big E and Henry took me back to Butch Reed and Ron Simmons.
Ron Simmons and Butch Reed would kill those fools
Mark Henry is the butch reed of this team.
takes me back to the days of Butch Reed and Ron Simmons.
If ur calling for Butch to be fired please find another team doesn't need you.
Our young receiving core has improved and our QB situation will drastically improve. Also, Butch is playing with Dooley's guys.
"Blaming" Butch, no. The team progressed enough for your likin? If so, that's fine. Embrace the 8 win ceiling
Like I said when he was hired, Butch will get Tennessee back to 8 wins consistently. Maybe mix a 10-win season in. That's it.
Tor Hamer's trainer looks like he used to go drinking with the Junkyard Dog and "The Natural" Butch Reed.
If it worked, he'd be "Butch Stones" again though. Palardy's not kickin well tonight. At least the defender caught it I guess
My all time dream match for survivor series would put the 1987 team of Andre the giant, one man gang, Rick Rude, butch reed, and King Kong Bundy vs. the 2003 team of Brock Lesnar, big show, Nathan lane, Matt Morgan, and A-Train. I think the ring would of collapsed from the sheer weight in the ring!!! FTW
Is watching this "ghetto street fight" between The Junkyard Dog and "Hacksaw" Butch Reed...they used to really promote back in the
On this Day in 1992 – Butch Reed defeats Junkyard Dog to win the USWA Unified World Heavyweight Title (Karl)
"Me and Butch Reed had great matches. He's black and I'm white." - LEGIT sound bite from Terry Taylor. *** !!
and vs Doom Ron Simmons and Butch Reed probably the best match ever saw in the 90s Awesome, you should be in Wwe2k14
R.I.P. NANCY BENOIT & son DANIEL (May 21/64 -- June 22/07 Nancy made her in-ring debut July 1984 for FCW. She became a part of Kevin Sullivans' "Satanists". She married Kevin in 1985. WCW Nancy, then known as woman became manager of DOOM. (Butch Reed & Ron Simmons) After leaving DOOM, she aligned herself with Ric Flair & The FOUR HORSEMEN. ECW Nancy managed Kevin Sullivan & The Tazmaniac to ECW Tag Team Championships. Kevin left ECW to become part of WCW while Nancy remained & went on to manage Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio. She wrestled her first match with Sandman Against Tommy Cairo & Peaches in a Singapore Cane match. RETURN TO WCW 1996 Nancy returned to WCW where she rejoined Ric Flair & The FOUR HORSEMEN which now included Chris Benoit. She started an 'on screen' relationship with Benoit, who was involved in a fued with Nancys' real life husband, Kevin Sullivan. Soon 'on screen' relationship became real life affair 'off screen'. Her final appearance for WCW was in May 1997. PERSONAL LIFE 1997 Nancy divor ...
In Memory: Firstly, in 1998, WWE Hall of Famer The Junkyard Dog died aged just 45. He began his career in Jerry Jarrett’s Tennessee promotion, before moving to Jarrett’s rival Nick Gulas’ company, then to Stampede in Canada before finally settling in Mid-South, where Bill Watts would give him the Junkyard Dog gimmick. He won a total of 15 championships in Mid-South, as well as contesting now legendary feuds with The Freebirds, Ted DiBiase and Butch Reed. In late-1984, JYD moved to the WWF, where he became a hugely popular fan-favourite. He was one of the first to interact with youngsters at ringside, often inviting them into the ring to dance with him, much like Brodus Clay does today. In November 1985, he won the WWF’s Wrestling Classic tournament, the promotion’s first PPV event (WrestleMania I in March was aired on closed-circuit television). JYD’s popularity quickly waned and he left the WWF in 1988, returning to the NWA territories, including a brief run in WCW. His last major appearance ...
How I'm spending my weekend, part two...Cowboy Bob Orton and Butch Reed in the house!
The St. Louis Wrestling Legends weekend is over. Thanks to everyone that attended, it was a huge success. The Legends asked that I thank all the fans that came out and made some old timers feel young again. Just because this weekend is over doesn't mean the celebration is over, next Saturday the 54th celebration of wrestling at the chase continues with a special appearance by "Hacksaw" Butch Reed. Also, as was posted before Trevor Murdoch was scheduled to appear, however due to what took place last evening between Ron Powers and Cowboy Bob Orton, and after having both Orton and Murdoch on the phone this morning, Murdoch at the request of Orton has agreed to step a side and it will be Orton and Powers doing battle. You don't want to miss it. I know there were loads of pictures taken last evening, if anyone that took some would post I'm sure others would love to see them.
Barb Kibler + Butch Reed's music equal a great Dance Eclectic Can't wait to see the whole show tonight!
Omg it's so good seeing everyone even butch I love that guy ! Wish billy reed was here miss him to !!!
How many mask wrestlers can you name?
Great call during the Flair vs. Butch Reed match.Clash of Champions XIII
. just found out last night i have cancer :'( im dieing next week.. i made so many friends and gonna miss hanging with some but i have to go.. im gonna die... :'( Tyler Goodhue I love you babe and im sorry we have to break up! i want u to know that ill always love you!. ill never forget you and youll always be in my heart.. and Chyenne Marie Giddings im gonna miss you :( and Tyler Giddings... im sorry i was a jerk but im gonna miss talking to u. and Ashley Wright thanks for being there for me.. even your sister Tricia John.. thanks to all of my friends for supporting me...
The Baltimore Ravens are reportedly set to make Quarterback Joe Flacco the NFL's highest paid player. The move allows the team to set their offseason in motion.
When I do my impression of "The Natural" Butch Reed, I'm way better with my right side than I am with my left.
Well worth the reading! State of Despair: With Marty Trillhaase’s permission, we reprint his editorial, published in yesterday’s Lewiston Tribune. When the Idaho Legislature's Office of Performance Evaluations completed its survey of 2,800 administrators and teachers earlier this year, it concluded: "Results from our survey of teachers revealed a strong undercurrent of despair among teachers who seem to perceive a climate that disparages their efforts and belittles their contributions. The vast majority of comments ... express concern or dissatisfaction with specific aspects of their work or, more broadly, with conditions surrounding the public education environment in Idaho. ... The general tone of dissatisfaction and sense of being underappreciated may ... directly affect the state's ability to ensure a steady supply of dedicated, highly effective teachers in all of Idaho's public schools." Not so, says Senate Education Chairman John Goedde, R-Coeur d'Alene: "If I walk into this building on Monday m ...
The 1st place team of Tony Mcgaha and Jeremy Houghtaling from South Carolina bested the 2nd place team by almost 100 pounds with a total catch weighing 571 ½ pounds winning them the impressive $2,500 check. The 2nd place team members and winners of $1,500 were Josh Dunkle, Dusty Harris and Chancy Crowell of Arizona, with a catch weighing 478 pounds. Third place and $1000 went to previous 3-year winners Harold Speed, Alan Yedor Jr. and Butch Samson of Alabama for a catch totaling 441 ½ pounds. Forth place was taken by the Georgia team of Robbie Robertson, Bryan Cates and Ray Fitzgerald, who won $750 for 441 pounds of fish. Coming in 5th was the Missouri team of Mike Bommer, Dan Scherer and Paul Gragg who won $500 for a 425 ¾-pound catch. The 6th and final money place was secured by the Georgia team of Jason Evans and Keith Reed, who caught 425 ¼ pounds of fish to win $250 .Wow, way to go!! Chuck just told me about this. So we looked you up :) Jeremy Houghtaling...
Diary of an escaped dog, part last: Friday passed and Momma Dog had wandered into the kennel several times, running up and down outside the fence line, with Erika or Bridger. They live in the big yards that front the highway and befriend any dog that strays past. She was comfortable with the kennel but I knew a large turnout of people in the morning could change all that. That night I only put food out near her reed hide out, not the trail of food that led into the kennel grounds. I hoped she would eat and stay outside Saturday morning, at least until the people left. A crisp, clear sky, shone down on the Ladies of P.A.L. as they drove to the back of the kennel grounds and began loading dogs to take to adoption. Juanita and Kimberly, were the first to drive in with their, Margarita lime green T-shirts, then Samantha Jenkins pulled in with her Maraschino pink shirt. 'The Ladies' are not a subdued group, and very easy to spot. They began loading as I went into the house after the paperwork for each dog. " . ...
BIG night tonight at SMOKE-FREE Key West Crazy on the Waterfront in Little River. The CORRECT time for this wonderful entertainment featuring the very talented Charlie Snuggs, and Butch Bowen is 5 - 8 PM. Also, you never know what other entertainers will show up. These two guys are so very kind to me in that they let me sing the Blues of Bo Diddley and Jimmy Reed with them. I keep trying to learn new songs to keep up. Also good food and drink and VERY FRIENDLY new owners Tashia and Mark. Babs and I hope to see you there later.
This is so something Marleigh Ro'Chelle would say to you Jacque Reed Butch
Now that my daughter-in-law has posted the news I can now share with my friends. Brian and Tiffany are expecting another baby in October. Please keep them in your prayers as she is having morning sickness all day (don't know why they call it morning sickness) and Brian is still having issues from his surgery and on his way back to doctor in Houston. Thank you.
I make no apologies for being a Jesus follower and being His servant.
Think I have a stalker.everyday I get a different time train home, yet they are always in my carriage, at my bus stop, and now are smiling like they know me!.should I be freaked or flattered? help!!!
Fill my cup, let it overflow.Let it overflow with love for others.No Exceptions!
Butch Jones is going to be Grand Marshall of Food City 500 in Bristol! I'll get to meet
Springfield defeats Bakersfield 98-89. Willie Reed with 17 and 12. Brian Butch with 19 and 15. -- Box:
Friends and Family, Keep Rosemary Pinder Reed in your prayers, The Dr said he felt Moms 5 hour surgery went well. And said mom will not have to worry about that Aneurysm ever again. She woke up and smiled for a few minutes before drifting back off to sleep. The Dr said she will probably be seeing double for about 6 weeks.
Ron Simmon and Butch Reed managed by Teddy Long as DOOM is a all time great tag team.
Diary of an escaped dog prt. 2 Pain, an intense stabbing hunger pain, jabbed her gut. Trying to ignore it she curled into a tighter black ball. the pangs grew stronger. Pulling her head from against her chest she saw the morning sky, streaked with citrus slices, of sun rays, the cap of the sun appearing on the horizon. She looked out between tall, reed like weeds, and heard the whoosh of automobiles a few feet away. The sound of dogs barking cracked the last fog of sleep, she stood, arched her back, and stretched, a comforting stretch, from the first truly restful sleep, since she had been captured. Small, pointy, black nostrils, no wider than your thumb, reached out into the morning breeze, wrinkled, sniffed, flared, inhaled, sneezed, then were bathed in a moist, warm pink, tongue bath. Caramel eyes glinted, and tummy rumbled as the nose signaled to the brain, FOOD!. Leaving the cover of the weeds, walking along a fence line, she discovered, fresh, cooked chicken in a small steel bowl. She wolfed it down ...
I'm gonna be inside like 'The Natural' Butch Reed.
Doom's (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed) entrance music from NWA and later WCW
screw the Graham talk! Lets get our bUTch on. Have fun losing ACC titles
This is a promotional video for Butch Trucks' live 2 hour multi-media presentation, "Fishin' WIth Duane." Butch reflects on the impact Duane Allman had on hi...
No no thats how much I am getting off silly ;P I could not rock a butch haircut...
People still unquestionably believing in Butch or is doubt creeping in? Asking for a friend...
Question of the Day - Who was the best tag team of all time?
I am going to try to find some of my cousins. Don't know who is still around. I am looking for some of my cousins- Garnet, Cindy and Harry (Butch Britton) Reed Floyd (Cowboy) Knight, Annie Knight John Capuano Bobby Cochran There are (were) many more, but these I remember most.
Who would have known that sticking my tongue out at a snake would make it go away! They scare me, and Penny Reed was in the shower, so I had to use the skills I had. LOL
31 years ago today on this date: Dory and Terry Funk and David Von Erich beat Jerry Lawler, Butch Reed and Sweet Brown Sugar in Orlando,Fla.
How's it gonna be when you don't know me anymore.
The people who you associate with reveals your level of maturity or lack there of.
Every year around this time, TripAdvisor releases its list of the world's best beaches. Culled from a list of 276 beaches around the world, the ranking highlights users' favorites in, predominantly it seems, South America and the Caribbean (though America gets some top billing with three beaches, al...
zeb coulter, is going to stir up trouble for wwe. ~T
I'm considering moving into crossland manor/place in two weeks. Anyone ever live there or know someone who did? Feedback?
Did i see on here that Trash Stratus is going in the 2013 HoF? The Steiner Brothers, Honky Tonk Man, Randy Savage, the British Bulldogs, Jake Roberts, The Barbarian, Bobby Eaton, Bull Nakano, Rock & Roll Express, Demolition (Ax/Smash), Rick Rude, Headshrinker Samu, King Kong Bundy, "Doctor of Style" Slick, Haku (probably the toughest man in the sports history), One Man Gang, Molly Holly, Great muta, Lex Luger, Barry Horowitz, Butch Reed, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Big Van Vader, Madusa (aka Alundra Blaze), Jim "the anvil" Neighthart, Rick Martel, Gary Hart, The Sheepherders (aka The Bushwackers), Stan Hansen, BamBam Bigalow, Kamala, Jushin Thunder Liger, Dean Malenko, FIT FINLAY, Bad News Brown (Allan), The Freebirds, Brian Pillman and so on...i don't understand why so many legends are overlooked and in recent years if you retire that year...your automatically "in"? Frustrating.
Today in wrestling history gives you.Jan 24th 1988, The very first Royal Rumble!! It was held at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario and the participants of the Rumble were B. Brian Blair, Boris Zhukov, Bret Hart, Butch Reed, Danny Davis, Dino Bravo, Don Muraco, Harley Race, Hillbilly Jim, Jake Roberts, Jim Brunzell, Jim Neidhart, Junk Yard Dog, Nikolai Volkoff, One Man Gang, Ron Bass, Sam Houston, The Ultimate Warrior, Tito Santana and of course the winner of the event, Hacksaw Jim Duggan. The first Rumble wasn't actually a ppv but was a television special on the USA Network (although the year after it did become a ppv). Ricky Steamboat defeated Rick Rude by disqualification after Rude had pulled the ref in front of himself to block a cross body from 'The Dragon' Also on this card there was a match for the WWF Women's Tag Titles between the Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) ending the 906 day title reign of The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai). The main event was not actu ...
The 2013 college football season can’t get here soon enough, which means it’s not too early to take a stab at how it might shake out next
lol. Butch Reed used the name around the same time. It was kinda
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