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Butch Jones

Lyle Allen Butch Jones, Jr. (born ) is the current head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats football team.

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December 7th, 2012: Butch Jones is hired press conference . December 7th, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor. . A day which will li…
Watching Kirby do this has me mad at Butch Jones all over again.
The national media is completely clueless, and research shows Butch Jones is a better coach in near…
Veto on Schiano was the right thing because he wouldn't have improved over Butch Jones tenure. Compare…
She just needs some media training or something. You can talk a lot and say pretty much nothing (i.e. Butch Jones)
you know who you left off this list? Karl Dorrell. Woody Widenhofer. Butch Jones. Donnie Tyndall.
Add John Currie buyout to Butch Jones buyout + Greg Schiano settlement (which I expect at some point) + new coach who wil…
Butch Jones. Mike DeBord. Brady Hoke. Greg Schiano. Tennessee is really out to prove how bad our worst 2007 ideas really were.
So, if they approached him just right, any chance Butch Jones would take the Tennessee job?
They will be hiring the ACC Butch Jones. Amazing incompetence.
Butch Jones went 14-24 against SEC teams in 5 seasons at Tennessee. Like Doeren, he loaded up on wins vs. teams Vol…
Dave Doeren is 15-25 in five years in ACC. Butch Jones was 14-24 in five years in SEC. UT is effectively hiring the Butch J…
Source of says the deal with (Doreen) is getting real. He is worse version of Butch Jones. Come on…
To be fair, Travis mentioned Brohm on his show weeks ago right after they fired Butch Jones. His producer is a WKU grad.
Also a long list of coaches with head coaching experience like Butch Jones and Derek D…
We did something similar to Gary Patterson before and ended up with Butch Jones. Looks like we're heading down the…
Tennessee fans bemoaning the hire of Butch Jones prove again how much fans really DON'T know and think they know a lot. He i…
Tennessee is wasting no time replacing Butch Jones as they're reportedly finalizing a deal to hire Ohio State defensive…
Just a reminder, Alvin Kamara was Butch Jones' backup running back. Lol.
Reasons not to hire Greg Schiano. - Connected to Penn State scandal. - Was beat 69-30 by Butch Jones as a head coach at Rutge…
Tennessee it's easy. Let me help you out call and offer or Kevin Sumlin. Both would be upgrades from Butch Jones
Maybe South Carolina needs to hire Butch Jones to help them with their sanitation issues.
If you want to know who bares the most blame for the current state of the program; it’s not Butch Jones, Derek Dool…
I thanks to Dave Hart and Butch Jones for destroying our football team
I hope Butch Jones and Dave Hart rot in ***
I can’t believe I’m actually witnessing it. I’m so mad at Dave Hart, Butch Jones and all those involved.
Butch Jones for sure, pretty sure Bielema was done after this year win or lose. You don’t fire a coach bef…
Jim McElwain was fired the week before he played Mizzou. Butch Jones was fired the day after. . Bret Bielema was fired 10 seco…
Significantly better than Butch? Lol. Butch Jones has coached 61 games and won 56% of them. Dan Mullen has coached…
The narrative supporting Dan Mullen is the exact same as the narrative supporting Butch Jones was. "He just needs b…
Guys, if you looked at what Butch Jones did at Cincinnati and at Tennessee the same way you guys look at Dan Mullen
Trying to equate Butch Jones to Dan Mullen might catch you the block.
Listen Dan Mullen already makes more than Butch Jones did. He’s not that great and to get him to leave starkville i…
Lane Kiffin: I’m the most hated person in TN. Derek Dooley: No they hate me more. Butch Jones: I ruined this program. I’m th…
UT Vols football coaching job has plenty of appeal even after Butch Jones era, experts say
Alvin Kamara averaging and 8 and 9 carries, respectively, in his two years at Tennessee helps explain why Butch Jones no lon…
College Coaching Carousel Nuggets: Updates on candidates for Tennessee; Where will Butch Jones land?
Brady Hoke is almost Butch Jones level. Like, get the heck out of K-town.
I’m about to pour out so many for the ghost of Butch Jones.
Mullen would be another Butch Jones. Don't need him at Tennessee. Mediocre coach in an overrated S…
I don't think it will happen, but IF Scott Frost leaves after this season, who does UCF target? Butch Jones? Lane K…
Will history view Butch Jones' tenure at Tennessee more favorably than we do now, similar to Ron Zook at Florida?.
Mike Tomlin is the NFL equivalent of Butch Jones
Butch Jones = Al Golden. Look at Miami, a good coach can make all the difference. UT has the players to…
Butch Jones was prickly and insecure. Greg Schiano is a much better coach than Butch, but:. 1) That's mostly becau…
Butch Jones is getting paid $8,257,580.00 to NOT coach football. . Maybe we were all wrong and he has this whole Champio…
John Currie’s letter to Butch Jones this morning describing the details of his termination.
What are UT students saying about Butch Jones' firing?
John Currie’s termination letter to Butch Jones…
Uh. No.The Vols were not having a night, they are having a horrible year !!! When is that horri…
Butch Jones only lost 3 out of conference games as TENN head coach. Two of those were to Oklahoma.
.We know Butch Jones was fired. Stop teasing whether he was fired or not during . People have heard of the Internet.
Tennessee allowed 300+ rushing yards just twice in a dozen years since 2000. Have given up 300+ on the ground EIGHT time…
As fan bases celebrate the firing of coaches such as Butch Jones, a reminder that over 20 families impacted per staff and doz…
Does a bear 💩in the woods?. Do fish even swim?. Are there mustaches in Mexico?. Did Butch Jones deserve to be fired?
All the Butch Jones dirty laundry getting aired tonight.
Butch Jones out as Tennessee head coach
True and it shows how unprepared Butch Jones coached teams were. But still people were talk…
Who will Tennessee hire to replace Butch Jones? 10 names top the wish list
Still better than watching a team coached by Butch Jones.
Getting caught up on news for the day and NOPE! The fired Butch Jones without cause. Waited until 2 games left in t…
Tennessee Volunteers see four decommitments after Butch Jones firing
Why Butch Jones couldn’t make it out of his fifth year in Knoxville (by
Fear not, Tennessee fans; a disappointing decade can be followed by a return to glory. Just ask Oklahoma and Alabama https…
The jags are 6-3. The U is back. I’m still alive for $330 in a survivor pool. Jim McElwain and Butch Jones got fired. The turn…
$206,439.50: What Tennessee will pay Butch Jones each month for the next 40 months.
Very glad that Butch Jones is gone at UT. I grew up a Vols fan, but couldn’t support them after Jones yelled at a p…
This kid is in denial!!! Reports from the recruit confirming it is happening! And butch jones character was tainted…
. GOOD LUCK SHAWN you have to chance of watch this video must watch this and know Kabir is God Hamil…
Butch Jones about to get like 8.5 million.he is a in my eyes
Breaking: Butch Jones is OUT after five seasons as coach at Tennessee, per
Brady Hoke will serve as interim coach for Tennessee Football.
Breaking: Tennessee has fired head coach Butch Jones.
Tennessee fans watching Butch Jones walk away with his multi-million dollar buyout after coaching the worst season in UT histo…
BREAKING: Butch Jones has been officially fired as the head coach of the University of Tennessee.
Butch Jones was an abusive, vindictive, immoral, tyrannical dictator during his time at Tennessee. He cared only for B…
Vols lose four commitments in Jones aftermath via
lol at alll you peeps thinking Butch Jones is the first college coach to ever get fired and try to get this current…
Former DBs coach Charlton Warren left North Carolina in January of 2017 to join Butch Jones at Tennessee. Jones was…
The University of Tennessee has fired Butch Jones. First reported by
One has to wonder if Butch Jones will use some of his buyout to pay Tennessee to acquire the rights to the trash can like Fl…
New podcast with The U soars, Georgia crashes and Butch Jones is out
Ask Lil Jon to give us some Turn Down for What in honor of the firing of Butch Jones.
Tennessee playing Rocky Top after blocking the extra point with Mizzou up 50-17 is the perfect ending to Butch Jones's SEC…
This is what will forever be called the Butch Jones’ baker’s dozen.
commit Tanner Ingle says Butch Jones told him to 'find a place to go, quickly' . http…
surprised Butch Jones lasted this long
4 disaster candidates to replace Butch Jones
Jon Gruden to The have some very intriguing candidates for their coaching search:
BREAKING: Tennessee says it has fired football coach Butch Jones with 2 games left in regular season.
Tennessee will pay Butch Jones $206,439.50 a month for the next 40 months. Someone PLEASE fire me from being your college…
Titans won. Preds won. MTSU won. The Vols lost...Butch Jones. The entire state of Tennessee is cheering at this moment.
The real winner here is Butch Jones, just think about how much money he made today
Butch Jones found plenty of bricks, but using scotch tape instead of mortar mix doesn't hold a wall together.
I've seen lots of coaches fired, but I've never seen the local media trash a guy more than the folks in Knoxville are with Butch Jones.
The coaching search craziness is up next. But first, some advice for Butch Jones, who let things that don't really matter g…
I really like Butch Jones as a person and I think he’s a good coach. But, it’s genuinely best for both Butch Jones and UT…
Firings of Butch Jones and Tom Jurich sure to spark speculation about Bobby Petrino to Have no inside i…
Butch Jones- upgraded the talent at Tennessee. Next guy will have a lot to work with. I feel that he could be our R…
Reports: Tennessee fires Butch Jones. .Sad day in the…
With Tennessee firing Butch Jones, he now becomes the 25th SEC head coach to be fired since Nick Saban started at Alabama…
BREAKING Butch Jones is out as head coach, source tells me. He just informed his staff.
BREAKING Butch Jones out at Tennessee. John Currie press conference set for 1 pm today. No word on interim.
Butch Jones has to really be Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle, USMC!
Butch Jones might as well go work in one of those Christmas Shops in Pigeon Forge.
Make them apologize on air to Butch Jones and make them give 5 reasons we sho…
Butch Jones haircuts. That’s punishment that will teach a lesson and be hilar…
Make him listen to Russell read transcripts of Butch Jones pressers.
Pretty remarkable that Solich hasn’t won a MAC title. Been there four times, lost to Brian Kelly, Butch Jones, Dave…
Reminder:. It has been 353 days since Butch Jones has won an SEC game. Enjoy the rest of your day.
How about what is the most depressing crap in the world you would rather talk about than Butch Jones?
We are asking for fun/interesting radio topics for 3&OUT so that we don't have to talk about Butch Jones anymore. P…
Ok, so a Davey O’Brien finalist and a Biletnekoff finalist walked into a bar, Butch Jones was the bartender, and...…
Not too late for you as a fan to flip... Butch Jones obviously has blackmail on John Currie.
BREAKING: After decommitment of 5 ⭐️ OL Cade Mays, Butch Jones has offered scholarship to up and coming prospect, J…
Butch Jones says “Tyler Byrd will try out some tackle this week”
Butch Jones: “Tyler Byrd will be even more involved in the offensive game-plan."
Since the start of 2016, Dabo Swinney (4-0) has as many SEC wins as Butch Jones (4-9)
Yup. Nick Saban is a good man. Butch Jones, IDK.
Nick Saban wants to be Butch Jones so bad
Tennessee fans have no chill as they introduce Butch Jones as our head coach for the game. 😂😂🍊
Mike Riley, Jim Mora & Butch Jones are dead men walking at this point.
.went on on Friday and burnt it down talking about Butch Jones:…
Again I ask why is he still our coach? - Albert Haynesworth torches Butch Jones during radio appearance
you need to update the for what intro...TN hired Butch Jones as HC
Verlander is the champion of life Butch Jones is always referring to.
😂😂 Jim McElwain got fired before Mike Riley, Butch Jones, Kevin Sumlin and Bret Bielema.
Only thing more disappointing than Tennessee’s favorite candy is Butch Jones still being employed. Candy corn?! Pathetic.
“He sure as *** doesn’t know how to win, but he sure does know how to survive” Jim Rome on Butch Jones 😂
i usually enjoy the series but i cant this year because I'm more worried about Tennessee saying Butch Jones YOU'RE FIRED! GO LA
BREAKING: Butch Jones has been relieved of coaching responsibilities. Will not finish the season. Robert Gillespie will…
Tennessee announces Butch Jones will host normal Monday press conference tomorrow. No firing. Pathetic.
HC Butch Jones said he "absolutely" expects to have continued support from AD John Currie
What a great distraction from wondering what is going on with Butch Jones firing!
Butch Jones will have his noon press conference tomorrow
Like watching a butch jones press conference
Adams: After Vols' loss to Kentucky, what is John Currie waiting for?
At 7:45 pm a UT academic rep called asking my wife to donate to the school. She said she's withholding until Butch Jones is f…
Butch jones when reporters ask him about his job security on Monday
The latest from Tennessee. Butch Jones will hold his regularly scheduled press conference tomorrow at noon.
And Southern Miss is a “must win” for Butch Jones. Our administration is a joke. JOKE.
Feel like John Currie is waiting to fire Butch Jones and hire John Gruden in the same *** press conference.
Thank you, Kentucky. Butch Jones is officially gone. Biggest win of year for Vols.
I am FED UP. Im breaking my Butch Jones ban live on Talk Sports from 10-1 tomorrow powered by Hops & Hollers.
Unless you like having your heart ripped out during emotional roller coaster rides. Let's talk butch jon…
I was 12 when the Dodgers last won a World Series. I’m worried I might be waiting longer. I blame Butch Jones and J…
how the *** has Tennessee not fired butch jones?! Florida canned McElwain today butch had to go after Georgia!!!
Criticism of Butch Jones mounts, but Jarrett Guarantano says players must take ownership of…
.The State of Tennessee helped get you elected. Can we get an Executive Order to oust Butch Jones from our belove…
I think I'm gonna be Butch Jones for Halloween and just make terrible choices all night
Tennessee Only four explanations for Vols not firing Butch Jones now via…
Coming up 3 yards short on that Hail Mary last night sums up the Butch Jones era perfectly
Gotta question in the midst of this late night extra inning World Series, has Butch Jones been fired yet or not?
So Florida, back-to-back SEC East champion, is going to fire its head coach before Tennessee fires Butch Jones. OK.
Tennessee fans start campaign in response to Butch Jones not being fired
Me the moment they announce that Butch Jones has been relieved of his services
Oh my bad, Butch Jones and John Currie still have UT winless in the SEC for this year:( 👎🏻
Which ends first: Game 5 or Butch Jones tenure at Tennessee.
Let me help them all with these discussions of what Butch Jones IMMEDIATE future should be...
I swear, Butch Jones loves to misuse running backs at Tennessee. Jalen Hurd. Alvin Kamara. John Kelly. and now Ty Chandler
Jim McElwain went to the SEC championship game back to back years: Fired. Yet somehow Butch Jones still has a job. 😐
A world without Jim McElwain and Butch Jones coaching anywhere is a world not worth living in. Someone please hire them.
UGA caught *** for dumping Richt for Kirby. Looks wise now that Kirby is 1-1 vs. 3 power coaches - Butch Jones, Derek Mason, Jim McElwain.
If this is true, Butch Jones is gone.
Heard the one where Butch Jones, Jim McElwain, and Mike Riley walk into a bar?
Jim McElwain getting canned before Butch Jones is laughable
How does Butch Jones still have a job and McElwain doesn’t, Bacon is best breakfast food, Congrats Brian Kelly
No way would I have belived you before season had you told me Jim McElwain would be fired before Mike Riley and Butch Jones
Butch Jones has now lost to Kentucky (in football) and Derek Dooley (in football).
Somehow, Butch Jones has managed to obtain a worse record in SEC play than Derek Dooley.
In over three decades, only two Tennessee coaches have lost to Kentucky. Those coaches are named Derek Dooley and Butch Jones.
Butch Jones making Vols fans long for the halcyon days of Derek Dooley.
Derek Dooley lost to UK. Butch Jones lost to UK and Derek Dooley...
With losses to Kentucky and Vanderbilt, Butch Jones has reached Derek Dooley level.
Almost a foregone conclusion McElwain, Butch Jones are fired. Bret Bielema is probably 70/30 fired, & Derek Mason should be on the hot seat
I know one person who doesn't want Butch Jones fired. Derek Mason. Cause Butch's failures are overshadowing Vandy's losing streak.
Ridiculous stat. Derek Dooley and Butch Jones have wrecked the program.
In an amazing feat, Butch Jones has now matched Derek Dooley in being a terrible coach.
Butch Jones, George Jones, Indiana Jones, it don’t matter to me. Cats by 90.
Congrats to Kentucky. Mark Stoops gets the heat off his seat but it's red hot for Butch Jones. Kentucky beating Tennessee is a big deal.
Good bye Butch Jones, hope you saved some of those bricks
Butch Jones is rat poison to the offense
Derek Mason is a far superior coach when compared to Butch Jones. He gets way more out of his players and his guys seem to really trust him
Butch Jones may not win many games, but at least he doesn’t look like my creepy redneck uncle.
When you know Butch Jones won’t be fired after this UK loss but Rick Barnes could likely make some noise this comin…
I don’t get you people wanting to fire Butch Jones. I mean, for a Women’s basketball school, I think the Vols play real…
1. Most Tennessee fans would love to have Jim Harbaugh. 2. No Michigan fans would want Butch Jones. (Well maybe just one)
Billy Bob Thornton would be a great Saban. Get Melissa McCarthy to play Butch Jones.
Jim Harbaugh is a much better coach than Butch Jones & everyone knows it
Why is Butch Jones on hot seat & Jim Harbaugh is considered a top 5 coach when they have same record over the last 11 games? BJ stats better
Don’t let the Eagles winning distract you from the fact Butch Jones is still HC at Tennessee
Derek Barnett is still really good at sacking quarterbacks, no thanks to Butch Jones or John Currie.
An Alabama fan has called in to tell us he feels sorry for us and that Butch Jones *** . This is where we are.
Butch Jones: 0-4 in SEC play twice at Tennessee. Derek Dooley: 3 times. From 1933-2009, Vols were 0-4 in SEC play four times.
Column from 45-7 loss at Alabama: Not exactly a circle-the-wagons day from embattled coach Butch Jones:…
The last time someone was as bad at their job as Butch Jones, 2,224 people died in the Atlantic Ocean. Get out of Ten…
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Butch Jones likely must win out to save job, per source:
Brad Nessler just said Butch Jones told the CBS crew that Tennessee is two plays from being 5-1. That’s so Butch.
My theory of the day: Butch Jones has sold his soul to the devil in a last ditch effort to keep his jobs and the Vols will win today
No problem. Those motivational classes from Butch Jones have really been paying off!
BREAKING: The University of Tennessee announces Saturday will be the final game for Butch Jones. Robert Gillespie to be named interim.
The only thing worse then Butch Jones not being fired is Florida's new uniforms
Jim Donnan just said Butch Jones needs to beat Tennessee He gets a pass Reminded me of Kubiak's
Saban-Not his position to say Butch Jones is deserving of criticism
How can not have fired Butch Jones yet? hasn't been relevant since Tee Martin and Co.. The of the NCAA.
In the history of Tennessee vs. Alabama, the gap has NEVER BEEN WIDER than it is in year five under Butch Jones, accordin…
Another Sunday on this earth and there's still not a Waffle House in Roane County, but Butch Jones is employed. What is life?
Jimmy Cheek would have done something about Butch Jones by now.
If I'm Ray Tanner I'd go out and hire Butch Jones immediately.we could use a good motivational speaker on staff.
Butch Jones sounds like an unaware version of Les Miles.
Not want, but deserved based on what has occurred over time:. 1. Butch Jones. 2. Bobby Petrino. 3. Jim Mora Jr. 4. The…
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Butch Jones is probably the dumbest coach ever.
Maybe now that Butch Jones is toast, Tennessee will hire Les Miles?
Les Miles or Chip Kelly. At this point Tennessee has nothing to lose and all to gain. It’s time to go Butch Jones.
Butch Jones had two weeks to prepare for South Carolina and Tennessee has negative offensive yardage in the second half.
Live look at security cam footage of Butch Jones's house in
Names you'll hear mentioned when Butch Jones is fired:. Dino Babers. Scott Frost. Mike Bobo. Frank Wilson. Chad Morris. Mike Norvell. Jason Candle
Butch Jones probably just lost his job.
Good bye Butch Jones welcome to my world!
Butch Jones is like Todd hoffman off gold Rush. Very frustrating to watch. Constant failure.
Les Miles needs to be tryna get the Tennessee job once they finally can Butch Jones.
Finebaum: “Butch Jones has done a really good job of lowering expectations.”
I'm SO happy Butch Jones stepped up in Les Miles' place to give us these quotes! 😂😂😂
thanks to Butch Jones we have moved on from Les Miles and his mindless ramblings!
Les Miles was the Nick Saban of words. . Butch Jones is the John L. Smith of words. .
Les Miles is a quirky weirdo. Butch Jones is an alien wearing the skin of a football coach
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I was watching your show online when you were discussing the nasty rumors being spread about Butch Jones...
Butch Jones is gonna beat him to it.
LOOK: Fan paints angry message about Butch Jones on wild Tennessee-themed car
Ok. Let's fire him then! I'm sure we can get Butch Jones or Ed Orgeron in December! Lol.
John Farrell is to starting pitchers what Butch Jones is to starting QBs.
The fact that this game is tied 10-10 is testament to how bad the really are. It's as if Butch Jones…
I watch butch jones show yesterday. He was confused on why he lost his bye yesterday.
Who would you call first to replace Butch Jones?
Just ordered my Fire Butch Jones tour shirt
Tennessee is down 17-7 vs. Open University at halftime . Butch Jones is getting out coached tonight
Just like the knoxville media praising butch jones for marginal progress. He has been terrible but excuses were made for him
What butch jones was really meaning on"Brick by Brick".
If Butch Jones coahed in the NFL, it would be this Dolphins team
Butch Jones now calling plays for the Steelers
Watching this Titans team without Mariota is still more fun than watching a Butch Jones led Tennessee Vols football team on Saturdays.
And yet compared to Butch Jones, he looks like a genius!
1st and goal... You have Le’veon Bell... You throw it 3 times and kick a FG... Is Butch Jones running the offense today?
Mike Tomlin, friend of noted *** Butch Jones, throws the fade on 3rd and Goal from the 2 with Leveon Bell on the field.
This guy is probably happy he doesn’t have to watch a Butch Jones-coached team today
A terrible LSU team beat Florida by lining up in the i formation and running it down their throats. I hate Butch Jones. . Go…
Mularkey has shown several flashes of incompetence in this first half. Very Butch Jones esque.
If this isn't butch jones idk what is
Butch Jones must have given a motivational speech to the Titans in pregame.
All those fsu top 5 recruiting classes and they are 1-3? Jimbo without Jameis = Butch Jones
Bret Bielema and Butch Jones going to fight over the Browns gig
Butch Jones In Year 5: Embattled, loses 41-0 at home to Georgia. Ed Orgeron In Year 1: Embattled, wins 17-16 on the roa…
This is like watching two Butch Jones offenses playing each other.
Maybe Tennessee fans are taking the bye week well and thinking about giving Butch Jones another chan.oh
Okay but why is there a picture of Butch Jones on that 😂 we’re not even close to being ranked
At Butch Jones' house preparing trash cans for the sidelines next week.
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What would it cost to fire Butch Jones and his staff? I break it down here:.
Our stupid play calling isn’t helping anything... who lets Butch Jones down there? What’s up with these 1-2 yard pass attempts?
Last week on it was all about Coach O & Butch Jones. This week will feature Bielema & McElwain.
Butch Jones will be going for 0-4 this week against a guy who couldn't win at Florida. If you cant win there..youre awful. .
Y’all remember when Butch Jones got 🔥’d and made a legendary hire as our new HC?...Me either.
Still the most cringe inducing picture of the Butch Jones era
Coach Butch Jones "begged" me to endorse him for head coach in Tennessee. I said "NO" and he loses games (said he could…
Depression: Waking up everyday knowing Butch Jones is still your head coach
If they fire Butch Jones what about Chip Kelly ,Les Miles,Bob Stoops which one would fit better?
Butch Jones once had Riley Ferguson, Nathan Peterman and Joshua Dobbs on the same roster... ...and started Justin Worle…
Butch Jones was just good enough to beat Mark Richt and scare UGA into taking football seriously. . 2 years later and the…
I could really see Butch Jones getting fired from Tennessee and DC Jeremy Pruitt taking over there as HC.
OMG! Mike Griffith thinks Jeff Fisher would be a good replacement for Butch Jones.
Butch Jones confirms Todd Kelly Jr. will miss remainder of the season
Breaking!Peyton Manning just decommitted from Tenn!And Phil Fulmer ate Butch Jones.
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He’s having a better day than Butch Jones
And why is UT waiting so long to fire Butch Jones? My God, bring back Phil Fulmer. or Derek Dooley.
Wishful thinking- Butch Jones gets fired tomorrow and Phil Fulmer finishes the season and the team wins their bowl bid!
I've spoken to two people inside the Tennessee Athletic department and both say they'd be shocked if Butch Jones is fired anytime soon.
I'm so mad at Tennessee lol. I hate Butch Jones so much. Anyone knows UT has gotten worse every game. They gave up on Butch. Please fire him
Butch Jones was good for Tennessee football, but he needs to go - FanSided
Not Fake News: Tennessee and Butch Jones are Getting Destroyed by Georgia - The Big Lead
Can someone near the sideline let Butch Jones know that GBO doesn’t stand for Get Blown Out? Thanks.
Georgia fans on getting Butch Jones fired:
2 coaches not going to sleep well tonight Butch Jones & Ed Orgeron ! Wow LSU loses at home to TROY
This game is similar to Slug bug. Only difference is you slug someone when you hear “Fire Butch Jones”
College football winners and losers: A home loss to Troy is unacceptable for LSU fans - Washington Post
Pretty much sums up the Butch Jones era in Tennessee .
Butch Jones: I'm the worst coach in the SEC. Ed Orgeron: hold my beer.
Tennessee is doing GREAT under Butch Jones. They should give him a contract extension!
Staying up late waiting on the Butch Jones early morning lane kiffin presser
Tennessee Vols blown out by Georgia, and Butch Jones is in trouble via
College football's Week 5 winners and losers: Coach Butch Jones got beat… (via…
Here's that negative local media piling on again - I love it... Georgia hammers via
Pretty much sums up the Butch Jones era. 🔶🔸🔶🔸
It has to kill big Jon Gruden to watch what Butch Jones does to a program he loves.
The item to your immediate left is a better coach than Butch Jones. Please RT.
Man I really hope Butch Jones doesn’t get fired
Georgia fans dancing all OVER Butch Jones grave by signing Rocky Top after todays game. Absolutely diabolical.
ESPN informs that 3 of the 6 worst losses in Vols' history have come under Butch Jones.
Butch Jones office being cleaned out as we speak.
Butch Jones: We're gonna hire Mile Canales, last coached QB's at North Texas, to coach Guarantano. Me:
The only thing that's going to make me disappointed about this game is if Butch Jones still has a job Monday.
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