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Butch Jones

Lyle Allen Butch Jones, Jr. (born ) is the current head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats football team.

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Depression: Waking up everyday knowing Butch Jones is still your head coach
Butch Jones once had Riley Ferguson, Nathan Peterman and Joshua Dobbs on the same roster... ...and started Justin Worle…
Butch Jones was just good enough to beat Mark Richt and scare UGA into taking football seriously. . 2 years later and the…
I could really see Butch Jones getting fired from Tennessee and DC Jeremy Pruitt taking over there as HC.
OMG! Mike Griffith thinks Jeff Fisher would be a good replacement for Butch Jones.
Breaking!Peyton Manning just decommitted from Tenn!And Phil Fulmer ate Butch Jones.
He’s having a better day than Butch Jones
And why is UT waiting so long to fire Butch Jones? My God, bring back Phil Fulmer. or Derek Dooley.
Wishful thinking- Butch Jones gets fired tomorrow and Phil Fulmer finishes the season and the team wins their bowl bid!
I've spoken to two people inside the Tennessee Athletic department and both say they'd be shocked if Butch Jones is fired anytime soon.
I'm so mad at Tennessee lol. I hate Butch Jones so much. Anyone knows UT has gotten worse every game. They gave up on Butch. Please fire him
Butch Jones was good for Tennessee football, but he needs to go - FanSided
Not Fake News: Tennessee and Butch Jones are Getting Destroyed by Georgia - The Big Lead
Can someone near the sideline let Butch Jones know that GBO doesn’t stand for Get Blown Out? Thanks.
Georgia fans on getting Butch Jones fired:
2 coaches not going to sleep well tonight Butch Jones & Ed Orgeron ! Wow LSU loses at home to TROY
All purpose parts banner
This game is similar to Slug bug. Only difference is you slug someone when you hear “Fire Butch Jones”
College football winners and losers: A home loss to Troy is unacceptable for LSU fans - Washington Post
Pretty much sums up the Butch Jones era in Tennessee .
Butch Jones: I'm the worst coach in the SEC. Ed Orgeron: hold my beer.
Tennessee is doing GREAT under Butch Jones. They should give him a contract extension!
Staying up late waiting on the Butch Jones early morning lane kiffin presser
Tennessee Vols blown out by Georgia, and Butch Jones is in trouble via
College football's Week 5 winners and losers: Coach Butch Jones got beat… (via…
Here's that negative local media piling on again - I love it... Georgia hammers via
Pretty much sums up the Butch Jones era. 🔶🔸🔶🔸
It has to kill big Jon Gruden to watch what Butch Jones does to a program he loves.
The item to your immediate left is a better coach than Butch Jones. Please RT.
Man I really hope Butch Jones doesn’t get fired
Georgia fans dancing all OVER Butch Jones grave by signing Rocky Top after todays game. Absolutely diabolical.
ESPN informs that 3 of the 6 worst losses in Vols' history have come under Butch Jones.
Butch Jones office being cleaned out as we speak.
Butch Jones: We're gonna hire Mile Canales, last coached QB's at North Texas, to coach Guarantano. Me:
The only thing that's going to make me disappointed about this game is if Butch Jones still has a job Monday.
We don't deserve John Kelly. . We don't deserve Butch Jones. . Two sentences that sound exactly the same but totally dif…
I swear, Nick Saban was angrier after beating Ole Miss 66-3 than Butch Jones was after losing to Georgia 41-0. Insane…
Alabama's next four opponents: Kevin Sumlin, Bret Bielema, Butch Jones and Ed Orgeron. Good luck to all.
Column: 10 Takeaways from CFB weekend. (Note: is handling the LSU skewering elsewhere, so I stabbed UT) https:/…
"No one gets less out of their talent than Butch Jones". Coach O: hold my gumbo
If Tennessee people hate Butch Jones today . what's it going to look like after whatever Alabama does to them
No one with a functional brain can defend Butch Jones remaining Tennessee coach. Fire him Sunday.
POTUS announced this evening that Butch Jones has been named Director of FEMA after successfully evacuating 107000 people i…
I guess I should trust Dave Hart...He did get us Butch Jones, even if that was just pure luck!
Butch Jones -- same coach who owns being one of only 3 SEC coaches to win 9 or more games past two years, even with all…
As for Butch Jones, I’d bet on an announcement being made soon. Some things a school needs to get ahead of, if only for appearance sake.
PGA Tour pro stamps wedges to call for firing of Tennessee’s Butch Jones
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first choice to be their new head coach was Butch Jones. Back to the drawing board for U-M.
Butch Jones: I want to be the first SEC coach fired this year. Ed Orgeron: Hold my beer.
When someone tries to tell you that Butch Jones is actually a good coach
Here's with some not-so-fake news: Butch Jones is on the brink. (Plus 10 takeaways from today).
I want Johnny Majors and Phillip Fulmer to hold Butch Jones down in the tunnel and beat the fire out of him with jumper cables.
Butch Jones can't get our 4/5 star QB reps under center before the Florida game but Mike Leach beats a Top 10 team with a walk-on QB
Is the WHOLE show going to be about firing Butch Jones and his potential replacements!!! There is a game tomorrow!
Butch Jones says Trevor Daniel is 'the best punter in America.'. He could be key in Saturday's game against Georgia. https:/…
It is IMPOSSIBLE to defend Butch Jones after Tennessee's performance against UMass.
"He's a resilient individual who plays complimentary football with other individuals who showed great resiliency." - Butch Jones
Butch Jones might Cuonzo Martin this thing & just dip out..
UMass' Charles Walker & Bob Shoop reunite in Neyland Stadium; both defeated Butch Jones while at Vandy in 2013.
Vols football under Butch Jones has too many star recruits not reaching potential
Butch Jones begins his presser by saying that Evan Berry, Latrell Williams and Austin Smith will all be out against…
Nice start to the morning in Knoxville for Butch Jones.
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When you ask a Butch Jones supporter why they still support Butch Jones.
Pennywise: "I have an excellent short yardage execution plan.". Butch Jones:
Kevin Sumlin blew a 34 point lead and Butch Jones has found a way to surge past him in 1st SEC coach fired odds. a…
Butch Jones is still the coach fix it.
Titans players, Kentucky football, Coach Stoops... guess Butch Jones and company are next this week...
Vandy and Memphis should both be ranked. Butch Jones should be fired and hit with bricks.
"Butch Jones doesn't coach the Vols down here"
Sheesh I'm not sure Butch Jones would've screwed that up that bad...
Window for SEC East has been wide open for 2+ years. One constant has been Butch Jones' inability to walk through. https…
Tennessee should have won at least one and probably two SEC East titles the last two years. Butch Jones has none https:/…
Butch Jones performance art ladies and gentlemen. Are you not entertained?
We talk Florida-Tennessee and what it means for Butch Jones, Jim McElwain and both teams
WATCH: Tennessee football coach Butch Jones says ‘we have to get better in a hurry’
I won't follow you but can you make Butch Jones coach better?
When Butch Jones realizes they can still win this game.
Just when I think Butch Jones can't come up with new crazy ways to come back and win games, this happens.
This field goal brought to you by Butch Jones and his miracle timeouts.
Butch Jones makes it so easy to pull for any team Tennessee plays.
Butch Jones is like an abusive partner
If being in bed at 8pm is wrong, I don't want to be right. Also, not interested in being tortured by Butch Jones and the ch…
Explain that. Butch Jones, about to see a true "culture of negativity," instead found a team full of tenacity.
Florida is trash. If we are 4-1 after the Georgia game Butch is safe
Butch Jones on Tennessee's big season-opening win: 'We found our will to win'
Where can I order an inspirational trash can like Tennessee has on the sideline? Not talking about Butch Jones. I mean th…
Somewhere it is written: Jim Mora and Butch Jones should not get a second life.
Tennessee had 19 yards of offense in the first quarter. Smart of Butch Jones not to put any plays on tape in week one. Chec…
Butch Jones has somehow gotten worse as an in-game coach
NO ONE makes a game both infuriating and exhilarating like Butch Jones
In case y'all couldn't tell, every game this year (win or loss) I will blame as negatively as possible on Butch Jones.
If Butch Jones managed a store like he does a clock, the place would be looted and burned down before the staff meeting was f…
Kevin Sumlin "I'll be the first coach fired this season". Butch Jones "Hold my beer."
Now we know what Butch Jones spent the off-season working on.
coach Butch Jones puts on the Old Leather Helmet following the Vols' 42-41 OT victory against htt…
You know the players hate that damned thing. What a perfectly Butch Jones thing to do.
Just saw Butch Jones, as red-faced as ever, coming out of the Tennessee locker room. He smiled and said, "We'll take it."
I made jokes about Sumlin but I mean has anybody done less with more than Butch Jones?
So now that butch jones and Jim mora are only sorta on the hot seat, does that make A&M the front runner for Chip Kelly??
Butch Jones put faith in Dormandy and he led them back. Can't say the same for McElwain and Franks.
Is Butch Jones just Les Miles if he didn’t follow Nick Saban?
Butch Jones set to unveil new sideline warmers later this season
Fan Sound Off: Tennessee fans not thrilled with defense, but win softens the blow https:/…
Nice to see a lot of young players look good. Team seems to have a lot of likable players. Butch Jones ***
I had no idea Butch Jones was a Gunnery Sergeant.
Butch Jones just got Les Miles lucky tonight. Unbelievable
Butch Jones to Les Miles: Hey, you still got the devil's phone number?
Tennessee needs to fire Butch Jones within the hour and go get Les Miles!
Something tells me that Butch Jones career at Tennessee is about to be done!
Count your lucky stars Butch Jones. Overtime is going to be fun in this Georgia Tech-Tennessee game.
Butch Jones is your coach. There's never been any hope.
It's games like this that make me wonder how Butch Jones, Kevin Sumlin, and Jim McElwain have jobs and Les Miles is watching from home
As much as I like Butch Jones he's more than likely gonna be fired after this season and so is Kevin Sumlin at TX A&M
And how many weeks did Butch Jones have to prepare for the triple option?
How do Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin have jobs...?
Butch Jones just called Kevin Sumlin and asked him where the unemployment office is.
boy, Butch Jones is about to be in the same unemployment line as Kevin Sumlin
Brett Bielema, Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin are 3 of the most dumb coaches in college football. They consistently get out…
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin walk into a bar.
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin better start paying for that extra LinkedIn service to get their resumes out there.
Kevin Sumlin: Is that Baylor job open again?. Butch Jones: Hold my beer.
That's it for Tennessee and Butch Jones. It's becoming insurmountable with the GT ability to keep the football.
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin aren't helping their case for remaining the HC. Hot seat keeps getting hotter.
It's like Butch Jones saw Kevin Sumlin last night and was like, "no way I'm letting him be the first major coach fired this year"
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin both gonna be gone before this season is over😂😂
Kevin Sumlin says, "I will be the first coach fired this year" and Butch Jones responds, "Wait just a minute; give me a chance."
Wonder who's going get fired first, Butch Jones or Kevin Sumlin
If T loses, whose seat is hotter: Butch Jones or Kevin Sumlin?
Butch Jones & Kevin Sumlin expected to call for game plan advise
Butch Jones is the Mike Shula of Tennessee football
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin walk into an unemployment office...
Butch Jones in the process of taking the heat off Kevin Sumlin.
Butch Jones and Kevin Sumlin should hang out and talk about how terrible they both are.
I'd rather have dinner with Tim Brando than Butch Jones. Or Phil-more Fulmer. Point is,
Always want Butch Jones to win no matter who he playing against since he a Ferris State alum
Brian Kelly, Butch Jones, Barry Odom, Brett Bielema, Rich Rodriguez are all getting tossed as well
Butch Jones: Georgia Tech has advantage over Tennessee after walkthrough of Mercedes-Benz Stadium
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Vic Wharton, Butch Jones' first Tennessee commit, has 5 catches for 156 yards and 1 TD for Cal today against North Car…
Bob Kesling gives his thoughts on Team 121 and the direction of the program under Butch Jones entering year No. 5. https:…
Butch Jones expects "all of them" to play at the WR position. OC Larry Scott says to expect "a healthy rotation of about 7 or 8 guys."
offensive coordinator Larry Scott sounds happier with the offense than Butch Jones did a month ago
Is coach Butch Jones a better recruiter than Phillip Fulmer? asks the question
.Coach Phillip Fulmer was one of the best recruiters in the country. Butch Jones might be even better:
Tennessee Vols' competition philosophy is Butch Jones' with a little Bill Belichick throw in
(The Tennessean) Could have matched Butch Jones' recruiting for Vols? :..
Could Phillip Fulmer have matched Butch Jones' recruiting for Vols?
"No timetable" on MLB Darrin Kirkland Jr., but Butch Jones opens door for WR Josh Smith to possibly play vs. Tech. htt…
Tyler Bray has more wins as a starter vs. the West than Butch Jones does as a head coach at Tennessee. .
Butch Jones: "We've got 3 games in 13 days, I don't know if that's ever been done.". YOU DID IT 3 TIMES AT CINCY
So help me God I will Edge spear someone who tells me Butch Jones is better than Johnny 'God Fearin' Majors.
Poll: Are you surprised Johnny Majors performed worse than Butch Jones in his first four years? -Chance-
adnanESPN: Ready to roll with willcolon66 on MikeAndMike Fed is the 🐐plus Butch Jones and Brian Hoyer ESPNRadio
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Butch Jones couldn't even lead the White Walkers to victory.
Butch Jones will be Lord Commander of the Nights Watch; lose the wall to the White Walkers…
My man wrote about how good Butch Jones was and then picked him 4th the east behind South Carolina!
From Jesse Simonton, insight into the the sound and fury of Butch Jones
Paul Finebaum joined Talk Sports to talk about eliminating the Alabama game, expectations @ Tennessee & Butch Jones. htt…
SEC live blog updates with UT coach Butch Jones and his friendship with Phil Fulmer.
Whenever I see Butch Jones...Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle is all I think about
Butch Jones says he wants Phil Fulmer around the program as much as possible. Wants him at practice and in meetings.
"He's been a friend, mentor, and sounding board to me." - Butch Jones on his relationship with Phil Fulmer.
Butch Jones says he told Phil Fulmer, “I want you at practice. You built this program….I want him around as much as possible."
Butch Jones said he regularly consults with former Vols coach Phil Fulmer. Called him a friend and a mentor.
Don't get hung up on a Butch Jones when your Phil Fulmer is just around the corner
Before he was the head coach at Tennessee, Butch Jones was in Home Alone and King of the Hill.
Butch Jones has never beaten Will Muschamp and never will as long as he's the head coach at Tennessee.
Random Wednesday 🔥take: Butch Jones is this generation's Bill Curry.
Derek Mason, Mark Stoops and Barry Odom facing hotter seat than Butch Jones heading into 2017 according to this list
May I remind you Butch Jones is undefeated against a top 5 coach of all time, Steve Spurrier, but winless against the worst, Muschamp.
Laid Back, Bob Shaw, Butch Jones - White Horse - U.S. Edit on AIR FM the home of great 80's music
BREAKING: Rare photo of Butch Jones and his Daddy surfaces on Father's Day.
Just some random dude talking to Butch Jones to me
Butch Jones moved up the list of coaches with most conference championships
"Butch Jones has never satisfied a woman because he doesn't know how to finish"'was one of my favs
We discussed CBS calling Butch Jones underrated last week, this week we remind you of the pain post Vandy
Today's Poll Question:. Which of these coaches would you take over Butch Jones?
Joined next by to talk about his two favorite topics. NBA and Butch Jones. .
New episode: is Butch Jones underrated? There's also an important offer in the first 5 mins of pod
Today's podcast: Butch Jones discusses championship contention + quarterbacks at the
Catering Friends of the Smokies tonight was so much fun. My regulars were there & we met Butch Jones & Phillip Fu…
For this nonsense way of thinking I would like to thank in order, Mike Hamilton, Derek Dooley, Dave hart, and more recently Butch Jones.
As 6 Vols get drafted - a quick reminder that Butch Jones lost to South Carolina and Vanderbilt in football
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We're about to hang a building from an asteroid yet Butch Jones can't navigate past South Carolina off of a bye week. http…
Butch Jones happy with 'eager' Vols on first day of spring camp
.coach Butch Jones comes out to watch his QB at Gruden's Camp.
You gotta love Butch... and his 'coach-isms'.
UPSETS/LOCKS, Butch Jones will be fired at Tennessee next year
This is what it's like when you line up in shotgun on 3rd and inches and you're Butch Jones. It doesn't work but th…
Tennessee and Butch Jones celebrate life championships while Alabama and Florida compete for SEC In truth, there
Did Butch Jones get the most out of Josh Dobbs, Alvin Kamara at Tennessee? -
Donald Trump and Butch Jones do have this in common: they both came to Nashville and took an L.
Please tell me they are protesting Butch Jones job status?
It is meaningless when it comes to evaluating Butch Jones, which is what we were talking about. Not the seniors.
Butch Jones, Stoops, Jimbo Fisher & others knowingly hid & supressed things, but still have jobs. Why is that?
I'm out here with protestors wearing UT gear chopping it up about Butch Jones
he's Butch Jones but with past success.
did you know that Butch Jones is still at UT when you made this?
If Butch Jones doesn't allow Gurantano to put up Deshawn Watson like number he needs to be fired immediately no question
large number of fans who want to get rid of Butch Jones & would love for his replacement to be Tee Martin color doesn't matter
When Robert Downey Jr said "you never go full retard" - Butch Jones took that as a challenge
Do you think Butch Jones is a national championship caliber coach? If yes, what makes you think so?
@ anyone who says The Situation gets the start at Ga Tech, why do you put faith in Butch Jones to pick talent over experience?
Butch Jones: Tennessee only concerns itself with '5-star hearts'
But was playing behind a full back. Butch Jones, y'all.
New Tennessee assistants provide glimpse of what makes Butch Jones tick
Butch Jones is a good football coach.
probably defends butch Jones for being a mediocre coach as well. You CAN NOT make one statistical analysis on how Martin is good
Tennessee: known for Kiffin jumping ship, Bruce Pearl cheating, and Butch Jones being the champion of life.
If Alvin Kamara is a top 15 pick what does that say about Butch Jones decision making?
Can Butch Jones lead Vols to a national title? Or does it need to be one of these guys?
Did someone just call Butch Jones a "Legend".
I agree. The only season in 2016 more hyped than the Vols' was the The Walking Dead. Do ya think Butch Jones is gone this year?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
He played the race card and is a POS. Black or white, if you suck you suck. Ask Butch Jones.
Butch Jones on incoming Tennessee recruits: They have 'five-star hearts'
So did Van Jones just advocate for Trump again?! Dude is gonna lose his Communist Decoder Ring if he keeps this up!
Tennessee football podcast: Politics and position battles pending -
just tell him it's directed towards Butch Jones. He'll understand
I'm beginning to think Butch Jones is only an 8-4 coach in the SEC.
Maybe they will take Butch Jones's "Champions in Life" award as a consolation for making the NIT.
sign Datone Jones, who will play 3-tech for them. have lost/let walk six UFAs: Hyde, Tretter, Peppers, Lan…
at this point Butch Jones is 30-21 (14-18 SEC) the only reason he is here is because of 2 wins against Georgia and 1 against
Mercy. Butch Jones thinks this is pathetic spin...
Butch Jones is building a program faster than Maddow releases Trump's taxes.
Common suffering brings people together. - Butch Jones
I'm going to be mad at Butch Jones forever for that. He could win a Natty, and I'd still choke him.
Recap: Was Butch Jones' job saved by the AD search? And how credible is an unnamed RIVAL coach? htt…
Loved seeing my baby boy Trey today! Looks like Butch Jones is taking good care of you. Glad You stopped by and kee…
Not in order to beat Butch Jones, however
Butch Jones said the only five stars Tennessee cares about are five star hearts. I give up.
If Butch Jones had Rick Barnes "tell it like it is attitude", and stopped with the corny phrases.. I would like him so mu…
Tennessee football podcast: Politics and position battles pending
knew he was better yet didnt use him 🤔🤔🤔 Butch jones point shaving scandel
Biggest problem Phil Fulmer AD is he wouldn't have run Butch Jones when Vols don't win East in 5th season on the job
If I was Butch Jones I would start Jarrett first game at QB what do you think
I like Butch Jones as a person but bringing in Mike DeBord, and now Brady Hoke, to help revive the Vols is a quick path to ge…
I've had someone tell me for three months that Butch Jones can beat Alabama this year because "they're vulnerable."
The absolute perfect uniform for some of our Butch Jones sheep!
Finebaum asks Currie about Butch Jones and also about his relationship with Phillip Fulmer.
In less than one week, I got to meet Dierks Bentley, Butch Jones, and Clay Travis. I love it here
Tennessee literally screwed over Phillip Fulmer so they can protect Butch Jones from losing his job if they go 8-4 or worse again.
: WR coach Zach Azzanni leaving for same position with - on Butch Jones' staff since 2013
Butch Jones has released a statement confirming Zach Azzanni is leaving Tennessee
people forget Rick Barnes has the same record against UK as Butch Jones has against Vandy
Give her 5 ❤️'s today and you'll be Champion of Love- Butch Jones
Butch Jones can. Especially when he's talking to Drae Bowles
essentially a bowl game against a slow academic school- pretty much the only situation where Butch Jones can be prepared
Good to know that Hue Jackson was able to fix in a week what Butch Jones' staff couldn't figure out in four years.
depends on if we get John Gruden or not. Butch Jones actually should be in the top 5 recruiting next year.
Butch Jones has now said "Champions of Life" and "five-star heart" with a straight face within months of each other. God…
"Tennessee coach Butch Jones has once again built another rating system for college football."Yes. Based off board games and 💩 a care 🐻 says
This 5-star heart bs from Butch Jones today is exactly why Tennessee needs David Blackburn or Phillip Fulmer running things
UT went from Phillip Fulmer, Pat Summitt, and Bruce Pearl to Butch Jones, Holly Warlick, and Rick Barnes. Absolutely inc…
I can't wait to tell my grandkids that Holly Warlick and Butch Jones were once head coaches at UT.
Andy Reid is the Butch Jones of the NFL-just slightly better than average.
Basically, Butch Jones and Rick Barnes are teflon, Tennessee fans
Rick Barnes has been low-key at UT and he hasn't resorted or sunk down to Butch Jones' level during the rebuild effort.
The only way Mark Helfrich becomes UT's OC is, fire Butch and hire Chip Kelly!! Butch Jones is too stubborn to change.
Why can't Butch Jones be more like Rick Barnes
Forget the way things ended for Mark Helfrich at Oregon. He'd be a great OC choice for Butch Jones at Tennessee.
Indiana is coached by the Butch Jones of CBB. Tom Crean = Butch Jones
Butch Jones: "Dobbs has made some plays with his hands and feet and plays as well" .
Man, was Butch Jones fired up in the pregame. By contrast during his sideline interview Mike Riley only nodded off twice.
Two wants for the Music City Bowl:. Derek Barnett gets a sack to break the record. . Nebraska wins by 175 points & Butch Jones is terminated.
Mike Riley's staff singing CCR and Butch Jones' staff singing Florida Georgia Line is the Metaphor of the Decade and I'll never get over it
Butch Jones an co. take the stage to perform Florida Georgia Line's Cruise!
Butch Jones sang a song by Florida Georgia Line, why am I not surprised by this development.
Butch Jones declared Tennessee Champions of Life. . Vandy took the title. Now it's NC State for the entire offseason. https…
Butch Jones on champions for life "I want to say 7 college football programs have that motto so when I said it it didn't…
Butch Jones proud of bowl focus from NFL-bound Vols | Times Free Press
Butch Jones suspends every player under investigation. I don't think you're barking up the right tree man.
Butch Jones became the first coach in Tennessee history to defeat Missouri inside Neyland Stadium.
To it. 24/7 games, Mountain Dew fountains, cheerleaders all look like Mary Anne, etc. and Butch Jones is King .The other day
The only other time Butch Jones was this happy in 2016? The Hail Mary.
Butch Jones catches a ton of heat but he's out recruited Urban Meyer for Trey Smith, Jarrett Guarantano, Nigel Warrior…
When you hate the Music City Bowl and Butch Jones but think about Nashville for New Years Eve and Titans/Texans for AFC Sout…
Holly Warlick and Butch Jones get up to these pressers & make the most excuses I've ever seen, sheesh how about you could've coached better
Butch Jones is taking us to the same bowl we went to with Derek Dooley. just think about that.
Butch Jones to leave for Purdue. Watch out for Willie Taggart at UT.
Purdue will announce Butch Jones as their new football coach as early as Sunday, sources tell me.
Butch Jones expected to make staffing changes, reports
Butch Jones is 7-17 vs SEC teams not named Kentucky or South Carolina... And some people claim he's had "success" at UT.…
Anyone who will tell you Butch Jones has been successful at UT knows nothing about major college football.
BREAKING: Sources are telling me Butch Jones has been in contact with both Houston and Purdue about their head coaching…
Butch Jones said Tennessee won 'the championship of life.' Then UT lost to Vandy
Current list of candidates that would do a better job coaching the Vols than Butch Jones (will update accordingly): htt…
Butch Jones is 14-18 in the SEC and 26-27 in conference play in his last 7 years as a HC (4 at UT and 3 at Cincy).
Butch Jones with the SEC East, and then the Sugar Bowl, in hand:
Tennessee's players called losing to Vanderbilt what Butch Jones didn't. "It's unacceptable and it's embarrassing." h…
Tennessee just got a new chancellor and hasn’t hired a new AD yet. Butch Jones ain’t leaving unless he wants to leave.
I might puke if we hire Butch Jones.
Week 6 everyone says Butch Jones is the best coach now everyone says fire him?
Remember when Butch Jones told a player on his team that he'd betrayed them bc he helped a woman who reported being raped by oth…
If I'm Tennessee, I fire Butch Jones right now. And I call Chip Kelly and tell him to name his price. And I mean name it.
Butch Jones left media room b4 most press members could make it down elevator. So who is there to take questions from medi…
This has Butch Jones written all over it.
Butch Jones, post presser: "Our fundamentals and details were lacking.". ... Someone wanna tell him that's what coaches tea…
remember when Butch Jones left at the altar? And they "settled" for Mike MacIntyre? I do. Interesting how things tur…
I believe I said fire Butch Jones last year after Florida
If you weren't with us from 2010-2012 during Derek Dooley. Then you cannot be a "fan" of us during 2016 and Butch Jones. h…
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