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Buster Brown

Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault who was known for his association with the Brown Shoe Company.

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Buster? Did you say that because my last name is Brown? If so, that's pretty clever. Kudos.
Jesus ... look at that haircut! Reminds me of the old Buster Brown logo.
Yum. - Drinking a Buster Nut Brown Ale by at —
Tod Walton meets Buster Brown in The Heart Buster Brown and the German Band
Boys it's on tonight! Eazy E, Buster Brown and The Rooster bout to tear it up. 😏
Now Playing on KOSR 109.9 Fanny Mae by Buster Brown Listen at - Buy it…
Race 4 Esperance won by Rhino Buster. Congratulations to the owners, trainer Rod Brown and jockey Natasha Faithfull.
Props to whoever thought of putting a little Buster Brown in with the Wolf song.
Buster Brown was an early 20th-century U.S. comic strip character.
Richard Outcalt's family will be selling several Buster Brown and Yellow Kid originals through Heritage.…
I'm afraid he isn't for sale, however Sid the Squirrel is! ~ Adrienne.
Brown Shugga' (2016) by Lagunitas Brewing Company found at Buster's on 28th. About. *** Time.
Congrats to Cody Brown for being named to the 2nd Team All-SBC Defense.
any chance that Buster is the same from Buster Brown shoes?? Makes ya think doesn't it, could be big shoe money at work here...
During Blair, he was a Blairite. During Brown he was a Brownite. Now he's Ukip. The human weathervane as signifier of our poli…
Not so fast buster brown. Get the facts. Bush owns that record but don't worry, your Trump will far exceeded.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Dave Thomas, Founder of Wendy's.. Went into business with Buster Brown???
Buster Brown Makes Room for his Mama at the Bargain Counter (1904)
yeah, I thought they went out of style in mid 80's along with buster brown.
Ruffian 'Buster' 2nd Lipton Trophy. 40+ years on class still competitive. Billy & Dickie Brown would be proud. h…
Username or email: - Benzinga - Username or email: Benzinga A collection of Richard F. Outcault (American, 1863...
In Dec, foxes defend territory before mating. U can buy fox toys here: - money raised goes to Th…
Featuring tracks from James Yorkston, Buster Brown, Brenda Holloway. From 10-11pm it's The Man in the Station.
Jazziversaries August 15th set1 - with Stix Hooper... , Dennis Gonzalez, Eddie Gale and Buster Brown
Now I want to do a free association nerd chain. Mary Janes are a type of shoe named after Buster Brown's girlfriend from the comic.
Buster Brown was an Australian rock and roll band, which featured vocalist Angry Anderson and drummer Phil Rudd,...
saw buster brown tonight and was happier than I should have been tbh
Can andwill - Drinking a Buster Nut Brown Ale by at —
Just ran across Buster Brown's picture from the day he was rescued & I just wanted to share. . The picture on the...
Early 1900's Buster Brown and His Dog Tige Comic Strip by via
Buster Brown is now available for adoption! This male Boxer is 1yr old. Learn more at
"AGU, I dey call you, you dey stand there, what dey wrong you, come make I give you some brown buster"
Two-Course French Lunch with Wine for Two ($45) or Four People ($89) at Buster Brown, Surry…
Buster doesn't like the fact there a. Bunch of brown people here . Yes my dog is racist.
Brown Eyes the cow saves Buster Keaton from a charging bull. (Go West 1925)
Wrong decision i lost the 'Greens' when Bob Brown retired .??
Australia had a number of hard rock acts who made now-rare albums in the 1970s - Buster Brown were one such outfit.
Woof Woof this is my dog spot he lives in a shoe my name is Buster Brown and I live there too!
Oh captain my captain! 19 seconds went by and Dustin Brown ties it at one for the against the Rangers!
Sean Miller sure does sweat a lot. It reminds me of Buster Brown aka Terry Bowden when he was head ball Coach at Auburn wear a T-shirt coach
Americans: white,Black,Brown or yellow! Trump Is Morally Unfit to Be our President! Please get off the BS and stop voting for the racist
Patrick Brown I was right about a 12 seed over a 5 this year. Yale just beat Baylor. That's one bracket buster...
609 in the 1980's. Does anyone remember Buster Brown? This space is now occupied by
1959 Buster Brown Shoes Ad Baby Off to a good walking star in Guess What?
It is with heavy hearts that we share that Buster Brown has been found, sadly he has passed away. :'( Our...
Hey there! I'm Buster brown. I am an altered male pit bull terrier.
I don't see you suggesting things, buster brown!
Last Chance Corral is probably the one that rescued Buster Brown when he was 4 days old. They have very strict...
Just realised Buster Brady is Mrs Brown's son in real life 😱😱
Karen and Andrew! Buster Otis Brown born 1pm today, 7 pounds 11. Mom and baby doing well. Can't wait to meet him!
Buster Brown Why religion has become home to extremists? Read here:
Buster Brown needed to the bronzed.
Here's the Buster Olney story on Yoenis Cespedes and the
Here's a picture of me and my dog buster brown☺️💞
BUSTER BROWN TREATS size 4 black leather buckle
Yep it would've been sunshine and rainbows because Boom & Bust buster Brown was in charge
Doesn't anyone sell Buster Brown shoes for babies in Ontario anymore?
So very thankful (and lucky) I finally found 'Mr. Buster-Brown'!!! ...and OMGosh he just farted and yeah that...
Did you ever have a pair of Buster Brown's?
2 sides to every story. UM not allowed to comment right now. Also kid was a Hoke commit.
Sinfull SINO look what they've done to my song Mal Tied it up in a brown paper bag&turned it upside down Mal
Sinodinos brown paper bag man is guilty & he knows it To the Sin Bin SINO Baby
Buster Brown is a happy, friendly dachshund with a big personality that loves to be where the action is. He wants...
Alex Trebek in an ill-fitting buster brown outfit, weeping.
as much as i love mark and the grumps TOO BAD SO SAD BUSTER BROWN i voted for you. you ALL deserve all the love. all of it.
Our sympathy to Amanda Brown in the loss of her father, Buster Copas.
The Rolling Stones turned this into The Under Assistant..., credited to themselves: Buster Brown - Fannie Mae (1959)
It's me again aul brown face don't have wifi (buster)
My mom says is that Buster Grimes? Lol! Trying to keep her hip. . She stopped and says-Chris Brown sounds good.
My mom was like look at Buster Brown!! 😂😂😂😂
Y'all can't tell me that dude that was dancing with Chris brown didn't look like buster 😂
Lmao Buster always knew what was up!
I've been tellin yall for years now that Chris Brown & Tyga are A. Clowns & B. Make songs with the same wack *** buster *** beat pattern.
Local artist Buster Brown with a perfect Sunday track !
I'm giving away: Black Buster Brown Shoes for boy Size 3.5. Check it out -
New Peanuts Movie Trailer: Did you know I drew Charlie Brown and Snoopy for six years? I worked for Buster Bro...
Vinegar Bend Mizell is kinda my favorite. Buster Posey reminds me 2 much of the Buster Brown Loafers I had to wear 2 Sunday School
***Adoption Announcement***. Just one look - that's all it took for Buster Brown (now Dozer) and five month old...
Leftover Great refrigerator buster. Ready for when the man…
this is the same argument used by John W Davis in arguing Brown, except he call the court a nine person school board
so we ignore Brown vs. the Board of Education?
Brew bus 101 is here with pugs. aw how cute! - Drinking a Buster's Brown Ale at -
I found Sweet Buster Brown asleep on Bryce's freshly washed underwear. This dog belongs on TLC's My…
if buster brown isn't a part of your life... Do you even have a life?
I'm gonna make buster brown my profile pic
Thank you. Piglet is the solid white one and Buster is the mostly brown one. I'm about to go do just that. :)
how about U ask me if I have finals first Buster brown.
Buster Brown & Coco Chanel version of Thx for supporting
J Reddick should've listened to Lou Brown - "Great catch Hays [Reddick]. Don't ever f***kin do it again."
Yes I do have a brother...his name is Buster Brown and he is a beautiful boxer pup
I had not heard this anecdote about Gordon Brown, but it is simply wonderful
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
but his friend buster the bunny rabbit is a carrot addict!! Explain that Marc Brown??
This is my crew Moonshine, Buster Brown and Casey. They aren't spoiled are anything.
Brooks Brown comes on with two outs to face Buster Posey, NBD. Georgia vs Georgia
"Chloë had a Buster Brown haircut and a one-shoulder orange bodysuit top. It was very advanced."
voting from the West Countrys V.meldrew: James brown, shirelles, Fred Neil, Prince buster, the creation
Buster Brown finally stopped squirming long enough to be photographed. @ Lake Mohawk
Today's £5 Friday is a cream and brown twiddle buster
Buster brown and Barney fife representing Beach Body!!! Lol
dapper laughs getting another playing here at work, I have discovered RnB singer Buster Brown and he is keeping mr laughs out.
Sorry to get nasty, but if I have to adjust artwork somebody is getting a walloping buster brown.
Buster Brown wants to celebrate Earth Day with his friends today from 4-6 pm. Grab your pooch and come on by the brewery.
Baby with a STUNNING young woman and her sharp Buster Brown haircut...wait a minute...
Hide you're sticks! Here's Buster Brown, our loving and crazy rescue pup.
We sporting them buster brown mommy said was best for growing children feet...Who know about the m buster Brown...
Buster Brown, the best dog in town ❤️
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Hi! I'm Buster Brown. I live in a shoe. Here's my dog Tyge and it stinks in there too'
“Tige" from Buster Brown shoe advertisements was a Pit Bull Terrier
Now playing on I'll Take You There ♬ Buster Brown - Lost in a Dream ♬
Buster Brown has left the building and gone home to his new life! 🐕💙.
Saw this awesome Brazilian mashup of Buster Brown & Little Nemo circa 1905 at this wk
Meet Buster Brown. Buster plays Fiddle for Thom Shepherd. Buster is a true cowboy and scholar of everything that...
Buster Brown of Mad Town(1 dwarf berserker) was shocked to death by an orc archer on Escape from Reknor 1.
oh you think your funny Buster Brown
I added a video to a playlist Buster and the Horny Lion - Mrs Brown's Boys - Series 2 Episode 2 - BBC
Buster Brown's. .my favorite shoes growing up.
then they don't call interference against brown because they assumed he embellished. Horrible all around.
Good day for a beer outside. This is our Buster Brown Ale aged on vanilla beans.
Glad to be home to mourn with my family. Home is not the same without you here, Buster Brown. I miss…
In 1982, shoe company Buster Brown came out with E.T. shoes .
Brad Walker is back up on his feet after treatment by Buster. It was accidental by Brown but it floored Walker. 1-0
The show was sponsored by Buster Brown shoes. "I'm Buster Brown. I live in a show. Here's my dog, Tige. He lives in there too"
I want to be more like Buster Brady!
Buster Douglas Lewis Brown the Third having a seizure
See you at Dave & Buster's! "Tina Brown to shack up at New York Times building" via
Ri has just told me (in reference to the dogs) that "Buster is black, Molly is brown and you and me are Peach"
I can see my cat eyeing the figmas on the bookshelf. NO YOU DON'T BUSTER BROWN
Just me, my Sit and Soin and my Buster Brown shoes.
Buster Baxter is shown as a teenager at the end of The Contest. His head is more oval-shaped and he is shown wearing a black and brown coat
Bob Majka's salary is too *** much and you know it Buster Brown.
He also demanded 62,00 Mcdonald's happy Meals, some Buster Brown Shoes, the complete first season of X-Files, videos of
by sudutsyahwat Jamaica greatest (dennis brown,the heptones,john holt,alton ellis,prince buster).
Just talked to the hospital that originally treated Buster Brown. They loved him, too!
I ❤️ my boys!! Mr. Holly aka best husband ever and my furry buddy Buster Brown snugglies...
Guess what, buster brown, it's not the era of your childhood anymore!
Toenails trimmed, squeaky clean and ready for his joint birthday bash this weekend with Buster Brown!…
Youth Spring Baseball registration starts today January 28! . Come by Buster Brown or call Director Corey Holmes...
From the collection: Aerial photograph of the Buster Brown Apparel, Inc. at 2001 Wheeler Ave around 1970.
I bet ol buffet buster has golden corral's coordinates on her somewhere...
BUSTER BROWN, a lost DOG, is missing
I've called your family over. Your blitzball addiction ends here, buster brown.
Lol!!! Got me thinking about a helium balloon I got from Buster Brown (shoe store), as a kid; I was scared to hold on (cont)
Please vote for Buster Brown. Trying toi win free vet care :)...
Dear Capezio, It has taken some time to compile this letter, free of dismay. Absent of distaste and demonstrative of a professional in the Dance World. Please take this as my wholehearted attempt towards expressing my view on your blatant disrespect of what we as artists have done...and continue to do. An Open Letter to Capezio and the idiocy of "Tapsonic" I could imagine sitting at a dinner table amongst some late, legendary greats, such as Buster Brown, Lon Chaney, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Gregory Hines. As we laugh and I listen to their many tales of hardship, fight, triumph and struggle, I wonder what they would say when "Tapsonic" is brought up in conversation. What do YOU think they would say? Because I know. Why would you choose to make a mockery of our Art form...our discipline...our artistic outlet...our LIFE, which has historically been the catalyst to cultural expansion globally? Has Capezio become more interested in "Modernizing" this dance form by creating a tap shoe that makes its' wearer a "Car ...
Buster Brown our new front desk worker.
Happy Birthday Buster Brown, come and have some Birthday cake!!
I got to see Buster Brown open for Mama's Boys in Evansville, Indiana in 1985.
I'd guess around 1979... too young for Buster Brown and looks like you are still a teen... i guess :)
my 5yo &3yo gals LOVE impersonating your husband from "the making of angles" "nice doing teamwork with ya Buster Brown!"
I love watching you in Mrs. Brown's Boys. Buster is one of my favorites :D
My dad has to buy dress shoes called Buster Brown. Small people problems.
Never have I heard a dog fart so loud in my life lmao he woke me up fROM a half sleep lol. Wow Mr. BUSTER BROWN...WHAT DID YOU EAT...THE NEIGHBORHOOD CAN HEAR AND SMELL YOU.
My theory is that my dog Buster Brown talks like Franklin from GTA
Half way there... It's starting to snow and Buster and I are cranky... food and shower time... Buster Brown gonna have a bath. Oh boy
Not so fast Buster Brown!! oh what 30 minutes can do. Gosh Darn it all to Heck!!
Foto: tyranny-su: nice going into teamwork with ya there buster brown
well if he keeps wearing 80s sweaters and buster brown shoes how can I not
Buster Brown Fannie Mae: On this channel you will find new items and popular songs execution Blues. Subscribe ...
Dustin Brown knocked the refs water bottles off the boards during the tv timeout. Made the ref pick them up.
What is home without a Buster?. (Buster Brown, His Dog Tige and their Troubles, 1904).
back when I got to pet sit mr. buster brown and watch the 🏄 in the early am
Fairplay to Buster from Mrs Brown's Boys for scoring a lead role in that Kingsman: The Secret Service film
Help make it happen for Help Save Buster Brown's Leg ! via
Amaro has no one to blame but himself. 2.5 million for Dom Brown - still trying to figure out how he's a major league player
xiumiIN lickIng his lips You better watch it buster brown
RIP Buster Brown Hall. *** good dog. I'll miss ya little buddy.
Angry Anderson to be added to Wall of Fame ussie rock legend Angry Anderson AM will be inducted to the star-studded ‘Elvis Wall of Fame’ at the 2015 Parkes Elvis Festival. Anderson will become the 21st recipient of the honour and will officially unveil a plaque at the wall at Kelly Reserve at 3pm this afternoon. He will join previous Wall of Famers (in order), Johnny O’Keefe, Col Joy and the Joye Boys, Little Patti, Brian Henderson, The DeKroo Brothers, Judy Stone, Jade Hurley, Lonnie Lee, Normie Rowe, Johnny Young, Noeleen Batley, Lucky Starr, Johnny Devlin, Billy Thorpe, Glenn A Baker, Dinah Lee, Barry Crocker, Kamahl, John Paul Young and Molly Meldrum. Frontman for the hard rock band Rose Tattoo, as well as songwriter, television presenter-reporter, actor and political activist, Anderson has been a stalwart of the Australian entertainment scene since the 1970s and will be attending the ceremony in person. Today’s ceremony at 3pm is a free event marking the official start of the 2015 Parkes Elv ...
Doing some friendly ranch trespassing up Buster Brown Hill which gives the best panorama of Waimea.…
Buster Brown was *** his brother Kenneth Cameron. the cat... I was 2 seconds too late with my go pro.
I read that WAAAYYY too quick the first time and I read: "Brown Leather Buster". o_O
Think your absolute class in River City as Buster mate.OH ITS YERSEL undressing me with your big brown eyes
My bud Buster Brown knows how to rest
I don't think anyone will go over what Buster brown makes
Buster Brown. Song almost complete. Just the next session.
Sharing some beauty from Afi & James' wedding in March 2014! Thank you Buster Brown Productions!!
Life is full of surprises. Buster has one eye blue, and one brown
My Buster Brown has always been so good with our past litters of kittens, but these puppies just irritate him. I...
Tattoo number 7 in memory of Buster Brown missing you so much 🐶
New Years Mrs.brown was THE funniest one yet! . Buster...your my absolute fave 😂
Cause everyone needs help lookin for food in the fridge
Aww u got to love buster bradys jokes like this one Mrs brown says to buster what needs to be finish by Friday buster said Thursday
Meet Black Singles 300x250
22:15 Mrs Brown's Boys: After a spate of burglaries in Finglas, Agnes asks Buster Brady to fit a new alarm system.
RIP Buster Brown. Thank you for all your love and memories. I will cherish them forever. I'm glad I got…
Lily and Buster Brown. Total fun on Potter's Marsh and other locations on what was an outstanding afternoon with...
Mrs Brown: "What needs to be finished by Friday?". Buster: "Thursday?". LOL!! :D
Buster the lost Brown Mixed Breed Dog was found today in LAKELAND, FL.
This TOTP just got even better...BAD MANNERS! And buster bloodvessel is a brown sauce fan .
Buster Brown is considering wintering in - silly wooly
The buildings along Washington Avenue have always brought thousands of people to the street. Where they now come for nightclubs, cigar lounges, and steakhouses, they used to come for feather-pinned hats, Buster Brown shoes, and Rabbit Brand jeans. Every garment type ima...
Buster Brown is sharing free Tire and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Bill Belichick turn that frown upside down buster brown.
My 3 furry babies are my everything. Nothing better then the love of our pets. Love you Little Girl, Chewie and Buster Brown
A family affair! mother of 6 reviewed socks with the help of her kids:
Ferguson witness: “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.”
My Sweet Buster Brown. I swear he thinks that I am his mate
I believe Buster just found his jam: James Brown's "Sex Machine"...
Electronic Device Insurance
New member of the family, Buster Brown. 🐶
Here are the Adoptions for Saturday, 11/29/14:. DOGS. 1410-0558 – BUSTER BROWN (Am. Bulldog) Brown and White...
Bath time was yesterday. Buster Brown is 8 years old. Tater is 7 years old and Dozer is 5 years old. I love my dogs.
Buster Brown & Bailey practice posing for holiday pics!
"Jimmy Slyde, Lon Chaney, Buster Brown, and Gregory life was changed ...
Buster Brown has been entered into the PetVote Cutest Pet September 2014 Competition and needs your votes to win.
Why do you call him Augustus Gloop? Or is it Gloup? I laugh every time you say it. Oh, and Buster Brown too.
Buster Olney on ESPN reported that Miguel Cabrera has bone spurs in ankle and will have surgery in the offseason. So there yo…
CB Buster Skrine down, then walked off under own power after big collision following 18 yard completion to Brown
Fake the jet sweep to Archer and Justin Brown has the first down and more! Buster Skrine is injured. Big blow for the Browns.
“Antonio Brown be like you're to quick with this 😂😂
I wish when Antonio brown called for that fair catch on the punt buster skrine would have just drop kicked him in the face
Buster skrine should've dropped kicked Antonio brown when he called for the fair catch
Buster Skrine should have just drop liked Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown just kicked Browns punter Spencer the face. 15-yard unnecessary roughness call.
walked the downstairs too. Remembering Buster Brown shoes especially
Hiked buster brown on this beautiful Saturday morning. @ Waimea-Kohala Mountain Road
Welp. Buster Brown is now officially cuter than him. That’s almost impressive.
“Mrs. Doubtfire Anyone else find it funny that Buster Brown coaches for the Zips?
Terry Bowden's -- orange? -- hair is the breakout performer of these games so far.” Buster Brown!!!
Oh, enlighten me, Buster Brown. Sure, the creative process, wanting to branch out. But ultimately boils down to $$.
We gonna have a problem, Buster Brown?
Ditto AJ Lee. Human should never look like old Buster Brown shoes.
Sorry guys the ladies have it. Organized by lady cyclist, Bixby Bicycles first ladies ONLY event. Contact Buster Brown for more information
MAC champions Von Washington, David Brown & Austin Richie with Buster Bronco in his t-shirt
Insurance Guy: Is in fact Grandad Mrs.Brown: No that's Gretel our exchange student Buster: Hi Mrs Brown,how are you Grandad?
Just not a brown town fan. - Drinking a Buster Nut Brown Ale by -
RIP buster brown it's been 1 yr today that u left my side . Happy hunting little man !!! Still not ready ready yet!!
Somebody is not having trouble sleeping!. Sweet little buster brown!
Trayvon over skittles Mike Brown to cigarillos this gotta stop
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Buster the lost Brown Domestic Short Hair Cat was found today in HOLT, MI.
Buster Brown Thanks for following us! check out our 5k walk event @
Enjoy a coffee with Les monsieurs at BUSTER BROWN Crown Street Darlo, . we do!
Dont get too big for your loafers buster brown
Hey Buster Brown how are you these days?
drink drive Baxter and pension buster Brown 🙊 amazing line up
Me: What do you want for dinner buster brown?. K: Brownies. Me: We can't have brownies for dinner. K: Well you said brown & now I want brownies
Yes, we do feed Buster Brown radioactive food
Here's a scan of a 1956 record album giveaway of Captain Kangaroo with a barely recognizable Buster Brown and...
Great lot of boys size 7 fall clothing. Jeans, all Gap, Old Navy and Levi. LS polo shirts are Gap, striped orange one is Old Navy, shoes are Buster Brown, only worn a handful of times size 2. Nike sweatshirt in great shape. All for $50
These paintings that I have were all painted by my Grandma Cleo. I sat with her and watched her paint each and every one. Grandma painted she said because she was in a wheel chair and used to be a dancer. So when she developed Multiple Sclerosis and could no longer walk she said that "painting were her fingers dancing instead of her legs." Here is a story about each painting below; 1. first picture of a farm scene she originally had the farm and house blue but my grandpa Bill insisted that she paint the barn and house red as all good old fashion farms looked in Wisconsin. 2. this was a painting that she copied from a book that she saw. She said that the water fall looked like a wedding gown and the figure to the left was a woman trying to find her dress. 3. this was another painting of a picture she saw and she actually tried to change it to look like the creek that ran along side of our house. 4. There I am in all my glory with that horrible "Buster Brown" haircut that has plagued me all my life! My eye ...
My buddy Rupert is going to his forever home today. My next "project dog" is Buster Brown. I've been working with him a little already. He has some dog issues and I'm trying to help him to be less reactive. He's a very sweet boy otherwise. He's been waiting for his forever home for a year now. Hopefully I can help him be a better dog and help him get adopted. I've never seen a dog love grass as much as he does.
3.5 hour nap? You better believe it Buster Brown.
Amber Bear and Buster Brown both got there first haircuts today and got to visit with their favorite vet staff...
TAP DANCE INTENSIVE with Michela Lerman is coming up fast! Study the styles of Buster Brown and Gregory Hines - June 21…
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Old Geezer Quiz 1. In the 50s, if you had a flat rear tire, you often had to remove the? a. Necker knob b. Curb feeler c. Fender skirt 2. What color flash bulbs did Dad use for color film? a. Blue b. Pink c. Plaid 3. What was the parking brake called when you were a kid? a. Emergency brake b. Pull Stop c. Breaker. Breaker. 4. Way before Air Jordan, what was a kids shoe of choice? a. Buster Brown b. PF Flyers c. Old Stinkers 5. In what year did Dewey Defeat Truman according to the Chicago Tribune? a. 1946 b. 1948 c. 1952 6. Before the Orkin Man, what technology was part of most home bug deterrence? a. Shoe Fly b. Fly paper c. 50 mm Phlit gun 7. Dixie cups had what printed on their tops? a. Secret decoders b. Movie stars c. WW II propaganda slogans 8. What was the prevailing method of birth control in the 50s? a. Heavy lifting and cold showers b. Fear c. Girdles and crinoline petticoats 9. Jimmy Durante said what at the end of every show? a. Aloha, my friends. b. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are. ...
Greenville High was a busy place with her halls full, a flowing sea of kids moving from one area to another. There was the football team that seem to always travel in their own pack, wrapped up in their decorated football jackets. The cheerleaders were always dressed for a game and appeared to be attached to one another. The really, really smart kids traveled in numbers and then of course there was the wealthy that fraternize with the other wealthy. And then there was the rest of us, left on our own devices to survive another day of high school. I wasn't a big fan of high school. I majored in getting C grades and getting out of there. Can't say I hated high school, but then I wasn't all that crazy about it either. One of my favorite things to do was day dream that the last bell had sang its song and I would head over to Buster Brown's for my daily fix of a frozen zero bar and a bottled coke so cold, shards of ice floated at the top. Decades later I find myself with few regrets. High school for me, was wha ...
love it! Buster Brown we miss you so much on vacation!
Buster Brown performs Amazing Grace during worship at Watersprings Church in Idaho Falls. Thanks to Steve Garnier at who is always a great…
This really looks like my late Buster Brown! Miss him so much!
buster Brown is one of the best written and performed characters on TV. Love the anti-theft tag still on the cap.
My son really wants his hair to grow for this Mohawk!! Leaving that up to Bob Buster Brown
Buster Brown just gave me a look like Harry Dean Stanton. I'm going to blame it on his squinty left eye. "the life of a Repo Man is always intense."
Picked way too many ticks off Buster Brown just now. The others are pretty clean still, especially Gypsy. Guessing that we need to start using the large size dog flea and tick treatment for Mr. Brown.
lol then Buster walks in n says hi to her n she calls him a *** n then he asked Mrs brown wot he did on Cathy n she sed he
A great weekend riding with Buster Brown and bixby bicycles. I reached a new goal in distance thanks to these guys! Learning a lot and enjoying every minute.
Meet Buster Brown! This little bundle of cuteness was adopted from Marr-Velous Pet Rescue and Adoptions in Key Largo by a good friend of mine. He is only 4 months old and is so incredibly yummy!
Twice in a row, my dog Buster brown has saved my life. I had a seizure on the tile floor and Buster ran to me and broke my fall. I will never understand how he could risk his own life for me. I love you Babyboy.
How my father addresses strangers in traffic, with ascending severity: "Whoa, Nellie!" "All right now, Trigger." "Hey! Buster Brown! Ease up, there!" "I'VE GOT MY FAMILY IN THIS VEHICLE, MISTER!"
Buster Brown the dog meets Buster Brown the cookie! YES!!! Xo Martha Stewart Weddings
Morning buster brown, have a wonderful day today, work hard and be well, much love and hugs to you today!!!
Boyband dancing is rubbish, if u had done that in Buster Brown's you would have got tumblered.
Buster Brown is available for adoption on View his profile at via
Today's Meet and Greet was busy, busy, busy. We had five adoptions and all have been delivered and are in their forever homes. YEA for you Peaches, Buster Brown, Sammi, Sparkles, and Jasmine! I know you are in wonderful forever families. Have a great life. You all deserve the best. It was so busy today, I lost count of adoptions until I got home and really counted. I am so thankful to all of you who helped. Bill thank you for getting Marley on her way today. So many would have been unhappy if she had missed her transport. Romona, thank you for getting Sparkles settled in her new home, and Misty for taking care of Buster Brown's home visit. For everyone, I have to tell you and reiterate it over and over, R66R could never rescue and place so many dogs without your help. I know we all pray for a day that there is no need for rescue. But until then. . .thank you, thank you, thank you.
When you lose a pet it is like losing your family . I hate feeling this way. Me and Buster been a long way together. Never thought it would hurt like this. I love you Buster Brown!
Spending the evening with by bestest friend Buster Brown and my favorite mother. Yeah, we singles hang together on a Saturday night.
today was earth day in chewelha wa kids got lots of strawberry plants and seeds to plant they even blessed the kittens Marie & Camo (sariayha & brandyns cats)& Buster brown the dog and Orions guinea pig Flower& the kids it was so fun!
Well, 460 miles and 7 1/2 hrs later. having a cool one with Cal Malcom! My first drummer ... The Ferns and then The Buster Brown Club Road Show Band circa 1963 to 1969 ! Hang here in Williamstown, WVa (play some gospel tunes in church tomorrow) then, Monday... Off to Atlanta!
I ain't scared of no ghosts. Especially Buster Posey
And setting here talking too my bby and watching her playing with buster brown tippy and sookie
Had Grace wear some shoes to the funeral home and she wasn't sure what to do with them on. My mom insists that Grace needs a good pair of starter walking shoes and I have no clue where to find any. Back in the day with the boys we went to 10 and Kelly to Buster Brown and paid a pretty penny for a pair. Who sells them anymore?
Buster Brown found his forever home today! Joker and Precious were adopted yesterday! What a great way to end the week! Princess, the tiny chihuahua is looking fro her forever family now! She is very, very sweet, affectionate, happy, well mannered, good with all dogs, loves kids, loves snuggling, and wants to be your best friend!
You can't beat Buster Brown and Good Lad for quality kid's clothes.
Aw shucks...tried to ride my 26 year old QH Buster Brown today but he wasn't feeling it. Started to sling his head back to his bothersome hip about 30 to 40 minutes in...I just got off and walked him back to the trail head. It is the most peculiar only bothers him in warm weather.
Hey friends and family, a party is about to go down you don't want to miss. i'm giving you advance notice to save a date. the BBA Yacht Club on Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland Tx. is having an " ALL WHITE PARTY " Sat. June 21,2014 7:00 pm - 12:00 at the Allure Restaurant in Rockwall Tx. Live Band " Buster Brown " Casino Night Pool Side (jump in the pool if you want to cool off). Go to BBA Yacht Club .Com to check us out.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
A huge thank you to Teresa Atkins and her kids, as well as Mary-jesse Stacks Mathis and her daughters, for their work at the Cram The Van today. We collected quite a bit of food and over $750 in monetary donations, which will help tremendously! It was great to see so many of our supporters who stopped by. Boo Boo and her parents came to see us, and the parents of other LV "alumni" also stopped by with food and donations, including the parents of Babe, and Buster Brown.
Ok all canisters are finalized, since there was no ugly dog we went with the top two cutest. First prize goes to Buster Brown second prize goes to Skylar! We will be contacting the winners to set up a time to collect their baskets. Thank you everyone for your support!
HEAVENLY DAYZ (2014): Rexall Drugs is back!! They just opened on Retro 5th Avenue, next door to the new Buster Brown shop.
Having a yard sale tomorrow at my parents Carlot, Buster Brown Auto Sales , from 8am to 1pm. 2119 S Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160. Lots of stuff that NEEDS to go! Women's clothing, men's clothing, girls clothing (2t-12), boys clothing (6 months-2t), tons of baby stuff, tons of toys, crib, pack-n-play, ect. 😊
It's a "love-at-first-sight"  kinda Friday...41 years ago today a girl came into my world that changed my life forever...she had the most beautiful baby blue eyes...and she had an adorable button nose...she only wore Buster Brown shoes and her dresses were always "frilly"...she didn't say much -- at first!!...but after we spent a couple of years together she became a regular chatter box...I remember the first time I saw her -- perfect in every way as far as I could tell...I fell in love with that girl!!...a couple years later I had the same experience with her sister!!...before you call Jerry Springer, these were my baby girls -- and I was thrilled with see, I only wanted daughters...I never thought I could be a good father to it turns out I just wasn't a top notch best I would give myself a C+ in that category...I have tried to make up for it by being a better Grandpa (a job I have cherished from the moment I saw the crown of Jakester's head)...maybe I have i ...
I have been cleaning this morning. Trying to get all of busters hair off my furniture. It ain't working. Lol. God I miss him. Buster Brown Mann. He will be missed
Spending time with my previously little Brayden Behn. and loving every second! !!. Nannie loves you Buster Brown!
Size 4 new condition buster browns Garanimals 15$ for both
Buster brown black girls shoes size 9 excellent condition $2
Buster Brown will be at the adoption event tomorrow! Come and meet with him! He just may be your next fur-baby!!
Right, all packed & ready for a weekend in Plymouth! Girls night out tonight with Sarah Louise whilst nanny Tracy Brown and grandad Buster Brown baby sit! :-)
Mostly because of reading tons of Buster Brown comics XD
I'm here and ready to roll! Core and the Buster Brown Band are in the mixx TONIGHT at…
Think they would have sent that twit to Fox if it was Britt Hume instead of Buster Brown Baier hosting the show?
Buster brown, I am not going to drive 55
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Dropped Khris Davis to get Dom Brown, feel a big May coming. Good idea?
I love that dog Buster, he is always knocked out on the sofa
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