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Buster Brown

Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault who was known for his association with the Brown Shoe Company.

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Ferguson witness: “Dang if that kid didn’t start running right at the cop like a football player. Head down.”
My Sweet Buster Brown. I swear he thinks that I am his mate
Buster Brown is now available for adoption! This male Basset Hound is 1yr 11mths old. Learn more at
I believe Buster just found his jam: James Brown's "Sex Machine"...
New member of the family, Buster Brown. 🐶
Here are the Adoptions for Saturday, 11/29/14:. DOGS. 1410-0558 – BUSTER BROWN (Am. Bulldog) Brown and White...
Bath time was yesterday. Buster Brown is 8 years old. Tater is 7 years old and Dozer is 5 years old. I love my dogs.
Buster Brown & Bailey practice posing for holiday pics!
"Jimmy Slyde, Lon Chaney, Buster Brown, and Gregory life was changed ...
Buster Brown has been entered into the PetVote Cutest Pet September 2014 Competition and needs your votes to win.
Why do you call him Augustus Gloop? Or is it Gloup? I laugh every time you say it. Oh, and Buster Brown too.
Buster Olney on ESPN reported that Miguel Cabrera has bone spurs in ankle and will have surgery in the offseason. So there yo…
CB Buster Skrine down, then walked off under own power after big collision following 18 yard completion to Brown
Fake the jet sweep to Archer and Justin Brown has the first down and more! Buster Skrine is injured. Big blow for the Browns.
“Antonio Brown be like you're to quick with this 😂😂
I wish when Antonio brown called for that fair catch on the punt buster skrine would have just drop kicked him in the face
Buster skrine should've dropped kicked Antonio brown when he called for the fair catch
Buster Skrine should have just drop liked Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown just kicked Browns punter Spencer the face. 15-yard unnecessary roughness call.
walked the downstairs too. Remembering Buster Brown shoes especially
Hiked buster brown on this beautiful Saturday morning. @ Waimea-Kohala Mountain Road
Welp. Buster Brown is now officially cuter than him. That’s almost impressive.
“Mrs. Doubtfire Anyone else find it funny that Buster Brown coaches for the Zips?
“Terry Bowden's -- orange? -- hair is the breakout performer of these games so far.” Buster Brown!!!
Oh, enlighten me, Buster Brown. Sure, the creative process, wanting to branch out. But ultimately boils down to $$.
We gonna have a problem, Buster Brown?
Ditto AJ Lee. Human should never look like old Buster Brown shoes.
Sorry guys the ladies have it. Organized by lady cyclist, Bixby Bicycles first ladies ONLY event. Contact Buster Brown for more information
MAC champions Von Washington, David Brown & Austin Richie with Buster Bronco in his t-shirt
Insurance Guy: Is in fact Grandad Mrs.Brown: No that's Gretel our exchange student Buster: Hi Mrs Brown,how are you Grandad?
Just not a brown town fan. - Drinking a Buster Nut Brown Ale by -
RIP buster brown it's been 1 yr today that u left my side . Happy hunting little man !!! Still not ready ready yet!!
Somebody is not having trouble sleeping!. Sweet little buster brown!
Trayvon over skittles Mike Brown to cigarillos this gotta stop
Buster the lost Brown Domestic Short Hair Cat was found today in HOLT, MI.
Buster Brown Thanks for following us! check out our 5k walk event @
Enjoy a coffee with Les monsieurs at BUSTER BROWN Crown Street Darlo, . we do!
Dont get too big for your loafers buster brown
Hey Buster Brown how are you these days?
drink drive Baxter and pension buster Brown 🙊 amazing line up
Me: What do you want for dinner buster brown?. K: Brownies. Me: We can't have brownies for dinner. K: Well you said brown & now I want brownies
Yes, we do feed Buster Brown radioactive food
Here's a scan of a 1956 record album giveaway of Captain Kangaroo with a barely recognizable Buster Brown and...
Great lot of boys size 7 fall clothing. Jeans, all Gap, Old Navy and Levi. LS polo shirts are Gap, striped orange one is Old Navy, shoes are Buster Brown, only worn a handful of times size 2. Nike sweatshirt in great shape. All for $50
These paintings that I have were all painted by my Grandma Cleo. I sat with her and watched her paint each and every one. Grandma painted she said because she was in a wheel chair and used to be a dancer. So when she developed Multiple Sclerosis and could no longer walk she said that "painting were her fingers dancing instead of her legs." Here is a story about each painting below; 1. first picture of a farm scene she originally had the farm and house blue but my grandpa Bill insisted that she paint the barn and house red as all good old fashion farms looked in Wisconsin. 2. this was a painting that she copied from a book that she saw. She said that the water fall looked like a wedding gown and the figure to the left was a woman trying to find her dress. 3. this was another painting of a picture she saw and she actually tried to change it to look like the creek that ran along side of our house. 4. There I am in all my glory with that horrible "Buster Brown" haircut that has plagued me all my life! My eye ...
My buddy Rupert is going to his forever home today. My next "project dog" is Buster Brown. I've been working with him a little already. He has some dog issues and I'm trying to help him to be less reactive. He's a very sweet boy otherwise. He's been waiting for his forever home for a year now. Hopefully I can help him be a better dog and help him get adopted. I've never seen a dog love grass as much as he does.
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3.5 hour nap? You better believe it Buster Brown.
Amber Bear and Buster Brown both got there first haircuts today and got to visit with their favorite vet staff...
TAP DANCE INTENSIVE with Michela Lerman is coming up fast! Study the styles of Buster Brown and Gregory Hines - June 21…
Old Geezer Quiz 1. In the 50s, if you had a flat rear tire, you often had to remove the? a. Necker knob b. Curb feeler c. Fender skirt 2. What color flash bulbs did Dad use for color film? a. Blue b. Pink c. Plaid 3. What was the parking brake called when you were a kid? a. Emergency brake b. Pull Stop c. Breaker. Breaker. 4. Way before Air Jordan, what was a kids shoe of choice? a. Buster Brown b. PF Flyers c. Old Stinkers 5. In what year did Dewey Defeat Truman according to the Chicago Tribune? a. 1946 b. 1948 c. 1952 6. Before the Orkin Man, what technology was part of most home bug deterrence? a. Shoe Fly b. Fly paper c. 50 mm Phlit gun 7. Dixie cups had what printed on their tops? a. Secret decoders b. Movie stars c. WW II propaganda slogans 8. What was the prevailing method of birth control in the 50s? a. Heavy lifting and cold showers b. Fear c. Girdles and crinoline petticoats 9. Jimmy Durante said what at the end of every show? a. Aloha, my friends. b. Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are. ...
Greenville High was a busy place with her halls full, a flowing sea of kids moving from one area to another. There was the football team that seem to always travel in their own pack, wrapped up in their decorated football jackets. The cheerleaders were always dressed for a game and appeared to be attached to one another. The really, really smart kids traveled in numbers and then of course there was the wealthy that fraternize with the other wealthy. And then there was the rest of us, left on our own devices to survive another day of high school. I wasn't a big fan of high school. I majored in getting C grades and getting out of there. Can't say I hated high school, but then I wasn't all that crazy about it either. One of my favorite things to do was day dream that the last bell had sang its song and I would head over to Buster Brown's for my daily fix of a frozen zero bar and a bottled coke so cold, shards of ice floated at the top. Decades later I find myself with few regrets. High school for me, was wha ...
love it! Buster Brown we miss you so much on vacation!
Buster Brown performs Amazing Grace during worship at Watersprings Church in Idaho Falls. Thanks to Steve Garnier at who is always a great…
This really looks like my late Buster Brown! Miss him so much!
buster Brown is one of the best written and performed characters on TV. Love the anti-theft tag still on the cap.
My son really wants his hair to grow for this Mohawk!! Leaving that up to Bob Buster Brown
Buster Brown just gave me a look like Harry Dean Stanton. I'm going to blame it on his squinty left eye. "the life of a Repo Man is always intense."
Picked way too many ticks off Buster Brown just now. The others are pretty clean still, especially Gypsy. Guessing that we need to start using the large size dog flea and tick treatment for Mr. Brown.
lol then Buster walks in n says hi to her n she calls him a *** n then he asked Mrs brown wot he did on Cathy n she sed he
A great weekend riding with Buster Brown and bixby bicycles. I reached a new goal in distance thanks to these guys! Learning a lot and enjoying every minute.
Slim Buster Usher and Chris Brown who is a better dancer?”
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Meet Buster Brown! This little bundle of cuteness was adopted from Marr-Velous Pet Rescue and Adoptions in Key Largo by a good friend of mine. He is only 4 months old and is so incredibly yummy!
Twice in a row, my dog Buster brown has saved my life. I had a seizure on the tile floor and Buster ran to me and broke my fall. I will never understand how he could risk his own life for me. I love you Babyboy.
How my father addresses strangers in traffic, with ascending severity: "Whoa, Nellie!" "All right now, Trigger." "Hey! Buster Brown! Ease up, there!" "I'VE GOT MY FAMILY IN THIS VEHICLE, MISTER!"
Buster Brown the dog meets Buster Brown the cookie! YES!!! Xo Martha Stewart Weddings
Morning buster brown, have a wonderful day today, work hard and be well, much love and hugs to you today!!!
Boyband dancing is rubbish, if u had done that in Buster Brown's you would have got tumblered.
Buster Brown is available for adoption on View his profile at via
Today's Meet and Greet was busy, busy, busy. We had five adoptions and all have been delivered and are in their forever homes. YEA for you Peaches, Buster Brown, Sammi, Sparkles, and Jasmine! I know you are in wonderful forever families. Have a great life. You all deserve the best. It was so busy today, I lost count of adoptions until I got home and really counted. I am so thankful to all of you who helped. Bill thank you for getting Marley on her way today. So many would have been unhappy if she had missed her transport. Romona, thank you for getting Sparkles settled in her new home, and Misty for taking care of Buster Brown's home visit. For everyone, I have to tell you and reiterate it over and over, R66R could never rescue and place so many dogs without your help. I know we all pray for a day that there is no need for rescue. But until then. . .thank you, thank you, thank you.
When you lose a pet it is like losing your family . I hate feeling this way. Me and Buster been a long way together. Never thought it would hurt like this. I love you Buster Brown!
Buster Brown is sharing free Honey and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Spending the evening with by bestest friend Buster Brown and my favorite mother. Yeah, we singles hang together on a Saturday night.
today was earth day in chewelha wa kids got lots of strawberry plants and seeds to plant they even blessed the kittens Marie & Camo (sariayha & brandyns cats)& Buster brown the dog and Orions guinea pig Flower& the kids it was so fun!
Well, 460 miles and 7 1/2 hrs later. having a cool one with Cal Malcom! My first drummer ... The Ferns and then The Buster Brown Club Road Show Band circa 1963 to 1969 ! Hang here in Williamstown, WVa (play some gospel tunes in church tomorrow) then, Monday... Off to Atlanta!
I ain't scared of no ghosts. Especially Buster Posey
And setting here talking too my bby and watching her playing with buster brown tippy and sookie
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Had Grace wear some shoes to the funeral home and she wasn't sure what to do with them on. My mom insists that Grace needs a good pair of starter walking shoes and I have no clue where to find any. Back in the day with the boys we went to 10 and Kelly to Buster Brown and paid a pretty penny for a pair. Who sells them anymore?
Buster Brown found his forever home today! Joker and Precious were adopted yesterday! What a great way to end the week! Princess, the tiny chihuahua is looking fro her forever family now! She is very, very sweet, affectionate, happy, well mannered, good with all dogs, loves kids, loves snuggling, and wants to be your best friend!
You can't beat Buster Brown and Good Lad for quality kid's clothes.
Aw shucks...tried to ride my 26 year old QH Buster Brown today but he wasn't feeling it. Started to sling his head back to his bothersome hip about 30 to 40 minutes in...I just got off and walked him back to the trail head. It is the most peculiar only bothers him in warm weather.
Hey friends and family, a party is about to go down you don't want to miss. i'm giving you advance notice to save a date. the BBA Yacht Club on Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland Tx. is having an " ALL WHITE PARTY " Sat. June 21,2014 7:00 pm - 12:00 at the Allure Restaurant in Rockwall Tx. Live Band " Buster Brown " Casino Night Pool Side (jump in the pool if you want to cool off). Go to BBA Yacht Club .Com to check us out.
A huge thank you to Teresa Atkins and her kids, as well as Mary-jesse Stacks Mathis and her daughters, for their work at the Cram The Van today. We collected quite a bit of food and over $750 in monetary donations, which will help tremendously! It was great to see so many of our supporters who stopped by. Boo Boo and her parents came to see us, and the parents of other LV "alumni" also stopped by with food and donations, including the parents of Babe, and Buster Brown.
Ok all canisters are finalized, since there was no ugly dog we went with the top two cutest. First prize goes to Buster Brown second prize goes to Skylar! We will be contacting the winners to set up a time to collect their baskets. Thank you everyone for your support!
HEAVENLY DAYZ (2014): Rexall Drugs is back!! They just opened on Retro 5th Avenue, next door to the new Buster Brown shop.
Having a yard sale tomorrow at my parents Carlot, Buster Brown Auto Sales , from 8am to 1pm. 2119 S Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160. Lots of stuff that NEEDS to go! Women's clothing, men's clothing, girls clothing (2t-12), boys clothing (6 months-2t), tons of baby stuff, tons of toys, crib, pack-n-play, ect. 😊
It's a "love-at-first-sight"  kinda Friday...41 years ago today a girl came into my world that changed my life forever...she had the most beautiful baby blue eyes...and she had an adorable button nose...she only wore Buster Brown shoes and her dresses were always "frilly"...she didn't say much -- at first!!...but after we spent a couple of years together she became a regular chatter box...I remember the first time I saw her -- perfect in every way as far as I could tell...I fell in love with that girl!!...a couple years later I had the same experience with her sister!!...before you call Jerry Springer, these were my baby girls -- and I was thrilled with see, I only wanted daughters...I never thought I could be a good father to it turns out I just wasn't a top notch best I would give myself a C+ in that category...I have tried to make up for it by being a better Grandpa (a job I have cherished from the moment I saw the crown of Jakester's head)...maybe I have i ...
I have been cleaning this morning. Trying to get all of busters hair off my furniture. It ain't working. Lol. God I miss him. Buster Brown Mann. He will be missed
Spending time with my previously little Brayden Behn. and loving every second! !!. Nannie loves you Buster Brown!
Size 4 new condition buster browns Garanimals 15$ for both
Buster brown black girls shoes size 9 excellent condition $2
Buster Brown will be at the adoption event tomorrow! Come and meet with him! He just may be your next fur-baby!!
Right, all packed & ready for a weekend in Plymouth! Girls night out tonight with Sarah Louise whilst nanny Tracy Brown and grandad Buster Brown baby sit! :-)
Mostly because of reading tons of Buster Brown comics XD
I'm here and ready to roll! Core and the Buster Brown Band are in the mixx TONIGHT at…
Think they would have sent that twit to Fox if it was Britt Hume instead of Buster Brown Baier hosting the show?
Slim Buster bruh... "The closest i've seen anyone flow like that would be Chris Brown.."
Buster brown, I am not going to drive 55
Dropped Khris Davis to get Dom Brown, feel a big May coming. Good idea?
I love that dog Buster, he is always knocked out on the sofa
Ik the brown swirls really brought put your eyes
It's a GReat day when Buster Brown come for a visit!
The FINAL PAIR of Zac Brown Band tickets are going to SOMEONE in about 10 minutes with the BRAIN BUSTER ! GET READY !
Yo Darlinghurst! Head to the cuties at Buster Brown Cafe - 2/265 Crown St - for some Grace Chocolate & Walnut...
Slim Buster swears he is Ghana's Chris Brown...lmao
"Buster doesn't even know what she looks like!". "I know she is a brown-ish area! With black points!"
I just entered to win Wearever socks by Buster Brown from You can enter too!
Update your maps at Navteq
Evidence of one of Wenatchee’s defunct stores. The H. L. Wiester Department store was opened in 1921, the building was built in 1906. Prior to the Weister the building housed a meat market, men’s merchandise store and women’s clothing shop. Later the Buster Brown shoe store moved into the building. Huggins Shoe shop and the Fashion Shop shared the ground floor even later. and 2nd picture: “Daily dose of nostalgia... Brownie’s Service Station at First and Columbia Streets in Wenatchee, circa 1929-1940. Martin C. Braun is at far left on the truck. Wenatchee World 4/8/2014
To those interested in seeing more of Buster Brown: He had energy & personality like no other. Miss him.
Buster Brown, you were the baddest doggie in town. Known to the few & the proud as...B-man! You will be missed. :(
R.I.P. Buster Brown. 14 full years with this great and loyal companion...
Buster Brown is ready for his new fur-ever family!! He is a beautiful brown-brindle, 3 year old boy! He gets along great with other dogs. He loves to play, but is happy sitting in your lap when playtime is over. He can be a bit on the hyper side, but he's currently taking obedience lessons to learn some manners. He's very smart and willing to learn. Adoption applications can be filled out at
Photo: khaleesi: cap 3 is gonna be wild I’m indifferent to Old Lady Cap and Buster Brown Bucky, but nothing...
talk smack and recieve a smack buster brown. Quit your yappin and meet me on the track. . -francis
Whitlock sporting the newest Buster Brown suit on PTI.
Buster Brown's in Maumee is continuing it's Awesome Acoustic Friday's. Tonight is Alvin Freighner. Stop out for some live music and great beer specials. Oh and don't forget Premier Karaoke tomorrow ;)
Tonight in Addison, we feature the fabulous Buster Brown. The downbeat starts at 9:00PM. For reservations,...
Buster Brown just called and wants his haircut back
This is Buster Brown. He needs a new home! We had to move from 65 acres into a neighborhood and he keeps digging out of the back yard. The pound has tried to pick him up once! He is super friendly and loves people! Please help! Feel free to inbox me
Around 9:30pm our family pet has died Buster Brown Bendell. he was a friend, a lover and our lazy dog! We will miss him so much. Now you're in a special place now so now you can Rest in Peace! We love you Buster. 4/24/2014
OH CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN! Tyler Toffoli kindly passes the puck and Dustin Brown scores on the empty net! lead 6-3!
Hey Budget Beer Buddies! We are having a beer blowout this Monday the 28th. Gotta make some room for spring beers. So we are pouring 5 taps for 2 bucks a piece on Monday. Great time to come by with a growler for a cheap fill. Blowout starts when we open and goes till they blow. The beers we need to move are; Payette - Mutton Buster Brown from Idaho Two Kilts - Cocoa Porter Sierra Nevada - Big Foot Barley Wine (8oz) Widmer's experimental Bessie, a fruity wit style wheat beer with blood orange, coriander, pepper corn and gooseberries Old Town Brewing - Blasted Juice Malt Liquor, served in a pint in a brown paper bag of course.
My friend Buster Brown who went to Rainbow Bridge not too long ago has been busy watching of his human, and.he sent her a new companion to love, love, love! His name is "Bancs" and he is 14 weeks old. We are so happy for them!
Meet Buster Brown. My most recent foster, he had surgery one week ago to have his back leg removed. His femur bone was shattered. He is a big love bug. Soon he will need a family to call his own. Please share his picture and story to help him out. !! Thanks
Cajun salmon crochets on quinoa paired with Buster Nut Brown.
If you remember the Bootery Shoe Store downtown . Buster Brown Shoes and Paul Parrot Shoes.
Ok FB friends Buster Brown NEEDS a home! We have a small yard now and he digs out! Loves people and loves to play! Help!
May Lakeside Ladies Meetup at Free Concert by the Lake - Featuring Your Favorite Soul Music! Thursday, May 15, 2014 7:15 PM to 9:30 PM The Harbor Amphitheatre 2025 Summer Lee Dr, Rockwall, TX (edit map) Ladies, the Concert by the Lake at The Harbor in Rockwall is back!!! May 15 will feature the Buster brown band playing a variety of soul music! Let's get together by the lake and enjoy the soulful tunes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire, Frankie Beverly and Maze, and the Neo Soul artists of today like Maxwell, Kem, D'Angelo, Anthony Hamilton, and others. The specific meeting location at the lake will be announced later. For more information on the concert see Join us for an evening of fun with the other Lakeside Ladies! The concert starts at 7:30 so plan to be there early...
This Buster Browning Officer's Son better step away from me or I'll cheat on him with the "Loving Blake" Wave TonyAtlas Brinson got out on the shelf!
Throwback Thursday. It's me back in 1961. Check out those big shoes probably from Buster Brown. I was…
This was sent for our cat Buster Brown! I thought it was funny, so sharing to you!
Throw back Thursday! This is me sporting the classic buster brown haircut.
announcement .. I have two new bones that will be coming out .. Pancake (AKA Charlies Pantake bones) will be released next week .. and .. in honor of Buster Brown of the CapeCod Brewery we will be making "Buster Brown's Beer Bones" there is no sugar added to the pantake bones NOR alcohol to the beer bones all we will be using the beer that is made BEFORE fermentation .. so all the healthy without the HICC! ...
Speedy recovery for Tigger 'Buster Brown'! FFL is happy to have been able to help :) We love hearing success stories!
I have some good news and bad. Good News. Richie does crosswords every morning, he asked me if I remembered the name of Buster Brown's dog. I immediately responded "Tige" wow that's pretty good, or so I thought. Bad News, 5 minutes later I had to ask, "What Day It IS" Guess I'll keep singing " IF I Only Had A Brain". It's true short memory is the first to go. So you see it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a million dollar study by our government to figure it out.
Shopping for shoes at Stewart's Buster Brown. The horsey merry-go-round. And the stairs.
Good point but Alton park is "no longer a ghetto" (Gentrification) and US Pipe is no longer around. No one wants to go to the zoo at Warner Park (Unless it is for the KFConoco; funny story about that place from Ohio). Southside is the giant fish tank area or Riverfront. Glass Street still just has the old Buster Brown area with nothing there but Highway 58. The airport is a joke; enough said. And then end the end let us go all the way to Volkswagen??? What the *** This is nothing but farce all the round.
Toddler size 6.5 buster brown beauty shoes, minor scuffs on inner shoe nothing you can see from stage! $10 shipped
Kristin and Brandon, this is exactly how Buster Brown will be with our baby!! ;)
It was ten years ago, on a Saturday. Poppy decided that she was going to deliver and soon. I left her at the vet's office so they could do a c/s on her. I got the call later that afternoon. The drive seems longer than usual. When I first looked at the puppies, I couldn't believe what I saw. There were two almost solid puppies with a small amount of white on them. All of Poppy's babies had been color of some kind with a white blaze down their face, a white collar, four white feet and a white tip of the tail. He was going to be pequito roho or little red and he was going to be Reddie. He never changed colors. Lyle named him Buster Brown. Buster is a fighter and my love. We came close to losing him because of low blood sugars, but he had a big strong heart and a will to live. He was third pick of the litter but the first to become a champion! He makes me laugh, me makes me worry. But he is one of the most loved dogs around. I just want to say, Happy Birthday little man and God really sent me ...
The answer to today's trivia question is Buster Brown Shoes.
This Boxer named Barnaby looks like what I anticipate our Buster Brown will look like some day.
Currently scanning Brown Admirers for people seeking "boy with beard in blue room with a buster posey lunchbox"
Dominique new boo be tryna be nice to me but I want no parts 😒✋. Scram Buster Brown
He's my buster brown, my booboo, my little dude, my Nick Nick. Happy 5th birthday to my favorite my…
i your welcome .. Keep it real buster brown
New show coming next week featuring Buster Brown and the Get Down and CLAW. 8th Show
Don't hate me because I do Vermouth at 22:00. Hate me because I do it with a double Buster Brown.
RIP Buster Brown 2010-2014. He was my son, my best friend, best dog who ever lived. Taken way too soon. Good...
Buster Brown loves you and wants to say HI.
Guy at a desk nearby sounds EXACTLY like Buster from Mrs. Brown's Boys... it is so distracting.
When I went to Catholic School(Shout out to 'Our Lady of Sorrows' Corona, NY" I wore Buster Brown's those were the joint.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Freedom Village - Buster Brown and the Get Down on Freedom Village
If you didn't have the Buster Brown haircut, did you even 80s kid?
Thanks to the coaches for checking out open gym at tonight.
Spent some time with me today. Buster Brown was my first pony; he's still kicking it at 35+.…
the real Buster Brown. My last name is Brown :).
Rating it a 4 based on the style. This is a really great brown ale. I would dri... (Buster Nut Brown Ale)
Lovely day for a nice trail ride with Avalanche, Buster Brown, and Pamela Willey.
Missing Dog Alert: Beverly, MA. Missing black, brown, and white Beagle goes by the name, "Buster". Buster has been...
He's my dog and I'm his girl for a couple more hours. I'm gonna miss you Buster Brown 😔
Congratulations to Ian Brown (or Buster to most!) for scooping this week's bonus ball prize with number 11.
Slim buster "Okay, quick question: Who dances best? Chris Brown, Omarion or Usher?"
Peggy has on this Buster Brown outfit, this BIG over sized bow tie on, it's so funny!
In memory of my Buster Brown girl, and thank you to my Minnie Moo and Sadie Mae! :)
INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT ST. LOUIS: 1. St. Louisians' consume more barbecue sauce per capita than any other city in America. 2. The first lung cancer operation and first lung transplants were performed in St. Louis. 3. The soft drink Dr. Pepper was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. 7-Up also was invented in St. Louis. 4. St. Louis was the site of the demonic possession treated by a Jesuit priest from St. Louis University Theological that inspired the book and later the move, "The Exorcist." 5. The ice cream cone was invented at the 1904 World's Fair. So was ice tea. Hot Dogs and hamburgers were popularized to a wide audience at the fair. 6. St. Louis was once the largest shoe manufacturing center in the world, home of Buster Brown and other famous brands. 7. The largest collection of mosaic art in the world graces the walls and ceilings at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis in the Central West End neighborhood. 8. St. Louis is home to the oldest institution of higher learning w ...
I am pretty sure I wore Buster Brown shoes like those when I was a kid?
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Did anyone hear my wee mention on the John Daily show this morn? Buster Brown. SKA CABS.never late!
that's the reason why I go to the Buster Brown shoe store. No stained feet for me. :P
BUSTER. (A1546770) I am a male brown brindle and white Belgian Malinois mix. The shelter staff think I am about 8...
and what abt this?: MANY top players fail in that bright spotlight. Remember Kevin Brown?
Poll Parrot was a brand name, as was Red Goose and Buster Brown.
He can play all day in the Ryder sandals by Buster Brown. Synthetic upper in a fisherman sandal styleBungee lacing systemDual Velcro
Convinced that is Buster out of Mrs Brown's Boys 😂
.You guys remember when Victor Brown would obliterate the wedge as the wedge buster?
Legendary Funk R&B band, Buster Brown hits the stage with old school rhythms and new surprises. Shaking up the music scene f...
calm down buster brown I'm not there yet but I will as soon as I get wifi dw
We rotate our Specials, Reserves, and Tropicals as they run out. These are what we have on tap as of February 19th. See our Brewmasters at CityPlace: NEW Special: Amber Ale Unfiltered, Reddish-Copper colored with medium hop presence. This Amber Ale has a caramel malty sweetness with a slight presence of roasted barley and bourbon as a result of being aged with bourbon barrel chips. This unique combination provides a clean, crisp drinkable ale. U.S.(Chinook & Cascade) and German (Hallertau) hops. 5.4% ABV 34 IBU Special: Nut Buster Brown Ale Medium-bodied unfiltered brown ale. This beer has nutty notes as well as notes of caramel and toffee throughout. English Target and German Tettnang hops round out this seasonal favorite. 5.6% ABV 35 IBU Tropical Madness: Blood Orange Brewzzi CityPlace taps a Firkin (a small batch of cask-conditioned beer) on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 5:15pm. $1 a pint the first hour, $3 a pint thereafter.
. THOUGHT yourself & Mrs Brown boys would of been offered royal walkabout aboard. inc Buster Handcuffed.
Yes, Buster Brown! Mommy loves waking up buried beneath your heavy *** while you poke me in the face with your slimy, wet frog toy! You know you have me wrapped around your big paw, don't you?! Oh well.I have spoiled you rotten, but I simply couldn't control myself! That sweet, adorable face, captures my heart every time! I take full responsibility for your ugly behavior; because, as soon as you look at me with those handsome, soft green eyes, all my frustrations fade away and my heart fills up with nothing other than pure love and joy!
Brain Buster Answer: Ear lobes! Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.
Sorry I had Invisalign braces and never had a cavity so your photo has my dog Buster-Brown-
I tell you tonight been crazy. My truck got stuck in mud had to leave it. Then I'm walking home and God sends buster brown to my rescue. If dude think there a chance he mistaking his self. First off you been in a 17 year relationship yo conversation weak. Thanks for the ride but that's it. What's wrong with these *** Buster really thought he had a chance made me think of Smooth OPERATOR even more.
Buster Brown work boots size 9 toddler - $10 - pick up in Johnstown
Maple Brown would go well with pancakes. - Drinking a Maple Nut Brown Ale by @ Dave & Buster's —
Melissa Donaldson, this must be how Buster Brown thinks. :)
According to the history of Buster Brown Shoe Company, Buster Brown's dog (called "Tige") was an American Pit Bull Terrier. :)
Heading out for a belated Valentines trip with my Sweetheart... Don made reservations for the next couple of days at Cumberland Island. I hope everyone has a great day. God bless you all. Tommy will be pet sitting or should I say Rowdy and Buster Brown will be Tommy sitting.. LOL jk I love our Brother... I may not be posting the next few days but I'll be back by Friday. :)
no u won't buster brown you never hmu I always text you
Join February Payday Giveaway to win a Kata Venus 3 or Divoom Fit speaker!
Three years ago today i lost my sweet buster brown. There will never be another dog like him. I miss him everyday! I had him for 16 years and i dont think this ache in my heart will ever heal!
May you never hear "Henry The VIII" the same again. We kicked off this show with the Beavers Fantasy Transistor Radio Shows After Valentines Day Half Off Special. We were definitely half off our rockers. Originally we were going to play half of every song we played, but although we generally don't mind pissing off our listeners we realized that would be a little too much work. Instead we played the entire songs by Badfinger, Lighthouse, Beach Boys, Isley Brothers, Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, Champion Jack Dupree, Buster Brown and Bob Dylan. I believe this was a radio first, we started the show off with One Hand Monkey puking up a cratefull of chocolate covered bananas. What a way to start a show! In the second and third hours our goal was to transport the listener to the oh so simpler time of 1965, unless of course you were graduating from highschool and about to be sent off to Vietnam. Or you were an African American who drank out of the warm bubbler and watched the ballgame from the deep right field gr ...
Does anyone remember getting Buster Brown shoes from a store on Washington St where you stuck your feet into a Xray machine. Also a song about Buster Brown and his dog Tige.
Well we have 2 New additions to our family (Linny & Brutus) and my sister and her family have 1 New addition (Buster Brown). Our girls love their guinea pigs!
Marci Luke Rauscher Buster Brown. You guys need one of these for Emma!
Buster Brown will surely be missed.
Buster Brown... He went to town. I'm gonna miss him SO much. So thankful for the chance to love this little guy while he was in our lives.
Remember Neal Logue Company? On the side of the square with Kitchens Bakery. Carried clothes and material for ladies. One of the first to carry English Leather cologne, and Brute. As a small child stepped up to the Buster Brown shoe machine and a fluoroscope actually x-rayed your shod foot to see if the toe was not pinching on your new shoes. Can you imagine an x-ray machiine in a retail store today? We liked it and just kept on living. No toe cancer to any of us.
It seems like everyday I find a new word/phrase to *** my friends off with: . "you goon"; "you schmuck"; "get out of town, Buster Brown".
Sprague River Shooting Suspect Indicted For Murder Written by Lyle Ahrens - KOBI Posted: Thu, May 2 2013 at 4:34 PM, Updated: Thu, May 2 2013 at 4:46 PM Court records show that a man killed last week in Sprague River was shot nine times in the chest...The man suspected of pulling the trigger was indicted late this afternoon for murder. Court records quote 25 year old Teel Blue Gentry as saying: "I already shot and killed someone tonight 9 times for stabbing my friend." 36 year old Derrick William Forste was found shot to death Thursday evening of last week in Sprague River. Court records indicate that Teel admits he shot Forste, after Forste had stabbed a person identified only as 'Stevie Ray', and slashed the clothing of Buster Brown Atchley. The records quote Teel as saying: "I'm waiting for SWAT to show up so they can get shot in the face." Teel was initially charged with two counts of attempted aggravated murder. Those charges stem from shots taken at Deputy Geneva Lewis, and Sergeant Steve Lewis, w . ...
Its hunter aka beetle bug aka buster brown aka d special boys 6th birthday! Such a blessing to see this boy grow up.
Little girls shoes, 1st pair are a size 12, 2.00, 2nd pair is a 10 and they are buster brown and co.2.00, 3rd pair are Osh kosh boots size 11 m 5.00, 4th pair are dei tex snow boots that zip on the side size 11m 5.00
big shout out to my aunt Teresa buster brown because she is the best
Dr. Schwartz & the staff say goodbye to a beloved member of their own family today, Buster Brown. His little...
Buster Brown trevorleethomas scopin' the scene.
Huh! Ever wonder where the term "Yellow Journalism" came from? Fact of the Day: The Yellow Kid The "Yellow Kid" created by R. F. Outcault is considered one of the oldest newspaper comic strips printed and was the first to actually increase the sales of newspapers. The New York World printed the first "Yellow Kid" strip on February 17, 1895, and the comic's popularity soon started a bidding war for Outcault's services. The resulting press war became so ugly that it gave rise to the phrase "yellow journalism" for sensational and unscrupulous journalism. In 1902, Outcault created a second famous comic strip named "Buster Brown."
Buster Brown just dropped off the new remotes. Hopefully Blue will NOT eat these !
I must learn not to leave my phone lying around. Buster Brown has been pranking!
Buster Brown found a baby pic of u ! Lmao
Good evening every bodies and every ones. Tonight's church announcements are brought to you by Sammies Suits for Short Men. "We have a wide selection of Buster Brown Shoes." Please Note; It's bad enough that members are taking money out of the collection plate, but taking the plate as well? Also on this sad note. The king have split up after 65 years of being together. Mrs. King feels that her son needs to find his own place. Also so Ferton Bernard passed over the week end. The family is asking for donation: one suit, a pair of shoes, some teeth and a couple of dollars. Tonight's we pray today not for the sick and shut-in, but for the people you are sick of who should be shut-in. That concludes the evening announcements Good Night Everyone
Bikram yoga is my miracle drug -- came home and did two loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and gave buster brown a bath -- and still have energy to spare.
"True or false: Chocolate milk is produced by the brown Swiss cow" AVS 101 with a brain buster of a question
4 sure , my Buster Brown is a smiling dog. He was tossed outside in the cold 5 years ago. We rescued him in cold November 2008. My previous dog I had 4- 17 years but I still have his ashes and miss him dearly. I love u Dingo. Rest in peace.
Ma, who the *** is buster brown?! And does that really sound like a rapper to you?!
Wow!! you just don't realize how much you appreciate things until you are without it... We did not have electricity for 4 days and it felt like a month. No water for a bath, no heat, no hot food, but thank God we had a wood stove to keep warm and dad took us in when he got electricity, needless to say his dog (Buster Brown) got injured in a dog fight. Thank God for Vet.'s and thank you Lord for providing the things we tend to take for granted...:) Amen
Buster Brown sandals. Gray and black. Toddler boys size 8M. Great condition. $10 oho.
Wow the baseball cards we got as kids are worth a mint now and the beatle cards. we got them at pitts with that 7cent milk money. the first edition super man and batman comics at the drugstore. the old a&p with the wood floors and the merichatil where mom got our buster brown shoes. I was born to late for the wylam movie theater or the cable cars. The diners were busy and downtown wylam was always busy. the last time I was there Tanners grocery was busy and he always cashed them checks and let me charge suff. a cowboy named happy hal burns would park his bus and enterains us. the firemen would slide down the pole for us and let us ring the bell on that shiny red firetruck. dr pitts and dietz patches us up and that 0ld dentist smelled like stinky ole ciggerates. and back then smoking was ok at the dr office and on that segerated bus and the white and colored water foundains in the parking lot at the icehouse. the green front liquor store and the bar next door was many changes took place . the new . ...
Aww man! I was just loading buster brown in the truck to take him to the adoption event. He not only pooped as I was putting him in the crate but I also stepped in it. To make matters worse he peed on me. I'm soaked. Now a dog just needs to throw up on me and it will become a normal day
Ready for church then to mom's for a visit and later a few fireballs with Buster Brown. Faith, Family, Friends, Fun and Fireball 😃
Happy bday to my best friend Giovanni :-) going to miss you for a while buster brown! ❤️👀
I remember getting Buster Brown Shoes...actually I don't remember the shoes just the Buster Brown comic book...those were the days didn't just go pic up a box of shoes try them on & get them...they measured your foot..went in back got a pair.would say heel was too tight & they would take them in back and put them on the shoe stretcher ?..amazing what people did for a living back then.
Why a women tells her hairdresser she wants to look like Buster Brown is beyond the scope of my imagination
Was more exciting to meet Buster from Mrs Brown than Vicky at pulse
Well.I am up w my Cocker Spaniel Buster Brown and am not sure what is wrong with him. Pacing constantly and I have walked him outside 3 times so far. Any suggestions?
Buster Brown on 2 tracks of one of the Sunbury '74 albums.
Buster Brown... You are the best babysitter!!
The Buster Brown Band is on stage tonight, at Buttons Restaurant, in Fort Worth!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
You see the little puppy that has his face cocked..His name is buster brown..I have fallen in love with that little ball of love..I am thinking i can't give him away:(...He has made me laugh,licked my tears when i cry and sleeps on me when i am discouraged..when he is around i don't feel alone.Last time i felt like this about a dog i had rescued only to find him a home and we named him Scamp and when i gave him away..I grieved so bad...I really did not relize how much i loved him until he was gone. I did not even know the person i gave him to or i would have offer money to get him back...I cried for weeks over scamp...He followed me everywhere if i were in the kitchen he would not be in the way but always close by if i went to the bathroom he would sit right by the door until i came out..He was never a pain just a watch dog..He just loved me and i gave him away..i did not relize what i had till it was too late and to this day i still think of scamp..I do not want to do that again.:(.So i am thinking i a . ...
Buster is back! After escaping in the basement over a week ago I couldn't find this little brown snake and then...
Back when you were just a baby, there used to be a Buster Brown's shoes right over there. Got a lot of shoes there, yep.
At a wedding with Buster Brown. This is a very nice building
Does anyone remember the name of the drive-in just across the railroad tracks going up the old road from McDonalds to the old Buster Brown-Skyland Textile building. If I remember correctly it was called "TROY'S DRIVE-IN... made the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world. Curb service or to go... ! that's been close to 50 years ago or may more. oh my goodness, telling my age now. :)
Does anyone remember a Buster Brown Shoe Store in Colonial Heights and if you do, where was it?
im still missing my buster brown pug. I just hope that if anybody sees him they will bring him back. he has bad allergies and needs his medicine. I don't know how long he will last outside without it. he was supposed to go to the vet two days ago. im worried about him. vet bills are high for a dog like that. I just don't think anyone who finds him will be willing to spend $200 on him for one visit like I am. hes the baby pug.
I remember when my sons wore Buster Brown shoes and clothes.
Wow. I have internet back. And I got a care package from my friends! I opened my door and there it was!!! They sent it over-night and the fedex guy must have brought it upstairs without even ringing my bell. The internet guy was so nice. He was happy my package came! I had asked him to look for it as he running up and downstairs trying to get to the root of my internet problem. The whole neighborhood was out of internet for almost a day -- and when they all got fixed, I didn't! And I think that one day I will feel like eating again. Not today. But maybe tomorrow! I'll bet I'll be hungry. I slept through Valentines, basically. My only company were Andy and Barney. They took very good care of me. It's a good thing I found those dvds the other day when I was looking through my books. I did do a little reading: Paris is a Woman, 1929 -- all about how to shop and get along in Paris including how to arrange for gigolos, very interesting. The Smithsonian's collection of Early American Comics which humongous coff ...
“I get so mad when my name is spelled wrong. It's Gabbi with an "I".” Everyone should just call you Ball Buster Brown
Happy 11th birthday to my fatdog, Buster Brown!! I can't believe he is 11! ❤
Does anyone remember Trolands Shoe Store on the corner of William and Caroline. Buster Brown Shoes?
Even if you can't adopt Buster Brown, please share this on your page, so maybe he can find a good home! Willing to drive him just about anywhere there is a wonderful home! Hi there! My name is Buster and I am looking for my furever home! You see, I have a bit of a tough beginning. I’m about 2 years old and spent my life on a chain. Then I was abandoned, starving in a yard and left to die. Luckily animal control found me. I was in really bad shape but I am a survivor! I wanted to live and know what it would be like to be a part of a real family! Because of my poor condition I was on the “urgent” list at the shelter. This is how a wonderful rescue found me and saved my life! I am in a foster home now with 4 female boxers. I am gaining weight and learning how to be a dog. You see I didn’t know how to play with toys or even walk down stairs. I am learning about this whole new world and loving it! I am very smart, eager to please, very loving, good with dogs but not with cats. I love car ...
Only silver lining to be found now in team's future is in Brown and Franco and eventual ouster of RAJ
Awww i lover you my Buster Brown Dog.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Best valentines day ever!! Watching Golden Girls with my Becky Schooley Lmt and Buster Brown
Great day at Dunedin Show - Ch Parkavon Buster Brown - owned by Robbie Gray and myself, Reserve and Junior Gundog and then onto Junior in Show - also at the Gundog Show - Junior in Show and then Reserve in Show - huge special thanks to Keith Brown who piloted Buster to his wins - now curled up with his 2 Yankee buddies in the farmhouse after a long walk and a big dinner
Happiness is a quiet dinner at home with my guys! Tony Aquino, Art Aquino and Buster Brown! Xoxo
Theatrical live action verison of BUSTER BROWN with Arthur Trimble and Pete The Pup.
I think I remember that the Buster Brown shoe commercial included a dog named Tigh who was a beloved pit bull. Does anyone else remember if I am remembering correctly?
shut your face you're built like a strawberry lace, Anne Franke's double, get outta town buster brown
your so right. Brown is definitely my color *picks up mud* but I think it'd look better on you *throws mud*
At the airport! Can't wait to get home to our Rocky and Buster Brown and our own bed! Delayed flight by 30 min ugg
Does anyone remember the Buster Brown shoe store downtown that had an x-ray machine that you could see the bones of your foot when you looked in the machine. It used radiation and later was discovered it exposed kids to it.
I'd like to wish the most important guy in my life a very Happy Valentine's Day! He's been there through the thick, the thin, the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, right there by my side never complaining. Buster Brown, you will always be my Valentine! 🐶💙
Who else travels with "big" dogs? Do you have a lot of problems staying in certain hotels. I'll be traveling with the infamous Buster Brown and his new brother... a pit bull Im just worried about hotel clearance... Buster is easy to sneak in if need be, not BOTH .plus with him just being a pit bull... do hotels discriminate? lol
BEAUFORT -- A stroll through Lipsitz Department Store in downtown Beaufort is like a trip in a time machine, taking a customer back to the days when mannequins modeled Buster Brown and Red Goose shoes and ladies bought boxed lingerie wrapped in tissue paper.
Bob Costas loves to wax poetic about Mickey Mantle w/o realizing Mantle in his prime would have thought Buster Brown to be a prudish *** ..
Gerald green buster brown Walter white
“Can't win everything buster brown shut up
Pictures of BUSTER BROWN a Dachshund for adoption in Atlanta, GA who needs a loving home.
"You better watch where you're going buster Brown!"
Buster Brown is a male 8 month old Aussie Mix. Owner could no longer care for him.
Dave gave me yogurt with crushed up brown stuff in it. How dumb do you think I am, buster?
Mrs brown: how long did the 6 day war last for?? Buster : 30 years..
you listen here buster brown. You best back off before you get yourself hurt
hi mrs brown, do you think you, ll ever remarry? Youre still a fine looking woman, My pal Amber really fancys buster! Martin
Join us this Wednesday morning at 10am and discover a hidden treasure. No reserve. Pictured Buster Brown pin.
Anyone remember Buster Brown? Khristy Fancher is in Picture with him.
My great grandmother called her son Buster Brown today. . Funniest thing ever.
First run of 2014. Felt like I was running in sand, with my favorite running partner BUSTER BROWN!
BUSTER BROWN DRESS SIZE 6X SB 3.00 All items has no holes no stains and are from smoke free home Items from this sale will be delivered to idding wars drop shop
's a Buster. No respect for No respect for James Brown Arena.
My poor buster Brown. Has thee runnith.. he keepa jumping the fence to go pitty. And its hust going on 2am
Oh captain my captain! Dustin Brown ties the game at 1 with
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My name's Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tige, he lives there too! Now that one goes way back.
Very windy at today. Glad I had my Star Tour Series TeeBird in the bag, huge wind buster!
Thank you Buster Brown for being so delicious and thank you for introducing us
Rolling around in pajamas and thinking I'll watch Go West. Buster Keaton and Brown Eyes, the cow, are quite a duo.
I know all y'all haters and such, but Ringo Starr WAS Mr. Conductor so you can suck on that one buster brown.
Before the 80's you wore Converse or Pro Keds... Buster Brown was the biggest name is shoes... You wore pants and shorts... You wore a shirt and a snap back fishnet baseball hat!
I might need to have a slump buster on call just incase this season
why does Brandon make up such weird words? what's a buster brown? 😂
Buster brown chill with this guy you like
Hard to imagine myself as a chick, but I figure I'd be like, "Are you kidding? I want at least 40 minutes, Buster Brown!" xD
Come get down with at WOB with us and Buster Brown and the Get Down tonight! They go on live at 10 pm!
that's a great stat. And if I were a Brown fan, I'd be disgusted
Buster Brown is an awesome dog waiting for his chance at a new home. He loves the water, rides great in the car, good with kids and would love to be a walking partner. Buster is a good dog about 2 years old, who just needs a second chance. He has been in the shelter 14 months, showing he is adaptable to situations. Come by during adoption hours to see him or any of his friends. photos by Lorenzo Casia.
Does anyone remember the Shoe store on Franklin St. That sold Buster Brown shoes?? That is where I got all my shoes. My nickname for the salesman was Rooster?
pleading to watch on TV but says buy a ticket bro
Meet Black Singles 300x250
oh yes they almost all on my Profile &!the Collage one is our Buster Brown that passed 4/23/13 in my arms :;( He is with Chesta
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