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Buster Brown

Buster Brown was a comic strip character created in 1902 by Richard Felton Outcault who was known for his association with the Brown Shoe Company.

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Legendary Funk R&B band, Buster Brown hits the stage with old school rhythms and new surprises. Shaking up the music scene f...
calm down buster brown I'm not there yet but I will as soon as I get wifi dw
We rotate our Specials, Reserves, and Tropicals as they run out. These are what we have on tap as of February 19th. See our Brewmasters at CityPlace: NEW Special: Amber Ale Unfiltered, Reddish-Copper colored with medium hop presence. This Amber Ale has a caramel malty sweetness with a slight presence of roasted barley and bourbon as a result of being aged with bourbon barrel chips. This unique combination provides a clean, crisp drinkable ale. U.S.(Chinook & Cascade) and German (Hallertau) hops. 5.4% ABV 34 IBU Special: Nut Buster Brown Ale Medium-bodied unfiltered brown ale. This beer has nutty notes as well as notes of caramel and toffee throughout. English Target and German Tettnang hops round out this seasonal favorite. 5.6% ABV 35 IBU Tropical Madness: Blood Orange Brewzzi CityPlace taps a Firkin (a small batch of cask-conditioned beer) on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 5:15pm. $1 a pint the first hour, $3 a pint thereafter.
. THOUGHT yourself & Mrs Brown boys would of been offered royal walkabout aboard. inc Buster Handcuffed.
Yes, Buster Brown! Mommy loves waking up buried beneath your heavy *** while you poke me in the face with your slimy, wet frog toy! You know you have me wrapped around your big paw, don't you?! Oh well.I have spoiled you rotten, but I simply couldn't control myself! That sweet, adorable face, captures my heart every time! I take full responsibility for your ugly behavior; because, as soon as you look at me with those handsome, soft green eyes, all my frustrations fade away and my heart fills up with nothing other than pure love and joy!
Brain Buster Answer: Ear lobes! Chickens with white ear lobes lay white eggs, whereas chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs.
Sorry I had Invisalign braces and never had a cavity so your photo has my dog Buster-Brown-
I tell you tonight been crazy. My truck got stuck in mud had to leave it. Then I'm walking home and God sends buster brown to my rescue. If dude think there a chance he mistaking his self. First off you been in a 17 year relationship yo conversation weak. Thanks for the ride but that's it. What's wrong with these *** Buster really thought he had a chance made me think of Smooth OPERATOR even more.
Buster Brown work boots size 9 toddler - $10 - pick up in Johnstown
Maple Brown would go well with pancakes. - Drinking a Maple Nut Brown Ale by @ Dave & Buster's —
Melissa Donaldson, this must be how Buster Brown thinks. :)
According to the history of Buster Brown Shoe Company, Buster Brown's dog (called "Tige") was an American Pit Bull Terrier. :)
Heading out for a belated Valentines trip with my Sweetheart... Don made reservations for the next couple of days at Cumberland Island. I hope everyone has a great day. God bless you all. Tommy will be pet sitting or should I say Rowdy and Buster Brown will be Tommy sitting.. LOL jk I love our Brother... I may not be posting the next few days but I'll be back by Friday. :)
no u won't buster brown you never hmu I always text you
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Three years ago today i lost my sweet buster brown. There will never be another dog like him. I miss him everyday! I had him for 16 years and i dont think this ache in my heart will ever heal!
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May you never hear "Henry The VIII" the same again. We kicked off this show with the Beavers Fantasy Transistor Radio Shows After Valentines Day Half Off Special. We were definitely half off our rockers. Originally we were going to play half of every song we played, but although we generally don't mind pissing off our listeners we realized that would be a little too much work. Instead we played the entire songs by Badfinger, Lighthouse, Beach Boys, Isley Brothers, Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, Champion Jack Dupree, Buster Brown and Bob Dylan. I believe this was a radio first, we started the show off with One Hand Monkey puking up a cratefull of chocolate covered bananas. What a way to start a show! In the second and third hours our goal was to transport the listener to the oh so simpler time of 1965, unless of course you were graduating from highschool and about to be sent off to Vietnam. Or you were an African American who drank out of the warm bubbler and watched the ballgame from the deep right field gr ...
Does anyone remember getting Buster Brown shoes from a store on Washington St where you stuck your feet into a Xray machine. Also a song about Buster Brown and his dog Tige.
Well we have 2 New additions to our family (Linny & Brutus) and my sister and her family have 1 New addition (Buster Brown). Our girls love their guinea pigs!
Marci Luke Rauscher Buster Brown. You guys need one of these for Emma!
Buster Brown will surely be missed.
Buster Brown... He went to town. I'm gonna miss him SO much. So thankful for the chance to love this little guy while he was in our lives.
Remember Neal Logue Company? On the side of the square with Kitchens Bakery. Carried clothes and material for ladies. One of the first to carry English Leather cologne, and Brute. As a small child stepped up to the Buster Brown shoe machine and a fluoroscope actually x-rayed your shod foot to see if the toe was not pinching on your new shoes. Can you imagine an x-ray machiine in a retail store today? We liked it and just kept on living. No toe cancer to any of us.
It seems like everyday I find a new word/phrase to *** my friends off with: . "you goon"; "you schmuck"; "get out of town, Buster Brown".
Sprague River Shooting Suspect Indicted For Murder Written by Lyle Ahrens - KOBI Posted: Thu, May 2 2013 at 4:34 PM, Updated: Thu, May 2 2013 at 4:46 PM Court records show that a man killed last week in Sprague River was shot nine times in the chest...The man suspected of pulling the trigger was indicted late this afternoon for murder. Court records quote 25 year old Teel Blue Gentry as saying: "I already shot and killed someone tonight 9 times for stabbing my friend." 36 year old Derrick William Forste was found shot to death Thursday evening of last week in Sprague River. Court records indicate that Teel admits he shot Forste, after Forste had stabbed a person identified only as 'Stevie Ray', and slashed the clothing of Buster Brown Atchley. The records quote Teel as saying: "I'm waiting for SWAT to show up so they can get shot in the face." Teel was initially charged with two counts of attempted aggravated murder. Those charges stem from shots taken at Deputy Geneva Lewis, and Sergeant Steve Lewis, w . ...
Its hunter aka beetle bug aka buster brown aka d special boys 6th birthday! Such a blessing to see this boy grow up.
Little girls shoes, 1st pair are a size 12, 2.00, 2nd pair is a 10 and they are buster brown and co.2.00, 3rd pair are Osh kosh boots size 11 m 5.00, 4th pair are dei tex snow boots that zip on the side size 11m 5.00
big shout out to my aunt Teresa buster brown because she is the best
Dr. Schwartz & the staff say goodbye to a beloved member of their own family today, Buster Brown. His little...
Buster Brown trevorleethomas scopin' the scene.
Huh! Ever wonder where the term "Yellow Journalism" came from? Fact of the Day: The Yellow Kid The "Yellow Kid" created by R. F. Outcault is considered one of the oldest newspaper comic strips printed and was the first to actually increase the sales of newspapers. The New York World printed the first "Yellow Kid" strip on February 17, 1895, and the comic's popularity soon started a bidding war for Outcault's services. The resulting press war became so ugly that it gave rise to the phrase "yellow journalism" for sensational and unscrupulous journalism. In 1902, Outcault created a second famous comic strip named "Buster Brown."
Buster Brown just dropped off the new remotes. Hopefully Blue will NOT eat these !
I must learn not to leave my phone lying around. Buster Brown has been pranking!
Buster Brown found a baby pic of u ! Lmao
Good evening every bodies and every ones. Tonight's church announcements are brought to you by Sammies Suits for Short Men. "We have a wide selection of Buster Brown Shoes." Please Note; It's bad enough that members are taking money out of the collection plate, but taking the plate as well? Also on this sad note. The king have split up after 65 years of being together. Mrs. King feels that her son needs to find his own place. Also so Ferton Bernard passed over the week end. The family is asking for donation: one suit, a pair of shoes, some teeth and a couple of dollars. Tonight's we pray today not for the sick and shut-in, but for the people you are sick of who should be shut-in. That concludes the evening announcements Good Night Everyone
Bikram yoga is my miracle drug -- came home and did two loads of laundry, mopped the kitchen floor, vacuumed, and gave buster brown a bath -- and still have energy to spare.
"True or false: Chocolate milk is produced by the brown Swiss cow" AVS 101 with a brain buster of a question
4 sure , my Buster Brown is a smiling dog. He was tossed outside in the cold 5 years ago. We rescued him in cold November 2008. My previous dog I had 4- 17 years but I still have his ashes and miss him dearly. I love u Dingo. Rest in peace.
Ma, who the *** is buster brown?! And does that really sound like a rapper to you?!
Wow!! you just don't realize how much you appreciate things until you are without it... We did not have electricity for 4 days and it felt like a month. No water for a bath, no heat, no hot food, but thank God we had a wood stove to keep warm and dad took us in when he got electricity, needless to say his dog (Buster Brown) got injured in a dog fight. Thank God for Vet.'s and thank you Lord for providing the things we tend to take for granted...:) Amen
Buster Brown sandals. Gray and black. Toddler boys size 8M. Great condition. $10 oho.
Wow the baseball cards we got as kids are worth a mint now and the beatle cards. we got them at pitts with that 7cent milk money. the first edition super man and batman comics at the drugstore. the old a&p with the wood floors and the merichatil where mom got our buster brown shoes. I was born to late for the wylam movie theater or the cable cars. The diners were busy and downtown wylam was always busy. the last time I was there Tanners grocery was busy and he always cashed them checks and let me charge suff. a cowboy named happy hal burns would park his bus and enterains us. the firemen would slide down the pole for us and let us ring the bell on that shiny red firetruck. dr pitts and dietz patches us up and that 0ld dentist smelled like stinky ole ciggerates. and back then smoking was ok at the dr office and on that segerated bus and the white and colored water foundains in the parking lot at the icehouse. the green front liquor store and the bar next door was many changes took place . the new . ...
Aww man! I was just loading buster brown in the truck to take him to the adoption event. He not only pooped as I was putting him in the crate but I also stepped in it. To make matters worse he peed on me. I'm soaked. Now a dog just needs to throw up on me and it will become a normal day
Ready for church then to mom's for a visit and later a few fireballs with Buster Brown. Faith, Family, Friends, Fun and Fireball 😃
Happy bday to my best friend Giovanni :-) going to miss you for a while buster brown! ❤️👀
I remember getting Buster Brown Shoes...actually I don't remember the shoes just the Buster Brown comic book...those were the days didn't just go pic up a box of shoes try them on & get them...they measured your foot..went in back got a pair.would say heel was too tight & they would take them in back and put them on the shoe stretcher ?..amazing what people did for a living back then.
Why a women tells her hairdresser she wants to look like Buster Brown is beyond the scope of my imagination
Was more exciting to meet Buster from Mrs Brown than Vicky at pulse
Well.I am up w my Cocker Spaniel Buster Brown and am not sure what is wrong with him. Pacing constantly and I have walked him outside 3 times so far. Any suggestions?
Buster Brown on 2 tracks of one of the Sunbury '74 albums.
Buster Brown... You are the best babysitter!!
The Buster Brown Band is on stage tonight, at Buttons Restaurant, in Fort Worth!
You see the little puppy that has his face cocked..His name is buster brown..I have fallen in love with that little ball of love..I am thinking i can't give him away:(...He has made me laugh,licked my tears when i cry and sleeps on me when i am discouraged..when he is around i don't feel alone.Last time i felt like this about a dog i had rescued only to find him a home and we named him Scamp and when i gave him away..I grieved so bad...I really did not relize how much i loved him until he was gone. I did not even know the person i gave him to or i would have offer money to get him back...I cried for weeks over scamp...He followed me everywhere if i were in the kitchen he would not be in the way but always close by if i went to the bathroom he would sit right by the door until i came out..He was never a pain just a watch dog..He just loved me and i gave him away..i did not relize what i had till it was too late and to this day i still think of scamp..I do not want to do that again.:(.So i am thinking i a . ...
Buster is back! After escaping in the basement over a week ago I couldn't find this little brown snake and then...
Back when you were just a baby, there used to be a Buster Brown's shoes right over there. Got a lot of shoes there, yep.
At a wedding with Buster Brown. This is a very nice building
Does anyone remember the name of the drive-in just across the railroad tracks going up the old road from McDonalds to the old Buster Brown-Skyland Textile building. If I remember correctly it was called "TROY'S DRIVE-IN... made the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world. Curb service or to go... ! that's been close to 50 years ago or may more. oh my goodness, telling my age now. :)
Does anyone remember a Buster Brown Shoe Store in Colonial Heights and if you do, where was it?
im still missing my buster brown pug. I just hope that if anybody sees him they will bring him back. he has bad allergies and needs his medicine. I don't know how long he will last outside without it. he was supposed to go to the vet two days ago. im worried about him. vet bills are high for a dog like that. I just don't think anyone who finds him will be willing to spend $200 on him for one visit like I am. hes the baby pug.
I remember when my sons wore Buster Brown shoes and clothes.
Wow. I have internet back. And I got a care package from my friends! I opened my door and there it was!!! They sent it over-night and the fedex guy must have brought it upstairs without even ringing my bell. The internet guy was so nice. He was happy my package came! I had asked him to look for it as he running up and downstairs trying to get to the root of my internet problem. The whole neighborhood was out of internet for almost a day -- and when they all got fixed, I didn't! And I think that one day I will feel like eating again. Not today. But maybe tomorrow! I'll bet I'll be hungry. I slept through Valentines, basically. My only company were Andy and Barney. They took very good care of me. It's a good thing I found those dvds the other day when I was looking through my books. I did do a little reading: Paris is a Woman, 1929 -- all about how to shop and get along in Paris including how to arrange for gigolos, very interesting. The Smithsonian's collection of Early American Comics which humongous coff ...
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“I get so mad when my name is spelled wrong. It's Gabbi with an "I".” Everyone should just call you Ball Buster Brown
Happy 11th birthday to my fatdog, Buster Brown!! I can't believe he is 11! ❤
Does anyone remember Trolands Shoe Store on the corner of William and Caroline. Buster Brown Shoes?
Do you know these St. Louis Facts? A. St. Louisians' consume more barbecue sauce per capita than any other city in America. B. The first lung cancer operation and first lung transplants were performed in St. Louis. C. The soft drink Dr. Pepper was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. 7-Up also was invented in St. Louis. D. St. Louis was the site of the demonic possession treated by a Jesuit priest from St. Louis University Theological that inspired the book, and later the movie, "The Exorcist." E. The ice cream cone was invented at the 1904 World's Fair. So was iced tea. Hot dogs and hamburgers were popularized to a wide audience at the Fair. F. St. Louis was once the largest shoe-manufacturing center in the world -- home of Buster Brown and other famous brands. G. The largest collection of mosaic art in the world graces the walls and ceilings at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis in the Central West End neighborhood. H. St. Louis is home to the oldest institution of higher learning west o ...
Even if you can't adopt Buster Brown, please share this on your page, so maybe he can find a good home! Willing to drive him just about anywhere there is a wonderful home! Hi there! My name is Buster and I am looking for my furever home! You see, I have a bit of a tough beginning. I’m about 2 years old and spent my life on a chain. Then I was abandoned, starving in a yard and left to die. Luckily animal control found me. I was in really bad shape but I am a survivor! I wanted to live and know what it would be like to be a part of a real family! Because of my poor condition I was on the “urgent” list at the shelter. This is how a wonderful rescue found me and saved my life! I am in a foster home now with 4 female boxers. I am gaining weight and learning how to be a dog. You see I didn’t know how to play with toys or even walk down stairs. I am learning about this whole new world and loving it! I am very smart, eager to please, very loving, good with dogs but not with cats. I love car ...
Only silver lining to be found now in team's future is in Brown and Franco and eventual ouster of RAJ
Awww i lover you my Buster Brown Dog.
Best valentines day ever!! Watching Golden Girls with my Becky Schooley Lmt and Buster Brown
Great day at Dunedin Show - Ch Parkavon Buster Brown - owned by Robbie Gray and myself, Reserve and Junior Gundog and then onto Junior in Show - also at the Gundog Show - Junior in Show and then Reserve in Show - huge special thanks to Keith Brown who piloted Buster to his wins - now curled up with his 2 Yankee buddies in the farmhouse after a long walk and a big dinner
Happiness is a quiet dinner at home with my guys! Tony Aquino, Art Aquino and Buster Brown! Xoxo
Theatrical live action verison of BUSTER BROWN with Arthur Trimble and Pete The Pup.
I think I remember that the Buster Brown shoe commercial included a dog named Tigh who was a beloved pit bull. Does anyone else remember if I am remembering correctly?
shut your face you're built like a strawberry lace, Anne Franke's double, get outta town buster brown
your so right. Brown is definitely my color *picks up mud* but I think it'd look better on you *throws mud*
At the airport! Can't wait to get home to our Rocky and Buster Brown and our own bed! Delayed flight by 30 min ugg
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Does anyone remember the Buster Brown shoe store downtown that had an x-ray machine that you could see the bones of your foot when you looked in the machine. It used radiation and later was discovered it exposed kids to it.
I'd like to wish the most important guy in my life a very Happy Valentine's Day! He's been there through the thick, the thin, the good, the bad, the ups, the downs, right there by my side never complaining. Buster Brown, you will always be my Valentine! 🐶💙
How Many Do You Know?? OK, here's a little fun trip back in time. Let's see how much you remember and how many you can recall. Play fair, don't cheat! Oh, you'll need a piece of paper and a pencil to record your answers. # 1 - 20 Answers at end. 1. In the ’50s, if you had a flat rear tire, you often had to remove the …? a. Necker knob b. Curb feeler c. Fender skirt 2. What color flash bulbs did Dad use for color film? a. Blue b. Pink c. Plaid 3. What was the “parking brake” called when you were a kid? a. Emergency brake b. Pull ‘n’ Stop c. Breaker. Breaker. 4. Way before Air Jordan, what was a kid's shoe of choice? a. Buster Brown b. PF Flyers c. Old Stinkers 5. In what year did “Dewey Defeat Truman” according to the Chicago Tribune? a. 1946 b. 1948 c. 1952 6. Before the Orkin Man, what technology was part of most homes’ bug deterrence? a. Shoe Fly b. Fly paper c. 50 mm Phlit gun 7. Dixie cups had what printed on their tops? a. Secret decoders b. Movie stars c. WW II propaganda slogans . ...
Who else travels with "big" dogs? Do you have a lot of problems staying in certain hotels. I'll be traveling with the infamous Buster Brown and his new brother... a pit bull Im just worried about hotel clearance... Buster is easy to sneak in if need be, not BOTH .plus with him just being a pit bull... do hotels discriminate? lol
BEAUFORT -- A stroll through Lipsitz Department Store in downtown Beaufort is like a trip in a time machine, taking a customer back to the days when mannequins modeled Buster Brown and Red Goose shoes and ladies bought boxed lingerie wrapped in tissue paper.
Bob Costas loves to wax poetic about Mickey Mantle w/o realizing Mantle in his prime would have thought Buster Brown to be a prudish *** ..
Buster Brown is sharing free Glass Pane and wants you to have one! Accept now to get one and sent a gift back!
Gerald green buster brown Walter white
“Can't win everything buster brown shut up
Pictures of BUSTER BROWN a Dachshund for adoption in Atlanta, GA who needs a loving home.
"You better watch where you're going buster Brown!"
Buster Brown is a male 8 month old Aussie Mix. Owner could no longer care for him.
Dave gave me yogurt with crushed up brown stuff in it. How dumb do you think I am, buster?
Mrs brown: how long did the 6 day war last for?? Buster : 30 years..
you listen here buster brown. You best back off before you get yourself hurt
hi mrs brown, do you think you, ll ever remarry? Youre still a fine looking woman, My pal Amber really fancys buster! Martin
Join us this Wednesday morning at 10am and discover a hidden treasure. No reserve. Pictured Buster Brown pin.
Anyone remember Buster Brown? Khristy Fancher is in Picture with him.
My great grandmother called her son Buster Brown today. . Funniest thing ever.
First run of 2014. Felt like I was running in sand, with my favorite running partner BUSTER BROWN!
BUSTER BROWN DRESS SIZE 6X SB 3.00 All items has no holes no stains and are from smoke free home Items from this sale will be delivered to idding wars drop shop
's a Buster. No respect for No respect for James Brown Arena.
My poor buster Brown. Has thee runnith.. he keepa jumping the fence to go pitty. And its hust going on 2am
Oh captain my captain! Dustin Brown ties the game at 1 with
My name's Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. This is my dog Tige, he lives there too! Now that one goes way back.
Very windy at today. Glad I had my Star Tour Series TeeBird in the bag, huge wind buster!
Thank you Buster Brown for being so delicious and thank you for introducing us
Rolling around in pajamas and thinking I'll watch Go West. Buster Keaton and Brown Eyes, the cow, are quite a duo.
I know all y'all haters and such, but Ringo Starr WAS Mr. Conductor so you can suck on that one buster brown.
Before the 80's you wore Converse or Pro Keds... Buster Brown was the biggest name is shoes... You wore pants and shorts... You wore a shirt and a snap back fishnet baseball hat!
I might need to have a slump buster on call just incase this season
why does Brandon make up such weird words? what's a buster brown? 😂
Buster brown chill with this guy you like
Hard to imagine myself as a chick, but I figure I'd be like, "Are you kidding? I want at least 40 minutes, Buster Brown!" xD
Come get down with at WOB with us and Buster Brown and the Get Down tonight! They go on live at 10 pm!
that's a great stat. And if I were a Brown fan, I'd be disgusted
Buster Brown is an awesome dog waiting for his chance at a new home. He loves the water, rides great in the car, good with kids and would love to be a walking partner. Buster is a good dog about 2 years old, who just needs a second chance. He has been in the shelter 14 months, showing he is adaptable to situations. Come by during adoption hours to see him or any of his friends. photos by Lorenzo Casia.
Does anyone remember the Shoe store on Franklin St. That sold Buster Brown shoes?? That is where I got all my shoes. My nickname for the salesman was Rooster?
pleading to watch on TV but says buy a ticket bro
oh yes they almost all on my Profile &!the Collage one is our Buster Brown that passed 4/23/13 in my arms :;( He is with Chesta
Wearever Socks by Buster Brown are made with 100% cotton and no elastic! See what my husband thought in our
Look up AU Vandy wedge buster vid on YouTube. If not blocked by C Williams & R Brown he'd have been a monster at AU.
Whenever the Thug Chis Brown complains about his hard life he should have to explain this. Again.
Who let Buster Brown out of his coffin?
But I want to cause I want my buster brown back! 😔
Before and After.Buster Brown doesnt look like a piece of shag carpet anymore. He had his first grooming.
Wow Jim Fox. "Golden Brown" in regards to Dustin Brown going to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
Thanks to Bob Buster Brown and Raven A. Brown I been doing that nae nae at
(Post) A former Brown Shoe Co. Factory, the makers of the "Buster Brown" character. Murphysboro Il. [OC] [480x480]
Buster Brown works part -time now - he shares time at the office with Glenn the cat- Buster does not like Glenn the cat so Buster stays home some days now. Glenn is currently sleeping on my desk now while I am on my laptop - he had a hard day I guess.
Buster brown shoes size 4.. Only worn twice and my son wasn't even walking at the time so they are basically brand new $9
We want to extend a very special thank you to the great veterinarians and staff at Eye Care for Animals, who gave us a $5,000 in-kind donation for eye care services in 2013. Zorro, Wendy, and Buster Brown were just a few of the cats and dogs who received much-needed eye surgeries and other eye care from these great folks. They will continue to be our go-to resource in the community for any of our animals with eye conditions. You can check them out at:
I would like to take a moment to welcome Steve Green, I met Steve in September of 2013. Please take interest in his knowledge of the APBT & related ancestors. Welcome Steve- Part of my mission is to collect data & find out true reasoning as to why this beloved breed is no longer an American icon. Why a breed that was used as a mascot for children's shoes ( buster brown), is now accused of being a threat to society's children. Was it a cultural shift, that lead to different breeding standards? I intend to research many aspects that lead to the change of the social stigma surrounding the APBT. My hope is that folks will read & retain from this page... My hope is that folks will not limit themselves to one view of a multi-Faceted canine. It takes a true level of intellectual strength to think outside the norm. If we settle for the bare minimum, then we settle for mediocrity... Read a bit about " Gameness " "Drive " "Spirit"... where it comes from, How it is developed & Cultivated. "Moxy & Plucky" are words u ...
Size 4 Buster Brown . They light up on the side
Adopt Buster Brown, a lovely 1 year Dog available for adoption at Buster Brown is a Australian Shepherd / Mix and is available at the Humane Society of Wichita County, Texas in Wichita Falls, TX
My buster brown went to his new home last so sad without him! I miss him so much I had a bond with that puppy!!'i hate this...definitely don't want to go threw this again!! )::'(
Update: Here is Buster Brown enjoying his new life. Saved from Chicago Animal Control. Spoiled beyond belief! Love this little man!!
Buster brown toddler shoes size 9. (like new worn one time) $5
Maybe one of the most recognized dogs of all time, Petey was the canine mascot of the Our Gang/ Little Rascal series. He is most identified with the black ring around his eye. The original dog to play the role was Pal the Wonder Dog. He did have a partial ring around his eye and make up was used to complete the circle. He was also the mascot for Buster Brown shoes at the same time. Unfortunately, Pal was poisoned in 1930, most likely by someone with a grievance against his owner and Our Gang Producer, Hal Roach. The role of Petey would live on in Pal's son, Pete the Pup. Missing the ring around his eye, makeup was used on Pete to make for a very good double. ~R & K~
BUSTER BROWN; Hello, my name is Buster -- and here is my story -- I am what you see a Pitt mix. I come from the city of Detroit -- I was hit by a car -- I rolled to the curb, limped up on the side and watched the car that hit me - just continue down Greenfield -- I sat up, started to lick my wounds when another car came by me and I thought at least I will not have to hunt for food anymore - I closed my eyes, = laid down - and waited for the end. To my amazement, I felt a soft hand on my back, I opened my eyes and there was my foster mom -- she checked me out and saw that there were no broken bones, blood and scratches and cuts -- she wasn't afraid of me - and she didn't leave me. She wrapped me in a blanket and put me in her car - a car, a heated car -- she took me to the vet -- they did a check over - I would heal. She took me to the groomers and gave me a bath -- I felt the warm water dancing over me, I just stood there -- not moving a muscle -- and then I laid down -- I think I fell asleep -- she didn' ...
Thank you buster brown! Frank and Charlie (and even beans) love his Xmas gift! How did u know Disney was our favorite!
Lml Buster Brown said I wanna know ur shoe size I wanna know all about u!.. *** if u aint buying shoes buzz all the way off .. lmaoo
Stream Fannie Mae by Buster Brown on Rhythm & Blues - 1960 for free on Grooveshark.
Buster Brown still needs a forever home. These are comments from his foster family concerning how he interacts and what has been done so far concerning his health. He does great with other dogs (very playful..small dogs might be frightened by his energy) they play and romp for house, he plays with the cat (took our cat a couple days to like him), he is house and kennel trained, he walks great on a leash (wish our dog was that good), follows commands (sit, come, lay, no, down, and responds to his name) has been to the vet on 12/13 and got shots (DHPP and Bordetella and Rabies) got neutered and microchipped the same visit. Did a fecal and heartworm test which were both negative. We are really pushing to try and find him a place soon because the longer we have him the more attached he gets to us and us to him. Also our landlord has already started asking questions. But we want to make sure he goes to a good home...not just any home. Lets help him find a forever home. Please share!
I had $20 to spend at Famous Footwear yesterday. Got a cute pair of Buster Brown sandals for the orphanage and an even cuter pair of Osiris hightops for baby Brian and only spent two bucks and change. Even better--helped an old woman (who couldn't see) and her son shop for sneakers for a while. She kept saying, "Oh, thank you so much. We never get any help when we shop. This is so wonderful!" Didn't burst her bubble by telling her that I don't work at Famous Footwear. Apparently, the four employees who were lumped together at the door talking and repeatedly yelling across the store to a manager asking when they were going to start taking breaks were too, busy. I wondered briefly if allowing a customer to assume I was an employee was impersonation, but then I realized that as long as I was actually helping a customer there was really no similarity between me and the actual employees, so ... no worries!
My buster brown (Eddie) bought me a bear compound today. So exciting! Sighting it in and shooting it tomorrow! Had a great Sunday..
Toddler size 9 Buster Brown black dress shoes. Brand new, bought to big. $10 firm
" My name is Buster Brown, I live in a shoe, my dog's name is Ty, he lives in here too".
Buster Brown at the Rainbow Bridge 12/27/13 is a Boston Terrier and is Club Dog Member Check out the latest activity on the Community.
Someone mentioned the southside 6 music venue before. Anyone remember the band 'Buster Brown' , with Angry Anderson as the lead singer. it went on to be 'Rose Tattoo'
Buster Brown leather shoes size 10m. Black. I have two pairs. Worn one time each, paid $29.99 will sell for $15 each.
To Buster Brown and all my other dogs has pass on. RIP my friends.
buster brown, angel bear, missy moo, Shasta, and fluffy I miss you guys so much big hugs
Thank you Buster Brown and have a wonderful weekend with family and friends!!!
Buster Brown need some Jingle Bell to win a Sugar Plum Fairy. You can help!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
If you remember or if you wore Buster Brown shoes you are getting to doggone old!!
So this Saturday! buster brown in full gear! At Whitlows on Wilson BLVD come out and experience this amazing performance! We would love to see your beautiful faces :)
OMG Buster Brown IS THE GRINCH! I just caught him peeing on Diesels brand new bed. gr.. and I don't mean just on the side. he got in it and peed right in the middle. .somebody's jealous
Hey Buster Brown tell me how that tundra looks now !!! Yea bichhh
Third shift is Buster Brown. Lucy is the only one left but she's being super shy.
I love my little dog buster brown. 💋
Radish gets called Buster Brown when he's bad😂 and yesterday my stepmom said his name should be Dennis the Menace 😂
That was the year that was : Cosford, March 2013 - Dermot & Buster from Mrs. Brown's Boys visit the Museum
The more I think ab it, the more I realize that Nino Brown was a mark *** buster.
if you don't plan on proposing to me at Disney, don't waste your time buster brown.
'Who do you think you are Buster Brown?' -Pryor
Buster Brown was my Best friend for 12 yrs & service dog i love & Miss him He died this year today is 8 mo
First danny brown got head on stage noe *** gettin hit unexpectedly by a bronco buster, ya givin artists way too much power
If justin beaver ever tried to walk on the logo in my locker room, I'd put my buster brown so far up his *** he'd taste my shoelaces.
Buster Brown needs to stop at my place
All purpose parts banner
It is quite amazing how much my granny reminds me of Mrs Brown :D. Agnes beats Buster around + my granny beats my 21 year old bro around :D
I had the G.A.S.S. Shoes or the Buster Brown penny loafers.
News Item: Shoe store brawl over new Air Jordans. Next up: cage match between Thom McAn, Buster Brown and Dr. Scholl!
My buster brown is so cuddly. He always wants to sleep with me ☺️
I had those buster brown shoes in navy, best friend had your color
I have a miniature weenie dog.. His name is buster brown. He's the guard dog of our house. 😂 he's tiny -.-
Buster Brown. Just a puppy at 6 months. Will be a medium sized dog. Scheduled for neuter tomorrow. Go by Reelfoot Animal Hospital to meet this wiggle worm. Loves treats.
Has anyone ever heard of Buster Brown shoes?
remember me, it's Buster "Brown" there's nothing I love more than grooming myself. Merry Xmas
Buster has been getting burnt all day!
My mom just referred to me as Buster Brown
what are the chances of the Phillies trading Dominic Brown? Who else are they looking to squire or sign?
Sweet baby boy Buster Brown you finally found your family , all of us will miss you but never forget you !. Enjoy...
Buster (shelter name) was found wondering around 6th Ave S. He has a brown leather collar on but no ID. It looks...
Check out Marc Brown's Arthur Chapter Books : Buster's Dino Dilemma; the Mystery of the St on
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Buster Brown Band is back in Addison...simply the best Old School R&B around. Christmas break has started time...
Thank you to the judges of our Hounds for the Holidays photo contest, who had the near impossible job of choosing only one winner each from the dozens of great pictures submitted. Judging "Absolutely the Cutest", THOMAS MCKINNEY has his own brand of animal magnetism. He owns and operates Tucson Adventure Dog Ranch in Sahuarita. The Ranch is a home-style, cage-free, dog boarding service. Dogs of various sizes all socialize by hiking on trails, playing in the swimming pool and agility playground, and relaxing indoors on cushy cushions in the evening. Thomas’ 4-legged companion of 7 years is Scout, a black Labrador mix, who was named after the smart little girl in To Kill a Mockingbird. Much like the book and movie, Scout the dog keeps all the dogs in line as does Connie, Thomas’ wife. “We love dogs because it seems to be a natural part of being human; humans have been living with dogs for thousands of years,” states Thom. “To me, living without a dog is a life not complete. Life is always better . ...
I miss my dog buster brown he is in Rome,Italy. We couldn't get him home.
Sitting here with little Buster Brown thinking about so many things. Time to get this day started!!
Buster Brown with Jimmy Spruill and Riff Ruffin. Recorded -59, released -61, Fire records, b/w "Good News". Buster is swinging here with some lively hoots an...
Buster brown open @ 8 they will have all sizes u guys no ticket is needed
love this! have a Boxer, several other animals i consider my children,miss Buster Brown & Chandler Bing, passed this yr
Hey everyone, TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT For the first time ever, we're delighted to bring you LIVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC with Buster Brown, Caleb Brown & Johnna Dorning at Greenhouse Coffee TONIGHT, DECEMBER 20! HopeFULLY we will see you there. TIME: 7-9PM LOCATION: 685 First Street Idaho Falls
Come out to Waimea! I'm thinking we go Buster Brown then hike to the water fall. 👭👣
Buster Brown, his dog Tige and their troubles
Jackie really just sang the buster brown shoe song 😂😂
Buster brown some where looking dumb in the face
BUSTER BROWN AND CALEB BROWN... Final performance "THE HAWK".. HOMETOWN HOLIDAYS. Live in the studio .. RIGHT NOW... check it out.
Coco Montoya, Ana Popovic, and Eric Sardinas perform "Fannie Mae" by Buster Brown at the B-Town Blues Fest, September 15, 2012. This is the full 16-minute vi...
Buster Brown always said I was born 100 years to late. Spent the morning processing a doe my neighbor killed for me! What fun!! I should have been a butcher. Now I have fresh free meat in my freezer! Low fat as well!!
Sorry left out Kev, Simmo, Buster Brown, Don in that last lot.
There is a post on here that says we should beware about our WI-FI Router's "radiation" rather READ THIS!! According to the World Health Organization, RF exposures from routers range from 0.002 percent to 2 percent of the levels of international exposure guidelines. The WHO says this is lower than Radio Frequency exposures from radio or TVs, and adds that the body absorbs up to five times more of the signals from FM radio and television. The organization also notes that radio and TV broadcast stations have been in operation for more than 50 years without adverse health consequences. If electricity's EMF's were gonna do us all in, it would have done so a long time ago! We've all used all kinds of electronic items from toy electric trains to those hot hair curlers! How about granny's Singer sewing machine, or that old Hoover Vacuum in the broom closet at Auntie Em's house? Or that Electric Toro Weed Wacker in Buster Brown's garage? Or Jack Lalane's Power Juicer? We might as well throw a . ...
Buster Brown can still do the *** thang. Brent Gaither, the tater tots and banana splits didn't work!!!
The long anticipated Buster Brown update video!! Woot woot! Here's our boy Buster Brown cross-training on the treadmill today. He's a real pro I tell you. I had him up to 4.5 mph today and he handles it all in stride. I bet his owners are proud of him. Stay tuned for more. Tell your friends. Happy Holidays!!
Score for the day!? Buster brown snow boots on clearance for Brenn, for 10 bucks!! Whoot Whoot!
THANK YOU to the hundreds of sneaker heads and parents that came out to get their tix this morning an braved the cold air since last night. If you missed today's ticket distribution all is not lost. There are retailers that still have may have tickets or sneakers unreserved in kids and adult sizes please check with Buster Brown, City Gear, DTLR, and Jimmy Jazz individually to see what their sneaker distribution process is for the 21st.
Buster Brown is going to his forever home tomorrow and I am so happy for him...he went from being outside and a potential meat rabbit to a forever home with a wonderful family who fell in love with him
Buster Brown my grandma loved that store when me & my twin was little lol
Buster Brown is driving me completely nuts tonight. He has decided to bark instead of sleeping! His allergies are making him itch and he is barking at himself!! Oh and I don't think he has any meds :(
Timberland size 5 buster brown size 4 ,firm just got this from someone and they do t fit on 7$ each
The gent was called Buster Brown and the song was "Fannie Mae"
Angel walks in a room & gets called so many different names from people , "Angie, Angelo, Gabe, Buster Brown, Jole, Bubby" etc. I love it.
Lineup of beers on tap at this time is: Payette's Slaughterhouse India Red Ale Payette's Mutton Buster Brown Ale Oakshire Amber Ale Mac and Jack's Serengeti Wheat Kona's Pipeline Porter Anderson Valley Winter Solstice
My name is not buster and I am not brown
Buster Brown is now available for adoption! This male Cocker Spaniel is 3yrs 3mths old. Learn more at
If feels good to go riding my baby Buster Brown 🐴🐎💋
Driver swap again. Stevens turn to drive. Going to drop odarkthirty at buster brown in Denver. Be safe and me and Shiloh will see you down the road
Gray Handlon told me Colin let Buster out into the back yard and said, "Welcome to the Buster Brown playground!" Buster kept going into the boys' room to sniff Colin's head this morning. I don't think he understood why the curly kid slept in. He was ready to play!
So... I was given the number are 9 things about me you may (or may not) know! 1. As a kindergarten and first grader, one of my carpool mates taunted me by calling me "The Green Bean (from the green jacket I wore) most days before school causing me to explode into tears and have to meet with the principal in order to calm down before class! To this day, I have zero tolerance for bullies, young or old! 2. I am completely anal about the use of proper grammar in writing-letters home with misspellings, typos in the paper, etc. drive me nuts! 3. My house burned down when I was 6 years old, just 6 weeks after we had moved in! It took nine months to rebuild so we moved a variety of places during that time- friends' rental houses, the top of a friend's house, etc. I thought it was a great adventure! 4. My middle name, Bryan, was a source of angst growing up but is now a source of pride. It comes from my great-great-great-great grandfather, William Jennings Bryan, the famous attorney that took on Darwin in ...
Some weekend pics of the kids..check out Allison's crazy hair and my beautiful Abigail showing off her Buster Brown shoes grandma bought her.
I woke up this morning with the Buster Brown shoe song in my head. And I had a dream that my sister Lynn did my touch-up & took out of my head about 50 hair extensions. All different colors-red, gold, brown, purple. That proves I'm crazy.
Its time to swap your belly buster with mushrooms and brown sauce.! . Try a cereal dream bar and a apple for breakfast
Everyone struggles with sin.Therefore, a universal strategy should be to so rejoicing in the wonder and beauty of Christ that we find the pull of sin to be progressively diminishing. That's a life long commitment which flows out of a glorious be holding of the beauty of Christ.(2 Corinthians 3:18).Copied Buster Brown Mt Pleasant East Cooper Bapt. Church ( A good read)
Streak buster Bulls with 110-94 win get 9-0 Pacers after last season stopping Miami at 27 wins and Knicks at 13. Want G…
Animals lack direction on pointing: I don’t know the full heritage of my mutt from the pound, Buster Brown by ...
Hey now I don't know where you are but I know where you should be headed! Michael's Arlington is already packed and it's only 9p! 9 birthday parties and Buster Brown Band! Grown & Sexy!
well buster brown I got a whole mess of green bean casserole that needs eatin
My day included finding a much needed hair dryer at the yard sale, a great salad at Ruby Tuesday, an hour walk on the treadmill, clean carpet in my car, Buster Brown bathed and medicated, a long hot bath, and now an oh so soft, comfortable bed to sleep in. I love my simple life.
1. I am 50% Italian (Sicilian), 22.5 % Irish, 22.5% French AND I recently learned 5% Native American Indian. 2. When I was younger my favorite outfit was my Donny Osmond iron-on T-Shirt, shirts, knee high socks with my Buster Brown shoes. 3. When I was about 9ish I faked that I was sick and stayed home by myself all day. It was Christmastime. So I did the most natural thing a 9 year-old would do ... I unwrapped ALL my presents, then re-wrapped them and put them back under the tree. Christmas morning SUCKED that year. 4. I have OCD. I mean I REALLY have OCD. I am a counter. The first step is admitting it. So there. I count the number of letters in a word while counting them off on my fingers (mostly in my head) and it just loops, and loops. I could be talking to you and counting and you wouldn't know it (maybe). 5. If I wink with one eye, I HAVE to wink the other one so it feels even. I HAVE to. 6. My parents had a Persimmon Ranch in Temecula when I was growing up. I HATED persimmons (sh) but I LOVE ...
Andy Griffin and orange chicken me and my buster brown chilling another Saturday night I'm blessed
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Look who called in, Buster From Mrs Brown's Boys (Danny O'Carroll) called over to Audi Sligo Display today
Enjoying a couple in honor of Buster Brown
Today I watched Marc Brown, one of my childhood heroes, draw Arthur and Buster and DW and Mr. Ratburn…
Referee Joey Crawford wants this floor mopped properly, Buster Brown, and he *means it* (Video) (Ball Don't Lie)
I'll join in the fun. In first grade I entered a Buster Brown coloring contest at T, G, and Y. (Who remembers those stores?) I won a consolation prize of a model ship of the Mayflower!
BUSTER BROWN is READY for ADOPTION. Ideally he would love to have some kids to play with but another dog that likes to play would work too. Or both! Buster it very smart and "treat" driven, so he should be easy to train. He knows his name,...
My turn. My number us is six. 1. I've always wanted to play the piano. 2. I wanted to be a teacher when I was growing up but didn't have the funds to go to college. 3. I saw Elvis Presley at the old Kiel Opera house in 1976. Remember this Cindy Kopf. 4. My dad's pet name for me was Buster Brown when I was little and he patted me on the top of my head three times when ever he kissed me. 5, I have a older brother who lives in Texas and a younger sister who lives in St. Charles and yes I did have middle child syndrome. 6. I wanted to join the Coast Guard and even saw a recruiter but chickened out because I didn't want to leave my family.
RIP Buster Brown.. The coolest cat anyone has ever met!. Gonna miss my giant orange kitty and his super loud pursss. 󾍀󾍋
Just lost the best cat ever born, my Buster Brown passed away today, lying in the sun, one of his favorite things to do. This was not your ordinary cat, he thought he was a dog, I helped him be born and today I buried him, such a sad day
Happy birthday to my dad in heaven. Jackson Buster Brown you are in my heart today and always. Love and miss you very day.
Sadist day ever R.I.P Buster Brown Krusmark you will be really really missed xoxo
Fannie Mae - Buster Brown (Fire Records 78RPM from late 1959/early 1960. I would appreciate if anyone has additional information on this very late 78 ...
Any chance go after D Brown from giving up walker and pike?
Nothing like a mix bag of gadwalls, wigeon, shovelers, hooded mergansers, and ring necks to start the weekend off right...with Audra Rhudy and buster brown
Maria Castillo Where is the coupon book and who is Buster Brown??
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ok Revelina is MAKIN me do this. I got 5 truths bout me that I have to confess. 1. As a child I use to go to old Elgin High & was taught signing cuz I didn't know how to talk (now I don't shut up) but was taught how to speak by touching parts of my tongue crazy 2. I wore braces on my feet at night with ugly hard buster brown shoes glued to a hard metal pole to stop my feet from turning in (peeing at nite was impossible, I had to slither like a snail) 3. I only eat mash potatoes if it's mixed with corn (for you Rev) my dad taught me 4. Me & my sister use to sit butt cheek to butt cheek on the toilet & chat while do our business (sister love) 5. I still have a hanger hooked onto the top of my closet door I won't touch or move... It was the dress slacks I wore to my Grams funeral... Think bout her every time I look at it.
“ROTAL IRISH HUSSAR 5/4” suprise suprise, you backed a fav lol well done on buster brown LOL
Buster, of Buster Brown and 365 Days of Dog Wisdom, Osteosarcoma. Buster and I moved from our home seventeen months ago to take care of my mother who has Parkinson's and that is now my full time job...
Buster Brown well beaten. I've lost more money than I've made inc. sign up fee. You should refund my money lads.
I know that just stating another fact! What were your reasons for picking buster brown??
from what I see , first tip was buster brown and jockey 100% to blame lol
did you see that race from Buster Brown? that was a disgraceful ride.
Buster Brown never going with them! Pretty dissapointing in all honesty.
Time for 's NAP to start this Saturday off with a winner, Buster Brown
We kick off at Lingfield very soon, Lord B thinks Buster Brown should have no problem here. Sutton Sid the danger.
No official selection in first at Lingfield, but having a personal bet on Buster Brown 10/11, should go very well at a short enough price.
5 selections today 11.50 Lingfield - Buster Brown 11/10 * won at Wolverhampton last time out in a class 6 1m1 , powered clear by 4 length, todays race is 1m2 but should suit 13.50 Cheltenham - Tour Des Champs 8/1 E.W * ran last time out 2nd at Cheltenham over 3 mile, went 2nd close home. finished 4th over 4 mile too, so should stay todays race of 3mile 3 . 14.00 Lingfield - Solar Deity 9/4 ** won this exact race last year, won at the track. class act in the field ran in class 2 and listed races 14.35 Lingfield - Tales of Grimm 5/2 ** beaten last time by short head by highland knight on the turf, runs on the dirt now for the first time. bred by Dynaformer so this horse is bred for this surface. now 4 lbs lower than highland knight too.
Buster Brown running today, will have to be done!
NAP buster brown in first at lingfield short price but won't lose ...
Horse(s) we will NOT be laying or taking on at today: 11.50 Buster Brown, 12.20 Lady Lunchalot, 1.25 Thewandaofu >>>
You could win one pair of tickets to see For the Love of Mrs Brown through a Hodder competition!
August 15, 1911: Harp player and R&B singer BUSTER BROWN is born in Cordele, GA. He hit on the R&B Chart in...
Our own Archerdog, Buster Brown, makes his pictorial debut at one of our favorite places. TaskRabbit. Thank you...
Today at the Pennon Group business club, Buster Brown shared his extensive experiences serving the special constabulary. He encouraged more…
YES that was at The *** but she won the Wobble Contest at Buster Brown's an hour later.
my dogs name is buster & my family calls him buster brown for some reason but I call him buster posey 😍😏
Diesel and buster brown love each other.
I wear jordans but I play more like Buster Brown
ur going down town buster brown u and ur army of Dads
“my Cousin Got One Saturday At Buster Brown !”--- me & my nighas can come or it's a private thing?
"He calls himself Buster Brown. You know, like from Buster Brown."
If you're going to talk shoes what about Tom McCann and dare I say Buster Brown's.
Oh, you just made my list, Buster Brown! -knocks onto the ground- How you like me now! :P
Just balled my eyes out because I think my dog might be going blind:( taking him to the vet tomorrow. I love you Buster Brown
REUNITED!. Buster Brown, lost from his foster home in Shelby today, has been f...: REUNITED! Buster Brown, los...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Tonight, at Buttons in Fort Worth, we have the legendary Buster Brown Band! This crowd favorite will be sure to...
Tonight's the night! Legendary funk/R&B band Buster Brown Band is going to hit the stage with your favorite old...
Emergency trip to the vet for my Buster Brown today. Sitting here freaking and impatient to see what's a matter with my best buddy.
Meet Buster and 49 other serious cuties at today's adoption event. Petco at I-25 and CO Blvd from 11-2 but you'll...
Really??? I'd rather pray for Charlie Brown ... or Buster Brown ... or a brown crayon.
forward straight to Connecticut state police. Gotcha buster brown.
I found Buster Brown on a shuttle in LAX.
Buster Brown before & after shots. He has a slight case of bronchitis. Other than that he's healthy but...
For those wondering, buster brown was apparently the nickname my aunt gave me when I was a baby.
Buster Brown did have the first sideways hat , if you didn't know now you do.
I better start practicing!!! Buster brown would be a hit for sure!!
you should of auditioned for America's got talent! loves acts w dogs like Buster brown
Buster brown did his debut last night in my circus act. He walked down the runway stage saying hi to everyone and...
Would the word sanctimonious apply to Ken Rosenthal's silly bowtie collection? Trying so hard to inherit Bob Costas's Buster Brown status.
Why is Buster Brown dressed like an extra from a BIlly Joel video?
Performing tonight at Wild Js with special guest Buster Brown!
-- people could ask if you got it from Gap for Kids or Buster Brown
Just really miss my pal Buster Brown, I think I'll see him tonight though!
Buster Brown vs. Sqeaky Mouse. This adorable kitten is available for adoption.
Buster Brown, a Bulldog in NY, needs a home now! See him on
Dr. Buster Brown explained the typical Addicted MJ Fans has at least 10 CD's Of Michael. To try to ascribe the effects of MJ- is impossible.
Dr. Buster Brown: No Fan may be the same once they became addicted to Michael. U don't want bad mouth MJ- they will kill u
Carhorn Can someone be in a profound MJ coma and live? Dr. Buster Brown: Yes, many Thrilling years, there are many cases of that-
I have no way of knowing what Dr. Murray did every night & How often With his Baby Mamas when he left MJ's House " Dr. Buster Brown said.
Dr. Buster Brown: I noticed some inconsistencies of what *** (Murray) said we paid his BABY MOMAs and what he said wasn't correct
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