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Bush Jr

George Walker Bush (born July 6, 1946) is an American politician who served as the 43rd President of the United States from 2001 to 2009 and the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000.

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You BARELY won in the EC. Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. far outperformed you* . *also said every woman you ever sc…
Wow, interesting choice of hashtags. I also said that about Obama, Bush Jr, Clinton, Bush Sr, Reagan, ect. Anything…
Determined to blame Obama for all the war in the world why have you not talked about bush…
And Bush Jr. said he saw Putin's soul in his first term. Both were wrong. It happens.
people were dumb enough to vote Bush jr in twice, they'll be dumb enough to vote Trump in twice.
Bush Jr certainly stood back and let one happen. This would end the world to feed his ego.
Trump is volatile & infantile. Born in FIRE dog year same as G Bush Jr & Bill C. I'm betting he will…
you can thank Jr and for that has to clean up their
Trump... didn't Nixon, Reagan Bush Sr and Bush jr win the electoral vote or in your mind t…
He's more pulling a Bush Jr.; diving headlong into a quagmire with no exit strategy. War for approval ratings and profit.
stayed away from the US the long years when Bush Sr and jr were presidents, will do so again now ! bye bye
Clippard who many believed was Prime Minister of Israel was at one time George Bush Jr.
I've never been more embarrassed by a president! Even bush jr. Had some likability you are just disgusting.
From a very personal point of view, Bush Jr's abrupt order to stop funding stem cell research was like a blow to...
Ur brothers and sisters hv to bear this thanks to United States & personal revenge of G…
Denzel Washington as Reagan. Alexander Siddig as Bush Sr. Jeff Goldblum as Clinton. Diego Luna as Bush Jr. Forest Whitaker as Trump
Reagan, Daddy Bush, Bush Jr. ...did they have wars?
.When Devin Bush Jr. came to Michigan, waiting wasn’t an option.
Okay this is rather delusional. Reagan, Nixon, Bush Sr. & Jr. both won. It's the best person who can do the job and…
Not impossible, Donald. Except for Bush Jr and Nixon (1st term) every Republican in past 100 years…
Except for Bush Jr in 2000... he did release his taxes but was basically appointed by the SCOTUS.
Reagan won it twice. Bush Sr. won it once. Bush Jr. won it twice. You and Bush Jr. both won it…
I am not opposed to locking up Bush Jr either.
Didn't you get schooled on this in a press conference? Peter Alexander? Ur closer to Bush jr w/ 286 than Bush Sr w/ 426.
"SECOD James Mattis & Gen. McMaster were brought up through the Ranks by President. Bush…" — william connett jr.
So impossible that in the last 30 years we've had Reagan, Bush & Bush Jr. (twice). Stop deflecting…
By this yardstick, Obama was as good as Bush Jr. 😂
Impossible? Reagan, Bush Sr, and Bush Jr all managed to do it. You won, move on and just release y…
Actually very possible, except for Bush Jr. The Repub winners before him did much better than you. Way to set the bar low
You won the EC by the slimmest margin since Bush Jr. and handily lost the popular vote. Don't know…
I have served in the both the Navy and Army (primarily army). I was active duty under Regan,…
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He also has no memory. He beat Bush Jr margin in 04 barely. Bush Sr and Reagan won 426-111, 525-13, and 489-49.
THEY R all 1 party. Pics out of Bush jr.hugging Michelle Obama & talking about how close they R. Also…
Bush jr was 322nd ranked recruit. Close to Rice. We have DJACK, Josh brown, Warner all ranked mu…
You easily the WORST president in my make Bush jr look like JFK..Scary part is you just started!
Easily won by the lowest total since Bush Jr. And obviously not impossible since it's been done by…
Let's see just how moronic this Billionaire can get, I'm willing to put $50 on him 'Trumpin' Bumblin Bush Jr.
Bush Sr. new world order lover. Clinton the rapist. Bush Jr.'s fake war on terror. Obama the drone killer and Trump the alzheimer.
Welcome to reality and it's not just the Trump white house. People forget how Bush Jr. G…
This kind of ahit has been happening for YEARS, back to Bush jr. Time in office..nothing to do with Trump
Your moms the best but when she'd start talmbout Jesus(or Bush jr back in the day)I knew to keep my…
This has Clinton, Obama and Bush jr. written all over it :*
Oh, he needed to retire a long time ago. He went off the deep end when he lo…
You're right..But it has to be in a way people understand.. different measures to be taken. I…
said George Bush is more creative than Martin Luther King Jr. End it
Michigan linebacker Devin Bush Jr. stands out in spring game via
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Again, Gen X has no leg to stand on when their cohort voted for Bush Jr. twice and Clinton once. Repeal of Glass-Steagall is on your hands
That we can agree on. I said the same thing about Bush Jr. and Obama. They still sat in the White Hous…
Devin Bush Jr.'s major takeaway from LB corps? . "Fast. We move sideline to sideline. We're going to get our ha…
Didn't you Israel first neocon scumbags die off with the Bush Jr regime? No American interest in Syrian regime change ***
Watch Presidential Reunion: Bush Sr. vs. Bush Jr. on YouTube. I found it on Bing! via
Did you know Bush Jr. rewrote the national parks law and added mining to America's past times? Yeah now mining companies can use our parks
9/11 happened under Bush Jr. Intelligence proved the Saudi Ambassador was $$ involved. Did Jr do anything to Saudis?
A Manager told me he could do whatever he wanted to me and I could call whoever I wanted. Just after Bush Jr. became President.
LBJ wore it. So did Ronald Reagan, Bush Jr. and Sr. Now, will receive two:
It occurs to me he makes Bush Jr look like the Dali Lama. Bush was just incompetent, not actively trying to burn down the world.
Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. are the most hated US presidents.
Considering the decline in quality of presidents lately, (Bush Sr, Bush Jr, I think their next one is a drunk Mel Gibson.
Donald Trump Insists He's Winning the Election. I hope so, because if Bush Jr. was President in all honesty V&P...
Eric Bates's article should be corrected. The "closest thing America has had to a political dynasty"was Bush Sr. & Bush Jr.
I wonder what George.W Bush Jr's letter to Obama was like.
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Which is what America did, until Bush Jr. decided revenge for personal affront has to be part of US doctrine. .
Former President Mr. George W. Bush Jr. stated that in his State Of The Union Address.
know about since Joe LoCastro had made public appearances as George Bush Jr. after he was in office w/ inner circle believing that Bush Jr
Bush Jr. & Paul Bremer are responsible for the rise of ISIS due to the mess they made of Iraq!!
Reminds me of when Bush Jr. invaded Iraq -- leaders make clear "They had no plan for what comes next."
It's ok to let go of things that hold you back, like underpants you've owned since the Bush Jr. administration.
Nope, that would be Bush Jr...Barry would be 2nd, Carter 3rd.
the Supreme Court was handed over to the leftist's compliments of George Bush the Sr (Souter) and then Bush Jr with Roberts
In summer of 2008, Carl's Jr. had Cap'n Crunch milkshakes. They could be one of the best things to come out of the Bush Administration
And Bush Jr... lets don't even talk about what he did to deficit and debt. Too scary.
Bush Jr was far more frightening on that level.
if peaces deal in mn was going down and cops stoped it and a long time ago all cops stop doing gangs peaces deals Bush jr
Just ask nazi era germans and Bush Jr. supporters.. Trump should be reminded of this
As Jeremy Corbyn today said that ex-New Labour leader and Prime Minister Tony Blair agreed to deal with former President George Bush Jr on
No, George Bush Jr was much, much more retarded. .
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"Last week former CIA Director George Tenet went public with information that both George Bush Jr. and (cont)
“Obama signed more orders for drone assaults than Bush Jr...” -Shepard Fairy
That's what it was all about with Bush Jr, look at how much Cheney made. These greedy monsters are prepared to KILL ppl
The lightweight bush billy is a jack of all trades - a water purifier, cooking pot, baking oven*
won't live through the hour. You'll be either beaten & burned or just plain beaten. State that Bush Jr. was a bad president & you
Just as there was the Bush dynasty, get ready for the Trump dynasty: Donald Jr. and Ivanka are future candidates! Just watch.
Sons that we know of! I heard Bush Jr had a few Mexican lads.
I love but the final episode veers toward LOST finale regions. Still, comments on the Bush Jr years more than 24.
Hillary voted yes on Iraq to please Bush Jr. NOT coz she was a "leader" - we will never support her war mongering ways
when she sold near double the arms as SOS than the bush Jr. 2nd term, 63% more 2 donors
Let me wish my friend and partner. Usual suspects in this entertainment industry jr.dreadd big…
when she chose to follow in Bush Jr.'s footsteps and push for unilateral, preemptive regime change in Libya.
With Trump we will be back to Bush jr level.Stock market below 10 and unemployed will be rotting.
Notice they never mention Nixon, or Grant, or Harding, or Bush jr. or.
George Bush, Jr. had the "Squinty" eyes! Clinton's just getting OLD... Face treatments?
when I saw these 2 Ralph Nader facilitators who helped give us George Bush Jr. campaigning for him.
Hillary Clinton is an equally finger-to-the-wind rerun of Al Gore. Donald Trump is an even more ignorant version of George W. Bush, Jr.
Peoria police arrested Mitchell Bush Jr. and Henry Mayfield on first-degree murder charges for the Tuesday slaying of Dwayne “Weezy” Jones.
u can't find the article thus your straw man it's ok Nader brought bush and sanders will bring hitler jr
Jackie Bradley Jr. extends his hitting streak to 24 games with a 2nd-inning home run.
that's what they said about Obama, the second Bush term.
as sure as Bush Jr lost Florida Trump will never win&its all to be placed on The Republicans when we have Hillary.
She said the Clintons and Obamas and omitted the Bush Jr fellow
8 Hours to Die by JR Carroll via Quiet weekend in the bush turns out to be not so idyllic ...
If there's such a thing as a reverse kiss of death in politics today, Geo Sr + Geo Jr + Jeb Bush refusing to support Trump just might be it.
against Russia. So yeah and Bush Jr lost FL and yet he was elected. kids died for his family's oil. shame on the GOP
Oh yes, Hillary is quite the warmonger. Worse than Bush & Bush Jr. Most people don't realize this.
How? by voter suppression & fraud; it had worked for Bush Jr., and it's working for her so far! 1/2 joking & serious.
I'm sure his picks won't be any worse than both Bush Sr/Jr
Also to said white people, I need a paper on what George Bush Jr. did in his candidacy to warrant the need to want Obama out so hastily.
Deliberation begins in Guy Bush Jr. child rape trial after defendant testifies he's innocent
Do YOU see "GOD" in these eyes like GW Bush Jr. says HE did?
Hate 2 break it to you but cheating didn't hurt John Quincy Adams, JFK, Bush Jr politically...
Trump is basically Bush, Jr. only without the intelligence or humility.
which republican candidate has been good Bush Sr/Jr, Romeny,Mccain. Trump is thier best chance. Because he skips around a lot.
Vote Lee Mercer Jr. he will prove Jeb Bush is all in his house with disease.
So it's Bernie against Democrats now is it? You should rename yourself Bernie Nader. (who begat Bush Jr.)
Not only are you the only person I can't respect, you also made me wish Bush Jr was back in office.
note ya man do need you in this one at this point I do hate all gov ok so please fix that for me ok Bush Jr fight with him life
Kevin Love compared LeBron James and Kyrie Irving to USC's old tailback tandem of LenDale White and Reggie Bush.
it was actually George HW Bush who spearheaded NAFTA and you'd be an *** to call it the worst economic deal in US history
I'm in tears at their reactions at LeBron being compared to LenDale White & Kyrie being Reggie Bush
Oh, I didn't realize you were talking about Bush Sr. I thought you were talking about Jr.
-Just a Reminder again Kissinger is a NWO Rothschild Puppet -much like Obama,Hillary & Bush Sr./JR.
That opinion provided by the man who facilitated Bush Jr's reign of error.
Tony Bliar helped the *** Bush Jr instead of stopping him. Will the UK stop Donald Trump or will they be his puppy dog again ?
Getting Clinton is Clinton after Bush Jr. and Obama getting Bill Cheating Clinton after George HW Bush and Reagans drug empires. The set up.
Jeb the *** Now I know why his family pick Bush Jr to run for office. Jeb is more stupid than George.
I am really going to miss President Obama! Cleaner for Bush Jr.
easy to see lots of talent even while split up. O'Korn, Bush Jr, Washington, Walker, Isaac all stood out. Also TJW is BIG!
Bush Jr.was an *** So I don't rule trump out.God help us!
.George Bush Jr took more vacations than any other president. So did Cheney!
come on Pauly. Bill laid the ground for subprime. Bush Jr carried on the good work. Not saying Bush was good. More the..
Devin Bush Jr is gonna be a problem, he's definitely gonna see the field
I learned 2 things from the spring game about Michigan next season. 1. Devin Bush Jr. is the real deal. 2. Morris is not going to start
No more than electing George Bush Jr. To two terms
The Pentagon & The Generals on the Ground as old McCain & Bush Jr. used 2 refer 2 them, have a lot of power.
You can't do anything if you can't get elected. Bush Jr wouldn't have gotten elected in 04 on privatizing SS
Bush jr upended Iraq and Saddam bc his dad had a beef with Saddam. Hillary championed the War on Drugs-private prison
watched it weeks ago on YouTube. Even Bush Jr - Gore debates were more thoughtful than 2016 nonsense.
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Cruz worked for Bush jr. Got his first hand out job from him
Social Security has also kept 1,000s of war mach. executives in opulance since Bush jr. robbed it.
.Just got kudos from former Obama and Bush Jr. advisors on as only Republican candidate who can deal with Russia.
Bush Jr's drug smuggling operation. Why did he invade Afghanistan anyway? Millions of families are now suffering!!
Keith Washington again with a good fill and tackle and Bush Jr is fearless out there. Just needs to get better in coverage so far. youth
Donald I dislike you but Cruz is a a horrible person and will commit heinous acts like George Bush Jr.
Devin Bush Jr lost his man, Jake Butt, as a result it's a easy touchdown reception for Butt.
North American Union is real. Reagan started it, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush jr, & Obama cont'd it.
Policy experts from Bush Sr to bush jr are all saying trump and Cruz stance on nuclear weapons and foreign policy is disastrous
Neither as Bush jr, the one that destabilized the region.
US suspends Clinton email investigation? Wow just like Clinton election had a recount & Bush won by 600votes? Rand Paul Jr back Donald Trump
I shut down the govt. What else as cruz done for USA beside help the Ruling class: Bush's:
isn't there a job 4 Rove on Bush's ranch?
We talked about Bush Sr. when we criticized Bush Jr. We'll criticize Bill Clinton all we want. Also please stop electing family dynasties.
George Bush Jr never got punished, I *** more clever stuff than him, that's how bad things have gotten.
I'm no Trumpster. Cruz is Marjoe Gortner jr. Kasich GOPe acting like Wally Cleaver. Bush family are snakes. No angels
I remember '88. Bush doing so bad (-17 in June) Morton Downey Jr told Ted Koppel Bush would go on Downey show for attn.
Bush bought in the Oil Tycoons, Clinton gave our economic power to foreign powers, Bush Jr; industrial military complex
" next up, Bush Jr. advises Trump to carefully measure his plans against potential long-term consequences before acting."
Just tell me what is what it ain't and what it's gone be I'm tired of this beating around the bush
George Bush Jr. behaved respectfully when exiting the WH. Can't say that about Dems lately.
"We The People" don't need another Jr. senator. Besides Cruz is a Meat Puppet for the Bush Family.
I'm old enough to remember when we hoped every Jobs Report Friday under Bush, Jr. was an April Fool's joke. It was, and the joke was on us.
A vote for Cruz is a vote for Bush which allows the Bush/Clinton oligarchy to add to their 20 year continuous reign.
Spring game today. I'm most excited to see Wheatley & Mitchell on offense. Winovich/McCray/Bush Jr on defense. Also the QBs, obviously.
Obama is still struggling to fix what Bush jr. Did to US in 8 years. From surplus to deficit budget. Buhari is tryn
reminds me of conversation between Bush Jr. and Cond.Rice about New Chinese leader Hu (Jintao)
State dept sale of arms nearly doubled in 09-12 under from Bush jr 2nd term - 143% more to donors 80% non donors
Sitting in a bus right now and seeing the man that looks like Josh Bush Jr. No kidding. As if a long-lost twin brother.
. Because maybe Bush Jr. wasn't sufficiently clueless, we as a nation strive to reject competency...?
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Bush Jr won both his terms by the skin of his teeth.
Can't wait to see the Flanagan boys all here playing together again.. . Devin Gil. Josh Metellus. Devin Bush Jr
"Srs Armstrong Jr., & Fyfe are working with the top offensive units while Bush & O’Brien work with the other group."
Like the surplus Bill Clinton gave Bush Jr that he squandered (along with 1000s of lives) over non-existent WMDs.
We already had Bush Jr. Maybe that wasn't moronic enough. 😕
'God told Bush Jr. to go to war in May I remind: According to he was engaging in a "Crusade" in
long shot for michigan when it comes to SS III. I think he's all FSU right now. Much different circumstances than Bush Jr.
in any election of any kind if you Pit JFK Jr. against Ugly *** Hillary,or Drunk Bush who you think wins?
Bush Jr the national guard flake, ripping on Kerry's swift boat action was the ultimate low.This is child's play in comparison
This is now the North American Union, formerly known as the USA. Bush Jr signed the Papers.
So Marco's solution on Cuba? Wait it out? But JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, and Bush Jr. already tried…
Bush Jr. did, and that worke...nevermind. You win. No yada-yada from .
Hillary ‘far more dangerous than Obama, Bush Jr. in the White House’ – investigative journalist
You need to vet your candidate Worked for Bush Jr
I remember being pressured by church members to vote for Bush Jr. Look at what that decision brought about!
he's name is George w. Bush Jr. He lied and hundreds of thousands died.
David Siegel bragging to have put Bush Jr. in the White House the worst President ever ...
Perhaps Bush Jr could send Lindsey Graham monogramed hankes in Bush name so Lindsey for lindsey snozzle and crocodile tears. Come on Bush Jr
At this point Im at 50/50 with Bush Jr., Kareem Walker, Jonathan Jones, and Rashan Gary!
David Reese decommits sets things up nicely for a Bush Jr commitment!
Bush. Bush Jr. - The Sequel. Bush: Part III - THE REVENGE!. Watch for it, in a white house near you...
I'll bet you don't even know that Bush Snr., Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama are All the same fella Anti-POTUSs
the attack on the WTC,The events in the plan started taking form.I watched as our nation did the first building fall.I knew that Bush Jr.
14-"Tara: Everything is a spider web has to do w/Karl Rove, David Addington, Bush Jr, *** Cheney they all conspired against Valerie Plame>"
Leonard Pitts Jr.: The candidate of the know-nothing party keeps winning voter surveys Go…
In fairness, Palin was following Cheney who ran the entire government as VP up until about 2006 when Bush Jr distanced him.
Sen Johnson ignores Bush Jr's invasion of Iraq was itself a war crime; Saddam was US pal who attacked Iran
Yeah, you mean Obama is wrong to counter public opinion on the Iran missile deal like Bush Jr was wrong when he invaded Iraq?
Sans, A state isnt surrendered on silver platter even Bush Jr. has to use his brother Jeff to rig the first term
.neither r Bush Jr. Sr and rest of mafia taken to task for lying about WMD inIraq,carpet bombing civilians etc
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He WAS a Jr ... He has since changed to go by middle initial, like GW Bush and GHW Bush
slightly shaky until he dealt with Bush jr. & the political landscape. Then he was as razor sharp as usual.
Where is Bush Jr ? Daesh come from Abus Grahib built by american so how could you Cut your own hand ?
It's so very embarrassing to our have our very own version of G. Bush Jr, here.
In the last year president Obama has done more good for the American people than Bush jr did in 8 years
We should, but don't be such a tryhard Trump Chump. You're not gonna win unless we have a Bush Jr repeat...
Jeb Bush is on Colbert, looks like I will not need to count sheep to fall asleep.
Bush Jr., Obama, Blair, Sarkozy, & Hollande should also be called to account for the current situation.
I've been reading history of the 80s, & between Bush Jr, Reagan, and Quayle, the IQ bar is not high.
Too busy getting crunk and making Bush Jr. jokes.
I think George Bush Jr.'s greatest legacy will forever be that "nook-u-lur" is now a widely adopted pronunciation of "nuclear" in America.
If society refuses to prosecute its own this will go on. Jr Illegal war in Iraq!
Pretty sure it was Bush Jr who created all the new departments.
we must ALTER or ABOLISH EVERYTHING Bush Jr. has done also. Both (Parties) have put AMERICA in the DITCH! VW2016
for the panel: Does anyone think bush Jr's Iraq war have any responsibility for the Syrian/Iraqie refugee crisis?
We saw where all those jokes and heart got us with Bush Jr. I'll take a smart robot over a dumb clown
hopefully, not as many as George Bush, Jr.
He should be tried for war crimes, same as Bush JR & neocon helpers
This is easily the worst presidential election of my lifetime and I was around for Bush Jr.
Not impressed on how Trump speaks. But was not impressed on how Bush Jr. spoke either. President Reagan was the best.
Anybody remember the time president Bush Jr nearly choked on a pretzel? Wonder what he's doing now?
Your head barista today is: Former President George Walker Bush Jr.
ww3 in 2001 began Bush Jr. with a vtorshcheniye to Iraq, now there is an active phase of war
I know several American families living here who came solely because Bush jr.
I don't know if it's still in the books, but remember the Bush Jr. congress "eliminating the death tax"? Big mistake
Human rights lawyer R. Brody dreams of taking Bush Jr. to court
At least my interns have fun! Pres. George Bush Jr. was at the courthouse today. Jury duty is required of all!
But Bush Jr. really crystallized it all into a lump of ignorance and bigotry. Harper's an outlier because fascism.
I've had a suspicion that Bush Jr. was the beginning of the spiral down for the modern right in the First World.
George Bush Jr is the poster child for white privilege and its evils
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Ima tell you like George Bush told me; fvck yall *** I'm outta here
what's he done? Set our race relations back forty years and created a debt that would make George Bush Jr laugh
I'm picking Usher to be this year's at the 2015
Why Ronald Reagan, George Bush Jr, or Bill Clinton not on this list?
I'm picking Sam Smith to be this year's at the 2015
I'm picking Paul Van Dyk to be this year's at the 2015
I'm picking Drake to be this year's at the 2015
I'm picking Skrillex to be this year's at the 2015
I'm picking Wiz Khalifa to be this year's at the 2015
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no JR gluten was invented by GW Bush to appease the Monsanto lobby.
Bush, party of two? Lol! Straight Outta Compton was just... Wow! I relived jr high and high school.…
depth chart, week 1. SS, 1st team: David Bruton Jr. 2nd team: Josh Bush
Sometimes SCOTUS makes a ruling you disagree with. *** marriage is legal. George Bush is appointed president. . One for me, …
Bruh, George Bush Jr, our once president, was a hitler youth.. Lmao c'mon now
If Jeb was elected he would be on vacation just like Jr. Need a President who will WORK!
George Bush, *** Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and Bush Jr. In absentia for war crimes. They are now...
Your think we had *** Bush Jr and you had Blair. Everyone walks away clean. *** both of them
Could this happen? An American president dumber than Bush Jr. ? let's wait and see
This utterly ignorant man could become president of the United States. Let that sink in. He'd make Bush Jr look good
Yes, I agreed. Bush Jr was a terrible president.
According to the media, Carly Fiorina won last nigght's debate? Do we need another business failure as president, like Bush Jr?
I think we legitimise support for The Donald w this narrative of "anger". It isn't anger. It is the next permutation of Bush Jr.
'Any American can grow up to be President' - said Bush Jr. was the greatest testament to this rule.
Today's *** moment brought to you by our very own "Who's running for president? Bush Jr. Jr.?!" LMFAO.
American public more than any other president before Bush Jr. The simple fact that these creatures still harken to the same status quo
This is literally a show. It's fake, yes. They choose who will be president. If you vote wrong, they fix it. Example: Bush Jr.
Mind you, those are the same people that think Bush Jr was a great president.
Bush Jr. Was the second worst president ever (following Obama) your point?
The second thing, Bush Jr fell all over himself to use it and is the president to have used it MOST.
Bush Jr is in fact the worst for what you just accused Obama of and he wasn't even elected when he was first president.
Veterans were also incarcerated at Levenworth for killing enemy under Bush Jr. Check out Michael Behenna's story.
told Bush Jr: THERE AREN'T. ANY in he knew.
Former pres. George Bush how old again? Not to mention Bush Jr. Obama has nothing to do with the Iraqi war. Give the man a break.
Grover Cleveland won the popular vote for President three times. That's one more than Reagan and infinity more than Bush Jr (3 / 0 = ???)
Who was a better President, Obama or Bush Jr?
Bernie Sanders might be a good president. He might stay real. But I like the historical view of Bush Jr. ending white men's streak for a bit
to 1889 when A.P. Bush Jr. was the TSCRA president. Bush took over as president in 1889 when the association...
Obama made race relations worse? Unarmed black men were still being killed when Clinton and Bush Jr were President.. ***
Bush Jr comming OUT hiding like a REAL pro ? and no president this mad lib phone JUST Hockey
Mandy. To be assessed for mental capacity is not a prerequisite for President. She has an excellent example in G. Bush Jr
come on, US Patriot Act and Dept. of Homeland Security, no president ever ignored the constitution on privacy like Bush Jr.
Al Gore as the Inconvenient Truth! George Bush Jr as the Spellerer...
Quarterbacks for the white team second half:. 1. Ryker Fyfe. 2. You if you want. 3. Uncle Rico from Napolean Dynamite. ... 276. Bush Jr.
sure? UK sent soldiers and Tony Blair gave a lot of political support to Bush Jr. government
Nitpick: It wasn't War in Iraq, it was Desert Storm, and a LOT different from Bush Jr. trying to one-up daddy. :)
. The REAL CLINTON ECONOMY is that of G.W.Bush Jr. .. operating withing ALL the changes that Bill Clinton made for G.H.W.Bush Sr.
DEPRAVITY O'Brien (born in 1957) says she serviced an array of politicians including the cocaine snorting Clintons (A Three-Way), Ronald Reagan, George H.W Bush, *** Cheney, Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Governors Lamar Alexander and Richard Thornburgh, Bill Bennett (author of The Book of Virtues), Senators Patrick Leahy, Robert Byrd (her handler) and Arlen Spector. Notable by their absence were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon. Taylor (born in 1951) slept with JFK and LBJ as a preteen and teenager. When O'Brien's daughter Kelly was born in 1980, they often worked as a mother-daughter team. George H.W. Bush particularly liked Kelly. Cheney is not a pederast because his large genitals horrify children. (195) Referring to George Bush, *** Cheney told her: "A Vice President is just that, an undercover agent taking control of the drug industry for the President." (158) George Bush Jr. was present on one occasion but is not accused. (196) O'Brien was rescued by Mark Philips in 1988. It is likely that Bush Jr . ...
Wow, so these Terrorists plan was to plant as many pipe bombs as they could and bank on Bush Jr's Martial Law...
section two Chapter 3 The Green New World Order: The Green Order fix ideas and smooth it out later, Green-centric focused policies later. The New World Order is dead. The old Sith lords, Black Hats, are ruining the American Empire have gone to far and committed an attack on American soil and a rallying cry has been heard by the good Jedi's, White Hats, and all good Jedi forces are rallying behind a secret hidden Jedi knight from Whatcom County, WA and because of the egregious errors made by Bush Jr and company and America has a chance to restructure the American democracy and bring forth the environmental friendly Green agenda. Because of peak oil, environmentalism will dominate "the Project for the Green American Century." The good forces will bring forth a new addenda in America of recycling and cleaning up the Industrial Revolution pollution and stopping stupid wars that hurt people. Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991 One small change to the legislative branch in government would be to . ...
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"Neo-Palestinians" is not an imitation of "neo-conservatives", a clique within the American right-wing that believes might is right and which flourished during Bush Jr's presidency. It was, in fact, taken from the reality of Palestinians today; the old Pal
I'd like to say something related to this about George Dubya Bush Jr & Sarah Palin but I won't. HEHEHE. It's 2015. ;-P
Jeb Bush was doing the bidding of the PNAC neoconservatives since back before W. Jr.
lol Ok you might want to start paying attention. He's done everything Bush Jr did and more.
George Bush Jr, *** Cheney, Rumsfeld and the GOP. This was all under their watch. And they toasted themselves as being decent human beings.
Jeb Bush clears decks for presidential run: Son and brother of former presidents divests himself of all his di...
Yall remember that rose bowl game with Reggie Bush and Vince Young?? Now that bowl game was the GOAT. never to be challenged
Pardon my language but, * NO. You have got to be kidding me. After the mess that Bush Sr and Bush Jr...
who is a national defense family, bush? Listerud? Mccain? Tuttle? Wells? Gripman? The names will surprise you if you can find out.
ecolab was dod until bush sold dod shares to china. Its 52% chinese owned and operated with high level dod secrets.
President Bush Jr is part of a Vampire Illuminati Bloodline !!! RELATED ...: via Cannibals!
Sr. & Jr Bush Presidency has been known for war. What Americans want from Jeb Bush as President?
The fact that Bush Jr and Reagan took all them days off shows me they were the pawnest of pawns.
Bush Jr done, and the Slitscanned Presidential Addresses thing seems to be a thing now. Next, Clinton!
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