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Bus Driver

A bus driver, bus operator or omnibus driver is a person who drives buses professionally. Bus drivers typically drive their vehicles between bus stations or stops.

CDL Bus Driver: Tired of city driving? Looking to stay closer to home? Looking for full time work with benefits? J…
We're Read about our latest opening here: Bus Driver - NY
can you do the honour of Thanking Fox on helping a Bus Driver who had a heart attack and diverted the bus from the public
Bus Driver: Does your mom not hang things on your fridge that you wrote or drew?. Me: I don't have a fridge. Ash: When you're poor af.
How Great is Jomo Sono receiving a Doctorate for being the Owner, Coach, Assistant Coach, Groundsman, Ballboy, Bus Driver of Jomo Cosmos FC?
He'll be telling us next that his Father was a immigrant Bus Driver & lived in a Council Flat!
remember that one time on band trip when Pam our bus driver stopped in the middle of the road to pee
I showed the bus driver my debit card and he let me on the bus. Didnt realize that it wasn't my access card till i sat down πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ
So the bus driver called me dear today
My shuttle bus driver called me Ethyl. My name is already old and chemistry-ish, let's not make it worse.
Naija Guy man bus driver allows me on the bus without no charge.. Game recognize Game! πŸ˜‚
Ha ha - that explains glitch... you deleted to re-edit... the bus with the Crunchie ad. Driver an a-hole.
So your mom was my bus driver and asked if I knew you but I said no bc I'm not like an avid follower but wow small world lol
TBF, bus driver seems unusually thoughtful and slows down
The driver knew bus was overbooked and felt bad.There should be another bus when that happens-not leave passengers stranded
Bus driver is going to make me hurl πŸ™Šβ˜ΉοΈπŸ˜·
Two kids peed their pants, the bus driver got lost & went an hour out of our way, & I'm starving. Being a day camp counselor is fun. πŸ˜„
Bus Driver honked for me to move, I refused. The next thing he said was "Hope say you never follow Buhari get Ear problem
Uuuh I'm on the bus but idk where the driver is taking us actually
First the driver let me on for free, but it was the wrong bus
Need your help. The driver of this bus was fired after saving lives.
Hey, on board bus 2236 right now and the passengers want to tell you that our driver rocks. Super-helpful, friendly guy.
Honestly my bus driver from my uk trip last summer is the most supportive person in my life
Our bus driver just tried to take us home, but we still have another game at 4:30...
Today we started at 9am. The bus came on time ... A Very nice bus with leather seats...Felipe our driver was...
Just overheard our bus driver say the bus is out of service and the breaks need to be changed. Luckily it's raining.
Our bus driver did donuts in the parking lot
Lol true . Bus driver is so lively . 😹
Actively upset with myself for forgetting to say thank you to the bus driver. :(
Dud you know thut as a Bruzbun suty bus driver, ufter 5 hrs of driving, I must take a break for 30 munutes!
Woodstock Police say they clocked a school bus with passengers on board speeding in the Friendly City.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I guess it's been a good day. I'm still alive. (Even though the bus driver did his best to change that twice)
Now has given us a bus driver who needs directions out of the Pentagon lot 😳
So the bus driver was rude to mom and dad this morning so naturally dad was the last person off the bus. He wasn't rude a…
Ummm who closes the door once the driver gets off the bus???
Bus driver tryna come at me like ew no 😭 and don't wink at me dawg
Well done to the bus driver.Seems to know more about Taxi laws than tfl.It's a free for all https:…
Lol, as I'm halfway through a sidewalk in JP, a bus passes through with the driver staring me down. Safety first?
Just said good morning to the bus driver
The look the bus driver gives you when you give them a Β£20 note
this bus driver told me I couldn't finish my banana on his bus but your girl was hungry
The driver on the WB King BUS # 7642 is amazing. She's a gem. Great customer service
Omg this bus driver is the best. Pedal to the metal. Making every light (though from my seat I can't confirm if they were all green) πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ½
Kid called me for lunch at Bay Ctr. Coupla ladies runnin for bus n I told driver. I hope they made it
Last day of school on Mr. Andy's Bus! Great person and bus driver! Enjoyed working with him…
Yes, there is a bus stop hiding in a tree. My bus just stopped at it, but another driver didn't on Monday
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Bus driver character introduced at early stage. Story of Sadiq Khan to Biteback via
We are putting gold plated water fountains in the new schools, it will only cost 8 teachers and a bus driver.
My bus driver is the spitting image of Gino Dicampo
Good people always get screwed! One fine day I gave my seat to an old lady on the bus and then I got fired from my job…
Thank you for follow-up has been Thank you thank you train driver of the bus in Takayama of Japan.
[Job interview]. Interviewer: Do you have any questions?. Me: Who closes the door when the bus driver gets off the bus?. Inte…
Can you recommend anyone for this Bus Driver - UT
SMS "of the Years"... Seth Pierce - Teacher Assistant of the Year. Stephanie Williams - Bus Driver of the Year...
The good old time when I was playing Tony Hawk Underground with the song Bus Driver jamming out in the background
Fidel Castro also murdered a Bus Driver by the name of Miguel Saez. This was yrs. before the Batista takeover.
Get ready for this bumpy ride! Bus Driver 3D Hill Station waiting at the peak! $TAPM. GPlay
Hear 'Snowmageddon' experiences stranded on turnpike from Bus Driver's view. Carmen Russo joins me...
a Bus Driver about 7 years , the last 2 yrs, I started noticing much activity in County Trans Dept.
Delicious entree or Bus Driver for the Spice Girls? You decide.
Bus Driver (Part-time): GA-Decatur, DRIVERS The Housing Authority of DeKalb County has an openin...
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Bus Driver, Hatfield: We require a Number of Bus Drivers to work on long and…
As if I just said you *** to the bus driver instead of thank you because I was typing it😭
Today is SCHOOL BUS DRIVER APPRECIATION DAY! We love ALL of our Drivers and truly appreciate how hard they work at keeping students safe.
This bus driver is pretty cool too, hes actually got music on and loud enough so you can hear itπŸ‘€
This bus driver gets on my nerves..
It's not just one driver and been @ a wk. Causes a mess at bus bay cuz no one knows if they should line up or enter back doors.
tip 5 of Whn loading stand away frm the curb until ur bus has come 2 a full stop & driver has opened the doors
An angry rider threw urine in an NYC bus driver's face.
Son. My bus driver hit another persons car and now the whole bus has to get off and either walk or wait for another. πŸ˜‚ cmon man.
The morning I'm running early, the bus driver doesn't stop at the health science center😊
Kudos for 74 driver for allowing me to get into the bus few meters away from bus stop because got late ;w;
Nearly tearful lady on my bus talking to bus driver about bus driver ahead of us who wouldn't let her on. Huzzah
Either the bus driver forgets to stop, doesn't come, or comes super late, and the bus company and school don't do anything. It's ridiculous.
ADVISE deficiency on bus 8330 (SB 90B) rear right window will not remain closed, driver advised. 0739 hrs.
When your bus driver rear ends someone and you're already late to class
Do u no hate it when your half way up the stairs on the bus and the driver breaks and you go flying :/
I told my nephew that imma say something to his bus driver for being late he talking bout no aunty just give her another chance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bus driver been stopped for 6 minutes at library. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’. The day josh wants to be good is the day this *** makes me late.
Tomorrow, October 22nd, is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Take a moment to thank your driver for all they do.
Really thanks for the bus 161 driver for letting me sit free ride from sengkang to woodlands 😌
34 Weeks Pregnant and Falling Over on and a driver with a shortage of kindness
so tired of mr Paul fat *** stopping this bus every time he see another fuxking bus driver
Got to be at work in 5 mins and the bus driver just got off to go to the ATM and went into the bakery :l
Today is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day - a big S/O to our transportation staff - you are the BEST!
School Bus Safety Week & Driver Appreciation Day! Thanks to bus drivers for keeping our kiddos safe!
Driver dies after bus with 29 passengers crashes -
So I'm just chillin on the bus omw to campus when the bus driver hits the car in front of us! Looks like I'm gonna be late to classπŸ˜‚
Happy School Bus Driver Appreciation Day! A "thank you" goes a long way to the people who ensure our safety every day! 🚌🚌🚌
Frazlin' ridiculous...πŸ˜’ Whatta group of monsters, forcing a 12yr old to select method of death: machete or bridge.
Check out our excerpt of Etgar Keret's "The Story About a Bus Driver Who Wanted to Be God" ht…
this bus driver bought the great Detroit documentary dvd it's available on amazon
Pay is at heart of bus driver shortage, a former union representative writes: https:…
My bus driver just hit somebody, the girl car not even messed up but I understanding wanting a check.
Can't ever be on time dealing with the bus driver πŸ˜’
Shouts out the my brand new bus driver who's choosing to wait for this big *** boat to go by and adding 20 min to our commute
Bus Driver (2 positions) needed in at Airport Security Parking. Apply now!
As I was leaving the bus, Me: sir they're loud back there you should write them up? Bus driver: don't worry I'll shoot them
40 people waiting for the 13:30 bus departing from Newcastle to Oxford and still no bus driver? Any ideas?
When the bus driver turns up trying to drown out our beautiful singing! πŸ˜‚
Police: Man threw urine in bus driver's face in New York
Good start to the day when you're hauling *** to make the bus and a Good Samaritan getting off makes sure the driver waits for you.
Bus Driver Appreciation Day! Thank them for children's safe transportation! And do your part!
I think the bus driver is trying to suffocate us all.
My bus driver looks like Brantley Gilbert 😐 well this shall be interesting
When a bus driver sees a group of people get off one bus and cross the road to get on the other bus, but drives off before anyone gets on 😑
Hamilton Collection
Coach crash happened between Dungarvan and Youghal; appears bus driver may av had heart attack
This bus driver got a slick back with some curls in the front πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Day 3: You saw everything.I was supposed to be hit by a bus driver but someone saved me.Maybe it was you coz I felt your presence.I love you
They gave us a bus driver that don't know how to get to the school πŸ˜…πŸ˜©πŸ’€
Bus driver could face charges after crash in Bullhead City
some *** asked the bus driver to turn on the air and I'm freezing
This isnt even the bus I need to take. Only got on because the bus driver has quality banter.
US politicians: I was the son of a bus driver. Only in America would such opportunity be possible. Maduro: I was an actual …
Wilmington NC - Bus Driver - As a leader in early childhood education in the SE Childcare Network is currently...
.hit the road with and introduce you to Bobby the Bus Driver and the Road Kill Grill.
Check out this Cook/Bus Driver at Childtime Learning Centers in
New Job Bank Listing for a Bus Driver! More info at
See our latest OK and click to apply: History Teacher (Middle School)/Bus Driver; ASL... -
Bus Driver Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: The Bus Driver provides safe transportation of groups or ...
I can already tell Connor Cook is not a Bus Driver. He is making some pretty exciting throws.
Died on this day: Jackie Cooper, Suzy Parker, Jimmy Gardner (Ernie the Bus Driver), Christine Jorgensen, Robert Alda, Robert De Niro Sr.
So the bus was late, not very, but still late, then the bus driver just randomly stopped to roll a *** .. I have a train to catch ya ***
I doubt this lady is even a bus driver
Everyone is an alpha male until they get slumped with a Bus Driver Uppercut
The bus driver I had back to the airport from WDW was so bad that I felt sick by the time I got there.
DTC gets its first woman bus driver: 30-year old Saritha from Telangana. Read More-
Dreamt that was my replacement bus driver and I distracted him & we went scary off roading in a tour bus.
NOT impressed by 65 bus driver who DIDN'T stop for me in Brentford.
Shout out to the super banterous bus driver of number 24 to Ballinluig 🚌
Mugabes motorcade in an accident coz of a bus driver is alrdi n nt frm the crush..
The bus window has now smashed and the driver is still driving down the east lancs. can your service BE any worse!
Bus driver charged with assault says she won't resign from Des Moines city council
& now I'm stuck listening to Spanish music that the bus driver is jamming out to
your driver of the replacement bus service on the 1532 from walkden to Salford central is swearing and driving aggressively
I've finished work, heading home. Generally even if I was working we're booked pass on a bus.
I am alone on the bus . there isn't even a bus driver
"Sun comes out and Burnley turns into Benidorm!"
Everyone on the party bus bring some money to tip the driver thanks!
This bus driver has the most annoying music ever smh
Gave my banda mixtape to the bus driver and this happened...
Bus driver jamming to Trap Queen in his ear buds
Don't cry because it's over, smile because for a few miles they believed you were the real bus driver.
i was in utter disgust. Your driver was not letting me on the bus even though i threw my kfc in the bin
I was getting on the 16:14 bus to riverside, northampton where the bus driver YELLED at me because i had KFC
For the customers. I'm sure drivers are less pleased. Also this:
BMTC bus driver refuses to drive, says he can’t balance the vehicle till it is completely full up to last footboard. http:/…
Just got video of brothers using emergency escapes to get off bus after driver stopped by crashing bus. htt…
The bus driver called police and she was returned safely to her family
you give a bus driver a Β£20 note, he will look at you as if you have just murdered his entire family.
Bus driver stopped his bus, which was full of passengers, to comfort a bullied girl he saw crying on the footpath. htt…
that bus hit an actual person. She seemed ok, but still the driver had a duty of care. Didn't even get out & check.
The bus driver just drove straight past me
I sucked up my bus driver hair balls
When a bus passes you while it's just on fire and the bus driver just keeps driving😳
Game delayed because a bus driver overslept! Sammy at would NEVER let that happen to us!
.is looking for a Bus Driver. High School diploma and 1-2 years exp. req. .
The most pirated game online right now is "Bus Driver," a simulator of bus driving that rewards you for driving as reckless as possible.
Excuse me Mr. Bus Driver could you stop the bus while I finish up sending this on snapchat? Thanks.
"there's nothing better than a Les Paul" -Bus Driver who looks like she has never even touched a guitar before
In line with comedy names matching jobs at Sevco, they would like to welcome new kit man Archie McSkidmark, and Bus Driver, Fireman Sam
RIP Tom Pritchard, affectionately known on the Hill and at in the 1980s-2000 as "Tom the Bus Driver"
Bus Driver: What kind of car are you driving?. Female employee: Black Ram 1500. Bus Driver: Are you sure you could handle something that big?πŸ˜‚
My little 98 Ford Ranger "which happens to be my Oldest and Favorite Vehicle" got clipped by a Ennis School Bus today. Just a minor incident and Thank God that everyone was ok. My truck was parked in front of the house and no one actually saw the incident. But the Bus Driver actually Stopped and Knocked on the door and told my Wife that he had hit the truck. May God Bless that Bus Driver for being an Honest Human Being! And by the way, I still drove it to work tonight!
GOOD MORNING Are you a maid or garden boy in Avondale, Makeni, Kabulonga, Chelstone, Olympia, Rhodes Park, Northmead, Kabwata, Chalala or any other place and you are working hard trying to rise up money for school or business? My brother and my sister please keep it up God is with you! You shall achieve your goals. Just stay focused and determined. Never give up in life! One day you shall be a somebody! There is a garden boy i know in Olympia. He is writing his grade 12 exam now. He does his revision in the night. During the day after knocking off from School, he performs his duties as a garden boy and every free time he gets a book and starts revising. Are you a security guard or a cleaner? Are you selling Salaula or Ma Bonzo or half Chicken "Pay slow?" Are you a Taxi or Mini-Bus Driver or Co.Driver(Kondacta) and everytime fighting for passengers and shouting like Matero/Lilanda! Or Chelstone/Avondale! Are you washing cars or selling Newspapers or Airtime to make a living? Are you selling Tomatoes, Bean ...
I went down to City Hall Archives to find out who was the very first Bus Driver in San Francisco. It is our own Terri Lipman, 83 years ago, good going Terri.
THANK YOU! My 1st Annual Opening Day @ The Races would not have been a success without each of you! Though I've already privately thanked you, I want to publicly let you know how much I APPRECIATE each of YOU and pray your life, business, gifts & talent continue to grow and prosper beyond what your mind can imagine!! You're already booked for next year!!!- Patrick L Turner (Party Bus Driver), Barry Thomas (DJ), & Vince Givens (Mixologist/Bartender) Also, Rochelle Porter (Photographer) who stopped by to take some shots of us!!
Bus Driver (Rancho Cordova) part-time Looking for a licensed bus driver for Northstar Rancho Cordova Senior community. PT- 24 to 30 hours a week, possibly one day on the weekend. Job requires driving residents to and from doctor's appointments, shopping, banking trips and outings. Must have a Class B license with Passenger Endorsement. Applicants need to apply at: Northstar Rancho Cordova, 2341 Vehicle Dr., Rancho Cordova NO PHONE CALLS,PLEASE!
Anas want Nicola to sign a pledge! He begins by writing: " from deputy to deputy" Erm, no Anas, from Bus Driver, to Deputy First Minister.
MA Patch Daily: Juveniles Sentenced to Life to Get Chance at Parole, Bus Driver in Frightening Crash Fired, One...
I'm that Guy from the show (Madea's Family Reunion) you knw tha Bus Driver (Boris Kodjoe).Yea that's Me.The Nice Guy, The Guy who always finish Last, The guy that wouldn't Hurt You, The Guy that will always Love You, The Guy that will always be there.Yea That Me :D :) ;)
Franklin Elementary School's Bus Driver of the Year is Jessie Smith. We love you, Ms. Jessie!
I think their Bus Driver is a little lost! Waco is a little bit South of bound.
Chinese Man wants Bus Driver to open door for him to board bus in the middle of Serangoon Road "29th March, 2014 - This afternoon, a drunk Chinese man kicked and cursed at the SBS Transit bus near Serangoon Road/Little India for no apparent reason. He also tried to destroy the external fixtures of the bus. Luckily the bus driver did not open the doors, otherwise he might have tried to assault the driver. Held up the bus for 20 minutes and caused a jam. Before the bus drove off, the man hits another BMW who was passing by. Transit operator and police were informed." Bao dou by: Samuel
M68!: Morning News Wrap. Good Morning. Here is the News. Gangs in Sydney are using problem gamblers as drug mules. Drunken violence down says Sydney Police. Mission to find Black Box of MH370 underway. Angus Houston now leading the International Search effort. The Aussie wife of missing MH370 passenger Paul Weeks was sickened to receive a text from Malaysian Air saying her husband had not survived. Husband suspect in Victoria double killing. Bus Driver on the Gold Coast punched in the head. A female drunk driver who crashed in Melbourne had a 3 year old in the car. Federal Govt has pledged another $115 million for homeless funding. Golf ball size hail hits Sydney causing the roof of the Katoomba hospital to collapse. 20 rescued from broken Perth Chairlift. Vic celebrity match honours Luke Batty. North Korea will not rule out a nuclear test. Magnitude 4 quake shakes NZ. Magnitude 4.1 after shocks shake LA. Woman has surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence. Angelina Jolie moved to tears as she spoke to rape ...
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