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Burt Ward

Burt Ward (born Bert John Gervis, Jr.; July 6, 1945) is an American television actor and activist.

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Burt Ward the yellow power ranger at loved working with these fine actors! ht…
It’s Adam West and Burt Ward, not Adam West and STEVE Ward
Return of the caped crusaders is exactly that and recently released. . Adam West AND burt ward AN…
All that said, if they really do have to do a Watchmen show, cast Lynda Carter as Silk Spectre I and Burt Ward as Nite-Owl I
See my collection on And win a Blu-ray set of the Batman TV show signed by Adam West & Burt Ward. https:/…
Adam West and Burt Ward filming a scene in the Batboat.
Burt Ward and Adam West on the set of Batman.
Last summer, I made the trip to to meet Adam West and Burt Ward. I'm really glad that I did.…
The hippest, grooviest Batman of them all, Adam West. Here with his Robin, Burt Ward, out of costume.
Adam West and Burt Ward on the set of the movie Batman, 1966...
Billy Mumy and Angela Cartwright (Lost in Space cast members) visit Burt Ward on the Batman set at 20th Century Fox…
Watching celebrity family feud 1983: the cast of Gilligan's Island versus the cast of Batman (feat: Adam West, Burt Ward, & Vincent Price)
51 years ago tonight.Cesar Romero and Jane Wald in "The Joker Trumps an Ace" on 'Batman' starring Adam West & Burt Ward on
Confession: For the longest time I thought Fred Ward and Burt Ward were the same person and that the guy in Remo Williams used to play Robin
BAT-CLIMB! Love this 1966 BATMAN TV show behind-the-scenes pic of Adam West and Burt Ward rehearsing with Sammy Davis J…
Happy Birthday to , Kevin Hart, Fred Dryer, Burt Ward, Tia and Tamera, Eva Green. Today was also Nancy Reagan...
Burt Ward believes 'had no idea' he was going to die
Mike Parry's 'Burt Ward is dead' gaffe has to be one of the most amusing things I ever heard😂..…
Anyone else notice the photo they use for 66 on is the stunt doubles and not & Burt Ward?
Trivia: Only Burt Ward (Robin) and Joe E. Tata (unnamed Goon) are alive from the 1960s Batman series.
I kind of hope Burt Ward will become Mayor now.
Will Burt Ward be elected the new mayor of Quahog?.
Mystery, comedy, documentary, biopic... a fascinating look at the talents of Adam West and Burt Ward. Things you ne…
I know Burt Ward is still alive & so is one of the actresses who played Cat Woman. Everyone else has passed away.
In "Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights," Burt Ward recalls his day w/ West at Topanga Canyon's Sandstone nud…
RIP Adam West:. Born 1928. Died 2017. Same for the anchor reporting the story and Burt Ward.
Burt Ward, who played Robin opposite Adam West's remembers his co-star: "He was truly the Bright Knight"
Batman ran for 120 episodes on the ABC network from January 12, 1966, to March 14, 1968. It stars Adam West as Batman &…
yes, Burt Ward is alive.. in fact, he and his wife run a rescue for giant breed dogs in California
Adam West's costars pay tribute to the Bright Knight.
Adam West and Burt Ward reunited for TV movie in 2003 - Palm Beach Post: Palm Beach Post Adam West
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So sad, there are just two main actors from 1966-68 Batman TV series who are still with us. Burt War…
Burt Ward aka Robin part of the original dynamic duo remembers his friend Adam West
I met him at ECCC a few years ago when he and Burt Ward came. One of those moments where you want…
Adam West's 'Bright Knight' was the best Batman ever - CNET
Me too. Adam West was my childhood hero. I have the graphic novel "Shadow of the Bat" autographed…
'Robin' on Adam West: I miss him dearly. burt ward on his passing.
Photos: Adam West, alongside co-star, Burt Ward, on the set of Batman: The Movie (1966) -
The New Adventures of Batman is a cartoon that aired on CBS from February 12 to May 28, 1977, with the voices of Adam W…
'Robin' Burt Ward on I miss him dearly.
Thankfully reports of Robin's (Burt Ward) death have been greatly exaggerated. He's now 71. Kapow!
Right, because I haven't been screaming into my pillow all day and plotting to form a…
You guys missed Burt Ward by that much
Adam West, Burt Ward, and the George Barris Batmobile. It doesn't get much better.
I never met Adam West but I met Burt Ward (Robin) and Frank Sutton (Sgt Carter) when I was young and broke my arm.…
Just saw Burt Ward (Robin from the 60s Batman TV show) is gonna be the grand marshall in the GG Strawberry Festival Parade. I must go!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Adam West and Burt Ward batman movie has molded me into the person I am today
Tut tut! The Pharaoh is in a rut! BoobToobAThon continues with 60's Batman: Starring Adam West and Burt Ward: Episode 28.
It's the caped crusader! BoobToobAThon continues with 60's Batman starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Episode 27: The Curse of Tut.
Burt Ward is/was amazing as Robin. Got to meet him in Miami car show w/Batmobile! Such a nice guy and polite too!
I still prefer Adam West and Burt Ward! I'm old school Batman!
Burt Ward & Adam West on the set of Batman, 1966
I'm so going to pester Burt Ward until he says his catchphrase from Batman.
Tracy Ward shared Brady Rhoades post:. Robin of "Batman" fame -- his name is Burt Ward -- has been named...
He kinda looks like Burt Ward from the 1960s Batman show.
Lee Meriwether aka the CATWOMAN from the 1966 BATMAN movie will be joining Adam West & Burt Ward at TERRIFICON on AUG 18…
do you get the original tv show Batman in India with Adam West & Burt Ward?
Bat Signal all Batman fans Burt Ward is the grand Marshall for the Garden Grove Strawberry…
Hear talk about all things Batman with Burt Ward!
Holy Cow Batman, Burt Ward, the original Robin, is taking on The Inside this morning!
With Adam West,Julie Newmar,Lee Meriwether,Burt Ward and yours truly at Batman's last hurrah🙀
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What if Burt Ward became Nightwing what if Ras Al ghul was in Batman 66 how w…
Someone needs to remake a live-action Batman 66 and cast Adam West & Burt Ward as Gordon and Chief O'Hara. YOU KNOW…
Now watching: BATMAN 🦇... 1966 staring Adam West and Burt Ward ..I know it's corny but it's funny !
Today's Buzz 24/7 we are joined by Burt Ward - aka Robin from the Batman tv series, plus our favorite part of the...
Arguably the best Batman ever Adam West with the boy wonder Burt Ward the definitive 60s hit sensation
Future Guest Alert: fans..Burt Ward will be on the D93 morning show next week. @ WDNS FM…
Frank Gorshin as the Riddler and Burt Ward as Robin in Batman 1966
Holy leotard, Batman! Burt Ward, Robin to the Caped Crusader, joins The Musers at 9:20.
Well done and It was Charlie Adam, Taribo West, Liam Burt and Mark Ward to make Adam West and Burt Ward.
Adam West & Burt Ward talk about upcoming sequel to Return of the Caped Crusaders .
Burt Ward shared Howard Becker's Comment:. Casey and Dillon love this food. Scott D. Mc Donough The best darn dog...
will there be package deals for the guests like in the past? Specifically Matt Smith and Adam West/Burt Ward.
Burt Ward never played Tim Drake during The 60s Batman Show,Movie or anything related to it! And Nightwing didn't exsit back then! 👿
this summer summer I'm going to Boston comic con Tim Curry is going to there plus Adam West & Burt Ward :)
Here's pictures of Adam West and Burt Ward instead of crappy Batman rumors.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Any chance Adam West and Burt Ward might come to a Winnipeg con this year? 😁
and lastly WalkerStalker Chicago with The Walking Dead & cast from Gotham and The Hollywood Show next door, Adam West & Burt Ward
And lastly Walker Stalker/Heroes and Villians , huge cast with Gotham and Hollywood Show across the street , Adam West, Burt Ward
Holy Mackeral Batman! This incredibly detailed quarter scale figure has the perfect likeness of the actor Burt Ward…
Burt Ward, "Robin." I learned from the Gilbert Gottfried podcast that he now runs a charity for dogs & has 50 dogs…
I don't see on television the kind of blood and guts and body parts blown a...
have you seen it? It's a cartoon movie of Batman from the original tv series with Adam West & Burt Ward.
Van Williams died? how am I going to feel when Adam West or Burt Ward kick the big one? (Don't even think about it 2016)
During Green Ice/Deep Freeze, Burt Ward was severely burned. He tried to hide it, but his bandaged right forearm ca…
We found that just by the way we stood, affected women dramatically, a...
Kato (Bruce Lee!) and the Green Hornet on set with Batman (Adam West!) and Robin (Burt Ward!), 1960s.
Scenes from the final episode of with Adam West, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Burt Ward and William Smith as
Adam West, Burt Ward spill Batman secrets in new interview
They say never judge a book by its cover - if you are looking at a book with Burt Ward on the front there is a chance it's not about Peru.
Adam West, Burt Ward, & Julie Newmar return for a new story, but is worth it?…
Update your maps at Navteq
After 50 years, Adam West and Burt Ward reunite in new animated movie: "Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders."…
'Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders' reunites Adam West, Burt Ward in animated movie
Gadzooks, Adam West and Burt Ward have reunited as Batman and Robin again! 💥
The perfect antidote to the political blahs: Batman reunites Adam West, Burt Ward as animated Caped Crusaders
November 1st, return to the Bat-Cave with Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar!
Here's a perfect one for a Throwback Thursday: Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar are reprising their famous "Batman" roles in the new
. Yep... I voted for Mr. Cesar Romero of Batman classics starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
Burt Ward teases upcoming 'Batman' project with Adam West
Looking forward to the Adam West/Burt Ward animated Batman movie, though!
Adam West and Burt Ward on the Batman TV series 1960s
American actors Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as *** Grayson/Robin in the TV series…
Check out the 1st trailer for the new animated movie featuring the voices of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar! https:…
One of the first movies I ever saw was 'Batman,' based on the TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward.
After giving studio-provided biographies of Adam West, Burt Ward, Burgess Meredith, and Frank Gorshin, the magazine remarks tha…
The same age as Burt Ward was during Batman
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Adam West, Burt Ward, and Alan Napier in the 1966 look more like their comic counterparts than any other actors to portray them.
Worth it to hear Adam West & Burt Ward's commentary over it too. That was great!
Havent seen such a magnificent duo dominate the press since Adam West and Burt Ward were Batman & Robin.
this year there is supposed to be an animated Batman movie with Adam West and Burt Ward doing the voices.
I say this as a Batman fan from waaay back in the day. In the 80s I got up at 4 a.m. to watch Adam West and Burt Ward.
Grabbed the fantastic Burt Ward of Robin from
So...did Burt Ward "tuck" when he was dressed as because there was no happening whatsoever
all Batman or just that show? that's funny because Burt Ward had to take reduction pills because of his costume.
Oh dear... What happened to Burt Ward who played Robin in the 1960's TV classic Batman & Robin?. 😳
Interesting tidbit about that Batgirl ad. Yvonne Craig (Batgirl) made way more than Burt Ward (Robin).
Check out this Equal Pay PSA from 1974 featuring Yvonne Craig & Burt Ward (and *** Gautier as Batman)
Watch what Buzz does live on a big Friday show. Brooke Shields and Burt Ward will be interviewed on the show
Happy 70th Birthday to Burt Ward, the original actor to play in the TV show, ~ Art by Edgar Tadeo
ICYMI: Meet & Burt Ward at as part of their final convention tour!
Who wants to donate $110 so I can meet Burt ward and Adam West at motor city comic con this summer??
still looks like Robin, the Burt Ward TV version.
The memorable series of Batman and his Batmobile beautiful performers Adam West and Burt Ward.
There is something mesmerizing about watching Christie play Burt Ward to Donald Trump that makes me shout, "Holy Haberdashery!"
American actors Adam West as Bruce Wayne/and Burt Ward as...
1968: ABC tv aired the last episode of "Batman." The series starred Adam West & Burt Ward as the caped crusaders.
In 1968, after two seasons ABC-TV showed the final episode of Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward.
Burt Ward played Robin in the year 1966
BURT WARD as ROBIN BATMAN behind the scenes with LOST IN SPACE 8X10 PHOTO
So Adam West AND Burt Ward will be PLUS and from Yeah. I'll be there too..
Adam West and Burt Ward. We just got the complete series on Blu Ray, and am in…
Adam West, Burt Ward, and Neil Hamilton are the only actors to appear in all 120 episodes.
That time Robin got Lost in Space and ran into Will & Penny Robinson :) (Burt Ward meets Bill Mummy and Angela...
I like to protect children. I mean, there's nothing wrong with having adult...
I saw a lady wearing a 'baby on board' badge on the weekend. I immediately sang 'baby on board, something something Burt Ward' in my head 😳
When I was 6 this was the coolest TV show. Loved it just as much later when it worked on a whole other level. . http…
Follow-up to my post that Trump is like Burgess Meredith as the Penguin: Jeb and Rubio are Adam West, Burt Ward.
Well, Bruce Lee was a far better actor than Burt Ward...
Could this be "A Clue, A Clue!" about TBBT200 story?: Holy golden anniversary, 'Batman'! Classic TV show turns 50.
Spring is here! Unless you mean Burt Ward & Chris O'Donnell. If that's the case, weird.
more explosions, Fred Ward, and Burt though!
Burt Ward possibly auditioning for the role of Robin the Boy Wonder, 1960s.
Bruce Lee and Van Williams once appeared on Batman--much to the dismay of a young Burt Ward
Burt Ward (as Robin) and Adam West (as Batman) on the set of the Batman movie, 1966
Holy announcement Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward will be at this year!!
Comic-Con this year already sounds amazing. Only two guests announced but they are Adam West and Burt Ward aka 1960s Batman and Robin!!
Do I now own a still from the Batman '66 movie signed by Adam West, Burt Ward, Lee Meriwether, and Frank Gorshin? WHAT DO YOU THINK!?
Last movie 2015 for me. 1966 Batman Adam West, Burt Ward & Lee Meriwether. Astor Theatre Melbourne
Batman was never the same after Burt Ward left over money and the writers had Cesar Romero crowbar him Jason Todd style
Watching old Batman tv classic with Adam West and Burt Ward on dvd. Fun, a hoot!
Please tell me that Telltale's Batman game is going to be about Adam West. "You stole a scene. Burt Ward will remember this..."
Order Miche Bag Online!
. "Maybe it was all those wild times that kept me young". - Burt Ward
Original 8 x 10 Signed Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin
Lee deliberately missing Burt Ward (or his stand-in) with the rapid fire punches and roundhouse kicks is hilarious.
Also I went to a small con over the weekend and saw Adam West and Burt Ward and Nichelle Nichols and Matthew Wood there
are you coming to see us at this weekend?? what a list of appearances Adam West, Burt Ward, AND Julie Newmar
Hey if Your Australian and want Adam West and Burt Ward to come to Australia,please follow this link…
Excited, got the our tickets and room set for Steel City Comicon this coming weekend, gonna be a blast. Adam West, Burt Ward, Bret Hart!
If he were here, Burt Ward would applaud your phrasing.
original painting I just finished and signed by and Burt Ward. http:…
Working away - can't wait to go home and watch Adam West and Burt Ward in the 1960's Batman television series 😎 (a…
he'll get one chance, that is all, but you'll never top the Adam West portrayal of batman with Burt Ward as his trusty sidekick
Holy Crap, Batman... Robin is 70!. Happy birthday to Burt Ward. pic:
I'm watching the original Batman movie with Adam West and Burt Ward, my how the times have changed.
Adam West and Burt Ward have never looked this bad *** Only from Jim Lee.
Happy birthday burt ward you legend 😂
That's right, we're going to have Adam West and Burt Ward play Batman and Robin one more time in animation. Best toon era in ages!
Adam West, Burt guys have never looked better!. -Nightwing
Wow... Jim Lee does not draw a good Adam West and Burt Ward.
Did I ever tell you about the time & Burt Ward saved me from aliens?
Burt Shavitz dies, aged 80. "A good day, is when no one shows up and you don’t have to go anywhere." -
Photoset: longlivethebat-universe: Happy Birthday Burt Ward who is celebrating his 70th birthday today 
Happy Birthday Burt Ward, who played *** Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, in & more!
Happy Birthday, Robin. Burt Ward turns 70 today. At that age, is he still the "Youthful Ward?"
Happy 70th birthday Burt Ward! Read why this Boy Wonder made 'Batman' iconic in the 1960s
Holy Houdini! -Burt Ward as Robin in Batman, the movie, 1966
Forever Robin! . Burt Ward is 70 years young today.
I can do voices now! 2! 1. Burt Ward's Robin. 2. Lego movies Batman. XD I can make them talk to each other and batman sure does hate him
Let's be honest, the only Batman movie worth watching is the original one with Adam West and Burt Ward 💅🏻
Thanks Colin. It's got article in with Adam West and Burt Ward jumping about on the roof garden of LWT and talking to Sally lol 😃
Why is there not a Batman '66 game yet? This needs to happen. A lot. and Burt Ward could voice themselves!
has kinda ruined my life a little. I just saw a "baby onboard" sticker and I immediately sang "Something something, Burt Ward"
So far, we have Burt Ward, Sean Whalen, Scott Schwartz, and Christy Carlson Romano. Who's next?
I once had a crush on Burt Ward. I don't anymore.
Actually it was Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, but Burt was instrumental in their eradication on numerous occasions.
if it's anything like Burt Ward mentioned re HIS exploits, on your Podcast/Panel, I should think it's a LOT!
I think they're making an animated Batman '66 movie with Adam West and Burt Ward reprising their roles!
Return to the Batcave The Misadventures of Adam and Burt (2003) Adam West, Burt Ward, Jack Brewer
I remember who Burt Ward is because I got his autograph when I was in 2nd grade
True, but inconsequential, Wolter fact: I have google every time I mention Burt Young to be sure I don't mean Burt Ward, and vice versa.
🎶Baby on board something something Burt Ward🎶 :)
if anyone got a video of the Burt Ward "Robin" Q&A please send it to me
yeah. Sadly Adam West wasn't there, but he is going with Burt Ward to Tampa in July. I am considering going to that
The grey knight: Burt Ward and Adam West announce animated Batman film: Stars of the 1960s TV show reveal they...
no relation to walbanger Turner Ward but possibly related to Burt "Robin" Ward
I know that it's nothing you have control over but I am very disappointed Burt Ward is charging 60.00 per autograph.
trust me, i'm as insane as they come. But she was at a panel with Burt Ward, and even he was weirded out by her comments.
Adam West and Burt Ward by the Batcave original TV portrait photo 1966 Batman
I didn't know Adam West and Burt Ward did a Batman movie back in 1966. — watching Batman (1966 film) at Mimi &...
Oh my god, all this makes me wanna watch it again, Adam West & Burt Ward were funny on & off screen doing the TV series
I watched a movie about Burt Ward & what happened on the set of the TV series, about his umm shorts, is that the story?
any of you hear the stories about Burt Ward when he played Robin?
Nothing like watching the original batman movie with Adam West and Burt ward
This week's Netflix review is from 1966, starring Adam West and Burt Ward!
Tune in to 96.7 Merle FM WMYL I hear that Burt Ward will be on for an interview shortly talking about this weeks Fanboy Expo! ;)
I would have slipped it to Burt Ward back in the day.
You got that right! Thought it was Burt Ward and Adam West at first glance. Photo courtesy
You missed a huge event on your report on . Huge comicon in Irving. We are meeting Stan Lee, Burt Ward and Adam West.
Adam West and Burt Ward and I were laughing about it as well. It morphed into I threw bacon at her. Total lie.
any idea what Adam West and Burt ward are charging for autos?
Adam West and Burt Ward are awesome favorite Quote "Gee Willikers Batman they get us surrounded" and that is another reason why I'm single
re: TDs shout out- one of the best, Burt 'Robin' Ward was considered for Benjamin in the Graduate. Instead-dead career
Even Adam West and Burt Ward are getting in on this slot machine thing. @ El Cortez-east Fremont Street
My Batman script signed by Adam West and Burt Ward arrived today :3 its the whole script to "Joker is…
Stairs though! Should be a big pole - for those of us who remember Adam West & Burt Ward! ;-)
Burt the soles of my feet by dancing on hot tarmac ow ow ow
who's hotter, Adam West or burt ward??
I was disappointed that Adam West and Burt Ward didn't burst onto the scene and finish the fight
Might set up a to make a live-action of this. Someone contact Burt Ward! Get my latte!
Holy semicentennial, Batman! Adam West and Burt Ward will voice an animated Batman film
Burt Ward's giant *** shine on the Batman Slot Machine. @ Sheraton Puerto Rico…
A kn*b? The tributes that show Aidy Ward is wrong about .
fun fact: Burt Ward's package in the Robin costume was so large it received active complaints
It was a great Honor to meet and Burt Ward. You guys where awesome.
However, I want these socks in my picture with Adam West and Burt Ward
Were you wondering what Burt Ward, TV's Robin, was doing these days? He's flogging dog food, apparently.
Have you heard about the new Batman 60s animated film Burt Ward says is coming?
Adam West and Burt Ward to reprise roles as Batman and Robin for 50th anniversary film. // Heh, it's animated.
Batman is my fav too. I will hopefully be able to meet Adam West and Burt Ward at in just over a week
Photoset: gameraboy: Adam West and Burt Ward Set to Return to Animated Batman ‘66 movie
Holy 1966! Adam West and Burt Ward to Star in a New Animated Batman Movie! -
*sigh* So a set of resin figures that look look Adam West and Burt Ward mean that I have to re-buy this model:
The Knoxville fanboy expo is being called the Knoxville ComicCon. We are having Adam West AND Burt Ward as guests.
Photo : vintagegal: Adam West and Burt Ward in Batman episode “Hot off the Griddle”, 1966
Adam West, Burt Ward (maybe) doing (another) animated 'Batman,' but no one mentions Bat-Mite: h…
Got Batman: The Movie (Adam West & Burt Ward - my favorite dynamic duo!!) in from Netflix today. Can't wait to introduce my nephews to it!
You know sports talk is slow when you're talking jorts, and debating the greatest mustache. My Vote is Burt.
it's out of control. I can't help but read it like Burt Ward's Robin. Why is everyone so surprised?!
Adam West and burt ward team up for new 'batman' animated film
Adam West and Burt Ward? In my hometown? Yes the kids and I will be there and we can't wait! Been waiting for...
When I become a billionaire I'll buy their miserable city and rename it "KaPoway" and the mayor will be Burt Ward.
Batman Signed by Batman & Robin Actors Adam West and Burt Ward 8x10 Photo
GODZILLA! Burt Ward, Adam West, Stan Lee, and a couple others were there last year but I didn't see any lol oops
Billie Piper, Adam West, Burt Ward, Carrie Fisher, & Barbara Eden. I want 3 more but not sure about timing
John Astin, Burt Ward, and Adam West...Look into those guys
Burt Ward as Robin for the Batman TV series c. 1960s
Vintage '60s: Filming an episode of "Batman" with Burt Ward and Adam West.
What about a line of tradition glasses with the likes of Coach Bowden, Burt Reynolds, Charlie Ward?
Adam West, Burt Ward promise return to Batman and Robin
Burt ward as Robin could wreck my hole js like raw without lube wreck me
Animated Batman '66 Film Coming Next Year with Adam West and Burt Ward - SuperHeroHype
unfortunately he & Burt Ward sign only a pic they provide. It's better then nothing. The really cool thing is they are
We will lead Burt Ward's obituary, and he ours.
That's hilarious. Love that he actually asked about Burt Ward!
Holy disappearing Big Macs! Somebody call Adam West and Burt Ward, the new Hamburglar is loose!
Saw a cat on Saturday in Hastings which looked like Barbra Streisand. Also saw a robin which looked like Burt Ward.
Loads of good candidates here - Gill Chowdrey Sanjit Kaur for Councillor, for Harpur Ward, Alistair Burt for MP, Conservative Party NE Beds
Seth..mayor West needs to have a male assistant hovering too close to him as a nod to Burt Ward. Check Batman tv
Oddly, I can't remember the words to the actual song. Not enough Burt Ward in it.
Realized on my drive to work that I can't see a Baby on Board sign without singing "Something something, Burt Ward."
Yes I would like seeing that one. That one as Robin was so cute. *He smiles , blushing.* Burt Ward is really cute.
RIP Leslie Gore who gave us so many great songs including "You Don't Own Me". Here she is with Burt Ward on Batman. ht…
Guess who just bought their photo ops with Adam West & Burt Ward AND Carrie Fisher! That's right!…
Yay! Nice thing you got here. Gain more followers by following my followers. Follow:. !
I'd give so much if he went down there and found Adam West and Burt Ward.
You definitely need to get Burt Ward now.
"Baby on board...something something Burt Ward"
Adam West and Burt Ward team up for new 'Batman' animated film - CNET
Big weekend with the real Batman Robin! Adam West / Burt Ward (thank you to Burt's manager for the pictures!)
not to be spoiler, but when Stan Lee woke up between Burt Ward and Adam West... bold move
'Batman' TV series stars Adam West and Burt Ward to reprise roles for animated feature
With Burt Ward at The Hollywood Show, all dressed up as "Susie"!
Batman '66 Animated Movie Coming, Adam West and Burt Ward to Star // whoa! fans!
signed by Adam West and Burt Ward, my favourite two in my whole collection.
>Adam West and Burt Ward in animated form...
Holy basil! That sounds like something Burt Ward's Robin would say. I'll try it out!
what little I know about Burt Ward makes me nervous to even search about that fact...
What's in the safe? A cryogenically frozen Burt Ward. And the sorry *** still thinks he can kick Bruce Lee's ***
Adam West and Burt Ward as and Robin photo:
Cesar Romero had the new Joker tattoos now worn by Jared Leto, but Burt Ward was frightened by them.
shout out to Burt Ward, AKA Robin. "Holy Salami, Batman! My arthritis is acting up again!"
Robin! Full on Burt Ward version, none of that Chris O'Donnell crap. Tights, cape, the whole 9.
Just added this piece to my collection! Signed by Adam West and Burt Ward!
I need a supercut of Adam West saying "old chum" to Burt Ward. Somebody get on that. Oh, and by tomorrow.
How can you not like the tv series with Adam West and Burt ward?!
Just bought 1/4 Burt Ward as Robin and he really needs a stand, any possibility you'll be making one?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
who's gonna be there I know Adam West and Burt ward are gonna be there one day
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