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Burt Reynolds

Burton Milo Burt Reynolds, Jr.

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Pure class from Maryland beer traders this morning. (Also I of course didn't delete the Burt Reynolds photo.)
Hey - at least with the movie version you'd be Burt Reynolds.
you would've been a better replacement than Burt Reynolds was in that POS movie, clearly written by someone who never watched
Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds stare into each other's eyes from opposite sides of the same window, mustaches pressed against the glass.
It's satire. You're probably too young to remember the movie. Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, in hillbilly country in the US.
"I should have married Burt Reynolds. I wouldn't have had to have changed my last name." Debbie Reynolds in the doc…
From February: we spend a lost weekend with Burt Reynolds and live to tell the tale.
Well *** Burt Reynolds looks like Richard Bostic! do you agree?…
As I watch Cannonball Run, I can't help but think "Is Norm MacDonald actually Burt Reynolds's son?"
You know Burt Reynolds is in the stadium tonight. And he's happy right now.
Who's the "special" guest for ESPN? Desmond, Woodson, Burt Reynolds or Bobby Bowden???
into it as long as Burt Reynolds can play the ocean
oh I bet u have that 1970's vibe going! Burt Reynolds... Lol
*has Burt Reynolds on the bearskin rug in one tab, and pictures of ring tailed lemurs in the other* Oh yes.
and whatever Burt Reynolds/Star Trek stuff, mike buys is also probably expensive.
this one was in reply to someone saying Burt Reynolds may need to watch out... n something about 11th…
Doubtful. 513 miles from in-laws. In 7:55. No traffic that day. Did 80mph. Maybe Burt Reynolds could beat it.
I mutter "burt Reynolds" at least twice a day under my breath. . Like a swear word. Or a prayer. Or a call for help. Hear me burt?
Burt Reynolds is the man you wanna strive to be
Burt Reynolds will supposedly blow the lid off Hollywood sex predators in a book set to come out after he dies.
it was the stress of parenting I have a Burt Reynolds, Justin on the other hand has gone full duck dynasty
So her great grandfather was...Burt Reynolds. I think she was playing you guys. 😂
Painting that Burt Reynolds used to own
When Burt Reynolds goes to a coffee shop near your house
Who's gonna die tomorrow to close out the year? QE2? Burt Reynolds? Little Richard? Chuck Berry? Clint Eastwood?
In honor of Stanford being in the Sun Bowl, here's Burt Reynolds announcing the 1977 game
Where's Adam Sandler or Burt Reynolds to take care of these refs? ...
Of my many years of coaching, having my good friend Burt Reynolds on the sidelines with us for Florida State... https:/…
Burt Reynolds' den, awaiting to have a conversation about his time owning the Bandits.
I mean he's no Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds (insert reference)
Take a look at these photos from the set of 1972's DELIVERANCE, starring Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight and Ned Beatty:…
Jamie Farr as D-lister? Wrong! He was in Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds! More like B-lister!!!
Can Barron can play dueling banjos on the porch rocking chair? Where are Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty?
I'd still take Burt Reynolds over Tom Selleck in a fight any day of the week
I feel like Burt Reynolds and Jan Michael Vincent at the end of Hooper when they decide they're gonna jump the gorge after all.
Ep. 42: The HeroSandwich Cannonball Run. The most fun u can have have without Burt Reynolds. https…
Vertigo, starring Burt Reynolds and Kiefer Sutherland. Directed by Federico Fellini, music by XTC. Budget: $20,000
I swear Bill Clinton is like the character Burt Reynolds played in the movie striptease. Can't keep his mouth shut or hands off women lmao
Burt Reynolds + Steve Spurrier. How could you not love Bandit Ball?
Watch the dynamic new trailer for SHADOW FIGHTER with Steve Daron & Burt Reynolds. Directed by Alyn Darnay.…
so you remember the Dinner for Five, Michael Chiklis story about Burt Reynolds?
Steve Sanders meets Burt Reynolds in an oldschool 90210 episode on a big fuzzy television!
Burt Reynolds was originally cast to be Han Solo in the first Star Wars film.
2) My neighbor Greg has dibs on Wade Garrett, and it's his as far as I'm concerned (unless I hear back from Burt Reynolds).
No Oscar for Burt Reynolds is the Academy's deepest shame.
Clint Eastwood is aging beautifully. But someone like Burt Reynolds and others are practic
Meet Black Singles 300x250
If it's wrong to pine for a hug from Burt Reynolds just so I could sigh and say Reynolds wrap under my breathe, I don't want to be right ;-]
Like a young Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck combined.
Waiting for Pedro Pascal to play young Burt Reynolds in Burt Reynold biopic.
"You put Sir Laurence Olivier in Cannonball Run and see what he can do.". Yep, It's the episode of with Burt Reynolds.
Italy is so classy, even the beer is made by a young Burt Reynolds
Peña looks like a young Burt Reynolds. .
He looks so much like a young Burt Reynolds.
We're still taking preorders on the gorgeous Gears of War Xbox One S! It's STUNNING! Just like a young Burt Reynolds
When you look like young Burt Reynolds, you can get away with such things...
I am watching the 1977 Sun Bowl with Burt Reynolds doing color commentary on CBS with Pat Summerall and Bill Walsh coaching Stanford.
Idunno, but I hope you can find a good Burt Reynolds
I still don't understand how Burt Reynolds didn't get best actor for his part in Smokey and the Bandit. It's very befuddling.
in the process, I have lost ten followers and it hurts. A friend of mine will help me put a Burt Reynolds with tash google on
I wish i a trans am with burt reynolds autograph signed on it
Grosse Pointe Blank, starring Daryl Hannah and Burt Reynolds. Directed by Jim Jarmusch, music by Kelis. Budget: $1 billion
.Says the bozo with the Burt Reynolds avi. You're a wannabe joke.
if u see Ned Beatty or Burt Reynolds run. Trouble looms
And I'm just gonna keep on posting this until you-know-who goes away forever.
I would love 2C John Cusack in a Rock Hudson type role. That would be awesome:) He already did a Burt Reynolds type role. Now X4 some Rock!
Ohhh I'll go with you wearing a Burt Reynolds number (((
Sexy shirts: top buttons open, hairy chest and plectrals protruding. showing the medallion. Burt Reynolds 70s style):
Burt Reynolds will be taking lads canoeing down them, with grim consequences
(What do ya think the chances are that Phillip really does look like a young Burt Reynolds?)
Please let them stick some Burt Reynolds line flubs in the credits.
I can't stand Matt Moore he locks up too much money, he's from Oregon, and looks like a broke *** Burt Reynolds.
just saw a commercial with Burt Reynolds selling reverse mortgage , ***
It just occurred to me. Bacon Burt the pierogi has a Burt Reynolds mustache.
Imagine owning a W900 in England once owned by Burt Reynolds as part of his NASCAR team: https…
Will there be any Burt Reynolds jokes in the Mallrats series? If not, start stealing Chuck Norris jokes and use Burt instead
.I've just watched Deliverance. As an analogy for next weekend I'm Ned Beatty and you're Jon Voight. Neither of us is Burt Reynolds
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
one more and she'll beat Burt Reynolds record!
Hey Cop & a Half was even better than you said. It was BURT REYNOLDS and a kid.
Check the Burt Reynolds Film Institute’s website for upcoming auditions.
Burt Reynolds Inst. 4 Film & Theatre in Lake Park FL: Laying the foundation for the future 1 brick at a time!
his impression of burt reynolds will never be topped. NEVER.
Maybe Burt Reynolds can whip them into shape.
Apparently, Burt Reynolds is unfit for an office job...even home office.
She’s ‘the love of my life!’ Burt Reynolds, admits that losing Sally Field ‘was stupid’ and says final ‘goodbye.’ -
Havlockians! Anyone who finds me in the field and does a Burt Reynolds impression gets a CD!
Trump's "regret" was sincere as Burt Reynolds rolling his eyes at camera in Cannonball Run & Smokey films.
TFW you confuse Tom Selleck for Burt Reynolds in Cop and 1/2.
There is a BJJ move named after Burt Reynolds true story.
dude yes I want like straight up Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds promoted wheat for the USSR between Cannonball Run films.
Not sure about 'grown up' movies at that time, but Cop And A 1/2 with Burt Reynolds was/is a firm fave!
at this point mind as well go sign Greg Hardy, Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, Chris Rock etc..
My mom wants to bring home a clay sculpture of Burt Reynolds head that she made in high school...
Actors considered for Han Solo: Christopher Walken, Bill Murray, Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, and Burt Reynolds. Who'd have been good?
Not if you also talk about Kenny Rogers' face, Wayne Newton's, Burt Reynolds' and Barry Manilow's faces in same story?
32 things you didn't know about Burt Reynolds:
My mom and Aunt were just oogling over a young, shirtless picture of Burt Reynolds like a couple of schoolgirls at dinner...😶
Look at the young Burt Reynolds on the right.
working on that lifetime achievement award from the Mustache Film Institute. The first since Burt Reynolds
I'm really Bruce Springsteen mixed with Burt Reynolds, but like you would care. You never care!
I'm stopped at this light and this dude looks over and nods, then he yells out you look like a young Burt Reynolds 😂😂
I liked a video from You will leave when Burt Reynolds tells you to leave.
Teaching Sarah Merrell how to use SnapChat Filters & having fun on her Princess Scooter 󾌴󾌲 (I also face swapped with Burt Reynolds󾌴)
In honor of here's The cover to Shark starring Burt Reynolds!
My son's recent 'I won't wear pants but I'll wear a fire helmet' attitude makes me worry he'll grow up to be Burt Reynolds.
Can't wait to see the final product. I had a small role in financing the movie. Dog Years starring Burt Reynolds.
My biggest regret is not looking like Burt Reynolds
Nearly as terrifying as Tom Sellick minus a mustache. or Burt Reynolds.
Dog Years, movie filming in Knoxille w/Burt Reynolds and Ariel WInters. He is all Hollywood now, lol 😎
I get a sheriff's badge, y'all! There will be RIDICULOUS accents, bad singing, and probably a Burt Reynolds reference or 3
HUSTLE (1975, Aldrich, *) So awesomely, despairingly cynical I'm kind of amazed it even exists. Melancholy Reynolds is the best Burt.
I'd get hay from the Burt Reynolds Ranch for my high school art projects! And popcorn shrimp at Po' Folks https:…
Tasty. Glad I got some before Burt Reynolds took it all. - Drinking a Goin' Coastal -
Whoa, they're like a prog band where all the members are Burt Reynolds
I know youths got their swag, but their swag ain’t nothing compared to Burt Reynolds swag.
I envy the fact that ariel winters has a burt reynolds shirt.
Shoulda downloaded Sharky’s Machine for the ultimate Burt Reynolds binge watch...
I'm almost certain that any one of us born between 1975-1983 could potentially be one of Burt Reynolds children
bonus: The Silent Age (idk if its good; have yet to play it)- you're basically playing as Burt Reynolds!
I feel like I'm the only one who hasn't met or seen Burt Reynolds while he's been in Knoxville.
If you're a Burt Reynolds fan, you'll know why I'm very excited to find this from 1979.
Niche 1970s reference: this is like the bit in ‘Hooper’ where Burt Reynolds emerges from a pile of beer cans
Its like 11:30 pm bout 5 burt reynolds deep.. Bartender says "you should slow down" . You wanna check my I.D again im RANNON FUKING AHLSTROM
Burt Reynolds has an message the the world over.
Nothing to lose now. Put in Roy keane like Burt Reynolds at the end of the longest yard.
w/Burt Reynolds and at the Knoxville Theater in Knoxville, TN.
The 'Dying Gaul' of the Capitoline & his epic mustache looks a little Burt Reynolds to me.
Chief Rausch got to meet Burt Reynolds at the Dog Years Wrap Party at TN Theatre. .
Burt Reynolds Always Has the Most Beautiful Actresses in His Films,. & He has OutDone HimSelf with. ASHE PARKER. Thanks
Once they just showed up to Burt Reynolds' hoose in a Trans Am and he didnae know they were coming despite a camera crew being present.
I liked a video Burt Reynolds Introduces the NEW Bandit Trans Am
Pic of legendary. Burt Reynolds The. Bandit him self entertaining the ladies some things never change !
Burt Reynolds, I will punch you if you don't let go.
The iconic Burt Reynolds. Biggest Box Office Star of the 70´s.
Also I could smuggle Scottish booze to my family and live out my lifelong dream of being Burt Reynolds in Smokey & the Bandit.
Found it. Burt Reynolds in Semi Tough. Same era. In my defense, the role in TOE was written for Burt.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Type of Collections : Burt Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit) signed 8x10 photo
Now certain worst movie ever is Hard Time starring Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning and Robert Loggia.
Director Paul Thomas Anderson and Burt Reynolds on the set of "Boogie Nights" (1997).
Home run Cameron as Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit
See. I told you Burt Reynolds was here. You didn't believe me.
Yeah, well I have Burt Reynolds right next to The Replacements.
Brb. I'm gonna run down to the field and see if this Burt Reynolds has ever heard a joke about not being THAT Burt Reynolds.
Burt Reynolds is at Joe Becker Stadium tonight. He's in the lineup for the Texas AirHogs. No, really. Burt Reynolds is here.
*That Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds together are _awesome_. (Bonus Jim Nabors!)
Only 77 that will ever be made - Burt Reynolds Introduces the NEW Bandit Trans Am via
When an actor marries an actress they both fight for the mirror. - Burt Reynolds
The dog from All Dogs Go to Heaven was voiced by Burt Reynolds in the original and Charlie Sheen in the sequel.
You were probably more up to date with crazy rumours about Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds.
Well I ain't Burt Reynolds and I ain't Tom Selleck. I got bills up the pike and my car's an old relic.🎶
I paid $7.50 for 3 shots of burt reynolds last night.. like how can they even be that cheap 😳
All purpose parts banner
Watching a movie with Burt Reynolds in it and Kristin asks, "is that the most interesting man?"
doing his best Burt Reynolds impression substituting fur for foam
.is this generation's Burt Reynolds on a bearskin rug.
New plot details of movie being filmed in Knoxville announced via
Tonight on Mayberry RFD, Burt Reynolds and Ned Beatty play two friends of Sheriff Andy, stopping by on their way to a wilderness canoe trip.
is recreating his best 'Burt Reynolds' playgirl impression now on :)
Theatre tip: if I ever need to cry I think about that scene from The Best Little Whorehouse where Burt Reynolds calls Dolly a *** and bam
Remember that time Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton made a movie about your office?
It's got Burt Reynolds in it! And they have edited versions. And a theme in itis around the aTm/Texas game
Short storyline for the upcoming movie I directed, "The Shadow Fighter", staring Steve Darren & Burt Reynolds
Sam Whiskey Lobby Card-Burt Reynolds in a boat with Clint Walker
By the way, I will be posting said Burt Reynolds/Ironwood pic later...hehehe
A drawing of James Ironwood posing Burt Reynolds-style on an Ursa Grimm rug? Because why not? :3
Watching a modern movie is like watching an old Burt Reynolds movie except NOBODY is having fun.
Cmon, Burt Reynolds and I were the only two on the cover back steel in mad effect!
The Burt Reynolds line has been said twice. It's now canon. Time for a t-shirt.
Burt Reynolds please save us all you beautiful ***
"You leave when Burt Reynolds says you can leave" That's the SECOND most badass thing I've heard all night.
"You leave. When Burt Reynolds says you f* leave.". Flashback to
Ain't nobody gets to cross Burt Reynolds.
You *** well better listen to Burt Reynolds.
Umbrasyl is trying to get away! "You leave. When Burt Reynolds. Tells you. To Leave."
In an alternate universe, Burt Reynolds would have been a phenomenal Stuntman Mike.
Robert Klein talks about his roots at & working w/ legendary Burt Reynolds!
Uh no, it's a 33 yo movie with Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton!
Wait, Cannonball Run and Smokey & The Bandit aren't connected beyond the presence of Burt Reynolds?
I'm perfectly fine with that in the history books. Scott Carpenter saw Burt Reynolds in space.
Scott Carpenter is talking to Burt Reynolds through a cube. This is why I watch
A one man production of The Hurt Locker by Burt Reynolds called The Burt Locker
BOOMx2! Juan Sanchez & Burt Reynolds go off for back-to-back HRs! Sanchez with a 3-run blast, Reynolds with a solo job! 4-2 lead!
Burt Reynolds cleans up in Mel Brooks' Silent Movie - Ebert's review
This story and video of Marc Summers and Burt Reynolds fighting on Leno is amazing.
John Stossels mustache is now ranked 4th all time behind Rollie Fingers, Burt Reynolds,Tom Sellecks,Stossels made big gains…
Only in The Twilight Zone can you see a young Burt Reynolds get knocked out by Bill Shakespeare.
Burt Reynolds, Ariel Winter to film movie in Knoxville - Chattanooga Times Free Press
He is not fit to lace Burt Reynolds drinks
Does anyone want this? I can't remember when or why I painted Bert as Burt Reynolds but I can't look at it anymore. https…
Watching a classic from 1974. Longest Yard starring Burt Reynolds and Eddie Albert. Lol😂 Good stuff right here.
Steve Martin and Burt Reynolds were as big to me in 1978 as Superman and Luke Skywalker. This makes me happy.
happy birthday wee guy 30 year old and still looking like a young Burt Reynolds
I'm watching Smokey and the Bandit because I'm a *** for CB radio handles & Burt Reynolds.
Totally on board with the Martin moustache. Like a young Burt Reynolds.
I really pray for the day that you give the KCH to Little Richard, Burt Reynolds and Carol Channing! Their protégés have been!
Although he has yet to join Jimmy Buffet and Perry Como on our brick pathway, local movie legend Burt Reynolds...
clearly no one enjoyed this picture of Burt Reynolds
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
. 80's flashback? Some might remember when pops' driver was Burt Reynolds
Fun Fact: When I met at Boston Comicon, I had him sign the Burt Reynolds story he drew for Big Book of the 70s.
it's the last of the year!!! please enjoy this picture of Phi Burt Reynolds.
Film legend Burt Reynolds touts new film in in Palmetto (with video)
In addition to buying a surf vest & transforming into lame version of Burt Reynolds/Deliverance, today I was shadowed in the surf by a drone
Burt Reynolds dropped in for the last 10 minutes of a Palmetto presser for And The There Was Light. https:/…
Yes, Burt Reynolds has his Bandit ride in Palmetto.
This dog and pony show starring a stooped Burt Reynolds answering softball questions is a lot better than it sounds.
I love it when a cliche comes to life. via
Burt Reynolds, Amy Smart among cast shooting movie in Palmetto
Burt Reynolds reported to be filming soon in Bradenton via
Movie staring Burt Reynolds, Amy Smart filming at Southeastern Guide Dogs: This week, some big Hollywood stars are…
what's your favourite Burt Reynolds directorial effort?
Film with Burt Reynolds being shot in Manatee County
BURT REYNOLDS : How about a little lunch? . SOPHIA : Listen, if you're buyin', how about a big lunch?
and he goes "just cheese" so I took it. And that's the story of how I ended up eating Burt Reynolds' cheeseburger
As I was sitting outside Burt Reynolds' trailer his assistant popped out and asked if anyone wanted a burger so I said "what's on it?"
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto; tells all.
Burt Reynolds is in Manatee County shooting a new movie and Southeastern Guide Dogs will be featured prominently! Details at 5 pm.
Aging Burt Reynolds talks ponies and movies at Southeastern Guide Dogs
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto: Burt Reynolds was the star of a press conference at Southeatern Gui...
Went to the feed store for dog food and brought home Burt Reynolds. @ Pets Barn
Burt Reynolds with half a mustache after Steve Martin dared him to shave it off, 1978.
I would like to announce that I have selected Burt Reynolds' mustache as my running mate.
That one issue of Playgirl with Burt Reynolds in it.
Holy cow!! I just took a picture with Burt Reynolds!! Super nice guy. He was happy to hear I'm a FSU grad
own Burt Reynolds explains why he's doing the "And Then There Was Light"...funny answer.
What is Tinder? And what are the odds that the women of Winnipeg would wanna hook up with a Burt Reynolds avi. I'll keep…
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto
has Burt Reynolds in it,. which makes it great, and no Touch of Death Ron Perlman. Can't be true.
Since it's too late to have my story adapted into a film with Burt Lancaster, I will accept an adaptation starring Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds appears in this movie (as himself), as does Anne Bancroft (as herself) -
It's so easy to picture this guy recreating the Burt Reynolds-smeared-with-Vaseline scene from Boogie Nights
Bryce Dallas Howard's character is a 1000 gymnastics scenes. She's a damsel in a Burt Reynolds film from the 70s
That one time Gore Vidal shaded Burt Reynolds by calling him a "truck driver" at a party full of actors.
Is anyone still coming to First, no Robert Osbourne, now I hear Billy Dee Williams & Burt Reynolds are out too?
John Boorman directs Burt Reynolds on the set of 'Deliverance' (1972)
Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee Williams are no longer attending Faye Dunaway was added.
Burt Reynolds + Billy Dee Williams will no longer be appearing Film Festival
Somebody's gotta fight crime. And when the city's in need, you gonna call Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee!
Update: We regret that unforeseen circumstances will prevent Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee Williams from attending fest this year.
If & when they remake Smokey And The Bandit, the only guy who can fill Burt Reynolds' hat is Robert Downey Jr.
Harrison Ford, then Burt Reynolds, it seems Chris Pratt is now transitioning into Robert Redford
Burt Reynolds is still the coolest cat around! Wish I could one of these.
It's ok i found my hidden box of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck VHS tapes and betaamaxes so i'm ok thank you
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Please recommend Burt Reynolds for a Kennedy Center Honors - let the Kennedy Center hear from his loyal fans!
Burt Reynolds won’t work with Paul Thomas Anderson again | The Indian Express
Apr 2 (on or about) 1972 Burt Reynolds appears nude in Cosmopolitan magazine
I just learned Burt Reynolds will be honored there. Carl Reiner will be there too. I don't know who else will show up.
Burt Reynolds' stunt double was Arkansan Hal Needham, eventual director of Cannonball Run, Smokey & the Bandit (which he also wrote), & Rad.
The film starred Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, and was Laura Dern's first film role, though she was uncredited.
There's the Burt Reynolds's 'The Cannonball Run' (1981) and 'Right Now', and there's the and the side to the US.
Burt Reynolds to appear LIVE at as part of the TCM "Live from the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival" series! -
Burt Reynolds to sit down for an interview about his life & career at this year's
Maybe, but Burt Reynolds and Bobby Bowden in the video was cool. 😋
Burt Reynolds debuts modern version of ‘Smokey and the Bandit' Trans Am
Mark Summers threw coffee on Burt Reynolds you guys.
Has anyone seen Burt Reynolds. I want to buy hıs old house thats off of Sılver Hıll rd. I wıll blow that house up...
stunnin... like a young Burt Reynolds
Raymond the *** is gonna bend Adam Johnson over. "Stunning like a young Burt Reynolds"
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
70s would have to be Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Paul Newman
'It makes me so mad,' Burt Reynolds reacts to Florida lawmakers denying incentives for filmmakers
More I get mixed up: Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds, Michael Caine and Robert Duvall.
classic with and Marlon Brando, Phil Donahue and Burt Reynolds — feeling happy in...
No! Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise and your self made the film great, they need to stop "rebooting"
I’m thinking The Rock and *** Foley to take on the Burt Reynolds & Dom Deluise roles :-)
All I want for Christmas is enough pills to kill myself with... If I was Burt Reynolds, please not Dom Deluise again...
Trump has become Burt Reynolds from Celebrity Jeopardy: "Nah, that's incorrect. He's a great guy."
A great scene from the movie, The End, with Dom Deluise and Burt
It's Burt Reynolds as TV private-eye Jim Rockford from cult classic "Quincy"
Another possible "Best QB of all time" is Jim Plunkett. Mostly because I still believe his career was a 15-year Burt Reynolds movie.
Flashback! Watch Sally Field open up about Burt Reynolds on TODAY in 1980
Mark Wahlberg on talking about how Burt Reynolds really didn't like Boogie Nights.
A very funny outtake from the movie, Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds and Dom
In Atlanta they we all look like Burt Reynolds aka" White Water Bert" in Georgia.
Marco will squeal like pig in Burt Reynolds film w/ warren beatty
Rewatch eps w/ Burt Reynolds as God, as a demon, & Billy Drago as a guy who says "Poppin' Corn"
More celebs added to the list, including Burt Reynolds, Luke Wilson, Nick Kroll and more! …
My second favorite version of was on Showtime with Charles Nelson Reilly and Darryl Hickman at the Burt Reynolds theater.
I'm watching a movie on the SyFy channel. Burt Reynolds just died in Jason Statham's arms. Strange days indeed...
Burt Reynolds arriving to save the day in John Boorman's adaptation of James Dickey's 'Deliverance' (1972).
watching 100 Rifles (1969) w/Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds & Jim Brown. Odd fact: the director is father of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
How do you make the 1986 Burt Reynolds movie HEAT worse? You remake with Jason Statham and Jess from the Gilmore Girls, call it Wild Card
I always preferred Tom Selleck over Burt Reynolds. However they had/ have magnificent mustaches
Joe Don Baker was born the day after Burt Reynolds and they are both 80. Whatta magical universe.
Here's a good still of Burt Reynolds in another one of his memorable performances: as Paul "Wrecking" Crewe in...
White Line Fever (1975) saw it as a double feature with White Lightning starring Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds with Hal Needham on the set of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT.
. . . and happy birthday to Tina Louise, Carey Lowell, Sergio Mendes, Sarah Palin, Burt Reynolds
stunning like a young Burt Reynolds 😏
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
While on a break from doing some TV work nearby, a young Burt Reynolds visited the set of this film -
I'd let Burt Reynolds get it. And I don't even mean just young Burt Reynolds either...
Wow! You look like a young Burt Reynolds! Nothing wrong with that! :)
Chase you look like a young Burt Reynolds and it's freaking me out.
Happy Birthday young Burt Reynolds ;) . Hope you have a blast! all the best ♥
The amazing lineup has The Bandit about superstar Burt Reynolds and his stunt double Hal Needham
Can't wait for you to do 'In the Name of the King', Uwe Boll's take on Dungeon Siege, with Jason Statham and Burt Reynolds.
I feel like should get the license to make comics based on Hal Needham’s Burt Reynolds characters.
just some input on your white dude playing MJ... Burt Reynolds, a white dude, played Navajo Joe.
I picture Tom Shane as a poor man's Alex Trebek, looks-wise. I picture Tom Bodett as a poor man's Burt Reynolds. All with mustaches.
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