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Burt Reynolds

Burton Milo Burt Reynolds, Jr.

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Film with Burt Reynolds being shot in Manatee County
BURT REYNOLDS : How about a little lunch? . SOPHIA : Listen, if you're buyin', how about a big lunch?
and he goes "just cheese" so I took it. And that's the story of how I ended up eating Burt Reynolds' cheeseburger
As I was sitting outside Burt Reynolds' trailer his assistant popped out and asked if anyone wanted a burger so I said "what's on it?"
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto; tells all.
Burt Reynolds is in Manatee County shooting a new movie and Southeastern Guide Dogs will be featured prominently! Details at 5 pm.
Aging Burt Reynolds talks ponies and movies at Southeastern Guide Dogs
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto: Burt Reynolds was the star of a press conference at Southeatern Gui...
Went to the feed store for dog food and brought home Burt Reynolds. @ Pets Barn
Burt Reynolds with half a mustache after Steve Martin dared him to shave it off, 1978.
I would like to announce that I have selected Burt Reynolds' mustache as my running mate.
That one issue of Playgirl with Burt Reynolds in it.
Holy cow!! I just took a picture with Burt Reynolds!! Super nice guy. He was happy to hear I'm a FSU grad
own Burt Reynolds explains why he's doing the "And Then There Was Light"...funny answer.
What is Tinder? And what are the odds that the women of Winnipeg would wanna hook up with a Burt Reynolds avi. I'll keep…
Burt Reynolds touts new film in Palmetto
Bryce Dallas Howard's character is a 1000 gymnastics scenes. She's a damsel in a Burt Reynolds film from the 70s
That one time Gore Vidal shaded Burt Reynolds by calling him a "truck driver" at a party full of actors.
Is anyone still coming to First, no Robert Osbourne, now I hear Billy Dee Williams & Burt Reynolds are out too?
John Boorman directs Burt Reynolds on the set of 'Deliverance' (1972)
Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee Williams are no longer attending Faye Dunaway was added.
Burt Reynolds + Billy Dee Williams will no longer be appearing Film Festival
Somebody's gotta fight crime. And when the city's in need, you gonna call Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee!
Update: We regret that unforeseen circumstances will prevent Burt Reynolds & Billy Dee Williams from attending fest this year.
If & when they remake Smokey And The Bandit, the only guy who can fill Burt Reynolds' hat is Robert Downey Jr.
Harrison Ford, then Burt Reynolds, it seems Chris Pratt is now transitioning into Robert Redford
Burt Reynolds is still the coolest cat around! Wish I could one of these.
It's ok i found my hidden box of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck VHS tapes and betaamaxes so i'm ok thank you
Please recommend Burt Reynolds for a Kennedy Center Honors - let the Kennedy Center hear from his loyal fans!
Burt Reynolds won’t work with Paul Thomas Anderson again | The Indian Express
Apr 2 (on or about) 1972 Burt Reynolds appears nude in Cosmopolitan magazine
I just learned Burt Reynolds will be honored there. Carl Reiner will be there too. I don't know who else will show up.
Burt Reynolds' stunt double was Arkansan Hal Needham, eventual director of Cannonball Run, Smokey & the Bandit (which he also wrote), & Rad.
The film starred Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, and was Laura Dern's first film role, though she was uncredited.
There's the Burt Reynolds's 'The Cannonball Run' (1981) and 'Right Now', and there's the and the side to the US.
Burt Reynolds to appear LIVE at as part of the TCM "Live from the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival" series! -
Burt Reynolds to sit down for an interview about his life & career at this year's
Maybe, but Burt Reynolds and Bobby Bowden in the video was cool. 😋
Burt Reynolds debuts modern version of ‘Smokey and the Bandit' Trans Am
Mark Summers threw coffee on Burt Reynolds you guys.
Has anyone seen Burt Reynolds. I want to buy hıs old house thats off of Sılver Hıll rd. I wıll blow that house up...
stunnin... like a young Burt Reynolds
Raymond the *** is gonna bend Adam Johnson over. "Stunning like a young Burt Reynolds"
70s would have to be Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford, Paul Newman
'It makes me so mad,' Burt Reynolds reacts to Florida lawmakers denying incentives for filmmakers
More I get mixed up: Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds, Michael Caine and Robert Duvall.
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classic with and Marlon Brando, Phil Donahue and Burt Reynolds — feeling happy in...
No! Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise and your self made the film great, they need to stop "rebooting"
I’m thinking The Rock and *** Foley to take on the Burt Reynolds & Dom Deluise roles :-)
All I want for Christmas is enough pills to kill myself with... If I was Burt Reynolds, please not Dom Deluise again...
Trump has become Burt Reynolds from Celebrity Jeopardy: "Nah, that's incorrect. He's a great guy."
A great scene from the movie, The End, with Dom Deluise and Burt
It's Burt Reynolds as TV private-eye Jim Rockford from cult classic "Quincy"
Another possible "Best QB of all time" is Jim Plunkett. Mostly because I still believe his career was a 15-year Burt Reynolds movie.
Flashback! Watch Sally Field open up about Burt Reynolds on TODAY in 1980
Mark Wahlberg on talking about how Burt Reynolds really didn't like Boogie Nights.
A very funny outtake from the movie, Cannonball Run with Burt Reynolds and Dom
In Atlanta they we all look like Burt Reynolds aka" White Water Bert" in Georgia.
Marco will squeal like pig in Burt Reynolds film w/ warren beatty
Rewatch eps w/ Burt Reynolds as God, as a demon, & Billy Drago as a guy who says "Poppin' Corn"
More celebs added to the list, including Burt Reynolds, Luke Wilson, Nick Kroll and more! …
My second favorite version of was on Showtime with Charles Nelson Reilly and Darryl Hickman at the Burt Reynolds theater.
I'm watching a movie on the SyFy channel. Burt Reynolds just died in Jason Statham's arms. Strange days indeed...
Burt Reynolds arriving to save the day in John Boorman's adaptation of James Dickey's 'Deliverance' (1972).
watching 100 Rifles (1969) w/Raquel Welch, Burt Reynolds & Jim Brown. Odd fact: the director is father of Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
How do you make the 1986 Burt Reynolds movie HEAT worse? You remake with Jason Statham and Jess from the Gilmore Girls, call it Wild Card
I always preferred Tom Selleck over Burt Reynolds. However they had/ have magnificent mustaches
Joe Don Baker was born the day after Burt Reynolds and they are both 80. Whatta magical universe.
Here's a good still of Burt Reynolds in another one of his memorable performances: as Paul "Wrecking" Crewe in...
White Line Fever (1975) saw it as a double feature with White Lightning starring Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds with Hal Needham on the set of SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT.
. . . and happy birthday to Tina Louise, Carey Lowell, Sergio Mendes, Sarah Palin, Burt Reynolds
stunning like a young Burt Reynolds 😏
While on a break from doing some TV work nearby, a young Burt Reynolds visited the set of this film -
I'd let Burt Reynolds get it. And I don't even mean just young Burt Reynolds either...
Wow! You look like a young Burt Reynolds! Nothing wrong with that! :)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chase you look like a young Burt Reynolds and it's freaking me out.
Happy Birthday young Burt Reynolds ;) . Hope you have a blast! all the best ♥
The amazing lineup has The Bandit about superstar Burt Reynolds and his stunt double Hal Needham
Can't wait for you to do 'In the Name of the King', Uwe Boll's take on Dungeon Siege, with Jason Statham and Burt Reynolds.
I feel like should get the license to make comics based on Hal Needham’s Burt Reynolds characters.
just some input on your white dude playing MJ... Burt Reynolds, a white dude, played Navajo Joe.
I picture Tom Shane as a poor man's Alex Trebek, looks-wise. I picture Tom Bodett as a poor man's Burt Reynolds. All with mustaches.
Steven Adams is almost done with his steady transition to Burt Reynolds.
Burt Reynolds & Jerry Reed on the set of II . I'm heading to !!
Did you enjoy last nights show with Burt Reynolds, John Kassir & Rachel True?? Let us know..
"History" - Told to Eddie Albert after Burt Reynolds won the game in The Longest Yard
Burt Reynolds, John Kassir(Voice of The Crypt Keeper) & Rachel True are sucked into the Bermuda Triangle.
I can see Matt doing the Burt Reynolds 😂
That sounds like a campy '70's movie. "The Princess Royal in South Georgia, starring Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, and Adam West."
Watching the Burt Reynolds flick Gator. Lauren Hutton was hella attractive. Probably still got it too.
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Cruz out in backwoods with folk that like that?...Anyone see "Deliverance"? Cruz IS NOT Burt Reynolds character, but the Ned Beatty!
Just watched Cannonball Run, wow it is awful!!! Burt Reynolds is as overrated as the 70s
Tonight me and Gertie are going to the Burt Reynolds theater to see Latoya Jackson in cabaret.
I'm like Buffalo Bill over here; just coaxing myself to slather on the lotion. If I pushed it further, I'd be Burt Reynolds from Striptease
if you listen to the Proops ep Crumps, there's a bit 20 minutes in where he reads Burt Reynolds autobio talking about Lee Marvin...
of a young a Burt Reynolds. Mustached and full of yourself.
I heard one lady say 'look Sarah, he's stunning like a young Burt Reynolds'
that picture of Burt Reynolds just gave me cancer. What happened to him???
yeah he reminds me of a young Burt Reynolds 😍
If Hillary loses the election, Bill Clinton's going to play the Burt Reynolds role in a Smokey & The Bandit reboot.
not the first interviewee to hit on interviewer. Burt Reynolds did it to Samantha Armytage. Both Sam & Mel handled it well
They should remake the longest yard but with Jerry Sandusky and OJ Simpson instead of Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler
(According to Robert Wuhl) every time someone makes a bad movie, Burt Reynolds gets a residual.
he's stunning. Like a young Burt Reynolds. He makes me look like Bustin Jeiber. Looks like he's not had his Christmas poo ;)
A very young Burt Reynolds is on the Twilight Zone marathon right now
Loving the Burt Reynolds autobiography. Never realised how much the young Burt looks exactly like Marlon Brando. Sans moustache of course
Really loving !!! Hubby thinks Pedro Pascal would be an excellent young Burt Reynolds if they do a movie about him. I agree!
Crazy in Times Square! Must be Burt Reynolds or something!
~M~...Bonnett in the Wood Brothers # 21 Thunderbird, leads Harry Gant in Hal Needham/Burt Reynolds...
Hal Needham, writer and director of “Smokey and the Bandit”, smiles when Burt Reynolds, and Sally Field drive by.
Burt Reynolds shares his wisdom on balding and toupees. via
Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight during the making of John Boorman's Deliverance, 1972.
Charles Durning appeared in 13 Burt Reynolds movies, as well as the TV series Evening Shade.
Cosmopolitan's first center gold model was Burt Reynolds in 1973
I still think a movie portrayal of Jeff Fisher by Burt Reynolds is the only hope
Burt Reynolds has to play Jeff Fisher of bust.
Burt Reynolds exposed a darker side to Angelina Jolie on Tuesday as he expressed his opinion on the actress's treatment …
and he thinks Burt Reynolds real name is Turd Ferguson.
Burt Reynolds "...a fine memoirist...with a surprisingly sympathetic intelligence". Top review in
I've criticised your opinions previously and not sure if it's you or Burt Reynolds but *** of show
Burt Reynolds is Zeke the Plumber from ‘Salute Your Shorts’ and you can’t tell me otherwise.
Burt Reynolds still hates 'Boogie Nights' and Paul Thomas Anderson, here's why
Mr Ross did great interview with Burt Reynolds who seems to have been very ill. BR was very emotional the audience loved it. One for Nicola?
Here's why Burt Reynolds won't be working with Paul...
Burt Reynolds on working with director Paul Thomas Anderson
Very emotional interview with Burt Reynolds on Jonathan Ross. I want Burt as my grandad.
Burt Reynolds is on Jonathan Ross ,,i grew up thinking Burt was great and still like him he is great. All of his movies were terrible!
How great was that Jonathan Ross interview with Burt Reynolds? A real legend & icon of Hollywood, great tv
Burt Reynolds on Jonathan Ross. Not sure it'll be too long before he's at the Cadillac Ranch, but what a top, top bloke!
Burt Reynolds on the Jonathan Ross Show class
Just catching up to on Jonathan Ross. Wow, that Burt Reynolds interview.
Christ, how old does Burt Reynolds look on Jonathan Ross?
Burt Reynolds on Jonathan Ross giving Elton John a run for his money in the daft rug stakes
Donald trump is like if norm McDonald's Burt Reynolds character was rich and ran for president. "Turd Ferguson, it's funny see"
Finally watching the Jonathan Ross Show from Saturday, worth it just for Burt Reynolds!   10% Off
By Michael Miller, Burt Reynolds reveals his father was emotionally distant on The Jonathan Ross...
You've put out several Burt Reynolds movies in the past year. Any chance of you guys releasing a Blu-Ray of Cannonball Run II?
Watching the Jonathan Ross Show and Burt Reynolds is on it. . Heather Crawford says - the best movie he was in...
on the J Ross show Burt Reynolds complained he couldnt walk maybe it's 2 do with the high heels he wears?
Tonight’s Burt Reynolds sample was Cannonball Run. Moustache face off with Dom Deluise.
Chilling watching Burt Reynolds on The Jonathan Ross Show from last night 😍 what a legend. Deffo buying his book.
:-) Burt Reynolds certainly is. On Jonathan Ross last night talking like he was a cool young dude. Looked and sounded so sad.
Just watched the Burt Reynolds interview with Jonathon Ross and how he speaks so openly about his…
Enjoying watching Burt Reynolds on the Jonathan Ross Show. What an absolute legend that man is
Yes but why did Burt Reynolds disappear halfway through the Jonathan Ross Show? It’s a mystery😐
Just saw Johnathon Ross show on ITV. It is a mystery why Burt Reynolds just disappears halfway through show & not mentioned
Wow! Burt Reynolds on The Jonathan Ross Show... So many of his movies are favourites of mine :)
Burt Reynolds on jonathon ross tonite,lookin lots older than his 79yrs,all those women!all that wine!!!blesss him...
If you jumped in here thinking Burt Reynolds had died - its worse, he's on the Jonathan Ross Show.
Jonathan Ross off to a fabulously witty start with Burt Reynolds - now descending into ITV1 preferred Jeremy Kyle style fare.
Oh! Burt Reynolds was/is on the Jonathan Ross Show! Watching it on replay now. Glad to see him doing well. His new autobiography is out now!
Burt Reynolds on Jonathan Ross. Brilliant. A man who thoroughly deserves the tag of legend.
Don't know what's more weird Jonathan Ross' hair or Burt Reynolds sitting how I sit in 5pm lectures
In shock news Burt Reynolds comes 3rd in unnatural hair colour stakes losing to Jonathan Ross and Simon Pegg
Simon Pegg is playing piggy in the middle while Jonathan Ross carries on talking to Burt Reynolds
Just seen Burt Reynolds on the Johnathan Ross show what an interview from the legend. 👍
Great interview with Burt Reynolds. One of the best. johnathan Ross show
Burt Reynolds on Jonathan Ross Show - what a LEGEND
Burt Reynolds "hates" Boogie Nights "and has still never watched the whole movie." Burt Reynolds you crazy
Forget what everyone says and watch Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with Dolly and Burt Reynolds.
Burt Reynolds talks toupees, Trump, and why he’ll never work with Paul Thomas Anderson again …
Burt Reynolds says he 'hated' Paul Thomas Anderson after 'Boogie Nights' via
Burt Reynolds had some HARSH things to say about working with Paul Thomas Anderson:
they should go pursue Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds at this point.
Who would you rather have the career of? Burt Reynolds, John Travolta or Charlie Sheen.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
46yo Burt Reynolds just said I got a feeling that behind those jeans theres something wonderful just waiting to get out to 17yo Marky Mark
Shirley Eder from the Detroit Free Press reported 25 years ago on the record that Burt Reynolds told her he was born in Lansing Mi.
World War III without Germany is like Smokey And The Bandit 3 without Burt Reynolds. Ain't right.
If wore a hairpiece, he could have been Burt Reynolds instead of Burt Young
Burt Reynolds regrets that iconic 1972 nude centerfold: "I was very young and very stupid."
Oklahoma State's cowboy mascot reminds me of a young Burt Reynolds.
I like them smooth. Like a young Burt Reynolds
Gas prices haven't been this low since Burt Reynolds was robbing filling stations in "W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings." Jerry Reed co-star!
Burt Reynolds finally reveals he was born in Lansing: "I liked the sound of it." Despite the ...
. That one in the picture is from the movie "Hooper" staring Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds on He liked her body when it was 'zaftig' (a word for plump)
I learned something new today - Kittens can swim! And they like it! Burt Reynolds was sitting on the side of...
Burt Reynolds talks 'the one who got away' {foxnews}
'I got regular shipments of pubic hair from a woman in Nova Scotia'. memoir
what about fake Sean Connery and fake Burt Reynolds? I'll let you choose the third. Maybe fake justin bieber?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Speaking of GMA, here's a full broadcast from 1978. Paul VI is dead, interviews with Burt Reynolds and The Who.
Burt Reynolds reflects on some career accomplishments.
Burt Reynolds ends Lansing confusion; he finally discloses if he was born in Michigan or Georgia
We always talk about Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds when we discuss the Mustache Pantheon, but what about Cesar Romero?
I have a request. Are you able to post this morning's segment with Burt Reynolds? I am so upset that I missed it! ☹️
Burt Reynolds has an autobiography coming out, and I might have to pick that up.
Burt Reynolds turned down the role for Luke Skywalker. Imagine how different our world would be?
Move over Magic Johnson, can claim another famous native son.
So it seems that Daryl Dixon is based on Burt Reynolds character from 'Deliverence'.
Burt Reynolds talks 'the one who got away'
Burt Reynolds talks 'the one who got away': Actor talks new memoir
Burt Reynolds apparently regrets his iconic nude spread in Cosmopolitan back in 1972
Had no idea until I read that Burt Reynolds is 79... Sen Durbin mention him in Senate 2001
The true story of the amazing scene in Deliverance. writes his memoirs: htt…
Burt Reynolds reads from his memoirs But Enough About Me | 59
Not in a million years did I think I'd want to read autobiography. But after reading these excerpts..
Burt Reynolds finally reveals if he was born in Lansing Noise LANSING - Move over, Magic…
I loved watching Burt Reynolds hit on on He's still got it!
Burt Reynolds does all-day TV appearances Tuesday supporting new memoirs | 37
Starting to feel bad for Burt Reynolds. He's struggling. However, he still has what Elinor Glyn called "it." Someone give him a job!
Seek out Burt Reynolds' interview on FOX this morning. It's enough to make anyone be sure their living will is in order.
That interview with Burt Reynolds made me smile.
Burt Reynolds looks like the product a love child between Sean Connery and Elton John. Holy ***
WOW I had no idea Burt Reynolds was still alive
I usually keep a Burt Reynolds moustache but I want to be able to rock the Tom Selleck.
I can't believe still has that mustache. Only 3 men in history looked good like that Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck and Wyatt Earp.
Burt Reynolds: I regret turning down Bond Join him in conversation in December
raise your hand if you've confused Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck your whole life
Chase Elliott! You will NEVER be as cool as Burt Reynolds & Jerry Reed.Don't ever say that again.
ls this type of beer only available if Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed go on a "road trip" to get?
Marc Summers getting into it with Burt Reynolds on the Tonight Show
David Letterman and Burt Reynolds laughing in a dark room together
[watches Nick's snap story multiple times just to see his puppy Burt Reynolds 💀]
Burt Reynolds called Sally Field the love of his life: 'I miss her terribly.'
hey nick we're cool friggen dudes man.Field trip in 3 weeks..Ditch the Burt Reynolds look this time & no fights and we're golden
Burt Reynolds says losing 'love of his life' Sally Field 'was stupid' via
quite the life, now old and feeble, suddenly regrets? "I Miss Her Terribly" via
Burt Reynolds has diplomatic immunity in 47 countries
Here's a good read on the legendary Burt Reynolds. I love the closing lines.
Burt Reynolds says he regrets breaking up with Sally Field, calling her "the love of my life; or as Fields put it, "Dodged THAT bullet!"
“Men are like that, you know. You find the perfect person, and then you do everything you can to screw it up.”.
The one that got away. Burt Reynolds calls Sally Field the love of his life:
Excuse me, I 'mustache' you a question... Licorice monkey with black licorice lace Burt Reynolds…
Bert Convy in the streets, Burt Reynolds in the sheets. -Things Loni Anderson saw.
I specifically remember Burt Reynolds dying in 2012...
Despite all of Burt Reynolds's financial woes, it's not his biggest regret . . .
So Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds are pedophiles? You are a sick scum, aren;t you?
Actor admitted to that he regrets breaking up with actress who he dated in...
Despite what other reports may say, Burt Reynolds assures V.F. that he has still got it
Someone at work just called me Burt Reynolds so I guess you could say Movember is going well
Sally Field Reacts to Burt Reynolds Calling Her the 'Love of His Life' via
Burt Reynolds calls Sally Field the 'love of my life'
big fan of the facial expression on the 2.30 mark from Burt Reynolds on the right. It's like he's having the...
Lorna Luft loosens up and opens up about Burt Reynolds, and she has nothing but love and pride for her big...
-- Madsen needs to stop seeing the same plastic surgeon that Burt Reynolds, Mickey Rourke, and Kris Kristofferson use.
List of famous people I'd like to have a beer with. 1. Burt Reynolds. ... Dead last: Joe Buck
Burt Reynolds is brave enough to tell that his biggest regret was not to marry Sally Fields,and it makes me jump with joy as freedom comes.
Burt Reynolds, Julianne Moore, and Mark Wahlberg all do a fantastic job.
Michael you think Burt Reynolds? I was think Kevin James from Paul Blart Mall Cop!
Lincoln Chafee should be next to Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery on the next Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL!
Is this the or another Celebrity Jeopardy sketch? Why aren't Sean Connery and Burt Reynolds on stage?
CNN left a podium open for Joe Biden. I hope he shows up halfway through like Burt Reynolds on Celebrity Jeopardy.
Burt. Reynolds... Burt Reynolds was totally in my dream last night. 😴😳
is he the dude that looks like a young Burt Reynolds? :D
.Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot, and Burt Reynolds are the Jews of sporting 'staches. The chosen ones.
guy on the left end looks like a young Burt Reynolds
Adam Sandler: The Longest Yard (Bilingual): Adam Sandler is no Burt Reynolds, but his remake of The Longest Yard is a
Time for more sexy dreams, like that time I was making grilled cheese sandwiches for a surprisingly smooth, young Burt Reynolds
Pedro Pascal is related to Burt Reynolds right? I mean come on...
is what Burt Reynolds called Ned Beatty's *** after the Deliverance rape scene.
Burt Reynolds once asked me out. I was in his room. -Phyllis Diller ☺
Burt Reynolds and Lee Cirso once crashed a future leaders of America party and double teamed Condoleeza Rice
Please god, before they die, can we get a photo of Alex Trebek, Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery together?
In the famous words Jerry Reid and Burt Reynolds - what's an Indiana county mounty doing in Mayberry? . I don't know
Kermit comes across Ned Beatty and Burt Reynolds canoeing in his swamp
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Nursing my flu just watched Encore movie 1975 "Hustle" starring Paul Winfield, Burt Reynolds & Eddie Albert.
- Burt Reynolds would be too easy.same with Connery. Ana Gasteyer doing Martha Stewart??
The perfect man has Reggie Watts's invisibility, Ralph Macchio's shoulders & Burt Reynolds's strong icy heart
Burt Reynolds as Moe. Jerry Reed as Larry. Paul Prudhomme as Dom Deluise as Emperor Caesar as Curly . .
Judy Carne died 76 she was married to Burt Reynolds
Once married to Burt Reynolds; later divorced. I wonder if Kim Davis issued that marriage license.
If this was the 70's Sarah Palin would be at the Playboy Mansion getting chatted up by Hugh Hefner & Burt Reynolds.
The only man with a mustache I appreciate is Burt Reynolds... Tom Selleck is a lie.
Los Angeles, Burt Reynolds and Pam Seals at the premiere "Boogie Nights" . .
Could never keep my celebrities straight. Still confuse Tom Seleck for Burt Reynolds and Jodie Foster for Helen Hunt. there's probably more
Okay I apologize to Redemption with this Burt Reynolds spoken word piece about his imaginary son.
If I recall correctly, Burt Reynolds is head of the Man Council. Better ask him.
Look how tolerant of alt lifestyles Burt Reynolds was. Jim Nabors?!
The perfect man has Burt Reynolds's eardrums, Bobak Ferdowsi's jaw & Rider Strong's athletic heart
Takeoff of the Burt Reynolds movie Hooper from a few years previous. Heather Thomas & Markie Post, dang tho.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He took on Burt Reynolds in front of millions. Marc Summers is a *** American hero!
I imagine a buddy cop film that starred both Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds would be what brings peace to the world.
Dr. Dre, Pauly Shore, Chris Farley, Tom Selleck, and Burt Reynolds are all Aquarians. I feel like I'm in an elite club.
you look like the love child of Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds! 😂
Love the Funbag Drew, but FYI Burt Reynolds' character was Bandit, the Smokey was Sheriff Buford T. Justice.
Can Chris Harrison please look at the camera like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit... Old people/cats you know what I'm saying...
I am 95% sure this is suppose to be Burt Reynolds. The boys love Uncle Chris' action figures
First Lake County's Bobby Bradley, now Clinton's Burt Reynolds. Homer over the batter's eye (right over the 403 sign). 3-2 Clinton.
James Dickey, Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, and others on the making of ‘Deliverance.’
Top film on Brit TV today, PayTV: Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ronny Cox & Ned Beatty get into some hot water in Deliverance 21:45 Sky Greats
Who else has seen the Burt Reynolds doppelgänger in Kensington Market? He wears a baseball cap+sports jersey and he's got a European accent
Sean Connery out as Burt Reynolds in. - via
Corrected headline: “Burt Reynolds has replaced Sean Connery as Colonel Sanders for KFC”
Luckily this was labelled! This picture will also do for Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck ;-)
Did you know: Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck once agreed to do a 'Face/Off' but the operation was deemed too complex after consultations.
you didn't live in the 70's more people saw Burt Reynolds play football on their tvs than saw Bert Jones.
College Football is the greatest simply because Burt Reynolds once called the Sun Bowl...
"Since when was Burt Reynolds your hero?" "Wh. Since ever!" "I thought that was Richard Petty" "Which doesn't even merit a response" lmao
Had to shave the mustache. But thanks for all the Burt Reynolds, Freddie Mercury, Borat and Ron Swanson comments (compliments), everyone.
"Burt Reynolds still radiates the aura of a star. Even at 79, he has the machismo of Paul Crewe in “The Longest...
I had no idea that Burt Reynolds plays minor league baseball for the Bakersfield Blaze
Well done if you said Borat, Burt Reynolds, Hulk Hogan and Tom Selleck. Help yourselves to a virtual thumbs up!
I tripped over Burt Reynolds because a clown stole my taco 😂😂
Burt Reynolds honored as a “Legend” at the Macon Film Festival in Georgia - Palm Beach Post (blog)
Tonight's screening Macon Film Festival with Burt Reynolds was excellent. Did you attend? Tell us what you thought!
Burt Reynolds helps Macon Film Festival to successful 10th year (with video):
.continues today with the man himself, Burt Reynolds. More tonight from at 11.
Macon Film Festival expands, welcomes Burt Reynolds to this year's festival ...
you're betting like Burt Reynolds on Celebrity Jeopardy.
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