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Burt Reynolds

Burton Milo Burt Reynolds, Jr.

Tom Selleck Paul Newman Han Solo High Desert Sally Field Richard Dreyfuss Star Wars Adam Sandler James Bond Dolly Parton Lee Corso Ron Perlman Sean Connery Jason Statham Ray Liotta Charles Durning Jon Voight Turd Ferguson

Watch tonight to see me, + talk about what's cool. Hint: involves black people & Burt Reynolds
It ended up being Burt Reynolds, in the Bowling Alley, with the Cocktail Shaker.
Battle of the Hollywood Icon 'Staches! Whose mustache is better: Tom Selleck or Burt Reynolds?
Thought Murray may go but not to be replaced by Doyle in a million years.What happened to Hooper, and I don't mean Burt Reynolds
that looks like Sean Connery wearing a Burt Reynolds costume.
Oh no, Burt Reynolds is the latest victim of
If I could only grow a mustache like Burt Reynolds.
Does Michael Brewer look more like Burt Reynolds or Andrew Luck…or their love child? Discuss.
This country still hasn't recovered after overdosing on Burt Reynolds.
I should buy a '77 trans am like Burt Reynolds drove in Smokey & The Bandit.
...I googled "sexy burt reynolds" to send youa joke photo and boy was THAT a mistake. That's a lot of hairy naked dude ...
it won't be the last time Burt Reynolds. And *** yes ugmo c4s!
I have that song in my head now. I'm OK with it. I shouldn't be thinking about Burt Reynolds this much, though.
or we could've also got Bea Arthur and Burt Reynolds. Imagine that bathroom picture
I'd put 3 > 4, as 4 didn't quite reach the heights of driving a car with a tiger, Mayor Burt Reynolds or the gimp race
you got Burt Reynolds full frontal ?
Oh, and Hooper! Does anyone remember how AMAZING Hooper is? Burt Reynolds as a stunt man. I love that movie.
Action & Adventure starring Burt Reynolds with 1 title to watch.
I had a dream that Burt Reynolds was angry at me and it made me really upset.
Hello chest hair. I need that in windy Burt Reynolds gif form see:
Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, shot some film in bama in the 70's
Gaby Guerrero & Burt Reynolds with back to back homeruns in the 2nd. Mavs up 8-1.
The 49ers have signed Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, and Terry Crews while naming Chris Rock team manager.
1993 saw the return of Rick Rude's mustache and now he's Jacked up Burt Reynolds courtesy
thank you oh so much great Black Burt Reynolds sir
It was him and Burt Reynolds in the Smoky and the Bandit films. I was in a whole moustache phase.
I spent the night with Burt Reynolds
ok so Burt Reynolds was god in the SECOND x files episode that ended with a musical number
Ray Leotta, Burt Reynolds, Ron Perlman, that woman from that thing, that other chap and ... Jason Statham!
Burt Reynolds hospitalized in ICU with flu symptoms - The 76-year-old star reportedly landed in the ICU after...
false. Have you seen the longest yard with burt Reynolds
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I reckon so. And Burt Reynolds very funny in it.
Burt Reynolds wouldn't take this allocated seating pish. He says so himself.
will you be planning cop and a half at any time? Part of a burt reynolds reason?
Action Thrillers starring Burt Reynolds with 1 title to watch.
If you are nothing like Burt Reynolds then you are nothing I'm interested I'm talking to
you're so irritating. Lolol. Go away you tall *** youngin w the Burt Reynolds mustache. :P
Another great photo of Steve McQueen dancing with his wife Neile (dark hair), and Burt Reynolds, far right. Wrap ...
Hoping "The Next Step" breaks me through and puts me alongside Burt Reynolds and Ron Burgundy for great Hollywood staches
On Aug. 18, 1977, Elvis Presley's funeral was held at his Memphis estate, Graceland, where 150 mourners attend, including such luminaries as Ann-Margret, James Brown, and actor George Hamilton. (Everyone from Sammy Davis Jr. to Farrah Fawcett to Burt Reynolds to John Wayne were rumored to attend, but did not.) Held in Graceland's living room, It lasted from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, and was led by Woodale Church of Christ pastor C.W. Bradley. Televangelist Rex Humbard gave a short sermon, followed by a testimonial from comedian Jackie Kahane, who often opened Elvis' shows. Other Elvis tour vets -- J.D. Sumner and the Stamps, the Statesmen, and Kathy Westmoreland -- performed some of Elvis' favorite hymns including "Heavenly Father." Outside, 75,000 fans mourn, so many that President Jimmy Carter has ordered the National Guard in to maintain order. Elvis' burial began with a long procession down the street that bears his name, a white hearse and seventeen white limousines behind, ending at Forest Hill Cemetery. ...
It seems like we may have found the of L.A.: . Come on, half naked Burt Reynolds! 😎
Watching: Deliverance (1972); Continuing our Jon Voight fest, this one is so great! Burt Reynolds in a leather vest, that is all.
only two men can do that pose magicians and Burt Reynolds
Several until she started sleeping with Burt Reynolds.
opening cut.Peter's Aunt is moving on.New boyfriend pulls up to the house.None other than Burt Reynolds.
I woke up today possessed by the ghost of the still alive Burt Reynolds or something I want a 77 trans am so bad
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she looks like how I imagine Burt Reynolds must smell.
Oh good lord yes. The Burt Reynolds episode alone!
are you serious your the little kid? So cute love that movie & I'm not a Burt Reynolds fan!
Photo: I met a cat today that looked like Burt Reynolds
Let's have a cross state road race like Burt Reynolds n dem
.Is that Burt Reynolds doing the voiceovers for the Bristol race?
hey just curious...why does Burt Reynolds keep telling me you're in?
Celebrity fun fact: Burt Reynolds has been with so many women that his mustache permanently smells like *** http:/…
well there is the old burt Reynolds version and the Vinnie jones 'mean machine' British version!
but I couldn't believe the barista was Burt Reynolds who was playing the bandit to drive him & smokey to safety
Burt Reynolds, K.I.T.T and the Calgary Trans AM Club stopped by Western GM today. A few burnouts later we're all...
you kind of look like this guy named Burt Reynolds
BB Fans: When I was 8 I was the lead in the movie "Cop and a Half" w/ Burt Reynolds, watch the trailer:
Goodell probably thinks Smokey and the Bandit is a documentary. Who knew Burt Reynolds was A CRIMINAL?
Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Paul Newman as the main character were unsuccessful. All of the actors
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I think this is a mural of Burt Reynolds
BB Fans: Watch me be the lead character in the 1993 box office hit "Cop and a Half" with Burt Reynolds:
"You're lucky Dana you're married to Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck" - dad on his mustache
best halloween costume idea for a couple: hairdryer Demi Moore & vaseline Burt Reynolds from Striptease...
BLU RELEASES: Burt Reynolds is GATOR (the sequel to White Lightning)...
He actually looks more like Burt Reynolds. Rumor has it Ditka dis some part-time stunt double work for him
TIL Burt Reynolds starred in a musical in 1975 that was such a disaster that the director had an apology printed...
Feverish with a summer cold. Woke in a clichéd sweat from a dream about an evil Burt Reynolds.
I just want to lay you down and yodel to you like Burt Reynolds
If they weren't jackasses Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds would have had really good careers.
Malone with Burt Reynolds followed by Time Cop with Van Damme. And everyone thinks US TV is all House of Cards and The Wire. Classic trash.
"I really love Boogie Nights" Yeah, even Burt Reynolds was good in it. Did Tarantino direct?--has a Pulp Fiction vibe to it.
Malone . Burt Reynolds back in the day 😏
This man at the bar ordered a Burt Reynolds shot then asked who he was.
Phil was telling me about a movie with Jeff Goldblum, Richard Dreyfuss, and Burt Reynolds in it that sounds a lot like Johnny Dangerously.
Whoa, must be Burt Reynolds or something?
So I was told again today I look like a young Burt Reynolds!!
wish I was Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit.
come over to my house. We're all fuzzy! LOL. I do miss the hairy men, though. Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck, yeah!
There's a Burt Reynolds facing a Mike Piazza in this game right now. Ah, minor league baseball.
Changed my dads phone background to a picture of Burt Reynolds. Let's see how long it takes for him to notice.
Check out a movie I'm in on Netflix! It's called and it stars a very old and cranky Burt Reynolds. I'm the…
Might pull up in sweats the first day off school. Burt Reynolds lazy day outfit, don't get me wrong ima still look cute t…
the 1988 Oscars were a disgrace: Best Supporting Actors;Greg Kinnear, Burt Reynolds and Anthony Hopkins for Amistad pale next to Cromwell
Does anyone else want to see a 70s version of starring a young Jon Voight & Burt Reynolds?
Superman, Han Solo, John McClane and James Bond - Burt Reynolds turned down the offer to play all of them!
Check out this cool photo of a young, hot Burt Reynolds!
"I was just looking for the Burt Reynolds theater."
why did no one nominate Burt Reynolds for MLB commissioner?
Burt Reynolds was offered the role of James Bond by producer Albert R. Broccoli, after Sean Connery left the franchise. Reynolds turned the role down, saying "An American can't play James Bond. It just can't be done." I would loved to see that
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Burt Reynolds Hollywood Actor of Yester year. Have you seen ancient leaf art? via
"No one invented lightning!" "Burt Reynolds did. I saw it in a movie."
how about "Evening Shade" with Burt Reynolds? I barely remember the show, but it fits.
Join the guys from as they present the blast of Burt Reynolds that is SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT!
I look stunning, like a young Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds is awesome your argument is invalid
Lewis opened twice for The Rolling Stones, played on The Tonight Show, was in a Burt Reynolds movie and was in
one can only hope Burt Reynolds will climb that mountain.
"Last name is Reynolds and my first name is Burt! If you try to step to me imma shoot through your shirt!" Favorite lines in the whole song.
Comin out of the woods like burt reynolds in deliverance
She's like Burt Reynolds. Very reliable, but has a moustache.
Also, I've had a thing for hairy chests lately, if that helps. Think Magnum P.I. or a young Burt Reynolds.
Traveling Fla. US 1? C a show by the Burt Reynolds Institute @ the historic Mirror Ballroom in Lake Park
What's with all the spectators on the golf course for the Knoxville open? Must be Burt Reynolds or something.
Chief Running Bear want to thank BURT REYNOLDS / SAM ELLIOTT and JOE NAMATH for calling into THUNDER BOX enjoyed talking to you this morning
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
TBT to that time I chilled with Burt Reynolds. Just kidding, that's my Dad! (& Grandpa.)
fanks, my mum said i look like a young Burt Reynolds
Blinds remaining in the new 8bb studio. We have nicknamed them "Burt Reynolds."
Burt Reynolds was cast as Han Solo in Star Wars but dropped out before filming began
Apparently Burt Reynolds has changed his Turd Ferguson
"Burt Reynolds I believe it's your turn. Yeah. that's not my name. Okay Turd Ferguson it's your turn"
Why is Turd trending? Did Burt Reynolds come out with a new movie?
I am going to tell myself that this is an elaborate parody referencing Norm McDonald as Burt Reynolds on SNL
Russian CONVOY could use Burt Reynolds to get this party going.
The Burt Reynolds episode of Archer is the best 😂😭🙌
Had such a fun night volunteering then drinking Burt Reynolds for the first time. Veeery tasty
As it's before there was Shark! with Burt Reynolds. They used live sharks during filming until one stuntman was killed.
just in middle of filming Burt Reynolds Yurt Kennels, building tented accomadation for K9s with the star of cannon ball run
"...and I can see that Burt Reynolds has changed his name to 'Turd Thank you, good night.
episode w/Burt Reynolds as God. Plus numerology & lots of festive, dancing Italians. Weird one even by TXF standards.
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actually I just finished my new VHS workout with Burt Reynolds in its called body of Jan *** ***
Watching Joaquin Phoenix play Johnny Cash is worse than watching Dom DeLuise play Hitler./And Burt Reynolds playing Goebbels.
That blooper reel at the end with Burt Reynolds as Mengele was comedy gold though
Drinking beer with Burt Reynolds life is good.
Check out that f'n 'stache, King. Burt Reynolds and 1980's Engelbert - EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT. Gez!
Burt Reynolds has apparently changed his name to Turd
Auditioning for a Burt Reynolds bio pic.
playing Burt Reynolds, yes. Wearing an oversized hat.
Chief Running Bear SIRIUS XM169 on OPENING DRIVE will be talking with BURT REYNOLDS from the THUNDER BOX in the morning tune in
Burt Reynolds is still one of the sexiest men alive.
Richie Bancells needs to grow his mustache back. That thing is on a "Burt Reynolds" level when in its prime.
FYI also: Hulu+ has A PARODY MOVIE ABOUT PARODY MOVIES. (Starring Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds?)(for real)
Burt Reynolds Hollywood Actor of Yester year. Baby by museumshop via
Imagine "Smokie & the Bandit" today. Burt Reynolds would be tracked by a drone or helicopter, and shot to death by militarized cops.
could I pull off the mustache? Lady just said I look like a young Burt Reynolds lol I'm keeping it
Mike Norton in the classic Burt Reynolds Cosmo pose.
I'd totally be on-board with a young Burt Reynolds playing Iron Man!
Some of my momentous of the legendary Lauren Bacall...the programs and record album of Women of the year from broadway to Los Angeles. Her signed autobiographies. One funny story at her book signing she said I can sign that book too and I said no. She said I will sign it and I said I don't think you would want to and she said why? I said it's the autobiography of Burt Reynolds. She gave her roaring laugh and said I think you are right. It was the highlight of the evening at the book shop. She was in such a fun mood. An other item is this bank statement from 1950 signed by Humphrey Bogart and her real name Betty Bogart.
Is it just me or does look like a young Burt Reynolds?
Every single time I see Pepe play, I can't help but think of this "Stunning, like a young Burt Reynolds"
Burt Reynolds, Liza MInnelli, and Gene Hackman. It was the 70's!
Forgot Robin Williams beat out Anthony Hopkins, Burt Reynolds, Robert Forster and ... Greg Kinnear for the 1998 supporting actor Oscar.
Good Morning Barboursville! If you heard sirens screaming through the village yesterday morning it was because the patrol officers of BPD were diligently trying to keep this town safe. Officer Todd Neal (AKA "The Hound") sniffed out a potential taker cruising through the alleys around Union Avenue and Peyton Street in a red Honda beater. Officer Neal knows the people of Barboursville well and he knew very well this guy didn't belong. After watching the perpetrator commit a series of blatant traffic violations, officer Neal engaged his emergency lights for a stop. The taker, deciding not to stick around for any further investigation, proceeded out of town hurriedly with officer Neal following safely. Several other officers joined in the royal blue escort of the red Honda all the way to Huntington where the boys of H'town picked up the trail escorting the wayward Honda out of the state into Ohio. The taker probably thinks he got away, but this isn't Cannon Ball Run and he's not Burt Reynolds. Warrants were ...
High Desert defeated Rancho Cucamonga 5-4 in Cal League play. Mavericks win on walk-off RBI 1B by Burt Reynolds. No I;m not kidding!
The Cannonball Races - Burt Reynolds pursues Penelope Pitstop - on and off the track! (that's the tagline on the poster)
Watching what appears to be a Vacation movie. Chevy Chase nowhere in sight but Burt Reynolds, Jon Voit & Ned Beatty are. Weird.
Remembering that 12 years ago, Burt Reynolds, Debbie Harry and Philip Michael Thomas was in Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez make one yearn for Burt Reynolds and Sally Field in Getaway:
The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is a 1982 American musical comedy film co-written, produced and directed by Colin Higgins (in his final film as director). It is an adaptation of the 1978 Broadway musical of the same name and stars Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds. The cast also features Jim Nabors, Charles Durning, Dom DeLuise, Noah Beery, Jr., Robert Mandan, Lois Nettleton, Theresa Merritt, Barry Corbin, Mary Jo Catlett, and Mary Louise Wilson.
After Eastwood it was Burt Reynolds, Marvin Gaye, Dennis Quaid, Nicolas Cage, Blair Underwood and now James(LOL)
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the shows, Frisky Dingo & both have one episode, tribute to the Burt Reynolds movie, "Hooper".
Will the 1993 Divorce of Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson Ever End? -
Fact: Lee Corso was college roommates with Burt Reynolds.
What more could you ask for than Uwe Boll, Burt Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ron Perlman and awful CGI fantasy? The Stath, that's what.
Mister Rogers is actually Burt Reynolds without a mustache .
The U.S. studio that co-financed this film wanted Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman or Robert Redford 2 play the lead-
Who knew that Lee Corso's college roommate at Florida State was Burt Reynolds.
Surprised that Sally Field has a filthy mouth by beating Julia Roberts in a "swearing" challenge? C'mon, she's sucked off Burt Reynolds.
All the worlds most trustworthy people have had moustaches... Hitler, Stalin, Sadam Hussein, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, the list goes on.
Without the necessary chance for disappointment, we would have already reached our conclusion as transient wanderers in a world established from cyclical and gratuitous endings"-Burt Reynolds, 1977
I wanna be Burt Reynolds when I grow up
Brett Burt Reynolds Theatre and. Motion picture and television trading I also was a A student at Buffalo State univrristry Theatre and scren
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you put t... — Burt Reynolds and Maynard
I would have also settled for Burt Reynolds as the voice of God.
I really hope Burt Reynolds is the next guest. He is hilarious.
Burt Reynolds has such a great laugh. So does Charles Durning. Growing up Burt was just everything.
Found this old knockoff GIJoe at my parents' house ...this is clearly Burt Reynolds, right?
Burt Reynolds is almost 26 and all that, but he's been on fire for the of late. 2nd in org in OPS since 6/11 at 1.063.
Woah it must be Burt Reynolds or something.
Of course Yoenis Cespedes won the HR Derby. He has Burt Reynolds mustaches for eyebrows.
I was sent a picture today of in a remake of a classic Burt Reynolds spread... So there's that
I have no idea if he is good but there isnt much more I want in life than have Burt Reynolds pan out for the M's and be a good player.
--stop the face work... you look like Burt Reynolds.. !!
Tamra looks terrible.. Stop the face work Tamra before you end up like Burt Reynolds..!!
Y now it's time for the bojo show starring Burt Reynolds. Oh, broccoli.
. really enjoying this guy from the High Desert Mavericks named Burt Reynolds.
Done with the puns, but I have to tell you, I initially confused Burt Reynolds with Tom Selleck and made a Magnum P.I.(e)
Watching the X-Files episode "Improbable" with special guest star Burt Reynolds. I completely forgot about this one.
Lol. Did u guys see the one about throwing paint on Burt Reynolds stach? Fur is murder!
They should bring back the celebrity home run derby. I'd pay to watch Andrew dice clay and Burt reynolds hit some dingers again like in '97
*Throws a tin of paint on Burt Reynolds lip*. FUR IS MURDER!
"We need someone to voice this rival propane salesman for an episode, how about Burt Reynolds?" "Is James Carville busy? I need a judge."
Inspired choice for Burt Reynolds' walk-up music.
Wouldn't that have been epic if Burt Reynolds could have appeared along with Lori Loughlin?
It's gotta be burt Reynolds when gets picked up you should have him on your show!!!
Items in my shopping cart include the Burt Reynolds musical At Long Last Love and a Sgt. Bilko imported box set
Act like James Bond crossed with Burt Reynolds. .not like Pauly D crossed with Tom Green...
Burt Reynolds is parked outside. Wants to go to a Cowboy Bar. . I hate when he says "Look good, Feel good, Cowboy!", but good people o/w.
😂😂 just made you ain't swagging like Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds has the best laugh of all-time.
Burt Reynolds called he wants his sunglasses back
BREAKING: Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed took my challenge to locate hazardous chemicals. - Big Enos Burdette.
"Whoa, must be Burt Reynolds or something." This is the epitome of a mustache and…
Did you know that Burt Reynolds was on an episode of Friends?
If the first one does good you could switch out Ken for Burt Reynolds!
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I just watched the episode with Burt Reynolds. Massive amount of laughter.
Today is National Nude Day, which is a great reason to remind you that this photo of Burt Reynolds exists.
Everything you read on the internet is true. When I'm naked I look like a sexier burt Reynolds
Ever time I see that title, I think its a series based on that Bill Forsyth/Burt Reynolds movie and then my hopes are dashed
As Burt Reynolds said to Jill Clayburgh's character in Semi-tough, Darling your a 9 but your a perfect 9.
I'm so pleased I've seen the live. They were "stunning, like a young Burt Reynolds" at Optimus! Unbelievable scenes!
HOLY CRAP. There is an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents starring Burt Reynolds, Harry Dean Stanton, & Hal Holbrook.
You're writer is a young Burt Reynolds?
I've been waiting for someone else to say that. You just get the feeling he's channeling a young Burt Reynolds
Other night dreamt Tina Turner was singing to me. Last night I dreamt I was dancing with a young Burt Reynolds!. Should I be worried?
I don't know who's sadder: the Pat Sajak knockoff in beige or the poor mans Burt Reynolds in...WHAT IS THAT?!?
Are you sure it's not the dentist, John Voight, who is writing the forward to the Burt Reynolds autobiography?
Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds, Leelee Sobieski, John Rhys Davies... how did they end up here?
"Best Little Whorehouse" in on right now. Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds are so cute in that "Sneakin' Around" song.
Below Burt Reynolds and two to the left of Janis Joplin?
I love Burt Reynolds movies so does my mum awsome
Onetime I farted and it sounded like my butt said "Burt Reynolds".
Burt Reynolds is SHAMUS - a pool-shooting, card-playing, broad-chasing private eye...cross him, and he'll blow your head off.
OMG Yes! I love em! I have dated clean shaven guys. It never works out. I want a manly man. I want hair! I want Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds is looking at me today.
Burt Reynolds movie: Does anyone have a valium? Entire crowd searches pockets and everyone had a bottle. Why they never show this one on TV?
=)) this one reminds me of a popular Burt Reynolds pic
Switched to brilliant end of "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex..." Forgot how great Tony Randall and Burt Reynolds were in it.
END 7: Burt Reynolds hits his second HR of the night off of Scott Elbert and High Desert leads 4-1.
Lots of special people enjoying a shot of Burt Reynolds.
END 3: Another fly ball homer for High Desert, this time from Burt Reynolds (no, not that one). Mavs lead 2-0.
Watched Starting Over ,Burt Reynolds and Jill Clayburn. First time since 1979 still good
# 26, Burt Reynolds knocks a HR into right-center.
I'm gonna get Burt Reynolds face on the back of my hands so my punches hurt a million times more
Probably the earliest in the cycle of hick flicks that Burt Reynolds rode to superstardom
Anything by Sienna D'Enema but more specifically- Burt Reynolds Orgy.
Looking on Netflix for Heat, finds Heat! Yersss!!! Clicks on Heat...Starring Burt Reynolds (1986) *Throws remote at telly*
WAIT Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck are different people?
Because between Burt Reynolds and Lara Croft we've got two characters famous for bow and arrow kills.
Burt Reynolds was originally cast as Han Solo in Star Wars before Harrison Ford was hired.
It's Batman and Burt Reynolds' secret love child!
I can only hope that the mustache belongs to Burt Reynolds and that my prayers have been answered with Smokey and the Bandit II.
if only more of them had Burt Reynolds in a onesie with a giant star over his crotch...
Burt Reynolds was up for Han Solo Sean Connery for gandalf
just imagine if it was Burt Reynolds.
*Long awkward silence* . "So yeah. That's it. That's the dream. I dreamed I had sex with Burt Reynolds on a cloud, OK!"
who else saw Mexican Burt Reynolds sitting behind the Mexican coach?
Burt Reynolds makes me feel hard core.
An ole'ManWhore,a Political Burt Reynolds,Better get Maaco,&Smokey&the Bandit,only sellin'out peeps in TX
special thank you to Burt Reynolds, Steve Irwin & Duncan Bannatine for signing the back the bookie petition in Jersey
Meet Black Singles 300x250
George was watching striptease starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds last night in that chair I just…
Can we try to do a Cop and a Half skit with Burt Reynolds?
"At the end, all we have is stories." -Burt Reynolds.
Nothing can be compared to Burt Reynolds I'm sorry, not even tratt
you didn't even get the subliminal Burt Reynolds reference
This Reynolds kid looks 12 with a costume mustache on. Does he think his dad is Burt?
you’re welcome, tumblr: Oh god, Burt Reynolds, my eyes.
Mystery Alaska is an older film with Russell and Scott. Fun hocky flick even has Burt Reynolds in it.
naked Burt Reynolds on a bear skin rug welcomed me back from lunch. thats the last time I leave my computer unlocked
worse than that. In the Twilight Zone I'd at least have the chance of running into Will Shatner or Burt Reynolds.
Patrick Warburton and Burt Reynolds in Archer season 3, I've missed out.
For years my favorite HOLLYWOOD hunk was Richard Gere.. before him Burt Reynolds.. showing my age now Lol..I now have a new favorite to add to the list with Kevin Costner.. John Travolta Denzil Washington Tommy Lee Jones.. who do you think it could be??
You look like a combination of Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields in Smokey and the Bandit. And I'm curiously aroused.
Burt Reynolds has officially changed his name to Turd Ferguson.
I just can't see Burt Reynolds playing in the role of Tim Hudak. "Smokey & The Bandit"
The Password was "class." Props to Allen Ludden, who passed on this date in 1981 at age 63. On camera he projected a great warmth, wit, intimacy and endless good cheer to viewers, although his personal life was a bit more complex. As a Phi Betta Kappa graduate in drama, with a Masters degree in English, Ludden was professorially masterful in hosting College Bowl and Password. A public service for Allen Ludden was held at the Church of the Hills at Forest Lawn-Hollywood Hills on June 11, 1981. Celebrities in attendance included fellow game show hosts Bob Barker, Jack Barry, Tom Kennedy, Bert Convy, Gene Rayburn, Monty Hall, Peter Marshall, announcer Gene Wood, plus *** Martin, Ross Martin (who died the following July 3), Ruta Lee, George Peppard, Jack Klugman, Earl Holliman, Dom DeLuise, Angie Dickinson, Garry Marshall and Carl Reiner. Widow Betty White sat between Burt Reynolds and Grant Tinker. She would later fly with Allen's remains for burial in his hometown of Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
You look alot like a young Burt Reynolds in this picture ..
you never saw The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas? Burt Reynolds and Jim Nabors singing!
UA had insisted on an American actor in the role of Bond. Names mentioned: Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
How tough would it be to convince the tabloids that Burt Reynolds is Matt Dillon's father?
Every celebrity with a mustache ever. Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Freddy Mercury, Sam Elliott, the lead singer of Sparks...
Burt Reynolds and Sally Fields - rarely seen together without a smirk on their faces. :-)
Some guy just confused a drawing of Tom Selleck for Burt Reynolds what is the world coming to?
Who has the greater moustache, Burt Reynolds or Tom Selleck?
To the guy who just ignored my hand signal to turn right on my pushbike and overtook me anyway...thanks for that. hope you and your passenger, in your matching denim caps do well in the burt reynolds lookalike comp...sorry about calling you a *** ..not:0)
My dad looking like the cop from Smokey and the Bandit. With Burt Reynolds Sally Felds... Thats the only one's I remember the names of at the moment. I am sure the rest will come to me.
THE CREW features Academy Award - winner Richard Dreyfuss (MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS) and Burt Reynolds (MYSTERY, ALASKA) in a sidesplitting story about a set of go...
Sirs:. I am still alive and still chewing imaginary gum. Burt Reynolds
Every time I watch Deliverance I can only ever focus on how weird Burt Reynolds looks without a mustache
This is how the Golden Globes would go these days. Burt Reynolds = Best bow man in Deliverance. over Norman Reedus 5 seasons in Walking Dead
New Photo Celebrity Burt Reynolds has been published on Celebrity Plastic Surgery
Had my first Pimm's Cup last night and it was so delicious. Thank you Mister Burt Reynolds for the suggestion. You know, you WERE amazing in Gone With The Wind.
I get shocked as all get out when someone tells me they're from Georgia and have never seen the Burt Reynolds classic "deliverance"
$3.50 Burt Reynolds and $6 Bacardi Doubles! Mechanical Bull Riding and girls FREEE COVER! Lets Party tonight
So there's absolutely NOTHING on TV. Deliverance is about to be on. To watch or not to watch? Quite disturbing. Don't understand how you could let that happen to yourself. Ned Beatty gets a man card taken away. Squeal like a pig boy. Even though Burt Reynolds came to the rescue, other dude gets a man card taken away cause he would have let it happen. You sure do got a purty mouth.
Here's something unusual . . . MOVIE BUFFS Take Note: I have a wide selection of old B&W movie stills (photos) that cover from Conan The Barbarian to the Trinity movies. Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, to The Beast Within. 1,000,000 years BC (Racquel Welch) to Ringo Starr's Caveman. Burt Lancaster, Burt Reynolds, Alan Arkin, Richard Dreyfuss . . . About 4-500 in all. Collected over 20 years in the industry and carried carefully for the past 30 years. Time to clear out my nostalgia boxes and make room in the garage. I can't display them all but maybe you can. I also have a small range of Daybills, 1 sheet posters, production notes (anyone want an original Star Wars production script?) and press kits for movies from the 1960's to 1980's. If you would like to see them, inbox me for a time and day and come on over! prices start from just $5.00 - $10.00 per still (some are much rarer and collectable than others), or buy heaps and get a really good deal.
Burt Reynolds may lose his Florida home to foreclosure -- his is the most recent among celebrity foreclosures.
Well technically Burt Reynolds is in the Adam Sandler version, but my answer is both. I'm watching the Sandler one now.
Jandro is currently planning the inmates win over the guards in the annual football game with Burt Reynolds.
yeah. Run by volunteers. Old ladies who just LOOOVVEEE Burt Reynolds.
Yep I remember when that was big news. About the time Burt Reynolds was with Dinah Shore. Yep...I'm that old.
I sat in the canoe from Deliverance. It lives at the "Burt Reynolds & Friends Museum" in FL. Free admission.
I'm watching a movie with McKyla called "Hamlet and Hutch," starring a very old Burt Reynolds. He really looks terrible and unless he's changed his voice for this part, sounds nothing like I remember.
girl she said that about Bill Cosby, Burt Reynolds, then turned around and said it about Arsenio hall
One of the parties just gave out goodie bags with fake moustaches so now there are 20 mini-Burt Reynolds running around 👨
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Burt Reynolds and Raquel Welch star in "Fuzz."(1972). Both were at the zenith of their beauty and star power. Co-starring Yul Brynner, Jack Weston, Tom Skerr...
Gaby Guerrero & Burt Reynolds are in tonight's lineup, Gaby is nephew to Vlad and Burt is nephew to Robinson Cano
I loved him as the toymaker in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Alfred Hawthorne Hill, known by his stage name Benny Hill (21 January 1924 – 20 April 1992) was an English comedian and actor, notable for his long-running television programme The Benny Hill Show. Alfred Hawthorne Hill was born in Southampton. After leaving school, Hill worked at Woolworth's,[2] as a milkman, a bridge operator, a driver and a drummer before he finally got a foot in the door of the entertainment industry by becoming assistant stage manager with a touring review. He was called up in 1942 and trained as a mechanic, but transferred to the Combined Services Entertainment[3] division before the end of the war. Inspired by the "star comedians" of British music hall shows, Hill set out to make his mark in show business. For the stage, he changed his first name to 'Benny', in homage to his favourite comedian, Jack Benny Between the end of the Second World War and the dawn of the popularity of television with the British public, Hill worked ...
Hey Reynolds...constant references...the little joke at the very end of the credits...bravo.
Me: What are you watching? Dad: The Longest Yard. Me: Who all plays in it? Dad: Burt Reynolds and Adolf Sandler or whatever the *** his name is. Me: You mean Adam Sandler? Pf. Someone's been watching too many Adolph Hitler movies... smdh.
Not even Burt Reynolds can beat Bank of America in foreclosure court
Irvine, Rhode Island. You read Super Fun Night with C3PO. Burt Reynolds swallows Goldie Hawn next to you.
psst..!! Burt Reynolds could use your help at changing the locks on his house to keep Bank of America OUT... Do it please.
The episodes with Burt Reynolds are the best.
Burt Reynolds used to look like a nasty *** caveman
I didn't know looking like an amateur Burt Reynolds was a bad thing
nah dude I look like an amateur Burt Reynolds it had to go
Burt Reynolds made his film debut in what George Hamilton/Mercedes McCambridge flick?
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