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Burt Bacharach

Burt F. Bacharach (born May 12, 1928) is an American pianist, composer and music producer. He is known for his popular hit songs and compositions from the mid-1950s through the 1980s, with lyrics written by Hal David.

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Try “One Amazing Night” an album of a concert with Burt Bacharach and many stars . It’s very good.
The Magic Moments of Burt Bacharach: best available seats from £25. Find out more here:
Burt Bacharach - ‘Reach Out’ is a great album. Easy to find at thrift stores, etc. Do yourself a favor and grab one.
"Love is still the answer". Burt Bacharach . Philosophy: Where did *** sapiens go wrong?
Moving service for the great at Bev Hills 10s Club. In attendance - Connors, Laver, Tracy & Pam Austi…
"so what are you thinking of doing next?". "well Burt Bacharach & I have just signed up to do the lyrics on the new…
I disagree with everything Black Thought said. Here's some Burt Bacharach to wash that nonsense down.
"That's What Friends Are For" is a song written by Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager. It was first recorded...
Listen to Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head by Burt Bacharach & B.J. Thomas on
Surprise surprise Dotun how about the lovely Cilla Black and the wonderful Burt Bacharach e…
House full of people, husband has a Burt Bacharach CD on and someone else is playing me songs off his phone and try…
20 seems like a good place to stop. Anyway, Burt Bacharach and Hal David were one of the best songwriting partnersh…
20) The Sweetest Punch [1998] - Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach . One more from the Painted From Memory album. .
Spotify should have a “This Is: Burt Bacharach” playlist because okay who doesn’t love Burt Bacharach or any of his songs?
I still have that other girl by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. Just listen to it
Burt Bacharach said it best...what the world needs now, is love, sweet love ❣
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Barbara Streisand and Burt Bacharach ‘Close To You’ . Why do birds suddenly appear. Every time you are near?. Just...
Burt Bacharach should be a part of your life, otherwise you are incomplete.
There was never anything wrong with singers doing the singing and songwriters writing the songs…
Here’s a song for you… I'll Never Fall In Love Again by Burt Bacharach.
Burt Bacharach would be rolling in his grave. And he’s not even dead!
I honestly couldn't sit down and listen to national ransom. I liked the roots one though. in all hones…
from a songwriter formerly married to Burt Bacharach at that
Remember the gig we did opening for Burt Bacharach?. His guy sent me a hand-drawn stage plot of BB's se…
Ry Cooder & The Drifters with an early Burt Bacharach classic. Mexican Divorce . via
Well we've had Burt Bacharach, now James Taylor Quartet and then Justin Timberlake, what a combination . loving it xx
For my special friends who always have my back: Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach - In The Darkest Place
Peter Finch & Liv Ullman singing Burt Bacharach tunes? Where did it go wrong?
I didn't know Burt Bacharach and Cheryl Tiegs were a thing.
I lied. Lianne La Havas’ version of “Say A Little Prayer” [LIVE] by Burt Bacharach is an absolute thing of beauty.
Mr. Beale smashed the window of Burt Bacharach when he put this in the window on upper Madison Avenue.
Burt Bacharach wrote the music for Alfie. Hal David wrote the lyrics.
Born on this day in 1921, Hal David, US songwriter, pianist and arranger, with Burt Bacharach. Wrote 'Close To You'…
Born on this day in 1921 in New York City, lyricist Hal David (right) who worked with Burt Bacharach and co-wrote 3…
Liked Jimmy Webb pod so much that wondering if you could get Burt Bacharach or David Foster on show. Would be fascinating.
Eternal Sunshine dream-team and Jon Brion reunite to cover Burt Bacharach using coconuts and bananas
I liked a video from Burt Bacharach / Hal David ~ Promises, Promises - Overture
Dionne Warwick will sing the hits from her collabo with Burt Bacharach and Hal David on current tour. Interview:…
Promises Promises, based on a screenplay by Neil Simon with music by Burt Bacharach along with a book by Billy...
★★★★ Review: "A welcome revival" of the Burt Bacharach and Hal David musical Promises, Promises
For lovers of the music of Burt Bacharach - BACK TO BACHARACH celebrating the music of Burt Bacharach...
Back to Bacharach visits The Baths Hall on 10 Feb to celebrate the music of Burt Bacharach!. BOOK NOW -…
My Dad doesn't believe me, that I like Burt Bacharach more than Elvis Costello
my mom is doing this exact same thing to Burt Bacharach as I type!
You should see my Burt Bacharach collection
Blast this out as loudly as you can & everything will soon be OK. Burt Bacharach's 'South American Getaway' 1969 🐎🌵🔫
Hear favorite pop hits from the distinguished pianist on My Music Presents: Burt Bacharach’s Best at 8PM.
Keep smiling, keep shining. Knowing you can always count on me. For sure, that's what are for. - Burt Bacharach - lasting
Turns out my life was missing an impromptu duet of burt bacharach & Elvis Costello's 'I'll never fall in love again' from austin powers 2
Burt Bacharach - 'Let the Love Come Through' from 'Casino Royale (1967) ... via
Now playing: This Guy`s in Love With You -Songs of Burt Bacharach by Burt Bacharach -
Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach - This House is Empty Now via
And also the original Burt Bacharach Casino Royale, chuck this out: Happiness: which we need!
Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn.
I added a video to a playlist Singer Presents Burt Bacharach with Barbra Streisand
Still amazed by the omissions in the list. Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach - part of 1960s music trifecta - passed over again.
Dear - Loved the special! Why hasn't Burt Bacharach ever been honored??!! Our friend is so very deserving!
"Heart of Hearing" -- A review of Burt Bacharach's memoir, "Anyone Who Had a Heart: My Life and Music"
That time a 27yr-old Dionne Warwick stepped outside the Burt Bacharach bubble to do Jesus songs with Whitney Housto…
Free download of our take on the Burt Bacharach classic What the World Needs Now is Love Happy Hol…
『painted from memory』Elvis Costello with Burt Bacharach 1195円
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Watching "Florence Foster Jenkins." I'm reminded of the time I accompanied a wealthy dilettante on a piano signed by Burt Bacharach.
I liked a video from Bizarre Love Triangle - Vintage Burt Bacharach - Style New Order
Now playing: Windows of the World by Burt Bacharach; Ronald Isley -
Cilla Black-ALFIE. -MUSIC BY-((BURT BACHARACH --Hal David )) ((orig rec... probably the best she ever did !
And Burt Bacharach's song for Alumni -PO is on this year's long list for the Good luck!
Here's me and a picture of Burt Bacharach. Come join us at Saturday April 1st.
on Cinemagic: I'm listening to Burt Bacharach by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
You can see it coming: Stephen Sondheim. Ursula Le Guin. Don DeLillo. Mel Brooks. Gerhard Richter. Burt Bacharach
Angie Dickinson in the middle, to her right Burt Bacharach to whom she was married at the time Mitzi Gaynor 2 right
Raindrops keep falling on my head. . Burt Bacharach
Burt Bacharach: A Life in Song Royal Festival Hall concert celebrating the music of legendary so...
keep forgetting that Burt Bacharach and Carole Bayer Sager co-wrote this 😀
“Arthur’s Theme” was a collaboration by Cross with Burt Bacharach and his then-partner Carole Bayer Sager.
Andy Williams singing Burt Bacharach songs ended show. Have to see that again. Interesting seeing the young 1970ish audience,
"What The World Needs Now" written by Burt Bacharach and performed by Will Young for WWF.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hank Moore wrote about Burt Bacharach, *** Clark, Howard Hughes, Lee Iacocca, Steve Jobs and more.
Happy Birthday to composer & songwriter Burt Bacharach! 🎂 Your contributions to film music are legendary!
Our this week came from Company CEO Richard. Elvis Costello & Burt Bacharach - Painted from Memory
Was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and a hit for Gene Pitney
The dream team of Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
The title song was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach.
Doing the dishes in Boards of Canada tshirt and shorts listening to Burt Bacharach recorded live in 1974. The word is SUAVE 😉😛
A synonym is a word you use when you cant spell the word you first thought of. Burt Bacharach
Simply the Songs of Burt Bacha: Simply the Songs of Burt Bacha Burt Bacharach (Artiste) | Format : CD 85.286%…
You need to with and burt bacharach!
Osiris - Big Bird Blows Burt Bacharach. This beat was produced by The ...
My old white man playlist wills start off with Burt Bacharach lol
I recorded the song live in front of an orchestra, and yes, I was very move...
The Look of Love (feat. Paula Cole and Burt Bacharach) [Live Audio from The Wilshire Theatre] -
What could be wrong in the world when you are listening to the best of Burt Bacharach :)
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Now listening to all of my favorite Burt Bacharach songs. Man, the accompaniment is so lush!
Burt Bacharach is actually Neil Diamond in drag.
Reminded of a song by one of my favorite arrangers/composers, Mr. Burt Bacharach ~ ~ And YES WE DO!
I liked a video Burt Bacharach Performs "What the World Needs Now is Love" | In Performance at the
This Guy`s in Love with You by Burt Bacharach at
I heard somewhere that Burt Bacharach is doing the soundtrack.
Yeah I'm thinking maybe more pre-Legends slot on the Sunday a la Burt Bacharach this year..
Kehlani needs to listen to some Burt Bacharach & Hal David compositions.
Ye sampled the Luther version of "A House Is Not Home", originally done by Dionne Warwick, written & produced by Burt Bacharach & Hal David.
Eating ice cream and listening to Dionne Warwick. Man do I love me some Dionne Warwick. Peace to Burt Bacharach & Hal David.
He was to Jimmy Webb as Dionne Warwick was to Burt Bacharach. Or possibly not.
If it wasn't for the Austin Powers trilogy, I wouldn't know who Burt Bacharach was or bump "What the World Needs Now"
The best Bond song is Casino Royale composed by Burt Bacharach, performed by Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Hal David?If you know who Bernie Taupin,much less Burt Bacharach,or Paul Williams or Peter Allen is,we can't be friends anymore
I'll see that and raise you Harry Belafonte,Burt Bacharach,Mose Allison and Scotty Moore
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Dusty Springfield meets Burt Bacharach with 'The Look of Love'. You just cannot beat that combination.
Pacific Coast Highway by Burt Bacharach, found with Listen now:
A Fabulous exclusive from Burt Bacharach & Steven Sater's new musical.
Eric Tucker’s Bedlam theater troupe performs this show from Steven Sater and Burt Bacharach at the New Ohio Theater.
Carol Singers sounds like she wrote songs in the Brill Building alongside Carole King and Burt Bacharach
Fascinating program on Burt Bacharach tonight, what did you make of Lost Horizon
Will Young canta What the World Needs Now di Burt Bacharach – il video
Will Young to release his stunning take on a Burt Bacharach classic for WWF campaign
Listening to I Say a Little Prayer by Dionne Warwick on Class Reunion 1967 / the mind of Burt Bacharach
I love "All I Ask". Sounds very Burt Bacharach. I also really love "When We Were Young". ❤️
The music of Burt Bacharach as you've never heard it before, now playing in London's West End!.
Close To You is an 'exhilarating celebration' of Burt Bacharach's music
Well, was brilliantly done. A joyous celebration of Burt Bacharach from a hugely talented cast that simply oozed warmth.
TLT Green lite 'seamless sonata' of Burt Bacharach and Hal David hits
1969, Bobbie Gentry was at No.1 on the UK singles chart with the Burt Bacharach and Hal David song 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again,'.
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Jools Holland is pretty strong tonight. Labi Siffre, Burt Bacharach, and Charlie Wilson with John Newman - intense.
Why does Burt Bacharach suddenly appear, every time Hal David is near?
My god, Burt Bacharach and Hal David were easily the best songwriting duo of all time. It really isn't even close.
Remember this single from 1968? Penned by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, and sung by...yep, sung by legendary...
Aretha Franklin - I Say a Little Prayer . Written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
Mike Myers places a Burt Bacharach song in each of his movies.
Pls RT: 2 tkts to Burt Bacharach concert tonight at 8pm in Menier Chocolate Factory Theatre on South Bank. Pls contact me if interested asap
The film 'Alfie' featured Sonny Rollins and title song 'Alfie' by Burt Bacharach was sung by the great
Such a haunting, well written song by Burt Bacharach and performed so beautifully by Cilla Black -
The late Cilla Black in the studio with Burt Bacharach recording 'Alfie'...beautiful. RIP Cilla.. As heard on...
Cilla Black was one of the greatest interpreters of Burt Bacharach's songs, and she has left us too soon. RIP, Cilla
great studio memory of Burt Bacharach and George Martin the BEATLES producer recording Alfie. RIP
*Plays Burt Bacharach so loud my ears fall off*
Up to 31 takes at Burt Bacharach's recording sessions.
via Remembering Cilla, a tribute to the great Hal David & Burt Bacharach and Stevie Wonder is just - wow!!
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We've uploaded this clip from out Burt Bacharach doc for all of Cilla's fans including and
Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits. Best vinyl I ever thrifted. I'll play it as soon as I wake …
Live performances of Burt Bacharach & Hal David's greatest hits by various artists at the Royal Albert Hall in...
Do you like Ronda Rousey, claymation and Burt Bacharach songs? Of course you do!
Cilla Black with Burt Bacharach singing "This Guy's in Love with You" pl... via
Burt Bacharach on having his hits reimagined for a stage show
Burt Bacharach, George Martin and Cilla Black in a brilliant little 6 minute segment about recording Alfie. Classic.
Remembering today on with this Burt Bacharach gem:
Coming up before 8...Don't Forget The Lyrics for your chance to win Burt Bacharach tickets...
She's featured in this great documentary about Burt Bacharach:
So you think RiRi is a better song writer than Burt Bacharach? . I think I'm going to throw up now.
Posting this Burt Bacharach and Hal David song, performed by Jack Jones. Yes it's outdated.
Sheridan Smith joins Burt Bacharach for opening of What's it all About? -
Fact: Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote two songs for Harlow (1965), "Harlow" and "Say Goodbye," but they were not used in the film.
LONDON (Reuters) - The 1960s and 1970s hit songs that Burt Bacharach wrote with his late lyricist, Hal David, are most often heard now in
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Enjoy the hits of legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David in 'Back to Bacharach' at
Glastonbury 2015: Lionel Richie, The Who, Patti Smith, Burt Bacharach - Why this was the year of 24-
My star Glastonbury line up would be:. Dolly Parton; Lionel Richie; Burt Bacharach; Elton John; Diana Ross - basically all the cool dudes
I really hope everyone I know saw Burt Bacharach at Glasto today! The guy has wrote every song ever worth it's weight twice over in gold!
Burt Bacharach was cute.87 yrs! Incredible.Absolutely love his back up singer John Pagano- lush, rich voice. I would sign you!
It's vinyl night at Why aren't you schmucks here with your records? I've already elicited eye rolls with Burt Bacharach!
Burt Bacharach at the Colston Hall in Bristol on Wednesday 8th July 2015
The rain, as of late, deserves its own Spotify playlist, fully equipped with B.J. Thomas, Burt Bacharach and James Taylor.
I keep all my Burt Bachas on a Burt Bacharach.
What a honor is was to meet a music legend, Burt Bacharach ! This man's body of work is a gift to the…
Fan review of Burt Bacharach's recent concert in Manchester: 'his band & wonderful singers gave us one of the best concerts we have been to'
Back in the 1970's, there was popular song written by Burt Bacharach and sang by Dianne Warwick that said; "what...
What do Judy Garland, Katy Perry, Barry Manilow, Peter Allen, Burt Bacharach, & Celine Dion all have in common? Hint:
lolol That was Burt Bacharach over acting
Watch Burt Bacharach and the BBC orchestra performing the timeless classic 'The Look of Love'
Anyone who has ever loved couldnt walk on by a Burt concert - my review of Burt Bacharach last year, love Burt
Natalie Cole singing Burt Bacharach in front of Burt Bacharach (and Clive Davis). @ Fair…
Music ROYALTY! Sitting behind Clive Davis and Burt Bacharach tonite at tribute to Bacharach at Ron…
Wonderful night at Songs of Hope & what a treat getting a pic with one of my all time musical heroes Burt Bacharach!!
Great night at benefit honoring Burt Bacharach , Natalie Cole and Aloe Blacc!
Lovely evening at the Songs of Hope event watching Clive Davis honor the amazing Burt Bacharach
Clive Davis just gave an award to Burt Bacharach at a fab backyard event.
30 minutes into Burt Bacharach's Best on PBS and not even thinking about turning it off
I added a video to a playlist Burt Bacharach - Street Talk
"Baby It's You" is a song written by Burt Bacharach (music), Luther Dixon (credited as Barney Williams) and Mack...
A small town is a place where there is no place to go where you shouldnt. Burt Bacharach
We open tonight!! What the World Needs Now: A Musical Tribute to Burt Bacharach at at...
Burt Bacharach talks songwriting with UO music students faculty
Only a few tickets left for the amazing Burt Bacharach concert on 6th July at Eisteddfod
Shouldn't be this excited that Burt Bacharach is playing Glasto but I WELL AM
Ronald Isley singing Burt Bacharach. It's basically a match made in musical heaven.
Kicking back to some Burt Bacharach. F y'all!
Killarney will be Burt Bacharach's first Irish appearance in 15 years and your only chance to see him here this year. …
15 DAYS 2 SO excited to see Texas & Burt Bacharach in the glorious sunny Kingdom
whoop ONLY 15 days to go & we'll be watching Burt Bacharach in the sunshine!
Can you name 5 Burt Bacharach songs performed by other artists?
It's the birthday of the brilliant Burt Bacharach tunes from Perry Como, Carpenters, Gene Pitney 3.45pm Drive 92.4FM
12 May 1929. Burt Bacharach was born in Kansas City. He was part of a successful songwriting duo with Hal David.
Love Theme From Arthur by Burt Bacharach is in Robinsons Bistro, Belfast. Download it now at
wrong. writers were Hal David and Burt Bacharach. singer B. J. Thomas. but no one knows the film?
what the world needs now is NOT ANOTHER WHITE DUDE AS PETER PARKER can someone turn off the *** burt bacharach this is important listen
"Walk On By" is a song composed by Burt Bacharach, with lyrics by Hal David. The song was originally recorded by...
Go listen to the Burt Bacharach playlist on YouTube. You'll thank me later. Goodnight. "she's gone away."
Burp bacharach or burt backcrack.u pick
you're not coming near me but you should sing something by Burt Bacharach (sp?)
.is spot on. Burt Bacharach > pretty much everything. Well aside from Dionne's voice
This was amazing. Hard to deny genius. Burt Bacharach may be my new favorite old school music guy.
Burt Bacharach is serenaded me right now
Me and can't stop watching this. Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick are everything.
Hear the songbook of Burt Bacharach and Marvin Hamlisch in our current show! Don't wait long, shows are selling out!
have you ever been real mystery depressed and then a Burt Bacharach song comes on. dang it
Make It Easy On Yourself by Burt Bacharach is in The Carpenters Arms. Download it now at
Enjoying listening to Tony Hatch 60s hits; he was Britain's equivalent of Burt Bacharach.
"Forget the song, get the girl!" -Florence Greenberg to Burt Bacharach re: Dionne Warwick
Burt Bacharach Day (Sun. 5/17) swag-in-a-box has arrived from the bench of Ms. Paisley. Go see at…
What the world... Needs now, is love , sweet love- mr. Burt Bacharach
oh well spotted. I rather hope Burt Bacharach did but can't think of one off hand.
BOBBIE GENTRY 45 PS Spain 1969 Burt Bacharach - I'll Never fall in love again
Ah, Microsoft Flight Simulator. My type of gaming! (And I was accused of being a Burt Bacharach fan last night)
Just picked up Helen Ready, best of Burt Bacharach, Human League, original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar & Patsy Cline
Photo: retropopcult: Burt Bacharach & Angie Dickinson at their home in 1975.
Its iconic pairing of Paul Newman and Robert Redford, jaunty screenplay and Burt Bacharach score, Butch Cassidy...
Elvis Presley - Any Day Now Recorded: 1969/02/20, first released on single (Words & Music: Bob Hilliard / Burt Bacharach) Lyrics: Any day now I will hear you...
Here is the PRELIMINARY list of songs we will be learning and performing for the Winter/Spring half of the season. I am not sure which of the songs Ossia will be singing as of yet. I will post "samples" of the arrangements in the next week or so. Michelle – The Beatles 1965 The Look of Love – Burt Bacharach 1967 Fool on the Hill – The Beatles 1967 I Will – The Beatles 1968 The Long and Winding Road – The Beatles 1970 Your Song – Elton John 1970 Big Yellow Taxi – Joni Mitchell 1970 We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters 1970 Rainy Days and Mondays – The Carpenters 1971 Everything I Own – Bread 1972 Killing Me Softly – Roberta Flack 1973 He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother – The Hollies 1975 Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel 1977 Show Me the Way – STYX 1990 Change the World – Eric Clapton 1996
We have some very exciting news about our next Shir Madness Tribute to Jewish Singer Songwriters!! Save the date 14th of February, which is VALENTINES DAY for our next big show! Join us to hear the music of Burt Bacharach, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond and Randy Newman. We will be announcing our amazing line up of performers and a link to buy tickets very shortly. Our last show was SOLD OUT so watch this space for more info!! To get you excited here is a clip from our last tribute night: All of our performers singing 'I Shall Be Released' by Bob Dylan. What a night!
Burt Bacharach is now playing on Hollywood Candlelight and Wine John Fox OrchestraHey There Lonely
A young Burt Bacharach co- wrote the toe- tapping opening song for this film -
Let's all take a moment and appreciate the number of audition songs Burt Bacharach gives young baritones in Promises, Promises.
Moose had the best catch a KC boy has made since Burt Bacharach snagged Angie Dickinson.
Burt Bacharach wrote the coolest music so there's at least one thing to be happy about today
Lol I love this song. Burt Bacharach & The Posies - "What The World Nee…:
"I took the opportunity to loudly listen to Burt Bacharach and play solitaire! Guess what, I got 735 points in it!!" July 19 2004
Man, every time I hear that trumpet I think of Burt Bacharach. So classic.
Let Marlene whirl you away this Sunday evening - rare archive clips, her concert with Burt Bacharach & Terry Sanderson's tribute.Tix on door
For my next book I 'Anyone who had a heart' by Burt Bacharach. Lovely h/b from the library.
Burt Bacharach question: what's it all about Alfie?
Tickets for MARLENE!!! A tribute - screening of her performance with the Burt Bacharach Orchestra in her prime
Favourite outro: Burt Bacharach's Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head turns into a different song at the end and fades.
"like Burt Bacharach to Dionne Warwick?" What does that mean?
Yes, Burt Bacharach has a lot to do with that and the entire soundtrack of what was my first drive-in movie:
However smooth you think you are Burt Bacharach is smoother...
"Me Japanese Boy I Love You" has a great melody by Burt Bacharach, but I still hope my neighbors didn't hear me singing it.
Those 2 working in tandem like Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach. "Do You Know the Way to San Jose"
How my morning started on United. And all I cld think of was you doing Will Ferrell doing Burt Bacharach
Reminiscence qnbiaxfi t5bg507wo z9qhj598. Great proposition here: is pianist Chihiro Yamanaka's second major-label U.S. release, following 2011's acclaimed Forever Begins. Yamanaka plays with two different trios on this date; one features her performing unit of bassist Yoshi Waki and drummer John Davis, while the other includes bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie. Yamanaka plays acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, and organ in an ambitious program that highlights jazz, pop, Latin, and Brazilian covers, and includes a lone original, the opener 'Rain, Rain and Rain.' Reminiscence stands in sharp contrast to Forever Begins, which was heavy on fiery bop and post-bop. By comparing their respective track lists, one might be tempted to think that this set is laid-back by comparison. In this case, appearances are deceiving. Check her reading of the Burt Bacharach nugget ' (They Long to Be) Close to You,' where she not only deconstructs the harmony but rebuilds it with an expansive new architect ...
Burt Bacharach performs "What the World Needs Now is Love" in the East Room to tribute Hal David as part of the "In Performance at the White House: Burt Bach...
Somewhat nostalgic listening to Burt Bacharach at Odd that all the young crowd sang along word for word.
Burt Bacharach visits wife Angie Dickinson on the set of THE CHASE 1966.
Because I'm going to see Burt Bacharach tonight! South American Getaway (From "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid")
Just remembered Burt Bacharach's anecdote about "Arthur Lowe and Love".
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Saw Burt Bacharach last week at the Symphony Hall, truly wonderful # Burt Bacharach
So over the last few weeks our played have been playing with such diverse and legendary artists such Burt Bacharach, Jessie J, Smokey Robinson and Belle and Sebastien. We're so lucky to have such a bunch talented players
Burt Bacharach is the greatest composer in human history. Listen to those chord changes.
Cliff Robertson and Barbara McNair presenting the Oscar® for Music (Original Score -- for a motion picture [not a musical]) to Burt Bacharach for Butch Cass...
Still got the chills from last night's Burt Bacharach show. This Guy's In Love With You always slays me...
'Be Aware' this was a mind-blowing and unexpected highlight at the Burt Bacharach show last night.
This Day in Country Music History, July 31 1969 Elvis Presley begins a historic four-week run at Las Vegas' International Hotel in his first live show since 1961. In the audience are Liberace, Herb Alpert, *** Clark, Cary Grant, Fats Domino, Burt Bacharach, Pat Boone and Paul Anka 1964 Jim Reeves and pianist Dean Manuel die in a plane crash in Brentwood, Tennessee. Numerous locals--including Eddy Arnold, Chet Atkins and Ernest Tubb--search for three days before discovering the wreckage 1948 Country music appears on national television for the first time, with a show taped at Washington, D.C.'s Constitution Hall. Kitty Wells, Eddy Arnold and Johnny & Jack are beamed to five cities 1937 Bonnie Brown is born in Sparkman, Arkansas. She joins older siblings Maxine and Jim Ed in forming The Browns, whose million-selling crossover hit "The Three Bells" precedes their 1963 induction into the Grand Ole Opry
Went to see Burt Bacharach and friends last night - 86 and still a tremendous life force. His solo piano version of Alfie was devastating.
got me tickets for Burt Bacharach at the Bridgewater. Tripping. "This guys in love with you"
'Be Aware'… this was mind-blowing at the Burt Bacharach show tonight.
...Plus the version of Alfie tonight must be one of the most moving musical moments I've ever witnessed. Burt Bacharach, I salute you.
I've seen Burt Bacharach before it was great but this was a whole new level. Really incredible, beautiful and profound...
Backstage with Burt Bacharach, after enjoying his great concert at the Edinburgh Playhouse. A legend…
Burt Bacharach still doing the biz at 86
Burt Bacharach was simply superb! Hes 55 years older than me but could probably still out party me. What a legend!
Sing a long'a Burt Bacharach Edinburgh 2014 we were there
Burt Bacharach & orchestra might just be the best live act I've seen all year! Moved to tears! 🎶
Ladies & gentlemen, Mr Burt Bacharach ... (he's the ghostly figure in white, obviously) ...
My escapism tonight was Burt Bacharach at the Edinburgh a Playhouse; ended with an audience singalong of Raindrops Keep Fallin'...
We hope you enjoyed the Burt Bacharach show. Would you take a few minutes to share your experience? Any wild antics?. Shut up.
In what other city could you see the man from The Man from U.N.C.L.E. in the afternoon and Burt blimmin' Bacharach by night?
With Burt Bacharach and his band including before tonight's show in Edinburgh!
Royal Festival Hall all ready for Burt Bacharach. Just add audience.
Burt Bacharach and his orchestra for our 4th wedding anniversary. The guy is a hits machine.
this time next week..Did you know Burt Bacharach did all these >
Burt Bacharach should be quality tonight, can't wait
can't mash new pots! Just had a very nice Italian. Drink in pub before the legend of Burt Bacharach!
So I thought Burt Bacharach was the highlight Turns out & are there…
This year we're playing Wilderness Festival again, which will also see Burt Bacharach headline! To celebrate that...
looking forward to seeing a living legend tonight - so many great songs, Burt Bacharach genius songwriter!
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A day off from the to go visit Mr Burt Bacharach in concert with a full orchestra in Edinburgh 😁
Excl. live photos in this week's newsletter inc. Burt Bacharach.
FREE was in the cue and The Look of Love, that Burt Bacharach, Love Ballad is on the chopping block or in MySpace, or at the end of my
So excited about seeing Burt Bacharach tonight!!
We've just been watching Burt Bacharach soundcheck. If you're coming along tonight, the show sounds like it'll be fantastic.
Just casually watching Burt Bacharach doing his soundcheck for tonight's show.
It was an honour and a privilege to see Burt Bacharach, villa supporter, perform his first ever concert in Birmingham at
At the beginning "Close to You" Michael Feinstein performance at the Gershwin Prize for Hal David and Burt Bacharach
Burt Bacharach and Hal David might be my favorite songwriting duo ever. "Walk On By" rules so hard.
I love songwriters like Burt Bacharach & Hal David...Holland, Dozier, Holland...Joni Mitchell. Beatles are the best.
Great seeing Burt Bacharach live night is young
Hobnobbing with Cilla Black, Burt Bacharach, and no doubt countless others at Henley Festival with
Tonight I sat with Quincy Jones and Burt Bacharach and watched Siedah Garrett perform the songs she…
This classic, written by Burt Bacharach, was inspired by Ursula Andress.
good to see that the mighty Burt Bacharach is on board with Brendan Rodgers' Reds (final pars)
"(Them From) Valley Of The Dolls" is a song written and composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Dionne Warwick in Valley of the Dolls is the title of Dionn...
I reckon it was Burt Bacharach that wrote that for Dionne Warwick. Any reactions from the Italian media about the game?
Marlene Dietrich sings "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" at the Royal Variety Performance. 1963. Arranged and conducted by Burt Bacharach.
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