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The Burlington Free Press is a daily newspaper based in Burlington, Vermont, in the United States. With a circulation of about 48,042 daily and 56,295 Sundays, it is the most circulated paper in Vermont.

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Three years ago already that we had this Burlington Free Press arts story and video for Bill Reed Voice Studio!...
Oh a press INTERN! For free? Where's your 15.00/hr minimum? Get it from Jane's scam money from Burli…
it was a real pleasure meeting you last week at Burlington Free Press.
My old newspaper building, The Burlington Free Press, is now a Patagonia and apartments.
And if you read the story at Burlington free press you'll see total land sales from the parcel have been m…
Burlington free press had a report about…
A great article in the Burlington Free Press on John Brickels! Though him and Wendy James may be moving to...
Some great coverage from the Burlington Free Press on the LCPHC tourney
Burlington Free Press posted Rep. Peter Welch remarks on Vermont Syrian refugees and the wrongness of the...
Are you following new Burlington Free Press reporters and yet?!
Read Vermont free press about Jane screwing Burlington college n U'LL really b P.O.d
Vermont Free Press/c BURLINGTON COLLEGE Jane made $200,000 bankrupted the school it's now closed READ!
Dave - I'm with the Burlington Free Press. ndesmetwould love to chat - super quick re: Sobu Shelter.
June 5, 2008 Burlington Free Press: "I will do everything I can to see that he is elected"
Local love from the Burlington Free Press celebrating the nomination of Cumbancha artist Rocky Dawuni by The...
Good Thanksgiving Opinion piece by Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger in the Burlington Free Press.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Burlington (VT) Free Press: OpenTempo a legacy of IDX in healthcare IT . More -
We finally hit peak Free Press! writes witnesses thefts, resulting in call to cops.
Vermont iin the nation in per capita clean energy jobs. Burlington Free Press reports on new study. via
Opinion: Take hold of energy future featuring
Great op-ed re: energy future with by our customer and prof
CSG Semester 11 alum Audrey writes about the experience in the Burlington Free Press
[Burlington Free Press A Gannett Company]NEW YORK — Flavia Pennetta knows how to go out in style.…
--I have the same disease or disorder Aki Soga from Burlington Free Press had thank God for caregivers they are the best
Check out story in today's Burlington Free Press​
"in a 1989 op-ed in the Burlington Free Press, Sanders lambasted “the corporate-controlled Democratic and Republican parties,”
Whistling past the graveyard with the VTGOP: Here’s a happy headline in the Burlington Free Press. Primary shows…
Lake Monsters top prospect off to quick start - Burlington Free Press -
The Burlington Free Press calls Two Fifty and a Snicker a Best Bet for the weekend! Get your tix!
Congrats to Burlington College graduates Nate Beaman'04, Adam Lukens'05, and Matthew Walters'04 (along with...
Here is coverage of the appointment of by the Burlington Free Press No coverage yet
Burlington (VT) Free Press: Obama outraged over 'senseless murders,' he tells police . More -
My former workspace in Burlington to be put to interesting use!
Arcade/bar to occupy former Free Press building: The former home to the Burlington Free Press is about to get ...
The Burlington Free Press article about stealth trip to Cuba. (Love the Batman cape via and Cue music.)
CVU girls beat Rice, 47-35: 2014 in South Burlington, Vermont. (BRIAN JENKINS, for the Free Press) Check out t...
Burlington (VT) Free Press: Rally for single-payer health care at the Statehouse . More -
Great piece today in the Burlington Free Press on member Rozalia Project and their work to clean up microplastics.
This article - the front of yesterday's Burlington Free Press - illustrates what can happen when the classroom is...
Louis Freeh in surgery Tuesday after wreck: Burlington Free Press – by Mike Donoghue The Vermont State Police ...
Burlington Free Press in Vermont ran this USA Today article about
Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.): War in Iraq: Sunni militants hung their black banners on watch towers at Iraq's largest oil refinery, a witness said Thursday, suggesting the vital facility had fallen to the insurgents who have seized vast territories across the country's north. In Washington, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he doesn’t think there will be any stability in Iraq unless the entire region works to make it happen. He expressed strong concerns about sending U.S. troops back into Iraq or initiating air strikes against the militant forces. He also said “we should not be paying a whole lot of attention to the opinions of those people who got us into this disastrous situation in the first place,” Vermont Public Radio reported. Tar Sands Pipeline: Over Sen. Sanders’ opposition, the Senate energy committee on Wednesday narrowly approved a bill to favor construction of the controversial tar sands oil pipeline from Canada to Texas, the Burlington Free Press, The (Toronto, Ontario) Globe ...
Letter: Red flag raised over health costs BUR 12:28 p.m. EDT June 17, 2014 -BUR 10615 Johnston (Photo: FREE PRESS FILE ) The answer to Darcie Johnston’s question regarding the expected costs for Vermont’s new single payer health care program was released in an article posted in the Burlington Free Press under News in Brief entitled, “New Figures Given on Health Care System Costs,” dated Feb. 9 as follows — and I quote: “Vermont’s plan for a publicly funded single payer health care system could cost the state $1.7 billion to $2.1 billion, according to revised estimates that state officials presented to lawmakers this week. The total cost of the plan is nearly $5.9 billion, according to the latest estimate, and most would be covered by federal funding.” One more interesting fact: According to a report issued recently by 24/, only 6.5 percent of Vermont’s population was not covered by health insurance in 2012. And according to the 2013 United States Census Bureau estimate, th ...
Climate Summit: Several hundred people attended a forum on sustainable energy at Middlebury College on Friday featuring U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz. Sen. Sanders set the theme, according to the Burlington Free Press. Energy efficiency, embraced here at home, could be a template for a planetar…
Thank you to the 151 registered voters who came to the polls yesterday to cast their ballots on the MMU Union District budget reconsideration. Voters approved the $27,573,796 budget 1858 - 1012. (Voting result information from the Burlington Free Press) And...thank you to our poll workers; Carol Devlin, Linde Emerson, Brenda Mckeown, and Paula Gervia, our poll "settter-uppers" Eric Andrews and Corky Armstrong, our BCA ballot transporters and counters, Josh Arneson and Ron Lafreniere, our poll worker pizza deliverers, Andrew and Mike Gervia, and last but not least, Smilie School for sharing their space with us.
The Wandering Eye For those of you who didn't see my earlier post on my page. My photo's and bio are featured in the Burlington Free Press this morning. Thank you to all of (you) people that helped me on this journey. I am so very grateful to the members here that taught me too really see the world around me. A special thanks to Philip Tortora of the Burlington Free Press for reaching out to me for this.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Saturday's scores and Sunday's schedule: As reported to the Burlington Free Press sports department
Check out the article in today's Burlington Free Press. Learn more about the amazing folks in our community.
Happy to see Lucy's Love Bus get some recognition in our local paper, the Burlington Free Press, this morning. Good to be getting the word out about the children and young people they're helping.
Pretty nice article in the Burlington Free Press about Matt Swarley and our family in the printed version under the hometown section today. If anyone finds it online, let me know and share the link.
Abrams Department Store. It was in the Burlington Free Press this morning that Bernie Abrams died at the age of 90 in Arizona. The obituary said he'd started the store in 1945 and owned it for 40 years. It was next to Lockwood's Restaurant on Merchants Row.
Youth Sports Nutrition Tips ©Paula Schmitt One of the most common questions parents ask regarding their child’s nutrition during sports is - what is the healthiest thing for my child to eat and drink before playing sports? With our family of athletes, we have learned that offering high – carbohydrate foods (also called complex carbohydrates) versus high protein and fatty foods two to three hours before a game is very important to maintain the energy needed for them. Some examples of high-carbohydrate foods are foods such as pastas, breads and cereal which are digested quicker than high-protein and fatty foods. Unfortunately, most children, and adults, forget just how important nutrition is to good health and athletic performance. this article continues below advertisement Fruit is actually an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and fluids and can be eaten one to two hours before a sporting event. My children enjoy raw, dried and canned fruits or fruit juice before we head out to a game. Fluids ...
MONTPELIER -- The Shumlin administration has notified lawmakers of seven privacy lapses related to the Vermont Health Connect insurance exchange. In two cases invoices were sent to the wrong people; scanned checks also were posted to the wrong accounts; and a health insurance card was mailed to the wrong address. he Burlington Free Press reports that the errors occurred between Dec. 16 and Jan. 24 and were the result of mistakes by Health Connect staff. They follow two similar breaches in the fall. House Health Care Committee Chairman Michael Fisher says "anytime anyone gets to see another person's information, it is very serious." He says he thinks the administration is looking at it seriously and expected his committee would have questions for the Department of Vermont Health Access commissioner on Friday.
Saturday 2/22 at 4:00, corner of College and Church st, the folks at the Burlington Free Press are co-hosting an 'Instameet'. We'll meet up, walk down to the lake, and we all and take photos, share them. It's about getting together and sharing common interests. Please feel free to contact the organizers of this event about questions or details: Adam Silverman , Jena Peterman , Philip Tortora.
7 more breaches for exchange customers | Burlington Free Press |
Check out this great writeup in today's Burlington Free Press, thanks to Brent Hallenbeck for the wonderful...
Did you see this in The Burlington Free Press today? Hope you can come!
This is story on biathlon i wrote today for Burlington Free Press
This is the photo that made the Burlington Free Press
If you don't have the Burlington Free Press iPhone app yet, you can download it here:
What does the $45,000 of in-kind resources entail? How about Free space for a year from Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies, A media budget of $10K from Burlington Free Press and Design help from Hark... Just to name a few!
To download the Burlington Free Press iPhone app, please visit this link:
Thanks to wej12 and everyone at the Burlington Free Press for having me and…
Check out the nice article on Randolph in the Burlington Free Press - Creative Community: Randolph offers art...
Ever get awakened in the middle of a nap? You might be a little grumpy, but not as much as a bear. State wildlife officials in Vermont are warning folks about grumpy bears. The experts say this winter's unusual weather has exposed some bear dens. The hungry bruins are waking up in the middle of their long winter's nap. Officials tell the Burlington Free Press they've gotten reports of bears at bird feeders and roaming in residential neighborhoods. The wildlife experts are also urging people not to follow bear tracks, because some mama bears might be traveling with their newborn cubs. Scott Thackrey
Here's my story on Olympic biathlon that ran in the Burlington Free Press:
Kristin E Lundy you are so brave. If you want to know anything about a mother's love and unbelievable pain at the loss of her only child you can read about Kristin and Josh in today's Burlington Free Press.
Check out the Snowmotion article in the Burlington Free Press!
Big thanks to Adam Silverman and Philip Tortora for having me over to the super sweet new offices at the Burlington Free Press. beautiful views. many cool photos to come. you guys are great.
We just have to thank our PLANET CAT sponsors again, because we would not be holding this historic event without them (and we are REALLY excited about it!). These wonderful local businesses are supporting our work: Pet Food Warehouse, NorthCountry Federal Credit Union, Majestic 10 Cinemas, Cats Vermont, Affectionately Cats Veterinary Hospital, BEVS, Price Chopper, Seven Days and Burlington Free Press! We love you all!
Abigail Sperry is a Spanish Lecturer in our department;for 4 years, she has been the pianist at Grupo Sabor, hailed as Vermont’s Hottest Salsa, Merengue Sensation by the Burlington Free Press.
Just sent the following letter to the Rutland Herald, Burlington Free Press, and Vermont Standard. Be interesting to see which of them prints it. To the Editor, Well-meaning, but misguided members of the Legislature want to “fix” a law that isn’t broken by increasing the places where guns are prohibited relative to schools. They choose to ignore the fact that every school shooting has taken place in a “gun free” zone where those who might have wanted to intervene could not, because they were banned access to their weapons. They also ignore the fact that several of those incidents were ended when someone went “off campus” and retrieved a gun which was used to end the event. Making a criminal of someone who legitimately forgot they had weapons in their vehicle, as in the much touted St. Albans case, is silly. The law, as proposed, bans guns on any school property. What about forest land owned by a school that is currently used for hunting? And, as others have pointed out, what about those folk ...
OSCAR NOMINATED SHORT FILMS 2014 - Start this Friday 2/7/14 at Merrill's Roxy Cinema - Schedule will alternate daily to give you the best chance to see them all! Call ahead, check the Burlington Free Press, Seven Days, or check our website schedule if you have any questions! Don't forget to fill out an OSCAR Ballot Challenge form on your way out - you could win some great prizes!!
Save 50% - Get 2 months for the price of 1 and full access to the Burlington Free Press' local coverage on the web, tablet and smartphone.
"Internships can help students and up-and-coming professionals gain experience, harbor relationships and possibly kick start a career. But regulation crackdowns and legal action have caused some major changes regarding internships." Burlington Free Press's Jessie Forand explores the necessity and fairness of internships.
BurlingtonFree Press Monday's scores and Tuesday's schedule - High school and college results and schedules as reported to the Burlington Free Press sports department
Town Meeting on NSA: Sen. Bernie Sanders is holding a town meeting at 1 p.m. today in Montpelier, Vt., on how the National Security Agency and giant corporations are infringing on Americans’ privacy rights, The Associated Press, Times Argus, Burlington Free Press and WCAX-TV reported. Rep. Peter Wel...
So extremley proud to announce that Burlington Free Press has awarded UVM Alpha Chi Omega with Volunteers of the...
Like USA Today AND the Burlington Free Press? If so, Gannett has a deal for you! The Virginia-based media company announced today that it's inserting condensed versions of its flagship newspaper into 35 local dailies, including the Burlington Free Press. The so-called "Butterfly" edition of USA Toda...
There wasn't much and it didn't last long, but first snow in Bennington! Banner Rutland Herald WCAX-TV Burlington Free Press
I was pleasantly but VERY surprised this morning to wake up and find out that my picture AND a story about my book I Wish He'd Taught Me How To Shave were on the front page of the Burlington Free Press. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me about this. I am in the office grading exams and the phone just rang. It was a man who graduated from Saint Michael's College over a dozen years ago - HE had read the BFP article and remembering me, called to talk about his changing relationship with his own father who was a Vietnam veteran but who would NOT discuss this with his son. He has ordered two books and will give one to his Dad. Recently his father HAS responded to a question from his son and the Dad seemingly is amazed that he IS talking about these things as he even spoke for the first time with his son about his Vietnam experiences. Conversations like this one, even over the phone, are what has made all of the work on this book so worthwhile - thank you to all of you who have been so supportive of ...
Front page of Wednesday's Burlington Free Press as two former Catamounts - Patrick Sharp and Viktor Stalberg - play for the Stanley Cup.
Are you on Google+? If so, you can follow the Burlington Free Press here:
From the Burlington Free Press website today "Snow had already started to fall on parts of Vermont early Saturday, following several days of heavy rain that washed out roads in Eastern Chittenden County." Yup Memorial day weekend and it's SNOWING
GOOD FOR BERNIE... Obama Losing on Social Security Cuts “I think we`re going to beat the president on this. I think we`re in the process of not only rallying people in the United States Congress but all over this country,” Sen. Bernie Sanders told Ed Schultz Saturday on MSNBC. While crediting Obama on social issues, Sanders said the president’s proposal to cut cost-of-living adjustments for retirees and disabled veterans is among economic issues where “we have to be honest and say the president has not been strong." Kid’s Day Kids paraded through downtown Burlington Saturday while adults used the 28th Annual Kids Day to talk about keeping kids well fed through the summer. “In our country, there are a number of children who are struggling with nutrition issues … No priority’s higher than feeding our kids,” Sanders said in the Burlington Free Press. Kids Day was started under Sanders when he was the mayor of Burlington, ABC 22 reported. LINK, VIDEO Social Security Tax “Here is something ...
Happy news with a tinge of sadness: Starting March 4, I'll be executive editor of the Salisbury, Md., news operation, which encompasses The Daily Times printed newspaper, and eight weekly newspapers in three states along the shore. I'm very excited to lead a hard-working staff of journalists covering an interesting and unique area of the country. The sadness comes from leaving my gifted colleagues at the Burlington Free Press and the people I've met in the Burlington area. It's been an incredible few years that I'll always cherish.
Here is my Dad's obituary that will be published in tomorrows Burlington Free Press. Didn't have time to publish in the News & Citizen. Morrisville, VT. — Francis J. LaFountain Sr, 82, passed away Sunday, January 27th, 2013 at his home in Summerfield, Fl. He was predeceased by his wife of 52 years Laurette (Compagna) LaFountain and leaves his sons, Louis LaFountain and Francis LaFountain, Jr., his Daughter-In-Law, Minda LaFountain, his Daughter, Sheila LaFountain, his Granddaughters Heather Moore and Megan Manning, his Grandsons, Matthew and Noah LaFountain, and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Mr. LaFountain was born and raised in Swanton, Vt., the son of Paul LaFountain and Elizabeth (Libby) Young LaFountain and he was a lifelong resident of Morrisville, Vt. He was predeceased by his two brothers, Edward and Howard LaFountain, and his sister Lucy. In his early years, Mr. LaFountain worked on the family farm. In 1957 he joined the United State’s Air force where he served for three years as a firefig ...
The Interview:   Nancy Pelosi (D-California) is the House Democratic Leader and has represented San Francisco in Congress for 25 years. She was the first woman in American history to serve as Speaker of the House and the first woman to lead a major political party in Congress. This Wednesday, she announced plans to reintroduce the Violence Against Women Act in the 113th Congress.   The Panel:   Howard Dean is the former Governor of Vermont and Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Dean told the Burlington Free Press that he thought President Obama's second inaugural address "was very different from his [first] inaugural, where he was talking about that everybody was going to work together and so on...I think he means to get things done whether the Republicans want to work with him or not."   Kristen Soltis is a Republican pollster and Vice President at The Winston Group, a DC-based polling and consulting firm. Soltis is a regular contributor to various media outlets and recently blogged f ...
Jim Cramer is saying it. Burlington Free Press is saying it. BFP held a re-branding seminar with us saying that...
Our most popular seminar is right around the corner! Our Celebrity CEO seminar highlights great Vermont companies that are internationally recognized for their success. We have previously heard from Select Design, Green Mountain Power and People Making Good PR! This year we are excited to hear from Gardener's Supply Company, who recently won the first ever Creative Edge Award, co-presented by the Burlington Free Press and Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. These amazing seminars are sponsored by New England Federal Credit Union. We are excited to see you all for this seminar!
From the Burlington Free Press: Leora Dowling of Ferrisburgh gets her health insurance through Catamount Health, a state program that goes away when the health exchange launches. Written by NANCY REMSEN Free Press Staff Writer .. Mike Plageman’s remodeling crew was busy the week before Christmas finishing a job on a house at the base of Lincoln Peak at Sugarbush ski resort. “We could use another set of hands or two,” said Plageman, co-founder of Plageman, Gagnon and Daughters of Williston. The crew numbers eight now, but Plageman said he won’t be hiring because he worries about the future financial impact of the federally mandated health insurance exchange that Vermont will launch next fall. Plageman’s small business will be required to buy health insurance for its workers through the exchange rather than through the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce where the firm has bought for years. That is if Plageman and his partner decide to continue to offer health insurance. “I believe healt ...
Chris & Rich with Alex Abrami of the Burlington Free Press on the top contenders in boys & girls Vermont high school basketball & whether this season will be more wide open:
I have another referral (woohoo!) but I am not currently taking on any more clients. I am hoping to help out by providing one or two names of established VAs who have the following skills: Social Media Management, Database Management (experienced in Constant Contact), Research, and General Admin. She'll possibly need 10-20 hours per month. If you have ALL of those skills and are interested (or know someone who fits the bill), let me know and please include a link to your website - thanks so much!
Thanks to Mark Ray of Kelliher, Samets, and Volk, Laura’s March received considerable media publicity prior to the event that gave it more widespread exposure and helped attract more participants. Afterwards, we learned that the Burlington Free Press was also interested in publishing a follow-up sto...
Burlington's Fresh Market closing, up for sale | Burlington Free Press |
Sunday's scored and Saturday's schedule: Local college and high school scores as reported to the Burlington Free Press.
Valley News COLUMNIST SAYS ILLUZZI VOTED OFF SUPER PAC ISLAND -- AND THAT'S GOOD! Power--Of One By Jim Kenyon Lenore Broughton has never held political office in Vermont or, for that matter, even been a candidate. Still she's emerged this fall as one of the most powerful people in state politics. Money really does talk. Since August, Broughton has contributed $682,500 to a super PAC called Vermonters First, according to state campaign finance reports. Vermonters First, which has a distinct Republican bent, is well on its way to becoming the most deep-pocketed political action committee ever seen in the state, the Burlington Free Press reported on Sunday. And it has Broughton to thank. She's the PAC's personal piggy bank. As of Oct. 15, all but about $2,000 of the $684,861 that Vermonters First had taken in had come from her checking account. Broughton, 74, was born in Chicago, the granddaughter of a Midwestern industrialist, and makes her home in Burlington. Her former husband, T. Alan Broughton, is a ret ...
The Burlington Free Press is hosting two debates between the two major party candidates for governor at noon on Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Burlington Free Press will host a live video debate and chat for the Vermont State Auditor position Tuesday at noon.
Candidates for auditor face off in Burlington Free Press debate ==>Bob Dulude
Yes, this is a much belated posting of my commentary. In my defense the Burlington Free Press says their print ... Continue reading
On Tuesday, October 16th, Doug will debate his opponent at Burlington Free Press headquarters at noon. The debate will be streamed live on the Free Press website.
The Burlington Free Press, the state’s largest daily, is struggling after making some radical changes in June, including a redesign and an online pay wall.
Also, The Burlington Free Press fights for readers, social media can help or hurt a brand, Microsoft sends its e...
North Beach has re-opened after closure due to E. coli according to Burlington Free Press. Help keep it open w/ BLUE!
Hi Pete, if you get a sec, follow me for a DM question. Ryan Mercer, Photo Editor, Burlington Free Press, VT
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Crushed and crushed again in Newport VT - Burlington Free Press
Information Regarding the Burlington Police Department’s Protest Response on July 29, 2012 Responses to Burlington Free Press inquiry of July 30, 2012. Information provided and posted the BPD ...
Six reasons why I heart Burlington, Vermont. Mel is here, it's like SF in New England, organic veggie farms EVERYWHERE, old houses with big porches, apocalyptic thunderstorms and the Burlington Free Press.
Today's news from Senator Sanders: GAS PRICES - The profit margin for unleaded gas sold in the Burlington metro market last week was higher than the profit on gas sold in perennially expensive Washington, D.C., and New York City and everywhere else in the Northeast, according figures released by Sen. Bernie Sanders to the Burlington Free Press. OLYMPIC UNIFORMS - Fresh off his battle last year to get more American-made products into the Smithsonian and National Park Service gift shops, Sen. Sanders has turned his attention to Chinese-made uniforms that U.S. Olympic athletes will wear in the opening ceremonies of the London Games later this month, the Burlington Free Press reported. ‘FREE TRADE' - The news that the Olympic uniforms are being made outside the United States, Sen. Sanders suggested, ought to inspire a serious reexamination of trade policies gone horribly awry, John Nichols blogged for The Nation. Sanders called it "symbolic of a disastrous trade policy which has cost us millions of dece ...
Please vote for Lynn Monty, Adam Silverman, Philip Tortora, and The Burlington Free Press today! See you at 5:00 to receive my crown. You will find me to be a just and honorable ruler. I promise. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! No, just kidding.
Social media king nominee Adam Silverman writes, "As Philip Tortora says, please vote for him for Social Web Geek, along with Lynn Monty for social media queen and the Burlington Burlington Free Press for the print media category."
The American Family: American families' median net worth plunged by almost 40 percent from 2007 to 2010-to a level last seen in 1992-as the recession and housing bust took their toll, the Federal Reserve said Monday. Families' median net worth fell to $77,300 in 2010 from $126,400 in 2007, The New York Times,Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post reported. The Fed: The Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday will question JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Sen. Bernie Sanders called for Dimon and other bankers to step down from Fed boards that regulate their banks, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times reported online. Dimon "is the poster child for why we need to end the serious conflicts of interest at the Fed," Sanders said in a United Press International wire service dispatch. Student Loans: Nearly 20,000 Vermont students have a stake in a debate over keeping interest rates on college loans from going up on July 1, the Burlington Free Press reported. After a Republican filibuster in early May, Sen. Sand ...
Sustainability: Wind farm proposed for Lake Champlain? | Burlington Free Press ...: At first glance, the website...
May 20, 2012 ― In a rare business-to-business plea Equal Exchange has released an open letter to Larry Blanford, the CEO of fellow New England specialty coffee company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) in the form of a full-page color ad in today's Sunday edition of the Burlington Free Press (V...
Today I learned the last three years were worth all the hard work. Next Wednesday we push the button on the most intriguing journey in journalism that has ever engaged me and my passionate colleagues at the Burlington Free Press and our highly skilled design studio. On Thursday, with the help of many in the Gannett company, we reinvent the newspaper -- in Burlington, Vermont. I can't believe we are here. This is it.
From the TV gossip department at GoFishn, via The Burlington Free Press,  comes news that Jeremy Wade, host of Animal Planet's "River Monsters," is in
I am SO proud of my neice, Dani Jean Brown! aka "Slugger"! Check her accomplishments out in The Burlington Free Press, The Valley Voice and The Addison Independent! I'm going to get her autograph now, before she hits the big leagues, and forgets about us country folk!
Vermont politics from Nancy Remsen, Terri Hallenbeck and the rest of the Burlington Free Press staff
You can view Burlington Free Press's photos of the graduation here.
Lake Champlain Sunset shot from Burlington Free Press- shaping up to be a beautiful weekend in BTV
For my Vermont friends curious about the new mandatory recycling bill passed by the Legislature this session: Chittenden Solid Waste District stewardship manager Jennifer Holliday sat down with Candace Page of the Burlington Free Press to talk about how the bill will change the way Vermont deals with it's recyclables.
Geothermal Energy from the Earth is helping heat more Vermont homes, businesses and schools while saving money, creating jobs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Sen. Bernie Sanders told a news conference on Monday, The Associated Press, Burlington Free Press, Brattleboro Reformer, WCAX-TV, W...
In a scene that would make Will Ferrell proud, the Burlington Free Press reports that roughly 1,600 cowbell-playing revelers lined Church Street in Burlington to form what Ben & Jerry’s claims is the World’s Largest Cowbell Ensemble. The ice cream makers put the event together to celebrate the 15th ...
Coming Sunday in Idyll Banter in the Burlington Free Press : "Village Peeple coming to Middlebury." (Note: Not a typo.)
A Taste for Terroir - new book by Rowan Jacobsen, about food and terroir | Burlington Free Press | VT cheese=terroir
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