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Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation is a national department store retailer focusing on clothing and shoes, with over 450 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.(as of 2010).

Fairview Heights Babies R Us

Meet up for the cruise is today at 3pm at Burlington Coat Factory in Hampton VA. Pull off is at 3:30 headed towards north side park. Followed by guest speakers and release of balloons in honor of brain cancer and breast cancer awareness.
Baby Depot Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Columbus, GA): Bring your passion for fashion t...
Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Rego Park, NY): Bring your passion for fas...
does Burlington Coat Factory have good prices?
Hi Everyone. We are in "crunch mode" for costumes. On the CRITICAL list are Karen Parra, Christine Dougan and Jack Perry, all of whom have no confirmed costumes. You three MUST see Maddie tomorrow to pull your costumes. FOR EVERYONE: please remember that you will likely need to shop for any outstanding costume pieces as the costume closet is becoming picked over. Do not assume you will be able to find all outstanding costume pieces there. Good places to shop are Goodwill, Salvation Army and Burlington Coat Factory, just to name a few. Above all, remember that SATURDAY IS NOT THE TIME TO BE PULLING COSTUMES. Come prepared to show us ALL costume pieces.
Left work at 1:00 am this morning ..we r a good team at Burlington coat factory.
oh sorry not 24 hour. Burlington coat factory.
I think I got my mother in law in love with Burlington coat factory lol
oh i was at burlington coat factory but im done with them *** . I got 1 foot in macys
So did TFW take a group trip to Burlington Coat Factory or what?
| Shoes Associate/Clerk at Burlington Coat Factory (Beaverton, OR): Bring your passion for fashion.. =...
Burlington Coat Factory Coupons - With the use of coupons for Burlington Coat Factory coupons, you can easily increase the additional money. This is not a though task to obtain these coupons easily because company frequently updates their home page with latest coupons and offers you only need to sea...
super excited got the job at Burlington coat factory start orientation Thursday...workin two jobs and taking care of my family is all that matters to me as long as my family has what they want that's all that step is to get back in school and get my lisences then I be strainght...MY FAMILY IS MY MOTIVATION THATS WHY I DO WHAT I DO TO MAKE SURE THERE ALL GOOD...
Coats Associate/Clerk at Burlington Coat Factory (Greece): Bring your passion for fashion ...
People that beg for money so they can get the street drugs. I encountered that in front of Burlington Coat Factory in Inglewood today. If people blatantly ask you for funds just say that you don't have any. They lie to tell you that it's for food. I pray that they find their way in the struggle to not do them anymore. If they disrespect you get back at them.
I'm sorry your mom has to suck my nuts constantly in order for you to keep your Burlington coat factory image.
So they are putting a Burlington coat factory in the steelyard, I wonder is it going to be nasty like that Wal-Mart.
We're giving away a $500 gift card to Burlington Coat Factory and a trip to L.A. to be featured on "Extra"! Now's your chance to enter! Contest ends 3/1:
Apparently the first Burlington coat factory didn't originate In Burlington ma lmao
The shopping gods have smiled upon me this week. I have struggled with finding clothes in my new size that aren't either hooker-ish or old lady funeral attire but I had to get some nicer work clothes for a presentation this week. I went to Burlington Coat Factory and found two racks and almost everything on them fit and looked good so I actually purchased my favorite three. Then tonight I had to buy work shoes to with the said dresses and as many people know ... I HATE shoe shopping. I have found myself sitting on the floor of a shoe super store crying after trying on 100 pairs that absolutely hurt my feet. Tonight I went to Ross (I had 3 more stores within walking distance) and the first 3 pairs of shoes I tried on fit perfectly so again I bought my two favorites. Is this what it is like to be a normal person ... you actually have to put stuff back because so much of it actually fits and looks good? Weird
Just ran into her at Burlington coat factory
Had a great day with the best friend! Got my registry done for Burlington coat factory and Babies R Us. I'm so glad that's out of the way. Now I'm excited for my baby shower whenever that is. Savannah Gentry
When you walk into dress barn wearing Burlington coat factory
since your always buying clothes. Lol. Hit me up if you ever go to Burlington coat factory. I work there now
Knowing me, I'll probably hit up Burlington Coat Factory or TJ Maxx 2 weeks before prom and finally get a dress
Sounds like the former Burlington Coat Factory at Mall will have more than one restaurant. Stay tuned.
s'visors OK liquor license transfer for Mad Mex restaurant to be built in NW corner of former Burlington Coat Factory at mall.
Rant: I am getting really annoyed with all these stores who sells breast pumps, but no nursing covers. They support breast feeding moms, but they don't want you to breast feed your child in public? Yet everyone eats in public, so what is the difference, why should my son and I be frowned upon when he is hungry and I try to feed him? End of rant... Btw does anyone know where I could get a nursing cover, I've tried Walmart, target, Burlington coat factory, and toys r us.
Burlington coat factory usually has a huge range of shoes.
I am registered at Burlington Coat Factory . if u need my address or phone # inbox me
Top down on the car, its 76 degrees,I'm in a full sweat and I am about to go into Burlington coat factory to buy a heavy winter coat!
yeah, them too. Burlington Coat factory not a bad spot either in Regency to find stuff
comin at chu live from Burlington coat factory
Needed a new purse and found this pretty fab girl at Burlington Coat Factory for $20!
Raise Awareness for Women's Heart Disease & I want YOU to get entered to win a $50 GC
First time at Burlington coat factory! *** its fun here! With bubba joon buying him work pants. so cute β™₯
For any of our friends and family who would like to know, we are registered at Target, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and Burlington Coat Factory. We've already been getting questions on where we're registered and figured it'd be easier to answer this way. : )
Bye, bye leather for a little while got myself a new jacket today at burlington coat factory and yes Kate Campbell I asked for u and found out your in Springfield) :
insane…. I bought quilted jackets from footlocker and a ton of southpole from Burlington coat factory
Thoughts and feelings about these places for baby items. Burlington coat factory, Walmart, target, Babies R Us.
| Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Mesa, AZ): Bring your passion for fashion.. =...
Someone started a fire in a Burlington Coat Factory store in Queens: cc
I'm earning for checking in at Burlington Coat Factory.
"It makes you look pregnant in your butt." - My boyfriend about a coat I tried on at Burlington Coat Factory that I did not purchase.
I just entered to win a $50 Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card from
I just entered to a $50 gift card to use during the Heart of Style Tour via
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
In Burlington Coat Factory, buying last minute pants, jamming out to Wilson Phillips. This is living.
Job interview today at Burlington Coat factory (;
WILL NOT HOLD! First to meet gets the item. Thanks. Fisher price laugh and learn learning farm. 6-36 months. Has all the pieces (not pictured) Retails for 40.00. Asking 15. EUC. price cruise & groove ballapalooza. My daughter loved this toy, is just getting too big for it and it takes up a good amount of space in our small dining room. Ages 6-36 months. Tunes on it are catchy (we have danced to them). Retails for 69, asking 25 obo. Toys r us bear. Very cuddly. EUC. Asking 4.00 obo. Cross posted. Newark college square or Burlington coat factory meets:)
Today is the Day! I look forward to meeting everyone! The location is called Red Onion Seafood y Mas. It is located in the shopping center with Starbucks, Petco and Burlington Coat Factory. See you there!
They say sleep is overrated.. I don't think so!! Tonight has been one of those nights. Twice I've been down here. It''s now 5am and I have to be up in 4 hours to go to the eye dr. UGG Then somewhere else at 1 that I don't know where I'm going, then to Burlington Coat factory for 4. Odds On getting a nap in there? I don't think so.
Jackie had a day out this weekend at home, trip to Wal-Mart, and Burlington Coat Factory. I'm, mom, is not allowed to ride the motorized carts anymore...But Jackie did well. lol The railings are on and an extra stair added. I never realized how high our step was until the guys fixed it. Wow what a huge difference it made. A fresh coat of white paint as soon as it's 50 degrees and we are there :) Getting closer to home! The castings on her feet are helping. One more casting, then braces on her feet. We see the Neurologist Friday to see what we can do about the nerve pain. Please keep praying for those kidneys to fully heal. Thanks Hugs, Lea and Grant
Chelsey is registered at Walmart and Target and will be registering at Baby Depot (Burlington Coat Factory) and Babies'r'us later in the week. If you choose to shop elsewhere feel free to surprise her.
FYI:) Burlington coat factory has amazing deals on flower girl dresses. Got this dress for 23.00 today:)
I am happy to say tht I got a job at Burlington Coat Factory it feels awesome to go wrk again!
Thanking the Good Lord up above for what he has done for me. I have became a official Burlington Coat Factory associate after 3 days. Im very happy. The Good Lord is so good to me and Im so proud to serve an awesome God.
Anyone looking for Easter dresses, nice outfits, anything with a good deal, I found Olivia a very pretty dress and Ava tons of clothes all under 100 bucks at Burlington Coat Factory. They have so many good deals.
Chelsea got a job! So happy for her and Burlington Coat Factory. I love it here.
I got the job at burlington coat factory. I have orientation on wednesday. I'm so happy
Police detained a 23-year-old man leaving the Burlington Coat Factory Monday afternoon and were investigating whether he was behind several small...
Finally registered at Toys R us and Burlington coat factory
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Finally made it to Burlington Coat Factory to get a new coat. I really wanted a longer 1, but at least this 1 has a hood! I'm ready for whatever cold blast will be happening this week.
Any of my friends with girls Burlington coat factory has some very pretty and fancy Easter dresses bought aubries today and pretty cheap ranging from ten to twenty six dollars just a diff option than target or some of the other stores
Random Thought: I wonder if I'll see a Groupon for Buy One Weave, Get 3 Weaves Free at Burlington Coat Factory.LoL
Looking for a young lady Lindsey E from NH who lost her wallet today. It was found on the ground in the parking lot at the Christmas Tree Shoppe in Nashua. If you see this go to Burlington Coat Factory. CS has it locked up for you.
A 23-year-old suspect is in custody who authorities believe went from store to store setting clothing on fire in two Queens malls Monday, the FDNY said. No one was injured in the fires at Sears, Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory in the Rego Center and Queens Center malls, but inventory was damaged and the stores were evacuated. Authorities are also investigating whether a store fire Sunday night is related.
Got some of the cutest maternity clothes ever today at Burlington Coat Factory and I'm definitely going back for baby clothes soon:)
Am I the only one who DIDN'T know that Burlington COAT Factory no longer sells leather jackets.That's like saying Popeyes no longer sells wings!!! ***
Orientation tomorrow at Burlington Coat Factory and orientation for school the day after. :)
Baby registry at Target, Walmart, Babies R Us, & Burlington Coat Factory. Catch me and my babies in traffic πŸ‘ͺπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
Just made volunteer service coordinater for Burlington coat factory... Yaho.. Some planning and discussing to do.
get with this. randomly bought this dudes ep in front of Burlington coat factory yesterday. and its honestly kinda fresh.
One more cup of coffee and off to burlington coat factory and ross's, targets, kohl's...and my hair did
Burlington Coat Factory has Seattle championship T-shirts for as little as $8.00. That ts all.
If anyone has my 85 toyota mr2 please contact the police and I about the car. My car has been stolen and was last parked at burlington coat factory in edmonds around 8-9. If anyone is in that location please authorize the police and I if you have seen the vehicle. Would greatly appreciate it, just know that im not driving the vehicle unless I post otherwise. Thank you all!
Chillin' at my humble abode after a long day of shopping in Milwaukee and getn our grub on at Golden Corral. Had it in the plans to hit up Burlington Coat Factory for some shopping fun but was too *** full to even move, so instead came home to just chill wit my babe & cuddle with a movie. Lifetime it is !! :)
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Where do I begin .. To say my day was WONDERFUL, would be an understatement that is for sure. Thank you. Lisa, Gina. And Lidia for sharing the day with me. We celebrated my Birthday to the FULLEST. when over to the States for the day. Found some wonderful bargains at Macy's and J C Penney's. Shopped a little more and than onto. Burlington Coat Factory where I found a great bathing suit. Yes folks SUMMER WILL GET HERE BEFORE TO LONG... Onto a little restaurant where we lottery ate ourselves still on the BEST WINGS AND PIZZA IN THE WORLD.. Finished it off with a great dessert the four of us shared. Ladies Thank you so much for an unforgettable day. Love you all. Now my BFF, please give Lidia a slap up the side of the head. Because I am going to do it. If you don't. Imagine her choosing the numbers 130. LOL. BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL
I think I'm in love with Burlington coat factory! Bought Ali the cutest diaper bag I have ever seen shorts cuz it's getting warmer and capris. Found the crib and travel system I want and Desmond agreed on it I'm so excited! last night I did a little job hunting and I put in an application for the Burlington Coat Factory here in Greensboro and tonight during the service my mom gets a call from a guy from over there wanting to schedule a interview with me but he said he will call back when I come home from school tomorrow
Hello good friends, my white 1985 toyota mr2 was stolen on February 22nd around 8 to 9 p.m. Last seen was in Edmonds Burlington Coat Factory parking lot. I have posted on many forums, craigslist, etc. If you see the car please contact the police and me at 206 4079561. I greatly appreciate everybody's help and support thank you all so much!!! Lic: AAZ3098
If anyone has a 20 percent off coupon for a baby item at Burlington coat factory that they aren't going to use let me know! The crib and dresser we picked out is there! I have seen them in parenting magazine and sometimes they will mail me one but I haven't seen any for awhile.
Burlington Coat Factory is not Gun friendly. Just spoke to a lady today that was asked to leave the store for open carrying a handgun. They called the police on her. The police told the store employees that there was nothing they could do, and left the store. I definitely will not be shopping at Burlington Coat Factory.
It was so weird to see & hear seagulls flying around the parking lot at Burlington Coat Factory this afternoon. Where there are seagulls, should there not also be beach & sand???
heading to Burlington Coat Factory. Love that store!
I guess I will get up and go to Burlington Coat Factory and do a little shopping with my daughter . see everyone later
Go to Burlington coat factory and there's a sign that says "NOW EXCEPT EBT CASH" *** has this industry came too?
Thank you Mableton! Great stop! Now Becky is off to the MARIETTA stop. Come see her for great deals on LQ Products!!! **1:45PM - MARIETTA - Burlington Coat Factory, 1255 Roswell Rd, Becky delivering, white Ford F150 truck
Making my baby another registry at Burlington coat factory
Curtains from Burlington coat factory never used sheer bright orange 15. Will sell purses for 15 a piece or 40 for all four. wallets 5 a piece or 15 for all three.
I need to find a baby crib n 2 dressers for my Granddaughters Where is the best place to go my sister told me Burlington coat factory any place else
In some parts, MAM Anti-Colic bottles are known as 'baby tummy whisperers'! Learn more about MAM Anti-Colic bottles at and share with us: which new design do you like most? Now available from Burlington Coat Factory, H-E-B, Kmart, Publix, Walgreens, Walmart, and WinCo!
Hey everyone, please keep your eyes open for my buddy's 85' Toyota MR2 that was stolen at Burlington Coat Factory in Edmonds tonight. Spread the word, it's his baby...
First mall in the USA (or at least east of the Mississippi as I was taught as a child), located in Glen Burnie, MD. Bought my first "decent" guitar amp there at the Music House as a teenager. The original mall was torn down years ago, and replaced with a strip mall. The old department store section still exists however, and now houses a Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington Coat Factory why must u sell the best beach cover ups. .add four more to the collection and of course some name brand gym stuff for less $$'s.bring on Clearwater Dawn Vitarelli
Okay yesterday was family day and it was fun! On my way home this evening, why did I just have to take a quick peek in Burlington Coat Factory??? Remember it was supposed to be a peek :( why did I leave with several bags??? Those shoe deals were too amazing to pass up though, lol.
Went to the mall to gey my watch fix and get Elanee some earrings.and it was PACKED lawd hav mercy...its ok to get your self something when taxes arrive but ALL the hood spots was pack! Jimmy jazz, DTLR..LOVE.PINK forever21 and spring Etc...all the lil black kids bout 10-12yrs old with big dumb square diamond like really this is it???!!! But all the REAL jewelry stores (not stands) are empty and carsons was empty!! REALLY!! And what kill me is Marshalls TJ Maxx and Burlington coat factory is TORE UP.this is not where taxes should be wasted to me and u should not need taxes for these places...
After staying at my sissy's, Sarah Leonard Gramenz, last night and all day today, went to Pizza Ranch to eat then walked over to Burlington Coat Factory, came home took a shower ate a snack watching an episode of Mike and Molly, getting ready for bed, church tomorrow! Hope to see you there!
Spent the entire day in Winston with Bumper Sullivan and Kaley Robinson. 1st time I ate at Hooters and was not impressed, got some shopping in at AC Moore, Hanes Mall, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory and we are absolutely worn out. It was a great day.
OMG I think Burlington Coat Factory is my new favorite it!
Just got back from shopping. Anyone looking for a job Burlington coat factory is hiring..
I don't know if anyone is looking for a crib but Burlington Coat Factory has a crib on sale for $49.50 regular price is $179. The only thing is it is at the mall in Uniontown.
Just scored a flower girl dress for my grand daughter for 25 bucks from Burlington Coat Factory. Woot!
Walked into Burlington Coat Factory today and yelled "Burt I'm Here!" ... lol .. really Britt..
Went to Burlington coat factory and I bought myself a new coat for $20.00..then went to Popeye for lunch
What up people? So um does anyone know where I can find nice 3x slim fit shirts beside Burlington coat factory and mark ecko? Yep I said it. 3x slim fitted, lol ok fitted... Struggles of a big man.. Smh
Convo with Josh Me: next time we both try on some cloths when we hit the store Josh: . Me: Aeropostale? Josh: -_- Me: American Eagle? Josh: -_- Josh: no .I'll be at Burlington coat factory Both: lol
Ties for only $2.99 @ Burlington Coat Factory! Sorry fellas... I snatched up every last skinny.
Does anyone want to go to Burlington coat factory with me and camerin after work?
I was in the Burlington Coat Factory store a few weeks ago. The one in Woodbridge on Green street. If you remember, it is the one that had a partial buidling collapse. I was surprised to see that they had not finished rebuilding yet and the store was open. It happened many months ago and shouldve been done by now. The crazy thing about it was , when I was standing in line with my coat I could feel the floor shake up and down. It didnt shake inside of the store. This was the corner of the building where the collapse was closest. I dont know if they have fixed it yet but I was just thinking with all of this harsh weather that could be a potential to collapse again. Hopefully it doesnt hurt anyone this time and collapse when the store is closed like it did last time.
Molina Healthcare is hosting a free Zumba class with a live DJ near Burlington Coat Factory today from 5-7pm!
Low on Find a at Burlington Coat Factory in Fairview Heights, IL.
Searching for in Fairview Heights, IL? Send your to Burlington Coat Factory.
i got good news from Burlington coat factory. I asked if i could work in the Chambersburg mall for training till the Hanover mall open. they are looking into it and said i was a quick thinker and liked that.
Literally not a single English speaking person around me in Burlington coat factory. I'm sorry are we in America or Mexico?
I think i got this job at Burlington Coat Factory in the Citadel mall, im keeping my fingers crossed!!!
Y'all been snatching my Burlington Coat Factory Labor Day Sale swag
I went down the street to burlington coat factory
"They are super innocent, like they talk about Burlington Coat Factory for fun". -Zarnab
I love Burlington coat factory. You walk in there with $645, and you are literally a king.
On a good note... had a busy day today. I took my Momma to Red Lobster for her birthday!! Tomorrow is actually her birthday, but I was lucky enough to be off today, so I surprised her today with an early birthday lunch at her favorite restaurant. We had a great time & then went to Burlington Coat Factory, another place she had mentioned wanting to go "one day". The weather was mild & a great day to be out & about. πŸ˜€
Not going to Walmart don't feel like walking that far - Burlington Coat Factory is closer
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Made it to Burlington Coat Factory with Geneva Liv and Miranda. Hopefully Geneva finds what she wants. Thanks Marlene Matos
storrs street entrance too Burlington Coat Factory... gotten me good a few times
went to burlington coat factory today. I usually never go there but I was surprised by their selection. especially all the baby stuff.
Start a new at Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington, NJ. HR Coordinator
Dry *** my way through the throng that's gathered for this Burlington Coat Factory grand opening
My mom is lost somewhere in Ross or Burlington coat factory, WHERE R U
Would you like to work at Burlington Coat Factory? A new opportunity is now available in Olathe, KS.
If you buy food in line at Burlington coat factory you need to reevaluate your life
With Bill off today I got to spend the morning with him. He came grocery shopping with me, went to Burlington Coat factory and Mcd's for breakfast. Now he took Will to his dentist appt. Not to bad of a day off
So I'm officially 5 weeks along can't wait to see my little peanut and we are signing the lease to our new home today and our taxes are on the way couldn't be any happier with my life plus I got the job at Burlington coat factory orientation tomorrow lies looking good.
Just a reminder tonight Heavin Koerner will be at chick fil a doing karaoke and greeting everyone that comes down to support her. We will be at the chick fil a on mercury blvd in front of burlington coat factory from 6-8 come and let the cashier know you are there for spirit night!
there near my house! Wicked chamber, conrev, and Burlington coat factory have some good ones
Getting flowers and a scarf for Aunt Gert! (at Coat Factory)
Was that done at the Burlington Coat Factory by a body=shop technician named Maaco who knew where the beef was?
So we crossed the bridge just to go to Burlington coat factory
Burlington Coat Factory question: Close Out Sales.. Nedia homes is a leading supplier of doormats and rugs to major -
Burlington Coat Factory if you don't want to spend a lot of money
Day one in Miami go heart of style (at Coat Factory)
Miami, the Tour is here! Come visit us today at Burlington Coat Factory at 5737 NW 7th Street for...
Things I learned last night: Burlington is an actual place in Vermont. Not just a coat factory.
My favorite movie ... Jesus all mighty My favorite colors... Purple and black My favorite clothing store... Burlington coat factory My favorite food... Pizza My favorite type of shoes... Jordans My favorite pop singers... Ariana Grande ,Nick minaj, Justin bieber, mariah Carey Now chat me and see What Else you need to find out like if I'm nice! *^▁^*
Gotta go to Burlington coat factory and buy me a peacoat I'm sick of hoodies
Mens Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Tampa, FL): Bring your passion for fashion to today's B...
I hop I get the job at footlocker or Burlington coat factory
*** be shopping at Burlington Coat Factory on Maury
Kenneth cole suit same model . mens wearhouse= 700. burlington coat factory =140. Looking like a boss in it.. Priceless
That *** said true religion don't even sale in Burlington coat factory no more. Lmao that was rude
Went to Burlington Coat Factory & Castleton Mall today πŸ’• hadda wonderful but longg day lol feels good to be warm & cozy at home snuggling up in our pjs πŸ’œ
Great weekend Bonnie and I went to Cobb Energy Center to watch "Romeo and Juliet" Longhorn Steak house, met some new friends there. Joes crab shack. Burlington coat factory to check out some Michael Buble' type suits. for my gigs, Sams club, karaoke Sat night till 1 am "I had the time of my life."
You a bigger dude like me right? I go for cheap but look good. Burlington Coat Factory REAL good startup.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
with a new at Burlington Coat Factory in Mission Viejo, CA.
Why is a guy waking out of Burlington coat factory in the cold without a coat on
some people think it's funny to throw fake blood on you when you come out of Burlington coat factory
I hate disappointing just one person and I really hate disappointing everyone. But I love Burlington coat factory.
NBA got these AllStar Jerseys on sale from Burlington Coat Factory
Burlington Coat Factory blows. Ross is so much better.
Somebody just stole my moms wallet in Burlington Coat Factory... Are you kidding me. Society is so great.
busta rhymes leather jacket looks like it came from the big and tall section from Burlington coat factory.
Just got home went to Burlington coat factory and went and ate dinner at tgi Fridays now me n my baby bout to go watch a movie then home to relax work tomorrow.
Justin spayed on some cologne tonight at Burlington coat factory and man he stinks. He smells like an old lady yuck
what are you saying? Have you not been to burlington coat factory..?
"Don't put your coats in the overhead bins" = overhead bins look like Burlington Coat Factory of *** Coats
Im watching a documentary on ESPN 30 for 30: Broke, and it's amazing to me that when you see former superstars like Andre Rison, Mike Tyson, Darly Strawberry, etc. had it all but dealt groupies also being divorce from their families, and buying expensive things that don't mean much got them apart of an organization called Broke Phi Broke. Now If I was in the pros, I wouldn't even go through them problems. I would buy clothes JC Penny's, Burlington Coat Factory, I would live in and small house, a swimming pool and a hot tub. Plus two normal vehicles and my agent will be my bank account. The City of Brunswick, GA vs Julius T. Bradley
This dude DID NOT jus approach me for assistance in Burlington Coat Factory when i clearly have this big AT&T logo on my shirt and name tag smh
YES! This is why I love Burlington Coat Factory lol
Enybody want to buy a Burlington Coat Factory gift card off me $60
Rant for the day: Took Ta on a "mommy son date" today. As we are walking out of Burlington Coat Factory, an older white woman was walking towards us. As she got closer she gave Javonte an awful look, then looked at me the same so me being me said "its 2014, grow up" as she passed us. I didnt snap because I had my baby with me but *** you never seen a beautiful "biracial" child before or is your face always ugly like that.
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Abby Crooks o.m.g burlington coat factory is amazing. Ur right about the deals, i havent been there since they opened, nike outfits for under $10. Def. My favorite store! Got some awesome deals!! :)
Burlington coat factory is my new favorite spot to shop!
Two fun nights at the Haluwa in Nashua NH...right across from Burlington Coat Factory, Christmas Tree Shop off of Exit 6 on Rte 3N.!!
If anyone is looking for different items, Burlington coat factory just marked down all their "winter" line. Extremely affordable prices
Is there a Burlington coat factory in Tyler?
Just got back from spending the weekend in Appleton. Had a good time. Love burlington coat factory! They have everything there and prices aren't bad either
Anyone know where they sell Holy Communion dresses- I've looked at Macy's, JCPennys, Sears Boscovs and BonTon. Even Burlington Coat Factory.
Work 9-1 and 2:30-10:30. I just wanna go to Burlington coat factory. I find out tonight what days Charlie can get off from work and hopefully tomorrow booking tickets to fly to Washington! Ashley Churchill Michael Churchill
Yesterday was the 1st time I met a fan of my comedy.. I was at burlington coat factory and a cashier just randomly said I know who you are.. your a comic I remember your voice your Crazy lol made my day
I am in no way a "fashion-forward" individual, but seeing the styles at Burlington Coat Factory is always more nostalgic than enticing.
Sunday! First day off after school ended and long week of work. Had lots of plans but I don't think they are going to happen. But thinking of going to Burlington Coat Factory- need to start buying scarves and hats!
Well had a great time with my son going to red lobster,shopping and getting him some college stuff's in Lexington Saturday. The low point was going to Burlington coat factory to buy a new car hart jacket and they didn't have squat. My old coat is about 20 years old. It looked like a flea market. it looked run down and crappy. The store isn't as good as the one in lousiville. Guess I'll be making a trip. Blah!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
i've had a great Valentine weekend so far, Friday my man took me out to eat at Olive Garden, and then we went shopping at Burlington coat factory for maturity pants {yes i've had to give in and buy prego pants} and yesterday we went to Sebastian inlet and went fishing, it was such a warm, calm day for it even though we didnt catch anything it was def a great day, And now today we are going to Ripleys believe it or not in Orlando and then to lake Eola to walk around and feed the swans { yes i know i'm still a kid at heart and i love going and petting and feeding animal}. Hope everyone has a great weekend
Hey Sis Burlington Coat Factory shopping spree still on!!!
Oh what a day, started out great!! Made breakfast for my girls, and we went clothes shopping!! Only to have Jaelynn throw up all over me (exorcism -style) as we are checking out and no, the cashiers at Burlington Coat Factory do NOT have towels!!! Ugh.
So tonight was the last night that Marna Graham worked as an associate at Burlington Coat Factory.. I had the privilege to work with her for two years out of the 12 1/2 years she actually worked at Burlington.. She is one the best Co worker, CSS, and manager I ever worked with and you will truly be missed! From the Burlington crew to you we love you!
Marshals, Ross. And Burlington coat factory lol just to get my babe like six shirts man its hard to find mens t-shirts lol
Had a good day today went out to eat at coco's with my mom Paige and Francis then to Walmart got the last of the things that I need before we leave now all I need is for someone to come with me to Burlington coat factory so I can get Paige a coat then I'll be completely done!!! 2 more days
Had a great day with three of the grandbabies and my beautiful daughter and they wore this old girl out! GSO science center, lunch, Burlington coat factory for 2 1/2 hrs of girly shopping then Celebration Station. OMG I am pooped. Best day ever.
Had the longest day... champs, kids footlocker, love culture, sear,gap,Burlington coat factory papa ginos and sky zone with my BABIES... I am Pooped
we just got home from an exhausting afternoon. both of us upgraded our phones. we went to no less than 6 different stores to equip the grandchildren with gloves, hats, boots etc. still don't have boots for Gunther. everyone is out of winter wear since we have had so much snow. Looking for boots for Gunther, sized 13-1. anyone have an idea where. Yes, I tried Famous Footwear, Walmart, Kohls and Burlington Coat Factory. Would appreciate the help
Had a great Saturday. Woke up and Joe made Riley, blake and Colton and I pancakes and bacon. Went to Rys basketball game. Then had lunch in castleton with Joe's mom and brother. Took the boys to Burlington Coat factory, Castleton Mall and MONKEY JOES. Now my parents are here and were watching Free Birds and eating popcorn and puppy chow!! The boys got new shoes today and Joe got a new saw. shopping.
Went to Burlington coat factory n still gotta go to home depot but we r eating first
Note to self: never go to Burlington coat factory during tax season
How can 12 year olds be going on dates and kissing? while i couldn't even talk to the lady working the register at Burlington Coat Factory...
WOW.think twice before shopping at Burlington Coat Factory. I bought a coat (and paid good money) . They do NOT stand behind any 'defective' merchandise. I couldn't be more disappointed, as I'm STUCK with a raincoat that is missing a wrist belt AND a waist belt. I noticed wristbelt was missing, so they took 10% off and mentioned 'final sale' . When I got home, I realized the waist belt was also missing.I wrote to company, same day of purchase .they said..."sorry for the inconvenience. Final sale was written on the receipt. FINAL SALE. " Thank you very much. This is the LAST time I purchase anything at YOUR store. !
Stop by today to show your support! 4pm-6pm at the Northway Mall near Burlington Coat Factory.
Anyone remember the Janyzen Beach Mall? I remember when it was all still intact and it had the blue and yellow carpeting and the brown walls and K Mart and Montgomery Ward and the merry go round and my class used to go there for a field trip to see Santa when I was six and seven. I don't remember what restaurants they had there and what stores and I didn't even know it was ever dead. I also didn't know it was all torn down until my ex boyfriend told me and they left part of it. When I went there as an adult they had all these trinket stores and nik naks and Ross and Target and Burlington Coat Factory. It was depressing and there were hardly any people there. Now they have torn it all down and left Burlington Coat Factory that used to be a K mart and they closed off the entrance to the mall and re did the outside of the building and built other stores by it. But it still shows up on google as the all being there when you type it in and it still shows up on google maps when you zoom in far enough and do str ...
Interview tomorrow at Burlington Coat factory, Orientation at Everest the 26th and school starting the 27th. Pretty good day. I can't wait till school starts! I love you Tyler! :* β™₯
The Girl Scouts will be here this weekend: Saturday, Feb 15 11am-7pm Sunday, Feb.16 11am - 7pm They will be located outside of Burlington Coat Factory and Toy R Us. LIKE if you plan on showing your support!
Next time I point out clearance aisle at Burlington coat factory to Jami . Slap me! Lol lovin me some shopping!!
We went to Outback last night about 7:30 PM. There was an hours wait so we walked to Burlington Coat Factory. Were told to come back after 45 mins and then it would be 30 minutes more unless we wanted to eat outside where there were heaters so we did that. Sat right under the heat (many of them) and it was just fine and comfortable. I'm glad I had on a sweater though. Had Victoria's Fillet - perfection, and then we came home and ate chocolate. (A present from a lady I pick up for Friday Bible study.)
Just left Burlington Coat Factory.the clearance prices tho.hooked my grandson up.
I am a very proud father. Gloria has received a much deserved promotion which means she has been given the Burlington Coat Factory store in Waterbury, Ct. to manage. Congratulation Gloria, I Love You, Dad.
Never bring ya woman to Burlington coat factory or you might leave broke lol
Not feeling good today! Cramps from *** ..but I'm out I'm gonna shop a little bit today Marshall's and Burlington coat factory kinda day! Gorgeous outside gonna be 80
Going to Burlington Coat Factory with my mom,brother,and sister to find a dress for the Father Daughter Dance coming up!!:)
Anybody picked up an iphone 5 at burlington coat factory yesterday.. Let me know please. Im sure noone will* ..The persons who's phone it is knows everywhere you are *via Find My Iphone*
If anyone is interested Burlington Coat Factory has a great deal on summer and spring clothes for your kids just hooked August and Jaden up
It's Saturday today so in the morning I'm gonna go buy me some black sweat pants at Burlington coat factory.
at Burlington Coat Factory in heels my man record it
Went to Burlington coat factory today with my wife and kids And all of a sudden a dude walked up, and confronted a lady behind us, Calling and cursing her out, he told the lady he just took some Zanax, I was like what in the Jail is going on here!!!? He was threatening to fight her, but he didn't realize her whole family was in the store with her Should have seen his face when her 6'5 son came walking up I was like Bro you need some help? But I walked the other way and looked from a distance Then they got to acting up, We left, Im all mad because I had to cover my family from mess , I felt threatened also!! What if he had a gun If he would have tried to hit the lady I believe I would have Used my praying hand and karate chopped his throat And prayed for his healing afterwards But everyone went home happy God bless you all, :)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Dinner moved to el rodeo next to Burlington coat factory shaw / villa
I love Danny so much...hes such a trooper and great me my ring for 1 year engaged and 1 year here, then took me out shopping for like 7 hrs to the mall and the stip malls by it...we gotsome good deals...never been to Burlington Coat it!!!cheap man. Anyway I got him a couple outfits and a thing for his playstation...he got me lots...but mostly...he just got me...and I feel I am the luckiest woman in the world...Happy Valentine's everybody back home we love and miss to work for me...justlike to brag on and about my man...
Just gonna throw this out there, I really don't like the Burlington coat factory. Just like. it like walking into a glorified salvation army... and guess what! Can't find anything! -_-'re right next door might visit you.
Opening the Kiosk @ AZ Mills Tomorrow. You can find me on the West side by Burlington Coat Factory. I'll be selling the most amazing Pillows!!! "Bamboo Pillows"
Woke up this morning to the romantic gestures of roses and my husband cooking me breakfast. I asked him if he wanted to do anything special tonight. His response - "ya, I want to go to Burlington Coat Factory to buy some dress socks". LOL
Every time I go in Burlington coat factory I have to use the darn bathroom. Sheesh!!
On Thursday, a car slammed into the Burlington Coat Factory in Virginia Beach. Dispatchers say calls came in just before 5 p.m. about the incident. This happened in the 3700 block of Virginia Beach...
Does anybody know where I can find a christening outfit locally?? I've already been to Burlington Coat Factory and the consignment store.
Burlington coat factory is on fire with sales!!
Last minute shopping for the one I love the most myself at Burlington coat factory.
Just discovered Burlington Coat Factory has an online store! Oh boy here goes all my money heh
Well I am going to Burlington Coat Factory tonight to buy a new wardrobe of Clothing,Tom by mistake ( OR WAS IT IT LOL) is taking me shopping for much needed clothing. Yee-Haw
So 2014 didn't start off too good.. Grimey *** Burlington coat factory fired ... I'm glad too because I'm about to have maybe two jobs one paying $8.00 and hour the other $8.50 an hour
The Tour is heading to Burlington Coat Factory at Sugarloaf Mills in Lawrenceville, GA today! We'll be doing free heart health screenings from 12 noon until 4 p.m. Come spend a few minutes of your Valentine's Day with us - your heart will thank you!
Anyone wanna go to Burlington coat factory with me today?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Well better go get a shower...have to go to David's Bridal, Burlington Coat Factory and Hobby Lobby...this should be fun...then it's Valentines Day dinner and movie tonight with my love :)
Feeling frisky? Get a great meal & deal for two at Green Mint Asian Grill! It's at the Cypress point plaza just left of Burlington Coat Factory. Delicious AND healthy. Tell 'em Waiting Game sent ya ;)
I went to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a coat and the sales lady told me that they do not sale coats there. O_o but your name is BCF.
Am shopping at Burlington coat factory in boston city
got a job at Burlington coat factory!:)
Some malls are closing early because of the storm: Colonie Center at 7 p.m. and Clifton Park Center at 4 p.m. Crossgates is open, but some stores (including Burlington Coat Factory and JCPenney) are closing early. -- Teresa
IN 5 DAYS join DJ Diver and Red Livvy for an EXCLUSIVE one on one interview with the incredibly talented singer/actor Olivia May as they get intimate & personal LIVE on the air. She sings with the L.A. rock/rap band The Sound of Ugly, and the Americana Folk duo David & Olivia . Ms. May has also appeared in commercials for Burlington Coat Factory and as an extra in the TV series, Two Broke Girls. You can join us in v103 Rock's interactive chatroom and ask your questions: **LISTEN on your SMART PHONE with the FREE tune in app!
Wish I could go to Burlington coat factory
I'm in love with Burlington coat factory!
Yes yes Yes got an interveiw for a job at Burlington Coat Factory Monday MORNING What do I wear tho?
Our mall doors are open, however; many stores including Burlington Coat Factory may remain closed. KMart, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Tiffany's Bakery and Starbucks are all open for business. Please continue to check back for further updates.
To our friends in Georgia - a reminder that this crazy winter storm has forced us to cancel today's event at Burlington Coat Factory in College Park :( We'll keep you posted about the event we currently still have scheduled for tomorrow in Lawrenceville. Stay warm and safe!
Can you say OH job Burlington Coat Factory really closed for the day.The first time in my 13 years.
Burlington Coat Factory got caught selling clothes that had dog fur. Know what you are buying.
Dear family ,friends and those attending baby shower I fear i still need a lot for my grandmas house Crib baby swing changing table Diapers newborn diapers 0-6 Wipes Shampoos Body washes Car seat- Burlington coat factory has a car seat and strorler in one for 160 dollars bottles mattress for crib and bedding :( I'm hoping to get more takin care of be for then. I wish my taxes should have been more :(
So not that I need a job but I applied at both Home Depot and Burlington Coat Factory in Fairview Heights after I asked the managers if they were hiring young hard working individuals (I said it just like Home Depot told me to come in tomorrow to interview and Burlington wanted to interview me on the spot. My point is I get tired of people sayin AINT NOBODY HIRING when you haven't even looked. And I don't mean applying online or calling. Start showing up in applying in person dressed like Eddie Murphy in Coming 2 America. P.S. I would start at the 2 places I named.
GUYS! I'm registered at Babies "R" Us and Burlington Coat Factory. and soon, Walmart, but not yet. probably by Friday. :) I don't think I'm having a shower, but if anyone wants to pitch in for Baby Hunter, Id really love it!
What could be more welcoming than these friendly faces when you arrive at Burlington Coat Factory for your free...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NATIONAL SHOPPING CENTER DEVELOPER FAISON ACQUIRES ASHLEY LANDING FOR $19.2 MILLION February 4, 2013 (Charlotte, NC) - Faison announces the acquisition of Ashley Landing, a 350,000 sf retail center in Charleston, SC. Ashley Landing is 92% occupied and leased to a mix of national, regional and local tenants including Publix, Burlington Coat Factory, Dollar Tree, Big Lots, Wells Fargo, Harbor National Bank and First Federal. Scott Adams or Adams and Wilson Properties represented Faison in the acquisition of Ashley Landing. We are pleased to announce the addition of Ashley Landing to our expanding portfolio of multi-tenant retail assets. Faison Enterprises Inc is a privately-held real estate company with a diversified product portfolio that includes retail, commercial and residential project development, management and acquisition services. With more than 50 years in the business and holdings of approximately $750,000,000, the Charlotte, NC based company manages and develops properti . ...
Put to Light Material Handler - 2nd Shift at Burlington Coat Factory (San... Find this Job&More:
Burlington Coat Factory, Franklin Mills Mall, Philadelphia. is the best... :-).got some mega deals, especially for shoes and boots. Love it!!! Thanks sis. for taking us there! :-)
The Shore Mall was torn down for the most part in 2013 - a lot of memories left there at the spot. For those no longer in the South Jersey area, only the front stores remain off of the Black Horse Pike. Boscov's, Burlington Coat Factory, and a couple others still remain as well as the NJ Division of Motor vehicles that is around back in a newly constructed area.
.forgive me, I was drunk inside of Burlington coat factory on this one
Hitting up the Goodwill in the rich part of town then raiding Burlington Coat Factory. Merry Christmas to John.
To the person who wrote an awesome comment about the flash mob marriage proposal at Burlington Coat Factory in Natomas, CA. She is my daughter and the entire staff and marketing director were all so helpful, kind, and absolutely amazing for allowing him to pull this off. We are all huge shopping fans of Burlington and he picked out his entire outfit from there the morning of. Many have also asked where she got her dress. She actually got it at another Burlington a few months before. And fortthose of u who have not had the opportunity to watch it, here is the link. I'm sharing it with the world so everyone can see how awesome Burlington Coat Factory is for allowing this event to take place along with their awesome quality clothing. A huge thank u to the store manager Kathy and her entire staff!!
Thats fine & Uhm like joyce Burlington coat factory macys jcpenny ANYWERE at this point
True Religions at Burlington Coat Factory...that ain't stoppin mf's β€œNautica is submerged in Ross... No way it's back”
get one from Burlington Coat factory
Your is over. Burlington Coat Factory wants to you in Cary, NC.
Check out this new opportunity! Burlington Coat Factory is now in Ogden, UT.
with a new at Burlington Coat Factory in Ogden, UT.
Searching for in Ogden, UT? Send your to Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington coat factory is where its at
Burlington Coat Factory has changed their name to: Burlington Everything BUT Coats Factory.
I have Burlington Coat Factory's number. Like why?! When tf am I ever gonna need to use that.
(It was in one of the Burlington Coat Factory sets I got.)
Spent the day shopping with Kelly Przecha Cummins,mall,Burlington coat factory,target,bed bath and beyond and finished off with old navy, got a big jump on next years christmas!! WOOOHOOO
one thing i dont get is why they still call it burlington coat factory if they basically sell everything BUT coats and they are no factory
Now at Burlington coat factory someone told me to be quiet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ man im on fire
ok so I am registered at Burlington coat factory. A lil late but thought I'd let y'all know lol Aysia Love
I've seen so many Burlington Coat Factory ads that I'm tempted to check it out, but I don't want to actually go to Burlington Coat Factory.
Frenchie fun find at Burlington Coat Factory while hunting for a family gift. Thought…
Gonna see if he'll take me to Burlington coat factory before school starts ..
Jesse pinkman looks like he shops at Burlington coat factory.
Went to Burlington Coat Factory for the first time and there were like no coats.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If I want to go to the Bahamas or Dominican Republic cheap, go to Burlington coat factory
Burlington coat factory has ever nationality in the world in here
Burlington coat factory makes me want to kill myself.
I imagine *** isn't much different from standing in this line at Burlington Coat Factory
2014 will be the year of the turtleneck. Thank you to Burlington Coat Factory for the inventory and for the inspiration.
Burlington coat factory is robbing people on their cash returns and only giving gift cards at the discounted rate
I think I'm in love with Sears and Burlington Coat Factory .LOL
Productive day..Dentist, breakfast with the boys, Burlington Coat Factory (all Christmas stuff was 75%!off - got some good stuff) - yay and then Ross for my New Years attire. All Christmas stuff has been put away for another year. Now it's time to Get ready and decorate for New Years!!!
The checkout line at Burlington Coat Factory...What, we have an obesity problem?...Wonder why?
"I was at the burlington coat factory" "You mean the curlington boat factory?" lmaooo
Why have I never known about the greatness that is the Burlington Coat Factory?
I am of the opinion that Burlington Coat Factory is just great coats. Does anyone feel differently?
Burlington Coat Factory is having a sale. Hmm. Somebody volunteer to lock my credit card?
A middle aged man started talking me in line and asked if our next date could be at Burlington coat factory. 😳😳
Belk is awful! Its like the Burlington Coat Factory of department stores...
Spent $151 at Burlington coat factory and got 2 winter coats, sweatshirt, sweater and Keds! But only the $10 sweater was for me. :-(
So they are now selling weave as scarfs at Burlington Coat Factory. I can't deal! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
β€œI studied performance art at Bennington (real)" when I hear Bennington I always think of Burlington Coat factory oddly.
Burlington Coat Factory used to be my primary suit dealer as a kid. They were also like the only place with Outkast gear...
Im sure you can get a nice outfit and those same shoes all for under $100 at Burlington Coat FactoryπŸ˜‚
Having quick lunch an made a quick exchange at Burlington coat factory
How ya'll doing this afternoon? Just me and ladybug today.. See what sales we can find..might check out Burlington Coat factory..
I just lost my Grandmother in Burlington Coat Factory πŸ˜’
Burlington coat factory we're more than great coats.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My mom almost got in a fight with this woman in Burlington Coat Factory. πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ never tell my mom to shut up.
3 pre-teens and 2 Moms in Burlington coat factory! Shopping heaven. Cha-Ching!
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