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Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation is a national department store retailer focusing on clothing and shoes, with over 450 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.(as of 2010).

Value City Steve Madden

Looks like she went shopping at Burlington coat factory
I feel like Adele would really enjoy Burlington Coat Factory
you have new employees leaving reviews about you this week on See what they're saying.
old *** man just asked me when Burlington coat factory opened and when I was like "sorry idk" he was like "but ur a lady u shop a lot" BYE
The WH has issued a press pass to InfoWars. And in other news, Satan was spotted at Burlington Coat Factory purchas…
What I think happened between Princeton and Jay Burlington Coat Factory was that Princeton didn't want him and Jay…
🔥🔥🔥 I'd cop off a clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory for under 10.
Dope! Found me some prep boy shorts (at Coat Factory in Garden Grove, CA)
Costume designer for Michael Jackson biopic talks research for the film’s wardrobe :
I just want to go to the Downtown LA Burlington Coat Factory and buy all the household merchandise.😩😩😩😩
I always get hoodies and coats at discount stores. In Wisconsin we have something called Burlington Coat Factory.
IDK how I feel about about Burlington Coat Factory moving to Northwoods Mall.
They make Burlington Coat Factory sound like the trap ok the commercials. Name brands for the low and "do they even sell coats here?"
Can I please give birth soon so I'm not crying in Burlington coat factory because Taylor swift came on the radio?
I hate disappointing just one person, and I really hate disappointing everyone, but I love Burlington Coat Factory
Everyone loves the dystopian nature of finding clothes amongst the piles at Burlington Coat Factory.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Burlington Coat Factory has nothing but coats. Coats as far as the eye can see. Never go there for anything but coats there is nothing else
Did Charles buy his suit at the Burlington Coat Factory
this is way less embarrassing than when I couldn't remember Burlington Coat Factory and said "Coats…
This picture is burlington coat factory personified
hey man idk what it is all i know is it needs to stop bro. i got a Burlington Coat Facto…
Took MJS to Burlington Coat Factory like I was surprising my son w a trip to Chuck E Cheese
Bobrisky went to Burlington coat factory and applebees in New York and swears he's living it up. Someone pls tell him lmao.
"We're not Burlington Coat Factory anymore. We're like Marshall's. Call us Burlington." That's every Burlington ad since the change.
Protip: if you're gonna poop in a public bathroom make sure it's right after they open. This Burlington Coat Factory is immaculate rn.
mira shah found dead in Burlington coat factory
Burlington Coat Factory: I shopped at the Burlington in Hollywood on April 29 the opening supervisor is awesome sh -
I seen this cute diaper bag yesterday at Burlington Coat Factory ,ugh I should of got it . 😞
He'll be lucky for it to reach the big and tall section of burlington coat factory
When you find the right outfit at Burlington Coat Factory
Raise your hand if you were day drinking in Burlington coat factory!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I picture it on the Burlington Coat Factory clearance rack, right beside the Big Dog tees and bootleg Billabong tank to…
I can confirm that Burlington Coat Factory replaced JcPenney at Puente Hills mall. wow!
Gotta start dressing like I'm fresh outta Burlington coat factory with the latest 2005 fashion
better than being locked in a Burlington coat factory all night :)
Learning more about Sherwood Plaza development: Binny's, Outback Steakhouse, Burlington Coat Factory...most of current shops leaving (Cont.)
My *** just drove to burlington coat factory thinking it'd be a 10 minute drive. Now I have to speed back to Brockton to get to work
Am I the only who loves Burlington coat factory ? Lol
Bring Old Navy and Steinmart back! Homegoods or Burlington Coat Factory would be good also.
Value City had all the Vokal and Twism. Burlington Coat Factory had all the Outkast gear...
So Trump fired the folks who understand nuclear weapons and policy? He plans to appoint the CEO of Burlington coat factory.
I saw two of them drive down against traffic on 6th Ave from 23rd St, rushing to get to the old Burlington Coat Factory
I'll pair it with the clock radio from Burlington Coat Factory you got me last year.
My dream job is to reorganize an inner city Burlington Coat Factory
I like to spread the "fact" that it was the Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington Coat Factory sells everything *but* coats to a farcical degree. Amazed this store endures in SF
I go to Burlington Coat Factory for the summer wear
In the news: Burlington Coat Factory Donate Over One Hundred Gently Worn & New Coats to UCP of Maine
Thank you to Burlington Coat Factory in Bangor for donating over 100 coats to children and adults who receive...
This was the 2nd winter NAI Hanson teamed up w/ Burlington Coat Factory for their annual coat drive. We donated 75…
when she asks where your jacket's from and you tell her you got it at barney's and she asks if that's like BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY, PLEASE
I'm convinced that Burlington Coat Factory is trying to set me up…
Burlington coat factory u never disappoint
Burlington coat factory, where we entered the strata of people as a vending machine.
Just got word that the new construction in front of Burlington Coat Factory (138) will be a Chipotle. Five Guys will go in…
You go into Burlington Coat Factory with $645 and you're literally a king
MAN GET THAT BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY " 2 for 29" WATCH OUTTA HERE BOY! Throw it in that trash can you posted!
right next to Burlington coat factory
I ain't paying $40 for Just Fab to send me some $19.99 shoes that I could get from Burlington Coat Factory
wow they're tearing down the Gallery- booo no more or @ Burlington Coat Factory
Am I a real adult if I streamlined to the home section of Burlington Coat Factory and nearly cried at $13 throw pillows?
Shopping for shoes for wedding tomorrow (@ Burlington Coat Factory)
On a bus departing Burlington, my only regret is not visiting that famous coat factory everyone raves about
If I had to hide a body - I'd had it at Burlington coat factory. They have so much clutter they wouldn't find it for months
If I worked at Burlington coat factory and had to do inventory I swear to god I'd kill myself
"I can't stand disappointing people, and I HATE disappointing everyone. But I love Burlington Coat Factory." -Michael Scott -Nate Silveus
State police investigating police-involved shooting at site of Burlington Coat Factory store in North Riverside https:/…
Burlington Coat Factory may become a partner with Empowerment Temple
Why isn't Burlington coat factory in Burlington🤔
Get a $100 Burlington Coat Factory Gift Card for only $95 - Email delivery
Its so bad, Laci. Way worse than Disney VHS. Blow up doll, tires, jeans from Burlington Coat Factory--more like that.
Calvin Johnson elite football cleats for 13 bucks at Burlington Coat Factory. God bless this place
does this story also have to do with your brother trying to stop someone from peeing on everything in Burlington Coat Factory?
Old navy, Burlington coat factory, Ross and sometimes Aeropostale
Look like she shops at Burlington Coat Factory
Good. And, somebody tell Billary not to buy her Chanel knock-offs at Burlington Coat Factory. Come on Trump, do it.
This Saturday from 10am to 2pm, I will be at VERITAS Empowerment Boutique in the Burlington Coat Factory shopping...
1 why is Burlington Coat Factory just a magnet for people who want to *** on clothes. 2 i thought his brother worked loss.jpg
Marc Jacobs out here designing for Fallas, Rainbow, & Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington coat factory is the flyest place to buy clothes handsdown. Just bought a baller knit sweater for 15, and a license to ball for 5
Burlington coat factory has everything I want for such low prices 😭😭
Oh you're from Burlington, like the coat factory? 🙄
They should have gotten a Burlington coat factory sponsorship with those fits they're wearing
Burlington Coat Factory is open all hours!
Happy shopping! Burlington Coat Factory on County Line opens today at 9:30a.m.
I'm not 100% sure where it is. But it's kinda around the corner from where target, Kohl's and Burlington coat factory are.
Gel is going to be in a Burlington Coat Factory commercial. Pass it on
legit saw a decorative pinecone in Burlington Coat Factory today and thought of you
"In the Mall of America, Indiana is the Burlington Coat Factory."
Burlington Coat Factory kept ya boy fresh for job interviews after being jobless for six months
I'm about to start buying work shoes from like Aldo and famous footwear and Burlington coat factory. These cheap shoes make my feet hurt
Burlington Coat Factory in Overland Park has a personal connection to blood cancer. Their employees are raising...
*** I didn't get any work pants while we was at Burlington coat factory 😒
Leon Bridges AND Lucius playing in this Burlington Coat Factory right now?!
Just caught people having sex in a truck in the Burlington Coat Factory parking lot at 9:45am.
Cause they come from Burlington coat factory and marshalls
they sell them at Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory at a discount
never been a Burlington Coat Factory in Logan..the cottage cheese bar sounds awesome
ain't no telling what I'm fitting to be on. @ Burlington Coat Factory
Burlington Coat Factory is like Ross & TJ Maxx combined ! i'm in LuuuUUVv 😻
Burlington Coat Factory Career Event 8/26/16. by Robyn. Burlington Coat Factory is hiring for multiple position at...
hey it's Austin Nelson, I saw you at Burlington Coat Factory,you may not use this account but, hi!!
I've only been in Burlington for 4 hours but I've already seen a Burlington Coat Factory commercial so I think I'm ready to go home now
Saw a stack of Naisture honey masks at Burlington Coat Factory today. They were $5.99 a pop. I laughed really loudly and walked away.
The cashier at Burlington Coat Factory just asked me if I watch anime what kind of animal does he take me for.
But imagine how you'd feel if you went into Burlington Coat Factory with $645.
I am actually a middle aged woman who spends most of her day in Burlington Coat Factory and changes channels between HGTV and Cupcake Wars
OVO Clothing's new arrival page looks like the men's/boy's section of Burlington Coat Factory
I came all the way up here from Florida and there's no Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington, VT
Found this at Burlington Coat Factory and I'm pretty sure this is the The Summer I Turned Pretty cover from Target!
Fat guy in a little Burlington Coat Factory
thems the ones that always be up in the Burlington Coat Factory. or on the Mexican People feet at the Home Depot
I saw a Burlington Coat Factory and thought of you. That's some powerful branding.
When you can't find Grandma in a huge Burlington Coat Factory store oeo @ Burlington Coat Factory
Donate a new or gently used backpack at Burlington Coat Factory for children in need now until September 5th!
Cop really digging deep into his detective training, now dons a Burlington Coat Factory fedora and has quit his meds
the only thing that comes to mind when I see that shoe is Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington Coat Factory as a Copywriter. 12 an hour so not amazing, I'll keep looking, but it's an income.
went to Burlington Coat Factory to look for a coat and Burlington Coat Factory only has two rows of coats 🙃🙃
79th - Burlington Coat Factory . Person inside with a gun.
Person with a gun, State/Monroe inside the Burlington Coat Factory. Caller thinks person has gun on their waist.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Macy's is alright if you have a coupon, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls is alright too.
I took Jake to TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory and he was so awed by the prices 😂
Time-lapse video of Burlington Coat Factory at the from May - August 2016
I fw those and Burlington coat factory
I hate disappointing everyone but I love burlington coat factory
You know you're Latino when back to school clothes shopping. Is done at Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, JCPenny, Sears, and TJ Maxx.
I bought the chair from Burlington coat factory.
There's no way Burlington Coat Factory could turn me down again, right?
Burlington Coat Factory be slappin, bunch of baby mamas and Mexicans
stopped at Burlington Coat Factory for the first time today. didn't see a single coat but boy is that place ghetto.
Women in the Lehigh Valley is like trying to find a good shirt off the clearance rack at Burlington Coat Factory.. Slim pickings...
deck of cards. Only $1.99 at Burlington Coat Factory Stores!
i mean, just send a PA down to burlington coat factory to get some gore-tex jackets, they looked like spacesuits in the 90s
anything sold at Burlington Coat Factory is the cat scratch tattoo anywhere on a woman's body of clothing.
Burlington coat factory by the flea market
Me and got the job at Burlington Coat Factory 😁😁
Burlington coat factory or nordstorm
Burlington coat factory having open interviews tomorrow yall should go with me
he found the time machine thats hiding at Burlington Coat Factory
People be sleep on Burlington coat factory.
Meridian, Burlington Coat Factory. THEFT. Female stole purse from inside the store. Left in a gold SUV. She is...
I'll go ham in the thrift store, Ross, and the Burlington coat Factory 🤗
I love Taco Bell as much as, if not more than, Michael Scott loves Burlington Coat Factory
To fireworks and blew them up behind the Burlington coat factory
Burlington Coat Factory has cheap bohemian jewelry for $4.99.
So thankful to have the Burlington Coat Factory helping us get ready for school this year! . Starting yesterday,...
Burlington coat factory sell Giuseppe now? I'm in disbelief.
This joke was almost as bad as the Burlington Coat Factory outfit you have on
Walked around Burlington all day with and didn't see Bernie OR a coat factory - what gives? (We did see though)!)
I love that it was Burlington Coat Factory. Of course it was.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Was at Burlington Coat Factory once- this kid goes to a trash can, pulls down his pants, takes off his own diaper & throws it out.
Yes... Macy's is terrible. Try TJ Maxx, Marshals, Burlington Coat Factory or DSW? I found some cute Steve Madden flats.
during recruitment I got asked where I got my necklace... And my response was "uh.. Burlington coat factory.."
Hey parents, could your child be our 2016 Star Artist?
Y'all ladies still stealing from Burlington coat factory?
I've entered the land of Extraordinarily Gendered Baby Clothing aka Burlington Coat Factory
Stop acting like Michael kors not sold in Burlington coat factory
mom: my friend Michelle, she lives in Burlington—. Me:—COat fActOrY!!!¡¡
HOW is Burlington coat factory so popping???
Don't judge me off my South Pole jeans I just purchased from Burlington Coat Factory
Pay $10? *** y'all are right across Burlington Coat Factory and Boost Mobile, tf I look like 😂😂😂
I found a bra that fits me wonderfully and it's my actual size & it was $7.99 at Burlington Coat Factory!
Did you see the famous original Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington, VT?
Burlington coat factory has so much fake product its ridiculous 😂👏
Could not find a single coat at Burlington Coat Factory.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
she got on a Burlington's coat factory dress ... Talking down on brothers
have we heard from the Burlington Coat Factory people
Men's warehouse or Burlington coat factory?!? No?
Los Bandidos in colonial Heights by the Burlington coat factory
At the thrift shop with granny because she don't like walk too much and wanting a coat from Burlington coat factory
Coat Factory Union Square you should be ashamed of yourselves! Disgusting and unsanitary conditions!
just gotta make a surplus run to Burlington Coat Factory lol
I love Burlington coat factory. You go in there with 645 dollars, you are literally a king
Donald Trump's primary concern should be that his "distinguished" line of ties are currently being sold at Burlington Coat F…
you was like news Burlington coat factory in a white car lol I miss u too fool
Burlington Coat Factory. RPD off regarding an unwanted party who allegedly was throwing merchandise around the store
Burlington coat factory, but it's Steve Madden!
I'm going to open a Burlington coat factory just outside of Winterfell and make a killing when winter finally comes
Burlington coat factory for like $5 and it smells and burns really good! 😻
they weren't red enough don't go to Burlington coat factory
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Burlington coat factory is the winner
I've gotten so many cheap Van's from Burlington Coat factory bruh
Burlington Coat Factory be ugly every time. I'm sure the employees just gave the *** up trying to organize
if you can find a non-ratchet Burlington Coat Factory, then honestly, it's lit as ***
I stayed in Burlington Coat Factory because husky.
Hakeem need a new stylist!. That *** with his Burlington Coat Factory outfit😂😂
whole wardrobe sponsored by Burlington Coat Factory 😂
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and sell it for competitive prices outside your local Burlington Coat Factor…
Where is ? What happened to Stoner Simpson, Doritos Rat, Burlington Coat factory Mom and Long Island Stock Broker son?
Why is on my TV with this Burlington coat factory Rocawear shirt on with the bacon collar?
Got $34.00 from a Burlington coat factory lawsuit that I was somehow a part of, so there's that.
I will never look at Burlington coat factory the same again 😳 lol
Under Armour might as well ship these new Steph Curry 2.5s directly to Burlington Coat Factory.
to the place where and I got kicked out of Burlington Coat Factory 😏😂
Brighten your brunch with fashions from Burlington Coat Factory. Mimosa not included. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I feel like that Burlington Coat Factory thread is one of the most precious things I could have found tonight
Sex in dressing room at Burlington Coat Factory
Jumping on sum sales. — shopping at Burlington Coat Factory
try to find a Ross or Burlington Coat Factory or TJ Maxx. They'll have chargers for sale cheaper than Target or Walmart.
The Best Buy by my house is being replaced with Burlington Coat Factory. strange.
😂😂 aye catch that ride to Burlington Coat Factory you good
By wearing your finest Burlington Coat Factory dress shirt and tie?
I went to the dollar tree, cvs, tried to go to cricket wireless😂 and Burlington Coat Factory all to get the *** charger at a gas station😂.
Nahhh no TJ Maxx slander fam Burlington Coat Factory maybe lol
Babe got me the cutest sun dress and new under clothes — feeling loved at Burlington Coat Factory
life is a used Jessica Simpson heel from Burlington Coat Factory lmfao
Just had a dream I got arrested (by lol) for stealing an old lady's slippers because Burlington Coat Factory was closed...?
I live in the succeeded area of Burlington coat factory
Jimmy Kimmel: "The second biggest thing to come out of Burlington since the coat factory - - Bernie Sanders!"
It's been real Burlington Coat Factory 😚 God has opened up a new opportunity for me to serve Him and I'm so excited!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Why is it called Burlington coat factory? The sell way more than coats
All sacro-sanctimony aside, it has constructed from a Burlington coat factory, where I doubled over those cards.
I was in Burlington coat factory too, what jeans cost racks in there😂
First of all nothing in Burlington coat factory costs that much...secondly I know you don't need racks for those off brand jeans
went to tjmaxx & now at Burlington coat factory. Maybe it's just the ones in my area, but zero UA.
go to tj maxx, Burlington coat factory, Ross dress for less. $16.99 for real UA.
Stop by now open in neighborhood 5 between Old Navy & Burlington Coat Factory!
I've only ever been to 3 places where it was so far (Target, Trader Joe's, and Burlington Coat Factory)
Surreal experience i just had; strolling thru Burlington coat factory while listening to Aphex Twin. It was like the saddest emptiest place
When it rains, it pours savings at Burlington Coat Factory.
The cashier at Burlington coat factory was so annoying and slow she took forever to scan the stuff
There was like one full rack of coats at Burlington coat factory. That's it. That's. It.
Job : San Bernardino CA - Ticketing Bulk - 2nd Shift - Bring your passion for fashion to today's Burlington C...
I have to say that the Burlington - err, the Artist Formerly Known As Burlington Coat Factory - has the worst or most ironic corporate logo.
Burlington coat factory always has that TERRIBLE stench
Picking up baseball jersey for the upcoming game ⚾ (@ Burlington Coat Factory (new store in Laurel Town Center))
Finally retiring the Nikes after 3 years for these @ Burlington Coat Factory
Suitcase Shopping with Momma for our trip to Ecuador this Friday 🙌 @ Burlington Coat Factory
That you need a haircut & that the Burlington Coat Factory suit you got on the clearance rack is uncomfortable?
Nick Sepaniak was laid off from Burlington Coat Factory (greenwood)
One time, after I graduated high school, I went to lunch with my former coworkers from Burlington Coat Factory (where I got fired)
Jane and Bernie Sanders are so bad with money they bankrupted Burlington College so bad it's going to turn into a Burlington Coat Factory.
21-yo woman stabbed to death in parking lot of Burlington Coat Factory was visiting CO. More at 5 & 7
A Memphis police officer was dragged by a car in the parking lot of a Burlington Coat Factory location.
MPD searching for black vehicle that struck, dragged officer at Burlington Coat Factory. Officer ok.
is at Burlington Coat Factory where an officer was hit, dragged by suspect.
Reports of an officer dragged at the Burlington Coat Factory on Stage. Officer had minor injuries.
Wife & me are still in Cumberland. I'm in Burlington Coat Factory and so sad because this was where Value City was. I can still feel it
I want to make love in a Burlington Coat Factory
Heading to reported shoplifting at Burlington Coat Factory on Stage Road in Raleigh. Will keep you posted with latest at 5 & 6
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
In Shreveport a baptist church took over a mall, but the Burlington Coat Factory is open inside
Here's a shopping tip: If you buy online at Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot store, they offer free returns...
Fire crews are on the scene at the Burlington Coat Factory store at 590 W 49 Ave in Hialeah. CBS4 Miami…
I use to work in Burlington Coat Factory in the dirty like the bottom of my pants cuff! Now Truckfit is available in philly mall
So my went inside Burlington Coat Factory and my aunt my other aunt my uncle and my great aunt Sarah just walked out
Come on Burlington Coat factory, this is a Walmart shirt
I just used Punchcard at Burlington Coat Factory, and won 5 Points! WOO HOO!!
a high roller I see. A proper CT boy gets his suits from Burlington Coat Factory
They're already showing the black family Easter commercial for Burlington Coat Factory. Let Saint Patrick's Day come first. 🍻🍻🍻
I use to work at Burlington Coat Factory as the Customer Service Supervisor a few years back. If you can't make...
omg me and saw ones in this at Burlington coat factory
member wants to grow office next to Burlington Coat Factory via
Natalie C.'s Review of Burlington Coat Factory - North Bergen (1/5) on Yelp: You're lucky if you find...
Working overnight stock at Burlington Coat Factory was chill. Punch in, head straight to the racks to throw clothes eve…
Thank you, Burlington Coat Factory for the delivery of coats for our clients!
I was correct. Apparently Coat Factory's DTLA location prides itself on racial profiling and horrible custo…
How did the chicken cross the road?. Very comfortably with its new winter fashion accessories from Burlington Coat Factory.
Burlington Coat Factory has all of the coats on the 3rd floor in the middle of winter...Makes sense
Alex Henery is cashiering at a Burlington Coat Factory now, mainly because of that moment.
u gon wind up with a country boy that shop at Burlington Coat Factory and get excited about Bayou Classic lol
: "I didn't know that Burlington Coat Factory sold coats until my dad bought one today. I thought all they had was dress clothes."
Submitted by sots.mesiah nice atair set in front of Burlington Coat Factory next to Long John Silvers…
Burlington Coat Factory is hiring right now. Go to their website for more info.
when he downgrades from Neiman Marcus to Burlington Coat Factory
Disorderly conduct at Burlington Coat Factory on N. Green River Rd. Approx. 15 subjects, all wearing...
If I Go by Ella Eyre playing at the sketchiest Burlington Coat Factory
I went to Burlington Coat Factory to get items.
Bro your WCW got clothes on layaway at Burlington Coat Factory 😂😂
If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try Burlington Coat Factory.
Yesterday I visited DSW & Burlington coat factory. DSW my discounter and Burlington Coat Factory as my department store.
We need a Macy's and Burlington Coat Factory here in TK! Geesh
Thank you! this was a Burlington Coat Factory find. :-)
Burlington Coat Factory has them for much less. For $1300 id rather go on a one week caribbean or Alaska cruise.
Burlington Coat Factory is looking for a Assoc in apply now!
that's why I hit the real discount stores first: Marshall's, Burlington Coat Factory and Ross 😂😂😂
"You should know that some people like to throw fake blood on you as you're walking out of Burlington Coat Factory"
then yea try those stores first. Oh and Burlington Coat Factory, they have nice dresses toward the front if I remember
Young people from Institute for Life Enrichment w/ at Burlington Coat Factory picking out
Thanks to Burlington Coat Factory and all who donated to Kids Campaign
"he got a whole Burlington Coat Factory between those eyebrows"-
I feel like there are dead bodies in the walls of every Burlington Coat Factory
Burlington and in Ontario not the coat factory lol 😂
At this rate I'm only going to be able to buy clothes from the Burlington Coat Factory 😪
i wanna got to Burlington coat factory
Meredith Keeler went to the Burlington Coat Factory because they had free food at an event.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Why didnt you just go to Burlington Coat Factory its super store of just coats and jackets?
Newly obsessed with Burlington coat factory, thanks Bria.
they were playing "Santa Baby" in Burlington Coat Factory the other day. 😐
If you, your family members and friends have coats you wish to donate, please drop them off coat factory.
word lol work at Burlington coat factory they got a little morning shift and all you do Is stock and its weekly pay
Don't forget, starting today you can donate a coat or jacket to Burlington Coat Factory, and get a 10% off your...
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