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Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation is a national department store retailer focusing on clothing and shoes, with over 450 stores in 45 states and Puerto Rico.(as of 2010).

Towne Mall San Bernardino Northgate Mall Happy Monday Burlington County

it would be so awesome if they put a Burlington Coat Factory in Targets place.
I tried on a hat at Burlington Coat Factory today
Smh, of y'all get them Tax Refunds and too good for Burlington Coat Factory now.. Straight to Nordstrom & Macy's.. Okay then.. πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Burlington Coat Factory: your store is gigantic and you sell so many things. Except coats. Where are your coats?
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yall the new rap group the Burlington coat factory boys...
Thinking about starting a new podcast series called "Tales from the Clearance Aisle of Burlington Coat Factory".
When someone says something about your $170 outfit. While they're rocking their burlington coat factory ensemble.
Is this $20 Burlington Coat Factory gift card too much for my 3 year old nieces birthday party, I don't wanna come off as a show off..
Just asked Bri if she'd ever been to Burlington (VT), and she says "...coat factory?"
Burlington coat factory *** *** trying to give me fashion tips.
Finally got lightweight luggage here we come! @ Burlington Coat Factory
Lol i used to be burlington coat factory fresh lol
help me find my real dad (not my fake dad) I think he's Swiss and living in a Burlington coat factory
1255 Roswell Rd. in the former Burlington Coat Factory building, just down the street from the Big Chicken!
Check out this at Burlington Coat Factory in
We all know you shop at Burlington Coat Factory, you're not special.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Where can I buy a cute coat?" Burlington coat factory... nothing but coats, only the best coats lol
but, eyebrowz. And executive cuts, and Burlington coat factory ✊
"I don't like disappointing one person. or multiple people. but I do like Burlington coat factory. go in there with $645 and you're a king."
β€œYou should know that some people think it’s cool to throw buckets of fake blood on you as you are walking out of Burlington Coat Factory.”
what's in Burlington besides a coat factory
Olivia gotta be a gold member at burlington coat factory. her coat rotation make you think it's winter all year around.
Burlington coat factory is that store
One thing I hate more than you is Burlington coat factory
God I am stoked for Burlington Coat factory to come back to Manch
Hearing there will be a Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx coming to Sheffield Village...
tbh i got it from Burlington Coat Factory πŸ˜‚ they have other ones too
Burlington Coat Factory has the plug on shoes. And everything else you need for apparal. Joogerton. Fifth and Howard.
".but I love Burlington Coat Factory, you go in there with 625 dollars you are literally a king." -Michael Scott
Surprised at how few coats there are. Just saying. (@ Burlington Coat Factory in Raleigh, NC)
"It smells like Burlington Coat Factory in here" --
Bottoms Up!: This is what they call sweatpants at the Burlington Coat Factory store.
Words can be so hurtful. My aunt Mickey was crushed by a Burlington Coat Factory sign
White bulls on the Wire shopped at that "Urban" section of Burlington Coat Factory, huh? JihaD
Apply for a at Burlington Coat Factory in San Bernardino, CA.
The old Bills quarterback? The guy who sold him that Burlington Coat Factory trench coat?
TIL Burlington Coat Factory does not have that many coats.
I told him bout his Burlington Coat Factory wearing *** He confirmed it came straight from the warehouse.
Where do I spend most of my time? The lot behind Burlington Coat Factory to watch Sarah take sunset pictures
When my shoes are designer but I got them at Burlington Coat Factory
uhhh I think I just witnessed a robbery at Burlington Coat Factory...
I'm at Burlington Coat Factory. It's a cool job but I get off at 11 am so I have the rest of the day to myself. I'd rather work
Went in Burlington Coat Factory and it smelled like burnt marshmallows.
When you and your dad get the father-son special from Burlington Coat Factory
Santa exploits the Dark Elves for cheap labor to make Southpoleβ„’ clothing for white kids who shop at Burlington Coat Factory.
Join me tonight for Wednesday in the Word at our new location in Washington Square Mall at 7 PM. We are working out of New Beginnings Outreach International Ste. Come expecting to hear from God. Come See, Experience and Know God Through His Word. (Enter door on back side of Burlington Coat Factory - El Colorado Mexican Restaurant and next to Hoosier Wireless)
Thank god going back home to woony ,i hate prov smh,now to burlington coat factory to do my sons xmas shopping
Soon I get THT bank card im going to Burlington coat factory
nice. I needs go buy a coat to support your work place. Lol but i think youre talking about Burlington picture frame factory.
Went to Burlington coat factory and there were no coats. They really need to change their name!
I just wanna thank Burlington Coat Factory for having clothes that don't involve me looking like a hoboπŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
I am michael kors and she is Burlington coat factory
I hate disappointing one person and I hate disappointing everybody...but I love Burlington Coat factory- Michael Scott πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Burlington Coat Factory is the store you're talking about right?
my mom took Christmas shopping today. she took me get my haircut today. we went Burlington coat factory. rachel
😭😭😭 yeah that one. That's the first Drake I knew tho, Burlington coat factory Drake. 😩😭😭
Oh you are going on that hipster level where he had that Burlington coat factory peat coat on.
I went to Burlington Coat Factory on Black Friday. There wasn't a sewing machine in sight. I left.
Get a Bonus Card for using layaway at Burlington Coat Factory.
no i really need to go to Burlington coat factory for the kids soon tho
Burlington coat factory great styles great price!!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
had the opportunity to stop by Burlington Coat Factory this morning to be apart of…
Live from Burlington Coat Factory at 11th and Market. Come thru before 11am.
Burlington Coat Factory: I set-up a layaway at Burlington Coat Factory in Brandon, FL on 10/26/2014 total of eight -
Y'all better go get y'all free coat today at Burlington coat factory
Don't feel guilty about shopping at Burlington. The woman was hysterical. This account is not affiliated with Burlington Coat Factory.
Handing out coats today (center city Philadelphia) market street Burlington coat factory
"I hate disappointing just one person and I really hate disappointing everyone...but I really love Burlington Coat Factory."
Only will you see this sign at Burlington coat factory
I totally feel like one of those Burlington coat factory snobs.but I effing LOVE my new coat!
Play your local Burlington Coat Factory close. Century21 stores start at $99 for classic Timberland contractors
Burlington coat factory trips and all, China store stroller, beauty supply earrings and a m7 in highschool at 20 πŸ’€.
Trukfit in Burlington coat factory if *** still sucking *** for it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Burlington Coat Factory stores only organized in their commercials
"Isn't the Burlington Coat Factory in a Burlington?" . "No, it's in Winchester"
girlll I was aggravated ! my mom wanted me to take her to burlington coat factory and she didnt wanna go to the one in wayne!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Went to 2 different targets, burlington coat factory, and walmart... All for 2 pajama sets and 2 dolls! πŸ˜’ .
Since when did Burlington coat factory stop catering to MWFs?
Attn -- meet me at Center City Burlington Coat Factory @ 9am as &
I will be helping give out coats at Burlington Coat Factory in Center City Philadelphia…
We All Shop at Marshall's, T.J. Maxx, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory. Why you gotta Stunt like you bought that Sport Coat from Neiman Marcus
Only in here for retail history reasons. (at Coat Factory in Des Moines, IA)
Bought this jacket at Burlington Coat Factory yesterday, we went in,saw the jacket,she tried it on…
Happy Monday everyone!!! Lol This had me in tears.Both Of them went to Burlington Coat Factory and…
Happy Monday everyone. I was crying when I say this. Both of them went to Burlington coat factory and…
We've had some messages of support and many likes in just a short time. Here are a list of some of the stores not scheduled to be open on Thanksgiving. I commend them, and will definitely give them some business for doing the right thing; TJ Maxx Marshalls Ace Hardware Costco Home Depot Barnes & Noble Crate and Barrel Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Patagonia Dillards Bed Bath & Beyond REI DSW PetCo GameStop Burlington Coat Factory
should i apply to Burlington coat factory? yes or yes?
for real, though, who wants to bare-chest fistfight in a Burlington Coat Factory parking lot?
Cashiers Associate - Burlington Coat Factory - Orem, UT: As part of the front end oper.
Bud Selig's sports jackets always look like they're off the clearance rack of Burlington Coat Factory
I thought this was Burlington coat factory and was like ***
I usually buy all my chargers at Burlington Coat Factory. Do you expect me to drive all the way out and waste my gas for that?
my son just got me one... He got it at Burlington Coat Factory...
Going to Burlington Coat Factory is always one of those trips where you find something new each time. Today we found hilarious shirts!
Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Little Rock, AR): Bring your passion for fash...
Checked out the new burlington coat factory by me, walked in and felt odd. It’s like a sears and a ross had a baby.
Bought a $280 Rachel Roy jacket for $40 at Burlington Coat Factory with we know how to shop
πŸ˜‚ Tevan asked,"what's in the Burlington coat factory just coats?" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no clothes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
your application for your dream job? At Burlington coat factory? It's in my car you better turn it in soon
Getting the prince a coat (@ burlington coat factory in Philadelphia, pa)
You left your application for Burlington coat factory I'm my car
I'm still crying laughing at that Burlington Coat Factory joke
money view from Burlington Coat Factory! @ 14st Union Square
Cashiers Associate - Burlington Coat Factory - Ponce, PR: As part of the front end operations team, the Cashier is…
Sonoco & Burlington Coat Factory, but where you going?
this is gonna sound crazy but Burlington coat factory has great lingerie and a huge selection and it's cheap
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Happy birthday to one of my best friends J Bird/ J Brizzle/ J Burlington Coat Factory/ J Smoove/ J Wade
Someone hacked my debit info & spent a few hundred at the Burlington Coat Factory. Really? At least blow my money somewhere better than that
I remember when my mom took me to buy my first suit jacket. She took me to Burlington's Coat Factory and I legitimately cried. . True story.
Taylor Dayne just blew me behind a Burlington Coat Factory for a pork chop I had in a Ziploc bag.
Loss Prevention Assoc at Burlington Coat Factory (North Bergen, NJ): Bring your passion for fa...
The spoils of my war at Burlington Coat Factory today 😊
yess but Mohammed moved down southside Burlington coat factory.
Of all places, Burlington Coat Factory. Guess it was meant to be. ( :
Burlington coat factory has slippers for $10 that last you a whole school year
they're playing the 1975 in Burlington coat factory, this is good very good
Your is over. Burlington Coat Factory wants to you in Yonkers, NY.
Be the first to apply for this in Naperville, IL. Burlington Coat Factory is
My love for Burlington coat factory is indescribable
Burlington coat factory just needs to burn down & that needs to become forever 21 or h&m. Maybe even Urban OG or C.R.
Burlington Coat Factory. I never knew they had bags there!
When your the only white person in a Burlington coat factory πŸ˜‚
This line at Burlington Coat Factory won't let me prosper.
Just heard "Traveling" playing while in Burlington Coat Factory. My wait in line never sounded sweeter. ^_^
Going to my favorite place in the world... Burlington Coat Factory! Aha!
Also, why would anyone shop anywhere that isn't Burlington Coat Factory?
don't know how I feel about it, but the stores being built on castor and cottman are TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and Bob’s Furniture
Would you like to work at Burlington Coat Factory? A new opportunity is now available in Jenkintown, PA.
walmart has cheap sets that are cute and durable! So does Burlington coat factory!
For me personally its between KMart and Burlington's Coat Factory for me
College days. Needed some undershirts. (at Coat Factory in Houston, TX)
Burlington Coat Factory would like you to work for them in West Nyack, NY.
Akoo & Hustle Gang apparel are gonna rot in Burlington Coat Factory for eternity. T.I. done.
In Burlington coat factory. Have not been in here in years
i was gonna try Burlington Coat Factory and Target.
The only stores that use the word "fashions" are like Sears and Burlington Coat Factory
I think Pat Petersen from the Burlington Coat Factory commercials is actually Sarah Palin in drag.
The old woman on the Burlington coat factory commercial is so cute and I wana be her some day
So I just found out that Burlington Coat Factory doesn't sell just coats.
in front of a Burlington Coat Factory in that fresh camo. Perfect picture.
remember that time someone stole my debit card info and spent $167 at Burlington coat factory
Fingers crossed Burlington Coat Factory has some ugly sweaters, striking out elsewhere.
did you go to Burlington Coat Factory
I would rather do this ice bucket challenge for 24 consecutive hours than be in the Burlington coat factory in manassas
Got a rain jacket and snow pants at Burlington coat factory today
the Burlington Coat Factory in White Oak is about to open up next month. So they're hiring
Put to Light Coach -1st Shift at Burlington Coat Factory (San Bernardino, CA) Find this Job&More:
The baby section at target and Burlington coat factory are very dangerous.
Okay I am registered for Walmart and now Burlington coat factory now. :)
When entering Burlington Coat Factory, "I've never been here, I thought they only sold coats, or shoes" -Shelby Ferrell
When I die I want to be buried in a Burlington coat factory
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ironic how a year ago today I started working at Burlington coat factory.
this store called Burlington coat factory
Receiving Associate - new. Burlington Coat Factory - Brown Deer, WI - 3 locations. As a part of the store operations …
I was very tempted to buy these over the weekend at the Burlington coat factory. Leather really jazzes…
Literally can't wait for Burlington coat factory to be here πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I'm just going to check out Top Man e.e Zara doesn't carry my size, Burlington Coat Factory doesn't carry my size...
| Shoes Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Salem, OR): Bring your passion for fashion t.. =...
Sweet size large suit. Get that from a Burlington Coat Factory?
Burlington coat factory low key has some cheap nike stuff.
Can't wait to go to Burlington coat factory in like a week ..
Alexa just told me Burlington County is where the Burlington coat factory is.πŸ˜’πŸ˜«
Police seek suspect in yesterday's robbery of Burlington Coat Factory in Ventura
Read my latest Post and tell me I'm cute:
Don't miss this opportunity! Burlington Coat Factory is now in Edgewater Park, NJ.
Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Memphis, TN): Bring your passion for fashion to ...
you could go to Burlington coat factory and shop for shoes!!! From 6-930
It think you can buy Muschamp's hair at Burlington Coat Factory.
I love Burlington coat factory. Everything really is a good price.
Burlington coat factory is scary as *** ...
Burlington Coat Factory trying to tell me something???
oh I thought that said "Burlington coat factory". I was like... you might not be looking in the right place
Yahoo. I made brag/bringing smilies (great customer service) employee of the month. 20.00 gift card from my work Burlington Coat Factory!!!
Watch as OxBlue construction cameras document the construction of Burlington Coat Factory T.I. - St. Cloud. Call us at (888) 849-2583.
If anybody looking for a job these places are hiring: Burlington coat factory in Lansing Old Navy in schererville AMC theatre schererville Target in Munster Kmart in Griffith
My new hat from Burlington coat factory! I am gonna pin a brooch on it too
BurLington coat factory is heaven on earth.
In search of cool funky style hats!! I wish this store had electric scooters ;/ β€” at Burlington Coat Factory
Coming from a *** who was at the clinic "I saw obi putting in an application to Burlington Coat Factory the other day"
| Merchandising Team Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Augusta, GA): Bring your passion for fa.. =...
It's kinda about time theyre putting a Burlington coat factory here in Burlington lol
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
boy you shop at Burlington coat factory. USPA wearing *** boy . lh
Burlington Coat factory in East Hartford hiring y'all
Stirling faithfully shops at burlington coat factory
*** said lil Zane got his suit from Burlington coat factory πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmao
Lol. Awe! You both are awesome. ☺ I ended up registering at Burlington Coat Factory and Wal-Mart for a few things.
We have a Burlington coat factory close to us :) I'll look those up!
we have to go to name brand shops, LRG, DGK, snap on, or Burlington coat factory!
Ok I was gonna wait til tmr to tell y'all but I bought a trukfit shirt today from Burlington coat factory.
Those clothes can be purchased at Burlington Coat Factory.. clearance rack.
Burlington Coat Factory to open at Towne Mall: The redevelopment of Towne Mall Galleria just took a strong step...
Burlington coat factory playing my middle school jams
Find this &More Cashiers Associate - Burlington Coat Factory - Fargo, ND: As part of the front end opera...
I went to Burlington Coat Factory. The one Jas works at. My problem was finding a top!
yes, yes we can. We can go to Burlington coat factory
Burlington Coat Factory has become wack they got little section of urban clothes and they all ugly as ***
Come down to Northgate Mall for the mass hiring/interview for Burlington Coat factory! Till 7pm today,and tomorrow.
get ready found a gem at Burlington Coat Factory
Hoping it is the first of many more to come!
Gave me chills!!! Do u love your kids? I seen a child at Burlington coat factory left sleep with an older sibling...
Burlington Coat Factory to open at Towne Mall: Burlington Coat Factory announced Tuesday it will open a new 55...
Burlington Coat Factory to open at Towne Mall in Middletown
From WHIO - Burlington Coat Factory to open at Towne Mall
naw bratha Burlington coat factory πŸ‘€ they got that blac label again πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Had a dream I worked at Burlington Coat Factory so now I need to work there...
That jacket is $780. I can get that at Burlington Coat Factory for $50. Bye.
Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Albany, NY): Bring your passion for fashio...
Receiving Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Kansas City, MO): Bring your passion for fash...
View from the Burlington Coat Factory just outside of ocjerseygardens @ Burlington Coat Factory
I need to start going to Burlington coat factory again
Ok if you're feeling depressed, the first thing to do: get out of Burlington Coat factory
Fathers day. Seems like yesterday when my father was here. And he's been gone for seven years. At first the pain was so unbearable and I didn't think I could go on without me. I adored him and he adored me. And now when I look back the memories are so vivid. He bought me a necklace at a camping trip - daddy's little girl when I was twelvae. That same July day he bought me a new coat at Burlington Coat factory in Jackson Michigan. I brought home a stray dog to keep named Muffin and a stray dog named thunder and a rabbit with no tail and a stray cat that was wounded and died from the Solarcaine spray I put on his wounds. He built us skating rink in our back yard and built every animal a grave to be buried in. He ate snuck me late night snacks when he would get home from work and even watched General Hospital all those years of high school and loved Luke Spencer. The best part- he's only been gone seven years. Next month he would have been 92. Yes 92. Which means he lived a long life. A blessing most dont s ...
Anyone looking for a part time job? Are you a fast paced worker and enjoy working mornings? Well Burlington Coat Factory is hiring in Citrus Heights!
Libby Saling and I went to Burlington coat factory today and got a double stroller and an infant swing that rocks side to side. I think we have everything now except a baby!
96% sure I'm watching a drug deal happening outside of the Burlington Coat Factory in Waldorf while sitting at this light
Youth Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Las Vegas, NV): Bring your passion for fashion to t...
"Look... Verizon is like Nordstrom. AT&T is like Bloomingdales . Sprint is like Macy's. & T-Mobile.. Is like Burlington Coat Factory. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚"
Cashiers Associate at Burlington Coat Factory (Rochester, NY): Bring your passion for fash...
we have had good luck with quality and price at Burlington coat factory if you have one available to you.
Apparently there's a Burlington Coat factory in Japan represent
Every time I see a Burlington Coat Factory commercial now I just laughed to myself
As it so happens, I hate Burlington Coat Factory. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
BVBC-- June Monthly Meeting Location Change Very Important: Because of remodeling being done at the Beulah Brinton Center, this month’s meeting has been moved to Summit Place in West Allis. The address for Summit Place is 6737 W Washington St. Washington Street is one block north of Greenfield Avenue (behind the Kmart/Burlington Coat Factory Complex). Directions from I-94β€”Take I-94 east or west (depends on where you are starting from) to the 70th Street exit (exit 307), go south on 70th Street to Washington Street, turn left onto Washington, Summit Place will be on your right. Park in the gated Visitor Lot (just passed the blue awning) and enter using the marked Visitor Entrance. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope you all can make it to the new location. This should be just for the June meeting. See you Monday, Rich
with a new at Burlington Coat Factory in Cathedral City, CA.
Just left Burlington Coat factory shopping and paying bills for the weekend .
Clothes are sponsored Burlington Coat Factory.. Thats why you be wearing USPA Polo Assoc on stage.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I go to the one in some... weird plaza in Arcadia with a Pavilions and a Burlington Coat Factory (I am awful at locations)
Part 2: Shirt _ PROFESSONAL READINESS PART 2: Professional Dress/Appearance and Behavior DRESS 1. Invest in at least 2 nice suits/pant suits (one black/dark blue and one lighter conservative color) - if you can't afford to have one custom made buy it off the shelf (great deals at Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls) and have it tailored at your local alterations shop. Will come in handy for social events, holiday parties, interviews, church, etc... For civilians or military folks who wear civilian clothes a nice fitting suit/pant suit is a great look for any professional. 2. Men - learn how to tie a tie! Nothing fancy but you can't go wrong with a nice double windsor knot (Ladies - learn to tie a tie for your men who just can't get it!) Bonus: learn to tie a bow tie and you are in the big leagues! 3. Military Folks - invest in a mess dress! If you are an NCO its time to start thinking about purchasing one...if you are a SNCO its a "no-brainer" go get it! Its about a $350-$400 investment ...
Well, had a good time with my daughter Becky and my mother today. Went to Wisconsin Dells and ate at IHOP for breakfast this morning and then went to Madison and went shopping at the East Towne Mall and then went shopping at the Burlington Coat Factory. On the way home we stopped at Rudy's in Sparta for dinner. Can't wait until we can do this again some time.
Getting some shopping done for Hawaii trip in a few weeks. (at Coat Factory)
Seeing too many true being held up by burlington coat factory belts πŸ˜‚
In Burlington coat factory for the first time this year and Ricans and Jamaicans goin ham in here.
I'll get you some fubo's from Burlington coat factory
Balling out in that Burlington Coat Factory dressed like a king
I have Mesmerize Cologne for $20, lotions from $1 to $3, skin care from $10 to $30, kids bath and spa for $1, $5 and $10, dvds for a $1, VHS for $0.50, cds for a $1, clothes for a $1 to $5 much more come by and shop, ,. Corner of 33rd and Iowa down the street from (behind) Burlington Coat Factory. I will be out there to 6 PM
Cajun is finished up at the Burlington Coat Factory Safety Event & will be in Fairfax from 4-930 tonight!!!
Cajun-Sno & friends are at the Burlington Coat Factory Safety Event until 4 today! Bring the kids to learn about fire trucks, the community, & most importantly eat some delicious food & drink delicious coffee & sweet snoballs!!
*** u Burlington coat factory n ya carts that lock up when u get near the still sittin in my car almost in tears from the pain
You'd think that Burlington coat factory would sell coats but they are actually like Marshall's and have way better brands like Ecko Unltd.
Heading to do some morning shopping and breakfast upstate today@ Burlington Coat Factory/ Bob Evans
Burlington coat factory shopping for an outfit before i head out to WHITE WATERS. Fun fun and more fun..
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Busy busy busy getting the kids ready to go with grandma to boston to see grandpa and the family then I have a fundraiser table in Lawrence to raise money the wounded worrier project from twelve to whenever then I'm off to Burlington coat factory to get outfit for tonight and then it's on and poppin we gon get the pre party started wit my boy Alex Lefty Hernandez then after that we on to bigger and better things Nick BlueShamrock it is for Mama'Savannah Georgia we love you mama
Garage Sale today (Saturday June 14) corner of 33rd and Iowa Kenner, La (Behind Taco Bell and Burlington Coat Factory) . Getting ready now. Cross posted Will be selling Avon, Green Park and Bissonet Plaza Shirts, jackets, clothes, dvds, VHS, and children's items.
After listening to the music in a Burlington Coat Factory store for over 40 hours, I'm pretty sure that I'm a ***
The joke is on, there is now actually a Burlington Coat Factory in Burlington. Lol.
So I went to the Burlington coat factory by my job on my lunch break and I overheard the manager telling someone ok lets go do the interview right now it does not matter if you have filled out your app yet you cando that after the interview we are just really short handed and I need to fill a lot pf positions... Talk about being at the right place at the right time and yup I took advantage of the eves dropping and called hubby told him to get the older kids ready and have them come down, both Christopher SkatesAlot and Skylar Miller went down got interviewed on the spot then filled out their applications and Skylar actually has her second interview tomorrow... Wahoo good luck you two!!!
Just came back from doing a lil shoppingbest buy,burlington coat factory, swapmeet
I desperately need a shopping trip to Burlington coat factory like asap
Look what I found at Burlington coat factory.. 16.00
Customer Service Supv at Burlington Coat Factory (Lansing, MI): Bring your passion for fashion t...
So I always thought that Burlington coat factory just sold coats but apparently they sell more than coats that's false advertisement it's says your a coat factory lol
Today is my last day at Burlington Coat Factory
We're all done registering :) at Burlington Coat Factory, Babies-R-Us, and Target... also, Keen did have the gun on his own a few times, jus an FYI lol.
Cajun-Sno is not in Fairfax tonight to clean & stock the trailer for the Burlington Coat Factory's Safety Event tomorrow from 10-4 at the Tristate Mall!!! This is a very kid friendly event!! Bring the family & see some local heroes in action!!
How do you know you are NOT a shopaholic? When you go to Burlington Coat Factory and the outlets and all you buy is underwear for your
Join us Saturday night 9pm until??? At Quickfire Cafe for their grand opening of our monthly dance party! Located inside Stratford Mall next to Burlington Coat Factory Entrance.
Hamilton Collection
Friday 13th turned out to be a lucky day for my husband. He forgot his tablet @ Burlington Coat Factory & it was turned in by someone!
We are getting a Joe's Crab Shack! Burlington Coat Factory opens in the Fall 2014 at Northgate Mall and rumor has it Macy's is moving into the JC Penney's building in Northgate. Move on up Chattanooga.
I JUST filled Burlington Coat Factory app out not even an hour ago and they JUST called me to come in Tuesday GOD IS GOOD
lovely outfit, did you get it at Burlington coat factory?
I just called Burlington COAT factory looking for a raincoat and they said we don't carry many COATS anymore.K
Burlington Coat factory real quick for this wedding tmmr πŸ’―
Burlington Coat Factory has so much dope *** clothing
My new made in California tank top only 7.99 at Burlington coat factory palm tree on front Blvd logo on back
Working the shoe dept at burlington coat factory from now till 6 ! Come get shoes
Can't wait for Burlington coat factory to open
It's days like today that make me think I could've done better as a junior manager at Burlington Coat Factory.
I start my first day at Burlington Coat Factory today at 1:00.
Burlington Coat Factory: I went to the burlington coat factory in Macon Ga like two weeks ago and I must say it was -
Michael Jordan is a Billionaire and still wears jeans from the Big & Tall section of Burlington Coat Factory.
Busy morning. Braces, ate at Jimmy's pancake house (which is awesome)' Burlington Coat Factory for new shorts for my growing boy, and then Starbucks for a frozen treat for a sore mouth.
Spurs players probly never go to the club. I can see them at a bowling alley or burlington coat factory
Not only do I have one interview today I have two. Wish me luck it's either the Bank or Burlington Coat Factory!
New position available at Burlington Coat Factory in Lauderdale Lakes, FL.
What do Jesus Christ, Paul Giamatti and Burlington Coat Factory have in common? Finally, some answers.
surprisingly at Burlington Coat Factory at our mall
Wow today was awesome!! Took the kids to the Zoo & had a picnic there, then ate out at BWW. Got spoiled left & right, Torrid, Macy's, Maurices, Wet Seal, Champs, Bath & Bodyworks, Victoria Secret, PINK, Payless Shoesource, & finally Burlington Coat Factory!! Kids are all tired out & off to bed. But my husby is still pampering me with a foot rub!! Yes indeed I'm thankful for my blessings!! Love my life!!β™₯
| Customer Service Supv at Burlington Coat Factory (Tempe, AZ): Bring your passion for fashi.. =...
Toddler girl shoes. New with tags. Size 6c. Lucky Top brand. $8. Silver in color with bow across toe & a velcro closure strap. Purchased from Burlington Coat Factory & my daughter just never wore them. Jacksonville. Cross posted.
Somebody asked me who my favorite designer was I replied Marshalls & Burlington Coat Factory
just teach me how to dougie at Burlington coat factory and I'll be on my way
Went to Burlington coat factory.didnt see any Burlington coats.misleading tricksters
Shout out to Burlington coat factory for giving me free pants
Almost got kicked out of Burlington Coat Factory...
So what time does the malls open in Mobile . thinking of stores such as JCPenny, Khols, and Burlington Coat Factory . hm
Pretty pink infant/toddler dress with bloomers. New with tags. $20. Size 24 months. Top section has dime sized iridescent sequin flower accents & bottom is a tulle like material with satin like lining. Purchased from Burlington Coat Factory for $23.99. I bought it for my daughter when she was about 18 months old but it was too short on her, she was more the height of an average 3 year old. Jacksonville. Cross posted.
Read this morning that my old friend, Benny Barnes, passed away this week. Bennie was the school psychologist for Burlington County, NJ Schools and a mentor. My fondest memories are of conversations with Bennie about race and the OJ trial. Bennie told me that when OJ played football, he was a deceptive runner. And that he was also a deceptive defendant. Bennie once invited me to a fashion show, on a Good Friday, at Donnelly Homes in Trenton, told me to bring my Calvin Klein tux. Forgot to tell me I was IN the show. But it's ok, because I forgot to tell him my tux was really Burlington Coat Factory or BCF as they call themselves now. And another favorite memory: He invited me once, on a Saturday morning to his church, for a career day. I thought I was speaking but it turned out he needed someone to work the sign in table. Somehow he thought the WHITE GUY, would fit right in, at a black church working the sign in table, all by myself. In hindsight, the looks from the attendees were hysterical. At the time, ...
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