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Burgess Meredith

Oliver Burgess Meredith (November 16, 1907 – September 9, 1997), known professionally as Burgess Meredith, was an American actor in theatre, film, and television, who also worked as a director.

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Who resurrected Burgess Meredith in the corner?
I love Burgess Meredith in Grumpier Old Men "Sometimes I think God forgot about me"
Burgess Meredith played in another great episode "Time Enough At Last" playing Henry Beemis. Classic!
esp Cesar Romero as joker and burgess Meredith as penguin
Batman for President and the American Political Imaginary - Burgess Meredith as the Penguin in “Batman” (1966–1...
I'm watching Burgess Meredith's ep w the bookworm who survives a nuclear bomb... TV for a reason! Very smart...
be prepared for when Burgess Meredith calls for the switch
I want to say thank you to all those that said happy birthday to me today April Meredith Macy Burgess Robert...
"it's in my veins and I can't get it out.". - Burgess Meredith
Is this how we're supposed to do We're very aware of both Burgess Meredith and Danny De Vito
Happy Penguin Awareness Day everyone! First up - the Burgess Meredith species
Burgess Meredith was 2,017 kinds of awesome. And counting.
To be fair, Burgess Meredith is superb in that.
My love for the the Adam West tv series knows no bounds! Oh, Burgess Meredith! You are the only Penguin for me!
My hope is that he's just Burgess Meredith or Cesar Romero. My worry is that he's Tom Hardy's Bane.
you left out On The Beach. I'd also recommend that Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses at the end.
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how many of y'all remember torture garden starring Burgess Meredith and Peter Cushing from 1967? Good movie also.
Burgess Meredith really was the most. — watching The Twilight Zone
I like this, but I was hearing shades of Burgess Meredith there a couple of times...
I think you'll need fresh respirator cartridges tbh. Otherwise it's the Burgess Meredith post-apocalypse-WMD irony all around,
I loved it. That and the Burgess Meredith one are the most-renowned, I guess, and ones I recall.
Walk uup looking and feeling like BURGESS MEREDITH en mí corner
Is that Burgess Meredith in a Troll costume?
If I have to endure this alternate dimension - I at least want it acted it as well as Burgess Meredith & Fritz Weaver in "The O…
The man on the Eiffel tower (1949). Director : Charles Laughton, Burgess Meredith,Irving Allen. DoP : Stanley Cortez…
That was my favorite episode! Burgess Meredith with his books and broken glasses :(
Baby, I can turn you into Burgess Meredith at the end of "Time Enough At Last".
I'm pretty sure this old guy I'm sitting next to at the bar is actually Burgess Meredith from Grumpy Old Men
Ever wanted a woman who sounds like a cross between Burgess Meredith and Tom Waits to whisper sweet nothings in your ear…
Isn't this the beginning of the Burgess Meredith episode? #
Also the alternative to going blind and becoming a were-priest is to hang out with Burgess Meredith at his cat part…
Who isn't in this movie? Is Burgess Meredith's cat played by Meryl Streep?
I can't believe this movie features Prince Humperdinck fighting Burgess Meredith's effeminate Satan.
love Gotham. Robin Taylor is my favorite person on the show. Best Penguin since Burgess Meredith.
Congrats to Olivia Burgess, Kenzie Hinshaw and Meredith Phillips (Player of the Year) selected to Noblesville Times…
Burgess Meredith is amazing in this two for breakfast he has bacon for lunch a bacon sandwich for a mid day snack whole pound of bacon
to Broadway legend, aka Lola Lasagna in the tv series. Here she is with Burge…
Yah, but Peotus is watching the episode of Obsolete Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith as the librarian.
You could end up like Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone
& They even have a team named after Burgess Meredith on NBA Jam now
Romo is not left-handed but I hear Burgess Meredith screaming, southpaw Rocky, Southpaw! Time for Romo.
funny, he sounds like Burgess Meredith
We're 33 days away from baseball, so here's last year's No. 33, Matt Burgess. He ended his career third all time in RBI…
This one is not produced by Buck Houghton, but by pure racism. Doesn't star Burgess Meredith; instead, a sack of cr…
Burgess Meredith Mary as Henry Bemis. Me as female Jacqueline deWit as Helen Bemis. Vaughn Taylor as Carsville
Lead girl is really vacant, which was a trend in 70s devil movies. Burgess Meredith is fun in everything. Surprised at D'angelo!
Burgess Meredith was an amazing actor - to anyone who doubts that watch the Of Mice and Men movie :p
recut Rocky as a RomCom between Sly and Burgess Meredith throw in some Penguin cuts from Batman...
also this guy just gave mouth-to-mouth to the corpse of burgess Meredith it's been sitting in a lake for three days and didnt wipe his mouth
Track meet is on in Hotlanta. Burgess Meredith would be proud. .
Throw in Walter Matthau and Burgess Meredith too. America needs
. Long live Burgess Meredith. I would love to see
There can't be a without Long live Burgess Meredith and Mr Bevis.
Having a bar argument for a half-hour over whether it was Burgess Meredith or Edward Everett Horton in some old movie.
I thought he was like Burgess Meredith as the penguin...
Right? Burgess Meredith totally MADE SpongeBob hilarious & he wasn't a young'in.
Burgess Meredith the Penguin from Batman TV definitely better known as Mickey Rocky's trainer. Cut me *** Adrian etc
I am going to need the Rocky theme on repeat to survive the last few days of 2016, I swear. I might need Burgess Meredith, too.
Fabulous composer, marvellous score. He was a great friend of Burgess "The Penguin" Meredith...
Don just watched U in an episode of THE Twilight Zone! W/ Burgess Meredith. You were in a bar arguing baseball. Go figure right!
I liked a video Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil by the chieftains featuring Burgess Meredith
Bought 3 Nest thermostats. Can't use 'em. Got sent a 4th one. I'm like Burgess Meredith, surrounded by books but with broken glasses.
The Penguin, Mickey & the guy who broke his glasses at the worst possible time: Why we ❤ Burgess Meredith.
Burgess Meredith's 1949 vehicle is great sounding.
Lee Meriwether, Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith and Cesar Romero in the superhero film 'Batman' 1966. https:/…
If Rouge One has taught me anything it's that we can CG in Burgess Meredith and it'll make millions.
48 years ago today.Burgess Meredith and Jane Kean guest on the *** Cavett Show.'
I feel like Burgess Meredith w/a million books & broken glasses. Freedom's still w/in our grasp. We must seize it from fasci…
I wouldn't count the out by any means, even if Aaron Rodgers continues to walk like Burgess Meredith as Penguin on "Batman".
SECOND CHORUS on paired Burgess Meredith & Fred Astaire! Fred said it was his worst, but still had a f…
Is foley auditioning to be burgess meredith in the next remake of rocky?
Ok Burgess Meredith in front of me on line at Shop n Stop... The line is long but he is shuffling from to to...
yep when he wasn't training the Italian stallion he was bizzy looking after his beard :P R.I.P Burgess Meredith
Yes he is, It even has Burgess Meredith as the First Santa with a well grown beard
"Well you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first" -Burgess Meredith Grumpy Old Men
54 years ago tonight...Burgess Meredith in "Pack Up All My Cares and Woe" on 'Ben Casey'.a Bing Crosby Production.on
the guy is a wrecking machine (said in my best burgess Meredith voice)
Burgess Meredith should have won an Emmy as The Penguin. *** he was so good.
Burgess Meredith is playing the Penguin on this episode of The Monkees that's on right now
He’s great but you dismiss Burgess Meredith.
If I had Photoshop skills, I'd put Dana Gioa, another former chairman, in for Burgess Meredith, chewing out Rocky a…
Cop Land is on demand on HBO. Can't stop thinking about the stickman, Burgess Meredith because of
MO has only one game, it only plays HANGMAN, and every answer is "Burgess Meredith".
That isn't the episode with Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver?
As Burgess Meredith once said, it's colder than a witches titty out there. Lol. 😅
Burgess Meredith. Fun fact: played the OG Penguin on the 60s Batman.
watching it again is really fantastic. Never appreciated the Artistry in the costumes, sets and acting. Burgess Meredith!
Burgess Meredith with director John Brahm on the set of famous episode "Time Enough At Last".
I disappear from the public eye and get rediscovered quite ofte...
wow. That was a good Burgess Meredith impression.
*yells at you like Burgess Meredith in Rocky*
Every day I feel myself slowly turning into Burgess Meredith from Time Enough At Last. I just hope I never break m…
a weird old man with a crooked cigar - wait - burgess Meredith or bubba Clinton 😂
. But then Burgess Meredith discovers all of his cake forks broke during the apocalypse.
This is really creepy, sounds like Burgess Meredith to me.
"...'cause Mickey loves ya!" is admittedly a phenomenal scene, Burgess Meredith nailed it.
In today's podcast, we take the hammer to New York Lighting Grips and Burgess Meredith!
Remember on radio show when a caller suggested that someone called Meredith Burgess had married Burgess Meredith? Good times
If Burgess Meredith was the best penguin and Heath Ledger was the best joker than who was the best Catwoman?
He IS a jolly good Penguin… there's no better Penguin than Burgess Meredith!
Burgess Meredith stars as The Penguin in tonight's
Being 1 of the few that likes Arby's and having the nearest one 30 min. away is like being Burgess Meredith in that Twilig…
Here's Burgess Meredith on an episode of What's My Line?
I added a video to a playlist Burgess Meredith Motivational Speech to Rocky
Enough time at last with Burgess Meredith
Burgess Meredith was good at everything he did.
Burgess Meredith as bibliophile was a standout, and Shatner's episode was episodic; best Twilight Zone (original) ever was "To Serve Man"
Watching I have never seen Rocky. I know Burgess Meredith was in it. That's cool x
Burgess Meredith there, with his names the wrong way round
In this old Twilight Zone episode, the Devil incarnate (played by Burgess Meredith) stages a building collapse so…
My favorite ever Twilight Zone ep is on. "Time Enough At Last." Burgess Meredith is wonderful in this.
55 years ago tonight. . . Burgess Meredith in "Little Fishes" on 'Rawhide' on
Remember When: Rocky and Mickey by Shawn Surface Today we have Sly as Rocky with Burgess Meredith as Mickey drawn
Little-known fact: Burgess Meredith appeared in all 156 episodes of The Twilight Zone
Oh, hands down, Burgess Meredith was my favorite "Penguin."
The late Burgess Meredith, with from 1981 through to its end in '92, believed Sam Fox offered the show some…
I've heard the Burgess Meredith impression is a little shaky at first, but gets better as it goes, and nailed in the extras.
You might be pretty awesome, but you'll never be Burgess Meredith in Rocky awesome
Like the Burgess Meredith character inTwilight Zone, I finally have time, but nothing to watch. TV Reccos pls!
Oh, Burgess Meredith..., can't leave him out. lol - and the always stunning, Ann-Margret. . Grumpy Old Men.
.Here's a video clip for anyone who didn't get my Burgess Meredith reference.
I'm the only person in the gym and country music is blaring over the speakers. I feel like Burgess Meredith after he broke his glasses.
Bummer. It's like the Kid Twilight Zone: get all these comics for free, but never have the time to rea…
I will reincarnate Burgess Meredith, put him in a penguin suit, fight him AND BREAK HIS GLASSES (Easter egg for the…
Burgess Meredith should be your date. Danny DeVito 2nd choice.
Burgess Meredith "I broke my glasses & can't read books". Massage parlor lady "Well okay honey, come inside, we'll make you feel all better"
In the original ending of the Burgess Meredith episode, he smashes his glasses but then finds a still-functioning massage parlor
If ever there is a "tribute" to Sir Burgess Meredith YOU MUST be the voice of encouragement and accolade!
This is what Stallone gets, trying to do this without Burgess Meredith.
I feel like Burgess Meredith in "Time Enough At Last" except the apocalypse is my surgery recovery and the glasses are my kobo.
Cool photo but MacKaye looking like Burgess Meredith in Rocky is a little disconcerting.
There are Guardian Angels in Burgess Meredith's voice saying "C'mon kid, you can do it!". .
He was lonelier than Burgess Meredith in Twilight Zone playing the last man on earth who stepped on his glasses near a libra…
William Salyers (yes Rigby) as Penguin is nothing short of awesome. He does a great job doing Burgess Meredith.
With a top hat and a monocle, you've got Burgess Meredith/Penguin cosplay.
Somehow out of the dugout comes the late Burgess Meredith telling (your team) to "gut it out, Rock!"
Burgess Meredith is *** brilliant in MAGIC but when was he not?
18. Magic (1978). Anthony Hopkins and Burgess Meredith. That's all I should need to tell you for you to want to see thi…
This has morphed into a "Twilight Zone"; Burgess Meredith or Mickey Rooney will be pitching the 10th for the Cubs.
What a great character actor Burgess Meredith was, in contrast to "…
really the penguin Burgess Meredith is turning in his grave
everybody loves robin lord taylor's penguin (i do too) but where were you when danny devito? WHERE WERE YOU WHEN BURGESS MEREDITH?
Is Kelcy Grammer the biggest celeb in an ad in SD history? I remember JoAnne Worley for the lottery, & Burgess Meredith for tourism.
Leave it to Burgess Meredith to outsmart a futuristic nazi.
The tie is a DIRECT reference to Burgess Meredith.
Pete Rose is Burgess Meredith's Penguin for Halloween (and everyday)
You'll be the Burgess Meredith to my Rocky of beating up children, eh? Works for me! hehe
34 years later, I still cannot watch the Twilight Zone where Burgess Meredith breaks his reading glasses.
...seen that TZ episode, "Time Enough At Last"? It has Burgess Meredith starrin' as Henry Bemis, this dude who jus'...
but don't EVER forget besides the leads- She, Dudley Moore and Burgess Meredith stole that movie.
With the release of 'Creed' Sylvester Stallone wad the same age as Burgess Meredith (Micky) was at the time 'Rocky' was re…
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Burgess Meredith 'Grumpier Old Men', "you can wish in one hand & shin the other & see which fills up first."LOL
249 Grumpier Old Men, Burgess Meredith is a treasure but this movie is a bit of a dud
just think of me as Burgess Meredith to your Sly, but pretty...
DC Action TV starts now with with special guest villain the late Burgess Meredith as The Penguin.
but, like Burgess Meredith, you’ll break your glasses, never again able to catch up on your feed🤓
Two of my favourite things: Burgess Meredith and a horror anthology
I recommend watching The Man. Yes, it's dated. Written by Rod Serling (black president in 1972?!?). Burgess Meredith is an awesome bad guy.
If 19 years after death is how long it takes for a person to achieve sainthood then any day now we're due St. Burgess Meredith Of Cleveland.
Cut Man Week!OK, not a cut man like Burgess Meredith - a cut man...
I want to be Burgess Meredith in "Time Enough At Last" but with a backup pair of glasses.
I think you just like watching Burgess Meredith die on screen
it's basically R2D2, which makes harry hamlin luke, burgess meredith obiwan, the kraken is the death star, etc.
Who was the best actor in the Rocky series, and why was it Burgess Meredith?
Watching Rocky 2. Forgot how good of an actor Burgess Meredith was
"You're gonna eat lightning and you're gonna crap thunder!" Burgess Meredith as Mickey is the best.
.is the Burgess Meredith award in the works? Can I get in on designing some award medals?
I love that they got Burgess Meredith as the narrator. Very different from Rod Serling but still a fantastic voice
It stars Burgess Meredith as a librarian on trial! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?
Burgess Meredith is still one of the best things about the '66 Batman series.
Burgess Meredith had a talent for sinister characters.
- no, Duncan, you're more suitable for a young Micky/Burgess Meredith! U do cantankerous quite convincingly! 😀😉
I was dying the one before this when he’s talking about Burgess Meredith being a stick man
Did u hear his Burgess Meredith Stick Man stories the last time he was on?
We can argue about who the best Joker or Catwoman is but Frank Gorshin was the best Riddler and Burgess Meredith was the best Penguin.
Burgess Meredith is on this Twilight Zone episode... had a couple with Russell Johnson earlier. This show was an acting career boost!
the Burgess Meredith stickman of the year award. This award is earned not given.
how about calling the top 30 stickman awards, the Burgess Meredith stickmen of the year award.
love the Burgess Meredith take. The outtakes are the best part of the movie.
Burgess Meredith teaches GIs in the UK how to behave in the unintentionally hilarious WELCOME TO BRITAIN (1943) 10:10am
Paulette is my fave *** Bless her heart, she tried to stay faithful but her marriage to Burgess Meredith was in real shambles
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It's two and a half hours of Burgess Meredith outtakes.
Look who I came across while watching the on Netflix! The Penguin himself, Burgess Meredith!
Before starring in TV shows like "Batman" and movies like "Rocky," which character did Burgess Meredith play in "Alice in Wonderland?"
.Fortunately, the only one who looked like Paul LePage was Burgess Meredith as The Penguin.
Burgess Meredith would disagree if he could read this... No not because of broken glasses... He dead
You get your happy ending but with a Twilight Zone sting. Burgess Meredith just keeps reading until he dies of cancer. Everyone wins!
The heart & soul of this are Balboa's relationships with Adrian & Mickey. Superb performances from Burgess Meredith & Talia Shire
Sometimes I fear it's the episode with Burgess Meredith.
.was the same age in 'Creed' that Burgess Meredith was in Rocky 1. full circle
It's the great Ruth Gordon, best known for Rosemary's Baby & Harold & Maude. You're right - she acts v like Burgess Meredith!
I wonder how much fun Burgess Meredith and Cesar Romero had doing this stuff? Frank Gorshin too.
You are not alone in this. I still prefer the campy Batman series with Burgess Meredith, Frank Gorshin, et al.
Gotta hand it to Burgess Meredith - fake nose, oversized cigarette holder & he still delivers his lines w/ subtle humor…
Penguin looks slightly elderly here. I kinda dig it. Like an older Burgess Meredith.
Feelin' obsolete like Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone.
Thank you, Meredith! and were instrumental in their design!
Burgess Meredith and Caesar Romero do NOT deserve this disrespect. :)
Enjoy this portrait of Burgess Meredith as The Penguin on a black and white fine art gallery print.
When we make the show about making Batman 66, I'm casting Brian Cranston as Burgess Meredith.
he'd do his best Burgess Meredith impression. You're a bum, Trevor!. And I'd be like,. Yo, cut me ***
Now Marquand and Cudlitz are doing Burgess Meredith and Sylvester Stallone, respectively.
"Where is Everybody", "Monsters are Due on Maple St.", "The Shelter", all the Burgess Meredith episodes! I love so many!
morning...early worm gets eaten by the bird.. Maybe watch that Twilight Zone with Burgess Meredith about being last man alive!
- you have to give him credit though. 2016 nominee for the Burgess Meredith award
Trump campaign was predicted 50 years ago by Burgess Meredith and Adam West.
Groan. In my group we call that an "Anthony Burgess Meredith Book you would rather break your glasses than read" mash up.
much stranger rumors afield. we are in the Twilight Zone of Burgess Meredith. "Time Enough At Last.". and then.. .
My profile pic? Burgess Meredith's character in Grumpy Old Men was classic to me. Thank you!! Xoxo
he was probably thinking of MacGyver and Burgess Meredith and thought thatll do.
It broke my heart, but it was the best heartbreak. — Jesse on “Yesterday”
.discusses her love of in new episode of 'This Song':
how is there no Burgess Meredith soft *** t shirt? I'm thinking his face and the words "world class"
. danny devito, Burgess Meredith, . You'd be in good company
'Make Fats shut up for five minutes.' Burgess Meredith is just wonderful.
I remember the late 60s and early 70s advertising for the Civic. Burgess Meredith used to voice ads in the USA.
Sounds like a combination of Burgess Meredith and McGyver. A 70's & 80's TV/Movie fan made it up.
I have titles that have never been watched yet. I am like Burgess Meredith in the Twilight Zone..never enough time!
Started a couch to 5k challenge yesterday, training voiced by It's a bit like when Burgess Meredith had me chasing chickens
I get sad when I look at your profile pic & see Burgess Meredith. ☹️ ❤️ him
That's a terrible thing to say about Burgess Meredith.
we need a rookie burgess Meredith card
There's a bird outside that sounds like Burgess Meredith as the Penguin. WEH!
I was thinking the exact same thing. Got Burgess Meredith's voice booming in my imagination!
only thing I can think of is Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode...
David Brooks, commenting on PBS, is like Burgess Meredith wandering through nuclear holocaust in that "Twilight Zone" episode.
taking a *** .. To the carrots... Reminds me of the Burgess Meredith outtakes from Grumpy old Men... Look it up 😅
Tom Brokaw has become Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone episode.
yup they can have their own Burgess Meredith
are these trending hashtags? I love it! I want in! How do we do this? Burgess Meredith in Grumpy Old Men!
The other day I was overly amused by the mental image of Burgess Meredith as the Penguin riding a bike and vaping like a train
Burgess Meredith in Grumpier Old Men is the greatest thing in the universe. . Walter Matthau is a VERY close 2nd.
Yes! Especially the repeat performers. Jack Klugman was on more than any other star. But also Shatner, Burgess Meredith...
Correct me if I am wrong. But Jack Klugman (ma boo) and Burgess Meredith are tied for most appearances- 4, yes?
Burgess Meredith and Fritz Weaver are a dream team, man (could use some more Jack Klugman, though).
"The Obsolete Man" episode of "The Twilight Zone" is on Fritz Weaver is evil personified; Burgess Meredith is perfection.
As far as outtakes go, how about the Burgess Meredith ones at the end of Grumpy Old Men?
All I can think of is that Twilight Zone episode w burgess Meredith in the library
This was narrated by Burgess Meredith -
This is the Twilight Zone & I'm Burgess Meredith's reading glasses...
perhaps not coincidentally, i was thinking of the one where Burgess Meredith is all alone today & its brilliance.
Yes! And my uncle was really good friends with Burgess Meredith. My father cooked for Audrey Hepburn.
Just dawned on me that Burgess Meredith (Rocky's coach Mickey) played The Penguin in the 60's Batman TV series
I know some people didn't like it, but I did. Burgess Meredith narration was a nice touch. The opening sequence scared me
Never kenw that was Burgess Meredith, makes me love the movie even more. He's a TZ legend
June 24, 1983: "Twilight Zone: The Movie" is released to theaters, with narration by Burgess Meredith.
whereas Lee's 1966 Catwoman is actually very close to Burgess Meredith's Penguin. Seriously, watch it again!
I hope to be much like Burgess Meredith in Grumpy Old Men. 94 years old and you give me this lite beer crap.
In February of 1972 Robert Shaw tore a ligament in his arm from arm-wrestling Burgess Meredith. He used the...
Burgess Meredith (1907 – 1997), aka served in the United States Army Air Forces in World War II, rea
Burgess Meredith has to be one of the funniest actors of all time
when are you going to be on Simmons show? The world need to know the truth about Burgess Meredith.
Burgess Meredith has class for sure.
isn't that a Twilight Zone episode Eric when Burgess Meredith breaks his glasses on library steps and can't read anymore?
One has Rod Sterling, one has William Shatner and one has Burgess Meredith.
Cutto: Burgess Meredith, dropping and breaking his only remaining spoon. "No, it's not fair, there was time!"
Update your maps at Navteq
On a good day, I'm Burgess Meredith's glasses in that one episode of The Twilight Zone.
Watching the Sophia sketch on I noticed could pull off Burgess Meredith's Penguin.
Every time I hear Viktor on I can't help thinking of Burgess Meredith.
Burgess Meredith & Molly Ringwald as Lear & Cordelia! They're discussing Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel!
The 2nd ep of has an old Burgess Meredith and a young Diane Keaton which naturally makes it better than the 1st.
Then we were raised by Burgess Meredith's character from The Sentinel (1977) and also Velma Dinkley, our spiritual parents.
Burgess Meredith was incredible as Mickey in the films
Burgess Meredith's age when "Rocky" appeared: 69. Sylvester Stallone's age: 69 (for 2 more weeks).
I might forgive him if he consciously talked like Burgess Meredith in "Rocky."
Hearing Burgess Meredith say "sex and drugs and debauchery" is all the incentive I need to watch a random movie
one of the best ever, with Burgess Meredith vs. THE STATE, kind of a Kafka meets Terry Gilliam
After giving studio-provided biographies of Adam West, Burt Ward, Burgess Meredith, and Frank Gorshin, the magazine remarks tha…
Fell asleep with my reading glasses on. Woke up,everything blurry,initially panicked. Felt like Burgess Meredith in that Twilight Zone ep.
"I considered myself the luckiest of the Cat women because I got to act with Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith and Frank Gorshin"
Cesar Romero once mailed a used condom to Burgess Meredith to stay "in character"
Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith have got to be making cyclones in their graves with these memes.
I'm a T Zone junkie Cara. The episode you mentioned was Time Enough At Last with the venerable Burgess Meredith.
Burgess Meredith as Henry Bemis in The Twilight Zone episode, Time Enough At Last.
Saw play @ Darlington Civic. Wanted to see play since the Burgess Meredith, Lon Chaney Jr film & to play Lennie
I looked at Frank Gorshin, Cesar Romero, & Burgess Meredith & remembered I found all of them dreamy.
is this a meeting of the childhood crush on Burgess Meredith as Penguin club?
probably. Burgess Meredith was around for a long time.
Drop out of the race now, to quote Burgess Meredith You can't win Rock!!!
Am I wrong that the Celtics mascot is Burgess Meredith as the Penguin?
It says in the TOS you can't do anything to insult Burgess Meredith LOL
one of my favorites! Burgess Meredith was so great in every TZ episode he did. (I can think of four episodes he was in)
Right now, I'm totally Burgess Meredith in "Time Enough At Last". I MUST protect my glasses at all costs.
Twilight Zone on SYFY: 'Printer's Devil' - A desperate newspaper editor hires the devil (Burgess Meredith) to save his failing business. W..
Every version of Penguin is my favorite, but I'll admit that I need to learn more about Burgess Meredith's portrayal.
She's channeling Burgess Meredith as The Penguin. Just needs the cigarette holder.
Caesar Romero and Burgess Meredith have been slandered! No excuse! :)
(rip Burgess Meredith, who was the man)
Today's is Chris Hemsworth Buys a Hat. Tomorrow's will be Burgess Meredith Loses a Sock.
Rescued 2 babies that got stuck. Mine sounded like Burgess Meredith Penguin!!! So funny! Megan's…
I have an image of us in a boxing ring and you're my Burgess Meredith or Burt Young. I vote Burt Young.
Walk away. You're clearly dealing with an intellectual superior. "You can't win, Rock!!!" he said in a Burgess Meredith voice.
Don't show her the "blooper" credit reel in Grumpy Old Men with a priceless Burgess Meredith, then.
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