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Burger King

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

Ronald McDonald Big Mac Tim Hortons Taco Bell

If you havent seen this, please watch. Burger King bullies a high school student and a Big Mac sandwich to see...
Burger King. Get a cherry icee float & I swear it will make your heart happy
Busch light and Burger King employee type beat
Burger King hit a home run with this PSA. BRAVO.
Burger King marketing hits another home run
a sad existence is sipping a Coke at Burger King in the airport alone while Barry Manilow soundtracks the experience. fml.…
This is a powerful ad from Burger King. It's painful to watch because it shows what we value in society. A $2.19 Whopper…
Burger King just released one of the best anti-bullying PSAs I've ever seen
*** Burger King hit a real home run here
Burger King tackles bullying in new ad -
Burger King mixes smashed food with bullies
My C.S maybe covers some food like Burger King & maybe one sneaker for one of my children... yes one sneaker!...
Nothing says "bully me" more than having a Burger King buffalo sauce in your sweater pocket burst while trying to get up a waist high ledge
Does Steely McBeam still exist? I miss him and Mayor McCheese. Does the Burger King have a Burger Queen?
Just be fair to In-N-Out. . Compare it to McDonalds, Burger King, Carl's Jr. (Hardys).
Burger King burns rival by giving away free nuggets to customers named Wendy via
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Great! I'm sure Burger King is hiring. Do they do background checks?
Some of my faves are: Shalimar, the one on Jones St (Indian). Túlan (Vietnamese). Shanghai Dumplin…
Burger King franchisee reopens restaurants in Puerto Rico
just saw a cop turn his lights on so he could get into the Burger King drive thru when someone wouldn’t let him over
Don’t u love getting a nose bleed in Burger King 😂
Burger King is making power moves with the new 10 piece spicy nugget deal for $1.49...
Um, wearing a Burger King crown doesn't actually make you a king.
20 chicken nuggets from burger king for £2.60 in Korea. . Looking for LCK offers next year 😁
It's all fancy restaurants where I am. We tried to find a McDonald's or Burger King & the closest…
Just ate quite possibly the worst Burger King ever. cold, dry and tasteless. And dirty loos to boot! 🤢
Because Burger King will let him protest.
Asked the lady on the Drive thru at Burger King if their fruit loop shakes were good her respond was
IDK how my local Burger King is going to offer cookies, charge me for them, and then not provide them. Oh well, I did the survey
Like the bk lounge as in burger king?
Beethoven prefers burger king whilst Mozart loves his Macs
Burger King's social media team is ruthless:
My food from Burger King tastes funny.
I fell asleep on the train back from Euston and a guy ate my Burger King. Shocked isn't the word!
I've got family over there & the only thing they have been able to eat is Burger King and McDonald's they are sick of it !!!
FYI: in 1989 I worked at Burger King making $4.25 an hour. . That's all.
CXG Tries It: Burger King's Spicy Chicken Nuggets. It's got dat zing and it's got dat zest. *** good. 8/10.
8 Questions for the Man Who Transformed a Burger King Into a Vegan Restaurant
Bout time I made an appearance 😂 won't be long though go burger king on the way 👌👊👍
I really want to taste the spicy chicken nuggets from Burger King
This guy really came to class late with Burger King smelling the room up 🤕
I prefer McDonald's chicken nuggets over Burger King's nuggets. McDonald's nuggets are crisper and taste better. Don't @ me. lol
I’m thinking of celebrating my bday in Burger King what you think??
*** I want to reach Burger King's level of petty
Right! they taste like bougie Burger King
Burger King onion rings really stick with you, like for days.
Burger King’s clock is ticking. they cant keep up!
I can pick up Burger King on the way to the pharmacy though.
So I'm having lunch at this trendy burger bar. No joke, I'm the ONLY guy in here without a beard. . it's good t…
This is why I started working at age 15. At BURGER KING!! My parents were stingy af 😭😭
Caller reports a two-vehicle accident in front of Burger King on Topsail Rd. Police are on the scene
Wow. There's more people in the Burger King I'm at right now.
A cb2, a sliver bar an orange Burger King, take a rolls royce and your jaw will start to swing
Just a heads up Burger King has spicy nuggets
Lacazette has really impressed me today, he’s had the service of an airport Burger King but has been good
Smh I want some chicken nuggets and fries from Burger King
Well done to Burger King for using Stephen King’s IT movie to throw shade at McDonalds. https:/…
Any angry Ronald McDonald mob terrorizes Burger King. 😂 Are you team or team
Majority of people simply have no clue that PETA supports death of animals.…
22. Can't miss the grand opening of Burger King without your waifu amirite?
Burger King used "It" to throw major shade at McDonalds.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Just seen a 75 yr old man suited up in Burger King ...get ya life
A man on my train home has a big bag of Burger King chips and they smell divine. I'm so hungry.
Burger King uses 'IT' movie to troll McDonald's in the best way possible
Burger King never fails to impress me. never
"God, did you hear about that stupid guy who works at Burger King who is a total *** I think his name is Linus"
Burger Kings takes advantage of to troll McDonald's
I'll be your Burger King. If you'll be my Burger Queen. Lets play Titanic. You be the iceberg and I'll go down. michael e a…
Katy Hurst was at the Burger King drive-thru when she noticed a man sitting inside. He was crying and looked...
Burger King's King is so much creepier than Ronald McDonald the clown
Been at this Burger King for 30 minutes. "Homeless man" outside keeps getting money for fries. Hasn't bought any fries yet. Cool bro
What happens when you can point your app at the Golden Arches and get coupons for Burger King?
The UNT Union has so much potential to have better food choices, instead we got Burger King and Taco Bueno. I'd be damned..…
There’s not even a Burger King in my town.
.trolls with a hilarious ad at screenings of 'It':
If any of you guys use Burger King they have refused to take poppy boxes
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
There is an eggy-ness as well as some cinnamon burn to the new Burger King Cinnamon Toast Crunch…
I just puked in a Burger King drive through 😂😩
wants to target the NRA? What, are you going to sexually harass us all, too? Sit DOWN, burger king. 🤚
This Burger King ad is running right before the credits at screenings of It in Germany.
It only gets a little awkward when you do your fleet laying on the floor of a Burger King…
DQ & Burger King taste better anyway. Must be no spit in the burger
TIL that Willard Scott, the original portrayer of Ronald McDonald, later did a commercial for Burger King.
Your tastes in women must be the equivalent to McDonalds & Burger King. Michelle Obama was T…
That got from Burger King was 38 hot...😭😭😭 I don't know why ‼️
Food is a blessing, people come and go but with food it's different. Your friend can disappear but Burger King, they just keep…
Dylan Roof got Burger King and was a “troubled child” for Pete’s sake. So it is recognizably an endemic issue to whiteness as>
Dylan roof was taken to Burger King after murdering multiple ppl in a church
Of course I find the only guy in the world to struggle with a Coke Freestyle machine at Burger King in Council Bluffs, IA.
Dylann Roof given free Burger King meal after Charleston church shooting | Daily Mail Online
JV Cheer at Burger King on Alma School and Germann! Come support your girls!!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Hamilton Freshmen are ready to wash your car at Burger King on Gilbert and Ocotillo!
Was it the barbecue sauce? Two babies are delivered in two days at the SAME Burger King.
Last time I asked someone that I was banned from Burger King.
My dad, missing from Thursday afternoon. He was apparently dropped off in a taxi at Burger King on Renfield Street. Pl…
"I'm fashionable" I say, ignoring the fact I wear the Burger King crown after I leave Burger King
Abso craving a Burger King and I can't even eat 🙂
Have it your way? Babies born on back-to-back days outside same Burger King via
burger king is at campus today wow I am the happiest girl
Two babies born at the same on consecutive days
I'm drinking surge & it makes me miss when Burger King had surge icee's 😭😭😭
Had a dream i met kid cudi and kanye west and we rode around buffalo together and were on our way to burger king
SKFKDL I MET SOME WONDERFUL PEOPLE TODAY! me and my friend were eating at burger king and we saw this loud group of girls next to us-
Malaysia's 63rd Burger King outlet is now open at Residensi Utmkl
Finally, for those who swear by the only place I saw selling Basa in is Burger King at the airport.
What is wrong with these young-uns? You spend your money as it comes in, then pow you're working the specialty boar…
I saw John Tickle in Burger King in Egham last year. It took me half an hour of racking my brains to r…
Never thought cheezy wedges Burger King would taste that good
This just ruined any chances of you ever getting a Burger King sponsorship.
Burger King has always been a bad guy.
Burger King or Taco Bell...ladies choice
If I fell off tomorrow, would you still love me? If I ain't rap cause I flip burgers at Burger King..."
Fascism is opposed to communism the sam…
Meet Estes the raccoon, he loves burger king, tin foil, and hates being called 'trash panda'.
I think I ate triple my body weight today and the thought of Burger King alone physically pains me
Burger King know they struck a nerve with all this dam mayo
I liked a video Jimmy Greaves, in Burger King, talking Spurs
Have it your way! - Two moms gave birth to baby boys on back-to-back days at this Burger King.
Bow Wow just said "I don't want a burger. I just want a bun, beef , lettuce , tomatoes & onions"
I'm so sick of that man child. He is not even fit to run burger king
this is our thing . Mcdonald's fries with a burger from Burger King 😭💍
i saw this trump is THE burger king
Kajal, trained under 2.0, working with Burger King Dehradun gets best cashier award
I sexually identify with Burger King. Its the home of the Whopper, it comes with cheese and you feel ashamed after eatin…
sort of disappointed at burger king for not making their new thing "Long Pulled Pork"
Two babies born in Burger King parking lot
Two women delivered babies at the same on back to back nights? That's a WHOPPING coincidence! .
No, everything about Burger King *** from the burger to the logo to all their insipid TV c…
This is True every time we go somewhere you sing ! Even in the drive thru at Burger King lmao
S/O to the *** who scratched my new car in the Burger King drive thru and sped off.
How about do drive thru at Burger King or Checkers?
I just went through the drive through at Burger King and grabbed a veggie burger. I'm hooked!! made me think.
Probably not considering their main item is the Big Mac, same example for Burger King and the Whopper
We will be hosting a car wash to aid schools affected by Hurricane Harvey.. Sat, Sept. 9th at Burger King, 530 Apache…
.told us all about her new comedy special, and how a girl working at Burger King changed her life…
One of the glories of New York is its ethnic food, and only McDonald's and Burger King equalize us all. — Robert Mondavi
"I'm a journalist, I work at BuzzFeed" is basically equivalent to "I'm a chef, I work at Burger King"
Although personal income taxes are higher, they have a lower corporate tax rate. Burger King moved HQ t…
Prov RI: Thurber Ave at Eddy St in the Burger King parking lot for a reported shooting. FD to stage.
Early morning breakfast in the airport. Which is better for me, Burger King or Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory? 😆😆😆
Mom and big sis came home from shopping and they brought home food from Burger King QwQ.
Why is it that Hollywood actors are the sickest disease in Burger King?
British used car dealer vanishes in Barbados after he was last spotted in a Burger King car park seven days ago
Have a beer and kick back Col , remember, as FC are the kings of Hull , you are the king of Boilers .
Burger King? What about Burger Queen am I right ladies ha ha
You havent heard of McDonald's or Burger King delivery?
the employees when I go to Burger King to get a whopper
So like, eating Burger King after awhile of not eating fast food isn't a very smart thing to do
Miss out on Bitcoin and Ethereum? Quick! Avoid the rush and get on the Whoppercoin bandwagon today!
Got my windows tinted yesterday and can't roll them down yet. I look like a big ol dummy going through Burger King drive through right now.
Will burger king be giving out free whoppers when Duffy is the winning pitcher?only at participating jo…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
"I do what I want, I just had sex in a burger king bathroom". -digital underground, poetic geniuses
Majority of food from Burger King, McDonald's is nasty. is where it's at.
Offered without comment 🍔 Burger King has launched its own digital currency called 'WhopperCoin'
Y'all act like you take Ubers to Burger King every weekend.
Just been into Burger King & asked for 2 whoppers. They told me that Mrs Browns Boys is hilarious & that Piers Morgan i…
Press coverage. Burger King deploys PostgreSQL just doesn't have the same ring, does it? :)
Yummy Burger King. I don't get it why most of the TCKT hates it.
Why'd I waste my good money at Burger King
The onion rings at Burger King are nasty!
See our latest NC and click to apply: Assistant F&B Operations Mgr - Burger King -
Read it to believe it: Burger King launches it's own crypto currency, "Whoppercoin" in Russia (via
Debating to go get Burger King breakfast
Burger King offer free food to fired customers
+asking if fries included. Burger King free Whoppers to people just fired from their jobs |
Can't wait until the Louis Theroux documentary about working in Burger King
Burger King just made its own cryptocurrency. $QSR
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Burger King in Swansea to meet Little T
Burger King offers apple juice w no extra charges too!!! Step up
In the food court of white marsh mall eating Burger King 😩
Can't even imagine. Burger King and Versace? Chicken Cottage and Pucci? (Pukey).
Penn Station bathrooms: that unique fragrance of sweat, bleach, urine, and Burger King breakfast sandwiches.
I work at Burger King and trust me McDonald's is better so far I haven't had a chance to try Wendy's nuggs
Did Floyd just say Conor is over weight! Or he the one over weight eating Burger King
Burger King is trash idc what anyone says
Dear Burger King, it's not my fault you're the only place close to this job to eat lunch, any chance the next...
Just had the Steers King something burger. I've added it to one of the most overrated things list . Along with Debonairs Pizza saucy pizza
Chicken fries from Burger King sound so good
Really not in the mood to work at Burger King later
VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather eating 🍔 Burger King laughs and says he's so scared of Conor McGregor 😂
Mayweather is just chillin eating Burger King. I'm sure it's all for promotion so more people think McGregor can win. But he's too relaxed
Hamilton Collection
*Blocks your path* gomen but do you have directions to the nearest burger king? I wanna vore some *** *** and hinata…
When he brings you Burger King instead of whataburger.
We watcht the Avengers and go to Burger King! Live that good life!
The next statue to be torn down. . A Burger King employee complained.
is going to create their own token on the $WAVES platform $BTC $ETH $NEO $ARK $DASH $STRAT $DASH $XMR .
Burger King has started own cryptocurrency in Russia
Day shift at the liquor store. Just ordered 8 croissantwichs from Burger King. Teenager workin' looked disgusted.
$WAVES -- Burger King in Russia Issues its own Cryptocurrency -
Says the man eating Burger King during fight week.
Still thinking about the veggie burger king burger I had last week
McDonald , Burger King or just local burger ? :D
Thinking rashford > Jesus is like thinking Burger King > McDonald's
Anyone else notice they made that old Burger King on limonite into a Starbucks?
Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil and Bolivia
How come the Armenian Genocide was born long ago in Burger King?
Hey Wendy's!!! Would you be angry if I told you I just ate at Burger King instead of Wendy's?
What we can learn from Walkers and Burger King's ad fails
Hey what do you think of the new bacon king burger at Burgerking
Burger King in Russia Issues its own Cryptocurrency Check it out!
Have it your way? animal feed sourced from lands in and
In the news • Burger King in Russia Issues its own Cryptocurrency
I get more excited over ordering the at Burger King😂😂
He probably went to Burger King after eating Mueller's never ending stream of
"Just do me a favor, stop trying, just quit and work for Burger King" - Andrew, 15th August 2017.
Just drove by a couple passionately making out in the Burger King parking lot . Never underestimate the power of a Who…
You have the Burger King king as a profile picture but you want your word…
🔥 Fire at Burger King off GA-85 in Riverdale has Roberts Dr temporarily closed. Store closed, employees evacuated. https:/…
Then I highly recommend the Burger King on Cambridge Street. It's across from the *** bar I lived over to keep the rent down.
North side high school until 3pm today! @ Burger King
And here I am tryna take you out for a chicken parm sandwich from Burger King but you wanna play games
June Jones was so realistic about his lack of NFL ability he worked a Burger King drive-thru during games.
how is Burger King still in business 😷
If the Pirates didn't exist Billy Hamilton would be working at Burger King man blows against literally everyone else 😠
"Shout out to the Burger King girl." Ashton Sharp drops the best Fargo interview of all-time.
Since I’ve been to places where Burger King has 4 stars on Yelp, I tend to agree with him
Agree but Burger King is horrendous these days. Five guys or nowt
play Burger King with my little sisters 👭🙂😂
McDonald's (minus their fries and cookies) can kick rocks. Taco Bell laxative tacos and burritos, and Burger King just stinks
Does Taco Bell have wifi, Burger King, Star Bucks. Hang out all day.
Macdonalds or Burger King... who makes the best burgers?Vote now
The pie who came in from the cold. The calorie count of monte Christo. Burger King solomon's mines
WHHHATTT? Even I can get Deliveroo at Gateshead Stadium- only Burger King or Baltic Kitchen…
Here's what Uncle Ben secretly said about Karl Marx: "Burger King can save us from dysentery."
Burger King is now open here in Robinsons Galleria. Me to myself: FOR NAM JOO HYUK, DON'T CRAVE PLEASE.
Traces of poo bacteria in drinks at McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King, report says
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Burger King still has a dollar menu. McDonald's prices are too high!
Jersey Shore takes over Burger King ❤️ family dinner with the new Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich 💗 love my roomies!
Update: I got lost and wound up on 8th straight. A nice Burger King let me charge my phone.
I want them too they are only 1€ 4pcs at Burger King or 22 for 8€ at mc Donald's so come here with sha…
I'm starving, but too depressed to go make food. I want Burger King but can't drive and don't have money xd send help
Imagine going from cleaning toilets at Burger King to commentating on national affairs. . How did he do it so quickly?.
While overseas, we're adding a Burger King style play room to the press briefing room so Acosta has somewhere to go when…
never eaten at McDonalds, Burger King, Olive Garden or Taco Bell. No desire to.
What if Ian were like, a martial arts expert at Burger King
Me too but she crazy she went to Burger King talking about the sky is falling down and "dios esta mirando, piensalo, arrepientete"
Ian works as a rapist at Burger King
I have the biggest food baby.. Uncle Sam's, Fat Slice, The Melt, snacks, Burger King... all in one day.
Ian has since retired, but used to work at Burger King as a military agent
Ooh you'd be up against Burger King and Costa Coffee at T1 in Manchester Airport...
Joe Miller is suing Burger King because he said he invented the Big Mac first.
How you expect me to eat 10 chicken nuggets with one single ranch cup. I'm suing Burger King this is an outrage
Aurora cops: Man charged with DUI after he was found asleep and snoring in his car in a Burger King drive-thru lane
Is it just me or do Burger King workers always have attitudes during the morning ? 😂💀
Yo, Rosa from OITNB works at Burger King in Tates Creek.
At a Burger King with the roughest looking morning crew in America please pray over my sandwich
Burger King in Saudi salutes the new Crown Prince a day after McDonald's but brands his photo w/ their slogan in Arabic…
Brian to endorse Burger King . Jae for McDonald's . Cant this just happen
BREAKING NEWS: Burger King has a new magical Lucky Charms shake. Please just give a Peabody Award rig…
Burger King's Home-triggering 'Ok, Google' ad nabs award, called 'best abuse of technology' go to smarturl.…
Good thing you agreed! I was gonna walk to your house & fight you then drag you to Burger King to buy me them bomb…
The parent company of Burger King bought Tim Hortons. Canadian franchisees feel they are ruining Timmys.
Ever since Burger King bought Tim Hortons, the food and coffee have sucked
Early lunch after a very looong day of work... (@ Burger King in Parañaque City)
I once considered getting a tattoo of Bill's initials but then i realized ppl would assume it meant Burger King and not Bill Kaulitz
Luis had to call Burger King at 2am asking how they gonna mistake chicken nuggets for pancakes. Di…
The Wall Street prodigy who took over Burger King at 32 reveals the best advice he ever got via
pensacola, Burger King, or pizza hut . tryna slide ?
.i suddenly want to eat Burger King. and pizza TT help T
I went into Burger King and three guys were working,, they ordered a pizza and were watching the game 😂💀
Burger King restaurant in Bedford badly damaged by fire
- Fire investigation underway after blaze breaks out at Burger King in Kempston - Bedfordshire News…
my local Burger King was on fire last night (no one was in the building)
Saudi Arabia ditching Qatar over terrorism is like McDonalds accusing Burger King of selling junk food 😀
"Healthy fast food kids' meals at Chick-fil-A, Burger King and more" via FOX NEWS
If you don’t have a Burger King at the airport are you even on holiday
Seriously thou why int there a Burger King in Barnsley 😡
1 day you're happy w/o him, being all independent & the next it's 11pm & ur crying in the Burger King drive thru cause…
A typical conversation between me and my friend, Lisa:. Lisa: Heading to Rural King . Me: Is that like Burger King...
I'd like to thank John Cena, Tom Clancy, the Burger King, Jake from State Farm, and Tony Danza for this achievement
Looks like the Burger King dude only better
I'm craving an Oreo shake from Burger King right now someone bring me one😩🙏🏻
I liked a video Return of the Mac and Cheetos - Burger King TV Commercial 2017 - Mark Mack Morrison
Burger King anger Belgium monarchy over competition to crown 'true ruler of the country'
'We are not amused': Belgian monarchy angered by Burger King
Coaches who give in to pouting players are creating a culture of entitlement. This isn't Burger King -you can't have it…
- Burger King has a started an uproar in Belgium by asking who is the true king in new ad - Business……
Best burger we have had in a long time at the King William location on Sunday.
Saying that women will die/ won't have access to medical care without Planned Parenthood is like saying without Burger King…
hows your night going im having a lovely time at Burger King
.first TVC champions the whopper, but does it stand out? reviews the new ad
I love the new Burger King commercial🎶
In that shopping strip across the parking lot from Burger King.
Me when return of the Mack comes on the Burger King commercial
Took me a second lol, no Burger King or Wendy's here
"Just post your pic & go" the plastic Burger King head whispered. Stale smile as old as time . Return of the Mac crooning in the ether
She liked men in uniform she said so it must've been the smell of grease on my Burger King smock that pushed her away.
Also the BURGER KING worker told me the ice cream machine was broke. This is an industry wide problem people
If you turned a meth lab into a das food restaurant that restaurant would be called Burger King
So Mac n' Cheetos are back at Burger King. Has anyone checked on ?
Went to Burger King today and got a chicken sandwich in a burger bun 🙂🙂🙂
Went to Burger King last week and they had no beef. 🙂
It's a good day when Burger King throws some onion rings in with your fries
Bristol airport Burger King is the start of a holiday don't even care what anyone says
Fact: Popping off in the pit burns all the calories eaten all weekend at the Burger King closest to the venue
Why is the mac and Cheetos Burger King commercial the most annoying thing in the world
I was talking abt the crazy Burger King manager. Koo Koo
Might sleep in this airport Burger King depending on how much I hate myself.
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