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Burger King

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

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Same reason why Tamir Rice was depicted as child villain, but Dillon Roof treated to Burger King.
one year ago today tyler met fans outside of a Burger King in england to see if someone would bring him an x box power s…
Walking through a Burger King kitchen is like walking on ice because it's so greasy 😷
In Australia, Burger King is known as Hungry Jacks due to a copyright infringement of an existing company
Fire breaks out at Burger King and Gas Station in Iron Mountain, Michigan .
Mark Morrison let Burger King do this to "Return of the Mack"? 🤔
Made Marc drive me to Burger King so I could get Mac-n-Cheetos then looked over at Taco Bell and made him go there for Cinnabon Delights🙃🙃
Check out Burger King justifying Spuds failure, 2nd or 3rd don't get you're name on a trophy ask Jimm…
Ah, springtime in New Minas. The rustle of new leaves, the songs of birds, and the very very clearly audible Burger King drivethru speaker.
When the lady at Burger King gives you a regular Dr Pepper instead of a diet Dr Pepper
My father works at Burger King, what do i do?
If y'all like Burger King have them make you a double cheeseburg with just mayo and lettuce and t…
Burger King for lunch and Mike's Pizza for supper with Buffalo wings and 2 Dr. peppers. Now I know how feels each day.
So, did you know if you go to Argentina you'll get free Burger King? Also, super happy Regina is confirmed for the next OUAT
Burger King has the weakest buffalo sauce
going to Burger King at 11 pm and ordering several medium fries. eating them in a detached state while wearing one of their paper crowns
Google killed Burger King's newest TV ad that had a disastrous flaw
so What does Burger King have that you don't?
Only an experienced terrorist would have such hate for burger king
In Muncie Indiana we had a Burger King manager who sold heroin. Close enough?
Was in Burger King at 2am. Diet game is not strong right now. Lot of making up to do over the weekend 😢
Anyone else still have these Star Wars watches they sold at Burger King when ROTS came out. Found mine and forgot……
About to smash these burger king chicken nuggets and lofthouse cookies while I finish this book 👀📖
true life: I'm addicted to burger king's froot loop milkshake
Wendy's has traded late round hires in 2018 and 2019 in exchange for John Debusk, Regional Manage…
The moon is so big and yellow tonight i keep thinking it's a burger king sign
Cashier at Burger King just checked if my $10 bill was real..
Parents: Thalia, you need to stop eating all this junk food. Thats why your face keeps breaking out . Also my patents: *buys burger king*
I'll be your Burger King,. If you'll be my burger queen -
On Draft Day getting picked by Burger King when you just got your PhD from Harvard. Got your dad ready to make th…
Calls me fat daily and constantly says we're broke, then takes us to Burger King when we have plenty of food at home. Cool.
What happens when you execute before you plan is what happens when you walk to buy Burger King to burn fat.
Judging by their stances, I'm pretty sure I've got the best roundhouse kicks in this Burger King bathroom.
I'm beginning to think Burger King is my favorite fast food because lately every time my fries are FRESH 🍟🔥😜
I'm broke to the point where I can't even afford Burger King
Burger King's new commercial is a bad rip-off of Sonic's.
Who tf Burger King buy their nuggets from🤔🤔🤔 they the real plug
Wendy's gave me a salad with no croutons... I want my croutons, Burger King probably has them
yo burger king im the rap king you make me wanna sing boo seungkwan BOO
Burger King: "Introducing our new crispy chicken sandwich". InTr0dOOsiNg our Nu crYspEe cHiKK'n saMmiCH
DJD & I just did the rough math, Burger King sells 13 billion nuggets a year. And they can sell them for so low bc they bought 100 trillion
Burger King is so underwhelming when cold.
How you run out of burgers at Burger King ?😭😩
One ad to rule them all. Hijacking Google Home devices
Kirk R who works at the Burger King on Constant Spring Road is so pleasant and professional. I hope someone who works there sees this.
Went to Burger King for a Froot Loops shake. They were all out. Ordered a sweet tea instead. Drove off and took a sip. It's some crazy soda!
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Burger King is my choice over whataburger
This is beautiful! You will never see this devotion at McDonald's or Burger king.
cannot wait to tell Burger King f them i quit😂😂
Why are you eating from Burger King?.
A *** was working the Burger King drive through and said sauce cost extra, I threw Remy Ma on and she gave me them for free smh
Daghanay kaayo free gosh!. Free movie with free popcorn, juice and tissue. Free burger sa burger king. Free trial sa VR gad. And i bet more pa
Pretty sure I just saw someone snort coke outside of a Burger King
in n out is overrated, but it's better than Burger King still lol
Found pieces of plate in my burger at - Mouth is extremely cut open. Manager saw it all & still paid for my m…
Burger King, Trinity Walk, Wakefield need a Crew Member, full and part time hours.
Jaime trying to tell me McDonald's and Burger King is better than Taco Bell
.giving me directions using landmarks I'd know: take a right out of Taco Bell, go past Burger King towards the liquor store
Starbucks, Burger King and Papa John’s Dragged in as China Food Scandal Spreads via
I deadass just saw a Burger King billboard on the side of a barn. PA will never cease to amaze me
when ur not really hungry but u saw an ad for Burger King so u ask ur mom to bring u some while u sit and watch another cinderella story 🌻
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Our driver this morning at Civic Center: "You'll find City Hall, the public library, the Asian Art Museum... Burger King." . Lol
There is a sports Café at Leidseplein, next to the Burger King
"John the Baptist ate locusts and honey..." - Lino Rulli. "...because there was no Burger King." - Fr. Jim Chern. "Right!" - Lino Rulli
With one day until final weigh-in, will Ross' gloating cost him in the big Weigh-Off? Today he ate a Burger King for lunch.
Why is there a Burger King on every street corner in Austria and Hungary. Seen more BK's downtown Vienna then I've seen in all of Toronto
this Burger King is in Birmingham Alabama near UAB on 6th ave S and 16th street!
Burger King be having that heat but they been lacking lately and yo *** disowned tf Ashley 😤
Mom: Brian what do you want from Burger King?. Me: I want a Big Mac.
Google shuts down Burger King's geniusTV ad. No, you shall not have it your way!. Just under three hours after...
Notts busses have changed the game the with Burger King discounts instead of Mac dertz
(1) Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
He says "you wouldn't ask for a Big Mac at Burger King"
Because if you ask Siri “what is the whopper burger” you get a map to a Burger King in Miami, not a wikipedia page.
Burger King's new commercial tried to trigger your Google Home until someone put the brakes on it http…
Burger King made a TV ad designed to trigger voice-activated Google devices in people's homes - Business Insider…
All purpose parts banner
Popeyes fries have never let me down m, but when they're just right Burger King and McDonald's fries are fire
Last time I had Burger King was in 10th grade, donkey *** years ago
Burger King thought it had a great idea. Instead, it ended up with a Whopper of a problem.
A Burger King commercial tried to trick Google Home into talking about Whoppers (this kind: 🍔 )
I wonder if Burger King realizes that Google’s response to this query comes from a Wikipedia page anyone can edit.
Google Home has stopped answering to that annoying Burger King ad
Burger King’s new ad forces Google Home to advertise the Whopper via
McDonald's is trash. Burger King is trasheeerr. Wendy's is equally as trash as McDonald's. They all trash.
Burger King commercial manipulates Google devices to describe the Whopper
Google Home / Burger King Whopper ad was out for 6 hours before being shut down by Google. Why not do a quick edit and ha…
Burger King uses a Google Home trick to turn its 15-second TV spot into 30 seconds, without the additional ad buy.
Shrewd Burger King ad tries to hijack Google Home, delivers earned media home run
A new Burger King ad tried to use Google Home to sell Whoppers -- but it was quickly burned
Burger King trolls your Android device, internet trolls be trolling right back.
Burger King launches ad designed to trigger your Google Home, doesn't go as planned
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Burger King wreaks havoc on Google Assistant with Whopper ad
What should I get burger king or McDonald's ?
U look like you eat Burger King pancakes
Burger King made a commercial that intentionally sets off voice assistants. Oh lord. (via
>> Burger King edited Wiki's article about the Big Mac, they actually made the first passage *more* accurately descriptive & informative
I tried Wendy's Chicken Nugget, and it tasted like Burger King except the best part was Wendy's Siracha ranch sauce which went well with it!
McDonald's hamburgers are the worst. They are worse than Burger King. A Big Mac has 26 grams of fat. A Quar…
Another reason not to go to Burger King. I prefer Burger Ranch anyway.
Of course it would be Burger King to start something so annoying.
Bless whoever left this glorious document face-up on the counter at this rest stop Burger King
The company, which counts Warren Buffett as a backer, owns Burger King and Tim Hortons and recently agreed to buy Po…
Very questionable on Buffett allowing a hostile bid for Panera. OTOH, 3G/BRK/Ack/Berggruen up $14bn on Burger King: https:…
Thinking about how my diet mainly consists of DD iced coffee, Burger King chicken nuggets w/ ranch, & Entenmann's dark frosted popems...
$ QSR Restaurant Brands is Burger King, Tim Horton's, Popeye's, our writeup, for subscribers, @
I think foodwise, Tim Hortons fits a bit better with Burger King, Coke, Dairy Queen, Kraft Heinz...
I had Burger King chicken fries for breakfast. It was trash, they don't have ranch out here dude I was hot
That dude from the Burger King commercial has nothing on .She would fight a shark for pancakes
Dylan just asked if Western Hall was by where Burger King is at 😂
Burger King is not great. But it's better than the chain that paid a pedophile a buttload of money
Alex has gone two hours without rations. Currently snacking on Burger King and enquiring about evening sustenance.
. chef's burger . The king of Brisket
It's my first day on the whole30 and all I want in life is Burger King
I liked a video from Big Smokes Order at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and Taco Bell
Ive gone to Burger King three time this week for an Oreo mint shake and their thing has not been working every time…
why is there only Burger King on the Copenhagen airport?
the owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons, just sealed a $1.8 billion deal for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
Now I just need to find a Burger King near Seattle
I see they skipped the buying him Burger King part.
A man wearing a paper Burger King crown keeps filling his water bottles in the public restroom. I hope he's making a sandcastle.
Awww Areon got a job at my old Burger King I'm so happy
A Burger King cashier just asked if they could give Juno bacon 😭
can you say something nice about Burger King?
Hey I appreciate the good burgers. Much love fam, better than burger king
Burger King really got Pancakes.somebody please shut them down
Burger King's pancakes come in sizes? Dafuq?
Im confused.Didn't Burger King just recently buy Popeyes for the same 1.8 billion??? What's going on here???
Burger King has caved to the pressure from Islam, they just said that they will ONLY serve 100% halal meat, under the rules of Sharia Law.
I want a milkshake but I don't wanna walk to Burger King and the machine doesn't work 😒😒
They was in debt and Burger King brought them.
Wait, no. U serious?! Burger King allegedly bought Popeyes, so i heard on
The words, " is awesome," were breathed into the air at 9:03pm EST in a Burger King parking lot in NC. We 💜 you, man! 🐾💜
I love Burger King more than a lot of things
Nick king, burger flipper by day, hitman by night.
So Burger King is gonna run both those great restaurants in the ground
Can you get burger king to bring their black burger to the US?.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I never cared for Burger King anyway 😒
I can see a Burger King exec hitting Popeyes for the first time and fall in love.
How? They're results based. Not like gov that taxes you and gets paid regardless. That's a…
I was in a Burger King the other day and so was a pigeon. we were just in line together
You could get 3 pancakes for 89¢ at Burger King man the world need to end already
this for a special Burger King DM surprise ;3
Burger King's new chicken sandwich probably is delicious since they bought Popeyes.
Some guy at Burger King is talking about how trashy Hokes Bluff fans are and I almost had to beat his *** Oh wait...
Would you like a gently used Paul Maurice, he likes Burger King and Adam Lowry.
Working at Burger King while hash bash is going on >>>>> lmfao sold so much today
first Jack in the Box Jesus and now Burger King of Kings how much longer until we get a whole biblical fast food…
Well Dylann Roof got to eat more Burger King than I have in the last year. I ain't even salty. Take that L, Dylann.
Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death. Will his last meal include a Whopper from Burger King?
▶Whatever Dylann Roof wants, he gets - He was taken into custody alive, bought Burger King for a sna...
Yes, Dylann Roof, after killing nine people, was not only taken alive, but driven to Burger King by cops bcuz…
Maybe not Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut or Burger King but concurred
Burger King created a Whopper-flavored toothpaste just to mess with us -
I eat Burger King so I can die faster
Five Guys or Burger King are basically the only two chain options here. We got kebab house burgers tho👌
A sirloin steak with mushrooms on the side and an Oreo milkshake from Burger King. I'll die a happy man.
With as many *** as Fox has, they probably mass produce them like ones Burger King provide on kids' birthdays.
"Many checking out are hurting" is the understatement of the century. I spent like $45 at the airport Burger King,…
I want to die rn I am never going to Burger King ever again
there was a time where the reign of the Burger King was glorious... but dark days have fallen upon the kingdom.
life tip: when on a 17 hour road trip, eat more than 1 Burger King breakfast burrito, a gas station beef stick, and a venti coffee
If I die today, you can take my Burger King vouchers. They expire on the 31st.
FACT: Gorsuch WILL be confirmed! Thank you Harry The Hack Reid! And are things at Burger King? ***
I randomly just bought a fish tank from someone on craigslist in the back of a Burger King parking lot what have u done today
After 24 years working at Burger King, 55-year-old Usha Ram asked her manager if she could take home a fish...
Burger King 3x3 Quest Basketball Tour in Garden Place and Civic Square on Saturday. Great day for it!
Chicken McNuggets don't lose sleep over the opinion of Burger King chicken nuggets
Burger King sells otis spunkmeyer cookies and I've never been so thrilled
aldi Burger King, mcdonalds, pick n save, and walmart are usually hiring. The new Meyers on Layton is hiring too
Shouts out to Sherman Ave, the Blue Whale, African Stacks in the library, McTrib, the rocks on the lake, and the *** 24-hour Burger King
Did you hear McDonald killed Burger King in front of Popeye's over that gal, Wendy. The funeral is at K.F.C. You...
Are you sure Robert Gibbs wasn't behind this? Bad news for Mickey Ds - we are all going to Burger King. Compromised, really
disappointing trip to Burger King in frankfurt airport. Order a double cheeseburger spec bacon. Devastated.
gaby r u serious, who even goes to Burger King for starters
Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil + Bolivia:
Burger King has the best chicken nuggets ever
This chick with the green hair isn't fooling anyone; I know there's a rebel hiding underneath that Burger King uniform.
So Chick Fil A and Burger King's power went out...what a sad day 🙁
Karen Matthews is spotted eating McDonald's followed by a Burger King. via
"Burger King scored a big, fat zero for their efforts to prevent deforestation in their supply chain. The company... https:…
I'm considered in shape in Santa Barbara bc there's no Del Taco, Carl's or Burger King...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
chicken doe at 6? lol man u Betta go to mc Donald's or Burger King
Breaking: Jay Cutler was just traded to Burger King for 30 cents and a pack of smokes to be named later.
Lady just walked up to me on Grafton st asking for a couple bucks to "grab some Burger King" and made sure to say "I'm two months pregnant".
customer: do you guys accept Regal Cinema gift cards?. me: no, we do not. c: why not?. m: would you take a Burger King gift card to McDonalds?
& he was eating dinner..probably Burger King. Navy Seal Ryan Owens, a hero, deserves the utmost respect from "those" responsible.
I added a video to a playlist Neptune and Noire work at Burger King
I liked a video Neptune and Noire work at Burger King
It's a definite risk. Ian Davidson may be sleeping in the commercial waste skip behind Burger King by now...
Y'all don't let Nicki vs Remy beef fool you... It's a distraction created by Burger King so they can change the Popeyes menu.
Burger King will expose the DOG'smith in you with this bottom less ish of theirs...
I wish Burger King had all day breakfast so I can get French toast sticks and tater tot rounds whenever I want 😭😭
Would sell my left leg for an encore of the chicken nugget French fry meal I just crushed from Burger King
Since I love Popeyes and hate Burger King, I decided to have some for lunch to remember the good times JIC the King ruins Popeyes somehow.
Major upheavels today! Magic cleaning house with Lakers? *** no! Burger King is taking over Popeyes! Nothing good can com…
*** is jack in the box still making French toast sticks? Or was that Burger King?
Burger King & apple pies from KFC sounds good asf rn 😩😩
Freddy really said said Burger King is good. I'm bout to pull up and empty the clip on marshalls right quick.
Absolutely disgusted by McDonald's and Burger King my money will now solely be for keep up the good work
Burger King buys Popeye's, the Fast-food universe hasn't imploded yet. So far, so good.
Popeyes-Burger King merger is good news for shareholders, bad news for everyone else.
Burger King bought Popeyes... will they start severing Popeyes at Burger King 🍗 😋
Smh the Owner of Burger King bought Popeyes for $1.8 Billion. He could have just got the 3 piece combo for $7.19, what a…
Burger King acquires Popeyes for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, and a draft pick. . Popeyes CEO Vlade Divac said it was the best…
burger king is the AIDS of fast food.
O no what if Burger King messes with Popeyes chicken or biscuits😔
Burger King owner to buy Popeye's for $1.8B via
I don't think anybody really realizes how HURT I am that Burger King bought Popeyes.
The owner of Burger King just bought Popeyes?
Burger King about to ruin Popeyes, Church's still don't season their chicken this is terrible
The key to success from Burger King's purchase of Popeyes is that they change absolutely nothing.
yeah cause Burger King pass trash its the dumpster
Burger King can't even make a good chicken sandwich . . how they gonna fry some chicken wings? 😑
Burger King the same restaurant that started randomly selling hot dogs so Im not so sure I want them managing Popeyes aka the L…
Popeyes acquired by Burger King, Tim Hortons parent company
Hilltop Mall so bad Mcdonalds and Burger King had no choice but to dip 😂
Burger King owner will buy Popeyes chain for $1.8 billion
If Burger King changes anything about Popeyes I will riot in the streets.
Burger King just bought the Popeyes franchise and I blame white supremacy
how do you feel about Burger King buying popeyes
Burger King buying Popeyes is the most *** backwards, disrespectful thing I've EVER heard in my life
Me trying to figure out why Popeye's would sell out to Burger King of all places. Like, wyd??
I wouldn't eat Burger King if you paid me.
Sneak peek at Popeye's new spicy chicken recipe, courtesy of Burger King:
Burger King is bout to ruin Popeye's delicious *** Cajun fries. Burger King's fries are dry asf & they put one piec…
Burger King better eat it's spinach
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Restaurant Brands, owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons will buy Popeyes:
The owner of Burger King is buying Popeyes for $1.8 billion
Burger King buying Popeyes is a threat to national security.
When Burger King decided to buy out Popeyes
If Burger King change anything about the way Popeyes chicken is cooked, we snuffing the CEO.
Burger King bought Popeyes for 1.8 billion dollars. It's the beginning of the end
I can see Burger King using black dye on the at Popeyes chicken for Halloween and I'm furious already
When my sister told me Burger King bought Popeyes
Burger King gonna have Popeyes out here selling corndogs. I'm sick.
Hey Wendy's!, Frosty the Snowman is attacking Burger King! You will _
The owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons restaurants has purchased Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
Popeyes to Be Bought by Owners of Burger King and Tim Hortons via
Restaurant Brands, the owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons, said it would buy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for about…
Popeyes is set to join the Burger King, Tim Hortons family.
Company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons wants to gobble up the Popeyes fried chicken chain for $1.8B
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Burger King gobbles up the Popeyes chicken chain (AP photo)
Burger King parent company to buy Popeyes for $1.8B | |
The corporate entity behind Burger King and Tim Hortons is acquiring Popeyes for $1.8 billion
Burger King, Tim Hortons parent to buy Popeyes for $1.8B:
Restaurant Brands Inter. , the Canada-based parent of Tim Hortons and Burger King, will pay $1.8 billion to buy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
BREAKING: Burger King owner is purchasing Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. for $1.8 Billion, or $79.00 per share.
NEW: The parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop is buying Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for...
Went to Burger King in Kobe, Japan. This was discounted to ¥250. Double cheese type. Nice but wish the burgers were…
1) Burger King employee Raymond Martin who work at Oregon City BK came to my store after he got off work, wearing his BK uniform
Looking up flights and if there is a long(ish) layover in an airport...always check if there is a Burger King
Burger King offered a "Windows 7 Promotional Whopper" in Japan in 2009. It was a 7 patty hamburger.
There is no Wendy's where I am at college only McDonalds and Burger King. What should I do?
Burger King launched two black burgers in Japan called, Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl that feature black buns, black cheese, and squid ink bl…
I wouldn't quit dancing, I wouldn't ever quit gymnastics because my uncle asked if I thought Burger King would help me look like other girls
Fired for taking $0.50 worth of food, Burger King cook wins $46,000 in damages
20170215: Jesse Johnston: Vancouver Burger King cook, fired for taking food after 24 years service, is awarded $46K…
Daily reminder that we elected a large order of Burger King onion rings to be President of the United States.
Israel becoming the next Japan. Burger King offers up Adults Meal featuring 'Adult Toy' for Valentine's Day
I brought Burger King onto my plane to Japan 😭 so much shame
Burger King sellin sex toys for VDay lol
Burger King is giving away sex toys in 'adult meals' for Valentine's Day
Burger King gives away sex toys in 'adult meals' via Heard it ALL now 😁😁
Burger King offers ‘adult meal’ with a free adult toy for Valentine’s Day
Burger King is offering an 'adult' meal for Valentine’s Day and it comes with a 'toy' inside
Eating Burger King fries as I scroll through couple pics on insta this Valentine's Day and not even sad cause burger king fries lol
Burger King is giving away Adult Toys with their Adult Meal.
Burger King offering sex toys in combo meal for
hippos out run humans for Burger King adult toys
I honestly thought this was an early April Fool's kinda thing. But as for the "adult toy?" Uh... a Tingler, a...
Burger King is giving out 'adult toys' for Valentine's Day
Entertainment News: It's not a whopper: Burger King Israel to sell adult-only meal with adult toy for Valentine...
I enjoy a meal from Burger King here in the U.S. but this one from Japan doesn't look too tasty...
Charles Oakley once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and they got him one.
I've said it before, you're hilarious - quit your job at Burger King and go on tour
It's been hard work staying this fat, I owe it all to the couch and to his royal highness the Burger King 👑
Robert Downey Jr. turned away from a life of drugs because of the nasty taste of a Burger King burger.
We're craving for onion ring fries 🍟🍔 (@ Burger King in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
when you pay for 12 chicken wings and get 13 instead. This is why I love Burger King
Burger King chicken nugget in Goldsboro N. C... *** is this in the MIDDLE of my kids nugget??
Those 10 chicken nuggets from Burger King for $1.99 are actually pretty decent. (Sadly, now everyone knows what I had for lunch)
I basically gave my diet a big F you with that Burger King strawberry milkshake and barbecue chicken fries...
Burger King sells their chicken nuggets 10 for like 1.50 and y'all still eat them... y'all eating raccoon meat.
Obsessed with chicken nuggets from Burger King
This is serious, guys. One time I got a croissanwich at Burger King & it turned me into a hardcore monarchist for almost 3…
Trump is getting way fat. Is there a KFC & Burger King in the White House? Proper response: head butt or full open mouth…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This might be a great fit for you: Fast Food Attendant ( Burger King -3rd Shift) - OH
im sitting in a Burger King in Earl's Court on my own eating a cheeseburger and I didn't picture my early 20s to be spent this way
Report: Jared Sullinger sent down to D-League after skipping practice to go to Burger King. (via
Tracy is bringing me a chocolate milkshake from Burger King and I'm excited
*** you jus said you'll eat Burger King lmfao. Fake *** food.
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru –
Burger King employees arrested for selling weed to customers who used a secret code. .
was kind enough to give me a straw to my Burger King 😭🙏🏻
Burger King employees allegedly sold pot to customers who asked for ‘fries extra crispy’ via
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