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Burger King

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

Tim Hortons Dairy Queen Napoleon Dynamite Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Dylann Roof Taco Bell Big Mac

Bless whoever left this glorious document face-up on the counter at this rest stop Burger King
$ QSR Restaurant Brands is Burger King, Tim Horton's, Popeye's, our writeup, for subscribers, @
I think foodwise, Tim Hortons fits a bit better with Burger King, Coke, Dairy Queen, Kraft Heinz...
That dude from the Burger King commercial has nothing on .She would fight a shark for pancakes
Dylan just asked if Western Hall was by where Burger King is at 😂
Burger King is not great. But it's better than the chain that paid a pedophile a buttload of money
Alex has gone two hours without rations. Currently snacking on Burger King and enquiring about evening sustenance.
. chef's burger . The king of Brisket
It's my first day on the whole30 and all I want in life is Burger King
I liked a video from Big Smokes Order at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, and Taco Bell
Ive gone to Burger King three time this week for an Oreo mint shake and their thing has not been working every time…
why is there only Burger King on the Copenhagen airport?
the owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons, just sealed a $1.8 billion deal for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
Now I just need to find a Burger King near Seattle
I see they skipped the buying him Burger King part.
A man wearing a paper Burger King crown keeps filling his water bottles in the public restroom. I hope he's making a sandcastle.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Awww Areon got a job at my old Burger King I'm so happy
A Burger King cashier just asked if they could give Juno bacon 😭
can you say something nice about Burger King?
Hey I appreciate the good burgers. Much love fam, better than burger king
Burger King really got Pancakes.somebody please shut them down
Burger King's pancakes come in sizes? Dafuq?
Im confused.Didn't Burger King just recently buy Popeyes for the same 1.8 billion??? What's going on here???
Burger King has caved to the pressure from Islam, they just said that they will ONLY serve 100% halal meat, under the rules of Sharia Law.
I want a milkshake but I don't wanna walk to Burger King and the machine doesn't work 😒😒
They was in debt and Burger King brought them.
Wait, no. U serious?! Burger King allegedly bought Popeyes, so i heard on
The words, " is awesome," were breathed into the air at 9:03pm EST in a Burger King parking lot in NC. We 💜 you, man! 🐾💜
I love Burger King more than a lot of things
Nick king, burger flipper by day, hitman by night.
So Burger King is gonna run both those great restaurants in the ground
Can you get burger king to bring their black burger to the US?.
I never cared for Burger King anyway 😒
I can see a Burger King exec hitting Popeyes for the first time and fall in love.
How? They're results based. Not like gov that taxes you and gets paid regardless. That's a…
I was in a Burger King the other day and so was a pigeon. we were just in line together
You could get 3 pancakes for 89¢ at Burger King man the world need to end already
this for a special Burger King DM surprise ;3
Burger King's new chicken sandwich probably is delicious since they bought Popeyes.
Some guy at Burger King is talking about how trashy Hokes Bluff fans are and I almost had to beat his *** Oh wait...
Would you like a gently used Paul Maurice, he likes Burger King and Adam Lowry.
Working at Burger King while hash bash is going on >>>>> lmfao sold so much today
first Jack in the Box Jesus and now Burger King of Kings how much longer until we get a whole biblical fast food…
Well Dylann Roof got to eat more Burger King than I have in the last year. I ain't even salty. Take that L, Dylann.
Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death. Will his last meal include a Whopper from Burger King?
▶Whatever Dylann Roof wants, he gets - He was taken into custody alive, bought Burger King for a sna...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Yes, Dylann Roof, after killing nine people, was not only taken alive, but driven to Burger King by cops bcuz…
Maybe not Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut or Burger King but concurred
Burger King created a Whopper-flavored toothpaste just to mess with us -
I eat Burger King so I can die faster
Five Guys or Burger King are basically the only two chain options here. We got kebab house burgers tho👌
A sirloin steak with mushrooms on the side and an Oreo milkshake from Burger King. I'll die a happy man.
With as many *** as Fox has, they probably mass produce them like ones Burger King provide on kids' birthdays.
"Many checking out are hurting" is the understatement of the century. I spent like $45 at the airport Burger King,…
I want to die rn I am never going to Burger King ever again
there was a time where the reign of the Burger King was glorious... but dark days have fallen upon the kingdom.
life tip: when on a 17 hour road trip, eat more than 1 Burger King breakfast burrito, a gas station beef stick, and a venti coffee
If I die today, you can take my Burger King vouchers. They expire on the 31st.
FACT: Gorsuch WILL be confirmed! Thank you Harry The Hack Reid! And are things at Burger King? ***
I randomly just bought a fish tank from someone on craigslist in the back of a Burger King parking lot what have u done today
After 24 years working at Burger King, 55-year-old Usha Ram asked her manager if she could take home a fish...
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Burger King 3x3 Quest Basketball Tour in Garden Place and Civic Square on Saturday. Great day for it!
Chicken McNuggets don't lose sleep over the opinion of Burger King chicken nuggets
Burger King sells otis spunkmeyer cookies and I've never been so thrilled
aldi Burger King, mcdonalds, pick n save, and walmart are usually hiring. The new Meyers on Layton is hiring too
Shouts out to Sherman Ave, the Blue Whale, African Stacks in the library, McTrib, the rocks on the lake, and the *** 24-hour Burger King
Did you hear McDonald killed Burger King in front of Popeye's over that gal, Wendy. The funeral is at K.F.C. You...
Are you sure Robert Gibbs wasn't behind this? Bad news for Mickey Ds - we are all going to Burger King. Compromised, really
disappointing trip to Burger King in frankfurt airport. Order a double cheeseburger spec bacon. Devastated.
gaby r u serious, who even goes to Burger King for starters
Burger King animal feed sourced from deforested lands in Brazil + Bolivia:
Burger King has the best chicken nuggets ever
Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one. Best jokes in honor of his 77th birthday…
This chick with the green hair isn't fooling anyone; I know there's a rebel hiding underneath that Burger King uniform.
So Chick Fil A and Burger King's power went out...what a sad day 🙁
Karen Matthews is spotted eating McDonald's followed by a Burger King. via
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
"Burger King scored a big, fat zero for their efforts to prevent deforestation in their supply chain. The company... https:…
I'm considered in shape in Santa Barbara bc there's no Del Taco, Carl's or Burger King...
chicken doe at 6? lol man u Betta go to mc Donald's or Burger King
Breaking: Jay Cutler was just traded to Burger King for 30 cents and a pack of smokes to be named later.
Lady just walked up to me on Grafton st asking for a couple bucks to "grab some Burger King" and made sure to say "I'm two months pregnant".
customer: do you guys accept Regal Cinema gift cards?. me: no, we do not. c: why not?. m: would you take a Burger King gift card to McDonalds?
& he was eating dinner..probably Burger King. Navy Seal Ryan Owens, a hero, deserves the utmost respect from "those" responsible.
I added a video to a playlist Neptune and Noire work at Burger King
I liked a video Neptune and Noire work at Burger King
It's a definite risk. Ian Davidson may be sleeping in the commercial waste skip behind Burger King by now...
Y'all don't let Nicki vs Remy beef fool you... It's a distraction created by Burger King so they can change the Popeyes menu.
Burger King will expose the DOG'smith in you with this bottom less ish of theirs...
I wish Burger King had all day breakfast so I can get French toast sticks and tater tot rounds whenever I want 😭😭
Would sell my left leg for an encore of the chicken nugget French fry meal I just crushed from Burger King
Since I love Popeyes and hate Burger King, I decided to have some for lunch to remember the good times JIC the King ruins Popeyes somehow.
domain names
Major upheavels today! Magic cleaning house with Lakers? *** no! Burger King is taking over Popeyes! Nothing good can com…
*** is jack in the box still making French toast sticks? Or was that Burger King?
Burger King & apple pies from KFC sounds good asf rn 😩😩
Freddy really said said Burger King is good. I'm bout to pull up and empty the clip on marshalls right quick.
Absolutely disgusted by McDonald's and Burger King my money will now solely be for keep up the good work
Burger King buys Popeye's, the Fast-food universe hasn't imploded yet. So far, so good.
Popeyes-Burger King merger is good news for shareholders, bad news for everyone else.
Burger King bought Popeyes... will they start severing Popeyes at Burger King 🍗 😋
Smh the Owner of Burger King bought Popeyes for $1.8 Billion. He could have just got the 3 piece combo for $7.19, what a…
Burger King acquires Popeyes for Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, and a draft pick. . Popeyes CEO Vlade Divac said it was the best…
burger king is the AIDS of fast food.
O no what if Burger King messes with Popeyes chicken or biscuits😔
Burger King owner to buy Popeye's for $1.8B via
I don't think anybody really realizes how HURT I am that Burger King bought Popeyes.
The owner of Burger King just bought Popeyes?
Burger King about to ruin Popeyes, Church's still don't season their chicken this is terrible
The key to success from Burger King's purchase of Popeyes is that they change absolutely nothing.
yeah cause Burger King pass trash its the dumpster
Burger King can't even make a good chicken sandwich . . how they gonna fry some chicken wings? 😑
Burger King the same restaurant that started randomly selling hot dogs so Im not so sure I want them managing Popeyes aka the L…
Popeyes acquired by Burger King, Tim Hortons parent company
Hilltop Mall so bad Mcdonalds and Burger King had no choice but to dip 😂
Burger King owner will buy Popeyes chain for $1.8 billion
If Burger King changes anything about Popeyes I will riot in the streets.
Burger King just bought the Popeyes franchise and I blame white supremacy
how do you feel about Burger King buying popeyes
Burger King buying Popeyes is the most *** backwards, disrespectful thing I've EVER heard in my life
Me trying to figure out why Popeye's would sell out to Burger King of all places. Like, wyd??
I wouldn't eat Burger King if you paid me.
Sneak peek at Popeye's new spicy chicken recipe, courtesy of Burger King:
Burger King is bout to ruin Popeye's delicious *** Cajun fries. Burger King's fries are dry asf & they put one piec…
Burger King better eat it's spinach
Restaurant Brands, owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons will buy Popeyes:
The owner of Burger King is buying Popeyes for $1.8 billion
Burger King buying Popeyes is a threat to national security.
When Burger King decided to buy out Popeyes
If Burger King change anything about the way Popeyes chicken is cooked, we snuffing the CEO.
Burger King bought Popeyes for 1.8 billion dollars. It's the beginning of the end
I can see Burger King using black dye on the at Popeyes chicken for Halloween and I'm furious already
When my sister told me Burger King bought Popeyes
Burger King gonna have Popeyes out here selling corndogs. I'm sick.
Hey Wendy's!, Frosty the Snowman is attacking Burger King! You will _
The owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons restaurants has purchased Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.
Popeyes to Be Bought by Owners of Burger King and Tim Hortons via
Restaurant Brands, the owner of Burger King and Tim Hortons, said it would buy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for about…
Popeyes is set to join the Burger King, Tim Hortons family.
Company that owns Burger King and Tim Hortons wants to gobble up the Popeyes fried chicken chain for $1.8B
Burger King gobbles up the Popeyes chicken chain (AP photo)
Burger King parent company to buy Popeyes for $1.8B | |
The corporate entity behind Burger King and Tim Hortons is acquiring Popeyes for $1.8 billion
Burger King, Tim Hortons parent to buy Popeyes for $1.8B:
Restaurant Brands Inter. , the Canada-based parent of Tim Hortons and Burger King, will pay $1.8 billion to buy Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
BREAKING: Burger King owner is purchasing Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. for $1.8 Billion, or $79.00 per share.
NEW: The parent company of Burger King and Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop is buying Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen for...
Went to Burger King in Kobe, Japan. This was discounted to ¥250. Double cheese type. Nice but wish the burgers were…
1) Burger King employee Raymond Martin who work at Oregon City BK came to my store after he got off work, wearing his BK uniform
Looking up flights and if there is a long(ish) layover in an airport...always check if there is a Burger King
Burger King offered a "Windows 7 Promotional Whopper" in Japan in 2009. It was a 7 patty hamburger.
There is no Wendy's where I am at college only McDonalds and Burger King. What should I do?
Burger King launched two black burgers in Japan called, Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl that feature black buns, black cheese, and squid ink bl…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I wouldn't quit dancing, I wouldn't ever quit gymnastics because my uncle asked if I thought Burger King would help me look like other girls
Fired for taking $0.50 worth of food, Burger King cook wins $46,000 in damages
20170215: Jesse Johnston: Vancouver Burger King cook, fired for taking food after 24 years service, is awarded $46K…
Daily reminder that we elected a large order of Burger King onion rings to be President of the United States.
Israel becoming the next Japan. Burger King offers up Adults Meal featuring 'Adult Toy' for Valentine's Day
I brought Burger King onto my plane to Japan 😭 so much shame
Burger King sellin sex toys for VDay lol
Burger King is giving away sex toys in 'adult meals' for Valentine's Day
Burger King gives away sex toys in 'adult meals' via Heard it ALL now 😁😁
Burger King offers ‘adult meal’ with a free adult toy for Valentine’s Day
Burger King is offering an 'adult' meal for Valentine’s Day and it comes with a 'toy' inside
Eating Burger King fries as I scroll through couple pics on insta this Valentine's Day and not even sad cause burger king fries lol
Burger King is giving away Adult Toys with their Adult Meal.
Burger King offering sex toys in combo meal for
hippos out run humans for Burger King adult toys
I honestly thought this was an early April Fool's kinda thing. But as for the "adult toy?" Uh... a Tingler, a...
Burger King is giving out 'adult toys' for Valentine's Day
Entertainment News: It's not a whopper: Burger King Israel to sell adult-only meal with adult toy for Valentine...
I enjoy a meal from Burger King here in the U.S. but this one from Japan doesn't look too tasty...
Charles Oakley once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and they got him one.
I've said it before, you're hilarious - quit your job at Burger King and go on tour
It's been hard work staying this fat, I owe it all to the couch and to his royal highness the Burger King 👑
Robert Downey Jr. turned away from a life of drugs because of the nasty taste of a Burger King burger.
We're craving for onion ring fries 🍟🍔 (@ Burger King in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
when you pay for 12 chicken wings and get 13 instead. This is why I love Burger King
Burger King chicken nugget in Goldsboro N. C... *** is this in the MIDDLE of my kids nugget??
Those 10 chicken nuggets from Burger King for $1.99 are actually pretty decent. (Sadly, now everyone knows what I had for lunch)
I basically gave my diet a big F you with that Burger King strawberry milkshake and barbecue chicken fries...
Burger King sells their chicken nuggets 10 for like 1.50 and y'all still eat them... y'all eating raccoon meat.
Obsessed with chicken nuggets from Burger King
This is serious, guys. One time I got a croissanwich at Burger King & it turned me into a hardcore monarchist for almost 3…
Trump is getting way fat. Is there a KFC & Burger King in the White House? Proper response: head butt or full open mouth…
This might be a great fit for you: Fast Food Attendant ( Burger King -3rd Shift) - OH
im sitting in a Burger King in Earl's Court on my own eating a cheeseburger and I didn't picture my early 20s to be spent this way
Report: Jared Sullinger sent down to D-League after skipping practice to go to Burger King. (via
Tracy is bringing me a chocolate milkshake from Burger King and I'm excited
*** you jus said you'll eat Burger King lmfao. Fake *** food.
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru –
Burger King employees arrested for selling weed to customers who used a secret code. .
was kind enough to give me a straw to my Burger King 😭🙏🏻
Burger King employees allegedly sold pot to customers who asked for ‘fries extra crispy’ via
A Burger King was allegedly selling weed to customers who asked for "extra crispy fries":
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru
Didn't they steal this idea from Tenacious D's "Pick of Destiny"?.
Drugs sold at Burger King drive-through with code 'fries extra crispy,' police say
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru -
I hope you get your degree, and end up working at Burger King.
I can't even get hot chicken fries at my Burger King.
*at Burger King*. Let me get those fries...extra crispy
Burger King employees arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to customers.
Burger King is so 🚮 Idk how they're still in business.
"I might be on a Burger King ad in Peru.. But I'm not sure "
Burger King workers arrested after selling cannabis to drive-thru customers.
OBV the big sweaty whopper munching a burger king would squeeze his *** into the half a seat thats left beside me on this train
Now where is his burger king located 🤔
Burger King workers arrested for selling cannabis to drive-thru customers using the code 'extra crispy fries'
I would never take my girl to Taco Bell or Burger King 😂 unless she wanted that
BMFAO they was trapping outta da Burger King drive thru 😭
Selling burger king food is the real crime.
I've been going to the wrong Burger King..
Burger King employees in New Hampshire accused of selling marijuana to customers ordering ‘fries extra crispy’
Just because Burger King advertise the Wopper more than the double one, doesn't mean they dropped the ball on it.
I'm at Burger King, what should I get?
why is McDonald's Dairy Queen and Burger King recommend to follow on your profile
what is better McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen or Burger Vill?
Happiness is when ur little brother brings u Burger King ❤
the closest Arby's is a hour away but I have a McDonald, Burger King, and Dairy Queen in town.. what do I do?
am i the only one who doesnt like when the Dairy Queen and Burger King have a son.
Joseph just told me he doesn't like Dairy Queen or Burger King and now I'm trying to figure out how I've dated him for so long.
Comparing to McDonald's is silly. More comparable to Dairy Queen or Burger King. Still confused on which is better.
if Dairy Queen and Burger King had a baby who would it be?
Why should I eat at Wendy's and not at Dairy Queen, McDonalds, or Burger King?
roast me before I buy everything from. Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Arby's, and Burger King.
How did Burger King get Dairy Queen Pregnant? . He forgot to wrap his whopper!
I'll be your Dairy Queen and you'll be my Burger King 👑
22 West Road. Thats the road between the Med Sci building and Burger King
12 days... ;) You be my Burger King, I’ll be your Dairy Queen: You treat me right, and I’ll do it your way. lol
7. When I asked folks where there’d be if not here, common answer was that they’d go to Burger King or Macdonald’s until mgm’t kicked em out
we dipped to alan apt behind Burger King
everyone come to alan behind Burger King !
I feel like Burger King is that skater guy in high school that only wears band merch and drinks Mountain Dew 2 liters for breakfast.
Dairy Queen and Burger King are the Monarchy of the Bovine universe.
So just ordered an Uber so we can go through the Burger King drive thru
Stephen Curry and his dad Dell Curry in a vintage Burger King commercial... Lenny Carlos
I know 😭😭 then I had a Burger King at the services ki 😭😭😂
you jest but the Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries Bowl has a lot of history
You know you have a problem of the lady in the Burger King drive through recognizes you.
personally offended by everything Burger King has to offer
CEO of Burger King called me & he assured me that cooks & register workers won’t be outsourced to India. I saved 5000…
Bulletproof glass at burger king on candler road?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
My *** got to Burger King asking for a jr bacon cheeseburger 😭😭 just dumb smh
I just spent 20 minutes at the store choosing the best food with only organic ingredients for my dog, then took my kids t…
The new Burger King on Candler Road in Atlanta has bulletproof windows. 😳😳
McDonald's face with a Burger King booty and Dairy Queen ***
I thought maybe Hamilton was the Burger King
Hamilton would never support a monarchy as egregious as Burger King
I'm way more accomplished. I mean, did Hamilton ever do a series of Burger King commercials? ...Exactly.
stop trying to convince yourself you love Cumberland. Make sure you don't have a Burger King or kebab tonight 🙄
What if Linus were like, a groomer at Burger King
Couldn't find any place open to get a good Christmas burrito.. so I had to settle for Christmas Burger King. 😑🍟🍔
I'm craving for burgers at the Burger King near SPED. 😭
I loved dokapon Kingdom, I literally just think they and NIS hire actors from Burger King community theatre
I just saw Burger King on west Florissant open
fact check: shock g got busy in a Burger King bathroom long before george Michael
Burger King looking like the first day when it opened
I feel like getting Burger King delivered to my house today x3
Just woken up from a dream. I was in the que for a Burger King 🍔 I got to the end and got distracted and someone stole it!!!…
I'm going 2 Burger King & Im not wearing socks.If the zombie apacolypse starts I'll be very upset cuz I'll be at Burger King & have no socks
Dropped my son off to work. We had Burger King for lunch and listened to Hamilton before he left. I'm a proud mama…
Go to the one across the street from H&M it's near Burger King
Line at McDonalds was 15+ minutes long and stretching into the street, Burger King screw up my order
We are at an Indian restaurant that is attached to a Clarion Inn by the highway. I am sadly looking at the Burger King across the street...
it ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string at Burger King!
Dad's in this Burger King on the island are bonding over how long they've each been out of prison.🙄
Order from any restaurant in Kingston including fast food restaurants - Get food from KFC, Burger King, Island...
After the march, Amy Schumer will lead the group to a local Burger King to chow down on some Whoppers and fries.
This is a weird one from Burger King.
Crazy Ronald McDonald just killed Burger King at Popeye's, over that chick Wendy, he wouldn't Checker. the funeral tomorrow at Churches.
"When Ronald McDonald came out of the bathroom so did the Burger King." - Lee Hanvey Bosmo
Y'all deadass eat pancakes from Burger King? I guess y'all eat *** too.
Burger King on East Liberty Street in York was robbed early yesterday morning. Expecting details from police soon.
Burger King shareholders crapping themselves today. $2 Whoppers for everyone! And in other new, world champion Parker!!
The cashier at Burger King just tried to charge me 79 cents for a slice of cheese on a *** one dollar breakfast sandwich. I think not.
I love Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County, and I also love Burger King, even though/because my first job was at...
Visited lowery shopping centre Manchester yesterday how disappointing place was empty had Burger King was not nice also charge for parking
future Burger King employee of the month award recipient.
Burger King on Beasley Rd is NOW HIRING for evening shift!! Come fill out your application today before 9:00pm!!
Just made a four-item order at Burger King for under eight dollars. I am the Billy Beane of fast food ordering.
Your mama miss you all ❤️ @ Burger King, Petronas Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro recreate classic scene twelve years on for Burger King
Stars of Napoleon Dynamite reunite for a Burger King cheesy tots commercial: Cheesy Tots are available now for a…
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back! But this time it's for Burger King...
Still mad at the people who thought Clarion county needed another Burger King instead of KFC
Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite in Burger King's new commercial
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back…for Burger King, that is
'Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro have reunited for this hilarious Burger King...'
Burger King has a new ad with Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sánchez. I can't remember the last time I craved BK as mu…
Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for new Burger King ad
Not a single King Steer burger is R100 when it's just the burger only. Conge lane le mashano HNM
Tb with my big head ! the day you lost your purse at burger 🍔 king 👑
Asking Dr Oz to verify your health is like asking the cashier at Burger King to knight you.
I'm tired of this gah *** Burger King commercial with those twins
Imagine getting excited that a Burger King has opened in the strand its gross 😖😖
Edward: "If she dies, you get what you've always wanted.". A Burger King Whopper?
All I wanted was chicken nuggets from Burger King and u wouldn't answer like a snake.
When it's late & local stuff is closed but you're hungry so you're like, "Let's see what Burger King sells in this…
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