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Burger King

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is a global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants headquartered in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.

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Went to Burger King in Kobe, Japan. This was discounted to ¥250. Double cheese type. Nice but wish the burgers were…
1) Burger King employee Raymond Martin who work at Oregon City BK came to my store after he got off work, wearing his BK uniform
Looking up flights and if there is a long(ish) layover in an airport...always check if there is a Burger King
Burger King offered a "Windows 7 Promotional Whopper" in Japan in 2009. It was a 7 patty hamburger.
There is no Wendy's where I am at college only McDonalds and Burger King. What should I do?
Burger King launched two black burgers in Japan called, Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl that feature black buns, black cheese, and squid ink bl…
I wouldn't quit dancing, I wouldn't ever quit gymnastics because my uncle asked if I thought Burger King would help me look like other girls
20170215: Jesse Johnston: Vancouver Burger King cook, fired for taking food after 24 years service, is awarded $46K…
Daily reminder that we elected a large order of Burger King onion rings to be President of the United States.
Israel becoming the next Japan. Burger King offers up Adults Meal featuring 'Adult Toy' for Valentine's Day
I brought Burger King onto my plane to Japan 😭 so much shame
Burger King sellin sex toys for VDay lol
Burger King is giving away sex toys in 'adult meals' for Valentine's Day
Burger King gives away sex toys in 'adult meals' via Heard it ALL now 😁😁
Burger King offers ‘adult meal’ with a free adult toy for Valentine’s Day
Burger King is offering an 'adult' meal for Valentine’s Day and it comes with a 'toy' inside
Eating Burger King fries as I scroll through couple pics on insta this Valentine's Day and not even sad cause burger king fries lol
Burger King is giving away Adult Toys with their Adult Meal.
Burger King offering sex toys in combo meal for
hippos out run humans for Burger King adult toys
I honestly thought this was an early April Fool's kinda thing. But as for the "adult toy?" Uh... a Tingler, a...
Burger King is giving out 'adult toys' for Valentine's Day
Entertainment News: It's not a whopper: Burger King Israel to sell adult-only meal with adult toy for Valentine...
I enjoy a meal from Burger King here in the U.S. but this one from Japan doesn't look too tasty...
Charles Oakley once ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and they got him one.
I've said it before, you're hilarious - quit your job at Burger King and go on tour
It's been hard work staying this fat, I owe it all to the couch and to his royal highness the Burger King 👑
Robert Downey Jr. turned away from a life of drugs because of the nasty taste of a Burger King burger.
We're craving for onion ring fries 🍟🍔 (@ Burger King in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
when you pay for 12 chicken wings and get 13 instead. This is why I love Burger King
Burger King chicken nugget in Goldsboro N. C... *** is this in the MIDDLE of my kids nugget?? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Those 10 chicken nuggets from Burger King for $1.99 are actually pretty decent. (Sadly, now everyone knows what I had for lunch)
I basically gave my diet a big F you with that Burger King strawberry milkshake and barbecue chicken fries...
Burger King sells their chicken nuggets 10 for like 1.50 and y'all still eat them... y'all eating raccoon meat.
Obsessed with chicken nuggets from Burger King
This is serious, guys. One time I got a croissanwich at Burger King & it turned me into a hardcore monarchist for almost 3…
Trump is getting way fat. Is there a KFC & Burger King in the White House? Proper response: head butt or full open mouth…
This might be a great fit for you: Fast Food Attendant ( Burger King -3rd Shift) - OH
im sitting in a Burger King in Earl's Court on my own eating a cheeseburger and I didn't picture my early 20s to be spent this way
Report: Jared Sullinger sent down to D-League after skipping practice to go to Burger King. (via
Tracy is bringing me a chocolate milkshake from Burger King and I'm excited
*** you jus said you'll eat Burger King lmfao. Fake *** food.
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru –
Burger King employees arrested for selling weed to customers who used a secret code. .
was kind enough to give me a straw to my Burger King 😭🙏🏻
Burger King employees allegedly sold pot to customers who asked for ‘fries extra crispy’ via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A Burger King was allegedly selling weed to customers who asked for "extra crispy fries":
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru
Didn't they steal this idea from Tenacious D's "Pick of Destiny"?.
Drugs sold at Burger King drive-through with code 'fries extra crispy,' police say
Burger King workers sold marijuana at drive-thru -
I hope you get your degree, and end up working at Burger King.
I can't even get hot chicken fries at my Burger King.
*at Burger King*. Let me get those fries...extra crispy
Burger King employees arrested for allegedly selling marijuana to customers.
Burger King is so 🚮 Idk how they're still in business.
"I might be on a Burger King ad in Peru.. But I'm not sure "
Burger King workers arrested after selling cannabis to drive-thru customers.
OBV the big sweaty whopper munching a burger king would squeeze his *** into the half a seat thats left beside me on this train
Now where is his burger king located 🤔
Burger King workers arrested for selling cannabis to drive-thru customers using the code 'extra crispy fries'
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I would never take my girl to Taco Bell or Burger King 😂 unless she wanted that
BMFAO they was trapping outta da Burger King drive thru 😭
Selling burger king food is the real crime.
I've been going to the wrong Burger King..
Burger King employees in New Hampshire accused of selling marijuana to customers ordering ‘fries extra crispy’
Just because Burger King advertise the Wopper more than the double one, doesn't mean they dropped the ball on it.
I'm at Burger King, what should I get?
why is McDonald's Dairy Queen and Burger King recommend to follow on your profile
what is better McDonalds, Burger King, Dairy Queen or Burger Vill?
Happiness is when ur little brother brings u Burger King ❤
the closest Arby's is a hour away but I have a McDonald, Burger King, and Dairy Queen in town.. what do I do?
am i the only one who doesnt like when the Dairy Queen and Burger King have a son.
Joseph just told me he doesn't like Dairy Queen or Burger King and now I'm trying to figure out how I've dated him for so long.
Comparing to McDonald's is silly. More comparable to Dairy Queen or Burger King. Still confused on which is better.
if Dairy Queen and Burger King had a baby who would it be?
Why should I eat at Wendy's and not at Dairy Queen, McDonalds, or Burger King?
roast me before I buy everything from. Dairy Queen, McDonald's, Arby's, and Burger King.
How did Burger King get Dairy Queen Pregnant? . He forgot to wrap his whopper!
I'll be your Dairy Queen and you'll be my Burger King 👑
22 West Road. Thats the road between the Med Sci building and Burger King
12 days... ;) You be my Burger King, I’ll be your Dairy Queen: You treat me right, and I’ll do it your way. lol
7. When I asked folks where there’d be if not here, common answer was that they’d go to Burger King or Macdonald’s until mgm’t kicked em out
we dipped to alan apt behind Burger King
everyone come to alan behind Burger King !
I feel like Burger King is that skater guy in high school that only wears band merch and drinks Mountain Dew 2 liters for breakfast.
Dairy Queen and Burger King are the Monarchy of the Bovine universe.
So just ordered an Uber so we can go through the Burger King drive thru
Stephen Curry and his dad Dell Curry in a vintage Burger King commercial... Lenny Carlos
I know 😭😭 then I had a Burger King at the services ki 😭😭😂
you jest but the Burger King Cheetos Chicken Fries Bowl has a lot of history
Electronic Device Insurance
You know you have a problem of the lady in the Burger King drive through recognizes you.
personally offended by everything Burger King has to offer
CEO of Burger King called me & he assured me that cooks & register workers won’t be outsourced to India. I saved 5000…
Bulletproof glass at burger king on candler road?
My *** got to Burger King asking for a jr bacon cheeseburger 😭😭 just dumb smh
I just spent 20 minutes at the store choosing the best food with only organic ingredients for my dog, then took my kids t…
The new Burger King on Candler Road in Atlanta has bulletproof windows. 😳😳
McDonald's face with a Burger King booty and Dairy Queen ***
I thought maybe Hamilton was the Burger King
Hamilton would never support a monarchy as egregious as Burger King
I'm way more accomplished. I mean, did Hamilton ever do a series of Burger King commercials? ...Exactly.
stop trying to convince yourself you love Cumberland. Make sure you don't have a Burger King or kebab tonight 🙄
What if Linus were like, a groomer at Burger King
Couldn't find any place open to get a good Christmas burrito.. so I had to settle for Christmas Burger King. 😑🍟🍔
I'm craving for burgers at the Burger King near SPED. 😭
I loved dokapon Kingdom, I literally just think they and NIS hire actors from Burger King community theatre
I just saw Burger King on west Florissant open
fact check: shock g got busy in a Burger King bathroom long before george Michael
Burger King looking like the first day when it opened
I feel like getting Burger King delivered to my house today x3
Just woken up from a dream. I was in the que for a Burger King 🍔 I got to the end and got distracted and someone stole it!!!…
I'm going 2 Burger King & Im not wearing socks.If the zombie apacolypse starts I'll be very upset cuz I'll be at Burger King & have no socks
Dropped my son off to work. We had Burger King for lunch and listened to Hamilton before he left. I'm a proud mama…
Go to the one across the street from H&M it's near Burger King
Line at McDonalds was 15+ minutes long and stretching into the street, Burger King screw up my order
We are at an Indian restaurant that is attached to a Clarion Inn by the highway. I am sadly looking at the Burger King across the street...
it ain't no thing but a chicken wing on a string at Burger King!
Dad's in this Burger King on the island are bonding over how long they've each been out of prison.🙄
Order from any restaurant in Kingston including fast food restaurants - Get food from KFC, Burger King, Island...
After the march, Amy Schumer will lead the group to a local Burger King to chow down on some Whoppers and fries.
domain names
This is a weird one from Burger King.
Crazy Ronald McDonald just killed Burger King at Popeye's, over that chick Wendy, he wouldn't Checker. the funeral tomorrow at Churches.
"When Ronald McDonald came out of the bathroom so did the Burger King." - Lee Hanvey Bosmo
Y'all deadass eat pancakes from Burger King? I guess y'all eat *** too.
Burger King on East Liberty Street in York was robbed early yesterday morning. Expecting details from police soon.
Burger King shareholders crapping themselves today. $2 Whoppers for everyone! And in other new, world champion Parker!!
The cashier at Burger King just tried to charge me 79 cents for a slice of cheese on a *** one dollar breakfast sandwich. I think not.
I love Berkeley Breathed's Bloom County, and I also love Burger King, even though/because my first job was at...
Visited lowery shopping centre Manchester yesterday how disappointing place was empty had Burger King was not nice also charge for parking
future Burger King employee of the month award recipient.
Burger King on Beasley Rd is NOW HIRING for evening shift!! Come fill out your application today before 9:00pm!!
Just made a four-item order at Burger King for under eight dollars. I am the Billy Beane of fast food ordering.
Your mama miss you all ❤️ @ Burger King, Petronas Jalan Tun Abdul Razak
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro recreate classic scene twelve years on for Burger King
Stars of Napoleon Dynamite reunite for a Burger King cheesy tots commercial: Cheesy Tots are available now for a…
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back! But this time it's for Burger King...
Still mad at the people who thought Clarion county needed another Burger King instead of KFC
Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite in Burger King's new commercial
Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro are back…for Burger King, that is
'Napoleon Dynamite and his buddy Pedro have reunited for this hilarious Burger King...'
Burger King has a new ad with Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sánchez. I can't remember the last time I craved BK as mu…
Watch Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro reunite for new Burger King ad
Not a single King Steer burger is R100 when it's just the burger only. Conge lane le mashano HNM
Tb with my big head ! the day you lost your purse at burger 🍔 king 👑
Asking Dr Oz to verify your health is like asking the cashier at Burger King to knight you.
I'm tired of this gah *** Burger King commercial with those twins
Imagine getting excited that a Burger King has opened in the strand its gross 😖😖
Edward: "If she dies, you get what you've always wanted.". A Burger King Whopper?
All I wanted was chicken nuggets from Burger King and u wouldn't answer like a snake.
When it's late & local stuff is closed but you're hungry so you're like, "Let's see what Burger King sells in this…
I would like to vote for the Burger King
I want chicken wings and fries w a burger king frappe today for lunch 😂
Ready to get pancakes from burger king in the a.m. before class 😌😌😌👏
I added a video to a playlist POKEMON BURGER KING TOYS (1999)
It's French Toast Sticks are the perfect way to celebrate on-the-go.
the guy going on a diet? Thought he'd passing McDonald's burger king and KFC on the way
yes and BB King is named for the new droid and the burger chain?
Accused? He killed the people, then ate burger king via the police.
Church ladies glared as I walked past them by at burger king after dinner w/ my priest-friend. Possessive mudras of their priest-son. 😕
Garrett and I just saw hunter at burger king's
you about 140 lbs of working at Burger King for the rest of yo life
when the only food options are a Burger King with a 15 minute wait and a $14 stale bagle outlet it's a legitimate question
Ima respect Burger King. But no to Carl's junior.
I think Carl's Jr. or even Burger King has better fries 😭
Riddle: What do you get when a doctor tells you to avoid eating...Burger King?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Burger king got me feeling like I need to smoke 10 blunts after closing
I would literally wear a crown and make people call me Burger King
I'm thinking Burger King idk who else has French toast
which brings to mind Bacon Burger ... I think I'll rush myself to Makati Med tomorrow and get in line at the Burger King :)
Eating at Burger King for the first time ever
"One time my boyfriend tried to buy me Burger King chicken nuggets so I broke up with him, then he got me real ones so we got back together"
I didn't know Burger King had veggie burgers, 3/10 would eat on tour all the time
By Bryan Chavez If you love a bargain breakfast, head to Burger King. For a limited time, the fast-food chain is...
nooo the one across the street from the Burger King and 711
yesterday me and lilly bought $1 chicken nuggets from Burger King and then ended up throwing up on the side of the 347 so yeah
Matt suggesting Burger King for dinner but tells me he won't let me gain relationship weight 🙄
How many people believe 89 cent Burger King pancakes were left over from the Jim Jones cult?
Aye cool it we don't claim Burger King
I would give you advice but on my first date with I took her to Burger King and used coupons
My First Job with Carla Lemons: From Burger King to culinary lab technician at FCC - Frederick News Post…
I forgot to ask Ryan and the kids to pick me up a McDonald's and didn't manage to get myself a Burger King in town... Now eating toast 😭😭😭
GIRL Lenny's, Red Robin, smash burger, and Burger King (but that ones not good) have veggie burgers. I love l…
Someone wanna love me and get me Burger King? I think I could die right now. Lmao
Burger King in chhatrapati shivaji Terminal Airport - King that would enable it to ...
What is Burger King? Didn't they die with Western Sizzler
When I die, bury me in Burger King's onion rings
I'm gonna die in this Burger King line
Burger King got da pancakes for 89 cent 😭💪🏾
ObamaCare has the reliability of the Icee Machine at Burger King. 'Sorry, it's not working right now'
I was so excited to try the James Martin Restaurant in Manc Piccadilly; disappointingly naff - wish I'd had Burger King!
Burger King is straight wilding out here 😂
Please head down to 111th & Kedzie to show support for Cops are mad deep & kicked family out of Burger King where…
So you work at Burger King now and Diana suddenly forgot English. Idk what's happening today.
Cussin' down Burger King. They is racist cuz they don' sell rice 'n' peas. Brap!
You know you're a *** when your whole train has a Burger King but you're eating from a responsibly sourced brown rice sushi box.
imagine slating somebody for working at Burger King when ya work at primark NO WAY
BREAKING: Burger King trades star cook Mark Sanchez to Taco Bell for cashier Vince Young and the rights to Tim Tebow a…
Block & Co. Arranges Sale of 1.1-Acre Pad Site to Burger King at The Plaza at the Speedway in Kansas Ci...
Richard Speight, Jr. just walked past me while wearing what looked like a Burger King crown.
Dearborn has some Middle Eastern restaurants. Still mostly Burger King and Ford Auto. Rumors are false!
A Burger King dressed up as McDonald's for Halloween
Block & Company brings Burger King to Plaza at the Speedway Development in Kansas City, KS
A Burger King in Rego Park is dressing as a McDonalds & a bar in Astoria is dressed as Moe's Tavern. Two's a trend?
Burger King have won Halloween, they dressed their store up as McDonalds 😂😂
A Burger King in Queens is dressing up as a McDonald's for Halloween
Dylan Roof killed 9 people and got Burger King. Adam Lanza killed 24 children, he got taken alive.
Not surprised. Didn't they also order in Burger King for white terrorist Dylan Roof?
Bex and Stacey join druid animal rights protesters picketing a Burger King poster in Peckham, and Lauren hides in Whitney's nose
Do you ever wake up in the morning take a deep breath and realise you work in Burger King?
you no Dylan Roof was not only taken alive but treated 2 Burger King
Peak how the only Burger King in Sheffield city centre is at the station and they don't accept vouchers 😭
Hard drugs available in Piccadilly Gardens and mass brawls outside the Burger King.
just passing, back home now. It's all change in SE9. Burger King, Kaspas and an American Diner on the high…
My girl Tracy came thru with this Burger King 😩🙌🏾
This clown uprising was brought upon us by the Burger King and Colonel Sanders to weaken Ronald McDonald's hold on this country
If you're wondering my current mental state, I picked Burger King for a bathroom break because of that line in the Humpty Dance.
Glad to see Billy Bush scratching his unemployed rear end on the street corner. Maybe he can get a job at Burger King.
Crushing Youtube tries to kill 6 am in Burger King. Paula Dean reporting for 10 TV News.
seeing this made me think of Dane cook, the Burger King, from the early 2000s.
I like the original chicken sandwich from Burger King
Linda disappointed that I didn't get my nugs at Burger King with my 5 for 4 ☹️
You're a burnt lobster who sneaks out of the house to go to Burger King
Forget about the Presidency for a moment. Donald Trump's behavior right now would get him fired from Burger King.
Paul Rudd and Richard Ayoade at the Burger King sauna in Helsinki, as seen on Channel 4 last night...
Apple's new iMessage store, brands from Burger King to Betty Boop want in on your texts -
Some guy in the Burger King drive thru just honked and whistled after getting his food just to ask for the girls number. Go home, you animal
IDK what's worse...Mary J's stylist combing her hair to look like Foghorn Leghorn then singing about Burger King chicken...or.
Pastor Alex: Why were you late to Sunday School? . Derek: I was at Burger King
we were passing sum random *** PA lake on this train & the Burger King guy goes "is this where they were gonna put the Statue of Liberty?"
I'm doing American Sign Language in Burger King for no reason
Val: Britt we're gonna start a diet you wanna join?. Me: yes. Val: cool. Val: *eats Burger King*
responding to the Burger King on Garden City for a male who threw his burger back into the drive-thru window at…
my point is that the ones who work there will be without income. Burning the Burger King justifies nothing in my death.
On my way! With Mary Kate and Ashley DVDs and Burger King
Everyone hit up Burger King tomorrow at the bone from 5-8:30pm & watch this hottie flip burgers on her first day💘 https…
Ok but why is OB getting a second Burger King and not a second Chick-fil-A???
Packers Vikings. What a rivalry this is. It's like McDonald's facing off against Burger King. Big Macs vs Whoppers. It's t…
"Needless to say I won't be coming back to this Burger King" "I mean I will but I won't be happy" Im dying 😂😂😭💀
Are you not aware of the DC sniper Lee Boyd Malvo (2002)? Consistency minus Burger King.
My 7th grade Literature teacher referred to her left leg as Dairy Queen and right leg as Burger King.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Are Dairy Queen and Burger King married? — no bc I'm the Dairy Queen and I hate men
So Dairy Queen used to be known as Milk Princess before her marriage to Burger King
Like Dairy Queen or Burger King chicken fingers oml
They had What-A-Burger in Dallas in the '80s? Man, we only had McD's, Burger King, and Dairy Queen here in the '80s.
I'm just a Burger King looking for a Dairy Queen
Someone needs to stop Burger King right now.
I'm just a Burger King looking for my Dairy Queen. 💪🔥
"Im just a Burger King searching for a Dairy Queen"
Where else would the Dairy Queen and Burger King live?
There's a white man in here randomly singing about chicken fries. I am not at Burger King. 😂
Burger King now has Cheetos chicken fries. Enough is enough already.
Burger King coming out with Cheeto's chicken fries that's brazy lol
Went to a Burger King in Lahore. Did not see my leader Imran Khan there. False advertising.
There's Burger King & Dairy Queen. Then theres McDonalds with his clown *** hanging out wondering who he can bang. Wendys? Jack in the Box?
I'll be ur Dairy Queen if u will be my Burger King
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
*** is with Naseem Hamed??? Looks more like the Burger King than Prince Naseem!
😂😂😂😂 don't do my baby take her to Burger King and Dairy Queen lol
Tonight on Nightwatch: Burger King and Dairy Queen meat each other.
There's a: kfc, mc Donald's, Burger King, Starbucks and Dunkin donuts in Barcelona.. So me and will be okay next week 😂🇪🇸💛
It's like I'm the only person in this Burger King that knows all the words to 'Rump Shaker'.. 🎶Check Baby, Check Baby 1…
Have you ever had a veggie burger from Burger King? There's a reason you haven't.
Fast food restaurants I never eat at:. Arby's. Jack in the Box. Burger King. Zaxby's. Hardy's. Taco Bell. Captain D's
Love how Zenit St Petersburg rejected the naming rights offer from Burger King. These deals should never be an actual thing in football.
Went to Burger King in Burton and Jamie Ward was there eating a whopper, had a chat and it looks like he's joining Burton to…
Burger King closed because of a possible gas leak at Wilson and Fairway in Kitchener, by Fairview Park Mall
I'm just sitting here watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force and eating Burger King, things are starting to look good here...
*** who eat Arby's, Long john silvers, or Burger King by choice CANNOT be trusted
I think it's time to start going to Burger King instead. Hopefully their cups are better 😒
Maintenance - Burger King - Ludlow, MA: Our Maintenance are people who enjoy maintaining th...
More success for Planning permission for Costa and Burger King units in Barry, for   10% Off
Beverly Johnson ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one.
Great place to hang out but no outlets like Chevy chase (@ Burger King) on
Claude Jeoffrey retouching work on a Burger King ad
Tasting McDonald's new 100% Angus beef burger makes me think that McDs has had a secret agent working at the Burger King.
A close friend just said McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Whataburger are better than 🤔
"Burger King admitted they make their burgers out of meat from wild horses."
I couldn't imagine being at a Burger King all day
the move is either Chick fil a , Wendys , Burger King , Americas best wings , or Panda
Dana Moore Karen Reeves. that's the Burger King and turn off to the road I used to live on.
I liked a video from Burger King Whopperrito
Attacking asians for eating dogs & then stopping by Burger King on the way home to get a number 2 is nothing but racism an…
Smithfield police make drug arrest in Burger King parking lot
the whole time I was in Puerto Rico I just ate Burger King and I was g
The neighbor fellow Larry brought over a Whopperito from Burger King. This *** thing has screwed with my digestion something fierce.
I pride myself on being the best looking person at every bus station, Subway or Burger King.
Burger King has a whopper burrito now🤔
I'm not above getting busy in a Burger King bathroom.
absolute scenes btw the fire brigade are away into Burger King on sauchiehall street. reporting live from the scene
LMFAOOO I remember when Spoety face choked me out in Burger King 😭 and I'm screaming for GK and he just looking like *** I told you stop 😭
Saw a midget at Burger King and refrained from asking them if they were the court jester.
Burger King is straight booty I swear
My wife made a cheeseburger birthday cake. Not bad for an amateur! Eat it Burger King and mcdonalds
[at a burger king focus group]. MODERATOR: what do u think of this burger. ME: im lovin it. MODERATOR: [eye twitching] what'd u…
Burger King is the fast food equivalent of Donald Trump.
that reminds me of the Dane Cooke skit with the drive thru at burger king
Playing Adele in the Burger King parking lot on full blast with my dog 😂 my life's complete ❤️
I wish there were a Burger King in New Malden but we only have McD and KFC.
I couldn't tell you the last time I had McDonalds or Burger King. Had B-Bops last night though
Eww guys Burger King is gross anyway 😷😷
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