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Bumpy Johnson

Ellsworth Raymond Bumpy Johnson (October 31, 1905 - July 7, 1968) was an African-American mob boss and bookmaker in New York City's Harlem neighborhood.

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Watching Life on Sky Movies. Classic film. They said Spanky Johnson, they must have been referring to Bumpy Johnson.
Gym flow as soon as Bumpy Johnson gets right.
Having a Lil get together for my Bro n law Dillon bday today Shaville Bumpy Johnson Clarice Grant
Man I just want to say happy birthday to my friend my bro my *** Bumpy Johnson a.k.a big pat say... fam enjoy your day man be thankful for the blessing that the almighty have gave u..and many more my boi..
I collect scabs and super glue them to my Johnson then refer to it as my bumpy Rutherford
I wanna thank all for the support Stephanie Wiencek Grant Jennifer Martinez Quan Mulahh Yana Smith Tisha Smith Sally Anne Senski Oh Soo Breezy Tyree Wavvy West Shai'Reik Bumpy Johnson Tonia Horton Nyirah Chante West Bianca Nicole Horton Banks Da Boss Liya Segars sorry if I left someone out but we all here an we love you brah R.I.P
Reinforced value of aircraft seatbelts and good air NZ pilots and crew on flight from Wellington to Auckland. Just a little bumpy!
Lol shorty tatted my initials on her bumpy Johnson . Mad at you for what ? I'm doing too good
I know that they after me. But i wont let em catch me.
I notice everything . And if u are Bumpy anything Johnson . You are not allowed to hit Le'Weed .
I'm Bumpy Johnson, I stick to the streets, keep my dogs out in front of me. You see what I'm saying? And I push keys wonderfully
Watching one of many of my favorite movies. Hoodlum Johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a drug dealer from the 80's
Stevie J and Benzino looking like Bumpy Johnson and Cab Calloway in that pic. Them *** old.
RIP Paul Castellano, Meyer Lansky, Bumpy Johnson, Al Capone, T-Rogers, Tookie Williams, Carlo Gambino and last but not least John Gotti
Having just been released from jail, Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) returns to his criminal ways as a linchpin in the African-American-run numbers racket. However, Bumpy's longtime friend Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) and girlfriend Francine Hughes (Vanessa Williams) are both eager to get him back on the straight and narrow. But a brewing rivalry with Mafia boss Lucky Luciano (Andy Garcia) and his henchman Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth) threatens to raise the stakes to dangerous new levels. Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Tim Roth, Vanessa Williams, Andy Garcia, Cicely Tyson Director: Bill Duke
Had no idea Hoodlum was not the first time Lawrence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson... Or maybe I just forgot.
Watchin the movie Cotton Club, Bomb! Only seen it half a dozen times. Bumpy Johnson was the man! When Lawrence Fishburne was fine, Lol
To the juvenile thugs running around thinking and pretending that they are” gangsters”…. You should be intelligent enough to look at some REAL GANSTERS and try to act like them. Look at people like Bumpy Johnson and his protégé, Frank Lucas (of for the matter you can even look at the likes of Al Capone). Don’t get me wrong, they did a lot of despicable bad stuff, and they did do harm to the community. But they dressed like men. They did not dress like babies with dodo in their diapers. More important, though, they were not known as much for terrorizing their own community as they were for helping the people in their community. You all running around here thinking that you “the man” because you can shoot somebody or get with some of your juvenile thug comrades and put a complete beating on someone. But you are more like Baby Huey than a man. Baby Huey was the toughest thing in the neighborhood. Nobody could beat him, because he was strong, powerful and able to overwhelm everybody else. ...
"I guess I'm like Bumpy Johnson with a conscience" | CC: bigalharrison
Is a Magic Johnson akin too a Bumpy Johnson?
eww ya face look like a bowl of oatmeal bumpy Johnson
They try to take her n bumpy Johnson out
I'm the Queen and that's my right hand man Bumpy Johnson!
can Thursday hurry and get here already tho?
This my movie... the bul Bumpy Johnson
Minot scores one goal in the period. Jake Johnson dropped the mits with Johnson was only on his feet fo…
strap your seat belt and get ready. Gone be a bumpy ride for y'all with Pack. Never leaves MS.
No woman. Ever Wife Gf mom whoever gone tell me *** i can have if im paying for it. Rns
Im sorry i like expensive things. Im sorry the things i like u dont care about... but im paying for them not u. So y it matter... females
Ppl always point the finger. And never take part of the blame.
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"Michael Vick hands out turkeys to local families who does this guy think he is? Bumpy Johnson?
"I love all my brothers, mike, Marc, montre, Twon, jaygei, rod, Mario, Ryan, j.gulley. All them *** "…
If I told u u ainn mean nothing to me I'd be lying
Momma did everything she could dont blame her if im corrupt
Shoot ya *** with this .22 u wont die till u make it home
"Why were they frying T-Mac like that tho lol he looks like bumpy Johnson
Kartel had to go do small time like bumpy johnson, just to make some people happy.
Last January all the *** was ridin and i was assed out. I refuse for it to be that way this yr
Christmas coming. But i gotta get my own present 1st. 450!
the old 125th st when bumpy Johnson and dr. narcese was mobbin
RIP Bumpy Johnson 😩😫 why would anyone shoot a kid...smh
Check out this song The Emperor, inspired by Alpo, Big Meech, Bob Lemon, Purple City, Willie Hutch, Bumpy Johnson and all the hustlers in the struggle whether on the street grindin' or 9 to 5in', salute this ones for you!
*** hated me when i had the 250. They really gone hate me when i get the 450. Im takin all bets.
Bumping this Bumpy Johnson EP… Prodigy so nice to me, always been
*** brah that's ruff. Every time I see you, you be lookin like Bumpy Johnson.
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Bumpy Johnson was rich not wealthy. Remember that
Bumpy Johnson was rich but he wasn't wealthy money ain't everything ya happier wen ya healthy
"Forget it, Frank. There's nobody in charge." Bumpy Johnson quote, 'American Gangster'.
The female Bumpy Johnson give a hit let me Nestle Crunch ya lol:-)
Idk wth wrong wit these chicks today... What make em think they control sumbody
My new *** AD.. This fool looks like Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson (one of the biggest black gangsters ever) had an extensive library and memorized every book he read
These Niggaz Diccs is Filthy!!!. Knowing this *** BUMPY JOHNSON JR.,. And still gone FUCC... I'LL just keep Beating My Meat.. 200
Maybe fake *** will act real since it's Halloween.
Me and my plug froze after he sent that package I ainn pick up the phone
I jus got a call wanna my dawgs been hating
I only got a couple *** that's gon ride my other *** I can't trustem like that so I keepem at a distance
random fact Laurence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson twice in his career.Once in The Cotton Club and then in Hoodlum
Finally get to see a game but I can't stop watching this Celebrity Crime Files with Bumpy Johnson
dam. Bumpy Johnson was a thug. he was about that life
Bumpy Johnson is the original black godfather of Harlem
Watching the bumpy Johnson crime files
The First Black Don in America. Bumpy Johnson. Feared, respected, and admired
I need a stallion booty big I can see it in the dark
Bruh bruh finna have to break bread
My sis my sis give ya brutha a dollar
Lol u can't do nun without yo right hand Bm
I'm not tryn u lol u ainn gon do nun Monday
Lol her body was hurtin not ger head u ainn tall enough to hit her in the head
Lol kus I ainn know she was gon get there that fast
Lol big girl got cross the court fast af
But ill do what I was gon do Monday
“Wea my sister at”in my bed Finna get in the shower I think
Bumpy Johnson aka Mokgabi Moeletsi had studied music in Lesotho,his home country. They met and became friends with Dee Double.
Boss of all Bosses, by Bumpy Johnson feat B-Will AntHill
Harlem goin hard, get they Bumpy Johnson on.
"You don't got loud bruh lol Bumpy Johnson?"
I only fuk with da best bumpy Johnson ...
in all actuality it did. Hoodlum was based on Bumpy Johnson reign. And American Gangster slid off of that.
Feeling like bumpy Johnson when he got that first million
Bumpy Johnson probably turned over in his grave after Frank Lucas "cut deals" to reduce his 70yr sentence. 🐭🔫
exactly.. Bumpy was his mentor, found it at
My dad was bmf like the black mafia family like bumpy Johnson , mob affiliated I ran from that and ran right back into my calling.
like Bumpy Johnson style LMAO..I wish I was there I would pretend to be homeless in ATL just to be fed from ur hand Nas
Listening to ...Prodigy ...Bumpy Johnson . i only listening to this when am MAD ...MAYBE NOT ..IT ALL DEPEND
“Real gangstas Dont see 25 what I was told .. " bumpy Johnson seen 25 . Lucky Luciano seen 25…
Jeffrey Wright is a bad dude...Casper Holstein, W.E.B. duBois, Marcus Garvey, Alaine Locke, Bumpy Johnson all in one dude, with the inherent paradoxes they would have to share? Other than Don Cheadle is there an better actor of this generation? I think not.'What shall we do Mr. White, what shall we do?
Let me see, where do I want to venture at now, I need something to neutralize this Gangster ish, I'm off to the 1700's. Wild Wild West might as well go knock off some Rich White land Barons, Isom Dart "DARK REIGN". LOL, In Hollyhood we give Blacks something to cheer for besides BLACK ON BLACK Crime. We equal opportunity killers over here. LOL. TRENDSETTER, ISOM Dart AKA BUMPY JOHNSON in A Cowboy Suit! Imagine that! ~ Don't mine me, (YET) :-) Tonight I'm just in my zone just prematurely feeling myself. Maxamillion Baby 2014 I'm strapped
Who gets serious over social networks ? Lol this where we beef at ? This where Tookie Williams them did it at ? Bumpy Johnson was on here ?
is playing my favorite mob movie. Lawrence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson too well.
Saw you on the Bumpy Johnson special...Much respect. Will definitely be coppin The Omen on the 19th. The 1st was
Dam I didn't wanna sleep ! Missed my boy bumpy Johnson special on
Yall don't know nothin bout Bumpy Johnson
Watching Celebrity Crime Files on Johnson is a Great Man
Bumpy Johnson was a beast in harlem watching Celebrity Crime Files
This guy that's talking on TV one right now...about bumpy johnson...has to have the WORST lips I have ever seen.
one question why is your name bumpy Johnson?
he completely overstated his relationship to Bumpy Johnson, much like Times Square
Just watched the story of Bumpy Johnson.
After all that: Bumpy Johnson died of a heart attack!
Googled Bumpy Johnson, would you believe he and my dad share the same birthday!
What if i told yall i was the female bumpy johnson?
Bumpy Johnson documentary on tv one and a nice shot of patron.
BUMPY JOHNSON UP IN THIS JOINT. Make the people come together.
This Celebrity Crime Files episode on Bumpy Johnson is pretty *** good.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I didn't know 3 people escaped from Alcatraz in 1957 with the help of Bumpy Johnson
Turn on the TV and its a special on Bumpy Johnson. Someone heard my prayers
How ironic my daddy name Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson, the black godfather of Harlem
"Watching this crime file about Bumpy Johnson"what channel??
Watching this crime file about Bumpy Johnson
My ppls really be calling me uncle luke& bumpy Johnson tho
That man Bumpy Johnson was that deal
This Celebrity Crime Files is boring.who is Bumpy Johnson?
Story on Bumpy Johnson. Now I'm going to have to watch Hoodlum again soon.
watching Celebrity Crime Files Bumpy johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a thug , watching Celebrity Crime Files .
And this show bout bumpy Johnson on... I can't watch it all! Lol and SLEEP IN n the am
I missed the new season of tonight featuring Bumpy Johnson.
Watching this story about Bumpy Johnson.he was a REAL ***
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Watchin this documentary on bumpy johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a legend in Harlem.
Celebrity Crime Files on Bumpy Johnson 👌 now that was a real gangsta!
Ron Chepesiuk shared a link. Friday . Season 2 of Celebrity Crime Files returns tonight at 9:00 pm EST for a second season. The first episode is on Harlem's gangster Bumpy Johnson. I was interviewed for the segment.
She lick my *** like some zig zag papers I'm Samuel and Denzel in one body And Bumpy Face Johnson, I'll kill somebody
me saying bumpy Johnson made your twos night I gotta be funniest kid you no
They go gon' tell 'em they murdered ya Harlem's new Bumpy Johnson Protecting my empire, Nucky Thompson
Thug thought he was o.g bumpy Johnson so i played him like BenNY Blanko
Ooooh this episode of gangland is my favorite 😌😌 the one w Frank Lucas & bumpy Johnson
Tonight I'm the king pin, aka bumpy Johnson
American Gangster ... Favorite part Denzel was called Bumpy Johnson Do Boy by idris ...…
Bumpy johnson taught Frank Lucas the game, i learn somethin new everyday
Harlem's new Bumpy Johnson protecting my empire.
Corey Brewer looks like he could be the son of Bumpy Johnson's lawyer on American Gangster. Lmao
Im tryna pull up in that super sport by nxt weekend but my momma playin
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Every *** who got a pistol aint no shooter. Remember that
Oms everytime i come back on theresa my lil *** flock the car askin for money guns or weed like im bumpy johnson
Me and Flame gone be like Bumpy Johnson and Frank.
Bumpy Johnson was rich but he wasnt wealthy
I'm sam-u-el and denzel in one body...and bumpy faced Johnson, ill kill somebody
I'm sure the name "Bumpy Johnson" isn't as witty or flattering nowadays. Sounds more like a symptom...
I will never forget when called bumpy face Johnson I died
And then when they dont wanna do ot they aske what u need it for... Man gtfoh i dont ask u wat u need it for but a . FEMALES TODAY..
Its amazin how u ask me for sumn and get it... But when i ask i gotta hear a got *** speech
I think im Rick James who, Bumpy Johnson yeahhh.. in da paint who gon stop me?
It's so funny because once out of Ohio the freeway gets so bumpy
Nigaa bumpy Johnson used to drink his Tea wit his pinky nail in the air *gangsta
page at over 34,000 ppl. Mixtape coming soon!! Who ready for a Bumpy Johnson Mixtape!!! Heavy Hitters
its been bumpy but Da gud fam livin life to Da fullest
Every time I leave the house i miss my god Bumpy Johnson.
Tonight started off incredible, got a little bumpy, but ended alright
Bumpy Johnson was rich bout not white man rich...he wasn't wealthy though
My father was a caddy for Bumpy Johnson.
always taking notes from Bumpy Johnson. The game got nothing on you
Laurence Fishburne rocked in roles as Ike Turner, Bumpy Johnson & the dad in Boyz In the Hood.
"That's what's wrong with the world now; you can't find the heart of anything, to stick the knife in..." - "Bumpy" Johnson
“ Straight up Fire. Return of the Mac and the Bumpy johnson follow up
look at in this video lol. GROVE BOI JIZZLE - BUMPY JOHNSON MUSIC VIDEO: via
Brookroyal details bumpy four years on 'Cycles of Life & Sound'
Im a driver. I went fromt The end of old oxford hwy all the way to Bp on avondale and back. By 12:28 & left at 12:03
you look wonderful with MAKE-UP on, but look like BUMPY JOHNSON without it! Future
you got the bumpy Johnson my boy?... You should get that checked out lmfao
Boston's new bumpy Johnson, I'm protecting my empire, nucky Thompson
“This movie str8.. that's the one about Bumpy Johnson?
Bumpy johnson was rich but wasn't wealthy. money ain't everything, ur happier when ur healthy.
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I hear you bumpy Johnson take a chill pill
Bumpy Johnson was rich but WASNT wealthy
Bumpy Johnson? Think u Frank Lucas. Lol! Rt“Pt had a heart attack right in front of me this morning ...”
I remember back in days when Me & Bumpy Johnson used to run the Numbers
If ya dont know, than ya dont know - "Bumpy" Johnson
Going to do an interview regarding Bumpy Johnson in early April in NYC for TVI's Celebrity Crime Files. Pretty interesting series.
The new version of Bumpy Johnson, Protectin my empire, huh Nucky Thompson
I feel like Bumpy Johnson and Tony Montana... *** don't wanna see me win
Jeff Wright is brilliant! Glad he gonna be a reg. Bumpy Johnson maybe?
YOU know they say that the "Revolution" will not be televised, its not being televised any longer to the point of disgracing the plans of our "President" fox news is totally getting out of control with the disrespect of our president, if you noticed or not "Obama" is not allowing media to mingle amongst decisions made between him and governors of "America" , he actually kicked them out of the meeting. On the other hand media coverage is being allowed in "Revolutionary" acts of equality (Doner)... I think our president has had enough of the redicule, i myself have noticed with force , something has too move. The disrepect of any organization in which signs your paycheck will not and should not be tolerated. I often watch the movie "American Gangsta" starring Denzel Washington. As i sit here and listen too the words of "Bumpy Johnson" speaking on the removal of the middle man,deeep! I also listen to what the Mafia crime boss told him before puchasing a half of a key of Heroine, these are his words: No one m ...
By Mayme Hatcher Johnson: Wife of Bumpy Johnson, black gangster of NY
This class is that bad Bumpy Johnson
Frank Lucas am bumpy Johnson are real drug dealers no body moved dope like them back in the day
lol I'm talking bout Bumpy Johnson lol * hoodlums
Mayme Hatcher Johnson, widow of Bumpy Johnson insisted that Frank Lucas, was nothing more than a flunky in her husband's organization
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Now playing: ChillFM is playing Avant; Bumpy Johnson - Flickin
Lol the guy who plays Bumpy Johnson in "American Gangster" trying to kill the Bumpy Johnson in this film.
My nephew more cut then half these *** out here and he only 7. Can't wait till he get older. Ima be bumpy Johnson and he frank lucus.
First time watching "Hoodlum" didn't know this was about Bumpy Johnson .. Harlem has always been wild
Everybody and they mama was at bumpy Johnson's funeral
Samuel n Denzel in 1 body bumpy face Johnson I'll kill somebody pop pills when I party white medusa no 1 can goose her like I goose her
he's wavey still, like that he's humble giving back on some Bumpy Johnson tip
Chicks who got they names in the windshield of they car.
*** ain't tuff and they wanna hurt me... Hoodlums think they Bumpy Johnson but that's only herpes
& elijah johnson was throwing up 25-30ft 3 pointers tht jus so happened to go in, so kansas got a lil lucky too in OT
Elijah Johnson for Kansas played outside his mind right now
I'm not tryin to catch no bumpy Johnson so I feel back I saw that happen when I was a kid no pain on my main vain
My bumpy Johnson is like a six flag
How do you get the name "Bumpy Johnson" as a leader of an organized crime group?
Bumpy Johnson was rich but he wasn't wealthy. Money ain't everything, as long as ya healthy.
Bumpy Johnson was passing Turkey's out to the hood on thanksgiving before Nino Brown ...
Hoodlum is one of the best movies ever.Bumpy Johnson was that niggah
y u look like a possum tell me DAT u need some wrinkle cream to all them lines n fohead n pro active bumpy johnson
Drinkin that Seagrams Gin aka that bumpy johnson
Was outchea handin out turkeys like bumpy Johnson
surreal feeling knowing this where Al Capone, Bumpy Johnson n Machine Gun Kelly was locked up at
Bumpy Johnson is the man! A Gangster black nationalist for the people
they're so bumpy! My mom wouldn't let me go to the top of the boat because she thought I would fall off lmao
@ the pad waiting to hop on this into for this bumpy face Johnson track. Going be a classic
Thank you for donating your laughs to "bumpy johnson". He could really use the support right now 😩😵😇
For 6.99 had to grab it I fuks wit all the mob movies they need to throw my *** bumpy Johnson in there…
Gucci mane aint graduate but guess wat? he a trap scholar
say what's the movie with Laurence fishburn playing bumpy Johnson
"Even if you can't find the heart of anything, stick to life" - Bumpy Johnson
laughn at think he Laurence Fishburne in Hoodlum...Frank Lucas was Bumpy Johnson protegè
lol yall dont know who Bumpy Johnson is?
Thank you thus far for all the Birthday Wishes muah
Benny thinks he's Bumpy Johnson. Jack thinks he's Nucky Thompson
Bae sure do know how too make me mad .
Dude out here fighting his girl smh
, Don't be texting n calling other ***
Im not a person who wants to be together 24/7. I need my space and I'm sure your gonna need yours too.
I could be mad, but it ain't even worth it.
My momma said I use bad language. Well who do I get it from ?
I remember I fed the whole club breakfast after my show even the cops no charge. I felt like a young Bumpy Johnson Lmao
She says domestic violence is common in NFL households.
I want you... no secrets... no games.
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
Love's hard, especially for those who don't know how to trust, how to listen and how to forgive again and again...
Life doesn't give you the people you want. It gives you the people you need, to make you the person you were meant to be.
NO EX's. NO *** NO drama. NO games. NO lies. It's just me and you.
it's gone off now it was on HBO doe
About to get dressed and head out .
Tired of seeing people poppin' Molly's .
Don't make time for people who doesn't make time for you.
If someone does not see you in their future, maybe it's time to put them in your past.
Some guys and girls try to be sneaky af , gotta watch that sht.
Think I'm bout to go cook some breakfast.
Be glad when i get out of school for good
Every since we got out of school, I've been loosing track of what day it is.
A homes... Just kno if it aint today.. U in for somethin
yo P, bumpy johnson album is great! smh I'm in a depressive mood after listening to it, how can I deal with that?
lmao your no bumpy johnson FOH!!! you gonna be giving away pollo y plantanos en su casa!
nope you went MIA on sis lastnight. Aint cone out with me or nothing : (
Loving somebody who loves u, Always a good thing
Capricorn's don’t shirk from responsibility and they’re not afraid to take on authority.
Every time my phone vibrates, I hope it's from you.
parents think teenagers can't be stressed out, smh. between school, work, sports, & relationships, WE BE GOIN THROUGH IT.
Don't like when I text somebody back n get no reply
RIP Bumpy Johnson He stood up for the black
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at the Lupus Foundation of America!
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Black history note of the day: Through a noted criminal and number runner. Harlem godfather Bumpy Johnson was also a philanthropist and Black nationalist, using his money to help his community and fund social change movements. "365 DAYS OF REAL BLACK HISTORY" by Supreme Design Online Publishing
Brentwood TN.where EVERY Christmas is a white Christmas.
I admire the story of Frank Lucas and how he learned from Bumpy Johnson tho
i think of Paul Castellano,i think of Myer Lansky, i think of Bumpy Johnson,i think of Al Capone i think of T-Roger, i think of Tookie Williams, i think of Carlo Gambino ,i think ofJohn Gotti, i think of Teflon Don, i think of larry hoover,
Me &Frank Lucas passing out Turkeys on 110 st...RIP Bumpy Johnson...
nice good luck, I'll come through to a few games over winter break
da old guy who played da devil on tales from the hood & bumpy johnson on American Gangster. I think his last name is simms..
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Practice pushed back to the Mon. after thanksgiving. First game is at home against Wildwood Catholic on December 14th.
good ballgame though, when's the SH season start?
He ain't winning any beauty contests, but at least he throws it to guys on his own team. Lol.
I'm not asking for a shoulder, I'll be the first to admit we suck lol all I'm sayin is Eli looks like scooby doo sometimes
Would you provide a shoulder for a Giants fan to cry on if WE were suffering through our own Vick/Reid cluster F? Nope.
there's something about Eli Manning's face that's very punchable
I love a man like Frank Lucas, or Bumpy Johnson. Men who run a buisness without running they mouth.
that speech Chuck Pagano gave to his team was the most real thing I've seen in sports, wow
I'll say that Caldwell has handled this storm situation pretty well, but I'd really like a definite word about Tuesday here soon
Apparently Victor Cruz's head is on his ribs
Dad:"I like Roethlisberger, except when he goes to bars and shows his wiener to people" ... lol
My mom told me she remembers seeing Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas & Nicky Barnes grown up in Harlem.
Crash fall thru like bumpy johnson ...
Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Prodigy for an exclusive interview. He discusses Havoc putting out diss records, "Bumpy Johnson", new albu...
what dreams forget, the whiskey remembers, kinda like molasses in late December
Prodigy is finally back from Mobb Deeop! Bumpy Johnson Album is fire!
Walking the streets of NY feeling like bumpy Johnson !
I feel like you're an animal, you need to be supervised 24/7
So Penn State has the same record as USC. Good decision, Silas.
“What's worse than failing your algebra test? Getting raped by a family of sea lions.”
New Video to Death's Calling single available on itunes @
Going to 8th Ave and 116th street tomorrow to see the area Bumpy Johnson and Frank Lucas ran. Maybe I can be the new Nikki Barnes :-)
I'm a descendent of either Bumpy Johnson or Jimmy Henchmen
Prodigy-Bumpy Johnson album is bangin to better then hnic 3 album that album was wack to me
wait they cancelled classes Monday ???
quite possibly the coldest I have ever been at a sporting event
The worse part about a bus is that its so bumpy.and I have to pee.
I favorited a video from Channel Selector talking to 34,Bumpy Johnson,22 in Magnolia
Yeah, I gotta reputation, but I like u & I think u like me! Sooo, let's dance! JOHNSON - HOODLUM # waiting on my BUMPY JOHNSON! I think he found me
Quote: "Yeah, I gotta reputation... But I like u, and I think u like me too... So... Let's dance..." Ellworths 'Bumpy' Johnson
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