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Bumpy Johnson

Ellsworth Raymond Bumpy Johnson (October 31, 1905 - July 7, 1968) was an African-American mob boss and bookmaker in New York City's Harlem neighborhood.

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Everybody modern I'm still thinking like Bumpy Johnson!
I been broke b4 and I ain't going back.
Light skin over a chocolate head anyday. 😂
Pops taught me 2 handle bidness like Bumpy Johnson, we cut his feet off if he think he runnin something..
No matter what the situation your gift makes room for you, cream rises to the top every time and when that time comes i…
Am I the only person who has never seen this drink ??
None of dey bumpy johnson lookin *** That pretty face challenge tho 😭😂😂😂 who gunna do it without any makeup on is the question
Even after shows u can buy a pack from me.
bumpy johnson storyline Woulda been dope... Dillinger Luciano and Capone alone could have a season each
Bumpy Johnson who's around later but Madame Sinclair would have been around running the Number rackets in Harlem back then… Maybe
Losing Devito and Johnson for the season. Buckle your seatbelt a fans it's gonna be a bumpy season. Still love big red though!
Something was to happen to me, your whole family getting touched within 2 days. We been in the streets since bumpy Johnson days.
has finally become a BOSS & is working Maybe Johnson will be introduced. Never address death
That's Bumpy Johnson from American Gangster for all you uncultured negroes.
Celebrity Crime Files is interesting , Never heard of this Bumpy Johnson man until now .
Before yall bust a blood vessel watching the game... Tv One got a special about Bumpy Johnson on. Its pretty good to
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Johnson on tv one Celebrity criminal files
Go ahead and add:. -Derrick Johnson out for the season after a torn achilles. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride Kansas City.
lmao aye, they running numbers outta this barbershop like they Bumpy Johnson
Females feel like they do NO wrong 😂😂😂
Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas & the Country Boys, Nicky Barnes, Rich Porter, Alpo & the list goes on. They're all...
Bet ya don't know who Bumpy Johnson is doe...
Happy 75th Birthday to legendary Actor Harlem Homeboy Clarence Williams III , Tony Award nominated for his hippie cop role, played Bumpy Johnson twice in two , Mr Tate in Everybody Hates Chris & was married to Actress Gloria Foster who played Oracle in the Matrix Can you name the tv show and movie projects featuring CW listed in our collage? Shaila New York's SweetHeart is live
Ogluvdatogvl2 bumpy Johnson next month the wait is over hosted by
(1/2) Attributed to Bumpy Johnson: "Lucky Luciano can live at the Waldorf but it dont matter how much money I got,"
Bumpy Johnson was rich, but he wasn't wealthy. having money ain't everything, you're happier when you're healthy
If good conversation made money I'd be Bumpy Johnson to the hood
Bumpy Johnson was a mochaina regulator too 😂😂😂
“You might get lonely but you better off without these ***
Older guy in a wheel chair on Lenox stopped me yest and asked if I knew who Bumpy Johnson was...
I'll say it the world blow... BUMPY JOHNSON IS THE REAL CHIEF OF CHICAGO
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Bein broke was the best thang that ever happen to me, gave me hunger pains, sumthn happen to me...
Shout out to them *** .. Its Big Pimpin ova here... pockets on Bumpy Johnson *** ...Ea$tup
U know yo face good when u can pop up at yo EX house when her new *** there and just walk right in. Yo parents love me 😂😂😂
*** too young to kno bout Bumpy Johnson!
I sware Samsung made more gangstaz than Bumpy Johnson lol...for da record Be YaSelf! S¡Nn£®™
Pilot Emma. Prepare for a bumpy ride!
White people becoming millionaires over weed in Colorado, yet when we use it, we're "violent thugs" and they lock us up.…
Y'all jits gon be like 10 when my jit starting starting school lol@
When *** see the light they leave u in the dark
That back to school community kick back she did yesterday was like Bumpy Johnson giving out Turkey's during the holidays...
Posey really the Bumpy Johnson of the ville...
I'm setting up shop in Rocc Island 😂
Then I moved to Miami and became Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson was rich but he wasn't wealthy money ain't everything ya happier wen ya healthy-
Johnson and I never had a "war". I already controlled the bulk of the policy racket by '33...
All these blue J's comin out this month! 💙 *** cuh know I gotta cop it's only rite
“wth goin on up there in STL”dis shh ruthless bro dey trippin bad
I liked the movie "Hoodlum" w/ Laurence Fishburne... Why his name Bumpy Johnson though? 😂
American Gangster fans will know who bumpy Johnson is 🙌
So you want a bad bish who cook , clean, step out looking fie, hair done, nails done, got kicks & heels & don't wear cheap sand…
Have you read the ghetto best seller titled "Welfare" by Bumpy Johnson yet?
Bumpy Johnson comin home in 7 months!!! 󾭻
She doing what we do on bikes. She hood hopping 😂😂😂
Don't dish it out if you can't take it!
She got two 15's in ha new blue jeans
Fun ride to the top of the mountains!!..👍👍👌
I hate dumbasses like that, you making millions and lose it a all over a blunt
I want a girl with a *** so fat I can't help but bein faithful 🍑😩
She all in my DM cuz she wanna be my BM lol
Y'all *** lettin this reality tv fck y'all heads up!!!
I thank God for allowing me to see such a blessed 23 years of life!! Happy Birthday to myself!!!
“Man i want some nachos frm a basketball game wt peppers”
It has been a rough, tough, bumpy ending...Thank you...I am more than ready to step into the next stage... :)
“To my *** it ain't what u do it's how u do it! Grind smarter not harder .”
The Notorious Bumpy Johnson the harlem gangster portrayed in the movie HOODLUM..
Pay my lawyer with money orders too. I don't even trust that ***
😂😂😂 ima keep it till I take another one in pads
da pound gon forever be a kick it spot for me in Arkansas
we put on fa da pound while we was up there! Our named rang thru tha yard like tha bell tower!
thy ain get me tho even tho they lookn fa me cuz I kept runnin ⬆️💵⛽️
lol I know what y'all boys been thru..I wish Tay was on here
gotta keep my tool when I go to work I'm never w/o it
boys don't know how the bluff go,lol I rather g…
what?! Knockin the doors off the henges fool!!!
“Why you sellin cane” young *** blacc but he sellin white! 💯 grand a night if you can get right!
That Bumpy Johnson in the hood handing out turkey's money🙏
He better not ask who Bumpy Johnson is.
This movie about Bumpy Johnson. Lawrence Fishburne in it.
There are bumpy rides through whatever you do... It takes the strongest to get back on the right path.
What more are you doing.. Then pulling at old wound like children do. If we made music then. Who is Bumpy Johnson. Dutch Schultz. Numbers.ha
On this day in 1968, Ellsworth "Bumpy" Johnson died of a heart attack in Harlem.
A woman's feet reveal a lot about her!
Im puttin all my nxggas on...startin a monopoly..
“And dats my street economics class for the evening..” Definition of corporate thuggin👌
Walkin round wit 20 thou is lik walkin round wit a ounce of soft, you goin to jail either way..
They lock nxggas up who try to make untaxed money America. If u ain't know..
“I don't know if GOD trying to punish me or my luck just bad. I don't care which one it is. I need to make something happen”
“I can't wait to go home I got clean my face I hate gettin bumps”bumpy Johnson
shout out to Bumpy Johnson.. handin out turkeys every thanksgiving.
“I think I'm the only female that when my cycle come on gets bumps on my face”. Og!! Bumpy!! Johnson!!
“The proverbs of Solomon: A wise son brings joy to his father, but a foolish son grief to his mother. -Proverbs 10:1”
That new scooter and that trap house 4 slappin!
Thankin the man👆for another day🙏 If God is for me who can be against me?
Blacc ppl suppose to celebrate Juneteenth b/c when America got it's independence we was still slaves
“eark and jerk” *** nah Henn that eark and jerk gimme a headache
When ppl have no more use of you they dispose of you!
Bruh Gucci is the modern day Bumpy Johnson of Music
Here's the FINAL DJ ANNOUNCEMENT for the Nocturnal Ball! And it's a HUGE one:. - Live band BUMPY JOHNSON will be...
watchin Hoodlum.. what ya'll know bout ol' Bumpy Johnson ? ✋ besides American Gangster
I rather beat my dicc than tricc, and if she don't succ then we don't fucc!
I like a woman who not easy to get but I ain't got time to put forth all that effort..I feel like I'm chasin shidd idk
“Im never wrong when i get funny feelings...Something ain't right...”
“What's understood need not to be explained if you really live it !”
“I'm bout running a mafia !”Put me on, we can be like The Female Bumpy Johnson crew😂
Reminiscin on them days in da bluff! Thank God I made it outta there...wit a degree!
I pray all the homies beat they cases cuz ik what it's like to beat one. Especially when you on trial facin felony charges! Lawyer up and 🙏
“How i read my texts in the morning 😂😂😂
“Dayum they tryna locc all the homies up!”
No Sir! They slick ran for over 5 in 2 games.
yeah them big white countries from Lake Hamilton wasn't playin no games
yall shoulda put me In When tyrell caught that concussion
We sholl got killed up front. Really needed me from 2010 to hold it down.
But what they fail to realize is er time you they do that 2 replace they spot
Dayum they tryna locc all the homies up!
"Protect the Queen by any means like Bumpy Johnson"
"I'm Bumpy Johnson, I speak to the streets, keep my dogs out in front of me, you see what I'm Sayian and I push ki's Wonderfully"
lot of short fat meat head run over rebok wearing extra tight dorag wonna be bad fake rapping *** and tall stupid dirty car driving wonna be Tree High lil shirt wearing extra buttery teeth clumsy bumpy johnson holes in my fruit of the loon face azz niggaz are being spared thanks to Ms.Jordan
Give me 5 give me 10 I would give ya 30 but ya hands to dirty loljohnson I love this movie
I be on my Bumpy Johnson pardon me.
"The gonna be giving out turkeys on Thanksgiving like Bumpy Johnson come 2016 mark my words. We just...
“..them cheap *** razors and bad wax jobs leaving yall out here all bad. But wat do I know...” Bumpy Box Johnson *** ***
Openining my boi epic prophacy of nkb up for stud @ $500 to the first 3 approved females and tht stud fee will go up! Paco/mikelands/bumpy johnson/john blaze just to name a few. may do some pup back deals.
I'm wht the modern day Bumpy Johnson look like
Religion is the biggest hustle in America right now. If bumpy Johnson was in his prime today, his name would be Minister Bumpy Johnson
it's about the famous gangsta bumpy Johnson
Have a bumpy Johnson granddaughter looking for a pup back stud she's Shor and compact and oh yeah she's a tri let's see how freaky we can get wit a pup back stud where they at
Laying on the couch watching "HOODLUM" til I fall asleep. I LOVE THIS MOVIE. BUMPY JOHNSON
Nikko look like he ran numbers in Harlem for bumpy Johnson
Hoodlum (1997 film) i love the names here. Bumpy Johnson and Lucky Luciano. Woow.
I got airplanes now im flying too u wit this dope
Women want a man to be Socrates Gandhi Mlk and bumpy Johnson all in one all the time
Demetrious Johnson: The FOX to PPV Road Could Be off to a Bumpy Start
U can have sumbody back 24\7 everytime they need something u got them. But when u need it in return ask that persin and see wat they say.
Feeling like I'm Bumpy Johnson feel like a couple bricks 💰❗️
I drank dark soda my face going be bumpy Johnson in the morning 😩😫😳😁
I'm Samuel and Denzel in one body, and bumpy face Johnson, I'll kill somebody.
Yo u gotta find you some good shampoo if u ain't got no shaving cream or u gone be bumpy Johnson 😂😭😂
Watch American Gangster (2007) Online Free Full Movie Putlocker. Following the death of his employer and mentor, Bumpy Johnson, Frank Lucas establishes himself as the number one importer of heroin in the Harlem district ...
Bumpy Johnson supported Paul Robeson. Amiri Baraka wrote a play about Bumpy Johnson. Max Roach did the music for it.
Bike night was dead luckily I had good company. Benjamin Wilson Bumpy Johnson
Them lil *** out here gettn it. But rob the right *** He gone blow yo *** away.
Watching Life on Sky Movies. Classic film. They said Spanky Johnson, they must have been referring to Bumpy Johnson.
Gym flow as soon as Bumpy Johnson gets right.
Having a Lil get together for my Bro n law Dillon bday today Shaville Bumpy Johnson Clarice Grant
Man I just want to say happy birthday to my friend my bro my *** Bumpy Johnson a.k.a big pat say... fam enjoy your day man be thankful for the blessing that the almighty have gave u..and many more my boi..
I collect scabs and super glue them to my Johnson then refer to it as my bumpy Rutherford
I wanna thank all for the support Stephanie Wiencek Grant Jennifer Martinez Quan Mulahh Yana Smith Tisha Smith Sally Anne Senski Oh Soo Breezy Tyree Wavvy West Shai'Reik Bumpy Johnson Tonia Horton Nyirah Chante West Bianca Nicole Horton Banks Da Boss Liya Segars sorry if I left someone out but we all here an we love you brah R.I.P
Reinforced value of aircraft seatbelts and good air NZ pilots and crew on flight from Wellington to Auckland. Just a little bumpy!
Lol shorty tatted my initials on her bumpy Johnson . Mad at you for what ? I'm doing too good
I know that they after me. But i wont let em catch me.
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I notice everything . And if u are Bumpy anything Johnson . You are not allowed to hit Le'Weed .
Watching one of many of my favorite movies. Hoodlum Johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a drug dealer from the 80's
Stevie J and Benzino looking like Bumpy Johnson and Cab Calloway in that pic. Them *** old.
RIP Paul Castellano, Meyer Lansky, Bumpy Johnson, Al Capone, T-Rogers, Tookie Williams, Carlo Gambino and last but not least John Gotti
Having just been released from jail, Bumpy Johnson (Laurence Fishburne) returns to his criminal ways as a linchpin in the African-American-run numbers racket. However, Bumpy's longtime friend Illinois Gordon (Chi McBride) and girlfriend Francine Hughes (Vanessa Williams) are both eager to get him back on the straight and narrow. But a brewing rivalry with Mafia boss Lucky Luciano (Andy Garcia) and his henchman Dutch Schultz (Tim Roth) threatens to raise the stakes to dangerous new levels. Cast: Laurence Fishburne, Tim Roth, Vanessa Williams, Andy Garcia, Cicely Tyson Director: Bill Duke
Had no idea Hoodlum was not the first time Lawrence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson... Or maybe I just forgot.
Watchin the movie Cotton Club, Bomb! Only seen it half a dozen times. Bumpy Johnson was the man! When Lawrence Fishburne was fine, Lol
To the juvenile thugs running around thinking and pretending that they are” gangsters”…. You should be intelligent enough to look at some REAL GANSTERS and try to act like them. Look at people like Bumpy Johnson and his protégé, Frank Lucas (of for the matter you can even look at the likes of Al Capone). Don’t get me wrong, they did a lot of despicable bad stuff, and they did do harm to the community. But they dressed like men. They did not dress like babies with dodo in their diapers. More important, though, they were not known as much for terrorizing their own community as they were for helping the people in their community. You all running around here thinking that you “the man” because you can shoot somebody or get with some of your juvenile thug comrades and put a complete beating on someone. But you are more like Baby Huey than a man. Baby Huey was the toughest thing in the neighborhood. Nobody could beat him, because he was strong, powerful and able to overwhelm everybody else. ...
"I guess I'm like Bumpy Johnson with a conscience" | CC: bigalharrison
Is a Magic Johnson akin too a Bumpy Johnson?
eww ya face look like a bowl of oatmeal bumpy Johnson
They try to take her n bumpy Johnson out
I'm the Queen and that's my right hand man Bumpy Johnson!
can Thursday hurry and get here already tho?
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This my movie... the bul Bumpy Johnson
Minot scores one goal in the period. Jake Johnson dropped the mits with Johnson was only on his feet fo…
strap your seat belt and get ready. Gone be a bumpy ride for y'all with Pack. Never leaves MS.
No woman. Ever Wife Gf mom whoever gone tell me *** i can have if im paying for it. Rns
Im sorry i like expensive things. Im sorry the things i like u dont care about... but im paying for them not u. So y it matter... females
Ppl always point the finger. And never take part of the blame.
"Michael Vick hands out turkeys to local families who does this guy think he is? Bumpy Johnson?
"I love all my brothers, mike, Marc, montre, Twon, jaygei, rod, Mario, Ryan, j.gulley. All them *** "…
If I told u u ainn mean nothing to me I'd be lying
Momma did everything she could dont blame her if im corrupt
Shoot ya *** with this .22 u wont die till u make it home
"Why were they frying T-Mac like that tho lol he looks like bumpy Johnson
Kartel had to go do small time like bumpy johnson, just to make some people happy.
Last January all the *** was ridin and i was assed out. I refuse for it to be that way this yr
Christmas coming. But i gotta get my own present 1st. 450!
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the old 125th st when bumpy Johnson and dr. narcese was mobbin
RIP Bumpy Johnson 😩😫 why would anyone shoot a kid...smh
Check out this song The Emperor, inspired by Alpo, Big Meech, Bob Lemon, Purple City, Willie Hutch, Bumpy Johnson and all the hustlers in the struggle whether on the street grindin' or 9 to 5in', salute this ones for you!
*** hated me when i had the 250. They really gone hate me when i get the 450. Im takin all bets.
Bumping this Bumpy Johnson EP… Prodigy so nice to me, always been
*** brah that's ruff. Every time I see you, you be lookin like Bumpy Johnson.
Bumpy Johnson was rich not wealthy. Remember that
"Forget it, Frank. There's nobody in charge." Bumpy Johnson quote, 'American Gangster'.
The female Bumpy Johnson give a hit let me Nestle Crunch ya lol:-)
Idk wth wrong wit these chicks today... What make em think they control sumbody
My new *** AD.. This fool looks like Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson (one of the biggest black gangsters ever) had an extensive library and memorized every book he read
These Niggaz Diccs is Filthy!!!. Knowing this *** BUMPY JOHNSON JR.,. And still gone FUCC... I'LL just keep Beating My Meat.. 200
Maybe fake *** will act real since it's Halloween.
Me and my plug froze after he sent that package I ainn pick up the phone
I jus got a call wanna my dawgs been hating
I only got a couple *** that's gon ride my other *** I can't trustem like that so I keepem at a distance
random fact Laurence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson twice in his career.Once in The Cotton Club and then in Hoodlum
Finally get to see a game but I can't stop watching this Celebrity Crime Files with Bumpy Johnson
dam. Bumpy Johnson was a thug. he was about that life
Bumpy Johnson is the original black godfather of Harlem
Watching the bumpy Johnson crime files
The First Black Don in America. Bumpy Johnson. Feared, respected, and admired
I need a stallion booty big I can see it in the dark
Bruh bruh finna have to break bread
My sis my sis give ya brutha a dollar
Lol u can't do nun without yo right hand Bm
I'm not tryn u lol u ainn gon do nun Monday
Lol her body was hurtin not ger head u ainn tall enough to hit her in the head
Lol kus I ainn know she was gon get there that fast
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Lol big girl got cross the court fast af
But ill do what I was gon do Monday
“Wea my sister at”in my bed Finna get in the shower I think
Bumpy Johnson aka Mokgabi Moeletsi had studied music in Lesotho,his home country. They met and became friends with Dee Double.
Boss of all Bosses, by Bumpy Johnson feat B-Will AntHill
Harlem goin hard, get they Bumpy Johnson on.
"You don't got loud bruh lol Bumpy Johnson?"
I only fuk with da best bumpy Johnson ...
in all actuality it did. Hoodlum was based on Bumpy Johnson reign. And American Gangster slid off of that.
Feeling like bumpy Johnson when he got that first million
Bumpy Johnson probably turned over in his grave after Frank Lucas "cut deals" to reduce his 70yr sentence. 🐭🔫
exactly.. Bumpy was his mentor, found it at
My dad was bmf like the black mafia family like bumpy Johnson , mob affiliated I ran from that and ran right back into my calling.
like Bumpy Johnson style LMAO..I wish I was there I would pretend to be homeless in ATL just to be fed from ur hand Nas
Listening to ...Prodigy ...Bumpy Johnson . i only listening to this when am MAD ...MAYBE NOT ..IT ALL DEPEND
“Real gangstas Dont see 25 what I was told .. " bumpy Johnson seen 25 . Lucky Luciano seen 25…
Jeffrey Wright is a bad dude...Casper Holstein, W.E.B. duBois, Marcus Garvey, Alaine Locke, Bumpy Johnson all in one dude, with the inherent paradoxes they would have to share? Other than Don Cheadle is there an better actor of this generation? I think not.'What shall we do Mr. White, what shall we do?
Let me see, where do I want to venture at now, I need something to neutralize this Gangster ish, I'm off to the 1700's. Wild Wild West might as well go knock off some Rich White land Barons, Isom Dart "DARK REIGN". LOL, In Hollyhood we give Blacks something to cheer for besides BLACK ON BLACK Crime. We equal opportunity killers over here. LOL. TRENDSETTER, ISOM Dart AKA BUMPY JOHNSON in A Cowboy Suit! Imagine that! ~ Don't mine me, (YET) :-) Tonight I'm just in my zone just prematurely feeling myself. Maxamillion Baby 2014 I'm strapped
Who gets serious over social networks ? Lol this where we beef at ? This where Tookie Williams them did it at ? Bumpy Johnson was on here ?
is playing my favorite mob movie. Lawrence Fishburne played Bumpy Johnson too well.
Saw you on the Bumpy Johnson special...Much respect. Will definitely be coppin The Omen on the 19th. The 1st was
Dam I didn't wanna sleep ! Missed my boy bumpy Johnson special on
Yall don't know nothin bout Bumpy Johnson
Watching Celebrity Crime Files on Johnson is a Great Man
Bumpy Johnson was a beast in harlem watching Celebrity Crime Files
This guy that's talking on TV one right now...about bumpy johnson...has to have the WORST lips I have ever seen.
one question why is your name bumpy Johnson?
he completely overstated his relationship to Bumpy Johnson, much like Times Square
Just watched the story of Bumpy Johnson.
After all that: Bumpy Johnson died of a heart attack!
Googled Bumpy Johnson, would you believe he and my dad share the same birthday!
What if i told yall i was the female bumpy johnson?
Bumpy Johnson documentary on tv one and a nice shot of patron.
BUMPY JOHNSON UP IN THIS JOINT. Make the people come together.
This Celebrity Crime Files episode on Bumpy Johnson is pretty *** good.
I didn't know 3 people escaped from Alcatraz in 1957 with the help of Bumpy Johnson
Turn on the TV and its a special on Bumpy Johnson. Someone heard my prayers
How ironic my daddy name Bumpy Johnson
Bumpy Johnson, the black godfather of Harlem
"Watching this crime file about Bumpy Johnson"what channel??
Watching this crime file about Bumpy Johnson
My ppls really be calling me uncle luke& bumpy Johnson tho
That man Bumpy Johnson was that deal
This Celebrity Crime Files is boring.who is Bumpy Johnson?
Story on Bumpy Johnson. Now I'm going to have to watch Hoodlum again soon.
watching Celebrity Crime Files Bumpy johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a thug , watching Celebrity Crime Files .
And this show bout bumpy Johnson on... I can't watch it all! Lol and SLEEP IN n the am
I missed the new season of tonight featuring Bumpy Johnson.
Watching this story about Bumpy Johnson.he was a REAL ***
Watchin this documentary on bumpy johnson
Bumpy Johnson was a legend in Harlem.
Celebrity Crime Files on Bumpy Johnson 👌 now that was a real gangsta!
Ron Chepesiuk shared a link. Friday . Season 2 of Celebrity Crime Files returns tonight at 9:00 pm EST for a second season. The first episode is on Harlem's gangster Bumpy Johnson. I was interviewed for the segment.
She lick my *** like some zig zag papers I'm Samuel and Denzel in one body And Bumpy Face Johnson, I'll kill somebody
me saying bumpy Johnson made your twos night I gotta be funniest kid you no
They go gon' tell 'em they murdered ya Harlem's new Bumpy Johnson Protecting my empire, Nucky Thompson
Thug thought he was o.g bumpy Johnson so i played him like BenNY Blanko
Ooooh this episode of gangland is my favorite 😌😌 the one w Frank Lucas & bumpy Johnson
Tonight I'm the king pin, aka bumpy Johnson
American Gangster ... Favorite part Denzel was called Bumpy Johnson Do Boy by idris ...…
Bumpy johnson taught Frank Lucas the game, i learn somethin new everyday
Harlem's new Bumpy Johnson protecting my empire.
Corey Brewer looks like he could be the son of Bumpy Johnson's lawyer on American Gangster. Lmao
Im tryna pull up in that super sport by nxt weekend but my momma playin
Every *** who got a pistol aint no shooter. Remember that
Oms everytime i come back on theresa my lil *** flock the car askin for money guns or weed like im bumpy johnson
Me and Flame gone be like Bumpy Johnson and Frank.
Bumpy Johnson was rich but he wasnt wealthy
I'm sam-u-el and denzel in one body...and bumpy faced Johnson, ill kill somebody
I'm sure the name "Bumpy Johnson" isn't as witty or flattering nowadays. Sounds more like a symptom...
I will never forget when called bumpy face Johnson I died
And then when they dont wanna do ot they aske what u need it for... Man gtfoh i dont ask u wat u need it for but a . FEMALES TODAY..
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