Bum Phillips & Earl Campbell

Oail Andrew Bum Phillips (born September 29, 1923) is a retired American football coach and the father of Wade Phillips, the Defensive Coordinator for the Houston Texans. Earl Christian Campbell (born March 29, 1955), nicknamed The Tyler Rose, is a former professional American Football running back. 3.7/5

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Earl Campbell: "Houston is Texas...I know Dallas is up there but when you say Texas, you think about Bum Phillips and tha…
When asked about Earl Campbell not being able to run a mile Bum Phillips said,"When it's 1st and a mile I won't give it to hi…
I'm always reminded how much I loved Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips when we play the Titans.
Earl Campbell chats with Willie Nelson while an approving Bum Phillips looks on. Don't mess with Texas.
Bum Phillips, on the difference between Earl Campbell & other backs: "They see daylight. Campbell makes daylight." http…
you played for Bum Phillips and played with Earl Campbell? Wow!!
Bum Phillips was like a father to me. - Earl Campbell.
Earl Campbell & Bum Phillips. Brought back lots of memories of my 80s N. O. Saints. — watching A Football Life
Bum Phillips' relationship with Earl Campbell illustrates why I think team sports have done more for race relations than most anything else
Just got done watching the Earl Campbell "A Football Life." Wow. Now I want/need/demand a Bum Phillips version. Would love Pastorini too
Bum Phillips after a coach worried Earl Campbell fell 2x running backwards in drill "dont worry we aren't going to ask him to run backwards"
Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips 2 of the greatest Feeling nostalgic
Bum Phillips on Earl Campbell falling twice running backwards in camp: "He isn't here to run backwards."
Hey great Football Life on Earl Campbell. Best quote from Bum Phillips.. "He didn't get hurt. He hurt people."
"When there was 4:00 minutes to go, and we led and we had the ball, it was over." - Bum Phillips, on Earl Campbell
THE QUARTERBACK AND RUNNINGBACKS SITUATION AT ALABAMA Tidesports is running another article about Alabama quarterback Blake Sims, by Aaron Suttles, their senior writer. I am not surprised, though I am a little worried, I guess, that running backs Dee Hart, Alvin Kamara, and now Altee Tenpenny have all had trouble with drugs. Nick Saban is, plain and simple, one of the best recruiters ever to coach college football. He's also one of the best to ever coach college football. But you knew -- at least I felt this way -- that when you stock up on so many good running backs -- and quarterbacks -- somebody is going to have to ride the bench, and that doesn't sit well with guys coming out of high school boasting high 4-star ratings. Hart and Kamara are already off the Alabama football team. Tenpenny is back practicing. We haven't even gotten to see what this guy can do yet, and he's already had a brush with the police over marijuana found in his car. Bum Phillips once said that he wasn't worried about Earl Cam ...
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My French press is the Earl Campbell of coffee makers. Unfortunately, I am Bum Phillips in that analogy.
Earl Campbell. Draft day pick. The Oilers and Bum Phillips couldn't find him all day.he was in school working hard.
Now that he's in Houston O'Brien won't have to worry about Earl Campbell carrying around a cardboard cutout of Bum Phillips
no never! Just that they draft a retired quarterback, ressurect Bum Phillips and give Earl Campbell steroids
I viewed a show on one of the ESPN channels yesterday about Earl Campbell. A forgotten man today, but in his prime was a terror to defensive lineman and defensive backs. His style of running was pure power. He was a big man, running back who played for Bum Phillips (RIP) and the Houston Oilers NFL team from a while back. This show talked of his glorious career from the College of Texas Long Horns to the Oilers team. Then focused in on what he is today, a man who can barely walk. His days of running are in the past. I gather he hurt himself whilst playing pro football. I was such a big fan of his watching him run, and I also recall him doing some commercials on TV as well. Now to see him like this is sad. One has to wonder with all the violent hits given and taken today, what sort of future some of these players look forward to in their Autumn years.
Wearing the Earl Campbell Jersey today in honor of Bum Phillips, 2nd best coach in history. RIP Bum.
TSorry to hear Bum Phillips has died.My 1st NFL memories are Oilers in play-offs 78-9- Earl Campbell seemingly running every play
Bum Phillips and Earl Campbell and his break away jersey are some of the best images from that great era of the NFL
“If you loved football in the 70's, you loved Bum Phillips. Loved Bum - with Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini and the Oilers.
Bum Phillips and Earl Campbell. That's old school for me.
Texas football legend, Bum Phillips, passed away last night. Watch him in a PSA with Earl Campbell in this video.
Bum Phillips, folksy Texas football icon who coached Oilers with Earl Campbell and Saints, dies at 90:
RIP Bum Phillips, coach of my favorite team as a child. Loved watching him on the sidelines and big Earl Campbell on the field.
Bum Phillips will forever be remembered for running Earl Campbell to retirement.
Never was a Houston fan growing up but u cldnt help but pull 4 Bum Phillips an the Luv Ya Blue. An of course he had Earl Campbell
Bum Phillips died. He coached the Oilers during the "Love you Blue" years of Earl Campbell and Elvin Bethea.
Sorry to see Bum Phillips died. I know Earl Campbell is grieving big-time. RIP
RIP Bum Phillips nothing like watching Oilers, Earl Campbell Bum Phillips and all those pom-poms on a …
When asked about Earl Campbell's poor mile time, Bum Phillips responded, "When it's 3rd and a mile, we don't go to Earl." RIP Bum
Bum Phillips passed away. Those who don't know who he was, he was the head coach of the Houston Oilers back in the day with players like the great Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini, Billy White Shoes. Great guy, funny name.
Getting close to the home of the oilers , Bum Phillips, & Earl Campbell
We'd pose like Earl Campbell, Ken Stabler and Bum Phillips in Saints uniforms back in 1984 or whenever that was.
u could take the Bum Phillips to Earl Campbell advice on touchdown celebrations."act like you've been there"
I just remember it as a kid. Earl Campbell & Bum Phillips were the best
It was good to see Bum Phillips at the Houston Texans game yesterday. He is 89 years old! We sure had some fun in Houston when he was the coach of the Oilers and Earl Campbell was the running back. Going to those games was like going to a spirited college football game, especially when the hated Steelers came to town. I was sitting in the dentist's chair one Monday evening with two tickets to the game with the Steelers. As Dr. Seale worked to get the new crown in place, he kept eyeing the tickets. Eventually, he messed up the crown and had to put the temporary back on so I could go to the game. Bum Phillips made perhaps one of the best pre-game speeches ever by a coach. When the Oilers played the Cowboys one Thanskgiving, before the game he said to the team, "They may be America's team, but we are Texas' team!" Bam!! the Oilers won that game.
Just would like to give everybody a History Lesson in Pro Football. If anyone is watching Sunday Night Football they keep on showing highlights of Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips and the Houston Oilers. The Houston Oilers do not have anything to do with Houston Texans. Bud Adams owned the Houston Oilers and he moved the team to Tennessee they are the Tennessee Titans.
Packers vs. the Texans tonight. I'm dating myself here, but when it comes to pro football in Houston, I still envision the Astrodome, with Bum Phillips on the sideline and Earl Campbell on the field.
Just watched Bum Phillips with a Texan shirt on and a feature on Earl Campbell. It is a done deal. I am officially a Texan fan. But I still love the Cowboys though. You just don't stop loving someone.
Don't forget NBC's highlight/pregame show is going to have a piece on Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips tonight.
I sill love Houston Oilers! Luv ya BLUE! Yes, Bum Phillips and Earl Campbell and all those guys! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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Sorry, the HoustonTexans just don't do it for me the way the Luv Ya Blue Oilers, Earl Campbell, and Bum Phillips did. Just not the same for me. That being said, the Texans are legit. J.J. Watt is a beast.
Enjoyed the recent Sports Illustrated "Where Are They Now?" edition with Earl Campbell on the cover. Some of my earliest memories of football include Campbell playing for the Houston Oilers and Bum Phillips. Also remember seeing Campbell do television commercials for Skoal.
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