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Bum Phillips

Oail Andrew Bum Phillips (born September 29, 1923) is a retired American football coach and the father of Wade Phillips, the Defensive Coordinator for the Houston Texans.

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Earl Campbell: "Houston is Texas...I know Dallas is up there but when you say Texas, you think about Bum Phillips and tha…
When asked about Earl Campbell not being able to run a mile Bum Phillips said,"When it's 1st and a mile I won't give it to hi…
"You fail all of the time. But you aren't a failure until you start blaming someone else.". - Bum Phillips
Two kinds of ballplayers aren't worth a darn: One that never does what he's told & one who does nothin' except what he's told. –Bum Phillips
NEW at SiriusXM NFL Blog: lasting lesson from his dad: 'Griping isn't coaching'
Wade Phillips (talks JJ Watt, the side of T.O. nobody knows and what he learned from his father.
.DC was on the discussing his new book, Listen!.
Thanks to and for joining us on the latest Listen here:
Wade Phillips (discusses his new book, life in the NFL, JJ Watt, and his outlook on the 2017 season.
Weekly Brew Ep. 92: Wade Phillips promotes his book, Son of Bum; Luke Brawner of The H explores Houston
Ran into Coach Wade Phillips Friday Night in Beaumont! He was signing his new book, Son of Bum!…
hearing Hallelujah, I'm a Bum in made me so happy even if it wasn't in the dulcet rasp of Utah Phillips.
New book by details life, football lessons from father | | |
Parker is so poor I think I could beat him.Any British…
No chance.He is so overrated,fighting bum after bum hiding from
Best idea ever with the hat... reminds me of the Oilers coach Bum Phillips
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Book excerpt: Wade Phillips on coaching interviews via
I might just have to start wearing cowboy boots. If they're good enough for Bum Phillips they're good enough for me.
Coming up tonight at 10 pm: What Wade Phillips was saying about his new book "Son of Bum"...
If you hurry, there's still time to get your copy of Son of Bum signed by Wade Phillips.
Greatest football quote ever, Bum Phillips discussing Don Shula, "He can take hissen and beat youren and he can take youren and beat hissen
Meet Wade Phillips tomorrow at 2PM! Pick up a copy of Son of Bum to reserve your place in line!
PNG Legend and Super Bowl winning coach Wade Phillips signing his book 'Son of Bum.' 💜🏆🏈
Wade Phillips's interview with Jay Gruden for the Redskins' DC job was ... not what he expected:…
Why couldn't Wade Phillips find work the year before he built a SB-winning defense?
If wore a cowboy hat he'd be a millionaire. Bum Phillips, Bill Watts…
Didn't realize Bum Phillips and Jerry Glanville never won a division title.
They referred to the Houston Oilers as Luv Ya Blue when Bum Phillips was there ! 🏈
"It’s like my old coach Bum Phillips said, “There’s two kind of coaches, them that’s fired and them that’s gonna be fi…
."The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline" -Bum Phillips
Did you ever put the claw on Bum Phillips?
Malarkey must go this is disheartening, come in, I've been a fan since Bum Phillips, dump Malarkey now
Still can't believe we passed on Wade Phillips for BUM *** Joe Barry
I'm always reminded how much I loved Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips when we play the Titans.
Hoping I see no one I know at the mall for the 10 minutes I'm here because I've never looked more like a bum than I do now
Mulle meeldis video Ben Phillips | Putting his toothbrush up his bum (
The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.
"He may not be in a class by himself, but it don't take long to call the roll" (Bum Phillips, 1979).
You may not be in a class by yourself... But the class youre in doesn't take long to call roll. Bum Phillips
Uncle Jessie (Denver Pyle) greets Wade Phillips&Helen as Bum continues to fish at Denver's 1st tournament in Paris…
How do you win? By getting avera ge players to play good and good players to play g—
Ultimately, championships are about talent. When 'your 'en is better than his 'en' odds increase! A lil O. A. Bum Phillips!
Wade Phillips (talking about the memories and what he took from his late dad Bum Phillips on his birthda…
WW2 vet Bum Phillips was born today in 1923.
“Because she's too ugly to kiss goodbye.” . ― Bum Phillips (born 9/29/1923) on why he took his wife on all Houston…
"There's two kinds of coaches, them that's fired and them that's gonna be fired." . ― Bum Phillips (born September…
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Dallas Cowboys may be America's team, but the Houston Oilers are Texas' team.” . ― Bum Phillips (born September 29,…
A lot of fun covering BUM PHILLIPS OILERS. YOU didn't want t miss a game or practice $
Well said from the late Bum Phillips!
The 50 for 50 series continues: No. 44, comes to
10 gallon hats off to Bum Phillips. Coach. Cowboy. Christian. Marine. WWII Veteran of Normandy. Texan. Born Sept 2…
"Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.". ― Bum Phillips (born this day, September 29, 1923)
Born OTD in 1923, Bum Phillips-pretty good ball coach. Pretty sure, St. Peter let him "kick down the door" to Heaven
plus it don't hurt playing for a great coach like Bum Phillips and that 60 gallon cowboy hat. Lol
Skins lose this game they going to fire Def. Coach Barry that skins hire over Bum Phillips
Bum Phillips' classic quote - "Yeah, that test says he's dumb as a fence post, but when he hits he looks like Ein…
How many of you remember when Bum Phillips traded Archie Manning for Ken Stabler?it was hard to lose Manning!
Bum Phillips - . When I see someone wearing a ten-gallon job like this I always think of Phillips' famous snap...
Sadly both Bum Phillips and Jack Pardee were not aware of this play.
Typically, see a few hats while walking in sun to courthouse. Then they come off indoors. Like Bum Phillips. Bum Phillips once said "this year we knocked on the door, next year we're going to kick the *** thing in"
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You don't know a ladder has splinters until you slide down it.
Must have sneezed while having a poky bum ***
When I'm President every Coach who coaches a team in Texas will be required to wear a Cowboy Hat like Bum Phillips
I added a video to a playlist Ben Phillips | Super Seat - My bum is stuck to the seat!- PRANK!!
"Every man get a man. Every good man get two." - the late "Bum" Phillips instructions to his kickoff team.
Excellent. Now I just put someone on 'photographing Keith's bum' duties.
Earl Campbell chats with Willie Nelson while an approving Bum Phillips looks on. Don't mess with Texas.
In which we describe life in The Bahamas these last two weeks. When Bum Phillips, former coach of the Houston...
Add in Bum Phillips drinking a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon and this is one helluva beauty.
Polar bears cos they have to put their bum on the cold ice
OMG! Didn't know the girl in the coffin in MCR's Helena video is Wade Phillips' daughter and Bum's granddaughter.
Coaching is not how much you know. It's how much you can get players to do.     -- Bum Phillips
RIP Dr. Robert Fain Orthopedist to the Houston Oilers in the days of Coach Bum Phillips He is right now enjoying His
1 - If you remember football from 1980, you remember a quote from Bum Phillips, coach of the Houston Oilers. Here's the quote ...
Bum Phillips greatest speech in pro football RIP kick the door in. Christoval basketball next year! We'll be back!
God Bless You, Your Family and especially your Father Bum Phillips truly a great dedication to him!
as great as he played and deserved mvp I actually think they should've given it to a coach. Wade(son of bum) Phillips should've
Wade Phillips: "My father (Bum) told me 'Don't coach the way you were coached. Coach the way you are.'"
Just heard Native texan quote Bum Phillips famous his'n / yor'n line in his podcast. I just got so many questions about Texas
Who'd have thought in the 70s when I watched Archie Manning play & Bum Phillips coach that their kids would help the win ?
Wade Phillips.GENIUS defense for the SB! Congratulations on this great victory. Bum would be MORE than proud. Thank you, thank you, TY.
Asked my gf what she wanted for Valentine's Day. She winked & said "Bum fun" so I've arranged for us to go bowling with some homeless people
and won on Bum Phillips once coached Archie Manning on
Also for Wade Phillips real name is Harold, his father Bum's Christian name is Oail. I have never heard that name once.
I would love to see a coach off between father and son Bum and Wade Phillips against father and son Buddy and Rex Ryan.
Bum Phillips was aesthetically the best coach in NFL history.
Speaking of Wade Phillips and funny, commit a minute to this !. Son of Bum is the man.
I keep forgetting that Wade Phillips father Bum Phillips coached at Amarillo High school, no wonder I respect...
My dad keeps talking about Bum Phillips and Warren Moon.
"I'd rather have preparation than motivation. Everyone likes to play, but no one likes to practice." - Bum Phillips
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Awesome def. They should give an MVP TO Wade Phillips--Bum
Hearty congrats to all Phillips on the win. Bum is smiling.
I'd just like to point out that awesome defense is coached by Bum Phillips' kid.
Archie Manning and Bum Phillips calling their shot in ‘73.
“The only discipline that lasts is SELF DISCIPLINE.”. Bum Phillips
Proud to say I played for Wade Phillips, dad Bum. Week of Denver G Sid tried to activate off IR-broke rib. Ralston claimed. Gave it all up.
Somewhere up above, Bum Phillips is smiling big over son Wade's superb defensive game plan against Panthers.
This sums up Carolina. Wade's father Bum Phillips once said, "The harder we played, the behinder we got."
Former Oilers TE on late Bum Phillips: "I just know he's smiling from ear to ear" about
Bum Phillips is the one who once said "I take My wife everywhere I go so I don't have to kiss Her goodbye" !!!
The real MVP of the Super Bowl and the Denver Broncos' entire season was Bum's son Wade Phillips.
: Bum Phillips was his dad, so whaddya expect?
"Welcome to Savagery 101. I'm your professor, Wade 'Son of Bum' Phillips"
"Bum" Phillips. All great coaches...Gary K especially so as he defeated both NE and Carolina
Guess who is back in line to get another NFL head coaching job? Bum Phillips kid that's who.
Congrats to Super Bowl Champs & former coach Wade Phillips, son of a Bum, and the entire Phillips family!
This is an inspiration: "Son of Bum" went from unemployed to top of his game. Incredible.
: His father was Bum Phillips, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is Cool...
Congratulations! Glad a championship has come to the Phillips family. Broncos fan 1st but loved Oilers in the 70's. Big fan o Bum
im actually glad for Wade Phillips. You dont come from the loins of Bum Phillips and not have any of his wisdom
Bum Phillips is looking down, smiling. Masterful game by
"The harder we played, the behinder we got." - Bum Phillips
go Bum Phillips, Earl Campbell, Dan Pastorini and Billy white shoes Johnson
*** dating myself here, but, I remember his dad, Bum Phillips when he was the coach for the Houston Oilers..
Former Oilers coach Bum Phillips real given name was "Oail" which is A) not a name and B) they missed the opportunity t…
huge mistake. He's a bum. Ask the Reds and Phillips
Bum "insert" coaches name Phillips . I'll take for $1000
Might do the phone sex myself if good money in it so. Put clothes pegs on my nuts & Phillips head in me bum to raise my voice
Wade Phillips is one of the nicer guys in football. Like his father Bum Phillips, Wade is a good coach who enjoys himself & has fun doing it
Congratulations to the Nederland Bulldogs winners of the Bum Phillips Trophy---The Phillips Family
so you are talking about Wade Phillips? does that mean bum smack is authorized?
If you listen to the fans, you end up sitting with them. Bum Phillips
That's the image I get for Bum and Wade
I'm not the first to ask this. But how in the world did the seed of Bum and Wade Phillips create Tracy Phillips?
Bum Phillips is smiling from above :)
Jim Parsons remembers growing up in Houston, singing the Oilers song, and Bum Phillips. He's a JJ Watt fan now. http…
teams just can't seem to maintain the poise required to slam the door! WAZZU MN Bum Phillips Oilers
"There are 2 types of football coaches: them that's fired and them about to be fired." - Fmr Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips
football in this town is NO JOKE!!! One of our rival games is one of top ten in Texas. Bum & Wade Phillips went to school here
Klopp to give Mourinho a cheeky bum pat after they shake hands
nass! I had the Phillips calendar last year! I really don't know if can wait til December tho lol
A good man died today. He was 90. Bum Phillips.
Even vs Denver, it's tough to sit Rodgers. To quote Bum Phillips, dance with who brung ya.
Our condolences go out to the family of Bum Phillips who passed away at 90 years of age today.
Lol my teacher walks by me as I smoke a cigarette and he looked at me funny so I said I know what you are thinking and he said cool bum me 1
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if Bum Phillips allowed tailgating, i doubt the Oiler's leave
Came across this photo the other day and I had to share it. Bum Phillips Ken Stabler Houston Oilers NFLMake it a...
bum Phillips was a guy with a cowboy hat. Rex was fat
Rex accomplished in 2 years exactly what Bum Phillips did. Rate
Sell the team to Bum Phillips and Rich Kotite. Let Fan-Duel run the team.
The noise on the sideline at the Astrodome was mind blowing. What a scene when Oilers had Campbell...Bum Phillips
Bum Phillips, on the difference between Earl Campbell & other backs: "They see daylight. Campbell makes daylight." http…
Could be Austin and Phillips last game tho so hopefully they shine... It's our defence that's bum so we probably will concede
The only way that guy could be more Texas is if he was wearing a cowboy hat ala Bum Phillips.
So a year later in Malta I yet again manage to fall down a set of marble stairs & end up with a bruised bum
a guy,like when HOF head coach bum Phillips,said your to slow and to small to play in the NFL.Then rewrote the book in receiving !
Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips when asked by Bob Costas why he takes his wife on road trips:. "Because she's too ugly to kiss good-bye."
you played for Bum Phillips and played with Earl Campbell? Wow!!
How long were camp practices with Bum Phillips? Did you hit a lot?
Bum Phillips is THE hometown boy lol
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I'm teasing my American friends when they meet him to pinch his bum or grab his bulge! 😂
Just pinch his bum. I'm sure that's a nice icebreaker! 😂😍
There's going to be an opera about Bum Phillips. via
Bum Phillips All-American Opera is coming Sept 24 benefiting the Bum Phillips Retreat. .
Can't blame you at all...They were dysfunctional when Bum Phillips was there and they only changed the logo 😂
Former Houston Oilers QB Dan Pastorini will bring opera about Bum Phillips to Houston area
Bum Phillips kicked down the wrong door!
Former Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini in town to talk about Bum Phillips opera Sept. 24 in Stafford.
In the same way Payton succeeded Bum Phillips as coach.
Texans need a little Bum Phillips in them to make them watchable on Hard Knocks.
ever read the Bum-isms? Quotes from Bum Phillips are outstanding.
Good to hear Dan Pastorini talking about Orange County's own Bum Phillips
Hope you'll enjoy Doug. I quoted you on Bum Phillips' 3-4 defense.
next time, only Brett Favre or Bum Phillips quotes
Bum Phillips once said a great coach can take his'n and beat your'ne and vice versa. That is Bob Huggins.
Izzo reminds me of what Bum Phillips said of Don Shula: He can take his and beat yours--and vice versa.
Tomorrow, the first day of classes at the Jean England Academy ASL school will be held at the Bum Phillips...
OC. Getting rid of Lewis is akin to Bud Adams firing Bum Phillips in 1980 after 3 straight playoff appearances.
Check out Vintage Houston Oiler glass and Bum Phillips book via
Bud Adams and BOB LANIER died within a yr of each other,,, and Bud Adams died right after Bum Phillips
Bum Phillips was like a father to me. - Earl Campbell.
Wow. Walter Payton TD under review. Bum Phillips challenges, saying he was not across the ethereal plane
Wait a minute! Bum Phillips was a head coach for the once?
Was that the one where Keith Cash scored and threw the ball at a tifo of Bum Phillips?
A Football Life special on The Great Earl Campbell with a Bum Phillips cameo will make a grown man cry.
Watching A Football Life: I always loved Bum Phillips & Earl... But this is killing me. One of the best episodes EVER.
Earl Campbell & Bum Phillips. Brought back lots of memories of my 80s N. O. Saints. — watching A Football Life
Bum Phillips' relationship with Earl Campbell illustrates why I think team sports have done more for race relations than most anything else
Would you know who Bum Phillips would be had it not be for Wade Phillips !
I know; just playing. I actually loved Bum Phillips and that Oilers team.
Bum Phillips ran Earl in the ground.
Jim Brown and I have been fans of Earl since the Oilers' Bum Phillips days!
Nicky Phillips see her exclusive content at
Such an amazing bond he and Bum Phillips had. That is what a good coach truly means to a football player.
Just got done watching the Earl Campbell "A Football Life." Wow. Now I want/need/demand a Bum Phillips version. Would love Pastorini too
Bum Phillips after a coach worried Earl Campbell fell 2x running backwards in drill "dont worry we aren't going to ask him to run backwards"
Earl Campbell and Bum Phillips 2 of the greatest Feeling nostalgic
Jim Mora became the coach after Bum Phillips left. This is about when I came along with watching the NFL, in 1985.
Bum Phillips on Earl Campbell falling twice running backwards in camp: "He isn't here to run backwards."
Hey great Football Life on Earl Campbell. Best quote from Bum Phillips.. "He didn't get hurt. He hurt people."
"When there was 4:00 minutes to go, and we led and we had the ball, it was over." - Bum Phillips, on Earl Campbell
“’s like being on the sideline with Bum Phillips, who coaches you up as only he can do."
“The Dallas Cowboys may be America’s team, but the Houston Oilers are Texas’ team.”. Bum Phillips
A repost but it is such a good read.
Check out the video celebrating their “Top Ten Motivational Coaches.”
UK sadly never saw the best of Campbell. He peaked before Ch4 coverage began. Bum Phillips was HC.
Rookie Blaine Bishop is a hitter. I love Bum Phillips.
Reminds me of this little diddy from Bum Phillips..What it means to be Texan .
I tend to keep up with S.E.C. players but I loved Oilers with Bum Phillips "Love Ya Blue" Teams
Paraphrasing Bum Phillips: We've been banging on the door-pretty soon we're gonna kick it in!
[Honolulu Advertiser]Bum and Wade Phillips, Buddy and Rex Ryan, Jim and Jim Mora, *** and Mike...
OA Bum Phillips ... to be exact .. a horse trainer as well as a great ball coach ..luvyablue
Ah you bring up Texans, then I think Oilers, then I think add Bum Phillips to the Legends List
looking for some notable people associated w/ LU. I got Kevin Millar & Bum Phillips. Even Clay Walker doesn't want apart of that.
Reminds me of the Bum Phillips' quote about Bear Bryant.
Netanyahu and Obama Comparisons: Friends of mine put forth the premise that leaders have no effect on winning or losing. I argued the other side, posing a quote from football's Bum Phillips about fellow coach Don Shula. "He can take his'n and beat your'n and take your'n and beat his'n." Such is the case between President Barack Obama and Israeli Premier, Benjamin Netanyahu. There's obvious dislike between the two leaders, but I believe it was a surprise to Netanyahu. He was shocked by the pre-hatred bubbling over from the young American President. It started in 2010 when Obama treated Netanyahu like a beggar, imprisoning him in the WH basement while he dined with his family. Before Barack abruptly left the meeting, he assigned Bibi a homework problem: How to cope with the death of the Jewish State under Obama's demand that Israel return to 1949 borders. This was to be a precondition to negotiating a two-state solution with the Palestinians. In a display of ugliness from Obama, no joint statement or photo ...
and I'll take Phil Jackson. As Bum Phillips once said, 'he'd take his and beat yours and take yours and beat his'
Good to see Curley Culp; he pretty much was the first great nose tackle in NFL history on those 70's Chiefs teams with Hank Stram as coach and then to the Houston Oilers with Bum Phillips. And he announces the Chiefs take Phillip Gaines, a corner out of Rice. Has a nice size/speed combo.
A friend sent me this stuff this morning. The best use of social media in my opinion is a good laugh. "Last year we couldn't win at home and we were losing on the road. My failure as a coach was that I couldn't think of anyplace else to play." Harry Neale, professional hockey coach "Blind people come to the ballpark just to listen to him pitch." Reggie Jackson commenting on Tom Seaver "I'm working as hard as I can to get my life and my cash to run out at the same time. If I can just die after lunch Tuesday, everything will be perfect." Doug Sanders, pro golfer "I found out that's it's not good to talk about my troubles. Eighty percent of the people who hear them don't care and the other twenty percent are glad you're having them." Tommy LaSorda, Dodgers manager "The film looks suspiciously like the game itself." Bum Phillips, New Orleans Saints coach, after viewing a lopsided loss to the Atlanta Falcons. "I won't know until my barber tells me on Monday." Knute Rockne, when asked why Notre Dame had los ...
THE QUARTERBACK AND RUNNINGBACKS SITUATION AT ALABAMA Tidesports is running another article about Alabama quarterback Blake Sims, by Aaron Suttles, their senior writer. I am not surprised, though I am a little worried, I guess, that running backs Dee Hart, Alvin Kamara, and now Altee Tenpenny have all had trouble with drugs. Nick Saban is, plain and simple, one of the best recruiters ever to coach college football. He's also one of the best to ever coach college football. But you knew -- at least I felt this way -- that when you stock up on so many good running backs -- and quarterbacks -- somebody is going to have to ride the bench, and that doesn't sit well with guys coming out of high school boasting high 4-star ratings. Hart and Kamara are already off the Alabama football team. Tenpenny is back practicing. We haven't even gotten to see what this guy can do yet, and he's already had a brush with the police over marijuana found in his car. Bum Phillips once said that he wasn't worried about Earl Cam ...
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NY Daily News SATURDAY, MARCH 8, 2014, 3:57 PM ONE BUM OF AN OPERA by Christian Red Chalk this one up in the category of “I never thought I’d see those three words in the same sentence”: Bum Phillips opera. Yes, that is not a misprint, as the late Houston Oilers and New Orleans Saints coach and Texas icon is getting his due in the world more commonly associated with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Get ready for the “Bum Phillips All-American Opera,” which officially opens March 15 at La MaMa’s Ellen Stewart Theatre, at 66 East 4th in the East Village. The opera’s director, Luke Leonard, who earned his MFA from the Univ. of Texas in Austin, was born in Houston in 1975, the year Phillips took the reins of the Oilers. “It’s a testament to Bum’s impact that those are my earliest recollections,” Leonard tells The Score. “People say, ‘You were a baby when Bum was coach,’ but that’s how big he was. My memories of Bum Phillips are not associated with winning and losing, they ...
My French press is the Earl Campbell of coffee makers. Unfortunately, I am Bum Phillips in that analogy.
17 SETX SUPERBOWL RINGS WAY TOGO GOLDEN TRIANGLE, PA, NEDERLAND, BEAUMONT, WEST ORANGE, VIDOR, BRIDGE CITY and JASPER Tim McKyer is the only NFL player from Port Arthur thats has 2 somebody correct me if Im wrong, and Kevin Smith from West Orange play with the Cowboys have 3 he has the most in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE and Im not talking about Coaches, Jimmy Johnson and Bum Phillips.
Earl Campbell. Draft day pick. The Oilers and Bum Phillips couldn't find him all day.he was in school working hard.
Ever eat at Ruggerio's Family Place Restaurant on Hillcroft, a block or 2 from W. Airport? I washed dishes & bussed tables there, 1977, or so. I met Bum Phillips & Dan Pastorini there. They had good pizza, calimari & calzones.
Happy belated 84th birthday to (in my opinion) the greatest coach of all-time, Don Shula! Also subject of one of the greatest quotes of all-time by Bum Phillips- "he could take his & beat yours then take yours and beat his". Awesome
Now that he's in Houston O'Brien won't have to worry about Earl Campbell carrying around a cardboard cutout of Bum Phillips
Here's what gets me about the NFL. NEPOTISM!!! I think does it not only hurt minority coaches, but other great coaches as well! Lets look 1. Bum Phillips who I remember from Oilers. His son Wade is a coach, and Wades son Wes is a NFL Coach!! 2. Buddy Ryan hence Rex and Rob! Mike shanahan hired his son Kyle to be the OC? 3. Marty Schotterenheimer, well his son is with the Ram's. Now keep in mind the main reason Jeff Fisher left the Titans is because they would not allow him to hire his son, so I quess he felt if I can't hire my son I might as well hire some one elses? 4. Dave Shula son of the great Don. Mike Smith is Brian Billicks brother in law? For real? 5. Andy Reid hired his son as a quality control coach? 6. Special Teams Coach John Fassel is former coach Jim Fassels son. 7. The Mora's 8. Pete Carrol hires his son Nate. It just leaves me to wander how many of these coaches sons played anywhere and was a major player on that team? I really don't know. I am all about helping famil ...
no never! Just that they draft a retired quarterback, ressurect Bum Phillips and give Earl Campbell steroids
I viewed a show on one of the ESPN channels yesterday about Earl Campbell. A forgotten man today, but in his prime was a terror to defensive lineman and defensive backs. His style of running was pure power. He was a big man, running back who played for Bum Phillips (RIP) and the Houston Oilers NFL team from a while back. This show talked of his glorious career from the College of Texas Long Horns to the Oilers team. Then focused in on what he is today, a man who can barely walk. His days of running are in the past. I gather he hurt himself whilst playing pro football. I was such a big fan of his watching him run, and I also recall him doing some commercials on TV as well. Now to see him like this is sad. One has to wonder with all the violent hits given and taken today, what sort of future some of these players look forward to in their Autumn years.
The fired so they can make the son of Bum Phillips, Wade Phillips the head coach, and draft native
Juan Castillo, run game coordinator and offensive line coach, maybe its time Harbaugh stops hiring his buddies. A point of interest to the Ravens head coach, to quote the late Bum Phillips, coaches are hired to be fired. That ring may save you for a year or two at best, just ask Brian Billick.
Adam said 'this kicks death by nachos bum bum' xxx
U. Utah Phillips - 7 Get rid of the bum on the plush!: via Somethings never change and should be.
QA, audit and supervision are essential but we need more Safety Believers: "The only discipline that last is self discipline". Bum Phillips
can we get one for Bum Phillips sake. Give something we can tip our hats to.
U can recall under Bum Phillips when we almost beat the Cowboys. That was a cause of celebration
Wade Phillips must be BUM that the Texans lost
Houston Fans thinks calling Wade Phillips Son of Bum is SWELL,,, that's Fanning Hard to them,,,
Agreed. Not a huge fan of Kubiak but still feel bad for him after last week's incident. Wade Phillips is a bum though.
Wade Phillips is a bum... He was when he was the Cowboys head coach too...
I think Bum Phillips gave Coach Kubiak a mini stroke cos he wanted to see his son as a head coach one last time
Captain Phillips, Non-stop Bum clenching action mixed with the acting phenomenon that is Tom Hanks, that man deserves every award there is!
I'm sure Bum Phillips and Bud Adams are looking down on Mike Munchak shaking they're heads right now.
Miley virus next week yeeey i hope she gets her chicken wing bum flaps out
Hello aka ?! just rubbed his bum on ya chins with that goal!
...quoting Bum Phillips as telling him "Football is going to outlast you." In other words, your career won't last forever.
Alun wyn' bum on show, something like five injury's, 3 yellow cards and a ton of boo's for the *** of a ref. Eventfull game
Carl Mauck and an Argyle defensive sign with former coach Bum Phillips' pic.
GGG a bum. *** would proble lose to Verno Phillips
Being an old Oilers and Bum Phillips fan, thank you for correcting that cantankerous Buddy Ryan.
Thanks to all who have ordered and/or donated: From Bum's wife, Debbie Phillips. . Thank ...
Referred to Bum Phillips at his death last month as an "old coot." Was confused with Buddy Ryan. Feels important to correct that. So there.
It would be pretty awesome to have one of Bum Phillips' cowboy hats that he wore during a game.
Football coach Bum Phillips dies at 90 - A Texas white hat has crossed...
Bum Phillips once said "gimmie a good, big, strong guy over a good, little, fast guy every time". TAKE THAT OREGON
Bum Phillips at Jordan Ranch. We will miss him.
Never knew the character that Bum Phillips was. RIP, sir.
Wade Phillips paid tribute to his dad by writing O.A. Bum Phillips on his play sheet.
I look like a total bum going to sweet frog 😳
What coaches should mean to their players
The one day I wear jeans this week I switch out of them into sweatpants
ODE TO BUM by Neal Morgan It was early September of 1950. I was 16-years old, suited up for football practice at Nederland High School, and sitting with all my teammates in the NHS field house. We had all been directed to do so by Coach Elbert Pickell. He was going to introduce us to the new assistant coach he had just hired. I was sitting between Charles Thomas and Pat Johnson. Eugene “Wink” Barbin sat beside Pat. Joe Sibley and Ronnie Moye were also present. We were all watching the doorway of that old dressing room the first time Bum Phillips walked in. He was right out of college — Stephen F. Austin State. It was his first coaching job. When he finally walked in, Charles Thomas nudged me in the ribs. *** ” Charles murmured when Bum stepped inside, “did you see that? When he walked in here something sorta walked in ahead of him.” I nodded but didn't speak. And, yes, I recognized that aura too. Many of us did. But neither Charles Thomas, Pat Johnson, Wink Barbin, Joe Sibley, Ronnie Moye, ...
WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A TEXAN by Bum Phillips . Dear Friends, Last year, I wrote a small piece about what it means...
"You fail all the time, but you're only a failure when you start blaming somebody else." - Bum Phillips.
New Orleans Saints mourn passing of Bum Phillips -
  Click the photo to hear Bum Phillips' youngest daughter said about her father & Houston Oilers coaching legend at his memorial a
Quarterback Case Keenum the Celebration of the Life of Bum Phillips.
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett react to the passings of Bud Adams and Bum Phillips
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