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Bugsy Malone

Bugsy Malone is a 1976 British musical film, very loosely based on events in Chicago from the early 1920s to 1931 in the Prohibition era, specifically the exploits of gangsters like Al Capone and Bugs Moran, as dramatized in cinema.

Alan Parker Fat Sam Scott Baio Jodie Foster Lyric Hammersmith Best Musical Revival Grand Slam West End Olivier Award Jodi Foster Paul Williams Stranger Things

What do u think uk rapper Bugsy Malone just been watching your YouTube video on UK rap
Ths Flash/Supergirl musical just made me want to watch Bugsy Malone
Bit of a 'Bugsy Malone' feel about this photo: touch of gangster with fluffy custard pie filling . cos we all kn…
Bugsy malone man, what a fkn crease
"You give a little love and it all comes back to you ". _ Bugsy Malone
Musicals I like: Little Shop of Horrors, Bugsy Malone, Blues Brothers, South Park: BLU, Phantom of the Paradise, Cry Baby, Purple Rain.
Can't wait for the Bugsy Malone Performance 5 & 6 April at Clayton Hall. Details of how to get tickets here
Bugsy Malone is heading to to put on a show this spring! 🎭
I normally hate singing kids too, Bugsy Malone makes my skin crawl even though it's fun but Matilda is really different...
17 days left to get your registration form in to audition for Bugsy Malone
Do you know a budding young performer? Someone who loves the spotlight? Mk Theatre are auditioning for Bugsy Malone
A reminder that children involved in Bugsy Malone will be available for collection at 4.20pm from the LS today.
Thanks for our invitation to watch Bugsy Malone today. We really enjoyed it.
Bugsy Malone has a c63 and a Kawasaki ninja but still lives in a two up two down mid terrace on bury new road
Bugsy Malone is SOLD OUT! Want to be a part of our cast this fringe? Come and audition for us!
Bugsy Malone - Weds/thurs/fri sold out. :D 20 left for Saturday :)
Manchesters best are Ryan Giggs, Bugsy Malone and Geko. That's pretty sad
Did you know was in Bugsy Malone? I didn't. I wanted to text and tell someone but who would I even tell such a fact?
reunion following head shots day with Amazing stage performance of Bugsy Malone in Sheffi…
Aged 8-18? Love to perform? Apply for our BUGSY MALONE SUMMER SCHOOL! Auditions filling up quickly so don't delay!…
Was a pleasure to chat about our Bugsy Malone 👉
Bugsy Malone, a musical based on the 1976 spoof of gangster films, but starring children, gets a full upgrade.
Thanks for another fabulous chat about Watch out Bugsy Malone comes to town…
Mind you Tom Watson and the rest of the trouble makers remind me more of Bugsy Malone.
Bugsy Malone - We Could Have Been. via "We could have been anything that we wanted to be".
Bugsy Malone tickets are now on sale for purchase through Clayton Hall Academy. Show dates are Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th April.
The senior boys performance of Bugsy Malone this weekend was captivating, visit the boarder's blog for more photos…
I hated this when I first heard it but now becoming pretty obsessed.. If Bugsy Malone did disco
Bugsy Malone: Wednesday and Thursday evening is full. Availability for Tuesday 21st March 2.00pm, contact Mrs Bell for TicketSource code!
Year 11, To quote Bugsy Malone, 'Tomorrow Never Comes'. Start your revision today if you haven't already done so.
One for your diaries will you be there? Apr 5
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I've only seen Bugsy Malone once but I did love it. 😃
And let's not forget Bugsy Malone. I think that's all of them.
I meet that requirement. So my experience includes being in a stage show performance of Bugsy Malone.
Awww, fanks! So iz u!Mummy woz finkin about callin me Alice, until she saw Bugsy Malone again, n chose…
Boardwalk Empire is basically a dull grown-up inferior version of 'Bugsy Malone'
Bugsy Malone - a 'splurgetastic' production from the Junior School - congratulations to all involved https…
Think I just gonna chill and watch Bugsy Malone for the... 12th time? 🤗
I really want to watch Bugsy Malone, within cuddles in white sheets somewhere in some cabin
At Curzon Soho waiting to hear Sir Alan Parker speaking about moving from Adland to Hollywood. And to watch Bugsy Malone
of course that's huge, but let's not be hasty comrade. Bugsy Malone. Chachi. Bob Loblaw . Enterprise. So much to consider
Please read the review of Bugsy Malone written by David Porter
please, for the love of mercy, please watch "Bugsy Malone". Dubbed musical children's gangster movie w/ Jodie Foster & Scott Baio
I liked a video Bad Guys from Bugsy Malone (film version)
The best musicals are as follows. The War of The Worlds on Stage. A Shoggoth on The Roof. The War of The Worlds on Vinyl. Bugsy Malone . The Wall
Booking is now open for our production of Bugsy Malone! To book visit our blog here:
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Our Production of Bugsy Malone is coming soon - booking info is on the blog here:
This whole press conference is like if Bugsy Malone was about the Presidency.
BUT ... but ... Everybody loves that man, Bugsy Malone ...
It was good of Jack to make the time to pop in on his way to the Bugsy Malone audition.
Gonna make a version of Bugsy Malone with every role played by pensioners
I love 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' and I love 'Bugsy Malone.' I haven...
This looks like a really good local event...
Please can we just have a Bugsy Malone movie remake, it's all anyone (me) wants please. Just cast the Stranger Things kids it'll be fine plz
It begins-first cast gathering for this summer's Bugsy Malone...'if you give a little love it all comes back to you'
NEXT WEEK: The Williamson are celebrating 40 years of Bugsy Malone - ...
OMG Bugsy Malone!!! Loved this movie. Dad sowed me when I was a kid! singing along with Paul Williams!!
How about Bugsy Malone. Awesomely bad gangster movie
T has been singing Bugsy Malone songs pretty much all the time and aargh, earworms!
In fairness, everything is downhill from Bugsy Malone. Even Jodie Foster would probably count is as a career high
In this had the added title THE GRANDSON OF AL CAPONE -
Scarface in the style of Bugsy Malone.
Angel Heart - best Alan Parker? (You're going to say Bugsy Malone aren't you?)
I added a video to a playlist Peter dager as "Bugsy Malone"
Super proud of this guy! Earned a place in the Epsom production of "Bugsy Malone" in April!!
lmao it was Bugsy Malone starring that dooshbucket Charles in Charge and Jodie Foster. 😂😂 *** im old af.
Check out the upcoming exhibition, Williamson Art Gallery & get tickets for the Friendly Gala…
Bugsy Malone tickets are now on sale! Call or email our Box Office now to reserve your tickets! 01362 697033 ext 14…
Bugsy Malone: The Friendly Gala "Will it be everything you want it to be?" Williamson Art Gallery htt…
Never realised as a kid Bugsy Malone was a comedy, I was always so confused by what was in the pies that was killing people
Nah lol this ain't ok. They could of done bugsy Malone. How did we get right here
Other example, watching Bugsy Malone performed by 15 year olds on an away trip from school. Years before I learned what that film was abt.
With all these kids from Stranger Things on the red carpet, this is like the Bugsy Malone version of the Golden Globes
I really wanna see bugsy Malone again omg
Want an early date night for Valentine's? ❤️😘at the Williamson, then wedding fair at the en…
Bugsy Malone: The Friendly Gala: tickets now available thru the box office of Floral Pavilion Theatre h…
does anyone else think that in the trailer for Live By Night Ben Affleck looks like he's in a primary school version of Bugsy Malone
20th Jan 2017. Trump - 'That was Scott Baio with a medley from 'Bugsy Malone'. Now relax and enjoy some Wagner'
Get ur tickets for bugsy malone ASAP as they r selling out quick. X (
me as Tallulah in our year 6 production of Bugsy Malone back in 2012, those were the days
When you have Judge Judy at 2.30pm, but are starring in Bugsy Malone at 3pm.
Considering you look like a nazi Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone you're not really in position to critique looks.
They COULD just show Bugsy Malone. It'd be more direct.
Hey: a horror musical with a Paul Williams score vs a Pink Floyd film by Alan Parker? The are trying to conjure Bugsy Malone!!
A question my son asked me. Does anyone remember Bugsy Malone? It's one of our household's favorite movies!
saw Bugsy Malone earlier and it reminded me of your Charlston.
Watching Bugsy Malone, always was one of my favourites🤗
Snap Capone & Bugsy malone blowing out my speakers on my telephone
Bugsy malone on the telly making my saturday night bearable 🙄
Love it! That's exactly what I planned for my Day! Only my furrriend is dog! Meet Bugsy Malone
22 mins: needs more chants to songs from Bugsy Malone imho
I would like to introduce a new one to the tune of Bugsy Malone's Fat Sam's grandslam, speakeasy etc. Please do lyrics.
Turns out my wife was in Bugsy Malone opposite Andrew from Late of the Pier when they were in school!
And we did have a Jolly Christmas.. Now ready for our NYE Bugsy Malone party..
Great of Sam Hutchison to leave his role in Bugsy Malone to pop up with a mom performance against the toon.
Big (fat) Sam taking on an Italian on Boxing Day in the Premier League's unique take on Bugsy Malone.
To all my Palace chums. Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam (HD) via
Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam (HD). Now being sung in the board room at selhurst park
Just discovered that Scott Baio is a HUGE Trump supporter. I can never watch Bugsy Malone again.
John Robertson's 1932 version last seen in 1977 on a double feature with "Bugsy Malone'' (1976) at Cinema Village.
Olivier Award-winning director Sean Holmes’ critically acclaimed production of Bugsy Malone is back
Well, that was fab. Thank you for arranging and thanks to the cast & director of Bugsy Malone for the Q&A.
One of my favorite movies of all time is 'Bugsy Malone.'...
Olivier Award nominated, enjoy the glitz, the glamour…and the splurge guns Bugsy Malone!
Baby, you’re my Bugsy Malone. And I’m your suicide blonde. You can be my film noir star. I’m your queen of Saigon
Congratulations to Jennifer Brown, cast as Tallulah in 'Bugsy Malone' at The Curve, Leicester!
Fat Sam's Grand Slam - Off of out of off of in Bugsy Malone and that.
Just ten tickets left for year 8 TMCS students to see Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Hammersmith!
Nigel Benn looks like an extra from Bugsy Malone!!
Here we are, if you fancy a watch! Bugsy Malone - Performance on Olivier Awards 2016.
Bugsy Malone 2016 - I need to see this! The young girl singing Ordinary Fool at the end 😍
Planning summer activities for your kids? Put auditions for BUGSY MALONE JUNIOR on your calendar!
Sweet Jesus! I just remembered that Bugsy Malone came out 40 years ago. Childhood classic
Oi. Aladdin is on in the West End in May and Bugsy Malone is back. That's great for children as they'll get to experience that
can't believe Bugsy Malone grew up to be such a cretin
Having a moment for the Olivier Award winners of the future with the HUGELY talented youngsters from Bugsy Malone
I really expected more from Bugsy Malone.
I'm watching Bugsy Malone and I can't believe I've never seen it all the way through 🙊🙊
looks like Bugsy Malone's getaway driver
Bugsy Malone was fantastic last night. An absolute credit to everyone involved and a brilliant nights e…
I don't care a monkeys if you judge me. Just don't nudge me. It bugs me. Love be.. to the bugsy... Malone. Yes I'm stoned featured in NBC s Science of Love
So You Wanna Be A Boxer is a such a classic. I used to really want to be Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone
and It kills me to say that-- since I can quote bugsy Malone backwards and forwards. But seriously baby.
If you enjoyed the Bugsy Malone performance on the last night come and join us 11 Jun - 04 Sep
Bugsy Malone will always be one of my favourites
I've had a song from Bugsy Malone in my head for 2 days now - it's driving me mad!!!
I love bugsy malone I cannot believe
Really upset that Bugsy Malone grew up to be a Bad Guy after all.
‘Bugsy Malone’ at the Reid Hall: Local youth theatre group The Rising Youngstars are on course to bring Fat Sa...
I've had bugsy Malone song stuck in my head since last night
watching Bugsy Malone while revising... pretty sure this counts as history revision
Did you enjoy Bugsy Malone in Hammersmith last year? Did you take your hat off so the person behind you could see?
I'm not a massive fan of Bugsy Malone, but the new production looks so good
Started week with the bugsy Malone soundtrack -
Loved the Bugsy Malone performance, the dancing was amazing!!
BUGSY MALONE, a Senior School Production coming don't want to miss it. Tickets will be available for...
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The Bugsy Malone ensemble did an amazing job at it makes me so excited for the brilliant show to return! ITS SO GOOD!
So you wanna be a boxer. Wanna be the champ. Limited 12 week run Tickets from £15 https:…
Wow fantastic performance of Bugsy Malone by tonight. Such talented kids!
A lovely little acoustic cover of my favorite tune from Bugsy Malone...
16 years ago I was in Bugsy Malone. Talula. Still remember my song 😂
Never seen Scott act like this before. If he had this attitude back in the day, his best film wouldn't be Bugsy Malone.
.in the boxing ring for Bugsy Malone
We've been spoilt with performances tonight! Bugsy Malone giving us 'So You Wanna Be A Boxer'
Watching Bugsy Malone on the Oliviers brings back memories!
watching Bugsy Malone perform at the brings back so many memories! 😂
So much love for the incredible cast of bugsy Malone performing at the Oliviers tonight!
Who enjoyed that performance from Bugsy Malone? Brilliant!
Very excited about this years production of 'Bugsy Malone'! Come to the drama studio to get the lyrics for the auditions.
in need of someone who has Seussical, Bugsy Malone, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers from 2010-2013 VVMS Theater on DVD📀📀📀
RB staff enjoyed watching one of our pupils in Bugsy Malone at last night. Well done Josh and the whole cast!
Bugsy Malone nominated for an Olivier... "Just in a day's work" @ Lyric Hammersmith
So proud to hear Bugsy Malone has been nominated for the Olivier's 'Best Musical Revival' award!✨❤️
Congrats also to for their Best Musical Revival for Bugsy Malone, featuring lighting design by James Farncombe
Excited that Bugsy Malone has been nominated for Best Musical Revival at the https:…
A busy weekend for students & staff! Excited for a full weekend of technical rehearsals for Bugsy Malone!
Bugsy Malone is my guilty pleasure 👌🏽
Just realised Daniella Westbrook looks like Jodie Foster in Bugsy Malone with that hairstyle. 👍
Isn't that ball boy actually Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone? He might have threatened SA with custard gun
One of my all time favorite movies... Scott Baio and Jodi Foster in Bugsy Malone (1976) directed by Alan Parker https:…
Scott Baio’s dog is named Bugsy Malone. And my life is complete.
The movie's no prize, but I'm struck by how much Dorothy Mackaill reminds me of Jodie Foster in "Bugsy Malone."
"NBC is proud to present a live production of Bugsy Malone starring Jerry Ferrara!"
Whilst the rain lashes down it's time to batten down the hatches and watch Bugsy Malone - what Sundays are made for.
We've had a fab night at watching Peak Youth Theatre's production of Bugsy Malone and thanks to Carole for our theatre tour
star on why she related to Bugsy Malone
Is the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan actually a grown-up Dandy Dan from Bugsy Malone?
Amazing to see Bugsy Malone on the big screen and listen to the wonderful Sir Alan Parker and Dexter Fletcher
Get the youngsters dancing at today's screening of Bugsy Malone + Q&A with Sir Alan Parker
An early drawing of the 'Splurge Gun' by Bugsy Malone director Alan Parker. Held National Archives htt…
Bugsy Malone will be screened at Southbank on 04/10/15 with a special Q&A with director Alan Parker
This evening I saw Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Hammersmith. ASTOUNDING fun & a great production, you MUST see it. Buzzing on way home.
A fantastic afternoon performance of Bugsy Malone at the Lyric, Hammersmith yesterday. A lovely end to the holidays!
Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith is brilliant. Those kids are so talented!!!
watching LIVE on Bugsy Malone at the lyric theatre in London! waiting for it to start!
Some photographs from the Bugsy Malone performance.
Pennies from Heaven. This is strange. Bugsy Malone strange. Gotta give it to late 70s / early 80s Hollywood. They tried some things.
My mother just sent me the video of me in Bugsy Malone. I'll share with you soon.
Planned an early night. Then found the Bugsy Malone soundtrack on Spotify.
That's a nice mustache Biton has. . He looks like an extra from Bugsy Malone.
Finished what and ending.what a program! Bored now :-)
Sitting in a theatre box, 'bout to see Bugsy Malone. I have the best friend!
Going to on Saturday and SUPER excited. But before that, I'm off to see Bugsy Malone at the ALSO super exciting.
Happy 18th Birthday or Hestiebumble as known to F&F. Off to see Bugsy Malone in that there London.
PSA - Bugsy Malone at the Lyric in Hammersmith is excellent fun.
Our young carers loved watching Bugsy Malone today - fantastic show!
Okay but he better be going to Bugsy Malone as well bc I am NOT missing that
Absolutely loved Bugsy Malone Fantastic set and effects with great choreography executed brilliantly by an energetic cast.
Bugsy Malone opens 2morro on biggest stage. Grab ur
Drinks cancelled tonight so I am going to see Bugsy Malone instead because I have been dealt a vigorous blow by the genius stick
Scotty Malone (to the tune of Bugsy Malone). He's a winner. Candy-coated. For all his friends. He always seems to be...
Excited to be watching Bugsy Malone today with Good Luck
He always seems to be alone. But they love him. Bugsy Malone🎶
Must end 5 Sept - Go and grab tickets while you still can:
Ever so slightly jealous... Loved Bugsy Malone as a kid. Watched it constantly until the VHS got worn out :-) ^km
Youngest off to see Bugsy Malone with his theatre group this PM, then tonight whole family to our favourite Greek Restaurant.
Baby youare my bugsy Malone and Im your suicide blonde
I was picked to be Fat Sam in Bugsy Malone cos no one else "fit the role", I collapsed
Having the best night with watching Bugsy Malone - bringing us back to being 9 when we were in a school production
everybody loves that man. bugsy malone :D:D
I have a spare stalls seat for Bugsy Malone for tonight. If anyone would like it please let me know.
hope it's not too much to ask bruv but fix me up a Bugsy Malone mix pleeease
10 years late to the party but finally watched Brick last night. Had a definite Bugsy Malone vibe but it was teens doing hardboiled instead
yea, *** Tracy... maybe Bugsy Malone with Scott Baio, but no one had beards in that
Break at Sports Direct Neary Way Large amount of Utd tops stolen, let us know if you get offered one. Unsurprisingly City…
only two musicals one Aladdin and the other Bugsy Malone or something like that
It's time that Bugsy Malone is reissued on DVD.
I remember the queues for Bugsy Malone. Kids with splurge guns high on Sasparilla. No one talks about it now
feels like years since I've seen you walking around school! Will never forget doing Bugsy Malone with you
Pain -bugsy Malone //litterally on non stop repeat in love with his music omf 💜💜 💜💜💜
Bugsy Malone. Brilliant film. Must show it to Ava soon.
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Loved Bugsy Malone took me back to my school days! The songs are so good and the cast are amazing!
Can't explain how good Bugsy Malone was. Anyone want to come with me again? I hope Thriller Live is just as good. :)
I presume you have seen Bugsy Malone? X
Bugsy Malone and skepta need to make a tune together thx
With the bad accents and mediocre acting, I'm finding Bugsy Malone intolerably incoherent. At least Tommy was on key!
I've just bought Bugsy Malone, sing a long edition!!! Can wait lol xx
I'm to see Bugsy Malone. So looking forward to this!
Time for Bugsy Malone ! Been looking forward to it for a while.
'So this is show business' Join for a private Bugsy Malone screening & 2012 PN tasting on Sept 1st. DM 4 details
Youth Production of BUGSY MALONE JR plays Jul-Aug 2016! Check out our entire 42nd season here:
just seen a young lad who looked like the pianist in bugsy Malone wanted to jazz hands at him lol
The lady from is like the 4th person to get the Bugsy Malone reference from Blousey's name.
Bugsy Malone. The Hathaway Academy’s Drama Department took a group of 40 students to see Bugsy Malone at the...
Not offically an actual child, but I named my cat Blousey Brown after the character in Bugsy Malone.
Don't miss out on this 'triumph' of a play according to Until 5 September! Book here:
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We put on a play in primary school of Bugsy Malone! I was a dancer in his SpeakEasy! I had a skirt. Good times!
.Is that a custard pie gun from Bugsy Malone? Asking for a friend.
Yes m8 from Bugsy malone, hes his double !!
The only 70's film I can think of off hand, non Disney, that starred actual teens was Bugsy Malone. Little Darlings and Foxes were 80's.
Just returned 6 tkts for this wed matinee of Bugsy Malone Lyric Hammersmith. It's sold out so call box office ASAP.
was very very good. Always impressed by yours. Been coming since Bugsy Malone in 2010. Great work…
News: Glasgow. | Port teens to start in major production of Bugsy Malone | Port Glasgow | News | Greenock Tele...
So proud of my son Josh as Cagey Joe in RazzDazz production of Bugsy Malone. Singing 'So you wanna be a boxer'
Bugsy Malone starred the likes of Scott Baio, John Cassisi, Florrie Dugger, Josie Foster, and Martin Lev
Boys very excited to meet Gary Lineker during interval of Bugsy Malone!
Tickets now on sale from the school office for our Bugsy Malone production we hope to see you next week!
Sudden image of Roose following Ramsay around singing 'So you wanna be a Bolton...' to the tune of the boxing song from Bugsy Malone.
So, if your female cat is named Jodie Foster, is your male cat named Robert De Niro or Bugsy Malone?
had to look up Bugsy Malone, but it sounds similar! A group of boys who stick it to the man and sing about seizing the day!
Totally wanna see this! Bugsy Malone: Nostalgia Makes Way for the New -
No neck tatts in Bugsy Malone. The Louise Brooks flapper look well better than current female fashion crimes
Dads fav film though is Bugsy Malone
I'm watching Miller's Crossing because I figured I should after telling I had years ago but I just want to watch Bugsy Malone
Didnt say that exactly bro. I watch Bugsy Malone on a regs!
Every time someone puts good guys from bugsy malone on I just like to sing bad guys over it
I'm listening to bugsy Malone now oh
😘 Superb dance performance today by Spotlight Dance Group & a great version of Bugsy Malone by BMOS! Well done all!
Amy hated me THIS YEAR over a BOY and carina and Molly hated me over getting Blousey in Bugsy Malone in YEAR EIGHT
Aw bugsy malone reminds me so much of primary🙈
Catching up with my girly beth making plans to see bugsy Malone 😃
Hehe! Have you had any urges to sing tunes from Bugsy Malone?
Bugsy Malone at the Lyric was a hoot. Am still *very* much in the market for a splurge gun.
Bugsy Malone. Great job by all today.
Bugsy Malone tickets on sale this week folks...get them while they're available!!!
Bugsy Malone but all the children die like they're supposed to.
Stars of stage and screen attend the premiere of Bugsy Malone
Dancing around my room to the bugsy malone soundtrack instead of getting ready to leave my house. Should probably actually get a move on 😂
Waiting for Keiley to audition for Bugsy Malone
Bugsy Malone is forever and always my favourite musical
REVIEW: Bugsy Malone "BYT have tackled this production head on, with sequins and style"
In character, pupils delivered best ever vote of thanks to all who made Bugsy Malone truly awesome 👏🏻
Can't wait for the final performance of Bugsy Malone tonight, have you got your ticket? See you in Fat Sam's Speakeasy!
. bugsy malone was amazing! One of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen. I am going to book it again. A MAGICAL EVENING
Why can't the West End do a Bugsy Malone revival. C'mon
A bit of Bugsy Malone before parklife
I love bingewatching bugsy malone music videos at 1 in the morning it makes me feel alive
Try being hit by a plate of cream on stage for bugsy Malone
Actually before I go on the West End should maybe just maybe learn my lines for bugsy Malone oops
Anyone want to come and see Bugsy Malone on Monday, it's going to be brilliant & we seem to have spares (yay?)
So I have 3 spares for Bugsy Malone on Monday... any takers?
Awesome production of Bugsy Malone this evening. Six stars out of five says the eldest!
Just been to see Bugsy Malone at Lyric Hammersmith, what a fabulous show! Absolutely loved it!
I queued up for hours to audition for Bugsy Malone in 1982. You gave me a star for good singing but I didn't get through x
Huge well done to the Bugsy Malone actors, you were all amazing! Last night tomorrow
Alan Parker plays a few clips from Bugsy Malone, his first collaboration with Michael Seresin.
We're over tonight for Bugsy Malone - we hear there was a standing ovation last night!
Tickets now on sale for our Intermediate Production of Bugsy Malone! Get yours from Eaton Grove Reception.
I didn't know you were in Bugsy Malone!
For tickets for our Summer Production of Bugsy Malone on Tues 23rd & Wed 24th June 7pm, please call 0161 911 8084
Bugsy Malone is on again tonight, have you got your ticket to come and see it? Better get it quick we're nearly sold out!
Bugsy Malone check! Next - binging the end of How to Get Away With Murder
If you haven't seen Bugsy Malone, I suggest that you do.
Saw Bugsey Malone at The Lyric Theatre, not usually a fan of theatre but it was absolutely incredible :-D
So, Bugsy Malone at is properly brilliant //
question is, do I watch Bugsy Malone or Grease
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Just caught up with Bugsy Malone on Sunday Night at the Palladium , anyone else see it ? Looks fab, I'm going to...
2nd time of going to Bugsy Malone. Just love that show.
just about to watch Bugsy Malone in the West End, London!
It was the eldest son of this film's director who suggested he make the movie -
Going to see Bugsy Malone in theatre in August, so excited, my fave film of all time😀😀😀
Bugsy Malone is the next big thing.
Act 2 of Bugsy Malone was great today. Two weeks until the show opens
Bugsy Malone set building is underway.
The cast of Bugsy Malone. Well done on an incredible run
I have booked tickets to see Bugsy Malone on Wednesday the 1st July at 7.30pm. I have limited seats so please...
Does listening to the Bugsy Malone soundtrack count as history revision? I think so...
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