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Buffalo Zoo

Founded in 1875, the Buffalo Zoo located in Buffalo, New York is the third oldest zoo in the United States.

North American Delaware Park

We love art so here's a nifty way to plastic bags: See for more creations!
MichiganHist: Buffalo at the Belle Isle Zoo - ca. 1908 (BHC). …
APW kindergarten classes connect with the Buffalo Zoo to compare animal senses to human senses! Thanks B Zoo
Ima prob make moves to the zoo when y'all come back from buffalo for ya birthday fam
Panda plan for Bronx Zoo gets OK from Mayor de Blasio
I think I need another Buffalo Zoo drink!!
Just a glimpse of our fantastic day at the zoo! @ Buffalo Zoo
A great day to hang with these beauties @ Buffalo Zoo
Kinda want 5 Budweiser's, kinda want 5 buffalo zoo's
Jets RB Zac Stacy out for season after breaking ankle
I almst 4got; the top 5 for me R OKC Zoo Amphitheater, Chesapeake Arena, BOK CENTER, then the Buffalo Run & Riverwind Casinos.
at the Zoo tells a story of the impact of bags -
Ahhh the great white buffalo. One of my favorites at the zoo
If I get 20 followers before the bills game starts I'll transplant a kidney to a local panda bear at the buffalo zoo
in the '40s: Zoo's Marlon Perkins says goodbye to Eddie the Chimp .
LIVE on @ the Como zoo where the buffalo roam
Because I was near the Buffalo Zoo I had to get a picture of the buffalo because
Art & behavior change: a sculpture at draws attention to use
Plastic bag sculpture at Buffalo Zoo draws attention to use
Anana thinks leaf piles are the best part of autumn... @ Buffalo Zoo
We're at Buffalo for a event for the Zoo! Stop by. We're here 'til 8!
"Good afternoon, Buffalo Zoo.". 'Hey I have a coupon for the Seneca Park Zoo, will you guys accept it?'. "What? No.".
Early morning walk in the park with our pals. @ Buffalo Zoo
Orphaned polar bear to move from Buffalo Zoo in New York to St. Louis in time ... - The Republic
This weekend is your last chance to see Kali at the Buffalo Zoo.:(
Buffalo Wild Wings is going to be an absolute zoo tonight and I am not prepared the slightest bit for rude customers 🙅🙅
When you run past the buffalo zoo 3 times you get quite acquainted with the Buffaloes 😂😂
Buffalo Zoo tickets on Groupon make me very happy
I've never seen so many ugly chicks a Buffalo Wild Wings ever party
we can take a zoo trip this summer. To the Buffalo zoo maybe you can touch one there
Tickets available for 'Breakfast with the Easter Bunny' at Buffalo Zoo
How to make me happy :. Take me to the zoo then feed me buffalo wings.
.SO excited to be the 2015 Buffalo Zoo Membership Chair. Join Today!
the river is rlly high today so if i die bury me inside the tiger exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo 🚣
POTD: I love photography. So I'm going to share mine. Scrolling randomly and picking 1. This was taken at Buffalo Zoo
Zoo says gorilla decline tied to cell phone mineral: An event called Zooper Saturday at the Buffalo Zoo on Saturday…
Buffalo beware this gorilla is outta the zoo
Today on my story I got to hang out with a horse, donkeys and buffalo. It was like a petting zoo.
Heavy Petting Zoo in San Diego. At all weekend! Next week Buffalo
Hey Keepers! What are you doing April 27 - May 2, 2015?. Attend AZA’s Best Practices in Animal Keeping course hosted by the Buf…
Mental note, the cocktail called "Buffalo Zoo" from BDUBS doesn't mix well with honey BBQ wings.
Crazy zoo day at I'm chasing gators & is herding buffalo w/RRPD
Experience Zooper Saturday featuring the gorillas - tomorrow at the Buffalo Zoo from 11am - 3pm. Free with Zoo...
That buffalo zoo drink at bww be on point !
Kids today are lucky. If zoo camp existed when we were kids, we'd all be beastmasters by now. .
Vacation day obviously means Buffalo Zoo with my mom 😂
Hamilton Collection
This only happens in Africa Parks you can't find them in the Zoo.
Earlier my roommate's dad said he had a spiritual connection with the buffalo at the zoo 😂😭
For a deliciously Midwestern meal, pair our Buffalo Mac and Cheese with a Buffalo Zoo cocktail.
It was a water buffalo that some of the zoo volunteers made. There was a big bone inside.
stop! Such a small world. I live near the Buffalo Zoo!
My daughter and me at the zoo in Buffalo, NY. I get to visit her once a year... this was fun.
Someone take me to Buffalo Zoo so I can see the Maned wolves please please please
WATCH: Buffalo licks visitor to Washington zoo: An online video sh...
WATCH: Buffalo licks visitor at Washington zoo with enormous tongue .
WATCH: Buffalo licks visitor to Washington zoo
Great video: Buffalo gets WAY too friendly at drive-thru zoo.
Zoo tycoon is becoming a drain! Hopefully when I have enough diamonds this African buffalo will help things out!
Watch this buffalo get WAY too friendly at drive-thru zoo
Video: Buffalo kisses: Zoo visitors get up close and personal
The guys of Buffalo Fish made it to Amsterdam!! Nice cosy apartment right across the street from the zoo so the...
Day 3 of The Now I know how zoo animals feel at an exhibit.
Buffalo Zoo is hiring a Manager, apply now! (
I was suppose to go to San Diego zoo today , that's all I wanted for my bday , it's all good
Bills are discussing a new deal with LeSean McCoy so he can stay happy in Buffalo.
Buffalo Zoo is really going to hit the spot after this class
Peach schnapps does not work in a Buffalo Zoo. The original award-winning recipe is far better.
Resumé and cover letter sent to the Buffalo Zoo ✔
The Buffalo Zoo was a little wild, especially since the goose was on the loose. But I got a unique stir sick.
A visit to the Buffalo Zoo earlier this week: Tuesday we took a trip to the Buffalo Zoo, mainly to see the bab...
Went to the zoo then went to buffalo wolf wings & now smoking blunts oh yay ❤️
The celebrated baby gorilla Nyah's first birthday today!
Buffalo Exhibition is a diverse species of & @
I got a buffalo zoo membership for my birthday.. My family's the real MVP 😁
I think the Buffalo Zoo might have a sloth… kinda far away though.
Rock Bottom on Came back again to Rock Bottom because the Greene Turtle was a zoo and Buffalo Wild Wings is, …
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
oh and I forgot. Happiness is a bottomless buffalo zoo
I recall seeing a buffalo at the zoo and yea it's worth a try
Polar Bear Luna suffered broken leg in fall at zoo
Great day in the City of Buffalo with
nawww one thing the program made me realize was that I didn't wanna work at the buffalo zoo lol you might see what I mean
Running back C.J. Spiller will return kicks for the Bills this season:
Anyone want to go to buffalo tomorrow with me and Bianca to go to the zoo and the falls?
Synacom Networks wishes a quick recovery at the
teach ur children 2 respect & love all living creatures! Bunch of little punks these brats r
Happy back to school Traffic on Parkside backed up to the zoo on a sunny morning.
Tickets are on sale for a new Halloween event at the Find the details here:
A little trip to the buffalo zoo earlier this summer with my
Trip to the buffalo zoo to see our man real soon😂
Anyone else w/ more info on Kali, one of the polar bears, being transferred to St Louis in Spring 2015?
Polar bear cub Luna rescued after falling into moat at Buffalo Zoo - The Buffalo News -
Buffalo Zoo polar bear breaks leg in fall via
Luna falls 16' and suffers a broken leg. The article and the video describe the disheartening route I've seen...
Kids caught taunting animals with laser beam at Buffalo slipped into moat-injured the polar bear. http:…
Polar bear cub suffered broken leg in fall at Buffalo Zoo.
Update on Polar Bear cub with broken leg at Buffalo Zoo
Polar bear cub’s fall at zoo results in broken leg - The Buffalo News (and injures!)
No public appearance for Luna until leg heals via PETA, have you ever been in buffalo's climate?
The Buffalo Zoo's Rachel Gottlieb on reports that laser pointers may have distracted Luna.
At 850am - Buffalo Zoo's Rachel Gottlieb discusses Luna's condition and reports of what may have led to her fall.
Buffalo Zoo polar bear breaks leg in fall | Okay more animall news
Buffalo Zoo polar bear breaks leg in fall
Hrs before polar bear slipped off 16-ft wall, kids were caught shining laser beam into another exhibit at htt…
News 4 has learned Kali, one of the polar bears at the will be transferred to St. Louis in the spring: http:…
Buffalo turns into a zoo on Tuesdays.
The buffalo zoo needs to close, the animals looks so depressed there, they need to be free. Or taken somewhere way better!
"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." @ Buffalo Zoo
Congratulations: GOH baby rhino, produced by artificial insemination, was born on June 5 at the Buffalo Zoo
And after that we can hang out at the zoo and chill with the buffalo and elk and stuff
Buffalo Zoo is on the todo list soon too
Last meeting of the year tonight. Remember, it will be at the Buffalo Zoo Children's resource center. Please park and enter off the Delaware Park entrance. The main parking lot will not be open. Pizza will be served!!
So stoked for this Sunday. Going to the reptile expo and the zoo in buffalo. My husband better let me get my tarantula for my birthday.
Ridge Note for April 30th with Val The activities continue for NU Relax Week! 11-1 ~ Wild Buffalo Zoo Mobile ~ LLGC 11-2 ~ Complimentary cookies and tea ~ LLGC Good luck on your Finals!
Buffalo schools at the zoo today. Teacher barking orders at my daughter. Glad teachers know who's in their class. Oh brother.
The zoo and Buffalo Wild Wing in one day . oh yeah.. I am done with that. And may I say its free!!!
Networking Event tomorrow...SHINE, Empower, Connect and Acheive. Thursday, May 1st 4:30, Conference and Event Center Niagara Falls. $30 at the door. Tickets include assorted food stations and 2 free drinks during Happy Hour. Key Note Speaker: Donna Fernandez, President and CEO of the Buffalo Zoo.
Surprise trip to the valley, zoo, shopping at the mall, Buffalo Wild Wings, & explaining basketball to = best anniversary ♡
Buffalo Zoo is close to doubling our numbers from last year!
Can someone please tell me where is Varysburg NY at and how far is that from here my kids are going on a field trip to hidden valley animal adventure why do they have to go so far what's wrong with the buffalo zoo oh I'm sorry I forgot my kids go to school in West Seneca but I'm their parent need to know where this is
It's not too early to get your ticket and shirt for the 2nd Annual Zumbathon for the Zoo. Tickets and shirts are available from each instructor and 2 guest instructors. Don't wait! Last year sold out 1 month in advance. Did you know: after a 16 month gestation period, the Buffalo Zoo rhino, Tashi, is expected to deliver her baby calf in June.
Wines in the Wild Sponsored by Sponsored by Galbani Cheese, Welke Customs Brokers & 2Find your Home On Wednesday, July 23rd, the Pro Zoo Board and the Women’s Board will host the annual Wines in the Wild event at the Buffalo Zoo. For only $45 pre-sale, $55 at the door, your ticket includes a variety of food and dessert items, wines and beers, along with some great specialty services vendors. We also offer a VIP ticket which will allow you one hour early entry, goodie bag and champagne toast at a cost of $100. Only 100 VIP tickets will be sold. Live music and visits from some of your favorite animal ambassadors will highlight the evening. Enjoy a balmy summer evening in one of the most unique environments around as you try your luck at our fantastic basket & silent auctions. This event takes place from 6:00pm – 9:00 pm, rain or shine. Guests MUST BE at least 21 years or older. The more the merrier, so bring your friends and neighbors to enjoy this wonderful, casual, evening to benefit the Zoo’s A ...
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The Buffalo Zoo sure has a good collection of snakes! A king cobra, variety of rattlesnakes, python, and this anaconda in The Rainforrest! :)
Checking out a polar bear claw, fur, and skull at the Polar Bear Presentation by the Buffalo Zoo.
Moms & Tots are headed to the Buffalo Zoo tomorrow morning! Pray for sunshine. Interested in attending with your...
Hey maybe we should restage the *** Zoo' of the 1901 pan American exhibition in Buffalo as 'art' yea that would be a great idea
A polar bear at the Buffalo Zoo gets ready for a close up
Buffalo Zoo's Fernandes to speak at Thursday event in the Falls
The Buffalo Walk to Cure Diabetes is coming up on Sunday, June 8th at Delaware Park & the Buffalo Zoo! And this...
I heard there is going to be a buffalo petting zoo on flunk day
Zoo day with this Buffalo whisperin stud
This awful zombie novel takes place in Buffalo. You can tell because it constantly mentions Yuengling, the Bills, beef on weck, and the zoo
That buffalo zoo commercial made me cringe
Drinking a buffalo zoo at bww bar while an old guy next to me is sippin on a cup of chocolate milk. Crazy Saturday night for this guy.
Join for today until 4pm! Bounce houses, Buffalo Zoo, Fire Trucks, & Fun! :)
I wanna go to the zoo so bad… Like did y'all know hovatter's has a buffalo??? A BUFFALO
Buffalo zoo at 11! $3 and your UBID. Let me know if you're coming.
With all this rain, it looks like the zoo is out. Plan B is the Buffalo Museum of Science.
I'm in buffalo come take me to the zoo 🐯
PHOTO ADVENTURE DAY!!! So very excited to spend the day with my fellow photographer and best friend Tracy Winter as we hike on a trail in the morning (known for all the bluebirds!), then head to Hawk Creek Wildlife Center Inc. near Buffalo, NY for an "Earth Day" event with their resident hawks, owls, falcons, eagles and wild cats! Followed by scoping out a nearby waterfall, then headed to the Buffalo Zoo for some baby otter photos, and finally off to Niagara Falls to shoot at the botanical gardens/butterfly house! Hope to bring back lots of photo goodies from our long day! Enjoy your Saturday everyone :-)
Otter pups now on exhibit at Buffalo Zoo ..TopStories BuffaloNews
Otter pups now on exhibit at Buffalo Zoo: HAZELWOOD, Mo. – So have you lost a lot of sleep? Just can’...
The Buffalo News - Otter pups now on exhibit at Buffalo Zoo - North American River Otter pups that the Buffalo Zoo...
Watch N.A. otter pups learn how to swim at the BuffZoo from 10-12 daily
Buffalo Zoo puts river otter pups on exhibit: The zoo says they wanted to make sure the North American river o...
Otter pups now on exhibit at Buffalo Zoo -
WIVB: Buffalo Zoo puts river otter pups on exhibit
Aw. You can now see the Buffalo Zoo's otter pups every day from 10 a.m. to noon.
March 28 1899 August Busch Junior was born. As Chairman from 1946 to 1975, he built Anheuser-Busch into the largest brewery in the world. The firm built nine regional breweries, and increased its annual sales from 3 million barrels in 1946 to more than 34 million in 1974. “Gussie” was the first brewer to advertise on a national television show and guided introduction of the Budweiser “bowtie.” He was most beloved for his work as president of the Cardinals from 1953 until he died in 1990. 1902 Marlon Perkins was born in Carthage, Missouri. He began his career at the St. Louis Zoo cutting grass and cleaning cages. Two months later, he took over the reptile collection. Perkins nearly died in 1928, when a Gabon Viper bit him. He left to direct the Buffalo Zoo in 1938. In 1962, he returned to become director of the the St. Louis Zoo and began hosting television’s “Wild Kingdom.” The show ran for 23 years. 1913 The St. Louis Browns traded infielder Buzzy Wares to a minor league team in ...
Support the Buffalo Zoo and come to Polar Bites tonight at Convention Center! on the…
The University at Buffalo Athletics Department has partnered with the Buffalo Zoo for a special ticket offer to the “Black Friday Clash at the Ralph” football game on Nov. 29. Fans can purchase an $18 ticket to UB’s final home game against Bowling Green at Ralph Wilson Stadium with proceeds going to...
Wow. Good news. Buffalo Zoo gets NY grant to help build $18M habitat for polar bears
Anyone of my Buffalo peeps have connections with anyone at the Buffalo zoo? Sending a resume there.
I hope it snows soon so all the polar bears at the Buffalo zoo can be jolly and play in it 🐾🐾
Good news for polar bears: The Buffalo Zoo is getting state help for its new state-of-the-art habitat
Attn a reason for you to visit Buffalo ;) MT Buffalo Zoo gets funds for polar bears
Buffalo Zoo gets state funds for polar bears
State will help Buffalo Zoo close $ gap 4 new area 4 polar bears. Andy how about hospitals for humans in underserved areas
Lets take these bills back to buffalo zoo here we go boys
Instead I am at Walmart which is equivalent to the buffalo zoo at feeding time
So excited for our Buffalo Zoo. Thank you to all who helped raise funds and to NY State for closing the gap. Luna and Kali belong in Buffalo!
Finally visited the Polar Bears at the Buffalo Zoo and understand what all the fuss is about
Devils advocate-the cost of two adults and one child at Buffalo Zoo is $28.50. At that rate it’ll take 631,579patrons to recoup $18m 4 bears
Governor completes funding for new Buffalo Zoo polar bear exhibit.
Governor Cuomo is funding the rest of the money for the polar bear exhibit for Luna and Kali at the Buffalo Zoo.
Pics or it didn't happen MT Popular polar bear cubs Luna & Kali will have new home @ zoo
announced state will help Buffalo Zoo close funding gap to allow Zoo to move forward with new area for polar bears.
The Buffalo Zoo’s popular polar bear cubs Luna and Kali will have a new home in state-of-the-art Arctic Edge exhibit.
I'm seriously far too excited about the Buffalo Zoo Polar Bear exhibit.
Yams gonna be a zoo..if I was in Buffalo I'd be going
Llama was strangely fragrant but delicious, buffalo was moist and yum according to dd. the eating of the zoo continues...
Breakfast with me at the Buffalo Zoo is coming us. December 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd.
Just monkeying around. This photo if you are not aware of the Buffalo zoo, is taken through a fence. The lens was not placed through the fence either.
am I in lackawanna city court or the buffalo zoo?
Capuchin monkey born at Tupelo zoo: The Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo has a new resident.
Just hanging with my favorites at the Zoo!
Ooh how I love the Buffalo Zoo at Bdubs󾌧
Cool cards. (Get it?) And great story about Kali and Luna at the Buffalo Zoo.
Greatest thing ever published online. “I went to the zoo and I met Dwight King. Things got weird. http…
The Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of a baby girl Capuchin. She was born at... http:/…
Buffalo Zoo ! Had an awesome day with my little man
Buffalo zoo trip prior to the game tonight. The polar bear cubs were just too cute.
Tim Hortons is helping keep the Buffalo Zoo's baby polar bears stay in Western New York:
released! Collaboration btwn Bronx Zoo, Buffalo Zoo & the state Dep. of Environmental Conservation.
Random stranger at the buffalo zoo! They were in a climbing structure and I couldn't get to him!!
good! Lets go to the buffalo zoo soon too!!
3 more days till Hershey park, sky zone, buffalo zoo, buffalo mall, and more :)
Im trying to hit the Buffalo Zoo though
My whole family is having a discussion about the importance of Organic foods. Can we leave and go to the Buffalo Zoo now?
I wanna put a fake snake on the ground in the snake exhibit at the buffalo zoo
I think the buffalo zoo uses monkeys as cashiers in the gift shop.
Getting wild with at the Buffalo Zoo
.lion may have consumed too much wine at Wines in the Wild (see but everyone else was grinning:
Buffalo zoo time. Although they have no pandas I'm in the mood to see some baby polar bears. 🐼
Checking out the giraffes for Connors field trip at the buffalo zoo. @ Buffalo Zoo
I'm going to the Buffalo zoo in 10 hours. I need sleep.
PL's Crew enjoys another successful Wines in the Wild at the
Wines in the WIld was a wildly fun night. Check out our fantastic photos at the
The parking tokens at the Buffalo Zoo look remarkably like Toonies.
Wines in the Wild at the Buffalo Zoo - PHOTOS | via
I'm going to the buffalo zoo todayayayayayay
where is nickel city reptiles? we used to live in Buffalo and took our kids to the Buffalo zoo all the time
I have the coolest job ever. Wines in the Wild at the Buffalo Zoo! @ Buffalo Zoo
Wines in the wild with a girl I've missed (: @ Buffalo Zoo
Wilding with Wines (& beers) at the Buffalo Zoo. Thanks for the wonderful time buffalozoo!!
Wines in the wild. Bird dookied on my foot. @ Buffalo Zoo
Wines in the wild at the Buffalo zoo. Serving up Saranac and Lake Placid brews. And all the beer I can drink
Thanks for the BDAY love everyone. If you're at the Buffalo Zoo for Wines in The Wild hit me up!
Nothing like driving the streets at the buffalo zoo in your car???
wine in the wild" at the buffalo zoo. There were tix on sale, not sure if they still are though
Wines in the Wild at the Buffalo Zoo. Great event/fundraiser for the Buffalo Zoo. Sold out, but hey! You're Stevie Johnson!
Just stalked the buffalo zoo's website until I found something about feeding the giraffes
Pulled in lot of Buffalo Zoo at 1, closes at 2, still had to pay to park. Not coming back
Come on Aaron! You promised to donate your salary. The Buffalo Zoo needs 3 million for a polar bear habitat.
Attending Wines in the Wild tonight at Buffalo Zoo. Great wines,great people, great time, Hope to see you there - zebras & Zinfandel.
Hitting wines in the wild tomm buffalo zoo... Can't wait!
Will someone please come to the Buffalo Zoo with me on Saturday?
The buffalo zoo is so ghetto the animals are starving and dirty I need to set then free
You don't get much closer to a than this! @ Buffalo Zoo
At Buffalo Zoo enjoying the sun with family . . . . and it's National Zookeeper Week, random fact . . .
The Buffalo Zoo is 3 million short on fundraising for their polar bear exhibit. Man up and donate your salary.
I'm always seeing your posts asking to meet new ladies and make new friends. This post will be for the mommies-to-be and the moms out there. Comment under this post with a little intro about yourself and the kiddos. I will post another one for ladies without kiddos (yet). -crystal
Had a nice family day trip to the buffalo zoo!
July 9th Buffalo Zoo Trip Bus cost is $5.00 and leaves the Senior Center @ 9:30am. Pick-up is 2pm. Entrance to the Zoo is $8.50 at gate. Only two seats left. July 15th Succulent Stuffings Tour August 12th Tootie Fruitie Brown Bag Tour, Columbiana, Ohio Oct. 23, Comedy Play at Bartlett Theater and White Inn for Lunch! Total Cost $63 For details check main desk at Senior Center Office or call 773-9682
It's so hot a water buffalo at the zoo just evaporated!
We are planning to do a staycation next week, what are some local attractions or day trips we should do?
Photo at top is a stranger, Jonathan(in stroller) & myself near Buffalo Zoo.
Well, I’m shuffling off to north of Buffalo. The lawn is high and the mail needs to be picked up. The summer season is in full swing in the park. There are still some cabins left to rent, but online they must be done on a weekly basis. You can walk-in and rent a cabin with a 2 day minimum though. Did you know that a non-electric cabin is only slightly more than a campsite for a week? Plus you get a gas stove, four cots and a porch if it rains! I love the porch when it rains! Looking forward to staying in the park next week (most of the week anyway) There are fireworks on July 3rd on Quaker Lake, and Sally is holding the Hootenanny on the 4th-always rain or shine. If you show up early for the Hoot, Sally’s doing Karaoke from 6 PM to 7:30, then the Hoot at 8. I’ll be there helping my buddy Rick Feuz sell raffle tickets for his wood carvings. The money goes directly to park maintenance, paint and so forth- it’s a good investment in the park to buy tickets and you have a pretty good chance of winning ...
Have you been to the Buffalo Zoo lately? The Director of the Zoo, Donna Fernandes, and Joel Giambra were my "Political Buzz" guests on WBBZ-TV recently to update us on the dynamic duo of "Kali and Luna"- the popular polar bears- and the "Arctic Edge" project. Check it out!
More and more zoos are giving visitors the opportunity to feed giraffes for a small enough fee that they can come back and feed the giraffes many times! The Houston Zoo Inc., the The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, the Metro Richmond Zoo, the Reid Park Zoo, the Binder Park Zoo, the Topeka Zoo, and, of course, the Elmwood Park Zoo. :)
Question From Community Member Renee Veltkamp: "I am looking for clean, kid-friendly beaches that are close enough to do as a day trip with the family. Any suggestions? Thanks!"
Presstin is excited about going to the Zoo tomorrow. Even more now after hearing stories about my zoo trips with my aunts and uncles. He said he wants to go to the monkey house first ;) We're meeting there at 10am if anybody else wants to go.
Dangerous heat is moving into the Southwest.
If you had three days for a mini vacation where would you go? Has to be in driving distance of North Platte and we have to end up the last night in Omaha for an appointment the next morning, so heading west is out. Don't want to actually spend the three days in Omaha because we have been there so much already.
So my neighbor kid Desmond Graves let dogs out tonight after the game. I get a call and he says he saw a Mountain Lion in my yard.. the dogs went out but wouldn't go into the yard and he said he went to the side the garage and saw it standing down by my Vball court which us 100ft from the house and close to the creek..he really did sound freaked out. And this is the second time its happened. Last summer the boys were staying in the clubhouse and said they (5 boys)saw and heard one also. Hm... not sure what else it could be? Thoughts?
McClelland Paying Tribute to a Family Legacy The McClelland family of veterinarians could aptly be described as “joiners.” It would be equally true to describe them as pioneers and compassionate caregivers. Frank McClelland Sr. led the way—joining an established Buffalo area veterinary hospital after graduating from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell in 1909. He was followed by his younger brother, Alfred, and then two sons, Robert B. McClelland and Frank McClelland Jr. All practiced in the McClelland Veterinary Hospital, which was formerly the Buffalo area veterinary hospital. Frank Sr. also helped establish the Buffalo Zoo. This senior veterinarian was a charter member and second president of the American Animal Hospital Association and was a pioneer member of the New York State Veterinary Medical Society and the Western New York Society. Throughout the following decades, Robert and Frank Jr. continued to be active in organizational affairs. All three served as president ...
Had a great time at the zoo even if it did thunder and pour down rain a couple of times!! Then we at at Buffalo Wild Wings, stopped at the mall for a bit then back to the hotel to swim and sit in the hot tub. Didn't swim water a little cool for me so thought the hot tub would be great only to get in and its cool. The coil isn't working right. Had a hot shower to warm up!!!
Brookfield Zoo was great today just the 6 boys and I.. all day 9-4 sweating g our bootys off...we felt bad for some animals like the Zebra that kept getting attacked by bugs..The Buffalo, lions, polar bears, ect Were so hot the didn't move at all..there tounges flopped out panting..but it was cool just a good sweaty workout for me ;). I needed it
Looking forward to 6 glorious days at the Lake...with both my girls for a change...should be a fun time, golfing, fishing, cards etc. etc. etc.
If you're in the Buffalo area, remember to come to Good Shepherd Church at 2669 Sheridan Drive (near Parker) tomorrow (Friday) evening at 7:30 to see the touring group New Wine present the original play The Ark: What to do When Life's a Zoo. It's free and should be a lot of fun!
Okay, I'm going to start a meme here, if you graduated from Wellsville High school post a picture of yourself or your friends in your profile picture. I picked a picture of me in a production of The Wizard of Oz. And my cover picture is a fifth grade field trip to the Buffalo Zoo. Oh the memories. :P
To a mediaeval mapmaker, the world was a vast and scary place. Explorers that braved the seemingly endless oceans in search of new worlds often didn’t return, and those that did carried with them nightmarish tales of monsters and serpents. It was the mapmaker’s task to warn future travelers of the d...
OMG! Pine Mountain Safari was SO much fun! You rent a really beat up jeep and drive through acres and acres of wild life. Giraffes, Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Zebra's and so many more come right up into your window! We got drooled on, sneezed on and slimmed LMAO. You feed them all out of your hand. Then there is a walk about where you can see more dangerous animals (in a zoo like atmosphere). We had a nice little picnic - in the car, the heat and bugs can be pretty bad. All in all it was an absolutely great day. Kristin will be posting some of the pictures soon I'm sure :)
Think ima take my daughter and nephew to the zoo on Sunday if I don't work
Just got back from tupelo buffalo park and zoo about 2 hrs ago. Glad to be home. Gean and I took 6 kids ranging from 11months to 6yrs old and 3 pre-teens. Audrey got to pet a snake instead of petting it she pinched she got so excited about seeing the minature ponies that she was hollering.
And that buffalo zoo got me right lol
If any of you Buffalo area moms are looking for a great summer activity, the Williamsville library will be doing "Lunch Bunch" Mondays at noon July 8-Aug 12 (ages 3-5...and younger siblings welcome too). Keaton loved it and we'll be going again. Join us! Sign ups are TODAY! Crafts, songs, stories, games, picnic, zoo animals...lots of cuteness!
Would the Buffalo Police Department PLEASE go to Parkside Avenue and TICKET ALL THOSE ILLEGALLY PARKED CARS. You need the revenue & we need a safe street, that cars can drive freely on, without being disrupted by people too cheap to pay for parking at The Buffalo Zoo, and cars swaying into lanes to avoid illegally parked cars.
Went 2 the buffalo zoo yesterday, and had a blast, and my little mans walking more and more by his self!
Dartmoor Zoo.We bought a zoo.You may have seen the film with matt Damon, you may have read the book are you ready for the sequel.? We support a zoo! I met Ben Mee yesterday and we thought a great Living for the City Project would be for Jimmy and I to play a set to feature all the animal names in the various enclosures. TIGER Feet or TIGER Rag,Ride a White Swan, you get the picture.We need a volunteer singer, bass player and drummer to join in with the spirit and have a fun day at Dartmoor Zoo. Watch this space for date and details and also keen to hear from musicians/singers who would like to give an hour of their time.Also ideas for cafe event Leanne/Ntully/Shelly.? This will be on the BBC and the Herald will cover it so all nice things that we do will perhaps be noticed as an exemplar to other cities!!
Came to see the baby at the Buffalo Zoo on a muggy day. Now trapped in the
So our landlord just called to tell us that he is going to redo our kitchen in a couple of weeks (yay!) New floor and cabinets (much needed!).sooo.we are going to take the girls on a mini vacation to get them out of here for a couple of the days.2 nights and 3 days. Our first instinct was Niagara Falls but we'd love suggestions. Since I will be 8 months preggo, it needs to be within a couple of hours from here and I am not willing to camp!
What's your favorite campgrounds in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan or Ohio? We always go to Turkey Run, but would like to try something new.
I need some new liberal friends. It appears I've lost quite a few the past few months, including almost all of my LGBT friends. If you unfriend me over politics, it's a reflection on you, not me.
Got the true kansas. Experience today drove for 2 hours down dirt roads and all we saw was corn and wheat and 1 donkey.
We have had quite a fun week! Kyle's Graduation, Buffalo Zoo and a lot of time at the Lake :)
Day drinking then going to the buffalo zoo if the rain holds out. Canada tonight for dinner at the brazilian steakhouse! Fun filled day :)
Well, we're bored already! Lunch and then I think off to the zoo.
We are all boarded on the plane and waiting to take off. Montana here we come:-)
Trip to crowded Buffalo Zoo member night made totally worth it by dinner from The fries were the best I've ever had.
On the way to Woolaroc Nature Preserve for another awesome field trip. Thank God for air conditioned school bus. K-3 headed to zoo.
Daybreak's Family Fun Month begins Monday. Our team will take viewers to a different family-friendly location in WNY each weekday during the month of July. Festivals, museums, parks, activities, etc. What specifically would you like to see profiled? Dates would help, too!
On our way to the Buffalo Zoo for our last day of family fun before Krista leaves for Oregon tomorrow :(
been a busy week closed out two large client projects this week.. today I a home off to enjoy time with my little man.. and start to purge our junk in preparation to move back upstairs ... this weekend the renovation is 99% finished!
Yesterday was my best day ever for wild animal sightings...a grizzly bear, elk, deer, bald eagle, buffalo & a chipmunk!
First field trip at the Buffalo Zoo and Chuck E Cheese we go!
Barely slept last night out of excitement for my first day back at the Buffalo Zoo today!
Considering maybe going to werribee open range zoo or myuna farm or something for my birthday. AHH DECISIONS! I just want to see animals :(
In a band, or have a friend in a band? TAG 'EM! Flood the comments with some new music!
So pumped for the Buffalo Zoo on Sunday with my best fran! Yay!
Have to move to Buffalo sometime in the next 6 months. Anyone interested in renting a 3 bedroom house on a private beach with a cool landlord and within a stone's throw qof all the fun Angola stuff?
Had a great day with the kids. Total cost, about 15 bucks for lunch and some gas. Have the zoo membership which if you have a family of 4 or 5 almost pays for itself the first time through the gates. Parked over by the Darwin Martin house. Did a quick look see in the new visitor center. Cole was amazed that he has been to other architectural gems of buffalo with school. Hit Delta for lunch. Stopped in the New Era HQ on Delaware and checked out some caps. Went to canal side for ping pong and pool. Best part about it was that the kids didn't complain at all and we walked quite a bit.
If you could receive one free hunt to anywhere in the world for any species where would it be and what animal?
Today I took a short trip to see two friends in SW MO. Both men were in the animal business, loved animals, and enjoying the public viewing animals. In Carthage, MO I paid my respects to R. Marlin Perkins, the man that gave me my start in the zoo field. Millions saw him on TV as a kind and knowledgeable man who want everyone to appreciate animals. It wasn't an act, it was who he was. About 25 miles away on a hill top in Miller, MO I stopped by the headstone of "An Animal Circus Legend", Bobby Gibbs. Most people don't know Bobby, an elephant, horse, and about anything else trainer. If you're among the few that do I bet you're smiling, thinking of one of Bobby's stories. I was honored to know both these men and they played a big part in my life. It was good to be with them again.
Need a driving destination within 10 hours or so from Kansas City that is simple, (aka not crowded and difficult to navigate) and mildly entertaining for Tweens, even during the heat of July. Any ideas that don't require much planning?
9 days till the coolest party of the summer. Check your events and sign up for the poker tournament fundraiser, even if you don't play. Come for the free food and cash prizes. Enter our raffle for 3 free hair cuts from hair slingers and Sara Essman, a pound of coffee from Classic Bean, 4 adults and 4 kid buffets from cicis, a half pound of chocolate from hazel hills, 25 dollars to potwin from Christa Murphy, $25 to banjo cafe, free qdoba, jasons deli, buffalo wild wings, elephant paintings from the topeka zoo, free putt putt games and more. Any one can enter so tell your friends and head to the goodyear shelter house july 5th from 5pm to 10pm. Remember all $ raised goes to baby elijahs medical cost. Any amount given big or small is appreciated. See you in 9 days!
During a family visit to a drive-thru zoo, a friendly camel gets a little too excited for treats when it tries to wrap its mouth around a little girl's head. For more go to
Come into BWW il be bartending all night! Come in come in come in!!
Had fun at the zoo and Greenbay mall area and Buffalo wild wings! I hope I get to hang out with my best friends since preschool ever.
Putting carmines birthday party together at the buffalo zoo
I really don't like spending money. Especially on things for a dress code set by this new Buffalo Wild Wings. Not only do I have to take my piercings out, I have to wear a black belt and tuck my jersey in. If I needed a belt, I would wear one but simply wearing one for looks is ridiculous, in my opinion. Tucking a jersey in doesn't really make much sense to me either. Oh well. Finished another portion of my student loans while sitting at Starbucks. Back to the Buffalo at 6pm. Hoping to make twice as much money as I have in my bank account within the next 6 weeks. That's a long shot.
What's ur fav animal at the zoo? Mine's the Cheetahgator! Come get some BBQ n tell us about ur fav animals :) at The Buffalo Zoo 6-830
Tomorrow is gonna be so much fun I can't wait to spend the day with my babe the zoo and Buffalo Wild Wings date day lol
At the Buffalo zoo with my wife and our nephews.
We are going to take the girls away just for a couple days. Don't have the time to get away for more than that. Any good ideas?
Had a great time at the Buffalo Zoo with Megan Lynch Firester, Scott Firester, Bre, Peggy Lynch, and John Lynch!!!
technically I don't have either of your numbers...but we can find a day when we can all go to the buffalo zoo!
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Animals, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils November 1997 D. Gary Young, N.D. President Young Living Essential Oils "I have raised animals all my life and presently have several miniature horses as well as four teams of draft horses. I alsohave pygmy goats, Barbadoes sheep and llamas at my ranch where I reside. On my 1300 acre herb farm at Whispering Springs in Mona, Utah, I have an animal petting zoo with Bactrian camels, zeeboos from Africa (miniature Bramas), Watusi cows and bulls, Walleroos (miniature kangaroos), llamas, buffalo, miniature donkeys, as well as horses and goats. As you can see, we have a wide variety of animals. We have used the oils extensively on many of the animals and are continually making discoveries. The animals respond extremely well and we feel they have benefited greatly. In my experience, I have found that animals respond to essential oils much the same as humans. Animals are not as sensitive to the phenol and sesquiterpene constituents so they can be applied "neet" or full stre ...
Okay, so who's ready to have some fun? We are going to try to have some unofficial class/club activities before summer is over! Seniors and Graduates are welcome to attend (as are family members and/or friends)! Here are two activities that we are planning: The Buffalo Zoo - Wednesday, August 21st (opens at 10am) - Cost is $10.50 for anyone over the age of 22 (Student cost is $8.50 for those of you who are still "kids"). Hidden Valley Adventures - Friday, August 16th (6:30pm) - Cost is $40, and includes Safari Trolley Tour, petting zoo and $25 credit toward dinner. THIS EVENT WILL REQUIRE RESERVATIONS!!! Please RSVP for both events BY AUGUST 1ST so I have an idea of who is coming. Hope to see you all there!
Hey there ladies! Now that summer is here, what are your plans for the lil ones? anyone going on a special trip, or heading over to any of the county fairs? whatever it may be, remember to keep snacks and water handy, and always wear sunscreen! HAPPY SUMMER!
I saw U on the road that day U Were Looking so fine Ur Face So Divine Ur Walk So Perfect My Heart Started to Sing a Sweet Song?. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT Clouds r white but the sky is blue, monkey like u should b kept in the zoo, don’t get angry you’ll find me there too, not in the cage but laughing at u. ha! ha! ha! TWO FACTS OF LIFE FACT 1 : U cannot touch Ur lower lip with Ur tongue. FACT 2 : After reading this, 99/100 *** like u would try it.!! Hey! Can you do me a favor, take a pic of yourself and send it to me. I’m Playing cards and I’m missing the JOKER!!! I’m at police station. The police caught me & filed a case against me of “POSSESSION OF GOOD LOOKS” . I’m DOOMED, Need some ugly Monkey 2 bail me out , Where r u? I like watching you, I like to spend my time with you. But you are always surrounded by others as you are the main attraction of the ZOO!!! Qualities a friend must have: Cute as crocodile. Smart as donkey. Active as turtle. Fit as hippo. Matured as monkey. Sincerity like ...
Ecstatic to to report that there is no sign of the water buffalo this evening on the train . Hopefully someone mistook it for a zoo escapee and shot it last night .
K, cheap/free kid friendly activities close to Hawley (besides Buffalo State Park/Pool).go!
Does anyone have recommendations on things to do with kids at St. Louis for 2 days? We are going for Cardinals game for Joshs 10th birthday but want to do other things while we are there.
Sorry guys forgot a name in there so try it again. Do post wihile tired is the moral of the story lol. Lets start doing some fun trivia to see how well you know your Posh Puppy staff. Lets see if you can answer these questions correctly. 1. Which of us is a trained veterinary technician, shows American Eskimos and Siberian Huskies, and has two cats and four dogs? 2. Which one of us used to work in the corporate world before becoming a groomer, makes bullets for buffalo guns, and is a really great cook? 3. Which one of us volunteers at Woodland Park Zoo, is a Wisconsin import, and has never owned a dog but has three cats? 4. Which one of us is in the military, has a Rhodesian ridgeback and English cocker spaniel, and loves Hello Kitty? 5. Which one of us is the youngest member of the team, loves music and movies, and just celebrated her one year anniversary with us? Your 5 options are Guy, Yeo, Kayla, Diane and me Lindsay. First one to get them all right gets a reward :)
There is so much I haven't done out here... I'm thinking I need a list of must do's in the Littleton/Denver area. (Maybe something unique from the Springs. I know I want to visit the Cheyene zoo to see their giraffe.)
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