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Buddy Baker

Elzie Wylie Baker, Jr. (born January 25, 1941 in Florence, South Carolina), nicknamed Leadfoot or more famously Buddy, is a former American NASCAR racecar driver.

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pretty sure never made that offer to Buddy Baker because he's not sitting in a straw powered wheelchair
Buddy Baker was so much fun its hard to believe it's almost 2 yrs since we lost a great Nascar and…
I want a Saturday night pong partner, Sunday morning cuddle buddy type of love
Bit of vocal practice needed by moi don't you think 😂pleasure to be on stage & see you as a…
Buddy Bell was the toughest 1 but taught me a lot!Dusty Baker was by far the coolest! Ozzi…
here's a shot in the dark. Buddy baker, rockingham and 1960's.
Buddy Baker is interviewed before the 1986 Winston Cup race at Buddy served as the crew chief on the No. 88 f…
Thanks buddy I'll miss those Friday nights with you guys.
You'll never top the Benny Parsons, Bob Jenkins, Buddy Baker, Neil Bonnett, Ned Jarrett, Glen Jarrett, Jerry Punch days.
Buddy Baker tips the list, but i miss Benny and Ned too.
Ian Cheeseman making the headlines once again, good luck buddy. Hope all goes well
Anything BP was involved with was gold. And who didn't love hearing Buddy Baker's trademark laugh.
Bob Jenkins, Benny Parsons and Ned Jarrett will always be my favorites. Mike Joy, Neil Bonnet and Bu…
Do you think as one of my buddy's said, this could be his James Baker?
Best team, Mike Joy, Buddy Baker, Ned Jarrett on CBS. They didnt cover a ton of races, but when NASCAR was on CBS.cont
used to love Buddy Baker on the TNN broadcasts
Lmao. Y'all funny AF. Buddy probably ain't even get his I.D. and par…
Definitely agree with Mello Yello and The . Always like Buddy Baker's bl…
Hey Ernie what's wrong buddy . I had an accident . Accident? What do you mean you had a acci-
Today in History, then known as Buddy Baker, made his first apperance in Strange Adventures…
Like legends Buddy Baker, Benny Parsons & before him, ready to go from the driver's seat to…
Animal Man first appeared simply as Buddy Baker in Strange Adventures (July 29, 1965).
Nah buddy would've just had to drown in them Jays 😂😂😂
Bruns, for my money, is as important a musical force at Disney as the Sherman Brothers, Buddy Baker, or Howard Ashman.
My votes went to Davey Allison, Buddy Baker, Hershel McGriff, and Larry Phillips.
. Did you ever do a full show 3-4 hour with Buddy Baker as your cohost? Or David Poole?
They're just upset they don't have Ken Squier, Mike Joy, Ned Jarrett, Buddy Baker or David Hobbs anymore
.joins Ken Schrader, Bill Elliott, Buddy Baker and Fireball Roberts as drivers with back-to-back poles.
Neil Bonnett beats Cale Yarborough & Buddy Baker to the line to win the 1984 Busch Clash @ Daytona.
The 1975 Winston 500 gets underway with pole winner (and eventual race winner) Buddy Baker out front alongside Donn…
Buddy Baker on his crash @ Smoky Mountain, breaking his ribs & falling out of the ambulance.
So true! Sidney Jones, Buddy Baker, and Kevin King are studs
Buddy Baker, Terry Labonte and Richard Petty row through the garage during a 1980 rain delay at https:/…
Tucker Barnhart talks MLB success, Buddy Baker runs through money in professional sports and Mike Wells on Colts...
UP again with the birds to be a guest on my buddy Paul Baker team Zoom call talking about social media marketing.
Happy bday to my 3rd roomie,baker, wife, napping buddy,pelvic thruster, thanks for being my friend 💘💘
Coming to Food TV… Buddy's Family Vacation!. Cake-baker extraordinaire Buddy Valastro works long hours in his...
HBD recovery class buddy 😜 hope today was great ! hopefully we'll do better in math next year (;
I miss the old days. Buddy Baker.. those guys.
Muted the TV so the commercials won't be heard Bring back & I miss Buddy Baker!
But getting back to it, I loved TNN's crew: Eli Gold, Ned Jarrett and Buddy Baker. CBS was great: Jarrett and Ken Squier.
He was with ESPN from 1986-2000, though he didn't do every single race. Worked with TNN some, too, with Eli Gold and Buddy Baker.
1971 Buddy Baker Rebel 400: Here is the latest addition to my collection. Buddy Baker's 1971 Dodge Charger that won…
he was off his meds he hated Jews and *** talked about conspiracies and suicide. Not good buddy.
Yep Buddy Baker was a consultant. He of Orange vintage
Ronnie Baker qualified for tomorrow's semifinals with a time of 10.09!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
2 things you need when you're feeling poorly in bed & it's thunder & lightening outside..Ted (my thunder buddy) & ted baker nightwear
Loved making this one Happy birthday buddy .
Happy birthday buddy I'm glad we became friends. Also if anyone didn't know he has a huge dong.😉
Now for a few in the wonderful Baker Street with my Ukranian buddy before heading home for hockey 🍻
RIP our favorites verily behold . . true no:
A true legend of good buddy at last weekend! 😉
man I think I might have to e-mail our buddy on his mission... His handle is escaping me lol
looking like Al Horford, feel for Millsap losing his buddy and replacing him with the joke Dwight Howard.
I was there in the stands- we were all convinced Buddy Baker won, unaware Bobby made up the lap when Rick Wilson crashed.
Morning viewing of HOT LEAD AND COLD FEET (1978). Opening song by Buddy Baker, singing title repeatedly, sounds like "Hot Lead and Coffee."
OH MY GOD HE IS SO FLUFFY & CUTE. MAZEL TOV buddy! (Or whatever you say to a dog for his bark mitzvah)
cookin up these Buddy Buckets like a Baker would. .
Prayers for you buddy. . Why is Romney jealous? Please explain. He has more $, also won the nomination.
yup. These are crap. Buddy had one and lasted two weeks in the winter. They are heavy and no 4wd
Just called *** "baker" on accident cause he was being annoying 😂
Derek found buddy. Derek eat with Seth tomorrow???
Yes. I'm still missing Buddy Baker. Boy did he had some stories!
The late great Buddy Baker described loose as "not seeing the wreck". Pushing as "seeing the wreck".
Photos and thoughts from set at on 6/17/16.
have 'somebody special' in Buddy Hield, Oklahoma QB Baker ...
TCU News: Boykin's Trial Date Set, Skoug and Baker to play for Team USA
winning the race Neil Bonnett, Buddy Baker 2nd, Bobby Allison 3rd. What a race.3 cars that's the rest of the story
Buddy Baker once said he raced at Riverside for more than 20 years before he realized it was paved.
Kyle Busch is in the No. 75, a la Buddy Baker, Neil Bonnett and Morgan Shepherd in the RahMoc days.
You spend so much time writing a character the way I did with Buddy Baker a...
When you grow up watching and learning from Ned Jarrett, Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker, it's easy to learn from them.
I'd like to see Ken Squire & in the but Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, & Alan Kulwicki HAVE to make it in this year.
would like to see Red Byron, Benny Parsons and Buddy Baker get in
If Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker & Larry Phillips don't get in before some new nominees then what's the point? & Parks overdue too.
I'm already going to tell who I am voting for for 2017 NASCAR HOF: Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, Red Byron, Raymond Parks, Herschel McGriff.
Hamilton Collection
Buddy Baker and Benny Parsons for sure need to be inducted.
NASCAR has turned in to a bunch of Wussies. Buddy Baker would slap drivers like Joey into another world.
would that be Buddy Baker an Tony Stewart ?
Now we take time to look back at some of Buddy Baker's best interviews on Tradin' Paint from 2015, including Cale Yarborough.
can you help with info on Jim Kovalchik 4 my Buddy Baker piece?
Buddy Baker only had to threaten to whip my *** and I never got near him again 😂😂😂.
Neighbours from *** from my good buddy and starring Colin Baker looks awesome.
Buddy Black turned down a top 10 salary in MLB for a contending team, what a dope.
i wish i was a good enough baker to work w Buddy from cake boss! 😢
Very surprised by what happened with Buddy Black’s negotiations with Nats. Wish Dusty Baker all the best in his new assignment.
Still frustrated about Dusty Baker... Even my Mets buddy is shaking his head while he giggles
Curious what Buddy Baker would think of all this. Thoughts?
Buddy Black: Not a good maker of men. I thought that only happens when you turn 40 though?
What was it like working with Buddy Baker and Ned Jarrett?
The Stompers congratulate new Nats Manager & Rawhide's buddy, Dusty Baker. Good luck in 2015 and beyond!
Baker gets hired for the nats gig leaving buddy black holding his own. ***
I really wish we still had Buddy Baker to hear talk about all of this :/
Congratulations to my buddy Dusty Baker, Washington Nationals have a New Manager!!
Now Baker should hire his pal and former player under him Buddy Black to be his pitching coach...
Buddy Black pulls out of Nats mgr deal cuz offer for only 1 year.
Cubs buddy of mine just said "congrats on hiring DUHsty Baker. Enjoy the crazy line ups". Hope he is wrong.
call your car wash buddy - Quintus. Scoop on Dusty Baker... 202.344.5956
The Washington Nationals have hired Dusty Baker as their new manager. Former Padres mgr Buddy Black had been rumored as a front runner..
If you think about it, Baker made as much as $1.3m per Manager of the Year award. Buddy only has the one, so...yeah...fair.
What a shocking twist on things in DC. Buddy Black out. Dusty Baker in.
Buddy out, Dusty in in DC? confirms Nationals, Baker have talked, Black deal not done.
My pal Rob Baker will be sharing the stage with me and my buddy Mark Bondurant will be opening the…
Buddy pole equipped at Martinsville
Amazing turnout at Suck Bang Blow to Celebrate the Life of our friend, Rob Baker. RIP buddy ❤️
When you at the bar in an argument and your one buddy sees it from across the bar.
happy birthday Baker. Have a good one buddy
I think it was Brandon the baker buddy one. I don't think he meant to an then everyone laughed at him not her I don't think..
Ah I see you've read the plot to my Troy Baker/Nolan North buddy cop game where they play each other
With overwhelming sadness, we regrettably announce the passing of our friend and colleague, Buddy Baker. h…
My buddy's baptism for his beautiful new daughter Iona Abbey Baker.
looking fwd to the 4th Annual Championship Taste Event Donating this Buddy Baker piece 4 the auction
Buddy Baker Art I am donating to 4th Annual Championship Taste Event by myself
absolutely, JL is a spoiled punk, deserves what he gets, Buddy Baker called it years ago
I would love to have seen buddy baker driving the 22 and try and do that to him
Buddy Baker pits his No. 28 Chevrolet at Dover in 1979.
What was --> "Buddy Baker designed the score so different instruments represent each major character"
No matter what the recipe, any baker can do wonders in the kitchen with some good ingredients and an upbeat attitude! Buddy Valastro
After last night I am never wearing anything but Buddy the Elf for my Halloween costume
As jobs pass them by, minority MLB managers on wrong side of 'buddy system' via
~M~.Buddy Baker and Bobby Isaac side by side in their 1971 Dodge Chargers
Hope you kept the faith buddy, well done. Can't say I did!
the last slide in the PowerPoint is the moment Buddy Baker sees the reader so I feel your comparison may be apt
I want a cuddle buddy tonight... perhaps ? I heard he was a good cuddle buddy with at Baker Bay...and im cold
I had a great time visiting with my cousin Josh Martin! He took a buddy…
I think Buddy Baker ran one in NASCAR along with Dave Marcis, maybe.
The strap on my Ted Baker broke off and a piece of my heart went with it. 😔 T'was a good run, little buddy.
Checked out the music. Way to go buddy.
Baker-Walsh sounds like a buddy cop pairing.
2014 Chase Winner THE RAINBOW HUNTER trained by has been retired, Happy Retirement Buddy! http…
R.I.P Duke, The Ankle Biter, Baker. This one is for you buddy.
Kyle Wiltjer, Marcus Paige, Buddy Hield (ehh...maybe?), not Niang, not Selden/Perry, not Baker, not Nigel Hayes...
I'm an aspiring baker, like a yung buddy, you can call me the Cake Boss 😏
Baker and Walsh really are buddy-buddy. They playfully ribbed each other, answered each other's Qs. Kinda cute.
Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro: "I don't deny anyone what they want": Fourth-generation N.J. master baker Buddy Valastro…
Magenta Moods - Herb Jeffries w/ Buddy Baker and his Orchestra 78RPM 3x10" Vinyl
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Flat Out and Half Turned Over : Tales from Pit Road with Buddy Baker by David...
1968 Atlanta 500 - Buddy Baker in for a splash of gas.
Get well soon buddy, you were apart of an unlucky challenge, have a speedy recovery!
looks ready to serve up some slices in his to Buddy Baker.
Buddy why it doesn't exist "Next great baker kids"? I know a lot of kids that love doing cakes and they are really good.
don't take this the wrong way. If we can't have Buddy Baker we want you great job Kenny. Love listening to you
Buddy Baker & David Pearson make slight contact.
Hearing Ken Squire and Ned Jarrett takes me back to watching races every Sunday at grandpa's house. If only Buddy Baker were still alive.
Buddy Baker from NASCAR and Kevin Swindell has a serious accident last week.
Chrome numbers like Buddy Baker's Grey Ghost! That would be a wicked version of the 88
Good stuff from top NASCAR execs Brian France and Mike Helton to be at Buddy Baker's funeral today -
The start of the 1975 Talladega 500 Dave Marcis on pole Buddy Baker along side
Ryan Newman honors friend and mentor Buddy Baker at MIS
Joe is running Buddy Baker speeds lol
Cool news. . Buddy Baker will be honored this weekend at ->
You must be the only CHEATRIOTS Fan in all of Tenn.Must be lonely.Sorry to see Buddy Baker die.Class Act.
Buddy Baker lieu of flowers.donations should be made to the Iredell County animal care.Funeral and burial next week
Gonna miss hearing those stories on about the golden days of racing that Buddy Baker told so well.
When Jerry Punch and Benny Parsons downloaded info to the new racing people..Buddy Baker made more than a few stories.
Rest in Peace to Buddy Baker, a great NASCAR driver and TV analyst. Most of all a Southern Gentleman know as the "Gentle Giant".
Buddy Baker and Benny Parsons were those two really warm voices I liked hearing talk about NASCAR. :(
Buddy Baker got his first career win at Charlotte in 1967 in this Ray Fox owned Dodge. The car is shown here at DIS.
Our Family send our thoughts & prayers out to family of a great.Buddy Baker He will be missed in many ways!…
The NASCAR family lost a good one today...Rest in peace Buddy Baker. - MM, JW
Sad to hear about the passing of Buddy Baker. Love watching old tapes of him wheelin' the "Grey Ghost". We lost a Legend today...Godspeed
BUDDY BAKER was always good to me and one of those rare "REALLY NICE" people. I am happy I was able to be around BUDDY B…
Hey your scheme already runs these general colors. You should do another Buddy Baker tribute! http…
will u run the "Gray Ghost" paint scheme again in honor of Buddy Baker? I think the car would look great n that scheme
NASCAR legend Buddy Baker dies at 74 of cancer
It's a sad day for fans. Legendary dies of lung cancer early this morning.
Kind of hard to obey his wishes. RIP Buddy Baker. We have all lost a great friend.
buddy baker. Grew up with on TNN and his voice.
My condolences to the whole Sirius XM NASCAR Radio family on the loss of Buddy Baker.
Remembering Buddy Baker, affectionatelly known as the 'Gentle Giant.'. narrates this touching tribute:
RIP Buddy Baker. See ya at the finish line. ...
Buddy Baker won 19 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races in his career.
star Buddy Baker passes away at 74 after a courageous battle with lung cancer»
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Baker family and friends. RIP Buddy
TNT was the best. So was Buddy Baker.
We lost a good one today. . Buddy Baker has passed away at age 74:
After years of heartbreak, Buddy Baker finally won the in 1980. . Relive the moment:
RIP Buddy Baker Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family
We're saddened to learn about the passing of Buddy Baker. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends and fans.…
As a 11-12 year old Kid our family drove from St.Louis to Daytona and we saw BUDDY BAKER Dominate Speedweeks in the Blac…
RIP Buddy Baker. It was always a pleasure being a guest on his show, he was a wealth of knowledge and experience.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Today, we remember legendary driver and broadcaster, Buddy Baker.
“Do not shed a tear. Give a smile when you say my name. I’m not saying goodbye. Just talk to you later.” –Buddy Baker
The NASCAR community is saddened to learn that legendary driver Buddy Baker has passed away…
The NASCAR race running in heaven got a lot tougher today. The sport lost a great one. Rest in Peace Buddy Baker
It's a very sad day for the NASCAR community. Our thoughts and prayers are Buddy Baker's family.
Sweet Buddy Baker will be so very missed. Prayers to all that knew him.
Buddy Baker, NASCAR's 'Gentle Giant' and winner of the 1980 Daytona 500, dies at 74
Buddy Baker, Hall of Fame NASCAR driver, dead at 74
Sorry 2 hear my friend Buddy Baker passed, glad he is no longer suffering. RIP, Hear no1 has gone 200mph in heaven. Go eas…
R.I.P. Buddy Baker. Baker, like fellow winner and commentator Benny Parsons in 2007, has succumbed to lung cancer.
Buddy Baker hooked up with Ray Fox in 1967 & won his 1st GN race at
Losing too many good guys these days..Dusty Rhodes,Roddy Piper,and now Buddy Baker..RIP.
Buddy Baker did not qualify at Talladega in 1993 in the DuPont Chevy for Rick Hendrick That would become the for Jeff Gordon
Buddy Baker has been struggling, but pressed some of his wins to DVD yesterday. He's watching 1983 "Firecracke…
Good Morning World My thoughts and prayers to Buddy Baker and his sons Brandon, Bryan and the rest of his family.
I don't usually point you to the work of other writers, but please read this about the great Buddy Baker:
fan vote for Hall of Fame (alph. order): Buddy Baker, Alan Kulwicki, Terry Labonte, Mark Martin and …
Thank you to for remembering our friend Buddy Baker in their pre-race prayer. Here's hoping all the many p…
- where could SiriusXM listeners send cards for Buddy Baker?
This is circa 1994 Buddy Baker in booth with me and we had big fun!
do you know f Buddy Baker is a Christian?
I can, to this day, hear Jackie Stewart's pronunciation of "Buddy Baker". I'll miss him.
Tonight one of my best friends and hero announced he's retiring from SiriusXM radio. Buddy Baker will be missed.
Terrible news last night about Buddy Baker. Literally and figuratively a giant in our sport, a dear friend and valued …
Thoughts and well-wishes pour in for legend Buddy Baker »
Thoughts&prayers 4 Buddy Baker a great racer & class person battling lung cancer. So sad to hear the news.
ICYMI: NASCAR legend Buddy Baker steps down from to battle cancer. ->
NASCAR legend Buddy Baker has inoperable cancer - -
Florence-native, great Buddy Baker reveals he is battling lung cancer.
With profound sadness, we announce Buddy Baker is stepping away from as he bravely battles lung cancer. http:…
Lets show Buddy Baker how much the NASCAR community loves & appreciates everything he has done for this sport. Get
what about the Buddy Baker shirt I heard about on ?? Let's see it.
Buddy Baker is like, the guy I want to be. Jeff Lemire's Buddy Baker, that is. Oh, and Grant Morrison's.
Since all the cool kids are doing it - my HoF:. Benny Parsons, Buddy Baker, Bruton Smith, Curtis Turner, Bobby Isaac. Landmark: Raymond Parks
As much as I love Buddy Baker, HOF should take this year to honor pioneers of sport--Fox, Parks, Turner, Byron, and Bruton Smith
Time now for the w. & Buddy Baker til 10p et. Guests include Tom DeLoach at 7:30p & at 8:30p et.
In the last hour of the Best Of SiriusXM Speedway Legends you'll hear from Buddy Baker, Janet Guthrie, David Pearson & Richard Petty
ON NOW!!! President and GM for Toyota Racing Development joins w. & Buddy Baker.
Adam Stern (joins w. & Buddy Baker to talk about $1B price tag for the next Cup Series sponsorship.
Up next, The Days of Denny and Danica with (as Denny), (as Danica), and Buddy Baker as Tony Stewart.
On this day...with Walt Disney!!!...January 22, 1964...Walt Disney's live action film "The Misadventures of Merlin Jones" is released. Directed by Robert Stevenson and a great Disney cast of Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk, Leon Ames. Song by Richard & Robert Sherman (Merlin Jones), music by Buddy Baker and associate producer Ron Miller. The Misadventures of Merlin Jones did very well at the box office, for a low budget film it grossed 4 million. In 1965 a sequel of more misadventures "The Monkeys Uncle" is released.
Buddy Baker shared the work with Bobby Hammock to work with the Shermans on It’s A Small World.
Buddy Baker orchestrated Great Big Beautiful tomorrow to incorporate the different decades of Sherman brothers’ song.
Buddy Baker was key to the music of Disney and the World's Fair!
Sherman brothers wrote great big beautiful tomorrow with buddy baker orchestrations to fulfill each sequence
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Buddy Baker was tasked by Walt to work on the music for Mr. Lincoln. Drew on his work from Disney show Johnny Shiloh.
Check out my buddy Shannon Baker wearing the FIRST V For Victory Foundation, Inc t-shirt in the Susan G. Komen...
GUEST ALERT: Tom Bowles (of join and Buddy Baker, next on Tradin' Paint.
Mrs. Hicks' class helping their Book Buddy Class, Mrs. Baker's kindergarten, log in on the computer in the computer lab.
i'm in a death spiral, and the only control i have is how long i struggle. "buddy, you want a free 13th doughnut?". --The First Baker's Dozen
buddy baker is a tuff man. In pain and still working. Love hearing him. Tell him for me hope he gets better soon.
Tradin' Paint, Friday Edition is underway with and Buddy Baker is underway. Tom Bowles...
Buddy Baker 1976 Darlington, B Moore at front of car
my buddy interviews for Playboy magazine. Fun read
Somehow, we need to get a butcher shop, a baker shop, and a candle stick maker shop OH WAIT I have a buddy that makes candles
*** i miss Buddy Baker on tv for Nascar, they need to put buddy baker on the nascar on nbc tv contract next year.
Should have brought a headlamp...and a running buddy @ Mount Baker Rowing & Sailing
you're sick, buddy. Just drink some gingers then go back to sleep.
My little sick day buddy minding me!
Coming up now, gold car artist Mike Dunlap joins and Buddy Baker on
Hey, check out by buddy Erick Baker 's new show Tennessee Uncharted, good stuff man...
I'll have u know I was awake at 10 buddy
My friend got me into Deftones. Thanks buddy.
Make sure you get with my baker buddy today! Cake jar game is 💪👌 | she also cooks as well.…
Love how Baker only responded to his buddy Doom. Nice
Got a sweet surprise from my baker buddy in Hawaii🌺😊
I am now accepting applications for a cuddle buddy.
TUNE IN ALERT!! is joining Buddy Baker and I right now on
Kicking off a fun Late Shift NOW on Buddy Baker and I will be joined by and Your calls as well!
Good view , delicious cake , with a good buddy (at BAKER'S GALLERY KOTA KASABLANKA) [pic] —
Watching my little buddy, Frances Baker tearing it up!
Come see our favorite baker buddy Dallas Baker and his music friends on the deck every Thursday at…
hi cookie buddy my lil friend here, paz. is a great cookie baker. go meet her now ok lmao byE
Next Great Baker is hosted by Buddy Valastro, the star of his own reality series, Cake Boss. The show features...
special by my lovely baker buddy Aanchal.
"Justice League Canada? Come on, man. That would be ridiculous.". IT'S ON, BUDDY BAKER. IT IS ON.
"Oh, you DON'T DO other planets?! Sorry, Green Arrow. I didn't get that memo.". sassy buddy baker will be the death of me oml
"PLEASE can we call ourselves the Justice League? Just for now anyway?". BUDDY BAKER, PLS STOP BEING SO DORKY
What amazes me is how Buddy Baker can remember every detail of every *** race. I can't remember to buy shampoo.
Hey ! Buddy Baker was the winner of the 1975 Talladega500 - I just hope these photos haven't been up since then
🚂🎧 tbh ur my metro buddy. Ur honestly so funny and a god friend ur a good baker keep up the good work
Buddy the baker, what's your favorite cupcake? 🍰🍩 @ Carlo's Bakery Marlton
Miss you buddy I can't wait for thanksgiving 😍🙌
39 years ago today Buddy Baker won the 1975 Dixie 500 Winston Cup Race
awesome buddy you? Did you manage to watch the full game today or did you leave early again?
Thank you to Gail Baker for being my seminar buddy today ; )
A selfie with designer cheers buddy for designing my boxers.
I'm so angry with buddy in next great baker
.trying to keep eye contact with his buddy C. Oliver below. Mt. Baker ht…
Buddy Ray with the carry for the touchdown. Baker's kick is good. 56-0 Donoho over Decatur Heritage with 9:40 left in 4th qtr.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Just joined a program to prevent suicide by pairing people as buddies! Sign up:
GUEST ALERT: Michael Knight (of The Arizona Republic joins and Buddy Baker from the track now.
I think Buddy Baker is a great partner on trading paint. You and him don't miss a beat...
please take Buddy Baker off the air, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way
These drivers today are sissies. I bet he wouldn't do that to a big boy like Buddy Baker,or a rabid bulldog like Cale Yarborough.
It's Friday! and Buddy Baker are getting you to, what should be, an exciting weekend of racing. Felix...
I'm sorry but I just heard a baker buddy call another baker buddy a retard and i just what
Baker's house show with my buddy Bradford Loomis!
I'm a really good baker Buddy I should work with you😂
Come on, *** Open your ears. The top 5 are: Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Neil Peart, Steve Gadd, and everybody else!
He ran out of talent about halfway through the corner. - Buddy Baker
I hope Charlie Baker gets to find his lost fisherman buddy so he can get another hug and a big cry together.
Everything was fine till the middle of the corner. Then I ran out of talent.-Buddy Baker
You can tell that you're in trouble when you feel the air on the back of your neck instead of in your face. - Buddy Baker
GUEST ALERT: host of CNN's Unguarded with Rachel Nichols, joins and Buddy Baker next!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
GUEST ALERT: driver of the Chevy NCWTS, joins and Buddy Baker next to preview Texas.
GUEST ALERT: of Team Chevy joins and Buddy Baker now!
The Halloween edition of Tradin' Paint with and Buddy Baker is underway. They will be joined by...
The is LIVE with & Buddy Baker! On the show tonight, from owner Bob Leavine!
Just 45 minutes until team owner Bob Leavine goes on air with for the with & Buddy Baker!
Tune In Alert! Team owner Bob Leavine will be on tonight at 8pm ET for the with & Buddy Baker!
GUEST ALERT: Driver of the Ford, Carl Edwards, now joins and Buddy Baker from
GUEST ALERT: The driver of the Ford, joins and Buddy Baker to preview Charlotte and his new Crew Chief next!
Tradin' Paint is underway with live from Charlotte Motor Speedway and Buddy Baker from the Lake Norman...
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