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Bud Walton

James Lawrence “Bud” Walton (December 20, 1921 – March 21, 1995) was the brother of Sam Walton and cofounder of Wal-Mart.

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Happy Birthday to my Hoco King, the Man, the Myth, and most definitely the Legend: Brennen Walton!! Have a good on…
I just reading like this and think about what Sam said years ago.. he not
If your not 5 bud lights in already then you tripping on today
Happy Birthday to the day one brother you've been there for me for 8 years almost and i'm so proud of the man you b…
I saw Arkansas beat a top 5 A&M basketball team in Bud Walton in 2016. Seen it with my own eyes.
Sam and Bud Walton opened their first discount store in 1962.
First half stats here at Bud Walton with the Hogs leading 38-37. Hannahs & Kingsley both lead with 8 (of course on…
My road trip concludes here in Bud Walton for Senior Day as Moses Kingsley, Dusty Hannahs & Manny Wat…
Mizzou Arena half full is more intimidating than every building in the SEC outside of Rupp and Bud Walton. Fans are desperate to support it.
Bud Walton Arena lookin like Mizzou Arena right now. Vandy up on the piggies 69-57 1:19 left.
Before the introduction of the Arkansas players at Bud Walton Arena @ Bud Walton Arena
The sights and sounds at Bud Walton Arena Go Hogs @ Bud Walton Arena
Eight minutes until tip in Bud Walton - and some people still wonder why Malik Monk went to Kentucky. https:/…
Coming all the way from Conway I gotta get in for the Kev, Dex, Bud Walton somebody ***
9850 at Bud Walton is ROCing out tonight!
Daughtry putting a SPARK into Bud Walton tonight. Bringing down the house!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
The Bud Walton Arena is LEGIT! Thanks Walmart for this experience!
Bud Walton Arena is poppin' tonight with Daughtry and 3 Doors Down
rocking the house at the Bud Walton Arena
Concert # 2 this week at Bud Walton underway. Daughtry
Just chilling with the at the Bud Walton Arena
got two tickets to 3 doors down at bud Walton for tonight if anyone wants them
So allegedly hosted at Bud Walton. As a game show fan, I am jealous of everyone who was there.
I don't really have anything to say about this @ Bud Walton Arena
Steve Harvey was at Bud Walton this a/m. Wonder if he's the emcee Friday? Hope he doesn't say "K-Mart" on accident.
Wal-Mart's U.S. associates meeting about to begin in Bud Walton Arena. International meeting going on in Barnhill.
Huge line at Bud Walton Arena this morning
walmart shareholders all gathering out the Bud Walton Arena.
all gathering out the Bud Walton Arena.
Bit foggy this morning in Fayetteville out of Bud Walton Arena before Walmart Shareholders events
Bit foggy this morning in out of Bud Walton Arena before events
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Really great end for the night, cya tomorrow! @ Bud Walton Arena
Having great fun watching concert at Bud Walton Arena
Greetings from Navneet Agarwal to entire Walmart Family in Bud Walton Arena
So tonight of you're not in Arkansas... You're not here! Goo Goo Dolls at bud Walton, Doobie Brothers and Journey...
Bud Walton Arena is rocking with the American Authors and Goo Goo Dolls tonight!
anyone have 3 extra tickets to the shareholder show at Bud Walton Arena tomorrow night ?
Great seat to see American Authors and the Goo Goo Dolls @ Bud Walton Arena
A long line of Walmart associates wrapped around the Bud Walton Arena for tonight's private concert.
Former Miss St. coach Richard Williams says Bud Walton is the loudest arena he has ever been in.
Prayer warriors! Prayers please. Headed to Bud Walton for Hog Basketball game. Thanks in advance.
Found this in Bud Walton after our last game. Its vintage & wanna get it back to the rightful owner. . Let us know. htt…
will hold an open practice to the fans on October 24th from 8:30-10:00am at Bud Walton Arena. Right before the Auburn kickoff
Derek Hood inducted into Razorback HOF tonight by Kareem Reid and ! Remember great times at Bud Walton!
at this point I'll go anywhere and do anything bud.
yours will always consist of wine, Malibu n could bottles of bud not drinking tea
Save the date, Class of 2016! Graduation will be May 20, 2016, at 5 pm for HHS & 8 pm for RHS in Bud Walton Arena.
you mean Fred? At the Razorback store at Bud Walton , cool isn't he , LOL
First practice today! 5-7pm at the club fields off Razorback Rd, across from Bud Walton Arena. Email wmnsdiscfor info. Let's go!
if I can hit the same spot I hit earlier tonight, it'll be a done deal, bud. I can promise you that
So how about pics of the new scoreboard in Bud Walton?
Thanks Before you know, it is going to be you guys putting on a show in Bud Walton!
Zimmerman: Bud Walton Arena is the most beautiful and best place to play basketball. This practice facility adds to the greatness
Zimmerman: We will still practice in Bud Walton Area A LOT. Still want to get comfortable playing on that court
Beautiful last day in Bud Walton Arena offices. I sure do have a lot of packing to do!!
I'm so *** ready for razorback basketball. I love Bud Walton Arena.
it's banter, how do people not get that. Btw your campus will fit inside Bud Walton.
Average attendance at Bud Walton this season was 15,600. Good for 10th in the nation, up from 21 last season.
Honoring Coach Nolan Richardson at Halftime! We're excited to see his banner hanging in Bud Walton!
Arkansas is much improved from the team USC beat last year, plus Bud Walton is a tough environment
They had a Santa in Bud Walton tonight, but apparently it was not Bielema and now Christmas is ruined.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Arkansas continues to pull away late in Bud Walton. Can they do the same on the road this season?
I cannot wait to be back in Bud Walton!!
Do we know if that basketball one of the Harrisons lobbed last year is still in the ceiling at Bud Walton?
Surprised how many empty seats there are at Bud Walton Arena. Doubly surprised to see the Razorbacks struggling with Iona.
Anthlon Bell has 18 points, but Arkansas can't shake Iona at Bud Walton Arena
Both teams come out swinging in the 2nd half. Tied at 52 w/ 15 min left in game. Looks like we are in for close one here at Bud Walton.
Hogs use big first half from Anthlon Bell, hold 44-40 lead over Iona at halftime (FREE) via
what a Massive block by Portis, Hawg ball, Time out and the Fans are on their feet and calling the hogs in Bud Walton, wo pig sooie
madden can't hit the left side of Bud Walton, but Hawgs hanging close 31-29
The bench getting the crowd going in Bud Walton...sounds familiar.
Might sound crazy, but Iona has as good of a chance to beat the Hogs as anybody who is going to play in Bud Walton all year.
I'm glad the NWA faithful packed out Bud Walton! I have seen more fans at a NLR basketball game!
Considering students are out on Thanksgiving Holiday and people on vacay, not a bad crowd at Bud Walton Arena for the Hawg game
A lot of empty seats today in Bud Walton.
Leading the student section today at Bud Walton Arena.
WHERE ARE FANS AT BUD WALTON?!? Come on, support this team and enjoy the ride!!!
Arkansas and Iona are underway in Bud Walton Arena. Follow our live blog here:
The view from our new seats at Bud Walton Arena! Ready for some Hawgball!!
At Bud Walton Arena for the Arkansas vs Iona Gales, this is the 1st game between each other. The Gales are from New Rochelle, NY. MAAC
Ready for a good one at Bud Walton. Hogs will be challenged against really solid Iona team
I'm at Bud Walton Arena - for Iona Gaels vs Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville, AR
Hog hoops have a legit opponent coming into Bud Walton. Iona is no joke. 2:30 SEC Network.
Razorback Basketball: Arkansas vs Iona at 2:30pm at Bud Walton Arena today
Intriguing game Sunday at Bud Walton Arena. Arkansas (5-0) is 7th in NCAA with 89.2 ppg average, while Iona (4-1) is 12th with 88 ppg.
Oh lord, it's hard to be humble when you're an Arkansas Razorback fan! ❤️🐗 @ Bud Walton Arena
1st game in Bud Walton Arena was 21 years ago today (11/29/1993) - the Hogs beat Murray St. 93-67:
.and the Mean Green have arrived at Bud Walton Arena.
Is there any way to make sure this officiating crew never comes back to Bud Walton?
Somebody down there in Bud Walton sounds good on SEC Network. I'm assuming it's the leftover student section. Keep it up!
Made it back in time to see Arkansas in a dogfight with North Texas. @ Bud Walton Arena
Update your maps at Navteq
.aka has 100 points in his last 111 minutes at Bud Walton Arena. He's 26-of-38 from three over that span
What we have in Bud Walton Arena tonight are a bunch of people talking about today's football game. Only SuperQualls can…
Pretty inspiring first half at BUd Walton. Get ready for more on 95.3 and 88.1
(@ Bud Walton Arena - for North Texas Mean Green vs Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville, AR)
Arkansas is leading North Texas at the half 38-36 in Bud Walton Arena.
Worth noting this North Texas team Arkansas is struggling with lost by 20 to Iona - which comes to Bud Walton Arena on Sunday.
John Calipari is apparently a sore loser and the SEC agrees with his views hence why Kentucky does not come to Bud Walton this year.
Dan Felderman still sounds amazing as he sings with Styx tonight at Bud Walton Arena.awesome night with my honey...
Two free Foreigner and Styx tickets any takers. 7:00 at Bud Walton Arena
it's at 7 at Bud Walton if you're serious 😁
Cole Swindell at Bud Walton last night!😍 He was awesome!
My man, Aldean at Bud Walton last night!😍
Gisel Ruiz, Walmart CEO on stage at the Bud Walton Arena. Now a performance from Pentatonix back to Gisel Ruiz speaking.
US Associates having a great time in Bud Walton Arena. Energy level high.
Early morning bus ride to the Bud Walton Arena. featured in NBC s Science of Love
If anyone want 2 tickets to foreigner / Styx tonight at bud Walton I have 2 which are not going to be used.
You were awesome at Bud Walton last night! So happy I got to see ya!😍😘
SOLD!!! LOL! THEYRE GONE!!! 2 FREE CONCERT TICKETS!!! Omie and I decided we are gonna skip on the concert tonight. Tonight...7pm at the Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas.Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder (from the Eagles). I am at work in Tahlequah today from 8am-5pm so if you want them come and get them.
Carley just brought me in her pajamas. (@ Bud Walton Arena -
AT&T's Mobile Internet Coverage Expands in Bud Walton Arena - on
AT&T has expanded its mobile Internet coverage at Bud Walton Arena by utilizing a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to enhance the customer experience.
Good news for our using Razorback fans, Bud Walton Arena gets a mobile upgrade courtesy of
yes, we DO have the best, coolest, most dedicated and qualified CEO! Happy Associates' Week to all of my fellow Walmartians! Time to get to Bud Walton Arena in FYV for the US Associates Meeting... will see you there!
Up at 4:45 am for a run down to Bud Walton. Must be
Y'all Ready For This? Hap Hap Happy Hump Day AND Happy 37th Birthday to my son, Shea Singleton! WOW! Once again this week is flying! It has been a wild and crazy week for sure! If you're driving around Northwest Arkansas this week, you may want to take a little extra time! The WalMart Shareholders meetings begin this morning at 6:30 AM at Bud Walton Arena! For me, I'm looking forward kicking back and watching some future HOGS in action at Tyson Spots Complex as the City Cal Ripken Baseball Tournament begins! My coffee is perfect, hot, and Hump Day delicious! Embrace each and every moment with your friends! I've always said I have some of the best friends in the world! I have friends that bring me fresh veggies, jellies and jams, fresh coffee, and now a bread maker and flat griddle! Just never take those special to you for granted! I love my friends and appreciate you all! So friends, embrace them, appreciate them, be thankful for them! Have a wonderful day FRIENDS!
Heading to Bud Walton! Looking forward to a great day with the best Associates in the World !
I have two extra tickets to Styx and foreigner for tomorrow night. 7 pm at Bud Walton Arena. PM me if you want them!
and were amazing at the Bud Walton Arena tonight!!!❤️ Amazing music and definitely good performers!
Jason Aldean and Cole Swindell at Bud Walton Arena = awesome Tuesday night!
Great concert by jasonaldean tonight at Bud Walton Arena during Walmart Shareholders week in…
Great time watching Jason Aldean live tonight at the Bud Walton Arena! Thanks to Walmart for the free tickets.
Going cheer wild at with the international teams. Awesome good fun! @ Bud Walton Arena
It's ON! Lots of International visitors among the thousands of Walmart Associates and Shareholders in NWA for this week full of activities. Country Music Star Jason Aldean kicked off the concerts open to these visitors and some seats for the general public Tuesday. Wednesday night ... Foreigner, Styx and Don Felder will perform at Bud Walton Arena.
This traffic leaving bud Walton onto MLK is ridiculous
Just hanging out with Jason Aldean tonight @ Bud Walton Arena
Just saw Jason Aldean at Bud Walton Arena - good show!! Thanks for the tickets Chris!
I'm hoping one of the hundreds of people I know at the Jason Aldean concert tonight will make him "CALL THE HOGS" while in Bud Walton Arena!
only thing and I have in common is wearing a cowboy hat in the bud Walton
How on earth did I miss the fact that is playing at Bud Walton tonight??? I'm not thrilled.
rocked it Bud Walton Arena. Walmart shareholder concert.
Check it out - putting on a show tonight inside Bud Walton Arena. It's the Shareholders meeting of the year!
Bud Walton Arena. rocking it on stage. What a cutie!
Look who I parked next to at Bud Walton Arena...
Sitting on the foreign delegation side of Bud Walton Arena for night of concerts is an experience.
Come see me tonight as I work the humane society's of the ozarks concession stand at Bud Walton Arena!
Alright. Our group is ready for shareholders night at Bud Walton Arena.
I wish I could see and perform tonight at good ole Bud Walton. That's going to be one awesome concert!
Only a few more hours until and take the stage to rock the Bud Walton Arena.
About to take the old lady out on Walmarts dime. Jason Aldean and Cole Swindell at bud Walton. Should be fun!
Figure I'll ask one last time...does anyone have tickets available for the & concert tonight at Bud Walton?
Looks like Jason Aldean and I are sharing the same office today. Bud Walton Arena
On the way to Bud Waltons long bus ride
wife has a good time tomorrow planned.Jason Aldean is at Bud Walton Arena Tuesday night and she has tickets.Gonna go with her son.
This article is about the family of Sam and Bud Walton, founders of Wal-mart. For the television program, see The Waltons. The Walton family is the richest family in the world, their wealth inherited from Bud and Sam Walton, founders of the world's largest retailer, Walmart. The three most prominent living members (Jim, Rob and Alice) have consistently been in the top ten of the Forbes 400 since 2001, as were John (d. 2005) and Helen (d. 2007) prior to their deaths. Christy Walton took her husband John's place after his death. Collectively, the Waltons own over 50% of the company, and are worth a combined total of $150 billion (as of August 2013). In 2010, six members of the Walton family had the same net worth as either the bottom 28% or 41% of American families combined (depending on how it is counted).
Who else is ready for home games at Bud Walton??? 😎🏀.
In my instance, want George Billingsley Tennis Center. They have Bud Walton, Taco Bell, Chik Fil A, but no tennis center.
Since I can't make the Concord game Wednesday, I really wanna go to Bud Walton and watch the Hogs 🏀
Arkansas hangs on to beat Missouri by two on Senior Day at Bud Walton Arena.
76 days until we stand on the floor of Bud Walton Arena ending our High school career
The University of Arkansas women's basketball team hosts Missouri at Bud Walton Arena for Senior Day on Sunday.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Couldn't agree more, looks like 40 Minutes of *** is back at Bud Walton!
Re: Bud Walton Arena: Quote from: grayhawg on Today at 06:20:40 PMI don't know about advertising revenues in 9...
Women's basketball game estimated attendance was 409 for today's game against Mizzou. Average last year at Bud Walton was about 2,000.
Arkansas women's basketball team defeats Missouri at Bud Walton
LadyBacks take out Mizzou at Bud Walton Arena 72-70...WPS!!!
It is a final from Bud Walton as the Razorbacks beat Missouri 72-70 on Senior Day. Keira Peak finishes with 24 points
The Razorbacks will face the Georgia Bulldogs in front of a sold out Bud Walton Arena on Saturday.
Re: Bud Walton Arena: Quote from: hoghearted on Today at 02:51:22 PMIs there not a way to get a better blend, ...
With 15:45 left in the game at Bud Walton the Razorbacks are hanging on to a 45-43 lead over Missouri.
What are the must see/must eat places around Fayetteville? Haven't been in many years and plan to go for spring break. I have the Crystal Bridges Museum on the list and Bud Walton Arena, but that's it!
At the half here at Bud Walton the Razorbacks have a 39-32 lead over Missouri. Peak with 16 to lead all scorers.
Props to those fans who made it out to Bud Walton for the women's game today against Missouri.
As close as I'll ever get in Bud Walton. I'll cross a women's basketball off the college bucket list.
Sooner than later we will need to rename Bud Walton (Richardson/Anderson Arena)
Re: Bud Walton Arena: Making money is one thing but ruining a unique experience is another. We are flat paying...
Lone senior honored before today's game. @ Bud Walton Arena
Just about 10 minutes away from tip here in Fayetteville! It's cold and icy outside but its nice and toasty in Bud Walton!
.and just turned the volume up to 11 inside Bud Walton Arena! Alley-oop from Clarke to …
Four children and one daughter in law of Sam and Bud Walton (of Walmart fame) have more wealth than 30% bottom...
from headed to Bud Walton to take on Arkansas. Here we go!
Not only is it Senior Day, but could also be my last chance to work w/at Bud Walton. I'll miss these players/staff. Fun year.
.and preview today’s game vs Missouri. Tip-off set for 2pm at Bud Walton Arena http:…
The Razorbacks have beaten the Bulldogs at Bud Walton Arena this afternoon!! 87-75!! Hogs win 5 in a row and 7 of 8!! Clarke scored 23 for the Hogs and Qualls added 20!! -- Sharp
Imagine the hype playing in front of 20,000 Arkansas fans in Bud Walton Arena!
Bud Walton Arena Thanks for Liking the Radio WHAT FanPage. Please check out Radio WHAT at 501.470.6386 Share with your friends.
Great time at Bud Walton today watching us pick up a big win. Thanks for the hospitality we really enjoyed it
HOGS are Back!!! UGH! 40 minutes of *** 18,000+ at Bud Walton Arena. It's been a long time but it feels good. WOO PIG SOOIE!
Sure was nice to sit and watch the HOGS and hear Bud Walton Arena rock like the old days of Barnhill and the early days of Bud today. Brought back some good memories of sittin their watchin with my dad as I looked over and Nick was watchin with me (sort of). I don't know if he knows what it means to me to have him there watchin with me but I now know what it meant my dad to have me there with him.
Great day at Bud Walton. So proud of the Hogs. Loved sitting by this former Coach.
Over 19,000 in Bud Walton today to call the Hoggs! I think I seen Brady on KAIT8 pleading with Redwolves fan to show support sayin 500 to a 1,000 would be a start lol.. where y'all at?
A fired up Bud Walton Arena is like the Roman Coliseum meets Pentecostal church. A totally irrational, religious experience.
Video highlights from today's victory over Georgia at Bud Walton Arena!
Had a great time with Grandpa White & Queen Denita in Bud Walton tonight @ The Pepis Suite
I hate I missed the game at Bud Walton Arena today, because of the weather advisory. Watched on TV with
Bud Walton Arena is finally starting to sound like Barnhill. Long overdue.
What another special afternoon at Bud Walton Arena . How about the energy in the building
Celebrating our NCAA appearance in front of 18,000 people in Bud Walton Arena.
The Georgia men's basketball team couldn't overcome 16 turnovers as it fell to Arkansas on the road 87-75 Saturday evening at Bud Walton Arena. The Bulldogs (16-12, 10-6) were led by Kenny Gaines who scored 25 points. Marcus Thornton also contributed 13 points and six rebounds. "Give Arkansas credit, they came to play today and I think our kids did too," said head coach Mark Fox. "They won the battle of tempo and we played a little faster than we can play well for 40 minutes.
Hogs win again!!! Beat Georgia in front of a sold out Bud Walton!!! WPS!!! Playing our best ball at the right time!!
honestly cant vocalize how good it feels to feel that feeling that the hogs may be going dancing!! here we come march madness, loving the goose bumps im getting hearing bud Walton so fired up!
It's loud in the rafters at Bud Walton, but if these refs are as bad on TV as they are here in person... that's horrible entertainment.
Hogs turning it up ,Bud Walton is rockin
I'm at Bud Walton Arena watching the hogs and we are ahead! With Lynnette Johnson.
If aren't old enough to have seen the mid 90s Razoback home games or haven't seen the old films, today's game at Bud Walton is the 1st game I've seen close to that since I've been watching Arkansas. Not even a Hogs fan really but this team has brought Bud Walton back.
I feel like a kid again watching these hogs. Bud Walton is jumping and sold out!
Sure wish Katie LeAnn Byers, Kristy Youngblood, Payton Brooke Youngblood and I were at Bud Walton today cheering on those HOGS! Wow what an awesome first half.Go Hogs!
Its so *** loud @ Bud Walton Arena you cant even hear the ball bounce.
Bud Walton is sold out and rockin baby go hogs wo pig soie !
Man, hearing Bud Walton Arena roaring like that again gives me chills. Been a long time. WO PIGS!
Good to see Bud Walton to where the announcers have to shout to be heard over the fans. WPS
Bud Walton Arena is gettin' nasty loud! WPS!
Georgia has a mighty tough task to go up to the Mountains of Fayetteville to "Lights Out" Bud Walton Arena and defeat the Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball. Sorry can't be done. As always, WOO PIG SOOIE!
Hey shirtless guy in Bud Walton student section crowd surfing to distract FT shooter, keep doing what you're doing.
Watch the Hogs on the SEC Network right Bud Walton Arena take on Georgia. Arkwest Channel 7/507 HD
Bud Walton sounds great today. Like the old days
Well, I was right on Thursday so let's give this a shot again. I will say the Hogs put on their dancing shoes and firmly seed themselves into March Madness with a 9 point victory over the Dawgs at Bud Walton today.
At bud Walton waiting on the game to start! Go hogs!:)
Walking around in Bud Walton...Kid wearing his new day Football jersey with the sec purse says football mom..lady comes up behind us and taps him on the shoulder and ask "my grandson thinks you play for the football team. No ma'am just bought it down stairs.. His cap no longer fits his head now!!
Today we have another Bud Walton dedication. They will dedicate the urinals to John Pelphrey & Stan Heath. In a CBS interview Arin Andrews stated JP was all choked up while SH just smiled. Thank you Jeff Long and the UA.
All the way in LR and I know Bud Walton gonna be crazy today...hoping I can get to watch it without spilling chips and salsa over myslef
I think today is the day that Arkansas plays its first complete game in a long time. Time to avenge a ridiculous loss against Georgia in front of what I can only imagine will be an insane crowd at Bud Walton!
Bud Walton Arena sold out for the game today. WOO PIG SOOIE!!!
As excited as I am about the Razorback win in Rupp Arena (I've already watched it three times)...there is work yet to be done for these Hogs. Today, Arkansas has a tough matchup against a Georgia team that currently sits third in the conference standings at 10-5, including an OT victory over the Hogs, in which they dominated the boards by finishing with a +22 rebound advantage. However, I don't believe those same two teams will meet today in sold out Bud Walton Arena. I believe this Arkansas team has come "full circle", and even though they are playing on only 48 hours rest, I don't think fatigue will play a factor. Look for the Razorbacks to ride the momentum from Thursday night's statement win, while feeding off the energy of the home crowd, to push through the Bulldogs and record their 20th win of the season. Arkansas is playing their best basketball of the year, and if they can maintain this intensity and level of play...I don't just see them making the field of 68, but also sticking around to "dance ...
Come to Bud Walton Arena to say thanks to in her final home game for Get tix here:
To my Dad, my sisters, my lovely step mom, & of course all of my friends in Indy. The home of the Pacers in no way comes close to Bud Walton Arena. Walton is nicer, louder & draws a bigger croud! Alot louder, Boyah!
A fun day at Bud Walton Arena...Great win against LSU.with Todd Day and
Why Chris Oliver is Chris Oliver. I got a lot of people always telling me that they are happy for Chris throwing a good game yesterday and for giving autographs to little kids after the games. The reason is that we moved to Farmington, Arkansas in 1999. Me and Chris were standing outside the loading dock at Bud Walton Arena and Nolan Richardson came out of a practice. He asked us what we were doing there and the first thing I thought was "Oh crap we are in trouble". Chris told him he was trying to get autographs from the players. So Nolan tells me to wait there and tells Chris "Come with me, Little Man". So they go down to the team locker room and Nolan gives him one of the basketballs for the team to sign it. Also let him eat pizza with the team. I told Chris RIGHT THEN "Son, if you ever make it to the big time. Don't you EVER forget that kid standing there looking for autographs because back in 1999 that kid was you". So that is why he LOVES them little kids asking for autographs. Because next to ...
UofA announces they will start hanging jerseys in Bud Walton Arena to honor former great Razorback players. Thanks for listening UofA. A lot of people have wanted this for a very long time.
Nolan Richardson, former Head Coach at Arkansas who led the Hawgs to win the National Championship in basketball... former President Bill Clinton and Eddie Sutton, former Head Coach at Arkansas, sitting together on the sideline at Bud Walton Arena. I would like to listen in on that conversation.
Bud Walton Arena should be named Nolan Richardson Arena
Johnny O'Bryant definitely not getting any calls early on in Bud Walton.
Bill Clinton in attendance at Bud Walton? I wonder if he'll join Johnny Jones in a challenge.
Alandise Harris trying to get going here in Bud Walton. Makes a jumper from just inside the arc to give Hogs 47-46 lead w/ 6:50 left.
Hogs and Red Wolves Falling Early in Season The Razorback have faltered early on in conference play with a 1-4 record after starting the season 11-2. The Hogs have had trouble winning away from Bud Walton Arena as they have lost 3 conference games on the road while going 1-1 at home, the loss coming to Florida, who were ranked 10th in the nation at the time. Arkansas, who are pushing to make the NCAA tournament, will have to learn to win on the road. The Hogs lost by 16 at Texas A&M, but have blown to late leads to lose by 5 at Georgia in overtime and by 7 at Tennessee. The Razorbacks have looked much better at home while playing two powerhouse SEC schools. The Hogs had a 2 point lead late against Florida, but a clutch basket by Florida senior guard Scottie Wilbekin sent the game to overtime, where Florida edged out a 2 point victory. The Hogs then had another tough match-up with Kentucky, who where ranked 13th in the nation at the time. The game was tied late at 71-71 when Arkansas junior forward Alandis ...
we're on ESPN tonight at 9 in a tough environment on the road at Bud Walton. It's another whiteout. Let's see where we are.
It is really baffling how the Arkansas Razorbacks Men's Basketball team can play so well at home and can NOT do so on the road. In SEC play, Auburn is the only conference team that it has beaten the last two seasons. At home, the team has a 22-game winning streak. Today, they are playing the 10-ranked Florida Gators. If last season is any indication of how the Hawgs will fare today, they will win. Then, when they go to Gainesville, they will play so badly that it will look they have never played a day of Division 1 basketball. This recurring scenario has to change; NCAA Tournament teams have to win on the road to advance. Will the Hawgs get to the tournament? Possibly. While the non conference schedule was littered with cream puffs and patsies, the Hawgs got a head start on a 20+ win season. Typically, tournament teams have 20 wins. Fans beyond the hardcore ones, need reasons to go to Bud Walton to pay for the $25 ticket. Winning on the road and having swagger will do that. Where the Hawgs need to improv ...
UA's annual Fan Day set for August 18th inside Bud Walton Arena. Here's what on tap for the event:...
Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, holds its annual meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas, on Friday. The giant event attracts workers and shareholders from around the world and is usually a celebration of the company’s unique corporate culture. About 14,000 people are expected at the Bud Walton aren...
Nolan Richardson court at Bud Walton Arena.sounds good huh.
The five children of Sam and Bud Walton (the founders of Walmart) have more wealth than the bottom 30% of Americans.
the exact words I thought. We really are AWFUL away from Bud Walton. Peewee's
Well said. Good luck on Saturday and finish a good season at Bud Walton.
sarcasm bud. When your best weapon is Pau gasol it's smarter to shoot than pass. Or say kwame brown, smush Parker, Luke Walton...
Razorbacks fall to the Tigers 93-63. Arkansas faces the Aggies Saturday at Bud Walton.
Highlights of the eventual SEC and National Champion Razorbacks 120-68 demolition of the Big 8 Champion Tigers in the first televised game in Bud Walton Aren...
In other news, why does arkansas basketball suck so bad away from bud walton?
Tonight's Mizzou butt-whooping brings back memories of a run-in with a pack of humorless Razorbacks in the cheap seats at Hearnes 20 years ago.
On the plus side, Hogs fans, Bud Walton is just that good!
If only the NCAA tournament was is Bud Walton
Remember what Larry Johnson told Nolan when UNLV came to Bud Walton back in the day? "You need to get you some men!" He got big nasty and two seven footers
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Jimmy *** should never be allowed to enter Bud Walton again!!
hogs aren't so much away from Bud Walton and with CMA's family reffing.
My assessment of Arkansas hoops: They are average & only win at home BC opponents see the depressingly dim lit arena of Bud Walton.
Trivia: which has hosted more NIT games in the last 15 years: Madison Square Garden or Bud Walton Arena?
Does anybody know what time the Razorbacks play tonight? I thought it was 6. Apparently, it is Hawaiian Time because they still haven't shown up at Mizzou.
Well the hog game went like I thought it would. I'm not understanding why they can't win on the road. Even if they made the NCAA tourney they would lose, because it wouldn't be at Bud Walton!!!
Alright. Now can we officially say it was the refs' fault for Arkansas beating us at Bud Walton?
we should take Bud Walton Arena and push it to all of our road games!
I just don't understand how the Hogs can beat the tar out of anyone at Bud Walton but go on the road and get the tar beat out of them.
SEC tourney is played at bud Walton right?
Mizzou Arena: How about a roaring "N-I-T" chant for Razorback Nation?.. We still owe them for that Norfolk State chant at Bud Walton Arena.
As ASG senator introduced legislation to reduce textbook prices, better seating at Bud Walton, Copy Machines with print quota
You know the Hogs game is ugly when Alex opts to do the dishes instead of watch the game!
this isn't even close to the bud Walton beatdown of 63 points of Mizzou on bud waltons opening night. Remember that one???
they're a totally different team away from Bud Walton Arena
at Mizzou the hogs can't win away from Bud Walton
The Hogs are no good away from Bud Walton Arena.,
Wow. Arkansas has zero losses at home, yet only one win on the road. ?
Hogs couldn't beat Morris School for boys away from Bud Walton...see if that brings back some old memories.
Any chance they move the SEC tournament to bud Walton?
bingo. Ark's opponents shoot 10 points higher than their avg FT rate at home vs at Bud Walton (abt 5 FTs per game)
Arkansas would win gold if the Olympics were held at Bud Walton Arena. Ask us to play AR school for the deaf/blind on the road? Blowout. :/
I feel ya... hope the SEC tournament is played at Bud Walton.
It's crazy how different the Razorbacks play at Bud Walton... 🏀🐗
The game was over when they walked out the Bud Walton Doors..
🐗=Arkansas with the help of the refs at Bud Walton Arena. 🐷=Arkansas at Mizzou Arena on SR Night. Lets pound these piggies
Arkansas just needs to play all their games at Bud Walton..
I wish Arkansas didn't have to play road games. It's kind of embarrassing. Can't they make an exception and let Arkansas only play home games?
Anyway the SEC tourny can be in Bud Walton? ...getting killed on the road.
Trying to remain optimistic about the Razorbacks getting a road win. Gotta be able to win outside Bud Walton Arena.
Is our team that bad or our fans that good? 17-1 in Bud Walton vs. 1-infinity on the road.
Thank goodness for Bud Walton Arena. I get to watch the Hogs play good basketball for half of the season
Yea well they better not get anymore tickets for bud Walton then. Can't find a red shirt there!
OMG hogs foul on the road but they never foul in bud walton. hang 100 on them
Put them on a track, baseball field, football field, on ice or in Bud Walton & they can't run with us
Arkansas DOES NOT deserve a spot on ANY tournament! This is pitiful..
Watching Arkansas play away from Bud Walton makes me sick
hope the SEC tournament is at Bud Walton.
Well I expected the Hogs to look like they do, I hope they know the SEC tournament is not in Bud Walton Arena and they will have to learn to play away from there as well as the NCAA Tournament but right now they don't even belong in the NIT.
Arkansas 17-1 in Bud Walton. Cats not very competitive on road. Reason why UK beat Missouri at Rupp. Tough to win on road in SEC.
Arkansas is pathetic on the road!! We dnt deserve to make the tournament this year.sry but we dnt.
Arkansas is the biggest joke in college basketball away from Bud Walton Arena
Missouri blowing out Arkansas in Columbia. Razorbacks just aren't the same the team away from Bud Walton Arena.
Wow, Arkansas is playing in someone else's house, and they're being outscored literally 2:1? SHOCKER!!! Can you guys win anywhere other than Bud Walton???
Hogs are a total embarrassment away from Bud Walton!!
How does KY beat Mizz but then we cant beat Arkansas? really! Mizz is spanking them !
 I haven't really spoken my mind in a while, but lots have been on my mind as of late. I'll just cluster all this brain clutter together to let ya'll know what's going on in my brain.     First, and most importantly, I feel like there's a huge void in my spiritual life, and I thought that praying to God and re-dedicating my life would help, but things just aren't.. there. I don't know how to explain it, but I still feel empty and nothing seems to have changed. I wonder if I'm doing things all wrong... but I was hoping for that joy and peace and all and to get back on track with God and be crazy in love with Him again, yet I keep slipping up. I've been in the Word a little more than I've been in ages to be honest, but still, I guess my flesh keeps on winning. I want so much to be where I was 8-10 years ago. Perhaps I'm not giving Him enough time or whatever. I need prayer. I need that conviction back. I need someone to kick my butt and keep me in check. There's a ladies retreat in May, but I seriously h ...
Hey mizzou fans out there. Suck it... :O
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Big shoutout to everyone from South Walton wishing me a happy B-Day too. Miss you guys so much.
To top my crappy day off. My pet pig, Wilber, past away today.
..just gotta make it thru this Tuesday at work..then it's Hog Ball and dinner with the McGuires :) Can't wait!
Although are books are full with Lee Willz and Trademark. We are now taking on new artists helping them get off on the right foot. If you are or know any good artists/bands interested in having a temporary manager for a small fee without taking 20% of their earnings then send them our way!
I think dunk ball needs to be played every weekend
What a beautiful shot via Instagram from of sunset in Seaside - New Town, Old Ways at Bud & Alley's! This is from the new Visit South Walton photo contest and your photo could be the next one featured on their site by using the tag Post your photos today! 30A | SoWal | The Seaside Style | CRUSH | Great Southern Cafe | The Walton Sun
En route to walton hospital! And its to nice to be stuck in an ambulance
If you can repost this.We need 20,000 screamin Razorback Fans for the final home game at Bud Walton Arena on Saturday as we filet the Aggies from A&M.can you help by being there...I want to have ringing ears for 3 days...make it happen...WPS!
I found that bud Soni Looklike Walton and lit it up and put it in a pen thingy and I smoked it I got a lil suin of a buzzz
Good luck to all the kids and teachers who have left already. Everyone who is still at school it must be so hard for you all keep smiling:)
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