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Bud Selig

Allan Huber Bud Selig (born July 30, 1934) is the ninth and current Commissioner of Major League Baseball, having served in that capacity since 1992 as the acting commissioner, and as the official commissioner since 1998. Selig oversaw baseball through the 1994 strike, the introduction of the wild card, interleague play, and the merging of the National and American leagues under the Office of the Commissioner.

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And let's not forget the role -er Bud Selig played in this mess. Marvin…
It's all a rotten house built by Bud Selig and Don Fehr. But everyone cries about the home run record.
Just remember... Racist Tom Yawkey, colluder Bud Selig and wife beater Bobby Cox are Hall of Famers. Buck O'Neill is not.
Astros fans booing Bud Selig during the parade!
The now houses Bud Selig and Tony LaRussa, who enabled the steroid era, but still want to keep out players.
"I don't know if you'll find anyone who has more passion for the game of baseball than Bud Selig."
Congratulations to professor and Cmmsr Emeritus Bud Selig, who receives baseball's greatest honor today. Cc:
really enjoyed your interview with Bob Uecker regarding Bud Selig's Hall of Fame induction! So thankful to have baseball in WI!
Thank God for blessing Bud Selig with his gift of tenacity and love for the greatest game on earth!
Hacksaw Mini-Poll...Bud Selig-Good or Bad my column then vote...Deserve Hall of Fame?.
I didn't realize, until now, that July 30, is Bud Selig's birthday. What an honor for him to be inducted into the
Big day for Bud Selig-founder/former owner & MLB commish, celebrates his birthday & is inducted to the
Bud Selig enters HOF: oversaw expansion in '93 & '98 (from 26 to 30 teams), created interleague play and added 2 Wild Ca…
At a Good Day for but Not a Perfect One
...and with the HOF induction of Bud Selig this weekend, we are reminded of who expedited the death of the Expos. https:/…
Congratulations, Bud Selig! Thanks for all you have done to help and
Congratulations once again on your induction into the
Bud Selig: "April 15, 1947 remains the single most important day in baseball history" Nice Hall of Fame Speect
Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines, Ivan Rodriguez, John Schuerholz and Bud Selig formally inducted into of fame
Said it in December and I'll say it today: If Bud Selig is a Hall of Famer so are Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens:
Selig expresses love of 'baseball life' in speech via
Bud Selig reaches pinnacle of baseball career by joining exclusive Hall of Fame family: via
If you don't want Bonds or A-Rod in the HOF because of PEDs but are OK with Bud Selig in after collusion, you just don't…
The Milwaukee Brewers are going to win the World Series this year. For Bud Selig. For America.
Dominos fell perfectly for StL in 2011. No win without Carp, Freeze, Berkman, Craig, Westbrook, Albert. Or Bud Selig for that matter.
At Cooperstown, a Good Day for Bud Selig, but Not a Perfect One (
Bud Selig going into the Hall of Fame today, but please.keep telling me how the steroid guys don't belong in
It would be if Bud Selig hadn't stolen our original team. That's up there with t…
New Supershow! Dan and Panda cover all things MN Twins, throw Bud Selig under the bus, and much more!
team no-hitters just another thing Rob Manfred has done to ruin what a fraud this guy is. I miss Bud Selig.
20 years ago, Rachel Robinson & Bud Selig stood up at Shea Stadium - and made a stunning announcement.
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Years later, former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt still isn't completely sure why Bud Selig flipped on his opinion of…
.commissioner Bud Selig spoke at the Mendoza. students also had the opportunity to meet with him priva…
Bud Selig may have looked and sounded goofy, but his creation of MLBAM in 2000 might be smartest thing any commissioner has every done
Same one where Bud Selig let W be commissioner?
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] Top 25 Baseball Stories of 2016 — Bud Selig gets elected to the Hall of Fame
Bud Selig, voted into Hall of Fame by Todays Game Era Committee
Not one of mine. As Bob Dylan once said, "all my songs are protest songs," I say all my songs are about Bud Selig being a Hall of Famer.
Bud Selig going into the Hall of Fame is just another reminder of how embarrassing it is to baseball that Marvin Miller i…
On this date in '01, Bud Selig said Major League Baseball is considering eliminating two teams by the start of season. Expos, Marlins, Twins
Who do you associate urself with more as commish? Bud Selig or Roger Goodell? tough "Q" but a great way to gauge ur character
Today, Bud Selig is as old as Clint Eastwood was the day he yelled at an empty chair at the 2012 RNC: 30,042 days.
I wonder if bud selig Edict still stands, that if the game is that 5 innings it will go to the end rain or shine
Bud Selig to join athletic icons with Lifetime Achievement Award
Just out: Bud Selig, Rob Manfred adviser said, “Adam Wainwright's 2017 outlook is depressing.” I think Waino is inspiring!
didn't Bud Selig claim to have never sent an email, ever? Selig 4 Prez! featured in NBC s Science of Love
nobody ever said Bud Selig was a smart individual
Cubbies are reminding me how much I love baseball. *** you Bud Selig for taking it away for so many years.
Former skippers Johnson, Piniella among 10 up for HOF
being an even yr shouldn't Cubs be getting 4 home games, but for Bud " I not an ownwer" Selig's stupid All Star Game ruling
The greatest country in the history of the world being attacked. So all of...
The whole situation is malarkey. Wish I could take Bud Selig behing the gym.
JOB: Uni of Wisconsin, Madison, Open Rank Prof, The Bud Selig (!!) Chair of the History of Sport & Society in US.
Bud Selig,embarrassed by an ASG tie in his hometown came up with this rule.Some legacy.
Please tell him to shove the all star game rule up Bud Selig's *** Thank you.
I'm indoors yelling at Bud Selig right now. He's frantically flipping through a book labeled "Baseball."
Why wouldn't it be? 5 innings is an official game. Bud Selig wouldn't just change the rules. That would be ridiculous.
Bud selig with the Tennessee titans and what you've done to the all star game significance your not good as an owner
Yeah, I guess Bud Selig is off the hook for his stupid rule now. Thanks for fixing this Jon
I mean, he can also thank Bud Selig for that World Series home field advantage that he has right now, but-
If bud selig knew he may have let the A's move there so it can host the All Star game
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Wisconsin now hiring! Bud Selig's endowed chair in hist of sport & society in US. Very interested to see who gets it
he said if I put Santana in LF and he gets hurt you can blame bud selig
"If Santana plays left& and misplays a ball u can blame me or Bud Selig."Terry Francona
Cubs fans can thank Bud Selig 😜Now they also have home field advantage with 5 to go
Pode - Double J v. Major League Baseball (and that jackwagon, Bud Selig)
but that was a weird angle. I'll say this: Hank knows everything about DOrtiz than he lets on. He is friends with Bud Selig.
Well this is good news. This was the dumbest idea that Bud Selig ever had, so hopefully Manfred reverses it after a…
If Bud Selig was still The Commish, a rule change to make the World Seris 15 games would be declared
in which the Cubs don't have HFA because Bud Selig of the ridiculous assignment of meaning to an exhibition game
you do know that Bud Selig hasn't been commissioner for two years now, right?
Awesome! Home-field advantage in the World Series. Oh, wait. Bud Selig happened.…
Matter of fact, the most impressive thing that Bud Selig did in his entire career was cosplay Martin Landau to perfection every single night
did delusional Dog really say players disgraced Bud Selig? As he turned blind eye to roids for $$
Too much union red tape. Don Fehr & Bud Selig would never sign off on that. What about weekly testing for PEDs too ?
At end of the day, you can thank Bud Selig for what PEDs have become. He needed McGwire and Sosa, baseball needed it. Things just blew up
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irks me when people applaud Bud Selig. He did more harm to game with PEDs than help clean up his mess
but the sanctimonious hypocrite Bud Selig rid MLB of PEDs, so I am SHOCKED
or Bud Selig's shock that PED use proliferates in MLB
I am glad Bud Selig got PEDs out of baseball
Good job Bud Selig. You really cleaned it up!
ask, Bud Selig was TV bb commissioner after being taken over by Joe Kelly he could do nothing for players nor could Kelly. Peavy managed
I wasn't aware the has now hired Bud Selig as their scheduling consultant. I mean, this is absurd.
still can't believe (yes I can) that bud selig signed off on a tax deal when blank (a local) wanted to buy
Sports courses are emerging at UW with more interest and willing alumni (Bud Selig, and others).
I can't wait for the All Star Spokesman announcement for Bud Selig and Johnny Manziel
For years I've blasted Bud Selig for telling Congress how little he thinks of Fans & Players (Baseball would be a great Biz if not for them)
ROH is lame, it's like the MLB of sports. Joe Koff = Bud Selig.
it's a trick, Bud Selig is in that plane taking the team to Milwaukee!
Apropos of nothing, here's my favorite picture of my old pal Bud Selig digging for gold.
So proud to say that I officially got into a history course here at UW taught by the MLB commissioner emeritus himself Bud Selig!!!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bud Selig's Brewers have always gotten biased ball and strike calling in the central
Bud Selig's blackout policies are so terrible that even the service providers don't understand them.
Bud Selig is part owner of the pooers and they got a suspicious number of favorable calls when he was commissioner
Bud Selig will be teaching his "History of Baseball" course once again next semester at Still spots available; highly recommend.
You mean guys don't get injured in spring training? Guys get hurt walking d...
Bud Selig would be proud... My son tied his 7-8 year old baseball game 10-10.
The ASG spokespeople will be Garvey and Bud Selig
an absolute disgrace. How mlb allowed Liberty media to buy the Braves is a stain on Bud Selig's tenure.
West coast road games and Bud Selig are the worst.
Send him down. His name is Selig spelled backwards and we all know how much we "love" Bud!
Don't be silly...Bud Selig wanted it this way.
As you mentioned that Bud Selig teaches for ASU Law, please be sure to mention his work for when Bucs play in MKE.
Bud Selig is teaching Sports law at ASU!?!
I would take a class with Bud Selig just so I could throw a brick at him.
Y'all know Bud Selig is now running the MLB, replays in NY
Rob Manfred is the current commissioner of ...not sure if complaining to Bud Selig is going to do fans much good lol
We are at capacity for former Commissioner, current SLB Faculty member Bud Selig!
Bud Selig speaking here at ASU in a few moments. Any hard-hitting (pun intended) questions for the MLB Commissioner Emeritus?
Excited to hear former commissioner Bud Selig speak to ASU law & journalism students today.
I see tied yesterday because of travel. When did Bud Selig become Big West conference commissioner?
I hate that place. Reminds me of Bud Selig & Hurricane Ike.
Bud Selig is on 1250AM right now. Bill told him that he is the greatest commissioner of all time. He pretty much said, yeah I know
The Seattle Pilots, owned by Bud Selig, relocated as the They lost their 1970 home opener to the
Baseball fans: tonight has "Conversations" w/ former MLB commissioner Bud Selig at 6 CT then vs. at 6:30
"Conversations" w/ Bud Selig premieres Mon at 6 to coincide with Opening Day! Teaser video->
Rob Manfred is the polar opposite of Bud Selig as commissioner and that's a good thing.
Just got an email from the commissioner of the and it wasn't Bud Selig...? Where have I been? 🤔
did y'all already cover when Bud Selig moved the 'stros vs Cubs series to Milwaukee Because of Hurricane Ike in 2008?
12 years ago this week, Bud Selig approved a landmark trade shipping A-Rod from to for Alfonso Soriano and $100M+ in cash. Yowza!
Bud Selig always believed in giving the people what they want.
there's no more politics in baseball, son. Bud Selig's been gone for a while
Curse Jeffrey Loria and Bud Selig who allowed him to run another team to the ground.
Just Jake's and Bud Selig's new indoor used car lot.
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" spurred a feud between Bud Selig and Harry Caray in 1978.
I really cannot stomach the They make Bud Selig look likable
wait, is THAT why they sat me 5 feet from Bud Selig/dared me not to react? next-level symbolism
Exactly. I didn't hear any concern from Bud Selig in 1998.
At the Baseball Scouts Dinner with We're at table 1. Bud Selig is at table 2. Just sayin'.
Can you get Bud Selig's email address for me? I'd like to write him a fking letter.
Bud Selig is also here. And he's walking this way. Guys this might trump Lifehouse.
I was going to blame Bud Selig because EVERYTHING is his fault.
the new MLB commissioner is just like Bud Selig and the is fake and a fraud to the American public 😡
The Bud Selig jokes are spot on, and the Bozz Hoggs references are great
Norman Bates is the treasure chest; Bud Selig is financed by Wall Street.
Sounds like some shut Bud Selig would have pulled?
All purpose parts banner
As a kid I wrote Bud Selig asking for earlier MLB playoff starts, perhaps the CFP committee should hear from me...
Hope Bud Selig finds a way to shorten GOP debates. It was like watching the Shogun mini-series
The appetite for more instant replay in the sport is very low.
“As the Bud Selig of the group, it’s my job to sweep it under the rug before anyone notices.”
Debating whether to share my top weekly Last.FM artists, then I realized that now Bud Selig is.
A proud moment for Bud Selig, but also a pleasant side effect of having an antitrust exemption.
Bud Selig would have never allowed a 30-2 vote. Every Selig vote was unanimous. Not sure how important that is, but he took pride in it
--- Or how Bud Selig and Jeff Loria are viewed in Montreal.
Now with this NFL news, does that mean MLB will reconvene Bud Selig's Blue Ribbon Panel?
Goodell makes Bud “let’s make the all-star game count” Selig look like a half-decent commissioner with his bungling of fball in St. Louis.
Roger Goodell is the Mr. Magoo of sports commissioners. He makes Bud Selig look like a genius and a statesman.
I asked Fay Vincent if he blames his successor Bud Selig for the Steroid Era. Vincent's response might surprise you.
Bud Selig can do whatever he likes, just as long as he stays retired and away from baseball.
Bud Selig is nearly a year into retirement. Come for the story, stay for photo the editor picked to go with it:
. Fun Fact:. Stan Kronke and Bud Selig have love child together. Named it Adolf or something like that
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Ya man a bird he got Bud Selig knees
He's pointing at you because your yearning eyes make him uncomfortable.
They were sold. Bud Selig stopped it as his first major act as commissioner.
this story has a picture of Bud Selig's bare knees/lower thighs. Also, he is wearing bike shorts. You've been warned
Bud Selig has found a new passion in retirement via
Roger Goodell is a worse commissioner for the NFL than Bud Selig was for Major League Baseball, and Bud Selig was a loser.
You'd have to ask them, Joe. I've asked many times, never gotten much of an answer.
Bud Selig and Donald Fehr loved the $$ that was rolling in. Barry and Roger deserve to be in.
Thankful for how Susie endured and I nerding out w/ Eno Sarris, Moises Alou, Sean Casey, Cliff Floyd, Bud Selig, etc. last nite.
*Bud Selig turns on ALCS pregame show*. *Sees A-Rod and Pete Rose on panel*
*Bud Selig walks to podium*. "With the first sandwich pick of the MLB draft, the Astros select". *stares at camera*. "Hot dog". *cr…
If only Bud Selig could've veto those blue jay trades like david stern did to the lakers lol
Thank Bud Selig for this crap. Still could lead to WS rematch from 1985.
Any offseason upgrades to the Bud Selig Experience will be yours to enjoy before anyone else. Anyone!
selig's staff made this schedule when bud was Commish and no coincidence mets get rockies second leg and gets pirates after card
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Brewers: David Schoenfield says Doug Melvin helped \"reignite the baseball fever that (Bud) Selig had destroyed\" …
"The shift is the worst thing to happen to baseball, I wish there was a way to blame Bud Selig"
Bud Selig is getting $4 million a year for life as commissioner emeritus. We can probably find you a few bucks for you.
that's "plaza" to be named later, right? Can't trade naming rights to Bud Selig Plaza.
If Bud Selig *** Ebersol were with me in a hostage situation, and they told me to defuse a bomb by cutting the red wire, I'd cut the blue 1
Bud Selig and *** Ebersol have both made plenty of $, but they did so while damaging the integrity of their products (baseball + sports TV)
I have never disagreed more with any two people in the sports industry than Bud Selig... and *** Ebersol.
Man, they went IN on Bud Selig in the latest Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee ◠‿◠✿.
Same was true of Bud Selig. Never got why he got credit for MLB's growth either.
one more reason to hate MLB and Bud Selig!!! + I can't forget Loria, Samson and gutless Mtl business community!
maybe the Hurricane Ike Cubs losses in Milwaukee in '08, which I didn't see because my power was out in SETX. Thanks Bud Selig.
Pretty sure that was the worst 5 minutes of reg. season baseball since Bud Selig moved an "home" game to Milwaukee.
I would apologize that all of my posts are crapping on Bud Selig but I'm not actually sorry
Its not whether u win or lose but whether toxic glue that u picked out . Is gonna burn down ur bud selig harry reid reemish nevada simpson
Only the lost that trade. Nothing says win now like Bud - Selig contractions
Today, ex-Padres manager Bud Black is exactly as old as Bud Selig was the day he became acting MLB commissioner: 21,224 days.
thanks to Bud Selig I can't root for both anymore, go
"I remember Bud Selig from the days. Hanging around the ballpark. He was 2nd base. Just sat in the dirt for 3 hours.".
Hoping for a tie. Is Bud Selig still involved in MLB? *** maybe it's just wishful thinking then.
He is the same guy who cited Dave Dombrowski as the favorite to replace Bud Selig. He’s an embarrassment.
eww Bud Selig...and that's a great reason to like A-Rod. I am sorta rooting for him now. *hopes no Red Sox fan sees this*
Barry Bonds passes Hank Aaron to become MLB's all-time home run king
how dare you. I love Milwaukee the same amount as Alan H. Bud Selig
is gonna fund a mural of Bud Selig to block the glare
I’m all in on AROD hitting a walk off in Gm 7 of WS. Then thinking of Bud Selig muttering to himself
Where were you when Barry Bonds clubbed home run No. 756 to pass Hank Aaron & become MLB's all-time HR king?
But Bud Selig told me this never happened!
On this day in 2007, hit HR to pass Hank Aaron on the all-time HR list. WATCH:
Polite applause for Rob Manfred at ceremony. Bud Selig usually got the business here in Cooperstown.
Rob Manfred did not get booed. No reason to boo him yet. But he mentioned Bud Selig and there were tons of boos. Love it.
Joe Buck comments on Commissioner Rob Manfred "after so many great things that Bud Selig was able to accomplish"
FOX producer gets in Harold Reynolds's ear just in time to remind Harold that Bud Selig is no longer MLB Commissioner.
I agree with you I don't think Bud Selig was a good commissioner either. Can they just let into the hall?
Seeing Cincy really putting on a show speaks volumes why Bud Selig was a TERRIBLE commissioner. Totally missed the boat & waited too long.
Really? Wow. NFL - has most hated commissioner over Gary Betteman and Bud Selig.
It took half a season for someone to do a better job as Commissioner than Bud Selig. Imagine that.
So glad that Bud Selig is not the commissioner for the best HR Derby ever.
When you took over as commissioner, did Bud Selig's duties of actually having sex with the Wilpons transfer to you as well?
Mr. President: in your opinion, would the younger Pres. Bush have been a better Commissioner than Bud Selig?
QOD2: Is Roger Goodell Worst Commissioner Ever?...Even as I watch The Commish fracking the league, Bud Selig's a tough low-life to top
Bud Selig out as commissioner apparently doesn't change trend of MLB making questionable decisions as Pepsi is announced as main ASG sponsor
MLB commissioner Bud Selig says the blockbuster + trade is under review, reports of USA Today
Worst Commissioner ever. Bud Selig was single-handily THE reason I quit keeping up with MLB.
On this date 13 years ago, commissioner Bud Selig could only throw his hands up in the air as the All-Star Game...
It bothers me that Pete Rose isn't in the Hall of Fame, and more so, how Bud Selig just ignored his inquiries.
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Incue to 18min 15 secs in. Tommy Thompson says he's never been back to Miller Park because of Bud Selig.
Tommy Thompson "Miller Park would not have been built without me. Bud Selig mislead the people of Wisconsin, said he'd pay for it, never did
It's too bad Fred Wilpon was insecure enough to have Nelson Doubleday where he and Bud Selig ran him out of baseball.
What does an ex-commissioner do? Bud Selig lectures at UW & will soon be collecting Distinguished Alumni Award
Yo! Joe Torre, Bud Selig go to bat for Alex Rodriguez
That's a Bud Selig ball, not the current commissioner .
"Have you ever wanted to learn more about former baseball commissioner Bud Selig?"
The best thing Bud Selig did as commissioner was institute instant replay, wonderful development.
Meet my new friend, former mlb commissioner Bud Selig. It was an honor to share a stage today!
Kickin' it with former MLB commissioner Bud Selig today!
I got the call from the commissioner Bud Selig that me you and suck *** Kregg got voted in lol
Thank you new members.let's make this page grow & show that Bud Selig did a gross injustice keeping Pete Rose out of Cooperstown.
I hear 1 more time how Bud Selig did such a great job as MLB Commissioner, I'm gonna vomit. He screwed more up than he helped.
I'm sure Bud Selig was a fine commissioner and is a wonderful human being. ...
started in Milwaukee selling popcorn at baseball games, Bud Selig (team owner, later league commissioner) saw
Bud Selig, Marvin Miller and the Politics of the Baseball Hall of Fame:      It's amazing how much dishonest p...
- 'foster' and 'fester' allowed by MLB & Bud Selig, sad.
Fox Sports hired Pete Rose, I bet Bud Selig is pissing all over himself right now
A-Rod is best Yankee by far early in the season. Pretty funny. Must be driving the Yankees, Bud Selig and Bill Madden crazy!
Retired to honor Bud Selig on display at Miller Park. Sorry Corey Hart, Fernando Vina, Del Crandall, Ernie Riles.
thanks for the follow. Pete Rose not being in the HOF is a joke. The only bigger joke is Bud Selig, good frekin bye buddy!
One of my favorite April fools pranks was Peter Gammons call on : Bud Selig made Pete Rose eligible for HOF 😄.
Pete Rose: Ill always have hope: Manfred, who succeeds Bud Selig as commissioner this season, told Bob Ley of ...
UW awards fraternity brothers with alumni award. Yep, that's Bud Selig and Herb Kohl.
Herb Kohl and Bud Selig were college rommates at ? Is that better than Al Gore/Tommy Lee Jones & Lee Corso/Burt Reynolds?
His tenure has barely begun but Rob Manfred is already better than Bud Selig. Maybe a few VERY DESERVING guys will be in HOF soon.
The New baseballs with the Rob Manfred Signatures.Thanks 2 Bud Selig for everything he has done for this great sport!
If Marvin Miller is not in the Hall of Fame, then Bud Selig does not belong.
ICYMI: Bud Selig's tenure as MLB commissioner had far more hits than errors, despite the PED scandal.
Bud Selig gets emotional send-off during final owners meeting as commissioner
Bud Selig is to Rob Manfried as Vladimir Putin is to Dmitry Medvedev.
keep in mind: Bud Selig and John Elway made their money selling cars
Best sentence ever said by Bud Selig, "With the 25th selection the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim select Michael Trout."
Who is the worst Commissioner in professional sports? Gary Bettman, Bud Selig, or Roger Goodell?
how about Fidel Castro with O's owner Peter Angelos and Bud Selig?
Bud Selig's tenure as commissioner included major issues -
For the $6M annual pension owners are giving Bud Selig, they could have given every minor leaguer in baseball a raise of abo…
Less than a month of Allen H (Bud) Selig as commissioner. He will be missed
Retiring baseball commish Bud Selig will:. - have a retirement income of $6M/year. . - an exhibit with a 3D “encounter” of him in his office
Charles P. Pierce skewers the interactive museum trend in h/t Balloon Juice.
Bud Selig has only 4 more weeks left as commisiner of baseball before Rob Manfred offically begins his tenure on January 25th
I need to get him on a bud Selig ball.
that somebody else happened to be Bud Selig. We know how that goes.
Bud Selig will get $6 million to advise the new commissioner. I will do it for half of that.
So apparently my grandma went to high school with Gene Wilder and Bud Selig via /r/pics
Thoughts on this? “If determination were an Olympic event, Bud Selig would have been a gold medalist.”
(cont) "You have to do what's in the best interest of the game, not yourself." - Bud Selig to So, so true.
.3-part series this week on Bud Selig's life in baseball has been tremendous. All fans should read it:
ICYMI, here is Part III of my three-part series "Bud Selig, a Life in Baseball."
i interpet it as Sandy being the Wilpons good soldier (via their buddy Bud Selig), but that's just me
Bud Selig's tenure as commissioner included major issues
Bud Selig insisted he never wanted to be commissioner on a full-time basis but was such a natural at it owners...
Your pension isn't as good as Bud Selig's. He will make $6 million per year to be Commissioner Emeritus.
Bud Selig to be MLB commissioner emeritus - Newsday
Bud Selig to get $6M annual pension, serve as commissioner emeritus - Yahoo Sports (blog)
Fire Goodell , worse leader than bud selig. needs to go get his money elsewhere.
bud Selig last act as commissioner... reinstate Pete Rose# JUSTDOIT!
No unlimited passes to the Bud Selig Wet N Wild Experience under my tree.
Bud Selig will be baseball's commissioner emeritus after retirement -
Minor Leaguers make pennies, Bud Selig who's worth 400M will make 6M a year, In Retirement! That iz so wrong & disrespectful
For major-league baseball to return to Milwaukee after the Braves bolted for Atlanta in 1966, somebody had to...
After 5-year struggle, Bud Selig gets his team
JSOnline - Corrections and clarifications - Ebbets Field was misspelled on Page 5B in a story about Bud Selig that...
Pope Benedict needs better agents. Bud Selig set to be Commissioner Emeritus, at $6M a year.
Bud Selig = old man walker, or Lurch from Adams Family
Bud Selig now Bill Bryson! Thanks for the opportunity to meet them both!
HT and CC not feasible? Nah.Lew Wolff is not a viable baseball owner. "HORRIBLE MISTAKE" : Bud Selig.
Remember- Bud Selig cancelled the 1994 stretch run, postseason and World Series to get player contracts under control. Nicely done, Bud.
Last year we lost Tim McCarver. This year we lost Bud Selig. It just keeps getting better and better.
Last year it was Tim McCarver's last World Series. This is Bud Selig's last World Series. But, we're stuck with Harold Reynolds.
Joe Buck stopped blowing Madison Bumgarner just long enough to blow Bud Selig.
last year we said goodbye to Tim McCarver and now we say goodbye to Bud Selig.
A year ago, at the time, FOX said goodbye 2 Tim McCarver & 2nite, MLB says it's FINAL goodbye 2 Bud Selig, longtime Dean of MLB, since '92!
Bud Selig's sports jackets always look like they're off the clearance rack of Burlington Coat Factory
Tim McCarver retired last year and Bud Selig is gone after tonight. I'm one happy guy right now.
Congrats to Stuart Sternberg. He has once again found a way to further make life a LIVING PAIN for the Tampa Bay Rays and their fans. Joe Maddon will no longer be the manager for the Rays. Sternberg has lost both Maddon and Friedman in less than two weeks I think the next person who should go is Sternberg. We could get a REAL owner instead of a Bud Selig groupie. I'm just frustrated!
If I rated commissioners, it'd be Adam Silver, Gary Bettman, Bud Selig (Rob Manfred will be here) and then Brian France/Roger Goodell.
Seeing children like Noah has to reach , Adam Silver {NBA Commish} and Bud Selig ! , should lead push
right, I wish MLS had a non bush league commissioner like Roger Goodell or Bud Selig (or Gary Bettman, for that matter).
Want to meet Bud Selig, Amb. Anne Anderson, Card. Dolan, Sen. George Mitchell, and more? 90th:
. "No, no, no. We are not trying to introduce Sharia Law to baseball. Baseball is a peaceful sport!" --Bud Selig
“Just want to point out that I blame Bud Selig for the fact that I am still up and I have a 5 alarm set.” Mine 6am
Joe Torre and Bud Selig told them to let Jeter hit a walk off
I hope Buck Showalter is haunted until the day he dies for taking the order from Bud Selig to make his pitcher serve up that hit.
Outgoing commissioner Bud Selig announced on Monday that needs to pick up the pace. Read more:
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