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Bud Powell

Earl Rudolph Bud Powell (September 27, 1924 – July 31, 1966) was a jazz pianist who was born and raised in Harlem, New York City.

Thelonious Monk Dizzy Gillespie Charlie Parker Max Roach Massey Hall Art Tatum Charles Mingus Miles Davis Art Blakey Oscar Peterson John Coltrane Horace Silver Sonny Rollins Bill Evans New York City Red Garland Clifford Brown

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Jazz piano great Bud Powell died on this day in 1966. See Chick Corea pay tribute to him in this '96 Newport video.…
I mean this in the nicest way possible, junior year was a waste of time and by far the s…
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Thank God did not listen to and boy Jared- they wanted Dina Powell as COS!😲 Valerie Jarret bud and leaker😡
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Bud Powell died on this day in 1966. Michael Ochs Archive. Anthropology, 1962.
It's July 31, 2017 at 08:00AM, good morning friends and family hope you are all well and have a terrific day!!
on I'm listening to A Night In Tunisia by Bud Powell
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Jazz wins again...Jazz At Massey Hall... Charlie Chan, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Max Roach, and of course Charle…
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on the shelves at Powell's in Portland.
Everyday on JSM Radio "Swing Times" Program at 8 am GMT everyday with Bud Powell, "Buttercup". . Listen on
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did Bud Powell always sort of hum along with his own playing, the way Lionel Hampton did?
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Day 12: The Quintet Jazz at Massey Hall. A bop classic with Diz, Bird, Mingus, Roach and Bud Powell.
The difference between speed and haste. The visit of Oscar Peterson to Bud Powell.
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I added a video to a playlist Bud Powell - Cleopatra's Dream
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Bud Powell and Bach played in the air by a young girl on a bus in Los Angeles. Billy Burgos' poem:
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Salute to Greenville's Cornell Powell. Reps the on the nation's biggest stage. Congrats bud!
In this episode, we feature trumpeter Fats Navarro, pianist Bud Powell and wind up with trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.
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Did it week in week out against the best in the top division bud,didnt realise at the time just how good he actually was.
Should've had a load of England caps, he was one of the best of his generation, how lucky we were to have seen him bud
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VOTE FOR CHEAP BEER! This Friday for Bart Crow and the The Powell Brothers, enjoy $2.50 Bud Light and Coors until...
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Bud Powell's probably the biggest influence on my piano playing.
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Enjoying Bud Powell on my drive to work. Thank you
Now Playing - 'What Were You Thinkin'' by 'Buddy Powell' . Tune in now to
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Now Playing - 'Somethin' We Need To Talk About' by 'Buddy Powell' . Tune in now to
Buddy Powell' ... HEY! We're back! What's your favourite song that you've written?
Now Playing - 'Little Things' by 'Buddy Powell' . Tune in now to
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For some "Bouncin' with Bud" by Bud Powell...My cat, Thelonious Monk, was not so impressed.
"Cu-Bop," which celebrates Bud Powell and, for Rodriguez, reflects "how Bud would have sounded in Cuba if he had been born there.
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New Street Art • Jayn One's Mosquito on the edge of a power plant .
Bouncing with Bud : All the Recordings of Bud Powell by Carl Smith (1997, Pap...
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New 3D pavement Street Art by Vera Bugatti found in Cagliari .
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guys who own million dollar horses drinking Bud Lite from aluminum bottles is one of the most Murica things ever.
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Bud Powell in the studio, New York City, Oct. 22, 1964. Photo by Robert James Campbell.
Nick Francis is hosting Midday Jazz today and "Bud Powell" starts us off after the birds and Cliff! Stay with us:
"I believe you can actually hear the sound of their egos growing" is a line worthy of Bud Powell. Atwell/D'Arcy 2016, basically.
Bud Powell is what jazz is all about. Factoid: Was beaten so badly by police he had to be almost carried to piano to perform.
Also Dizzy was Sandoval's teacher but the recording is Sandoval's. Still loving this Bud Powell version.
Dizzy gets all the love, but the best Night in Tunisia is Bud Powell. Check out the melody chords.
Great artist now playing on - 'What Were You Thinkin' by 'Jericho Powell' .
Never thought I'd hear Bud Powell tunes on national TV any more. did it as Colbert bumper music Monday. https:…
good. keep your head up bud I gotchu ✊ especially when I get back I've just been busy
No major jazz artists birthdays today so instead a clip of one of the giants. Bud Powell playing Over The...
Im banjo'd just like Top Cat.just back from work...u watchin UTD bud 😈
Like "Finding Vivian Maier," with great pix of New York's 60s jazz scene: Coltrane, Bud Powell. via
Bud Powell in the studio, NYC, 1964. Photo by Robert James Campbell.
Billie Holiday, Ray Charles, Bud Powell, and if you like Blues Jazz BB King
So glad I benched Ivory in two of three leagues. Wish I had done it in all three. Powell thanks for coming through bud.
The great Bud Powell should be known for his God given gifts on the jazz piano, not for the lurid sensational aspects of his life.
I liked a video from Parisian Thoroughfare (Bud Powell) from 'Homes' [Official Music
Practicing real be ready...hope to see you there.
Do u want more on well i can make that happen for a small fee
"Hair Duties 2" by kamalkylaureano. Acrylic on canvas 120 x 150 cm .
Bud Powell & Kenny Clarke record A Portrait of Thelonious today in 1961
Street Art • New works by The Hula painted in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand. .
Street Art in a abandoned place by Janaundjs in Salzburg .
Berry I need your help bud, pick 2 Theo R, Powell, Artis-Payne I'm in the crap bowl for last place.
never ending obsession with Bud Powell
Wed., 21 Oct.: I'll speak on Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk at Vincent Gardner's bebop class, Jazz at Lincoln Center
Let's close out this day with the great Bud Powell Trio 1949 ~ Cherokee
with repostapp. ・・・. One of the giants of the jazz piano, Bud Powell changed the…
"Thelonius Monk went over to Bird and Bud Powell and said, 'I told you guys to act crazy, but I didn't tell you...
That *** But any sweet loops come out of it? I found a 5/4 loop in a piece of Bud Powell vinyl I have.
You might want to think about licensing this one...have you used
yall can come over . I would buy some bud but I'm Brokeee
questioning your choice of pictures.. But thanks bud😂😂
Check out my newest profile, working on getting ready to try another one and needed to complete this one first,...
Thanks Victoria Dee for spinning Not the Way to My Heart, contact her to request this song on o.
Powell looked good this camp could be a costly depth injury.
I liked a video from Winchester Rebels - FAST (Lyric Video)
Bud Powell gave it up for Bill Evans in the early 60s in an interview
Check out Music Road Radio™ on and request 1. What were You Thinkin’ from the Buddy Powell album!
First of all you use a question mark when you ask a question...secondly, enjoy yourself bud!
This song is the title track for a yet to be released album. The album debuted exclusively on Open the Door Radio. Like it and share it!
Just worked a 15 hour shift and grandma thinks I'm getting up to go to church 😊 sorry Jesus not today bud
Happy birthday bud!!🎉🎈 I hope you have a fierce day and it's a blast 🌸…
It might be a modern day contender to my longtime fave, Bud Powell's The Scene Changes, which I've enjoyed a zillion times.
Q. How big of a place is Epcot? - Bud (Southaven, MS) --- A. I've already answered that question at least four times, Bu…
Number One Music . Hi, Bud Powell!. David Stiffler has joined your network to recommend and promote your content for free.
Bud Powell's version of a night in Tunisia is far superior than any other version
Some days I just want to listen to Coltrane, Miles , Wayne, Mingus, Bobby Timmons, Art Blakey, Jaki Byard, McCoy, Red Garland, Bud Powell...
“Look, you come in here tomorrow, and anything you do with your right hand I’ll do with my left. [to Bud Powell]”. – Art Tatum
Harold Bloom, great literary critic, gave Bud Powell poetry: Then see my website:
Jazz Masters at noon today has a live set from Bud Powell with Coleman Hawkins at the Essen Jazz Festival in Germany from this date in 1960.
Besides Parker, you had Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, and Bud Powell. That's nearly an unfair cast of musicians/magicians.
Just seen peeing outside his door... Ever heard of a bathroom bud? 😂😂
Happy birthday to my favorite frat star, love you bud😻🎉💗
And so it Begins! For the next 5 nights I'll be presenting The Genius of Bud Powell at Dizzy's Club…
Dear whoever jacked my headphones, I hope the left ear bud stops working
I need you vote .. Lets exchange votes -Head Doctor
Is anyone having trouble with this site? I got a notification that it may not be working, I checked and it...
listening to Bud Powell & getting a bit upset thinking about his tragic life
Hey bud. Register to help with that race here, and note that you're for Me Fine:
Just read a truly great and v. moving music biography: the life of Bud Powell as told by his saviour, F. Paudras.
Added Cold Night Campfire to Mixposure, should be adding more songs from that album soon! Check out...
Vote now and in 17 hrs. for Broken Hearts Like Mine
I'm enjoying 'Corea, Clarke & White - Bud Powell' on the Piano Trios channel at
I'll add the cover art as soon as it will let me. Hope you enjoy the bonus songs!
Buddy Powell - Another Run O' Bad Luck (14 tracks) - Queued for importing with bonus songs not released on the...
Vote for my song 'Broken Hearts Like Mine' on Mixtape Edition Vol. 3!
ReverbNation Stats. National Rank 1,687 up 172. Global Rank 1,943 up 205. Global Rank. (all genres) 34,389 up 172
Check out my songs on Radio Airplay & Jango just added Another Run O' Bad Luck as a test run to see if I like the...
Listen to Another Run O' Bad Luck by Bud Powell - Album Reviews, Credits, and Awards - AllMusic -
For newer fans, if you've never heard my original release, here it is.
Added "Let Me Fly" a new song to the digital world but was originally recorded in 2009. Decided at the time not...
I'm so excited to share with you our new single, "Let Me Fly" This track is personal because it shares how I was...
Hamilton Collection
Listening to tenor solo on Willow grove, Chick Corea’s trib. to Bud Powell. Gets the blood flowing before oral argument…
GET HAPPY Tim Whalen will spice up some Bud Powell classics at the DC Jazz Loft this Sunday!.
Listening to Wail by Bud Powell featuring Fats Navarro on trumpet via
I Want to Be Happy by Sonny Stitt and Bud Powell on AccuRadio
Out chillin👌👌 best bud from 2nd grade i miss him so much i miss u so much. Nick Powell
He and Bud Powell are hitting those ivories for some heavenly jam sessions!
I remember tryna sound like Bud Powell. Lol that was an epic fail.
So Bubba just threw a bottle of bud light all over my legs.
I can't wait to get a 12 pack of Bud light and get fishing on the bae
Now listening Cleopat'Dream by BUD POWELL from midnight jazz piano / [1996]
Bud Powell was a maniac on the piano man.
Had you on my mind a lot lately .. Miss you bud 👼😔
Woody Shaw: The Gig with Horace "So I'm in Paris now (1965). They had a local rhythm section there for me to play with. I became very close to a young saxophonist who now teaches at the University of Pittsburgh, Nathan Davis. He had been playing with Donald Byrd and Eric. We became very close, almost like brothers, you know. After a while Nathan and I were playing together with Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke and all the cats on the Paris scene, Johnny Griffin, Art Taylor. So I got a change to grow in Paris. I was playing every night, seven nights a week, for six months. I loved it. In fact, I had grown so much in love with Paris at that time that I made a proposal to the club to bring over Larry Young and a drummer by the name of Billy Brooks. The club went for it, so I sent some money for Larry and Billy to come over. We stayed there for something like seven weeks. But after a while, we were starting to wear out our welcome in Paris. It was time to leave. You can get too familiar with a scene, and you gotta sp ...
Horace Silver Pages The Silver Vault Fan Feast Latest News When Horace Silver once wrote out his rules for musical composition (in the liner notes to the 1968 record, Serenade to a Soul Sister), he expounded on the importance of "meaningful simplicity." The pianist could have just as easily been describing his own life. For more than fifty years, Silver has simply written some of the most enduring tunes in jazz while performing them in a distinctively personal style. It's all been straight forward enough, while decades of incredible experiences have provided the meaning. Silver was born in Norwalk, Connecticut on September 2, 1928. His father had immigrated to the United States from Cape Verde---and that island nation's Portuguese influences would play a big part in Silver's own music later on. When Silver was a teenager, he began playing both piano and saxophone while he listened to everything from boogie-woogie and blues to such modern musicians as Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. As Silver's piano trio ...
Art Blakey, Bud Powell, Dex Gordon, Thelonious Monk, if you know these names you are a patron of Noble Jazz music.
Jazz Masters at noon has the classic Jazz at Massey Hall concert from this date in 1953 with Diz and Bird, Mingus, Max Roach and Bud Powell.
Concert at Gem Theater to recall 1953 Toronto show by jazz giants. Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell,...
Steven Perry Rent Party: tonight at 8 at the union in Kalamazoo. "This will be the best jazz I've seen in years"- Bud Powell
On this day in saxophone history, Johnny Griffin was born, Chicago, IL 1928. C/o his tenor work w/Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie, & Bud Powell.
Performance Review from the Los Angeles Jazz Scene: AN ALL-STAR DOUBLE BILL Disney Hall recently hosted two all-star groups titled‘60th Anniversary Jazz At Massey Hall” and “Newport Jazz Festival: Now 60.” The first set paid tribute to the famous (and fortunately recorded) Massey Hall concert that teamed together Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus and Max Roach in 1953. For this performance, there were good and bad points. On the bright side, altoist Jesse Davis did a great job not only of playing Charlie Parker’s ideas but bringing back his sound. Trumpeter Jon Faddis, who throughout his career has mastered the style of Dizzy Gillespie, was as brilliant as ever. Drummer Kenny Washington sounded like a vintage bebopper and bassist Peter Washington was fine in support. On the minus side, pianist Bill Charlap did not sound at all like Bud Powell and seemed out of place. The group, while performing the same six songs as was heard at the original concert (“Perdido,” “ ...
LISTEN TO LAST SATURDAY'S SHOW HERE: The Changing Same on XRAY.FM has gone international! Last weeks show was the best yet - the show got bumped up from one to two hours, and we had listeners from all over the world. Alana from Torino, Italy gave a shout, but most notably, Benton *** who was tuning in from Istanbul with his son. They jumped on board for my guided tour through the world of jazz, criss-crossing all of its genres and sub-genres, back and forth through time, as we touched on the fusion stylings of the late 70's (Terje Rypdal, Jack DeJohnette, Miroslav Vitous, Ornette Coleman), classic 60's recordings from Blue Note, Prestige, and Riverside (Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, Mal Waldron, Red Garland), the hardcore 1940's & 30's swank from the men that literally paved the way to the what jazz is today (Coleman Hawkins, Louis Armstrong, and Lester Young), a 1924 recording from Bessie Smith, and the ground breaking avant garde scene that flipped music on its head that came out of NY and Chicago in ...
I added Shuggie Otis and Bud Powell to my library. Oddly, either/or also needs to be added.
A few years ago I was lucky to perform a duo concert with Amiri Baraka. I'll never forget the smile on his face in the middle of Bud Powell's "Un Poco Loco."
Jazz Masters at noon features selections from classic discs recorded on this date in history from Bud Powell, John Coltrane, and McCoy Tyner
My two favorites are Earl Hines & Thelonious Monk. Tatum in second group with Oscar, Bud Powell & others. So many great ones.
SALUTES - Horace Silver (b. Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva, September 2, 1928) is a jazz pianist and composer. Silver is known for his distinctive humorous and funky playing style and for his pioneering compositional contributions to hard bop. He has been influenced by a wide range of musical styles, notably gospel music, African music, and Latin American music and sometimes ventured into the soul jazz genre. Silver began his career as a tenor saxophonist but later switched to piano. His tenor saxophone playing was highly influenced by Lester Young, and his piano style by Bud Powell. Silver was discovered in the Sundown Club in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1950 by saxophonist Stan Getz. Getz was playing as a guest star at the club with Silver's trio backing him up. Getz liked Silver's band and took them on the road, eventually recording three of Silver's compositions. It was with Getz that Silver made his recording debut. Silver moved to New York City in 1951, where he worked at the jazz club Birdland on M ...
„The best that can be said for the actual recording of the concert is that it was a mess, both in sound and release policy. The show was recorded from the Massey Hall public address system, which was substandard, even by early '50s standards. This resulted in Mingus' bass being lost in the ground noise, particularly the very low notes. (To compensate, Mingus overdubbed his bass parts for all of the quintet pieces and a couple of the trio pieces at Rudy Van Gelder's New Jersey studios.) The hall was three-quarters empty (the promoters had overlooked the coinciding heavyweight championship match between Rocky Marciano and Jersey Joe Walcott). The audience was so small that the Jazz Society was unable to pay the musicians' fees. They were all given NSF checks. Bird arrived without a horn and had to borrow a plastic Grafton alto. He could not be listed on the original album cover for contractual reasons, so was billed as "Charlie Chan". Bud Powell was stone drunk from the opening bell, and Dizzy Gillespie k ...
Over our shoulder we dig him. Here's Bud Powell with SATIN DOLL.
Bird! WayneShorter, ChickCorea, Bud Powell, Eric Dolphy but many more than 5 like Miles,HerbieH,TonyW,WoodyShaw!
See and hear why Al Haig was often Bud Powell's favorite pianist
Bud Powell. If you don't know about him learn about him.
WAIL, my Bud Powell biography, will be for sale at Harlem Book Fair, 135th St, Saturday. Find me at National Writers Union's table.
Audio: * Bud Powell Bud is a genius. Charlie Parker He laid down the basis of modern jazz piano. Dizzy...
Bud Powell and Sonny Rollins even have their own versions.
Paris Jam Session is a live album by Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers with guest appearances by Earl "Bud" Powell...
clearly this is one of my favourite Jazz standard "Celia" by Bud Powell ,it's from the movie 'bout jazz"Chico & Rita"
Mike Hardacre's milestones this week is unmissable if you like blues shouter Jimmy Witherspoon, great New Orleans trumpet from Bix Beiderbecke, Louis Armstrong and Muggsy Spanier. There's a big band fest including Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw, Glen Gray, Jimmy Dorsey and Bob Crosby. Four great pianists - Art Tatum, George Shearing, Oscar Peterson and Abdullah Ibrahim. There's also the three men who invented modern jazz - Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Dizzy Gillespie and to cap it all off some great Milt Jackson followed by Freddie Hubbard. Don't miss it - 3pm to 5pm this afternoon or listen again through
The closest thing I ever had to a regular religious education as a child was Sunday mornings in my Grandmother's house. She was a passionate fan of some of the greatest jazz artists in history. Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Bud Powell, Ella Fitzgerald and above all the mighty John Coltrane who was possibly the love of her life. I didn't realise it at the time but I was receiving a profound education in art, music and yes, spirituality. My Grandma Doreen Walsh passed from us a little over a year ago. I miss her. Today, in her memory, and to continue our tradition I am listening to a sermon by the greats Clifford Brown and Max Roach. I love you Nan x
Reading up on classic piano players like Bud Powell | Jimmy Smith | Fats Domino just to name a few.
caponsacchi: You are in your own world. Both owe the debt to Bud Powell and Evans influence Tristano who took the exploration further ala Sal Mosca, Connie Cruthers and other unsung cats . I know by your words that you were not around for the originators.
Tonight on the jazz score we'll check out the pioneering bebop pianist and composer Bud Powell from 7-9 PM. We'll explore the ways that Powell helped revolutionized jazz in the 40's alongside Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Thelonious Monk as well as covers of some of Powell's compositions by Keith Jarrett, Jaki Byard, Monk, Brad Mehldau, and others. Hope you can tune in - Andrew Oliver
Bill Evans, Bud Powell, Keith faaavv jazz pianist !! love them style so much!...
Nico Sapuppo drew near to music was self-taught, Sapuppo begins to play the guitar and the piano at the age of six. He entered the Conservatorio Vincenzo Bellini in Catania and discovers a passion for winds thanks to the study of the flute, but will the sax at stregarlo. Parallel to the classical studies, in fact, listening to Lester Young, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, and again, Michael Brecker, Bob Berg that will hold the seminars. With the sax explores commercial jazz, blues and funky, but it will be the interpretation of Dexter Gordon in "Round midnight" by Bernard Tavernier – 1986 thriller film inspired by the lives of Lester Young and Bud Powell – to mark the turning point in the direction of jazz. And Dexter Gordon, and the interpretation of Dale Tuner/Lester Young deserved an Oscar nomination as lead actor, Sapuppo has dedicated one of his first compositions: "Yellow moon," written in 14 years and contained in "A long journey". Into adulthood Sapuppo became inspired by film images and in 2006 ...
"Playing for a painting performance, composing and playing live for cinema, photography, ballets and a lot more… You have to really realise that music is not the most important element. If you think the music is as important as the story, you are going to be very frustrated!" Jazz legend Henri Texier has performed with Don Cherry, John Scofield, Bud Powell and Lee Konitz - now he's sharing his insights in our Fifteen Questions interview:
Very hip. Bud Powell - thanks to the tales of Harry Smith's bebop visualisations in American Magus.
I think I have a thing for Bud Powell
Of those that studied under Thelonious Monk – a list that includes Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Bud Powell amongst many others – T.S. Monk may be his most successful pupil. Now before you cry f
Jackie McLean has long had his own sound, played slightly sharp and with great intensity; he is recognizable within two notes. McLean was one of the few bop-oriented players of the early '50s who explored free jazz in the '60s, widening his emotional range and drawing from the new music qualities that fit his musical personality. The son of guitarist John McLean (who played guitar with Tiny Bradshaw), Jackie started on alto when he was 15. As a teenager he was friends with such neighbors as Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins. He made his recording debut with Miles Davis in 1951 and the rest of the decade could be considered his apprenticeship. McLean worked with George Wallington, Charles Mingus, and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1956-1958). He also participated on a string of jam session-flavored records for Prestige and New Jazz which, due to the abysmal pay and his developing style, he later disowned. Actually they are not bad but pale in comparison to McLean's classic series of 21 Blue Not ...
Barry Harris is one of the world’s greatest living jazz pianists. With a sound often compared to Bud Powell and an ability to interpret the compositions of Thelonius Monk, Harris developed his own ...
Listening to some Bud Powell on Spotify. And also, apparently Horace Silver made 100 great albums.
Dear Jazz Enthusiasts, I want to thank all the approximately 50 hearty souls who showed up at our performance this past Friday evening. Putting on your own event as an artist who performs is always a challenging venture. I lamented that I pick the one night that it rains in L.A. to have a gig. For those of you not privy to LA culture, rain out here is like snow is to my fans back east. We easily lost about an additional 30 folks because of it. But at least 50 people showed up! God, I love y'all for that! I actually could eventually relax, stop counting heads and focus on playing. As I promised, with the DFQ, you heard compositions guaranteed that you wouldn't hear anywhere else: Cole Porter's "Dream Dancing", Chick Corea's "Tones For Joan's Bones", Steve Swallow's "Eiderdown", Burt Bacharach's "Wives & Lovers", Bud Powell's "Bouncin' With Bud", and how about those 2 Paul Desmond tunes: "Embarcadero" and "The Girl From East 9th Street"? The 18 years compatibility of playing with Jane, Bill & Thoma ...
Thelonious Monk "It's crazy to sound like Bud Powell, but seems like the piano player should be able to think of something else too. Why get stuck with that Bud Powell sound?"
I have spent most of my life studying and trying to emulate the music of Billy Taylor, Oscar Peterson, Marian McPartland, Bud Powell and many others of their kind. I guess my failure has caused me to suffer pianist envy.
Apart from Bird and Diz, other talented people were beginning to do some serious bopping in 1946: Bud Powell, Fats Navarro, J.J. Johnson, Sonny Stitt, Ted Dameron. Kenny Clarke and Coleman Hawkins cut records of Monk's music. Dodo Marmarosa and Lennie Tristano worked the 88 (no mistake, you may brand him as the godfather of cook, but I do consider Tristano a bopper, "cool" being just a branch on the begop tree).
This is a reminder that on March 8th we get back into action at the Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill 6122 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028 with DFQ~Dale Fielder Quartet. It is looking like this will be our only L.A. appearance until summer. Believe it or not, we are now in our 18th year! And on this night, on board are the original members: Jane Getz-piano, Bill Markus-bass & Thomas White-drums. Plus we will have some special guests sitting in too. We will perform material from my new upcoming Multi-Media project: "Saxophone Standards" which is due out for 2014. After a year of solely playing the baritone sax, I'm back to adding soprano, alto & tenor into the mix. Even though we'll play 'standards' by the great composers like Cole Porter & Harold Arlen, we will not play your usual 'standards', but those of the rarer variety as well as compositions by jazz writers such as Chick Corea, Sam Rivers, Bud Powell, Paul Desmond, Steve Swallow, Burt Bacharach and of course Pepper Adams. $10 bucks at the door + 2 dr . ...
February 27th birthdays Part One: 1907 - Mildred Rinker Bailey. popular and influential American jazz singer during the 1930s, known as "The Queen of Swing", "The Rockin' Chair Lady" and "Mrs. Swing". 1923 - Dexter Gordon, American jazz tenor saxophonist. He was among the earliest tenor players to adapt the bebop musical language of people like Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Bud Powell to the instrument 1927 - Guy Mitchell, US singer (1957 single ‘Singing The Blues’) 1938 - John Philip "Jake" Thackray, English singer-songwriter, poet and journalist. Best known in the late 1960s and early 1970s for his topical comedy songs performed on British television 1945 - Carl Anderson (February 27, 1945 – February 23, 2004) was an American singer, film and theatre actor best known for his portrayal of Judas Iscariot in the Broadway and film versions of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar 1948 - Eddie Gray from Tommy James and the Shondells who had the 1966 US No.1 single 'Hanky Panky' and the 1968 UK N ...
On February 28, Jazz at The Merc welcomes the return of Dave Mackay and Lori Bell. Dave is an American jazz pianist and singer-composer with roots in the works of Art Tatum, Bud Powell, and Bill Evans, who favors the standards of the 1940s and 1950s and the bossa novas of Luíz Eça, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and João Gilberto when performing. In the late 1980s Dave and Lori joined forces and she brought to that collaboration her talents as a composer and interpreter of contemporary jazz, Brazilian, and neo-classical music. She's an extraordinary C-flute and alto flute player...this is truly not to be missed! Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:30 p.m. Jazz at The Merc presents Dave Mackay and Lori Bell
Had a great time tonight seeing The Manhattan Transfer at Yoshi's! The day and show had some killer moments. A particular low point was when the tenor was about to perform a solo tune with the backing band and starts off by saying "I have always been a true lover of the music of the 1950's. I feel that this music is under appreciated so I will now sing a classic 50's number, coincidentally off my solo album of music of the 1950's. . ." and I really get my hopes up. Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Clifford Brown, Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane! I was super excited to see what he was gonna do. And then, he busts out a straight forward doo *** four to six chord, love song/ballad. ***
Absolutely astounding! I'm flabergasted. I can't wait till he hits his teens and discovers Monk and Bud Powell. Of course that's after he's thoroughly digested Art Tatum...
Just read another article about the demise of jazz. This one I only skimmed the first few paragraphs before clearing it from my screen, so that's progress for me. Again, it has something to do with the link to the great american songbook and the fact that listeners don't know these tunes any more and that's the demise of jazz, in a nutshell. Along the way (at least in the first few paragraphs before I got irritated and stopped reading) the author discusses how jazz music is more adversely effected by this phenomenon than rock/pop music since jazz is a derivative art form, relying on standards as its primary source material (sure just think of all those famous records of standards: Kind of Blue, Blue Train, JuJu, speak like a child, Atlantis, Etc, Song For my Father, Fingerpopping, the amazing Bud Powell, Workout, Search for a New Land, Procrastinator, Maiden Voyage, Cornbread, Mosaic, Page One, the Real McCoy, Power to the People, Underground, Crescent, Transition, Criss Cross, Greetings and Salutations, ...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Legendary drummer, Charlie Rice (93 yrs) had surgery today to fix a fractured jaw. (Last Thursdays high winds blew him down his front steps). He's in great spirits...he won't be able to talk with anyone for a couple of weeks, but he would still like to hear from his fans and friends. You can send cards to his home: 1534 Greenwood Avenue, Camden, NJ 08103. Charlie Rice was a mainstay of the Philadelphia scene in the 1940s and 1950s. He had an extended stay with Jimmy Oliver's house band at the Downbeat opposite visiting stars such as Parker, Gillespie, Bud Powell and Hank Jones during 1945 and probably into 1946 or even 1947. Then he led the first house band in Club 421 with Vance Wilson, Red Garland, bassist Bob Bushnell, and trumpeter Johnny Hughes. Around this time he played rehearsals with Jimmy Heath's big band but he was not available to do gigs with them. He was on a USO tour to the South Pacific in (1951) with J.J. Johnson and Howard McGhee, played with Sonny Stitt and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, and Le ...
Jazz lovers are in for a real treat on Friday night at The Registry Theatre in downtown Kitchener. Bernie Senensky, the dean of Canadian jazz pianists, heads a tribute to the famous 1953 concert at Massey Hall that featured Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Bud Powell and Charles Mingus---The Quintet. Senensky will be joined on stage Friday by some of the first-call musicians on the Canadian jazz scene. Tickets are only $25.
Phineas Newborn, Jr. (December 14, 1931 in Whiteville, Tennessee – May 26, 1989 in Memphis, Tennessee) was an American jazz pianist, whose principal influences were Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell. Newborn came from a musical family with his father, Phineas Newborn, Sr., being a blues musician and his younger brother, Calvin, a jazz guitarist. Phineas studied piano as well as trumpet, and tenor and baritone saxophone. Before moving on to work with Lionel Hampton, Charles Mingus, and others, Newborn first played in an R&B band led by his father on drums, Tuff Green on bass and his brother Calvin on guitar. The group also included future Hi Records star Willie Mitchell, and Ben Branch. The group was the house band in West Memphis, Arkansas, from 1947 to 1951 at the now famous Plantation Inn Club. The group recorded as B. B. King's band on his first recordings in 1949 and also the Sun Records sessions in 1950.[1] The group would leave West Memphis in 1951 to tour with Jackie Brenston as the "Delta ...
is fully half my listening; remainder is Bill Evans, Abdullah Ibrahim, Bud Powell, Johnny Hartman & Loretta Lynn
The John Spicknall Jazz Piano Trio will perform in the Recital Hall of Indiana State University’s Landini Center for Fine and Performing Arts at 2 p.m. Sunday Feb. 3. The program is free and open to the public. The group consists of pianist John Spicknall, bassist Joe Deal and drummer John DiCenso. These musicians began working on arrangements of "Great American Song Book" repertory and jazz standards more than ten years ago that continues to grow and develop. The band has often appeared backing up guest musicians at ISU including performances with Bobby Shew, Jim Ketch, and Jim Perry. The program will include “Great American Songbook” compositions as Leonard Bernstein’s “Some Other Time” and jazz repertoire by Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Bud Powell and Wayne Shorter.
Okay, as I begin this opportunity to be heard by people all over the world and after reviewing many examples of my playing and the playing of others... I am coming to the following conclusion... I will no longer worry about who likes... and doesn't; or if the work is played correctly. At this juncture, I am just going to hone my voice and when I listen to it, pianistically and vocally if it gives me peace and pleases others as well; then that is good... So what I don't play like so and so! U know who I play like? (Okay secretly I want to play like Oscar Peterson, or Bud Powell or Hilton Ruiz), but I want to sound like. well... like Ty. and that is clearly happening. I have much more technical growth ahead I'm sure given my non traditional approach to putting the instrument's landscape under my hands leaves much room for improvement... But I have to say, I like the development over the years... and if I can leave here honing a sound that was mine and was appreciated, then I will consider my self . ...
Thinking about coming full circle a lot these days, and an indirect and beautiful consequence of being at the David S. Ware's Memorial on this past Monday was running into the great pianist BerthaHope Hope. Not sure if I've ever shared this but just a couple year after I got into the music, I got an opportunity to perform in Japan for three months. Part of the deal was to bring my own accompanist. Now, the gig paid OK but I had no idea how to even go about finding someone outside of the small circle I then knew. Someone suggested Bertha Hope to me but I had NO idea who she was either ( that her late husband Elmo Hope was the great contemporary of Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell ), that's how green I was. Amazingly, she was available and willing to go then thank goodness TS Monk (another story for another time) sat me down and explained to me who she was, his parting words "if you can get Bertha Hope on your gig, Take Bertha Hope!" Well...not only was she as entrenched in jazz history as anyone e ...
Join me on Jazz Straight Ahead this Wednesday, January 2, for two hours of jazz from the Blue Note label. We'll hear from Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers, Sidney Bechet, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Ike Quebec, Horace Silver, Lee Morgan, Lou Donaldson, Stanley Turrentine, Freddie Hubbard, and Grant Green. That's this Wednesday, January 2, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm on WERU-FM (89.9 Blue Hill, 99.9 Bangor, Two hours of jazz to warm you up on a cold, cold night.
A classic Monk tune, dedicated to pianist Bud Powell. Recorded in Barcelona, October 2010.
June 15th, 2012, marked the 90th Anniversary of pianist Jaki Byard's birthday. "Jaki was Art Tatum, Earl Hines, Bud Powell, Ran Blake, Cecil Taylor and Bill Evans, all in one." (Tom Reney - Jazztimes 2012) He once filled in for the "Duke" (piano), when he became ill. But since his untimely death, in 1999, no one has been able to fill Jaki Byard's shoes. Here is a clip from a feature film in which Jaki reveals his original composition representative of his personal musical style...and not so eclectic by the way. It's just Jaki. Pure and unchartered sound waves.with a touch of Garner, and Ravel??? Perhaps.
Art Tatum or Bud Powell. Who would you rather see live?
Sinatra is almost certainly the most important hinge joining jazz and the Songbook. No figure in American music did more to establish and celebrate the Songbook (from his emergence in 1939, as Friedwald avers, “he immediately established himself as the acknowledged leader of the movement to win recognition for this music as an art form”)—and few figures were as esteemed by, and exercised as profound an influence on, jazz musicians. In the critic Leonard Feather’s famous poll, Sinatra was named all-time favorite singer by, among others, Buck Clayton, Davis, Ellington, Stan Getz, Benny Goodman, Gerry Mulligan, Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, Horace Silver, and Lester Young. Opening Bell Coffee - this Saturday Night December, 1 - Sinatra Night!
from Bud Powell: Hey, Christians. I think liberals should be more worried about what God is doing than Christians should be worried about what Obama is doing.
You're a man after my heart. Oscar Peterson, Bud Powell, McCoy Tyner...huge fan of Benny Green, who comes into town often.
Halftime at Bud Walton Arena. Hogs have a 49-31 lead over FAMU. Marshawn Powell leading all scorers with 13 pts.
no way cheryl sheehy I agreed with ya in manny bud!!! He is a black nick powell two beasts
Wish I could improvise over different chord changes like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, & Bud Powell. Mostly I have to stay in 1 key: bummer
Everyone knows about our historic Jazz at Massey Hall album with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Bud Powell,...
Preview and download Jazz Piano - Verve 50 on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
I'm gonna miss you bud, love you man! Make us proud!
Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Bud Powell live at Massey's a *** shame I've never listened to this album before yesterday. Holy crap it's amazing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I can see why Henry Rollins was prompted to touch and caress the stage when he was there.
"Bouncing With Bud" performed by Bud Powell and band. Taken from the 1951 "The Amazing Bud Powell" Blue Note Jazz album. Composed by Gil Fuller and Bud Powel...
The Bud Powell Trio with Cleopatra's Dream. Our theme now is trios. ♫
Bud Powell was one of the true giants of the jazz piano. He made numerous albums in the first half of the 20th century. Bud Powell In Paris was one of the last recordings he ever made, being released on Reprise Records in 1964. It has been available only as a hard to find import, now here it is a...
Piano Week: where are your Bud Powell records?
Here's some excellent video of the "Bud Powell Trio" doing their version of the Monk classic "Round Midnight."
Maryland hasn't known the word subtle when it came to uniforms - until this week. Under Armour introduced new "Black Ops" uniforms for Saturday's game against Florida State. The uniforms are black — almost entirely black — and have the … Continue reading →
Bud Powell - Mostly Bud, Original Voicings: Bud Powell created the foundation of the modern piano style. His inc...
I want to thank everybody who invites be to their show/gig/concert etc. Please continue inviting me. One day when my finances are better I'll start hanging out again,but right now I can't afford to. I celebrate making it through another month PAYING OUR BILLS! With all due respect I could use a GIG! (hint,hint,hint) But still THANK YOU for the gracious invitations and one day I hope to see you again. Please understand that my non-attendance isn't because I don't love you. It's because I"M BROKE!! The highlight of my day is cracking open a brew ,getting out my sax and jamming in my basement with my imaginary rhythm section. Tonight it's Bud Powell,Curly Russell and Art Blakey (LOL)
If you love jazz, or think you might like to hear/learn more, I would recommend : The Blue Note app. For my money, from my many years of jazz listening (10,000 records, thousands of CD's, 20,000 song ipod) the Blue Note label was hands down the desert island label. So much of the iconic music was performed on it. Oh the joy to go to the record store on a Saturday morning to come home with new Blue Notes... Coltrane, Monk, Bud Powell, Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins etc. al. In any case, for only $1.99 per month, you get a huge catalogue of often perfect music, AND liner notes. For you younger generations, who mostly know CD's, liner notes were almost as wonderful as the music. It was the cerebral look into the emotional music on the back of the album. Oh how I loved reading them while the new music blasted thru my giant B&W speakers. Lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams. The Gods available for your pleasure.
More on John Hicks Mr. Hicks' varied influences include Fats Waller piano rolls, Methodist church music, George Gershwin, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. Among his musical mentors were such immortals as Lucky Thompson, Miles Davis and Clark Terry. Hicks also played road gigs with blues legends Little Milton and Albert King as well as other jazz greats Al Grey, Johnny Griffin and Pharaoh Sanders before he arrived in New York in 1963. John then worked with, among numerous others, Kenny Dorham, Lou Donaldson and Joe Henderson before becoming a full-fledged member of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. After two years with the seminal Messengers band, John joined the Betty Carter Trio, another important incubator for world-class beboppers. His productive stints with the vocalist Carter propelled John's career as a recording artist into national and international notice. Mr. Hicks had the opportunity to perform in such places as Italy, Japan, Australia, Israel, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Sout ...
a little jazz in the evening never hurts. Bud Powell - Una noche con Francis via
Finished learning Bud Powell's solo on Wail from vol. 1 without writing it any of it down! I feel like I did something right!
Have a drink, clink, found the bud lightTtTTtTt.
Find Sonny Rollins bio, songs, credits, awards related and video information on AllMusic.
So, gametime may not be announced until Thurs night. Should I retain a babysitter all day Friday? What about my job? Thanks, Bud
Jazz legends,Bud Powell,Curly Russell, & Max Roach in a colorful description of an original Bud Powell tune. Original recording 1950. Cut taken from the 'Bud...
Five essential recordings by Bud Powell, pioneer of bebop-style improvisation at the piano.
wow. I think Bud Selig should step in if that's the case. Cancel the game
Dance of the Infidels by Bud Powell Modernists, from
Bud Powell proves to be an excellent companion on a rainy writing day here in Mississippi. Thanks, Michael Barson!
presents Sonny Remembers. Here, the Saxman talks about the bebop piano legend, Bud Powell. Sonny played on Bud's 1949 session, th...
Feeling warm and fuzzy after Skye Brooks' stag party. No coke and hookers - just 15 sensitive men tripping on psylosiben and listening to Jimi Hendrix, George Crumb and Bud Powell.
I'm stuck in the groove with Bud Powell on
All cds, with exception of Bud Powell's Un Poco Loco and Lionel Hampton's Mingus Fingers, still available for a pledge of $50 each.
Ctfu.come on pal(Powell) come on bud, you gotta get in there and rip his balls off *hamrick voice*
Cutesyville: my Bud Powell Week bandmates under mood lighting
Today would have been piano icon Bud Powell's 88th birthday. Here's a clip from 1962.
As if it were yesterday Via Five Essential Bud Powell Recordings
eat and workout all week for Bud Light during the game. I'm totally okay with that.
Favorite Female Singer= Justin Beiber Favorite Male Snger= Laddy GaGa Odd world we live in.. Who likes Bud Powell?
I'm listening to Woody 'N' You by Bud Powell from the album The Complete Bud Powell On Verve
Alrighty, a Bud Powell evening to decompresses~
Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell should be properly credited as the founders of the New Music,otherwise known as "bebop". Along with Charles Parker and John Birks Gillespie.
Five great Bud Powell tracks to celebrate the great jazz pianist's birthday. Via NPR Music
Jazz at Nite features some of the best new and classic sounds from 8 until 11PM (CST) plus music from Bud Powell and Red Rodney on their birthdays during the 9:00 hour. Listen online at and enjoy!
Bud powell trio : "there will never be another you" ( Mackgordon - Warren ) Piano : Bud Powell Bass : Pierre Michelot Drums : Kenny Clarke 'around about midn...
Earl Rudolph "Bud" Powell was born on September 27, 1924 in New York City. Powell learned classical piano from an early age, but by the age of eight he was interested in jazz, playing his own transcriptions of pianists Art Tatum and Fats Waller. His younger brother Richie and his schoolfriend Elmo Hope were also accomplished pianists who had significant careers. Thelonious Monk was an important early teacher and mentor and a close friend throughout Powell's life.
Jazz Birthday: Pianist Earl Rudolph "Bud" Powell born this day 1924 -
Happy Birthday to the genius of the piano of which if it would not be a Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Red Garland, Walter Davis, Walter Bishop, Sonny Clark, McCoy Tyner Harold Mabern ect.,,, The Amazing Bud Powell! Sept. 27th 1924!
Below are photos from last night's live broadcast of Dave Douglas during The Checkout: Live at 92Y Tribeca, hosted by Josh Jackson. WBGO is able to bring listeners unique...more
Agnostics feign humility and are certain that they know that Christians don't know what they know. You have to be very humble to know this certainly and maintain it vigorously. They have studied long and hard under very humble professors in order to arrive at the certain knowledge of the wrongness of Christians. They not only know this certainly about Christianity, but they know it certainly about all other religions also. You cannot help but be amazed at such a depth of knowledge about ignorance. Even though all these other religions are certainly wrong, they must be taken seriously when they also say that Christians don't know. And respected. The pool of professed ignorance continues to get larger with every degree from higher education. A mighty swell of humbly professed ignorance and no knowledge threatens to overcome the universe, which doesn't notice it, being what it is, God's creation. "Professing themselves wise, they became fools." The Apostle Paul. But what did he know? We'd rather hear Gashmu ...
We're having a webinar tonight -- it's free -- with the biographers of Bud Powell (Peter Pullman), Thelonious Monk (Robin D.G. Kelley) and Marian McPartland (Paul de Barros). These devoted writers will talk about their distinct approaches, research, market realities and other topics, candidly, from 8 pm edt to 9:30 pm. You're invited, but must pre-register so you'll get the link to join the GoToWebinar session (which is interactive; participants can ask questions). The webinar will be archived (at YouTube) but you'd be very welcome to join us (the Jazz Journalists Association -- and I'm moderating) tonight.
He was a self-taught innovator who used the alto saxophone to change the way musicians would forever speak. He was one of the great improvisers in jazz and together with Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, and Thelonious Monk, he fashioned a new music called "Bebop."
this song cracks me up Salt Peanuts by Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus
Such a beautiful afternoon prodded me into a long bike ride out to Lake Artemesia. iPod shuffled up Dexter Gordon with his man in Paris, Bud Powell; Miles walkin at the Black Hawk; Mongo also at the Black Hawk, "Close Your Eyes" with Chombo Silva on tenor; Ammons and Stitt, "Blues Up And Down";Basie, Ellington, and Lady Day from the 30s and 40s; Bessie Smith gave "Backwater Blues" followed by Frank Sinatra singing "I Get A Kick Out Of You" followed by Art Tatum and Ben Webster doing "Night And Day"; Clifford Brown with Sonny Rollins, "Pent-Up House"; Monk "Comin' On The Hudson"; John Lewis, "Monday In Milan" from the film A Milanese Story. Anybody ever see A Milanese Story?
biography Happy Birthday Sonny Rollins Sonny at age 16 Theodore Walter Rollins was born on September 7, 1930 in New York City. He grew up in Harlem not far from the Savoy Ballroom, the Apollo Theatre, and the doorstep of his idol, Coleman Hawkins. After early discovery of Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong, he started out on alto saxophone, inspired by Louis Jordan. At the age of sixteen, he switched to tenor, trying to emulate Hawkins. He also fell under the spell of the musical revolution that surrounded him, Bebop. He began to follow Charlie Parker, and soon came under the wing of Thelonious Monk, who became his musical mentor and guru. Living in Sugar Hill, his neighborhood musical peers included Jackie McLean, Kenny Drew and Art Taylor, but it was young Sonny who was first out of the pack, working and recording with Babs Gonzales, J.J. Johnson, Bud Powell and Miles Davis before he turned twenty. "Of course, these people are there to be called on because I think I represent them in a way," Rollins said r ...
“Not too late to join my bud Bun B for his food drive. Accepting donations 4 to 7. Lol
Spent most of this week on Bud Powell - Celia Master than then I'm going to transcribe his solo. Love his style
Don't forget to leave out beef jerky and three Bud Ices for Football Claus, guys.
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