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Bud Foster

Bud Foster (born July 28, 1959) is a college football coach and former player. He is the current defensive coordinator for the Virginia Tech Hokies football team.

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Want a bud who knows every rule in the Code? You're in luck...he's waiting for you
they block punts! Don't forget about Bud Foster who has been with Beamer every step of the way.
Remember just like last year Bud Foster has had all summer 2 prepare for OSU, and Foster is the best D coach around
Same here in USA. No one really drinks Bud. I do appreciate how big the Foster's can is
Makes up for missed opportunity with Bud Foster!!
that score is about right to me. Can't count out a bud foster defense. But their offense will keep it from a threat
so you've found Bud Foster in his natural environment? I surely thought he'd be driving something from Harvey's in Radford.
Bud Foster has a new player to scheme for in this year's game vs. Ohio State: Braxton Miller.
Yes OSU has a good offense but these fans forget it's a Bud Foster defense they're going against who has had all summer to game plan.
wait does that mean Mariota will have to die for Bud Foster's sins?
Chuck Clark shares his thoughts on Bud Foster, T-Gray and DBU. Check it out here
Bud Foster does churn em out tho. Gotta give him some props no question
Is Bud Foster going to be the HC next season?
Look for VA. Tech DC Bud Foster to be very aggressive week 1 at home utilizing blitz packages etc...look for Va. Tech to start fast Sept. 7
Bud Dupree got into a fight with tennessee football player, ramon foster. He's Kentucky through and through!
Ohio States oline looked so lost. Barrett really had no time. Bud Foster one of the best though
big if but if RichRod is the next head coach what can we expect with him and Bud Foster as DC recruiting wise?
that Brewer kid stinks. He tried everything possible to lose their bowl game. He's awful and bud foster D seems to have slipped
An 800 lb gorilla or Bud Go with the gorilla, you stand a better chance.
So the rook Bud Dupree scrapped Beachum, Foster, Harrison and then smacked Gilbert? Love it. I think
Happy Birthday hope it's filled with lots of bud light and frank foster😊
I will never forget that Beamer and Bud Foster sat and ate lunch my freshman year with me 1997 when I was alone!
Uh, Bud Foster and The Lunch Pail D might have something to say about that. VT IS
Tomlin finally threw Bud Dupree off field after a second altercation w Ramon Foster.
One goal. No goals. Bud lays in wait for
Either way, Bud Foster got something drawn up
"Is this how Bud Foster gets the Indiana job? Yes. Yes, it is."
Brad Paisley is playing the night before the Ohio State/VT game and the five minute Bud Foster drum solo is going to ASTOUND
Let Bud Foster Figure that out. He will and you know it
The biggest question heading into Labor Day for Virginia Tech -- how do they account for Braxton Miller?
Asked if it’s ideal for Bud Foster or Shane Beamer to succeeed him, Frank Beamer said: “Yeah. I would certainly hope.”
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Photo: Foster Kittens in Alaska [3] (15 more photos) Courtesy and copyright: Bud Marschner Share your kitty
Paragas Law with Ronnie Harrell, Zach Hanson and Bud Crawford lose to APEX Foster Care (Peru St.) All top seeds advance.
Part of me wants to see what Bud Foster & Torrian Gray could do with 5*'s all over the field. wonder if those 5*s would work as hard as 3*s
The two best defensive minds in football are the men who coached in last season's Super Bowl. College? Bud Foster > Muschamp, but close.
Night at The Diamond with Bud Foster & Herma’s Readers Book Drive. Check it out
Coming in at No. 1 >>> Bud Foster. Great coach on the field, even better guy off the field.
The would have a better defense if the top defensive athletes in America didn't play football for Bud Foster.
that sounds like a Bud Foster defense. That arm usage is impressive
Want to talk defense? No conversation is complete without Bud
Pictures of my brother Marty w/ his new best bud! He is in the foster system so I can't post his face but trust...
he'll have an even better year w 5 back there. Teams didn't respect JT like they do miller. Ask Bud Foster.
Good luck bud. Another ✔in the WIN column. Everybody down here at Kage Fit is pulling for you!! Do what you do best!!
Bud Foster's an elite DC. Add in QB making first start and inexperienced OL and it was a perfect storm.
How will DC handle this year's talented group.
Countdown to the ACC Kickoff, No. 11: Bud Foster: The ACC Kickoff in Pinehurst, North Carolina, aka media days...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hello Hokies! We have confirmed that BUD FOSTER will be stopping by the tailgate at the Pavillion at 6:30p! You...
Bud Foster has had some great defenses in Blacksburg.
Phil Steele thinks that Virginia Tech could have the best defense they've had under Bud Foster in 2015.
Bud Foster drew up an excellent game plan that completely confused the inexperienced OSU OL and Barrett in his second start.
Coming in on friday, Bud needs a temporary home! Please apply for foster on our website!
Pretty sure I just saw a drug deal go down at foster freeze
definitely! Don't know how foster always get in England squad ahead of him! Yea you too bud
You are the real Bud Foster Deal, the real Hokie!
writing about important things like how Wake Forest can't even hire Lane Kiffin or assaulting Bud Foster (don't do it, just no)
Jacked to be back with and my new best bud 😳. Can't wait to be a and give it all to tha…
Then again we have Bud Foster, Kendall Fuller, Dadi Nicolas, Luther Maddy, and Ken Ekanem to name a few, I'm not worried
Just snuggling with the foster bud.
Rather, he encouraged me to foster the budding friendship, I was ready to nip it in the bud.
Foster or Forever Home Needed for Hibbs [pictured] & his best bud Brody. Cindy
Gary Patterson and Bud Foster not a surprise to see them on this list.
Bud Foster is eating dinner at red robin and my dad and sister are FLIPPING out and I'm like... ok
Not in CHI till Thursday, bud, sorry. Save …
. . It's the Bud Foster blitz packages that won/will win. He draws up stuff QBs never dreamed of.
"Chalk Talk- Bud Foster and Stacy Searels at NOVA Hokie Club Meeting" by via
well I feel bad for you then sorry bud
Sorry gonna have 2 call an audible and not go 2 this Bud Foster event in NOVA tonight. I hope he doesn't call a corner blitz on me
Is anyone else going to the Bud Foster Chalk Talk tonight?
Not in CHI till Thursday, bud, sorry. Save me a Foster's?
thanks she went through chemo last winter ao we want to keep her super comfortable. Dr. Foster and smith have them on sale
First Monday Night game of 2015 is at Bud Foster rode a turkey through Columbus after their last battle.
Our little foster kitty Bud is a real scamp. He gave his mum quite a scare yesterday. This is what I came home...
That's what I like to hear! Stay grinding bud, big fan of yours!
I swear I'm not following you around but seeing you at softball, bud light and soon ryman indicates otherwise. Oops!
no excuses to losing to your Hokies but we won't let that happen again! With all due respect to bud foster!
Major construction to begin along Ina Road interchange. Bud Foster will have details at six.
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i plan on coming up this summer and want to sit with bud foster. Do you have an in for me?
If she posts 7 new selfies a day, Regardless of how hot she is, Let it go bud. You’ll never give the amount of attention…
Bud Foster has been the DC at since 1995 and a coach since 1987. That's astonishing continuity in today's game.
great job, bud. Now, I say we foster a vapor ware conference to really get BS on the table and grow some order :)
You didn't mention Scott Foster, Tim Donaghys best bud, was one of the " officials". The wanted to extend series.
Bud Foster: Bud Foster should lead VT to another top-20 D
You should be more concerned about Kendall Fuller and co. locking down your wr's again lol. And Bud Foster owning ur O.
it's this amount of arrogance that lost it last time. Bud foster defense won't allow that. Especially at home
yeah came out of nowhere bud foster jumping in bit to early tbh but still Blackwell was gonna win there
It seems like VPI fans have forgotten that we are not the same team that we were two years ago. Bud Foster does not scare me any more.
What do you mean? VT is one of the only teams who can consistently shut GT down year after year. Bud Foster
best defensive coach! Bud Foster, he must like what he sees!
Swamp road, bud light, and frank foster
Happy Birthday to this doop😊past few years have been crazy but its always a good time when you're around!love ya bud❤
FACT: 80's Bud Foster is why America won the Cold War.
I want to drink but not have a good time. One Bud Light, please.
December's Bud Foster was loaded with talent.
TBT: Photo of Virginia Tech DC Bud Foster smiling with mustache from 1985.
No movement on welfare bill - Foster: The finance minister says she cannot move the bud...
Bud Foster just said hey to me, so yeah there's that💁🏻
And my ducking drink is better than *** *** bud light
Congratulations to Coach Bud & on great season. Brought excitement to the program that Atlanta hasn't had in …
We love Beagles. We had a Beagle perma-foster sisfur, Rosie, who we loved dearly.
Coach Bud need to put Elton Brand in and let Dellavedova feel a REAL elbow.maybe that will teach him.
Bud Foster pulls in the Rockhouse Marina and the band plays
lol. It's my foster brothers bud. But I don't smoke
That and Bud Foster will get you ready for the NFL come to VT
An excellent short film by Brent Foster about Leo Bud Welch, an 83-year-old Bluesman from the Delta who is still...
This handsome boy Bud is looking for his forever family! He has been waiting. He has had a GREAT foster family...
hey bud I just trying one then I was back to the best buschlight
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The real question is when will I not see Bud Foster eating at west end?
Bud Foster D in one graphic. You won't complete many, but when you do.
Bud Foster and the lunch pail Defense
- 'foster' and 'fester' allowed by MLB & Bud Selig, sad.
If you think Coach Bud Foster is running the same defense from last season when they last played Ohio State, then you don't know Foster.
Phil making moves. December's Bud Foster was loaded with info.
Bud Foster is coming to Sully's on Monday May 4th! Tickets just $10, preorder at or... http…
Must not be top encouraging to Bud Foster!
How do you think Virginia Tech football will do this season and is Bud Foster one of the best def. coord in the country?
Can't believe I talked with BUD FOSTER!!! yesterday
This is my little bud Sugar (Aka Sug) helping make the bed... Living proof that being a foster is serious fun.
New- Interesting piece on Foster's defense against OSU: A really interesting piece on Bud Foster, VT ...
Ayyy, . 'Handwritten' is crazy good !! Loving the music 👍🏼 keep it up bud
I guarantee that Bud Foster blew his lid on the Trey Edmunds TD run. Three defenders against two blockers and a TB, and all 3 O guys won.
Bud Foster, players sharing faith at VT FCA breakfast
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With way Teixeira is belting HRs, how many agents are advising their clients to try gluten-free diets? Hey, bud, what do …
Landon and his best bud, Foster, each had their first play date this afternoon with eachother.…
pretty good player. Tough job to play Mike for Bud Foster
It's out. Va Tech's Bud Foster's blueprint on defending one-back option offenses. The Bear package.
Long tenured, brilliant DC's like Bud Foster are as rare as Honus Wagner baseball cards ...
Can't blame Bud Foster. Outside of 08 and 09 he's shut down GT
him a pocket to throw out of. I just think Bud foster would be Cardales worst nightmare
The fact that Bud Foster uses the trunk club is quite awesome.
Bud Foster was asked where he got his shirt from. The answer is the trunk club.
Bud Foster just answered my question :D
Bud Foster: "Chuck Clark has probably had one of the best springs of any of our players on either side of the ball."
Watching Va Tech practice. Bud Foster has Mike call out level of back in gun every down. Pure tell 4 tight vs. wide zone s…
I care more about Roth leaving than I would if Frank Beamer and Bud Foster left.
I wouldn't want Rich Rod in Blacksburg, but what if VT could keep Bud Foster AND hire Rich Rod... Oh my VT could be back!
HBD s/o to !!! Super excited to get to call you my brother some day soon!! Have a great day bud! 😘
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
hey bud, yeah all good our end. Yes, definitely should get a reunion organised. I'll ask around and see who's up for it
coach Jones and I have come up with: L.Fickell Ohio St., Bud Foster, Va.Tech & Gary Patterson, TCU (he calls def.)
Bud Foster says Texas A&M job as close as he's come to leaving Virginia Tech
Bud Foster is at the office, y'all.
I can attend future land bud I use to play with you beginning of ghosts but quit lmk if you want to run some if not GL bud
Oh Bud, you know the Clintons are above the law. Ask Vince Foster.
come back and help Bud Foster at Va Tech!
It's beginning to look a little like Buzz Williams got Bud Foster to swing by and spend a day or 2 with defense
My times over bud, And obviously so is yours after that Clayton foster match rece…
Sounds good. Just had a coffee in bed and heading out for a roast later. Nice and chilled bud, just how I like it.
can't believe Bud Foster didn't make the list
“I love this team, I'm glad I'm transferred how was foster care bud?
Assuming health across the board, no one will slow down D-line in 2015 ...DC Bud Foster flush in explosiveness (again)
DCs Bud Foster and Bob Shoop looking pretty good right now.
He might want to ask JT about Bud Foster's Hokies!!
"This is home." MT Mike Burnop's emotional interview with Bud Foster following today's win http…
Bud Foster is getting 900,000 a year at Va Tech? Take notice Greg Mcgarity! Bobo will be gone and pruitt will be right behind him.
Wow. Bud Foster getting paid like that?!?!.
Bud Foster is rich, and 3 other fun facts about how much assistant coaches make:
Well my "why isn't Bud Foster a head coach" question has been answered (he's the highest paid assistant in the country).
The only assistants in CFB making more money than Cam Cameron are Kirby Smart and Bud Foster.
Bud Foster's yearly salary is actually $569,500. Due for a raise.
Wow!! Bud Foster is the highest paid CFB Assistant! = USA TODAY Sports via
Bud Foster made 1.3565 million this year to shut down Ohio State's offense, most in the nation. LSU paid its assistants 1.3M apiece. Whoops.
If not for $800k annuity, DC Bud Foster's 2014 salary ($569,500) would put him at No. 44 on USA Today list. Expect that to change.
Due to $800k annuity. MT Bud Foster is highest paid CFB asst this season. Here's full list:
Bud Foster needs to be a head coach. Long overdue
Bud Foster tops the list of the highest paid assistants in CFB. $800K of that is his annuity if he is DC on Dec 31.
Virginia Tech's Bud Foster is the highest paid assistant coach this season. Here's the full list:
Bud Foster's pay listed as $1,369,500 this year. Of course, $800K is annuity agreed to 5 years ago that is paid is he's still DC on Dec 31   10% Off
any word on the bud foster rumor?? Heard Sumlin already has his guy but isn't saying anything as well, any truth behind that?
Today's infographics from a look at Bud Foster's defense -- great stuff:
but he couldn't beat Bud Foster's VT defense!!!
Bud Foster might as well bolt for TAMU, bring in Muschamp and have FB retire after 2015 before Bowden effect is reality
Bud Foster is going to be the new DC at A&M too
DBU, Bud Foster, don't know he picked FSU, but can't argue with back to back undefeated seasons and weather.
Is the Bud Foster potential move to a play to get the head coaching gig 20 successful years at VT..interesting.
So the big aggy DC rumor now is Bud Foster? When has VT been relevant in the past decade? No Muschamp. No Venables. Next Torbush.
Tough break for the hokies missing on Sweat, but as I said earlier, with Bud Foster I'm not concerned about the defense
Don't quite understand how you can turn down playing in-state for a defensive mastermind like Bud Foster. BLOWS my mind.
That sound you hear is bud foster cussing his mind out
I wonder if Bud Foster is destroying things right now
bud foster coming to Aggieland for real this time?
Heard that Bud Foster may be the next DC at if that happens has dropped the ball.Beamer needs to hang it up be4 more damage done
You called it. "Foster is supposed to get a raise & extension and he is staying at VT."
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Do you think Bud Foster would stay? Can you imagine that offense with his defense?
Comes down to playing for Bud Foster vs. a regular national championship-producing school.
but really... Bud foster... Doesn't get much better
Foster is my preference. Love his D at VaTech. MT Could Bud Foster be next DC at via
Bud Foster: new defensive coordinator for texas A&m
Bud Foster and Josh Sweat both pick the Hokies! Going to be a big day in Blacksburg.
"Bud Foster Prepared to sign an extension with a significant raise - Per TSL" via
It keeps coming up on the boards so: Bud Foster receives an $800k annuity if he stays thru the end of the 2014 season htt…
Bud Foster is flat out relentless as VT's DC setting a VT TFL mark (105) in the Frank Beamer era
FSU should've studied how Bud Foster used Kyle Fuller in that linebacker role to shutdown GT's option attack! They have good personnel!
or Paul Rhodes or Bud Foster or John Chavis. Plenty of good options out there.
Bud Foster to Scot Loeffler: "You're welcome. Now buy my Bojangles for the trip home."
TSL Video: VT coordinators, Duke week: Bud Foster and Scot Loeffler met with the media on Wednesd...
Video: Bud Foster and Scot Loeffler talk after Wednesday's practice
DC Bud Foster said Chase Williams (knee) will probably only be used in emergency. Andrew Motuapuaka the likely starter again at ILB.
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LB Andrew Motuapuaka indicated part of DC Bud Foster's eval of Motuapuaka's game vs. Miami centered around good and bad leverage.
Brian Van Gorder and Bud Foster are good, arguably great DCs and *** the soul right out of their chest
Bud Foster as sought many HC jobs but just not landed one. His agent has been frank about this with the press.
Interesting stuff from on Bud Foster meeting w/ Dave Wommack to devise ways to stop Ohio St
Urban Meyer out coached by Frank Beamer. Why? Bud Foster made Tom Herman his B*tch
Bud Foster must feel like Prince Charles right about now.
they are going to be legit and cause nightmares week 2! Bud foster has to be dialing up some good defenses!
“Mega to see you on top again!!! Well done fella, excellent drive ...and Nick Foster...Well done boys!” Thanks bud
BDRA's newest foster, Bud, is with his foster family!!! Bud was rescued from a shelter in NJ. Bud will need...
Love my bud Andi foster, growing the kingdom by cultivating a culture of worship at
Senior player Dom Foster representing for his ALS ice bucket challenge. Well done bud
is Bud Foster just waiting for Beamer to retire? He could've been an HC somewhere else by now.
Narduzzi. Tim DeRuyter. I'd say Chad Morris but we've been saying that for ages it feels like. Bud Foster if Beamer has
I miss you bud it blows not having you here 😢❤️
thanks bud, and I'm not sure where 321 is but it was down in Virginia by hopyard
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maybe that Stat will get better when the offense isn't going up against a Bud Foster defense!
It's as though everyone forgets if Gary Moeller doesn't turn on his Drunken Old Man Strength that Lloyd would just be another Bud Foster
Bud Foster just got an erection and has no idea why
JT Barrett has not taken a meaningful snap since his jr. year of high school. I'm sure Bud Foster is aware of this fact.
Foster was challenged by Ian mosely and nominates Tim Canavan and and his bud…
Two guys I think the world of.Charley Wiles and Bud Foster with the ultimate."the ice bucket plunge"...
J Caroll Naish & Edward G Robinson in "Two Seconds" (1932) Wikipedia has it as Preston Foster (played 'bud') Told em.
can somebody fix this? is j carrol naish, not preston foster, in the photo. Preston Foster was 'bud'.
Foster your bud by way of sole gal gifts provinces: yHVBa
if you missed today’s conversations with Kam Chancellor, Bud Foster, and Shane Beamer:
Your mum is Ricky Foster within that 3-5-2 disaster!
Happy birthday bud can't wait for you to get back and we can chill 😍😍
Bud Foster is on-air right now talking defense, Braxton Miller, etc. or CBS 101.7 FM in
never got that one, but it would send me into a Bud Foster like rage.
. Va Tech needs you Bud Foster is the best D-Coordinator in the country. Make it happen please !
All purpose parts banner
i know he has a restaraunt in blacksburg but VT needs to build a statue for Bud Foster 🙏
i cant wait to see what Bud Foster dials up against the redshirt freshman OSU is gonna have at qb
Finally got the chance to check out fantastic piece on Tremendous read.
I would emulate bud foster..very little star power @ times but consistently very good defense year in and year out
I hope has some time to read the comments on Lot of appreciation and wit from
some of the best work I've seen about Coach Foster.You deserve your shot to be head man someday Bud
Tmrw’s show is going to be huge. Kam Chancellor (Bud Foster (and Shane Beamer (
In all honesty I have no doubt that Bud Foster can stop the Ohio State offense. My thing is can VT put up enough points with what they got.
.provides a great reminder of why OSU should’ve been worried about the before Miller went out:
Probably the best thing has produced to date. Best Tech football website. Period. .
An outstanding piece on Coach Foster that captures the man, not just the coach. Well done,
I'm not worried. Bud foster will have them ready.
got up close and personal with VT's most enigmatic coach and then dropped the mike. GREAT read.
Va Tech-OSU in Week 2 just got a whole lot more interesting. Bud Foster led defense going up against a redshirt freshman
Bud Foster gone eat that Freshman QB alive
ah come on now. Can't wait for JT to light up that bud foster defense week 2
The thought of a freshman QB in his 2nd start ever against a Bud Foster defense has to make Hokies feel excited going into that game now.
Bud Foster will torture him with that defense and Minnesota is getting pretty good and I think they get them
DC Bud Foster talks to about his future and why he's been at Tech so long:
Frank Beamer is my guy the only guy I wanna see replace him is Bud Foster
So..the Bears have drafted 2 defensive players in 1st & 2nd rounds. One coached by Bud Foster and the other by John Chavis. I approve 100%.
If I was Georgia all 3 of these guys wld be at the top of my list. Kirby Smart, Bud Foster & Pat Narduzzi.
Bud Foster to Vanderbilt? I don't think so after that Sun Bowl, but weirder things have happened.
Love that Jason worilds introduces him self with "lunch pail defense" in reference to Virginia Techs defense led by Bud Foster! My two favorite teams.
DC Bud Foster called Brown today and said he plans to visit CForge next week.
Much love to Cade for giving us Bama fans your all week in and week out. Keep your head up bud
bud! We're all behind you!! Keep your head up, the devil hates to see you do good.
At the house with great friends Anthony Arrington James Milton Kevin Dillon Chase Barbour Steven Overfelt Benjamin Kyle David bud Bud Foster Jennifer Dillon lucky to have them.
nick 😒 really? Lol. Fan support bud. Thirsty? I bet he does know some fans that are thirsty.
keep your head up bud! You got a BIG FUTURE ahead of you.
we all love ya bud... Us fans will always support ya to the end
Any chance bud foster interviews for wake job???
Your back bud :) dont listen to the haters they wish they could be you.
keep ya head up bud! Thanks for all you've done for the university!
hey bud you are. So funny and you are so cute
That's a big IF - hasn't been that way for a long time - thank God for Bud Foster and the Hokie D.
David Cutcliffe won the Broyles Award in 1998 at Tennessee. Mickey Andrews, Friedgen, Bud Foster and Gus Malzahn are past winners.
Wonder if will go after Bud Foster? As an alum of both schools, I gotta say, Bud would NOT fit in well with the culture at Wake.
Bud Foster down at Virginia Tech can relate.
I'll bet Bud Foster is drunkenly texting ACC media members as we speak.
They said Bud Foster was the Special Teams Coach then??? (36 blocks in 7 season) those were the days! Antonio Banks +
If the Doc Holliday to Wake Forest rumors are true, I'm going to go ahead and call Bud Foster to Marshall. All hypotheticals at this point.
we need bud foster as the head coach!! We love Beamer but his time is up
How about Bud Foster? You think he's a real possibility or pipe dream?
Have to think Wake goes after guys like Bud Foster (DC at Virginia Tech) and Pete Lembo (HC at Ball State).
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Bud Foster to Wake Forest makes so much sense it's scary.
what about Ray Horton as HC and Bud Foster as DC??
CFB: interested in DC Bud Foster for Head Coach position.
the odd chance Bud Foster would leave and take a HC job would VT just promote Torian Gray to DC? Probably same scheme as Bud?
Mentally preparing myself for tonight to get completely out of hand with my two faves
I'm just ready for to get another shot before it's over with. Roll tide bud, roll *** tide.
Such tragedy hearing about Hunter. RIP bud. Prayers going out to his family.
Word on the FB Scoop street is UConn after Pat Narduzzi and Dave Clawson. Id hear a Bud Foster rumor.
you still have my vote bud. Nobody's perfect 24/7, 365. You're a great player! Keep your head up.
thank you! He only beat Bud Foster's D and UGA on the road..not like he played sisters of mercy
long time bama fan and a huge 43 fan. Love ya bud and keep that head up!
Keep your head up bud. You made it this far for a reason. People are crazy. Don't listen. Remember Life is good. Merry Xmas!
Hey man don't let anyone get you down. They weren't out there kicking. Keep your head up bud.
Congrats to Charley Wiles and Bud Foster on a huge win yesterday!!! Rob screamed at the TV most of the game :-) Hope to see you all soon!!
Lennon is already a happier dog in his new foster home! He loves playing with foster bud Ringo!
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keep your head up. True fans are all still behind you man. It was a team loss. Stay strong bud. It'll be ok.
don't worry bud. Win as a team lose as a team. God bless and roll tide!
If Bud Foster is football - why take the chance that he will leave - Beamer out and Foster in - that simple - killer instinct
it's ok bud. You'll be fine. Just play like yesterday didn't exist. See you next year when y'all play us in Baton Rouge. BE READY
bud, sorry that people suck sometimes. Thank you for all you have done for this team in your tenure. Best wishes and Roll Tide.
Y'all played a *** of a game out there today. Don't let these ignorant morons get the best of you Bud. Roll Tide!
hey man keep your chin held high bud, 2night just wasn't our night but you had a *** good career at Bama
People make me sick, id love to see all of them some and kick those field goals all year... good job bud
One of the strongest, most caring and honest dudes I know. You don't deserve this crap bud
Don't let these fools get you down. It was a rough game, yeah, but that's all it is. A game. Praying for you, bud.
People who are threatening make me sick. Have some class. My brotha I'm behind you 100%. Thanks for your work. God bless bud
How about you go out there and try doing what he does bud.
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