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Bud Foster

Bud Foster (born July 28, 1959) is a college football coach and former player. He is the current defensive coordinator for the Virginia Tech Hokies football team.

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If I was Georgia all 3 of these guys wld be at the top of my list. Kirby Smart, Bud Foster & Pat Narduzzi.
Bud Foster to Vanderbilt? I don't think so after that Sun Bowl, but weirder things have happened.
Love that Jason worilds introduces him self with "lunch pail defense" in reference to Virginia Techs defense led by Bud Foster! My two favorite teams.
DC Bud Foster called Brown today and said he plans to visit CForge next week.
Much love to Cade for giving us Bama fans your all week in and week out. Keep your head up bud
bud! We're all behind you!! Keep your head up, the devil hates to see you do good.
At the house with great friends Anthony Arrington James Milton Kevin Dillon Chase Barbour Steven Overfelt Benjamin Kyle David bud Bud Foster Jennifer Dillon lucky to have them.
nick 😒 really? Lol. Fan support bud. Thirsty? I bet he does know some fans that are thirsty.
keep your head up bud! You got a BIG FUTURE ahead of you.
we all love ya bud... Us fans will always support ya to the end
Any chance bud foster interviews for wake job???
Your back bud :) dont listen to the haters they wish they could be you.
keep ya head up bud! Thanks for all you've done for the university!
hey bud you are. So funny and you are so cute
That's a big IF - hasn't been that way for a long time - thank God for Bud Foster and the Hokie D.
David Cutcliffe won the Broyles Award in 1998 at Tennessee. Mickey Andrews, Friedgen, Bud Foster and Gus Malzahn are past winners.
Wonder if will go after Bud Foster? As an alum of both schools, I gotta say, Bud would NOT fit in well with the culture at Wake.
Bud Foster down at Virginia Tech can relate.
I'll bet Bud Foster is drunkenly texting ACC media members as we speak.
They said Bud Foster was the Special Teams Coach then??? (36 blocks in 7 season) those were the days! Antonio Banks +
If the Doc Holliday to Wake Forest rumors are true, I'm going to go ahead and call Bud Foster to Marshall. All hypotheticals at this point.
we need bud foster as the head coach!! We love Beamer but his time is up
How about Bud Foster? You think he's a real possibility or pipe dream?
Have to think Wake goes after guys like Bud Foster (DC at Virginia Tech) and Pete Lembo (HC at Ball State).
Bud Foster to Wake Forest makes so much sense it's scary.
what about Ray Horton as HC and Bud Foster as DC??
CFB: interested in DC Bud Foster for Head Coach position.
the odd chance Bud Foster would leave and take a HC job would VT just promote Torian Gray to DC? Probably same scheme as Bud?
Mentally preparing myself for tonight to get completely out of hand with my two faves
I'm just ready for to get another shot before it's over with. Roll tide bud, roll *** tide.
Such tragedy hearing about Hunter. RIP bud. Prayers going out to his family.
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Word on the FB Scoop street is UConn after Pat Narduzzi and Dave Clawson. Id hear a Bud Foster rumor.
you still have my vote bud. Nobody's perfect 24/7, 365. You're a great player! Keep your head up.
thank you! He only beat Bud Foster's D and UGA on the road..not like he played sisters of mercy
long time bama fan and a huge 43 fan. Love ya bud and keep that head up!
Keep your head up bud. You made it this far for a reason. People are crazy. Don't listen. Remember Life is good. Merry Xmas!
Hey man don't let anyone get you down. They weren't out there kicking. Keep your head up bud.
Congrats to Charley Wiles and Bud Foster on a huge win yesterday!!! Rob screamed at the TV most of the game :-) Hope to see you all soon!!
Lennon is already a happier dog in his new foster home! He loves playing with foster bud Ringo!
keep your head up. True fans are all still behind you man. It was a team loss. Stay strong bud. It'll be ok.
don't worry bud. Win as a team lose as a team. God bless and roll tide!
If Bud Foster is football - why take the chance that he will leave - Beamer out and Foster in - that simple - killer instinct
it's ok bud. You'll be fine. Just play like yesterday didn't exist. See you next year when y'all play us in Baton Rouge. BE READY
bud, sorry that people suck sometimes. Thank you for all you have done for this team in your tenure. Best wishes and Roll Tide.
Y'all played a *** of a game out there today. Don't let these ignorant morons get the best of you Bud. Roll Tide!
hey man keep your chin held high bud, 2night just wasn't our night but you had a *** good career at Bama
Little Giant Ladders
People make me sick, id love to see all of them some and kick those field goals all year... good job bud
One of the strongest, most caring and honest dudes I know. You don't deserve this crap bud
Don't let these fools get you down. It was a rough game, yeah, but that's all it is. A game. Praying for you, bud.
People who are threatening make me sick. Have some class. My brotha I'm behind you 100%. Thanks for your work. God bless bud
How about you go out there and try doing what he does bud.
Tough to hear it now, but keep your head up bud. One game doesn't define you. Everyone knows you're a *** of a kicker
Kevin Sumlin needs to throw some of that cash of his at a new DC. If Bud Foster is available he should hop all over that.
Sry bud. Keep your head up. You are great and you'll be even better.
it's alright, bud, you are are only human. Keep on rolling on, everything will be fine. It is what is.
I'm not a bama fan but keep your head up bud! It's not your fault!! Y'all are a team it's not just you😘
Hang in there bud. Proud of you and the team. Y'all did awesome. You win some, you lose some.
I like that shout out for bud foster in the SC vs Clem. Game announcers "said he's the best defensive coord. In college foot…
"When we come here, we have more fans than they do"...Bud Foster, Defensive Coach, Virginia Tech Athletics
The Bud Foster postgame radio interview "you know" count: Forty... 4-0.
Congrats to Duke...they deserve it after the wat they played..The rumors are Bud Foster is in the lead for the UCon Job...Lets give them Beamer and keep Bud...
Thank goodness for that lunch pail defense! Because that offensive looks like a garbage pail offense. I guess a win is a win... good day! Bud Foster is still the man though.
Stat wise, Virginia Tech has the 2nd best defense in football behind Michigan State. When your defense forces 5 turnovers and under 200 total yards of offense, you should easily win the game. Well, throw Logan Thomas in the mix. 4 interceptions?? He has the be, BY FAR, the worst quarterback in football and he is a senior! He had at least 4 more passes that should have been intercepted. I feel sorry for Bud Foster and the defense because they are playing their hearts out this year.
Not sure Tek has a sense of humor. They continue to allow d**khead Bud Foster to coach their D. So there's that.
Longhorns regent talked to Saban's agent Speak to Bud Foster at Va. Tech :)
Clemson looks a little flat, but I do hope Bud Foster is taking notes!
ACC All Access-Bud Foster talks about why Marshall is best up-tempo offense will have faced:
Bud Foster is a great quoting machine too. Especially after defending Exum last year.
Bud Foster is grilling the Marshal Defensive Coordinator right now 😂😭😂
DC Bud Foster said J.C. Price was benching 160 pounds as a freshman at Tech. Price said 220. “I hadn’t touched a weight in my life.”
So glad we don't see Bud Foster this week.
Hokies Bud Foster on Marshall: 'I hope they respect our program'
From last night: Five takeaways from both Scott Loeffler and Bud Foster heading into the Marshall game
On blog: defensive coordinator Bud Foster says of Marshall, Rakeem Cato, "I hope they respect our program."
On blog: Marshall's Rakeem Cato gave Bud Foster some bulletinboard material."I hope they respect our program"
DC Bud Foster said he and coaching staff will break down film from Marshall game Saturday night to clear decks for GT game week.
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DC Bud Foster said he thinks Marshall has good confidence, then added somewhat ominously: "I hope they respect our program."
CB Antone Exum got some work w 2nd team in practice today. Bud Foster: "He just needs to get timing back & see how knee responds."
after watching the Tide roll up the yards against an SEC defense A&M), how much respect do the Hokies and Bud Foster now demand
No, no, Virginia Tech played East Carolina LAST week. Try again. Bud Foster did steal their pirate hat, tho.
Bud Foster for just being AWESOME!!! _ is not getting the national recognition it deserves.”
Let's see what's up this week in college football. I went 4 for 5 last week thanks to my little purple friends in Pirate Nation. I sat and watched my underdog pick almost work, but after the first drive of the game the Pirate offense went into hibernation. Didn't take Bud Foster long to figure out the ECU offense. And this week starts of early with an ACC showdown Thursday night. Yep, Clemson comes into Carter-Finley Thursday night to host my Wolfpack. State and Clemson are both 2-0 and the Pack usually plays good in big games at home. Unfortunately though Pete Thomas is still at QB and has struggled, the O line looks weak, and the secondary is inexperienced. You get the picture. No ESPN magic this week. I'll be optimistic. Tigers by only 10. The Heels roll into Atlanta to face GTECH. I don't think the Heels have played to their potential yet, which is unfortunately pretty good. GT is coming off a road ACC win at Duke and the Baby Blue will do the same this week. UNC-CH by 7. Duke hosts ACC n ...
Bud Foster is the most tolerant man in America.
TEXAS? I was thinking Bud Foster from Va. Tech, as he knows DEFENSE, which is what Texas needs :)
..." ,said Bud Foster one year ago this Saturday.
On defense Fisher will be a better college player because of Bud foster but in the NFL I ... — will be fun to watch
Bud Foster's touchdown would be so epic, Mama Giraffe passes a kidney stone and shuts down the Internet.
I predict Virginia Tech scores 4 touchdowns this Saturday. For good measure, Bud Foster score a TD off one our DBs.
I hope you are going to discuss and how bad Bud Foster owned his sorry little offense.
COLLEGE FOOTBALL SPECULATION: U. of Texas will go after Va. Tech's Bud Foster (Def. Coordinator) if Mack Brown is fired. Your thoughts?
Defense cuz everyone wants to play for Bud Foster
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Defense because Bud Foster only coaches the best!
would be a Bud Foster shutdown cornerback!
40% off papa john's pizza the day after a Hokie win!! I can thank Bud Foster for this meal I'm about to receive lol
Hokie bird is a S - he is so fast, he is everywhere on defense and Bud Foster loves him
I can sum it up in two words, Bud Foster. That is all.
300+ yards in the first half.. We need Bud Foster
ECU is 5th straight opponent dating back to last season that has gained 217 yards or fewer against Hokies Bud Foster’s defense.
Lol at Bud Foster's quote after ECU's td - that's exactly what my dad said too 😂😂😂
After yesterday's game, all I can say to Bud Foster is a quote from Billy Joel's song Piano Man ... "Man, what are you doing here!"
Hopefully wouldn't think Bud Foster would make the same calls against a run first pro set offense than it would a pass focused spread.
How good has the Lunch Pail D been? Bud Foster's D the last five games: 217, 196, 206, 162 and now 204 yards of total offe…
Interesting quote by bud foster in the Virginian pilot
I hope we all can make it to church today and give our thanks to Bud Foster.
What'd Bud Foster say to the defense after 1st drive? "I don't even think I can say it," James Gayle said. "I might lose character points."
DE James Gayle said Bud Foster had some choice words after 1st TD. Bud (w a smirk): "I ripped their tails, but they responded."
VT normally has an outstanding D.Bud Foster is terrific. I think Nick Saban will get it figured it out.
VT fans are like... "What if Bud Foster was the head coach?"
the mention of Bud Foster brings back memories of the best hoops coach ever at the UW, until of course the arrival of Bo.
Read more about Bud Foster and his plans to stop the run and Amari Cooper
Bud Foster gameplanning for Tide, freshmen being key ($):
College Football.."Bud Foster defense" will lose when it counts as will Jimbo/Dabo teams..Saben/Meyer win all impt games..1loses n BCS Champ
I'm afraid you're right. The ol' Bud Foster defensive dominance has been gone for awhile.
Scariest Person to meet in a dark alley: Heisenberg from Snoop from or Bud Foster from the
Yes, Da'shawn commit to the and become one of the legendary DE. The Bud Foster defense is made for your talent.
In '09 Bama killed us with Ingram, Richardson AND Upchurch. This year, they have Yeldon and...Kenyan Drake? Bud Foster >>> Yeldon
"I thought the effort was good and the fits were good, now its time to play the season" I love Bud Foster. Our Defense will be merciless
Sounds like won't shadow Amari Cooper. Bud Foster said Fuller and Facyson, both freshmen, don't have "deer in the headlights" look.
DC Bud Foster noted today that in Bama's non conf wins over Mich, Notre Dame last yr, Tide went run heavy. Wants to stop ground game
Is d coordinator Bud Foster OK putting a true frosh CB (Fuller, Facyson) on Bama WR Amari Cooper? "It is what it is," he said.
Play for Championships with Bud Foster and Super Bowl Champion Cornell Brown at VT!
all those bama fans must not have heard of Beamerball or seen a Bud Foster defense if they think offense is only way we score
Bud Foster said the game'll be a measure of what we need to work on for the rest of the season's games. That's pretty realistic.
"[Foster] said in the book that the closest he ever came to leaving Tech was after 1998 for Florida and Steve Spurrier."
In Beamer's book, Bud Foster says that once Frank retires, he will move on and leave VT... What the front door?!?!
He also mentions that Bud Foster broke a grease board at Georgia Tech and when Tech lost to Syracuse in '98, he apparently ran to the...
Many have wondered if Bud Foster will take over when Frank Steps down..AND I would not be surprised to see Beamer on a decline
Thank you so much to Bud Foster and Kold 13 for coming out to our job fair today! Look for us on...
DC Bud Foster indicated a couple of his second team guys had busted assignments in scrimmage.
wow. it may have been a good move at the time but bud foster d added to SEC. A&M would have a lights out d.
"Hokies DC Bud Foster tells Snook that he turned down an opportunity to join Sumlin’s Texas A&M staff prior to last season"
Just missed my opportunity to give Bud Foster a hug. Jeezus
last year reminds everybody to never doubt Bud Foster again.
So. I'm thinking Teller should stay on defense especially since he want be playing tgis year. Bud Foster needs the beast!
LB Tariq Edwards has a bruised shoulder, might not participate in tomorrow's scrimmage. Bud Foster doesn't think it's serious.
Foster's Defensive Adjustments: Defensive coordinator Bud Foster is already making a few changes to his defens...
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Just watched the videos of media day for the My lord, I just find Bud Foster awesome!
both Kyle Fuller and Bud Foster didn't seem to think that the new targeting rules this year would be an issue
DC Bud Foster, DL coach Charley Wiles said James Gayle has habit of ducking head before trying to finish sack. Working on that.
Every question but two for Bud Foster was about Kendall Fuller. Note, I predicted numerous times that Fayscon and Fuller would pass Manning
In nickel, Fayscon will play field and Kendall Fuller at slot. Those two are competing for the starting field cornerbacks per Bud Foster
defensive coordinator Bud Foster on season opener: "Alabama's not a make or break game for us."
DC Bud Foster sort of half-jokingly said may look to hire CB Kyle Fuller as a coach one day. Impressed with his aptitude for game
DC Bud Foster on notion that playing Bama in opener is the best time: I don't know if there's a good time to play them or not."
Hokies defensive coordinator Bud Foster addresses the media.
DC Bud Foster said Kendall Fuller will be on field as nickel OLB right now and Brandon Facyson as nickel CB.
Special thanks to Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster for his generous support of the
Fall camp finds DC Bud Foster hopeful about his defense (FREE):
Bud Foster will be attending tonight with his favorite girl Pearl! . With Kimberly Porter
Bud Foster doesn't know how to turn on a computer, but that's still his default font in word
“"I'm looking for 11 heat seekers out there. I don't care what position you play." This is why we love Bud Foster!
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I don't understand these people questioning Bud Foster about putting Kendal at whip.
why I'm smarter than bud foster, my column:
More Bud Foster on Kendall Fuller: "I’m hoping he’s going to be that five-star guy that we’re all counting on."
Bud Foster on Kendall Fuller at nickel: "When we’ve been good, we’ve been able to execute at that position." Sounds like a big role.
Bud Foster has promised Corey Marshall that he can return to DE next spring, but for depth purposes, have him at DT this season.
Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster said he's more concerned with Antone Exum playing the season than just playing the opener.
Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster said he's heard from Anton Exum but wouldn't reveal what was said.
Bud Foster on Kendall Fuller: "I'm hoping he's that impact guy we think he can be."
Kendall Fuller will practice at nickelback. Bud Foster said that's his quickest way to playing time.
Bud Foster said he heard about Antone Exum's appointment with James Andrews. "I'm still figuring he's gonna be a month out or so."
Bud Foster confirms what we thought: Kendall Fuller at "whip" is really just a way of saying he's going to be in the nickel.
All I really wanna do is go ballz to the wallz crazy dancing with Frank Beamer and Bud Foster to Journey's "Any Way You Want It".
and he does a swell job, Bud Foster is gold as well. I just need Logan Thomas to be consistent with his passing.
Virginia Tech's Bud Foster is a college football defensive coordinator to watch in 2013.
Woohoo, it's official! Our awesome trainer Eric Wolfe is the proud new daddy of a bouncing baby Rudolph! Congrats to both!
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you know nothing about my relationship you don't even have a girl and your boy tries to text Kayla every day bud
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learn how to get a girl bud. Then talk. Your ugly af And tried to get with Victoria 😂
If we didn't have so many already,.Someone--please give Sprocket a home! Look at this handsome fella,.Think I'm going to have to go volunteer some foster time.
Got a dog yesterday frm a homeless girl who tired of taking care of him. About ten I named him totes He likes the cart and I am grateful for the company
Two. BOOM. Done. Thanks for all you do. IDEA: could you sell these at the Bud Foster chalk talk in NoVA in June?
Pictures of HARLEY a Pit Bull Terrier Mix for adoption in Corona, CA who needs a loving home.
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Just watched a chipmunk tackle another chipmunk at full speed. Bud Foster would be proud.
It's just under 3 weeks until Bud Foster will be in NYC! Be sure to get your tickets to the event here
seriously though, you deserve the best bud! You are always looking to treat a woman right and that's a blessing!
What, did you think Nick Diaz was joking? They don't play like that in Stockton, homie. Many scoffed at the announcement that Diaz was planning to start
Candy Candy Howard Foster what cha think just make the slit wider for your bud botles
Virginia Tech's defensive coordinator bud foster was just here ...
Australian Racing Greyhound published an article recently summarising the state of greyhound racing in Australia. I save you the trouble of reading it and just say this: it is a bloody mess and not...
No more crazy hair for Bud Foster! It's always a quiet evening when he goes to the groomer...I hope he doesn't...
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Paul Gardner is fundraising for Fields of Life
Register for this year's Chalk Talk with Bud Foster on 3 June in Tysons. $20 before 5/31, $25 at the door.
*IL* Deniro makes an excellent pillow for his foster sister. Please go to to read about Deniro and fill out an application. This guy is truly awesome!
Join us during the show next to BLF. Former f/c Jeff Foster, with and more after 3.
I will definitely consider that when I've got some spare money then. Thanks bud!
With the right blend of talent and experience, Virginia Tech is the early favorites to stake claim to the best defense in the ACC this fall.
I really think this has a chance to be Bud Foster's best defense at Virginia Tech.
This could be Virginia Tech's best defense under Bud Foster.
A post by PepperPeanut. In 2005, author David Foster Wallace was asked to give the commencement address to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College. However, the resulting speech didn
did you see Raul furiously defending him against the British press the other day? It ruled.
Should Tucson taxpayers have to pay millions for public golf? for Bud Foster's special report
Tucson is millions of dollars in debt because of public golf courses. for Bud Foster's special report
Bud needs a foster home. Currently in emergency boarding near Blackwood, South Wales.
I was about to volunteer to foster Bud myself, but he is in the UK. Any of my UK friends who can help/ foster him???
Few bits and the best finish to the UTV (Side x Side) race at the 2013 Herriman Enduro Challenge. Fun in Utah's dirt.
ST. PETERSBURG — Not known for his behind-the-scenes dealings, Mayor Bill Foster is playing Monty Hall and trying to strike a deal to save taxpayers' money.The first-term mayor is guaranteeing that a special election on the fate of the Lens will not take place until Aug. 27, the day of the city's pr...
It was suggested earlier in the night by the media that Foster had gone to far.
I know this: Les Murray, Craig Foster et. al.
oh right bud I don't get why we released foster to be honest he got the job done at centre half
UPDATE: May 11 Charlie wasn't looking too good today so I decided to sponsor a health check for him. The vet and xrays confirmed Charlie has pneumonia as a result of a serious case of feline calicivirus :( He also has a case of earmites. Both are
Ah Ok so Sheeds has done it before:
The biggest S/O to my cousin for his admittance into the Foster School of Business. Can't wait to show you around bud.
Red Bud had so much fun w his foster family, but is ready for his forever home!
Looking to foster more alliance carriers Kam Jandu at BUD talking at in Budapest
Here's the woman who abandoned my three boys.
Amazing performance from Danny Hart's - Credits for -...
Bud loves to play fetch, chomp at water coming out of hoses, and snuggle in his favorite blankets. He is a very good-looking Chocolate Labrador Retriever, 2 years young, neutered boy, debuting triumphantly for adoption today at Nevada SPCA ( Bud was near death at the time of rescue, emaciated, suffering from ear and lung infections. The heroic efforts of his foster mom, a veterinary technician, during the past three months enabled him to make a full recovery. She said he is housetrained, learning good behaviors (including not eating human food off counters), and needs a very secure home and yard for his safety.
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DUKE IS PLEADING FOR A FOSTER HOME!!! (AND RED) Duke was neutered yesterday.and is having to recover at the pound!! His best bud Red is looking out for ...See More
Meet Jimmy, this handsome fella is looking for a new special someone to love him. His best bud is his 4lb foster mate so obviously he's very friendly. You can meet him this Saturday at Vegfest!
Amy Foster-Wightman.this so remonded me of you! lol
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look for me and Bud Foster on tv at 7pm and also 8pm
FOX 10's Kristy Siefkin checks out the Rescue Pawtique Adoption Center at Superstition Springs Mall.
This poor boy! He came in last week and was adopted within 20 minutes (which is why we never posted his photo); they had him groomed and then dumped him again today. He is VERY sweet and friendly with everyone and will make a great family dog - please share him for immediate help as the shelter is full!
Think ill wait till the "GREAT GATSBY 2" comes out and watch them together! When is TITANIC 2 supposed to come out??
BUD IS URGENT! A dog should not die in a shelter just because he is 8 years old. He is only still alive because a few MDAS staffers have been begging for more time. That time is up tomorrow if a hold does not go on Bud. They said he is in good health and a really nice dog! Why should he die??? Look how sad he is because he knows what's coming. Help is needed right away! Share!
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The one Bud Foster was afraid of. RT“Report: Redskins, Darryl Tapp agree to one-year deal
Latest addition to the bowl wall with an appearance by my bud
Bud foster is eating lunch in west end right now. Makes me miss my defensive days
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Maybe you need to do more time on the roadie? And like you say, we all have off days, come back stronger bud. :)
2 bball HOFs Chris Steinmetz & Bud Foster! There is no NBA HOF, just Naismith Memorial HOF
I was banned from sports forum for trying to foster an intelligent debate on if Air Bud should have benched more often. Explain plz
There's a lot of SMH when you own a poo-mix.isn't that right Bud Foster?
ha no it's ku women's basketballs point guard bud. I used to practice with them and they just made it to the sweet sixteen.
Mastiff fans: Bud is looking for a foster home to help him out of kennels a lovely soft boy
Hi bud. I've got a student doing a project in nursing and poss foster report. Could u give a little guidance if she contacts u?
You nailed it. Chris was killing it, and they were slow to figure out what they had after. And Bud Foster called a very nice game.
Why is Bud Foster at Sharkeys in radford? Go home Bud, you're drunk!
Interesting.This is what VT calls the Whip, and when Bud Foster has a good one (Cody Grimm) it is awesome.
UVA Sports: 25+ titles, VT 0. Math so simple Bud Foster can do it!
Bud Foster does not fear a hat. He eats them
Jason Snelling and Russell Wilson are much better when they are not facing Bud Foster coached defenses.
kinda funny considering the Dawgs went after Bud Foster a few yrs ago. was the one shot down that time.
Defensive guys are staying bc they have Bud Foster. No reason for Logan Thomas to stay… *** because Pep would've been it.
While everyone else jokes about the rout last night I just sit and shake me head.cause the next game Alabama will play is against my offensively challenged HOKIES. The only positive thing I can say is Bud Foster has a year to plan.
It's just mind-boggling to think that the Hokies, or any team for that matter, could win a football game with only 3 yards rushing. Somebody tell me again why Bud Foster hasn't been hired as a head coach...
Lost in the shuffle of this terrible offensive performance is how this is a classic Bud Foster defensive game. Vintage.
Noticed Antone Exum, Bruce Taylor and Dadi Nicolas all jawing at Rutgers. Bud Foster came sprinting to separate Nicolas from fray.
VT had about 12 yards of offense in the first quarter. They look as bad as they looked all season. Meanwhile, Bud Foster's defense is playing pretty good. Thoughts?
Bud Foster, please score us some points. thanks.
When will Va Tech wise up and put a shirtless Bud Foster on their helmet eating chicken wings?
give it one more drive! And do you think they need to move on to Bud Foster yet?
At what point can we all say the frank is on the hot seat. My vote is bud foster for head coach 2013.
Oh VT, I always have a special place for you guys in my heart, but this whole Beamer ball needs a change. Just hire Bud Foster, please
Ready to watch and one of the innovators of the 4-2-5 Bud Foster.
I miss you too bud. Wanna come to snap today? Lol
is Bud Foster going to be a lifer at VT?
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Bring in a talented OC and let him run the offense the way Bud Foster runs the defense.
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did you hear that FSU is trying to steal Bud Foster from Virginia Tech
Neverknow Think we could see him, Diaz, Venebales, Bud Foster. Guys that might be "asked" to take the Ark LB job by current school
Mom: RUN! Son: I'm NOT leaving you! Mom: you have to! Son: actually I HAVE to be with you! The next day on the news the mother and son were found dead holding hands.. like if you would die for your mom ? ♥
In foster for Xmas, Bud showed what a love he is (& well mannered, housebroken). Bud kisses now avail at the shelter!
I'd love to see Dan Quinn, Brent Venables, Bud Foster and/or Jim Tressell interview for the job in the near future.
Somewhere, hidden away in a dark room, an engineer is toiling away on clothing sturdy enough to contain her glorious fun-bags from bursting out into the sunlight. He is truly the greatest villain of our time. Oh by the way, if you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours seek immediate medical a...
I really, really hope Bud Foster land Da'Shawn Hand. That would be a major coup.
Bud Foster considers Jack Tyler "the face" of next year's defense, but it would have never happened w/o Bruce Taylor.
We've been taking your calls in the WWJ Newsradio 950 newsroom.
thought I'd message you on here as well as you never have signal :/ what's occurring bud?
Merry Christmas everybody! Santa hasn't visited me yet. My foster family has a sick family member so we have to wait for Santa to come on Friday. Foster mom says she knows he will bring me something good because I have ben a good boy. We had a white Christmas! It snowed again overnight. I love playing the snow. Did you know snow and ice are tasty? They're fun to play with, too. Yup, I'm a silly boy! - Bud the Skinny Hound
My mom went through the trouble of getting me a limited edition VT print signed and personalized to me from Bud Foster. I'm a fan.
Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & got plenty of Celtic related presents. Looking forward to the game tomorrow. Hail hail.
I just got an autographed Bud Foster shirt!!
Christmas is not the same without you Papa Bud
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Merry Christmas! To all the HPH board; Nancy, Mel, Bud, Lynn and Judith; hope you are enjoying today with loved ones. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our cause. To all our foster families; thank you for opening up your hearts and homes to the needy pets we take in. To all our supporters; wishing you the happiest holiday and thank you for your continued support! To all the pets out there; hoping that you are loved and spoiled not just today but every day. xoxo
How am I suppose to but bud with gift cards? 😧
that's some really unfortunate timing. I'm sorry bud :(
ha I'm not now I'm up! Jokes cus foster just causing carnage with everyone's presents! Enjoy bud
I wasn't even sure if Lime-A-Rita is a girly drink I mean it is Bud Light.
Fan Submission... Twas the night before Mattismas, And all through the barracks, not a corporal was stirring, Not even the watch. With their flaks hung on gear trees with care, In the hopes that Jim Mattis soon would be there. The devil pups were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of libo danced in their heads. And Staff Sergeant in the guard shack and I in my OOD belt, Had just settled in for a quiet duty, we felt. When out on the Sergeant Major’s lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from the shack to see what was the matter. Away to the porthole I flew like a flash, Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. The glint of an illum round on the new-fallen snow, Gave the lustre of 1200 to objects below, What, to my eyeballs there should appear, But an LAV pulled by Majors in full gear. On the driver I saw four stars that did glint, And I knew it was General Mattis, no need for OSINT. More rapid than full-birds his coursers they came, And he cursed, and shouted, and called them by name. ...
just saw that Kam Chancellor hit from last night *** Bud Foster was somewhere grinnin'..
Arian Foster you picked the wrong day for those allergies bud. Great year though Matt Ryan's Belt, we''ll be back next year
Cortes Bank continues to be one of big-wave surfing's most illusive, volatile, and dangerous venues. Here's two days of historic big wave surfing.
Bud Foster probably has the photograph of Chancellor dismantling Davis hanging in his office already.
Way to go w/ those 0 points Arian're really messing up bud.
Arian foster ruined my fantasy .. Thanks bud
Hi everyone. We have a new brother! Mom and dad are fostering a new rescue, Max. He was supposed to be a collie, but we're thinking he is probably a large sheltie. Which is least I'm not the smallest one here anymore
Oh and I forgot.Foster mom said she has finally cleaned up her MacBook and can finally download lots of photos and videos of this handsome guy! There will a whole bunch uploaded later today. Be sure to check my page out later this evening. There's lots and lots of photos of me playing in the snow! Oh it was so fun. There's lots of other photos too, but the snow was so much fun!! - Bud the Skinny Hound
I am priceless! I'm Bud the Skinny Hound who's fattening up quite nicely.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Frank Foster is Louisiana's best kept secret. He is true country music to its core. His music has a true country sound and his voice is unique. When I hear music like Frank Foster's it makes me proud to be part of the country music family, as a fan and as a writer. Frank grew up listening to legends...
NEEDED: Foster homes for larger dogs in the Lake Region area or beyond. If you LOVE bigger dogs and are willing to work to help them become the BEST DOG they can be so that their chances of being adopted are increased, PLEASE contact me at 701.662.4357.
So today I had an adventure! I went to the shelter to see the vet. She said I'm doing marvelous! Marvelous! Can you believe that? I got dewormed today. I'm getting my heartworm and advantix treatment this weekend. At the next clinic in January, I'll be saying goodbye to my jingle balls! I love car rides. I sit in the way back of foster mom's suv tethered in. She doesn't want me to go flying. I LOVE watching the world in the windows. So many things to see and sniff! Start sending in those adoption applications!!! Call the Beverly Animal Shelter and request me now! I'm fattened up, potty trained, and ready to find my family! If you or your friends are looking for a new friend, I'm awesome! Foster mom says so!! - Bud the Skinny Hound
Can you believe the UPS man comes here and delivers boxes that don't have anything for me? I can't believe this! Two gorgeous boxes came today and nothing was for me. I thought he came to bring me presents. Foster mom says I have to wait for Santa to come. I wonder what that means! I hope it means toys! I love toys. - Bud the Skinny Hound
HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) – On Monday, Kids to Love–a charity that caters to foster children in North Alabama and Southern...
Our only four-time Finalist was Bud Foster of He was a Finalist in 1999, 2001, 2005, & 2006. He won in '06.
DC Bud Foster said James Gayle, Antone Exum could benefit from coming back. "I think both those kids need to grow in a lot of areas."
Bud Foster said both James Gayle, Antone Exum still need to "grow" when asked about NFL draft. Called Jack Tyler the "face" of next yr's D.
You said that Shane is being groomed for the HC position. What about Bud Foster? He wants to be HC too.
Two big pieces of news about me! First off, foster mom started giving me dry food along with the home cooked doggie food the doggies who live here eat. She wasn't happy with how slowly I am getting fat. She was hoping the dry food would give me the extra calories I need. Guess what! I'm gaining weights fast now. My hips are boney spikes sticking out anymore and my ribs aren't so naked either! This is exciting news! Today for the first time EVER I didn't eat all my food! I have a little bit left in my bowl that foster mom says I can have with lunch. I am slowing down my eat lots. I'm learning that I will always have a full belly and this place has lots of foods for me! Foster mom says she's very happy I'm no longer being a Hoover. I have to go. My toys are calling me. I need to play a little bit after breakfast before my morning nap. - Bud the Skinny Hound
Milo has an awesome toy box! Foster mom says he had tons of toys as a puppy. I am now playing his old toys plus all of my new ones. You can never have too many toys! He has lots of these things called tennis balls. Foster mom says he used to eat the fuzz off them and break them in half. Naked tennis balls? What fun is that? They are so much fun! You can run after them and they keep rolling. They bounce, too. Then I jump on them and run around with them. I'm so silly with tennis balls. - Bud the Skinny Hound
I hope Chad Morris is the Bud Foster of interviewing for head coaching jobs.
Why does no one want to hire Chad Morris? Is he new Bud Foster? Someone right an article and credit me with the idea
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