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Bud Adams

Kenneth Stanley Bud Adams, Jr. (born January 3, 1923) is the owner of the Tennessee Titans' National Football League franchise.

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Change in bylaws improves Bud Adams' chances of selection to the.
Bud Adams' chances for Pro Football Hall of Fame are now a lot better, writes
.Bud Adams' Hall of Fame chances just got better
What an offseason for NFL owners..Pat Bowlen, Bud Adams, William Clay Ford, Ralph Wilson, Malcolm Glazer, and in a different way Jim Irsay.
I liked a video Lisa Guerrero on Bud Adams
Always blows my mind when I pour beer and people can't tell the difference between a Bud Light and a Sam Adams
Students from Adams, Camas, and Satus with perfect attendance this year received free bikes from Bud Clary Toyota!
Bud light suck so much more than Sam Adams
bud is always good to talk to. Sam Adams is also a good buddy
I can't wait to get my tattoo finished and then Adams tattoo. Still missin you everyday bud
wow ridiculous! Pepe got the boot for a slight head bud and this is a worse offense.
check out our latest addition at Matt's, Bud, Bud Lite, Mich Ultra, Sam Adams, Flat Tire, join us for lunch or dinner
"I owe all my success to Jim Rice. He moved me to first... bud"-Matt Adams on
Still got 6 days bud. Plus Matt Adams is raking today
we should give our employees free Bud... Wait that's Belgian, Miller... Nope, African... Sam Adams it is!
Wish I could magically turn this Bud Light into a Sam Adams
I hate that the ghost of Bud Adams still owns an abandoned car dealership here in houston.
Ready for my partner in crime to be home.😭😘 miss yah bud!
[in all caps] "Bud Light…here we go • Wendy's…now that's better • I will thrust Flo's fake-perky face at you 'til you die. Progressive •[…]"
I just added strawberry lemonade to my sam adams summer ale which is basically a bud light strawberry so GO USA!!
Totally agree. It was a fantastic before Bud Adams ruined it.
Reaction to death of Titans owner Bud Adams - ___. "As original AFL team owners, we all shared a common bond and a...
Coop is offering bud lights instead of Sam Adams. Thank god
says a Titans fan who somehow saw it in his heart to support crapp head owner bud Adams
2rd pick? Rick smith will screw it up like bud Adams did with warren moon.
Forgot the absurdist joy that is Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." Re-reading it.
Cattleman Bud Adams is a living Florida icon, setting an example of the best of us. Congrats on President's Award tonight!
Check out Loser Takes All : The Story of Bud Adams, Bad Football and Big Business by Ed... via
Surrounded by good friends here at Dayton international. Bud, Sam Adams and Stella! They're all here!
Bud Light is nowhere close to representing USA Beer! We can do better than that! Sam Adams, Shiner, Fat Tire, Coors
that is like saying Bud Adams was a great Bazarro World...Go Titans
My bud Austin Adams is shooting a film and needs some actors! Contact him and come if you can, it's gonna be awesome!
Happy 18th to my long term partner in crime and bestest bud Love you long time, girlie 💕
if you have forgiven Bud Adams for using the city as a 1 year pitstop to Nashville.
hey I'm gonna help you finish the half gal you left at Adams by drinking it okay? Your welcome bud
Samuel Adams brews 60 beers in a year, but none of them are bud light.
. Bud light is still American made just not American owned. . Sam Adams Summer Ale m
Chances are if I have some bud and you are my friend I won't ask you to match or throw.
All we have in our downstairs fridge is alcohol. Bud light, mikes hard lemonade, bud light: margaritas thingys, Samuel Adams. Jesus 😒
Only in Hyde park will a stranger see you with a bluntville and ask you if you know where they can get bud
Malcolm Glazer, Al Davis, Ralph Wilson, Bud Adams, Art Modell all dead in the last three years.
Bud Adams, Ralph Wilson and now Malcolm Glazer...3 owners gone in the same offseason. Times changing.
NFL owners Bud Adams (TENN), Ralph Wilson (BUF), William Ford (DET) and now Malcolm Glazer have passed away in the last 7 months.
* SPORTS RELATED * Well, from last Thursday night to Sunday (yesterday), there have been more Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns jerseys sold than Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and TIM TEBOW jerseys sold in combination, during the like times when they were drafted in the NFL. Now, why in the *** is that??? But, NO... we can't have this exciting young player in Houston... we can't try and take the state public relations ratings from the dominant Dallas Cowboys for the first time in history... we can't have the 'buzz' in this city... TRACK RECORD AIN'T TOO GOOD, TEXANS, and, YES, I'm a club season ticket holder. They better be right on this one... or Bud Adams won't be the most hated pro sports owner in Houston history any more!!!
If fans are owners, how come they don't get punished for bad conduct, like when you fined Bud Adams for flipping birds?
Bud Adams moved the team out of Memphis a year early after more than half of the Liberty Bowl showed up rooting for the Steelers
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Bud Adams niece just posted this . Pamela Starcherposted toBud Adam. 46 minutes ago. hello everyone its buds neice,...
April 14, 2014 PUTNAM COUNTY – The Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce’s Existing Industry Committee in conjunction with the Highlands Economic Partnership is hosting the inaugural Highlands Industrial Trade Show from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on May 15 at Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion.The expo will showcase industrial businesses in the four-county region of the Highlands Economic Partnership, which includes Jackson, Overton, Putnam and White counties. The goal of the trade show is to showcase industry of all sizes in the Highlands region and to facilitate awareness and relationship-building between companies to benefit the economic future of the Highlands. “Business is all about relationships. If a small or medium sized company can learn about a goods or services provider in the area and use them, it helps build those relationships and supports our business community,” said Jody Sliger, interim president of the Sparta-White County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the key networking oppor ...
all of the best bud. Rest and fuel your body well for race day 💪
Hot Nashville Jingle Company Scores Jingle for Liberty Tax; Creates New Stadium Fight Song for Tennessee Titans An image from the RedHot Website references the Morgan’s connection to country music royalty: father George Morgan. Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) April 08, 2014 From tax time to Tennessee Titan time, there’s always a Nashville connection – this time, thanks to country singer Lorrie Morgan and advertising exec Marty Morgan.This year as folks are laboring to get their taxes filed, national franchise Liberty Tax has found a new way to present its message of simplified tax preparation in a jingle, EZ Capeezy. It was produced for them by The RedHot Jingle Company owned by brother and sister team Marty Morgan and platinum recording artist Lorrie Morgan. The duo’s recent success comes on the heels of debuting a punchy new stadium “fight song” for the Tennessee Titans.Regarding the Liberty Tax jingle, RedHot Creative Director Marty Morgan said, “Liberty Tax wanted to paint a picture of fun ...
I'm drawing this panel for An Age When issue and the Bud Light commercial came to mind. Funny.
Summer Ale is my least favorite Sam Adams and I still 1000x prefer it to Bud Light
Voracek just dangled the Pens out of their drawers after a great play by Giroux. Adams you're looking like a pylon there bud
literally just got home! U have a nite out w sam adams or ur pal Bud? Lol 😝
I'm pumped to watch and the tonight with my bud ! It's been too long!
sorry bud,but I'm sitting this one out. There's simply never a reason to give a women a black eye. Never.
Mickey Rooney asked me what I like most about being dead. I looked him in the eye and said, I get to kick Bud Adams *** everyday
They once fined bud adams 250,000 4 making obsene gesture's at the opposing team.
the bud Adams of --> “Another big partnership to be announced soon for
Adams Scott's going to get it again bud
munch with any team but titans makes me ill. Besides bud Adams who has more history with franchise.
Still can't get over the fact the titans let Chris Johnson go. *** Bud Adams come back to life
Bud Adams' Tennessee Titans, but it's a very close race.
27 students at Adams have perfect attendance for the year! They can still earn a free bike from Bud Clary Toyota!
Yeah, but at least he’s not gnawing a bud. Looks like Sam Adams Octoberfest.
eish. Unlucky. tomorrow we try again bud.
Oilers for screwed by no replay rule in Pitts,then fans hated Bud adams so he moved team,now we get close and rebuild time.
lmao yeah this girl like bent over this thing sniffed me I saw her and she was like no bud deal just smelling 😂
Tonight in Enfield. win a Bud light mini fridge & two trips to Sam Adams brewery with $50 gas…
Come watch the National Championship game with us tonight! $2 Bud Light Drafts, $3 Sam Adams Drafts!
nah but what beer you want Bud Light, Budweiser, Heineken, Samuel Adams
I know lol I got so mad lol I was like send him home!! And then I yelled at coach bud... Lol
I like stout beers :) bud light is okay, Budweiser is a tad strong and Samuel Adams is good :) Heineken is disgusting XD
Should sell 12 packs with 4 Sam Adams & 8 Bud Lights. Tasties to start and domestos for smooth sailin' home. Call it, "The Pr…
yeah its a shame they get rid of Jeff Fisher Chris Johnson even Bud Adams is gone,the Titans have along road to earn my loyalty Back.
Bud Adams, Al Davis, William Ford, now Ralph Wilson. . Kind of creepy how seemingly close together they all passed...
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Ralph Wilson and Bud Adams, the last two survivors of The Foolish Club, are gone. No original AFL owner is alive.
The Green Wave Quarterback Club is hosting the 2014 steak dinner and auction at the high school on March 15th. Dinner starts at 4 and the silent and live auctions at 6. Tickets are $25 a person and I have them for sale, call me at 969-2067. We have gathered lots of great items, including Steve McNair, Bud Adams and Vince Young signed memorabilia, other autographed items, office furniture, vacations, shrubs and plants, and much more. Everybody's going to be really excited to see what our plans are with the football stadium, and proceeds from this night will mostly go towards that. It will be a great evening, so come if you can!
Barbara Mandrell promo spot for the Tennessee Titans w/ Bud Adams.
As Allen Bailey pointed out in my timeline, the ghost of Bud Adams is haunting Peyton for picking the Broncos...
Vince McMahon, George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, Jerry Buss, Mark Cuban, and Bud Adams are in a rare class of business savvy.
I live in Desert Hot Springs, CA. I'm a register voted, the children in this town only have the Boys & Girls Club as far as activates and/or entertainment. Now the city has no money in the budget to keep the contract, the town has been depleted of all it's fund. So now the children of Desert Hot Springs have to suffer for the poor management of it's city. Also the football team is willing to play a challenge game to raise funds and awareness for cancerAlong with Semi pro teams and NFL. I have stepped up with the children to help save our town. We are writing you, Tom Joyner, Bruce Bruce, Venus & Serena Williams, Jeff Johnson, Jackque Reid, Roland Martin, Roger Goodell, Jim Irsay, Jerry Richardson, Virginia McCaskey, Jordan Campbell, Mike Brown, Jimmy Haslam, Bill Bidwill, Arthur Blank, Steve Bisciotti, Ralph Wilson, Alex Spanos, Paul Allen, Denise Debortolo, Jed York, Edward Debortolo, Stan Kroenke, Malcolm Glazer, GM Ruston Webster C/O Susan Adams and Amy Adams, R.I.P. Bud Adams, Dan Snyder, Robert McNai ...
Did anybody really think anything different: NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans fired coach Mike Munchak, the Hall of Fame offensive lineman who's been with the franchise for more than 30 years, on Saturday. "This is a day I hoped would never come, but there is a reason for everything," Munchak said in a statement. "Words cannot express the sadness for leaving this organization that I have been a part of for over 30 years. "My goal as head coach was to do things the right way with the right people and I felt confident that the results would follow. Sometimes rebuilding a team and its culture takes time, but I truly believe we were on the verge of great things. Unfortunately my vision did not match that of the organization, so we will part ways." Munchak compiled a three-season mark of 22-26 and did not take the team to the playoffs, even after late owner Bud Adams signed off on free-agent contracts worth more than $100 million in the spring. "First I want to thank Mike Munchak for his professionalis ...
It has just been reported that the new CEO of the Tennessee Titans (Tommy Smith, the son-in-law of the late Bud Adams) has chosen to allow Mike Munchak to return as coach in 2014! Coach Munchak has announced that he is naming former Houston Oilers Waterboy, Bobby Bouchet, as the new Offensive Coordinator. Also, backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was released, and Vinny Testeverde was signed to a 4 year deal. Testeverde will backup starting quarterback (you know those 2 games when he is not injured) Jake Locker. Locker, who is recovering from an ingrown toenail, responded through his agent that he is thrilled with the idea of working with Testeverde, who will suspend his Social Security payments during this stint in the NFL. Tommy Smith (aka, Tommy Boy) will begin a trip across Tennessee next week with David Spade to sell this new direction the team is taking and to instill pride in the fanbase of the Titans. Tommy Boy and Coach Munchak have promised that mediocrity will no longer be an option for this te ...
Jerry Jones is the Bud Adams of present day.
Ian Rapoport and Mike Silver of report the Titans -- and the son-in-law of late owner Bud Adams -- could part ways with head coach Mike Munchak and running back Chris Johnson.
Samuel Adams & bud light are my two favorite beers 👌🍻
Unless you put bud in it you can all keep your hookahs to yourself
Sam adams, bud light, cigars, poker, and this is a night boys!
The great thing about being home is the variety of free beer: Heineken labatte blue Sam Adams octoberfest coors Guinness and bud light
Bud Adams because it's hard to float when you're covered with 6 feet of dirt
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Bud Adams. Double birding the entire parade route.
Options such as choosing Sam Adams over Bud Light.
Bud Adams is the undead. I mean, just look at him.
The beer wars there's no question who wins..Sam Adams..if you chose Bud Light or Miller Light you just turned 21
This goes farther, the league office has had something against the oilers/titans for years,, they be damned that bud adams
after being sheltered fromt he world under Bud Adams Football, the concept of Tailgating
Oilers/Titans owner Bud Adams was half Cherokee, and, from all I've researched, never had a problem with the Redskins name.
He's gone now but I didn't like the Titans because of Bud Adams.
has GREAT beer!! Enjoying a Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin before MNF. Then $4 Bud Light pitchers at kick off! Come on!!
You're seriously complaining that a pitcher of Sam Adams is 2 dollars more than Bud Light? I thought that was common sense
I know a way to save the dome. Have Drayton McLane, the Estate of Bud Adams, and Louisiana pay for improvements to the dome.
“someone come over and tell me stories while smoking bud with me.” I gotchu I got some fair tales I can tell you lmao
Remember when Bud Adams was trying to recruit Peyton Manning? might have been better w/Peyton than are.
"Can never hate man that'll throw these sukkas up on national TV at age 90. RIP Bud Adams real …
that's easy...Bud Adams was a donk.
True. Bud Adams then moved the wind to Tennessee.
Sorry, still looking for a nice thing to say about Bud Adams. (This might take awhile.)
Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people. ~ John Quincy Adams
It's a sad day when the Garden doesn't bust out the Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada carts. Ugh. Bud or Molson isn't much of a choice.
AND Bud Adams just knocked out Al Davis in ***
What in the world of Bud Adams is going on?? The Titans, the team I have shamefully supported since youth, just pulled off a big clutch win?
Mike is so lost. If bud Adams was still alive he'd be like *** ..
you said Oilers. Bud Adams just farted in his grave
If Al Davis and Bud Adams weren't already dead, the offenses of the and would have done them in.
Michael Griffin *** anyway to me. I hope Bud Adams son in-law clean house with the Titans next year
now that bud Adams is gone, think we could get the oilers name back and have a "do-over" on the whole expansion thing?
Bud Adams' ghost having some fun. “The highlight of this game has been referee Mike Carey calling the Texans "Tennessee."”
TIMEOUT TENNESSEE explained Before his death Bud Adams left a break glass in emergency order. Trade the franchise if skid reaches 8.
that *** Bud Adams. it's bigger than all of us. It won't stop even in his death!
Bud Adams did threaten to move to Jacksonville
I'm the little monster and I'm from the Adams family
hope so. Kind of all up in the air with Bud Adams passing away and Munchack pressured into making the playoffs this year
To the dude that just me telling me I am beautiful.. Thanks, Bud! Was it the hair or my Adams apple?
Asked Hubby to buy beer at the store. He brought home bud light. I told him I wanted the Sam Adams Winter Favoties...Who have I become?
Bud? FFS, get some miro brew or sam Adams.
Ralph Wilson releases statement on death of Titans owner Bud Adams:
I love a good Sam Adams watching the Bucs lose.but you guys are Bud, so that makes no sense.
By the time 80 retires, Schaub will be more hated that Bud Adams for wasting so many years.
true and stayed relevant till roughly 2008 with bad years in between. It's a mess now and our owner Bud Adams died.
Not happy! Harbaugh to is the Bud Adams to Vince Young
Gentlemen's Night 8-12! $1 Keystone and $2.50 Bud and Coors Light drafts! Sam Adams Winter Lager now on tap for $3.50!
If ur a titans fan and live in Nashville u know bud Adams just turned over in his grave ,,, lost to Jacksonville *** on man
I'm sure Bum Phillips and Bud Adams are looking down on Mike Munchak shaking they're heads right now.
MUNCHAK is a freaking lineman! He's lucky Bud Adams had a big heart cause that dude couldn't coach peewee football
what is wrong with the Titans I wish Bud Adams was still alive because coaches would be getting fired.
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We couldnt even win the game for Bud Adams
People blame bud Adams for being the reason Peyton didn't wanna play for the titans. I'd blame it on the fans they suck
Had Bud Adams lived to see today, it would have done him in.
"Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave" that's what killed him in the first place
Bud Adams spends 100 million dollars! And he gets this kind of game if bud Adams was here munchak is canned!
Somewhere in the sky, Bud Adams is giving the Titans the double bird, and I can't say I blame him.
Munchak better be damned glad Bud Adams passed away. He might be fired tomorrow otherwise.
That was embarrassing to watch as a fan. I can't imagine what Bud Adams' family was thinking. Or maybe I can.
This worthless titans team is a product of bud adams. Im glad hes dead
“Jaguars are now 2-20 in their last 22 games ... both wins are against the Titans” Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave
Somewhere in the sky Bud Adams just sat down with Steve McNair about these *** titans.
Bud Adams is flipping off Titans fans from the grave right now
The only hope out of this is that Bud Adams is dead and his son-in-law may be more willing to just cut bait with the *** in charge.
At least Bud Adams didn't have to watch this p.o.s game.
Jake Locker is not good enough to start so how good must Ryan Fitzpatrick be? I am glad Bud Adams wasn't around to see this
And this folks, is former Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams
"Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave" Rolling over, doing flips, flipping the bird. Some of everything
Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave
How to honor Bud Adams? They loose to a winless team 3 straight seasons of this crap!
After a bye week its good to see the come out & lay it on the line in memory of Bud Adams at home. New coaching staff in 2014.
Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave at the team's performance today. Pathetic doesn't even seem to describe it
Bud Adams is flicking you off in his grave jaguars
If Bud Adams were around there would be a lot of fired people tomorrow.
Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave.
Bud Adams is fliping off everyone from the afterlife right now.
If for no other reason... Win this one for Adams
I'm beginning to wish Bob McNair had just built Bud Adams a stadium in 1996
But Bud Adams would suck Mack Brown and Texas off so he just knew Vince was the best ***
If Bud Adams wasn't an *** the titans would've drafted Jay Cutler instead of Vince Young and the titans wouldn't be in this mess.
We need the power of the middle finger from Bud Adams.
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I bet Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave
Bud Adams would be so proud of this team.
Bud Adams is rolling over in his grave right now.
Bud Adams appreciates the effort. This is a professional caliber pooch screw.
Looks like the Titans have decided to honor recently deceased owner Bud Adams by playing dead against the Jaguars.
Bud Adams is dead. Fire Munch and bench Locker. Slaw *** team.
game program with Bud Adams on the cover
"Jason Babin & Sendarick Marks? . Remember Bud Adams not wanting to pay anybody!
hold a moment of silence for Bud Adams prior to National Anthem
Salute to Vets, moment of silence for Bud Adams, and now the Titans and Jags on a beautiful day.
Pour out for Bud Adams, pic'd here w/AFL co-founder Lamar Hunt in 1960
Lamar Hunt and Bud Adams together. The owner of the original Texans aka 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs.
Mike Munchak will wear a pin on Sunday to honor Bud Adams
will honor Bud Adams with a patch, but Mike Munchak said the "best way to honor him is by winning games."
Sigma Chi lost two great brothers this month. Brother K.S. Bud Adams and Brother Ike Skelton will surely be missed.
Bud Adams memorial services today in Houston - Nashville Business Journal -
Titans, Oilers owner Bud Adams eulogized (Yahoo Sports) - HOUSTON (AP) -- Tennessee Titans coach Mike Munchak wore a busy multi-colored tie that he said belonged to and fit the flamboyant personality of team owner Bud Adams.
Very nice and well-attended funeral service for Titans owner Bud Adams in Houston this afternoon. Longtime NFL exec Joe Browne and Titans head coach Mike Munchak, who has been a player and coach for Mr. Adams for 31 years, did a good job with eulogies.
Second Baptist Church in Houston, site of today's 1 p.m. memorial for owner Bud Adams
The memorial service for owner Bud Adams will be on Monday at 1 p.m. at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Tex…
Bud Adams memorial service will be at 1p.m. Monday, October 28th, at Second Baptist Church. Ed Young will officiate.
The Memorial Service for K.S. Bud Adams will be held Monday October 28 at 1pm in Houston, TX at Second Baptist Church.
Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett react to the passings of Bud Adams and Bum Phillips
Titans owner Bud Adams has died at age 90: Adams, an avid sports fan who…
Bud Adams co-founded the American Football League with Lamar Hunt in August 1959 and won the 1st 2 AFL championships in …
Just saw that Bud Adams died. Can we bring back Jeff Fisher and never draft Vince Young?
Bud Adams, the owner of the Houston Oilers who fired Bum Phillips in 1980, died yesterday, only three days after Phillips. Odd coincidence.
Tennessee Titans' owner Bud Adams had the best return on investment in the history of the NFL
HEAD COACH Mike Munchak (opening statement) I just wanted to say I was saddened today to hear about the passing of our owner, Mr. Bud Adams. I’ve been with this organization over 30 years, and I’ve been blessed to be a football player here during that time, a position coach, and now the head coach. I will forever be grateful for all Mr. Adams has done for me and my family, so my thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Adams family during this difficult time. To reflect back, when I first met Mr. Adams I was drafted in 1982. I made my first visit to Texas, never been to Houston, and it was day two of the draft. Back then, there were six rounds. In the morning, I was drafted in the first round, so (when) the second round was going on I went to his building where his office was in the ABC building. His office was down in the basement and the war room was up on the third floor, so I went right down to see Mr. Adams. I wasn’t sure what to expect. His office was enormous—I never saw a desk that big in ...
My boss corrected me today when I said Bum Phillips and Bud Adams had passed away. "BUZZ ADAMS Ana!"
What's going on? Titans owner Bud Adams passes away in Houston - KVUE
What's going on? Titans owner, AFL founder Bud Adams dies at age 90 - USA TODAY
What's going on? NFL: Titans owner Bud Adams dead at 90 - SkySports
has confirmed death of owner 'Bud' Adams
Pro football pioneer and Titans owner Bud Adams dies at age 90:
Titans/Oilers founder and owner K.S. “Bud” Adams, Jr. passed away peacefully from natural causes at his home this morn…
If you were a Houston Oiler your heart had to take a hit this weekend with the passing of Bud Adams and Bum Philips
Bud Adams died on the 21st. Bum Phillips died the 19th. Oilers icons?
God Bless Bud Adams...L Hunt n Bud help form the AFL n the rest is history...ironic that Bum n Bud passed so close together..…
Bud Adams, an AFL founder and NFL team owner, dies at 90 - The Seattle Times
I can't believe Bud Adams died. It's not gonna be the same without him! 😞
"Classic Christmas card back in the day. Bud Adams, VinceYoung & ChrisJohnson
Bud Adams Finally kicked the bucket huh.
Tennessean - Around the NLF, owners and players remember Bud Adams: Bills owner Ralph Wilson:
Oakland Raiders make official statement on death of Bud Adams, Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans owner
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I want to say rip to Bud Adams but I will never forgive you for taking the Oilers away from Houston
coach Mike Munchak's comments on Bud Adams (video and transcript):.
Titans owner Bud Adams dies at age 90: Tennessee Titans founder and owner Kenneth Stanley "Bud" Adams Jr. has...
Bud Adams was team owner for 54 years and helped found the AFL. But simply, he was a football guy who wanted to win. http:/…
Bud Adams dies: Titans owner Bud Adams stayed with his team over 60 years you can
We are sad to report that Order of Constantine Sig K.S. "Bud" Adams Jr., KANSAS 1944, entered the Chapter Eternal...
The NFL this week consisted of ACL tears and Bud Adams death. And probably the worst monday night football game ever.
This was a classic Christmas card back in the day. Bud Adams with Vince Young & Chris Johnson
Rough Weekend in the NFL... This week was brutal for injuries. Here are the major ones. Rams QB Sam Bradford tears his ACL. Colts WR Reggie Wayne (torn ACL) out for the season. Bears QB Jay Cutler (groin) expected to miss 4 weeks. LB Lance Briggs (shoulder fracture) to miss 6 weeks. Texans ILB Brian Cushing (broken fibula, torn LCL) out for the season. Bengals CB Leon Hall (torn Achilles) out for season. Bucs RB Doug Martin (torn labrum) out for season. In other news, Titans owner Bud Adams has passed at the age of 90.
Bud Adams died today.. RIP to him.. Whose going to be the next owner for the TITANS? His son is dead too I think.. That means Mike Munchak has another year being the HEAD COACH!! C'MON MAN!
Reggie Wayne, Jay Cutler, Lance Briggs, and Sam Bradford are going to miss a lot of time and now Bud Adams died... At least the Cowboys are in first place in the NFC East. All is not lost
Bud Adams, owner of the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans has passed away at 90. Former Houston Oilers coach Bum Phillips, who Adams fired in 1980 amid great controversy, also passed away Friday at the age of 90. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle notes that the last game Adams was able to attend was Tennessee's Week 2 overtime loss to the Texans in Houston.
RIP Bud Adams. Dr said his last words were " fire Mike Munchak, and trade Jake Locker !
Bud Adams died. Same age as Bum. 90 years old. He is best known for moving the Oilers because Bob Lanier wouldn't build him a new stadium, firing Bum and trading Earl Campbell, and refusing the use of the name "Oilers" and most importantly, shooting the finger with both hands at the Buffalo Bills on national tv. Well maybe he can negotiate a new stadium in ***
R.I.P. to Bud Adams...owner of the Tennessee was a great owner and always was consistent..moving from the Oilers to the Titans, from Houston to Tennessee , God bless him and his family, Steve McNair- To Jake Locker
Bum Phillips passed Fri and now Houston Chronicle reporting Bud Adams died this morning.
~~ Channel 2 News just confirmed that this is true~ The Houston Chronicle is reporting Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams is dead at the age of 90. His passing comes two days after the death of his former coach Bum Phillips. May you both (R.I.P.) prayers for the families of these two great football legends and the Houston Oilers...and the Tennessee Titans~
I'm waiting on Clay Travis to confirm this Bud Adams news, with his source who confirmed Peyton was coming here.
Sort by: Date | Relevance Titans owner Bud Adams dies Bud Adams, the Houston Oilers owner who moved the franchise to Tennessee, has died in Houston this morning, a source told the San Antonio Express-News’ Brent Zwerneman. The source said early indications are Adams’ death was of natural causes. Houston Chronicle.
- Bud Adams made the call for the Titans to draft Vince Young. Norm Chow/Jeff Fisher wanted Matt Leinart.
Didn't have to watch the Texans ,had it set up in the DVR but Richard was kind enough to share the score with me lol. That being said I remember going to watch the Oilers in the Astrodome and the emptiness fans felt on Sundays when Bud Adams moved them to Tennessee and changed their name to the Titans. So I guess it is better to have a home team to go to Reliant Stadium and see and feel bad mad or even embarrassed when the lose than not to have a home team. Same goes for the Astros and the Rockets. They have all won championships in the past and then follow up with poor performances. Houston fans are used to some disappointments but we have been witness to sports legends in action. Earl Cambell , Bum Phillips , Warren Moon , Ken Stabler , JJ Watt ,Nolan Ryan , Roger Clements ,Andy Petite , Akeem Alajawon just to name a few. We have had 2 Super Bowls played here with a third coming in 2 years we had the NBA all star game we have had a World Series so even after a disappointing showing today I am still pro ...
Jeff Fisher mediocre success in Tennessee was slightly skewed by Bud Adams authoritative monopoly in the Oilers/Titans front office...
asking for special prayers for Jake Locker for those of you that dont know he is our quarterback for the Tennessee Titans. He got hurt in the 3rd quarter of the game today against the jets. He has a hip injury we hope not to serious but if it is i hope the Bud Adams has enough since to get Tim Tebow on his way to Tennessee asap. Get well real soon Jake we miss you. Oh and yes the titans won the ballgame tied with indy for 1st place. go titans.
Either aren't very good or Bud Adams' money was very well spent. 7 2 HALF
He never wanted Vince, he wanted Leinart, the "traditional" QB from his alma mater USC. He was dead set on spiting Bud Adams
"The biggest problem with the Titans, is that Steve McNair is dead and Bud Adams isn't." Probably the most accurate Titans quote ever.
Have your feelings toward Kevin Walter changed since he signed with Bud Adams' Army of Darkness?
The Tennessee Titans have been around for a lot longer than the name was coined.  Before that, they were the Tennessee Oilers, and previously the Houston Oilers. The various iterations of the franchise founded by Bud Adams and his periodic double-barreled middle fingers ultimately will have four mem...
Kim Mulkey and Bud Adams made the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. That should tell you all you need to know about Texas...
Bud Adams & Jerry Jones will have their own special place in *** Who fires Bum Phillips or Tom Landry?
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Bud Adams flipped the bird at Ralph couple years likey...some people's junk is other people's jewelry (fitz, Wilson, Levitre)
Change allegiance? When your team leaves you. See Houston Oilers aka Bud Adams. Texans fan now.
I'm not a Houston fan in any way, but I hate Bud Adams. Hate he took the Oilers name & colors to TN. Modell didn't even do that.
If Bud Adams owned the Texans, it probably wouldn't be any tailgating
Just to look at how people go all out for Texans Tailgate makes me hate Bud Adams that much more tonot allow it
Did you know that if you go to a baseball game and get hit by a foul ball or errant bat, you have little chance of a winning a lawsuit? "The Baseball Rule" says that by purchasing a ticket and … Continue reading →
There are no words to describe how happy this makes me...
yeah and if we let him go there's teams lined up to pay him.. Smh cheap *** Bud Adams
March Meeting - Tuesday, 12th new members Matt JAEKEL, Adam KATZ, Al AFONSO, Willy ALHNAS, Bud CLARK. status change - Kevin NEWELL, Doug MILLS, Ken ISAKSON nominated to be senior members. come to the meeting, have a meal, meet and greet the new members.
Babaw be pir be peyghambar in chizaio ke in baghal mizane "Daniel Fallah" Like kardaro man Like nemikonam!!! In dge che viroosie!!!
The NFL network released their list of top NFL Free Agents is out and one of the top guys they are saying is Pacman Jones, who has had a nice career with the Bengals. As a Titans fan, would you welcome him back to the team? Or does the very thought of him returning just enrage you? Big Joe
Happy 32nd Birthday to my very sweet, very kind son Adam! You make me proud to by your Mom every day...Love You!
To the guy who broke into my car last night to steal the change from my change saw the bible, rifled through it, and still ransacked my car? Good job.
One of da xyzee fans namy sims has sugested a rapp battle 4 o of u our fans,whoeva has gt da comfidence 2 battle it up wth namy sims,step up,tione mukali who knows da winner myt evn sign a record label wth 3-3-4 lets do this
CONTEST: G' morning errybuddy! I didn't get the contest going last night, so lets do it this morning. For a T'shirt and bumper sticker. Q: If you were going to be stranded on a Desert Island for the rest of your life and you could have one person with you, one unlimited drink supply and one unlimited food supply, what would they be: Person...Drink.Food? Answer with the most LIKES wins, so LIKE your favorite answer. Starts now and runs through 8:00 tonight. SHARE THIS!
Beer will and does fix everything ... !!
may have to go for a pint after job centre... got to go see the *** inspector to make sure me and Adam Holt and married or anything. im actually hoping that she's canny fit.
Right I'm sick of hiding this I'm not on holiday in Spain I've been admitted to a mental health hospital in Crawley under a section 2 of the mental health act after being detained by the police two weeks ago today under a section 136
Is considering playing an OLD SKOOL RnB set in the back room at the MILK BAR been nearly 10 years.. Thoughts please? Think JBs Sundays stuff etc
One year in oz today!! Been one *** of a year made some great new friends and have travelled western Australia, northern territory and now in Queensland... Seen some amazing places along my travels , swimming in waterfalls and jumping into crystal clear waters and gorges, dodging abbos's and lightning strikes the list goes on and on ! Hopefully the next year is even better missing all my mates back home and especially my family see yous in a year!!. AUSTRALIA KANT!
I'm thinking about all of us making YouTube videos to the song, "Moves like Jagger", put them all together and we just might have a hit! What do ya'll think? (I'm working on mine already, cause I do have moves like Jagger)
Listen and download 'Too in Roozaie Tatil' by BenyamiN on Radio Javan, your number one source for Persian music and entertainment!
Looks like its culling time!! Don't need people to add value to my life, I'm charismatic enough to do that myself.. Just very disappointing to have the false ones linger...
Roll on manchester tomorrow bring on d madness
Welcome Ethan,Trevor and Cyrus to the site enjoy the pics and vids :)
I would love to give a big, huge, enormous, universal THANK YOU to all my supporters last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is truly appreciated and treasured forever! Friends coming all the way from Stellenbosch up until living just around the corner from the venue, to have support spreading between such a wide area felt amazing... Also thank you to Theplacelounge Tpl for giving us the opportunity to present our talent and most important to show our love for music. . . Tonight they will be announcing the winner of the competition, so if anyone would like to join me tonight again, please feel free but if not, your support is felt in spirit. . . To my *** Chad 'Jay-z' Lategan, I missed you bra and I needed you bra, but your absence was all in good reason. I love you bra. And as I told you, "Last night is the start of many finals". We've got a long way to go and grow but our growth rate is remarkable I must say. . . Rudy Maart, Adri Swartz, Dylan 'Chipy' Jansen, Jade Freswick, Nikita Michelle Sol . ...
Want to stay in bed all day an never come out!
OK SOME AMAZING PERFORMANCES we had tonight ! Jess Turner i love your commitment ! keep coming even though i know you got alot on your plate as your heading overseas soo!n but awesome to see you out there doing your 4km and see you tomorrow for boxing ! Sonid Tim doing amazing 100m sprints really pumping those arms and pushing it all the way through!! too bad about the cramping but il reaserch up and well figure it out bud , Adam Curtis doing super times in your 100m sprints !! really pushing it all the way through !! and then showing up all up in the prone crawls down the hill and tricep crawls up the hill !!! stoaked glad to see you being sensible about your ingury i know it was hard not pushing yourself as much in the stairs but it will be worth it for the decrease next week :) Mandy Branks by golly i love your drive !! everything you do you put everything into its awsome to see doing a wicked time for stand stairs as well as increasing your amount !! giving the boys a run for their money you have amaz ...
just done my tips for round 1 NRL!!! not long to wait now and the footy season kicks off!! cant wait!! up the parramatta eels!!! anyone who wants to join tipping comp on nrl site contact craig bennett and those who have been invited hurry up and sign up!!!
What is the difference between being a friend with someone on FB (personal page) and following someone... I am at 5200 friends so I can not except friends unless I delete 250 people and that is a pain... Does anyone know how to delete people fast?? thanks in advance!!
Like if you're a proud Virgin like me. Abstinence is the way that God intended. I am pure in the eyes of the Lord. -Quiet Genius
Come down to the Sir Henry Barkly Hotell tonight for 50% off after you check in!!
hits from Bongzilla, only one beer at a time this time, not Molson, Bud, Blue, Keiths, Sam Adams and JR
If I won 30 million dollars, i'd buy Lorenzo Manduca Whiskeys, Roie Reuben the Toronto Zoo, Faisal Nowrozi 3 Lions and Terry Koutros a GPS tracker to put in his car and brain and yes boys, i'd buy myself a better basement
Everybody wants happiness but nobody wants pain, but you cant have a rainbow without a little rain!
Birthday in two minutes. O my. 25 is gonna be a great feeling
I think that more people need to appreciate the Anaheim Ducks... I mean I'm a Sharks fan, but honestly the Ducks are tearing it up and they aren't getting the recognition that they deserve.
Adam Peterman and I made a awesome long bow
Thank you everybody my friends an family I'm so blessed having dinner with my baby girl
What do you say to a co-worker that has used your name and phone number as a reference at a time share interview so you get several phone calls from said timeshare salesman? All without your ok!
Bud Adams has to give me a pay raise first. Cheap *** ..
A pill to make you numb. A pill to make you dumb. A pill to make you anybody else. But all the drugs in this world wont save you from yourself.
Tonight I gave out my first stripes as a BJJ instructor to my CAN DO Fitness students; Jessica Reedy and Alex Piazza. Alex and Jess have worked really hard since I started teaching at Can-Do. They are two great kids with awesome attitudes who always come willing to learn and lead the rest of the class. I am proud to be their instructor and I am proud they are the first I've ever striped! Cool moment! Congrats guys!!!
Guess who goes back to work tommorow this guy!
Im so so very over bella making her own bed time. Owen and I never get time together. Im sick of arguing with her about it
i know i shared this before but thiss would be my friend adam and me Adam Lashbaugh
Honored, Humbled, and had a great time Sparing and Training with Pro MMA fighter from Brazil Marcelo Nigue the last 2 days!! Great guy!! Thank you Buddy!!!
red-headed Adam from CRU. The first time I met you, you smiled so big, and always do every time I see you now. You're adorable! (:
B.J. Crombeen when they're crowding the net you knock them down. Don't just Stand there and let them tap it in the net. That's hockey 101 bud. Smh
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