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Bucky Hodges

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I'm giving away something for you on 2017 leaf draft rc bucky hodges # 07. Get it here -
Also, could Bucky Hodges be any worse than Curtis Samuel at this point?
Frazier to replace KB over Hodges? Bucky seems like a much more natural fit if he knows enough of the playbook
Bronson hill,Caleb Jones, Bucky Hodges's,Eric Wilson, Stacy coley should all be playing a part and would b…
Also how much does Arif regret calling out Bucky Hodges and does he fear for his life if…
I want Bucky Hodges to return to our roster
TE Dalton Keene on Drake Deiuliis "He's really athletic." Compares abilities of 6-foot-5 235 fellow freshman to a Bucky Hodges role.
Or a waiver claim on Bucky Hodges when the Vikings moved on from him after his concussion.
It is evidently not clear at all that I was making a joke about the Vikings having drafted Bucky Hodges and cutting…
They should sign Bucky Hodges of Carolinas practice squad. Big and Athletic dude
Whereas huge problem for Bucky Hodges who had similar concerns in mid day 3.
ASJ is great. Wish we also picked up Bucky Hodges of waivers or drafted him.
When you see Bucky Hodges, then ask him if he's Bucky Hodges, and he says he's not Bucky Hodges, but you know he's Bucky Hodges 😂😂
Just saw Bucky Hodges is apparently inactive and a Panther
Bucky Hodges with some TV time there when they showed Kuechly on the sidelines
Was that just a Bucky Hodges sighting on
Holmon Wiggins says that Drake DeIuliis has just started working a bit at WR. Says he has a similar skill set to B…
drop Gerald Everett for Bucky hodges dynasty?
Greg Olsen finna rub some of his magic on Bucky Hodges
Carolina Panthers football: Greg Olsen breaks foot, does Bucky Hodges get the nod? via
The got some bad news losing Greg Olsen. Does this open the door for the Bucky Hodges?.
may get to see what they have in new TE Bucky Hodges sooner than they anticipated.
With Olsen out for a period of time, don't expect them to go out and sign a FA. I think they'll bring Bucky Hodges up from the PS
Just signed Bucky Hodges to the practice squad. He tore it up at VT. maybe he can help?¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Will Bucky Hodges be activated you think?
do you anticipate a Bucky Hodges promotion to TE2 and Dickson to TE1 or will they look into FA?
Would like to see Gary back, but we just signed Bucky Hodges. Not sure if he comes up for the PS.
do you think Bucky Hodges will get a shot off the practice squad?
Chance they promote Bucky Hodges from their PS?
Panthers fans get use to Bucky Hodges's
with Olsen's foot, you think Bucky Hodges gets a shot?
That Bucky Hodges pick up might be huge lol
If Olsen is really out for a long time, gotta unleash Bucky Hodges lol
With Olsen's injury that Bucky Hodges pickup is looking really good.
If Greg Olsen has a broken foot, I hope Bucky Hodges is ready to go next week.
Is the Bucky Hodges era about to start?
Hey we just added Bucky Hodges to the PS. He can be our primary receiving TE, right?! (ducks)
Gonna see Bucky Hodges earlier than we thought.
Bucky Hodges, come on down. Grab a play book and start practicing how to not convert on 4th down.
Oh no. Bucky Hodges could have more value here soon.
Panthers announce they've added TE Bucky Hodges to practice squad, cut Keyarris Garrett.
Came across this on Bucky Hodges on the Vikings reddit. Take a look if you want:.
When in doubt, throw a fade to Bucky Hodges
have signed former TE and 2017 6th rd pick Bucky Hodges to their practice squad. Cut WR Keyarr…
How is Bucky Hodges not already on an active roster?
The Carolina Panthers have added former and Vikings' tight end Bucky Hodges to the practice squad. Minnesota recently waived Hodges.
A quick look at what Bucky Hodges is, and what he could be
Can't believe we wasted all this time throwing passes to Bucky Hodges and Isaiah Ford.
Any doubt that Cam Phillips could put up silly numbers without Isaiah Ford and Bucky Hodges next to him is hereby null and void.
I can't even imagine how good Josh Jackson would be if he was throwing to Isaiah Ford and Bucky Hodges
Taking a look at new Panthers tight end Bucky Hodges
Panthers add TE Bucky Hodges to practice squad
Bucky Hodges is so athletic. He's going to be a great added dimension in the Vikings passing game as a complement to K…
who wants to tell that Bucky Hodges did not go to VMI.
Bucky Hodges got open pretty often in the 2nd half, unfortunately Taylor didn't really have a clue what he was doing tonight.
Just a lot of players I really liked in college. Dalvin, Rodney Adams, Bucky Hodges, Ben Gedeon (who…
Bucky Hodges attempt at blocking was worse than tj clemmings
Bucky Hodges's has "God's Gift" tattoo'd on each there's that
Every time I see Bucky Hodges I think it's Patterson 😭😭
Matt Milano ran right in Bucky Hodges' hip down seam to help force incompletion on that drive. Impressive. Milano's fluidity is his strength
Bucky Hodges getting a deep look from Keenum. Both Hodges & Morgan on the field.
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I got thrown off seeing someone in an 84 jersey for the Vikings that wasn't Cordarrelle Patterson. It was Bucky Hodges.
When Bucky Hodges gets his 1st reception tonight . my shirt will be off instantly.
I'm excited to see cook work and see how Bucky Hodges looks.
Floyd, Bridgewater and Bucky Hodges for Goff and Donald, let's get it, send it through
6th round draft pick from VT...Bucky Hodges
Rookie Bucky Hodges has huge upside as receiving TE, and is showing progress as blocker. Late-round steal for…
take: Bucky Hodges is a practice squad player
Bucky Hodges knows how to become a fan favorite
Kyle Carter and Bucky Hodges fighting for third TE spot. Keep an eye on it in preseason
TE Bucky Hodges said before practice he expects to play Thursday at Buffalo.
TE Bucky Hodges is back in pads this afternoon.
How many of ya'll think Bucky Hodges is a fan favorite just because his name is "Bucky"?
Happy 22nd Birthday to rookie TE Bucky Hodges!. Wish him a Happy Birthday --->
current MN Vikings and former Hokies, Antone Exum and Bucky Hodges, going out of their way to make a lil…
Me: Bucky Hodges has kind of a Michael Franti look. Andy: Who?. Me:
Vikings starting their night practice with plenty of 11-on-11 work. Nice rollout from Case Keenum to find Bucky Hodges…
Laquon Treadwell, Bucky Hodges and Kentrell Brothers not practicing for the Vikings today. Rashod Hill is.
Bucky Hodges and Laquon Treadwell aren't in pads. Jabari Price and Tashawn Bower are back in pads.
rookie TE Bucky Hodges not participating in this afternoon's practice.
Cool to see Kyle Carter slotted as TE3 with Bucky Hodges. Dude has had a good camp so far. Poor preseason last year led to his fall out.
Bucky Hodges and Kyle Carter listed even at third tight end on first depth chart.
Bucky HODGES is a real good blocker whether sealing the edge or I saw one pan cake.. no drops and w…
What I really got from last night was.. . 1)BUCKY HODGES is really really good.. like…
Out of shadow of teammates Isaiah Ford & Bucky Hodges, WR Cam Phillips driven to be star in Tech's offense.
Kyle Rudolph and rookie Bucky Hodges in the red zone. Big targets for Sam.
Bucky Hodges will add a new dimension to the Minnesota offense in the flex TE position. Will open up middle of the field for Sam Bradford.
Kareem Hunt, Chris Wormley, Bucky Hodges, and Chris Godwin are a few players the should keep their eye on today in the
Just recorded a great podcast with Mix of concepts & prospects. Josh Reynolds, ArDarius Stewart, Bucky Hodges, Jeremy McNichols
Vertical Jump: 39" (for all '17 TEs). Broad Jump: 11'2" (New TE Record). Bucky Hodges out here putting on a SHOW.
David Njoku said he was going to break records today... Bucky Hodges be like, "hold my beer"
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Virginia Tech junior Bucky Hodges will enter the NFL Draft. The 6-foot-7 TE had 133 catches for 1,747 yards and 21 TD's in his
TE Bucky Hodges called Keion Carpenter a "fallen soldier" and said he hoped to block a kick while wearing his t…
TE Bucky Hodges wore late VT player Keion Carpenter's name on his chest today.
Per VT scoreboard, with that TD Bucky Hodges is tied with Heath Miller for most all-time among ACC TEs (20).
Bucky Hodges is now tied with Heath Miller (20) for the ACC's all-time leader in TDs scored by a TE!!
Best case offseason in my opinion? Add Kawann Short, and Alshon Jeffrey in FA. Pick up Jamal Adams, and Bucky Hodges.
Jake Butt. O.J. Howard. Jordan Leggett. Evan Engram. Bucky Hodges. All tight ends I'd like to see catching passes from AR in 2017.
Bucky Hodges named one of the top tight ends to watch this season
what's your opinion on Bucky Hodges as NFL TE? He should have better stats in 2016 under Fuente offense scheme
Who is the best TE in college football right now? I'm leaning towards Bucky Hodges.
Obergefell v Hodges; 06/26/2015; CANNOT be overturned except on Constitutional grounds. Not gonna happen! Some in GOP ≠ All in GOP!
Bucky Hodges will be the best TE in College Football in 2016
[FREE] Justin Fuente talks with Bucky Hodges ahead of his decision
Gase will probably see a lot of Julius Thomas in VT stud Bucky Hodges (6'7 250 4.65)--my TE over Bama stud OJ Howard (6'6 240).
Since we have no t. ends, or their there but. yea u get it, Bucky Hodges out of V Tech shld b on the texans radar. After QB of course
Doc Hodges for teaching me that Greek Myth is applicable to literally everything. Also that anything can be a phallic symbol
Bucky Hodges gonna make you look silly.
Time for Bucky Hodges and Iasiah Ford to come through for VT's offense
Bucky Hodges just ran a 9 route that I would have sworn was a WR while ball was in the air.
Nice block by Isaiah Ford downfield on the Bucky Hodges reception.
Bucky Hodges with the classic and original "gods gift" tattoo on back of arms.
Of note for Hokies at halftime: Isaiah Ford and Ryan Malleck have no catches, and Bucky Hodges has one.
do you have a grade for Bucky hodges?
looks at Bucky Hodges and just yells "he's sooo laaarrggeee!"
Bucky picks up a nice first on a pass play from
Motley completes to Bucky Hodges for 28 yards. in the red zone now at Pitts 12 yard line.
lol I laugh every time they say bucky hodges
I am putting out an APB for the LunchPail D and Bucky Hodges.
Good news for after Andrew Motuapuaka and Bucky Hodges exited early
Andrew Motuapuaka and Bucky Hodges done for game, hopefully only precautionary move
Bucky Hodges and Andrew Motuapuaka will not return(injured)
Bucky Hodges and Andrew Motuapuaka will not return for the rest of the game -
LB Andrew Motuapuaka is out for the game with a left knee injury. TE Bucky Hodges out with a bruised right quad, per
coach Frank Beamer on Ohio State's D on Bucky Hodges: "A lot of people are going to snug up to Bucky. We need to move him around."
Bucky Hodges sporting the Andrew Quarless "Gods Gift" tattoo...complete with improper punctuation
Bucky Hodges, Bryan Stinespring and 2017 RB Khalan Laborn throwing for the TEs.
I thought he was describing Bucky Hodges
Bucky Hodges transfers to Auburn eats entire practice squad
TE Bucky Hodges is first offensive player to make All-ACC preseason football team since 2011, when OT Blake DeChristopher made it.
Bucky Hodges, Dadi Nicolas, Luther Maddy and Kendall Fuller all make 2015 preseason All-ACC Team.
Dadi Nicolas, Kendall Fuller, Luther Maddy, and Bucky Hodges represent the on the 2015 Preseason All-ACC team
Dadi Nicolas, Luther Maddy, Kendall Fuller, and Bucky Hodges make Preseason All-ACC team. Article update on TSL coming soon.
TE Bucky Hodges, CB Kendall Fuller, DT Luther Maddy and DE Dadi Nicolas make preseason All-ACC team.
I saw Bucky Hodges there a while back and freaked out
*wins acc champ on 20 yard pass to Bucky Hodges with 3 seconds to go.
When you randomly meet Bucky Hodges downtown!
Well my top 3 would be Evan Engram, Bucky Hodges and Hunter Henry. Throw in Rodney Mills from UMass.
W/ Kendall Fuller, and Bucky Hodges going in the 1st round.
Oof, after horrid Mike Moore penalty the long pass to Bucky Hodges. VT in position to at least tie.
Beamer ball appearance. CJ Reavis blocks punt in the end zone. Bucky Hodges falls on it for TD. 10-3 VT w…
VT gets on the board with a Brewer 8-yd TD pass to TE Bucky Hodges with 5:40 left in the 1st half. VT leads 14-6
Is Trevon Hill from the same high school as Bucky Hodges?
That they didn't mention Bucky Hodges when they talked about the TE position. Also, they mention Tabyus Taylor and K. Holland maybe prep.
S/O Tajh Boyd, Bucky Hodges for helping run the youth camp... Giving back to the youth
he did in the spring game. Will take 2-3 years to correct the O line though. Bucky Hodges or Andrew Ford will be the next leaders
Sad day.. Bucky Hodges has a girlfriend :(
Bryan Stinespring said comparisons between Logan Thomas and signee Bucky Hodges are natural.
Move your big *** to TE Logan Thomas, lets see what ol Bucky Hodges can do
He will be back. It gives Bucky Hodges a year to learn and be red shirted. He's the 3rd ranked an in the country
QB commit Bucky Hodges listed as Second Team all 757 QB
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Congrats to future Bucky Hodges, Chuck Clark, Deon Newsome & Andrew Motuapuaka 1st team all region
Bucky Hodges has his hand wrapped and is on the sideline with no pads on at Salem. No game tonight for Hodges.
Salem QB Bucky Hodges apparently will not be in the lineup tonight vs. Grassfield. Injured hand is the word.
QB and commit Bucky Hodges not playing tonight vs. due to a hand injury.
I did wanna go to the game Bcus I've never seen Salem play and I hear Bucky hodges is nice and GF never played Salem
Next season the Bucky Hodges era begins.
I hope Bucky Hodges is the real deal.
check out 'Ready to get to Blacksburg' about future QB Bucky Hodges ..via
'Ready to get to Blacksburg': The father of Virginia Tech quarterback commit Bucky Hodges says his so...
Great thing about going to high school football games around here is the opportunity, if you pick your spots, to see tomorrow's stars. I saw two tonight, Ocean Lakes qb Bucky Hodges who is Va Tech bound, and Salem qb Corwin Cutler, who will be at UVA next season. Ocean Lakes won the game but Hodges, who at 6'5" looks like Logan Thomas but may be faster, is going to be a superstar in Blacksburg. Cutler has a strong arm too and is listed at 6'4". Both teams are excellent, ranked and in the state. Packed house at Ocean Lakes for that one this evening.
Corwin Cutler and Ocean Lakes top Bucky Hodges and Salem, 21-15, in highly anticipated battle of QBs …
20-yard TD pass by commit and QB Bucky Hodges to Kyree Burton. PAT is good. Ocean Lakes 21, Salem 15 with 46.2 seconds left
Ocean Lakes 21, Salem 6. Myke Knox sacks Salem QB Bucky Hodges on 4th and goal at 10. 7:34 left 4th q.
gets on the board on 6-yard TD run on 4th & Goal by commit Bucky Hodges. Extra point upcoming.
24-yard connection from QB and commit Bucky Hodges to Kwamane Bowens has the SunDevils at the Ocean Lakes 8-yard line.
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Terrible clock management by Salem before half. Ran out of timeouts and Bucky Hodges tackled at 5 yd line as time expired.
QB comparison at the half - commit Bucky Hodges 9-16 for 125Yds. 6Car. 33Yds. commit Corwin Cutler 6-12 for 67Yds. TD
Half: Ocean Lakes 7, Salem 0. Bucky Hodges tackled on a keeper at the OL 5-yd line and SunDevils fail to execute...
Ocean Lakes defensive front doing an effective job of chasing Salem QB Bucky Hodges, making him have to run to buy time in the pocket.
Class of 2014 DT Derrick Nnadi continues to step up on defense for Ocean Lakes, sacking Bucky Hodges to bring up 3rd down and long.
Masaddiq Walton (cousin of one Bucky Hodges) recovers Salem fumble for Ocean Lakes. Dolphins lead 7-0 late 1stQ in Beach battle.
Big game between Bucky Hodges (VT) and Corwin Cutler (UVA). Both VA QB recruits in 2013. Ocean Lakes up 7-0 in the 1st.
ball to start. commit Bucky Hodges completes 20 yard pass to Ti Land on first drive. SunDevils on the move.
Quick update. Bucky Hodges is now 13 of 17 for 306 yards and three touchdowns and one interception
End of first quarter - 2013 QB commit Bucky Hodges 6 of 6, 160 yds., 2 TDs as Salem leads First Colonial 26-0, acc. to
Ryan Burns looks cut and physically as good as the come at QB. Back to back big QBs for me with Bucky Hodges last night.
2013 QB commit Bucky Hodges ran 9 for 19 yds & went 14-for-23 for 239 yards and 2 TDs last night against Bayside HS
Bucky Hodges is having his way with UVA-lite... I mean Bayside High School. Never to early for Mizzell to get used to losing to VT players.
Bucky Hodges a huge quarterback with good mobility for his size
Today, new - tomorrow will be the latest release of the Chat will begin tomorrow at 2 p.m. ET:
here is another FREE photo gallery from camp this weekend from -
Bucky Hodges is here decked out in VT gear... He is also the only person wearing a hoodie today... Dunno how he is doing that
From print: Virginia Tech has turned to tall QBs like Logan Thomas & recruit Bucky Hodges to lead its offense.
Anthony Jennings, a Ga. HS QB pursued by before Bucky Hodges & Carlis Parker committed to Tech, received invite to Elite 11 finals.
Spring Game was a wash (LOL) but we got a commitment from Bucky Hodges (4* QB, 6'5"), the neighborhood kid and heir apparent to Logan Thomas--VT will be in good hands after Thomas leaves
QB Bucky Hodges, LB Andrew Motuapuaka both from Salem High in Virginia Beach. Would make six commitments for today so far.
Kendall Fuller, Bucky Hodges expected to be among the recruits on hand at spring game on a big recruiting weekend for Virginia Tech.
Offers continue for Beach QB: The offers continue to pour in for Bucky Hodges, the 6-foot-5 triggerman for the S...
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